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1 I
"WANTfl i livnn a. v it ... M
-., vsuoaua,, IV U1, IjUOTi"
"FOUND,"., In thlsTsMumn, oon.pying flvsj Hnee
er less, two Insertion, twenty-five cento.
W A N T E D A middle-aged woman to
7 cook ?"h P1 Iron, i To one competent,
w"ge" n1 comfortable Dome. Apply at Mo.
. 2 Main-street, daub
W?TD;Al1 "twpHBiog iinS;e lady
vTiWKsfiA00 d(l" and a little town, as i
" z i . op Ha
17"ANTED-A PLACE For two (l,.;
.le Court-street, "uSjgg,ffl&y,-
WZTM E or Amerl
log In a .Sail hmlli.Sft'" S,"M' " !"
WSrd" COOK, on. who can
WfrtNo, !(, Plitt
r. , . upliu-
l' Wi1?511,-1 wonvenlent HOUSE,
r" to ii; u,rr 1op, containing from
mil..'.0-!1 rooms-rent not exowsrllnl lano-nr a
'".rj No. Ml taatThlrd atrint
rANTKD-QIRI44t No. 378 Baymll.
iwuawoS'iSra-."? EH et.nd ral
V.ANTED6M-,to be secured, with 10
road k "7 ci?''' ?,rB WT the amount In rail-
y small HOUSE, or three or
JbTamaoM? BHffitt!iJS
' - - " MCI1U'
-not objected to. Address W. 1. L.Prees Office.
WANTED To Bay and 811, Double-en-trv
Bnnk.lteenln- 4ol.ni.nhi.. i 11--
try Book-keeping Scholarships In Western.
Bseon I, Ohio and OnmTrv'a inmm-Li
IfffW"." n,0I,e' Ing. Apply to W. K.
ACKtEY, Sycamore and Third, TuttleS Exchange
VJ deltb
...... 1 1 ii u ti , n uuu uion:iiu ) j KUfM
. mn,as Balcaminn In a wholesale or reufl
tore. Good reference given. Address J. B , thii
ofnee. dUi.
V v tHli, to-morrow forenoon, nt No. Kiwi
Toiirth-ntrTOt-Intelllgeme Office. deHb
iZl .kno"Ir,,e Vl'e,utIemR' FurnlnTiing
Builuete. Aililri'ta to Lock Box 716, Potolflce.
. fdel.lfl
corner of Pearl end Vlne-utcwla. delu-nw
liyANTED CSerkj, book-keeper, talea
P""1; ,Jr,,;l'Pj portere, coooem, rarpen
er, mecbanlciL la Uurera and otliere. can llnd aitita
l03 at tlie MeroluinteTClerk Reglatry Ofllce. IS)
Welnut-stroet. Idnl2wj UAXK A 00.
yANTED-M E N A large number of
, ctlTO'nl"''m men can And agreeable
ana at the aame Uine hicmtlTe eniploymeut In the
le of some new and popular Book and Map.
Thew works are wrltt.in t.the Iw.t historians and
authom knownto the cflllzed world ; hence their
' v", '" nuuivsniuiafl jut ToarneiTes w
. .... MA,9?Ji. BABNITZ. Publisher,
de3tl 38 W'wt lonrtli-strect, Cincinnati.
OR SALE CHEAP A desirable RES1-
- DIN0K.twOHitorTfrsniA.Ml rnnmi. aoi-iil nut.
tmildlnKa, sltiiated on High-street, Oxtunl, Ohio,
oesr the Female Inststiite and depot. Apply soon
to the owner, A. V. DY A3, at No. 177 Sycamore.
S'TOet. Clnclnnatt, nr PATTON A LIDDLK, No. M
TCTt uim-mnmi vmcinpan. deloleod"
two Booms; also, three Rooms In a Brick
Ilonse situated In rear of Main-street, between
Third and Foorth-itreete. suitable for lleeplng
rooms or lor families ot moderate means. Apply at
she Press Office. deltb
EOR RENT Front part of Room No. 7,
Bacon's Building-, suitable for any kind of of-
hub, appiy tiimn. w.wx. low.
FOR RENT A ood HOUSE, of fire
rooms-No. 461 Fourth-street, three doors east
of Stone-etreet. . Inquire, at No. MS Fifth-street.
FOR RENT ROOMS Suitable for rail
. . Kd, law or fasurance offices, on second and
I01"1 floom. In Topr-iUrj building opposite tbe
Press Office. The building laaalbeen newly re-palnted
iid re juinered. All lu 'good order. Apply at the
Press Oiice. nolo
BOARD IN fl Two gentlemen oan ie
core a fdrnisked room, with board, in a pri
vate family, where a few boarders are received, at
No. 107 Long worth-street. riolib
tlOR SALE A aplendid Saddle and Bng-
. J,r .'!rlB i"'1 n(l 8nlle. A good gold
watch will be takes in part pay. Tnaulre of 0. 0.
Av.lgJ?iij9ij WW Klghth-street. del"h "
FOR SALE CHEAP A second-hand
Billiard Table, Brunswick's make. Inquire at
nnce at No. I 4 Main-street. deltb
FOR SAtE I have for sale the right of
a Mach In e and right of Territory for tbe manu
facturing of the chosptut and bent Tile Rooting now
iii , , V, i it. u. nan s, no. ."w uay-
uiiiwi-siinTv, Munu ui uiiwrty, uiuoinnaii, unio,
Large and Small, Parlor and Office Stoves, which I
offer for sale obesp, at No. 36 Vine-street,
delsc A. 4). PARRY.
BO A R D I N ti A couple of fine, Urge
Rooms to rent, with Board, at No. 139 8yca
mor -street, where a few select boarders are taken
at low rates- Xither families, single gentlemen or
lnle ladles can be accommodated. Reforenco re
quired. del 4b
OARDING Three or four gentlemen ean
be sccommodated with flood Bosrd and nlaaii.
ant Rooms, by applying at No. 221 Fifth-street, near
Plum. deltb
BOARDING A family Single Room to
rent, with or without board, inquire at No.
201 West Third-street. . del4b
X OST A VICTORIN E Middle-sized,
MJi brown, lined witb lavender-oolored silk, The
owner Is at the north-east corner of Fifth and Walnut-streets,
D. K. CADY & CO.
MENT Of ...
hrtnia PresenfM,
At tbe Old Stand, oorner of Fifth and Walnut-iti,
The Cheapest Silks of the Season
Look at tthe Prices.
S,ZOO yardi good 811k at 6Jic.
'S.eoo yards good Silk at tS. 7
B.lOO yards good 811k at 91. 9 ,
8,000 Defter uualltleB.1 ( s
Those Goods were bought for net cash, and are tbe
eheapost floods ever offered in this market. -. . .
delto ' " K6. West Fifth-street.
' LANE 4 BOOLE Y . . .
XAHT'oOTrBIBS op " '
Wood-Working Machinery,
rerner loba and Water te.iOIXelaaatl.0.
. : Hartford, Coimeotiout. , .T
I'aaltal, 9400,000.... ..Aeaete, SlT,Tit.
,i. Pevoted to Flrobnelnoas exclusively.
