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Is nbliihed dally, ( Bnadaye eaoeated,) by
';,'v4 FBOPBlBaTOBH.
IU1 FIHr FBJSSlt delivered to subscribers la
Cincinnati, Oovlngton and Hawsers, and rar- ..
rounding eittei end towns, at the n
. ; twmelr low price of
raioaior sftixnia:
Blnglt ooptet le.t 1 month 40g; month 111 I pearls.
eouu am inrin-nuni. ;
Jena A. Ilulbb, Ja.....,...Bole Lessee end Uanaier,
Third night of ths engagement of
'-frnv 1 " i
WEDNESDAY. ITENINQ, Dm. 14, will be pre
tented the celebrated three -act drama of
On, Tut Fall or Aloiim.
Mathilda de Merle,)
Henri 8t. Alms, Mill Maggie Hltehel
Wild Arab Boy, )
flergeant Dnbonrg... ,,.,.EIIler
Oolonel de (Jouroey ........... .............. Read
Tony Bavard Adams
Mohammed....... sieetttettliMe4WSeesisees we Langdon
rianos..... Mlea Kate Pennoyer.
To conolnde with the beautiful comedietta called
Tun Maid with ran Milbiko Pah. -
Mllly-wlth ber celebrated song.-.. Miss Mitchell
Lord Philander... ....... ......Flther
In preparation, a thrilling drama called "Touluant
L'Outerture: Or, The Iniurreotlon of 8t. Domingo,"
and death of the Washington of Heytt.
evarioors open at Curtain rtaea at IX o'clock,
Patau or Admission Dress Circle and Parquette,
Hfloontsj Oallerr, 85oents.
Third night of the celebrated tragedienne,
And the accomplished and fascinating comedienne,
Vint appearance in America of Mr. W. CARTER,
from the London theaters.
TBI" (Wednesday) KVKKINQ, December H, will
be acted the affecting tragedy of
Mrs. Beverley..
Mrs. Farren
mr. Beverley.,
,.U. Btnart
Misa A. Graham
Dance Miu Jnnnv Hlirht.
To conclude with the beautiful comedy of
Gertrude Mist Fanny Fltt Farren
('apt. Walter Maidenblush .............Bernard
Sir Charles Howard Vsndtran
Lady Florence Howard... Mrs. Tanderen
In rehearsal, an elegant Comedy, written expressly
for Mrs. and Mist Karron, entitled "The Widow's
Theater, it now open for the reception of guests.
Boons can be obtained by the day or week, and
meals furnished at all hours
NOTICE. Tradesman and others are cautioned
against furnishing any article for the theater with,
ont a written order, signed by Ihe Manager.
Chas. M. Barrel.,
. Manager.
W. is. Conway,
...Stage Director.
Third night of the great Tragedian and Comedian,
: MR. J. E. MURDOCH. ,
THIS (Wednesday) EVENING, December 11, will
be presented Bulwer's admirable play of . .
Alfred Evelyn Murdoch
Sir John Vetey Lnnagan
Lord Qlossmore , Sheridan
Sir Frederick Blouut Dickson
Mr. Graves H Davldge
Clara Douglass Mrs. t.'onway
Oeorglna Vesey Miss Crocker
Lady Franklin Mrs. Place
To conclude with
John Small .....Davidge
Mr. Benjamin Buizard . Lansgau
Miss Lucre tla Bustard ......Mrs. Place
Sally . tea tl 1 1 i t et MtMseee Miss Proctor
In preparation for the Holidays, a grand Fairy
Paictt or AnaitsiON.-ParqiietU Circle, Parquet te
and Balcony, Moents; Amphitheater, 36 cents;
Private Boxes for eight persons,
Doers open at tai o'clock ; commence at IH, '
Box Office open from 10 A. M. until 4 P. M ., where
teats can be eeenred. J. F. HKItllarvr, Tiran'r.
Dr. Kane's World-Renowned"
Wednesday, Thnrtday, Friday and Satnr
day Nlghti, De14, IS, 16 and IT. -
MoOAULET A CO.'B Coltossal Panoramic and
Dioramlc Illustrations of Dr. Kane's world-renowned
last Arctic Voyage, embraoing a complete voyage
from New York to the Regions of Ice, and vividly
portraying the perilous adventures, wonderful dli
coverles aod singular phenomena witnessed by Dr.
Kane and bis brave companions during their famont
Expedition In search of Sir John Franklin, executed
under the supervision of Mr. Thomas Hlckoy, Dr.
Kane's companion, by the great American Artist,
George Hellee, Esq., from private Drawings ana
Sketches furnished by the late Dr.. Kane. Mr.
THOMAS HlUKEY.who accompanied Dr. Kane's
last Expedition, and who won for himself an enviable
reputation through his devoted attachment to the
lamented navigator, will appear at each Exhibition
in Esquimaux Costume.
Many Interesting relics of Arctic Explanation will
be e hlblied.smuug which aro Dr. Kane's celebrated
Esquimaux Sledge Dog Toodlarmlo, the beautiful
Kamschatka Dog Sleo, Arctic Dresses, Medals pre
sented ly Queen Victoria to Mr. Thomas Hickoy,
Ksqulmaux Boat or Karack, Walrus' Tusks, Whale's
Teeth, Ac
tusr Exhibition every evening at half-past seven.
Saturday afternoon at three o'clook.
Tickets Mcents; Children lo cents.
