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WANTED. '? -
"WANTS," "K BALI," "TO L1CT," "fcOBT"
"IODHD,"e., In this column, meapylng Una'
or Uai, two Insertion. twenty-nYe cents.- - o . . , (
WANTED MEN Avilt? bulnes Ben
who md Inveat from lK to lloato Ukoeharae
of branch store. It CTiiwro, Mllw.ukl'., DelroU, bt
Louis, Meoipnla and New Orleansralso a few sg.nt
to (hit Stat. Apply aoon to i. B, FIHSiNDEN A
CO., lil Wast Thlrdt,wS"BVDd
'.' , man at salesman or assrstent book-keener In
!.-ha'"ai'! d?. """on or roc,aitorV.rjs
fSSn d,5SS? CTI, Id Indmniand North.
renny r refti ornoe. , deiTb
rZZj't1 ho,wok In a prlrate family, In city or
'bJ'VJ0'(toiii who can glv nrat-clasa
rctorenoes. Address I, at th IsolBc. del 7 b"
ww IB, on who thoroughly understand the
busln. Also, Boy to work In tha bake-ahop.
Apply at Mrs. VV. J. JyHNSON'S, No. 190 West
Fourth-street. delb
man, aa a alatman In a whuleul or rtii
tora; baa had aoma experience. Reference (Iran If
required. Address F, Dat No. At and M East Pearl
" delfib'
LARSTh enbecrlber having tha abort
amount of cash, wlahea to mast with a party haying
an equal amount, for tha purpose of engaging In the
grocery buslne, of would fake an Interest to the
above amount in a grocery already established. Ad'
kUi6htm ro"t"offlo' DAV,Jlc"
WANTED COOK A firet-olass Prenoh
. .Sok,to t,k charge of the kitchen in the
Louisville Hotel, In Loulavlll, Ky. Apply immedl.
ately to Mr. PRATT, ripanoor Hons. delb
WANTED COOK A first-rat female
cook, immediately; alen, three boys for hotel.
at n East Fourth-street, Intelligent Offloe. deleh
maker and jeweler, by a young man who has
nine years' experience. Address W. B. at this office.
t delob'J .
w manj i seventeen years of age; has a good
"d can 'he beet references. Address
BABTON, car of Penny Press office. delsb
ANTED BOYS Tiro or three smart
active Boy to work at Fleetwood's Lltho
c establishment. Annlv lmmjl.t.1. -. 91
West 1
at Third-street, up stairs. 4161)'
woman, (with a boy two years old) tedo gen.
era! house-work. Apply at ko. & Elisabeth, corner
John-, del6b
thoroughly acquainted with th business,
and who can oome well recommeuded -no others need
apply good wage given. Cell on John fiattaaby,
Market-spac. between Third and Fourth-atreeta.
Covington. deietf
W7"ANTED HELP Men, women, boyi
y j and girls can find employment by applying
' ft'.fSIKlA?!06' 081c N-381 Weelern-row'
A. D. PARSON A OQ. d,i6D
WANTED An enterprising single lady
b.8.004 d"". end a little means, a a
PARTNER in a new and genteel Invention, adapted
to femalea, or unlreraal necessity and utility, and
rr,.,. Inducements. Address Box 1,083, Cin
cinnati PostoBce. deltd
knowledge of the Oentlemen'a Furnishing;
Buslneas. Address to Lock Box 718, PostolBce. -
V" ANTED Clerks, . book-keepers, sales
w w men, bar-keppers, porters, coopers, carpen
ters, mechanics, laborers and others, can And eitua
tlpns at the Merohante' Olerke Registry Offloe, 138
Walnut-street. fdeHaw'j HALE A 00.
WANTED M E N A large number of
active, industrious men can Add agreeable
and at the same time lucratlr employment In the
ante of some new and popular Books and Maps.
These works are written by the best historians and
authors known to the civilized world! kence their
popularity. Oome and examine for youreelves be
fore engaging in the sale of other publications. ,
- MACK R. BABNITZ, Publishor,
deStf U West Fourth-street, Olnoinnatl.
fTvOR BENT BOUSE That eonrenient
" comfortable three-story brick dwelling
8. W. oornarof Plum and Parry-streets, latsly painted
and papered throughout, with 13 rooms, gaa, cistern,
and all modern Improvements. Rent Very low to a
flrst-olase tenant. Apply at 2M Sycamore-street, or
pox 88 poatofflo. delTb
F0& RENT. Three rooms, No. 151 Wit
delroW' ,b0 ,mttb' af,r"! wanlri. . ,
FOR BENT. A desirable thrso-itcryBriok
Dwelling, containing g rooms, on Seventh
atryet, below BaymllUr. Is furnished with gaa,
bath, c. Bent, $30 per month. Apply to 3. W.
Wayne's Hardware-store, Ho. 16 Main street, below
lfib.. delMt
EilOR SALE CHEAP A desirable RE3I
L DENOB, two-story frame, six rooms, good out
knildlngs, situated on Bigh-streot, Oxford, Ohio,
near the Female luststnte and depot. Apply soon
to the owner, A. 0. DTA8, at Mo. 17? Sycamore
etreet.Ulnclnnatl, or PATTON A LIDDLB, No. 67
West Thlrd-atreet, Olnoinnatl. daiafeod
young family Horse, perfectly sound
and docile. Falling-top Buggy, built by Millar, and
new Harness, suitable for a doctor. - Hay bo seen at
G. Buoholl's atabls, Seventh-street, below Western
row. rte!6b
ing of two borsea and one buss, in complete
running order; haa been in operation two yean. A
decldod bargain may be bad. Payments to suit pur
chaser. Apply to 8 BROWS, at J. B. Palmer's
Buss Manufactory, M Bank-street. de!6b
, FIiTJID-By the gallon or barrel (no oharge
made for barrels). Quality warranted; prices low.
Terms oaab. Orders soliolted. OBAB. A. JUMO
1IANN8, Druggist, N. W.oor. Third and Kills-sts.,
Oloclnnatl. delea
B0ARDIN8 Three young men can obtain
a pleasant front room and boarding In a private
family at 162 Plum-street. del6b
f OST-llO REWARD I left my Watoh,
-.(asmsll-sisedgold one, of single case and yellow
lice, having hour, minute and second hands, and
having a twisted guard chain with amall brass key
attached to it J on Wednesday afternoon laat, in one
of tbe batblng-rouma of Brlaobo'a saloon, on Filth
etreat, near VTue, from whence it seems to have been
taken by some ono not connected with the establlsb-
rent. It returned to A. W. Francisco, at this office,
will pay the above reward, and aik no questions.
The watch was a gift and highly valued;
de!6b J. P. HARBISON.
STRA TEDCOW From the eouth-west
corner of Third and Western-row, on th 1Mb
inst., a small, grayish milch cow, with rope to her
boms. Any information concerning bar will be lib
erally rewarded by the owner, WM. CARROLL. .
, del7bJ .
D. K. CADY & CO.
: Chri.tiuAM Presents
Attn Old BUnd, corner of Fifth and Walnnt-sts.
- -or
Hartford, Conneoticnt.
Capital, $400,000 ...Aaeeta, tS4r,r'Jl.
, ... ,i , . Devoted to Fir business exclunively.
3S Wast Thlrd-atreet
Holiday Presents.
Bison and China Figures, Fanoy Inkstands,
Vasea, Jewel and Match-boxaa, Fanoy, Shaving and
Work -box, and other Fanoy Oooda too numerous
to mention, enltabl for th Holiday, which I will
aell cheaper than any other eatablishment in the
city. , . . H IN BT DAVID.
No. 271 Haln-atrrM, between Sixth and Seventh.
K. B.-Also a new lot of Fancy Soaps, Perfumery,
Extracts, ac. del)
. J. BUTLER'S , ,
taceliior Fluid Inks.
. .. Manttfactarr. VIbj gt. 'ji.'1
In amall package, for family naa. ' - -Freeh
Almonils, Fllbarta, Braxll Sut, all kinds 0
Bngar Toy, Plain and Fanoy Candle.
