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"W1HT8." 'FOB, Ar.." "TO LET. I.iuif n
iuuhu,"joiii Ibisoolumn, occspylng live Una
Of lew, two lnsettto.s,twenft-flveop,ttt -,
WANTED An enterprisifit single lidy
of good Klitrew and a little means, as a
PARTNER in a new and genteel invention, adapted
to females, or universal aecessKy ,n.l utilltyTand
gil''n".tfitoiatg.c9',leuta-Ad"""' '-riffi
Wi??1lDri PLACE For two German
iZ. 'fl?0 9",rl bouaework. Inquire at
site Court-street, under the Photograph Gallery.
YlT4NrBD--Two good German or Amor
, lean Olrla 16 docooklng, washing and Iron.
'V?ln'?111 family. Apply on WadeHUreet, south
aide, second and third door mat of Fr-eman-atreet.
- Uel4b1
" w fr tha Shilling Hair Tonlo and other Bfall
llng .artioles, selling oo the largest toale In Mew
.fork, and being advertised liberally. An eatab.
llaaed fancy goods atora, or druggist having aeon
V iVSfo'.??2"0Il "avmeke large sales. Addreaa
P. D. OBV1S, No. 199 Water-street, New York.
iy ANTED A good COOK, one who can
. . Span -well recommended. Apply Immedi
ately at Mo. 160 Plum-atreet. del4l"
TIJ'ANTED A small, convenient HOUSE,
w la a good, Antral location, containing from
four tO lit rooms rent nnt a.naa.ll.a. t'!
nlto of rooms, for a family of three pereona. Ad
aj.raaB.Hn. HI teat Third-street. deUb"
V"ANTED OIBL At No. 378 Baymil
"SI'' Bhe must underatand genera
housework and tome wall recomnw'nded. del4b'
T ANTED $500 To be seoured, with 10
. . , Pr oent, or giro away the amount In rail.
irSfw ??,)"te,3.aE.MiS with ' Addreaa
Pox 311, Oxford Poatoftlce. del4b
y ANTED A small HOUSE, or three or
WW four Itonma, In a respectable neighborhood,
for a man and Ma wile. No children. Kent not to
wined f 10 or III per month. Newport or Covington
not objeeted to. Addreaa W. T. L.Pross Office.
yANTED-To Buy and Bell, Double-en-
n7..iMi'p,,1.; Soholsrships in Weatern,
nacou a, Ohio and Uumlry'a Oommerolal Colleges.
atkA ht "oni Jrl)uyiD. Apply to W. B.
Offl uu, aniue a sjxi:nane,e
. J"2' , Salesman in a wholeeale or retail
store. Good reference given. Addrots J, R., this
. eli lo-raorrow forenoon, at No. 23 East
Fourth-strcet-lntelllgence Office del4b
n Vr"1 '? manufacture of Vain-
tnriutirj ! 0 0S.!Le ?rKnl Oxygenated and Res.
MilW The advertiser baa in hie possession
i,'Jiaof rent faira where it haa beeneihlb.
iSfi Ojowthoee wanting bia aorricea. Apply at
laJ?l"! Houm, No, 15U Weat Fifth-atreet.
. elb .1. B. inmiTT
WA N T E 1) Two good STOVE PAT-
F5.,ir,n. Weat Jtlghth-i.troei, below Harriet.
ANTED By a reapoctable and effiolent
lady, a altwition aa Nurae ; or would like to
trarel and take charge of a child. (Jan come well
recommended. Addreaa B. h., Box 1,463, Poetofflce,
(lindnnatl. delab
TENANTED AGENTS Men of good ad
ww dreaa, can And honorable and prodlable em
ployment by apptyine; at the Oeaeral Information
Agenny, No. 3K Western-row.
. "e'3b A. D. UA1I80N A CO.
1J"ANTED - SERVANTS - 25 Female
w w Hervanta, to fill Tarluua altuatlona in city and
f,Inlr APPly t the General Information Agency
Oltloe, No. Western-row .
l13l A. D. 0 ARSON (in
- j ww.v, vjvuv nuu uua uau aome experience in
the buaiaeaa. Permawnt altuation more an object
thanealary. Addreaa DBUOGIBX.CinclnDati Poat
"Mo. , . delSb'
WANTED GIKLImmedietely, to run
Bingera Bowing UachtneB, on Oo&te and Veals.
;,"J?e competent band need apply. Apply at
71 rark-atieet. tie 13b
WANTED GIRIS Two good Dlnlng
room Glrla, alio, one Waah-woman. Apply
immediately at Madiaon Houae, Uovlngton, Ky.
WANTED CASH To pay for five or
aix Divelllog-houaea, worth from Sl.MO to
iS.m). Dwelling worth (12,000, aud aome oaah for
bualaeaa property. Uooae and lot and aome caah for
Dwelling in Weal-end. Twenty good rarma often to
t wo hundred aorea, for sale or trade. A. B. McMA
MAMA, Mo. 66 Weat TUird-atreet. de!3b
knowledge of the Gentleman'! Furnishing
Dutlneea. Addreaa to Lock Box 716, PostoOice.
of Pearl and Vlne-atreeta. delO-aw
V"ANTED Clerks, book-keepers, ealei
w T pen, bar-kepper, porters, ooopers, rarpen
tra, mechanics, laborer and other, can And aitna
tlnos at the Merchants' Ulerks Beglstry Office, 120
Walnut-atreet. del2awj HALkl 00.
WANTED M E N A large number of
notive, indiiatrlous men can find agreeable
and at the anme time luoratlve employment in the
ale ol some new anil popular Hooks and Maps,
lbeaeworka are written by the beat hiatorlana and
autliora known to the civilized world ; hence tbelr
popularity, Oome and exainino for youreelvea be
fore engaging in the sale of other pulilicetlone,
, . MAUK R. BARN1TZ, Publiaher,
deltf 38 Weat roiuth-atroet, Cincinnati.
lilOR SALE A splendid Saddle and Bug
JL gy Hone, aonnd and gentle. A good sold
watch will be taken In part pay. Inquire of G. .
BO WEN, No. 4J6 Weat Klghth-atrcot. de!4b
"fclOH 8ALB CHEAP A seoond-hand
X1 Billiard Table, Brunawick's make. Inquire at
once BtJiolM Mnln-troot. de!4b
E10R SALE I have for sale the right of
- Machine and right of Territory for the manu
facturing of the cheapest and beat Tile Booting now
in use. Call and see, at Dr. L. Ball's, No. 2M Bay
miller-street, North of Liberty. Cincinnati, Ohio.
. black aud too Terrier Hint, five montliaolil. No
white on her. Can be seen at the stable on Burnet
street, between Vine and Bace and Third and Fourth,
- ldel3b)
Large and Small, Parlor and Offloe Stoves, which I
offer for sale cheap, at No. 36 Vlne-atreet.
delto ' A. O. PARRY.
