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"TO01jD,".,iB thlioo)nnm, occupying five HnM
or 1m. two inaertions, twenty-live centi.
V ANTED GIRL Ad American girl
mall fern-
'-Lomuffloi.as irfiit FOurth-trat . T
in at tn
WANTED-OIHli To do general house
work, at Mo. l Milton-street None need
apply bat want can give good refer ence. deftb
$600. wlihlni to travel South and Welt, can
become associated wth the advertiser lu a pleasant
fuh business', which will pay two a large Income,
tVr particulars address L. box 1,741, postofflc.
- , ; detab ' " -J
tespectablo pacing busineea, for which tlie
advertiser will give (iui and dovote bit time to the
Interest of the concern. Address (stating nature of
business) 0. U.,. at tbia office.' d2lb
.. ,oook,wh end '"" o do the work of a
, email family, lunolie on Wade-street, two doora
. eat of Fieeman. . de21ti(
WANTED TO BUY-Sev.rai fine New
foundland and Hat Terrier bogs. r- O
AUo, one pair fine llounda. liiijiilni liu i Xa"wT.
mediately at tli Wetzel House, Seven- "
Iwuih Ward, Cincinnati. de2lb
two dining-room girls, three girl for geo
rral house-work, and one girl to go bomb with an
exhibition. Apply without delay to W. 8. MAIiON,
60 Kaat Tblrd-atnwt, baaement story, next to Adams'
hapreea.. d(,21u.
WANTED Reliable help for lituationt
of any kind can always bo had at a moment'a
notice, by epplylog at No. 60 East Tlilrd.street, base
ment atory, next to Adama' Express ofilce. Mo
' charge to servants. ' de21am
Wanted cook; io. a good cook,
.Tw dining-room girl, and cham barmaid, at No.
162 Weat Fiflh-atreel, between Haceaad Kim,
i . .. ..... de.lbj . ...
WANTED BOY An aotive, intelligent
boy, from ten to twelve years of age, to do
chorea about a house and assist waiting on tablo. I'o
such an one a goon home la offered, and permiasiou
to study or evenings. Apply at 144 Weat fourth
treet. de21b
plain oooklng and washing, and one to do
chamber work and nursing. Apply at 145 Smith
street, between Fourth and Fifth-streets, de2lb
IhiMMkl k .1 1 1
bud wuo can come aeitreoouiuienueu-no others need
apply-good wages given. Call on John Battesby,
Market-apace, between Third and fourth-streets,
ilovlugton. del6tf
and who can come well recommended -no others need1
WANTED Clerki, book-keeperi, tales
men, bar-keepere, porters, ooopera, carpeu
lera, niechauloi, laborera and others, can find aiiua
Upas at the Juerohaula' (Jierka itcgiatry Office, 1
Walnnt-atreet. dellatw. EAL.lt a. tJO.
XfANTED M E N A large number of
active, inauiirioue men. can nna agreeable
ana at the same time lucrative employment in the
sate oi sums new anu popular uooaa ana JUHps.
l'bese works are written by tbe best historians aud
authors known to the civilized world ; hence thuir
popularity. Come and examine for yourselves be
fore engaging iu the aale of other publications.
ALACK ii. B A UNITS, fublisber,
deStf . an Weat fourth-atreet, Uincinuatl.
BOARDING. Several gentlemen ean be
accommodated with good board iu a private
family, by applyingat 2M West tjixth-etreet, between
John and VVesteru-row.. Termi, $3 per week.
130ARDING-A couple of families, or sin
JLM gle gentlemen or ladies, can be accommodated
who pieasani looms ana ooaru at no. iw sycamore'
street. Reference required. . . de22b
FOR RENT HOUSE A desirable three
story brick dwelling on fceventh-street, below
Baymiller, No 507, contains eight rooms, and ia fur
nlahea with bath aud gaa. Kent 83U per month. Ap-
street, pear fifth, 1 deab
FOR RENT HOUSE A convenient and
comfortable three-story brick dwelling, 8. W.
corner of l'luin aud Ferry-streets, painted and pa
pered, with ii rooms, gas, oistorn, aud all Improve
,,, meuts. Kent low to a tlrat ciues tenant Apply at
W 8ycaniore-street, or box 38l postotHce. delii
fjOR RENT A three story Brick House,
Jl of eUht rooms, newly papered and pain'ed
with gas o.rusr of Kigbtn aud Uaymiiler-streeU.
Bent fXa per Vaar. App y at No. 147 West Court
street, DeiuoeniUutler aud Linn. de.b"
DKNCK, two-story frame, six rooms, good ont
bnildlngs, situated on iligh'ttreet, Oxford, Ohio,
near tne semaie lus'B'mu auaaopot. Apply soou
to the owner, A. U. CTaH, at No. 177 sycamore-
street. Cincinnati, or rATTON & lIUDLsi, No. 57
West Third-street, Cincinnati, d15feod"
home-shoes for sale low for cash. Apply to H.