Mr. Rickey's Narrative of the Last Arctic Expe
dition lorsale by the author, at the door. Price 10c.
Center-street, by Miss BOP BY WERNKB,
ansisted by Prolessor H. J. SMITH and the
HulR. Tickets may be procured from Mr.
(JlMscoe. corner of Fifth and Main-streets :
Mr. Holmes, Main-street, below Fifth, and atlke
Temple. Concert to be given THIS EVENING, Uth
lnst.j to commence at in o oioca. neiBD
National Ball, Vlne-atrcet, above Fifth.
The teutons ire to airsnged that beginners can
commence at any time. . dedtf
Will clean
Will clean
Will olean
Will clean
Will clean
Will olean
It the most effectual and economical nreptratioa
ter removing grease, paint, AO., from all tut
he abort
articles that bas sver been Invented.
Pre oared and for sale bv '
SC1BB, ECKSTEIN ft CO., Drngglstt,
delgp Opposite the PostoBce.
Robinson's Silver Soap.
M. eateelally for cleaning and polishing Silver,
Flatsd and, Britannia Wares, and for cleaning Mir
rors, Marble, Tin, Ac. This (a the most convenlsnt
and effective preparation for these purposes ever
effered to the public. It may be used eves by the
tost lnsxptrleneed with entire safety, at It oontaint
nothing that can injure the finest plate or jewelry.
For cleaning lint Bouse Faint. Window Olast and
Carriage Mountings it it invaluable. Many of our
largest Importers and manufacturers of silver and
plated ware bavs need this artlele and have given it
heir unqualified approval. For sale bv
BU1BB, EOKSTIIN ft 00.,.
delio Opposite the Pottofflot.
French Blacking.
TJINI Frenoh Blacking, which hat given th
most tniireaaiuusction wnsrever wtsa. s ortaiaoy
otlon whi
SrjIBI, IOKSTEIN ft 00.,
Opposite tbt rot tome
HaitOVAL-a.-. 08M0ND,(M. D.,
Dsntltt, has removed Jo ira Viae-ttrset, near
BevtnVPs oaaotllg the was Oflett j aoU-pst
VOL. 2. NO. 99.
; t
i i I
Littli Miami. Night Express, $M i,' m. Accent-
modation, 3:43 r. M.i Day Express, :U P. M.
IgDIANaP01.lt AND ClNClNKATi.-ll:15 A, M.i 5:40 P.
M.i 1140A. M. i.
Ono Ann MiMtMippi.-fcjs A. M.; 11:44 a. m.: 10:18
P. M.
Oikciunati, Hamiltoi akb Dattsn. 7:49 A. M.i 11:0S
, A. M.i lM p. M.; : p. M.; 8:60 p. M.
MsgUTTA Aim OlROlKilATI. 1I0 A. M.I Wit P. M.
Littli Miami. Day Express, 10:00 A. M.i Acccm
modation, 4:40 p. M.i K lght Express, U:tO p. M.
M.i 7t It P M.
Ohio anb MitsistirPl. 7:90 A. M.; :0S P. a.; 7:M P. a.
Oinsisnati, Uamilton and Datton. 6:00 A. M.i 7:30
A. M.i 10:00 A.M.; 3:40 P. M.i 4:30 P. M ; 11:80 P.M.
Mabiivta and Uinoimnati. p:40 a. m.; 8:40 p. H.
BlCBMOND AND ItDIARAPOLIt.-:00 A. M.', 3:40 P. M.
lh number of deatht in St. Louis,
lut week, was 73, ggalnit 77 th previous
' &Kit Canon was lata); mistaken by an
Indian for a Mexiotn who had intuited him,
and would have been ihot down, but for the
timely interference of the Indian's squaw.
A writer on ornithology' inqnirei what
kind of eaglet fly highest? We don't know ;
but npquettionable golden eagles generally
fly fastest. , j , ,
tTThe home of a free negro man, near
Butkinghara, C. H., Virginia, wts destroyed
by pre on Saturday night, and the oeonpant
perished In the flames.
9The number of deaths from cholera in
the Frenoh army, during the twenty days'
campaign against the frostier tribes of Mo
rocco, was 2,106. .
j(8A pension of I2,000f.has been aooorded
to ithe widow of Gen. Esplnnasie, who was
killed in Italy, and at her death half of it is
to $o to to her three children. ' -
" -"Mother," tald s little urobin the other
dayi, "why are orphans the happiest ohildren
on earth?'; ,'Thoy are not, my ohildj but
what makes you atkthat question?" "Be
cause they have no mother to spank'em."
The Sergeant-at-Arms of the. U. S.
Hoese of Representatives has a position not
to be despised, pecuniarily considered. It is
said that the perquisites last year amounted to
the handsome sum of $30,000, with a margin
over. ,, ..... ,
JgyThe public of Sootland, and particular
ly of the city of Edinburgh, have sustained
serious loss In the death of Sr. George Wilson,
the! first Professor of Technology in the Uni
versity of Edinburgh and Regius Keeper of
tbe Industrial Museum. ' !-
tTMo8srs. Ticknor & Fields, now pub
lishers of the writings of Ralph Waldo Emer
son, announce for early anpearanoe his new
work, Th Conduct of Lift, in uniform style
with his former .publication, to form one
volume. :.. .
lomeone, on reading a nl&eard of the
opera in Paris, in which Madame Dorus Or as
was to sing the onaracter allotted to Mist
Hayes, said "he wondertd how the substitu
tion of grass for hay would be relished in the
AS'Seharnyl, who is putting his house in
order at Kaluga, has sent his son Kasi-Ma-homo,
to fetch the remainder of hie family
from the Caucasus. The warlike Imaum hat
no fewer than 19 wounds, 12 of vrhioh are on
the chest. '
, .