FOUND KEY A Steel Key, made for an
Kngliah lock. Tha owner can have the same
by applying at this oBceand paying for tula adver
tiaement. de!3b
D. E. CADT & CO.
Christinas Presents,
At the Old Stand, oorner of Fifth and Walnut-sis.
(T1HRISTMAS GIFTS. Do not buy a Pi
anu iiaiii jvu nare eaiieu at no.
11 West Fourth-at , and aee Llgtate
' i tm
a nrauoury s. wm. anaoa at vo,
and A. H. Gale k Co. 'a Pianos.
will aoll aa InwaathnlowAat.and mv
rianiie will speak for themselves. I will rent and
let the rent pay for tha Piano. 0, 11. M1TBCB.
The largest atock of Melodeons In the city. de!4
will rent and let th mnt ... in Iha
J. CHUBcd, Jr.,
. . u i. Vmt Fourth-street.
Depot for Melodeons and Harmonlama. deli
M. PBIATB than the following new and beautiful
collections of Mnalo:
llomo Circle, containing 900 pisoas of popular
Muiic ....,..u,ra,.,....n...,,, oo
Weatern Glee Book .......,.. l oo
Nendelasohn's Bongs, without worde.. ..,... oo
Usssags Bird, cantalalng fifty Ballada.,mra. ra
... No. 6 West Fourth-street.
Plsnos tuned and repaired by Thos. Atkins, dell
Wood-Working Machinery,
(najauat ass) Water f,CI--tbaii(0;
v uailet, Davis A Oo.'s, Baileton , mm
Brothers', Raven, Bacon A Oo.'s, gHp ana
?'t P?5"!S' 0rJS"B Vo ' Pianos. f-efVVwvl
at No. 66 West Fourth-street. I will 9 II
nil Inw fnr nuh aa - AH. ..II"! I
n' tw(.,u!om,; ,"0' ttJe Boon In a Brick
Hon-e aitnated (n rear of Muln-etreet, between
Third and Fourth-atrests, suitable for sleeping
rooms or for families of moderate means. Apply at
the Press Office. del4b
FOR RENT Front part of Room No. 7,
Bacon's Building, suitable for any kind of of.
Hoe. Apply within. Bent low. doHb"
FOR RENT A good HOUSE, of five
, a, room-No. 4.11 Fourth-street, three doors east
of Stone-street. Inquire at No. 418 Fifth-street.
fi1 2 ? E N T-Three ROOMS, or two
JILtH NM8Sn(LB.T0B:E-K,o,0M. "ud on Kim-street-No.
28-between Fifteenth and Liberty,
stroets. Apply on the preiulscs. Reference re
J1!1' delJh
M- containing four rooms. Apply at No. 278 Maln
street, or No. n Weal Beventh. del3b
E10R RENT ROOMS Suitable for rall
.Ti.jro.ad l,w, Of Inaur&nce offices, on second and
i?lra JiSc"'-n four-story building opposite the
Preaa Office. The building haalboen nowly re-painted
a-d re-papered. All In good order. Apply at the
rreas Office. noio
B0ARDIN G A oouple of fine, Urge
Booma to rent, with Board, at No. 139 Syca-morv-atreet,
whore a fow select boarders are taken
low rates. Kitlier families, single gentlemen or
single ladioa can be accommodated. Reference re-"lr"1-
B0ARDING Three or four gentlemen oan
be accommodated with good Board and pleas
ant Booms, by applying at No. 321 Flfth-streetr near
Plum. rt.i.i.a
"D0ARDING A Family Single Room to
JTw "k7')Sh.orltl,lmt board- "quire at No.
01 Weat Thlrd-atreet. do!4b
0ARDING A Gentleman and wife and
,7L v. '.wiiiiii.uiBa can on accommouatoo
with board and lodging at 298 Weat Fifth-atroet.
Also, a few more any boarders wanted. del3b
iwuor inree amgiemen can Dn accommodated
Ima anal ln.laala a IVl.l Tl ' . ,. .
BOARDING Single gentlemen oan obtain
, B"rd and ploaaant furniehed rooms at
Mo. 1M Elm-street. A few day boarders can beac
commodated. de!3b
. t!2-.r.lTnredemo11 Pledges.-Will be sold at
Auction, THI8(Wednesday)MtrBNING,at9o'clock,
at our atore, No. Is East Fourth-atreflt. un Invoice of
tinredeemed pledges, consiatlng or Gold and Bllvor
fTlasaSi art A FDtlmnwi- t X nn 11 a- 11 a . . '
' - v. hub, riBWlB, I PffUdr D IkUKfl,
Gl8 and Ertb?nware, Oigara, Cants. Pants, Vesti
MILBS.-Poaithe sale of Dry Goods,
Hosiery, Underahlrts. Drawers. Gloves. Ac, at Auc
tiop, On WEDNKHDAY MdBNINO, jiecember
14, at J o'clock, without reaorvo, Caaslmeres, Bat
ineU, Jeana, Wool and Canton Flannela, ribbed and
plain Merino Drawers and Under Bhirta, super Buck,
Oaahmere. Plush-lined Gauntleta, and other Gloves,
auper Caahmere and Merino Ladioa', Mans', and
Childrens' Hoee and half Hose, super Zepbyr
Basques, Hoods, aud Gufls, auer Patent Thread, Ac.
BABD, at Trade Bales-rooms No. n West Fifth,
street, upstairs. Assignee's sale of Book a at auc
tion by order of Court. Cloning sale of the Books in
the atock of the late firm of Triiman A Bpofford. On
INGS, December 13th, lttli and loth, at 7 o'clock,
will lie sold, by catalogue, a large and valuable col-
.fit nn Al' thvlnfflp.l hli..f.i..r iin-..t 1 .it
scientific and miscellaneous worlca. nlft RonlcM nA
juveniles, with a splendid assortment of Bibles and
rrayei uookb in ricn ana elegant utnutng. The
worka on theoloav are numoroua itnd valu.hl.,.
N. B. Catalognea will he published, end the Books
will be open for examination on the morning of each
dav previous to the sale. fc). G. HUBBAKD,
8- B. Keys, Aaslguee. Idel2-4tj Auctioneer.
Christmas Presents!
II U 1
Mnt Premium
Sewing Machiiies,
and elm pi iclty ci conatructlon and efficiency
in working, are uneojualed by any,
deiotjal 80 Went Fourth-atieet.
Any Htyle of Gratea con be Set or Reset with
this Improvement,
orders rapidly, as we have a large force of
uuu woramen.
Have your gratea set with the patent before cold
weather, or you will regret it. It is poor economy
to use your gratea set in the old way, burning twice
as much coal as yon need, and not obtaining naif aa
much heat aa the patent gives. The patent will save
vour money by reducing the conaumptlon of fuel.
