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1 TT TP T3 ri tw tvt -o" iitiTia a
II pnbllihed daily. ( Bnndmn soatd.) bt
H1 P1BBI PBISSI delivered to subscribers la
Cincinnati, Covington and Newport, and tor.
' rounding eltlM and town, at the ti
tromely low price of
raioaor iiiun; '
FUngle copies Jo.; l month too.; I monthI; 1 rsar Bt.
coama rata aits vms-artEm.
nai A. tiuuii Ja.... Jolt Usee aad Manager,
Fourth ntght of the engagement of
TRDB8DAT BTENINO, Dee. IS, wfllbe present.
ti the beautiful drum of
Margaret SI Isa Haggle HitotMlt
The lmperor...MM...........4... ........rv.Lord
Herman u. .............. Ml Julia Irving
To be followed br the Comedy of
Rati O'Sblel .'..BtlM Maggie Mitchell
Jjnke St Iiernie.....MM.M,, ,,.,,,.,.,........, ...Blister
Lady O'Netl Mrs. Gilbert
To conclude with the saw farce called
Mr. Chill ChatneeM,.,j................-... ..Ellsler
.i'barl.s Beeawing, .... ....,. ,..Bd
Friday evening, Benefit of Maggie afttchell, oo
which ocoaalon her tUter, Hjse Mary Add Mitchell,
Mil anneer.
In preparation, a thrilling drama called "Toalesant
lVOavei tare: Or, The Insurrection of Bt. Domingo,"
and death of the Washington of Haytl.
uoor openatttt; uurtain rises at 7o-eio,
in ataH:
Paiou or Admission DreM Olrole and Farqnette,
Meentej Gallery, ascent.
ft" Fonrth ntght cf the celebrated tragedienne,
m.n.j a... mm mi .1
uani?. a? Jiainmie, .
And the accomplished and fascinating comedienne,
Beoond appearance In A-arrof Mr, W.CARTEB,
siom tne j,onnon meator.
THIS (Tburadey) EVHNINQ, December U, will
mta tue enecnng trageayoi
Wri. HHller Mr. Kurrtn
The Stranger ...W. Carter
Tranoia..... , .......0. Stuart
Baron etetnfort -.. Vanderon
Solomon ; .. Allan
Highland Fling allei Jenny Might.
To onolmla with the beanllful drama of
Franclna Ml Fanny Flta Farren
In rehearaal, an elegant l'omeilr, written eipreeily
fti Mm. and Win Karroo, entitled "The Widow'
Stratagem." y
Theater, la now open, for the reception of gueate
Kooma can be obtained by the day 01 wee
uienla fnrniahed at nil hounf
NOTIOU. Tradeemun and other are oantloned
avuinat furnishing any article for the theater wltli
cut a written order, atgned by the Manager.
l iim. M. Barraa Manager.
F. 3. Conway.,,,,.,, Htage Director.
Fourth night of the great Tragedian and Oomcdln u,
MR. .!1E.! MURDOCH. J ij jj
THIS (Thursday) EVENING, Ueoemhcr 19, will
be preaented bbakapeare'a grand tragody of 1 1 .
rr ui vj . "
Hamlet .........
Laertee .;.
. ,M.M M it nloch
- Sheridan
- .....Ulenu
II Jl.atlo Willlama
................ Dlckion
,1. iiaTirfge
llnhMliA. Mra. Conwav
Coeeu. - Ure. Willi tua
To conclude ml'h the laughable faroe of
Gentleman ,...,...................raTl(lge
lady i, u. .. tllis Proctor
in preparation fur the Holldaye, a grand Fairy
r "aifnj AstfuMOM.-Paniuette Olrola, Parqnetle
aud Baloony, to oti Auiikitiuwter, at nii
rrivau uoxea lor eigni poraoDe, 94.
Box Office open from ID A. M. nntll 4 P. III., where
11 ml n a o l'iuuk . Duniunn m J m . ' i
a!s can be eeenred.
j. r. nann but, ireae r.
Dr. Kane'i World-Renowned1" 1
Wedneaatnyi Tharaday( Friday and Satnr.
day Nights, Dee. 14, 18, 16 and 1. f"
Mct'ACI.KY A CO.'S Oollo'aaal Panoramic and
Pluramlc Illnetratlone of Dr. Kane' world-renowned
tiut Arctic Vojage, embraoing a complete voyage
from Mw York to the Begloue of Ice, and vlTldly
pcrtmylug the poiilom advanturea, wonderful ilia-
overiea and iugnlar phenouiena wttneaed by Dr.
Kau and hi, brave companion during their femon
JSxpedilon in erarch of sir John Frauklln, executed
iiuder the unperTitiOa of ilr. Q'homa Hickey.Dr.
Kane' companion, by the great American Artiat,
Mjeorge Hellee,' Im., from private Drawing and
Lfketeboa fiirnlsheil by the late Dr. Kane. Mr.
THOMAS HIOKKY,who accompanied -Dr. Kane1
lxat Expedition, and who won for bimtelf an enviable
mpututicn tbrongh hi devoted attachuoatto the
lumoutert navigator, will appear ateach.ixlilbltlon
lu KeQiitinaux Costume t
Many interoattug relics of Arctic Brplanatlon wilt
te ehlbltd, amougu hlch are Dr. Kane'a oelobrated
aiulraaux Pledge Dog Toodlarmlc, tbe beautiful
Xanuchatka jjug Bleo, Arctic Dresses, medal pre
ented he Oucon Victoria to Mr. Thomas H
EMinimaux Duat or ILavauk, airus Talk, n bale
aw Exbihllion every evening at half-nut seven.
