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Is finished dally, ( Buadars excepted,) by
v, .,;'. nomwtOM.
tw to ." U f lit itgiti-ltliit.
TUB HIST FBlSBts delivered to subscribers la
Cincinnati, OoTlnttoa and Newport, end ear
- mending cities and townf , at the ei. ,
. tremely tow trio of
mesa or u ailiho:
Single ooylea Jo.f 1 month Mo.j I montbs$l; 1 rw P.
Jom A. uju, Js.......J8olc Iiww and Manager.
He-engagement of the charming Comedienne,
Wf tf ;' ""V " '
WKDNESCAY KVBNTNO, Deo. 81, will pa pre
senteo!: fur the first time In thfa theater, a dramatlta
Hon, Id three parts, of lira. riouthwortu'l great and
Intense Ledger Story, called- ,i
Capltola Black .....Mils MUchell
Major Ira Warfleld ....................... Mr. Kllalcr
lilack Donald - Sir. LaiiKdeu
Wool ..HMMMf .ut.iM.M.iMMMMMiMMMiMiiJi Jur. .Adam
Uabrlal LeoolrJ, , .......... Mr. II aim
C ara Day ............................. ...Mlas Walls
Pitapat ........ .. ... ...Mlaa Cenbain
Onnoe - lUUa Kate X'ennojev.
To conclude with -
f ar,.lWin tfnrfnn. V.lla Mnrinn. IT.iiffenla " "'
Morton, Diana Morton ........Miss Maggie Mitchell
M r. BeanchaniD.,.... ........Dir. bangaon
Sam Hnulne Mr. Adams
SW In preparation, Bijaaapeare a great eomedy,
called "The Comedy of Krron," with a great novelty
a the "Two Dromies." . ' ' -.
AWDoora open at X; Curtain riaea at 7X o'clock.
Flioasor aomisbioh vreae uireieaua raninens,
' SOcents; Gallery, aocents. .
ueneul 01 raisa rnuiiy riiz rarrcu,
Aadlaat night but two of the celebrated tragedienne,
jura, j aaabn,
THIS (Wednesday! EVENING, December 21, will
ne actea tne Deaui nui uorueiir caueu
Alblna MandeTllle,i.r.......Mias Fanny FIU larren
Howard .... ..... ................. M r. Curt e r
.Sir Solomon Cynic Mr. Allen
Altec which the beautilul corneay called
Widow Maudlin..... Mm. Farren
Sir Andrew Burly, ..,.......,........., Mr. Allen
lira. Dunstable ;..:..Mis A. Graham
Dnnee u. Mine Jenny llislit .
To conclude with the musical f area called
Uertrude, with eonga.;........MIss Fanny Fifz Varre h
reter opya.................. ...... ..,.uii. smwiu
TUB NRW jtATlCNAX HOTEL, adjoining tht
Tneater, la now open mr tne reception oi guosn.
Boome can be obtained by the day or week, and
m.li fiirnliht.il at All Vintire . '
NOTICK. Tradesman and other are cautioned
against furnishing any articles iot tne ineaier wun
ont a written order, signed hy I ho Manager.-;
Chaa. M. Barrel
V. B. Conway................
,,.H.M,.rjtae'e Director,
Lut week of the dlatlnguiehed Actor,
THIS (Wednearlay) KVESINO, December 31, i
be given an cxtraordinary"Ulnatra(lon of ph
.apoare amiracniona creation,
f-A iwiiir. uuiuuvti
.........MHM.......t...Mt..31r. Siieridau
Mr. Glenn
he a4)t a M eta t aa)e MMM Mr. Ohaplin
.. .....Mr. Laaagan
.......,,...... Mr. McFarlani
at. u....ia.i.
Laerte ..... ,
..Mr. Powell
.Mr. Addlaou
.Mr. Davidge
.Mra. Oonwar
..Mm. Wllkina
Aoconojnue wun inv lauauapiB leiue ui . i--
OhrlitopherVtrap........... Mr. Davldge
Nancy btrap..... ............. r.. Miaa Prootor
Larly Howard... ......Miaa.Kingaliury
mr In preparatioo for the iiolidoya a giand fairy
Bpeetacle. , , . ' ' ,. i . v.' .
WABTBD-For the above, Fifty Ladiea fortho
Ballet. Apply at the atage door, between ten and
eletea o'chjok A. M. f". " -r" .
t- vxy
,.15 centK.
r(...f.Mt.t.s....10 canto.
sir c u es si -
Oelebrated repreeentationa of
,Dr. Kane's World-Renowned ,
Every evening, at 7H o'olook. Door open at 6X.
Afternoon antevtalnmenta on . ' '' V J
Doors open at I o'olock. '
Br All Sabbath and Day-iobool pupils will ba ad
mitted for 5 centa each.
aeivaw v. v. AiAnuai, manager.
The old Pioneers' (ainct any of their frlenda who
wiah to join with tiiom) propose to ceieDrate iiio vinu
Anniversary of the Settlenieut of Cincinnati with
social reunion supper, and talk over old timoa, on
MONDAY EVENINO, Deo. 2f, at 7 o'clock, at the
Verauduh Booms, on Third. street. Tioketa 75 oenta.
. j .(do20tt1 ! -; r :
JvTJL KUHLMAN, or.aq'4 BixtJtreet,
would reapecttnlly inrnrm tne piionc tnat ene
I as, In connection with Mra Toledo's (lata of
Itavel Tmiae irtl, wardrobe, rearanad Jo
her now dpoo, at o. M aillh-atreet. Jwtwean ,
Walhdrn.l VlnrBiTvfrt; Where she iU be bapir to
see her former patrons, to whom sho- oan crier the
most aplequia assortment pi oeatimea. , aei-m-
- SECOND TEBM. - ' - WAi
NntloMnl Unll,VlB-atreet, ttbovd FUlli.
