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' Ii BeblUhed day!, (Snadars exoeoM,) be
r f i o - a e . m , w '
'XHl PlHHf BMfifj dlTrtaMlWfliinV
OlnolBnitl,OvriBtraDawirt, Mm '
rounding OHM end towns, at the ee ;
. tremelj lew frio of , ,
tumor tiAiuRe: . ... .. .
lngle ooplee t. 1 aoaik Mo. I saoBthelll I rav I.
eoiNM mn a Ture-iTBMti.: -':i
Job A. limn, JE..U...;.Bol leecc ana mlir,
ft ATURD AT f fErtlHGw Bed, IT, wt.1 b presented.
the nw cowedr called t. i' ' ; ii'-iiLJ'
Oa. Nature and Art. i ; m f
Daniel TenuwrUht..,. ,........
renelope Ann ,.,...j...-...I1Im Denbem
r... i.M In Naw York. Time present,
Dance ;4i,k.i.,..MIe Hale Pennoyer,
To be followed by ' '" J'
Ob, The Faix ot Aumui f : ' d
Methlldede Merle,
iienri m. a iui'
.Mis Maggie UHchel
Wild Arab Boy, VJ.,ii,i- .'
- t.,:r.
sergeant vnoourg..
.'oIodI de Oonreey,
Tony uTaro.
Vnh.-.1 . T '
To conelnd with tbe st and drama of
Mitha1Krla;.'-"i'f"r .....taaado
- Ib praLaratloa, SlialiapMin a great eonadr,
called "The Gouiedy or rror," with a great noreltj
an tbe "Two DroaUea." Alio, the great Ledger
morrof the "Hlrtdan Hnl1;" ' "
X AT J QKfoijJ 1 E ajk ltKj
Blxtb night of the celebrated American tragedienne,
Aid the ao4ompllehd and faiolnatlng couedleunt,
TBlS(gatunUj) KVKNINO, December 17, will be
acted the elegant petite comedf called the ,.!) .
,Oa, t PamcoAT Oolohbl.
Arabella Beaument, (wltb aong)...)llia T.T. rarren
After which the thrilling drama of '.! i m,
ST. MARVS.J5VE. , , ,
Madellne.I,.r....' .;.j;.......t.....T..i..... Mra, Farren
Dance ..." K'm Jenn; Bight.
To coaclede with the protean farce entitled .
Oa, A Nisit's laouo. . VT .
Sin Seneca, Kicker the HXII, M'll Ueiip
Dion, Arohille Poudre a Uanon,... Ill lee I, w. rarren
Tbeater, ia now open for the reoeption or gueela
finonie can be obtained b? the da? or week, and
. 1 ..vnlaliAjt k 1 1 knMH . i 11 4 ...
NOTIOIt. Tradeeman and othera. are eantlnned
agalnat lnraiining any aruoiee rorint urat iiiu
cut a written ordefrelgnod br ine Manager. , it .
Chas. H. Barrae I e teee ae teat tee e e ai tee t
F. B. Oonwar
..Stage Director.
mr Murdoch :ik two piece8.;
THIS (Saturday) DVBNINQ, December
17. will
be presented Kotiobee'e aneoting play oi
Btranger. 5'u!!,,,l
atalnfnr. Sheridan
Cennt Wlntersen '..... -....Arnold
Frenoie.ti... ..." NH...OT..DIokaoii
Folomoo ...M.t.M.M..M..tM.M.....M.I)avldge
Mm u.n airs. 1onnaT
(Jcnnteae Wlntersen.................. Ura,WHlne
Oharlotte .....MiMJP'oc tor
CMandlne. (with en...,. , Mine Crocker
To conclnde with the laughable faroe of i
MY AUNT. . ,;SI,I'
Pick Dathall ......,..,. ...nu.. .Ttfardoek
WrmAiy j .......TJlokaon
Battle .tavldge
Boberlove m...h. M....n..M....m....uansgan
Mrs.Oorbett ...u........w...-;,Mriif lace
Dmme. .....m.....-..."..... Mies Crocker
WV In preparatloa for the Holidays a grand fairy
BANlici)-ror' the above, Hft LaHea for the
Ballet. Annrv at the ateoe door, between ten and
eleven o'clock A. M. ' t , v . . . ! ' , I ' I t i
42 MIT H
Kivn Biroil tXBiBnia in this, toi,
Dr. Kane's World-Renowned
LAST arctic voyage,
Wedneeday, Thnreday, Friday and Bnlur
day Nlahte, Dee. 14, 19, 16 and 1T
M.cmt.rv jkfin'fl ivllniual Pannramla and
Dloramic llluitrationB of Sr. Kane'eworld-renowned
laat An
trollc Yoyaae. embracing a oomplete voyage
from New York to the Keglona of Ice, and vividly
.......in. ti.A Mrllnna drAtiliirM. wonderful dlB'
unit .inaiilif ikhAnniuAniL'witnaaiied bv Dr.
Kane and bis braTecomnanlons during tbelr famous
Eapediaon in search of Sir John Franklin, executed
under the supervision of air. Tbomas Blotter, ut.
Kane's companion, by the great American Artist,
nam trails. Km . from nrlvate Drawiniis and
.,rhu r,,n,l.hJ lit ilia lata Dr. Kane. Mr.
TnoMia uidk KV.uho annum nanled Sr. Kane's
laet Expedition. and who won for himself anenrlable
reputation through bis devoted attachment to tne
lamented narlgator, will appear at fetch Exhibition
Many interesting relics Of Arctic Explanation wiU
be e; bibited, among which are Dr. Kane's celebrated
Esquimaux Sledge Dog Toodlarmlc, tbe beautiful
JKBULBCnaiaa JJOg dico, Arctic unmorm mwinis yi
euted Lap Oueen Victoria to Mr. Thomas Illcfci
Tnl.ll, l
Boat or Kavack, Walrus' Tube", Whale
ajer Exhibition every evening at half-paat seven
Enturday anernoon at tnree o oioox. r,
Mr nilra''a Krrtl of tha Laat Arctic line.
dillon.forsale by the author, at tbe door. Price 10c.
