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"WAHTB," "FOB 8A.M," "10 LIT," "LOBT,"
"tODHD'iclnthluoclomn, occupying firs Hum
or leu, two Insertion!, twenty-flre cents.
. . KB, one Who thoroughly understands the
business, Alto, UoJ to work In th bake-shoo
Apply Mr..W. J. JOHKMOM'S, No. 1211 West
Fourth-street.'- i . finmh
man, ui salesman In wholesale or retail
store; h had some experience. Heference siren If
- required ' Address r. I.,t Noa.Mand MEait Pearl'
afreet. dith
fB8TTI,f ""'rlber baring the aeor
amount of cash, wishes la meet wlib a party having
an ejnal amount, for Ihe purpose of engaging In the
grocery business, nr would take an lutereat tu the
above aaoint In a grocery already eatabllihed. Ad
A1'0"11 Cincinnati pott-office, DAYI1T Mo-
WANTED COOK A first-olass French
. cook to take charge or the kitchen In the
Lonlavllle Hotel, In Looiavllle, Kr. Apply lmmedi.
ately to Mr. PK ATT, Spencer Honae. deiab
WANTED COOK A Arat-rato female
cook, Immediately; alio, three boya far hotel.
at Raet Pcnrth-atreet, Intelligence OlUce. deicb
mater and Jeweler, by a yonng man who hu
nine years' experience. Address W. B. i;t thla office.
man; la stvaateen years -of age; bat a good
r dncatton,and can give the beat references. Addrees
. B AKTOM.carxiof Fenny Presa olllce. del6b
WANTED BOYS Two or tbree smart
active Boys to work at Fleetwood's Lltho-
graphic tstabllanineut. Apply luiniediately at 31
Weat Thlrd-atrect, np ilalra. d16b
woman, (with boy two yeara old) Udo gen
eral house-work. Apply at No. 36 ttlitabsth, corner
John. - delob
thnviMiiykl ai,naltf..t ll ,1.
and who can coma well recom meudod -do other need
appiy goou wages given, ueti cn John Uattoaby,
1 Market-spaoe, between Third and Fourth-streets,
Covington. deietf
WANTED HELP Mod, women, boy
., and glrla can And employment by applying
it the General Agency Office, No. m Western-row.
.. P. CAKtjQN A UP. demh
'. .W.ANTKD-A middle-aged woman to
ww 000k, waah and Iron. To ono competent,
rood wages and a comfortable homo, Apply at No.
, , it Main-etroet. - delob
WANTED An entcrprlBlBg lingle lady
of good address aud a lltt.e means, a a
PARTNER In anewaud gonteel Invention, adapted
to fenialet, of nnlversal necessity and utility, and
offers great Inducement). - Address Box 1,93, Cln
, , tilnnati PoatoiBce. deUd
knowledge of the Gentlemen's Furnishing
Bnvlneas. Address) to Lock Box 718, Postonloe,
i ; , - ,ld13f
, , .LEOPOLD A GOODHKABT'S, North-east
corner of I'earl and V lne-stroeta. dolO-aw
' WANTED Clerk, book-keepers, lales-
nien, bar-kappors, inrters, coopers, earpen.
tera, mechanics, laborers and othera.can And sttna
... tloas at the Merchants' Ulerka Registry Office, la
Walnnt-atreet., de!2aw HALB&OO.
for (bet hilling Hair Tonic and other Bhll
lino articles, atlllng on tbo largeat scale In New
, i York, and being advertised liberally. . An eatab
Ilshed fancy goods store, or druggiat baring aeon
eplonooa location, may make large aalea. Address
. P. ). OBV18, Ko, lis Water-street, Now York.
. dcHcoodj
WANTED M E N A large number ol
actlre, Induatrions men can ilud agreeable
and at the same time lucrative employment in the
: tale of Home sew and popnlitr Books and Maps.
These works arevfritton by the boat historians and
i ' authors known to the olrilized world j Lence their
fiopnlarity. Oome and examine, for yourselves be
ore engaalng In the sale of other publications.
MACK it BAKN1TZ, Pnbliiher,
, ., deSIf - 38 West Fourth-street, Uinotnnatl.
FOB RENT Three rooms, No. 151 Weat-ern-row,
above Fourth, Beferenco required,
delft b
FOR BENT. A desirable tbrte-storv BrioV
Dwelling:, containing $ rooms on seventh
street, below Baymlller, Is furnished with gas,
hath, Ao. Bent, $30 per month. Apply to J. W.
Wayne's Hardware-store, No, 106 Main street, below
Fifth. . del6-at
IjlOB REST ROOMS-Suitable for rail
Toad, law or insurance oDlca, on second and
third Doors. In fotir-ntorr tinlldln? opposite the
' 1'tHSs (llilce. The bnlldlog baalbcen newly re-painted
, and re papered. All in good eider. Apply at the
Press Olllce. - nol9
. NESS. A y'Hing family Horse, perlectly sound
and docile. Fallluft-top BugKy, huilt by Miller, and
new 11 r lines, tnitable for a doctor. May be aeen ai
ii. Emboli's stable, Seventh-street, below Western
row. d16b
of two horiie!i and ono buss, In complete
running order; hai been in operation two years. A
' deoldod bargain may be had Payments to snlt pnr
chaner. Apply to 8 BltOWN, at J. it, Palmer's
llini Manufactory, M Bank-street. dol(ib
1 FLCID-By the gallon or barrel (no charge
. made for barrels). Quality warranted; prices low
' Teims cash. Urders solicited. DBAS. A. JUNO
,, 'HANN8, Druight, N. W. cor. Third and Mills-su.,
, Cincinnati. dales
f ilORSALE I bare for sale the right of
a Machine and right of Territory for the niann
factnrlngot tbe cheapeat and beat Tile Boonng now
- in use. (Itlland see, nr. fir, L. Rail's, No. 2A Bay
" miller-street. North of Liberty, Cincinnati, Ohio. -ilel3d.
- 1
BOARDINtt Three young men can obtain
a pleasant front room and boarding la a'prirats
,' family at I62 Plum-street. , de!6b
BOAR DIN II Two gentlemen can te
enre a famished room, with board, ln pri
vate family, where a few boardore are received, at
1- No. 107 liOnwurtU-street. lel.M
if OST-lO REWARD I leftmyWatoh,
sw(aenmll-si?id gl"l One, of slnglpcsse and yellow
.. loe, having hour, minute and second bands, and
having a twlnted guard chain with small brass ke
ntrscbed tn it.l on Wednesday afternoon last, In one
of the batlilng-rooms of Brlscbo's saloon, on Fifth
street, near Vlue, from whence it soems to hare been
lakcii by some one not connected with the establinb-
' ' 1 u. ht. II reinrnsd to A. W. Franoleco, at this office,
" I will pay the above reward, and a;k no miestions.
' ' The watch was a girt and highly valued.