H. WOODS, Covington, Uadlson-streot, between
autn anu Dixtu. . aezior
bull nop. seven months old: had on a brass col
lar without lock; yellow spot over the right eye; ears
out short; otherwise white. A liberal reward will bn
given ror nia return to no. 23 west sixtn street, be
tweon Main ami Walnut. dcjlh
f OST TWO COWS One about five years
JaLi old, white, with red neck and short tall; the
other red. with white eeoin. tourer live rears rid:
Uave been lost four or five weeka. $S reward will be
paid ur their return, or iniormatlon leit at Linn
anu.nana.Bsreeis. . toejio-j yvm. uusoi,.
fj10UNDA POCKET-BOOK Containing
as.- as, ana papers, was leit on tne counter of j, V,
TOWjtKS 4 Co.. 149 Main-street. Wedneidav after
noon. The owner can have it by proving properly
'. ana paying ooargea. " 't i aeo
' D. K dADY w& CO.
, MENT of p . . r ,
hriitiiia8 Presents,
At tne Old Bund, corner of Filth and Walnnt-stn.
, (rlel.thwl
KsT Call at
Looking Classes!
.. .. Very Low. Pricee.
Holiday Presents!
, v Full Trimmed,
: . Wholesale and Eetall.
bV2U 838 WK8T gbtJBTH-BTRKT,
. JLJMVT Uoroooo-heeled Boots; ,
. UO cartoons of Children's Fancy-heeled Boots; !'.
i 100 pairs of Women's Pegged Ooat Boots, custom
made, at 74 cents a pair. )
. LstoreandlbrsalehTi -yu:,
, i deZlam " ' , ' M Pearl-street.
Xw boxes, half-boxes and quarter-boxes, Beedleia
ilalsins, Dew uanoiea mirou, new uurraais, anu
every tningsiaeior msains; yonr minoe-meai, pna
dlngs.c,,,,, JOMBYiMTJHON, Oiwer, ,.,
,H .de.lt II .w , Closer KlnthanoV)ne..srrtatl.
Urfiid LiTTMS. The followln? Ii a list of
lettera detained for non payment of postage at
us ,iiuuito, in ims city, uecemoer zi:
Mjaa Mary A. Keith, Bt. Lc-uli, Mo. ,
Bliss Marl Stewart. Cleveland 0.
Lewis Valenth e, Madison, Inil. '
Charles B Collier Binghamatoo, N.T.
J. N. Warder. Oontno, III.
nm. I. MoOM. Kllltnnnill Vwlnflna 'V.rUn
County, ill. '
, vduhuwivU ! ViDVBIAItUaa'A' VaT U1V
taty .ftess, by Henry Ward, Optician, No. T
W. 1 . L. . . . T . L ft 1
uurtu-eircvi, iuuciiiucr ii.
'clock. . Barometer. ' . Tltorrjinifiutfr.
A. M...........,..2J0 . 20
II M..
..... It
e f. si.,
and marriage.
ar For a Christmas prenent, one of Ladd,
sthfitAr A. fill fl rflf. ttPaaMnillm smAasvin sw MB.
ohlnes, 80 West Foarth-itreeU
Cbiutuai is Coxikq And ao are the snlen-
did oysters at Waggoner's, on Western-row,
above Fifth, some of the finest ever brought
West. Remember, at Waggoner's, 203 Wett-
Tibp8IOHoeai. Mr. and Mrs. Shank trlva
thetr next soiree d&nsante this evssis;, the
ooncert room at Pike's Opera-house. Exten
sive preparations have been made, and the
affiir promises to be one of more than ordin
ary attraction.
S& At nine and a-half o'clock this mora
ine, J. Graff & Co. sell sn Invoice of Fana
Good's, Baskets, 4a., at No. 18 East Fourth-
street. Also, at seven o clook, P. M,, a variety
of Fancy Goods, Brooies, Glass-ware, 4o.
dob aavertisemeni. .. ...
Celibbation op St. Jobu's . Dat The
newly eleated officers of the Masonia Lodges
of this city will be installed cn St. John's
uay, Taesday next, the 27th Inst. Alter the
eeremonies have been performed" a banquet
will be given at the Veranda, on Third-street.
Ai Orioihal Rap rELU An original Saf
faelte of the Hodonna and Child, is now on
exhibition atWiswell's Gallery on Fourth
street, and is visited by many connoisseurs.
Of its genuineness there is said to be no doubt,
and its value is estimated at $40,000. The
pletnre has some fine features, but as a whole
causes disappointment; tbs virgin resembling,
facially, a Isger-beer-selliog damsel, over the
Rhine, muoh more than the beautifully tad
and exeeedingly spiritual being we imagine
the mother of Jesus to have been.
Cbbibtiiab OiSTias. Peter Cavagna No.
31 West Fifth-street, is receiving daily superb
oysters. As Christmas is drawing near, our
eitlzens should give Cavagna s call, and sat
isfy themselves as to the superiority of his
dslioious bivalves,
' Chsistiias' Bivalvks. Fine, fresh, fat Bal
timore oysters cao be had at Robert Orr's,
No. 11 West Fifth-street. Those wanting
delicious bivalves oan not find any to equal
those found at No. 11 West Fifth-street.
Ram Asbival. Something rare andattrae
tive in the way of French Boots and Slippers,
direct from Paris, has been received at J. H.
Peter's, No. 63 West Fourth- street. The slip
pers are very suitable, for presents. " '.'
. No. 147 Main btbskt. Those seeking pres
ents for Christmas and New Year, should not
negleot to visit Bradley & Webb, at 147 Main
street. Their assortment is uocqualed.
Rav. Mb. Robinson's Lectori. Erroneous
announcements having appeared in our son
temporaries, of the time of tbe next lecture
before the Young Men's Mercantile Library
Association, we will state that Rev. George C.