X'M. KUHLMAN. of No. 44 glxtH-streat,
would respecll'iilly Inform the pnblio tbatehe
lit., In counertionwltb Mrs Toledo's (late of
Ravel Troupe) tasteful wardrobe, removed to
nr.aW nt No. 7(1 Fifth .fltreat. between
Walnut and Yine-street, where she will be hsppv
see her former patrons, to whom she can otter
most spienniq assortment 01 costume. i iwiram'
Great Unrivaled European Wizard
Will appear for TWO WEEKS ONLY, commencing
- , . j on niurilA X ianuri v, a.
ItVm SECOND TKBMl ' . -, r- 'liUe
National HnlljYIne-etreet, above Fifth.
The lessons at io arranged that beginners
commence at anr lime.
af iHRISTMAri dlE'TS.Dd ool buy a
vano until you hare called at no,
72 West Fourth -et . end see Liable W"J' 1
A Bradbury's. Wm. Kaahe A (Jo. 's iTV-l
and A. H.Qale A Jo.'a Pianos, . j 1 1 5 .
Pianos will sneak for tlieniielvee. 1 will' rent
let the rent pay Tor the Piano. O. M. MUBOH.
. Thalaraest slock of Uelodeons in theoity. dell
' Ballet, Davis A Oo.'e, Haaleton
Brothers', Karen, Bacon A Oo.'s, r
and I'etere, Crjgg A fo.'s Pianos, ttf'PkM.
at No. Si West Fourth-street I will Iff I I
ull blsb Inei fr-vv nait.li eH inf fttlA. a .. , ,-P f
' will rent and let the rent pay tor tbePlariS. )
.(.... J. GHlJBCH. Jr..
No. fl Weet Fonrtb-streel.
TJeeot for Melodeois and Barmonians., l del4
M. PB1ATE than the following new and beautiful
collections of Mnslot r' - : i 1 ' 1
nnma mnlA Mmulnlnt m BitnnM Af annular
Western Glee Book ..... eitteeeeet-eeeeseeeeesaeeHeottee I
Menile.MObn'i Songt, without words.. tieereMteeessstt I
Jfeeasge Bird, containing flfty Ballads
. ' j' u: i,i. llOHN uaUBOH. Jr.,
.... No. West Fourth-street.
- Plaaoc tuned and repaired by Thoe. Atkins
-ffATRW FRUITS. New Ralslal. new Car-
ffil renta.new lge, Pruneat Pjtrsn, Ao jitstre.
, t ul anil rnr ..la n. ..... , ...
iflfnn B nnuuDvn, vruoBr,
Corner Ninth and VlnetraeU.
I am in daily reoelpt of J
heat hrmnd at Orateil COBtng iq im
Vi ar ran ted fresh and bt. .,.,, i ' !
tjomeror aim an t iup-..hw,m,i
AMILT 'FL0U1..-I ays
hand, a sannlr of tbe beat Family Flonr in
A6HN KHfltaOI; tJroeer.
Comer Ulntbaad YissitreeU,
I 7
V0L.'2. N0..'102
fc? yW Wy . J I I I f&LA
mill if si arias
lffgr v( ,"M" I ,.VII . .
K?TT-.i--. 1 jz
9-Frnoii Whltten, the father of "Little
Ella," hat claimed, and recovered hli other
child ten, and placed thom in a school. ' Si
rederick Doutlai't paper arrenred
in mourrdog ImI week), for .the death oXJobn.
Browne , ..4 t ' - "', VTj
3 Baf"AMiAnatad f!onntT. New York, hai
oontribated over one thiiuiand dollar! to 'the
,Moun Vernon fund.
iteflhe naApfit 'to b.
yeft ls-flTfiRen Bo
leaves of a' pure
where else than upon the
peart. . i" . . ...
"rtrMr. Doailai haa abandoned lis pur-
iKjeeoJ visiting lbe6ou!aat epi)U. apo
to resume nil teat in tne eenaie.
SPhe overland mail brings Intelligence
IfiuTj.-.i. r m. i.hn U....J mn .
Epnbluia, wher he wa rogaged a (gasooiato
coal tar, in proportions of 100 to 3, forms
valuable and effioaoious-'dlsinfectBnt,1 latoly
diioovered and bighlv approved of in 1'aria.
.min t ..r t'.:
evrihe San FrMcttteo iMtii savl UieY
ateiitt)! over d2,uou,ouu ot agricultural lanas
beltnfing to the State and to the United
States In California.
,-Gen. 6eo'tt hairaveiled a 'distance
18,000 miles einoe the 20th of laat September.
This Is doing; pretty well for a man .over
seventy-three years of age-. ' t! ' -
f-Anoldman named Martin MoGIntey,
living four mile front Ironton, 0., was basely
mqrdered on Sunday night by some ualioreant
who was after ,nwney,fit. ; ,oiAt-
Stalistioa show that London is one
the most healthy olties in the world. Seienoe
and faots are tripping up general opinion at
fast rate.
a? :j 3 1 c i y-t f
MS" A vouna woman should, like an Angel,
psrdon the faults eheoannot oouprehend;
and) an elderly one, like a taint, because she
has endured trials.
'Dr. Cihill, the Irish orator, just ar
rived in this eonntry, It said to be a uisgnHW
eent specimen of humanity six feel six inohes
high, and stoat in proportion.
Some persont, whomnke a show
great courage, really tarn out pretty well upon
trial theY-rove to be .afraid of nothing un
der heaves) Sut bnger? ' ff
tTWllliam Murray, who wai shet
Captain Deba) Berriore on Sunday night last,
dnring an affray In New York, died
Wednesday forning. .
isar-lfrs. tieoKre LMi
t? W- h-S.,
I'l. J..IL
In Oolumbus on Wednesday by her olotb.es
taking fire from the grate before which
had jut passed. , . . r , ; c r r ,
nsS"k voting lsdv. sister-in-law of
Lalghl, who resides a mile cr two east of 8ing
n. r., about-if yoars oi age loei
life recently In consequence, of ker clothes
taking lire from the grate,
-Mrs. Nichols, wife of John Nichols,
Washington, O.died last, woek from tj),
of whitkyi i iBhe swallowed a half pint
the meanest kind of whisky, and it strangled
ber in a few mfnntes. 1
uaH A anmnan for the manufacture
wonted goodt of aU deedlptiQBS $"6 been
stlrted in Norwich; Mtst., and will erect
next serine a buildioit eieolally for their
business, and give employment to one hun-
dredgiffi. 'O y-r r j
-Mr. Bourcitaolt and Madame B. (Ag
nes Robertson) have had trouble at the Winter
Garden in New York, concerning the Ocferoon,
Dion's new sensation play, and nave with
drawn from the theater. : ;.j ...