The lessons are go arranged that. beglnheta can
aommejice at guy time, j u 'Mi ."rf
-au until the lat or January, ihw,
I will aell Pianoa for cash only, at
orlcea that will Induce any one to
buy. Evon those who do not want
Ana. nPa...n. all! And .V.u nnw I.
the time to buy. I will rent, and let 'tkeSent pay
forthePiano. ., , t- O. M. MUJiOH, ,
Vo. 72 West Fourth. stitsct.
The largest stock if Hefodeona in the city, dell
tAb my nekhbon
oiTerlnggreat Induoementa for.
no ring great inouoemei
nil as I am not willin
casli, and
Dif friends and cuatoniara i
i rtnrr ' M
fall to be suited aa to prfco, I wonld
aav that I will riot ba JindAraold bv
uy house in Ulooinnati...i will still rent, und let
the rent pay for the Piano, at M West Fourth-street.
Depot lor Mgjndaona and Harmonjuui. r!p3
PKIATE than the following ne and beantiful
collections of Music :
Home Olrclo, containing 200 feces' of popular.
MUaiO ,II..M.H,l.4,U,M,HmMM.mHMjJ9 00
Wealern Clee Hordi : .M....7..V. ......T.. 1 IX)
Mendelssohn's Honga, wilhont words........u S 00
Message Bird, eoutalnlng'nfiy Ballads............. 79
JOH1T UUtRCU, Jr.j'-- v
.1 .. ' No 56 West Fourth-street. '
Pianoa tuned and repaired by Thoa. Atkins, dell
"rr- i 'tr'i
n hand k choice variety of luxnriea for the
approacningiestlve iou. aonvtthlug tor ail I La
dles and gentlemen, large folkaand little folks; inch
as new Batslna. Flgs,Oorrani9, Prunes, Nuts, Citron,
fresh Peachea, atrawberrlea and Plne-applea, Jellies
and Preserves, Lobsiers, Salmon and Hsrdlnes,
Oysters, Fresh, Core, Bplced and Pickled, Isinglass
and Gelatine, Fine Brand lejuMaJerla, Port, Sherry,
Catawba and Champagne "Vinos, Jamaica Bum,
tk-och and Irish W hisky, Ac Qeotlenien will pleaee
not forget that thecbolcent Havana Cigars are to be
bad at National Thealur Building, aiyoamore-atreet
lael - '.
Evergreens II "Evergreens 1!
. : ..''''J'-fob-: - ;'.
rbrlstmas Trees-, Wreathing, &c.
For sale by .
, . W.llASELTINEACOf, yt
deiK - ' No. 171 Walwittatreefc.e
MAMTT-ClDllki Of
Wood-Workmg Machinery,
' lrnajP JekM ad afflJflffQlMMall.O
Ja-ev Dentut, baa removea to t,l viae-etreet . Best
doneclh, oppoaita tba raa OOce, , & uCnm
iVOL., 2. NO. 105
aa. A. A aV
- r a m
i l l
ft 5 ll!S)..t',..;;,.-::;
'. ; : - '
Little JdkiMi. Sight Expreaa, 8:00 A. at.; Accom
modatiRi, 2M T.w. Day Ezpreu, 6:35 p. H.
Ohio amo M laaiisipri. 8:25 A. M.j 11:15 A. M.i 10)15
P. M.
(Jiioinnati. Hamilton and Dattom. T:i5 a. M.i 11:08
a.m.; 12:52 p. u. 6:52 p. .; 8-.5U p. u.
MtRIKTTA AMD OlMSlNNATI. 11:20 A. M.J R:5i t.U.
Bicumohp Au )MiiAAPui,ia. 1:50 M.( 6:05 r. h, ;
Littli Miami. Day Kxpreaa, 10:00 A. M.i Accom.
- modatloD, 4:40 p. M.i HiKht Kxpreaa, 11:30 p. M.
iNDIlNAPOLia AMD OlKClHKATI. 0:50 A. M.i 12:45 P.
M.J 7:15 P. M 1
Ohio ani U laanaippi. 7:20 A. M.i 2:00 p. .; 7:30 p. M.
A. M.i 10:00 a.m.; 8:40p.m.; 5:30 p. m; 11:30 p. M.
JHabiktta and OlNolMNi-n. 9:404. M.i 1:411 P. M.
BUIBMOND AND lMUIAaAPOlll. 6:00 A. M.i 3:40 P. M.
The Raleiirh (N. 6.) Dmotralh Prut
otnio&tes Oovernor WTse for the Presidency.
; 5EfTh mow wa all Inches deafjinCo
latnbuj. Miss., only a few days ago.
jg&FVermon.t refnset to permit a tmeliog
oirous ootDpany to enter her territory.
' "Small-pox prevails to some extent In
Lexington, Va,
Judge Haliburton (Sam Sliok) is writ
ing a tala nailed "The Season Ticket," in the
Dublin. Umvmtg MaQanne. "
Barney 'Williams has been -compelled
to abandon the stege for tne present on ac
count of physical debility. . i
?-An Indian and squaw were killed re
cently by, a freight train on the Great Western
Railroad, about two milei east of Chatham., i
. 9Brandy is now made in the West.froui
the paw-paw berryj and is pronounoed a very
palatable liquor. , . . ,,
X-SX bill appropriating $5,000 for a lohool
snip at Uaarleston, nae passed the sou ta care
Una Senate.,
5-Mri. Susan Shaw, an elderiv lady, re
siding in Augusta, Ga., fell into the fire on
Sunday night, and burned to death. ,
9 A free colored man, known as George
We9diionpe, diea in JNorroiK, va., last Satur
day, at the advanced age of one hundred and
twenty years. . :
In France some ingenious ohemist hos
diiooverel that a salt in the tungstate or sodas
renders clothing lntlamable If waehed in wa
ter, containing the salt in solution.. .. ,
ffi3-Tha New Orleans Ooii(, of Tuesday,
says that sixty-seven ships are loading there
for Liverpool, sixteen for Havre, andsiiteea
for other loreign ports. "" -
TThe banks of the oily of New York
have about seven and a half millions less of
peoie than they had this timo last year when
they reiumea payment. t .