' dlt!b ; . PJl ABBWON
f ""OST A "V f C't OR IN E-MiddTe-tiied,
M A btown, lined with lavendcr-colnrcd silk, The
owner is at the uotlh-uaiit corner of Fifth and Wal-
nul-strcitfl. 1 delSb
, D. TL CADY & C0.
MENT of . : ,
t'simtiiias I'rcsenJs,
Ai the Old Bland, comer of Fifth and Walimt-sts.
M3t iS
The Cheapest Silks of the Season
' 'Look nt the Prices. ;
6,'iOO yiinls good Silk at QVjC.
,H)( jarils ood 811k at ISe.
MOO yards good 811k at $1. -9,000
better qualHlcB.
' These Good were bought for net cash. aud aru the
cheapeat Goods ever offered in this market.
delta 1 No. 32WestTifth-street.
; .. , -Or, . ' .
, - . Hwtford, CoariMtiont.
Japltal, $400,000 .....Abmci, iSll,Til.
Devoted to Fire boilnees Molnsively.
,'"'' H. A. QIA88FOBD, Agent
. no30-amf ' 33 West Thlrd-strmt. Olnclnnati.
.at r lor wholesale ana retail or
. de!3b , F. HHKKN, 20 Cost Third-street,
best Whit Wheat Flour, just nr eiveil and for
ale. AAR.N A. I'OLI SK, .
ikM ,t:i..f Koa. 319 and 331 Main-street. '
Tbi Adams Kiprkss. We are under obli
gation! to Adams'i Express for late Eastern
paper. .
Holiday Books. There Is a fine display of
holiday books at Robert Clarke A Co's. See
Aim Boom. Holiday gift books trill be
sold at the trade-sal rooms of 8. G. Hubbard,
to-night. See advertisement.
Gluts roi Chilpi. Bradley k Webb
have reoelved a number of entertaining Ger
man gainea, for children; besides ehesi-boards,
writing-deaks, and other ., suitable holiday
presents. Read advertisement,
Dicsests's List. Rickey, Mallory k Oa., on
Main-street, have received Dickens's last
novel, A Talt of Two OUut, in pamphlet
form. Most of our readers are familiar with
the novel, and will not fail to purchase it,
Ladiks' and Childrin'i Foita. Persons de
slrous of obtaining Chriitmal gift!, to bestow
on their friends, can do so at 0. B. Camp k
Co.s, No. OS West Tblrd-atreet. They have
all kinds of furs for ladies 'and children, to
gether with robes, gloves, collars, dco.
, Cosfsotiohibt. Those preparing for the
holiday feats should not be too late in giving
their orden for oakei, oandiei and fruits, as
such procrastination might result annoyingly.
Make known yonr wishes at once to N. Mor
ris, at No. 284 Race-street, between Sixth and
Seventh, and be will have every thing is fine
order by Christmas day.
. e
A Woman ArrgMMiao to Kill a Mah with
A Hatchst. Catharine Alexander, a negress,
was rudely treated in Buck town lost evening
by a rowdy of her own complexion, Robert
Ireland, and by way of ridding herself of the
annoyance, she struck him several times with
ahatohet, and would have killed htm had not
several persons interfered. Tbe Infuriated
Catharine was arretted and lodged In the Ham-mond-Btreet
Cbbirtmas ib Couiao. The shop windows
already begin to indicate the coming of Christ
mas, and the juvenile population can be seen
in little squad?, at all times of the day, dis
cussing the approach of the coming event, big,
to 'them,', with sweatmeats, pen-knives and
bobby-horses. To meet their views, particu
larly in relation to sweetmeats, J, A.8teven,
at No. 320 Main-street, has been making, as
well as bringing from the East, a rare assort
ment of confections, suitable for (Christmas
demands. 1 Don't forgetlt. , , (
Striking Incident it thb Oprra-housii.
Last evening at the Opera-house, during the
last act of Hamlet, and just ai the funeral
procession of "the fair Ophelia" was coming
on the stage, lome gentleman in the parquette
was attacked with an eplleptio fit, and carried
out by several policemen. The contretemps
would have caused much contusion in a less
well bred and self-disoiplined audience, but
passed off quietly there. The effoot of the
oircumstanoe, however, inoreased the solem
nity of the general scene. . 1 v : , .
Sinoolsb Suit fob a Dauohtir's SanvKms.
Adam Scbmilser brought suit, day before yes
terday, sgaimt Henry Groger, before Justice
Hanselman, for $300, for services alleged to
hare been rendered by plaintiff's daughter to
G.'s counsel stated that Scbmitier had
treated bis daughter very ill, and that G., to
prevent her father from farther persecuting
and abusing her. had nlaead her in tha Ilnmo
of Refuge; her parent olalmlug that wages
were aiso ane irotn tne- defendant while she
was an Inmate of that institution. . r
After hearing a lengthy argument on both
ildei the Magistrate dismissed tbe case, saying
nothing bad been proved for or against, and
refused to have anything further to do with
the matter, Groger's counsel laid that tbu
ease bad already been tried Ave times, and
that any attempt to obtain damtges for tbo
pretended servioei or a girl whom it wai neces
sary to defend from an unnatural father was
absurd in the extreme. .-, ( .. ,
Chsistun Umon. Tbe Young; Men's Chrli
tian Union held their regular monthly meeting
laat nignt, atitneir rooms, on uace-street, be
tween Fourth and Fifth.
The Exesutive Committee recommended the
adoption of a resolution inviting Rev. Henrv
M. Ginniss, who has been preaching with
some success in rmiaaeipia, to visit tuts city
The resolution waa adonted.
The Committee on Library reported favor
ably to making the Library ot the union sta
Uonary instead of circulating.
The Committee on Corporation reported that
tney nau neon unable to snooted in their en
deavors to have the Union incorporated, and
as there were not enough members present at
the meeting last night tn favor of It, tbe
matter was postponed until a majority of the
eotlve members could be induced to vote for It.
The Committee on Rooms reported that
the house tbe Union now occupies bad been
leased for two years, and thought the monev
ooold be raised with which to pay the rent
irom tne new memaeri. a committee of
twenty-live was therefore appointed one
person from each church represented In tbe
Union for the purpose of canvassing the city
for this purpose.
