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Is ReMllhed dally, Umiun qM,l by
- - 'PB0PS1V0B8. -rrioi-i.
Is wast rctita-triiat.
TBI riNHT PBI8S (a ItUreredtoigbMrflMfi la
Pluctnnarl, Covington and Newport, tad rcr-
4nadlng ottlM u Mwaifst to o "' J"'
tremely low fHoe ef -1 " a
moxior bailings
(Jingle eopise o. I month 40,; S months tit 1 year It
comma sixth an Tuta-trmin.
Jour A. Iluii, Ja Bole Leeee n4 MiuiR.
Be-engaiement, for tlx nights only, of tin i charm.
MONDAT XrCNINO, Dm. 19, wfll be present!
Ihe new oomedv culled
. Or, Natcrrand Art.
Denial D6aDwriatatitMMiMMwMMtMtMa(tHtiKiIsi6i
...... .Blister
Penelope Ana..M....MM.. ...... atlse Denhsm
Bstne laid In Hew Tork. Time present.
Dnoe.... ..MIe Rate Pennerer.
To oonelode with the thrilling domestlo drama o(
Karatnettah Was Maggie Mitchell
Connanobet titMttiMatisssisHMiefeiteftatset MtMaUftUMUVU
UdOM h .Lord
Major dough ,...........
Natl.feotlon bkunk........ ......... ....Aam
Vmith RoHlhnnU MIh Annie Walta
Abnndanca Skunk...- Mr.. Gilbert
" In preparation, Bbnkspeare a great comedy,
nailed "The Comedy of ISrrora," with a great novelty
as tba "Two Dromlee." Also, tlia great Ledger
story 01 toe "Hiaaen nana.
aWDoora open at 8H! Onrtain nan at 7a o-oioeg,
Pbiou ot Amission-Praia Circle and Pamoett
wucenta. vauery, tuvvu.
Lait night, of the celebrated American tragedienne,
:.MRS. FARREW.i k h .i
And the acoompllihad and fascinating comedienne,
THIS (Monday) IVEHIHG, December 10, will be
acted tba elegant new play called
An TvA' . nf Twtt.itia l fiToar.
Madame de Blaesac...; i.,.Mra. Jarr.n
.leanette Mlsa Fanny Fill Farren
Baron de 1'etirbleres ; CT'""
Mniii d'otitmar Allan
Rector de Bonneville ........... Htuart
(tountossde Clelrment Hra. vanderen
Dante Miae Jenny Bight.
To ooacluda with tbe beautiful eotnady of tba
On. thb PamooAT Oolonrl.
Arabella Baannant, (wltb song) Mlis V.F. Fan-en
Theater. Is now open for tlie rao.pl loo of gneats.
Rooaie oan be obtained by tbe day or week, anil
tnanls fnrnlshad at all honrs '
NoTICB. Tradeaman and ethers are cantlotied
against furnishing any articles inr me meaier witu
nt a written order, elgned by Ihe aiauager.
Ones. 11. Barrel....
....Stage Dlreotor.
f. B. Conway..
Peeond week of Ike distinguished Actor,
THIS (Monday) BTBNINOi December lit, will
be presented tne beautiful cornea y i
Wblchwae played by Mr. Blordnoh iu Ibe city
London, with Immense euecesa, for fle eonseoutlyo
Yonnii Mirabel................. Mr. Murdoch
Old Mlrabel.t.....M........M ..-...M........M....".01eeu
rtuMrd : ...D ckaon
Orlana m-..........- .......Mrs. Oonwar
Blznrre ,................ ............Mlsi 1 Proctor
Lamnrse Mrs. Wllklns
To uonclude wltb tha langhable comedy of
SIMPSON at 00,
Mr. Blmneon,
' Mr. Uronley.
airs. rJimpaon.,
....Mrs. Place
osrs. uromier.,
...Mlaa Proctor
Madame La TrappeM-iM.....N........M......Mra. Vf llklna
- In preparation for tbe Holldaya a grand Fairy
WANTBDFor the abore, Fifty Ladles for tbe
Ballet. Apply at tba stage door, between tan and
leen o'clock A. M.
Children ..
s eeia.s.aeMieataaaeei
It cants,
...10 cents,
Celebrated representations of
)t Kane's World-Renowned
Every evening at 1 o'clook, Doors open tlM
Aflornoon entertalnmenta en
Doors open at S o'clock.
eTAU Sabbath and Day -school pupils will be ad
milted for 0 eente e aoh.
daltaw D. C. LiBTJB, Manager.
i.vm K.UHLMAM, of No. U Hlxth-street,
u.n,,l.l tAanmtfnllr Inform the nubile that aha
baa, In connection wltb Mrs Toledo's (late of
Havel Troupe tasteiiu wnrarooe, removea 10
,r Daw nfllrj,. at No. 7A Fifth-street, between
Walnnt and Vino-street, where she will be happy
see uer lormer patrons, to wuom sne oan ouer in
must sDlendtd aaaortmant of coatumea. del, -am'
lai& SECOND TKRM. h - UUlU
National Hall, Vine-street, above Fllitt)
The lesaona are so arranged that beginners M
commence at auy time. deSff
La preparation, inrm.nurmoiie..