Ths Amtiqvitt or IsitLAirD. Ireland was
an inhabited oountry at the earliett period of
reoorded history. It . was well known to the
Orseks of the time of Aristotle, and is eor
rootly described in the Roman geographies.
Th tradition is that it was eonquered by Span
ish adventurers about 1,000 B. C, and that a
line of one hundred and seventy-one kings
descended from the invading prince. The
Greek name of Ireland was Ierne.
Tbr Status op Riohard Cava di Lion.
The ttatae of Richard I, the model of whioh
was exhibited in 1861, in Hyde Park,, and
whioh beosme so familiar to visitors to the
Great Exhibition held in that year, is about
to be placed in Palace Yard, in the large open
space opposite to the Peers' Entrance to the
New Palace, Westminster. . The statue, wh ioh
is of gigantio proportions, is by Maroohettl.
Am Agbskabli Companion Wantid. A
young man advertises in the Chicago papersa
for the acquaintance and friendship of a young"
lady of cultivated taste and amiable disposi
tion, whom ha may attend to the opera and
leoturos during the winter. To such a young
lady a pleasant acquaintance is offered; but,
under no circumstances, a proposal of mar
riage. ' . , ' ;
' Ah Inibhiatbd Court. -At the trial of an
assault oase in Burrillvllle, Rhode Island, a
few. days since the Court was held in the bar
room of a hotel, and the case continued from
eleven A, M. to four o'olook next morning,
and was argued by ' Ave eloquent limbs of
the law. When tbe trial ended, the entire
Court lnoluding Justice, lawyers and wit
nesseswere all magnifloently drunk.
John Mitch si. ' and His Nativx Soil.
John Mitohel, in a letter from Paris, regard
ing the movement being made in Ireland to
obtain an amnesty for blm and his fellow
exiles, deolares that he would accept no am
nesty. He adds that he will never live In
Ireland again under the English rule, and yet
he Dopes to go oacx ana live in Ireland.
' Always Had a Wiaikiss fob Pittiooats,
An old lody, meeting; a Cambridge man, asked
him how her nephew behaved himself. "Truly,
madam," said he, "he's a brave fellow, and
stloks close to Catherine Ball," (name of a
eollege.) "I vow," said the, "I feared as
muoh; he was always hankering after the girls
from a poy.
A Diad Inpait Fouhd in a Teuii. A few
days since a lady purchased a trunk at an
auction sale In Madison. Wis., and on reach
ing homo and opening the trunk, the corpse of
an lnrant was louua inside or it. .Tbe emu
hid the appearanoe of having been born alive.
1 L-F- 11. 1 1 - &
kuuvi usiug Biuubuoruu uy suuuuoiuvow
LitfBAL Donation or Books. Sir John
Forbes, the eminent physician, having retired
from aotlve life, has generously presented hia
very valuable aedloal library, numbering
about fl.uuu volumes, to the Man tonal vol
lege, Aberdeen, where he received bii early
education.-, r
). wss
' Tbi Duilliro Law ii Vieginia. In the
Senate last week, Colonel August, the member
from Riohmond, offered a resolution In favor
of repealing the aot disabling any persons eon
cerntd in a duel from holding office. The act
might at well be repealed as it has always
peon a aeao letter. . : ; ,
: A: Taos Womai and Devotio Wire. A
woman in Baltimore lost her hatband recently,
and in the depth of .her undying love and
afleoiion. the sold hit body to a medical stu
dent for a round sum, and filled her cellar
with wood and ooal purchased with the money.
Dsatb or a Mstbobist Mihibtsb. Rev. J.
W. Cooke, formerly a lawyer, and more re
cently attached to the mlniitry of the Metho
dist 'Eplsocpal Church, died within a day or
two patt, at Green vi lie, S. C, where he wag in
atttndaaee at the Conference.
Ai Littli Girl Fiabpdllt Octiaoidbt a
Kioro. About two weeks since, a little girl
nine years old, a daughter of Rev. Mr. Hend
riokaon, formerly pastor of the First Baptist
Churoh in Memphis, Tenn., and rteidlng on
her father's plantation a few miles from the
city, was brutally ravished by a slave named
Sam, belonging to Mr. Charles R, Rose, a
half-brother to the little girl. After accom
plishing his desigs, the negro, in order to keep
his crime from the knowledge of her parents,
threatened the little girl with tbe most terrible
punishment should she betray him. Tbe
victim of the hellish atrocity was most hor
ribly mutilated, but succeeded In keeping her
parents in ignorance of the negro's crime
until Thursday last, when the faots were made
known, and the negro brute was arrested.
A Sotjthirn Editor Ikoliihd to Dbkv bii
Birth-placb. Jas. Clement, editor of the
Memphis Enquirer, writes home from Phila
delphia during the late John Brown excite
ment: A number of country girls, who had
been to a wedding, entered the same oar In
which I was sitting, at Lancaster, Ptnn., and
made my cheeks burn by their laughing com
mtntt upon the chivalry of the South. I do
not remember that I was ever Inclined to
deny my birth-place before, but if one of
them had asked me at that particular time
where I was from, I think I should have an
swered Iowa, or Minnesota, or perhaps Or
egon. .
