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Joratlv. 80pi. Tbe idvertter ha. In hta poSSmiSb
'.""u0' wltre It hi! baSuSthlbi
Ited toehowthnaa wnfn. I.,. l..r?7 ru ".nio.
VK7 A N T H Ti T J r, - 1
t "turn tforke Wef. "2? A"".1' ,l l1". '
&13 WMt Ilh,fel''l,'w Harriet.
VlANTKU Bv- ... ..UIJ a ...Jt
ww i '"K"n uu ainoiont
travel Al'10 2 A""? orwould Ilk. tor
wUANl'JSD GIRT. .70 h..iii
WWW . . " VI W mJ aAJAAASSl-
-r - w. iBwuimnuBa. alov
w.i a JL.r?8' mn jBwl hoiombto and proffubl m-
i i l? R." LraiOBi in ol y end
ih. ?.?"" ' bi on who had aome experience in
the bus aeet. Permanent situation more an object
offlS..,"Ury- 4dd"M Dflf ooisiToiSoioSSti SSJ:
YNpGlRL-'lmm.dietolj, to run
None hnt .T.L l. V"."""' 5" 0otI "id Vet.
VVANlJKD GIRLSTwo .nnd ninlni"
ImJldh!'?' JiL.',..4llK?n Wash-woman. Apply
immeUtel)r at Madison House, Corington, Ky.
VyANID CASH To pay for five or
u i? i """"""""T"! wuria irons ai,ouu to
p.OOO. Dwelling worth J12.000, aud some cub for
T-i?rit,J,.rort,l- MoixeaodlotandaomeoMh for
?JI?h i5 ln TwontT good farms of ten to
, i.cni, tuiiu-iinwt. aetolr
B.in. Tf"" "1 V uemiemea's furnishing
Business. Address to Lock Box 716, Poitofflce.
WANTED Tho snbsorlber, a married
Ma. I - ' - - ' .
, . , "woiruiM oi nuiaining employment at
Aeilitant Book keeper, Rblppiug or Intrr Clerk, or
JJierk iu an Iniuraace or accountant'e offloe, or ai
gtlearnan In a grocery or hardware eetabliihment.
," ' of experience, and can
giTe tho moetiatitfactory relerence. Addreai H. W..
WANTED X 0 S B L, .U-Double-entrj
Book-keenlns flehnUrahinii in n..nt. nnT.
" M mm m mm infHuir,un
" koeping Schplareblpi in Bacon'i, Onn-
imve moner hv hniy i.niu -r.
Office, N. W. corner of Hrcamore and TMi-d
del lib
k ! S Art taei 1 foot of Yorktreet, New-
Vy ANTED TO SELL A imall Hand!
Ti . mJh,,I! 'o niannfaotnre an entirely new
artlole, neeful In erery family, can be pnrchaaed, if
applied for at onoe, for a rery amall aum. Any per
Sf? fMDl.!. ?i ?cS.lAt0 a -neratlTa bmineee. Ap.
gly-MZg-.3"8 Weet Flfth-etroet. - de8e
VjtTANTED Clerki, book-keepers, aalei
.T. ,m,. br-kpperi, portere, ooopera, carpen
tere, mecbanlcs, laborera and othere, can find eitua
tlooa at the Merohauta' Clerki Registry Cfflce. 128
Valnut-etreet. rdeliaw) HA LB at 00.
17",ANTED-M E N A largo number of
AatlTO, Indnstrioua men can And agreeable
tt,ta aam time lucratire employment in the
tale of aome new and popular Books and Maps.
Theee worka are written by the beat blitoriant and
""th?, known to the oiTillzed world ; bence their
popularity. Come and examine for youneWea be
fore engaging in the sale of otber publications.
, . MAOK B. BABNITZ, Publisher,
Jtotr 38 West fourth-street, Cincinnati.
fcfANTBD 500 AGENTS To tail Dr.
from all pain, the beet remody in the world
Zilcti?mM,m' CjUt '"dog?."-
D. K. CADY & CO.
HKNTof Chri.tnias Present.,
At the Old Btand, ooraer of Fifth and Valnnt-itt.
IORSALE t hava Mortal the right of
. a Maohine and right of Territory for the mann
faeturini of the cheapest and beat III. Booflng now
la in, pall and tea, at Rr. L. BaH'a, Mo.aea Bay-mlU.r-f
treat, North of Liberty, Olnoinnatii Ohio.
F. , , tdldl
black and tan Terrier Slat, At. monthe old. No
white on brr. Can b teen at th. stable on Bnrn.l.
atreet, between Tina and KaceandlhlrdandFonrth.
F ld.Hb)
OK BALE TO DBNTX8I8-A oomplet".
, . aft of Dental Tnatrnmenta, aom. material.
K'f.Toola and Ohalr, will be aold low foil ,h
Apply at th. Penny Presa Ofllce. dcl2b
FOR I.Xj33,
Large and Small, Parlor and Offlo. BtoTea , which I
offer for tale cheap, at Ho. U Vlne-ttreet.
fcl 0 R BEN T Three ROOMS, or two
trwt-No. fi29-tMtveea Fiftoonth and Liberty-
tnnnpalnlntw frni ivmirt A nnU a4 UTa fra u.ia-'
(mm aw W T U7u( BAWAn'k ' J-.v.
ra man
FOR RENT ROOMS Suitable for rail
Li road, law or lntnrano. offloes.on aeoond and
third floors, in fonr-atory building opposite th.
I'reaa Office. Th. bnlldlng batlbatin newly re-palnted
and re-papered. All In good Older. . Apply at th.
Preea Offlce. noie
OAR DING A Gentleman and wife end
two or three alnffle men can ha annAinmnjlnUjt
with board and lodging at X West fifth-street.
Also, a few more day boarder, wanted. - delSb
BOARDING Single gentlemen can obtain
good Board and pleasant furnished rooma at
Ko. 1M Elm-street. A few day. boarders can beac
commodated. de!3b
BOARDING Two gentlemen oan obtain
pleasant room, with board and the comforts of
a home. House with all modern oonreniencee. No.
Mi West Seventh-street. , del2b
T 03T In the Vine-itreet Congregational
JL4 Ohnrch. two DIAMOND RINGS. The tinder
will be suitably rewarded by leaving them at 4. h.
MOWBT 4 (JO.'S, 31 West Third-street, deiao
1" jIOUND EEV A Dteel Key, made for an
English lock. Th. owner can hare th. aame
l.r applying at this office and paying for thia adver
tisement, i, . d.llb
FOR . i
PBI ATE than th. following new and beautiful
collections of Hub jo:
Horn. Circle, containing 200 ptecet of popular
Miulo ..,...u......n....MMm..M....w.UM,MM..n,.t3 00
Wettern Olne Book 1 00
llntidelasohn'.Songa, without words.............. 3 0
Meatug. Bird, containing fifty Ballads . 76
. , ... , JOHN OHDBCH. Jr.,
, No. 66 Weat ronrth-atroet.