L'Ouverture: Or, The Insurrection 01 at. liomingo,
and deal of tba Washington of Haytl. . .
a Pi
-rano until yon nave cauea as no,
uigbte ftfMS""
H n mt t ourtb-al , and see LI
Jk Uiadburr'n. Wm. Hnaba ft I
and A. Il.llele A Oo.'s Elenns.
will aall am litw mm IhA lnweflt. and mr
Plsnos will speak for themselves. I will rbt
let tba runt pay for tba Piano. U, M. MUmJM.
The largest stock of Melodeons In the olty. delt
Ballet, Davis A Oo.'s, Bazleton
Brothers', Baven, Bacon A Oo.'s,
and Peters, Craig ft Co.'s PUnoi,
tNo.dd West Fourtb-street. I will
aall mm low for oaab as anv ena. or
will rent and let the rent pay tor the Piano.
' ' ' J.CHTJBOH, Jr.,
No. M West FonrthNitraat
Depot for Melodeons and Barmoninms. deU
JL PBIATK than the following new and beautiful
rnllectloua of nnalo:
U , lt-ib nivnla. tain IT. tt tA taIaj-ab AT ntitlUV
Western Ulre Book ....-m..... 1
Mendelssohn's Hongs, without words 3
MNSSge Bird, contelning Uftr Ballade...............
: JOHN UUUBUrl, Jr.,
No. 6,1 West Fourth-atreet.
Pianos tuned and repaired by Thos. Atkins,
Holiday Presents
Blague and China Figures, Faicy Inkstands.
Vases, Jewel and Matoh-boxes, Fancy Shaving
Work-boxes, and other Fancy Ooods too numerous
to mention, suitable for the Holidays, wblob I
sell cheaper than any other establishment In
city. tiKHtii ua.iu.
No. 171 Maln-strret. between Nlith and Seventh
N. B. Also a new lot of Fancy Soaps, Perfumery,
axtractsj ao. - .u
Eicelsior Fluid
, , Manu faetosw. t Vine tit. 64
J lo small packages, for family we. -
Almoade, FUherte, Braall Mats, all kinds
P'lger Tore, Plain and Fenoy Candies. , , .,
W Boxes Gold Chop Flre-orackers. ' f 1
' ffl.OOO Torpedoes. "'.
100 Boxes new OltroD. ' ''Jr' .. '. J .
For sale by ' BOWN A DBMlNtl, -
rtelsaw ' '"' ' Ko. 1W Main-street.
beat White Wheat Flonr.lnat received and
l. mtWm. AAJtiJfi A. COLTBB.
sadelS i . Koa7llasd3Jl If aln-etrest.
vol; 1 no. 103;
; i
ffi"Th Pulma Chrutl, or eutor oU bean,
1 cultlrated with great aaeoeas In Utah.
pfr-llr. LenUe U In Wtvahingtonpalntlng
portrait of Chief Jaitlo Tansy.
SafMr. John Beetott It about toitart a
paper to advance tne interetu of tne lavage
tribes, called the Calumet.
SafAn effort ii being made to secure the
removal of the county teat of Pike Oonnty,
In thli State, from Piketoa to Waverly.
SifReoectly, the Upper Ten Mile Presby
terian Choroh, in Proiparlty, Penn.. wag to
tally dattroyed by Ire.
Jdflhe anmber of ilave in Kentnoky In
1840, wai 10,81Tj In 1808, J07,6Jf In 159,
.08,035. Inoreaio daring the lait year, 1,076.
S9 Abont two weeki go, an aged aouple
were married at Tappan, N. J., the groom
eventy-elght and the bride seventy-fire.
t" A day or two tinse an otter, weighing
eighteen and a half poundi, wae trapped In a
pond at Myctio, Connecticut.
fl&VA new oomlo newspipar, to be eallei
VanitvFair, It ehortly to make lta appearance
in New York.
Admiral Sir Alexander Milne hai in-
peraeded Sir Houston Stewart In command of
tne XNortn American navai nation, j ,... ,
aTho Bi-Kine of Onde la eaid to have
aooepted a pension of twelve last (130,000)
and reunqnianed an oiatma on unae.
Qardacoi. a brilliant oanUtrioe, hae
jait married the Duke of Civelll, a Neapolitan
01 weaitn and nign lineage.
pet Seven children of Richard Shy. of Clay
Forge, Va., bave died of scarlet fever during
tne int lortnignt. . . gvjsj,
wAo.cordlni to the forthoomini report of
the Pension Department, e3,770,220 aores of
tne puDiis is.na nave oeen granted lor mili
tary lervicea.
ffiV An event of'lntereat In the march of
prograss will be the opening of the Viotoria
Tubular Bridge, at Montreal, to passenger
trains, to-day.
M. 0. Kennev, Commander of the Na
tional Lsncere, shot himself dead with a pistol
last Tharsdav In Boston. Mental depression,
caused by disease of tne brain, was tne cause,
fflSTAn eminent spirit merchant in Dublin
announoss, in an Irish paper, that he has still
a small quantity ot whisky on nnd wnien was
arena: pyueorge i v wnen in. jhudud i
aTThere are two men living in Auglaie
County, 0., one whose name Is Shubert having
attained the age of 108, the other whose name
Is not given la lot.'
3" A proposition to hang a portrait of
Thomas Paine in Independence Hall, has en
countered violent opposition In the Philadel
phia Seleot Council. -
2EaVpward of fifty thouaand barrels of
apples have been taken to Chioago the present
fruit season from stations In Michigan along
the line of the Central Railroad.
jas7It ii in vain to hope to please all alike.