Eatunlay alternoon at three o'clock. ,
Tickets V cents: Children It cents.
Mr. Uickey'H Narrative of the Last Arotlo Expe
dition lor sale hy tne author, at tbe door. Price lflo.
Umi Unrivaled European Wizard,
IM!I appear for TWO WEEKS ONLY.comnjencing
on MONDAY, January t, at J
- jVl'ia-bweod' . . .
National Hnll, Vlne-streae, nbov Fifth.'
The leason are ao arranged that begluner can
evmmeuce at any time, de9tf
CHRISTMAS GIFTS. Do not buy 4Pi-
sano nntll yon have called at no.
nWcat Fonrtb-et , and see Llghte
A Bradbury's, Wm. Knab 4 Oo.'
and A. U. Dale A Oo.'a Piano. I
tvIII sell a low as tbe lowest, and my
.nano win spanx-ior tneraiaivee.
let the rent rev for the Piano. . 0.
will rent and
. MUBtJH. u
The laraoatetock of Melndeons In
he city, delt
fIlRISTMAS PRESENT8. You will find
Ballot, Davl & Co.'s, Eaileton
Brothers', Btivcn, Bacon ! A Co.'a, SZl"1" 1
and Putera, Cmgg & Oo.S Planoa, -Sm
at No. t West Fourtb-atreet. I will I I 'Jf I
ell as low lor cash a anyone. or
will n ut aad let the root pay lor the Piano.
i. OHTJBOH, Jr., -.,
" No. M West Fourthtreet. '
Depot for Melodeons and Barmoulnm., de!4
FOR , .
JL PBIATB than the following new and beautiful
.collection of Mualc : . . ..
Tt.mtA nirrlM. M,ntlnlnff em fclAnM of annnlar
Ww'fH a up
Weetern Qlew Book . I 00
Mendelssohn's Sengs, without worda......... 3 00
JUetiuge Bird, coutalnioR fifty Ballads .. 70
Mo. U West Fourth-street.
Pianos tuned and repaired by Thos. Atkins, dell
! it BUTLER'S i, t, j
Cxcelsior '? Fluid i Inks.
Man afa ctorvv 9 Vine Bt. M
NEW FRUITS. Hew Railing,
rant, new Figs, Prune, Citron,
new Car
Ac., just I.
celved and for saw by
OHH FERGUSON. Grocer. ":"
no Corner Ninth and yine-treet.
afkTflTEllS. I am In
dally raoelpt of tha
heal brand of Ovater coming to this city.
Mapauted freeh and fat. .
.., JOHM flBGTJgOW. Srooerf
lorneroi Jtinta ana Tine-wreen. L
ri1AMiTF"PL0lTR I have always on
V hand, a udd1t of tha bast Family Flour In the
rmarKvt tor lanuur
i nan.
noSS '
JOHN riBOVSON, Orooar. ti-
(Jorner ninth and vine-atraeu. .
Deotlat, ha removed to S71 Tlnetreef, aesa
Seventh, opposite the Oes OOee, so. baa
i if :. a ? '. .
VOL. 2. NIX100
mm? mm&
Littii Muai.-Nlght Express, 1:00 A. .; Acoom-
l.iDiiRieous aim CiNciNri.-ll;l a. a. I e:40 r.
inwaiiuu, 4-.a r. a., iay axpress, p.
H.l 1:40 A M
Ohio and Mia,umrri.-e:2S A
M.i 11:41 A. 10:1
p. a.
CuoiaNATT, Hamiltos arb Dattok. T:4 A. H
A. M.I la;A2. If A'A9 M ! ft-Ml m tm.
11 M
MlBIITTA AND ClN(r)IIIAVI.-li: A. . :U P. M.
Kicaaoan aap Iisumapolis.-ihw .; :M P. at.'
Iiinti Hum.-Dij Bxpress, lftOO A. w.; Accom.
modatton, 4:40 p. Night Express, 11iB p. a. .
iNDitiiAroua Axn Cisci.nnati.-6:! a. u.l 2:ii t,
M. 7:U) p. m. . .
Ohio and Misaisatppi. T:W A. M.i 3:00 p. m.; 7:W p. .
OlNfliNiATi. Hahil ros aud Dayton.-:u0 a. m.; 7:30
A.M.) 10tutlA,M.; 3i40p. H.i S:0P. 11:30 P. u.
Mabirta 1ND Oinoinnati. 0:40 a. .i S:40P. m.
BicnaoHD and Indiahipoli. 4.00 a. h.; 1:40 p, h.
' aVCharlei Maokay haa in preaa now
poem oalled "The Whiiky Demon."
rMaddog are oumoroui la Ctoll Coun
ty, Maryland. ( ,
man had better need alrai than be
loo mean to bestow them.
The first Jury aver impanneled, waa In
England, In tbe year 970, ' . ,! (
39 The leoond ion of Governor Letoher.of
Va., an interesting youth of ten yean of age,
died of lock-jaw on December 6.
young lady, whan told to exerolae for
her health, laid the would jump at an offer
and run her own risk. . ; . ,.
grHe who has trumpeted forth an accu
sation, ought not to think it sufficient to whii
per bil recantation.
