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"FOOND,"A.,fn this eolunin', wcprtng It Un
w um, iw uuwugoi, sweniy-nve cent.
VyANTED-A KURSK A middle-aged
,j o .T V tnS" oi senna ten months
HMl?.i."i5 home to o. that will
"u 71, -----' .cwiuuivuuou. ADDir g rOOU) WO.
M Mr. Wagner's house, on aixlh-ntrS, deWb -
VVANTED-An elderly lady to take
nih.?I,0fVI?llf"?,,l'r- W"l respected
od nave the comforts of a homo. Apply il dm it
thSSOuth.W.llt AArnAi. nf Ttl.J ..tfLf'7!-".
CUnt'ltitlVti " 4.UI1UBUU fT OlUltt-BireeiS,
V ANTiJD At 100m No. 7 United States
w w Hotel, honest, enterprising nun, of soma
means, as partners In tbe manufacture, ult and
DAteatOfa lamn whirh Knvna it Un.. . !
chlmnoy. smoke or odon soap wbloh wholly di.
Tenses with all the rubbing processes; a water-proof
tiHJf ,?lf-reninf the polish and a water.proof
V Persons or either sex, by
.uui-, uiuvmaau. vuiv, win oe mau ac
quainted with six new and Important tnTentioni of
ua irauv, uusriug .(real in
ductmeuts. deltc
"ttltfANTED HRNAUr hn.l-... .
A...l.ho.0I, ?Tet from tM to $l00,to take charge
nS P.rannh .tnrA. In (Ui mm Mil i. j- iv.. , . .
LouiA Memphis and flew Orleans; also a few asenl
l i thlnJSUte. Apply soon to J. H. FESrjENDEN
j"i " onv Auiniuini, oeiwetn vine and Jiaae
. k . m" " salesman or assistant book keeper In
a wooleeale dry-goods, notion or grocery store. Has
;,u J, "! oquiuiauc in inaiana ana northern
Ohio. Good reference glyen. Address JtCABOH.
w oral housework in a private family, In olty or
cyuntry, by a young woman who can give flrst-olass
references. Address 1, at this office. del7b
w thoroughly acquainted with the business,
yHW vuuis won iwvinuioUUOq-'DUOlllOniUOMl
Kppiy-gooU was, given. Call on John Batteaby,
Market-apace, between Third and Fourth-itreote,
WAITED Clerks, book-keeperi, islei
Mfln. Iikr.lAA ruarst nnriiiM ttnjx-
ten, nwclmnlcn, laborer and otbere, oan And litua
tloiis at I be Merchants' Ulerki Begiatry OIBoe, IX
VyANTED M E N A large number of
- vuo, inuustrious men oan nna agreeaoie
and at the earn time lucrative employment In the
ale of eoate new and popular Booke and Mane.
These worki are written by the beet historian! and
anthem known to the civilited world ; benee their
popularity. Oome and examine for yourselves be
fciy engaglnf In the shIo or other publications.
MACK R. BABKITZ, Publisher,
"cmi ' ,j9 ntioi cuurtn.Rireei. uincmnati.
; tiiouDii i vwwd uu novuuu u w m private
family. Locution oeutral, Addreis W. J. at thli
TpOR RENT HOUSE That oonyenlent
ana eomiortable tliree-atorr brick dwelling
B. w.oornerrPlumnndPeiTy-streets,latelyptinte3
j papered throughout, with 12 rooms, gas, olstern,
and all modern Improvements. Rent very low to a
first-class tenant. Apply at 2M Syoamore-etrset, or
v qv iwebvuiuu. Qelvo
E10R SALE The whole or part of the
jsorDuure oi a ooaraing.noiise doing a good
buslnese for sale low for cash, and the house for rent.
For particulars apply at No, 183 East Third-street,
third dooreast of rike-street. del9b
nHIUnV 4t -..- - f a . .
umvv, twu-aiury jthuiv, six ruuini, gooa OD(
skailllllsayH li,n A fJlaU . A . .A J. f ..I Al I
near tbe Female lostitute and depot. ApptraooQ
to the owner, A. 0. DTAS, at Ko. 1T7 Syoiraore
tmot. Ciucinnatl.or PATTOM ft LIDDLK, No. 07
" ni-eiow viuviuiwti. UtoiUUT
ttTRATED-COW From the south-west
C corner of Third and Western-row, on the 1Mb
Inst., a small, grayish milch oow, with a rope to her
horns. Any Information concerning her will be III).
eraiiy rewaratru oy tue owner, wal. UAttttUIiL,
Christmas Presents,
At the Old Stand, corner of Fifth aid Walnnt-sti,
Ureal Attraction and Great Bargalnt
at Wholesale and Retail.
tlold and Silver Watokes,
Silver and Plated Ware,
A large assortment of new stylet and fine Jewelry
just received, expressly for the
All of which will be sold choap for cash, by
16 West Fourth-street,
22 West Fifth-street,
ct the BEST MATEBIALS and STYLES for the
lest thirty days. The Ooods are new and of late
maisfaatnre. Alto la SHAWLS Broche, tone and
Square, very cheap. Freneb Barertlble, very new;
Bar State, extra good quality ; Waterloo, Scotch
and other makes of Long Shawls-all of which will
be sold at prloes to defy competition.
An examination and comparison is respeotfully
deabweod No. 'ii Flfth.treer.
Evergreens!! Evergreens!!
Christmas Trees, Wreathing, &c.
For sale by
delft , Ko. 171 Walnqt-ptrwt.
Oureili Bcroftilous (Jomplaints, old Ulters of ten
years duration, cured speedily and permanently, by
v- ih... "llr',M, Hotel, foot of Broadway.
ao tbargo made unless cured. delTaw
Merchart Tailor,
- No. 49 VOX) A ril-STREKT,
, delBtf LOD10N BPfLPnifl.
or , .
Hartford, Connecticut.
Capital, $40,000... ....Aaaete, S3tr,l.
IMTOtea to rire business exclusively.