Robinson, of Union Chapel, Cincinnati, will
lecture at Smith fc Nixon's Hall, on Thursday
evening, December 29. Subject "Every tub
on its own bottom."
Polios Cooet. The session of the Police
Court yesterday morning was quite short, only
nineteen cases, and they of the most ordinary
obaraoter, being called for examination. The
business was far less important than usual,
and not a single circumstance was developed
that would be deemed worthy of relation,
The Psbjurt Case Before Jostios Bill.
Wm. F. Struve, who was oharged a day or
two ago with having perjured himself iu a oaso
before Justice Rowekimp, was examined yes
terday afternoon by Justice Boll, and dis
charged. ' Elbbmobthaby. Rev. Richard Gray, City
Missionary, and Assisting Minister at Christ's
Church, who has, as is known, very kindly
opened a school for the children of indigent
parents, designs giving his pupils a dinnsr on
Christmas; and on making known his inten
tion to his parishioners, be received inch lib
eral contributions that he will be able to
furnish a number of poor families with com
fortable provender on that occasion. 1
Gieat Sale or Fbemoh China Vasib Fancy
Goods, Ac This morning, at nine e'elick,
Cooper A Stokes, Auctioneers, sell fancy goods,
French ehina, iron and stone ware, work
boxes, Ac, suitable for Christmas preient;
also, a very large invoice of eoal oil lamps cf
various styles, at their auction rooms, No. 14
East Fourth-street.
a i .. .
Gam KB fob Childbe. Among the many
other novelties suitable for holiday presents to
children, none are more appropriate than the
numerous games for sale by Geo. S. Blanch
ard, Fourth-street, East of Walnut. "Peter
Coddle's Trip to New York," and ;"Tipsy
Philosophers, or the laughable game of Words
Bewitched," are entertaining even toqhildren
of a larger growth. ;
Ahothbb Case op Dkstiti'iion. A woman,
named Ellen Kelly, went to Lieutenant
Brocklngton, yesterday afternoon, stating
that she resided in an alley between Fifth and
Sixth and Sycamore and Main, and that sho
was suffering foi want of the neoeasarles of
life, having pawned tnelaBt piece of olothinir
the day before'. Her condition was such that
before many days she will need the atten
tion of a physician and nurse, and she was
therefore, referred to the member of the Poor
Committee for that Ward, who, we presume,
ha tent her to the Hospital.
House Neablt Drowsed. A wagon laden
with hogs ran against a lamn-nost veiterdav
afternoon, at .the corner of Main-street and tbe
anal, and was badly broken, making the
third that has been almost demolished at this
place during the present ea&aon. One of the
bones was -thrown .into ihe canal and was
nearly drowned before the driver, after an
hour's labor, insoesdei In extrfoatisg him
from his position. .
Sbbiods Accidbit Mae Nsailt Killed.
A man named John Hambrouater wm nearly
killed yesterday afternoon, under the follow
ing cireurristanoea: He was sitting upon the
tongue of 1 Is wagon and driving down Wslput
Btreet, but when near Thirteenth his hone
took fright and ran off. He was in suoh a
position that tbe animal kicked him at every
leap, but after making every exertion to stop
them he finally fell off, and the wheels of the
vehiole passed over hie body. He was taken
up in an apparently tnorlband oondition and
carried to bis : residence, en the, Hamilton
Road, near Elm-street. , ,. :
Steamboat Robsbbt. The room of a man
named "J. W.' Vases Ic'ttAVitestmboat ?ri.
fiaaltfU entered, by force pcnnnrW, y.t.f.jrt
Wssxtv RiroBt or tss Cirr Adoitoi.
Tbe City. Auditor last night B reported to the
City Counoil that during the weak ending on
yesterday, orders had been drawn en the City
treasury tor we loiiowing sums:
Watch Fnnrl a Mi n
Superior Uourt gnnrl ,. .,., ' 83 SO
Light fund,... -.. AS
Cl.r Prison Fuud .. 3 3 3J
Piillce Court Fund -......,.,...... ii M
Fire Department Fuud... ...,....,.... 1.108 4
General Fund -.... 3,362 08
Special Ordinance P u u d. ...w....., ,.. 161 IS
Common School FqndwM ,... 18,332 98
Colored School rund.u... ....,.....,.., ; 703 if
TOtal. M.M..H.MM.MM.ra.MMMMMHM.M.MMaSS&lS 63
There sre now remaining; In tbe Citv Treas
ury tbe following sums :
General rnnd...M.-M u 147.63 M
watch Fund 8M si
Intermit iuiid...u V4ii m
Superior Court Fuud .. . ,
Mre uppartttieul ruud........ M.. m
Ligllt k Und.n.... .H.M,.mm.Mm...MWH,. JO 79
as is i i Si UBU.esaaeeeweesae)a esses a salew.ee as 4,1M 47
slcUickeu Fnnd......M. M .......... MO 10
Biuklng fund...,....,. ..... ......,. 1 98,135 49
uuuiuiuu oouuui auua j,onua ana uasn,. Xt,3ns s.
