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I tibltahed dally, Soaaer exoepted.) bf .
f f ioi-v'!'iiyi-it inf..
TBI P1HHT PUUli MlTrndtorabMrlbwi'la"
Cincinnati, Covington tat Rtrwiort, tad sur.
rounding cities sad towna, at th i- ,
trmly low price of -IX
; fuoaior auinrat ''r
Single oopic to.; l montk Mo.; I months til 1 year
W0l ...S TH E AT E It.
coarse sura abd TniAiim. " ,';
iORH A. Etusuta, JSm-JBoU t aad Manage,
econd night of th engag.mout of
i .11 i i I v:" V ' .-' '
TUESDAY IVMNINQ.Dee. 18, will bo presented
the comic dram of , - ' 1
Trince Frederick........ -Miss Maggie Mitchell
King Fredtlck II Islor
I net ,.......-.....Ml Ann to Walts
Queen of Prussia .......................u.Mra. Gilbert
To conclude with the Protean farm celled !:. .
Margaret WIon... ...MIm Maggie Mitchell
George Colbura .,......, Bead
In preparation, thrilling dram tailed "Toulesent
L'Omvrture: Or.Tbe Ineurrection of 84. Domingo,"
anil dealt! of th Washington of Heytl.- '
aw Door open at M; Curtain rim at 7H o'clock.
Patcxsor Ana issioh Dree Circle ud rerqnett,
SO oentet Oallcry, accent. -
Second nigbt of tbo celebrated tragedienne, .
MRU. FARHEfl, . ,
And the accomplished and fascinating comedienne,
THIS (Tuesday) EVENIN8, Berber 1J, will be
presented Howe's affecting tragedy of -!- ,-.
Jane Shore ., , Vn. Farren
Lord Hastings - 0. Stuart
Duke of uloater ..................Tanderen
MM(4l7eil)l Allen
0tPebr..,..M............-..."....M... jO. Henri
Allola......,..,.,........-.....-.Mr. Vanderan
La Oltana Miss Jenu7 Bight. -
To conclude with the elegant oomedy called
Letltta Hardy.. ...,. ,.MIss Fanny Fits Farran
Dorlconrt ,. ,...,..8tuart
Mir tieorga Tuuchwood....... ..Vanderan
Hardy Allan
liedy Fiends Touchwood., H...UIa A, Graham
Mia. Batket............. ..-..Mra. 0. Henri
Mm Ogle.., . -Mies L. Graham
Theater, la now open for the reception of gueete.
Roorna can be obtained br the dar or week, and
meala furnlebed at all bourg .
NOTIUB. Tradeaman and others are cautioned
agalnit furnlihlng any articlea for the theater with
cut a written ordr, elgned br I be Manager. i
Cbae. It. Barraa.MMm Manager.
Jr. B. Oonwaj ., MSrae Director.
Seiond night of the great Tragedian and Comedian,
THIS (TueadaT) XVENING, December 13, will be
Breaeutea 6hakeimare' iubllme tragvdr of
i ' MACBETH, ! ",
.Wltk the following uoeqnaled oil: t'
Macbeth .MmM,M.M,M,M MMm,HMurdoch
Banauo ..,., .., Sheridan
Flrtt Witch.......- DaTldge
l)nno&D.,MWMiMiii,M.NMttMHiHiwM, mmm, LanagaD
Malcolm Dickaon
liadr Macbeth ....Mn. Uonwaf
To oenolnde with
Grlffenhoof.... ..T)Tldg6
Captain Bpoff. Dlckion
DorotbT.... M Im Klngtbnrr
Klttf ......Mlie Proctor
Paictn or ADHieiiON. Parqoette Ulrole, Farqnette
and Balcony, eft oenti Amphitheater, 24 centi;
PrlTats Bozea for eight pereont, fg.
Doore open at tH o'clock : commence at 7M-
Boi Offloe open from 10 A. M.ontll t P. A)., where
teatacan beiecured. ' ' J, F. HIBBBT, Treaa'r.
Dr. Kane's World-Renowned
Wdneadalr. Thnreday, Frldny and Satnr
mo)ma ecu, a, tot lO ana i. '
MoOAULET A 00. 'S Colloual- Panoramic . and
pioramlcIUnitratloneofDr. Kan.'f world-renowned
last Arctic Voyage, embraciug a ooniplete royage
from Hew York to the Jloglons of Ice, and: tlvldly
portraying the perilous adventure., wonderful die
coverlee and singular phenomena witnessed by Dr.
Kane and hla brave companions during their famon
Expedition in search of Sir John Franklin, executed
under the supervision of Mr. Thomas Blckey, Dr.
Kane's companion, by the great American Artist,
George Belloe, Km,, from private Drawings and
Sketches furnislieil by the late Dr. Kane. Mr.
THOMAS HIUKEY, who accompanied Dr. Kane's
last Expedition, and who won for himself an enviable
reputation through bis devoted atteohmeit to the
lamented navigator, will appear at each Exhibition
in Esquimaux Costume.
Many Interesting relict of Arctic Explanation will
be n blblted. among which are Dr. Kane's celebrated
Keanimanx Sledge Dog Toodlarmlc, the beautiful
Kamachatka Dog Sieo, Arotie Dresses, Medala pre.
eented by Queen Victoria to Mr, Thomas Hickey,
Esquimaux Boat or Kavack, Walms' Tusks, W hale
Teeth, Ac. .
W Exhibition every evening at half-past aevsn.
Saturday afternoon at three o'clock.
Tickets JJcenU; Children is cents. .