'-o. i H. A. OLA88FORP, Agent.
no80-amf M West Third-street. Olnolnnatl.
ferteJeWboUaalsandreUOl by . .
d jl3b . . I. BflKN, M Kast f hird-ewtet, ,
" f0" UvertlasU
If want a bones, advertise In
Ir roe. wait to aell anything, advertise la
Ir ron went y boy anythlug, advertise In
I hot, every want supplied by advertising In -
ar Don't forget tbat the Penny
Press Is the medium through which to
make known jour wants 1 Advertise,
ments of Ave lines and less, Inserted
twice for tweuty.flve cents!
aafSee advertisement of Ohio Merotntile
ffThe largest sky-llght In the world ii at
the Broadway Gallery. Remember.
Sukdat St'HOoi ExHiBtTiflii The pupillf
the Sunday School oonnected with Aebury
Chapelon Webster-ttreet, near Main, give
concert and exhibition thii evening, which
will doubtless be highly interesting and largely
Wsathiebt's. Our lady readers, by refer
en.ee to our advertising columns, will pensive
thatChas. Weatherby, No. 112 West Fifth
street, will for the next three weeks offer great
bargains In dresi and dry-goods. This it
rare obance and should not be neglected.
Sals ov FoBrgngD Lauds. Deputy Auditor
Bell resumed the sole of forfeited lands
yesterday morning, and varlooa lots and
property was deposed of, amounting in tbe
aggregate to nearly $1,000. The sale will be
eontinued this morning.
Mbteobolooical : Obsbbvations For the
kimy Pftn, by Henry Ware, Optioian, No. 7
west Fourth-street, December 14.
O'clock. Baroiuotur. Thermometer.
7 A. M 2.S6 27
18 M U....W.0.1 38
P. M .a . n
Christmas Oy8tbb8. Robert Orr, No. II
West Fifth-streot, is receiving daily superb
Baltimore oysters. As Christmas Is drawing
near, our citizens should give Orr a call, and
satisfy themselves as to the superiority of bis,
delicious bivalves.
Soissa Danramtu av tuw ftivDi-Ui(t,
Mr. and Mrs. Shank give their fourth wtroe
umam at me uonoert-room or tee Opera-
From the preparations whioh are being made
.ui. mil uuuuiioes oe onooi ug most orillUM
affair of the kind tbat has been given during
the present season. 1 ,
Si-aldixo's Pbi pabbo Guik. This notorious
and much sought after preparation, to the
great adhesive properties of whioh the Union
ist will, in the tiiue of trial, look hopefully,
Is now to be had of John D. Park, corner of
Fourth and Walnut streets. It Is certainly a
valuablo article, and, in the language of Mrs.
Toodies, "will be found to be very convenient
to have in the house."
Unfaio Lrttbbs. The following Is a list of
letters detained for non-payment of postage at
the Postoffioe, in this oily, December 14:
Tork 4 White, WestfieW, III.
I). Cockerell, Memphis, Tenn.
J. W. Ohevney, Philadelphia, Peon.
A . H. Brahe & Oo New York.
W. P. Kqnlbles It Oo., Aurora, Ind.
H. A. Harrington, Madison, Ind.
A Dbaymak RunOvbb bt His Owb Vhici,b.
An inebriated drayman named Michael O'Don
nell, while passing up Broadway, between
Fifth and Sixth, yesterday afternoon, fejl from
his vehicle and was run over. Fortunately
tbe dray wrb empty or he would uudoubtedly
have been killed, for the wheel passed diago
nally over his chest and face. As it was be
was quite seriously, although not dangerously
injured his face being bruised considerably
and his head badly cut apparently by tbe fall.
He was ploked up by some persons in tbe
neighborhood who placed him upon his dray
and drove him to his residence on Culvert
street, a short distaqce east of Broadway. .
Sbbiocs Accidbht to a Littlb 8irl. A
child about five years of age, daughter of a
Mrs. Charlotte Munsen, residing on Seventh
street, near Cutter, met with an aooident day
before yesterday by which she has entirely
lost the sight of her right eye. She bad a
pen-knife tn her hand which belonged to her
brother, who is a few yeais her senior, and
they were ohasiog each other about the room
when she fell, tbe blade of the instrument en
tering the ball of ber right eye, destroying tbe
sight forever. Apart from the damage done
to tbe eye of the girl, the wound Is considered
dangerous, as the knife passed through the
socket and into the head, and upon this
account it Is feared may yet prove fatal. ,
Covtmiptiblb and Dastardly Outbaob A
young lady, whoee name we withheld from
motives of delloaoy, while on the way to or
from the Opera-house, night before last, was
made the viotlm of one ot the most contesap
tible acts we have been oalled upon to record
for a long time. Some scoundrel, who de
serves to be dealt with without mercy, appar
ently by the nse of a syringe, threw vitriol
upon quite a valuable opera-cloak, and com
pletely ruined it Her dress was also injured
slightly, but the damage could not be com
pared with that which was done to the cloak.
This Is a speoies of villany which is wholly
without excuse, and betrays a depth of degrad
ation and malice which, we thank heaven, is
seldom found.
OriNiNO or Tbiritt M. E. CutritOBr A so
cial meeting of tbe members and friends of
the new Methodist Episcopal Church . on
Ninth-street, botween Raoe and Elm, will be
held this evening, the purpose of which is to
eolleet money sufficient to purchase a earpet
for the basement of the ohurch In which ser
vice will be held hereafter, until the main
building be completed. The dedicatory exer
eises of this portion of tbe house will take
plaoe on Sunday next, at 10)4 o'clock, A. M.,
when a sermon will be preached by Rev. D.
W. Clarke, D, D., editor of the Zarftu' St
poiitry, and accompanying services performed
by Rev. T, A. Morris, senior Bishop of the M,
E. Ohurch, assisted by several other minis
ters. .. y n.,
. The services of the day will be continued by
the Sabbath Sohool at 2'A P. M., and the
regular evening service at 7)4 p. M.. at which
time the pastor, Rev,. W. H. Sutherland, will
preach.' !'.:
Sudobk DiAin of a Youro SlBk OoBfrNBR'S
Irqpbbt. Ooroner Carey, yesterday morning,
held an Inquest upon the body of a girl named
Anna Mary Bohrr aged fourteen years, who
died quiet suddenly at the ressdenoe of some
relatives, at No. 100 Richmond-street.
About four o'clock on the afternoon of Tues
day lagt she complained of a severe pain in
the head, and laid down upon the bed, while
her cousin left the house for a few moments
to inform her mother of the fact. Befbrs she
returned, however, the girl had died.
She was a semi-orphan, having lost her
mother, in Germany, and as her father was
absent from the city, and no one living in
the house at the time of the death, it was
thought best to hold an Investigation ofths
circumstances connected with, her sudden de
mise, .i . . t
Upon holding a post-mortem examination, It
was discovered tbat the girl had reached the
most crttloal period of woman's life, and the
Jury decided that death was superinduced by
congestion of the brln, In consequence of the
effeot of a cold upon her delicate organisa
tion. ' '"
City Council-Last Night's Proceedings.