Pianos tuned and repaired by Thos. A tklna. dell
VL thatLighto4Bradbnry'aand
aTH. Oale 4 Co., of New York, and
Wa. &nab. 4 uo,. or Baltlmor.,
Plane, can be found onlr at 71 Weal
ui. auMn w. vi uaiwuiuivi
Plane, oan be found onlr at 71 Weal
Fnnrth..treat. I am offering: arreal
Fourth-street, I am offering great
ladncemaiitB for oaah. or will rent, and let iha rent
pay for the Piano, at 72 Weat Fourth-street.
0, H. HUB0H.
J , Th. largatt stock of Melodeona In th. city. no80
u a 8 1 1 1 Kememoer inat
hat r-
Baaleton Urotbers, Karen, saoon a
Co., Ballet, Carta 4 Co., and Patera,
(IriHa A: Co .'a Planoa cannot be
fnnna In lltnfiinnatl avoant at No. M
West Fourlh-lreet. I will aell for cask, ai low as
any an. east or weat, or will rent, and let th. rent
pay for the Piano, at West Fourth-street,
J. CHURCH, Jr., '
now Lwpoi ior neiooeona ana warmoniame.
AT LAW, Oha. BoiMInn Ho. ( laatThlrd.
Th Adams BirtaBSHWe ere under obll
gauoni to Aaami'a juxpren for laUEMtern
papera,- .
CsRiSTkal FaiaiXTa T). TT c.a, a- ru
hare reoeiTed large auortment of Chrlitmu'
preaeuui. see navertlaement.
Hau-Limd BoowM. CNell adyertltei
" ooinmn me oei.Drated Hair-lined
BoOtB. BO rtonnlai. fnm !,.. TT ,.
i. , S-f . . " '"wt .ntr, ao also
mkea Jadiet' tboei of the lame material
atenu uia circular. ,
i ?v0TBf PoBLI0 No. 81 Weit Fifth-atreek
It the Dlaoe to nnrnhiua thn mn.f .i!M.n.
OTttera imnnrtad tn thl. u. n
recommend i none bat the best; ooniequently,
mriiy are eatunea, wive taem a
Fob van TTomhit. tr.nra UmmKm.. .i
"ii-ureov, auToriisci, in another oolumn,
pure winea and liquors for the holidays. It it
laid that hia atonhr ni tint,, annl.t in .t.
market, and wai selected by himself while on
iieaauraj war oi marope.
CLOTR Cu)lCB.TInalaiila .tin 1.
nuw unm V
make their wlret a initable holiday present,
ought to examine the fine assortment of cloth
and Talvat aloaka. now a.lMn a u
Deland, Gotiago k Cayler's, No. 74 West
X' VUl bUSU (7fJte
A WTWTal Vab 4 la m
PmnyPreu, by Henry Ware, Optiolan. No. 7
West Fourth-street, December 12.
O'clock. Barometer. Thermometer.
7 A. M.... ............20.31 J4
12 M...,.........,.,........29.i2 ia
0 P. M ........,...J.44 , 38
MiLTBT'a. Hollt. Orr. th ha.J
- " WBIW BUt 11VU
of the Oyster trade in the West, is making
great nrarjarationa for tha tiniM.. tt;.
Maltby Oysters, put up with espeeial care to
Buiviug iuo n esiem traae, couia not oe more
popular, and go off with a rush. See adver
tisement on aeoond page.
Oniric Trun Wa -
letUv from a Vaia
via uiiU v;ivuu rTlCUKlLIK
the receipt of freights by the Pittsburg, Co-
Inmhna anil ilinMlnn..! T) li J o...
........ ... u.uu.uua,i iniuwi ma Dtsa-
benyllle, in oonneotion with the Little Miami
and Pennsylvania Rnrlrnnd In atr A avfl frnm
this point.
At the regular daily session of the County
Commissioners, held yesterday morning,
orders were past amounting in the aggregate
to $1,025 16, of which $625 were paid to
Ii&iah Rnnara:. nn awtnnf nf ule
O - v nmt.j 0UV4
$205 88 to Dannenhold St Co., for gM-fixtures
for the Court-home.
Tbi CaiBOK op Council Corbcptios. After
a lengthened discussion, the City Counoil last
night adopted the report of the mojority of
the Investigation Committee, that no member
of the City Counoil had been proved to have
received a bribe, or had been "oorrupted" In
referonoe to the granting of routes to street
railroad companies.
T til! Vttsr ftcitMiFV fliii-stY.Bv TV . a - -.1
arrangement for the purchase of the ground
r. . j . i ,
v. ovujjo-uwoi i j woe maat yeaieraay, DO
tween S. F. Carey, of Farmers College, Miller
A Robb and the County Commissioners. The
eonntv aereea tn tuv iA 2.in fnr ilu T,nn.
oontaining seventeen acres and a fraction,
$2,375 to S. F. Carey, and $1,875 to Miller A
Robb. The Commissioners reserve enough of
the purchsse-money to cover the judgments
and mortgages against the ground, for the
purpose of securing the county.
Unpaid Lmiia. The following is a list of
letters detained for non-payment of postage at
the Postoffioe, in this oity, December 12:
wm. Thompson , Baltimore, Ud.
!? Tt J&!k "i BMphenwo OoUa, New York.
Gabriel Bavel, Boston, Hast.
Miss Julia L. Brown, Hlllsboro, Ohio.
Mr. I. O. Aber, Newark, N. T.
y.Snl.Jdkwl'd.?11 0olumbt,0hio.
I. T. MoOuidy, New Albany, Ind.
Margaret A. Wynkoop, Hlllsboro, 0.
George Wilson, Rrookport, N. Y.
Kits Behecca Miller, Dayton, O.
August Becker, Pern, Illinois.
T, T. Schnarn, Waukegan, III.
RiCBiro and ExpgNonDsn or taa Oitv
Dobiho thi Past Wk From the hooks in
the offlce of the City Auditor we take the fol
lowing exhibit of the reoeipta and expendi
tures of the oity, for the week ending on Sat
urday last:
General Fund.,
tl,H& to
AM ni.
Light Fund.
Ire Department Fund ?a m
Sinking Fund 71 00
iiMMi.iMt.et.ttt. target. (Mst.ii.
G.n.ralFund,...M.....MMt,,.,MM,.M. ......
f MM M
61 OS
' 63 on
l,m 00
4 26
1,079 W
aiuu l unu
Superior Court fond,.
ijiffni unu...
Work Bouse.,
Fir. Department Fund..........