Mr. Hickey'a Narrative of the Last Arctic Ixpe.
dltion for sals by the author, at the door. Price lOo.
Great Unrivaled European .Wizard,
Will eppearfor TWtt WEEKS ONLY, commencing
on 1I0NDAY, Januarys, at
j d.l3-bweodl
L'anter-streri. b itiis HOPHT WKRNE
assisted by Professor H. J. SMITH and th
CHul B. Tlcketa may be procured from Mr.
AlaMOa.'oorner of Fifth and MalntrMtit
Mr. Holmes, Main-street, below fifth, and at
l em pie.
OomneBce at TX o'clock. ' delSb
Msttlonal HeJli Vlae-itret abv FlfUt. .
Th lesson ar ao arranged that beginners eaa
eommenceatauy tlm.. . ,i .in; ... dettf
Will clean a
Will clean
. V Will clean ,' i
Will clean
B B N 2 1 N, f j . .
' Will clean A
. Will clean
. : tiM'BE.HZIRfi';,; :;
ft ! i . : ' ' Will clean .,'Uf. !
Will clean
' B8NZIRS: '
J f t.
I th most effectual and economical preparation
tor removing trease. na nt.
ilnt, Ao., from i
articles that baa ever been Invented
all tbe abor
Prepared and for sale br
BU1BH, KUKSxEIM A 00., Draggtatt, ! T
del 2o Or.po.lte the Postofllo.
Robinson's BUver Soap.
espaelally for cleaning and olishlD Stiver,
yiated and Britannia Ware, and for cleaning Mir
tors. Marble, Tin, Ao. This I tb moat convenient
and effective preparation for these pnrpoee ever
offered to the public. It may be need even by the
most inaxperleneed with entire safety, as it contain
fothlng that can Injure the finest plat or jewelry,
or cleaning fin Bouse Paint, Window Olae and
Carriage Mounting Hie lavaraall. Many of our
.laigest Importers and mannfacturert of silver and
plated ware have used thli artlel and haviiTaiU
iaelr naauallfled approvaU; ,For Sale by . .i
firjIBi, JtOKSTEIH A 00., '
deiao -' -" Oftweite the Poa toffies.
i t jFrench BJackins:. . ,:r
mum FrvmrHBleoklnf.whieh hai riven th.
moat entire satUfactlou- wherever need. Fer sale by
(1 '"XT .
itt ' v-
'OTA A k It
VUli. NIL HN .
Littu Musii.-Nlght Ezpraaa, IrW k, U4 Acoom-
raodation, 2:4 r, at.; Day Express, 6.S r. u.
IRDIAIAPOU ABO CinelllBATI. llll A. M.i iM T.
M.a 140 AM
Onto ah ifiMiMipri.-S:9t A. a.; ll:6 a. .t lOilA
P.M. I
CmcimtATt, Hamiltoi un Dattow. Ti44 a. m.i HiOS
a. M. UiU p. M.i e:M p. m. 8:60 p. ar.
Littu Munt.-Day repress, 10:00 a. M.I Accom
modation, 4;o p. M.; Mght Express, UrSOP. n.
af.i 7:1 P. M.
Onto an Hissiaeipri.-T'JO A. m.; ttOO p. uj T.30 p. m.
A. .; lo0OA,M.i 3:40 P. M.I :S0 P. M ; 11:80 p. M.
Basiitta aitd Cincinnati. i0a. m.; 8:40 p. m.
BiOHMOBOAHDliDiAaaPoua. :0Oa. M.i 3:10 P. M.
flSThe men wbo got tba last word in dis
puting j with a woman, hat adTertlsd to
whUtla for a wager with a looomotire.
" r'I like a chill that orles," laid the
AbbeMorellot. "WbjT'V "Beciuio, then It
ittajiaD fynjfp, . 5 . -'.a h ');.(
' "Bulwer lay that "death ofUn ohangeg
aversion into love." Certainly it does; we
may have an antipathy to iheep and (wine,
and yet Jove mutton and pork.
Th Idler, th Ldungur, the Spectator,
the Rambler and the Tatler are all clejiical
worka, bat many a fellow ii all these oharac
ten In one and yet no etudent at all. ''
TWlthln the past week large and rioh
deposit of lead ore, valued at from on to two
hundred thousand dollar, has been discovered
near Dubuque. . i ; . -
a?T If Ton ee a euall arising In the
Iuttltude of your mistress, double her cape
with your left arm, and let your lip drop
anchor on her own,
SR. 0. Rum, editor of the Brownsville,
Tenni Journal, whlla on late visit to Cov
ington, in that State, entered the lion' den
with Herr Drlwbaoh.
aTIt 1b said that the Tartar invite a man
to drink, by pulling hla ear. In thia country
th tame mean are eoraetlmot used to enforce
a man to pay for what ho has already drank,'
VAn Irish ooaohman, driving past some
harvest field during the past week, addressing
a smart girl engagod in shearing, exclaimed,
"Arras, my darling, I . wish I was In jail for
ifealingyel" r '- ; 'S: V v: ', :'f '
gtMr. Garrlok,wife of the nephew of
the great actor, died at Sunderland, England,
a few day ago, having been an aotreai ilxty
flve year!. Sh la the last of the name con
nected with the etage. - ' . " iH ,
' flfl-The New York Historical Society hare
resolved to celebrate) the next' ennivorsary of
Irvicg'i birth by a publie address on his life,
oharaotof and genius, to be delivered by W.
O.Bryant. .
,,, ' , . t .