Upon the recommendation of the Commit
tee on Furniture, a committee of five was ap
pointed to attend to the payment of the ex
penses Incurred in removing to their new lo
cation. The sum. is $302. . . ,
A resolution was then passed, authorizing
a steamboat to be chartered to leave Pittsburg
or Cincinnati, wbioh ever might be deemed
best, for the purpose of carryingthe members
of tbe Union to New Orleans to attend thn
National mooting of tbe different Union! ia
After tbe transaction of some other business
the meeting adjournd withtheusual devotional
Pics'a Opibi-bocii The audience at tho
Opera-bouse last night was one of the largest ami
most brilliant that arer wit.nmuuul thn Iniw,r.rtn.lMi
of the pale and pensive "Prince of Blsinore," in this
eitr. The character of "Hamlet'1 wjui arimlrahlv
translated by Mr. Murdoch, his juit conception of
mopvrt, nie nniBUBu aiyieana nia esceiiem elocu
tionary powers, all blending harmoniously and
giving his hearers an Intellectual treat, not often to
be found either here or elsewhere. This is great
S raise, we believe, and yet ve have aeen him enact
is character better. The less In some rIumvm
new to ua. and, this Imperfection was unfortnnate.for
witnontitwe snonia nave nad very little opportu
nity to exercise our prerogative of fault-finding.
The "Ophelia" of Mrs. Conway was it ehsste and
beautiful impersonation, and when ah read the
lines, "I would give yon some daalea la it not violets
In the text?-bnt they all withered all when my poor
father died," ehe seemed so Identified wltulthe part aa
to appear natural, and bay tones of grief brought
tears to many eye "albeit unused to the melting
mood." . ' , 1 ,t: ,
The pretly "Laertes" was badly enacted, and tho
"King"' was maue-up we think somewhat to yonng;
the rnlse en scene, however, was excellent, and lh
whole play rendered In much better style than i
To-night Mr. Murdoch will take a benefit, and ap
pear ae "(Jharlee Surface" in fiberidan'e admirable
comedy of The School roa Scandal, acharaotar In
which he Is probablt without an eo,ual. The fare is
Pstticoat OovKamiSNT. ...
Wood's Tbiatir Maggie Mitchell Is still
reigning at Wood's, and to-night introduces for tbo
first time to a Cincinnati andrenc her aiaterMary.
With thla new "star" the attractioti will tie donbled,
and the friends of thla pretty blonde will, upon the
occasion of her benefit, doubtless fill the bouse to its
utmost capacity. The bill is an attractive one. and
Will show the full power of tbe actresaos to th best
advantage,., .'..,;. . .
National Tbhatib. The addtenc at this
stabllshment laat night was jntte good, and ft
seemd entirely pleased. This evening lias been set
aoart for the benefit of Mrs. Varna and ihe nfTar an
entirely new play, in Ave acta, entitled Thi Widow's
"TABTAOBN, wiiicn nas oeon wen reoelved elsewhere
and will doubtless prove an nttraotivecard here. Tho
bill Is aulte an exoallent on and eonanrl.aa m.mn ih.
excellent comedy of Masks and Facis, in which
Fanny Fits willapeear as "Peg WofBngton." W Hh
inch attraction aa this "Old Drury",wlll doubtless
be crowded io every part.
WASHINGTON, December 15.
SENATE. -The Vioe-President announced
that the Special Committee under Mr. Mason's reeo.
oilon to Inquire Into th clrcomstao.ee ttteadlag
JnTJf",OD r Harpor's Ferry had been appointed.
The CommltteeconslaU of Messrs. Uaaou. Davis,
Collsmer, Fitch and Doolittl. -
Mr. Push, of ohin, submitted a resolution, which
lira ever, Instructing the Committee on Territories
to inquire into the expediency of repealing so moob
of th act of the organisation of the Terrl torlal Gov
ernment of New Mexico and CL0l as requires that
all lawa puaed by those Territories ehall b submit
ted to ongress for appreval or rejeetlon.
Mr. Malfory, of Florida, gave notio of htsinten
tlou to introduc a bill to regulate and increase th
pay of th Navy.
TbeSeuate proceeded to th election of a Chaplain.
On the nrst ballot there was no choir.
The second ballot resulted in tbe election of Rev.
Dr. Gurley, who received ii vote out of 60.
iiereral petitions were preaented, when the Senate
adjourned till Monday uext.
HOUSE. Mr. VaUndigham, of Ohio,
remarked that the courtesy ho extended to others at
all times! ha was resolved to exact for himself at
every baxard, and therefor laat evening he had th
right to expect tbe courtesy of an adjournment, a
he did not then wish te address th House. 11 re
peated what be had said, that themeuwbo indorsed
Helper a book,contalninginsnrrectlonary sentiments
and Intended to sow th seeds of discord aud strife
and civil war, was net tit to be Speaker or a member
LMxit T,h0 Bntlemsn from Virginia
(Millaon) theotber day went further, and said that
such a man was not fit to live; yet the Republicans re
ceived this remark as mute as Ashe and gentle as
lambs, and they most regard this observation fiom
blm, notes a monac, bat sober truth.
Ho had been served with a notice from the Repub
lican Bide that they wero determined not to listen to
any furtherremarkj from him, For this he did not
care. He would tell them that the country held its
breath in sutponse and listens to the slightest word
which falle from the lips of gentlemen here present.
This Union had been threatened.
He occupied a position of neutrality: he waa not a
Northern man, and had no sympathy and very little
good feellog for the North; be was bound to it by no
ties whatever, except thestrongeat of all tles-a com
mon language, a common couutry. Least of all was
he a Northern man with Southern principles: be was
a. United States man with United States princi
ples. He was for giving the South sll that belonged to
It, the fugitive-slave law, the right to slavery in the
Territories and whatever rights the Constitution con
fers. Onr fathers made thla compact and he would
yield to it, not a grudging, but a ready obedience ia
alllis parte. Applause. J
He was not a pro-slaver; man or a non-pro-slavery
man, but bad a serene Indifference on the subject.
He thought he occupied the Uonstitutional ground of
our fathers in whose days tbe people were animated
by patriotism, and hai not, as some hare now, au
anti-slavery God, an antl-slarery Bible and an antl
alarery Constitution. Ho avowod himself a Western
man by birth, sentlmoutand education, while at tbe
same tlmehe avowed himself aUonatltutlousl man.
tie taid Mr. Cnrwln had been detailed to lead th
forlorn hope of the Bepubllcans and to be shot down
at tbe Maitikoff he could never conquer. -
Tbenoxt caucus wouldsfaow that the valley of tbe
Mississippi haaa majority of the peopleof tbe country
who would administer a government for tho benefit
of all people. 'I hey have lent themselves too long to
the North to make aoause against slavery and help to
flslit for northern masters, who, if successful with
Seward or anyothor Republican, would dlvidu the
spoils among themselves. , They would not listen to
the voice of patrlotitra. Let them he governed by
self-respect, let them lay asaide their fanaticism and
be western sectlonalists. - He dosplaed them sa much
for their servility to the North as they could despise
servility in others to the South.
nr. Vallandlgham said he came now to apeak of a
Salnfnl and difficult subjeot disunion, which had
ecome as familiar as the moat ordinary word of sal
utation. There was not a day but what they heard
th croaking of th raven, and the mournful and
dirge-like wail.