Police Court and Cltv Prison
Common School Fund ,..
02 ui
40 00
$4,W4 47
Couxtt Fimanoei. The following table,
taken from the books in the office of the
County Treasurer, shows the receipts and dis
bursements of the county from the 5th to the
10th of December inclusive:
1206 ID
vouoiy j unu,.,...,,..,..,,,. a ia,ldo S3
Bridae Fund..
80 89
County Infirmary,
S73 90
118 00
286 ai
40 00
8 70
029 33
396 03
400 00
jjunauo Aayium...
Sharpaburg Boad...
Carthage Road....,..,
Winton Boad.... .
Harrison Road.......
Clares Boad......
30 00
64 OU
30 00
I (. t M. .
640 4U
Tl .. 1 1 -J J D" 1
Store Licenses
J.J. Packer, Treasurer.
8. Fahr. Treasurer.......,,..,.,
382 27
jot. (Jllley, Treasurer,
laxat on uupucace,
148,664 12
Total........... 117,985 93 $146,017 07
Total amount of taxes oolleoted to Decem
ber 10, inclusive, on duplicate of 1859, $260,
435 04.
oiiob Coobt. There were forty-four cases
before Judge Lowe yesterdav morning, none
of whloh were remarkably interesting. We
give a few specimens below.
A quadrangular fight took place at a beer
house on the Hamilton Road, near the Mill
oreek bridge, oa Sunday night last, in which
most of the participants mn badly Jinjurod.
The whole party was taken into ouitody, and
appeared with broken head and swollen eyes
before Judge Lowe. Peter Wagner, one of
the parties with whom the row originated, was
sentenced to the dungeon for a term of ten
days, while Charles Miltier, and Frits Triber,
thai lUKllATfa- WisM AnJlff SlOVift taa ft i1IIo(a tan A
- nnw asaawia vaarvaa wwaat uvuai 9 fUU
oosta. . Trlbor wag also fined a similar amount
ior setting liquor on tiunday.
A votine? man mmiil T.awla T.Ani .aa
charged with stealina a lot of ravins tools
which he found lying in the street, and selling
them at a aannnil.hanit ifn.. m I7lrk
- an.v VM i ll.U DU W
Ho wm Bcntcnoed to tb Count Jail at hard
muva ivr m wvriu oi loar mOntDfl
A fallow tifttntvl iCdwetwl v TX7:i.AM .
t " vi V 1? 11VVU It
- - ft" WMMitlHg aUVUv f
' au P"5'?11"8 iT1D8 procured twenty-
uuiu wuman on oroaaway for
the purpose, as he said, of redeeming a watoh
which he had pawned. Be used the money
but the watoh, which he had promised her as
BMnritv. aha nan, TU:. i
-- . . 7 . urg was.
dismissed for want of testimony the woman,
m 4tusu iu anon oases, iaiiiog to appear:
hnt ha was allll h.M ta, Kail ...... .
of disorderly eonduot, tSa Wednesday next, in
A fellow named Wilkinson beat woman
la a batfnla an flixth-atmac. nn Rat,,,!. .i.l,
and whan her lover attempted to revenge the
brutality whloh hsd been inflioted upon the
UnfflrtnnnU ir4l h. W.a mmmlm.A ..J a J
$11 and costs, and sentenced to the dungeon
sv uunusyij wan w uKtnson was ulsoharired
apoi paymant of $10 tad eosts. .,
DISBURSEMENTS. Suicide of a Consumptive—A Dying Man
Blows out his Brains in the Presence
of his Wife.
Coroner Carey was called upon yesterday af-
m"w" v tu .i laquMi poa io Daarox
ntatt eiamaJ Tl- V ; i .
.sM.u 4iauivuiitfi.il uinner, woo Dieirouvpl
OratDI IU tha nniinM nf Ma ftmflw nA.w tY.
r - -"- aat44
following mnamitanttti. whloh wr developed
"v tniiiuuar euoiuia cwion uit coronen
lliatw -
fOr two vanra naat 41iAanao.a4 1,.. .,frAU J
sxtrem.ly from oontumptlon, th most ghostly
uuiriui. lunn inai in angei oi aeatn ever
wuuioa, anaouring a partoitms time wag
an inma.e of the City Infirmary. He was
dlartliarir.il .am .1 . , t .!.., l
.&HW ..vu. umm lu.ubliuua, However,
ou montos ago, tne physician telling blm
that he could not be cured and that the only
thing that medioine oould do for him was to
prolong his life for a few weeks, perhaps
iuuu.ua, buu renuor out ueatn less nam and
Sinoe then he has been depressed In spirit,
but not to any great extent; for it does not
appear that he, by any word or aot, induoed
any one to believe that he contemplated self
destruction. The family were in extremely
reduced airmimatanna.. an4 mlAmA v. r.m
Raoe-street, In the same house with a doien
uuiera aimoat aa wreicneoi, peouniariiy, as
themaalvea. and ailhalatad nn, ha ..a..-
eaminn of tha aldaat flhllil. nrhn l-..f
ivu.'.:" '
tutTHTSu yan oi age.
i esieraay atternoon at nair-past two o'olook
the wife of the deceased was engaged In knead-
inff Some bread. whAn ha innntrarf tbIiam K.
intended to bake it, and received for a reply
vuat so. wouia pat it in me oven or a neigh
bor who resided aorost the street. In a little
While aftanvard aha Inft tha im wilt. I,a.
loaves, when he arose and loaded a pistol; hia
children, three in number the oldest being
absent gatlog on with all the curiosity pecu
liar to their natnrA. and lift.!!. itMimlm t.Ka
their parent was preparing a weapon wbioh
woum uiu&a luein aemi-orpnacs.
Tfa haanl tha fnntAilI ni tia mil. .V.
stairs and his haste increased. He finished
loading the Instrument just in time for his
purpose, however, and when she opened the
door of their room ha Wat standing with the
mnafcla nf tha nlatnl . nrAaui ao-atf.. t.;.
temple. She shrieked and sprang forward,
uiviuingnis intention, out u was too late, one
hoard a sharp, qulok report, and her husband
fell dead at her feet, while his brains, scat
tered In every direction, covered her faoe and
shut out from her gaze, for a moment, the
aurriu sigm. . . , .
The deoAftjififl waa fnrtv nf .m
as has been already stated, leaves a wife and
.... -LIU xl- -1.1 . . . . . , .
iuur vuiiurnu, tuv eiaeai oi wnom IS Dttt
thirteen years of age. The verdlot of the
ooronar'a inrv was In ancnrHanna with tha faita
we have above related. ... , ..
The McMicken Free University.