. Box Sold Okop Fir-erkn.
(W,O00 Torpedoes. i
100 Boxes new Oltron. ' ' ' ..,.'.. ''
. Foraaltby . BOWK A DEM1NO, .
deHaw ...... i. .. , . M. 179 maln-itreet.v
ct.tmarra Rivii.vu. Patur rBn.n. 11
West Fifth-itreet, la reoeiring daily the most
dellsioa oyster erer imported to this alty.
Oar oitlteni When In want of oyiteri ghould
give Cavagna a eall. .
1-1 e
, ,.
' JThe mUllnayy goods advartlaed to be
gold on Friday morning have now arrived, and
will be positively sold on Monday morning,
December 9, at V o'eloek.br Jaeob Graff A Co",
auctioneers, No. 18 Eaat Fourth-street. ; .
Cbap TAiLggChai. Weatherby, N0.IIJ
West Fifth-itraet, haa just spread his cheap
tables for th holidays. Those in want of dry
good will And thli a rare opportunity. Drop
In at 112, Weet Flfth-gtreet, and lee for your
selves. .
JouikAtiawo. Eieklel H. Tatem, Esq , ha
resigned his position In the loeal department
of the Daily Commtreial and beoome connec
ted in the same capacity with oar neighbor
of the ffasett, Mr. Tatem la a facile writer,
an Industrious and energetio journalist, and
an amiable and good-hearted fellow, to whom
we with every success In life.
UifFiin Lirriw. The foUowlng li a Ilit of
letters detained for non-payment of peetage at
th Poitoffioe, in thla trity, December 1st
0. Spalding, Kastford, Conn.
J. 0. Parkenaon, Pittsburgh, Penn.
Jionie UMimM, ot. uouil, jno.
rauou " tie, jnancneater, uly.
'I'lie, jnancneater, Ky.
Kwlnj: Philadelphia, Penn.
lavpool, Kanawha 0. H., Va.
1. v. .wi
n Glavn
John Gli
Oharlee Ivsnr, Dacatnr, HI.
OybtmjI OTgiiMl-TherepuUHonJaitly
acquired by the fine oysters cold In this mar
ket for ereral year, by Robert On, at No. 11
West Fifth-street, haa created a demand for
them throughout the entire West and South,
ao that every mail bring htm new orders: for
tunately for Cincinnati, howvr, his supply
! inexhaustible-he always haa a few more
Looomotith TotiEiiPLorao on tii Shirt
Railboads In a few day the Street Railroad
Companies, we are Informed, intend to put a
small engine on the track as a substitute for
hones, A. B. Lstta having a looomotive
nearly completed whiob he guarantees will
make no noise and oan be ohecked and pat in
motion at onee, answering every purpose of the
hone, with much more economy. We see no
reason why these locomotive will not succeed,
and be generally employed ere long on the
oity roads. '
At the session of the County Commissioners,
held yesterday morning, orders were passed
amounting in the aggregate to $179 72. Seven
grisoners Michsel Berkley, Andrew Wilson,
liohsel Kilkeny, Pat. Hennessey, Henry Tur
ner, John MoLaughlin, Lyon Robb, the latter
on the payment of ten dollars were dis
charged from the County Jail for the reason
that they bad no means wherewith to pay the
fines charged against them. Apart from this,
no business of importance was transacted.
. Sdioidi or a Kektucky Fabhub a Rk-
thi Hum. A farmer named John L. York,
residing near Augusta, in Bracken County,
Kentucky, having; for some time past, as he
thought, had reason to doubt the ohastity of
his wife, went hunting on Thursday last,
telling his son, a little boy of ten cr twelve
years of age, to meet him at a certain time
and place for the purpose of carrying home
what game he might have killed while he
visited a neighbor. The boy kept the ap
pointment, but found his father dead, having
plaeed the muzele of his gun against his
breast and discharged its contents Into his
This Wiathib. and thi Wik.-The weather
was coot at the beginning, bnt has been quite
mild during the latter part of the week, and
we have now lost nearly all traoei of winter.
The sky la blue, the sun warm and the air
Business haa been very aotive, especially
among Pork-operators, and the retail trade
animated. Our large hotels have been less
thronged, however, than for two or three weeks
previous, as Is usual a little before the ho 11
days. ... - -
All amusements have been fairlv attended.
bat the Opera-house haa been the center of
attraction, tuough stars have been playing at
the theaters. The leotures and conoerts have
also hada fair share of patronage.
BitATjTiruL Holiday Books. No present
can be more appropriate than a book, and no
book more elegant and tasteful than Messrs.
Rickey, Msllory k Co., No. 145 Main-street,
have now on their shelves, specially selected
for the holidays. We looked through R., U. 3c
Co.'a handsome and spaoloas store yesterday,
and were compelled to admire many of the
volumes we saw mere, rich in binding and
gilding, absorbing in oon tents and beautiful In
illustration. -a 1 ;. , .,. -
The books can not fall to gratify all tastes,
as will be believed after a glance at their ad
vertisement in to-day's issue. Some of the
volume are models of tviiotrranhv and mir
acle of art, and are above all other things th
proper, ana pernapt only proper present to
8"w near reiauve or a very aear friend.
Mcitimo or the SriiiTtuuBTa Coupli
miststo Mr, Fraeib add Mas. Thomas. At
a meeting of a portion of the Spiritual
ists, held a night or two ago, at National
Hall, the following preamble and resolutions
were unanimously passed:
"Wmrbas, B. Fr'azer and his daughter,
Mrs. Thomas, daring a course of leotures, have
been able to produce the various phenomena
of the so-called Spiritualism, such as answer
ing oorreetly test questions, by the rending of
the Interrogator's thoughts, and exhorting a
characteristic influence over mind and matter;
therefore, -
Xenlvtd, That we consider their entertain
ment a complete exposition of the evidenoes
of spiritual intercourse, very wholesome and In
structive. Benlstd, That we tender them a vote of
inauis, ana request tnem to visit our city
again at their earliest convenience.
B-olttd, That we appoint a committee to re
qest the editors of our oity to publish these
resolutions in tbler papers for th benefit of
" " ' 1 ' ;
Tba Tbadi Akotbsb Novbltt. Pendery
k Co., north-west corner of Fifth and Walnut
streets, the head and front of the tea trade in
Cincinnati, are already in receipt , of a full
supply of the new crop, whioh has been Im
ported to their express order, and with a view
toaultlnff thalr Immenaa rtil tmt
as affording their wholesale buyers the fresh-
cni auu uesi in me marset at me lowest possi
ble figures. Mr. Pendery has devoted four
teen years unremittingly to the trade, and, by
making it his study, has not only beoome an
adept at selecting teas, but also acquired such
a knowledge of the buslnsss as to avail him
self of all tha advanU ffiu n(Tr.w1 K,,vr. Ai'ftiM
In the home or foreign markets.
Their stock now in store has never been ex
celled, if equalled, by any In th West, and
should be selaflteil frnm hw all
wive. Id order that those living in the out-
eairi vi uie 0117 uimj om enaDieu to avail
themselvsa of the opportunity of laying at
thalr atom, thaw aiA aae ftivnf.fcinw ...-
all who purchase two pounds or more of teas,
raurvau uoaei iiir me irip, o was m person
living in the West End gets la the ear, goes to
Pnitv A Aa 'a. anMlieiu hi. ,Aiml- .r
lea'at the owes cuth prie, and receive two
Street Railroad tiokets on either line he selects.
Who will not bny their Young Hyson, tbei
ImneriaJ. thalr Gua Powder and thalr (innnm
svaaia-..,,, "TV, .
VlV W'a (III.). I iti.K 'V'V. 1.
bpxee of the Opera-hone uvet rttlghv, nso the occa
(ilon of Mr. Murdoch 'a benefit, were graued by a verr
large and brilliant audlancer Hharldan'a admirable
comedy, In a SoaooL 10a Scamdal, was put upon the
ataga in oaoellent atfle, nd, apart from some blua
ders which occurred id tbe drat and second got,
paaeed off agreeably. - -- .