Let a man stand with his face in what direc
tion he will, he must necessarily turn hit baok
on one half the world. '
jBTThe Cnt'eertify Society Magatin states
the ease of a seaman who jumped from a
wreck, saving himself from drowning by the
use of empty corked wine bottles under his
arms, and in his Ournsey shirt.
jBTThe Paris musical journals announce a
grand lenajtce for the tenor Roger. The late
favorite of the Orand Opera is said to have
been too liberal with his money, and he is
now not so well off as his friends could wish.
; tThs Secretary of the Treasury refuses
to pay members mileage and salary, though
appropriated, on the ground that ne evidence
of membership exists till a Speaker's certifi
cate Is furnished. . ,
; $3fL young unmarried man named Joshua
Stover, who retured from sea short time
since, to his home In Bluevllle, Me., eloped
lest week with his brother's wife, leaving two
children behind to console the bereaved parent.
' Vlbo Legislature of South Carolina has
directed the Governor to return the resolutions
of the New York Legislature on the slave
trade to the Executive of. that State, "without
comment." ; . :. 1
' pS'k gentleman from Newark, N. J., was
lately arrested at the Hotel du Louvre, in
Paris, and OArried before the prefect of police,
where he was examined two hours on the sup
position that he wm Maxiinl in disguise.
eA day or two since heavy freight
train, going South, on the Illinois Central
Railroad, ran off the track, about live miles
above Jonetboro', smashed in oar load of
twenty mules, and killed every one of them
pgrkn exohange says: "Parson Brownlow
is in New York, having a surgioal- operation
performed on his throat" No wonder his
threat is sore, after all the blackguardism that
has passed through it. Tbe best remedy for
his disease would te very snarp racor.
The postmaster at White River June-
tlon, v t, has been . removed from omce for
violation of the law in franking his private
letters. The commissions or tnat omce being
over $200 a year, he had no right to send free
any letters except such as were exclusively
upon postomce business. -
jSsVThe St, Louis Evening Bulletin of late
date oontainasome pretty verses, commencing,
"He who sleeps upon my heart," assuming
to be original, whloh has not been published
In the newspapers less than one hundred
times during the present year. ' Has the liter
ary editor of the Bulletin been enjoying a Kip
Van wingiosioepr . ;
Job Sritr's Corsirt Nbosssart to Bauva
tior. -Brlgham Young, in a recent sermon,
gives his ideas of the spiritual power of Joseph
Joseph Smith holds the keys of tha last
dispensation, and is now engaged behind the
veil In the great work of the last days. I can
tell our beloved brother Christians who have
slain the nroohsts and butchered and other
wise earned the death of thousands of Latter
Day Saints the priests who hive thanked
God In their prayers and thanksgivings from
the Dulnit that we have been plundered,
driven and slain, and the deacons under the
pulpit, and their brethren and sisters In their
closets, who have thanked God, thinking that
the Latter Day Saints were watted away
something that no doubt will mortify them:
something that, to say the least, Is a matter
of deeo regret to them, namely: that no man
or woman In this dispensation will ever enter
Into the celestial kingdom or trod witnout tne
consent oi oosepn omita.
Ors Soioidr Catjsrd rt Arctics at a Nsw
OnLiAxs Homl. W. B. Hopkins snot mm.
self recently, as we have mentioned, throagh
tha heart at the SL Charles Hotel. New Or
leans. A few moments after his body was
discovered in bis room, John E. Musgrove,
St. Louis, Mo , oast himself from the portico
of tbe hotel and was Instantly killed. It
thought that the latter eommitted the act
from an unconquerable Impulse proceeding
from the effects of the tragical end of Hopkins,
of whloh he had just heard.
,,0'J lo 'iw-J ' .' .''.'-.oi'i
Gibraltar, always an important plaoe. !g now
especially go, from the threatened outbreak of
hostilities in that part of the Mediterranean.
The population in 1867 was 17,370, of whom
1,879 were aliens. The births and deaths are
in the ratio of 089 to 67$, and the marriages
number about loo a year. The revenue is
238,808, and the expenditure nearly the game.
or 83,010. The duty of spirits (oonanmsd)
yields a third of the revenue, while port rates
ana aneg oontnonte x o,vbi, and ground and
house rent 4,789: 4,538 vessels, of 879,612
tuna cleared out. The British and oolonial
veaaela entered inward were 007 In number;
the, others inoluded 48 American ships, 82
uuwn, szej j-renen, i,7&i spaniao, tot Barba
rian and 160 BotoUsilfled. -
Pali -A Hpsiarp Dtiks of Obi sr. On Tues
day evening last, the wife of a man named
John Jones, residing in Quebeo, Canada, com
plained of a violent headache, and requested
her husband to apply cold water to her fore
head, and just as the man was placing a wet
cloth on her head, the poor woman, expired.
Tbe husband, apparently muoh affceted at the
death of his wife, yesterday morning expressed
himself to his step-son, as being oppressed
with a feeling akin to suffocation and having
a great desire to shed tears, but being utterly
unable to do so. The afflloted husband, ia an
hour or two after, threw up a quantity of blood,
and falling upon the floor expired.