., nssVtYlu. u. voupienn, ux new-viieane,
save hit Diitol .to a fellow polioeman, a tew
day ago, asking him at the lame time to ihoot
him. The poUoedtaa did to, and Oonpland
died almost Initantly, '
SaVThouKhta are the first born, th blot'
toma of the aoul. the beeinrjinir of our atrensth,
whether for good or evil, and they are the
greatest evidencii (or or against . me man mac
can oe. v .. . .. i ,
Afflictions are called by some "the
mother of virtue." - Wanasseh' chain waa
more profitable to him than his orown. Luther
eonld not understand some Scriptures till he
was in amiotion.. ,, . .
- J"st'"Marrled aonplei reiemhle a pair of
shears," said Sidney Smith, "so Joined to
gether that they cannot be separated, often
meving In opposit directions, yet always
Jitivatarilfkiw et m as Ana XMtt aariv-ataati RAf.WcaAan triam.''
tu-itcuiUBj J vaaw wv wiuv wvv n wwas weava
fgf On Saturday, November 19, th French
Emperor save a erand ahootine cartv in the
grand park of Complegne. The game killed
amounted to nine hundred and thirty head.
The Emperor ' and Prinoe de Metteralch
brought down tbe greatest number. ' ! .
' 9Erom the pen of George Sand has ap
peared a new won, entitled xeymae aiunfua,
containing a (ketch of the popular superstitions
of the peasantry of France. The book la em
bellished with numerous illustration, drawn
by M. Maurice Sand, aon of the author, v
-Rev. William Berry, Reetor of St Mat
thew's (colored Epieoopal) Charoh, has been
trieti in Detroit and fined $50 for attempting
to join in marriage, oontrary to the statutes of
w. - i ml t-1 t. , - , J J
niionigan, inoniaa oiaugavor i,osiureu; anu
EliieWatsom (white.)
' jasfThli is not new, but it ia good: A ro
bust countryman, meeting a physician, ran to
hide himself behind ft wallr Being asked the
theoause, he replied: "it's ao long lino I've
been sick, that I am ashamed to look a physi
cian In the face."
: jsSeve-ral of the Virginia officer who
commanded at Charltstown, Va,, said in
Washington that th marching and counter
marching of tbe troops nnder order of Col.
Smith, while Brown stood with the halter
round his neck, excited a feeling of horror and
Indignation among the troops.
' "Th train from New Orleans recently
ran off the track Bear the Calhoun (Hiss.) de
pot, by which accident all 'the: 'cars were de
molished, even the doors of the passenger
ear beine torn up and the seats broken.
Strange to gay, so one was hurt except on
' This is true of a few:" The commence
mentand the decline of lov may be reoojr
hired, by the embarrassment we feel at finding
ourselves alone with the beloved) men of the
world rarely lose self-possession vn when
they glow beneath the kisses ef the woman
tney adore.
'A Tocno Win DiBiattio a Bubo Hoi-iiD.-i-A
peculiar oase of desertion by a wife
occurred in Toronto, Canada, recently. A
young man married a pretty girl of sixteen,
abpkt three months slnoe, and soon after mar
riage met with an aocldent by which be lost
the ui or ail eyei. . mm un time me wiie'i
affections began to wane, and a fow weeki ago
she left him, taking with her some money and
other valuable!.
As Love himself, according to the mythol
ogy, U blind, she should .have olung to her
husband all the more cloiely after his misfor
tune. But ihe was a woman and It would
be i foolish therefore to expect fidelity from
her.. r - . '' '
Quint Scit - Damaoii rot Ssnccma a Wifb.
William A. Cochrane, who sued George L.
Berry, In Boston, for seducing hli wife, claim
Ini damage In $40,000, was recently awarded
$1,000 by the jury, which sum Air. Cochrane
girssto the Home, for the fallen, , Suits of
this kind are indigenous to Boston, but of rare
peawrence in this countryend we hope they
will oontlnueto be. Such misfortunes should
e regarded either philosophically or pistol
ieally, with outward Indifferenoe er -torrible
retribution. To inch, pecuniary damages for
m'i wounded honor It essentially un-Amor-
"bM''!' -
' "Hoioas" to Gov. Wma-Governor Wise,
of the Old Dominion, was hung In effigy en
one of the elme on Wait Springfield commons
last Friday night. The wind, aided by the
boat-hook ef a prominent Democrat, released
the dangling Image before th dawn.
.iuj,Ji-...,.,u. 4 i , ,j4 ;i . . i
Disgraceful Scenes in an English
Church—A Mob Interrupting the
the Service.
The London correipondentof the New York .
Chvrthman girei Interesting details of th out-
ragea that yet take place at St. George's-ln-th-East,
London, and have already given that
ohurch a wide and unenviable notoriety. On
Sunday, November 30, the rioting we even
greater than uiual. . In th Lord's Prayer the
mob In th ohureh yelled tut in the most dis
cordant tone. 'Next to putting down the
ritual music the great struggle seemed to' be
the'.orerpowerlng of th pronunciation of Amen
oA-msn, by th utterance of the word a if
written ay-men, ' Tht Churchman' i correspond
ent adds: . . .. ! "Ol f ',- ;' ; ' I v
, Space would fail mt whet I to venture Into
full details of the itill more abominable out
rage committed at the - performance of the
Litany in the afternoon." The teats in the
ohoit having been taken possession by the
mob, Mr. Lowder, the assistant minister, and
the cnoriitert, ail kntit in double una on the
altar iteps. Their entrance waa tb signal for
a volley of hisses and groans, and they had
scarcely knelt down when a large black dog,
which had evidently been "fuddled" for the
oooaiion, came rushing madly through. , the
church , and dashed ( headlong among the
chorister. .! ,
U Other dogs, alio maddened with liquor, had
been brought into th gallery, and one of them
kept up a dreadful howling during the greater
part of .the aervioe; the expulsion of the ani
mal, if seriously . attempted by the police,
being prevented, ne doubt, by the. itill more
brutal disturbers in human shape.' When at
length brought out, it is stated, the dog bore
marks of most cruel treatment, leaving behind
it a track of blood:, from its mouth and nose.