SThe New York Supreme Court have
denied a new trial in the ease of Mrs. Hartung,
eonvioted of murder She will b re-sentenod
in January. ss.VCM st ;
nefMt. John J. PippT, editor and propri
etor of the Middlesex (Mass.) Journal, died at
his reeidenoe in Woburn. last week, is the
B.J -f U!' - ' ' - ;
oou r oar, ux uia sjo. , f
,aO" Snaiv fell in the various parta of' Vir
rinia on . Wednesday. There was. a .very
slight fall at Richmond at night-. the first of
tboeeaion. ; j .; , . , i
jfSf Second Lieutenant Hesekiah H. Gar
ber, of the 4th Regiment of Infantry, Oregon,
died at Fort Haekins on the 12th Jt., after
an illness pf a few days.", , ' :
afThe citizens of Louisville, Ky., wish
the seat of their State Government moved to
that city, and pledge the State that a suitable
State-house shall be4 furnished, costing the
State nothing.
eff-The First Presbyterian Churoh, Wash
ington City, whose house of worship is re
building, have been invited, with their pastor,
to ooottpy the Episcopal Church, and also one
of the Baptist Churches. ,
!sTSenator Hammond, of South Carolioa,
has raised specimens of Egyptian cotton this
year, on his plantation. The plant grows
from six to eight feet high, and will produce a
thousand pounds of clear lint.to the acre.
&AIex. Gibson was killed In the county
of Wyoming, Va., a few days since, by a man
$amed ReesT. Luek-- -They got into a quarrel
about a Iot of cattle, when Lusk shot G.
.through the breast, killing him instantly.
' ;tfie Sew iaffn'(5oBn;rTJ)Wf!(e.
thinks whaling1 is not so bad a business as Is
represented, and instances a ship which made
$12,000 in eighteen .months',' with) an invest
ment of $9;obo. '
SThere was an auroral display at Look
port, N. Y., a night or two ago. The light
shot up in all variety of colors, and with tba
greatest brilllanoy, and resembled an immensi
conflagration among the celestial bodies. - v
t, &"6tt Wednesday morning, a large barn,
owned by a farmer named MeCarty, in Wal
worth, N. Y was set on fire and destroyed,
with its contents, including a number of horses
and cattle.
' ErsTTbe Hartiord (Conn.)Gas Company hae
reduced iu price for gas to $6 per 1,0011 feel;
the daily consumption there, aj. jhis.reeason,.
being 93,001) foet. Thecheapoat gas in the
United States it sold at Plttiborg, Tenn.; at
tl 50 cer 1.000 feet.
"' jp&k late assessment of Memphis, Tenn'i
shows that' there are tnree mot, was me
Sropertyin that city to the, 'amount of over
alt a million of dollars; twelve who pay
tales on over $100,001); fifteen who' pay talus
on. over $75,000, and forty-two on $50,000 and
'pward. jj if a 01 If
j&f Ilrsf Edmund -Sehryver, wife of the
President of the Renselaerand Saratoga Rail
road, wrhjlled JnyTroy, N. TSTjitirsday
morniny AUunti(g to juajfrQiit oar
riage, having become frightened by the horse
running a we.nw
figFh dentist Vho has resided in Charles-
top, S. 'C, for eighteen months, was waited
ip, B. U., for eighteen months, was waiteq.
i$e oatbi-WtwHrir5)le li&sbefofr
magistrate, and notited that, considering his
avowed .Abolitionism, he must seek another
residoiroe. ' He Immediately left for a milder
climate. ' "
ersiii'datcra atoi SrwlartfBlif ia proq
Detent in all tne various trades and callings
Wis have artist cooks and artist cabinet
makers,' artist printers and artist machinists,
and there are In Cincinnati and artist oonfeo-
1 ' i i
biBTaiflirivs Fre An Old Man Bdsnt to
DBATH.-u.The house' and barn of Mr. Myers,
residing near Hamburg, Tali-field County, O.,
with furniture aW a lot of took, was', 0e
sieoyed byCfire Itftw nTghta sIhm. iTki ttiest
mlanoholy part of the affair is, that Mr.
Myers, who wag age! seventy years, and who
lived alone,' perished in the flames. The fol
lowing morning the boner f the old man
were louadi bub dlmost ,to eretnd,kwl,l)t
those of sV horsilinihe ban Mr. Myers btic
ing-iupvesed to bea'taoaiod man, It is feared
lhat the fire was the act of an Incendiary for
the Jjurpoig S JWery,
I (lew-iii .'ii -i i.w m
Lola Montez on "John Bull at Home."
The notorious Lola, the darlin' daughter of
Limerick, leotured, an evening or two slnco,
in New York, before a orowded audience, very
few of whom were ladles. She Is thus re
ported in one of the Eastern papers:
She admitted the sterling worth of the Eng
lish character, and professed a hearty aii'ec.
tion for bluff, honest John Bull. .But, like
everybody else, he had his weaknesses, and
bub claimed tne privilege ot taking a peep at
the oomio side of his character. ' America
till1 reverentially calls ,Englaud "Mother,"
and each may be proud of the relationship.
roe two nations are too muon antte to allow a
traveler in either to make a book regarding
the differences between - the. people; hence
tourists are forced to look about them for oc-
centrio peoojiarlliee. Taking these for their
illustrations, English peoplehare formed some
queer ideas of Americans, " Dickens .found a
Bharp-nosed pig or a spittoon nt sabjects tor
pbileaophioal contemplation.
Tne tsngnsn are an active, energetio, busi
ness people, and it is no metaphor to lay that:
"England is the workshop of the world'. An
Englishman's walk and general 'bearing al
ways indicate that he is going somewhere,
and that he is going to do something when be
gets there. , For trading, traflicing.eoheming,
and' energetic enterprise, Englishmen have
never been 'surpassed, and never equalled,
except by Americans. Our "isms" and our
"notions," ehe said, are not original Yankee
institutions, but are improvements' upon En
glish characteristics. The English called ns
a nation of quacks, but in all her travels and
experience she never saw so- much quackery
as is to be found in England.
