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1 pakllabed Oallf , ( annisOTftoi,vV
A. , ,
IHtB rBMMI FBBSSls delivered to eubeorlbers In
Cincinnati, Uovlngtoa kail Newport, ul tar.
rounding ottieo an towns, at the
, ' tromaly low f rice of i
... ' raicn of mailix:
HlugiB oople fc.t l month Mo.; t monthstl; 1 rear 4.
JON A. BTLLSna, Ja.... Jol Iessee'end Manager.
ru-engagement or the charming Comedienne, :
She appears In six characters to night.
TUK3DAY KVKNINO, Dee. 2n, wilt be presented
tbe eer popular end Interesting drama culled , (
SATIN" nr.PAKis.
'I'll -".......MVM....W",f 1 .
Madame Da Lije..... . , ,,
1 tto frinoea .. (Mill Maggie Mitchell
Captain l)6Tertnx.......,.. I . i u li i .
Clarlsae DelviHe.... ,J .,..,..., ... .
I'Aiint nitnrl Hn1tAailioli.il Lsllffdon
M'lle lie hattllo.........,.,...u.....i...Mll Walte
Madolalhe ......... Mla Den hem
Mndani da Lnclval,............r..,..,,,.....Mra. Gilbert
Dunce...'....! .IIIs Kate Peaueytr.
To conclude with i-
Milly (with her celebrated song) i.Miea Mitchell
lord rhilaoder...
oar- Tn nrenarstlnn. Hhakaneare a ureal eomedy.
railed "The Comedy of Krrore," with a great novelty
at the "Two Droiniea." Also, tba great ledger
loryoitue'-Hiaaea nanu. ..
aarnnflri nnnn t aw: f hirtaln rise at 734 o'clock.
FBirtaov Aumission Preta Circle nod Parquetto.
so cente; Cnllnry, 2'iccnte.
Last ni&tieblt iiree' of tb celebrate Ameiicaa
And the aecompliihed and fascinating comedienne,
THIS (Tuesday) KVININO, December 20, will be
acted the elegant new play, written expreaaljr for
luri, Barren, enuuea t -.t J. , - k
Ob, Love, Pbide, Ambition.
Pauline Saveueuee, afterward Connteee 1 - i- -
d Novallles ..............................Mra. Ferren
Uaapard VaudriauU...,...,...,
t'nnntde Novallles 0. Stuart
Mamma At, llimlifnrfc . ...... BWlft
Marxaret da Belair.A ,...Mii Graham
Dniico Miaa Jenny 1IIU.
Toconolud with tbe protean farce eotttutl. .
.- t-'. ftn A VtfntTTa Vnni.tr. . 'J '
J3in Seneca, Nickiua the XX XXX, H'UaOonp Dion,
. Acbiile Fondr a (lanon-.MUa f auny rite rarren
Wedneaday, benefit of
'S beater, 1 now open lor ina reoepuon oi auama.
itooaas ean be obtained by tbe day or week, and
mealafnrnishedatellkoara ,, ' .'
NliTIOK. Tradesman and other, are oantlnned
agalnat rurniablng any article! tor me moaier wuu
nit a written order, signed hy the Manager. ; i
!ln. M. Barraa......
1. B. Oonway....
..Stag. Direotor,
teat week of tba diitingnlabtd Actor, '
TU18 (Tuesday) KVENINO, Oacembar SO, will
na omental! nniw.r a auuursuie piay ui .,
i MONEY. .
alfrii ltAlvn ' Mr. Murdoch
Mir John Veaey.,,. ..LaiinKati
Lard Olossmore Bnnuan
Kir TrAl.rli-k Dlnnnt Ilicksoll
Mr. tSraTea... DavtM
Captain Dodli-y Smooth.,,......,.....'..- .......Chaplin
(Jlara Dongltwa )..7.....,..,.......-....Mra.-Conway
Grorglna Veaey Mla Crocker
Lady Franklin Mrn. Place
Toconeludewith . :
i -THE T06DLE8.:
Mr. Timothy Toodleii........,. .,.. .Da?idf;
Farmer Vcnton Lanagan
farmer Aoorn Hall
Gorge Acorn. ......,.....,..,. - Sheridan
Mrs. Toodlea.. '. ........,........ rs. Wc
Mary..,.. Miaa Stanley
M. In preparation far the Holidays grand fairy
Speataclfl.. ." - ' "
tVAMTRItolTer the aboVe, Kiftr f.adlea for the
Itallet. Apply at tba stage door, betwoeu teu and
eieren o'clock A. iti.
Tickets h U cents
C'blldren H,u , .,.,,..,.10 cent!
Ctlebrated reprenentatlona of ' 1 ' "'
Dr. Kane's World-Renowned
Every arening at 1 o'clock. Doom open atSH
Afternoon entertainments on
Doors open at S o'olock. '
7AI1 Sabbath and Day-actioo! pnpila will be ad
routed for 9 cent rich. ' I '.
doisaw D. U. LiRUB, Manager.
The ntil Pionrera (and an. of their friends who
wtnh to join with them) propose to celebrato the 70th
AnutTereury of the Settlement of Cincinnati with a
oriel reunion supper, and talk over old tiniea, on
MONDAY EVKNl.'(i, lleo. 2e, at 7 o'clock, at tbe
Verandah Booms, on Thi rd-atreet. Tickets 7o cents.
- de0ttl
Will tnke place THIS EVENING, Dec. to. in College
Chapel, onrior the direction of Prof. 0. J. SMITH.
Stoncert will commot ce at 1 o'olock precisely.