0 Nathan Richardson, a oelebrated inusio
oomposer of Boston, died in Paris on the 19th
nit. ' . , . ,
-Counterfeit $2U bllli on the Bank of
Northumberland, Penn., have been put In
circulation. . . ! . , , . j
Mr. Rarey. the Aiuerloan horso-lamer,
wai operating at Liverpool with great jucceii
at last acoounte.
jewelry atore at Fremont, 0., wns
robbed one" night lait week of itook to the
amount of ?8,000. '
oitiiseni of Provinootown.Masi.,
have railed, the past season, 331 barrela of
eriuiberries, valued at $1,320 83.
sTThe oolorod people of Montreal, Can
ada, have tnbioribed ?88 for the benefit of
John Brown'i famHyv ., , ,
Anrje Bifantk'l waa sentenced to be
hang at bt. Paul, Minn., last week, for the
muroef of her husband. . ' .''
jaslrMr. Jamei Ward,' the oldost of. the
Royal Aoademiolani, died on the 0th ult., at
the patriarchal age of ninety-one. ; : i
. SrT-Thi Aibany (N. Y.) Aryut haa aeen the
statement that the aggregate of eold is greater
the present winter ' than during any for sev
enty years paat, except that of 1845.
'TThe widow of John Brown ii said to
be quite ill, from over-exoltement oonseoaent
upon the ordeal of taking the remains of her
husband, to North Elba ,
church bell of glass, fourteen Inohes
high and thirteen inohes in diameter, has re
cently been placed on the turret of a ohapel at
Borrowdale, England. -; '
do not think, madam, that any man
of the least sense would approve of yoar oon
duot." "Sir, how can you Judge what any
gtan of jhe least some would do ?" . -';
je0avare, a vegetable polsoo, used by the
Indians of South Amerioa for poisoning the
ends of their arrows, has been sacoeasfully
nsed in France in the treatment of lookjaw.
JWT"Who's there?" said a patrol' to it pass
ing figure, one dark night. "It is I, patrol,
don't be afraid,",, kindly replied, an old
woman. ' ' ' -' r,i u
Frankllu, on hearing the remark that
what was lost on earth went to tbe moon, as
sarted that there must be a great deal of good
advice accumulated there, j fr.t I fj
pfiA Neponset' village, Dorohestor, is still
standing and in good repair, a house built in
1650 one of the oldest landmarks of Pilgrim
handicraft in the vloinity.
' I ffUt. Thompson Wilder, of Avon, Lorain
County, aged 63 years, husked one hundred
and five bushels of corn in one day, and on the
day following one hundred and seven bushels.
arIt has been decided In England that
tradesmen ticketing their goods for sale in
their windows at a specifio sum, oan not be
compelled to sell such goods at the ptioe
marked. , , () ,
t9Lsat winter, it is aaid, a cow floated
down the Mississippi river on a plees of lot, and
sanght inch, a cold that she has yielded noth
ing but t'ct oram ever alnoe. . The story needs
oonflrmation. i ' , . i' .-.'. i' ;i
An editor in New York is charged with
grossly misrepresenting the condition of the
streets. 'One wruld think that an editor had
better do anything else, than -He about the
(rtmtoe . .
'"' 'Eere is a chance for the girls. There
art in Iowa, 30,000 Irtore' males than females,
and it is one of the best States in the Union,
ajidwt should think It a prominent point to
entsr the Union from the state of oellbacy, , ,
grIt is Intended to apply to Parliament
for power to construct a railroad through tbe
Thames tunnel, to conneot two roads on either
side of the river, by : whom the tunnel is to be
purchased for the purpose. , 1
"Joseph Chase died at Petnlvllle, lake
County, on the 2d Inst., in his S2d year. The
deoeased was a resident of that county forty-
five years, was married seventy ' years, and
leaves a wife.M year, old the day of hi.
AeVBoswell wag one day complaining that
he was sometimes dull. . "Yes, yes," cried
Lord Kame, "Homer sometimes nods." Boa
well being too moch elated with this, my lord
nddedt "Indeed, Sir, it's the only chance yon
have of reeembllng Homer.'L ; J
Se9Mlss Harriet lane, niece of the Presi
dent, has sent a large and valuable collection
of autographs to the fair now opening at the
New York Aoademy of Music, for the benefit
of the charities carried o a by the Roman
Catholio Sisters of Charity. "
. ExTDollie Dutton, the smalleet girl of her
age in the world, being nine years old, two
feet high, and only thirteen pounds U weight,
ia bolng exhibited in the North-east under the
name o? the "living doll." We know many
"living dolls" who have reached their full
growth. ' ' t i
tr&- Mr. Peters sends a roll of buttsr to
the Ironton (O.) Rgtr, sUtlng that, It was
"made from me hum vi a vai( uine muuui
eld." "The oalf has never had a ealf," but
has run with others that have tucked her
until the owner found it necessary to milk her
bta meeting to raise money tor tuo re
lief of tbe families of John Brown and his
dead sons, will be held at tne cooper xnsu
tute. New York, on Thursday evening next
Ralph Waldo Emerson, Wendell Phillips and
Rev. Dr. Cheever will be among the speak
Gnoaoi ViaUAM CtfiTis ok Suvmt. G.
W. Curtis delivered a lecture last Saoday, In
Bostofi, on the "Present Aspoct of Slavery,"
and li thus reported In the papers of Monday i
The speaker .believed that many at the
8outhheld to opinions like thoso in Helper's
work, but who dare not to altar their State
Constitutions. Slavery, he asserted with em
phasis, had no real rights. He would not say
that every slaveholder is a bad man, for he
knew many who were not; but to rob a man of
liberty is no leas a crime because it is hemmed
about by law. If, the slave power, said Mr.