She had aeon London placarded wilh quack
advertisements of "Love Powders," of prepa
rations for making all enrts of people beau
tiful, and of "Anodyne neoklaoes" for children
cutting toeth, the use of which wonld bring
the teeth through without trouble or pain.
The speaker continued In a lively and slightly
saroasiio strain, to touch upon the many
folbjes to be found In John Boll's character,
litishjifff at hia a-allantrtea. his nhllanthrotrv.
his Wobber, and Concluded by"'sa,jlrjg that,
with all his faults, John was a good-hearted,
jolly, joval fellow, fond of bis roast beef and
his joke, and exeeedingly' sociable when he
had sv mind to be so, The lecture wag well
received, and heartily applauded in the right
Coumindabl Motsmiht i Pbussia. A
letter from Berlin says'Inalfparlsof Prussii
workingmen are forming themselves into
societies which pay professors 'to give theni
lectures and instruction, and which also' give
concerts and get up parties PI pleasure, r Tpq
society of Berlin consists cP 4,000' toemberF.
Some timid persons reeard jtheae sooietiesas an
organisation of the Democratic party, but tbo
minister ot the interior nag directed tne uov-
ernor of Konigsbargh, who wanted to put them
down n his province, to allow them to exist
as knjr At'they shall only occupy themselvei
with affairs relative to their own trades, and
in obtaining jnstruotion. He, however, add4
that if they ooeddle with politics they must bo
treated as poiiticul looieties according to law.
A Pantr Shop Girl" FASOtitATid and Br
couss tbb .Wivi.or a Mitxiosiiaa.-.The
London Court Jwrnal of late date says; Lai
week a million tare named Scott, purchased
small pooket-book at a stationer's in Bromp
torn He wan served by a young lady of great
personal attractions, co smitten was Mr
Soott with her beauty, that, understanding
ehe was single, he then and there made his
fair enslaver an offer of-. big hand and hij
heart. The sequel is to be found in the mar
riages announced as naving taken piaoe at
churoh of some Pusseyite notoriety in the
neighborhood, last Wednesday, when the
pretty shop-woman 'stepped into a oarriage
and 3u,uu a year, alter a oourtsntp ot only
one ay.'- '- i ,: - vl ' '
i i
FosMBa Clsrk Vernon Jarboe, until recentlr
a elerki in the hat-finishing establishment of
Roberts' A Cathell, New York, but at preaenl
a snop Keeper, was arrested recently on
charge of having stolen goods from his late
within a few years, they have lost from $2,000
to $4,000 worth of stock. A soaroh of tho
eremites ooounied bv one Tobin. to whom J.
had sold the goods, resulted in the recovery of
a urge amount ot the stolen property, and
both he and Jarljoe were, commuted for ei
amination. " ' .. "
AGciDiHTju, -1 iuatbioidi. ttcenuy tores
sons or Mrs. uianre v enable, residing m up
alousas Parish. La., went Into the field for.
the purpose. of. picking cotton, when the older,
toia ms' youngor taotuier to run Urine notuo
and set the gun for htm to snoot game. Toe
boy asked his mother for the gun, when the
old lady got a Mohair 'to' enable her to get the
gun, which- was suspended above the door
Having handed it to her son. ha started back
to hia brothers1, wiiev the gun went off, and
the eontents of one of the barrels entered the
thigh Qf the old lady, outting the main, artery
ana canting. ner aeata in i ess. man two, nours
CoMumiafos) Bapstv i; Tata SotTB.-Tbo
Charleston (8. 0.) Mercury announoes the for
mation oX a Committee of Safety in that city,
and says1 tht the objeotj will bo toaia lfttbe
detection, 'arrest 'and proper disposal of all
Abolition sympathiseri and emissaries, whoso
preienos may be 'brejudioikl to! the peftoe of
our ccmimuntty. lur mnuenee win o eierteu
to protect the Innooent, but at the same time
its enorts win Do direoted to ferret out anil
hand ,pver all guilty and suspected persona to
tho nroier authorities for exandnaticn 1 and
Vpnnishmiit.t4-'ii W v t-
Anion Ivea, while hunting near the town, of
Edwards, U, 0.,. came upon twe'find backs;
which were' apnareotly fngafred la a playful
trial of strenKtn. lie snot them both, and
foond that their horns were so firmly inter
locked that it was necessary to out off their
heads before they could bo separated. Hn
judged jthat thoy b(d: been, in the condition in
whicaJna touni them 'fort at Ilalttf'daja.' J
Pbilaoblthia Brisinq Emplotmiimt. Citli
sens of Philadelphia have asked th'Presi8ent
to senfl some of the large ships of "tne navy t
riuo yara in vnt city lorrepairn, iu oraer mat
tne workmen may not be discharged. (; Tie
Seoretary of the Navy replies, that the steamer
PauhaUan and iloop-of-twar tasMsiovii,both of
whioh wul require repairs, hare been ordered
to Philadelphia, and adds, that the navy yard
at that place has bad an unusually large sharo
of work recentlyj t'. '"' ,. . . !.
; -...i- ' r:,. v ,',';;' -v.",'v
A CousTV TRiisoaT Clobbb, b am Indi,-
viboal. Last week the treasury Of Washing-,
ton County, Penni, was closed by an exoou
uon issued at toe instanoe of JUr; juouoy, who
hold a judgement "against the dounty for
interest on ice bonds amounting to about
$2,300. The treasurer'J' not, therefore, per
mitted to apply the funds "of the bounty to
ordinary purposes until the judgment it satis
fied. , . ."'.i
' ' I ,"'H'!,1
Srvirb Storm at Caps Con. The storm oa
the Cape, Wednesday night, wag the moat se-
vera expefienred , fornmany i years,' causing
much damage to the telegraph eonnectiwg
Dos ton with Higland Light, and Intermediate
stations on the Cane.' Several hundred nolos
iarere blown down and the wire broken
eumerous places by the aoeemulaUl weight
oi irosea ateei ana snow.