Great Unrivaled European Wizard,
Will appear for TWO W EEKS ONIiT, commencing
, on MONDAY, January , at ., ,
V Lo'3-bweod,l .
xvjl KCHLUAr, or no. 41 Hixtt-street,
wnnlrl reanectfullv inform the nnblio that she
has, In connection with Mrs Tolelo's (late of.
naTetfrenpeHMieiui-wararuoe, removca oi
htrwomce. Ht No. 10 Fil'tb.atruet. bhtweeu
Walunt and Vine-atreet, where ahe will be happy to
see her former patrons, U whom she oan olfor the
nioatapleidjdawiluiontjif coalnmea.) ; ,dc7rin
lallmj,,,, . ,, BECOND TEEM. ,u,.u , Wafc
-J Nauloaal Hall, Vine-atreet, abwre Flkh.
The leaaons are so nrrauged that beginners oan
commence at any time. . , deytf
'ano until yuu utt, wm, ov,
7, West Fonrth-at , and see Llarhte
and A. H.Oule ft Ca.'s Pianos,. I I I ff
will .nil bh low the loweit. and mv .
Pianos will speak for them.elTta. 1 will rent and
lot tbe rent pay for the Piano. 0. M. MUBCH.
.The largest stock of Molodeonatn tbe city. dll
JMHRI8TMA8 PRS6BNT8 j-Tou willtftd
Uallet, Davla ft Oo.'a, Eatleton
Brothers', Baven, Bacon ft Oo.'a,
and Peters, Onigg A Oo.'a Flanoa,
at No. 66 WtBt Fourth-itrfet. I will
sell aa low for caah as anv one. or
'will rent and let the rent pay lor the Plans; t 1
. .w. j..U .si. T. J. UflCRC'H, Jf.,'
No. M Weat fourth-street,
Pepot lor Majpdsons and Harmonlinis. deU
xJ O It
V JL PEl ATI than the following Bw and beaotifn!
a oolUotlona of Muaio: . , ts ,
1 Home Circle, containing m pieces i
i ui popular - i
; sdusio,.,,
Western Glee Book.
Meuilelaeohn's Songa, without worda. I Ml
ileaaoge mm, containing nity saiuwa.,.,., .. is
',m .(J, JOHN OHTJItOl, Jr
' , No. M Weat ronrth-atrae.
Pianos tnned and repaired by Thoa. Atkins. , dall
AT LAW, Ohase atalWIogs' lo. llaetThlrJ.
; street.
. I'll ,. '3 ii )
'J 'l .X .1 Jf,-.;
rt v. ('..
VOL 2;: NO. 104
' V r N I'.t-'f.i r; i : ''i1, .'' i'i I. -W! , .,1, i
SBtT Horace Gresler has written new lee-
tar on "Great Men'
2Sef"ThsexDenie8 of the JnnoDerti trials, a(
Chiotso, ire eitlmsted at between seven and
eight thousand dollars to the county.
VfA bill for the abolition of neeto me-
ohanlcg has been presented In the Tennessee
Legislaturt recently t v; -j v-j j
' 9The "DaahawaTi." a, new temperanoe
organitation In California, are increasing very
s"A three-storv house and lot has been
offered (0 those Interested in the establishment
of a home for aged indigent females, in Balein,
( TpS 1 110 Aiauauiia jjbisihiiw wae yMwu
bllloeding "Tower Island," near-Mobile, to
ml 1 i.l T l.l.,.. 1...
the United States, lor toe purpose oi onuaing
a fort.
. :aVi...t.T. k.iuftflanil ft A 1)1)0
farm. A,l I hroth. of tha aalflbratad Enrliah.
ball named "Butterfly," and the offer .has.
been romsea.
2-Rev. Timothr M. Cooler, of East Gran
Tillo. Mass.. died early on Wednesday morn
ing, at the age of eighty-ttven yean and nine
monttta. ' ' ' ' ' '
''asTThe MissIiiIddI River wai erossed on
the ioe hy foot patBengera from Dunlelth to
Dubuque on Thursday, and , at Lacrosse by
Horses and wagons in aaieiy.
' JSTMr. Malcolm Gill, of Garrard County,
Kt.. sold last week to Mr.! George Hall, of
Fayette, forty head of mules at $187 60 per
' ' has been again stated recently, upon
Dretended authority, that Naroiiso Lopes was
not garroted in Havana, bat that a substitute
was procured by a ncn iriona, a uarjan creoie.
: i&r-llr. Ten Broeok has made a olear har
rat nf over 300.000 bv his stable of Ameri-
can horses, In England, daring the seaton
0fUt. Alex. Eeene killed in a pond near
Augusta, Ky.,a few days since, a beautiful
white swan, the first ever seen killed in that
section. r
, jBGeoWe Byron Lyon Feliows, M. Pi P.
for the county of Rataell, was last week, In
Toronto, sentenced to imprisonment for sis
months, and zuu ($i,ihiuj tine, tor iraua id
the ballot-box.
grIhe coldest place about itj Island Pond,
in Vermont, near me tanaaa line, vn xes
day morning, the 13th inst., the Mercury at
Island Pond at sunrise stood at twenty-two
degrees below aero.
. iWTb.e erand' iurr during their recent
session at Naahvllle, Tenn., ignored the bill
eharging Allen A. Hall with killing Geo. u.