Curtis, will stand where our fathers stood, and
ask for mutual all and oounsel how beat to do
away with the great evil, there was not an
honest man anywhere whose heart would not
tremble with joy. But such, unfortunately,
is not the case with the South, They do not
stand where 'Jefferson, and Madison, and
Washington stood. Passing on, he said that
when tha Whig1 party In 1850 dodged the
slavery quest loD. it went down. Then it was
that rose up that anti-slavery party which
will exist in strength and power till the great
question of tht lation is settled. There can
be, he remarked, buttwo partiesjin the country,
one asserting that slavery is right, the other
that it is a moral wrong and a political blunder.
There remains for usi he' continued, but one
course, vis : to1 absolutely - exclude ' slavery
where we have the power, and show to the
slaveholders, what is the truth, that it Is for
their interest to favor emancipation. The
equality of human rights, said Mr. Curtis, is
not bounded by latitude or longitude. aa
Thr Johk Bbowjc Fsklino ir Louisiana.
The New Orleans correspondent of the Charles
ton, (8. C.) Mortiury 'says: When the news of
this traitorous attempt of Brown and his vil
lainous confederates reached here, an old
French planter, who formerly held a high
official position in the Stato, and is noted for
his bonhomu, integrity and atraightfoward
manner, at once went ip to his plantation on
the river, called all his negroes up, and read
to them from the newspapers everything con
nected with the insurrection, concluding by
pointing out to his listeners the folly of the
whole affair, calling their attention specially
to the refueal of the Virginia negroes to join
Brown, and the speedy suppression of the
The old gentleman had an object in this.
He knew his frankness would have Its usual
good effect on his hands, and he preferred they
should learn the news , from him, than from
some secret white miliary or discontented
free oolored br udder, lie showed his negroti
he confided in their fidelity one attachment,
and his calculation was correct, for they were
delighted with "old matter's apeesh," and
horrified at Brown's blood-shedding attempt.
If John Brown had heard, as I have and
every Southerner has, no doubU-a planter
threaten a disobedient negro to send him to
the North or Canada, among the Abolitionists,
and let him earn his own living there the best
way he could and had he witnessed the sober
ing efieots his threat invaraiably oreates, he
would have hesitated, perhaps, before running
the risk that he has run his neok Into a Vir
ginia halter. ,
... , "' if !' :
7ma Portb'ait or Gixibal Tatios. A cor
respondent of the New York Spirit of tht
Timet, writing from Baton Rouge, the capital
of Louisiana, mentions a full length portrait
of General Z. Taylor, from the pencil of
ColonolT.B. Thorpe:, ,,.f(if,.r,
This piotnre, Whion hangs on the ight of
the Speaker's: ohair in the Houto df - Repre
sentatives (balanced on the opposite side by a
copy of Stuart's Washington,) is almost eight
feet high, and represents General Taylor as
he, actually appeared en the battle field of
Buena Vista, on the night of the 23d, when he
paoed In front of his tent, still unoeitaip as to
the full extent of his victory,' ; The General is
walking with his hands behind him, his usual
attitude,, with bis head turned back toward
the hotison, whleh it obsoured by dust and
smoke, showing where but recently had raged
the terrible conflict. As Colonel Thorpe saw
General Taylor in Mexioo, was familiar with
his habits on the field, and had the greatest
possible facilities for producing this work, It
is not surprising It Is good, but as ha has
never, to my knowledge, alluded to his artistle
abilities, I was astoniihod at its wonderful
exoellence. .,.: i -: ;V
, , , t. . J
Tbk Fcnirai op Captain- Jon Bbowk. The
funeral of John Brown took place at .north
Elba, N. Y., on Thursday, at one o'clock.
The body was borne by six of bis neighbors
from his own roof to a rock near by, under
the shadow Of whioh he had directed, it to be
laid. The coffin had previously been placed
in front of his door-step, where his neighbors
same in crowds to take a last look.. The face
was hardly changed, and wore Its usual se
rene expression. Before leaving the house,
his favorite hymn, "Blow ye the Tiumpet-
blow," &o., was sung, and an impressive
prayer was offered by the Rev. Mr. Young, of
Burlington, Vt, who with Mr. L. G. Bigelow
and two others of the city, ' had ridden all
night to be present. Remarks were then
made by J. M. McKlm, of Philadelphia, and
Wendell Phillips, of Boston, amid the strong
emotion and deep sympathy of the family
and friends. ' At the grave Mr. Young quoted
Paul's words, "I have fought the good fight,"
and pronounced a benedlotion. It wag deeply
touching to see three widows leaning on the
arms of strangers and. relieving their broken
hearts by sobs. The erowd slowly and re
luctantly left the ground, and the "martyr"
is left in his grave among tbe hills.
Ths Inquisition to bs Established ik Soots
Oasouha. A writer ; In the late, number of
the Charleston .Merctiry delivers himself of
the following exoruoiating appeal: i.
' Oiluent of CharlUt Ought you not to
call at once a publlo meeting appoint a oom
mittee of aafetr of each ward, to oall on every
man and learn whether he is for or agalnat na
in the conflict now waged by the North agalnat
no sympathy with na? Men who make all
they can out of as, and then go and live among
those who compare "horse thieves, traitors and
murderers to saints?" The times demand
that all men South should be above suspicion
but above all should Charleaton. "Caasar's
wife should be above susplolon." .
Ths Enclibh , Posts. The Rev. Charles
Elngslev, in a paper oa Alexander Pope and
Aiexanuor Dmiui, say mat au tun uuj
British poets are in a bad way, except Wm.