H. A. OLAiSrOBD. IsanL
3 West Third-street, cnnoinaati.
GROCERIES, Ao. Choice BUple and
Taney Groceries, Foreign fruits and Nuts,
Dried Apples and Peaches, Provisions, Country Pro.
duoe, with 'very artiole usually kept in a first-class
Orocery. Families supplied in ouantltles lo snit, at
the lowest market tatea. Goods delivered to city
customers Promptly, yg'0 QjjlJjg
dell No, il and 831 Mala-street,
, On Pirn Tbib Mobhiho. The great prei
sure of advertisement on oar columns this
morning mutt excuse the limited amount of
our reading matter, much of which hat been
unavoidably crowded ont.
HriiEgeiL. During the week ending on
Saturday lait, twenty-nine marriage lioenses
Were issued by the Clerk of th Probate Court,
againit forty-six dnrlng the week previous.
Tei Tradiik Haas. During the past week
nearly one hundred thousand hogs have been
received in this eity, at an expense of more
than half a million of dollars.
At the regular session of the County Commls
sloners,held on Saturday morning, orders were
passed amounting, iu the aggregate, to
$381 or. -.
Unpaid Lamas. The following is a list of
letters detained for non-payment oi postage at
the Poitofflee, in this dty, December T: .
J. T. Oamet, Smith County, Texas.
Dr. D. Janes, Philadelphia.
Tlnchord A English, Dernville, IU.
1. H. McCaleb, Equality, III,
Wintixt Wsatbxi. The sloppy, disagree
able weather of Saturday showed the necessity
of always being provided with heavy water-
5 roof boots, such as J. H. Deters makes. His
ouble-soled and cork-soled boots are a guar
antee of dry feet. Call at his store, on Fourth
street, west of Walnut, and see bis stook.
A Chincs fob JawtLBY. Daring the present
week a rare obanoewill be offered to buy
presents at low figures, at No. 102 West
Fourth-street, opposite the Postoffice, where
the finest of Jewelry Is to be sacrificed at an
asslgnee'e sale. The advertisement in an
other column sets forth the kinds and varie
ties, which will be offered every evening this
week. To those Intending to make presents
it offers great inducements, as they will un
doubtedly sell low.
Naur RiDio. The Westminister Jfeeisui
for J uly, with a series of entertaining artioles ;
ffarper'$ Magazine for January, elegantly 11
lustrated ; brfer's psWf, and the New York
Clippor, for last week, with all the sporting
Intelligence : and the London Illutlrnted ffowt
of tht World, with a line engraving of Vis
count Bury, M. P., for the week ending Nov.
26, together with other desirable reading, ean
be found at Pease A Co.'s, Sixth-street, oast of
BuBQLaBY oh CuTTBB-STBRKT. The residence
of a man named Joslah Bridge, located on
Cutter-street, near David, was feloniouily en
tered on the night of Friday last, and robbed
of several artioles of wecrlng apparol'and a
port-monnals, found under the pillow of one
of the inmates, containing $15. The burglars
were arrested in further prosecuting their in
vestigations of the premises, by a daughter
of Mr. B., who being awakened by their pres
ence in heriroom, screamed, aad as they ran
down the stairs threw a chair after them,
which, from an exclamation of pain, she
thinks must havAhnrf nn it iYim.n an,rA.ln
They, however, suooeeded in making good
wieur VBUnpw,
Nsw Boobs. The following new books have
uiti uy muasy, uauory vo, JUain
Street. below Fourth;
Tha Ymg Mm of Amtrioa, by Samuel
uawuuuor, jr., considered in tneir several
responsible relations, as follows, vis: first,
flnnifll. Otutnnlw MnBnl mA iLIji
uueiuenB sua proiessionai; ana tourtfily, lit
erarv and sclent i An.
Th Wlf.'.
X, 'www sw mmutiej uj Wv
author of &rmo0 Hamilton' School 2ay, Heart'
EateintkSoutt,&o. It Is ft story of doiuoBtlo
ma, suowiog its iignu ana snaaes, with many
useful lessons to the married.
Also. Kennv. one of t,h OnVlanit atnrl.a
George B. Taylor; Tht Old SattU around, one
vi uio jongni aope series, oy J. x. Trow
bridge, and Flormce and John, one of the Flor.
enee stories, hv Janoh Ahhntf ihn. r.t h.
r j wu.vw v. Vila
most entertaining story books issued ftr many
Tiaa on Baiubday Mobbiks A small
frame house, located on the corner of Third
and Western -row. took are on Saturday morn
ing about five o'clock, and ranlrllv hnrnt. ,n
the n-round. At 1
turned out of their homes by the flames, and
uis atarm waa cor, given unui one or the oc
cupants went up to the George-street Engine
house and made the fact known.
From this the people of the city may seethe
benefit ta da darivnA rVnm h r
. . " BMW -J -..U. VI Ml.
alarm telegraph, which baa just been on ezhi-
klelAm sV At. - I II 11 1 a
wioiwu . luo wunou voamoere A womaDj al
teaat fiftwaani nf atvti.wttriAnfc i1nAi m
af af whwww VI OS. WAV-
ingn to her foot, and clad only in tha dross in
""wu duo uttu io urea u rosi; rusnea Oat into
the storm of snow and rain of Saturday mora
ine And firfl V th A alarm tf jknftnAkmaA
It ifl tflia that maum nt txm kl-nA A nr.H
- - w a vvm (mtMia UV UUI UliQU
occur, nut tney do sometimes, and under
other airoumatannna tha tayrilnoi. nt ih
ran might have been of serious oonsequenoe.
TK lf.ua .k. A I 1 -, , .
" .woo iu 111, IQSDUI, IUBUU1CV Will prOD-
ablv raanh SAiln. nnnn vrhuti WBa t
sorance. The property destroyed belonged
u uni uuuoer, sou aiinongn me adjoin-
intf bnlldtrjffa wrM AAmnnuil nf
escaped serious damage,
CntlMTV FtHAMfiya ffrnm tha hnnlr. r.1 II..
Chief Acoountant in the Treasurer's office,
wa trananrlha ,ha tVillniviiii. .whtku v.
ceipts and disbursements of the County for the
1. : a-i. j t .
nna. suuiug uu oataraay evening, together
with the total amount of taxes eolleoted up to
me same time:
T ! ,1 TT .."..I ....... 1 1. I I.H.I I.
Bridge Fund. ,...,..,.