' ' fiBA. fire whioh broke out at Seneca Falls,
N. Y.. oa Wednesday, destroyed the old
ebanied Hall and twelve balldlngti (Lost
lest than $50,009, but mostly covered by
suranoe. ' . " ' r (.t , , , .,
aSThe Lyoeum ' of Natural HUtory
Williams College propose to undertake an
pedition to the coasts oi .Louisiana, xexas
Central America, for the purpoie of studying
the natural history of the country and making
colleotioni. (iw ,(, , s. .,.,;,, ,,,, . ., ., ." ..: ...
r"A student at the University of Eislebeni
Germany,' haa been sentenced to ten years
the House of Correction, for attempting
stab the prlnoipal. - A pnblio rebuke he
received. wa the provoking cause.
3TMr. South, of Wedeli, N.' Cj' while
cleaning hit gun, pointed it at Miss Ham
not knowing it to be loaded. " The piece
and the .young lady1 received the
charge. She died from her wounds in
few hours., . .
IBS' A bank note received' at the offlce
tne UDaneston yo. vountr naa toe iuiiuw
inc Indorsement: "ThO last five of a fortune
of $30,000. All gone now, and I am a bank
rupt." -
Whilc thf expresi train ftomTlohdon
to Exeter wu going at a rate of sixty
an hour, a sailor who had his cap blown
instantly sprang out after It. He turned
shortly afterward with his arm broken. "
jSaVElng Kamehameha has resigned
sovereignty of the Sandwioh Island to hit
the JPrince of Hawaii; prooamy in view ot
vi. - j.j i. .v..i
. , ,..,,., ,,,, ,
s9The following may he seen en ft grave
stone in Derwen (Denbighshire) churchyard:
"Husband died aged 103; wife died aged
ir ion died aged 97: : their daughter
grandton Aged 98. - Total,
jsTbe jleoture-gojng' community will
pleased to learn, to far as their taste la
that Park Benjamin, while going
the lecture-hall in West Troy, N. Y.,
other evening, slipped and broke hit anklo;
thereby preventing 'him from fulfilling
number of his engagement! to bore people
for the consideration of twenty-five ' cents
, Mrmnorolv Dkaib or an Eoitor.
Jphn 34 Manpln, the brother of the edltotj
the Berkely (yai insviean, andf formerly
editor of the Cumberland Cieilicm, died
Moorefield recently, He wat accidentally
shot on the 25th ult. by his brother, Ut
Of the HardyWAv, and his death wat
fesult of that aooldeni V. ) . J ' C?.,
HdTtL iDieTOovin nr FiRi. St. George't
Hotel at Avrt, N. Y., wat completely
by fire, a day or two slnoe. t There
no fire department in the place, and the build
ingrrHth a large portion of iu furniture,
entirely consumed. " The hotel was valued
(abcut f o,000 end wat portly insured.
XnrcTATio.i op a Ltd Iraohirm or
T sars. A remarkable patient, named
Vancleve, wat received into tbe Charity
Hospital, New Orleant, and his right
whioh bad been broken eight years
smtttted : by Dr. Btono. ? ; (f
Iuurnsk Balis or Cotton. The tales
e6tton in New Orleans for the fonr days
IIIO ill 1UB., .KJW.ii, ' ; P,r--- T
aging over $55 a bale and making the amount
of the tlantaotioM of tbe four dayt over
milKou o( doiiar- mUliM f tklltrt
the 1st lntt., amounted to 71,000 pnies,
et-"r.,flMfMli) ..),,!
hi nil eh
A Little Tempest—A Precious Purchase.
rrp . . chase.
Receiving the honorary decree of Dostor of
Laws from thj Sentu Atadmkut of Tala
College, Mr. SMuttf ''icirjwledged (ha
honor In a letter to Dr. Stum, the President
of e Jutitution; and, lays his biographer,
he subjoined the following remarks In relation
ito "Shay's Insnrreetidn.y Jtijbrtnatlon "o(
which had lately reached him:
e '.Ihe eommotions that bav,e taken place, in
Aaeries as far as they are yet known to me,
oner nothing Vrfeatening., xney are a prooi
that the people hav liberty I enough, and I
eould not wish them less than they have. If
theJiappintss of the mus of the people can
be teoured at the expense of a little tempest
now and then, or even of a little blood, it will
baa nreciouipurohaie .'Afato tM-afan pert
''f ?".. ,fM"', ?
The tempest that sprang up so rapidly after
the Harper's ferry all air will save cleared up
the atmosphere, so that people of both;diyI
JoCs;ef sentiment may dearly tee' each other,
who find that a, true conservatism Is revealed
oi the clearing away of the mist of ; prejudice.
Lei us, then, pluolc the flower pf safety from
-the nettle or aanger.i
-i r-rr r"
fects of
ploded en
tire a
aged apun ft laU trial of this valuable gun, at a dit
their ',47; tance of thirty yards, it put, 176 pellet-in
cerned, to
ttroyed is
man leg,
Paaviotiurs or tbs BoyMuidib itNoi-
Fiilk'. Va. The telegraph mentioned that a
little son of Mr. Leonard, editor of the Aryue,
ot Norfolk. Va,. had been mysteriously mur
dered in a room at the National .Hotel in that
city on Friday afternoon, and the same paper
haa these partiontars:' "The child went to the
hotel from sohool A little after three o'clook,
ascended tbe stairs with his.aatohsl to the
room of his parents, who were absent, and he
was seen sitting down in the passage-way at
half-past three o'clock..' . About halt-past lour
o'olook Lieut.! Murphy, U. S; Navy, whose
room is next to that occupied by Mr.. Leonard
and lady, on attempting to enter, found the
child Ivine? on tbe floor Inside his body press
ing against the door without stay sign ot life-
a frightful gash having been cut in the fore
part of the nenk.. The alarm was gfren, and
Dr. Andrews, formerly ot this city, and ir.