The "Oherlea HnrfaB" f Mr. Murdoch la osw 'of
the most HnUhed and elegant impereonallone we
have ever wltneued, and laat night he appeared to
excellent advantage. The "Caur Tear.le of Mra.
Conway was rendered In good taste and with aoma
pirlt, but It laoked in amoothneea.' Mr. Oonway'a
Joseph" was quiet and easy, but :.h "Sir Peter" of
Mr.Davidge waa not worthy of commendation. ' ' '
I To-nigbt Mr. Murdoch will appear aa "The
Stranger1' In Kotaebua' play of that name, with Mra.
OonwayaA "Mra. Hallir." Tha farce la petticoat
Oovxinmut, In which Mr, M. will appear aa "Dlok
Daahall." .'.:,
Wood's Tbiaibb. The bill that was oftlsred
at this etabllshment laat night for the benefit of
Maggie MltoheU, together with the appearance of
her alater Mary, drew a vary large audience to that
eatabllabment. Both thoeiateri appeared to excel,
lent advantage, and both war applauded to the echo.
Tbisaveoing will b presented The Attoihit and
th Acrassa.aod TbsFbesfb Srr, the petite Maggie
appearing a "Matbildai", concluding with T
MaUo Loyxa, with Langdonas "Michael Brie."
f l! H w P Sennin Datnrday night
blil, and will doubtless draw.
Natiobal TBBATBB.The audience last night
th. rjattonal ws not aa large aa w oould hare
wiahad the beneBclare, although the attraction waa
great. The new play, we were Informed, paeaed off
fn quite a creditable manner, the part of "Madame
de Blaaaac" being well adapted to Mrs. Farren's
powers; but a we did not witness it, of courae, we
are not prepared to apeak of it merit. To-night
the young comedienne, Fannie Fits Farren, will
take a benefit, and aha offer an attractive entertain
ment. It conaiata of a petite oomedy entitled Ta
Tooiio VoirTitx, th thrllllnfd ram of 8T.MAra
Kvi, and th protean tare of A Devilis Qooo Jose,
certainly variety enough to fill th house.
Smith k Nixon's Hall. Th last Arctio
voyage of Br. Kan, illuatrated with eoloesus pano
ramlo and dloramic vlewa, dow on exhibition at
tamith A Nixon'a Ball, Is nightly drawing excellent
houses. It Is one of tbe flneet exhibitions of the kind
that ha ever vlalted th city, and all who are inter
eatod in th hyperborean region, mad famou by th
death of Sir John Franklin, ahould not fall to visit It.
Room No. 1. The Farmer's Branoh of th
State Bank of OMon.O. B. Sellers. Sale aet aside
by Judge Hoadley new appraisement and aal or-dered-aad
Sheriff directed to refund th money paid.
A. C. Itagleyand 8. A. Sergeant vn.G.O.Llghtfocjt.
Submitted to Judge Storer, to recover the difference
between the anm paid for one hundred and eixtr
aora of land in Jenea County, Iowa, and ita alleged
ralne, the price paid being J10, and thelatterclaimad
not to axoeed N; th ground of th action waa that
fradulent repreeantatfona were made by the defend
ant at the time of th sale.
The defendant averred that he was not Interested
In the sale, further than being entitled to a commis
sion, the owner being B. K. Johnson ; that no fraud
ulent representation were mad, and that th pay
waa given in South Pacific Railroad Stuck, worth
only two centa on the dollar. . ,
Snow for plalutid; K. P. Oranch for defense.
Mary Mcliabcr. LoulaJacob. A jury trial befor
Judge Spencer to recover damagea for injury to a
bouae on Weatern-row, between Dayton and York
streets by the digging of a cellar thirteen feat deep.
The defenae claimed that tbe cellar waa prepared
from the planauf the architect ; that no material or
substantial injury had resulted; but if there was any
It had occurred belore tha defendant's cellar wai dog
ten feet below tb curb atone, and a he waa entitled
to go twelve feet, and had given the plaintiffs notice
to look after their premleee, no recovery could be had
In thi action.
Judge Spooner and P. McQroarty for plaintiff;
Judge Stallo for doienae.
Uereerman and wife va. The Kagle Insurance Co.
In tli ta case the jury retired in the forenoon. They
wore unable to agree, and were discharged.
LeebmoEin vs.. Law la A jury trial before Jdge
Storer to recover the value or a atock of goods, 7un,
alleged to have been appropriated by defendant
while acting as trustrae. The defenae waa that the
appropriation waa waa made with the oonaent of th
owner. Verdict for plaintiff for iKX).
L. French for plaintiff'; Johnson A Johnson for de
The trial of William Salter was postponed
hv rnnmnt nntil the Januarv trm. Hnd a new linnil
In the sum of $7,UWwaa given for th appearance of
me aeienaaui.
The Stale vs. Amanda' Lindsay. Thla trial closed
In the forenoon, and the case went to the jury. Ver
dict not guilty,
The State va. M. 'Pheeny. - Tried for malicious
stabbing. Kerr for the State; 8. McQroarty for da
feme, ;
Intibbstiks' Cblbbbitiov. The degree of
iieoekan was given to aoout tntrty members,
and about twenty ladies, last evenlne. bv
Eagle Lodge No. 100, and Eolipse Lodge No,
844 1. 0. 0. 1., at the Hall, corner of Vine
and Sixth-streets. The ceremony was well
nronouneed. after which an eloauent address
by Rev. Mr. Flanders, and a eoilation termi
nated a very pleasant meeting.
The decline in the Ohio continued Tester
day, bnt at a lea rapid rat than on th previous
uay. mere are at pnwut a nine over eevenieen
feet in the ohannel between bar and Louisville; the
water atlll falling above till point, and ice running
out of some of the upper trlbutariea. We shall not,
auwonr, ue iruuuieu wiuiu; iqe ui conaaquence tn
the vicinity of tbie port at leaat for present.
The landing bore a tolerably animated appearance
yesterday, bnt most of the freight offered was, as on
Thursday, for Mew Orleans; that for Pittsburg, Si.
Louie andNaaliville being generally light.
I T be weather continues very pleaaant and mild hare
lor tne aeaaon, inueeu quite vernai-nxe In cherac
ter. The evening are somewhat cool, bnt ant din.
greeably so, and the dnys are warm and genial aa
lunn ui April ill lui. inmuue.
Tha rataa of freinht we Atiota aa follows :
Pittiburg-Cottoni 7o.: Molaaaea. 7Ao.; Whlaky,
00c. j Flour, 30o,; Pork and Lard, 41c ; Pound
x reigiiio, lou.per iuu ins.
Nashville Whisky, per brl., 90; Ale, Mo.; Pound
Freiahta. S0l8.Vo. ner 100 lba.
8t. Loui-Hnvy Pound Freight, a, per 100 lbs.;
Hum; viij wv, m vri, Diuroa, c.; Ale, MM,
ner brl.
New Orleans Whlakv and Oil 90s: Flonr. Inn.! Pnrk
79c.; Bacon, Butter, Oheeae, Ac; 3So. per 100 lba.;
Keg Lard, iocj Kmpty Barrels, 34o., Honw)10 par
head; Pound Freight, Sua.