W.M5 9S
97 0
m sn
74 09
KM 00
329 06
8 76
HI 38
OW 00
y UIUU HI 1UMB......N.......N......
County Infirmary ..,...,.,.....
Lucatlo Aaylum.....,.
Sbarpsbnrg Boad...-.....,...,..
Carthage Soad
M 00
77 00
" . -.."M. ........... ..t.l.l
620 07
uuuding uno......,.....,,..,.
Store Liens.
I1lll'. I. Mnu
3 00
10 00
Show License...Ml..MMM.M..M..
Tax umlsslons ......
Andrew Scott, Treasurer
Bale Redemptions ..................
School fund...,.,,......,..
300 00
W It
implicate .,.,
...... S,S U $228,167 09
Tax Duplicate for 18J9..
l,846,M0 61
1923,283 SI
437,160 00
Collected to December 17, Inclusive,
' ' ' ' IMS.UJ
Abbest voa Ksbpimc a Dibobdbbly Honsa.
A man named Isaac Frost, day before yester
day, caused a warrant to be issued for the ar
rest of a woman named Annie Rioh
rcond, who he accused of keeping a disorderly
house on Baoe-street, near Fifth.- A party of
the Mayor's polios went to the establishment,
day before yesterday, and arrested th propria-
wjomsj vriui iguv vi uoi ouaruers, ail
of whom were taken before Judge Lows, and
gave bonds for their appearance this morning
store the Police Conrt. Tbe owner of the
building was also arrested and held to bail In
th sum of two hundred dollars for his ap
pearance at the same time.
A morning ootemporaay considerably given.
of late, to jesting, announces that they have
anown tne owner oi me nouso :or "a great
number of years, and have no Imitation in
saying that be was totally ignorant of the
charaotor of the person to whom he rented the
premises." Thii reminds us of the story of a
man in the North who bad never heard of
John Brown, and betrays a lack of knowledge
of what is taking place in the external world,
which, we are sure, cannot be found outsido
of the family to which he belonged. As our
ooUmporary stlgmatltes tbe house as "noto
rious' we eonolude that they Intended the
above paragraph as a joke, or else that a mem
ber of this same family hat become a oontribn.
tor to its oclumni. I
POLIfll P.nfTBT Til. Tinmlt. tt miu Vi.
fore the Police Court, on Saturday morning,
amounted to twenty-two. They were princi
pally unimportant, but on or two seem to be
worthy of notice. '' : .
Caroline Alexander, a kind of Ethiopian
Penthesllia, who a few days ago was arretted
for assaulting, with a hatchet, a stalwart in
dividual other own oolor, named Ireland, wa
dismissed. Prom the testimony, Judgs Lowe
was lnduoed to believe that she had been act
ing entirely in telf-defente, and for this rea
son made the disposition of the oate which w
have recorded above.
Henry Holtcamp, who' on Friday morning
appeared before 'Squire Bell to urge a suit of
assault and battery against James Franklin,
a policeman, whom, he said, forcibly turned
nvKuu vu U IIWI V. IU. VIU-
oinnati Street Railroad Company, on Western-
ivn, wm uuou isres uouars ana costs tor me
obstruction of said track.
A man named David Falkner was sentenced
to six months' Imprisonment in the Oodnty
Jail for stealing a sheep -belonging to Mr.
Fitzgerald, of this city. ,
St. Louis roB Seduction, A eouple of men,
named Losh anil William fl.nfl.lS ...
rested In St. Louis one day last week, at the
raiuaai ui vapiaw rr uson, vniei or tne folic
Of this Altv. linAfl a flhlnM ft ..nnllAM T.n.k
, -f - -"-'ftv v. mwiuvut uvni
appears to be the guilty party, having, under
p.uuimo ui uiairuigs, suoseeaea nrst in win
ning the affection of a young girl residing
hard, and then In illalinnn.lnn ti. kl u .
oonneotion CanHeld bas with the ase, we bar
oeen unanie to learn. The rather of the girl
follnwall tha navtln. Sa fi, T.,1. 1.
were arrested. They returned to this olty,
buu iv ib nu ui liosn nas agreed to marry,
rather, as he said, "than have any trouble
about the matter." The case, from what ws
have heard of it, seems to be one of the most
heartless, if degrees of heartlessness can be
manifested in affairs of this nature, and such
& result an that wIiIam wa Ka. maa.J.J
although it may satisfy those who are inter-
VAAtArt. Hnnnl k. Mmt.J ik. Lui J:...
j UUUUVH iv6.;a.v mn W1V USD. uisuu-
sition that could have been made of it.
TaniRNbocs Ebtbbpbisb Sfbcial Dm
riTOHSS AMD 0lD Nawa. Yesterday's Enquirer
contains about half a column of altogotber
unimportant intelligence asaspeoiai telegraph
dispatch, the only interesting itom of which
the proposed mail route between Sacramento
and St. Louis we found in our mails and
clipped out on Friday last.
What tremendous enternrisAonr Vine-street
neighbor has shown I It must have engaged
a mail express to convey its dispatohes from
St. Louis. Perhaps, however, as thoy make
it a point never to insert mail matter in their
paper until it is old enough to be forgotten,
luvy uoaire to preserve consistency by pub
lishing dispatohes about three days after the
Information conveyed has been printed in
the news columns of their cotemporaries,
DawoiTioit or Bassmmi or Tbiniti Chuboh.
The dedicatory exercises of the basement of
Trinity MethodiBt Episcopal Church, on
Ninth-street, between Race and Elm, took
place yesterday. They were opened in the
morning at eleven o'olcck, by a sermon by
Rev. B. W.Clark, D. D., editor of the Laditt'
RpoUory, the aooompanylng servioes being
performed by Rev. T. A. Morris, senior Bishop
of the M. E. Churoh. They were continued
in the afternoon by the Sabbath school, a so
cial reunion, which was addressed by Rev Mr.
Allen, President of the Wesleyan Female Col
leg, and the regular evenibg services, at
which the pastor, Rev. W. H. Sutherland, de
livered ejuite an eloquent dlsoourse.
Pbison, Jail and Hospital. In the City
Prlaon, at the close of the week, there were 122
prisoners, (TT of them females,) against 188
ths previous week. During the week S3 pris
oners wore disaharged.