J. B. Holmes, both of whom are stopping at
the National, were immediately in attendance;
but medical skill was qf no aval;.- Ino Heart
lea murderer bad done his work most effect-
uaiiyl his dagger, long and keen, had been
driven deeply in the neck, reaching the upper
part of the .vertebra?, causing; terrible and
deadly wound-, Woh at, it would seem, could
only be niverrbv some practised aasaesin.it" ' '
o clock no elue to tne darn aeea oi oiooa nan
been discovered. No., one it able to explain
the mystery no sulplolbri safficiebtt6 justify
arrest it expreiied. CoL Garrison's room being
immediately opposite that in which' the deed
was committed, Mi. G. heatd a noiie asof
one falling, and looked out .V ascertain .the.
cause; but seeing no one, 'and hearing no
further aoiae, suspected no violenoo. Virgin
ius was a -very gentle, comely: promising boy,
a favorite among his playmates, the pride of
bit fend, doting parents, anoVaearly loved by
many relatlvet," -l J !A r..,-,,-,.rj .
P. Sj InforiiaUon has since been received
that the mystery of the death of the little boy
has jbeen explained before a jury of Inquest.
A loaded gun had been vlaft in the room,
whioh he got hold, of and accidentally dis
charged, the whole load entering his neck: i i.
.Tiubi Bni Wnvarraw ,r, J, WtanrHflVAW
faviMO. James, in one of his' hovels THirij
Fear .Since) thua-epeaks of Washington Ir
ving i-This chapter shall 'be, I think, .what
that delightful wight,, Washington Irving,
would flail a Salmagundi, or, as it, should be,
perhaps, a Salmi a la Gondi; but having men
tioned that name, Irving, J, dedicate this book
to yon. It is long tlnpe we firsl met long
since we last parted and il may be long, long
ere we meeb againf Nevertheless, , Heaven
speed yen, wherever yon are, and send yon
forward on your voyage, with a oalm tea. and
swelling; tail, ; In all the many that I have
known, and among the few that I have loved
and esteemed, there it not now k living man
that can ooinpete with yon in that delightful
conversation where the heart pours . forth Us
tide, and where fancy and feeling mingle to
gether, 'and flow on in one 'ever sparkling
stream. The dim Atlantic whoso very name
sounds like that of eternity may roll between
ut till death close the eyet of one or the other;
bnt till the things of this) world pats away,
ycu shall not be forgotten.--.' I ' -
I ; - !. -m : '
AS Apfbofriayb Girr rton Josh Brown.
A member of the United States Artillery, who
returned from Harper's , Ferry reoently, ex
hibited at the Belay House, near Baltimore,
noble specimen of a boll dbg, presented to him
by John Brown, prevlons to his execution, for
acts of kindness shown the owner by the re
cipient.. The animal answered, to the name
"King," and is said to have boon with his
master: for , the past three yean, sharing the
dangers of hit Kansas and other forays. "
i " ' 1 i.-
A Nsw BiTt. ot GLrj'vk in Paris. A Parit
letter-writer states that, as an' addition to the
ball-room toilet, the distinguished perfumer
and faineant of gloves, Faguer, stitches the
white kid gloves with blue, pink,. or violet tilk,
according to the color of the robe with whioh
I the siovesare too
the gloveearo to be worn.- The glove, fattened
with two buttont on the back of the wrist,
it a novelty in favor with the Anut ion.
A Naw Rrvolvino Bhot-oon. Col. Colt hat
lnwanUi4 m. rnvnlvlntr abot-oun. It it said that
circle of 13 inches diameter,: penetrating
sheets of ordinary brown paper; tke shot used
being No. 0 shot, 1) ounces and two drachmt
of powder to each charge. -4 The gun is a five
shooter. .;.m
'" CiiiiAOTtR or A Bioot. The celebrated
John Foster thus describes a bigot: "Ht sees
religion, not at a sphere, but a line, ana it
a line In which, he it movine. ,lle it like
African buffalo nee right forward, but noth
ing on the right or left,' ' He would not per
ceive a legion of angeld tr devils at the dis
tance of ten yards on tho one, tide, or on
' bisiRVOTivi Pirb in Canada. A lire oc
curred in London, O. W., recently. iLost
$14,000. The fire broke out in the repairing
thop of the Great Wetttrn Railway Company,
whioh with three cars, was destroyed. The
United Presbyterian phuroh was burnt to
f ;round. Mr. Cadham't tah factory and
arge amount of lumber. were also consumed.
.A Foolish Wicka Paid in Naw Yonx.t-A
German silversmith of New York, who offered
to walk barefooted from the St, Nicholas
the Astor Houte, accompanied by a band
music, In case Havemeyer ' was not elected
Mayor, fulfilled hit promise on Tuesday,
the edinoation oi an immense crowd ui spec-
tatortujir,. -i;. , " .
1 Anotbir Child Burnt to Diati in Mum
mil. Tcnn. Saturday evening, a little' girl
about four years of age, daughter of Mr.Larry,
accidentally ventured too near the grate, when
her olothlng became ignited, and before
. , , .1.. ,
one entered the room, the child wag so sh
ingly burnt that, the died a short time
Ihgreat agony.-. Uj.iVa , 'LiJLOT'I
niia wu so snoox
? ! I;'
Jc2 ,..w v. t v I
A SKBiTio ELoristigy lit Iowa Rivovl-
ita axd RoMAa- Adiqit JIsoapi or thi
Loviss. The Chicsgo Dtmnrat of fate date
telle this iensatto) itojyd j ,, v- ,
f ;A few nays tlncoa lady and centleinaii were
suddenly missing from the .city of Dubnqne,
xowa. ina uoy was, tae young and hand
some wife of a very respectable citizen of that
Slace, aged about fifty years. . The lady wat
nly about twenty-two yean of .age, and is
described by fhpsc who have geen her at ex
tremely beaufifu,, The wronged and indig
nant hatband fallowed; on their; track, and
sought them diligently,' Either by aooidtnt
cr ..design the hueband entered the tameomnl
but, a,it toppc4 at one of the hotels. It
appears that he recognised his wife; and her
paramour Deioretpey coserved mm,, and that,
by muffling dp lis; fhoe,1 he - preserved bit
incognito until thtomnibus reached the'depot.