He was against disunion nowand forever. He held
to one Union, one Constitution, on destiny, which
could not b fill tilled except a a united people, and
by the immediate total and unconditional diatrsc.
tlon of the setlonal and anti-slavery party. lAp
plame.J After further discussion the House proceeded to a
nauoi ior opeaaer, wttn tne following result:
Sherman 110; Bocock 65; Uilmer 22; scattering 9. 114
Mr. Bonhaui bad the floor, hut he rava wav . st
Winslow, who proposed they should take another
vote and then adjourn, saying that Mr. Bonharn
wouii nave ue uoor 10 morrow, ihe question was
agreed to.
TThe House then nroceeded to another vota Riiar.
man and Bocock each receired th same number of
voies aa neiore; uumer is; scattering is.
Messrs. Hlokman, of Penu., Haaklns ofN.T.,and
flchwarti, of Penn., went over to Mr. Sherman.
( xiub action wbb mucn uppiauqea, Aujourned.
'Ml ! I I
Excitement In Philadelphia—Riot Anticipated.
1,"' V .ft ; ticlpatede -. ' .
Phiudblphia, December 16. There is some
excitement at present exliting here, and there are
uiwuw ui nu lu-iiiKiii. an anii-siavary s'alr
I being held in Concert Hall and a meeting at tbe
Assembly Buildings. During the meeling this
morning a request was received from the Mayor to
remove ua uaoaiu veiur uoncerc uan,.as a vio
lation of th ordlnanc in obatninttiiir th fMA.
The flag bore certain words and characters which
lead to a disturbance of the peaoe; also a order from
tbe Sheriff that the Fair should be closed and the
hall deserted before three o'clock this afternoon.
This proceeding produced much excitement. The
Abolitionists in Council resolved to proceed in a
vmiy 10 uouueri nan io pioieoc tneir goods. The
offensive Baa- was removed, and an nn!., nf k.
Sheriff was demanded by tbe owners of the building
Bitch nurnoeea.
G. W. Cnrtia ia to lecture to-night on the aspect of
Advertisement appear in the papers for a meeting
outside to adopt such measures as the exigency may
require, "to prevent the dissemination ot principles
calculated and intended to arouse a spirit of the most
mums aiiiinuviij iu iu community woicn may lead
to fearful conseaueoces. and to check hiri.iin ,nndn.
diaries from making further inflammatory addresses
In onr loyal oity." . ,
- The Maror is taking everv nrecaution tn
disturbance, which seema aioiost inevitable it either
Blue liirus uilk IU BlIVUKlu.
Latcb. Mr. C'irtis lectured to-night to au audi
ence of two huodrsd, while about ten thousand peo
nle attended a meeting ontaide. Tha un
was addressed by General John D. Miles, ltlchard
Paters and others. Soon after Curtis commenced,
several of the mob threw .tones at tbe building,
breaking tbe windows. Five hundred police were
atatioued in the vicinity, and immediately made a
rush on tbe rioters and arretted several. This sum
mary proceeding had a teudrncr tn calm tbe excite
ment, which at tirst threatened serlousconsequences
' Major Henry, the Sheriff, waa on tbe spot directing
the police.
During Curtis'a 1 lecture he was several times hissed
uy me tuiiiii uuiouttj, 1Ue nissers wer tmmedi
atelretectedbvthe Dollcs.
Th Mcitemiint is subsiding, and' possibly the
The Latest From Charlestown.
Cbabliatovk, December 15 The hotels
sua private nouses are all crowded, A slrlct aurveil.
lance is kept on strangers, though those who come
from curiosity, and well vouched for on the quettiou
of our peculiar Institutions, are allowed to remain.
Tnr-e gentlemen, friends of Copple, visited him yes
terday. Ue llvod with them in Ohio during bis boy.
hood, and they speak of him as having been a quiet
and inoffensive youth. They will remain with him
until after the execution and take his body to his
mother. Governor Wlllard's Interview with Cook
last evening, for the purpose of delivering a message
to tbe prisoner from his slater, Mrs. Wlllard, was
very afTocting. Governor Wlllard is much attached
to Cook, and wept over blm as If he was his own son.
His lamentatiens could be heard throughout the
building. The prisoners are all calm and resigned
to-day. They have boon engaged In spiritual exer
oiaes, under the direction of iter. N. it. North, with
much appareue devotion. The gallows was erected
this evening. The negroes will be hung between
sloven and twelve o'clock, and the whites between
twelve and one o'clock to-morrow.
Arrival of the Nova Scotian.
Portland, Deaember 15. The steamship
Nova Scotian, with Liverpool dates to the 30th ult.,
the same as furnished by the Bremen at New York,
arrived bete to-nlpht.
Pabib. November 30.-The rumors of tbe bombard
ment of ..anglers by tbe French caused a decline in
tbe funds. Bentes olosed at 70f. 30o., a ii below Sat
urday's rate. '
Tbe steamer Vanderbilt arrived out on the 30th,
and the City of Baltimore on tbe 1st inst. ,
The Canadian Line of Steamers.
Montbial, December 15. The owners here
of tho Canadian lins of steamers, state that there,
port which appeared In a Mow York paper, from Its
correspondent In Canada, relating to the discoatln
anceofthe line, Is entirely destitute of truth. On
the cont.wy a new atoaiQshlp of increased power and
speed hss just been launched ott the Clyde, for thn
Ii, wliieo will henceforward be more efficient than
To , , lau was insured for 3A,nno.
From Washington.
on his return from South America, was made the
bearer of a magnificent snuff-box, atudded with dia
mond, aud worth SViOO. from Gsn. Cnrjulia. Presi
dent of tbs Argentine Confederation, aa a mark of
bis personal regard to Kx-Uominissioner Bowltn, who
is not yet aware of the prewnt.
Senator Hamlin's ohumber was entered at an early
hour this morning and two gold watches and some
cash wereatolen,withontawHkeninghlm. tlou. Mr.
Letcher, Governor eleot of Virginia, ia among the re
cent arrivals in the city,
Later from Pike's Peak.
' Lravenwobth, December 15. The over
land express, seven days out from Pike's Peak,
rMGunu ijore uid Tumig, ui luyiutt ill" man alio
Jefferson mails and JIMuolo due . The weather had
been intensely c dd, causing a cessation of mining
operations. Lead niiuet had been discovered in the
mountains, tne mineral oeiug nearly pur.
Tha Provisional Lestalntuia was si 111 In session.
Business active. , , ;., . i
River News.
PiTTiBvao. December 15 M. River six
feat three Inches by the pi ir-mark, and falling.
n trniuer clear ana miiuer,
St. Louts. Deoemlter 15 P. M River fell
three inches In the Inst twontr-fuiir hours. The ice
is not heavy here. There are Hv leet scant at Sheep
Island, where Arisen btiala are ileliiinud. Tlte uoner
rivers are all naviprable; only oinweu inches in th
Missouri., Waaiber clear and pleasant.
Four Days Later from Europe—Arrival
of the Bremen.