, ,J -i !. ! -' mtnvU
Ltrrgft prom Frrd. Douolabs Oadsb or
His Fhoht His Opirton op thb Harms':
Fbrry Affair. The last tumber of Frtd
trith Dovtjlau'i Jbper oontalns a letter from
the fugitive editor, who has arrived safely in
England. Douglass confesses that hit sudden
ourney was undertaken In fear of arrest: '
"It is probahlr oulte well known that I
tailed, not from lbs United States, but bom
Canada not from Boston, where I had intei, -ded
to take passage, but from Quebec. Nor i
It necessary to state that the Harper's Feny
srouDiot, ana me eviaent purpose or Messt '.
Bennett and Buchanan to involve me in them,
oaused me to take my' present route, though
not my present journey, for that was alread y
determined npon more than a year ago, and tl o
arrangement partly made for it."
ut John iJrowo, he savs: . . , i
"To fail is madness. To succeed la tic
highest wisdom. ' Had John Brown pursue 1
nil original plan avoiding a fight altogether,
keeping himself and his men scattered abroad
in the ravines, oaves, and the ten thousand
Sevastopol td be found among the AUeghan.v
range of mountains adding to hit number all
such as desired to be free, and were willing to
suffer hardships and perils to gain It the in
surrection would 'not have seemed the m1
and fruitless thing it now seems. Bat John
Brown fix not-failed. He hag- dropped a n
idta, equal to a thousand bombshells into the
very JJastiioor Slavery, That idea will Jivo
and grow, and one day will, unless slavery it
otherwise abolished, cover Virginia with sor
row and blood."
Amotbsb Spiritual Cohutkioatioit frc m
Jobm Brow. At a recent spiritual meeting
in Pittsburg, the spirit of John Brown wi s
summoned, and thus deliveredhimself thiou h
a medium: " ' " ,:'
As tbpy draw the line between me and ti
citisens at Charlestown, to is the dividing lire
neing drawn between the Worth and the South.
I ant not able to aay muoh now. I am almort
a novice in onmmuoloating in this way, hav
ing given it but little thought while in tbo
form. My mind and toul were absorbed in
that which concerned emancipation froarthe
thraldom of American slavery by which I
met my untimely fate. But now I see it m
to have boen to. ' Could you tee those thing t
at I now do, you would not ask me what you
do. '-.
Yesythe time had come, and I now find I
was urged on by an unseen company to do
many things I should have done differently,
had I had my way. But now I tee God an 1
his ministering spirits over-ruled it for good.
The tine tt Ot hrnndkwhen the earth qiiak for
ttuertii ine reunini process oat already com
menoetj. . .i'.' -: I , .... : "'
A Fair or Old Hbrobs. General Scott en
joyed hit trip up tbePaoiOo coast. He gen
erally passed parlor theeveniog at his lavorile-
game or wnist. ' uenerai uarney was "taken
all aback" at the announcement bf Genersl
Soott't appearanoe, bat be immediately went
on board tne northerner to pay nis rospeots.
He is nearly as tall aa Scott, has a white head,
and wears a diminutive blue asp on occasions,
He was ill at ease, and seemed not be a fa
vorite with any pne. , , , ''.!,,.
DisdoiSRD SLAVRR8.4-An American naval of
ficer gives it si hit epinton that, were, are
fhips engaged in the slave trade whose cap
Mas can stow three hundred blaoks on board
and still show a man-of-war officer "all round
the deoks." produce stcarentlv irrenroachabln
papers, and so thoroughly convince the visitor
oi tne lawiuiaeas or nis movement as to re
ceive generally over a bottle of ohampagnt-
an apology for having hig.'privaoy intruded
upon. - iv.. , -y-.
A Fihali Faoih ib Nbw Yobi. three
iada from twelve to fcurteen years of age were
arrested in New York last week for stealing a
variety of articles from stores where they were
displayed for sale. They acknowledged tho
thefts, and add that they had no parents or
friends, but were employed by a woman,
giving hsr name and location, who gave them
their clothes, toodand lodgings for what they
could steal.
ArFBAL or Clat to Wibstib. Mr'. Choate
remarked .that he had heaid Clay appeal to
Webster personally to leave ' Tyler's Cabinet.
It was , in the Vice-President's room at the
White House. Ii .was only two er three min
utes, but It wst a , grand' anpehL very power
erf ul.,,'. Webster never answered a, ..word. -He
took if all kindly. He felt ha wuln some
what a''fal8'eJ-jppstirmtv'At;,ClayL went, out,'
tnougn, a loonod at me(cnoate) and winked
i Erraoid SrJg-6r-MATAis. burly. Tei'-.'
naeeeean, wno was being made a con of Malt
at New Albany, Jnd. j the Other night, unable'
to "hold his oats," broke from his tormentors,
kaooked the sentinel at the door senseless,
bolted for a coffee-bouse, and iwore he could
whip any' Son Of Main in the United State.','
and that he would whip any newspaper estab
lishment that tol3 otMilin. ' ' ' ""
, j : . ; - "' i ""
Bovoht orr bt Charity A hotel keeper
In Williamsport, Ind., applied for. a license to
sell liquor. Some of the citizens remonstrate!
His proposed to withdraw his application and
never renew jt, if the eituens would aubsorlbe
$100 for the benefit of the poor. They agreed,
and raised the money, thus saving themselves
from a liquor shop,, and sscuring a good poor
fund., , , ,, , ". .. .
Ssnatoe Brookriok'i Ebtatr. A Washing
ton letter writer tays Mr. Wilkes, .of New
Yorkwas, on the 1Mb hist.; appointed ad
ministrator upon the affairs of the late Sen
ator BroderioV for this district Mr B. left
most of hli valuable pjiueji here, including
a will made In 185.1, just before fighting tho
duel with Mr. Smith, leaving all his. properly
to Mr. Wilke.X - - 1 ' - ' ' J ' 1
Juvrmii.k BpRaLAM. It appears that the
daring house and store. Jobberies committed
last week in Bangor, Me., were perpetrated by
soma youngsters, .who have confessed and
given up the property h. but their names arc
withheld from the public not only 'out of re
gard for their friends, but In hopes that the
young offenders will hot repeat their criminal
0t. ' . 'M;-f:V'f:')l1. .i, .