The last bell wu tinging, And the train wat
on the very point ef departure, The husband
Stepped out of the omnibut the) mpminf it
stopped ana piacea nimsen at tne siue ol tne
door. As the gay Lothario was getting cut,
and while his footwaa yet upon toe steps, the
husband, furious with rage, seised him by the
collar,' and at the jame time presented at his
head a revolver. "I .;' . J "
V J I -1 1 1 1 t.lMJ if I
Will kill yonl" ' ' vi J .
The pittolf tnapDed. With a curse, tho hus
band relaxed his hold upon his enemy to re
cock it. Profiting by thi opportunity, the
runaway teitedtne laay, wno naa rematnea
during the scene apparently petrified with hor
ror, and by a movement quick as lightning,
stepped with her toward the last oar of the
train that was' lust leaving tbe depot. As he
did so, he exolaimed:"' -; .i ...
"Seite the old mani lie is orazy "
The husband by this time had attain cooked
his1 pistol, and discharged it after tbe retreat
ing pair, lie was instantly seueu oy tne
bystanders, and in less time than it takes to
read it. the runaway iiarties had sained the
rear- end of the last car.',' The man almost
threw the woman apon the platform: jumped
on after hen.' and ia another moment the
train wat in full piotion, bearing them away.
T Horrobs orv IaraisosNSKT ' ran ! Drbt Ak
Ambricak Crriy,ieii w a CiKAna Jail. Un
der tbe hoai of "A Voice from Jail," the Lon
don (C. W.) Fnt Wis publishes a letter from
Charles Bourmanan imprisoned debtor, from
which we extract :
. "I loft Canada about three years ago to
reside in Michigan, near White Lake, having
first diaoharged, as I supposed, every cent of
nately for me, I neglected fo take a receipt for
an old bond, which waf mielaid,'. wJien I paid
It, and eould not, therefore; bet given?" np.f vl
retumod to-Canada some time ago to make ar
raagemerdWoiliriPf niy frhitly Vaok to the
lind of my lativfty-tLhevln' hekrd, when
away, that the Legislature had abolished the
heathen system of imprisonment for debt., But
mark my surprise when, a few days after my re
turn to London, I found myselt oapiased on the
old bond above referred to, and placed in ber
Majesty 't eetablished 'jug,' where i have doled
out a miserable existence on pea soup, being
Soor, destitute, add away from my friends. I
ave just learned that my wife and little ones
In Michigan are in a destitute state. If this
Is the way you collect debt-in Canada may
God preserve me from suoh laws and justice."
" f1'' -;
" A Man MuRDtaiD, or Abusino thkPoi'x.
A difficulty growing out of a religious contro
versy, occurred recently, at the St, Louis and
Belleville opal mines, resulting in the death of
a man named J ohn Harrison. Harrison wno
professed Eplscopaltanltm without provoca
tion began talking at Campbell, and very vul
irarlv talrL "To h 11 with the Pone and
Popery,' wttreupon'i Campbell drew one, of
two revoiverg, ana mot narrison in no ngat
aide of the neck, and drawing nu other revolver,
presented them to the bystanders, and re
treated by the baok door, threatening to shoot
the first man wno should dare to ioiiow in
puriuit.-, The murderer had not, at last no
eountt, been arrested, a n "s ; "j i ; p ? ;';'
' First SrokblPrarTrkr Still Flouribhinb,
A correspondent writes to the Philadelphia
i((f(in; "About tne year xat, in company
with the late General Franois Ourney, I had
the gratification of teeing 'the original Seckel
fear Tree, on tne tarm oi air. i,awrenoe
6eckel,in the 'Neok' ( late pasty unk ) Townsihp,
a few miles south of the old limits of this
city. Bv the way, his farm was afterward
purchased by Stephen Hiram, and .is now vne
property oi our city corporation, in- irusi,
Mr., Seokel wat a highly respected oititen
wine merchant, who resided at the time
the north-east corner of Fourth and Market
streets. Join Brown a Vcrsr Marks Few persons
are aware, perhaps, that Brown wat of a poetic
tarn of mind. ' We understand he has written
several pieces of rhyme, and that the follow
ing lines were dedicated to several of his
children who died in their infancy: .
Through all the dreary night ef death . ".
In peaceful elumbera may you rest,
And when eternal day shall dawn,
And ebadbs and death have post and gouv,
Oh, may you then, with glad surprise, , , ! .
In Ood'a own image wake aud rise.
' -A Grougert Demolished bt FRttAkts.
whisky thop in the village of Jefferson, Mich.,
was completely cleared out by a party of fe
males reoently. A young man named Dala
mater wat in the habit of lounging around
the "grocery," against the wishes of his pa
rents, and, one day last week the liquor seller
sent the' young man home with the dtlerium
trenntu, whereupon his mother immediately
raised a number of her friends and neighbors
mU proceeded to demolish the establishment.
FiARrui, or tub Invlvrnor op Books.
Illustration of those who are fearful of the bad
Influence of books is furnished in the oase
an English missionary, who had the Bible
printed for hit people, but omitted the "Book
of Kings," least the wart therein recorded
should increase their inclination to fight,
which he thought wta altogether too prevalent,
Thr Cbinibe Widows Likb Ouu. A, Chi
neie widow being found fanning the tomb
her deceased husband, and being asked
oause of so singular a, mode of showing
grief, accounted for it by laying that
made her promise not to marry again while
tho mortar on the tomb remained damp; and
as It dried but slowly, the saw no harm
aiding the operation. '' :' ' '
'' ' ' '-' LA
A Fim.lji PioxrocxtT Dies from Swallow
ins Stolen Coin. A London female pick,
pocket stole five sovereigns from a lady in
omnibnt.' The police appearing, the puttnem
in her mouth and swallowed two. two days
after the died in the criminal hospital; her
body wat opened and the money found in her
intestines and returned to the rightful owner.