In the County Jail there were 7 lunatics;
21 females; 2 on bread and water; 13 on ohaln
gang; 71 in main Jail 114 in all, against 122
the week previous.
At the Commercial Hospital 32 persons were
admitted during the week; 22 discharged 1
born, and 1 died Joseph Sebastian.
In the Hospital last evening 158 patients
were under treatment, against 118 the previous
At the close of ths past week there was not
A single case of small-pox In th Pest-house.
Pibsonal. Hon. E. W. Johnson, U. S.
Senator from Arkansas, who, it Is said, is
about to light a duel with Colonel Hindman,
of that State, wa yesterday at the Spencer
House. -
Msjor Henry waa at the same hotel, having
in eharg two orphan boys, eight and ten years
old, whose parents und relatives were all mur
dered on the Plains by the Indians, about
two months ago, and whom be Intends to eon
vey, by Government direction, to Arkansas,
where they have some friends.
Finals or Tag Lats Ninth-btbibt Shoot
iko ArvBAY. Eugene Tratebas, the young
man who was severely wounded on last Sa
turday night a week ago, at a bagnio on Ninth
street, near Baymiller, died night before last,
just one week after having received th in
jury. The curtain has fallen npon the last
act of another tragedy, and sweet-eyed Char
ity, standing at the head of the victim, with
ber finger pressed olosely upon her Up, en
treats silenoe.
Rsbtadbant. The Barnet House Restau
rant, under the eye of that excellent oaterer,
Billy Wilkinson, is already a fixed fact, and
at all hours of the day and night is thronged
with patrons. Th novelty of having a res
taurant where lunohes and meals ean b had
"on call," without waiting an hour to have
them prepared, is an innovation that the
business man will encourage.
A Good Cbaxcb. By referenoe to an adver
tisement in another column it will be seen that
A. A. Kelley, at No. 28 West Fourth-street,
offers rare inducements to those intending to
buy books for holiday presents. He will aell
his stook made up of the finest annuals,
standard works, albums, Ac, at the lowest cash
price, and give a present of jewelry with each
book. Read the advertisement.
Thb Lati Oasb or Grand Labcbny Bskosi
Justiob Bbll. Our issueof Saturday morning
stated that warrants had been aworn ont by
Thomas Colioott, before Esquire Bell, against
two men named J. K. Hancook and Jess
Fisher, charging them with grand larceny.
Hanoock was soon after arrested, when it ap
peared, to the satisfaction of Mr. Colsoott and
all others familiar with the case, that he wa
entirely innocent of the oharge.
"Game" to thb Last Notwithstanding Ihe
business pressure on our ex-journaliitio friend,
Dr. Cahlll, of the Madison House, he stands
up manfully to his multitude of visitors, and.
just now, is trying to surfeit them on venison,
,i - i . , t i . .i
quaus, prairie snio&oua ana gtoir suan deli
cacies. His larder resembles a gam depot,
and every train replenishes it.
Collision on a Stbibt Bailboad Persons
have not yet learned to exercise their eyes
when crossing Strest Railroad tracks. A
boggy, containing two men, wa badly broken
at the corner of of Seventh and Vine, day
before yesterday, by coming in contact with a
car on the track of th Cincinnati Street Rail
road Company, but fortunately no on was
seriously iidurad.
ItaTwsllrBAtJAYyinwMAw. Aaasaisaw laAlaei Va Al. m
AavAssia avivwAUJB.aj v avobisb, v m. t Airal 1 1 M W WiJ
JWy Jtw, by Henry Ware, Optician, No. 7
West Fourth-street, December 18.
'clock. Barometer. Thermometer.
f Al AtttfStMltMMf9wVlA
CoNrxoTiovssiu. Persons wishing to fur
nish their tables in a flrst-olais style for
Christmas, can find th article needed at
Morris's confectionery establishment, Ne. 289
Raoo-street, between Sixth and Seventh.
Additional Foreign News per America.
Saokvillb, December 18. The Horse Ex
press, with the steamer America's nows, arrival this
morning. Further additional pirtlculani furnished
than those supplied by dispatch from Turin last
Liviaroot BaniMTfrra Haukkt. Richardson A
Bpence report that prices for flour arn easier elnee
Tuesday. American brands are quoted at 22s27s. per
brl. Wheat has declined.aDd since Tuesday making
a decline of sd. on the week; red 9n.MMf. Ud. per
100 His.; white 9a. eUAlls, fid. Corn f steady at
Tuesday's decline, but floating cargoes have been
disposed of at an advance of M.SjIs. per quarter; yel
low3os.JOs. Liverpool Provision Haexet. The circulars re
port Beef steady at 90l(ios. for new Mess; haulers
are pressing the old stock on the market. Pork
heavy and nominal. Bacon quiet. Lard dull but un
changed. -
Paonoox Mabiet. Sugar quiet. Coffee quiet. Bice
steady. Philadelphia bark i-s. d.8s.9d Linseed
cakes 9i.i. d. fiesln steady. Turpentine steady
London MiBkifs.- Barings reports breadstnOs
quiet but steady. Turpentine dull at 39a.
The invitation to the British Government to attend
the Congress toad reached tbe British Cabinet, but
ths Amtriau Invitation had not yet been received.
It Is taken for granted that Kngland will be repre
sented probably by Lord Palmerston, Count Cavour
will doubtless represent BanliDin, end MarUnoz Do
La Boss the Government of Spain. All the powers
will have two representatives. The Congress will
probably meet cn the drat of January. Tbe princi
pal representatives of four great powers are .reported
to be tha following: Bussla, Prince Oortachakoff;
Austria, Count Bechourg; France, Count Walewski;
Prnssla, Baron Schewti. A dispatch from Turin,
says the separate Governments of Parma. Modona
and Bomagna were to be suppressed from the Sth of
December. They are to be united in one Govern
ment and the Minister located at Modena. and the
legislature and military head-qnarters at Bologna.
The new electoral law of Tenibardo, Venitia, has
been promulgated. Tnenumberofdeputiesliasbeen
flxedat two hundred and sixty, General O'Dennell
has demanded 12,000 more troops to complete an array
of 60,000, to enable him to take tbe field against Mo
rocco. On the 30th of November the Moorish troops again
attacked the Spaniards encamped bofore Centa. but
were repulsed.