JgRvsiLiii Btnouijta MoopRNizab. A let
ter from Jerusalem states that It is no longer
the city "whioh ao luanaeakolh after? but it
is now the retort of the wealthy and great
ones of the earth. Large purchases of houses
and lands are .inado'by' Agents, of Earopeat:
governments, and establishments on a large and
magnificent scale wll shortly be made in tho
neighborhood.? ';, ,. -fi.
,. Firb in rijTjHusa-TLftssfJ.i.OOOfln Sat
urday night a fire lift Its our tu "Front-street,
near Grant, destroy iug four three-ltory brick
buildings .before-i, was wbdaed. .fh flre
originated in the steam-cracker and vinegar
manufactories of Samuel Barges and W. C.
Mackey, and hi nppoiaed to hsrve caught from
the ovens. Lost Jp25,)00, npon which there
was a partial inturanctr
( ' , ' - ' '''' i;
1 Dratu or thr Widow Or a RRVoi.onoXiRT
SobDigg-Mrii Betsy Jones died at DeHujter,
Madisoa County, N., Y., a few days ago, at
the age of 100 years. ' She was married at Bf-'
teea, and her Bwtbead tarred 'in tht'Revelu-
tion., -She has .been' tbe mother ofjfhirteen
ehiUren, Mine of whom ara atlll living, ohe at
the ageef 11, of , fw oor. ;
From Washington.
Wa8hiiwto,' December 20. According to
the conversation among the Democratic mem -
bers of tne Mouse, tney will seise upon tne nr.-t
favorable occasion to reunite their forces which
were scattered jesteday after the wHhdraw.il
of Mr. Bocock for the contest for Speaker.'
ino bestowal ot their votes on various gen
tlemen was' their experiment to ascertain oil
whom the largest number of the House miglt
ultimately be concentrated.-' ; ' ' '
The Democratic Senators having In oauous
completed the list of Committees, It has been
handed to those of the Opposition to flllup
the blanks. ,. !..-. . !. t
Mr. Mason remains as Chairman of the Com '
mitteo on Foreign Affairs; Mr. Clay as Chair
man of the Committee on Commeroe; M-.
Yulee, Chairman of the Committee of Boat-.
offipes; Mr. Green, Chairman of Committee on
Territories: Mr.. Mallory, Chairman iof Com
mittee on Naval Affairs; Mr.. Ba,yard, Chaii
man of Committee on Judiciary, and Mr.
crown, unairmin ot Committee on Distriot ot
Columbia. - - - -
The information brought by the steanu r
letneuee, received here to-day, it that Mini -
tor MaLnnn VArttnlna tLk - Vnrs flraa with
expectation of making a satisfactory treaty.
The understanding in the best informed cl'i -del
t bore was that the point on which ti e
treaty failed had been substantially conclude I
by the Constitutional Government.
From New York.
Niw York. December SO.-A di'tnatch from
Washington states tbat Mr. , Conway, Con
gressman electfrom Kansas, had arrived thcto
with the official copy of tho Kansas Wyandot Iu
Copstitntion, and will ask for -the immediate
admission. of that Territory into the Union.
A police tergoaut, named Abraham Browciy
fell dead last, night while grading lhesle.i
of tho Aoademy of Music.
River News.
Pittsboio, December 20. River & feet ( I
inchet by the pier mark and stationary. 1 1
nas oeen snowing an me morning.
as been snowing a
DiSTRTOTiv FiRt at Brow Hill. Md At
Snow Hill, Worcester County,' Md., the store
house of J. B. Robing, occupiod by ' Win. IT,
Richardson and others, was consumed by flVtr
on' Wednesday night, the 14th inst., with hm
same house,, and ill the official record,!, book? ,
papers and property belonging to the Qeoer: I
Government were burnt. ' It is believed to 1
top work of an incendiary. , On the day before
Mr. Richardson - had told to a trader sever 1
slaves, and suspicion attapbet to some of their
frlendson thatacoount. N"oneof the proper (
in tne Duuamg was tavea, owing toawarnip,;
that a keg of powder was In the store, the dan '
ger from it deterring appronehj .,
I '. .. , :t
A New Statcb, Irl the jOnsseldorf Gallery
there is now on exhibition a new marblo 1 ;,
Aires, called the "Pearl , Diver,'' oid ropra,
tents, with startling " naturalness, a youn
man, stark and eold-in death,, whose life bm
game out while pursuing bis dangerous oallii-t;
at the bottom of the sea. .The drowned maf
is stretched upon a piece of., rook, haviig
dropped from his hand tbi shell which he h .
just secured at the ooat of his life. . There h
a grace about the &gure's position, and a di
play of anatomical skill in tho carylng a :
limb snd muscle, whioh few statues present.
Louis. The St. Louis papers . of Sunday
inform as that' Dr. Charles Merry, a dentin
and a native of New York, severed bis jogulu
yoin, at a station oh the Iron Mountain Rai!-1'
road, twenty-seven mlljs from that city, ot'
Friday afternoon, and then plaoed himself
beforo a coming train, which passed over hiiu
and mutilated bit body In a horrible mannc
Tho Doctor had for some months previous ti:
hit death been a prey to a deep mslanohol '
the oamo of which is unknown. ' ' ,
Dr. Cahill is NrwYobk. Rev. ' Dr. 1
W. Cahill, the eminent Irish controveitiallsi,'
of the Roman Catholic Church, lectured Ian
evening In the Aoademy of Music, to one oi
tbe largest assemblies that ever thronged thu.
capaoious edifice. -His subjecttwas, "The in
suiiioienoyof truthanT'eMon ttf twqulrt Chilt't
lan faith,'1 and-the- lecture wag -eloquent and
ably- delivered.-. The- applause -with which
Dr. :Cahlll and, his disoourse were' reeeivt u
ws of the most enthusiastio order. : nt t-t
... A WhjtbMa Kitbgn sr a Ntoao. Os
Friday last a. white man, Samuel Martin, was
killed In Somerset County, Md., by a nogro,
John Horsey, Martin bad, a fow days before
employed H., and a dispute arising as to the
pay of the latter, the negro became insulting.