Colored ttebodl fimti. ...,, u j Kg 41
e mtminmitms
11,711 08
Tie Populabitt of Books Depeeoeut crow
Political Kxoitb waNL-We have been informed
that for a couple of years past a Main-street
publisher has had his ahalves encumbered b
about five hundred copies of Hinton Rowan
Helper's Impending Oru,t none of which he
ever expected to sell, and thought seriously of
souuiog mom oaos to tne puoiisner. wnen
the dlscustion in regard to the book, however.
came np In Congress, it suddenly became pop
ular, ana ne soia on bis entire stock in lets
than two days, and had calls for at least a
thousand more. It has been proved that
politioal dlsoussion may make books popular,
and it is quite likely that the debate in Con
gress was merely a publisher's trick to get
their work Into notoriety, thus relioviog their
shelves, and at the same time swelling their
bank account.
Double Infatuation A Fatheb and Sob
Elofino at tbe Sahb Timb. In yesterday's
issue we published an aooount of a runaway
marriage that took place at the Burnet House
night before last, but were- not at that time
apprised ef the fact that the father of the
young man who so precipitately rushed into
matrimony there, was at the same time being
married at the Spencer House, to a female
with whom he also had eloped.
It appears that both father and son, neither1
aware that the other was upon the same train,
arrived in this oity in company with females
whom they intended to make wives, and took
rooms at different hotels. Marriage certifi
cates and ministers were procured, and about
the tame hour both the infatuated Individual
became Inhabitants of that mysterious realm
whioh Montainge says possesses the peculiarity
of giving all who reside there a desire to emi
grate, while all who are without its boundaries
seem desirous of beooming residents within
them. i' M i
They may return now to their homes in onr
sister State and plead forgiveness from the
parents whose daughters to use the sarcasm
of the world they have made happy, and we
hope they may receive it; but if the music of
their epithalamia Is ever disturbed by do
mestio disoords, tbe memory of the circum
stances under whioh they were married, may,
with aid of philosophy, make a bstter har
mony than Love and Hymen ever were known
to produoe.
1 .
BtGet one of ladd, Webster i Co.'s sew
ing machines (tht bat in tit market) tot a Holi
day gift. 80 West Fourth-street.
3fS A. A. Eyster, Clocks, Watohes and
Jewelry, Nos. 8U and 171 Western-row.
Hundreds daily visit the Broadway
"Beautiful Colored Pictures taken at tbe
Broadway Gallery.
Superior Fanoy Cases at the Broadway
Gallery, No. 58 at half the usual price. Don't forget
TSpragne A Co.'s establishment, south
east corner of Fouthaid Vlne.streeta, la favorably
known for the com pleteneas of Its stock and excel
lence or its goods. Their assortment of Cloths, Cas
imeree and Teatloge comprise every variety, includ
ing the meat elegant atylea. Drop in and aeetbem.
J-Re member that Hannan k Lyons, at
tbe corner of Sixth and Sycamore, streets, will have a
fine display of Ohrlstmaa meats, during the holidays.
p3S" Usb Howa's Cough Candt For sale
hr John D. Park, oorae of Fourth and Walnut.
Holiday Importations at Elian's, 16
West Fourth-streot , . , ,
IpST Holiday Jewolry at Ellns's, Idlest
JpS" Christmas (lifts at leu than Eastern
prioea at Kline's, IS Weat Fonda-street.
itr Fine Jewelry, cheap for oash, at Bliss's,
14 Weat Fourth-street. ; -
Pure Sliver Spoons and Forks, at
Xllas's, 16 West Fourth-street.
Great assortment of Plated Ware at
Illaa's, It Weat Fonrth-atreet. '
STFIne R. R. Watohes at Elias's, 16
Weat Fonrth-atreet.
STGet your Watohes and Clocks repaired
at Blias's, IS Weat Fourth -street.
SFor Christmas Presents go to Albert
Hoaa'a, aoutb-west corner of Bighth-etreet and Western-row.
fef Minoe-meat for your Christmas minoe
piae. Venison, beef-tongue and beef mince-meats.
Ton can rely on John Hunt for a choice article.
pS" Crouch's Gallery, No. 68 West Fourth
street, la the place for cheap picture. Ten cents
Will prooure them. Qo and get one.
EbT Daguerrean Gallery, south-west cor
ner of Sixth and Western-row, over Hannaford'a
drug-store. Pictnrea taken and ' ut in good cases
for twenty co. ts. Warranted to please.
yS" The annual donation of Tea Canisters,
aa adopted by Moore ft Cheater In 1831, will con.
mence at aoutb-eaat corner Fifth and Walnut, on
Friday next. 1 de21o
OSff". Floub. Choice Family Flour, at the
lowest rates, delivered without charge. Bend In
your orders to the mill, at O., B. and D. B. B.
Oats, Shorts and Middlings always ob
hand. Trade supplied at lowest rate. JAMES K.
HCBIN, Agent, S77 and t SUth-street.
fif Gift Book Bah. Crowds are visiting
the Gift Book KstaHlahment, S3 Weat Fourth-street,
and the general expression la, "I hare got tbe worth
of my money." This Is necessarily so, as the books
are sold at the lowest retail price, and a gift of tome
description, from flfty cent to one hundred dollars,
U giren with each, at the time of sals. This la a rare
onence offered to Buy ymr Book for Holiday Pres.
' . ' ." ' , ' ' ' I d,JU
Stereoscopes In Mahogany, Boiswood and leather i
Siereotcoplo Vlewali Group, Statuary, Landacapaa;
1 ' Steel Bracelets, Brooches, dlaapst Buckles
Steel Slides for Bonnet and Dress Trimmings ;.