Foindtxter, in the late editorial renoonnter In
tnat city. ; , f ;
ffi-The Walerville (Oneida County, N. Y
TVmei says that abont ten thousand pounda
bops cnanged bands in tnat market taBt week,
at ten and twelve and a-balf cents for tbe best
qualities, ' - -
Wisconsin is one of the Western States
and its chief Deductions " are pretty girls
railroad bonds, mink and other skins, seed
wheat, Sons of Malta, tax titles, corner lots
and white fish.
"Demt)aey k Farccia't tewelry tUre. No.
002 Broadway, New York, was robbed one
night of last week oi jiia.uuu worm ot gooas,
by oneof their clerks, who afterward confessed
his crime. The articles stolen were reeoyerea
"It Is stated that large numbers of trout
are lying aeaa ana aying in me streams run
nine through Franklin County. Me. A aimi
lar ooonrrence took plaee in 1826 it beinjr
then attributed to the effeot upon the waters
of tioke front the great nres in tbe woods,
' DliTH FROJf THK BlTI OF A RlT. About
aeven yeara ago, a young mas ntmed George
Orilley, who resided in Philadelphia, while
attempting lo catoh a rat. waa bitten on tbe
arm. The wound caused immediate pain, but
yielded for the time being to medisal treat
ment. Since then, however, tbe wound
would inflame at intervals, and a short time
since the symptoms assumed at - dangerous
character. The sufferer lingered until tbe Mb
inst., when death cam to hia relief.
' Diath or a Mar Or Mraoti. Mr. John
Shookey, formerly of the vicinity of Waynes
boro', bnt latterly a reaideut of Illinois, where
he had become an- extensive land owner, re
cently died at his residence in Elkhart, in that
Bute. Air. BnocKey was wen known id una
county twenty years ago for his prowess and
success In frequent pnglliatio or rough and
tumble rencounters witb the bestmuseio ot fits
Hagerstown (Md.) Herald.
Poisohsd it A Doll, The Jturnal d Mtde
cine, of Brussels, states that a few dae ago
child about four years old, who appeared
be in dreadful pain, and had a sort of foam
the month, was taken to an apothecary
Bosau, and h round tnat the little creature
had been poisoned by auckiog the painted
faoe of a doll, in which an extract of lead had
been mixed. .. ., ;i
i '
- An Iitrisib Husbahd Tabbed and I'iatb
hmd Alfonso Clark, a shoemaker in Gorham
N. Y., married a woman at - Knahvillo, but
after living with her a year, abandoned her
for a young girl, sixteen years of sge. The
friends of the first wife, upon learning
Ulark a whereabouts, proceeded to uorbam
and dressed him with a coat or tar and reatb
A Good Movement. An act for the fartht
protection of married women Is before tbe
General Assembly of Missouri. It provides
that all property bequeathed to the woman
afttr marriage, or of which she becomes
any way possessed, sball remain hers, inde
pendent or her husband's control.
MrjBDBk ihCuvxlahd A Wohak Killid
with a Shovel. On Friday hut, Mrs
O'Maley. an Irish woman, was killed in Oler
land by a brut named Sohn Kelley, who, on
account of some ill feeling against her hus
band, strusk her several times with a shovel
on the head, , , ., ..
J , Baa
WiiniKO to SxaTiRs. The New York pa
Iiera ohronlole th death of a Young man who
oat his life by akating till be was tired and
then lying on th lo to rit Th told struok
to hit vital and he contracted a disease whloh
speedily terminated his exiiteno. ,; , 1
. u, .
F smrs m iiitib. As an evidence of the
mild winter la Florida, th editor of the Tal
'lahaas Floridia hsa been presented with
ripe pears, plums, grapes sad pomegranates,
the three former of the second growth of this
aeason. ." : '!' 1
v ' !
Fratetoidb iir Alabak a. Th Troy Amtri-
hcaa learns that oa Monday night lastadiffl-
eulty arose between Jacob and Abram Volmer,
brother!, who lived near Goshen Bill, Pike
County, Ala., which resulted In th death of
thformer. - ' ' i ,
ViBQiku Simptous. At th parties and
balls being held hen. the ladle aow go
homespun, and homeipun, it is sAld, is to b
tie order this winter. Northern dry goods
stand bo earthly ehaaot it tt Bottth .
.1.1 " . A
Marriages, Adventures and Amours of
a "Converted" Actor—Strange Mode
of Showing Piety.
Th Boston JVotxCarof lata date has the
the following: a f. . r . ( i,
la April lut Charts H.Weeki;thi,'eoac
verted actor," so called, mad his appearance
in this city, under tbe assumed name oi
Charles X. tU. Clair. Circumstances which it
would scarcely interest the public to know,
subsequently induced the underslgne t take
the nooeasary tlaejaiurefc to ascertain who i an4
what tbe man was. Tbe result, so tar as it 13
material to the public, is given In a few words.
What Charles H. Weeks was before hia pre
tended conversion, I do not care to inquire any
further than Itmay be necessary to thrpw tl
requi8ite,iigti( upon tus present, reiaiiessfl ij
is with the Chariot H. Weeks of to-day, thp
converted actor, the reformed man, and the
professing Chriatlan, tbat I have mora partic
ularly to do.