The City Council passed, last nieht, the ordi
nance, some time pending;, to nrovlde for tha
uevise oi a large real and personal estate by
CBaBLis MoMiokbn to the oity of Cincinnati,
for founding tiro oolleges for the free educa
tion of youth of both sexes, and for care of
orphans. The seleotlon of the Direotors will
be made at the next meeting of the City
The ordinance provides that there shall be
seven Direotors, six of whom shall be chosen
by the City Counoil the flritchosen, however,
to draw lots for the term of offioe, so that one
go out of offioe on the last day of each year
the seventh Director to be the- Mayor of th
city for the time being. The City Council,
at the first regular meeting in December in
each year, to elect the successor of each out
going member.
ine Directors are to organlie within one
month after their election, and to take Imme
diate possession of the real estate and pay
urar, wiuiuu. any oisoount, an tne rents, in
oome, and all other money's arislno? from the
estate, into the City Treasury; a majority vote
of the Board being necessary to authorise any
payment from the funds. The Direotors are
confined in their expenditures to the income
of the current year. The title given to the
sohool Is denominated, "The Free University,
iounaea oy uhablis juouiokbh." Xh Di
rectors are to present a project or system
founded upon the amount of Dreseht and pros.
peetlre receipts, for buildings as needed, and a
pian to oonauot me instruction m tne uni
versityafter approval of the plan by the
City Council.
PAivrcb Aooidbw to a Child. Last even
ing a female child, daughter of John Kllroy,
residing on Seoond-street, between Blm and
Plum, while playing with a broken umbrella,
fell upon one of the steel supporters, whloh
passed through her cheek into her mouth and
throat, making a dangerous wound, that may
prove fatal.
Da. Bellows' Lectors This Evbiiho.
Rev. H. W. Bellows will deliver his last
lecture this evening;, before the T. M. M. L.
Association, at Smith k Nixon's, on the
"uriterion or social progress.
Pikb's OriBA-Hocsi. A brilliant audience
attended the Opera-house last night, and left it
. .cMguieu mui iu.jwnunu.acs. xue uene-
diok" Of Mr. Mnrrinnh u-.n - nhmmta, ..knl..l. Bn4
beautiful Impersonation, and was rendered with that
.no. auu graco wuica it peculiar 10 inanigniynn
luh.d and artistlo style of thia admirable actor. The
"Beatrice" of Mrs. Conway evinced a just conception
of the character, whloh she translated to all who wit
nessed It In a spirited and effective manner. Tha play
was admirable in all its appointments, and was en
acted, as a whole, quit, aa well aa wa remember to
have aver aeen It.
To-night Mr. M. will appear aa v"Maob.th," not
withstanding the suggestion of the jester, who, in a
morning cotemporary, advlaed blm to eeohew trag
edy. Mrs. Conway appearing aa "Lady Macbeth."
Wood's Thbatbb. Maggie Mitohell drew
an excellent house to thia cosy establishment, last
night, and seems to have added new admirers to the
number ahewaa already enabled to oonnt. She ia
quite aa piquant aa erer, and causes, apparently, aa
much enthusiasm as if she were entirely new to the
habitues of the Theater. To-nlgbt she will appear
aa "Frederick" in the obarmlng little drama of Tan
Touno PaiNon, and as "Margaret Wilton" In th.
laughable protean farce of Thi Linus' StbaTaoem,
National Thsatie. The attendance at thia
theater last evening was moderate on the occasion of
me unt appearance oi tare, j arrenana ner daughter,
Fanni.Fita. lira. F. ia not a favorite in thia city
nor with ua, though a good actress in many parts,
one of the beat of which la "Luorezia Borgia." The
fair Fannle'a "Constance" we did not wftneat, and
can notaaeak of it. therefore.
Thia evening, a fine programme, Bowe'a tragedy of
iiana duukk, auu it we rememoer riRuuy jnrs,
Crowley'a old comedy of th. Belle's SiaaTAOEii.
Neither of tbeae piecea ia often pot upon th. stage,
and ought to draw a large house.
The Board met at the usual hour, President
King in the Chair.
Th. President presented tha resignation of Mies
llary MoOonnagan, whlob was accepted, and th.
usual certificate awarded.
Mise Mary Poole waa appointed a teacher in th.
Eighth DIstrlot at a salary of (30 par month.
The Superintendent's monthly report exhibits th.
following attendance daring th. month ending De
cember 9:
Enrollments Districts ....,......,J4,708
Knrolimenta Intermediate
Total... . ...,.,,...,.....,.......10,514
Arorag. belonging District. ...........U,87J
Average belonging-Intermediate .,,
Total .........,...m........,.....lJ,,856
Average daily attendance-District .......10,813
Average dally attendance Intermediate ...... v
TOtal ...,, ....., ......t.MM(,MM.M,,Ml ,749
Percentage of absence Dietriets ..,...,. 8.7
Per centage of absence Intermediate 8.6
. t Average
. Number admitted during th. winter, mala and
female, 1,360. Attending at prawns, males, 609; fa
Bialea, 31.
The following Is the number of pupils In act grade
n both the district and Intermediate schools: .
A. B. C D.
Metric!, .. , 1,019 1,780 .,240 6,836
Intermtdtata, 325' 357 ..... .....
. The usual appropriations for salaries, 4c amount
Ing to 113,000, were paaeed. .
The oommlttM on furniture ranorted In favor nf
nurohasing benches, Ac, for the room rented by the
Children's Aid Society, and alto in favor of furnishing
a teacher, whea the reqniaita number of suholart bad
veeu ouvainea. , Adjonruea.
' KENioif CADim Captain J. M. Blackburn
having resigned hia offlo. aa commander of thlicom
naajr, A. L. Jamison waa chosen, on Saturday night
kAW)hU suoceMor.
DltOEDBBLT Cointici in a Hocsi or Bad
Ripcte. Three men, named Terrene. Magnire, J no.
McQuInn and Morris Moony, visited a house of ill.
fame, on Stuart-street, on Bunder night last, and,
beoomlug Intoxicated, were ao disorderly aa to at
tract the attention of th. Marshals, who arrested
and lodged them In jail. Yesterday morning they
Wtr. fined $12 80 each.
The River at this port continues to deollne
slowly, and at ipolnta above to fall gradnally.-'Th.
warm weather hat rendered the landing vary muddy,
and amenta soni. shippers from sending off freight.
, npw and Ice have melted above aa tbsybav.
In thi. vicinity, It ia probable we may have another
"'St ''. cneSk th present descent of th.
Ohio. Tb. decline of the water here In any event
will not, probably, be rapid, and we may reasonably
look for a good stage for soma weeks to com.