It will save your health, by giving you pure heat
and plenty of it (o make your rooms comfortable In
all parts. It makes your home cheerful at a trifling
cost, whioh ia soon saved in fuel.
We have now a full supply of the Patent Stoves,
plain and enameled.
Orders may be left at Mo. 20 West Fifth-street, or
sent through mall.
County and Btate rights for sale on such forms aa
will pay Ave hundred per cent., without any riak.
J. B. RYAN Hi CO.,
Proprietor ot Dodtre'B Patent.
J. BLAKKLY. General Agent. des
that they are selling lumber at their yard on
Freeman-street, next to Cincinnati, Hamilton aud
Dayton Railroad,
Than any other Lumber Dealers in the city.
"Quick Sales and Small Profits
They submit the following list of prices:
Clear lnmber.all thicknesses, 1 In, mesa w 50 Hoes
Best Common, IK ands inch Plank-. 28 00 30 0'
S"' a ! 1 lnh Boards..........,...,.. 23 78 inoi
BMpnd " allthlakneaie..-.,.....,. km 17 1,
Third " Boarda.,...,....,..,.,.,.,... n m u 9i
grub Plank, face measure ,..., ..,., 22 SO 3o OS
Hemlock Joiat, Boantllngand Timber.... 11 M 13 to
Poplar " ' " " ,. 12 no 14 nn
First Common Flooring Boards...,.....,. 34 00 37 so
Booon " 'J " 23 7S 21100
Ir,,rA, i-mm-h 1A SO 20 01)
First Common Weather Boards......,.... u 00 17 90
Second " " " w....,,. 12 00 is 00
Cedar Posts, 4 by 4, g feet, per hundred., M00 60 00
Cedar for fenolDg, " " .sooo8M
Locuat " " " M 00 22 SO
A farther redaction of IX per oent. will be made on
blllaof ISOOor more.
Ws have one of the largest and beat selected stocks
of Lumber In the Cincinnati market, whioh we oner
aur enae) at u suwrv sriap,
' Hartford, Connecticut. -
Capital, f400,000..... Assets, &M,V4l.
., . Devoted to Fire business exclusively.
. , ..S; A- OLA88FOBD. Agent.
noM-amf u Weat Third-street, Cincinnati.
Waggoner'! DoUar Cn 0tiri,
the beat for that price In the oity, at the depot
'i reiu-iuif, auuva j liui-street.
M". Tboe wishing to proonre batiof
u uv 4uttiii.y, oan ao go a. ver low rate.,
bv calling an B. R. A ll K ii o.j
- . o - " - 1 . aLVMl.aj.
opposite the Broadway Hotel. Not only are
wn quaii.y. dq. inej are Bold at
m lunar raw vuau muj wnero else.
Mbtboeolooioal Obssbvations For the
iny Prut, by Henry -VTare, Optiolan, No. 7
"i iuurm-sireot, iseoember 13.
O clock. Baromet-r. Thermometer.
.1 A. M ...29.6t 7
P- M .29.5U 31
Quiib Suit $5,000 Claimid .or a Lost
-""'-augusta nr aster Drought suit against
another woman. TWrtt.,... w.i.iA k.r.. v
j .? v.b.v, ifUfl
tlco Bell, for assault aod battery, and Uing
An sawttil-aa. .f J..: 1 0
v "uwuui uai vi pcvuuuiag preiuavure par
turition In nlftlnfifT hv mrls (Mnrma,t An j e
of bodily injury. The ease if not yet set for
fatal U. tk. J . , " 1 .
nn., uu iui uBiuags-i ciaimea are, wo under
stood, $6,000. .
Furhishibo Goods. One of the moat at
tractive and varied stookt of gents', ladies'.and
childrens' famishing goods in the olty is now
p u siura 01 ii ames itionaraaon, at Ko
100 West Four A-stroet, opposite the Postoffioe,
Bis assortment of shirt-. hnali- ...
sets, underwear, together with a fine variety
ui ewreuauupiu views ana lanoy goods, suit-
oKIa fv. tiallJ.w ! ... '
v. uviiuv pioowuwi, is wunnj toe alien
tlon of the reader.
Coontt ColtllI!BIOllll8, Peookedihob. The
uosra 01 vomminiooers passed orders yes
terday amounting la the aggregate to $2.
407 99. of whioh 154 M ... 1.1 ui
Coy for materials, labor and oiling floors of
41.. I.-- . 1 1 M . I aR .
UD Aeiuui aat varcnagej 1.UUU to J.
W. Caldwell for . Vaman1 rvlla.a n
Bond; $250 to same in cash; $141 38 to John
aorocy uu account oi masonry on lartnaee
Unpaid Letters The following is a list of
unwiuou lor uun-pavmeni 01 nostsn at
.un . vDwuvof iu auis au.y, aeoomoer lot
Peter Schler, Patriot, Indiana.
Max Botlienheim, New York City.
J. U. Beod & Co., Chicago, 111.
Mr. Oorham, Chllllcotbe, O.
Danl. P. Clark. Dayton, O.
Brooks A Wood, Rochester, M. r".
I Charlotte Arthony, Aberdeen, O.
Burglar, om Johm-btrebt. The houo of
a man named Joseph Gould, located on John
street, below Third, wag feloniously entered
night before last and robbed of twelve dollars
ia money and some artioles of wearing apparel.
A noise of some kind aroused the inmates, and
the burglars fled, carrying their booty with
them. Theentranoo was effected through the
front door by means of false keys, and the
scoundrels had ransacked almost the entire
building before tboy were disoovered.
Receifts atthr M a tob'b Office Dubiko the
Past Week. The weekly report of the Mayor's
Clerk, Mr. Charles Belts, to the City Auditor,
shows receipts to the amount of $1,535 70,
during the week ending yosterday, from the
ouowing sources!
J 4W
. 17 00
. 1 00
Express Wagona,
Hackney Coaches
Exhibitions aud Balla "
Hucksters. ,
13 00
IS 00
reuuiers a ,.. 0 iw,
Cincinnati Btreet Railroad percapiui tax.,.,!" 623 9J
'"""i omnji itmiroBu rr capital tax.. use 77
...1,539 70
BOABD OP ClTT lunaviunn A ll.
regular semi-weekly seision of the Board of
sfU T...... 1. L 1 1 . .i 1 .
V1-7 AUiL-rvvouiom.. avta jOTwaay morning.