Extraordinary Iororamci in Franci.
The Douai journals relate an extraordinary
instanoe of ignorance in a village near that
town. A physioian called a few days ago to
prescribe for tbe siok ehlld of a peasant
woman, nd ordered a warm bath. "What is
a bath?" said she. "Heat some water in
your pot on the lire, and put the ehild into it"
A few minutes later a neighbor entered, and
found that the woman bad put the child Into
the pot with the water, and had placed the
little creature on the fire, which she was dil
ligently stirring up I Of course the neighbor
resoued the ohild from the horrible fate with
whioh it was threatened. ..
' Hindoo English. Tbe Bombay Gazette
orings us tne roi lowing specimen ot Hindoo
I." i V 1 LI.L it. 1, . 1 .
.ciugiuu, ujr wuiuu uib w river intooas to con
vey the intelligent that the post-office win
dow was blown out by a storm: "Honored
Master Yesterday evening came one great
hurrioane, valve of window aperture not
fasten, first make great trepidation and palpi
tation, then precipitate into precinot. God
grant master more long life and more great
post. I remain honored master's most obe
dient servant." f".
An Aualoamationist Mobbed in Arkansas.
A white man living in Fort Smith, Ark,,
knewn by the name of Charley, took a mu
latto girl to the theater on Thursday night,
and entered - the colored gallery, she holding
i his arm. A few minutes after his return
home, -the b'hoys procured a rail, set Charley
astride of it and rode him down to the river.
They then brought him back to the place
whanoe they started, gave him his orders to
leave, or take a hundred lashes. . : . ,
v Removal or Bibtriotions on tbi Austrian
Jaws. A letter from Vienna sayt: "It is
stated positively that an autograph letter o
the Emperor will be publishtd in a few days.
wntca win annul an tne restrictions imposed
sinoe 1851 on the Jews in Austria, and enable
them to again be the possessors of landed
croptrtr. The establishment of the financial
commission has not produced any favorable
impression at the Bourse. . Tbe measure it
regarded as being only a palliative."
Tnie Anti-Abolition Fmlino in Virginia.
R. Towell has been required to give bail In
Madison County, Va., for using seditious
language. A free negro named Ford was or
dered to be whipped in Madison County, last
week, for expressing his willingness to join
his "brethren of tbe North" in their attack
on the South. D. P. James and R.Goley, res
idents at Madison C. H., were cleared out on
suspicion of tampering with the publio feel
ing. A puhiio meeting in Hocking ham
County has ordered Geo. Rye to leave there
immediately. "
Shooting Affray in Mihfhib Tbi Mayor
or thb Citt Shooting a Physician. Last
Friday a quarrel arose between Mayor Baugh
and Dr. P. M. Dickenson, In Memphis. Tenn..
in the Mayor's office, during whioh Mr.Buugh
struck Dr. Diokinson in the face. The Doctor
then left the room and the parties met on
ths street about ten or eleven o'clock. Dootor
Dickinson immediately fired at Mr. Baugh,
but the shot did not take effeoU Mr. Baugh
then returned the fire, the ball taking effect in
and breaking Mr. Diokinton's right arm.
Cobb for Rbbomatibk. Galignani says:
"Dr. Hartieng hat successfully applied oitrio
aoid to the euro of rheumatism. Lemon juice
bad been recommended by Drs. Rees, Dtl
rymple, Perkins and others; but that remedy
it muoh more eostly, whereas 20 grammes of
oitrio aoid, dissolved in 260 grammes of water,
sweetened with from 75 to 100 grammes of
syrup, may be administered in the course of
from 16 to 36 hourt, the affected part being
wrapped up in wadding." . - .. . -
Histrionic Sbnsation. It is rumored that
a Mr. Betterton, a descendant of the Better
ton, and a pupil of Mr. Toung, it about to
try hit fortune on the stage, and It is further
reported that a Mr, Mason, a relative of Mr.
Charles Kemble, will shortly quit the pulpit
and take to the took and buskin. Rumor alto
states that Mr. T. P. Cooke hat resolved on
giving six farewell performances, and that
they are to be genuine "final" ones.
, l 1
Brownlow onBiicbir. Panon Brownlow,
of the Enoxville Whig, writes from New York
that he has been to hear Henry Ward Btecher
preach, and says: "I came to the conclusion
that he was nota bad-hearted man; and, oraty
ag he is on the subject of slavery, those of our
friends in the South, who are fortunate enough
to get to Heaven, need not be astonished to
find Henry Ward Reeoher there."
A Parisian Fltins Macbini. M. Camille
Vert, a Parisian, has Invented a flying ma
ohlne in the shape of a fish, wbioh, while In
the air, he oan guide in any direotion. The
Emperor was present at the trial trip, whioh
took plaoe under the high ceiling of the In
dustrial Palace, and has authorised a publio
exhibition of the machine.
Nrwitiad Abbrt. The Lincoln fimsttays:
"It is not improbable that Kewttead Abbey,
the snat of the late Colonel Wlldman, and
forme.-ly the reeidence of Lord Byron, with its
magnificent domain, will thortly pass Into tht
hands of Charles Seeley, of Heighlngten Hall,
who, we are informed, It in treaty for this
interesting property." . '
Oni Brothbb-in-Law Shoots Another Fa
tally. A difficulty recently ooourredin Bed
ford County, Va., between two brothers-in-law,
Jonoa and Dooley, and during the affray
the former shot the latter fatally, and then de
livered himself into the hands of the polios.