Mr. Toohey objected to tbe approval of that
portion of the minute of action of the Board en
br 1" ' U.-.iBS'fVert member from the rbsrueof
i -fT?" "JtrnP,,nn referents to street railroad
leslslsllun. The minutes were approved.
,l?fi PPrfPrtatr to remedy a anisaace In
School-alley lu the seventeenth
i". Oommlttoe on Police and
Olty Prisons, r ported adverse to the remonstrance
of residents of the Third Ward salnit the temporary
Branch Prison and Work-house for rentals Vagrants,
aow being established In that Ward, '
The. recommendation i of the Committee was
adopted, and $1,000 appropriated toward tilting the
rarson-itreet school bouse for tbe purpose named.
A proposition to restrict the oommitlee so that
none of the very troublesome prisoners should be
placed therein. The Board, considering tbat the
worst should be provided for as well as the best, voted
down the proposition. . .
Mr. Perry presented resolution looking to securing
Epiicopal burying ground foreitonsiun of Washing
ton Park, at cost of S30,0i. Referred. .
(27 90 were appropriated to pare alley in rear of
Oolored Orphan Asylum.
VI!) 60 were appropriated lor outside benches in
Findley-street market. . ,,
SI0O for temporary repairs or sewer at Wade and
Freeman streets.
Council rofhsed to suspend the rules to pay Si ,800 for
plans of new hospital.
The Committee on Public Bnitdlngs and Public
Uroiiuda reported a recommendation of contract
with J.and D. DeCanip,at their bid of 294,(W, to
build anew (Jity Hall accordingto plans on flic.
The report was laid on the table, and an Ineffectual
attempt was made to take it up again.,
The same Committee recommended aeontraotwlth
Handy A Bros., to build and completes new Com
mercial Hospital, according to a plan drawn by
Messrs. Isslsh Rogers ft Co., to cost fcWOT, provided
that authority be given, by the Legislature to Is
sue bonds for that
The committee recommended that Passenger Oom
psuy be allowed to lay a double track on Flfih
.trvet, between Wood and Freeman-al reels, whioh
was amended so as to require t he assent of all the
property holders along the line fronting the track to
lie laid, when the Board adopted tbo recommenda
A formal ordinance was passed, authorising the
Olty solicitor to take early steps to secure condemna
tion of Hunt-street, from old corporation line to the
new corporation line of this city.
Mr. Mooro presented a resolution to reeclud the
resolution heretofore adopted, giving theClnciunati
Street Railroad privilege to lay down turn-outs
Persons on East Frout-streot complained of the
route granted to Fifth-street and Pendleton-sl reet
Railroad, and their remonstrance Was, at the time,
referred to the Comrnltteo on Roads aud Canals, who
report tbat Council has no power, without the con
sent of the Company, to Interfere with a contract
duly signed. Their report was adopted.
Council agreed to meet on Monday night.
Tbe City Auditor last night reported to the
City Council that during the week ending on
Tuesday evening last, orders had been drawn
on the City Treasury for the following sums:
Superior Court Fund
Wntch Fund
Superior Court fund.
Light Fund
.......mm.... ...... $2,1A1 79
i oo
M no
1,250 no
worK-nonse rumi
Fire Department Fuod...
4 20
1,0X1 43
2W 6S
t'oiico conrt and Ull
I City Prison Fund
Tolal J,;6S 17
There ire now remaining in the City Treas
ury the following sums : .
General Fund...... in," vi
Watch Fund M 'm J7
Iuterest i'lind.... 20,411 40
Superior Court Fund 4,439 at
Fire Department Fund........... ,. 75
Li6bt Fiind..;....l.r...M. ) 30
Work -house tund 47
McSI icken Fund ..................... .......... uo ,
8inkingFnnd..... .. ivf),.wi 79
Common School Fund Bonds snd Cash..,. 39,706 29
Colored School Fund...... M 2,970 eg
Poliob Court. Judge Lowe examined
twenty-six oases yesterday morning,the greater
part of which were uninteresting and unimpor
tant. . ...
A man : named Rlohard Palmer was ar
raigned upon a charge of an assault with at
tempt to kill another, named Martin Hunt,
whom he beat very severely night before last,
at some drinkiog-house in the Fourth Ward.
Tbe case was eentinued nntil the 16th inst,
snd tbe defendant held to bail for his appear
ance at that time in the sum of $5,00.
' A fellow named Edward Wilson wss charged
with tbe superlative meanness of an assault
upon his landlady, Mrs. Elisa Thayer, and
sentenced to pay a fine of $5 aud costs, but in
default of which he was committed to tbe City
Prison. The punishment seems to us to have
been quite light, for there is something so
cowardly and brutal about the act of abusing
a woman that it seems to us wholly inex
piable. .i ., ,r . . '. ,
Womar Badly Ikjursd bv a Fall, A wo
man named Margaret Ranoh, residing some
place on Buckeye-street, slipped day before
yesterday on the pavement in front cf her
residence and fell, striking her head upon a
stone-step, it is feared,- fatally fraotured her
skull. She was taken up in an insensible con
dition and taken Into the bouse, but medical
aid as yet has been of little avail, and she stilt
remains in a state of semi-unconsciousness.
Mrs. Rauch is about thirty-fire years of age,
and is, unfortunately, in that much-to-be-regretted
condition which Is always thejore
runner of maternity.
At the regular session of the County Commis
sioners, held yesterday morning, orders were
passed amounting in the aggregate to $ 819 26,
Messrs. Roudebush and Shaw, Commission
ers of Clermont County, were in' the city yes
terday, and a joint session, aojording to ap-
f (ointment, was held for the purpose of se
eding a President of the Union Bridge Com
pany. After a number of ballots, John N.
Rldgeway, Kiq., was elected to that position;
The report of the Treasurer showed that there
are now $844 59 in the treasury cf that Com
pany.; '' i
ThbRed Mrn'b Ball. Tbe Seventh An
nual Treaty of the Wyandotte Tribe, last night,
at the Melodeon Halt, was in every respect a
fine affair. The eyes of the females of the
party did not grow less bright as the morning
came, and the Hunting Moon, we are satisfied,
never gated upon a more joyous company.
The dance was oontinned until a late hour,
and the music, whioh was excellent, oaused as
much pleasure, apparently, to the few who did
not devote themselves to Terpsichore, as to
those who were the greatest votaries of the
graceful goddess.
A rr t st or a Dgsbrtbb. About a year ago
a fellow named William Shotley deserted
from, the Newport Barracks, and since . that
time has not been heard from, until yesterday,
when he went into the Hammond-street
Station-houso for some purpose, we know not
what, and was detained by Officer Riggs. His
case, will be disposed of this morning by Judge
Lowe. " ..
lici Foecs. There was a ruaor in the oity
yesterday to the effect that a member of our
police force had committed self-destruction at
a small town in Indiana. We have no means
at present of arriving at the truth of the story,
and therefore withhold the nsme, giving the
rumor just as It earns to us. ,
' Fikb JswelrY. We call the attention of
bur readers to the fewelry establishment of E.
k D, Kinsey, No. 24 West Fifth-street. 1 Their
Stock is one of the finest in tbe ityf and has
been selected with the utmost ears. They
seem also to be fully prepared to please the
most fastidious fancies, and execute all orders
with promptness and dispatch. '
Jobk Kain Acvittbd. The iary in the
ease of John Kain, for several days on trial
for the murder of Singleton, with which oar
readers are familiar, yesterday afternoon re
turned a verdict of "not guilty," and the
prisoner, as we believe he deserves to be, was
' The 'artist at the Broadway Gallery
can beat the photograpbio world coloring
plate platures. ( ; r ' '.-.(..