PiopuabChautt or Waix-Hsabtip Ghaut.
One day of last week seventeen well-dressed
young ladies were seen marching up Main
street, in Concord, Mass., drawing a barrel of
flour on a hand-sled, walking In couples and
drawing by a rope, and the odd one for a
leader. Upon inquiry it was asoerUined that
they were the girls employed In Stewart's
tailoring establishment, and that Messrs.
Stewart had proposed to give a barrel of flour
to a poor woman on condition that the girls
should draw It to her in this manner a prop
osition very readily aooepted by the girls, and
very handsomely performed. ,
I '' ' 1 ' '
Mors Evidkroi or Shakspbars's Masvru
lops Grhius. Dr. Brlgbam, the late eminent
physician to the insane, 'said that Shakapsare
was, in himself, as great a psychological curi
osity as any oase of insanity he had ever me!;
and he deolared that in the Asylum at Utloa
he had seen all of Shakspeare's insane char
acters. "We oenfeas almost with shame," he
says, "that although near two oenturies and
a-half have passed since Shakespeare wrote
King Lear, we have verv.llltla to add tn his
method bf treating: the Insane as there Pointed
out;" -" - ' ' -
Lenuthv Stags Bourn. Mr. James Ha-
worth, President of the California Stage Com
pany, states that he ia prepared to enter Into a
contract with the Government to run a dally
overland mail between Sacramento and St.
Souls for $1,000,000 per year, and would have
le schedule time plaoed at fourteen days from
city to city; that he would also contract to
ran a horee express between those two points,
carrying letters by weight, and make the time
regularly in six days between St. Louii and
Old- Wommeh. Recently. In Encland.eiftht
of the workmen of the Pottery Works of
messsrs. Joaian wedgewood X Sons, were en
tertained at a public dinner, by their fellow
workmen and a few friends. . They have each
been in the leryloe of the firm over fifty years,
and the eldest had been with the same em
ployers for the unprecedented period of sixty-
six years; and still regularly performs his
allotted dally task.
' A Clkrical Villaik. Rev. Dr. Wm. M.
Ftnley, formerly of Orayville, 111., wat ar
rested at Salem, Ind., on Thursday last.
Charged with producing an abortion on the
person of a girl named Mary Linley, in Gray
ville, recently. He was arretted on the affi
davit of hie victim, but while on his way to
Canni, in oharge of the Coroner of White
County, managed to escape, a reward of $100.
is offered for bis apprehension.
I Earthqoaki or thr Ocrar. Cspt. Pike, of
tne snip Mamaiuite, at jnsw nors, from Man
illa, reoortg that on the 9th of Autrnat. at 7.110
P. M., In let. 12 62 N. long. 119 46 east, felt
two diatinot ahooks of an earthquake.. Tbe
weather was calm and clear, and no unusual
phenomena aooompanied the shook; got a east
oi tne isaa, out maud no bottom at twenty
five fathoms. ,; , , ,
I .... .
A man has just been put upon the pension
list in Belgium, says the Jfontteur Beige, who
was born at Chimav on the 9 th of November.
1709, and he has consequently attained the
age or one nunarea ana nuy years on the 9th
oi last montn. its entered tne Belgian asr
vice in IBS", and remained m the service
until put en the pension list in September,
when he had attained the rank of Captain. v .
Ergurs Patrorizins Nsw York Tailors.
Not many years ago our English eoaalns used
to nna tne mode oi dress of American gentle
men very ridlouloui. Now they admire it so
much, it ia stated, that they have sent one
clothing firm in New York city the sum of
xt,eu sterling ror reaay-maae oiotning slnoe
the 1st of August, and nearly half of the
amount bos been shipped to London,
Ihprovrusnts or ihs Guaro Compart.
The Honolulu AdpeWwer says the Pacific
Gaano Company, having resolved perfect title
to Johnson's Islands from the United States
Government, are prosecuting the removal of
guano with great rigor. They have built
wharf COO feet long, with a railway on it, and
are at work upon the large island, where there
is said to be an unlimited supply of guano.
respondent of a Charleston (S. .) paper
highly indignant at what he calls ''a clear
case or Impertinence," vis : A Yankee ped
dler canvassing; that city "with the Constltu.
tlon of the United States in bronne, with gilt
frame 1" It is not the market for any such
document as that. ' i .. .
A Niw Work or Ohsss. Herr Max Lange,
the German chess analyst, has published
work on Paul ' Morphy, comprising bis
matches, oonanltation plays and blindfold
games, together with biographical and critical
notes. It has been translated Into English,
and published in London with additional notes,
Bcqprst to ar Aoadrmt. Lawrence Acad
emy, at Groton, has recently come into the
possession of $80,000. which was bequeathed by
the late Wm. Lawrence, of Boston. The
original sum was $20,000, and the remainder
is the result of Interest. ; Tne productive find
or tne institution is now mors uan ieo,vuu
Jorr Bull's Last. This quotation Is not
oadi. ....
Whan I can aim my rifle clear
At Frenchmen In the sklee,
? I. I'll bid farewell to every fear, ' "
, And aheot them aa theyrlee. ;
A Pbvsioiah E Lores with a Bsabti.ul Pa
tisrtv A' phytieian in Maiden, Canada,
named Carrier, who has a wife and four children,
eloped lately with a beautiful young
lady, daughter of Captain Dougherty. The
doctor had for some time been attending upon
Miss D. as her medloal adviser.