The quarrel grew out of domettle troubles.
Thb Empress Edoenib as an Actress. The
Emprett Eugenie played, oa the 13th Novem
ber, the nrineiual role in the little drama
written for tht Court by Octave Ft till let, but
the utmost silence is maintained as to now
she perforn.d the part This siltnce It omin
ous. u.,n
Offirssion or Scbilmr in Boyhood. Of
Schiller's boyhood a German writer thus
speaks t
Even the mental food for whioh he craved
was denied him. He htd to read by stealth,
with fear and difficulty bthlnd look and key,
some friendly companion keeping watch the
while the standard works of the then olassio
authors of hit oountry. But the severer the
trammels imposed, the bolder flew his fancy
into the boundless realms of free thought. In
the midst of petty miseries, he built up an
ideal world of hit own; With the pains and
penalties of the barrack constantly before him,
he strove to mould himself to tbe classic pat
tern of Plutaroh'a antique worthies, and be
came a rebel against monarohio authority.
Together with hia fellow-ttudents, he in reoret
adopted as a device expressive of their aspira
tions, a lion rampant, with the motto "h
Max Marrtksk in Trourli with thb Ha
vana Journalists. Max Maretsek has got
himself Into quite an imbroglio with the edi
tors of the leading journals of Havana. The
Prmta published some critieiimt upon artists
of Maretzek'a company, whioh were not pala
table to the impressarlo, who thereupon with
drew the privilege of the iinefrit seats in the
pit granted to the Pruua office. The teats
were then offered to be paid for. but they were
told to other parties. At length the Impres
a'rio went so far at to give orders to the door
keepers not to admit tbe gentlemen of the
Prema office. When' Max Maretzek'a con
duct became known to the conductors of the
other daily papers of the oity, they, with etprit
de eorp; returned their Imelai to the impret
sario. An Ebucatrd Bull in London. At the Al
hambra Palaee, London, an ednoated bull, who
has received the distinguished appellative of
"Don J uan," nightly displays tome extraor
dinary feats. At the bidding of his master,
Mr. Dan. Castetlo, he leapt through hoops
and over hurdles, rubs his nose upon tbe floor,
kneels down, or limps about on three legs to
imitate lameness, stands upon a pedestal in the
most pisturesque of attitudes, and finally per
mits himself to be hoisted on a shutter and to
carried ground the oircut on the shoulders of
a number of men, whom he views the while
with an air of conscious dltroitv. worthv of a
county member on the day of his "ohairing."
Sinoulir Suicidb in Francs An Invalid
Swallows Lunar Caustic A late number of
the Journal du Havre relates that a man of
fifty-eight years, residing in that town, had
long been suffering from palpitation of the
heart, for whioh he had been under medical
treatment without any hope of being cured.
Tie attendant nhvsioian bavin? announced
this faot to the family in a very low tone, his
words mcned the invalid, who immediately
took up a large pleoe of lunar cauetio which
the doctor bad left on the table and swallowed
it. So determined was he to effect his purpose
that in spite of his sufferings, he made no
mention ei wnat no nad done until He tell as
sured that it was too late to apply a remedy,
Thb Grbat Eastbrn. The Great JSaitern,
says the Hampshire (England) Guardian, is
now oeooming extremely smart in her out
ward appearance. The roasts and funnels
have been painted, the brass-work highly pol
ished, the sails snugly stowed, and every rope
htuled taut. A number of men belonging to
the thip art nowpainting the hull. Theepaos
to be eovered comprises an area of four acres.
A large number of persons have lately visited
tne snip. Among me company was notioea
tbe Prince de Joinvi lie, who, sinoe the com
mencement of the ship, appears to have taken
a great interest in her. The work inside she
thip has not yet been commenced.
Status to Caxton. The tite of Caxton's
printing office in London it now occupied by
the Westminster Palace Hotel. .The Direotori
of the Company, desirous of perpetuating the
record of to interetting a faot, have commis
sioned an eminent British Sculptor to execute
a statue of the "First English Printer" to be
placed in the great room of the hotel. The
ttatue will represent Caxton seated on a fine
oak chair of the prion, one foot resting on an
iron ohest, engaged in examining a proof
sheet It it expected to be a work of very
high merit
Rotal Marriaors in Probpbct. Heportt
are ourrent at to tbe approaching double mat
rimonial oonneotiont between the Royal fam
ilies of Prussia and Holland tho Prince of
Orange and the Princess Alexandrine, daugh
ter of Prinoe Albert, of Prussia. The Prin
cess has frequently been referred to at the
probable future consort of the Prince of Wales,
but it would appear that other arrangements
are now thought of as to the future Queen of
Bbavirb and Minks Abundant in Iowa.
The rivers and ereekt in the Interior and west
ern parts of Iowa are laid to be perfectly
thronged with beavers and minks, to say
nothing of myriads of other animals whoBe
hides are sought by tbe trapper. Beaver
Creek, which empties into the Cedar at Cedar
Falls, is dammed at very frequent intervals
by the industrious and enterprising rodents
from which it takes its name. They have not
been as plenty before in several years.
Senator Srward in Eoropb. The Paris
wrrespondent of the New York Evening Pott
writes In a late letter:
Mr. Seward it taking a rapid tour through
Belgium aid Holland. He will return to Paris
about the 10th of December, and sail in the
Arago oo the 13th. During the patt week he
was the guest of the Emperor and Empress, at
Compaigne, a compliment whioh very natur
ally hat made a tensation not only in Ameri
tan but even In French circles.