Martin ordered him out ofTiii house, and on
bis refusing to go, M. seiied his gun',' which7'
the negro took away from him' 'and beat hlin
eo badly tbat he diod. "The negro is still a
huge. Ill H -7 ii 'l i !.Oi.J .'I'.J f-i
. . I l i '. ,'l in'
' Narrow Esoaps or - Oeox raoM Pabdob.
The Washington correspondent of the Belli
more Etehanye say t.., "It may not begentr
ally known, bat it ia.. a fact,, that,, Governs
Wise had recommended and the Counoil ha.
approved of a commutation, of .Cook's sb
tonce, when bis letter to Mrs. Brown appeared
That sealed his fate." ,
CbCRQTUBB's, MatbisIohiaI.' Fufs'. A Prc.
byterian minister, In Washington D. C, in
sort of anniversary sermon, , stated, that a
''many persons are under tbe impression thn
the marrying business Is a large souroe of rev
esue to the preaoher, he had no hesitation It,
Hating, as a matter of faot, that- his tuarrieg'
feei have averaged $80 a year" - " '
)., ,, ., , T","-J
DitTRitcTioit or tbb Buohahas PooaFusu
Several years ago President Bastnananinvesloi.
$4,000, tbe interest of which lis annually dia
bursed in the purchase of fuel for "poor and
indigent females" in Lancaster, Pennj ' The
annual distribution took place this week, and
the Lancaster papers report large numbtr
of wortby and deserving claimants.
i ' : A 'I'' . ' 'Ii' v"iH"H V
movement Is about to be sot on foot for 'tin1
fiurpose of raising funds for the erection of h
east tbree Dew Presbyterian ohnrches In Bel
fast, Ireland.. This hew ttep has been ooii
aidered necessary - In 'Consequence of the in
crease of church-going people during the "re
vival" movement. " " ' ' '"
ExBOUTioH. or 'a' Mrdirkti'Ih' Canada.--Beauregard,
who murilcred 'Cbarston, t Ei
Hyacinth, latt sprfng,, was hanged-at Mon'.,
real last Friday, having bestfattonded on Hi ;
scaffold by two Roman Catholic Clergymen
He made no confciaton, Bb iwe.l no signs oi
trepidation, an-1 appeared to die without a
truggle. A great crowd witnessed the exe
Uon- -
. DiSARMiito or Slavis. The' Pdi't Tobacco
(Md.) Timer publishes an order from Juig
Frain, 'together with' the csnourrenoe of toe
grand jury of Charles Coodry, withdrawing
all licenses gradtlogtd the free colored persons
the use of fire "arnisi'knd also authorizing thrj
berift' and constables to sen eh for and seive'
soon tuch arhts, wherever found,' and dispose
f tht same aooordlng maw,,, - "V:
SilsaillaaisiilaBiil ill, i Au u... A call
Cnelnaartloa . On week, ,." J)l "
Two weeta .n l u One pontb.,. ... te t ,
KUuger asHes liases saw liHae atahetesaswlay
rates tor aaaan of tee) Unae ot tm :. )
One Insertion,.,..! .10 1 Two weeks-......Jkl rat ,
laok addi'aal las.. ?' f ' hree weeks........... 4 ' J
wne wecg.. i Pi"oe aaoaia.. ,, n 't ,
i Job Vi intm'; V .
la all Its braBokwe, dose with neainees and dleaaicli
1 ! ii eajU d tooib;;;
SHOULD HA Vll A i :,
Ouloe 9S ffssl Fenrth-atreet.Cincln noli, ( ,
' ' '.,'.''. Cikoikm ATI, February 15, lei1).
mW have used ote or "Qrover A Baker'a" benin
Machine la - onr family for nearly two yeiir. t n
havedonea-lkludeof sewing upon ft that ia requirnl -
to be done in a large family, and It hm worked to
our entire satisfaction In every respect. Jt bus nnver
been out of repair, though lu alaioat dully nan. Ton
seam ia as strong aud durable aa auy clith emi bit ,
inade. There is nodufflculty about tho inuion nrtlio .'
tbreadthe flneet and the ooansnni work cqonlly aell.' ;
We have given it a moat thoronprtt trial, and wo cor
dially recommend it to all aa & niA"liinn is-litrh him ni.
aperior. (Signed,) BKV. CHAUNCKY filLEM.
Ko, 2 HABaisoN-ST., Cincinnati, Oct. I' ..-.
Mtssas. (laovsaA Bsxaa Gentlemen: It inn ;ir!y '
three years since my family had one of your axial- ' 1
lent Sewing Machines iu use. Uuring that time. Iny
bare had an opportunity of aeeiiig norirol n'licr
kinds, and though they possess rnuny good qualities','
yet for family nae, my wile sail daughters prefer your , ,
machine to any others In the city. Kelievu rue hi re- ,
main, gentlemen, Youra respcctlnlii-,
(Signed,) TlKV.KlCHaKDCBAV.
I ' ' ' OoTOaisa 2f,, li.(. !,
tjenta I have bad three years experience with onis
of your SSwing Machines, and have always found it
reliable. It stiohea moat beautifully, and is ao easily
managed that any little girl, six years old, can urk '
it with perfect ease, long live the inventor, aay 1. .
(Signed,) Youra, truly, M11S.U ti.COMSTOcK. ,
"i ' '' ' ' niweiMaati, Oetetier 2s, law.
; Mesara. C rover A Balter-Uenta: 11a iog used one of '
your Sewing Machines for the last two years, (dumiK
which time I have tried aereral other kinds,) I liikn
pleasure in adding my testimony to the great upe.
riorltyof your manufacture, over any other that had
thus far come under my notice. ' ' -
. (Signed,) Very respectfully,; .