WnenJi?was(lt Ilty, proteasing to oe a
Chriitian mihisteij b wasohambersd fgthpnr
together, during a babbatb day ana on tne
succeeding Monday, with a prostitute of the
oity, ordering meals and liquois for both la
bis rooms. Afterwards, at mcubb. no waa
aI.aIa ,1.11 at Yii.1 hftarrtinfr-hnnaei with. &
woman of, quisstioiuible oharaoter, and at thaj
aame time waa known to be in the habit of
meeting a traveling prostitute, with whom bu
ultimately ielt tbe city, at an assignation
house. On one occasion, when officiating at a
country church for single Sabbath, between
the service he debauched the wife of a gentle,
man whose hospitalities he had accepted, and
afterwards boasted of the exploit. ., . , ,
' During bis tbree montbs' ministry in (Syra
cuse he was prosecuting no lesa than five
different matrimonial suits at the same time,
In three of these he proposed elopements. In
one ease he was turned out of doors at a late
hour of the nitcht for the manner in which he
pressed hia suit; and in another, to get the
young lady Into his power, he resorted to "al
artifice which the vilest pander to the vilest
den in North-street would aoorn. Apd at tha
very moment when he was devoting the in
tervals between prayers and preaehing to tbe
orosMution of those several matrimonial enter
prises, if there is any faith to be plaoed in
evidence, .he was tbe husband of two wives at
SiNOULAB SlORT BniING Off a Reoal S01
cid. A recent French book, aYommairfH our,
contains thq following story of King Bombay,
of Naples, and the Neapolitan General who re
pontjuered Bicily, and kept th King upon his
throne until hia death: . ,
The General Filangieri waa deeply embar
raassdln bis finances, and only awaited the
last moment of desperation to blow his brains
out. Some one reported to the King what was
about to happen. : "Filangieri I" said he,
"true, I bav not teen him at Court for many
days;" and 'an. order was forthwith given to
bring him alive or dead. When he entered
the oabinet of the King, Ferdinand Insisted on
knowing tbe ex sot amount 01 pis debts.
Filangieri hesitated. The King conjectured
his cause of difficulty and began to guess :
"Com," h said, i'it it six hundred thousand
francs) yon require to set yon ire tv yjA,. k
"Alas I" aighed th General.
"Eight hundred thousand then, perhaps ?
JfiahU d' hommt I"
' The General looked. r r - r.
"Allont then say a million I"
Filangieri spoke not; but whan th King
gradually rose step by step to fifteen hundred
thousand francs, he at last nodded affirma
tively; and his Majesty, wiping his forehead,
relieved himself by an 4Qif," like a man who
had juat mounted nine pair of stair.. History
says not whether the "loan" was ever repaid
in cash, bnt tn devotion ot n uangten re.
mained from that moment unshaken.
A Mothsb's Ikflumc". Jn a lecture re
cently delivered by "Grace Greenwood," at
Boston, on ''Ileroism," she referred to an In
cident that took place ' at the burning of a
steamer on one of tbe Western Lakes:
Among the few passengers whose courage
and presence of mind rose superior to the
perils and horrors of the night, waa a mother
who succeeded in saving her two children by
means of a floating settee. While they were
in the water the mother saw a man swimming
toward the settee, and, as he was about to
grasp it, she cried, "Don't take It away from
my poor little children!". The man made no
answer, yet tne appeal straok noma, tor, oy
the light of th flaming vessel she could aee
that his face was convulsed by the straggle
between the mighty primal instinct of nature
and something better and holier. It was but
tor a moment, tie threw up t. is hands with
a groan of renunciation, flung himself over
backward, and went down!"
Loss or a Nahtockst Whales. Captain
Stephen West, who recently died at Nantucket,
at the advanced age of eighty-four years,
commenced following the sea at the age of
twelve year, v Re was some time in the mer
chant service, made one voyage to China and
one to St. Petersburg. He commenced the
whale fishery In the South Seas in 17S0, in
whioh he continued eight year. After his
voyage to China, he went whaling on tbe
coast of Brazil, and subsequently was com
mander of- the brig Dolphin, whioh was con
demned ob , her return worthless' be had
filled her in six weeka off Cap Horn. In one
of her voyages Jhe had obtained 1,850 barrel
of sperm oil, but was taken by the English
ship tftfnrod, and lost th fruit of his labor.
In bis numerous voyages he obtained 25,060
barrels of oil. Captain West waa most of the
time in the employ of Seth Russell A Son, of
New Bedford. He made bis last voyage in
1822, in the ship &( Amsrtca, of Nantucket.
Ane Bedford Standard, December li.
DKAftor a' WoMAif om MatraicTici.
On Friday morning a Mrs. Sohumacher, real,
ding in Cleveland, died in the agonies of a
premature birth, and under circumstances
that made her death appear th result of vio
lencwuThe midwife who was employed en
the occasion states that she was oalled to at
tend th unfortunate woman, and found her
standing or Meaning against the wall ef the
room, suffering great agony. ,
Th midwife put th woman 'to bed, and
found that partial birth had already taken
place. From appearances it was evident that
abortion had been procured, and the woman
died la a short time, suffering excruciating
torture. One Doctor Bthner waa arrested en
charge of producing abortion, but tb evidence
offered at the Coroner' inquest proved that
th woman had died from his malpractice.
. ... , .