Bosloeae waa not active at the levea yesterday,
Reightabelngofferedlnless quantity to all points
than on Saturday. On freights fur New Urletvns there
waa a alight decline. Ib rates to the differe.it ports
were aa follows:
Plttaburg-Ootton. 760.1 Molaasea, 73o.; Whlaky,
Mo.i Flour, sue.; Pork and Lard, 4Io. ; I innd
Freights, ISo. porlOOlba.
Naehville-Wbitkr. per brl (l; A1.. 730.J Pound
Freights, 40c.per 100 lbe.
St. Louis Heaty Pound Freights, 15o. per 100 lba.j
Whisky and Oil, 64c. per brl.; ItovM, 2Jo.; Ale, ouc.
per brl.
New Orleans Whisky and Oil 90o; Flour, S0o.; Pork
Two.; Bacon, Butter, Cheeee, Ac; 330, per 100 lb..;
Keg Lard, 4)0.; Empty Barrels, 24c., Horses, 110 per
head; Pound Freight., 60o
Sunday's siltaourl Bepublican thus speaks of navi
gation and th. weather at St. Louis:
Th. river her. continues to fall at the rat. of on.
foot in twenty-four hours. The total decline at dark
laat'erening waa vary near four bet. There la not
more than five and a half ieet In tb. ohannel out to
Tha floating Ice In the river baa my materially
decreased In quantity and weight. A good deal of ft
continues to oome down, and above tb. foot of Morgan-street
tba rier i. froaeu nearly hair way across
on th. II Itnols side. On. of the ferry- boat, waa en
gaged all day yesterday in breaking It up, and suc
ceeded to aom. extent.
The weather I. quite mild, with th. wind nearly
due aouth, and a general tbaw la the oonaequence.
The streets and levee are very sloppy, but the rays of
the sun and the mild aouth wind have not yet pene
than tha turfaoe tb.
AEBiVAis.-Sunday Ohio No. , Marietta; Kate
May, Madison; Hazel Dell Memphis; Magnolia,
Mayavllle; Superior, Louisville; S.P.Bibberd, Pitta
burg; Clara Dean, Pittsburg; Jacob Strader, Dock;
Mara, New Orleana; War Kaglo, St. Louis; Sir W.
Wallace. 8t. Louie. Monday Forest Onean. Madl.
ton; Telegraph, Loni.'llle; Sam. Kirkman, Nash
ville; Bbenango, Pitteburg; Glendale, Memphis;
Liberty, Wheeling; Virginia Borne, Neville; Dun
lelth, Nevella.
Difabtuxm.-Sunday 8. P. Hibberd, Nashville;
Jacob Strader, Louisville; Superior, Madison; Prairie
Rose, St. Louis; Martin Walt, Red River; Delta. Ar
kansas River. Monday Forest Qneen, Madison;
Magnolia, Mayavllle; Ohio No, 2, Marietta; She
nango, St. Louis; Telegraph, Loulavlll.: Clara Dean,
Louisville; Neptune, Pittsburg: Sir W. Wallace,
Pitteburg; Dunleitb, Neville; Virginia Home, Neville;
Th.. XT... miA IV,- m.. Vh.-tJ.H.
Before Jndge Mallon. The action waa brought to
recover freight on a ahlpment of freight. The de
fense claim a set off for Injury resulting from water
on the voyage,
B. Barrett va. H. M. Jonea, Superintendent of House
of Refuge. Submitted to Judge Carter. The question
Isaato th. right of property in certain broom ma
chinery in the House of atefuge, which the defense
olaimt waa left there for debt.
BniBi Allioeo to havebbkr Bicuivedbva Geand
Jukob. Q. O. Smith waa arraigned before Judge Col
lins on a euarge ui Bundling a onoe irora roier
Gandolptao, sen., while h. (th accused) waa acting
In the capacity of foreman of the November Grand
Jury for this county.. It It alleged further that he
received tne onoe oi i5,promtsingtt)erolor to acquit
the sons of Gandolnbo. whose caaa had bean lnva.it.
gated by the Grand Jury.
When arraigned, th. defendant said he was not
guilty, and charged tbe prosecution aa malicious.
Jndcre Collins remarked that tha aoanaaH nmaA nnfc
dwell on the facta now.
air. uatneaaald the tacts warranted th.proseoution.
A bond in the aum of aMO waa a-iven for tha an.
pearanc. of defendant.
Gbnbeal Teem. The Bank of Ashland vs.
J.D.Jones and others. The defandanta are sued aa
guarantor, of railroad bonds, that were sold to th.
Ohio Life Insurance and Trust Co.; the latter paid
luem ui lueir oreuuurs, ana ine purcnasera nave
brought suit on the guarantee.
Ancient Ordeb or Ooodmllows. The Ken
tucky Lodge No, 1, of Newport, and the Kenton
LOOM No. J.of Covinaton. visited Cincinnati muur-
day, to assist in th. ceremonies of dedicating a hall
belonging to this order, on Main-street, between
xoum auu juihtouiu. auey ware accompanied nytoe
United Btatea MillUry Band, from tba barracks.
Billiaed Match. Phil. TIeman, Harvy
Boyoa, Ohaa. Rider and others, from Cincinnati, will
visit tbie city to-day, at hair past two o'clock, to ex
erclie their skill In their favorite game, at tbe Star
Billiard Saloon, recently opened by Major Caldwell,
ia Smeller's building, on York-street. Th. gam.
will be a social on merely, no money being staked
upon the result.
Polici Court. A. Ball was fined $2 and
eotts for fast driving, by Mayor Hawkins, yeaterday,
Monetary and Commercial.
The business in Eaitera Excbango which
we noted on Saturday, resulted In a decline raster,
day, not so much the result of an over supply as a
marked scarcity of Currency.
The bankers all drew yesterday at M premium,
and paid par to outsiders and X to customers on
Philadelphia and New Fork, bnt were unwilling to
give any premium for drafts on Baltimore and Bos
ton. The market waa not aotlv. nor very steady, as
a number of the bankers were ao short of Currency
that they often forced sales of their Exchange to
meet tbe heavy demand made upon them for funds.
The Money market was decidedly close yesterday,
and the obecktngs were heavier than they bad been
on any Monday since the packing aeason began. Tbe
city deposits at present, are less than they have been
for months, and the stringency la generally felt, bnt
leas ai the Disconnt than tho Deposit-houses.
In Gold and New Orleans xcbaug. very littl. waa
done. For Co'n noon, was offering a premium, but
dealen occasionally gav. H t their cuatomors.
Vncurrent Money particularly Missouri, Illinois
and Wisconsin were active, as the Paper of all those
States is disposed of hsre as toon as received to par
ties buying Hogs In the North and WeBt.
The rates of Exchange and Cola at the close Of
baking hours yesterday, were:
. H prem.
New Fork Blsht,
i prem.