Ntw Toag,"Deornber 15. The steamship
Bremen, from B awe and Southaioulon. arrsved here
to-night with Liverpool andLondon date Ui tUeMh
ult.. tour days later than previously teceived.
The America arrived at Liverpool, and tho Bavaria
at Oowea, on the attb.
The Board or Trade Inquiring Into tbo'lo of the
Eoyal Charter terminated on lb r.tli oil. . .
The calumny which some niallj nanl-petTum are
still olrculailug, as MLthe aobriely o Captain. larlor,
Is repudiated. - f
Tbe court joiirnar'saTys that the Vtlnce and Prln.
eesa Frederick William Intend to prolong- their visit
to Iter Majealy until iheend ofnext week. 1
Th Malta correspondent or th Time announces
numerous accidents to vessels ladeu with grain, in
consequeao of the lata severe gates on the Mediter
ranean. ....
Henry O'Connell, third mate of the Amerleauehlp
Flying Bend, haa just been committed by th Ooronor
of Cardiff for trial, for th wilful murder of Antonio
Leaiuochur, another sailor, under ciroanvstauoe of
great atrocity,
Tbe Times says the French Government ha received
permission from Naples to lay a Submarine Cable
Irom Gaetta to Corsica. The transmission of mes
sage to JEogland will be greatly facilitated.
The Time' Calcutta correspondent says report
(one of them official) announcing th death of Nana
Sahib, hare been receired iu Calcutta, from Ealman
doa, but they are not believed According to th
latest accounts, he waa levying recruits on onr fron
tier and threatening te annihilate Lucknow. Ho
has about 6,000 men with hint.
'lbs Paris correspondence of the morning Herald
A battery, commenced at Honlenr sou to com
mand the entrance of tbe Seine, ia completed.
The Bank of Barcelona has offered tbe Spanish
Government an advance of 5,000,100 reals, wltbont In
terest, for all the lime the war with Morocco might
A correspondent of tbe Morning Post says that
Austria stilt holds out against tha torms proposed by
France, and supported by Knglsnd, for going into
Tne Piedmontese Gazette publishes the text of tho
treaty between Franc and Sardinia, and also of the
general treaty between Austria, Franoaand Sardinia,
but they contain nothing mor than la already -known
from the circulars lately published.
Aletharfrom Parma, In tbe Milan Oar.ette, states
that tbe Assemblies of Central Italy will be con
yoknd. It adds that the people are loud iu demand
ing the return of Garabafdi
Baa Lin. aovember 27. Baron Wilkes Hosman,
the M intater or the Elector of Hesie at Berlin, lias
received orders to proceed to Dresden for the pres.
ent. The Prussian Minister at Caaeet haa gone on
leave to Berlin. A formal call by the Ex-Mlnleters
by their respective governments, ha not yet taken
Tbediffloulties between France and Austria raleed
by the delegation of Central Italy to M. Baoncom
pagne, are not yet removed.
A letter from Berlin aays that the effective force of
the Prusian Army haa again been reduced.
Pabis, November 37. A seml-offlcial lithographic
Parisian correspondent asserts that the letters ol
Invitation to the Congress will he sent out on the
38th to the different powers, and that the Congress
will most likely assemble toward the end ot De
cember. ,
Madsid, Novmbr 26. Yesterday more than
four thousand Moors attacked for the third time the
redoubt before cerulla and were repulsed. Their
defeat waa complete. The Spanish troops showed
great bravery during I lie engagement. The extra
ordinary corps d armee is crossing the Straits. Fresh
regiments have disembarked at Csnta.
Pabis, November 28. It is no asserted that the
letters of convocation to the Congress will not be
sent out before to-morrow. Count Walewakl and
Prince Motternich had an Interview to-day at two
o'cloek. 1
Tuuiff, November a. The Piedmonteae Govern
ment baa reoelved no communication intimating the
opposition of Austria to th congress, on account of
the nomination of M, Buoucampagne to the Kegency
of Central Italy, - . ,7
The difficulties mads by Tuscany In tbe delegation
of the Uegency to M. Buoncainpane have not yet been
br.ai.ru, November -A Prussian agent ha left
for Bngland in order to inapeot tboae places of tbe
South Ooaat, wbioh might b suitable for his Majesty,
the King, to reside at during winter months, and
make such preparations as are requisite therefor
Besides the Isle of Wight, Dorchester is also to be
inspeoted. ;
The British Parliament has keen prorogued till
January U. Th Prussian Minister of War, Gen.
BouId, has resigned and would be succeeded by Gen.
Herrmarier, . .
'fhe abip Red Jacket had arrived from Biol bourne.
September 10, with 40,000 ounces in gold. ,.
It is confirmed that Cardinal Autoneilt will repre
sent Borne in the congress. Reports say that the
persecutions and ill treatment of Missionaries in
Cochin China have taken place. The Belgian Gov
ernment baa accepted an oiler of a loan from Koths
child for the completion of the fortlflcstious of Ant
werp. The British Kmlgrantahip, John and Lucy,
front Liverpool for the Cape of Good -Hope, waa
wrecked near Pernambiico, Oreweaved. Tho steamer
Latfleand a waterlogged, timber laden ahip were in
collision off thecoaet of Arran. Taenty passengan,
drowned. ., : ,;. ,-, "
From New York.
Naw Yori, December 15. In tbe United
States Circuit Court, to-day, Judge Ingersol presid
ing, Mohoney confessed judgment to stealing loio.ooo
from the Adams Lxpress Company, at Montgomery,
Alabama. He will ,be tried oa a criminal suit at
Montgomery. . . .
Golosmith's percussion cap factory, at Brooklyn,
exploded to-day, killing Krnest Hyier, who at tbe
time waa mixing fulminating powder. . .
The jewelry store of Dempeeyi rargo was robbed
of nearly all Its oontenta laat night. Ten thousand
dollars' worth of the goods were subsequently recov
er d at a receiver's store, and four lads, Including
theclerk of tbe store, were arrested for th crime.
It Is rumored that th extensive provision house of
Van Brunt & Watrons has failed to meet its en
gagements. The firm are largely enitsged in pork
packing, and the rumor consequently had a depres
sing effect on the pork starket. Iheir liabilities
are upward of $2M,GW.
Democratic Caucus,
WAAHiNaToif, December 15. The Demo
cratic Senator held a caucus this morning to further
cons Iderll he arrangement of theSUmdingCommltteee
Mr. Toombs, It Is understood, advocated the restora
tion of Douglaa as Chairman of the Committee on
'territories, but no vote waa taken on that point, aa
Mr. Toomba stood alone In th caucus on entertain
ing that desire. Mr. Green will doubtless continue
as Chairman. Mesars. Pugh and Douglas wer not
in tbe caucus. ...
Additional Mexican News.