Divoto ia MiBSAOHtistTTS. Th House of
Representatives of Massachusetts baa amended
a chapter concerning divorce, so that divorce
from the bond of matrimony may be decreed
,n favor of either party for extreme cruelty
'eg desertion by the ether, provided the deser
tion shall hare continued for five oonaeoutiv
years and In favor of a wife deserting her
husband, when it, appears that such desertion
shall have 'continued for' three consecutive
years; and was caused by grots, wanton, or
cruel negleet of th husband to provide suit
able maintenance for her, h being of suf
ficient ability to do so. Section nine was also
ti mended hy adding to tbe causes of divoroa,
"gross ansj MDfixmed habit of Intoxication
contracted after marriage, or cruet and abusive
. a'?. - -,,;.. .. j', :( ,iV, ;)),; A
, Thi TaEASCB-IIotT3B or as Afiica Eii-
riaoa. The Mmitmt ofa tArmet give th
following description of the Emperor of Mo
rocoo's treasure-house at Meqoines : ' ': '
In the middle of the garden stands a fori
res. with a trlcle wall, nerfeotlv armed and
defended. In th central inoioaure . rises a
atone building, lighted only from the roof. It
ia entered through three iron door, one after
the other. The pavement of the interior is
bldck marble, and at one end I a large open
tngi through which the gold and silver eoln,
bullion and jewela are conveyed to the tress
ure below, ibis last mentioned place m an
extensive vault, divided Into compartments of
squal site, In each of whioh is tbe value of a
million piastros. The net produce of the
taxes is longed in tne treasury every three
months. 1 The ) Emperor himself; when at
Mequinea, is present on the occasion ; but in
his absence he names throe of the chief officer,
of hia houaehold to attend for him, knowing
well tnat mutual distrust will scaroely allow
them to concert a robbery, and if they should
do so, they would soon betray each other, or
be denounced by th blaok guardians of the
place. When the Imperial treasury was first
established, th money waa kept In, large
earthen jarsj but on oneoccaaioa the contents
of ten were abstracted, and tbe robbery con
cealed by filling tbe jars with earth and cov
ering the top with a few gold plea. The
theft was tSot discovered immediately;, but a
black who had teen tbe robber in the act,
and had been nearly murdered by them and
left for dead, afterward recovered and gave in
formation against them. The Emperor ordered
the ten thieves to be decapitated and directed
that their heads should be Disced in the ten
jars whlob they had emptied, as a warning to
others. These vases ere still m tbe treasury,
placed on marble pedestralt. Muler-Ismail's
successor determined to adopt a . different ar
rangement, and built the vaults new existing.
Th Emperor Muley Soleiman, well known for
his cruelty, was acoustomed, after the quarterly
deposits, to have all the blacks put to deatb
who hd been engaged in the operation
Alild er Rhaman, his successor, abolished that
atrocious usage, but he decided 'that the
blacks employed In arranging the money in
the vaults should never leave the bulldincr.
It would, therefore, be useless for them to
steal the treasure, as they are separated from
tha rest of th world, and could neither spend
or conceal it. .
Tai Quality op aDbokkabd's Braisj. The
startling doctrine taught in foumart's Batii of
ProMbttuM are fully corroborated by the fol
lowing passage from the' Boston "Jkfatft'cnf
ourna'.' '
Hyrtl, by far tbe greatest anatomiat of the
age, used to say that be oould distinguish in
the darkest room, by one stroke of the scalpel,
tbe brain of the inebriate from' tbat Of the
person who had lived soberly. ' Now and then
be would congratulate his class upon the pos
session of a drunkard's brain, admirably
fitted, from Its hardness and more complete
preservation, for the purposes of demonstration .
When . th anatomiBt wished to preserve a
human brain for any length of time, heefleots
bis object by, keeping that organ in a vessel of
aiconoi. jrrom a aoit, pulpy anoitanoe, ii
then becomes comparatively hard; hut the in
ebriate, anticipating the anatomiat, begins the
en (iHrating process betor deatb).
' ' J- .saw V . . - '
Ah Amiable Gahblbb on a Labh Soai.b.
There is a noted policy dealer ii New York
who bss a passion for smashing faro banks.
He puts $90,000 (bills and checks) in hit
pocket, and doubles up till he lays out the
nank or himself. Ia the long run his losses
and gains are about equal. My informant,
who saw Mr. fritter away bis entire pile
the other night, says he never saw a philos
opher till then. The policy man, - with hit
pockets empty, (be always stops at $50,000,)
retired from the table laughipg, and confident
in his better luok next time. He indulges in
his strange and expensive caprioe (which he
can afford by reason of hia ituuiena fortune,)
merely for the "fun of the thing." It far
nishes his 6we nature with tbe only excite
ment of wnicn it is oapabie.
Slaughter to bs Prevented ok Railroads,
The praotioe of jumpiog on the front of the
passenger railroad cars should not only be
prohibited, but be prevented by rendering; it
Impossible, Gates to close the platform against
passengers, and whioh oould be opened when
baskets or other artioles received on th front
platform, are to be placed there, would keep
any one from monntlng into the oar in front.
It ia idle to tell people that they risk their
live oy trying to get at tne cars while in mo
tion from tbe front platform. , Jiiaob one fee
lieves that he, has activity enough to aooom
pliBh it, and wilt risk tha trial, though he
gains nothing by doing so.h The rear of the
car it the proper place of entry, and this be
ing so, any other should be cloned to passen
gers. rt(aajjna Linger.
Ingenious Modi or Regulating Railboad
Thains. Thejoonduotors on the Swiss, French
and Italian railroads carry a watob 01 tngea
lous construction, dosigned to lesson tbe dan
ger of accidents.. The aperture by which the
watch is wound up is aocetisible to the con
ductor, but that by whioh the hands are regu
lated can be opened only by an official whose
business it is to set all the watches by a com
mon standard. Thus tbe time of running of
the trains Is rendered uniform, and no acci
dent is excused on the ground of mistake.