Philadelphia Sight.,
jummore tjigut
Boston Sight
New Orleant Sight,
Darstt " 20cau
...par0 VScmi "
...Dar ytih "
American uoia.
iu wviu......... uarya vc(g)?e
The Imnorta and klvnnrt. nr v.rfnna rtitiamilnrtna
par " S0c "
the forty-eight houra ending yeaterday noon, were:
Imposts. Flour, 1,313 brie.; Whisky, 1,200 brls.;
Corn, l,46 bushels; Wheat, 1,622 bushelti.Uata, 8,4ii
buBhels; Barley 2,942 bushels; Hogs, 38,283 head
lnoludinf 11,960 head left last week at Brighton Sta
tion; Coffee, 400 bags: Soger, 134 hhds.: Molassee,
641 brls.; Cheeee, 1,328 boxee; Applea, 77 brlsj Butter,
ioi aogsrroiaioe., io oris.; nan, sue oris.; rone ana
Bacon, 173,660 pounda; do, 261 brla.
waiv.id.-. luiuiiifov uns,, tt uuay, z,2i oris.;
Corn, 800 bushels; Wheat, 726 buebels; Barley, 1.080
buahels; Sugar, 82 hhds.; Molasses, 199 brls.; Coffee,
838 bags; Apples, 348 brls.; Butter, 202 kegs; Cheese,
2,160 boxes; Potatoes, 120 brls.; Salt, 732 bris.i Poik
and Baoon, 662 brla.: do., 132 tierces; do,, 632 bhda.;
do., 361 boxes.
Flour was quiet yesterday and unchanged. No al
teration in Whisky, tbedemaud con tilling good. Not
much animation waa felt in Provisions, the prices of
which were about th. same as on Saturday. Hogs
were unsettled, and at tbe close of the market prices
were nearly nominal, Influenced by the largeness of
receinta. which reached ru.iMin haari. ftmin. w.r.
still firm, and Oats advanoed lc. per bnahel.
Tbe following Is a comparative atatement of tbe
imports of foreign Dry Goods at the port of New
fork for tbe paat week, and since January 1:
For the week. 1K.tr. INKS. less.
Kntered at the nort.. S727.772 ilKfi lul Hun iu
Thrown on market.. .448,141 600,779 633,134
since Jan. 1.
Entered at the rtort...1h9.1V7.ma xa.ini .i.mfti(U a.9
Thrown on market.. 80,646,664 03,998,634 104,U287
Saturday's New York Times tbus refers to Friday
last: .- , ......
Wa han ta rFtnrk nn iintlinallvnitlat (n Mnnae
. - w - -- .wa.T luuavw m mj mu litvuvi
anralra. At no mall It made up for Europe to-morrow,
there la not much done in Exchange. The
terms for best-class bank and banker's hills on
Unilin am 1 ,,..1 . 1 : . i. . i
; .ufw.!aiu.i v.u.. TTi,uuiuaouiu-
ern bank indorsements on merchant bills at 109M
m U.UI. xue laasiiews ironi aurope ana me tall in
Exchange here is favorably influencing the market
for Money, th. anenlv to the broker haina rmi. at.
per cent., and diasounts at bank somewhat easier
on the longer date offerings. Outside of bank, aome
prime aixty day acceptances are done at 6 per cent.,
and a few select lists of ninety-day double-name
at 6X per cant.
FLOUR Tha tnai-V.t wu nTtUf. .n.rfav wlitiA.l
any change of contequenoe, The tale were confined
to 400 barrelt, at $6 80 for tuperflue, and 15 06 76
for extra. ;
WHISK T No change In the market, the demand
u good: tales of 1,600 barrela at 23c., lnoludinf that
from wagon.
HOGS The market waa quit unsettled to-day
and prices were nominal at the cloaa, Packers were
generally out of tha market, and not disposed to buy
for th. present. Th. tale ware:
167 head dlvldine? on 200 lbs. at. Sa u
300 head averaging 200 lb, at.
ietM.tMatMi.eMe W 4V
320 head averaging 2H0 lb, at,,.,..,.. 6 37
374 bead averaging 200 lb, at ,... A 40
The receipts during th. laat twenty-four houra were
34,000 bead Including 12,000 head left at the Brighton
House station, during tbe laat four days.
PBOVISIONS-200 batTele meat Pork aoldatllf
3,000 piece green Hams at 7KSo.i 160,000 Iba. bulk
umiM .Miuwi iw aeurqarr aeiivery; tj oris, at
too., and 60 do. at lOlac. Irtiu Pnrk w.. Arr.i ri.
at f 16, with little or no demand. Bulk Meat dull at
6 and 80. Lard not much inquired for. Th. market,
Senerally. oloaed dull and unsettled, and it would be
ifflcult to give quotatious with any degree of accu
racy: tha lara. ramiata nt Hnir.. ami tha .Ms
stringency In money matters, having unsettled th.
GR()CERIR!t-filmar Urn, anri lanitlna. n..J.
tale, of 209 hhda. at 8K(8ttlMo. Molassee active: tales'
of 1,200 barrela, at 47c, part to arrive. Coffee firm at
HEAT Tha market enntinuaa Arm. writ), .
demand. W. quote prim, white at $1 261 38, and
prim, red at l liil 20: aalea of 1,000 bushels good
white at ll 26; 300 do. prime red, delivered, at II 30.
CORN The market ia flrm. with a mnJl
at 60c. .
OATS-Tue demand oontlnuea aotlve, and prloat
have advanced lc. per bashed sale of (00 bushels,
la bulk, at Mc.; too do., at sac. 1
BTE-The market oontlnnea firm, with good de
mand atsoe. .
BABLEF Tbe demand eontinne aollvA and
Pr cesflrmat our last quotation; aalea of too kutb.
prime fall. In Covington; at 7So.
OHEBSB-The- market I. firm,- with an active de-
uiauui aai.a ui aw uoxea vt eetern neterve at to.; oo
do. KDgllsh Dairy at lie. . ' .
BTJTTER There ia a good demand at 16017c. tot
fair to BrimetJentral (Ihln mil. mnti lRAr,ak. rnvWaaT
ATPLES--Therelsagood demand, and prices firm
tifi 7s?.7? Per barrel, for fair to choioe: aalee ef
150 brls choice at 12 71.
POTATOES Th. market Is flrw.at our last quo
tatlons. CLOVER SEED The demand continoH active,
and price, flrm at $4 76.