Fan In Pearl, Ivory, Sandal-wood ; 1 :
Mourning Bracelet In Coral, Jet, Gold and Beada j
'' ' Coral Necklaces, ShCnlder Tlea, Negligees j
Wax Beada In White Coral, Bine, Lavender;
Card Baaketa, Card Receivers, Card Cains ; ,
Odor Stands, Odor Boxes, Toilet Bottles ;
Jewel Caaketa, Jewel Boxes, Work Boxes ;
- .Writing Desks, Portfolios, Gold Pens;
Crying Babies, Shaking Dolls, China Polls, Wax
pols.k Ladies' ,, Purse (n 'tealhfer.
Wire, Vetvet,.
WASHINGTON, December 21.
SENATE Mr. Iverson, oi Georgia, pave
notloeof bis intention to introduce hills amending
the act eatabliHhtuf. lbs Court ot CMui, au.l cliai.g
log and rrgulailna the mode of appointing Cadet to
the Weat I'oUt Milimry Acerlemy. , j , -
A message rvcrivrd from the President cf iho
TJulied htates. transmitting ilxt-CHtire corurnuuica
tuna. whniUDon tlm Hautita want .iutn Nx.cutivn
riiluiu On the. doora being je-opened, Hr. Uriabt.
of lud., submitted a re-olmlon lor the appoiutmeut
of the standing iXimruitien. Sacu Ommittw) wa-
tnen appoioea ny re ointlona adopted by a alrict
par.y ruteurtl yeaa to lvuay, excepting Mr. I'ngU,
of Ohio, who voted nay.
- Mr. Rice, of Miuu., corrected a misunderstand
ing nf sm. of the reporlers in r;trd lu nls reenonu
to alr .jVAi.b, d'Olu 1I14 .di.p.avtment of Cougla
fioui the hoHddf the Territorial Co'iumlttu. HH.aid
he wa not a parly to tlie tra...auiion, nor upheld it.
Mr. Slldell lutroduced bill, making aa xpproprt
atlou to facilitate the acnnisltlou of Cuba by nego
tiation. Befetred to the Committee on Foreign
Alfam. ,a
Un motion n( Mr. Hale, a resolution waa adopted
Inatructing the Post Offlce Comaiii4 to toqiiira ii
II be not practicable;, in aome manuer to avoid the
prtsent delay iu the transportation of tbe mall
between Washington and Uoaton.
un motion -of Sir. Foot, resolution waa adopted
instructing the Flnauoa UJrunittlee to inquire Into
the practicability 01 adopling anmei more'elfectual
and conumical iuaus ul warming Lh public build
Ingaof the Quyevnmeut througout the couutry.antl
ofm-kiug an approprlatUia Tor the purpose of ac
oompllehfiig this object. , ,.
Mr. bayard introduced aeveral bills, which failed
to recelv the action vt tha laet Congrats They
relate to tbe administration of juslicu, oriniinal
caeee, appeals and writs ot error, to supply vacancies
In oertaiu offieee, eoacerning esamen, aud amendlug
the act regulating tbe caniage of passenger in
steamships and otlisr vessels.
After another kixecutive Session tha Annata aA.-
- HOUSE Mr. ' Davidson , of La.) said he
aaw no uee for the Indulgence of harah language, and
oertainly had no desire to woundjl'e) faeli ay of any
gentleman, lie liked to have freedom, of speech for
himself, audtnererore be woaid never trespass on
that r is lit as applied to others. It was a grave error
toaay that the Soutri want to Ibrce alavery into the
Territories. All tiiey ak. aud whlth they are deter
mined to have, It that their rights shall be protected
Id tue.ccmmonTorritoriee of (he. cojntr). Hebe
longed to the National Democracy. It troubles exlsl
in tlie party, let them be ssttled inside .f the orgau
laatlon. lie waa willing to let by-goues oeby-guacs
w hlle be wanted the Home to orgau Ize, be would
never consent to do it bi the eleciiouot a man whose
mantle Is stained by bkod spilt in eeditiou. lit
never believed iu the docttlne of secession, and diu
not believe in it now; but when tne people are ag
Srlevtd and their rights trampled on, without re
rise, thee was no remedy.
It wa4 to longer t he poiltlclnna soot here to man
ufacture public opinion who talkabcuttuie Krlevon
vil.lt was true whole southern heart, .which cointt
up with on voice to say, "stop, go no farther, yon
have paiaed the itubjcou, yon must stop where you
are, or tne objects for which the Confederacy wat
formed must cease.1 fie would candidly toll the gen
tlemen that-unless such-raid aa th.Mieaf John Br.. mi
bestopp.d.therowiil be war between tbe Mirth anu
the South. Be argued that the tpuilican were
beo ouly.ae a party to strike down tbe right of tut
Southern Stale.
He read from the compendium cf Helper' book to
show that it advisee that the Infernal question ol
slavery must be dlneosed of aud absolutely abolished
as tbe true policy of tbe South. .. . - -
Iu view of this kind of sentiments did not John
Brown bellevo that Mr. Snorniun and 01 hers would
stand by him? Was it expected that bia constituents
and th Statu of Louisiana should cousuut that thk
Union be control led by the ptrty which adviies the
slave, to rise In the South aud commit murder?
fie charged that tho Representatives of the North
whoadvl.ed this thing have not had tbe nerve In tbe
face of a decent community either to indorse or gain
lay theteachtugeuf that book. He had been asked
whether he would consider the mere election of air.