I , ,.. .. . 1 1 1 v , i 1 1 ;
. jSrExtra pictures of babies taken- at the
Broadway Gallery, No. W Broadway.' ;
"Beautiful oolored ferrotypes taken only
at the Broadway Gallery. . ' , ; , 1
Pus's OpxRA-HOI'SK. Bulwer's Imsiltifttl
Jay of Moarr drew a large and brilliant anrit-ure to
ue Opra-lioiise last night, and ae sill venture I"
assert that no o la this ilireter 'rfore '. It s
well enacted. U every part It was well jit!, and
tbe principal characters were adminiM)' pcrjunlfM.
Td-nlHt Mr. Murdoch will appear A "Il;iisl,t,''a
character In Which be tins dot a anfurjtr upon the
stage. Airs. (Jon way will enact "Ophelia," arid those
who are beat acquainted with her iinrit, will be moat
easily Indobed to believe that It will lie a beautiful
impersonslion. In the farce Mr, Dariileeaud Addle
Proctor will both appear,
Wood's THiatsr. A good sudiosce at
tended this Theater last evening, snd were highly
pleased apparently witb the plquaule Haggle's per
sonations. She has a peculiar mode of reudormg
herself popular which, we confess, we do not under
stand. This evening she appears in Uardot, tbs
PovLTat Dealib, and Katy O'Shisl, two pieces
the hss rendered very attractive through hsr repre
sentations. She has many admirers in this city, and
we presume she will have a largej audience.
National Trbatsb. Mrs. and Miss Farren
seem to be pleasing tbe habltaes of the National,
and were greeted Ust night by an excellent audi
ence. To-night Mrs. F.will appear as "Airs. Haller"
In Kotzebue's tragedy of The SraAxora while Fan
nie will delight bet admirers with what, we doubt
not, will be excellent rendering of the ensracter of
"Francine" in the beautiful drama of QaitT tothi
Eakb's AsbTro Panobama. Kane's Arctic
Panorama opened last evening to a large audience,
at Smith A Nixon's Hall. It Is a flue thing, and all
who fool an interest in the North Pole (as Sydney
Smith's friend did,) should not fall to see it at an
early day. As a painting. It is one of the best that
has ever visited this city.
Vkbuict. Donn Piatt vs. Wm. ttrandiu.
Oase reported before. Verdict for plnlntlff Tor $25(1.
Theodora Hersernian and wife vs. The Eagle In
surance Company. Before Jmigo Spencer. Action
to recover et& upon a policy of Insurance taken out
on a stock of millinery goods at 268 Fifth-street.
The defense claim that the policy was forfeited by a
fraudulent representation as to I ho amount of prop
erty detruyed. Verdict not ascertained.
Welsh A Co, vs. J, C. Johns, Before Judge Storer,
recover amount ot a note, which defendant
claimed was settled by giving a hone and harness to
the holder. Verdict for plaintiff for $lo
Jordan vs. Kyan. Action of ejectment to recover
three feet of ground. Jury disagreed.
Cornelius Snyder and others, vs. A. W.
Snyder and others. Before Judge Carter, A pro
ceeding to set aside the will of General John Snyder,
Hyoamore Township, which it was alleged was
made under undao influence. "
CbimiSal Suit -Before Jndge t'olllni.T-The State
vs. James Ford and John Banuegan. The defend
ants were charged with a robbery.
Jacob Nels, the prosecuting wttnnss, testified that on
the night of the 18th of September, in the nelghbor
boodof Camp Wiubtugron, while he was walking borne
be saw two men staudlug by a tree, one of whom,
Bannegan, sprung on blrh and threw him down, and
held bfui while Ford took from his pocket a Ave dol
lar bill and a gold chain, worth $15, which were in
his pocket-book. They both then ran off along the
tow-path of the canal. The witness neversaw either
of the men before, but Identllied them positively
Verdict of guilty. Gaines for the Slate, A. H. Hock
ing for defence.
Kxsult or the KAUtTni.iL.-Mr. Gaines made the
closing argument for the State In the case of John
Kain, tried for the murder of Richard Singleton.
Judge Collins, in the course of his charge to the
jury, adverted to tbe excuse or jnstillcatiun setup,
that the deceased bad seduced the daughter of the
Supposing, lie remarked, It were true, it would uot
fHI'ord a justification, or shield the defendant, al
though no more grievous injury could hare been in
flicted upon him. It was not for them to try tbe
cime by any hii'lier law than what was written, and
the statute of Ohio does not say that a niau may
shoot tha seducer of his dainrhtor-not even in the
first transport of Ills paseion, anil when the provoca
tion was recent.
Still, the jury was permitted to consider how far
the brother who vindicates the rnln of a sister, or the
father the seduction of a daughter, Would he moved
by mallce-or in the lirst transports nf grief how tar
either would he capable of that deliberation which
by the statute of Ohio were made the principal In
grediuntsof murder In ibe lirst degree. - "
The jury was also very fully instructed by theCourt
on the law of insnnltysuoh a plea having benn set
npin tbe case.
Alter about sight hours deliberation thejurya
Ujailtcd the prisoner.
Judge Hilton heard an application for the
discharge of Jacob Green, who was in custody on a
charge of stealing loo from the safe of Moore, Solo
mon A Moore. After bearing the evidence the Court
declined to discharge the prisoner or to reduce bit
ball. ,
- The River continnes to decline at this point,
having fallen during the twenty-rour hours ending
last evening nearly four fest. The water is still fall
ing above and below from Piltsburg to Cairo In
deedbut still there Is abundance for navigation.
Boats are still pas.ing over Ihs Falls at Louisville,
bnt It is probable they can not do so after this wook.
The weathei was colder yeaterdav, and the atmos
phere last evening keen and nipping, with a lower
temperature than characterised the earlier part of
the day. Ice la forming along the shore, and, an we
learn, the Ice Is running freely sone two hundred
miles above here, we may expect these gelid obsta
cles In this quarter lu a day or two.
Business was fairly active yesterday, and though
freights generally wera not abundant, those for the
South so :lncroaaed that there were uot boats onotigh
to carry It oh. Tbe prevailing rates of freight were
at follows :
Pittsburg Cotton, .'.: Molasses. 7AC.J Whisky,
3O0.1 Flour, :iOc.; Pork and Lard, tlo. 1 Pound
Freights, 15a por 1(H) lbs.
Nashvillo wblaki, per br 50: Ale, toe.; Pound
Freights, WtkMo. per 100 lbs.
St. Louis Heavy Pound Freights, 25c. per 100 lbs.;
Whisky and 011,650. per brl.; Stores, Jf.; Ale,50o.
per brl.