.. aaasaM HIJVU IUV UU19
for rana.irintr ifi nnlvavi. nnrlan n.tivra.t ......
sonth of Fifth-street, woro taken up, and the
vjm nasi uinuwu W TODrO liTODgDUt tO
the CitT Conn nil a, TAn tniinn onH..T.;,iw4 n
Kottman to repair the said culvert at the fol-
iuwiuB raies : vuivert, per 1001, lineal, 84;
well-holes and fnundAtinvia. 9to n.. na-.v .
cavating, per oubio yard, 49 cents; repairing-.
cuusro jriuu, ov ceuu; aiier WHICH, the
Board adjourned.
An Antiquated Joubwal. Mr. Charles H.
nenogg oas nanaea ns a copy of the Essex
(Mass.) Oatette, bearing date of Ootober 10,
1769 quite a curiosity in its way, and very
suggestive of the vast progress our Republic
haa made in ninety years in newspapers, as
" - J S3 waav . "V UUii.HV IB 1U
dimensions about twelve by fifteen Indus,
uu, iuuuu ao aouDt an exoeucnt journal at
that ramniA nurlnj.. wnnlrl ..w 1. akAH
-v..v-.i w 4 aavrv w duvut M IU
teresting as a tailor's bill after it had been
paid. It oontains no editorial, but is made up
mostly of Foreign and Boston news, and looks
If Ul.J L... 1 1 a-
ii in uaa iwvu uruugui iron. 00 OAtaoombS
of Egypt.
Serious Accident to tub Drives of a
Milk Waooh. About half past three o'clock
yesterday afternoon, Coroner Carey was called
upon to hold an inquest npon the body of a
man named Henry Heinman, who had been
thrown from a milk wagon at the corner of
John and Catherine-streets, and was supposed
to be killed. The Ccronor found the wounded
man alive, although insensible, aud by his
exertions he was enabled to be taken to his
home below Millcreok. His injuries consist
of a severe cut nnon tha fnn .ml ul
bruises upon the head, one of which is a frac
ture of the skull, whioh may yet result
Mar's TnioH Broesn. A horse attaohed
to a milk wagon ran awaj yesterday aftornoon,
on Elm-street, and threw the driver out upon
the bowldored pavement, dislooating his thigh
and othsrwise injuring him quite seriously.
He was carried to thai Commeroial Hospital,
where his wounds wero attendod to and he
rendered comfortable as the circumstances
would admit. He stated that his name was
Louts Shaefier, and that he had been employed,
but a short time since, by a man upon the
Reading Road. The dislocation of bis thigh
will confine him to his bed for a considerable
length of time, and from his appearance and
statement. there are those dependant upon him
who can not well afford to lose the support he
neretofore has given them.
Legal. The oasa of John Kain, who, some
three years Binoe, killed Singleton, for the al
leged seduction of his daughter, was sent to
the Penitentiary, and obtained a new trial, has
been in progress for several days before the
Court of Common Tleas, Judge Collins; and
yesterday, Stephen J. MoGroarty, a young and
rising lawyer, made m forcible ana eloquent
argument to the Jury in behalf of his olient,
the aged and grief-atrioken parent. For one
so young in years and legal studies, Mr.
MoGroarty 's effort was, in every respect, able,
and reflected treat credit upon him. His per
oration, in which he contrasted the reeeption
of a Washington Senator, on a somewhat sim
ilar oooasion, with his unbefriended client,
was very effective, and drew tears from many
Scenes or Destitution. Lieutenant Brock-
ington, of the Polloe, and also Overseer of the
foor, in the Thirteentn ward, paid a visit to
No. 28 Aocommodation-street, yesterday,
whore ha found Jamas Maker, a youth of
fifteen, lying; on a miserable pallet of straw.
clothed in rags and greatly emaciated by dis
ease. . His mother, a dissipated, unfortunate
creature, was nearly always intoxicated, and
had often refused to give him a cup of water,
though he lay there) burning up with fever for
five long weeks. Che woor dot was taken to
the Commeroial Hospital.
dames waueion, bis wile and five ohildren,
were dlioovered yesterday, at No. 13 Eighth-
street, In a most ratable condition. They had
been steeped to tha lips in poverty, and in
addition to this, new misfortune had fallen
upon them. The family were properly cared
CITY NEWS. An Old Story Retold-Woman's Wrong
CITY NEWS. An Old Story Retold-Woman's Wrong and Woman's Woe-Remarkable and
CITY NEWS. An Old Story Retold-Woman's Wrong and Woman's Woe-Remarkable and Pathetic Letter from a World-be Suicide.
. "
On Thursday of last week a young girl, less
than eighteen, arrived In this city from the
Northern part of the State and took lodging at
a hotel oa Broadway, below Third. She re
mained there a part of the day and left in the
evening in company with a young man who
paid her bill, stating that he bad found for
uer a permanent Doardiog-bouie on Ninth
street. . .
She knew not whither she was going, and,
as she now admits, her destination did not
eost her a single thought ; for long before she
naia learneu, urouga some mystio power she
could not understand, to plaoe implicit trust
m ner companion, oeneving that he was' all
her. heart represented and her fanoy had
painted him.
After they had arrived at the house which
was to be her future home, they were shown
into a. oomfortably furnished room, and she
was told that in his absence for he Intended
to leave the next morning for Memphis she
would be taken ofere of by the landlady, who
was his friend.
Before the hour for breakfast the young man
bade her geod-by and left the city, aa the
believes, for the South. When she had fin
ished her toilet, however, and descended to
the dining-room she met strange faces and
persons, whose loud conversation and vulgar
appearance gave her cause for alarm; and
before the day had waned she became aware
of the fact that the man whom she loved and
trusted had placed her in a bagnio and de
serted her.
Bhe was overwhelmed at first with grief and
indignation, but was penniloss. In the heart
of a great city where she was a total stranger,
among a class npon which the doors of society
were closed, without friends or means, she soon
despaired, and camo to regard death prefera
ble to life.
Half Insane she remained until Saturday,
when she went out and wandered about the
oity like one forsaken. It seemed to her a
Sahara, and she looked in vain for an oasis.
No compassionate eyo in all her walk met
hers; no faoe she saw throughout the weary day
smiled on her kindly; and for the first time in
her life she felt the necessity of pouring from
her heart into some sympathetic ear the woe
with which it was well-nigh bursting.
On her return, while passing a drug-store,
the thought suggested itself, and she determ
ined to die. She went In, and, with the little
money still remaining in her purse, she
thought to purchase stryohnine, but it was
refused her. The denial seemed to render her
determination still more strong, and she
sought another store, but in this she asked for
laudanum, and with better success, for the
generous apothecary sold her an ounce of the
poisonous liquid.
She repaired immediately to her room, tell-.
iag toe lunniaoy oi tie establishment tbatsnc
did not desire any supper, aud taking her seat
at the table, wrote the letter which we pub
lish below. Morning had dawned before it
was finished, and, folding it carefully, she left
it npon her dressing-bureau, drank the con
tents of the phial she had purchased the pre
vious evening, and threw herself upon the
bed to sleep off life's fitful fever.