The river continued to rail pretty fast yeeterday at
Louiavllle, though not as fast aa heretofore, with
scant nln and a half feet water In the Canal, en
ilhuraday evening, by tbe mark. Uutiig th pre
vious 24 hours the river receded 19 Inches at the head
of the Falls, with 8i fbet .water on the Fall for
ateamDoats. rue weainer waa chilly and rather dis-
epreeauie moe.ui inauay. uutoiaar laaa nignt, -Sinking
or theDanixi Boon. The ataam.r Ttan,
lei Boone, ruunlng between Vickaburg and Memphis,
struck a snag and aunk at Goodrich a Landing, in
tbe Miasleaippi, about forty niiloa from Memphis, on
tbe 13th, Nu Uvea were lost, but th boat and oargo,
whioh was not large, were completely ao. The
steamer waa Insured Tor $15,000 la Memphis and this
A reivals. Magnolia, Maavllle; Kanawha Valley,
Kanawha; Foreet Queen, Madison; Telegraph, Lou
isville; Melnotte, New Orleans; Judge Torrenc. do.;
J. W. Oheeaman, doj Messenger, Memphis; Dun
lelth and Virginia Home, Neville; Clipper, Big
Depaetvbxs. Magnolia, Maysville; Forest Uueeu,
Uauiaon; Telegraph, Louiavllle; Courier, Wheeling;
Sam. Ktrkman, Naahville; Interchange, Memphis:
Boston, Big Sandy; Punleith and Virginia Borne,
Monetary and Commercial.
The oomplaint of the tightness of Money
was general yesterday in Third-street, and Currency
wa lower in supply than it ha been at any time
inc the beginning of the preaant year. Tbe Check
lng war heavy at all the Banking-houses, and the
deposits light. -. .". ., , , ..
cause of the scarcity of money, and many dealers
would not pay ovor par for light chock. Tha selling
rate was 30 '' premium.
Mlaeouri and Illinois and Wisconsin were selling
a. im ui.., an improvement ior uie two last on pre
vious figures. . .
Financial affair war quite animated In the bank
inn 'inarter. '
Flour and Whlaky continued active yeeterday. and
steady. Prevision have improved. All tbe Mess
Pork Offered was taken yesterday at 115 75, and
nuiuera aeaeu e id aa me ciuae. uraina were nrm, ex
Mnft WhM, .kJM. k...... . 11 1 :
wyw " -, nmw. uu. nM UVI l 1 1 IU 0 1 ,
Hogs were steady yaterdy, from th falling off of
th reoelpte, and holder fait in be. ter spirit; th
Baiea reaumug a,eva neau.
. Th Import and Exports of various artloles daring
the twenty-rour hour ending yaatenlay noon, ware:
Imposts. -Flour, 1.6M brl.; Whisky, 1.044 brla.:
Corn, S,47S bnahela; Wheat, ,08 bushels; Oata, 3,194
bushels ; Barley. 736 bnahela; Hoga. 7,WS bead; Fork
and Bacon, is brl.: do.,&3.239 ponnda; Sugar, 43a
hhds.j Molaaeea, 2,2ljhrla.; Coffee, U baga; Apple,
Ml brl.; Butter, 32 keg; Ghees, lot boxes; Potato,
337 brl.; Salt, Ml brl. . ,
XxpoBTs.-Flonr, 1,192 brla.; Whlaky, U20 brls.;
Corn, 3U0bashls; Barley, 922 bushels: Pork and Ba
eon, WO hhda.t do., S9 tieroaa; do.. 934 brla; do., as
bxa; Sugar,' 44 bhds.l Molaaaea, HObrls.: Coffea, 3S8
bags.; Apple, 3S brla; Butter, 23S kga.; Cheese, I, rM
bxa.; Potatoes, 1116 brla.; Salt., A24 brls.
Thursday' New York Time observes :
The suen'r of Money offering , on call to-darla In-
sreaaed by the large meana paid into tha private
Bankara' for Exchange sold yeeterday. The rataa to
the Stock Brokers ar !4t$n per oeau, with eioep
tional case at 9 per cent, on State and. Federal eecu
rlty. The Discount market Is steady In rate, with a
fair tmslneea doina? in firat-elaa inuoraed aaiier: SM
tfl per oent. to dajra to 9e months, and at 9 percent,
on choice gng)0 day acceptances. Thar I but little
uoing in axenange io-uay. rm aexe aseamer ior
Karopeiarhe Hamburg packet Saxon ia, sailing to
morrow, 14th. locall at Hampton.
Maw Toil Oattli Mabiit, Thursday. Bneenbar
15 Tha Live Stock Tarda war lare-elv ansallad
again yeeterday, moraao than at any time since No
vember 19. For the week ending yesterday, the total
receipt at the regular yards of lire animals destined
for slaughter nnmberod: Beef cattle, 9,140; veal
calvea, 950: aheep and lamba, 13,701; awlne, 17,64;
also of milch cows, 3; tetal, 37,173; total laat week,
31,979, being an increaae of 1,311 beeves, M veale, 3,0S
sheep, gift swine; and a decrease of 3S oows. Tha bul
locks ware In better fleeb and heavier than usual,
making th excess f beef greater than Indicated by
the nnmbr. At yeitenlay'a General Market beeves
sold a trifle lower than the same grade laat week,
though owing to th general better quality the aver
age ol all sales wa higher than for torn lima past,
A few premium bullocks were aoUat prices equiva
lent to lOHfailc. par lb. fortliedrrs-t d cnn n.. ., but
Sioat of the flrat Quality went at nlnil Uk: teral
undred head were left , last, etenlug. . -M'Kh
cowa ware In little request at
any prlca. VeafrsTW-
were in fair demand at SMav.7v. n. ji. . .lt. u..iai.t.
for the beat, and !$,' fvr -tueuiulii gradaa.rHlite
and lamb were eosMwhat active at rules eiujvaleht
to 4r5o. per lb., live weight, for the better grail;
lew "cariaimaa aneep'
ware In active demand
ep" v-tat fUQlSench. Swlue
ndaMmprovud price.; S)j(a.ic.
iiumaxad flr.t.iualiiy! 3,'ic, for
for enrn-fed of medium
FLOUBr-Th demand oontinneahjoderaia.and the
market Kyi.d)'. The tnle were contlued to two brla.,
t 5 oofgfi 69 lor extra: aupernn may lie Quoted at
;5-30(3 40: but not much offering. ,
WHISKt-The market laateaiMaad the demand
food: salea of 1,200 barrel at nHo., Including that
from wagon. ....
ttuus Th reoelDt not being to exceaalre to-dar.
noouraged holder, cad tb market was rather
ateady and mora tattled. The sale war:
900 head averaging IM lb, at..;. it U ts Its e i 19 90
900 head averaging 170 lba. at,.
9 60
400 head averaging 200 lb, at.,,
9 90
6 90
9 40
ioi neaa averaging itsu los. at........ ..........
193 head averaging ISO lba. at
3 head averaging 170 lba. at.......-.,,,,,,,.,
147 head avaraaiua ll ll. at A
sa neaa averaging 170 lua. a
...,......... 9 38
: 6 I9A9 40
400 head averaging IMMbloJ lba. l
119 bead averaging 140 lba. nU.......... 9 29
79 head avaraalnc 170 lba. at s 10
290 head averaging 210 lba. at tee s 00
PB0VIBI0NBA good demand for Me Fork, and
all to be had at tis 90&19 79 waa taken, boldera at
the cloee aaklng S 16. Lard inlet at UMo. Bulk Meat
in rather better demand for February delivery, and
iaj,wu pounos aoia at eana sc.; v.uuu pic greeu
Meat sold at 4 o. for Snonldera, and 7,tc. for llama.
OBOOEBIES-Buamr firm, with aalea of 110 hhda.
at 8Hi8'X.j 100 barrels double-raiined Oruahed sold
at 11)40. Molaaeea firm: Suo barrel aold at 47o. Oof
fee steady at l?l3o., with a fair demand. .
WHEAT The market la dull, and prioe drooping
though not qnotably lower: sales of 300 bush, prim
reo at 91 wj, aw ao. pnme wnite s pi 40.
OOBN-The market is firm, with a good demand
at90o. . 1
OATS Then i a good demand, and price ar
steady at 54c.: aalea or 400 bnahela, In bulk, at 94c.
BARLEY Tbe market 1 firm, with a good de
mand at our hut quotation: salea of 374 bushels fair
spring at 70c.
Bi t There ia a good demand, and prices Arm at
80c. for prime.