At London American securities ware quiet.
LordoN. December 9. A dispatch from Turin snyt
that the difficulties arising from the establishment
of the office of ategent of Central Italy, have been
satisfactorily settled, Buoncompagne proceeds im
mediately to Florence, with the rank of General of
the provinces of Central Italy.
QviXHSTOWg, December S.-A letter from tue Sec
retary of th French Emperor to Messrs. Shaw,
Meloty ACo.,of Blackwell, suys that the Emperor
has not changed for a moment his relations with
bngland, andwould show his faithful ally that what
bo had been he will continue to ho.
The steamer Asia arrived at Liverpool on the 4th
of December.
Lienosr, December 2,-The Braiilian mall of No
vember 8, has arrived. A battlelhad been fought be
tween General TJrqulia and tbe army of Buenos
Ayres. The latter were beaten, and Were iu full
lllght toward the town.
General Urquisa was marching on Buenoe Ayres.
The unsatlalactory position of the Great Knstorn
had attracted great attention. Shares continued to
decline, and, according to the Times, rumors were
current that some of the prorietors contemplated In
stituting proceedings inequity, or through the Board
of Trade, to obtain full Insight into iui past mnn.
agsment of the vessel. A rumor was current that
Captain Harrison had resigned the oommand, but
this the Liverpool Mercury says is false.
Italy. It is rumored that Count Von Hart I g has
been nominated to represent Austria at the Court of
Garabaldi writes to a Milan journal that the ac
quisition fund to purchase a million of muskets must
net be suspended, but on the contrary premoted as
much as possible, und as he has now no military oc
cupations on bis hands, he promises to devote his
time tothe muskettund commission.
Arrival of the Vanderbilt-Three
Later From Europe.
Vanderbilt, from Southampton on Wednesday the
7th Inst., arrived here this evening. Tbe Vanderbilt
was off the Highlands at 3 o'clock on Saturday after
noon, but was detained by the fog and low tide, tier
advlcs are three days later than those furnished by
the America.
it bad been determined upon that lord Cow ley
w 11 represent Kngland in the Congress of Powers,
which is to assemble at Paris on the Sth of January.
Ibe loss of ths Moorish force i n the recent encoun
ter with tbe Spanish encampment bofore C'euta, on
the 30th of November, was live hundred killed and
one thousand Ave hundred wounded. Mr. Lever had
ottered to purchase the steamship Great Xasteru, in
view of the dissatisfaction in regard to Its manage
ment existing among tbe stockholders.
V. S. Minister Ward had returned from Japan.
Tne Japanese embassy to the C. H. is to start on
the m of February, in tbe U. 8. steamer Powhattan,
for Washington.
160,oixj ouuoes of gold dntt wore en route from Aus
tralia for Bnglanu, to the end of October.
A crowd of Jesuits were seeking refuge in Bo
magna, on account of the suppression of their order
lu Bomagna.
A Are took place at Hong-Kong on October 20,
causing a loss of 1100,000.
LiVKBFOOL, December 6.-Cotton closes dull. Ths
sales of the past three days amounted to 18,000, in
cluding 1,400 to speculators and 2,000 bales to ex
porters. The quotations are nominally unobanged.
Stats or TaADi.-The advices from Manchester
continue favorable. The markets dosing firm, but
Arrival of the North American—One
Day Later from Europe.
Portland, December 18. The North Amer
ican, from Liverpool on the 7th and Queenstown on
the 8th, arrived at this port this evening, Her ad
vices are out) day later tuuu by the Vanderbilt.
Count Mercler has been appointed French Embas
sador to Washington, in place of Count Sartiges,
who goes to Holland.
The ship Neptune, from New Orleans, was run into
at the mouth of tht Mersey by a steamer. The dam
age is unknown.
Moody, mate of the American ship Mary, had been
condemned to penal servitude for life for the murder
of a sailor,
Livtaroot, December 8. Cotton Sales to-day es
timated at 6,900 bales, making sales of past two days
14,000 bales, Including 3,000 bales to exporters.
Market bas a declining tendency. Notwithstand
ing the Improved demand, some circulars say a de
cline of ad has been submitted to.
Breadstufis are quiet, but steady.
Provisions are dull.
LoHDoai, December 8.-Consols are quoted at 97i
Latest. Advices have been received from B.itovla
to October. The expeditionary force (or Boni left
Batavia on the 22d of Ootober. Great fears were en-
wrtaineu mat tue natives will rise in insurrection.
Every European was well armed. There was inucb
xoitement among the natives, owing to their being
placed on board ship as coolies for Boni, A con
spiracy to murder the Europeans had been detected
at Donda.
Napieh, December 3. Director Lenlal, of the
glollean Police at Palermo, had been stabbed in the
street; the wound Is not mortal, roars of insurrec
tion are entertained, but tranquality still prevailed,
PABis.Tuesday.-The Bourse Is animated. Bentes
uiuseaai in. SCO.
From New York.
18. The following is
mis iener ui sue nmperor napoleon s secretary to
Messrs. Shaw. MeUoizy Co., of Great Britain, on
the relations between Kngland and France:
"Palace or thb Tttit.i.kbivk Ta Mmn hi,
Mellotzy A Co., Blackwall-Gentlemen : You have
written to the Emperor to know what his Intention,
are as regards ungiana. ureal rears or great confi
dence should alone explain this step. On the one
tide yon are possessed with an imaginary trouble
which appears to have seised upon your country with
the rapidity of an epidemic, and on the other hand
yon reckon upon the loyally of him from whom you
desire a reply. It was easy for yourselves, however,
to give it if you had calmly examined the true state
of your apprehensions, what cause you had duly
ivuuu 111 nu i ue rumors oreaieu oy your louow coun
tryman by the obstinate propagation of th most
chimerical alarms, because until now thnrn u-.u ,mt
a word or an act of tha-Kmnarar'. whiidi nnrmii. .
uvuu.vi uubduuiuouu,uu uousequeuiiy, 01 UIS 1U
bly the same, has not changed a nmmnnt tA mIiaw him
iuuiiuiiiuivi.ru vunr raiunirr. nil (-nnfinr.E- inv.M..
faithful und irreproachable ally that what he has
wen he will, I declare It to you In his name, continue
Witness again tbe approaching community of
mm. hi ue euarou aa instance D7 your soiuiera anu
ours. Great nations should appreciate but not fear
each other, Becoivo, gentlemen, the expression of
ui.iiusui.uou nuuuuiouis.