HoxtorATHV in PnilAdilphia. The home
opathio physicians of Philadelphia are making
efforts to have' that system of medioine in
troduced into" the charitable Institutions' and
prlsont. i They claim that they ha 'e in that
city gome seventy-live homeopathic phy
sicians, with 100,000 patient. .... y
i aa ' . ' '
Vert Shinh'icant. The Liverpool 2Wt
naively remarks:. "The British publio must
tlgh at they - remember the uuiot dayt of
Loutt Philippe. . He waa aolhsh and insincere,
but he wat not pugnacious. We had no, dread
of an invaiion thiii limo." ' . ':
Additional Foreign News.
l'oRTLARD, December le.-pThe followrnc is
the' latesti news by jVra Scotia, by telegraph
to Queenstown:
Livirfool, December' :l.Xbe 5 steamer
Xorih America had arrived. The steamer
Outm of the Wat had put baok. A Madrid
dispatch tayt A sharp engagement -took place
between the Spaniard! and Moort on the 25th.
Lost wat heavy on both, tides.,, Bpaniardt had.
ou auiea ana cuu wounaea. ... . ..
Paris.. . November 30. An explanation of
the current report regarding lha bombard
ing of Tangiers .had been given, which says
that the French tquadrou neither bombarded
Tangiers nor Jetnau. A small "fort on the
coast ..of Morocco having fired at a French
steamer, the latter replied, and having dis
mantled the fortification,, rejoined the squad
ron at Algeiirias. It it also stated that the
commander of the French squadron, had In
formed the morocco uovernment that "this
does uot change the relations between the two
countries. . ..
Marsriu.rs, November 30. Constantinople
advices report a great storm in the' Eaxine
Sea. ' . About eighty vessels were lost, ! and the
coast was strewn with the deadT'The Inhab
itants had stripped the survivors of all their
effects. Tag-steamers had been sent to render
assistance. ! " '" ""'
Paris,' November 30. Tbe Opiniani 'Ait-
lionnehas received a first warning for publish
ing an article on the temporal power of tbe
Pope. 1'.. ; '". , . '''"''' ' ,i-'i i -.i
Mi)Rii, November 20. It is reported that
the. Government cf,Tangiers had fired on the
Frenoh tiinadron, and the latter replied by
bombarding the place.,
- London, December I. The' Australian mails
of Ootober have arrived at Aden, and are ex
pected at London on' the 6th Inst. - ' -
The Paris correspondent of the Kmc Bays
it ia still uncertain whether England intends
to join the Congress." ;' k
In a recent interview .with Metternich,
Count Walewski, it is said, assured the Prince
that the influence of J'rench diplomacy will
continue to be exeroisod on Central Italy, in
favor of a spontaneous reoall by the people of
tho Grand Dukes. , , .' ; ,
From Charlestown—Execution of Green
and Copeland.
Chari.istown, December 16.-The negroes,
Shields Green and John Copeland, have just
paid the forfeit of their lives. . The crowd in
the town is very great, and the execution was
itnnj8d by sixteen thousand persons. At
nine o'clock this morning the field waa occu
pied by tbe troops, and at. seven minutes of
eleven o'clock the procession mane lit appear
ance. It arrived, at eleven o'clock, at the
scaffold. : ll- i'''-1' - i K.ia'. '',",'
The nrisonert were in a waoron. aocomnanied
by the Sheriff and Jailor, xhey mounted the"
soafiold with a Arm step. . The prisoners had
the cap placed over their heads y tbe Sheriff,
and after appropriate prayer, by 'Rev;. ' MT,
North, of the Presbyterian Charon, they were
launched into eternity, ! Before' the, rope) was
cut Green, wat heardto offer up a fervent
prayer. Copeland was riot heard to prays
- Greene)' "nook; war ' br&kons and . he died
wimont 'V struggle," uiipifiana ; .wrxinea ip
violent contortions for eoveral minutes. ' '
. The prisoners bade farewell while on the
scaffold to the ministers, . Messrs. North and
Look, expressing a hope to 'ntoot them in
heaven. The drop fell at eleven minutes past
oloven o'clock. The bodies will be placed in
the jail for informant to-morrow.
On the receipt of the news of the altompted
escape of Cook and Copple,' Gov. Wise tele
graphed to Gen. , Talitfterrro to take posBcs
sionpf the jail, which was. accordingly -done.
Arrival of the America.
StoaviLLii, N. BrDeeembt'r lb. The r.yal
mail steamer AmcrtVa has arrived at Halifax.
The Amerii-a sailed from Liverpool on Satur
day, tho 3d Inst., -and furnishes advices two
days later than; the-Afceamer, iVotia ,S'coiri.
The news will be brought here by horse ex-
nress.t """
,mu " v'- J.I?
Artistic Use op'Abbrnic Frbnom Mktuoo
or Broonino a Widower. The Court esT As
tir.es of the Audo, in France, recently tried a
young peasant . named Sernat for poitoning
his wife. She, though young and healthy,
was taken ill with violent vomiting! and
palm in the bowels, and continued in dread
ful agony until the died, . Although this death
leemed very extraordinary, and the man,1 on
her being taken -ill, would not allow any of
her family or neighbors to approach her; al
though, too, he bad more than onoe expressed
to different neighbors a desire to tee her dead,
the authorities allowed the body to be buried
without any investigation.' Things continued
in this state until recently, when Sernat, hav
ing heard a peaeant named G res complain that
be had to, maintain an infirm sistor, cried,
"Why don't yon poison her as I did my wlfot''
The body was then exhumed ana an examina
tion made, which convicted Sernat, and eausexl
him to be condemned to deaths y 'jjf
The Lawyer and thr SwEtr. A juvenile'
tweep waa employed -.to oleanse ..the chimney
of the building in one of our blocks, and as
cended to 'the roof for a survey.' - By mistake
he descended tbe wrong flue, and found him
self in the office of a well-Known' attorney.