OHKkSB The market Is Ann, with an active de
mand: aalse of 130 box Western Reserve at Sc.; 45
do. extra large at v.'tc.s 100 do. English Dairy at
uvac; aiiuu, prime uw. m nor-
lu.njuauu. vuu,uiu Dlln HUH II
1617o. for Central Ohio roll, and MOIsic. for West
ern Reeerve: aalea of 12 barrels Weatern Beaerv at
APPLES Tha market continuea firan. with a frond
demand at 8l 793 75 per barrel, for fair to choice.
POTATOES Tners Is a good demand, and price
Arm at our laat quotations.
CLOVER HEED Tha market la Arm. with a icioA
demand at $4 S04 89: aalea of 5ft sacka at ft 80; 100
ouaneia, in aace ana oarreia. at at eo; 37 oarria,
to at i SUO bnahela
New Tobk Hum. Deoember la P. M vinnr
dull and heavy at 4010c. lower: aalea of 7,700 barrel,
1 iv ior aupuruuo duiiu; o inttvn m ior Xir
State; ft3 10 for nperflne Weatern; S5 15695 30 for
common to medium extra do., and fJ 60o5 70 for
Inferior to good shipping brande extra round-hoop
Ohio closing very qnlet. Canadian Flour quiet:
aalea of 190 brla. at $9 606 60 tor common to choice
ei it, nye war m iiui ten request at 3 60e4 40.
Wheat very quiet and nominally 192c. lower, al
though there la 00 pressing deaireto realise; for good
Milwaukie Club t 18 delivered, ia refused for export;
laat evening 25.UM buahels prime Milwaukie Club
was bought, on speculation, at t'20, la store. Ky
less buoyant: sales of small lots at lto. Barley very
quiet and nominally at 7i4hc. There la ouly a
iioall supply of Corn and niurket buoyant: aaloa ol
16,000 bnahela, atil)o. for new yellow, and ttc.
tj)l for old white yellow. Oata lew active and Itrni,
at 46H47Hc. for State, Western and Canadian.
Whlaky dull and lower: sales of 250 brls. at 27(5,; jo.
Pork f nil, heavy and lower: sales of 750 brls., at f 16
Tor mess; $10 50 for prime, and 916 50$ 16 90 for West
ern and city prime nieaa. Beef unchanged: sales of
350 barrels, at (44 50 for country prime; $.v5 no
Tor country mesa; $AI0 for old and new repacked
ma, and S10 Hiftill lor extra mess. IJreased Hoga
firm at THWiin. Beef Uania a.uirce auil tiriii, at
$14 90 for Western, and tf I V13 for Stale. Prime
mesa Boef nominal at tnwi. Out Meat nu
ohanged: aalea of 110 packagea, at fiM(i)7c. for Should
era, and luXc for Hums, bacon quiet and un
changed. Lard dull and heavy: aalea of 300 burrols
at 10Mllc. Butter unchanged, witli muderale busi
ness at ll(dl6c. for Ohio, and 1523c. for Statu.
(Jbeeee In lair demand at!i11. 2 Wool iiiiet and
Brm: aalea of amall parcela fleece al 604&o. Cali
fornia at I731c, and Texas washed atar. Cotlmi
ha advanced ho.: aalea of 2,1100 balea, nt UMc. for
Upland middlings. Sugar ia buoyant. Coffee nrm at
lOii&ntio. lorllio. Oils 14 11 lot: Linsoad at 96te57c:
Lard Oil at 89c. Tobacco la in fair demand: aaTca ol
150 hhda. of Kentucky at 2Mai2o. Mol.uaus nrm at
90ljc.,ti - '. .
WASHINGTON, December 16.
motion of Mr. Nibluok, of
inu., it wareaoivu that till the election or speaker
the Olerk of the last House be authorized to exercise
the power devolving on the Speaker, for preserving
order In the gall. riea and on the floor of the llouae,
for the time being, under the ruleaof the laat House,
and that the Sergeant-at-Arma, for a like purpose,
be under the directions of the Clerk.
Mr. Bonbam, of S.O., aaid that th whole country
was anxiously looking to tha aaoet nf affair, here.
and inquiring why we did not elect a Speaker, the
reaton woe that the maiorltv of tba Honae waa un
willing to place in that chair an indoraer of the
Infamous Helper book, and deem themselves justi
fied in resisting his eleotlon by all fair and honorable
moans, ue nao noming to say against Mr. Sherman
yeraonally, but referred to lilra politically, and cor
ially aaaented to the resolution that neither he nor
any other man Who indereed Helper's book was At tn
be Speaker. It was a fatal error when the Missouri
uouiproimse waa accepted tor tne south, tor It baa
nlv ncouraesdN orthern acffreHalonHaimi hst atav.i-v.
lie referred to Mr. llkktimn m a renegade to hie
pauy. nnenuevoieu ior tne uiuuings motion to
resist the Senate bill for th admission of Kansaa.
every one auppoed he would finally land on the
Republican aide, although he haa aince claimed to be
a Democrat; Ills vote yesterday for Mr. Sherman set
tled the question that he is not iongor a Democrat.
It lied been sought to elect a Speaker by tho plurality
rule, which he believed unconstitutional, for the
reason that none but a majority could electaSpeaker.
It had been said that there were precedents for ita
adoption, but the circumstnncca were different then
from what they are now. Mr. Baiika had not retimed
as had Mr. Sherman to repudiate the Infamous teach
ings of Helper's book for the abolition of slavery and
for Insurrection.
In reply to Mr. Hickman, he said the South had
the right to carry Slavery Into the common territo
ries, and have it protected like other property by
territorial law, and not refusing to afford that pro
tection by positive hostile enactment. Th South,
while denying the right of Congress or of the ter
ritorial legislature to abolish, prohibit, or establish
Slavery In the territories, claim that It Is ths duty of
Congress tnd th territorial authorities (0 protect It
while therisJ ' :
He replied to Mr. Nelson mora, he said, in sorrow
than In anger, and refuted the common cant that
President Jackson put down nullification. He also
defended South Carolina and her oouri at that
Thatgentleman(Nelson) had spoken of the Union
a more Important than the Constitution, bnt those
whom he ( Bouham) represented look to every part
of tbe Constitution aa more important than th
The gentleman from Pann. (Hickman) had atioken
of forcing tho South back Into the Union, ahonld
she prefer to retire, but whenever it is found expe
dient to do so, ths Union no louger exists, He said,
, without hesitation, that on the election of Mr. Sew
ard or any other man who indorses hi claim and
holds to ths eentlmettte declared by Seward, call the
party by what name you pleaae, ha waa in favor of
Immediate disunion, and be thought heapok the
aentimenta of hia entire State.
How, then, could it be expected that Southern gen
tlemen will coneent to th election of Mr Sherman,
who comae here reeking from th pollution of doc
trinaa advera to Southern interest? The reolutloa
of Mr. Clark, of Mo., waa proper under tbeaeclrcnm
stances, and he told gentlemen that they would pre
serve th Institution of alavery or perish in the en
dearer. HI patriotism began at home, and he was
for South Carolina againat the world.
Mr. Millaon made an explanation, denying that he
ever said that any man who Indorsed Helper's book
waa unfit to live.
Mr. Clemens, of Va., wanted the House to proceed
to a vote for Speaker, and objected to gentlemen be
ing compelled to ait here for five houra in order to
give their brethren an opportunity to ventilate their
rhetoric. He gave notice that he ahould retire from
the hall whenever he waa physically disabled from
attendance. If he oould not get a pair, hi friends
would have to do without a vote.
The Olerk stated that, having been empowered by
the Heuae to suppress disorder, both on tne floor and
in tbe galleries, be ahould discharge bis duty, but
hoped no case wonld arise compelling him lo exer
cise tbe authority tho conferred.