Hobriblb Suicide IN CALlFORNIA.TheMart-
ta Oatette lays that a young man named J.
. Trask eommitted suiolde in that eitv re
cently, by cutting hit throat with a raior.
Upon examination it was found that his throat
was cut almost from ear to ear. severing: both
jugular veins. It appears that he got up out
oi oea, stood oetore a witu stand, took the
razor, out his throat in the horrible manner
desoribed, and then laid the raior on the bed.
Hydrophobic Basr. A report was currtnt
laat week in Brighton, C. W., that a man
from the back country had been selling beef
and pork whioh had been killed after Deing
bitten by a mad dog; The report was dis
believed at first, but it wat tubsequently found
to be too true, and the perpetrator of tht act
hat been examined btforo a magiitrate, and
bound over to appear for trial.
Picking Gbesb by Machwbry. The Attn
tifit Anerican announoet a maohine for pick
ing geese, the result of a number of yean'
labor, and one of the most ingenious pieces of
mechanism ever teen. It not only plucks the
feathers, but seperates the long ones from the
thort ones, while pasting through the machine.
It will pick forty-five geese per hour and
mutt materially affect the price of feathers.
Laqeanob in South Ambbica. Madame La
grangt has recently appeared at Rio Janeiro
in Lmnbardi, but aocording to some of tbe pa
pers made a Jlaeco. Rio critics gay that Ver
di's muslo requires young, fresh voices, and
that years have had their effect even on La
grange. In every other opera this admirable
prima donna has hugely pleased the South
Americans. 1 .
Late Foreign News by the Atlantic.
The steamship Atlantic has arrived at New
Tork with the California mails of the 20th
nit., and $1,800,000 in specie.
The itea.ru er John L. Stevheni brought down
the mail to Pantma, the Yanderbilt line hav
ing no boat ready.
General Soott is a passenger by the Allan
tie. The Island of Ban Juan it virtually in
the occupancy of both nations. . All the Amer
ican troops, except a small force, have been
withdrawn, and the matter of tending an
equal number oi British troops has been left
to the disoretion of Governor Douglass.
The right of the Amerioani to maintain a
Magittrate in Stn Juan it fully tonoeded, but
his jurisdiotion is limited to those easea which
are amenable to the laws of the United States.
We have no right to collect revenue, but will
have a Treasury Agent at San Juan, to pre
vent smuggling into the portt on the toand.
: Tho graves at Cheriqui have been abandoned
for the gold waihingt. $30,000 worth of gold
images bad arrived at Panama from Cheriqui,
South Amerioa.
Advices from Carthagena state that the rev
olutionists had taken Mempet, in a fight
whioh lasted thirty hourt, and Gtneral Coraiel
was marching to attack the Government foroot
at Barrarquilla.
A destructive lire bad occurred in Cailela
Planohada Valparaiso.
Much nneasmett was -felt at Chili, but no
fresh outbreaks. The damage caused by an
earthquako at Copiapo wat estimated at a
million and a naif dollart. .
, U. S. Minister BIgler, had settled the
American thip Franklin affair, and the money
bad been paid over to Capt. McGuire. The
uiner uniicuiins witu iuui are now in a lair
way of adjustment.
Gtn. Costilla bad left Perth for Eoquador
with one thousand men and fourteen vessels.
The next intelligence, it wat expeoted, would
bring newt of a battle.
Gen. Enoheveque was recruiting In Bolivar
for the invasion of Peru.
The Eternal Mortaba Cash. The father
of the kidnapped boy Mortara. whose arrival
in Paris hat been announced, is still young
..j i , .
nuu uj geuuouan-jiao uemeanor. xie it very
calm in manner, but it energetically resolved
to snare no naini to obtain nnsssaainn nf lilt
child. Hit wife recently gave birth to another
child at Bologna, to which nlace the went
from Rome, in order not to run the risk of
having it taken from her. M. and Mme.
Mortara intend to take up their residence In
Piodmont. M, Mortara when at Rome was
not allowed to sea his ohild, except in presenoe
of priests, but was told that the little fellow
should be given up to him if he himself would
content to be converted. He wanted tbe
Roman government to consent to allow the
child to be removed from Rome to- a convent
in Turin; but seeing that this was not likelv
to be granted, he came to Paris, in order to
oring nit oase Deiore t,ne congress. ., , , .
The Russian Char's Sister, The Princess
Marie of Russia, now visiting Paris, enters
witn neartmeii into tne gaieties or the place,
She spends her days in aieht-teeing; and ber
evenings at the theattrt, and wishes to see
them all, from the grand opera to the Souffet
Parieiene. To be more at liberty, she went to
the theaters in a hired carriage, and occupied
a box nirea tor tne occasion, nut on tho tec-
ond visit made by the Emperor and Emprett
to the Princess, Napoleon insisted that the
should avail heriolf of the court carriages and
Imperial boxet placed at her disposal. The
Princett Marie, by the way, it not near at
beautiful as tht oourtiert reported. She it
thort, stout, with a low forehead,, an insipid
fact, and prominent cheek bones. The Kal
muck type of countenance prevails, but the
lady hat a wide-awake eye and a graolout
smile. .
tx i
Pathetic ArrEALor a Mother roa her Sox's
Lirx. The mother of Wm, A. Choioe, under
sentence of death at Atlanta, Georgia, for
murder, petitioned the Legislature that her
ton might be saved from the gallows, on the
ground that he was subject to frequent
fits of aberration of mind. In her petition,
which obtained her son's pardon, were thete
wordt: "The law, whioh can not know meroy,
has doomed him to die on the gallows, but I
am Kill his mother, and that tie which nature
creates is most stored it U not weakened
even by his impending doom. If any among
you be inclined to deem me obtrusive, let him
remember this let him remember his own
mothor, and say whether sheoughttobeailent
if a cruel destiny was about to consign him to
tuch a fate."