Few Yoaa Miaiar, December 11 P. M.-rionr
a .had. easier with rather more doing: talr. ol 14 fun
barrels, at ti 06aj li for superfine State; 6 ism a
ifo.rS'?Sia,ei 5 for tupertna Western;
6 266 40 for common to medium extra do., ana
6 7006 80 for Inferior to good ehlpplng brands extra
roond-boop Ohio closing dull and drooping. Cana
dian Floor vary flrm: aalea of 400 brla. at 16 toas 60
for oommon to choice extra. By. Floor In Btir re.
quest at S3 604 40, Wheat very dull and drooping,
ililppera waiting for later European accounts: sales
of 6,000 bushels of Mllwaukl. Club to a city miller,
supposed at 1 20. Rye scarcely ao 6rm: aalea of 1,600
bushels at 90c. Barley quiet and unchanged: sales
or 7,0110 bushels, at 767o. for State. Uorn flrmen
sales of 16,000 bushels, at 86Me. far new yellow,
and 9496o. for old white and yellow. Oata more
active at 46(3470. for State, Western and Canadian.
Whisky heavy aud lower: tales of Ut) brla. at 36c.
Pork heavy and drooping: aalea of 3,364) brla. at 116 87
16 to for mess; $11 50 for prime Itcluding 1,000 do.
mesa, selleea option January and February delivery,
at 117. Beer unchanged: sales of 660 barrela, at f44
4 60 for country prime: AO for do. mees; $5l5
for old and new repacked mess; lIOQIO SOTor extra
meej. Dreseed Hoga firm at 7?i$7o. for corn-fed.
Beer Hams scarce and flrm at $14 90 for Western.
Prim, meat Beef quiet at II7A30. Ont Meats In fair
request at 90. for Bhouldors, and 10c. for Hams.
Bacon quiet and unchanged. Lard scares and Arm:
sales of 250 brls. at lOitollc., and small parcel,
choice at 1 iXo. Butter only in moderate request at
ll18c. for Ohio, and H31c. for State. Cheese
soiling alowly at 8011c. Cotton flrm: tales or 1,000
bales. Sugar firm: sales of 6,600, of Br7.l!, at 70.:
Muscovado at 7c. Tallow is quiet at 10X8IO4o.
In Cloaks and Shawls
Fashionable Styles
FROM $8 TO $35.
At prices below the cost of importation.
Assignee's Sale!
aaawamaaaa (
$10,000 IN
tHio,ooo ixi
$10,000 In
Dress Trimmings!,
Comprising tha entire ttock of 9, Lewis, at the
Bazaar, directly opposite the Poitofflce, Recollect,
they - ' -
delOam H. O. GILBERT, Assignee.
Seventh Grand Treaty
Wyandotte Tribe, No. 5,
i. a r. m.,
14th Sleep of the Hautlug Moon,
' ' . (Grand: Bon, 5620.)
V Bets formed at the sound ef the cornet.
Oommttm or ABEaeToaafiiNTB.
J. It. Parry, . D. Kirk.r,
A. At. Seaman, ' H.H. Humphrey,
John Parker.
Miami, No. 1 ,... 8. Waller
Algonquin, Bo. 3....m .........T. H. Butler
Wyandotte, No. 6... SlltlSSMIItllHtSSINHMIU MSN 0. 8. Betts
Hetamora, No. ,...0. Seltser
Seneca, No. 7.. F. Smith
Logan, No. 9. J. G. Snyder
Black Hawk, No. 13 ........,..&. Man ley
Shawnee, No. 18 .........Mm..F. Anderton
Black Hawk, No. 2, Cot., Ky J. W. Lehman
Pocahontas, No. 3, Newport..... ......0. Amenon
SMmckets, 1 fathom 2 feat, (52,) inoludlng feast,
delitt B. M. HATS. Great Chief, "
IB jlW. 73L 33 !EL,
141. Walnut-street, below Fourth,
FINE FUBS In the city , purchased low, and
will be told reasonably.
A genuine article, anrpaas anything erer offered la
thia market. Gentleman will find a beautiful Hol
iday Hat, just th. thing for making New Year's
calls. BAKER,
deatJaUp 141 Walnnt-atreet.
NO. 149 MAUI -STREET, . i;
One, door below Fourth.
DM Haaremovadtn Kn.hl RiTtkaraaL n
uuuraweeioi vr eaiern-row, aontnaios. 0.10(1
dailv 111 renalet nf f h. var haat in imnm mxitA
half-cans. AARON A. COL1ER, ,
de Nos. 3IV) and 321 Main-street. '
"4JEW FRUITS. 200 boxes Mil Raisins l
-L 300 do. Lay.rdo. ; too half-boxes ltalsl.e; 300
quarter-boxes do. Alao, new Figs in drums, French
Prunes in kegs, Currant, Ultron, kt. In store and
for sal by
aianvn a. WL.TKB,
Not. 319 and 321 Main-street.
W71IRE-CR.ACKER8. 200 bnvaa Ka. 1 aM
AL chop. In stor. and for sal by ,
let Noa.31anlSJlilalnutt.
Tl..lT j
MILEB.-Posltlv. sale of Dry OoOffi,.
Hoeiery, Onderabirte, Drawers, Gloves, u.. at Alio.
tloo.-a Wa,DNKSDAI MORNING, December
14, at J o'clock, without reserve, OasaiB.re., Sat
inets, Jeana, Wool and Canton riaun.lt, ribbed a nd
plain Alerino Draweri aud Under BhirU, super Buck,
Cashmere, Plush-lined Qaunllsta.and other G lores,
super Caebnier and Merino Ladles', Men', and
Cliil'lren' Boa and half Hoee, super Zephyr
Basque., Hoods, and Ctiffs. f.tent Thread, Ac.
CM. WILLIAMS Sal es-raoma Not. 23 and M Beat
Third-street. Large tale of Jewelry, Outlery, Ac.
Oo TEkSDAT MOBNING, December 16. at H
.'clock, fl,l4M worth ol assorted Jewelry, without
rueerve. At luS o'clock, a stock of Table Ontlery,
Knives and Forks, Carvers, Spooaa, Saws, Hatchets,
Hammers, Waiters, Ac.
ALSO A variety of new and teoosd-hand Furni
tnre, and other Good., Aa
del . A KELLOGG, Auctioneer.
. BARD, at Trad. Salea-roomt No. 11 Weat Fifth
street, up. tain. Aselgaee's sal. of Book, at aoc- .
tlon by order of Court. Closing sale of the Books In
thaetnek nf tb. late firm of Truman A Spoltord. On
NUB, December 13th, Utb and 16th, at 7 o'clock,
will be sold, by catalogue, a large and valuable col
lection of thaologlcal, historical, classical, poetical,
scientific aud miscellaneous worka, gift Books ana
luvenlles, with a splendid assortment of Bibles end
rray.r Books Iu rlob and elegant binding. Tb.
worka on theology are sutnereneaud valuable.
N. B.-Cataloguea will be published, and th. Books
will be open for examination en tha morning of each
day previous to the sale. S. G. HUBBARD,
8- B. Ktvi, Aatlguea. ldtll-4tl Auctioneer.