Both partial were in tho utmost alarm; the
hoy trembling from fear of chastisement, and
the lawyer from terror of the sooty appari
tion, i At length the former spoke, in, an un
earthly tone: "My fathor Will be her direetlyf
This waa too much for the attorney;' he did
not await another inch Visitor, bnt tpraag
the door, cleared a flight of stairs, ,and took
refuge in a neighboring restaurant. - -
,, Booboioault's Octoroon This play, which
hat been lately brought cat in New 1'ork,
criticised by the democratic papers, at being
anti-alavery in its tone and unjust to tne aouw:
When the democratic members of the House
have don with Helper'! '.hook had. they not
better, dissect this play, whioh is witnessed
Black Republicans In -the great metropolis
with which tbe South carry on trade? Helper
is getting a little stale at a text, and a new
work might add freshness to the very Import
ant patriotic discussion which was opened
Mr. lilarke. froviaaxce n. i.) journal. :
...... i , ' ;'!l.l ;. L
A European Bank Mosheo. At the begin
nlnff of this month the .Israelite banker Pa-
rlovTnl. of Boulogne, who was mainly Instru
mental in ' denouncing to Europe tho Mortart
Outrage, and hence violently obnoxiont to tho
fanatics, waa the viotim of their revenge, and
at the same time of their cupidity. , Seven
ruffians, masked, watched hit counting-house
uktll he waa alone, and with fire-arma held
him at bay while they robbed the desk of some
thoutandt of dollart,.with which, they got lite
over the frontier. . i ., ( , , L . , , .
Two Bots Burnt to Death. The Rome
Sentinel hat an account pf the burning of the
dwelling house of David H. Green, near Con
stablevilie, Lewis County,' Two boyt, sons
Mr. Green, aged 11 and 9 rears, perished
In the flamoa. Nothing was saved, and the
other members of the "family escaped with
only their night clothes. .
A Negro Mordrebd. A negro, tha prop
erty of J. D. Plunkett, residing near Memi
pint, Tehn., ditappeartd from hit muter'l
house tome two weeks tlnce; and was after
ward found dead in a well with wounds upon
hit pertcn, showing eoDolusively that he had
been murdered. , . . . ,..., .. ; ,.: , .;
'i m-i-jii
,.i;.l.) .
! 'i
Ill .In
.Advertlaemente BotexceefWinetTAgaaaa
BOtXCaing UT IIHWBI " ff
emeBtl Inserted t tii fill l .-- -IX
OrMfaiartlaa. I As. weak. .-.II I"
Two weeka....
Xbtrger adverttsemaBts I
xatee Ibr square of itmUaMprleett ;
One Insertion. .$ SO ITwo weeks.,.. " "f
Each Kldl'nat iui. ta I Three wek..iu. .i4,l'rt.j:s
Oneweek..-...,. tjrne month i JfLirjr
ii.i ad?: .-. -- '
Job Printing, ::: : -"7
in all its bi anohet, dCBeVWIta ieMawaa ,
HE A lll Fit O Mi 9
hk "uas'IdeJided THAT.iYERTvnrrE
, BHOULD BIAvi'A iT YL Y jT J f)
"-X ,i-f-l t)ri;. i j,
una 1 1
iio til
.vnu Jllf U.IMTM AR.
Omce 58 Wees Peutttf -BU'ectt Clriclri nrti O '
h; HEAD UOpifi TESTIMONY! i-io
..m : FX'''1 .ii-t.'.TTii: ,,
; ClKcmitATi.Pebrutry IS,' !!: i
'Wo have need one of "Ororer A Bakcr'a" 8cwl;'l'" ")
Maohinasin our Inmily for' nearly twe-yeara.- Me
hare Join, a'l kindsof awiuoB it that, ) re.ijiirf't r
tn he done in lame kmilv-and It Da' worked t ' ' .
erentlnisatialacttoninereryreipecti HhM-. - .,
Iwen outof repair, though In almoat daily use..- ine w ,
earn ia as strong and durable a any cloth can be
made. There la no dnmcnlty awni me t.newn w ,n .
tbred-th fineat and the coareeat wrkeo.uBlly well.
We haraalvk.1 It a moat thorough trial, and wo cor- ,
dlally recommend Itto all aaamadiliafwhii;lihB' " "
iiiwrler.- (Sigiad,), BEV. JiflAnNCKY 01 La. .; ..
'",' '.. Nqi i Habb'son-st., Uinpuimati, tiet. sjt, W.
MussBS.Gaovxi A BAKaaCeutlemen: It Isnrarly ' J I
three rears line mv fnuilly bad one of ynlir eael-
Vnt Sewing alachinee In nae. During that time may ,
have naa an opponuniiy si sty-inn w
kinds, and though they poesese mary good dimUM-a,
yl lor laniuy uae. my wiie nnu nuiiKiiwr. b,....
maomneio any otntTa in ineiiy.' jwiibi, h.-
main, gmitlemen, - our ryapocttilllr.
(Stgni'U,) ,,Ka.V. lyJt)Sl wim.
lioi.lK I hare hml three veaia uperience wnn on-
of your Sewing Macliines, and kkve slwjye'lburt lfca'
reiiaDlB., llllicnm rami iimiitiiunr, w i t-,--.!,i,-
ny little girl, six years old, can wnnc
tnanaaed that D1
It with perfect ease.
ease.. ,ona live me invt.ini , n.j
Signed,) Yoiire, truly, MBS.iB.G.WUklwsv., ';
'tilt , ..' !, .... ,' 'er? iu-iMr . ttM. "
1 ;;!,! t!iac4NNT,tVO,tr.l';fM,ltM.-i.' :
Bnkor-i;en t! f i aVIiitr iad one ft , .
your bewing Machines for the laat two yean,l d,ujuia. ,
which time 1 have tried several other kinds,) 1 lake
pleasure in adding my testimony to the great rope-
riorlti- of your manufacture.' over any other that nn
thus iar come uBdermyBotlce.- f;1 . , ... .