A Canine Character Creating a Sensation
in Richard III. While Charles Kean wat.
performing at Exeter in Richard UI, a favor
ite Newfoundland dog which he had left in hit
dressing-room trotted out, and appeared at the
wing just as "Riohard" and "Richmond" were
on the point of engaging in the last scene.
Lion growled at his master's antagonist, ex
hibited hit teeth and ruined forward; where
upon the terrified "Riohmond," deeming the
odds too serious, fled, and wat seen no
more. Kean being left without an antago
nist, was obliged to fall and die unwounded.
Lion began licking his matter's face, and the
curtain fell amid a roar of laughter. In re
sponse to the calls of the audience "Richard"'
appeared, but Lion positively deolined to
make any further bow-wow.
Christian Qvarrrls in tub Holy Lak.
Another Christian qaarrti has occurred at
Jerusalem. A little piece of the marble pave
ment of the Church of the Nativity had been
broken off and taken away. The question wat
whether the Latin or the Greek worthipptrt
should repair the loss, and both got their bit
of marble ready and began to quarrel about
the mending. The Latins, with the aid and
asalstance of the French Consul and the Mus
sulman authority, managed to mend the pave
ment first; then came the Greeks, who undid
the work and wanted to mend it for them
selves. Violence would have succeeded on
both sides, but the advice was at last retorted
to of getting the Turkt to make the necessary
repairs. So this waa done, and the believers
were restored to peace by the happy interven
tion of tbe infidels. ' ; -
A Woman Extebtaihino Two Husbands at
thb Samb Time. A woman named Ann Cole
man hat betn committed at Blaina to the
Monmouth (Wales) Assists, for the very novel
offense of having two husbands living with
her at the same time one being at the works
In the day and the other on the night turn.
Evidence of her first marriage at Wolverton,
Somersetshire, eighteen years ago, at the age
of eighteen, and of her recent marriage,
within a few weeks of the present time, waa
produoed, and the certificates were read. .'
Great Decline in tbb Nantucket Whalin
Business. The Nantucket i newer states
that thtre were 269 ships employed in the
storm whale fishery of the United States,
January 1, 1835. There are at present II
ships, 1 brig and 1 tcheoner employed in the
whale fishery belonging to Nantucket The
aggregate tannage now is 8,022 tuns. The
total tunnage in 1835 was 21,208 tunt.ihowing
a deorease at this time compared with that of
1835 of 13,246 tuns. ,. ,
Duty. No man's ipirltt were ever hurt by
doing hit duty. On the oontrary, one good
action, one temptation resisted and overcome,
one sacrifice of desire or interest, purely for
contoienee sake, will prove a eordial for weak
o low spirits, beyond what either indulgence,
or diversion, ci company Can do for theau
' TrM--CA8H. ' ;
Advertlsenentaaot txoesdlng ire ilaes (Agsu, ;
Oas lnaertlOB.M,..4 One ws,,mm on
Two w as.,,,,..-,.,., i so One month ,., 1 v
Xstrgsr advsrwsesasBts lniorUd et ths tsUovlui
ratse tr square ef tea Unas er lest l
SO I Twe VHllr,,,,..!) OS
St Thnawaaks r. 4 00
One week,
1 7 One meals 0
Job Printing;
la all lit breathes, done with aealaesa aa tHyatth
i - ,
! Decern jer T" 1858.
j the public three sesaons, and owing to itt sep
ularity and Insreased demand, we have been com
pelled to ssaks two mors sises baring MIX aims
complete, suitable, from the smallest family nn to
the largest olssa boarding-bonse. Tbe oelebrlty
these titovee have gained for themselves oat not l
too Highly appreciated, aa every family having them
in use can truly testify.
Thanking tbe pnblic for their generont support, It
Is 010- determinatioa to supply the wants of the com.
ro unify wlthths benefits which a praotioal mechan.
oal education oan only supply.
Inientor. Proprietor V Maanfaetare
j 33 3
1 Wp beg leave, most reiipcctfully, to offer the follow,
lug tertifloatee and reference ok amilies using ths
Alligator, which will, at a glanoe, remove all doubts
of I la intrinsic merits:
1"ot some months I have been nalng tho Alligator
Coat Cooking Stove. Its snperioroooking snalitlcs,
combined with its cleanliuess, musterenlually secure
to the owners a large share af public patronage,
1 lave betn using one of Messrs. Adams A Peck,
overs Alligator Cook Stoves for eoms months, which
give entire satisfaction in every rsspect. and can
cheerfully recommend it to those who are In want at
superior cook stove. H. II. LKAV1TT.
Karthe last year I have been using the Alligator
Coal Cooking Stove, msnnfactiu'ed by Messrs. Adams
A I'tckover, which I consider a superior stovs, and
circa tbe utmost eatif fiction. It is the only stare 1
: nave found that cooks perfectly with roal.