JOHNSTON, In Bales-rooms So. 98 Main-atreet.
next to Trust Company Bank. Positive sa!. of
Staple and Fancy Dry Goods. Merchant Tailors' and
Clothiers' Goods, Blanket, Shawls, Ac, at auction.
On TUESDAY MORNING, December 18, at 9 o'clock,
will be aold, without reserve, 300 lots of very deelrabte
Staple and Fancy Dry Goods, oomprielng a Una as
sortment for city and country aalea. In thit ttock
will be fonnd heavy Ticking; Denims; brown and
bleached- Muslins: red, white and yellow Flannels;
plain and twilled heavy white and bine Mackinaw
Ulaukets; fin. Jeans: Canton Flannels, Ao.
ALSO Larae and valuable ttock of Merchant
Tailors' and Olotblora' Goods, among which are extra
flue Cloth., Caa.lm.resi eatings, Overcoatings,
Trimmings, 4c.
ALSO Large stock or Dresa Goods, line Long
Shawl.', Hosiery, Comfort, Hoeds. Wool Jackets,
flue ander-shirts and Drawers, Italian Cravat.,
Gloves, Mitt., Ac.
ALBO-60 oaaea Boots, Shoo and Brogant, Hats,
dol2 ' THOMA8 JOHNSTON, Auctioneer.
Sale rooms No. 33 Main-street. Posi
tive tale of Staple Groceries, Mails, Window Glass.
Boot, and Shoes, at Auction, without any reserve, to
close consignments, on TUESDAY MORNING, De
cember 13, at o'clock, 36 bags-Rio UotTee; 47 mats
Java do.; 26 brla. Kenned Syrup: 100 bxt. No. 1 Soap;
48 bxs. German do.; 37Caatlle do,; 40 bxs. Summer
Caudles; 6 qr. casks Brandy; 300 bxs. Ground Ginger,
and Clove; HO bxa. Va. and Ky. Tobacco; 21X1 brls.
Smoking do.; 70 bxs. Pearl Starch; 10 tee new Rice;
126 kegs assorted Nails; 43 kegs S. C. Soda; 76 brls.
Cldar vinegar; 16 brls. Bourbon Whisky; Pepper,
Spice, Cinnamon.
ALSO 240 bxa. 10x12, 10x14, 10x15, 10x10, 10x18 Win
dow Glass, best brands; 75 bxs. quart, pint and half
pint Flaaks.
ALbO-43 cases Men's and Boy's Kip Boots and
ALSO, without any reeorve-one large, very supe
rior new Fire-proof Iron Safe. 16 half cheste superior
i . n. auu aatparini icaa.
H. S MILEH, Anrtlonr-er.
Christmas Presents!
First Premium
Sewing lachines.
and simplicity of construction and efficiency
in working, are nnegaaled by any.
deiotjal 80 West Fourtk-atreet.
'D.O'D Gr US
Any Style of Orates cnabeKet or Reset with
this Improvement.
orders rapidly, aa we have a. large force of
good workmen.
Have your grates set with the patent before cold
weather, or you will regret It. It le poor economy
to use your grntoa set in the old way, burning twice -as
much coal as yon need, and not obtaining half aa
much heat as the patent gives. Th. patent will tare
vour money by reducing the conanmption of fnel.
It will savo your health, by giving you pure heat
end l-nty of It to make yonr rooms comfortable in
afi ,rt. It makes your homo cheerful at a trilling
ooai, which It soon saved in fuel.
Wt bare now u full supply of th. Patent Stovee,
plain and enameled.
Order, may be left at No. 20 West Fifth-Street, or
tent through mail.
County and Stat, righta for sale on ancb terms
will pay five hundred per cent., without any risk.
J. B. RYANsb CO.,
Proprietors ol Do (lire's Patent.
J. BLAKELY. General Agent. de9
i , lUaanlaotnrer of
Baking and Seidlltz Powder Box a, Tin Speak
ing Tube, Rooting, and Deal era in Stovee, So. 2M
Fifth-street, Oincinnati, Ohio.
Jar All kinds of Job Work promptly attended to.
' lde7ml'
0LIDAY O00DS.-We have just re'
ceiveda large snpnlyof new Fruits, anch a.
Figs. Prune, Natural Peaches, Pineapple, B aok
berries and Strawberries, assorted Jellies and Jam,
Preserved Fruits, in endleea variety ; delicate Old
Fort, Sherry, Madeiia and Champagne Wlnee, form
ing the largest and moat complete assortment of
" good things " aver offered in the city before. For
sale, wboleaale and retail, by
, ... A. Mcdonald a eo.,
del 2 68 and Branch Store 2411 Weet Fonrtfa-st.
. -j; , -or- i '
' Hartford, Conneotiout.
Caaltal, $400,000 .....Aeaeu, 851T,? Jl.
Devoted to Fire butineas exclusively.
. . H. A. GLASSFOBD, Ageut.
noSO-amf 33 Weat Third-street, Cincinnati.
TED tb. SALOON in the Enquirer
Building, are now prepared to furulshfcWv S
their friends with th. beet Imported I J
Winea, Llqnora and Olgara. P'W
Baltimore bou Oysters served In
verv stvle.
doj-am' "
has thit day diaaolved partnership by mutual
oonsent. All persons having claims against the
concern, and those Indebted, are requested to call at
H. H. STRUVE S Provision Store, on east side of
Weatern-row, between Seventh and George.
-'' " H. H. BTBTJVX.
Deoanibar 10, 18W-del2-c B. F. KRtBB.
11 Jnat received 63 cases of new Bardinea, in whole,
halfand quarter cans; also a few case. Boneless Sar
dine. These Sardines are put np in th. Unest oil,
and ar extremely delioat in flavor. .
For salt wholesale and retail by
... ' ,v JOHN BATES,
- dao National Theatre Building. Brcaniore st.
TM-IW FRUITS. New Raisins, new Cur-
. w ranui. new rigs, Pruaes, Citron, Ac, jnstie.
oelved and Tor tale by ' ' .,
' , i i JOHN FERGUSON. Grocer,
vomer mniu ana TiiivviierH,.
Y8TER8 I am in dally receipt of the
beet brand of Oysters oomlng to thit city.
Warranted fresh and fat. ' ,
. . . JOHN FERODSOM. Grotar. 1
no29 Corner f Ninth aad Tlnatreetoi
IjlAklLY FLOUR. I kare always en
M? hand, a supply of the sett Family Flour ia the
market for family use.
n29 ' . Coper lllnthand Ytae-etreet.
MM, Dntlst, hairernove to 371 TitteMw
Sevealb, of petite the Oat OIIIok. aw)-ba
'-:' l!"'Vi;oy j tiioi.j dK:-

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