New Orleans-Wbisky and Oil tWe; Flour, 50c.; Pork
75c.; Bacon, Butter, Cheese, Ac; 35c. per M) lbs.;
Keg Lard, 20cj Empty Barrels, !6c., Horses, 810 par
head; Pound Freights, 30c.
Tuesday's Louisville Courier obserrcJ : " -
"Tha river since our last report has risen about Is
Inches, and commenced falling slowly yesterday
morning. During Friday night and most of the day
Saturday (t was rising nearly an Inch per hour, with
about 14 feet water on the falls. Last evening it had
fallen 2 or 8 Inches stud still falling slowly, with very
mild, clear weather, causing the snow and tee to dis
appear quite fast, and making the wharf rind streets
extremely muddy and sloppy," ' .
The Cumberland River on Friday commenced
swelllns? again at Nashville. Human hut tdowlv.
The Wabash is at a good stage for navigation, and
its main tributary, Whits River, was boat full, but
Bed River and all the southern tributaries are re-
ported in good navigable order, and uultea fleet, of
regular ilea aiver packets were preparing ro leave
New Orleans last Sunday and Monday lor Bed Uiver.
The full resumption of navigation In Bed and
Onachitta Rivers will give an Immense Impetus to
the trade of Now Orleans aud the whole 8011th,;
Arrivals. Telegraph, Louisville: Ohio Ko. 3, Ma
rietta; Magnolia, Maysvllle; Oiny Eagle, Pouieroy;
Forest Queen, Madison; Dnnleltb, Neville; Virginia
Home, Neville; Eunice Louisville, 1
Departures. Telegraph, Louisville' Gray Kmtle,
Porneroy; Magnolia, Maysvllle; Hose I Dell. Pitta.
burg: Fred. Tron, New Orleans; Dnnlolth, Nevolle;
Virginia Home, Neville; Forest Queen, Madison.
Monetary and Commercial.
Currency was still very close yesterday, and tbe
Bankers oontinned to complain of the scarcity, which
Is general. ,
The Discount-hoiiNes do all Ihey safely can for their
customers, bnt yet the latter often falf to obtain one
half of what they ask for. The capital in the cltv Is
at present fully In nse, 'and will be until the end of
January. Good Paper it dose at 10U per cent.,
generally at the latter figure.
In Eastern Exchange there was no alteration yes
terday, dealers rarely paying over par tn outsiders on
any nf the points, but selling as before at M prom,
on all.
Missouri and Illlnolswers sti'l In demand In Third,
street yesterday at 1M and )i dla.; the Brokers hav
ing no difficulty in selling at 'AHUi percent, hotter.
The Imports and Exports of various articles during
tho twenty-four hours ending yesterday noon, were:
ljirnnTs.-Flour.SlBhrls.; Whlsky,6,50hrls.; Corn;
3,8.10 bushels; Wheat, S.8HS bushels; Oals, .i,2l9bnsbeU'
Barley, 77 bushels ; nogs, ,7W head ; Pork nnd
Bacon, 6 hhda.; do , 30 hrfs.; do., M,5SS pounds; Ap
ples, ZMbrls.: Butter, W kegs; Chsese, 1,710 boxes;
Potatoes, 77 brls,; Salt, Hal brla.; Sugar, 3M hhda,;
Molasses, 1,039 brls.; Coffee, 3 bags, ,
15xP0BTs.-Floiir, 553 brls.; Whisky, 1,0M brls.!
WbeaU 400 bushels; Pork.and Bacon, 225 hhda.; do.,
3 tierces; do., m2 brls; do.. IIS hxs; Apples, 24 brls;
Butter, 178 kgs.; Cheese bxs.j Potatoes, US brla.;
Salt., 442 brls.; Sugar, 73 hhds.; Molasses, 132 brls.;
Cofloa, 1,777 bags.
Flour and Whisky were unchanged yesterday
Grain aud Groceries continued steady without varia
tion In price. I'rovlilons were oolet, and the feeling
lu them heavy. Hogs were still dull, aud rate
lower, 4,447 head selling nt t5 (2($6 20.
Tuesday'sTrlbnne thru refers to Inst week's Hank
statement, already telegraphed here :
The weekly statement of Bank averages la about
as was anticipated. The Incroase of loans la rather
larger than was anticipated, but a portion of the In
crease comes from the new Manufacturers and Mer
chants' Bank, now first appearing lu the statement.
The specie shows a small decrease, bnt the receipt of
nearly two millions from California, while the drain
to Europe this wsek oan uot be large, will give a more
favorable character to tbs next statement.
The following Is a comparative statement of the
condition of the Banks or the City of New Tork for
the week ending December 10 :
1 i; Deo. 3. Dee.' W. '
Loans...........l22,l!7 031 $122,92 40S Ino. f 788,374
Specie, 20,041', Sap 1,75 Mo Dg. i'M.WJ
Circulation..... 8,3,m18I 8,431 4M Ino. e2,667
Net Deposits..,. 76.253 722 . 70,571 427 Ino. 312,7(15
Tuesday's New York Times Observes; . ,
The present week oponn with an easy supply of
Money at 7 per cent, Dlsoouuts and 1 per cent, for
Loans rettirnahkt n demand, and with a further
decline in the Exchange oa France, which la down
to-day to f.5 17HI.5 16'-i for lint-class bills. The In.
ollnaiion Is to steadiness en London at 10S Aginfifci
fbr Bank and Banker's bills, aud m$AMH for best
olass of Merchant bills. Outside Money lenders are
waiting prime lists of May and Juno Paper, (doable
names of oonrse,)at7 percent, pet-annum, and choice
day acceptances at per cent. - . ..
'1 ..:..
Lastweek'e statement of the Philadelphia Banks
presents the following aggregate as compared with
those of the previous week:
Iw . tier 17.
Capital Stock ..?il at7.m III (7,Ji...Iuc. Iltaj
Loone... :'i,a. Ii,MI,IM..,Dm. 52,3rt
Specie I.Vit.l.'J .iR,2Inc. 7,7.'i2
iinarroro other Hhs t,:iM,u ..H1,hw...I)oc. 42.107
Due toother Banksi t.m,rl H4,ou7..Ine. SAS4I
Deposits 1 1 . '.2 "I lt,-l.5l...DeW.lfiO,4
Circnlatixu 2,l-,2Jo )7it,AVDee. 25.42
BoStoW Boa awb Biioj. Mabhut Xatnrdav. De-
reniber 10. The Boot aud Shoe market coulinue
very guiet and remains pretty much as noticed for
some weeks. Orders from the South aud West conie
in siowiy, and we will evidently have a quiet market
fbr some three or four weeks. A bill of goods baa
been sold during the week to an Arkansas buyer,
and a party from Baltimore lias ruartosoine purchases
for the California market. With the New Ktiirland
trade the lui.ineas coiitiuoiat fair for the mm-hii.
Prices rnleoulto low and are unsettled. There Is u
good stock for the season, and, with the addition of
oinc work, the assortment would be large and com
plete. Our ex ports for several Weeks have been small
compared with the corresponding weeks of last year.