Seward aaeulBcient cauaoto secede from the Union,
and auawerrd, certainly not; h aonid wait for
an overt act; but that overt act had been committed
and Seward is acce sjry. Before tlie-fact of John
Browna raid, for whicrr.ooftrre Sb8 And high heaven,
tlie Republicans are rosp nailile, hie ardent love for
the Union prompted him to hope that the bitter cup
wonld pans away. Let climate, soli and their pro
ducts settle the slavery question.
Mr. Cobo, of Ala.,niHde a poooVnatrtred speech.
Be ashed the ltepubllrana wuttber' they had no
other member than Mr. Sherman to All the Chair, a
member who bad not slsned the indorsement of
Helper's book, lie advUed uunluu of the Ilemocrata,
South Amerlr-ans and Conservatlvoa.
Mr. Kthi-rldge.of Tenn., in reply toWr. Cobb, de
aired t know whore tne votea to elect a Speaker on
the basis proposed by the latter would come from,
Mr. Cobb rejoined We will got. the lemocrate.
The Aonth Americans com over Hnd hel p us. aud we
think we can periuaduotherstodo likewise (Laugh
ter.! . ,
Mr. Ftherlrtge snltl he anrl his friends had refined
to entertain the proposition for going over to tbe
D. mocrala, uuless they could show that by goine
over an election can beefferted. It was demonstrated
that the Democrats cannot uuite their voteaon any
onecandidale. There I- not a man on the letno
cratic side who can, aa claimed, obtain n!iiely-thre
votea. A week ago, he eai.l. the Southern opposition
could put one of tlieir nuiuber (Mr. Gilmer) iu a posi
tion wi ere the Democrat could elrci him, 'i'liey
could now put oneof their friends in asimilar position.
C .ttld tbe gent eniau frura Alabama put one of bin
friends In such a po-ition that I lie Southern opposi
tion by aolne over can elect him? tviteti Mi. Uobli
could show tills, then it would be time for tbe opposi
tion to consider the prupositlou.
Mr. Cobb. 1 wuo 18.1 astialgbtfurward nnswor t
my qusst'on. Will you vote fur tbe-Democratic
nomiu.e If we can get nine'y-three votes for hiui..
Mr Giheriilge. We have snid tills morning anion)!
ourselves that whenever the uemocrate show that
they can concentrate their vote we will consider the
proposition, 1 i
Mr. mho. What will you do? i"
Mr, Elherldge. I will vote for ynur candidate in a
certain contingency ifiny vote will elect him.
After further conversation betweeu Messrs. Eth
erise and t'obb, Mr, Bottler rose au.l was
listened to wlih marked aitentiou. He . said
hin humble name bad en before the House,
but nut thrnugb any act of him wn. He did not pre
sume to afipire to thSp 'ukvr's chair. Me was here
for the trt time, without pariiunieutarv experience
and unacttiaiuted with tho bu.iuess of the Uouhu,
and thereli.re had no right or reason to expect any
uch tokens of consideration Aud regard aa those be
had received.
lie desired to express his rr.itrfnl acknowledg
menta ! his political friends who had etnod by him,
and mont especia'y thoie from wliooi he hsd hereto
lore differed. Jlude'ltvil to ex press to tnetu his grntl
tudft, not in cold 'langusitelt.l conventionalism, hut
In those stuiple wurde which lesp op from the heart
10 the Hp. lie withdrew from Iho content to name a
gentleman who he wa sure would be acceptable In
both side. He meant the conservative portion of
the House, who battle for tbe Constitution, und to
prutect it from the angry surge prod: cod by the
persiatent course oftbos.. who call tliemslves Bepub
ileana. He nominated Mr. Mlllson, of V., trusting
be wonld claim the support of those who are not
only conservative in name, but in conduct, Ap
plause. (liu patient cries of "vote," "ballot.";
Mr. Cobb I irust the object of barmonv Is ac
complished, aedalnoe it seems that an organisation
oan now boeffected, I am done.
Much anxiety waa manifested to vote, but Hr.
Clarke, of, N. Y., rose, ayi ig that he proposed to
address the House directly on the question of organ
isation. While he did not exmct to show how an
urbanization could be effected, he thought what be
would say wonld show how ua organization could
not be effected.
Mr. Adrian If you can bring about an organiza
tion, I hope you will apeak that word.
(Several voices "So do I, let's hear it.")
Mr. Clarke, resuming, said he had been called a
Lecompton man, aud sometime accused of merce
nary barsaiulna f r the sale of votea for Speaker.
Aa to thia DUhllBbed eJandemn- hinu.he had toi.ct
ugo reached that point of po.ftical desperation when
uothlng said or written by llrinR sua could In tho
slightest degree lufiuonce hie action in the organiza
tion of tbe Unnse or any other action. W1.II0 he
clamed the right to speuk for himself he utterly
disclaimed tho right fur t'.osewho ere aciingwfth
blin In defining hia poaltlon lie called hliuBelf a
States' Ulghta Democrat, and said that he triumphed
over the organization la Ilia Liistrlut. where Federal
and municipal officers were combiued to defeat him.
Holding no allegiance to any man or organization,
be waa aa free aa the Hag thit waved over tne Capitol.
He bad opposed Mr. Bocock becauao he waa the can
didate of the Administration.
Mr. Motiernandeaid that eonto gentlemen had vo
ted tor bim without the slightest BoliciiHtion on hie
part, and, many knew, contrary to his wiahea.