Kiw Obliaws, DeoemberlS. TheWyune's
correspondent say that Lordobad returned to the
Juarez Cabinet and consents to tbe ratification of the
He Lane treaty without alteration, The Secretary of
the Mexican Legation, Seuor Bemero, Is a passenger
by the Tennessee, lie loll for Washington to-day.
Later from Brownsville.
-' Chablsstob, December 15. The OowUr
has special advices from Brownaville.whlchstatelthat
wiuum ui stwrnmi iu ueau uuuiee ei ino lexari
troops killed in tbe late sklrmlih. Thara waa m.wh
excitement at San i ntonio. The Mexicans are favor
ing uorsiua. .
Outward Bound.
Boston, December 15. The steamer Ewopa
anchored below yeaterdny incoaaoauenceof tbe snow
itorai, and did not proceed to sea until o'clock this
Monetary and Commercial.
was in active de
stand yesterdar, and Illinois and Wisconsin paper
could be disposed of to the Broken at VA, who can
resell It at 7k(fll dis. Missouri was as before, 1 and
IXdis. , : , .1 - ,
Eastern Kxchaugo continued rather stoady at par
MX bnying, and H premium selling; tbe supply and
demand being than better they wero oa Wednesday
or Thursday.
Sloney matters remained active, and Curreuoy quite
cl ae, with largo ollerloga of Paper In Bunk and Iu
the street. First-class rules at 10li per cent., but
capital can be loaned on the best securities to almost
uy Dsiuu, a, sue inner ngures. .
Gold and New Orleans faTxchango were in moderato
demand at iA srem.
Business in the banking quarter was animated, and
Money transactions were largo.
The Imports and Exports of various articles during
tne twenty-tour hours ending yesterday1 noon, were!
lMPOBTS.-Flour, 1.1S0 brie : Whisky, 1,800 brls.:
Corn, 7,J3 bnshela; Wheat, 9,211 bushels; Oats, 1,J
bushels: Hogs, 18,104 bead; Including 1I,S0 left
last weak at Brlghtou-atatiou; Pora sod Bacon, 4,1
brls.; do., 1S5.63S pounds; Snsar, 13 hhds.; Molasses,
123 brls.; Cotfee, sit baga; Apples, 34 brls.! lluttei,
arKj uueese, 1,101 uoxes; roiatocs, lou Drls.
Kxpobts. flour, 7S4 brls.; Whisky. l.iWl brls.
vorn, rai uusneis; wnoat, 130 nutbels; iiarley, Sit
uusunis, ruraana uacon, ari oris; do., 184 bhda ; do.,
aotiorcea; do.,7f bxs; Sugar, SSbhda.; HolassM, 12
brls.; lfle., 1,063 bags i Apples, 168 btls; Bttllor' II I
kgs.i-Gbease, 1,686-hxs,, Potatoes, 10 brls.; Salt, 42J
Flonr was without nny particular change yester
day, the demand continuing quite tnsderato. Whisky
was in good requeat, and He. higher per gallon, data
mained ateady. Provisions wore heavy and holdera
wr oomnelicd to submit to a declln. Tbe very
large receipt of Hogs yesterday, added to those of
pio.iuuB uajs, seemea to totally dissipate
the hopes of tha bulls, and the market grew so un
settled that quotations oould nut be rellablj biron at
The market has not uvlergoneany int.
portant chapgei the demand ia quite moderato, bnl
holders are nrm. The sales anMoiiflued to Too brla ,
at i! 30 Tor auperflne, and Ss jOrftA to for extra
WHISK Y"-A good demand, and pria.-s Ho. higher
sales of 1,4(10 barrels at tsHe., closing Irni. . ,
HUGS The market, under the operation of en
large receipt, was again Dull to-dav. nri rri,. k
came a mefe matter of estimate, the market bains
quite unsettled: so much so, indeed, that leliabl"
quotations could not well be given at the olose. Tne
total receipt may b called J3,U0 head,. The sales
wara '
-Mj . I- ' . i . - !
99 heid averaging 180 h. at ti 7S
100 head averaging M lbs, at...- 5 tin
70 bend averaging 21X1 lbs, at... lai
I4ii head averaging 117 II. at......... ... $ hi,
63 head averaffinff lanlha. at ft in
4110 head averaging IVO lbs. at. S So
In addition to these 1000 head sold at to 0 for all
running under 2uo lbs., and So for 2i lb, and up
ward.' The market closed Bat. j
PKOVIHIONS A dnll and heavy market, and In
order to effect sales, a further decline had to be sub
mittnd to. Mesa Pork UK. lower, with snles of 6un
barrels at n, to ho deliveretl in Man-h; una tin. at
(19 90; and aiodo. at I6. 2111,0110 pounris bulk Meat
an d at fi anil a . In tntlvHul In . . iu,
brla. Lard at Ktijo, and I, f.(0 kega do. at H'V-iliic,
a fiirthen- decline, and 1,010 piecsa green Men', ft out
the block, at ihm 10c. for Shoulders; e9 es-HSic.
for Bides, and 7ri7Hc for Uams.. Tb market
cloed dull and heavy. ' , , , .,
1 -.
.l220ER,JE8,8n.r flrm' food demand a
Stoavc., with sale of Mo hhds. Molaasa kn"ant
' SJJf A?'N"rA sale of ROW ibe. at lOMe. - -,;
SfAT-Th market continue erm, at l 16a
I 28 for prim while, and ll ltai JO for prim r7
sales of 120 bushels bill at l is. - '
COHN-There Is, a food demand, and prloe flita
OATH-There Is an active dr-no.nd, and price ar
tending upward: .1m 0i hiisbsle, in bulk, at
&3c.; D.do. t Mo, 1
.BABV,CT.Tb ""' 1 Bmi, with a good de-
mtv k.' S".r lt Muulations.
Su EaTji'cS.V"rS a,m M 'h w demand.
CHtKriB-Th demand a Arm, with 1 an active d.
APPLKS-Tho xnarkst is firm at f I per
flI,ilrm,ii demand, and. p.Ua
I1LOVBB SRKIi Ther i a d demaud. and
prices firm at $1 75! e sole cf so barrXit kt .
n ere were tome sales made yesterday S 5,"ut the
ii " ,be ""t1 mHl ffVlX at
J?,IWJ.0f M''1". Dcmber 14-p. M.-Flour
dull and 9c. lower: sale ef .mo mb, 5sw
5 1J for snperiine .Western; t.ft toftj o for oommou
tomdhim extra do., and 4 60s so for inferior to
good shipping brands extra round-boop Oblo-clos.
fog dnll and drooping. Canadian Flour quiet and
flriuers aales of 250 Ir la. at ji eormd 60 for common tr.