When she retired, by Borne aooidont, she
neglected to look her door, and as she did not
appear at the breakfast table, one of the in
mates of the house went to her room, and
finding it open, entered, only to be startled by
wha seemed to be the dead form of this mush
abused woman. Her brow was oold as if it
had already received the kiss of the Destroy
ing Angel, and her form was eovered with a
clammy moisture which told too plainly what
had been done.
The girl quickly informed her companions of
the circumstance, and they found upon exam
ination that "Dora" was still breathing. A
medical friend of ours, from whom we received
the story, was oalled in, who, through the aid
of a stomaoh-pump, removed the drug from her
system, and by proper exertion soon oompletely
restored her to health.
Yesterday the deserted girl left the city, but
whither she went no one oan tell. She de
parted mysteriously as she same, and no trace
is left of her here save the letter, evidently
written while gating into her heart with the
belief that it would soon cease to throb forever,
the memory of the incident which must have
left an indelible impression upon the minds of
all who witnessed it, and this simple relation
of another one of life's tragedies, for sush it
certainly is, although it has not as yet ended
with a death.
Her young heart has been crushed; the
fountain of her love destroyed, and whatever
be her fate in after life nothing remains to her
now save the memory of her blighted hopes,
and the dream whiob, like too' many others,
has been dispelled by the heartlessness of the
man who caused Its existenoe, and through
whose agency she has been deprived of the
brightest jewel in the oasket of a woman's
life her chastity.
The folio win 2 is a codv of her letter, whioh
was written in quite a delicate hand, and the
story, though old, is told with a simplicity
whioh will oarry with it the conviotion of its
truth, and beside this, show that the writer
must have had not only intellect but oulture:
To AavWao lovsa Hi Bow deeply I have suf
fered, no one will aver know. I wonder my poor
heart did not break Innff .Inn.. Wn.tlfl ami l,
bad; for then I should hare been spared days of mis
ery that seemed years of paint
I have often asked myself why I should be so
wretched. What have I done to be ao bereft of hope
aud peace, and that dear consolation, that sweat ne
cesilty of woman's lite a reciprocated loval
Indeed, I have been more alnned againat than sin
insr. I strova to be faithful, cond unil mm: hut 1
could not. O, 1 have wept and prayed ia vain, till
my soul ached, and agony dried the tears In which I
sought relief.
Perhaps 1 was guilty In so madly loving him; but
he tnught me all . knew of love; aod I would never
bavo thought of Heaven if lie had not deserted me
it was cruel, very cruel: but I will not blame bim I
Hav he be alwavs lunnv u I have Ilea. wra-f.liuH
since ha left me.
The thought that 1 have been compelled to lead
this loathsome life has maddened me. Ktery hour
I have breathed the atmosphere of this place I have
been aa one already damned. I hnva atrl.an.hv wilH
excitements to forget my woe, but the demon of
memory would not depart.
My worst enemy, if I have oae, would pity me If be
could aee my bleeding heart. O, God, how much a
woman can near and live I
I have resolved to live no longer. Nothing can be
worso than this; and then, I believe, when I have
passed from thia scene of agony, I ahall be at reat,
Why I think ao, 1 know not; but 1 feel the inward
voice doea not deceive me.
now little do we Know or our rats I what bright
prospects were mine in early years, now fair lire
ooked. and haw he&utifnl thewnrlfl f 1 m.a imm.
girl, and all my hours were golden. My young heart
was full of lovely dreama; and the future looked like
a distant Eden, whose fragrant bowers would soon be
- The dream of my life was love; and yet love has
proved my ruin; love as pure as ever throbbed
through woman's heart, or made the poet's song.
Too well I remember my dear mother and father
and my beloved sisters. I left them all for him.
They have wept and mourned forme; but they have
never known how much cause they had. Thank
acaven toe secret ia mine.
But 1 ahall fall in mv nurnOM if f raaaii tl,.. .!.
turea of home.
lietmego in peace: I hold the fatAl draught. I
feel I never shall awake again; never know sorrow
more. Farewell to life, farewell to all I You who
learn my fate, I trust, will forgive me; to you it may
seem desperate, but It is natural, and could not be
otherwise. 1 know now it ordered from
Police Court. Judee Lowe tried but seven
teen cases yesterday morning, but of all these
not more than one seemed worthy of a para
graph. They were prinolpally cases of dis
orderly eonduet and drunkenness, and were
almost wholly without general interest.
A fellow named .nomas Kale was arraltrned
for stealing a piece of plaid from a dry goods
store, No. 168 fifth-street, kept by a man
named oimon jnetoner. lie seems to have
been an old offender in this way, and offered
drunkenness as an exouse for his orirae. His
previous character, however, arose in evidence
against him, and he was sentenced to the
County Jail at hard labor for a term of five
Dead Rabbits. "Poor is the triumph o'er
the timid hare," says the poet; but rioh are
the rewards of the hunter during the late
snow, we would say, from observing hundreds
of "dead rabbits" at the Fifth-street game
market. -
gSfTot the best Canned Fruits of all kinds.
go to Waggoner's, Western-row, above Fifth
street. JlWlLKV Sal.. Sea ail vnrtia.manl nf k m.
signee's Sale of jewelry In another column.
Y. M. L. Lectures-Rev. H. W. Bellows
on the "Criteria of Social Progress."
gress," . v
'Rev.H. W. Bellows's third and last lecture
oa me -Dcicnce or Boetety," was delivered
last evening at Smith k Nixon's Hall, on the
"Criteria of Social Progreea," to rather a
small audience, compared with those of the
two previous evenings.
The lecturer set out by defining criminality
as the violation of right and the appropriation
of others property, and by stating that so
many fallaoies existed respecting criminality
that few knew what it was.
It was common to measure soolnl progress
by the increase or decrease of orimo, which
was all wrong, for that was looking at the
matter from one point of view only. If crime
inoreased, goodness increased also, and this,
the truest and best evidence of sooial pro
gress, could not easily be detected.
Man did VIOt tlAA-ma Katl.V n..tl.M. .It
other things being equal, by large and drep
Allltirif inn hut lit. ....... JIJ t- . . . 1
degree of wholesome knowledge on subjects
within their reach. Popular eduoation was
what was needed, not enough to awake and
arouse all the faoulties, for there was born
augmented disposition to err and to defraud.
A little learning was rot a dangerous thing,
and the people were gradually tending In the
right direction. The world was, every year,
understanding sooial progress and bow to
promote it; and the day was approaching when
all would be clear when false figures and
made-up statistics could no longer be oom
mitted instead of tho highest faculties of the
This ornda outline may give some idea of
the Doctor's dlsoourse, which was less interest
ing than its predecessors, but whioh had evi
dently been closely refieoted upon and care
fully worded.