Testerdey's St. Louli Repnbl'oan remarks:
The river here has become stationary at last. It
did not move at all either up or down all yesterdsy,
There is fire feet scant in the channel ont to Cairo,
and tbe water very hard tn find at several places,
The laat arrival from below reports four lie! six
Inches with the lead, and five feet scant with a Hick,
at Sheep Island.
There) was no ice of any consequence floating lu the
river last evening, and there la none to Interfere with
navigation anywhere between this port and Cairo.
The boat have only to contend with the numerous
We Uave no late accounts from any oftha upper
rivers. The M la.liialnnl la siiddobm! to be nearlvcloar
of Ice to Keokuk. Tuo Illinois and Missouri Rivers
are closed with leu. There is a great deal of shore
ice along the Missiaalppl, and tbe cbsnnel is con
fined to a very narrow space. -
' Yesterday's St. Lonls Democrat in tonus tw:
The baying rule of Eastern Sight Kxohuuge was
about H lower to-day, the Institutions generally of
fering but H premium for it. The selling rate was
generally 1 per cent, premium. The bauk rate Is
though lo ottlslilersna high as 1M was charged, at
leist lu one Instance that we are cuguizant of. Sight
orfthe South sold nt IM premium, but the demand
and supply are both small, .
1'LOL'R The market lma not changed essentially
il nee our las'; the ilcnniiid is fair: sales of tMio brls.
ex Ira atj.1 topi vo.
WHISKY Tbe market is unchanged snd steady:
sales of 1,200 barrels at 22c including tbat from
HOGS The market was atala dull to-day, and
sriroa lower, closing heavy. The sales were:
300 bead averaging 170 lbs. at ..... i 73
l.'0 head averaging 200 lbs. aU.........M..-........ 6 20
150 head averaging 2U0 lbs. at t 1ft
M bead averaging ISO lbs. at....- s 10
110 head averaging l'Ji lbs. at - 6 Oil
170 head averaging 185 Ilia, at A 80
va head averaging V) lbs. at..... 6 35
H) head averaging l'AI lbs, at. ,.....,. 00
111 head averaging 2U0 lbs. at.... ii 25
2X1 head averaging loo lbs. at 0 75
wi head averaging I'O lbs. at i m
ISO bead averaging I'm lbs. si IKI
o head averaging 17c Ilia, at t 75
21)0 head averaging 210 Ibe. at..... d V'.'l
Mil head averaging 140 lbs. at 6 02
20(1 head averaging M lbs. at 5 90
3.-0 head averaging I'Jd lbs. at...... .1 90
5U0 head averaging 180 lbs. at ft 85
PltOVISIONS-anj barrels Mens Pork sold at Jin.
Tho demand was limited, and a fair amount 1 11 the
market at this rate. 115 bhds. bulk Moat sold at tic.
lor Shoulders, and 7,;ao. lor fides, packed. 3,ono green
Hams sold ut Hc. Lard dull at Inc. tor barrel, and
HiVj railc. for keg. Not much demand.
liltOOEUlES-Sugar linn, and in lair demand at
8Oo. Moluases firm: run barrels sold at 47o. Coffee
unchanged. ;
W HKAT The market continues linn, with a good
demand for prime while ut $1 2ftl 28, and prime red
at II !at 2(1. ...
CORN There Is a good demand, and prices firm
at .'sir. in bulk. '
OATS The demand is active, aud prices steady at
UAUit.1-mere la n goon ueiuanu, and prices
firm at "34S"5o. for prime fall, and t570c. lor fair to
RYE The market la firm, with a good demand at
our laat quotations.
CUEESK The demand la active, ahd prices firm:
sulfa of 050 boxes Weateru Reserve at Sc.; lull .do,
English Dairy at lie.
' HOTTER Tlirre Is a good demand for Central
Ohio roll at 16al7c.., nnd Wottcru Reserve at I8,20c.:
sales of in burrols prime Western Reserve at 19c. - .
A t'PLKS The market is firm, witb a good demand
attl 75$2 75 per barrel: sales of 100 barrels at ! in;
5(1 do. choicest 82 fi.1 " - ' ( . .
POTATOES Tbe demand is good, and prices firm:
sales of M barrels good Neahanocka st ft tw, 50 do.
at (I do; 300 bnahels do. at 93c. .
CLOVER SEED There is an active demand, and
prices have advanced to l 8(i4 85. -
New York Maueit, December 14-P. M. Flour
opened dull and heavy, and closed steady, with a fair
demand for export and boms consumption: sales ot
3,(100 barrels, at 5 055 15 for superfine State: So 20
(5 SO for extra State; 5 Oftfn 20 tor supei titis Weat
em; $5 25g0ft 40 for common to medium extra do.,
and 94 80 for inferior to good shipping brands extra
round-hoop Ohio closing atcady,witu a fair business.
Canadian Flour a ahade firmer: sales of 400 brls. at
?5 HHM ISO for common to choice extra. Rye Flour
u fair request at J3 60(l 40, Wheat very qniett
shinpers and millers are holding back for a material
ileoltne; holders do not sauiu very anxious to realize.
The nominal quotations are $1 I5f.l lit tor Chicago
Spring; $1 1 7(Wil 20 for Milwaukle Olub: sales of 3000
bushels of Arulwr Sontheru ut SI 35. Itye quiet, and
pretty firm at 8l'CS'J0c. Barley very firmly held: sales
of 10,000 bushels, at 7.i?eoc. for State: 82c. for com.
moil Canada West. Corn scarce uiid firmer: sales ot
la.itoii bushels, at WAlKo. for new yeUow, aud Isio. for
old vellow. Oats tiiin lit 40tft!7c. for State. Western
nnd Canadian. Whisky iictive-and firmer: saloa of
4.10 uris ut 2,c., unit now nem at iDiiatJic, rurk
dull and heavr: sales of 150 brla.. atfllti utStU lift ins
meaa: $11 50 for prime. Beef less active: sales of290
barrels, at S4IS4 M for country prime; S5&5 50 for
uo. meas; v.rgiu ror oki ana new renacKou mess, ana
$10 50C2111 for extra mess. Dressed Hogs quiet at 7.c.
Ileef Hams Ncarce and firm at I4 50 for Western.
Prime mess Beef aillet at S I7A20. Cnt Meats steady:
sales of 125 nexkiiges ldckted. at 7o. forShoiildera.
and 10c. for Hiuns. Bacon quiet: sales of 75 boxes
western enmoertand minutes at site, bard leas
(movant: sales of 215 brls. at 10li(ailc. Butler in
moderate demand at IKAlIoc. for Ohio, snd 1523c.
lor siaie. vneose in gooa usmanii t Kttmc. uot
ton is th ru: tales of l.llSI bales. Linseed Oil Is held
at .Vi57c. Mol.uaes firm at r;Mc. Rice steady.
PitiLADKi.rHiA Maekht, December 14. Tbe snow
storm to-day has materially interfered with busi
ness. Flour dull, snd sales are conlined to the wants
of tho homo trade, at Si 3Ui(r64 00 for superfine;
B5 t2X)! 87 for extra, and J6m)9 go for extra fam
ily. Tuestock Is comparatively small and supplies
como forward veryalowly. Rye Flour dull at $4 37,.