The Choral portions of the Litany were aocom
panied by the organ; but its sound was often
overpowered by the people yelling out th re
sponses; and, though there was, generally
peaking, comparative tilenoe during the min
ister's part, hisses occasionally greeted uob
passages as the supplication for the forgive
ness and conversion of "our enemies and
slanderers," and th prayer "that we, being
curt oy ne persecution, may evermore give
tbanks to God In His holy charoh."
The wife and family of the Rector were alio
hined as they left the ohareb, but the mob did
not attempt to harm anybody. , ,
4 U :
... as ,
A NoviL Without a Lots Stoet. An ex
chage says: "Perhaps the belt- novel ever
written, o6t'nso Cnmt, has not word of
love in It. . And how all honest boys and
girls lore to read it" Tb reason they like
to hang over it page is, that they are so
young when they do It they know nothing of
the exotlo passion, i A few years after, when
they have began to feel, the game volume
would be insipid, for the very reason men
tioned in thii paragraph. Bobuuon Cnmt It
a capital work of notion, as every one knows;
but who but mere boys and girls read it? And
lore to them is likt oysteri and champagne to
a Feejee islander. ' But then they are aa wise
of love as the adult world, line love- has no
exlitenoe, objective or subjective. If it ever
waior had been, it would love its Interest in
all relations and histories; for who would care
to hear again and again what he already knew.
Lore,' Instead of being universal, is absolutely
impo(iblev- -J... . ' .a ..v jj
, 1 -- i ,
Aits Tosis or ArBiCAV DbsobitT This
question has been decided in the negative by
the1 Supreme Court of California. About a
year since a murder was committed in Stock
ton, for which Jacob Elyea was tried, found
guilty, and sentenced to be hung. . An appeal
was taken to the Court of last resort from the
judgment, on th ground that on Martin, a
native of. Turkey, and a Mahometan, was al
lowed to testify against the prisoner. The
error, for suoh It was claimed to be, wai dis
posed of by the Supreme Court affirming the
judgment of the Diitriot Court, and holding
that the statute whloh preclude! negroes and
Indians from testifying either for or against
white persons, does not neoessarily depend
upon the indecision of color, except when the
oolor la so deoided as to leave no doubt as to
what race the witness belongs. In this case
th witness belonged to a nation in which the
Caucaiilan type largely predominated. ' 1 -
A Niw iAur Dollar A hew half dollar
has been got up at th United States Mint In
Philadelphia, to be submitted to government
for Its approval. The new coin, although of
the tame diameter as that now in circulation,
ii much thicker at the rim in coniequenoe of
the deeper sinking of the die, and heno much
more durable. On on side Is a medallion
portrait of Washington, with the head wreathed
with laurel) the word Liberty upon a scroll
over the bust; at the bottom the date, 1849,
and aronnd the whole the words United States
of America, in plain,, well-adapted raised
letters. On th reverse tide, a wre ath of grain
envelops the word Half Dollar, in the lame
beautiful letters. . i ''..:... i., .
iuatiom. Tbe Portland (Me.) Aeons reports
that Rev. Dr. Chiokering and Rev. Mr. Moore,
of that city, exchanged pulpits on Sabbath
morning last. When the latter was about half
through with hit dlicourss, at the High-street
Church, he suddenly stopped and remarked
that the sermon had cost him a great deal of
labor, but as it seemed not to. Interest the au
dience, and at many of them were asleep, he
would proceed with it no longer. The Dr.
must be very sensitive. If all our clergymen
were offended for the same reason, many of
them would be In a itate of indignation every
Sunday of the year. .i t.. ., , , . , .
DisooviiT or ait ; Old Carmob Ball.
Workmen engaged In dumping gravel Into the
Back Bay. recently discovered a cannon ball
which had been txoavated at Ncedham, Mas.
The ball was covered with an incrustation of
gravel and clay, to the depth ef aa Inoh and a
half, firmly cemented by th oxydeof Iron,
carbonate of lima, A. Tbe exterior of the
cannon ball, to tb depth of an Inoh or to,
had become pure plumbago. It it estimated
by competent authority that the changes
which the ball had undergone tould not have
been effected In lei than one hundred yean.
Pcmbhmmt or MiaiHis. Three marines,
convicted of desertion, are undergoing the
pnnlshmtnt Imposed upon them it court
martial, In the Philadelphia Navy-yard. 1 Af
ter being kept for a time on bread and water
diet, they art subjected respectively to the
wearing of A ball and chain, and the carrying
of knapsacks filled with larg shot, for the
space of twelve houri out of the twenty-four,
two hours on and two hours off.
' ExroBTt or Wbsat raokt Fbarob aid vbb
ITbitib Btati The export of wheat from
France for th year ending In August last
were $0,000,000 bushels, out ol a erop esti
mated at 100,000,000 bushel. The erop we
not more than an average on, and th export
were about fifteen per oentvof the produots.
Tbt largest quantity of wheat exported from
the United States in on year was $$,000,000
bushels, or twenty per cent, of tb growth.
' Sdbuaiiri Cabl. A bw process for the
manufacture of submarine telegraph cable
nas oeea tniroaucea. its sum peculiarities
oontlst in the employment of pure India-rub
ber initead of gutta perch, and in th ov-j
enngi peine Draiaao. so a to onvtat tffte
tialiy th liability ef itrtt et kink.