Ifo bogged his friends, after thanking thomi for
their kind regards, to vot lor him no longer,- He
then ooniplimented Mr. Millou as a patriot and
statesman, aud entirely capable of discharging the
duties of the Chair.
Seventeenth Ballot. Whole number of votes 32nl
Necessary ro-a choice- 114. Sherman HIS; Million Wir
Ollmerft; Ktherldge7; l)avl, of Iud.,4. Mcatteriugr,
Mr Winslow.ofN C , desired one more ballot, aud
If no election, ha intended to otferarusolntion that
from and after to-d y or to-morrow no further voto
for Speaker be taken fill the 6ih of January. . 1
Mr. Burnett, of Ky ,sald' the reiiaou why ho ap.
6'aled to Mr. Gthcrldge to unite on a vote for Mr,
lillson, was, he waubd to See .a united south, which
would do much to rebuku the iudoreers of the Helper
book. 1 ...
Mr. Etherldue Ignorsn nlt-jHItlcal est gaograph
leal Mines, and until Mr. Burnett ooold rally the
Democrntlc foroea be should not arraign hiui who
was elerled in d fisnoo nf that party. Applause.
Mr. Burnett apose of the love of Kentucky for the
Onion, which waa applauded, and asked Ills col
league, Mb Anderson, why he did not vote for Mr.
MiTlson. 1 .'
Mr. Anderson replied that bo waa born and raised
at a Whig, and had voted eouiMuntly for an Ameri
can, ami Intended to do It te the end of the contest.
He would nut vote for Mr. Mlllaou. because b wasit,
Democrat, and eould not vote fur air. Shernieu, be
came he wa a Republican. Further, he (Anderson)
waa In fii'or of the Kanaas-Nebraaka bill, and could
not. therefor, vote far Mr. Ulllson, because Mrt
Mlllson toted against that bill. Laughter and ap-
''rnVrJurnett, In reply, said that Ur. Ktlieri Ige was
here at the time, and with Mr. ailllson voted agalnat
the Kansaa-Mobraska bill, and yet biacolleagiiecould
vote for Sir. K' hot luge. Laughteriand applame J
Mr. Hill, or Ga , apeiilttn with much tuergr, Said
that when he yielded tlio floor ta Mr. Burueti, bdid
not expect the latter would stigmatize the organisa
tion towhich he belonged ne a mlsoralile Kiiow-uutti-Ing
party. He had voted for Mr. Mlllsou because ha
respected that geutlemau for rot ing against theKeu-Saa-Nebraaka
bill, and because air. Mlllson was In
capable ol appointing any white wanhiug otnmil toes.
He (Hill) came hero UKiilnet the oppuaili.m of Ilia
Democratic party nud wilh sontliueuis rather p. ctt
liar and rather more Sonlliern than tho.e expres'e.t
by Mr. Burnett; but he would never, ao help him
flod, consent to destroy the structure under which
he live, merely became.' nr man with objectienahio
political principles alioulil be elected tn this fnai-
lie wuatu aii mi .m evert an waa c.iu-
forahtf.wou u t;cnssuc to atrlko tha fatMl
e wae.a 4)00111 utlonal man aud so eluar.
Wk wewamtliiulastlcally mflli'Ut. w.n
11 rliatapoToilsedjssy ingtTO nB Jhs
uenor, 1
op both tha Republican and Bofcocrat parties, and
er tidgon their ruin a better party.
Hon. theu adjourned. Mr,. Anderson, of Ky.,ba
the floor to-monow.
From Washington.
Washwotmii, Deoember 29 Tbe report ol
the Senatorial I'aucue, to-day, awlgned Mr, Sumner
to the Conitnitiroi.n Foreign helatloua."
At the aJjourtied meeting of the Americana, held
'. , Vcoimi"",t,'f "' '?n W4 "PPdinted to co..f, i
with the Kallonal American andlallonal Whig
rHT' uJ",!h..l,, Mue U puramd ii.
the cemiug Preaiiteutlal contest. The lolluwluii
gentlemen compose tha committee: J.J. Orittemlen.
O. M. Conrad, La: O. K. Huckwell, Cunn.: .Inre
Clemen, Tenn.; j; A. Orlmer, N.o. K. R. Ilewelt.
N.y ; Joahna Hill. Oa.; anlfc. Klheridg, Teun.'- "
The War Departm-nt received a letter jesterdar,
from (.'apt. ltlcketla, dated Urownsville, D'cember I
whioh o-ntrtdrc the reporm with regard to the
rouble tlle.ro. Tlioroare uo aiens r.f an tuedltatou
ittack upon Hrownaviile, and the Capialu thlnki.
tho wliote affulr. has beeu nuicn'exaggeratril. II,,
ittribuUs the urlkin itf ihetHtllculty to afalllug out
between parties ColicornlDg.privstp.aeriiiiw. ' .
Senalor Wilson left Washington this evening for
Haaaachuaeit. havlug been called there in conee
iiueuco 01 sickness in kis family ,
..,!l8?.,S01?";' "'mber 2l.-te 'American anil
Whig Opposition members were in caucus tbia mors
ing, and agreed to continue voting f-ir Boteler fur
tpeaker.- . . . "
l'he,expeuiency of having, a reeolution offered In
lJ,0.,HouJ one ot their number, doclariug Mr.
BilUon Speaker, was considered, but not adopted.
A. dispatch from Washington to tbe New York.
Herald states thai a niteiiug of about forty Ameri
cana, Including the members of Congress. was held',
last evening at th room of V. W. Walker. Mr..