Corn Meat at S3 75. Wheat Is lu lair request, but
not much ofiering: sales of good red at SI 31(311 32,
and white nt Si IU(i.l 43. Bye wanted at Mo. Corn
in active demand, and advanced lc: sales of lO.OUi
bnshels of new yellow' at 7'.3lc. for dry. and old
yellow is scarce und wanted at 03c. Il.la binlielsol
Pennsylvunla Oats sold at 4445c. Sugar very firm:
tales of 2()0 hhds., now crop New Orleans, at f.0i:s.
Molasses nt .Vic. Provisions held firmly, but without
movement worthy of notice. Whisky firm at
G82SC. - ' 1
UaIiTimob Mahest, DecuuiLer U. Flour decliu
iua: Howard-street at X5 25. Wheat firm: sales ot
111,0110 bushels at firmer rates. Corn buoyant: white
at 70A072, and yellow at 76Vp78o. Mass Pork steady
at SI6, and prime $10 50,, Baron at 10c. Whisky
firm at 87c. ' u.. ,u., , (
isKW York Oatiui Mhket, December 14. Beeves
iitui; receipts 01 .v"iu neaa. nwine nrm at axgsetto.
.an.tnt.a,Uiaka.f( ... ' il.' 1 , .. . t.
CiiK'L'iT Court. The Circuit Court will com'
niencc its December terni next Mondar. but on so-
count of other Courts intertering it will only remain
lu session two wsess. . The greater portion of this
period will be occupied ia disposing of the criminal
business, which Is very heavy and Important. The
following are the names of the persons against whom
indictments are pending and the'nature of tha crimes
with which tbey are charged:
Joseph Taylor, nuisance; Pal. Welsh, tippling
houto; William Shipp, suReriuggiiubllDg; JoelDi d
msn, sufisring gaming; Lawrence Roach, tippling
liouan: Pat. Conner, tippling-hotite; H. lloviar, tip-pllug-bonse;
II. Netnoyer, suilering gaming; H. Deu
man, gaming; J. Butler, linpllns-house; Thomas
Cannon, anlferlng gaming; John Wnimuberg, suffer
Ing gaming: William l inter, gambling; (Jeo. Ben
nett, ganibllug; J. J. Mnrnhall,aPinibliig; .1, J. God
dard, two indtotinenta, couiiterfvitiog; J. Mnssie,
two indictmonts, counterfeiting; J. P. McLaughlin,
misdemeanor; J. Oraigmeyer, : misdemeanor; J-.
Gninkemityer, niladeiueaoor; 0. Jones, mladeuicanor;
Terry O'iirien, tlppling-houae; Henry Goesmsyer,
tlppllng-house; Elixa Hay, misdemeanor; G. W.
Cruig, swindling; John Lealle. misdemeanor; A,
Northmeyer, nuisance; J. K lick inner, nulaanccj W4
H. L. Kwell, niisilcmennor. - . .
In lulditlon to tbe akive there are twenty persons
committed to await the action of the Grand Jury, all
of whom will, no doubt, be indicted. The Crimea
with which they are charged arena follows:
Obtaining money under false pretences I; pussing
worthlds monoy 1: petit larceny 1; burglary 9; perjury
I; passing counterfeit money A; grand larceny I ; mis
demeanors 4. - i - . . ,
- On tbe common law civil docket there are 170
eUM.: fin Hie Minltv iliu?lri.i. nthftnt 200 old and FA vtrtw
uuos. It will require nl least aix weeks to dispose of
an tne cases now roanr ior trim.
Sals ok -Forpeitro Lards. Mr. Bowen,
the City Colleotor, advertises for sale a Hat of for
feiUHl lauds, up n which taxes are due, aud whioh
have been forfeited fur non-payment,. Boms have
been forfeited since 142. . ,,
i '
Washington Artillerv CoiirANY. This
company has procured an armory ou the corner of
Saratoga and Bellevue-streets. Their guns ate ex
pected to arrive toiorrow. - " .ij:
Discraroed. Waltor, who shot hit sister a
few days slnoe, was discharged yesterday by the
Police Judge at Alexandria, j ' "
jno.h. deters;
MANUFACTURER, No. 53 Wost Fourth-street,
hns now in store a large aud complete retail slock of
Gentlemen's Boots, Shoos and rtllppers, which, tor
extent and variety, la not aurpated weat of Mew
York. Alan, Hentlomen'a, Lad lea', Misses' and
Children 'a Boots, Shoes, Gaiters, Ac, or bl own
mannl'actnre, at wholesale. . dol3
J. M'ELEVEY, ( i
Merchant ;Tai)id
No. 48 I'OIfRTH-flTRBET, f t';
i.. If
Status orNEPTnxlc DiarovlRiri fx EScttrt
While workmen were engaged in making an
excavation recently la the interior of an apart
ment in ihe Duke of Clarence tavern, Clsfton,
England, they brought to light a large atatu
.f Neptune, about seven feet in hlght, cut in
Portland. stone. The triumphant attitadt
which it represents ie peculiarly "-bold-aocl
striking. Tbe god ii repreeented ia the aet of .
hurling bit tridont with his right hand, Willi
he btlt Krsspi tbs tsil ef a larie fish- It ia
.bought to be the w'' -of some early Ital
ian artist, to adorn tbe gronnds of a nriorr
that once occujiied the spot where . it, was r -j;
found..' 1
Tsti HEABdip the HnrsR. A feithful mlnva-i f
:.....r ,i l j. . . - '
later ui iuo uvopvi vciuaj uu.s.j cngagea in
visiting tome members of bis 9ook earns to
he door of a bouse where his gentle tapping
oald not be heard for tbe noise of contention
within. After waiting a little, he opened the
door snd. walked in, saying, with an author
itative voice, "I should like to know woe Is
(he head of this bousr-?" "Weel, Sir," said
the husband snd father, "if ye sit donna wee,
we'll may be able to tell ye, for we're just
tryin' to settle that point.' Dmn fawsns
IttmUiirttKtl, : '' ' t
Sinqi'lab Dbath in FsAitcB. The Salul Ith
tie of Lyons says : A death, caused by a very
lingular accident, occurred in the quarter of
SU Just, in this city. Several children were
making a great noise in the passage of a
house, when two men hurried out to great
bast, from opposite direction, to ascertain
the cause, and ran against each other with,
such violence (hat one of them fell dead on
ihe spot," ' - '
' aa , ,n hi . -f 7 : ' . ,
Frankmx Rkmcs. Among the Fmnklin ir
relics now on exhibition in Kngland, are'ti
several Bibles, Testaments and Prayer Books. "
One of the prayer books, the leaves of which ;.'
seem . matled together, and to have been y
opened nowhere else, presents the Psalter for -morning
prayer, for tbe 29th day of the month.
A testament Is opened at 1 Cor. XT., the well-
kuown chapter commencing "1 am the resur- ., ,
reetion and the life.": :
Capital or the Huosog'n Bat Corpajit. - -The
rapital employed by tbe Hudson's Bay
Company is 11,2(15,008, snd consists of stock '-.'!
landing in tbe namtis of he proprietors,
400,000, valuation of the .'Company's lands (V
and buildings, exclusive of. Vanoouver'i Island
und Oregon 318,884. The dividends from " '
to 1858 averaged about 10 per cent. The '
stock ranged at about 205 for the same period.