The aperture by whioh the dial is regulated is
closed by an application of a system of permu
tation, such as is employed in some permuta
ting locks. , , , ;
' Almost a Duel. Colonel R J. Haldeman,
of the Harriaburg Jab-tot, and W. C. A. Law
rence, Esq., late Speaker of the Pennsylvania
Hons of Representative., lately repaired to
Washington for tbe purpose of making the
preliminary arrangements for a duel. Upon
arriving at the Federal Capitol, Mr. Halde
man challenged Mr. Lawrence, whioh waa
promptly accepted. Mr. fl. waited aome time
for Mr. L. to propose his terms and place
meeting, bnt learned that the latter gentle
man had left Washington, without having
made any such arrangements, whereupon
Colonel Haldemad published the correspond
ence, and the. matter,.-was, w presume,
dropped, a : f ',,, .; i
A Mar Siexb Death oir Account or
Ba0THBRrs Loss. We have mentioned th
death of Wm. G. Copeland, of New Orleans,
by thehandsof apolioeman, but th Coroner's
inquest rendered a verdict of aooidentai
hooting, . The testimony went to show that
Copeland was partially deranged; that while
In company with a man named Evlngton, he
drew a double-barrelled pistol for the purpose
of shooting himself, and that In an effort on
the part of Evlngton to wrest it from him, the
pistol wen toff and killed him almost instantly.
Deceased said frequently that if seme one did
not take hii life he would, as he did not wish
to live any longer that hii brother waa dead,
and he wai the oaly one he tared for.
CoMviRsioa 0 an Escaped Nun, A Nun,
who had ben six year in th Nwry Convent,
Ireland, and whose unci was a Roman Cath
ell priast, and the most frequaat visitor,
being disgusted with nunnery lite, escaped by
tcaling a wall, engaged herself at a servant at
Armagh, and has been converted at a revival
ntnetiog, one of whioh she has addressed, ex
pressing bar determlnatlea to remain a Pwtea-
tUte '.,:.;.!r.,.":;-:::r::- :
Til AaaovAKCs and' Passei or Modbbk
Fabbiom. Harriet Mertineau says on this
abject: ,";' -v-iadT -4 1, .1 .
Do th petieoats of our time aerva at any-'
thing but a mask to tb human form a per
version of human proportions? A woman on
a sofa looks like a child popping np from t
haycock. , A girl in the dance looks like the
Uutch tumbler that was a lavorit toy in 0;
infancy. Th fit Uao th reverse of accurate
at to be like a silly hoax a masquerade with
out wit: while, at the aame time, it la not in
easy fit. The prodigious weight of ths mod
ern petticoat, and tbe difficulty f getting it
all into the waistband, create, a necessity for
compressing and loading the waist in a way
H.1 . . t ... TT 1 ' , ' ,
must lujurious w neaiuu vnuer a rational
metnod ot dress tbe waist should sutler neither
weight nor pressure nothing; more than tb
girdle which brings the garment Into form and
folds. As to the convenience of the hooped
skirts, only ask th women themselves, who
are always in danger from fire, or Water, or
carriage-wheels, or rails, or pails, or nails, or,
in abort, every thing tbey encounter, : , " '
abb tne nusuanaa. lathers, or brothers, and
hear how tbey like being out with the steel
irame wnea tney enter a gate with a lady, or
being driven . into a . oorner of the pew
church, or to the outside of the coach,' for
want of room. As for th ohildren how many
bav been swept off pathways, or foot-bridge?,
or steamboat decks by tbe pitiless crinoline,
or hoops of aome unconsoions walking balloori I
More children have been killed, however, by
tbe extension of the absurd petticoat fashion
to them. For many months past, it has been
a rare thing to see a child under (ho tunic ago
duly clothed. The pettiooats are merely lor
show; and tbe actual clothing, from th waist
downward, is nothing more than thin cotton
drawers and socks, leaving a bare spaoe be
tween, jf or older boys there Is a great Im
provementin dress the tunic and loose trow1
sers being preferable in every way to tbe stiff
tnannian tailed ooat and tight trowoers of bait
a century ago. But ths younger children are
arms; and the blue legs of childhood are a
painful tight, whether In a beggar boy or t
cititen's son. .
sail ' , i
JoBN-BsewN Meitino in New Yobx, An
assemblage of three thousand persons met on
Thursday evening in the Cooper Institute,
New York, to tender their sympathies to tbe
lamuies of John grown and bis associate
Speeches vet mad by Rev. Dr. Cheever,
Wendell Phillips, Rev. Hiram Mattlson, and
itev. j.m. bioan, ail ot whioh wereblghl
eulogiatio of John Brown and hie unsuccessful
insurrection, '.be proceedings were very
stormy, and at ona time a riot seemed inev U
ble Such was the confusion, tbat Dr. Cheevrt
was obliged to cease speaking before he had
nait-unisned bis address. Eventually, bow
ver, a force of seventy -five policemen and the
eioquono of Mr. fhiiiips, succeeded in reator
ing a tolerable degree of order, when the pro
ceedings went on quietly until the hour of ad
'' eaas. , ' ; i -'
DtrALOATioN op aw , English Cabbibu
Diboovibbp Apte'b ' Death, A" painful
aiacoverv . has just been - made at ttit
head office of the Leeds Banking ' Com-'
pany, In England. Mr. Redfeame, who
had long acted as cashier, and who - appears
to have been a person In whose uprightness o(
enaraoter tb uireotors bad unlimited conB -dene,
died suddenly a abort time ago. It 1$
now ascertained that he had systematically
falsified his accounts his defalcation
amounted altogether to tha enormoqa him ot
13,000. . He has left property,1 however, of
the value of 4,000, so that the lost to thr
bank will b some 0,000.