AUingnam. , in amnion to tne recent oonn
ler festival, tha London Critic fineries why the
birth-days of peets are specially preferred for
poethunioue honors.... It asks, "Are poets spe
cially ohossn because, when on earth, theirs
is the .least laorativo of callings; and do we
banquet daintily became they have so often
to go wtwom a dinner-
Tas Muses is MiSBissim. We find the
following fruit of , Southern literary culture la
tbe Brandon (.Miss.) Mtpublttani , . , ,
Old Brown! you ain't a Bible man, ' ' . .i.
In eyiupauiiatng wua tne "nagnr; ' ' ...
Why didn't you "capture" and "take 'em back"
Like Albert said the Angol did Hagarl -i -. .
A Dbvnkin Mam FrozmtoDeatb. A man
named Hamblin, a carpenter by trade, resi
ding at Greenoastle, Indiana,' was - found
recently lying dead near the depot. He was
addicted to the immoderate ubo of intoxicating
liquors, and becoming helplessly drank the
night previous, lay down near tne depot and
ffote t death.
PEN AND SCISSORS. A Domitian-like Husband--Extraordinary
Cruelty to a Young and Handsome
The following sad story was told in the Dt-1
voroe Court of Great Britain on the 21st of
November: In 1351 Miss Theresa Caroline
Bishop was Introduced to the Hon. Hugh
Rowley, a sen of the late Lord Langford, an
Irish peer, at Ryde. in the Isle ot Wight.
Shortly afterward he proposed and was ac
cepted, and they were married at Paddlngton
In January, 18S2. They went Immediately
after the marriage to Paris, and remained
there for three weeks. According to tbe evi.
denoe of Mrs. Rowley', her husband soon be
gan to treat her with great harshness, and on
one ooeasion, about three weeks after the mar
riage, looked her up in a sitting room from
seven o'olook In the evening until four the fol
lowing morning, without fire or candles. They
went from Paris to Calais for a few days, and
there ho beat her. They next visited Brus
sels. During their stay they visited Waterloo,
and on their journey home ho tore the bonnet
from her bead and threw H into the road, and
forced his hat over her eyes.
f rom .Brussels they went to Fraukfort.
traveling in a compartment of a railway car
riage by themselves. He kept kicking her
during tbe journey because, as he said, some
one had looked at her at the station. When
she arrived at Frankfort she fainted, and was
taken to a hotel. She asked for a glass of
water on coming to her senses, and he forced
a spoonful of salt down hsr throat. They af
terward returned to Paris and traveled by
diligence from Strasbourg, The Journey occu
pied twenty hours, and he did not allow her
to get out of the oarriece all tbe time. She
mentioned various other acta of ill-usage. In
maron, moi, wnnetney were at Boulogne, he
cut off her hair, aaying he did ao became she
priiea it. About the same time he pulled her
out of bed when she was ill. and threatened to
strike her with a meat chopper. He also re
fused to let a doctor attend her, and she sent
for one without his knowledge.
in January, 1833, liiey were at Dunda k. In
Ireland, where a regiment In whioh he held a
commission, tue sixteenth Lancers, was quar
tered. Among other modes of ill treatment
whioh he thero practiced, be never allowed
her to leave the house. He told her that the
officers of his regiment had held a sham court
martial upon him bees use be had boasted of
Beating hit wire. Tho result was that in tha
following May he left the army. They after
ward lived together at Brussols for thirteen
months, but he was In the constant habit of
going away and leaving her for a week at a
time. During a part or tne years ibod and
1855, she lived with her mother and with Mr.
and Mrs. Gye, who ore friends of her family,
Mr. Rowley made frequent prom isosot amend
ment, and at thebtglnnlng of 185S they again
lived together in lodgings, In Upper Berkeley
street, ' i
. On ths 24th of May, I860, ha went away,
saying he would return in a few days and
take her abroad, and leaving an addreHs to
whioh she could write. She did write several
letters, but received no answer, and never
saw nor heard anything of him until a few
months ago. .She laid he had never given her
as taueh as a sixpence from the time of tbelr
marriage. She prayed for a decree on the
ground of adultery, desertion and cruelty. It
was proved by other witneaset that Mr. Row
ley, after leaving his wife, had gone to live
with a Mrs. Green, a widow, at the bouso of
her mother,, in Edinburgh, andlhtt from May,
1858, until April, he and Mrs. Green cohabited
as man aad wife at Ipplepen, in Devonshire.
In ApriL 1859, Mrs. Green died, and he left
the place. A dissolution of marriage waB
deereed. 1 1
Flaxen Rinolsts Mads to Oboka. Foots
have often .sung'; in raptures of blue-eyed,
laughing,, flax-haired t girls, : : but George
Speight, Of London, a thoroughly practical
man, .understands things better than those
dreaming rhymesters who ' make sonnets to
their sweethearts. ; He has just taken out a
patent for making plaits and curls' for head
dresses and other head ornaments, and employs
Russian or American hemp, dyed to the ex
aet ibade desired, and glossed up with arom
atlo grease, and curled to adorn the head of
some happy fair one, either with flowing au
burn or raven locks, as may be desired. When
it is taken into consideration that long brown
hair, for making ladles' artificial curls, costs
from $10 to $12 per pound, Mr. S. may be
considered a sort of benefactor to all those in
dividuals deficient in natural cranial orna
mentation, although we think this invention
will rather spite the girls In Normandy, who
cultivate their, hair expressly for our wig-
Scientific Americans.
Tsavei.ibo Ohe Hurdbsd Mass an Houa.