MBS. CHAS. H. KELLOQU, 303 SeveirlU-streil.' ' " .
. ' 'if l"i OiNciMNATr, October 27, low. ' m
Mesara. Orover A Baker enU: I have used oue of
your Sewing Machines for the lust eighteen ruuniliK,
both in the mannfacture of tine and heavy material, i
and it haa given entire aatisfaution, and I oheertiilly t ,
reoommend, them to any peraou wautiug u good
niaoniue. ioigneu,f neapectuiuy yours,
1NOB, m West Sixth-street, i
Tbe undersigned, Clergymen of various douoiuina
tions, having purchased and need in onr tamilim
G rover A Baker's Celebrated t'AMILY SEWING)
1IACUINB," take pleasure in recomniuedlng it aa
an iuatrument fully coinbining the esaentinla of a .
good Machine. Its beuutiful aiuipllcily, eaau, of
management, and the slreugtli and olaatloity oi ita '
stitch, unite to render it a Machine simurpaaaed bv
any in the market, and ouewhioli we feel oonndmts
will give satisfaction to all who may nurchane it,' ,
Bev. B. W. Cbidlaw, A. A1.,V ;
1 -"i 'l i .)':, ,' Bev.J. Obuater, . so t y .
.,.. ,. , Bv. P.O. i'rugh,
; i . , .I'... . Bev. Wm. Perklna, ' V "'
'.-'.:.'!.; - Rev. Edward Olxard, ; . ' "' :
; ..,-' - llev, A. Blake,. D ' , . .
U . Ilov, K. C. Boason, A. Jl.
..... IUt. J. J. Molllieuny. II. 1."
The following ia an extract from the report of Iho
Committee en Sewing Machine, at tbe late Sealicard '
agricuiiurai i air, neia at NorioU, Va. The Com
mittee was coinpoaed of three of the bwt uiachluiata
in Virginia:
' "Alter a thorough inapeotion of all tbe Hewiug
Machlnee on exhibition, ft ia onr oninlun tlmt tii..
Orover A Baker HewiDg machine ia lliel.net fur all .
purposes, via: Family and uenerai Work."
. ligneu,i , . , . j. i). FKNDLKTON,
, Sup't Machinery , Seaboard and Boauoke it. It.
i ' 8.T. ftAND,
i i ., '.J r lop't Seaboard and Roanoke B. B.
. j .' . - ' O. B. DAVIDS, .
Bun't Atlanlli- Iron Wnrka. and IT N I
8 1 wit m era.
CARD. -'
From the very1 flattering manner In which onr..
Machines have been received bv the miblio. freMilf-"' '
Ingin the sale of upward of'Thlrty Thoimand,) we
are led to Ueliovethateuaeudeavors to wauids(cmro
a -reiieuiB macuine uare oeen appreciuieii,
take this opportunity to remark thatihln policy will '
be nnohanged, and that every Machine sold by u a '
shall not hesitate to warrant in every respect.
delS-h OKOVK A BAKKIt 5. M. I'tY
!' : j. ii'.itY.
3 !
Coal Cooking Stove !
Bas been pronounced by oompetent'Judgia tiiW tiio '
EVTER invented.
Faleuted JDec, 1, . . ,
For tale by the lnveotora and Mauufaoturara. v ,
No..33' Fou rih-streef , Ci ncinnati. :
e We respectfully -refer to the following certltloalea '' ''
for evidence of the above ; J
For some mouths! hate, beeu 4itlug the Alligw r
Coal Cooking Stove. It supetior cookuu: euuluiii,
conibiued with ite cleanliness, u. itevoutimliywcoio
to the owaert a large share af p.Jilicpatronaget t -r '
. t. ' , .1 , l.i. ('tHN atqtiKAJf. ',.
Ibave been1 narng boe'M M' a. Adanm A Pm.'i.
over'a Alligator Oooa Btovea tor. . netuoaabs, which '
gives entire satisfaction iqeve.y .respect, and J own -,
sbeerfnlly reeogimendlt to those who arc- in waut of
a superior cook novo. ' . . H eH. H. LKAVITT. 1-
For the last year I have been nslng the AllljratoPi i
Coal Cooking Stove,manufatnred by Mesara. AiUtaia
A Peokover, whioh I consider a eupertor stovo, ami
gives the utmost satisfaction. It la the onii atove 1 '
E. fbpnd.thatcooka lrcU w.tj ft,.
Tor some time past I have been nslng one of Msn.rs. - '
Adams A Paekover'a AUUator Coai Cooking blnvea, ; ;
and can reconjmend them aa beiug a aupurior etovo, , .
giving entire eatlaraction in every roapect. . .
, JOS. BUSUHKLt, Coal Molfan.v'
I cheerfully indorse U above., - ' ,
4 -Mrttf ttTaeWr y, BoTlrVa tiih: K j: ,U
ti .i ii w.:'a,.i..'i " - '!- ' .l '!
WAREHOlSKi,-? (INfWX 111,0.';
,n p. 9q Baat CulaaabU.aireoi.
trade at th. aaoar reaaonabls prices and au the '
rnont aocomBieilatIng trrma with ..t J
nv.i, -1 ; ii 'i! r . -" , "ij i.j .if I..
"'H' ,'l - it . i i l --!
' ,' ' i -.l.i.il -i.: Ii.-.a :.a-!.! !
., "Li Alff'P" H' -
Hil,l .-...'.!.. 1,1 , :f. l;r-l'J.. ,Vv -i-.rt"
Tot: ou, FiTiid..0r:dai;Q;;
1 AN!) tHI.OOAt OL'0KOJO'tl l " i
X.B.-Jonea'l Imarovn J.suum and' lluiuer- lor
nletf er sgS J. SBbLKhlCvvlugtun, Ky.; j
. ik-j. rASatagJjaioe.nw. lT-T 1
i -.(

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