Mr. Himms, of Kentucky, said Brown' foray Into
Virginia had been followed by a crusade against the
right of the whole South. Ho would speak plainly,
and tell the gentlemen of the other aid that from
the very foundation of the Government there had
been a diseased public sontiment In the North on th
enbjeot of slavery. He spoke of continued aggro,
alone of the Republican party on the Month. The
Republican numbermore than on hundred men on
thi floor; men of character and influence who have
ought on tb stump and elsewhere to diffuse opin
ion practically leading to the nullification of the
Fugitive Slav Law and bring contempt on the Su
preme Court, because it haa declared Congress has no
power to restrict slavery or exclude It from new Ter
ritories. The balance of power In the United States Senate,
once deemed a safe-guard by th South, haa bean
loat,and Northern preponderance will be atlll fur
ther Increased by tbe adm lesion of other new States.
Nothing ia now left between th South and her aa
aailanta but the Democratic party and the Constitu
tion of the Uuited State aa expounded by th Su-
Kreme Court. Th Abolition party in tb North
aving failed to reach alavery In the South by direct
legislation, have sought to overthrow it by Insurrec
tion, by keeping up constant robbery and theft on
that apeciea of property at the South: scattering In
oendiary documente throughout the land; and have
elevated to the hlgheat public truat men who pro
claim that there la an irrepressible conflict between
alave and free labor. Ue was no dlsuntonist, but
wonld ask, is there to be no end to these asaanlt on
th South? Were they to bow their necka like cen
quorad provlncea-be despoiled of their property
without redreaa? If the Union' 1 to b preserved
there must be a cessation of these wronga on tha
South.. Ue proceeded to reply to Mr. Hickman's re
ntal ks about the Bonth violating th Compromlast.
denying the charge. For forty yearn the South had
remonstrated time and again, and have all the time
been yielding thalr conatltutlonal right.
Th Constitution was formed by Northern and
u-.tun.,,,... wa.ii'iwM lurmoo ins itirmer naa
the right to sell their slaves In Southern Stat, and
did so. Southern men had a right to keep their
i.V " Purchase thoee of th Northern men, and
did so, Tb Northern man took th money received
for their slave snd Inveeted It In hone, land, mar-
cbandlt and commerce, and lo thla day they have
that property and the profits, end yet tnrn around
and denounce the Mouth tor holding the property
eieUhemby IneXurlli. A that time tba rlngof th
ca.n wa. aearer tu tneu urei'M naaraeaaaraai 01 use
badniw chains was oppreesire' to their- con
aelauoes.' 'f there In -tliat burning lake, wbex
hiaalug .terpen l and fiery arairon torment th
damned, a pi ace more flery tbaaall thereat, itahould
oe reaerveu lor these northern ranatlcs, who would
scatter th teada of eoliopalisni mng friends d
brothers, and with the (errors of (bar Incendiary Is)
one baud and (he dagger of theaasaesln (n tb other
Would invade averr aanital and amid Itm fallen col
umns exult In the desolation Ibay had caused. Un
lets the North cead invadinilbe rights cfth South
tuay wouia oe prepares 10 hum t warn at lue cannn
For the laanortv veara (her had submitted to that
thing for th sake of tha Union, although smarting
under ten thonsand'wronga, there waa not a man In
hia district whose hmrt would not bleed to-day to
hear the knell of the Federal Union. They were for
the Union with (he CogatitMion; unlets thi wa
preserved tha I'aion was worthies and worse than
worthless, it waa tune to uik plainly, and b
wanted no more dodging or eubterfnge. He Bald th
North haa raited a tempest it cannot oontrol ; it haa
overleaped the Constitution of (he country and tha
laweof tb land. He doubled whether (he refrete
j pressed on thai side for (he Harper's Ferry raid
. i . .1 Multdul ,1. AI-A V. . . .. -
would be broken to the hope. Aa the representative
of a Ood-fearing, Union-loving, law-abiding people,
be entered hit solemn protest against the te thou
sand wrongs committed on the South. He chtrged
Hie BepnblTcan party as being the nana of the dan
ger banging over the country. He wa ao alarm-
1.1, uu ui.uuiodi.i, lur IIIV VUIUU lie wuuiu prm uii
life; but if the shock must come, and if the fell ca
lamity of disunion waa upon them, be wanted to see
hia native South aland on the Constitution of tbe
country, and Ilka one man etand up in defenae of
The ballot in detail! Mr. Shermsn's vole on the
1rat ballot to-day woe reduced by aoma of thoee who
heretofore voted for him going over lo Mr. Gilmer,
who wa aopported by tba following member:
tteaara Adams,(Ky.) Anderson, (Ky.) Bottler, Baily,
lua.i&tneriuge, naie, uama, ina.; uaaama, 11 ut
ge, Hale, Harris, (Md.) Haakina, Hut
kin, Leach, (N. 0.) Mallory. Maynard.
ore, CKy.) Moorehead, Morris, (.Penn,)
in, Pennington, Querela, tlcnwarta,
100, mil, jenain
Wtlward, Moore,
Nolaon.? Nixon.
Cranton, Smith, (N. 0.) Stevena, Stokaa, Vanoe,
Verrae. Webstar. Wood.
rnote wno votea ior xtr. noteior alter mr. uiimer
withdrew from the canvass, were Messrs. Adams,
Anderson of Ky., Anderson of Mo., Bodlingny, Brab
ion, Btigga, Bristow, Dejarnette, Etheridge, uiimer,
Hardman, Hams or Md Hatton, Hill. Leach of N. :
0., Mallory, Maynard, Moore of Ky., Nelson, Queries,
imun 01 n.u.i ptotea, vance, wauareranu woou-
ton. 1 1
1 he above vote explain the oauae of the difference
lu the result to-dav of (wo votes lor Meaars. Sherman
and Bocock respectively. Sncb of tbe above-named
a had heretofore voted rot Mr. wnermau, returned
to nia auppori alter xtr. uiimer. wimurew.
Mr. Vallandlgham waa misunderstood yesterday
by the reporter. Ha said nothing about alavery in
(lie Territoriee. , . . . '
1 i-i- -
The Execution at Charlestown.
- Chablistown, Deoember 16. We have bsJ
an exciting time during; the paat (wenty-fonr hours,
wuicu uaejusi cioaea witu tue execution 01 tne lour
orltonera. Throuirhout (he dav vexterdav there waa
a great influx of strangora and oititene of tbe county,
who wero nocxiog in to witueaa tne laat act 01 iuu
U.FI-..'. i.aa... II,. I..t. A-.flA 11..... .rl.
apprehending they mlgnt liedetaiued at lhetotla)
aa waa luecaseon tneuay 01 urown sexecuiion. tu
vigilance exercised at the railroad depot on (he arri
val of a train waa not so strluarent as on (be occasion
t theexerullon of Brown, and but little difficulty
waa oxperienceu in getting in town, niiorll) alter
Hie arrival-of the train iu th aflernoou a grand
military dress parade of all lbcomiiaiilea iu attend
ance took place. Tbe troops went uirongu!hir evo
lutions with great skill and were reviewed by Ueu.
Talliferro, who waa onlha "round in full drena and
mounted on aepirlted charger'
The prisoners were vieited ysattrday alteruoon ly
1 lie liuv. Measra. Naaaau lliillov. aud North, of the
I'resliyteriiiu Church, and iter. Beverly Wangh,ol
th. M. K,Cuiir,'h; the services iu (ha cell, were of
uu Interesting character, and were participated in by
all tbe condemned, though It Is now evident from
aubteuueut events, that Cook aud Coppi were play
ing 'possum, aa their 111I111I1 muat have been tiled on
hopes of life aud liberty rather than on death and
eternity, at the lime tliey wi re maklngoiitwkrd pro
testation, ol resignation. They all save umiual
llied assent tn the conviction of religious truth, aud
expressed a hope' of Nalvation iu the world tu coiue.