The (burner det Elatt Unit publiahes the fol
lowing: "Mr. Milliard Fillmore, Ex-President
of the United States, has just addressed a
letter to M. Rollin Oormain, asking him to ex
plain at a jiublio meeting the principles on
whioh this ingenlns inventor believes he oan
build a steamahip which will make one hun
dred miles an hour, and whose strength will
reaiat the fury of tbe ocean and even the
shock of collision with other vessels. When
this steamer Is laden with passengers, freight,
provision, and coal for a voyage round the
world, she will only draw at most twenty-two
feet of water, and a singular fact Indeed the
expense of the voyage will only be about one
fifth what it would be in the steamers now
afloat. ; lor thirteen years M. Rollin Germain
has been study ing his new system of mechan
ism and buildiag, and eminent engineers In
the United States have assured blm that his
disoovery is destined to make an epoch in the
history of steam navigation."
The! "Tbuxdsrib" ox Tali. A late num
ber of the London Times says . "The passion
for talk is one of the moat enduring in the
human breast.' It precedes love, and almest
survives avarice. From the cradle to the
grave a talkative disposition will show Itself.
In one rank of life it makes the pot-house
orator, in another the platform agitator, or tbe
philanthropic or sclentiflo bore. . In Ireland
makes the anti-English deolaimer.
Mas. Trollops Failiko ik Health. Mra.
Trollope the elder, who traveled through tht
united States aoont thirty years ago, and
made herself notorious -by her strictures on
the habits and manners of the Americans,
till sojourns at Florence. She ia now nearly
80 years old, and her rapidly falling faculties
abut hex out from society entirely. ,
Oldest Cbubcb is thb Coustst. The old
est church now existing In the United States
is ote near Smlthfleld, Isle of Wight County,
Va.l It was built In the reign of Charles I,
between the years 1030 and 1635. The brick,
lime and timber were Imported from England.
The Umber is English oak, and was framed
In Europe.
Child Stbauko ik Lohdob. A woman is
Under remand at the London Mansion-house
on the oharge of stealing a girl three years
old. The prisoner said that she took it be
cause she was fbnd of ohildren, but that when
the ohlld wanted to get away she set her down
olost to her home, snd supposed that she had
gone to her mother. However, the child has
not been fonnd. . . .
Washington Hotel ok Fibi. Brown's Ho
tel, at Washington, caught firs the other day,
ana earned great excitement, the boarders
making a general exodus with baggage. The
engines toon arrived, however, and extin
guished the flames without much damage.
Repeated PEtsEcsuTioss or Mb. Busnham,
late Llqco Aoekt. The Boston Journal
says: '
Some Incendiary seems determined to de
stroy the property of Mr. George P. Birnham,
the ex-liuuor agent. Within the past year
two of his dwelling-houses have been fired and
entirely destroyed. One of these houses had
been previously set on fire, and wst saved by
the labors of the oititens. Abcat two weeks
aijo a carpenter's shop adjacent to another of
Mr. Burnham's houses, was fired, and tht
house was saved with much difficulty. Last
evening Mr. Burnham's stable, which was
about forty feet from his dwelling-house and
bowling alloy, and Immediately connected
with his sjreen-house, was found to be in
flames. His horse and carriages were saved;
but the barn and all its other contents were
destroyed. The prompt and energetic action
of the citizens aaved the other buildings'. Mr.
Iltirnham was away from home at the time.
Theie infamous: persecutions of one who
ilretdy has a luflkient load of trials to carry,
are indignantly commented upon by the citi-
iena of Melrose, j
Old Brown a Pseacher. The Danville
(Va.) R'ljuitr, alluding te tbe stated belief
that old John Brown once traveled through
Virginia In the oapaoily of jieddler, says; .
We have heard some of the oitizeni of Dan
ville stato that this, tame man came to Dan
ville under the assumed nsmeof McLsne, and
passed himself off here as a Baptist preather,
having on one occasion attended divine serv
ioe at the Baptist Church in this place. A
gentleman wbo:reaidea near Ringgold, saya
that McLane, .(alias Brown,) dined at hit
home about the aame time. John Browu ac
knowledged thru he had traveled at far South
as to the North Carolina line. Assuredly, if
all these speculations as to the traitor's Iden
tity be correot, be has led s most versatile life.
Peddler, preacher, robber, rogue, traitor, uiur
doror, aasasain, and we know not how many
other titles belong to this misguided man, now
no more. j
What Constitutes an Ajpi;tatio.n. The
Cheltenham (England) Hoard of Guardians
ure at loggerheads with Mr. Walters, one of
their medioul officers. He charged the "am
putation fee "1 for cutting off a portion of a
man's tbqmb, and tha Board contend that this
is sot an "amputation." It was determined
the clerk should write to the Poor Law Board
te ask "whether the amputation of the first
phalanx of the thuin was such nn amputation
us was contemplated by tbe Act of Parliament,
the Board considering the same to be only a
removal of a portion of tht thumb.
StkamuoatIdisastbe on tm Mississippi.
Tht Miahiyai, an old boat from St. Louis,
exploded alii her boilers at New Madrid, on
the Nississippi, last Friday morning, killing
the engineer and fatally wounding six or seven
others. The) explosion was so terriffie tbat tbe
boat was literally blown to pieces, and sunk
almost immediately. She disappeared for
ever, leaving nothing but a shattered wreck
upon tho waters. Tht eogineer on duty, who
was kitlod, was blown forty or fifty yards into
the rlvor. 1 - ,
ExkcctioR of a Hindoo Rajah. The ltajah !