WASHINGTON, December 17.
HOUSE. Mr. Larrabee. of Wis., tent to tbo
Clerk's table the Mllwaukle Free Democrat,
from whloh the latter read theprooesdings of
a meeting purporting to be held by the German
adopted oltitens, In which sympathy is ex
pressed for John Brown, holding him ss
noble-hearted and resolute, and fit to be held
up by the friends and champions of freedom
icr tne imitation or mankind) also savin;'
that adopted eltlsens are hostile to tyranny of
every kind. Mr. Larrabee remarked that if
any of his colleagues did not reoognlie that
paper as Republican, let them say so. At his
request an editorial was resd In the same pa
per, in spirit wttn the proceedings or tbo
meeting. He wae satisfied that an honorable
Senator from Wisconsin (Doollttle) was mis -taken
when he aatd that there was no newspa
per In that State whloh supported and sustained
John Brown's invasion of Virginia. Ho
thought, however, that at the time the fact to
whien ne had just referred had not been
brought to Mr. Doolittle's attention. Mr.
Larra bee needed not be informed, as he had
been by tbe leading German oitlsens of Wis-
oontln, that such were not their opinions. He
had been in the midst of them for fourteen
vears, and could say that a more intelligent,
loyal and patriotic set of men were not living
on the soil of the United States. Thsy wero
hostile to fanaticism, and to sentiments of die-
union and war. In the South. He felt it to bo
his duty to hurl baok accuaationa against that
part or Wisconsin he bad tbe boner to repre
sent. Hs was surprised to hear that gentle
men charged the present Administration with
corruption and extravagance. He thought
the President was entitled to all praise.
No man should visit his mere personal slight h
In his . party beeauae he might have been
omitted In the paltry distribution of Federal
orrises; we all agree that the Republican party
organisation at tne in or in ia a purely aectionsi
party, and that the inevitable result of the suc
cess of any. seotional party in the country
must ne a rupture or the union, ibis is tbe
very state of things wbloh Washington warned
us against In his Farewell Address a great
party built on geographical lines.
He thought Mr. Seward's remarks renneot-
lag the Irrepressible conflict, originated in hia
ambition to reach the' Presidential chair,
thinking an appeal, to seotional passions and
prejudices the best way to reach it.
. He never had any doubts but that the raid
x)f John Brown was the ' legitimate effect of
tne teaobings of tbe extreme section of the
itepubiioan party North; the teachings ot the
Tniutx, Wendell Phillips and others. Ho
had heretofore thought a dissolution of the
Union Impossible, but now ventured to say
that, If Northern men persist in their eourse,
and the South react against the North, the
dissolution may not be a question, but may
be here now, and the first act may produce
tbe calamity. Mr, Larrabee then reviewod
Mr. Seward's "irrepressible conflict" doctrine.
He never heard, on this floor or on the stump,
Republicans denouncing Abolition aentiments.
It appeared to him that the oonfliotwas not be
tween different kinds of labor, but botwoen
different races of men. He did not believe in
the unity of the .human race. If the slaves
were free, what could be done with them? The
forth dontwant them. . i : i .
A call of the House was then' ordered pre
liminary to' a vote for Speaker. The result
was as follows: Serman 111; Bocook 85; Bote
ler 23; scattering 9. Necessary to a choice, lift.
I Another ballot was taken, resulting as fol
lows: Sherman 110: Bocook 84; Boteler 1 5;
George Brlggs 9, remainder scattering. The
House the adjourned.
Additional by the America.
8 ACi villi, December 17. The principal
Russian organs declare that the French Gov
ernment has no Idea of applying to the Con
gress to cancel the olauses of the treaties of
1816, and relative to Jtbe Napoleon dynasty.
I ine Jtmee'i Vienna correspondent learns
from Berlin that Prussia, Russia and England
were endeavoring to establish a basis for their
negotiation with France and Auatria during
the Congress.
! A Roms dispatch of the Id Inst, says the
report that the Pope had already contented
fo be represented at the approaching Con
gress, and had appointed Cardinal Antonelli to
npretent him, was without foundation.
The Paris Bourse was quite buoyant.
Rentes on the 2d Inst, olosed at 70 f. 90c.
j It Is reported that the protest of Austria
against the Regency of Buoncompsgne hat
been withdrawn in oonsequenoe of Count
Walewski having given the assurance te
Prince Metternieh that the nomination would
In no way be prejudicial to the Central Italian
dynasties. -
The London Star says that the Royal Com
missioners appointed - to inquire Into tbs
national defenses, have agreed to report the
Bouthpost dock-yards so imperfectly defended
as to require 12,000,000 to fortify them
thoroughly. The Star also says that tbe
Commissioners will recommend a loan for the
amount required.
Considerable activity was evinced In ship
ping forces for China, and it was expected
that the last ships forming the Chinese expe
dition would have quitted France by' Decem
ber 15.
i Tbe monthly average ot the price of wheat,
aa published In the Manitewr, shows an ad
vance of cf a centime on the previous
month's average.
The French frigate Peraawratie., with troops
for China, bad been twice driven pack by
bad weather.
More About the Attempted Escape of
Cook and Coppie.