The Borrussia and Vanderbilt both arrived at
noon. The former left Southampton on the 4th, and
the latter left Oowcs on the evening of tho 7th, The
Chilian Minister came passenger in th Vanderbilt.
From Washington.
Wabbixuton, December 18. The PoatoiHce
Atepartmeni states lor the inrormation or editors,
subscribers and postmasters, that the method of ad
dressing newspapers to subscribers by attaching to
each oopy of the paper a printed slip containing in
addition to the name of the subscriber the date when
his subscription expires, and in some oases the
amount due thereon, matter which ufnopartof ths
address, and is neither a bill nor receipt, is a viola
tion of the postal laws, and suhjeots each copy so
addressed lo letter postage.
The members of the House of Representatives can
net get their pay until the election of a Speaker,
whose warrant on the Treasury is necessary for that
purpose; in tha mean time, however. Mr. Qlossbren
ner, Hergeant-at-arms of the last House, has ad
vanced various members sums amounting in the air
mefc B4,m he has generously
raised on his Individual credit.
The weekly California mall from New Orleans via
Texas is resumed under the management of Messrs
Qlddings aad Woods, as heretofore?
Opening of the Victoria Bridge for
ftfnraatii.. ri.Mm1uw IT A .,.!.) . I-
of three locomotive and ten cars passed over t is
Victoria Bridge thl. morning. On its return a oeld
collation was served at the northern abutment of ths
ynua, wuiuu waa oureraa in ior tne occasion.
Bpeeobo were made by A. M. Boas, Knglneer, and
wiio in uuv udvu lur frranii;. rasseu-
ger trains commenced running over it this morning.
Outward Bound.
TIaaatt, Ka- 1 1 Tk-
. , , ... ... .Hisiusr
Edinburgh sailed to-day for Glasgow with upward of
-" M.1...VM . u .,nmiD. - .
Pobtland. DasAmW 1R ThA A1 I
tailed at four o'clock thl. P. M nk
Fanners and Millers' Bank of Milwaukee
vs. M. Hiii, Judge Hoadly overruled a motion for a
new trial, and en lured judgment ou the verdict.
J. B. Clark vs. Davis AoTer.-Motlon to discharge
an attachment overruled. Thedeiit waa alleged to
acorue in consequence of the defendant purchasing
F i"riy,D J'iw 'or,n of jewelry, stolen from
plaintiff s store.
fcEiK iNofoEHiuiiBB Waoes.-A Jury of talesmen
trying the cues of Kgan vs. Lnmsden L McUovern,
before Judge Hoadly, inquired through one of their
body whether they were not entitled to the same pay
as those snmmon.d as "regular" or "struck" juries,
SI 90 per diem. Th Judge intimated that he would
look into the law on the subjeot, and awilllngneaa
was expressed by the counsel on the nan of ili.ir
clients to make up the denciency.
. C. U. Dyer vs. 8. Panl.-Beroie Judge Storer. to n-
cover lor services rendered by Wm. Lantry, deeeassd,
jn a second-hand store oa Western-row, the plaiutllT
Civil Bids. P. A. Kerrwlnkl vs. Isaac
dtraul. An action tried before Judge Carter to re
cover damages alleged to have resulted to th walls
ol the plaintifTs bouse by reason of the manner in
which defendant, who was ereoting a factory on the
corner of Front and John-street, had his cellar ex
cavated in the spring of this year.
OnmivAi, BiD.-Miohael Pheeny, tried before
Jmlgn Cnlllna for maliciously stabbing John Lawkir,
was acquitted.
W. fl. Kerr for the Btate; 8. McQroarty for de-
Nelson, a colored man, aged 22 years, man
mnitted by the will of D. a. Grossman, of Now Or
leans, bad the document recorded in this Court-on
of the executors of Mr. C. attending. ' .
The River continues to decline at this point,
but less rapidly than on Thursday or Friday. Buti
ucsa at ths landing waa dull oa Saturday ou account
of the weather. Ho change in rates of freights. Our
crowded space prevented our saying mors.
. A Rksfbctaslb Woman Seducbd by a Cam-
c Lie Prirar MYgTEUiorsDiBArEAJLici or A Glkb
uial yiLLAiN-Ouriisnallyquietclly has been aroused
n. ithlu a few days, by the transaction or a crime of
tne most heartless character, in which a man, in
clerical robes, was the perpetrator. Tbe drat an-
ouncement of the affair was made on Saturday
tornining last, when it was discovered tbat the
I'rleat haviugoharge of the St. Stephen's Catholic
( htirch, on Saratoga-street, had absconded th night
I rcvious.
It appears that for for more than a year la criming
Intercourse baa exlitod between him and a hitherto
respectable female of his congrogatlon;bnt sosloware
the people to make theirsplrftual ad risers an object of
siwpiolonandsogreattlielrvoaeratlon fortbe aacred
ohloe, that the matter was hidden in tbe breasts of th
seducer and his victim, until further concealment be
came an impossibility, at whlsh time helled, leaving
her to endure alone the bitter taunts of the world.
He hod used his spiritual position as a means of
terror and ooerciou, until she, whom be had marked
as his own. became the victim of bis vilos.
fiy-bisadmitnesss he bas escaped the penalty of
the law, but wherever he may fly be will ever suffer
from the poignant recollection of having brought
ritia aud desolation to at least one heart, to which it
bl duty to adslnlnlster comfort aud cotmola
tloa. Pbesintation. Charles Morse, foreman in
W. R. Dunlan 4 Co.'s fouudery, in Cincinnati, was
presented with a beautiful gold watch chain and
Masoulc breastpin, on Saturday night last, at the
uuutovi air, leurow, in iniscuy. sue presentation
was made by Mr. James Brown, in behalf of the am.
ploycos of the establishment, who desired that he
should receive Home testimonial of their respect and
esteem, as he waa about to leave the city. Mr. M.
responded cordially, thanking his friends and assur
ing tbem that he would ever remember tha many
pleasant hours they had labored together, and tbat
no matter where his lot was cast, he would ever bold
tuem dear in memory, .