Mbsvbbist. Ia on of our exchange we find,
without authority, a curious anecdote told In
a letter, dated Springfield, Mass., which may
or may not bt trot f ;
i Some ten or a dosen years ago bid Brown I
Was a dealer in wool (sheep's) in this place,
and was then noted a an Irascible old cur.
continually growling and snapping at vry
tning that did not imell of nigger or come up
to hit standard of black equality. A oertain
Itinerant juggler ia the mesmeric art chanced
to visit this place about this time, and gar
exhibition of hi wonderful skill at Hampden
Hall. . Among th xhibitor'a subject was a
woman, over whom he seemed to hold abso
lute control, as all effort from the outsiders
proved Ineffectual to awaken her when under
the influence of the mesmeriser. Old Brown
repudiated the doctrines of Meimer in toto,
and in pretty round terms prononnoed the op
erator and hla subject both errant humbugs,
tmpo ten and knaves, and that he (Brown)
would prove them auch en the following night,
if Allowed to tut the matter In his own way.
The mesmeriser, full of faith in hi own power,
acoepted the challenge, provided Brown would
use no means to awaken the woman that
would prove injurious to her health.
Brown offered to submit himself to the same
test, if the audleno were not satisfied. Hamp -den
Hall was greeted with a goodly house on
th night of the trial. The woman wai duly
put to sleep, and old Brown, having supplied
himself with a quantity' of cowhage, mounts
the platform, and sprinkles the leguminous
plant over the neck and shoulders of the fair
sleeper. It failed la its effect of awakening
her to consoiouiness, but no sooner had the
devotee of Meimer withdrawn his Influence,
than ths most piercing, agonising ihrieks
burst from the woman, as she tore her flesh, in
hor effort to allay th fiery Itching. The au
dience were indignant, and rushed forward to
fulfill the oompact iff putting the dealer in
wool to the same ordeal. Old Brown stood at
bay, however, and vowed vengeance upon
the first man that touched him. Regardless of
threats they seised upon the old sinner, and
gave him a most thorough rubbing with the
vile stuff. With th stubborn, mulish will, so
natural to him, the now famous man, walked
off, declaring that it did not effect him; but
once within the privacy of hit own house, he
sucoumbed, and gladly souaht relief In sooth
ing ablntiom of sweet oil, cowhage proving
more than a matoh for th strong nerves of
the diabolical old wretch.
Dr. Obvillb Diwit or thi Haifir's Fikrt
ArPAii. In a recent lecture . Dr. Orvllle
Dewey laid: ,
But may not one sympathize with John
Brown honor him In that he periled bis life
for hit oonvlotions oall him a btro and
saint express sorrow for his fate, and feel
And say that the gallows should never have
been the doom of such a man without annrnv.
ing of his actions f I answer, not, in the
present oireumstanoes, by uvoite me(no. I
must confesi, indeed, that I do not verv well
understand thi separation of the actor from the
aot; but what private thoughts of the matter a
man may nave, l do not now consider.,, This
it what I say that to oall nubile meetings to
express sympathy for him under the present
clrcumitancee, ii to hold op a placard to the
aouin, ana v au tne world, that lay, "we
approve of his undertaking." And tvery
ublio netting so held take the respomibil
ty of produoing another John Brown. '
J-Are we prepared for this? This very en
terprise . with the wide agitation it hai
aroused I will not say it likely but it is
liable, to bring down other assailants of the
same character upon the South. Do we wish
to see other John Browns going down to the
South for inch a purpose? But I know not
what aould afford greater . encouragement to
Spam man ineie puotio meetings. -'-'No,
wemuit distinguish here,' and must
say that, however muoh we may dislike the
ty item of slavery, we should look with inex
preasible horror upon enslave Insurrection,
and upon any man that would open the door
to suoh ineffable miseries. - Thla must be the
prevailing sentiment of the North, and it
noma oe uuerea, in unmiataxaoie ton, by
the press, in tbe pulpit, and, if necessary, in
publis meetings convened for the purpose.
Washington Irviho's Burial Placc.
Washington Irving'! burial plaoe, in the
Mount Pleasant Cemetery, at Tarrytown, was
designated by himself some four or five years
ago. The Irving family had a vault In this
city, in th graveyard that surrounded the
old Briok Churoh in Beekman-itrest. When
the widening of that street waa deoided upon,
Mr. Irving secured the large lot in the Tar
rytown Cemetery, and Its oost waa officially
allowed to him as the value of the city vault
which had to make way to the demands of
; I Thia fact account for th peculiarly nw
appearance of the mortuary slabs in the Irv
ing lot at Tarrytown. On the removal of the
remains of the deceased members of the family
from the Brick Church vault, Mr. Irving
caused them to be burled side by side at Tar
rytown, and had uniform grave-stones erected
at th bead of each grave, so that the i tones
marking the resting-place of those member
of the family who died twenty or thirty years
Ago appear a new and fresh aa that ercoted
by the grave of one who died only in 1858.
Washington Irving' grave will probably be
marked in a ilmilar manner, and if any more
pretention monument be erected to his
memory, it mutt be placed in another portiot
of the lot, and not directly over hi last resting-place.
iVew For Paptr. ... ,-
! SlAvbrv Corsidrrro Dssirabib. Th fol
lowing itatement appear In th Charleston
OourUr of December : ' '
i - Among the petition now before th legis
lature at Columbia are the following: " '
"Petition of Elizabeth Bird, free woman of
color, for- permiwloa to become the slave of
Rev. Win. P. Hill 1" , , - ,.