Jeylod emch was executed by hanging on the
lint of October, in Cawnpore, India. . Tbe
Usjah was one of the most prominent among
those engaged in the maistcre of the Chris
tians during the late rebellion, snd on the
very spot where the gallows was erected, stood
formerly an outer gateway of the E.aiseo Bsgh,
upon which ho had stationed himself, and
caused tho cold-blooded murder of upward of
twenty victims. ., . ; ,. ;
A Railroad Rkaijer. Thit is the name of a
little invontion dseignod to enable persons
traveling in railroad can, or stages, to read
their newspapers is comfort, In spite of too
joltings ol' the vohicle. It consists of a nar
row strip f magnifying glass, set in a black
frame, just wide enough to cover one lint of a
newspaper column at a time, by tht aid of
which the smallest print Is magnified to tht
size of pica or great primer.
j ' . ' '
EARTaquAKR at Malta. Letters from Malta
of the 15th of November report a alight ahook
of earthquake on the afternoon of the 14th at
about four o'clock. It was attended by a loud
rumbling nolae. There was but little wind at
the time, although it bad been blowing very
heavily for tbe preceding forty-eight hours
from the. north-east. During the day it had
rained cjnite hard, the weather previously
having been very dry and hot.
. ! ' ''
UoaudHS or the Coolir Trade. A letter
from Shanghai, denouncing the Coolie trade,
and exposing its horrors, saya: "It seems
that a snip having on board several hundred
of these, unfortunates, returning from Havana
to tbein) homes, aprung a leak In a gale, pat
into Rip de Janerio lor repairs, and tbeao
being nioro than she could pay, the Cooliea
wero sent on shore and resold for a term of
years, Ip pay expenses."
Expsnditukks or thb City or Nrw Tosk.
The Controller estimates the expenditures of
the City Government for the year 1860 at
$6,914,126 36, and its revenues at $336,482 95,
making the amount nocessary to be raised by
tnx for corporation purposes $6,587,640 41.
The amount required to be raited by tax for
State or oonnty purpoies is estimated at $1,
080,000, making with an additional, item ot
$239,359 59, to cover deficiencies a total of
$8,80000. . .
Lamas Damaqes Aqainst a Rau.eoad Co.
Messrs. Smith and Deiondorf, of Cleveland,
have recovered, in Lucas County, a jndgmtnt
of tUttn thmuand niue hundred and eiahtt-tteo
doUatf, after atrial lasting three wttkt,againtt
the Michigan Southern and Northern Indiana
Railroad Company. The subject-matter of
the suit was the erection of buildings for said
company on tbe "middle Uround" at, Toledo.
AEDiNAL'a Brother Robbed. At be was
ing to his palace from church, a brother
diual Antonelli was robbed a few weeks
the streets of Rome bv two fbotnads.
wboQtpproaobed niin under pretense or desir
ing si light for aeigar. A polnard glittered
before his eyes, and besldet three or four
scudi tho robbers relieved blm of valuable
diamonds. . ' - .
SikqblaB Cabs or Bankruftct. A aingular
bankruptcy oast is being heard in tbe District
Court at Newoastle. A bankrupt, whilt past
ing through tha Court, received tht turn of
Jtiop aa compeneation for injuries received on
the railway. This sum the assignees claim,
but tbe bankrupt conceives that he it entitled
to ij as private property.: The Commissioner
haiTtserved hit judgment. - . . ..;,,
Ejtrmt or Gas Companies. Tht uae of gat
it becoming quite general In thia country. Tbe
.VotAfy Gai'lyht Journal tot December con
tains returns from three hundred and aixty
two gas companies, representing an aggregate
capital of fifty-two millions three hundred
and ninety-four thousand nine hundred and
fifty dollars. " v
- ""'
G skat Departure or Ibriemtes. No fewer
than 27,000 Jews have left Tangier, for Gib
raltar, where they are lodged and eared for
Prttestants snd Roman Catholics aiding the
Hobrews la their efforts to lodge and provide
food for tblt horde, consisting for the mnt
part of indigent Israelltet), ,
O T- .... - .
TtRMSCASH.f .11 Isl
Advrtleean tenet sacMdlng Ave line (Agate, , ... ,7,
'n Insertion...... ..4 ESIOn weeh. C i '
Two week..-.-. 1 to One f T , , t 60 - 'rio
Larger advertlamneate Inserted at the following -
rates iur tnara of tea line or lee 1
One Insertion..... f Ml I Two weekly. "& OS
Each addi'nal In.. V I Thr week., OS .
On weok.-,-...- 1 H I One t f f, 1
Job PrintiBR V;7 J !
le all lis breBOkae, done wllbaeatnen and dltrateh " '
Doou Locks,
Door and Gate-Springi, ;
Bells Hung, Keys Fitted.'
Tht public are respectfully Invited to call and ex
amine the various pattern and price. AU Jobbing '
promptly Attended to '- 1
notcm iio. 113 fifth-street, id door from Eo. ,
Honle ManaJaeturrr,
So, 41 Knit Swoud-etrevt, between Syjamore aad
Broadwar, Uluoiuuati, keeps ever? CeacripUon of -. . ..
Counter, Platform, Cattle, Jtallrwna Uepoi,
and Track rleialeat Truest,-' - '
. Iroy Wateasi oVe. .
Kepalrng done on the abort! notice. uol-Aa
i SI. Oharlet ttrttt. Hew Orleans, La.,
Importer of Gaas it HtK-rtlnsi Apparatus,
' " . AM1 PEALSnS IS 6PH POWDER. ' " '
(Fronting tbe HtesmboAt Landing.)
Moiih-esst Corner Broadway and Front.