Old Enolisb Christmas Plum Pudding.--To
make what is termed a pound pudding,'
take of raisins well stoned, currants thoroughly
washed, one pound eaob, chop a pound of suel
very finely and mix with them; add a quartet
of a pound of Hour, or bread very finalj
crumbled, three ounces of sugar, on ounce
and a-half of grated lemon peel, a blade ot
mace, half a small nutmeg, one teaspoonfnl ol
ginger, half a dozen eggs well beaten; work
it well together, put it in a cloth, tie it firmly,
allowing room to swell, and boil not less than
two hours. should not be luffersd
Harrisburg Telegraph.
' 1 -i
Ths Pibsioutionoi Bubnhah Eiplaihed -The
Boston ourna says that light is breaking
in upon tbe many late diabolical attempts to
burn the property of Mr. George P. Burnham,
of Melrose. It bad been supposed that per
sonal revenge was tho motive of the Incen
diarism. It now appears that the author sf
these outrage was Mr. Bumham'a master
carpenter, who had been on the most friendly
terms with Mr. Barnham, and to whom the
latter had paid many thousand dollars tbe
past year for work. The name of the alleged
incendiary is Jefferson Burns, and hi. motive
appears to have been to jet a johl Barns has
been arrested. 1 , i .i
Detboit Bankers Swindlxd out or Ssvibai
Thousand Dollars. A broker of Corunna.
Mijh., named Wallace, has swindled several
brokers and one or two banks of Detroit, out
of various sums of money, amounting in lb(
aggregate to three or four thousand dollars
by selling drafts on th People's Bank of New
York, purporting to be drawn by a banking
firm in Illinois. The drafts were protested,
the firm having no account at th People't
Bank. Mr. Wallace has done considerable
business with th Detroit bankers heretofore,
and haa always enjoyed their confidence. Hie
present whereabouts is unknown.,..
' Explosion or t Percussion Car Factory.
Tbe permission cap factory of D. J. Gaeds
mark, in New York, and property in vicinity,
was severely damaged last Thursday by the
explosion of a small cat-building used as
magazine, killing instantly and blowing to
atoms a German named Ernest Hyler the
only person about the premises. Th origin
'of the explosion is unknown, but it is . sup
posed that the deceaaed had been mixing ful
minating powder in a mortar with a pestle,
and tbat he used 'so much fore as to cause
friotion. - . . . ... .
., .., ...
Dkoisiok Conciinino Wbitis Tinotuiid
with Nxoro Blood. Aocording to a recent
decision, of the Supreme Court ol Ohio, deliv
ered by Judge Peck, ohildren three-eighths
African and five-eighths white blood, bnt who
are distinctly colored, and generally treated
and regarded at colored children by the com
munity where they reside, are net entitled to
admission into the common schools, for the
Instruction of white youths. Judges Beott
and Gbolson concurred, Sutoliff and Brinker
hoff dissented.
3 Bbechir on thi : Timor. Henry Ward
Beecher lectured at the Broadway Tabernaolo
Church, New York, on Thursday evening, on
"How to aave tb Union." He advocated the
eulture of Union aentimenta which eould be
Indoraed in every part of this land; declared
th sovereignty or the StaHet,and th right of
Virginia to be proteottd from Invasion. H
asserted that the child was bora that would
live to see the time when this Union would
not contain a singl human being in bondage.
FiNANCBt er Psnbstlvasia. Th Annual
report of th Auditor Genwal of Pennsylvania
sets dowa the .receipt of the State Treasury
for the praient year at 13,828,360, and there
was a prevloua balanoeon hand of $892,027.
Th xpendltares of th year amounted to
8,ir,0M, iHTlBI a Wflttl ti HSfM12
AavarttMMto not exceeding sr line (Agate-. "'
Onelnaartfaa sr M I (Vm smA -J Oh
Two weeke i a 0e amu7.,.,.,.... I
Hbarger adveitteesiimts inserted at the following
, rate (or eaowi, er tn lines or leas 1 , , . .
One baaerMoa 4 w 1 1 r0 wsk,......,. JJ l
Bach aridVnai Ins.. t llliw.uki 4 0
Oa wek,?..y.M.. I V ir,e loath iifi
U atl Its brandies, 6on with awtttuw ea diaaaeas
u II EAIIDFKO Mi, ' ;t;
. SHOULD HAV A. , , j.
1 'jtl' i 6' '. ...
.ii.Vi.'-:-.-...'!! 1
fiHS4ss. -r-"-"r'. ;;.i t :
Offloe 08 Weat Fonrth-atreet, Clncln null, O
j it j, Ciiciniati, Tebrnary 16, 1S50,
We have used one of "Orover ft Baker's" Sewlne;
macbineain our family for nearly two yeara. Vi e
have done aUkiudsof ejewiog upon It that Is re.iulriKl .
to be done In a large family, and It baa worked to
our entire aatiafactioa in every respect. . It has nevur
been out of repair, though in almost dally ue. Tim '
seam ia as atrong aud durable aa any cloth can b
made. There ia no dufflculty abont the teui-ion of th
thread the Inast and the ooataeai work equally well.
We have given it a meat thorough trial, and we cor
dially recommend it to all asenia hinewhl'.li ha no
superior.,. (Signed,) BKV. OH A UNCKY liltKS
i ! No, 2 ilABHisoH-ST., CiNOitmATi, Oct. 29, W : '
Huaas. Oaoviai Bjma-(1r,tlfmon- It lKa'trY
three yeara since ttyfamlly had ' one nf yenrexx:
leot Sewing Machines in use. During that limn ib y
have had an opporttinlly- of at-eiug aeverat. uilirr
kinda, and though they poeaeaa muny good qualitim,
yet for family nee, my wilt and donah ters pn-fer yoni
machine to any others In t he city. Believe me to re
main, gentlemen, Yours respectfully, -,
j (Signed,) , HSV.hlCUiKDGnAV.