"Petition of Ellsa Andrews, free woman of
oolor, thatihe be allowed to go Into ilavery 1"
''. The above needs no comment. It speakt a
moral whioh may be profitably studied, not
only by the enemies of our institutions, but by
all who ar troubled . with any misgivings a
to the superiority of nominal efavery and nomi
nal frtidon I
Ar Elipbart Picture a Mar's Pookit.
An exhibition of wild beaats took place last
week at Tnam. An amusing incident occurred
with th elephant, whioh nut his trunk into
the pocket of one of the bystanders and ab
stracted a tmall account-book contained there
in.. Before a resoue ceuld be e footed he
dropped it into hla capacious Jawt and had it
instantly swallowed..' . s
a , ; u
Corditior op tb Famous Royal. A laU
London paper ay: Th Prince Royal ap
pear somewhat more matured tban on her
former visit; some of the friends of th Prinoesi
asasrt that sh ha grown a trifle. This may
be so; but certainly every spectator must be
truok with th improvement that health and
hftpplaes can alone have achieved In the
person ef oar highly-esteemed Prinoe! .
Statue to MsnDHLsaaaif. The' colossal
rtatu' of the late Mendelsaohn-Bartholdy,
modeled by Nr. Bacon, was, November 23,
cut in bronat at th worki of Mesirs. Robin
tut A Oottam, in London, in tbe presence ef
many of tbe late oompoier' most eminent
admirers and a larg body of ladies, amobg
whom was the relist f Sir J. Franklin.
-i .
Arrival of the Overland Mail.
St. Louis. December 12. The overland
mall, with dates to th 18th sit., reached here
last night
' Tne iteamsnip Lortu, wiin me new jorx
mail and passengers of October JO, had not
arrived at Ban Irancisoo when tht mall left.
Considerable anxiety wai felt, aa sh wai fully
a week overdue. ,,
The steamer Noriktm was also several days
overdue from Paget Sound, but It was pre
sumed that General Scott had detained her.
The tax on goods owned abroad, and sold by
San Francisco commission merchant, had been
decided unconstitutional, .. "
Twenty thousand francs worth of diamonds,
recently smuggled Into San Francisco, had
been forfeited to the Uovemment. ,
In th oate of Besga . the Merced Mining
Company, Involving tht title of Col. Fremont
to tne manpoaa estate, and the exclusive right
to the mineral contained therein, the Supreme
Court decided in favor of . Bogg. ' The Court
also decided that the charge .of fraud in tbe
survey it not lubctantiated, and argue that
if there had been fraud it would have invali
dated the patent. The Court only partially
meets the point as to the ownership bf the
minerals, but substantially gives tbe gold as
well as the land to Fremont, and clearly de
cides that private grants of land are not open
to tne publio to axoh for minerals.
Account from Carson Valley say that the
eleotlon on the 12th ult. for delegate to Con
gress from Nevada Territory resulted, as far
as heard from,, la tne , election of JonnJ.
The Territorial EnttrprUe, published at
Genoa, say that a rioh silver lead, supposed
to De tne eonunuauon ol toe comitock vein,
had been discovered just east of that place, and
atitampede of almost th entire population of
Genoa and Canon Valley had taken place. '
A steady trad was doing at San Francisco,
but the transactions were confined to small
lota, without change in rates. Money comet
In sparingly from the country, and the re
mittance by the steamer of the 20th will be
light: Gold bara ar scaroe and high. ,
. A dispatch from . San Franolioo to tillroy,
lix houri later than the mail dates, taya that
the cargo by the bark Cornet was sold at auc
tion to-day and high prices reaobe d for black
teas, the range being 4075o. Sugars and
tioe did not meet with the views of importers.
' The demand for money for the steamer to
morrow oontinuei good and bars are scarce
and high. ' '.
St. Louis, December 12. The 'Overland
Mail dates to the 21st ult, passed Malloy's
station tnis morning, out tbe agent of the
Associated Fres could not obtain accesa to
the express bag containing oar .news sum
mary. .. t. ... . . . 1 '
A couple of San Francisco papers of the
xiit uk. were obtained, nowaver, but there la
nothing of importance in them exoept the an
nouncement of the arrival of General Scott
by th steamer JfortAertwr on th morning of
tne zuin un. , ...
Later from Senora.
St. Lorn. December 12. Th Ariiona cor
respondent of Vbo Rtpublican says that advices
from Senora state that Capt. Ervell had met
with complete luooess in his Interview with
Gov. Pesquira, the latter agreeing to allow
Capt Stone to continue hit surrey without In
terruption. r ;. ..: ?
It Is stated that Pesquira has recognized the
Juares Government, and refers the whole
matter to him for confirmation. Capt Porter
celebrated the event by a ball on hoard the
IT. S. Sloop-of-war St. Maryt, In the harbor
of Guyamas, and there waa general rejoicing
among the Americans at the result. "
College Burnt.
LixiMOTOif, Ky., , December 12. The
Daughters' College, at Harrodsbarg, Ky,, was
destroyed by fire last Saturday night The
partioulari are not known. ..
Thi Fbsnch Empbiss at ths Council or
MiMitTRRS. The behavior of the Empress at
the Council of Ministers is worth observing.
Tbe most abstruse and driest questions are
listened to by her Majesty with the greatest
apparent attention. She always oomes armed
with pencil and with paper, and takes down
notes with the prettiest pedantry in the world.