0IK0I8SATI, OHIO.: r :
R. F. LEVEEING, Proprietor. .
'HAXVPACTCaBBS ajio DKAtaae m 1 '
kind of 'MnttriKset and rlodillng, at b old ,
tand. No. ISO Mycaiaoro-streot, eaat aide, Htween 1
s'onrth aud Ffltli-ainvts, seventh stort above,.'
Vonrih-etrwt. Church I'ewn lined and cualoued
Vll order praiuptly attcudnl to. 0-1 -cm
1.VJL and Bo
tc. Aleo.ACi
and Boll, r Iron. Flow 8laba. KallroiU vaiVcs
Aleo, Agouta tor the aitle of IronUn St' Nail
VaroiuouiB a
IV Kuti Beoond Street, OlB. Iuut 1 .
Ohio. ... m
: WST All kind tronnaadeto order.' ' 'j lua .
' , I,l!l2llli:UT BI'L,
No. w lxtll-tiwl, ImtRwn Vine and Vace, in
tho Medical Colle.ie, Uincimmti, Ohio. Peraoo ho
uar ftiTur him with tbuir patronage.cau relpeipanc
laalltrand low prlcis. ' p)-r
Money! .Tloiicy! Money!
Konoved IVota 5Wt Slxttatrct..
I'-i-KLBV and all kind of Herohaadiaeu at tow
rttra or lutereat, at Ho. 173 vme-atra.it, wt
f oury UJfe.
Dining and Coffee Saloon,
' ' ' (Near the corner of Tlae,)'"' "' '
J,. VICKERH, Proprietor. '1
: yl"rsaal Qamesorvedln all atria. .Uoals at all
lunr ... . nolcro -
Gifts! Gifts! Gifts!
next to Hmith Nixon's BiUl, Uinclnnatl,
1 'lilo. Aaplrndld Gift, worth from VI cent to Sim, '
will be Klven with every book for which wo receive
one dollar and upward at the time of sale.
- (Jifta constat of Gold and Siver Watches, Ladices'
Kolld (iold Chains, splendid aet of Jewelry, One Gold
ilnuwlets, Gouts' Gold Yost-chains, and a large va
riety futlir articles of rich Jewelry, worth from
.mociits toflui.
Lwlira anil gentlemen are rotpaotfnllp Invited to
null and exaiuia our stock.
3 rublisher and Gift Bookseller, !
BQ21-II ' ' . No. 2H West Konrtb-etn t,
rorwarding and Commission
: jTIEUCUArVTtiv,'.
MJ Bogs, Pork, Lard, Whisky, Floar, Grain, So.
(iMoe uorth-weflt corner Hixtii and olaiD-streota.
Cincinnati, opposite t bo Gait Uotm). -
Tha undersigned having formed a copartnership
in the General I'milnca and Comini.alon Bnaluesa,
under the style of Wilson, Oarlick & Co.,
lully tendur their servicos and solioit the patronage of
i. ivepek'
their triend and tbe putj. Particular attention
iviid to boring and soltnuz JIoid. Whiakv, flonr.
liralu, Ao. Their charges will he as moderate a
hiiv other good honae in
y. Kefcrto the iner-
i lianbiof f Inciiiunti genora.1
WIX48ON. Ja., ,
. uoi'Dbm
0. P. ElilAS'
' -:Hew , Wholeialfj 'f ,
16 West Fourth Street 1
Where eatt bo had weir article appertaining to tha
Bminess at a naoh lest) prloe, for OAHll, than
has evor before been offered In this market.1 ' " ' ;
And see for yonjselv. . .apU .. ,,
Wm, wh .taker,
,''.; ' J8WILKB, ,v ,,
Ho. ttji H. IT. Cor. Fifth and Ledge street, between : .
I Walnut and Vine, Cincinnati.
AgoodaasortmentofBILVEBandPLATHDWAUL '
. BPKOTAOL8, eso., kept oonetaatly on hand. .
Upooial attention given to Gleaning aad Bepalrtsa
Watches and Jewelry. - i - . v. mflO.u,...
BBGG8 ti SMITH, No. 6 Went 4th St.
their large aaeortnieiit of Watches, Jewelry,
SllveeVare and Diamond. ' --
A She aaaortueal of Plated Tea Beta and Ontlatv
and Opera Gla. ism
mT: M. 1. HEWSON, of 'tke lab firm of
i v newion uoima,wuieontlnM tMiMnsan
,ion JBtoek and Bill Bnikeraae biuinen, at their old
uiBci, Ko. 2t. Baaauent Miisonie HnildlBg, Third.
t rent. fioUoitsaeontiBoaneotbe business bere
t"foa so M heralty bestowed on the oM Srm. nets an.
Btasmfaetstrer of .
M. Bakuug and Seidlitx Powder Box ., Tin Speak-
nb. Itooflnc. and Pealer In Btovea. Ho. au
Ptr All kind of Job Work promptly attended to.
p-airees, viuoionan, oom. .
M. TKD the BAiiOON in the Bniulmr
Uni ding, are now prepared to furolsbfirVv 1
1 lie I r frlenda with the beet (rapnrtri'&TL!,y
Wli ps, Linnor and tligana. "y'y-"
m r Baltimore Shell Orate rl aerved in , , n,"' ,
vc y stylo.
dis-am ' 1 ASTW0OD4 8ABOKNT.
Just received A3 case of new Sardinee, In whole.
half and onarter caas; also a few caw Bonekeaa Bar.
diiiM. These Bardine aro put ap in tht.llneat oil,
are extremely delicate In flavor.
pa axtn
Bar sale wholesale aad retail y
JOHW BltES.'1 '
,NaNoai Thaatrt BnUdlng. Stroaaion i.
, u . .
J :i
i .
t' .

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