Tub Turner's Fair The fair for the bene
fit of the Tumor's now hall, on Walnut-street,
between Allison and Ltborty, still continues
with seemingly unabated interest, and is at
tended niffhtlv bv a larffo nnmhnv nt -iai-aam.
of both aeiof, who enjoy it, apparently, as
uiuuu aa n u were aitogetner new. 'I he males
do not long resist the inducements which are
offered by their sweet-eyed frlonds to take
chances in the ovinda thnv ...V tn
in this manner, and the love-notes that pass
luruugu me iiiy-iiae nanas or in delicate
ffirl that hast -ha-iva -r tK. Pa.i.ffi.. ...
a " ' v. ... a wiwuv. .10
caloulated to oause more heart-throbs than
the approving smiles of the fair writers will
ever he able to compensate.
In Aomn&nv with a. nnmlui, nP An. Wlhu
1 J w h.mswv. v . . vivtun
journalists we visited the ball for the first time
last evening. It is large and commodious,
and admirably adapted to all its uses. The
gymnasium la arranged in excellent style; the
U oner ball ia wall nrnnnrttnneil. anil tha..
and decorations are gotten up in an elegant
manner, in an its appointments the new ball
seems to be all that could be desirod, and un-
fla.' thA -nntrnl nf Af. .ToaaKI .tut lh. D...1.
dent of the Association will doubtless be ren
dered as ooinfortablo and attractive as the
most latUdious could desire.
Tha fair villi Kuril! nnn until .rtn. tha .lt
days, and it is expected that a sufliclent sum
:.. 1. . If .. a a .. ... .
win do realized irom tne sates or (he artioles
on exhibition, to enable this excellent society
to nniBn tneir building in the manner thev
Death or a Journalist. Mr. Washington
Martin, for some time past conneoted with the
river department of the Enquirer, of this city,
died at the residence of his brother-in-law, in
Newport, on the night of Monday last Mr.
M. was a large-hearted and generous man,
mush admired by all who knew him for bis
quiet and amiable disposition, and his death
will be muoh regretted. His remains will be
Interred at Spring Grove to-morrow morning.
Si lb or FoRpatTsn L.Nna. Tlenntv Aniiifa.
Bell sold at ths Court-house yesterday vari
ous lots and property in the county for un
paid taxes, amounting to $2,772 88.
Fikr's Opera-house. Quite a large and in
tellectual audience was drawn to the Opera-hones
last night, to witness Mr. Murdoch's rendering of
one;of Sbakspeare's greateet oreationa- Macbeth.
Like everything which Mr. M. undertakes, it was
chaste and elegant, and in evnrv tmrt w-. .ilmlrnMe
conceived and excellently enacted.
The tnise-en-acene was superb, reflecting the great
est credit upon both the artist and manager, nnd In
no place in the country, we are satisfied, in this de
partment of theatrical representation better exe
cuted. It is, indeed, a pleasure to witness a play at
this elegant establishment, lor, in all lta appoint
ments and properties, it is gotten op in a style rarely
eimaledon this side of the Atlantic.
To-night will be prsseuted Bulwer's admirable
comedy of Monet, Mr. Murdoch appearingaa "Alfred
Kvelyn" and Mrs. Conway aa ,fClara Douglass."
Iu the hands of these excellent .rtt.tjt thu. -ii...
acters will be faithfully translated, while we doubt
"H1; "v. "viuge, aa "uraves," will lament nia
"ttainta Maria' in a murmur th.t. will bun th.
audience in a roar. All who desire to see this play
admirably enacted should not fail to witness it at the
Cpora-honae tbls evening.
Wood'b Theater. The second audience of
Maggie Mitchell was in every rsapect equal to the
first, and nor Impersonations gave general satiafac
tlon. We do not admire the atrle of drama In which
this piquant and pretty blonde has made herself so
Unious; but are not aurpriaed that the naivete and
grace wun wnicn ene renders every character alio as
sumes has made her a favorite. To night she ap
pears as "Mathilda," in tfaecelebrnled di amaof "The
Frsnch Spt," und as "Milly," in the beautitul com
ediottaof "Tut Maid with thb Milkiko Pall.."
. National Theater. The audience last
night at the National was excellent, and Howe's
celebrated, though somewhat neglected, tragedy of
Jane Shoes was rendered iu an excellent manner by
Mra. Farren and the "old Druiy" company. The
"Letitia Hardy" of Fanny Titz, ia the comedy of
Till Belle's Btbateoim, waa a fine impersonation,
and, although we do not nd ml re the character, we
could find but little fault with the impersonation.
Tlioailectingtragedyoi'TuEOAMtaiEB, Mrs, Farren
enacting the part of "Mrs. Beverly," aud the beauti
ful comedy of The Little Treabube, with Fanny
Fits Farren as "Gertrude," form the attraction for
this evening.
Concert at the Nrw Jerusalem Temple.
The concert at the New Jerusalem Temple on Long
worth -street, between Kace and Elm, to-nigbt, prom
ises be a tine affair. Tho excellent pianist and musi
cal prodigy, Bophla Werner, will execute some of her
beet pieces, while the choir, under the direction of
Prof. H. J, Smith, will discourse moat eloquent mu
ale. The attraction leadaua to expect a large audi
ence, and we hare no doubt our anticipations will
be more than gratified.
Monetary and Commercial,
Money was easier yesterday than on Mon
day, considerable Currency having been received
from the country; bat the supply fell far short of the
demands the bankers had upon them.
Eastern Exchange waa more freely offered at par
(a)X buying and M premium. In Gold and Hew
Orleans Exchange there waa no alteration in rate,
and both were dull.
Iowa, Illinois, and Wisconaln notes are better, the
Brokers buying them at l.'idiacount yesterday, and
selling them at lc. discount.
The Imports and Exports or various articles daring
the twenty-four hours ending yosterday noon, were:
lMr-OETS.-Flour,14 brls.: Whlekr,l,0rJ7 brie.; Corn,
3,476 bushels; Wheat, 1 .601 bushels! Oats, 613 bushels;
Barley, 1,397 bushels; Hogs, 1U.739 head; Pork and
Bacon, 3D hbds.: do , 55 brls.i do., tn.lrm pounds; Ap
ples, 164 brls.; Butter, 1.V) kegs; Cheese, iMi boxes;
Potatoes, 303 brls.; Coffee, 1,40. bags.
EaPOBTB.-s'lour, 710 brls.; Whisky, 327 brla.;W heat.
248 bushels; Barley, 840 bushels; Pork and Bacon, 2s7
hbds.; do., lift tierces: do., 324 brls.: do,, 112 boxes;
Apples, 10 brls.; Butter, K kegs; Cheese, M3 boxes;
Potatoes, 67 brls.; Bait. 143 brls.; Bugar, W hbds.;
Molasses, 343 brls.; Ooffoe, 670 bags.