It ia true that the fair and snowy hands, as if
rebellious against the thankless office, are con
tinually occupied in sliding to and fro the
rings upon her fingers, and in turning and
twisting the bracelets on her wrists, whose
pretty little Chinese jingle formed so funny an
accompaniment to the reading of the report
upon the Peihc expedition the other day, that
the grave icignort all laughed aloud, and the
Emperor joined good humoredly in the merri
ment, and, seising ber Majesty's hand, kissed
it rapturously, making the funny little bells
with whioh the bracelet was hung all around
ring out a more joyous peal than ever. .. .
Imtrmsrlt ArrxcTioRAT. One of th re
oent "personal" advertisement in the New
York pipers was as follows : :
I did not see you on parade yesterday. Sup
pose you have resigned from the Seventy-first
Regiment What time next' month do you
depart for Hew Orleans ? Your slippers are
finished. Com up to-night and tell your pet
all about it I do io long to lee you; to lay
my head upon your beating heart, and hear
you aay again : "I love you better than my
soul, my little angel, and I trust In you mora
than In Heaven." That girl and her lover
are in a dangerous condition, provided their
danger has not already put; and we would
adviie them, a prudent people, to keep away
from each ether as long and as far at poisibl.
Attihpt t Poisor a Fesmcr Actob. An
actor named Darny, of th Palais Royal, Pa
ris, after one of his performances, was seised
with a ver attack of colic, which we at
tended with other symptom of poiionit
Th physlolan who waa called 4Urmlned
that the liokneis was the result of thusof
pearl powder, which, upon analysis, was found
to contain quantity of carbonate of, lead,
The perfumer r ay, and time. I) esse, of th
Boulevard St Martin, were arretted, and de
spite exculpatory evidence, were found guilty
of having introduced a poisonous substance in
th powder. They were each fined 500f. and
sentenced to thro months' imprisonment. ..
Furrbal : or Invito. On the. day of the
funeral ef Washington Irving, the weather
was cloudy and dark, but at th moment
When tto corps reeoned it temporarv rest
Ing-plac at the ohanoel of Christ Church, a
brilliant inn-ray ahot from th heaven
athwart th ohuron and reeled upon tho coffin.
The sun-beam tha withdrew and all was
lark again. Thi ineidant eemed to b a
peem m iteelf-rit certainly afford th thm
for ne. -'':-':'': - ,1 .t!, s! . ..
l ,': 1 ' a. 1
k A VoLUBiRout AuTBot Collins, th French
socialist writer, who died recently, left forty
volume of menusoripti. ' Thas arc not to be
publiahed for years to come. Aa Eiclishmaa
has born th expenses of the previous pub
lication! leaned by Collins, and it toft sole
lei ate of hi unpublished wort. .
Mar Killbd by a Blow or trb Fist. An
employ of a hotel in Greenwood, Mill., was
struck twice by J. T. Andrew, a guest of the
house, a few days since, and died A short
tit Altai Iron us xot si tat blows.
'"""1 -.U ' -f ;:.,- ,5
r i..iil SAi'litr
... -: . ? fer r -
AdverttMHent. not ant Oewhnr five line (Agate.
(h fMrU t I On week,
Twe weeks , I I Oa. bwiMi
Larger 4vrtawmeBta Inserted at tb. MM wins
i lata tor saner of tea Uiiaserlaail"" ' "
On laesl0B.. $ seiTweweaka-......;,., $ "
Each addi'aal Ins.. te I Three WMte.-
On week..
, 171 1 On. meat.
'ii' r,,
M Job Printing
la all IU breach, don with eate eat euwieteh
1 " 3"1 AT; THB-t n, -, .T -t A...
Mechanics' Fair, '58
0'): V!
atoxitoa. , - . .
:i'"..'r" I -!- Decern Mr T 1858. .-.
M. tb publio three sMsona, and owing to It pop
ularity and Increased demand, we have been com
pelled Ho make twe more slaee having SIX eleee
compl.tr, suitable, from the smallest family up n
the largest class boarding-honae. Tbe .lebrltf
three Htovee have gained for tbemsalve. can not be -too
big air appreciated, aa every family havlog them
In nas cAa truly teetify.
Thanking the public for their generous anpport, it
Ii our determination to eup.ly tbe want, of tA. 00m
munityiwlth th. ben.ttl whloh a practical nueeau
eal edisaatlon can only supply. . ' - -
Inveatera, Freprletere 6i Mas a Micros '
. -.;! :v:3 3'3-'';r:;--'.
We bg leave, most respectfully, to efler the folio.
Ing oertiflcatee and reference of.' aaaillea aaing the
Alligator, which will, 4 a glance, remove all denbu
of ite btrlnelc merits: '
For souemontlie I have beoft nalng the Alllrator
Ooal Uooliiiia Stove.' Its superior oooking eualitie,
ocmbtned wfth ite clean lineaa, must eventually aeon re
to th owners a large share af public patronage.
.. I - . JOHN McLlAN.
' I have beea tiaing aaeof Meaars. Adaina A P'k
over' Alligator Cook Store, for aome roonthi, which
gives entire satisfaction in ev.ry feepnot. and oan
cheerfully reoemmead it to tboeewboare In want of
a superior oooketora. ., .'. . H. H. LEAV1TT.
For.the laat year I have been ualng tbe Alligator
Coal Cooking 8 towi, manufactured by Meeara. Adams
A 1'eokoveri which 1 couaider a superior stove, and
gives tbe utmoet aatlataction. It la the only atove I
have found that cooks perfectly with coal.
For some time past 1 have been uaing oneof Meaera.
Adama A Feckover'a Alligator Coal Cooking Slovee,
aud can reoommend them aa being a auperior stove,
giviug entire autinfaotinn In every, respect.