Harper's Frrrt, December 17. Various
surmises have been indulged in regarding the
attempted eacapeof Cook and Coppie. It was
said that Cook refused to tell how he came by
tbe kntre, and also that he bad the counter
sign whereby he would bare been enabled to
Sass the sentinel. This, however, needs eon
rmation, and is hardly reliable. Muoh in
dignation was expressed by some of the head
strong in reference to the officials of the jail,
but a large majority of our eitisens express
confidence in them, and spurn the Idea that
tbey were bribed by thefriends cf Cook. The
hole made In the wail was a large one, and the
room was in the second story. Cook, after his
capture, said to a gentleman that they had
done the best they could: that Ufa was as
sweet to them as any one else, and that thsy
had planned It for ten days. They had set
Tuesday night for the attempt, but it was de
ferred on account of their not wishing te com
promise Governor Willard, who was In town
that night. The prisoners conversed en' a
variety of subjects yesterday morning.
Cook said to a gentleman who addressed
him that he fully believed slavery to be a sin,
and that he believed it would be abolished in
Virginia In leas than ten years, and by the
people of Virginia. He was prepared to die
in such a cause, and thought he had done
nothing to regret, as far as principle was con
cerned. Coppie said that he feared the affair
was not ended yet, that they had friends in
the North who would not rest satisfied until
their lives were avenged. He hoped, how
ever, the affair would end here forever.
Fire at New Orleans.
Nsw Orlrars, Deeember 18. The new
Custom-house was partly burnt this morniag.
Loss about $30,000.
Democratic Caucus.
Washington, Deeember 17. A Democratic
caucus of the members of the House of Rep
resentatives was held last night at the Capitol,
Mr. Houston,- of Ala., occupying the chair,
and Cox. of Ohio, and Wright, or Tsnn., act
ing as Secretaries. Fifty-eight members were
On motion of Mr. Ruffin, of N. 0., the
speeches were limited to five minutes,
Mr. Bocook, of Va., expressed his thanks
to the Democratic members for their oonfl -dense
in him, and his willingness to withdraw,
if the caucus thoaght another man could get a
larger vote.
Mr. Wlnslow, of N. C, spoke In favor of
adhering to the nomination of Mr. Booock.
He preferred by far an Anti-Leoomptlon men
to an American; -
Mr. Stevenson, of Ky., spoke In favor of tbs
Democrats maintaining their present position.
Mr. Cox, of Ohio, spoke to the same affect,
ne was unwilling te vote for any Know Noth
ing, or any man supported by them, unlet
that man be a Democrat; but he was willing,
at the proper time, to vote for an Antl-La-oompton
Democrat, when It could be shown
that he eould be elected.
Mr. Montgomery, of Penn., took a different
view, thinking that there might be a union
between national men, Americana and Demo
orats, so effected as to orush out sectionalism.
Hs thought it dangerous that Republicanism
should have tbe patronage of the Capitol..
Mr. Harris, of Vs., made an earnest appeal
to stand by Democratic principles and men.
He would not ask Northern Democrats te make
such a sacrifice as to vote for a Southern Amer-
Mr. Garnett Interrupted Harris by stating
that a member of the American party had in
formed him that he was as willing to vote for
Mr. Bocook as any other Democrat.
. Mr. Craig, of Mo., after some remark,
moved that a Committee of three be appointed
to confer with a minority of tbe House on tbo
subject of the organisation.
Mr. Burnett, of Ky., urged his view of tbe
matter, and opposed the motion. He inquire,!
who asked 14 confer with us, that we sliouM
bave such oommittee? Be should adhere U
Mr. Henderson, of Ark., aald he never would
be trausfo.rred by a caucus to any one but u
Mr. Dejarnett, of Va., explained why he,
to day, voted for Mr. Bololer. He thought bi
tted voted for Mr. Bocook as long as ther,
was any chance for him,
Mr. Clemeus, of Va., offered tbe following
resolution, wbioh was merely read for Informa
tion: '
Keeoked. Thai it Is our dutv to adhere to tbo
nomination heretofore made in caucus until
such time as it is demonstrable that some other
person can seoure the whole vote recorded,
and an additional vote sufficient to elect him,
and that then, and In that event the committee
heretofore appointed, are hereby authorised to
pall another meeting for the purpose of con
ferring together on tbe subject. ' '
fryer, or va., after some preliminary re
marks, moved the following sut a substitute for
Craig'i resolution: "That the members of thi.
conterence persist in tbe support or tne Deino
emtio nominee for Speaker, until his doolina-
tlon or a conference of the party shall deter
mine otherwiao."
Valladigham, of Ohio, concurred Iu what
Cochrane and Cox had said, as to the senti
ment of the North and West on the subject ot
an organisation. Pryor's ' proposition war
generally accepted without a vote, Mr. Craij,
and others, In spsechss, approving of it. Ad
journed. -
From Washington.
: Wasrisotox, December 17. The largely
Increased vote for Mr. Gilmer came from tbe
Anti-Leoompton Democratic and Pennsylva
nia Republicans elected on the People's tiokel.
It was intended to test the Democratic mem
bers who had thus the ability to elect a South
ern man as Speaker if they wished.
! Mr. Bccock' 88 votes added to Mr. (illuiorV
38, would have made 122, eight more tbaii
enough to elcot; but no Demoorat voted for
Mr. Gilmer, and be at once withdrew his
name. 4
On the next vote Mr. Sherman had one vote
more than ever before, but still lacked four of
an eleotion. The Republican members ar.'
sanguine of success. They still adhers to Mr.