Saturday's New York Evening Post says:
The Money market leans in favor of the borrower
on temporary loan, but for discounts we notice little
or no relaxation from the advanced rates established
early In the market. On call 68i, per cent, are the
ruling rates, with exceptional transactions at 5i and
7. At bank no paper ia current below 7 per cent.,
and in the open market only the choicest short bills
at 6X.
In Philadelphia there Is a moderate demand for
Money on the street at 6ia7 per cent, for ".rat-class
short paper, or that secured by undoubted collaterals,
but second-class signatures are difficult to place at
810 per cent.
The counterfeit $M's and $100 's on thePniladoI
phia Bank, have been scattered In St. Louts as well
as in other cities; some Sl2,ou0 In all having been
passed npon different money dealers there. The coun
terfeiters doubtless have their agents In all (he lead
ing cities of the Union.
TLOUB The market is unchanged and Ann, with
a fair demand at tt 30A3 40 for superflne, and Ii so
5 7S for extra. Bound lots superfine, In most cases,
ars held at $5 SO.
01IV-34 barrels tilnssed sold at see. ' -OBOCEB1EB
Sugar Arm, and in fair demand at
ft9c. Molasses steady at 7. OoBee unchanged and
WHISKT-No ohanget sales oT 1,400 barrels at Mo.
HOGS The market was again dull to-day, and
prtoss were easier, with a pretty general pressure to
ell, particularly by those holding small Iota, as the
owners of large lota were disposed to pack on their
own account, rather than make the concessions
necessary. The receipts foot nf 13,000 head. The
aales were:
PROVISIONS Ths market was very dnll to-day ,
and Mesa Pork pressed on the market at lie, but ths
lee were con lined to S4 barrels. Bulk Meal waa
wiiereu ireeiy, ana generally at e and sc.. lor sou.
niary delivery, but no bnyera. AObhds.sold stSY
and 7o. on the spot, packed, indicating a further
decline. Lard easy at loc. Green Meats lower. Willi
sales 13,(100 pieces M to. for Shoulders; 60. for Sides, ,
and 7MA7KC. for Hams, being a further decline,
HO head, 2U0 lbs. and under, at.....w..aa 55a 00
102 head averaging ISO lbs. , .,"., ,Z? 4 uo
!W0 head averaging 190 IU. t. , a g,
y) head averaging 2u0 lbs. at..,,., 30
.VU) head averaging 190 lbs. at.,....- s oa
70 head averaging 164 lbs. l........ s so
3U) head averaging 220 llw. M...-,...,,t 43'.
oUO head averagiuf iw II'--. u .......,.. 6 011
49 head avarasioii mo IU. ilreeaed asJ UI. mt a 111
3.U head averaging 20U lbs. at.......u..,.... t 2&
TA LLC W-a),uou pounds Rendered sold at loo.
W H K AT The market continues Arm, wtth a good
demand for prime whitest f 1 2441 28,(nd piime red
at It Ul 20.
CORN The market is firm, with a food demand:
sales of I,2ii0 bushels, in bulk, at Me.
OATH There is an active demand, and prices firm
at62iMo.: aales of 300 bushels, ia bulk, at Mc 600
do., at Mo.
RYK-Tliers is a good demand, and prices firm at
0c. for prime.
BABLEY The demand continues active, and
prices firm at our last quotations: sales of 260 bush,
prime spring, at too.
CUEkBK-The market Is firm, with an active de
mand: salt a of Mo boxes Weatern Beserve at Sc.
BUTTER The demand is good, and prices firm
at 16l7c. for Central Ohio roll, and IB(4J0c. for West
ern Beserve.
A PPLES The market la firm, with a good demand
at Si 752 79 per barrel, for fair to choice.
POTATOES There is a good demand, and prices
steady at t 60 for prime Nasbanocka, on arrival:
sales of 400 bushels prime Meshanocka at 6I0.
CLOVER BKED The nuuket Is firm, with a good
demand: sales or 343 bushels at It 73; 163 sacks at
$1 75; 67 brls. at It 73.
11 I!
New .obi Mabeit, December 13 P. M. Flour
dull but unchanged: sales of 11,000 barrels, at S3 OO
6 13 tor superfine Btate; $i 35S 33 for extra Bute;
S3 056 20 for superfine Western; 19 UOA 40 for
common to medium extra do., and 3 703 so for
inferior to good shipping brands extra round-hoop
Ohio clwlug dull. Cauadian Flour firm and auiet:
aales of 300 brla. at 13 70SW 60 for oommon to choice
extra. Bye Flour in fail request at 13 tO4 40.
Wboat very dull, but holders refuse to make any ma
terial concessions in order to realise; for Milwatikle
Club II 16 was offered, and II 20 asked: sales of 6,300
bushels of fair Baclne or Chicago Bering, at f I 13, in
store. Bye scarcely so firm: sales of 2,xi bushels at
M. Barley scarce and firmer: sales or 3,600 bushels,
at 79uc. for Btate; Canada East held at 76t3o.,
and Canada west at 8c. Corn firmer: sales ot 34,000
bushels, at 8692c, for new yellow, and 5v6c. for
old yellow. Oats buoyant at 4647c. for State, Weat
ern and Canadian. Whisky better and demand fair:
sales of 330 brls. at26s27o. Pork heavy and lower
for mes: sales of 600 brls., at 116 29 for mess; $11 30
for prime. Beef more active and firm: sales of SOS
barrels, at 1014 90 lor country prime: 935 90 for
do. meaa; 310 for old and new repacked mess, and
f 10 90U for extra mesa. Dressed Hogs quiet at W40.
Beef Hams scarce and firm at 1 10(a) 1 2 for Btate.
Prime mess Beef quiet at f 17020. Indians mesa at
'Mi2- Cut Stents quiet aud steady at iXe. for
Shoulders, and 10c. for Hams. Bacon quiet and un
changed. Lard firm: sales of 330 brls. at lQttpail.VkO.
Butter firmer, with moderate salea at ll$16c. for
obio, and 1523c. fur Btate. Cheese In fair requeat
atllMo. Cotton firm: aales of 3,900 bales includ
ing 2,700 bales in transit,t lie. lor New Orleans, and
UMu. for strict middlings, with 9-16d. Freight. To
bacco steady at 3llc. Bugar firm: Orleans at 8Va(o
4Hc; Muscovado at 77o. Coffee firm. Molasses
more active: old at 4344c, aud new at SOS2c. 1
New Orleans Market, December 12. Cotton:
sales to-day of 12,000 bales; prices are stiffer but quo
tations are nncbanged. Bugar firm at 7648740. for
fair to fully fair. Btorllng Exchange declined H.
quoting at lW&lOSX. Eattern Exchange lhjWii
Bight do. H discount.