JOB. BUWHKlLt, Coal Merchant
. 1 cheerfully Indorse the abore. '
j . " ;. .'nl JOHH.KI81.EB.
Hon, JwlgeMoLean, Ollf- Joseph W.Wayn.,101, h
ton, M. Brooks, Mt. Anbarn
Hon JuifgelLeavlttetE. Uev. W. H. Kennedy, 14
Fifth-street, ' John-etreet,
Judge Van Ham, 1W J. P. Jones, 224 fow th,
rourth, ..... Dr. Norton, 184 Fourth,
Judge Hoadly, 570 Id, ' . D. Thatcher, at fleorge.
Dr. Rolker, 98 8th,- Wm. Jolly, lUHth, .
Olh.Orphnn Aeyliun,Elm, Joe. Talbott, 4(a) 7th. ' '
John K.bler,34J4tb, Pq.Getaandaner. 1M Smith
i Smith, firm of Llnooln.S. K. Williams, Wai. Uills,
SmithAWarnock, 1 .-Mrs. Meaeon, Hi 4th,
H. Valletta, 347 4th, . . Mrs. Byland,S34 4tb.
fl,V.I8Ui,fH,UIDUUI, UIB, HVWlll, l . -' ,
H. A. F.ok, M6 Viu.
Joa. Biuhnsll, ooal mer.
in. . y . xayier. aea ww.
Aire. MePbereon.B. . cor. '
8lxth and Bace.
Jaa. Eiipy, jsuuii,
I .laltrnv. Una. Ilu W'tl. A. k (Dark. Tim.a otHc
T R VMtman.HterraTB. P. If. Weaver. 21 John.
A. W. kranciaco, free J. P. Whitman, Waah
Inrton Inatltate.
A. Hughes, OommerclaV 1
W. B. Wella, Uln'UType
Foundry, .
E.U.Boaa, ' Longworth,
Chaa. Ohadwlck, 3114 4th,
T. W.Sgregue, lW7lh.
John A. Hook.SO Osarg
V.V. Breoka. 14Joha.
Jackion M. Nobl., 411 9d,
H. Hnckmaa,4MM,
llhaa. tiuoOman, sal 4th,
John 0. Morris. 1 II Mill.
81r. Bougliton, IMlBlli. , j. a. Dtacy, .oin,
Wm.Oomatock,iei4th, ' Oibeon A M'Bonald, Vine
laaao Marab. 348 Onora.
J, Harvey, W7 Louiworth
John Anderson, 413 4th,
Jonathan Orden, lno 4th,
W W. Wood.. 41U 4th.. ,
u. Hole, Jni 7tu,
Elain P. Lantnion, izeth,
H. fulweller, ton-
woruiana weatern-row,
jonn xanner, rvriKiiiaou v. ml. vu7, ,o o.n.
A Co.'s nantiiig efflce. '' A If. Burnett, 164 Jih,
JamaaS. Brait. IM 6tb, .. nell
Dooit Locks,
11. Its GAR AN 1) 8 WITCH LOCKS,
, , Door and Gate-Sprinji,
Bells Hung, Keys Fitted.
The publio are reepectfully Invited to oall and ei
amiaethevarlouj patterns and prices. All Jobbing
promptly attended o . -
. aoJcaa , Ho. IU fifth-street, Id door from Bee.
" Scale Maaufaeiairer, .
Mo. 41 Eaat Seeond-etreet, tutweea Brcamora aad
Broadway, Cincinnati, keeps every deacriptioa of ,
Ceaater Ftatferai, Cuttle, Ksiilreaa Depat, .
. , aad Track Hoalea; Truol-a,
IroB Waiiwi oto.
; Kepalrng done on the shortest aotlc. ael-tsa
at St Charles street, Hew Orleaaa, La.,
Iaspsrter ef Qaa ale stportlac Apsaratie,
: ' arb dsalbm ir en rownsa.
" ' tFroaUag the Steamboat Lending.)
North-east Corner Broadway and Front.
I-:,- - ', , . OIXCIKRAT1, OHIO,
R. F. LEVERISG, Proprietor.
. loc7-cia) ,
-KABCrAonraaas and psAiaas
kinds of Btettraeeee and BeddHna, at th eld
stand. Mo. 1M Syeamoiw-rtreet, east lde, Mtwem
roartb and Jlfth-atreeta, seventh ston above
ronrth-etreet, Ohnreh P.w lined aad caaAloa4
All order promptly attended to. - , o-l-oaa
lvX and Boiler Iron, Plow Slabs, ftellrcav tp4ke
Bte. Alao, Agent tor the ale of Irealea ttwNalla
Wararoomt So. 1 laat aeoead Street, Olnwuinat I
aarAll Mad tm tad tcesder. ' MS
No. M Sixth-street, between Vine and BUm. In
tbe Medical Collage, Cincinnati, Ohio. Perea who
may favor him with their petrouage.eaa rely pnac.
taallty and lew prioea. a,l-ar
Money; Woncy! ' money !
.-.;.,Kaved.rreB ge)Wet SUthtrwee.
, BUBT and all kind of Merebaatfla. as low
ffirffi ae..lT,flatr-t7V-.T;r.
,, Diiiing and CotTe Saloon,
, ,i,0 , (Bear the ceraerefVU,) . .
: : C. L. VICKBRH, Prearieter.
rnaa Oasae eerved ia all stle. Meals et all
' 1 I
1 f :
fi te.'i'.nfi f,:yi rlja'.:: 'J1-. ...
.Mao, ;-. dtfi CV.ti )-: -

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