Cook and Coppi were the loudest lu their professions
of a change of heart aud In the hope uf iljviiie for
giveuras; they freely admitted their guilt aud ac
knowledged their duolu as a just one. and that In (ha
.main (liev have been trttit.d with the utniuMt kind-
lies by all, though they thought soineof the witnesses
were ruthor liat.h in their teatimony. Theiiiinisteia
imagined they hud discovered decidedly favorablo
cnange in look a niinu sinup 11 is luterview wun uu
jiatara, up to that lime li Is ualnmees and bravery ware
regarded ae proceeding from a lack of feeling, but on
leuviiig biin yeeterduy afternoon tbey reported thai
be bud benu lead tu seek forgiveneaa In hit protesla
(ious of religious conviction and hope ol furgivenesa,
all of which was undoubtedly to hoodwink their
Eivjeut of escape. Cook lias been visited throughout
I Imprisonment by the Kev. N. Green North, at
the request of the prisoner aa also of Governors' Wise
and Willard, Rev. Mr. North waa present at au in
Uirvlew between Cnppie and a quaker gentleman
from Ohio, who raised the priaoner. He deacribea
Ibe Interview an effecting one and tpeaka highly
of Mr. Butler's chrisliau deportment and nil
vice lo the prisoner. Mr. Butler says that Coppie was
a trusty but very wilful boy. An unci of Coppie',
hit father's brother, from Ohio, also visited him yes
terday, the interview lasting over au hour. He
seemed in much distress at the sad fate which awaited
his relative. Thi wan Hie condition of the town, the
prisonert and the military. Up to seven o'clock Inst
eveniuinll annrclieiiaiona of au intended rescue had
long since been banished and uothing was thought of
but iiieapproiicning execution. 00 nrmiy iihii inin
convlctlou settled on the r uollc mind (hat military
duty was voted a bore and the tiuale of tbe tragi dr
riiAeilMl a. atlaat iiDnroaclieil.
At a quarter poet eight o'clock, last evening, tha
tvloil town waa thrown into a commotion bv tue re
port of a rifle under the jail wall, followed by several
allot IrODi Ibe vicinityof the gunrd-hoiise, inclose
proximity to the tail. J'l military waa called to
nrma ami ine excitement wn iMmun.- ut,u(i mi,
thing that has yet occurred durlugour iY1"- memora
ble era of military occupation. In a few nilnniee the
atreeta anu aonues or. (lie inwn were in poaaeesion
of armed men, and It iviw with some difllculty that
the cause of All this turmoil could be ascertained,
ilumora were afloat of every description, and it waa
at one time (huugh( that the prisoners had over
powered their guards and made (heir etcupe ; and
then that an attack had been made by partite nt
tamptlug ta rescue the priaoneri.
To-day at (he execution the bodies of the negroes,
alter being cut down, were placed In poplar coAina
and carried back to the jail. They will be interred
to-morrow on thespotwherathearallowinowsland,
though there is a party of medical students here
from Winchester who will doubtless not allow them
to remain there long. At about quarter to twelve
o'clock notice waa given to Cook and Coppie that
their time was approaching, only one hour more be
ing allowed. The military movement,' similar to
tlios at the rat execution, were repeated, and a
wagon with two more coffins waa standing at the
door of th jail. At half'past twelve Ibe aame mili
tary escort was iu readinees; iuthe moanlime the
closing religious ceremonies were progressing iu the
cell. Since the failure of the attempt of Cook and
Coppie to escape last night, their assumed composure
and apparent resignation had given away, aud they
now looked at the reality of their fate with the full
conviction of It awful certainty.
, They were reserved and rather quiet, but joined
with fervor In the religious ceremonies conducted hy
tho Rev. Messrs, North, Lehr aud Weughv When
called upon by the Sheriff they stood calm and quietly
while their arms were being pinioned, and aftor bid
diug farewell lo tbe guards of the jail were belped
Into the wagon and took their teats on Iheir coffins.
f beir appearance was rather of hopeless doapalr
ban of resignation, and (hey teemed to take lint
littl notice of anything aa the procession moved
alowly on the Held of death.
' The wagon reached the scaffold at thirteen mln ntes
before one o'clock, and the prisoners ascended with
a determined firmness, scarcely surpassed by that of
Capt. Brown. A brief prayer was offered by one of
(he clergymen.
The ropes were adjusted, the cap drawn over their
heads, aud both were launched Into eternity (even
minutes after they had ascended the scaffold. They
both exhibited tbe most unHlnohiag firmness, say
ing nothing with the exception of bidding farewell
(o the ministers and Sheriff. After the rope was ad
justed about Cook' neck, he exclaimed, "be quick,
b qnlck aa poaslbls," which wa alao rpeatd by
After banging about thirty minutes, both bodies
were taken down and placed in black walnut coffins
prepared for them; that of Cook wa then placed in a
poplar box, libelled and directed aa follow:;" Ashbel
P. Willanl and Robert Crowley, 104 William-street,
N. Y. Care of Adam' Kxpreaa."
Th 00IH11 of Coppie waa placed In a similar box, to
be forwarded to hia mother In low. .. ;.
Two Days Late from Europe—Arrival
of the America.
' SiOnriLi.g, December 16. The steamer
America, with Liverpool dates of the 3d inst.. arrived
at Halifax this morning. Her advice ar two dya
later than furnished by tha Hon Scotian. -
The press of Europe is chiefly engaged iu th dis
cussion of matters appertaining to the approaching
Congress, and the probable plenipotentiaries to rap
resent the various nowere. a ,
Lord Palmerston to represent Bngland in th Con-
in iionuon 'l ime etrongiy urge in piaims 01
gress. It is rumored that the 6fh of January ha
Cas. it ia rumoreu inas ine oin 01 aauiiary
n aet aside for the flrat slttlna of the Oomrreaa.
The particulars of the recent eraant between tb
Vrenofi land Morocco tones state that the French
fleet had destroyed two fort at th mouth of th
river Tetnam, aa a return for firing at a French vea
eelaiitwaspaaaing. A position of neutrality waa
aubsequantly,resnined by the French commander.
LivxsroOL, December . Broadatufle ar dtclin
Ina excepting Corn, which it Arm. ;
Provlsionitlull. . '
Lonso, Decombef 8. Consols ttHQWh. Bullion '
In Bank of England haa lnoreasad 33,000 pounds dur
ing tha week. Money I unchanged and In good de
mand. LATEST Livxaroo-L, Saturday, Dee. 8 P. M.
Cotton quiet; eatlmated aalea 5,000 bale. . ., ,
Breadsttiffa quiet; nothing doing. ' -Provisions
quiet. '
Lokdox, Saturday, December 3. Conaols 9ti.
Washington Items.
WiSHiKQTOK, December 16. The House
aa taken two mora ballot for Speaker, with th
following result:
Seventh liallot-Sherman 96; Bocock SO; Gilmer 36;
Scattering . Gilmer withdraw. - - .
Eighth ballot-Sherman 111; Bocock Mi Botslerl'.;
Scattering , -. -,
A Democrat lo caucus will be held to-nlghf,'! 1 , 1
Chiuaoo, Deoember 16. Cook k Sargent,
Hankers, at Dtvtnport, Iowa, elottd their doors to
day. Th cause la aaid to be th failure ol (halt Bos
ton home. Liabilities not stated. ,
Nsw York, Deoember 16, The V. 8. ileam
Irlgat Wtbaib is coming up, , ;
Cook and Copple Attempt to Escape.
BtbTisioai, December If. Th iaserveon
ha received 1 special dlapitch, elating that Cook
and Coppie attempted ( escape last uiglit by railing
a tuU through (hejall wall. They war Bred on by
The pritouera afterward were haviljialrS!l!r?lf
- Ca-AabMTowg, W.,ieraW tJTiit nelfvTf
putighto'olock rhlreebtng,Swofncondmncri
pritouera. Cook and Coppie escaped rroaa tbtll, and
voir flrtd npou by fliew.rtwlsajaddrlien .beck to
i,iUn.-'Nuir..raa.li .i.ul. f Hh.,lir
Utanbstf i . " " "'-V
Tbey u.d mounted the jail wall, whan I Ikey erer I
Uaeoverad by the aentinei .,11 ih. oaurid, wbe im
mediately gave the alarm ;nol lirtdopo them. '
Tbey bad tawvd their manaclee tanadar with the, 1
blade of a barlow-kulfe, bich thty had ooacaaUd,
and made Into a An taw. " i-,i
It is ascertained from their confession that thy :
have been engaged In preparing for (hair eop dux- ,
ing the laat ten day. u
They made a ho'e in the wall near tha window, ;
which they had coucealed with papery hiding th,,
Krick tbey had removed nnder the d4. ' .y ,
(Jbod tbe alarm being given thev made no resist
anee. bit aiirreniHfred aa aoon thy diaoovered by
tha shot of the sentinel thai Ihey were detected. . .