To Oua Patrons. George A. Jones is now
our carrier for Newport, and all money due on sub
scriptions since Monday, Docembor 12, must be paid
to him and ho one sloe.
Circuit Court. The Clroutt Court com
mences this morning, and will contlnut twelvtdays.
We shall give our readers a eondeneed report of its
Stolen Ooons Discovered. Some boots and
sh'.es were found secreted on a vacant lot, opposite
Jackson-street, on caturday last, which bad evi
dently been stolen. No trsoet of tue thief, however,
have as yet been discovered.
DisosDiBLt Conduct. A man named John
Elsler was lodged in jail by Officers Biff and Dickey,
on Saturday last, for disorderly conduct.
Leoturis. A course of lectures will be
delivered at Odd Fellows' Hall this winter, tbe pro.
ceeds of which will be devoted to the paymeut of the
debt of Trinity Chnrck, on Madison-street. The first
lecture will be delivered on Tuesday evening next,
by Prof. Milton Sayler, of Cincinnati. Subject
' Beauty and the Beautiful."
Acoidbst. Yesterday afternoon, while Mr.
Herod, the jailer, was perform in gsomsdutie aroand
the Court-house,
i, ne tell and severely injured his arm.
Ice. Large quantities of floating ice earn
down the river abont twelve o'clock on Saturday
night last, which, for a time, seriously impeded the
progress of the ferry-boats.
Suicide. A German named Nicholas Brown
committed suicids by cutting bis throat, yesterday.
He has been Insane for some time, and attempted to
drown hiinielf a few days sines, but was rescued.
Monetary and Commercial.
Notwithstanding th extreme disagreeable
ness of Saturday, the business of Third-street was
active, though lets so than was anticipated. Money
was still very close, but th supply of Currency
seemed better than it waa on Friday or Thursday.
The demand, however, as maybe supposed, continues
to lar exceed tbe supply both at Banks and In tbe
Eastern Exchange was firmer on Saturday, and
suveral of tho Banks were desirous of buyingat an
The selling figures oontlnutd to bo X, and was rather
No financial featuro underwent any change of
Th Imports and Exports of various artioles during
the twenty-four hours snding Satnnlsy noon, were:
Imposts, Flour, i.otii brls.; Whisky, brls.;
Corn, 5,424 bushels; Wheat, 2,811 bushels; Oat.ft,l&o
bushels; Barley, 1,312 bushels; Hogs, 13,240 head;
Pork and Bacon, 16 hhds., loo brls., 233,326 lb.; Sugar,
237 hhds,; Molasses, 1,708 brls.; Goffue, 1,684 bags; Ap
ples, US brls.; Butter 471 kegs; Cheese, 4,48 boxes,
Potatoes, 441 brls.
Exports. Flour. 741 brls.; Whisky. 1,230 brls.;
Hogs, 71 bead; Pork and Bacon, 182 hhds., 323 brls:;
Mugar, 90 hhds.; Molasses, 2oo brls.; t'otfee, 239 bans,
Apples, 140 brls.; Butter 21. kegs; Cheese, 808 boxes;
Potatoes, 131 brls.; Salt, l brls.
FLODR-The demand continue moderate, aud the
market firm, without any changein prices. The sales
wero confined to 600 brls., at (9 32 'or snprrline, and
S3 439 30 fur extra. The receipts are light.
WHISKY The demand continues active and the
market firm: sales of 1,900 barrels at 22)o., includ
ing that from wagon.
HOGS Tbe market opened firm, with an improved
demand, but toward tue close it became dull, and
buyers disposed to hold off. The receipts were lunch
larger than what bad been expected. The sales
127 bead averaging 143 lbs, at 13 40
181 head avoraging m lbs. and uuderat...9 903 79
Us) bead averaging 173 lbs. at.,................,.,... 9 eo
240 head averaging Its) lbs. ttt...........,........ 6 00
129 head averaging 180 llw. at......,..,...... 5 69
4110 head averaging Its) lbs. at..........,...... 3 89
200 head averaging 180 lbs. nt.....,...........M, 9 73
The receints wore about 11.000 hand.
PBOVIBIONS-Mess Fork advanced to 116, and
about 800 barrels sold at this rate in tho morning,
but toward tbe close the market became weaker,
though holders asked $l6ai6 29. $16 73 was offered
quite freely, and for choice brands. Not muck trans
pired In bulk Moat. Sides could have been bought
ou ine epos at o., auu ior suuruary ueuvery,
Shoulder, and Sides, at Hand Ho.; 90 bbds. sold last
evening at for Shoulders and Side, packed.
Lard advanced to lllo .wltb sales of 300 brls. 3,000
reen xiame s-'iu av itbc.
GB0CEKIES Sugar firm, and in good demand at
8X9o. The receipts are light and the demaud fully
up to them, Molasses firm at 47o with sales of 300
barrels, ;closlng buoyant. Co (Too unobanged and
steany ai i?auo.
W HK AT The market continues dull, bnt we have
no ohange to notice in prices since our lust quota
tions. No sale reported to-day.
OOBN-Tbe market is firm, with a good demand:
ales of 3,123 bushels, to arrive, at 90o,
OATS There Is an active demand Jand price firm
at 6394c.: sales of 1,700 bushels, in bulk, at S3o.;
1,340 do. at 34o.
BYE There la ar active demand, with light re
ceipts, and prices have advanced 3c, per bushel. We
now quote It at 89o.
BARLEY There is a good demand, aud price
Brm at our last quotations.
OHEKSB The demand continue active and price
Brm: salts of 300 boxes Western Keserv at 9c.
nninn.D ni a . . .
u v a x r im w. uriu, wnu a .ooq uemana a.
onr lost quotations: sales of 60 firkins fair Western
Reserve st lSHc; 31 barrels good to choice Central
Ohio at 1M4170.
APPLEM The maritAt ennllmiAa firm, with . ffAAit
demand at tt 792 79 per barrel, for fair to choice.
roiAivna xne demand continues good, and
prices firm at our last quotations: sales of 400 bushels
mixed at iuc delivered; 200 do. frosted at 19c.
ii.rtWD uytn n .i . 1 1 .. -,i .. i . .