Sherman Inflexibly.
m..i JLi!
I Financial Condition op Holland. The
financial position of Holland is so favorable
that the Government has undertaken to ad
vance, without interest, a turn of twenty-two
and a half million of guilders, to be refunded
by terms, the last term st the expiration of
six years, to several railroad companies for
the building of projected roads. Tbe Govern
ment has also resolved to undertake, without
delay, tbe execution of a canal from Amster
dam to the Ma, wide and deep enough to ad
rnlt the largest vessels. It Is expected tbat
this last undertaking will be productive of
very great commercial advautages.
j Aa Inpdstriovs Dukx and fivoasss. The
late Duchess of Bedford, for thirty years of
her married life, lit her own fire, made some
tea for herself and Duke, and then, as he wrote
his own letters or business, sbe oopied tnem,
and they eame down to a large ' party
of guests at ten o'clook, to dispense breakfast
without saving one word of their matuttnarr
avooatlons; so that one might have been a
visitor in the house .without finding out that
the Duke and the Duchess had transacted tbe
:neoessary business of the day, before, perhaps,'
their guests bad risen.
! Strawsrrrirs in Sar Fraroisoo. A late
number of the San Francisco Herald says: The
good people of the East will not be a little
'surprised to learn that at the moment our
markets abound with the largest, Inest, and
most luxurious - strawberries, grown in the'
iopen air, within a short distance of San Fran
j Cisco. Strawberries of the most gorgeous ap
pearance, and averaging from an inch to an
inch and a half in diameter, with a flavor and
juiciness unsurpassed. . : ' ?
Land-Birds Ssskiro a Sra Votaor. A
vessel whloh arrived recently from Rio Grande,
while six hundred miles from land, was visited
by a woodcock, and every morning until it
reached port, by hundreds of birds, including
robins, black, blue and yellow birds, sparrows,
a thrush, a hawk and an owl. v It is supposed
the birds were driven off the eoast by late
heavy North-west winds. When they reached
the vessel they were completely exhausted.
nsgRRi ' -
Bloody Cortcst Bstwrrr a Doe and a
Burglar. The Elyria Democrat says a bur
glar recently, broke into the store of Mr. C. Em
mons, Elyria, but was seised by a bull watch
dog, when a terrible fight took place. In tbe
morning the floor was covered with blood, the
show-case broken,!, blood was found on the
side-walk, and the dog was In his nest under
the counter bleeding from a large wound made
by a knife, and from which he died toon after
being discovered, f j ,r
Barsarovs Ohild-Murdrr. Last week
Rf.a P.lt.. .Tana T.nnsabar wal eamnlttsiol Ih
the Chester County Prison, in Pennsylvania,!
on a charge of having willfully caused thej
, . ... . , .L,,J -.IJ 1
aeatn or. nor vuiiu, .uivw nuhiu. viu. ouvi
confessed to her. husband and sister-in-law,
that aha htul smothered tha child in had
lit .bai hiul riven IL with a view af'tmiJ!
duclng death, saddler's tucks, pins, copperas
and laudanum.
. - .' i : J." Jtl
Advertlseaerats not exoeeding Ive lines (Aretef-
One Insertion...... ..S ss I One weak It M
Twe weeks. l as One month AS
Larger advert la at.ata lnaertea at the fcUewiaa
ratM for so.ture of tea Unas ar least
One Ineertaee.,... $ SO I Twe weeks, ,.,,, $S OS
Beck a.lrl'nal bs.. St Three .,.,.,.. t 0
One week 1 7t One saoath,,,, , t'B ,
Job PritinR
la all Its breaches, dona with neatoaaa aad diseases)
' '
Olttce SS Went Fanrth-et retM, Clncln smtt, O
j Cincinnati, February IS,
We bave need one of "Graver ft Baker's" Sewing
Machines in our family for nearly two years. We
have done all kinds of aewiug apon ft that Is required
to be done iu a large family, and It has worked tn
onr entire satisfaction in every re pact. It baa never
been out of repair, though in almoat dally uaa. Tbe
eeSui la as etrnug aud durable aa any cloth can be
raao. There ia no dnfflcnlty abont the tenaion of tbe
thread Ihe Uneat and the couraeel work eunnlly well.
Vt e haveglven it a moat thorough trial, and we oor
dlally recommend It to all aa a machine which has no
uprrlnr. Signed,) UBV. UBAUISCBT GILES.
I No, t HASSitox-ST., Cincinnati, Oct. 29, IBoft.
Misuse. Gnovenft Bakk Uentlemen: It is nearly
three y.ava eluce my fumlrr had one of yonr c.ieeN
lent Hewing Machines In iua. Duilhg that time h-r
have had au opportunity of seeing eeveral uttier
khids, and though Iher poaaeaa many guod cnalltiee,
yet for family una. my wife and daughter prefer yonr
tuacblne tu any utliera In tbe city. Believe me to re
main, gentlemen, . . Your. ruBoctlullv, .
uklo, gentlemen, . Your, rc
j (Signed,) BKV
Signed.) BSV. KICHABBttJIAr.