Tbe event haa produced I he ntmnet excitement
and all arc on (he alert. Major 0nrl Tallt-,
ferro iadlrectiug every tiling in person and will main-
lain a uninterrupted aopervlslon of analra: until af-
ter the execution. We do not apprehend any further
.IIih1W. . , . . , .
ILAarEa jsasi, iiet.uiuer iu n, urn..
cltement prevail her at Ih pretenl , llmaontcoount
of the attempted escape of (look and Coppie. .they
had cut a nolo torougn me waii uu.i. uu iu.j.ii-
vard wall when they were fired upon by the taatlnel,
ontslde. Another account aays (fiat Ih tiara 01 tpe
windowa were aaweo, oiitevnry inin leeaveiopw m
mvstery. The priaoner ai now heavily Ironed and
a special guard l standing over them. To street :
In front and arouad Ihejailare also kept clear.
Sxeon DwrATi . (he prisoners new say (hy got
the thaoklt oil' their feet by aawing them with au
old knife and then forcing the bar; - . ' n.
A miaunueraianuing oocurrea aevarai umjm w
(ween Gen. Tallifarro and (he jailer fn regard to plan-
in. ntinnla Inside tke isdl : th jailer claimed the
right to have hi own men; the General gave way to
hint but plaeed a guard on the outeid. -Cook say he
cofld hv made hi escape had b jumped down and
ihroHled tnllnl. ' -
River News.
V.i.nirBii TiaAmhai Irtaf Hive i ...
1 Inchesbv tbenlermark.andfaHlug. Weath.r-I.v.
and mild.
Jill :il.-..
m A Co. Prlvat Library.-Will baaold at Aut-
on TUKSDAi AFTERNOON, Detember 20, it
iii o'clock, Private Library, in wllch may be'"
found tome rare and valuable work. . .1 ,-( .
derL ' - JACOB wBAFfrAaietloaett. ,
WILLIAMS-SHlea-reoraa No. 22 and X last
1-hird-etreet. On BATUBDAY MOBMNO, Decern-
,. 1- . ... vuMutm ,J TI- F.IU.V tllimi
Lilotbing,l!utlry, AW. 0 . -r , , ...
ALSO A alocx 01 asaonea-.leweirr, v invii:i'
Watr.hae.Ac. At lOolclooki-N and Second hand .
Furniture Stoves, Counters, anil a variety of other
(toooXAe. (.delT) A. KBLL0UO.Atwtteaes,an
2i a CO.-Oir PaintiTi, Bronaea, c,TWill be,
at Auction On-ATUUDA- MOBMNG.Drc.
n .t Ki.iYI.H'li. at our atorf. No. IS Rat Fourth.,
-.treat, fifty Oil PaintltiKs, en. canvaaa and eopper,
ome Ol wniuii arf iiiiiiei ai.".. i.w, i.wiv.
Hrouxe aud Paplor-Macbe ilooda, ooaiarlrlng 'taj-iu,
ures, Card Stands, Clove Boxes. Work Boxes, Leller .
Soxes, Card Baskets, Dressing Cases, Waiters, Ac. -01..
. N. JJ.-Ladles are invited to utteud this Bale. .. .
delti JAtXB OHAFF, Anctiuneer. J-1''"
im. A CO.-Oi S.iUalbreath. Taxjilennlst, of New
Yorki will sell at our store. No. 1 Kast Fourth-
itieet,ou SATOKDAV MORNING, December IT, at
n'-i o'clock, a large cull-cllou of Stuffed Birds, ar. -
on spraya, groups, and under gliss shade.
which will be lound, on examination, lo represent
living naturu. With ordinary care, be know no
iiinita to the time they will retain their prewntap.
puarance. TliayaWi- sultabli- lor the parlor or cab-
'net. The collection embraces a great variety df
the moil beautiful Hints or (be United olalns. Alao
i variety of Humming and other Birda from (be
West' ludle aud Smith America. - Alao, Imiae..,
lialely after the aale of Hlrda.nn invoice of Brontes
,md Papier Mache Uooila, Oil Paintings, At. ''
deli ' ' '' 1 JACOB GRAFF, Auctioneer. 1
Christmas Presents!
''IIs 11; I-WI-;;. orlt
ui-jit' ; jlrai'emlnm.' J'
Sewing lachiiies,
and simplicity of construction and efficiency
in working, are. uncounted by any. , '
deioijal !,;-,,, - , hO Vct Feurtk-eireet.
Js. 1 have been prepared for tbe especial boaetttot
Little Children. They will prove constant source
of pleaaur and profit. . .." "
"B 1 for Ball, a round ae oan be, ' ' -
. And alao for Blocka, you can eailly .'V
Trio Si; lOj smallerslyle, 7.1c. :': ' !' 1 1 -
rlel6-e is t.- at West Fourth-atreet.
Thd Game or Yankee Land. , ,; ' ,: ;
;Th Oame of Hehsol in an Iprr. '."j
The Game of fjflpsey Ferlnne Teller. -The
Game of Yenna Peddler.
The Game of Jack til All Trade.
The Gme of Comical Donlnee.
The, Game of Tltwe'y PhlloaopkPr.
SO A new tupplyof-thi elebraed Gsfieof.
Pelcr Coddles Trip to New York,
; f1-! THR'BE ClAMEti'lN ONE.'. ? ;
Trice 40.
del-o 39' West Fourth-street.
JL 3CaJI' ' "JwCl fCsipflCitwC fl A
I . MORE 14I6HI.
' d BURNI1W f LUI. - '
(. : x .1 1 . p. j -MOST LIQHT.
For salt bf GEO. tl. MXON. BrugglatS", -de!6aw
N. K. cor. Fifth and Main-streets, '
Genuine Glycerine Lotion,
:a s'.piuikarbd by eq. ,m dixon,
xm-ourea chapd haada and rough neaa ot the ikln;
alao promote the growth of the hair. - ' a...,
dKO. M. D1XUN, Drogilat,
deltiaw Jf K.Hetr, bflth and Main-streets,
BKLS. Bleached Castor Oil ?
siiF.,iii do. Mat OH 1 .. ,
. 30 do. Tanner Oil' f .,'.', ( J
. . ,10 do. Pur Sperm Oil ;
' ' S do, Oliv Oil.
, for al by OKU. f . DIXON, Druggist,
- del j - H. Jt.or. Flfiband Main-streets.
BOXES Can Jis, (even rears old, t sry
iuo'tlo, CMtlle, ' MottUd ;' .. , !',
.,... 100 do. Palm, U,H and 1; v
lit do. Ponclna.
Alto, a general assortment of Vaaey Soap, for rt-
' in, uruggiai,
. I. cor. Fifth and Main-atrU.
Dried t
dnce. v
Ci R 0 0 B R I ES; Ae.ohoioe Staple anJ
SB Fancv flrorerles. Fnrain B'enli. .ml m.i.
kppl and Peaches, Provisions, Country Fro
nth evarr article nsnallv k.nt in . r.t.i.,u.
U rocery. Families supplied la quantities lo suit, at
tba lowest market rate. Goods delivered to rjty
customers promptly; No charge for cartage.
,,hi. A A HON A. COLTJtB,
deU ' ' -''' Hoa. 8I tn .Ut Htlol-atreet..
.riL A N O O L I Y,
MAMV'fMlal .,, " 1
Wood-Working Machinery ,
feirtiar Jekej aid Wtttef lawCl"elBBall,.
,vl ttl 1, , , ,(1
!ht , ini'i-T
' jji f 1 1
Ita a-Hll ) ,if,

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