, , (Signed,) - , - -v YetyrwipectfiiliT,'
llKN.CHAti. H.KKr,LO(iG, 30s Seventh-awoel.
Uruver Baker-Gentu: I have lined one. of
lunirai fi. in: mmr j,, I
your Sewing ftiactiiuea lor tne ih.i miiBaaiBBii.,,
Kn,h in ih.. .I-,,,,,. .- hAi.v. material.
and it haa given eatieraatiefaMon, and rclieerriilrr
ceiommend tliem- fo aov Demon wanling a'SOeu. rr ..
Krirarhine. (Signed,) ' BercUully youre, . .
1''Tho.undersigned,1OlergynieH CrVtiriSut denbiiii oa. . , m
tions,1 bavinc mrobawt and Itacd In our Mmilie.
Orover A Baker'a Olebratol JfAMILT SEWINfi-
MACHINE," take JileaiureTii Tei:ommnedinn lt aa . t;:)
an fussriimaajt ffilly eomblnlngi sha eaeentiaia of , ...
good Machine. Ht 'beaiiUlul- Simplicity, esse of , ',
'inanagenteajt, tmd.the atrensth and elancity ot rta : i
UtCh, unite to render ft u Machine. mMorpanBel by
ony fc the market, and one which w IVel sonndeu , .
will give eatlBfactlonitoall who may purcliaae it. fc ' '
, .. ,r, ,,. :.. Rev. B.'w. Uhldlaw, A.M.,, ...
,. r;- Rev. J.'tJfinatar,! u cj iu .-j . - ,
I l.t I'fl'KeVP.tJ. PrllRh,,.,, , , ... .
I --:dg , ..-..., Kev. Wmperklns; '; , '
Hot. Ellwand flirarifpiii,1, ,. ,,; .
Kev. A. Blake, Di.t - :, .; s, . -
BerrhV, B-naun. A. Jd., -A.5l.IU1v,J,pllnenox.I.T.
'' IK following xtrkct tVowtth reimrt oritlie; :
Oomraittee on Scwin? Mai-hlnoe.at thn late Scalioacd . ,
Agricultural Fair, held 'at' Norfolk, V. Tlietom
meewaaroouiiocdof throe of the beat macninist
in Vlruiuia; ' ' '' '' 11 '''' il - ''f-' "..-r '
"Afler a tlteriugh lpittioii of all the KewiuK
lrtltln..nn.MvhirtittOn. iL ia fllir ODloioU that tlio
ilmver A Baker Sewing machine i the beet for all
piirposea.viji: Family and Oennral Work." ' : .. -tfl1y)"
ISigneo1,! " -fai!j;j v .: B. PENDLKTON. '
Sup't MoliBery,Seboard and Roanoke B.TI,' ' '
. ' 8.I.BAND,1', ..?,.',;
1 V- ill i L,. ...- J IU ..I.- 1, U .
,1 , . DUD I OMIHIIirV UU UUflllv.B IH M. ,
Sup't AtlHiiUc Iron Works, and V. S. Inspector of
' fQARD. -''1"" i:-: .;.-i
From ihti very dattrflig manner In" wliloh our
Machlni-I have been rei eived by tbe riibln .(roault- a ,
ing In the- aale of ufvrard ef Thirty Tlionamid.) ;,
aro led to believe that our endeavors t" manulactrint. : . j
a "i-clialile machine1' have been appreciated. , -.j
take this opportunity o remark that this pi Icy will
he nuchanged, and that every Machine sold tij us w "
shall not beeitata to warrant io every respect. .
da fi-li , GROTEK BAKKH e. H. 00.
Coal Cooking Stove ! ;
Has been pronounced by competent judges to be Hie -,
. - '"Patented Dec. T, 1858. . J.
For sale by the Inventors and Manufacturer , , .
;No. .333.Fourth7stwetrineinj.ati. '
TVe, reapectfully refer to tbe following certificate
forevl'dence of the above: ' "' '' ' )
For lout months I bar heett uelne the Alligator.
Coal Cooking Btove, lie snperierooeking eualuien,
i-omblned with iu cleanliaeaa, musleventually secme
to theowners a large share at public jatronas:
i. JOB.lt DlcLAAri.
1 have been' uaing one of Messrs. Adams A rerk.
over's Alligator Oook Slorea for aome months, which
gives entire satisfaction in every reaped, and lean
cheerfully recommend it to those "ho are In want oi
a superior cook atova. . H. H. LKA VlTT.
For the last year 1 have been using the Alligalor
Coal Cooking Htove.mannfaolnred by Meaera. Adamj
Peckover, which 1 coBaider superior stove, and
1 1 vest the utmost Mtiafaotion. It ia the only store I
Lv. found that pook. yerfec wUh -.
For om time peat 1 have been using oneof Msars,
Adam A Peokover's Alligator Ooal Cooking Slovee,
and eao. recommend tbem aa being a aisperior tov,
heerfallydgy above
" MafturAcW'esJVlnjrtoii, Ky. ...
s --tINCINNATI, 0.
'' Pfw.'iiO Et ColBNsila-efreM,
' '' ...'-.'.,. "t. :-,!, t ,,,
trade at lb aioet reaawnable price tuid e o Ihe
meet asxosBBWdatsng tenne wit A; ,
For Oij;;nWd;or(?Q.;Oil,
, M. B.OBeB .toKpred JDs.and lturoeie for
tale by voj: agent, J. BlLgRB,Tjovington, Hi.
ibiij deltjiiie,
. J r , 'ti nwf it) IxeoT v,.bnoK m H4 a"'
' m,0 ire evaid mili lllw aj,boiM on'
' & Luit toto eiii lo nohjtev lid jmv's l
if 1,-tobW.oiJ erit Vol ,v,na td ii li ,'ntu.
JoeaWcjaioe erJl geMtr fcewoen
I .Wa... ..!.''. .'
''ii ":o a-;u.t.-.,:j
I O Ol J'(.
5o i
1 I :

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