Ouroaaa 26. 1AV.
gw,il4 t hav. ltN.il thru. ,-MM.r. efnarlcnrA with one
ofyour Sewing Muclilnea, and havealwaya fonnd it
reliable. It stirhea moat beautifully, and is so easily
uiHnitued that my little girl, nil yean old, can work
llv.itu perfect eaa. Loug live the inventor, say I.
(Hlgiiedj tour., truly, MKH.G U.C0M8T00K,
'-Cincinnati, October IS, Wit.
ilewm. i;ruvr A Iluker-(lnt: liaviugueed one of
w.tttr Miturltttf Mm,. Lin, fit,- tl,M lull two Yriurfl. (dlirlniT
which time I hare tried eoral other kinds,) I take
pleasure in adding my ttatlmony to tne great a
i lprlty of your manufacture, over any uthorthat
pleasure In adding my ttatlmony to the great enpe
ilprlty of your manufacture, over any uthorthat has
alalia, far come under my notice.
Tery reepectfully,
MKri. ( I1A.1. H.KtLLOGtt, aosNeventh-atreet.
J..,-.- tliuvor A HMkr-te.uta: 1 hare nsed one cf
your rowing Machine, for tbo mat eientren tnontns,
belli in the manufacture of line and heavy material.
aid It baa given entire satisfaction, and I choerfnllv
iirouimond them lo uuy peraou wanting a guvd
injadilne. (Signed,) ReHpccirully youra,
j JOHN D. MINOB.MO Wet Hixth-atrwt.
fTbe undorslgucd, Clergymen of various denomina
tions, having purchased aud iwd in onr familioa
Ill-over ft Baker's Celcomted AM1LT SKWINff
MACHINE," take pleasure iu teconimnodlng it a
aa Instrument fully combining th emeutiais of
good Machine. Its beautiful simplicity, ease of
litauageuient, and the strength and elwlicity ot ta
Diitcu, uuite to renuer ii u .uacuiun Tninurpiuwu j
env tu.lheninrket.Hnd one which wo feel confident
ulllt give iiatlnlaiitioii lo all who may purcnaae ii.
ftv. u. n . uuiaiaw, a.
Bev. J . Chneter,
Kev. 1'. U. Prngh,
Hev. Wni. Perklus,
' Rvv. Edward Oirard,
. -'. Kev. A. Blake, 1). D.,
., , Bev. T.TTMcllhtinny.1). IV
The fnlWiwIiie. lan ettmet from the resort of tha
Committee on Sowing Machiiiee, at the late 8eabard
Agricultural Fulr, held tit Burfolk, Va. TheOom
a'ttoe was composed of three, ,f the Iwmi ntachlnlita
in Virginia: .... .
"Alter a tnorongn inspection oi an tue sawing
anhlnm on exhibition, ft is our opinion tbat tha
Ururer ft Baker Sawing machine Ia the beat for all
iii'poses, via: family ana ueuorai worn.
T.iT:-. .; . . ti noun, wvtiv
lliaueu,J Ui.uvuaivn,
finp't Machinery, iSvaboard and Roanoke B. B.
Bup't Seaboard and B'noke B. B.
Sur't Atlnnlle Iiou Works, and V. B. Inspector of
Steamers. . . . J
1'r.M ii, vArv HHitrina fnMniiMV in whieb nnr '
Hacbioes have been received by the public, (result
ing in the wile of upward of Thirty Thousand,) we
4ie led to believe that uur endeavors to manufacture
s) "reliable machine!' have been appreciated. We
auke this opportunity to remark that this policy will
bo nuchangad, and that every Machine sold by ns we
shall not hesitate tn warrant in every respect.
dal6 h GUOYLK ft BAKBK b. H. CO.
oal Cooking Stove!
as beeu pronounced by competent judge to be tbs
Pateuted Dec. T, I8SK
)'or sale by the Inventors and Manufacturers,
No. 333 Fourth-street, Cincinnati.
I we raapeotiuiiy reur iu tue miowing cerunoaies
Jfor evidence of tbe above:
' roraoue montha l bave been luring the Alligator
.Coal Cooking Mtuve. Ita anparlor cooking auatltiea,
ui tha nwttara a larva ihAra at nubile eatronaire.
T have bean uslne cue
jih r, aioijaiAn.
of H'srV- Adama ft l'e
'ea foraAe months, which
lover's Alligator Cook Stove.
Iglvee entire satlafactlou In ever) i-eepect, and lean
cheerfully recommend It tothoee wbo are in want of
i a suporlor cook stove. H. U. LKAVITT.
j For the laat year 1 have been using the Alligator
'Coal Cooking Stove, manufactured bF Messrs. Adame
A Peckover, which 1 oouaider a enperlor stove, and
gives tha titmuat aatiafaciion. It la the only stove I
lh.T fAMfiri that cook, nurffictlv with coal.
wn nalngoneof slesars.
Adama ft Peekover's Alligator Coal Cooking Stovea,
and can recommend them aa being superior stove.
giving entire eatlsfactloa In every respect.
job. DtenM.L, uoal ,
I cheerfully indorse the above.
. . Manufactory, Oovlutrtou, Ky.
Me. 90 Kaet Colambln-etreeit.
trade at the most reasonable prices and aa Ihe
most accommodating terms with
For Oil, Fluid or Coal Oil,
H. B. Jones's Improred Lams aad Burners for
sale by onr aerat, i. BCLLBBB, Coviugten, By,

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