STJ'in eSJf' ..i15;? m?m fair requeat at t3 tu
'.4.i' , heat dull and nominally infavoror Outers,
with sole of ll jwq I bushels, for local mllliiig, at f i si
for Canada and Mllwaukle Olnli; l M for white
Kentucky, and shippers offer ti w ror prim Mil
waukle Club, live active and bnoyanti sales of 8.000
bushel, at 9uo. fiarley quiet and unchanged: saleVof
Moo bushels, at 7578c. for State. Corn scarce and
nrmen sales icf is.isw bushels, at 9.aMo. for nevr
ye tow,nd w.i8 foroldvellow. Oats firmer aid
nl.nT, S,'7'40- f?r '" Western and Cana
lm ftlT b flmer: ale of tun
oris, at fine Pork heavy and lower: sales ofiu
brls at 16 1016 40 for me'ss; f 11 Mnnprim.
Beef qnlet and unchanged-sales ol 350 parrels" at 4
4 60 for country prime; $Jiaiofor old and newr.
Sicked mess, and $10 Mll fbrextra meas" Dressed
A" ?.? ?,ern- . Prlme meM Beef qnlet at 117
g2fl. Cot Meat are in fair request: sales of 160
packages, at . 6i7o. for Shoulders, and Ma lOJsjc.
for Hams. Bacon quiet and unchanged. Card dull
and heavy. Buttert aalea of250 brU.,at ll16o.for
JSl.W ll2?0 f0T. 8tate- 0heeo " iosyftemand
'HiPii.f'1: 'S",? nrm: of 300 bale.. Lln
at IKmKc.i Muscovado at 77Hc Coffe-) firm
4ot)o " 1,M(,2M'-"olASsee ateady at
Baltxhobs Mabkbt' trecemi-er 16,-Flour Is 'quiet:
Howard-street at f is. Wheat firm: aalee of u.ooil
??SS,'Jo,t a!?chnS?,L p,r,w- Corn active: white
at 70(q)72c. The market closes unsettled. Provisions
have a declining tendency. Whisky flrm at727jo
Livibpool,- HoTomber 29-Cotton The
sales for three days have been 19.O00 bales, including
3,400 tor specnlatlon and export. At the close
there was but llttl iuqulry, and prices were rather
weak, although nominally, wllbriutcbange.
fhe Manchester advice are favorebl, and the
andyarua at the highest jrloesfor goods
BrMdatiiffa Messrs.. Kichardson, Speuco A Co
quole Flonr dull, and declined is. salsa at jlsr7.
Corn quiet and declined la per quarter. '
Produce Potatoes quiet at S7aX7a 3d Peorhaa
dull at7. W, Sugar.y.0off5 quiet! Bl i
active. Spu. Turpeatlno steady at lis.
Loanoa. November 29. Flonr very dnll
rteady dsclinsd l3d. Cora declined lfSld. Bugar
water at this joint continues vn lis
downward oourss, having fallen, doling the twenty-J?Llir-0tlr"
dinllaiajt evening, nearly Two feet, with
tb prospect of a still mor rapid decline to-day and
hr?urowii ' 0' consequence ha yet appeared
opposite this port, and unless the weather grow
lLTferl1" b0Te h-wt ru
Above and below the river continues to fall, and at
f,"". bT"7 sonlolent water on tbe Louie
Vilje Flls to enable large-alxed boat to pass,
'llie weather was mild here yeaterday, bnt grew
this vicinity, though w prssumo the -temperatitr,
will moderate asalu tOHiay' , .
Business on tbo Lauding was fairly actlva yester
day, but the greater partof th freight offend was
for New Orleans. The upward-bound boats osualli
go out light ly laden, and the St. Louis packets hav
room to spare In the bold and oa deok. I 'il
Wednesday's Louisville Courier obetrvss: i
Th river is falling fast Here, and at all nolnh,
above to Pittsburg, with bJrvdy thl?t4n feet wiur
in the canal last evening by the mark. On tbe falls
for steamboats, there were scant ten feet water down
the Indlanaotjute, and the full, pllotsreport out nine
feet water In the middle chute. During the previoS"
twenty-foor hours tbs river had Moededabln I twt.
feet at the head of the falls. Tbe weathor continues
quite pleasant for the season, and clear, though ss
eral degrees ooidsr iMterday than tha two o" three
tSrshad.01"' an(,lh.elc" ttn(1 """ liUlingersTn
Tho Kentucky Rjynr is falling' exceedingly fast.
havlDg receded thirty feel at Cogar' fwding
above Frankfort, np to Monday. aiauaing,
The coal-boat fleet is taking advantage of the rise 1
and score, of boat, descended tbe fall, at Louisvi R
ou'lueaday, for the South. In addition to the tli
ttaa aitoam Saxjris Balwood and Hero de-Kd-t,t,h.e
S'i' ;V,Tuei'i with coal inTow, the
Bouge Cleans and tne Utter for Uatou
Hoyeyvs. White. -Action for tbesettlement
of a partnerhip account between parties engaged is
trading on the river. Judgment for tbedete" dant. ,
ia DM'nr vs B Sohlsuinger. A a trust,'
Judge McLean was brought in undera cross petition
and answered Defendant demurred, Demurrei
ovnrrnled by Judge Hoadley. .. .
Swlst Colonisation Society vs. Pater Constans -The
same i vs. Chris. Tuffll. Defendants held th.
funds of the Boeiety as confidence men," and da
cllned to hand them over to their successors. A de
raurrer to th petition was sustained. . ' '
Heraerman and wife vs. Tha Jtagle Ins. Co. Csuo
heretofore reported.
J 3' ,o'nert and others va. B. Mather, mtH
V"J!!?: .Act P flln tried before Judi. 8 to ir
Verdict for plaintiff. , w"
Snyder vs. Snyder-In this esse, stated In i
vXNF8S e,u,r1 "MUa i
Divobor Oasis.-Tamer Gaalt vs. B. Gault. Set ' !
eral charges wsre alleged in the petition. Judge Ma',-
Ion allowed a decree on the ground of neglect of dnty.
Snyder and Brown for petitioner. ,
Mlnne Lamraers va. Joseph Lammers.1 Deore.
granted on tho same ground. W. B. Baldwin for
rtrtt 1 ttfltlar
rrh "iMr"''8,.D,;-Jh,J?,4lf.,,- Amanda Llndaaj.
The defendant atood Indicted lor passing conntei
. ilii u.. .T"9 Pr0IM,fuiing witness deposed that in
April last the accused went into her store on West-
..H-.vn,.u kuiuohdu jssrs ooanei, naautng in naj--,
met'tatO bill of tho Farmers' Bank of Kentucky
wblch the witness changed. The bill afterward)
tlirnftfl s-itll rn lu ra Aima.r.ll rrl .aa ..
ted passing the bl 11, but denied the guilty knowledge,
Gaines for the State; Parker and Parker for defeat .