' Ocroat'.n at, mt.
Uenls I have had three years experience with ono .
of your Sewing, Machine, and have alwaya fouud it,
reliable. It atichea most lieautifully, and ia eo oaaily
managed that my little girl, aix yraraold.caa work
it witb perfect ease. Long live the inventor, say 1.
(Signed,) Yours, truly, AIK8.Q U.tOMbTOCll. '
" "TJinciNHAtr, October 28, lefty,
aloaaira. Urover A Baker Ueuta: Having used onu of
your Sewing Machines for tb last two years, t during
which time I bava trie several other kinds, )1 take
pleaanre in adding my testimony to the great supe
riority of your manufacture, over any otbur that 1m
thus far come under mi notice.
(Signed,) Very respectfully,
II RB. ('HAS. U. KKLLOOut, m Seveutb-elrout.
Cixoishati, October 27, UVi.
Mesara. tirover A Baker Gents: 1 havx lined one of
your Sewing Machines for the iaat eigbtten mouth.,
both in the manufacture of line and heavy nintnriitl,
and It baa given entire satisfaction, anil 1 rheortnllv
recommend them to any person wanting a RitiU
machine. t (Signed.) Keapeotfnlly yours,
UUS. JOUNl). MINOR, 3DO West Sixth-atriHt.
Tbe undersigned, Clergymen of various denomiim
Hone, having purchased and used in our iaimli.w
Orover ft Baker'a Celebrated AMILY SKM'IMI
MACHINE," take pleasure in recommnediiiR It as
an lnatrnment fully combiuing the essentials i f n
good Machine. Ita bsantifui aimplicity, tasc ol'
management, anu tne airenKiu and eiaatictry ol itrt
stitch, unite to render It a ilachlue nnaurpassed It
any In tbe market, and one which we feel contidoiit
will give satisfaction to all wb may purchase it,
: Rv. B. W.Chidlew.A. M ;
1 u ', Bev. J. Cbuster, ..
nev. r . u. rrngo, . - .
Bev. Wm. Perkine,' '
Kev. Edward Guard,' '
' Hot. a. Blake, D. 1).,
, Uuv. K. Benaon, A. M.
Kor.J.J. Mcllhenny. D. li.i"
1 1
The fullowing la au extract frcai the report of the
Committee on Sewing Machinm, at the lnlr3enhr.uul
Agricultural Fair, held at Norfolk, Va. The' oin.
ra'ttoe waa composed of tbree of the beat mtchiiii-is
in Virginia:
"After a thorough inapection of all the Sewing
Machines on exhibition, ft is our opinion that Hie
Orover ft Baker Sewing machine ia the beat for all
purposes, vis: Family and Oeneial Work." .
Signed, - J. B. PENDLETON,
.Sup't Machinery, Seaboard and Bnanoke R. li.
8. T.HAND,
Sup't Seaboard and Hnanoke K, It.
a. B. 1AVID8,
Sup't Atlantic Iron Worka, and U. S. Inspector of
teamen, .
' '. ' CARD.
From tbe Very flattering manner In which our
Machtnea have been received by the public, (runn
ing in ths sale of upward of Thirty Thousand,) wo
are led to believe tbat our endeavors to manufaciurn
a "reliable machine" have been appreciated. We
take thisopportunllv to remark that i his policy will
be unchanged, and that every Machine sold by ns we
shall not hesitate to warrant In every respect.
del6-h QUI I VER ft BAKER S. M. CO.
Coal Cooking Stove !
Has been pronounced by competent judges to be the
Patented Dec. 7, 185H. . -For
sale by th Inventors and Manufacturers,
No. 333 Fonrth-street, Cincinnati.
W reapectrally refer to the following oartifioates
for evidence of the above ) ,,;
For eoute months I have been vaing the Alligator
Coal Cooking Stove. Ita saperioi cooking qualitiea,
nombined with ita cleanliness, ni"t eventual lyaecnre
to the owner a large abareaf pub, ic patronage.
' j . jHN MoLfcAN.
I have been using oneol He a. Adamaft Feck
over's Alligator Cook Stoves fore u months, which
gives entire satisfaction in every reapect, nud Icau
cheerfully reoommeud It to those who are in want of
a superior eook stove. H. H. LBAV1TT.
For the last year I have been using the Alligator
Coal Cooking Stove, manufactured by Mesara. Adams
ft Peckover, which I consider a auperior stove, and
gives the utmost satisfaction. It is the only stove 1
nave found that cooks perfectly with coal. ,
For some time past I have been uslngoueof Meesn.
Adams ft Feekover'e Alligator Uoal Cooking Stove,
and can recommend them as being a aupsrier a to vs.
giTing entire satis factkm In every respoot.
. u IW .J!,8, BUSHNILl, Coal Merchant,
I cheerfully Indorse the above.
: Manufactory, florlnirton, Ky.
' Ne 90 Beat r.lanbla-tret.
trade at the most reasonable prices and an th
most accommodating term with . ,
Jj A M P S
For Oil, Fluid or Coal Oil,
and ram coax oil ssodobizbd.
N. fcoaea'a ImBroved Lamp and Burners
sal ky at S4eat7. SBLKJie, Uvlngtoo, Ky
,'...i-d' . ,. -v . .
;i .-in ,,,,-( t . .. , ., , ... ,

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