VMV . u l. dh.u rrim u.,, umiim. vwiu, MJ
iarae reonlnta. Wa nn. ahaIa II at Si 74 T7, ..I
ef 60 sack at ! 7.1; 143 brls. at II 77.
1 . . .. T t. .1,1 ,, n . ,
.khitii,-j, a. xuni, tt 11,-mins;; ncwiona, ports
mouth; Melrose, Maysville; Swallow, Parkersbiirg;
Empire City, New Orleans; Superior, Madison; Jacob
Strader, Louisville; Clara Dean, do.; Oray Eagle,
Po-merpv; Ida May, Pittsburg; Dunlelth aud Vir
ginia Home, Neville.
Dxpabtdbes.- Kanawha Valley, Kanawha; Swal
low, Parkersbnrg; Clara Dean, Pittsburg; Oommo-
, "l "V""..fi'Jt'i rnoress, mauison,
Jacob Strader, Louisville; Mel ruse, Maysville; J. B.
.uiu, nuunviiipj ni am, new orieans; manna rat
nam, St. Louis; Gray Eagle, Pomeroy; Dunlelth and
suu. auui.) asviiw,
next to Trust tompany Bank.-iarg Positive Salt,
of Dry Goods, Tailor.' Goods. BooLs, Shoes, Hat.
Caps, Ac TUESDAY MOBN lG.December M, coral
mincing at hair-paat nine o'clock, will be sold (with -out
any reserve.) 330 lots ef Seasonable Dry Goods.
among which are icany desirable goods.
ALSO Large stock of Merchant Tailor' and
Clothiers' Goods, among which are One Cloths, Cas
sliueros and Satinets, fine Overcoatings, Vesting.
Trimmings, Ac.
ALSO Balance of sliM-k of Furalsbisg-house,
among which arn tine Unndershirte and Drawers,
II loves. Hitta, Stock, Wool Jackets, Cravats, Scarfs,
Ladles' Man 'ill.s nnd Cloaks, Drapery, Gowns, Ac.
ALHO-Large invoice ef Dross Goods. Shawls,
Hoods, Coicfotis, Luiiies and Misses Woolen Hos,
Country Socks, Sne Scarfs, Muffs, 12-4 Blsnket,
lu-avy Whit nod Blue Mackinaw do.
at tea o'clock, 123 cases prims Boots, Shoes and Bro
gue. . '
de!9 ' ' THOMAS JOHNSTON, Auctioneer.
WILLIAMS-Sale-rnoms 22 and 24 East Third
street. Variety sale. On TUESDAY MOBNINO,
December JO, at balf-padt ulne o'clock, an assort
ment of Dry Goods and Fancy Ooods, Cuttlery, Jew
elry, Plated Wri Ac.
AL80-W paii-s Hue blanket; Ju dozen Undershirts
and Drawers; w Overcoats aud fants, and other
ALSO At eltven o'clock New and Second-hand
Furniture, and one piece of Brussels Carpet, and a
variety of other Goods.
delO A KELLOGG, Auctioneer.
A CO. Choice Millinery Goods. Will be seld '
at Auction, on MONDAY MOKKINO, December 19,
at 9 o'olock, at our store. No. 18 East Fourth-street,
un luvoic of Millinery Goods, among which are
Ostriob and oLhor Feathers. Artificial Flower. '
I'lnmes, Lsdles' flu Silk Bonnets, Ribbons, Vail
Lace, Infante' Bonnets, rich Velvet Flowers, Found
ation, Uncut Velvet, Ac. Th.ee are fresh Goods of
litis season's purchase, and must be sold without re
serve. jdel9) JACOB CHAFF, Auctioneer.
il. A CO. To close consignment.- Will lie sold at
Auction, on MONDAY EVENING, December 19, at
7 o'clock, a number of Oil. Paintings, aad an invoice
of Fancy Goods,
dels JACOB GBAFF, Auctioneer.
A' Co. Private Library .-Will be sold at Auc
tion, on TUESDAY AFTERNOON, December ScO, at
J. j o'cloek, Private Library, in wtieb may In
found some rare aud valuable works,
del 7 JACOB UttAFF, Auctioaeer.
Christmas Presents!
First Premium
Sewing llaeliiues,
and simplicity of construction and efficiently
in working, are aneaunleat by any. .
80 West sTonrth-atreet.
OF .
(By order of Court,)
Sale Every Night,
i sJ ttj
D. K. C"ady, J r.,
JL have been prepared for tho (special benefit of
Little Children. They will prove a constant source
of pleasure and profit.
"B is for Ball, as round tl can be.
And alto for Blocks, you csu easily see."
Price SI; also, smaller style, 73c.
delii-o 3U Weat Fourth-street.
The Game of Yankee Luad.
The Game or School lo an Uproar.
The Gam of Ulosey Fortuue Teller.
The Gam of Youna Peddler.
The Gsme of Jack at All Trades.
The Game of Comical Dominoes.
The Game of Tlaeey Philosopher.
ALSO A new supply of the celebrated Gam of
Peter Coddles Trip to New York,
Fries Ms. -
delfl-s 39 West Fourth-street,
nnfin fin at. n i r.
For tale by
GEO. M. DIXON. Druggist.
N. K. cor. Fifth and Main-streets.
Genuine Glycerine Lotion.
enrea chapped basis and roughness of tbe sklu;
also promote the grow th of the hair.
GEO. M. DIXON, Drugfist,
deleaw N. B. cor. Filth and Main-streets.
Of) BRLS. Bleached Castor Oil;
dJ lodo. Nut Oil;
20 do. Tanner' Oil;
io do. Pure Sperm Oil : '
rorsalsby GEU. M. DIXON, Druggist,
elw N. B onr Flfih .ml Maln-.lreett
Sitpt Soap!
)- BUXKS Caadia, s?on Jrs oldrtn
AWmtM superior;
, lOuoo-Gaatil, "Mottled ;V
100 do. Palm, M, H and 1 1 ;
st do. Poncln. . . .
Al, a general assortmeat of Fancy Soap, for
tolling. GKu. M. DIXON, Druggist,
oeieaw ' n. n. rorjiimann wain-.'isess.''
lukw, on tviiMiigs o, igsMTkrra.

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