FantasticalIdbalism. The Mahnmmedeos
believe that the cavities whioh the teleecopo
reveals in tbe surface of the moon are, road
by blows from tbe wings of angels. ' Quite '
the opposite, but hardly iocs fanciful, is the
opinion of the sententious poet, Martin Far- -'
quhar Tapper, who locates, nell in the moon,
because, as astronomers ; Inform us, not a drop -
of water is to be found on its aorfaoej ..
A NoTitwoRTHY Marriage in New York.
ti. II. Culling Enrdley, Esq., only eon of Sir
Culling Esrdley, Bart., of Bodwcll Park, Hat- '
field, England, was married, on Mondny, in' ;
New York, in Calvary Church, iy Rev. Dr, 'i
Hawks, to Miss Emily Florence -Mareo, only
laughter of Jarrics Magee,'' Esq., of Xew Or-. .
loans, La. ;'-': ' ?..! iti ,m..( i ,.,
, isir Bethel, Me., must be a Sry'town. ! ' Ao'-"u ''
cording tq the Courier, nearly every fstnily in ' 1
the village has been obliged to deepen their.'. ,
wolls In order to obtain witter,, there having
been no rnln to affect the wl Is; since Juno
last:."i' .-
i..J fa-
WILLIAMg-fViIta-reemsos.iV and 24 Kast
Third-street, Dry and Fancy Goods, at Auction.'
THIS (Thursdayl MORHINiJ; Deoemher JO, at X .
o'clock, a stock of seasQiislde Dry and Fancy Goods,
without reserve, for cash,
At II o'clock New and second -hand Furniture
ind other Ooodn, Ac. ' "
delj . ,. , A. KKHOOft, Anrtloneer.
Cm. A Co.-Cborrn Millinery Coesla.-Will be sold -it
Auction, on FRIDAY MORh'lNti, December 14,
it il o'clock, at our store, No. 18 East Fonrth-afraeV-m
Invoice of clioice- Millinery Oooila-gunona which -.
are Ostrich and olbnr Feathers, Artificial Fluwere,
I'lumei, Ladies' line Silk Bomieta. Illbbona, Vail.
Tiace, Infputs' llonnett, rich Volvet Flowers, Found
ation, Uncut Velvet, Ac. These are fresh Goods of
this seasou's purchase, and must be sold wlthuut rt- r
serve, Ideli) JACOB ttBAFF, Attctloneer.
Il Jt CO.-O. H: tialbreatih, Taxidaiuiiat, of Suit
York, will sell at our store, No. 18 Kast Fourth
street, on PAT OR DAY HORNING, December 17, a'..,,
114 o'oluck. a large collection of Stuffed Birds, nr-'
ranged on sprays, groups, and under glass shades.
wnicu win re round, ou examination, to represent
living nature. VVitu ordinary care, he knows no -limits
to the time they will retain their present ap.
clearance. They are suitable for the isirlor or cabinet.-
The collection embraces a great variety of r
the most beautiful Rlrdsof the United States. Also
a variety uf Humming and other Birda from the
West Indies and Month America.' Also, inline-
diately after the sole of Birda, an invoice of Brontes ."
und Papier Mache tiooda, Oil Palnllnga, Ac. " i!
dnl5 " JAOOD GRAFF, Auctioneer. , ,
A V C T I O W SAtE BY 8. (1. HUB- f
ilL BARD, at Trade Snlea-room No. 21 West Fifth- .
street, up stairs. AsaUtnee' sale of Books at sue- -
lion by order uf Court. Closing sale of tho Books In
ilieatocknf Ihe lain tirra of Truman A Hpofiord. On
INCS, December 13th, 14th aud 1Mb, at 7 o'clock,
will he sold, by catalogue, a Urge ami valuable col
lection of theological, historical, classical, poetical,
scientific and miscellaneous works, gift Books and
mveniles, with a ipleudid assortment of Bibles and '
Prayer Books in rioh and elegant binding. The.:
works on theology are numerous and valuablo.
ti. B. Catalogues will be published, and the Books
will be open for examination on Ihs morning of each
day previous to the sale. .. H. U. HUBBARD, .
S- B. Kara, Assignee. ' lds!2-4tj - Auctioneer.
;.(., 1.,' :,..(; j .(I
' viivt io:
',.:i.'i5 97 lj,'.".
Christmas Presents!
.ti ti! Il j.ttl J TTi ).-'
Flrat Premium
Swiiig -Machines,
and slaiplicity of oonstrnction and efflciency
in working, are unesnaled by any. 1
,.dtloyal , , J hv Wen Fourth-street. ;
't i ' 0-i itt'l f,,t r ' .,.,..( .'
HA1R BOOTS. M. O'NIIL has been fore
man for ten years fbr Mr. J . Kaheihy, late of Mo. 10
Slxth'Street, and la- tneoesser to him in the manu
tne: tring of tbo celebrated '
, Eshelby Hair-llued Hoots. -' "
From bis long experience tn the cutting and get'
ting np-of the above article, he hopes to give entire
satisfaction to those who may favor him with their
patronage. .,...
Remember-No, sJilM UrTH-STBEIT. two doors
west of Plum, is the only place to seta PERFECT
Ladies' Halr-llned Boots, and all kinds of Boots,
Shoes and Congress Gaiters, made for ladies' and
gentlemen's wear, warranted. 7
P.8.-I feel oonndent that Mr." Q'Nell will ve
equal satisfallon in the uannfacturlng of the Hair -liued
Boots that I did, as he had the obiei mansge
roent of them for .the last six years, and I am sails. '
Bed that no man can Make them as well.
dol3ow, J-.-i, ....-, ,.!, JAMES K8HKLBT.
Biwrue and China Figures, Fancy Inkstand,
Veaes, Jewel and Match-boxes, Fancy Shaving nnrl
Work-boxes, and other Fancy Gudds too numerous .
to mention, uitalda for the Holidays, which I will"
aell cheaper than any ether establishment la the
No. 378 Main-street, lietncen Sixth and Seventh. v
K. B. Also a new hrt ef-famiy Coops, Perfumery ,
Extract, Ac. ,f. . ,, - ,( t , dn ,
In small paekagas, for family tttej
Fresh Aluinnde, Filberts, Brsall Kuta, all kinds o
Sugar Toys, Plain and Fanoy Caudles,
atio Boxea Gold Chap Vire-oraokne, ,
30,000 Torpedoes. , - ' ' j,
100 Boxes nswtHtroh. Il' ' ". ...
For sale by. - . . BOWN A DKMIriO,
; ileWaw . ;' UUS " T Ho. 17f Maln-sireet.
: ' 7 ' MADAME ttikcstJV
J CM-Bas removpd W Kb. ERF Slilh arr-t. va)
noors west oi v)etwa-raw, awassi mv,. ,
0 f
r Mi ;-r.vi on'.)" -!t.i't.4
Hbli d ay Pre s 6 nts.
1 C' '111.'') Ji.-JilT J-t (-, f i

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