Tor sometime pastl hare been using one of Msanrs.
Adams A Peckover's Alligator Coal Cooking Stoves,
and xua recommend them as beingaanperlor stove,
giving entire satisfaction In every respect.
P JOB. BUSHNKLL, Coal Merchant.
1 cheerfully indorse the above. .
Hon. Judge McLean, Olif- Joseph W .Warns, Ml, Ma
M. Brooks, Mt. Aaburu
Hv. W. 8. Kennedy, 14
Boa JndgelLeavitt, BJ K,
Judge Van Ham, 302
Judge Hoadly,2703d,
J. V. Jones, 324 Feurtli,
Dr. Korton, XM Fourth,
D. Thatcher, 82 Qeorge,
vr. jioiaer, osem, vrm. jniiy, iinsin.
UinjUrphan Asylum, Elm, Jos. Tnltfctt, 400 7th.
Jobh Kebler,344th, Ba.Oetatiidaner, 1W Smith
Wr. itoiKer, Mom,
wm. Jolly, us stn.
r. tMiitn, nrmoiMncoin,B.ii. nnuams, vfai.mus,
Smiths Warnock.
Mrs. Meason, 2A3 4th,
B. Yollctt, 3474th,
N. (1 McLean, Olendale,
H. I.Fuok.J66 Vlue. .
Josjfluihnell.coel mer.
Mrs. Kyiana.aw tin,
Mrs. Ho witt, SI B. 4th,
Mrs. M. P.Taylor. 26 Geo,
Mrs. McPherson,B. B. cor.
Sixth and Race. - -
J.Jeffrey, Eng. Gas W'ki, A. A. Clark, Times offtc
Jas. uspy, i'jnHO,
1. ti. reatman, BiorrtTp, r. l. weaver, wo jonnf.
A. W. Vranclaco, Preaa J. P. Whitman, Wash
. Ufflce. inston Inatitnte.
A. Hughes, Commercial, ' John A. Hook,3H9 Qeorge
W.T). Wells, Cln'tl Typs V. T. Brsoks, 14) John.
roTmdry, Jatkton M. Nobis, 411 8d,
E.Ol Boss. 234 Lonaworlta, II. Hackman, 4ot Sd,
Uhak. Ohadwick, 4th, Chas. Goodman, US 4th.
T. W.Sgrmgue, IsS 7th,
JohnC. Morris. I II Mill.
nr. Houghton, lGosth,
WnV. Couiltoci. il th.
J. A. Btaoy, 4441th,
Gibson A M'BonaU, Tine
lssac Marsh, 3M doora,
W.B.Hurlbnrt.at fr'ra'n
Klam P. Langdon, 12th,
- i. M. Fnlwsiler ,- Leng.
worth and Western-row,
Alf. Burnett, 14 Mh,
u. uoie, del in,
J . Harvey, 207 Longworth
.lohti Anderson, 4134th,
Joutthan Ogden, m 4th,
W. tV;WooSs,444th,
Johh Tanner, Wrightion
I.'! ntto Ong offlce.
James a. ISitsrtt, 107 stn,
I Door Locks,
' Door and Oate-Springi,
Bells Hung, Keys Fitted.
public are respectfully Invited to tall at ex-
am tne
ths various pattarnt and prices. All Jobbing
promptly attended lo
Mo. ISS Fifth-street, Jd door from Bee.
Heale Manufacturer, i.
41 East Second-street, between Bveamors ana
Broadway, Cincinnati, keeps every description of
(Jointer, Pint form, Cattle, Eallraai Depot,
and Track Scales! Trael's
Ira Vfaa
I, Wfl.
Uepairng done on the shortest notice,
b: kittredge & co.
st Bt. Obarlet ttrset. New Orleans, La,,
Imfeorteri eriSaae ot ggwrtla Apaaratat,
': ABD PSALtBB Ut gTJB rowpsa.
' ) (Fronting the Steamboat Lending.)
North-east Comer Bread war and Front.
OIBCmif ATI, 0BI0.
R. F. LEYERIUG, Proprietor.
AaUrAOTtfsUBt AND BBAtiat I i
BLl kinds of Mattresses and Beddinc. at the old
stand. No. 136 Byeamore-ttraet, east side, totweea
Fourth and Fifth streets, seventh store above
Foarth-street, Church Pewt lined and eusMontd
All orders promptly attended to. , ol.om
IvJe. and Boiler Iron, Plow Blabs, BailroM Ipfkee
Eta, -Alto, Agents for the sale of IrontonStsw Kails
Warerooms No. 19 EattBeoond Street, 01iruinat I
ag-All klndt Iron mads to order. lot
J No. M BiztB-atreet, between Tine and Haoe, In
the Medical College, Cincinnati, Ohio. Pertaatwho
mar favor him with their patronage, can rslyss pnne.
tuajlty and low prloei. stT-ey
Money! Money! Money!
It ...:.. , li'.'- : ., , . , .... , iiv:
ELBT and all kinds of Merchandise, at low
rates ef interest, al No. 17S Ties-street, Mween
iosjui an" '"jgai , '
Dining and Coffee Saloon,
I , f. (Nsarlaaeexnerof Viae.) .' .)., .,.
I C. L. VICKBR8, PreprieMar, ,
ytn tad ea,eersd la all styles. Meals at all
heart i-... .. ,v'- sjtteBt

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