Account Ct-saisT Filkd in tbi HoMicksm
EsTATi.-Tb Bxecutors ofllwlate Charles McMlckett
r.--...v.. .lion amyous current covermt;
, . r,.iuwi vr tfutiKe warren an,
abowlng receipt to the amount of (d,7,161 anddl.
bunementstethamonntori4V!,26s 9s-t be last prln -
cipally for legacies, annuities, repaint and taxe
Tbree hundred roncbera were aieo Bled. '
A final account will be ready when tbe ease pend
lug in the Supreme Court is decided.
Oouncfi7 f ,l000II", wU1 lPwed for the Oil .
iFir AKIaT.wy,,U)r0n Iheltth loaf, by the Re?
P. Ruhr, Mr . 1 M. Viaig to Miss Mary J?hllonin
Wildow, nil of this city...
BROWN-SAMPLE --By Eer. Jas. Potter, tic
centber 1, at the reaideaco or John VV. Carr, near'
"rMIUvll'i Brown toMlasHyla J. San..
i--.- Wednesday Utl,
Fever ' Newell, aged eight years, ot ScarK t
Something JVorel,
.Something 1jeAil,
For a Preaenl ibr the Holidays
Can be selected from the varied stock at Ihe
Ladies', Gentlemen's & Children';;
'100 Went FoTjjtl-street,-
. j , In the city, fd to (
: Hendley's, ;
delObw No. SS3 Flfthtreet, near Western-row,
AT LAW. Chaa Bnlldlnffa Ho. aEa.tTkira.
' -Iv'.O, )
i. BAUD, at Trad Sale-room, No. 11 West Fifth,
street, np stair. Assign' Sale euutintwd. lli.
Uav flirt Books at Auction. -Till (Friday) KVBN -1NG,
Becember IS, at 7 o'clock, will beaold brcata
lgu,a splendid collection of Books, com prising a
nreat variety of th saoat supuiax AnnoaJ. Post
aadothwvaluabl Presentation Books ia rioh and
tiegant blading, beantifullf lllustratad and embel
lUhsd. ' ' - .1.1 1 . i .'.t i- i 1,1
N. B. Catalogues are ,. t'tbllshed ad th Books
are open lor xamlualiuii.
II. KITS. Aasjgn.
6. G. HDBUAKt). At,-' 'r.- ' "elS
CO.-Oil Palntl.ta.,, ttronae, o.-WUI be
sold at Anntloa ,u HATUKbM MUBNING, Dec
17, at 10 o'clock, at ear store, No. is Bast tfourtb
Ktreet, fifty Oil Tainting', on canvass and oopesr,
some of which are under glass. Alao, aa. inroiosol'
Bronte and Papler Macba Goods, com prlalott Fig
ure, Card Stands, Glove Boxes, Work Boxen, Letter
xtoxee, Caid Oaaksta, Dressing Cases, Waiters, Ae.
. B. Ladles art Invited to attend thi sal,).
d16 j JACOB GBAFF, Auctioneer.
k Co.-Cholrje Millinery Goods. Will be sold
at Auction, on FBID vi MUBNltiG, December IA,
nt 9 o'clock, at onr store. No, 18 East Fourth-strnet,
an invoice of choice Mllliaery Goods, amotig which,
are Uetrich d other Feathera, Artldolal Fiovterr,
Plume, Ladle.' Hu Silk Bvnnw. Bibbona, Vatl
Lace, Infanta' Bonnets, rich Velvet Flowers, round
el ion, Knout Velvet, Ac. Thee are fresh Goods cf
this season's purchase, and most be sold wltbont re
ive. delS JACOB GBAFF, Anctloneer.
A OO.-O. B. Galbreath, Taxidermist, of Nevr
York, will sell at our arrUtio. IA Xast Fourth
street, on f AT 0 BOAT AlOltNlfjO, December 17, at
St o'clock, a large collection of Stuffed Birds, ar
ranged on sprats, groups, and nnder glass shades,
which will be. found, on examlnaiion, to renreeenfe
living nature. With ordinary earayhe knows no
hmiutothe time they will retain their present ap
pearance. They are suitable for the parlor or cao
Inet. The eol lection embrace a great variety of
the most beautiful Birds of tb Doited States. Also
a variety of Humming and other Birds from the
West Indies and South Anwrlea. A lo, imme
diately after the sals of Birds, an invoice of Bronxo
and Papisr Mac he Good, VII Palutinga, Ac.
del JACOB GBAt'F, Auctioneer.
FOR '-
Christmas Presents!
' : -il-: ;u I
First Premium
and simplicity of construction and efficiency
In worklsg, are stnesjaalest by stuy.
deiotjal , . .1 r:.: St) Wnt Fourthstrrr.
HAIB BOOTS. M. O'NEIL baa been fore
man for ten year for Mr. J. Eshslby, late of No. IU
Sixth-street, and is successor to him lu tbe manu
facturing of the celebrated
; , Eshelby Halr-Uned Boots.
From bis long experience tn the cutting and get
ting npof the above article, he hope to glveeutiru
satisfaction to those who may favor blm with tboir
patronage. ,
Remetnhor-No. 3M Fl KTH-8TRERT, two doer
Ladles' Hair-lined Boots, aud aH kinds of Boots,
Shoes and Congress Gaiters, made for ladies' ai,tl
gentlemen s wear, warranted.' - -
P. 8.-1 feel confident that Mr. O'Noil will glv.i
eqnal satistation In the maunfactnring of tbe Hair
lined Book that I, did, a ho had tbechini manage
ment of them for th last six years, and I am satis
fied that no man can make them as well.
, deltcw . , , JAM8S J5SBKLBY.
. '-h il. rf'.O-'.l 0 rj -
Ht.'l..c .iti! i-.Wf ?9!..'-?i , ,
' , ' : NO. 154 MAIN-STREET,
1 ..-..;:....... .i ; .....
tn"'i mi : i ,. i ;,, ;
Sale Eyery Xight,
D.K. Oady, Jr.,
& io,ooo in
$10,000 In
Dress Trimmings!
Comprising the entire stock of O. Lewla, at thR
Baiaar, dlrsjetly opposite th Postofflce, Jtecollect,
delOam H. O. blLBERT, Assignee.
&liiay presents.
Bison and China Figure. Fancy Inkstands,
Vase, Jewel and Match-boxes, Fancy Shaving anil
Work-boxes, tnd other Fancy Good too numerous
to mention, suitable for th Holidays, whicli I III
aell cheaper-than any other establishment in the
oity. , . . HKNKT DAVID,
No. 27S Maln-strret, between Sixth and Seventh,
n. B Also a new lot of Fancy Boapa, Perfumery,
Extracts, o , , deia
' J.1 M'ELEVEY, .
Merchant Tailor,
' "No, 48 FOl. r rH-STREET,
delStf l- " - ' LODKON BUfLDIHO.
LIMBS in a superior otanner. Satisfactcr
reterenoss given. ; AddrMs Na J, Sjoamore-st ceti
nnref Front. - , . de'.'t
tii ii- iii list t ! in j 1 , ,'. .. .
S ji"jj'lll' j .J ,'J

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