NrwOrliaks, Deoember 13. Cotton: sales to-day
of 10,900 bales; prices are stiffer but quotations nu
changed, at lo?a((iillo. lor middlings. Bales for three
days 31,000 bales; receipt- do. 41,000 bales; against
J'J.onO bales last year. Bugar steady. Molasses at 41
$42o. Ilourdecllnlng; aales at 14 606 for superflne.
Pork steady at (17 for mess. Eastern Exchange at
fiALrmona Market, Deconuer 13. Flour droop
ing. The transactions thia morning are unim
portant. Howard-etreet ia quoted at V Wheat
rlrni: salea of 23,000 bushels at prices ranging from
11 23 1 45. Corn firm: salea at ;6ft73c. for yellow,
and 7o72c. for white. Provisions quiet and un
changed. Whisky steady at 27o.
I! it fore Judge. Stores. J. Clark vs. J.
Casaiily, An notion ofreplevin for personal property.
Verdict for plaintiff one cent ilamagea.
G.M.Lee aud others vs. J. Wintermente. Judg
ment for S328.
Barons JuoaE Spenceb. Flatt & Piatt vs. Wm.
Qrandln. To recover BfiOO, aB an attorney's fee,
claimed by Donn Piatt for services r.nderea in at
tending to a prosecution agalnstdefendant lor shoot
ing at and wounding a polioeman,and connected
therewith the adjustment of a claim lor damages
the former terminating In a nolle and the latter in a
com prom lao lor 590. The defense claimed that there
was no employment of Mr. Piatt: that he was tho
couiinof Mr, Clrandln, and that his services were
Anderson and Wife vs. the County Com
mtsslonera. A proceeding In which the right of the
County Commissioners to open a road in Delhi Town
ihlp was contes(ed. The plaintiffs claimed ths right
to Impeach the record establishing the road; and also
that It was vaca ed under an agreement with the
Judge Carter admitted the record as testimony;
held that the Commlsalorers could not, by any con
tract, change the line of a road, aud instructed ths
jury to find the issue joined for the defendants. Ver
dict accordingly.
Trial or John Kain.-Ou the part of thedefenso
several witnesses (mostly medical) were called to es
tablish a case of insanity.
lira. Obmegys, Sherwood, M. B. Wright, and Mus
cri if t were examined. .
Hypothetical cases were put to the witnesses, aud
the general effect of the testimony was thai a man
might be so overcome with emotional insanity as to
fesl an irresistible impulse to do a thing which be
knew to be wrong that he might be driven to in
unity by seeing his daughter entering upon a life of
prostitution that domestic relatione were a fruitful
source or Insanity that the facta developed In this
trial did not prove a technical case of ineaalty, bat '
tho constant pressure on the mind of the emotion de
scribed might produce it.
To rebut a portion of the testimony for the defenae,
the Bute oalled rebutting evidence.
T. A. Logan and W. U. Kerr addressed the Jury for
the prisoner; T. Gaines and W. 11. Kerr for the State.
In the matter of the estate of Ethan Stone.
Julge Hilton was engsged in this caie, which camo
up n exceptions, to tha account rendered by the ex
sen tor. ( '
No ohange of consequence hat occurred Iu
the River since our last, flie weather has modera
ted, and we are now nearly free from the snow and
Ice of last week. The water continues to fall, though
Sradually,; with a splendid stage between here and
t. Louis.
Business at the landlnen-aa nnnauallr mitel iMar.
day; the mud on the landing Mill Interfering with
shipping. The rates of freights were as follows :
Pittsburg Cotton, 7So.! Molasses, 79o.; Whisky,
m. Flour, 300.; Pork and Lard, 41c; Ponud
Freights, 13o. per 100 lbs.
Nubville-Wblsky, perbrl,, Si; Ale, 79c.; Pound
Fmigbts, 40c. per 100 lbs.
St. Louia Heavy Pound Freighta, 25c. per 100 lbs.;
Whisky and Oil, 63c. per brl.; Stoves, 25a,; Ale, 60c.
per brl.
New Orloans-Whisky andOil 90c; Flour, 50c.; Pork
70c.; Bacon, Butter, Cheese, Ac; 33c. per ion lbs.;
Keg Lard, 20CJ Empty Darrels, 29c, Horses, 10 per
head; Found Freights, 60c
Arrivals. Liberty, Wheeling; Bostons, Ports
mouth; Martha Putnam, St. Louis; Jacob Stradsr,
Louisville; Melrose, Maysville; Superior, Madison;
Universe, New Orleans; Clipper, Big Band?; Dun
!ith, Neville; Virginia Home, Neville; Marengo,
Pittsburg. ; . , ,
DiirARTTREg. Aeaele Cottage, Nasbvtlle; Aurora,
New Orleans; War Eagle, Pittsburg; Marengo, New
Orleans: Liberty, Wheeling: Bostona, Portsmouth;
Jacob Btrader, Louisville; Superior, Madison; Mel
rose, Mayaville; Dnnleith, Neville; Virginia Home,
Neville; Clipper, Big Sandy.
Folios Court. There was but one case
before the Police Court yesterday, that of Joanna
MoOarty, a vagrant, who was sent to prison for a term
of twenty days. ,
The Biter. The river, after remaining
nearlv stationary for several days, Is now receding as
rapidly as it rose. Numerous flat-boats, loaded with
coal, are passing down the river, having come from
Pittsburg sines the present high water commenced.
Our CiRCUiATioN. The large circulation of
the Press In Covington and Newport renders It an
excellent advertising medium for our merchants and
others, and they should not (ail lo avail themselves
of it.
Swiss. We learn that the greater portion
of the hogs from the interior of the State has already
been taken to market. The arrivals ars now very
small, and buyers are turning their attsntirn in other
Inprovehints. A great number of our oitl
Eens are making preparations for building houses
and otherwise Improving their property next Spring .
Valuable Stock. Three shares in the
Northern Bank ol : Kontnoky were recently sold la
Philadelphia at 126 each.
IBEtuu Dowi.iNO,Bews-dealer, Tork-sireet, ey.
posits Odd Fellows' Hall, is agent for the Pehn
Press in Newport. All orders left with him will
meet with prompt attention.) -
Billiard Match Yesterday.' Tleman,
Soyos and others visited ths Star Saloon yesterday,
according to appointment, for the purpose of playing
a match at billiards. Boms very good runs were
made by ths differsnt players, but noas that conld be
deemed first olsss. Our citizens took eonaldsratila
Interest in the affair, a large crowd of wboat were ia '
,, , siiit : ' ' ,!. "
J ah,. On aooount of ths sold weather, tha
work has been suspended on tbe aew jail. It will be
iseotaed, however, as boor as possible.

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