Crittenden presiding. - - ' -
A resolution waa adopted recommending th ap
polntmentofacommlttee to report at an adjourned
meeting to be held mi evening, a plan of organiza
tion, whereby the entire opposition to the present
administration.. oan be uuited foe tbe Presidential
contest of I860. The resolution designated Gov. Crit
tenden aa Chairman.
I!"Lmwi0B. fvupl Committee will meet to-
Arrival of the overland Mail.
. Mallow Statioh, Ma., Deaember21. Tho
Overland Mall passed Malloy's Station about twelve
o'clock last night, and will be due In St. Louia on
1'bursday nieht, The detention or tbe Mail was
caused by high water k the Texas river and sever.'
weather on tbe piaina. ,,
. In the cass of Kiddle Boggs vs. the Merced fflinln
Company, applioatioa will be mads tor a writ 'of
error, ith ike view of appealing to the V. &. cii
preuie Court. , . . '
Th steamer Cortex reached San Francisco on the
Ztth, oauslng much rejoicing.
A severe gate occurred on tho 21th, flooding the
streeta and causing much damage to the shipping in
the harbor.
A lire occurred at San Francisco on the 37th, de
stroy lug S 10,000 worth of property. ,
. The Austrian brig Ivicb, from ttlo Janeiro, which
waa supposed to have foundered, had been found an
chored oh ihe Mexican coast with two eallonr or
board in a starving condition. All thacr.w .'with th
exception of three others, who landed in a boat at
oau iia., uau aieu. ..- - ...
A slight shock of an earthqnake was Alt at Bat,
Franclsooon ibaiTtb.'' ......... '..
It was rumored at San Franciseo that tbe Sena
torial contest would be narrowed down to Wei lor and
Baldwin, and It was supposed the election would b
postponed uutil.the next seeaion.
The revenue-cutter, Wm. L. Marcy returned to
San Fanclaco, being unable to land at Farralone I
taiidliicvDsequenca ofaaeneregala, .1
BuilnessatSan Frauchoo waa dull. No sales 1 1
Importaure since the departure of the last mall. A
large sunonnl of rain bad fallen.
Meeting of the National American Central
Philadelphia, December 21. The National
American Central Committee convened to-day at the
American House,. Hon. Jacob Brooms, Chairman;
and Hlantou Duucan, Secretary.
A committee was appointed to confer with tho
commute appointed by the Waabington meeting on
Monday tight, to consider a plan 91 organization for
unitlug the opposition to tha Administration, con-
Istiugof A. H. B. Stewart, of Virginia; Anthony
Kennedy, .Query! Klmraell-Eds. of Maryland:
Krastus Brooke, of New Turk; Blauton Duncan, 01
iieutuck,, and Jacob llrooiue, of Pennsylvania.
A committee waa also appointed to prepare ail
dreasea to the American people. Wo other action war
decided upon. ? .
'iheaesnlon waaohf'ofly devoted tot private discus
sion of the claims of prominent men to Mil the l'rtr
eidential chair.
From Charlestown.
Charlsstowk, December 21. The military
are daily leaving as fast as the railroads can carry
them homeward. Tbe Klucastle (iua.d left tbi
moruing. Th whole military encampment will be
disbanded on Saturday, when General Tallaierru
and Itis stall willalso depart, and tho lestoratlon 01
the civil government and civil rights will be the oc
casion uf a grand jubilee among our people. I'tenl
deut Buchanan has addreased a letter to Andrew
Hunter, iuquii ing whether Stei heiis will be tried lit
the Culled Slates Court, or by the Virginia authori
ties. Hewaauuableto give any definite answer, 011
account of Attorney General Harding refusing to
enter a nolle pros. - '
From New York.
Kew Yobk, December 21. Five . men anil
one girl were burlod in tbo ruins of tbe store No. ft
Uroad-atreet, which tell down last evening Thrt'e
men und the girl were taken out alive, and ouli
slightly Injured Pblloeman SleWRrt-'Warbeit taken
out, but had received terribl, and fatal injuries. I On
11 rumen continued the labor uf removing the ruin.
Tor several hours, and finally cnuiaupou the horribly :
mangled body of At, Ely, a wine murchaut, who
must have been Inat.mtly killed.
Meeting of the Republican National
Niw Yobk, December 21. Tbe Eepubliean
National Committee I In session at . the Astor
Hou e. No action baa been taken yet, bm it see 111
probable that St. Lonla will be selected for holdiun
tbe National Convention. 1
Second Dispatch. The Bepubllcan Convention
Will be held at Chicago, June 13, next. -
Fire at Newark, N. J.
New Yobk, Deoember 21. One of the enam
e'eii olcth factories of Messrs. Brown and Prentice,
of this city, was destroyed by nre this morn lug. Th
origin of the fire . ia unknown. Lose IS.IXX); inauted
for2,S00, .
Later from Havana.
Kaw Obliasb, December 21 Tbe steamer
Oahawba, with dates from Havana to Ilia ISthlnst..
haaarrlved. Sugar was bnoyaut,andholilors demand
ao advance, but buyers were reluctant. The stock ai
Havana and Matanxaa amounted to 30,(W boxes,
against 33,000 boxes laet year. Sterling Excbange
1I6X11S; Eastern do. axt. ;
Fire at Rockland, Maine.
c Rockland, December 21-The Commeroial
House wss destroyed by fir laat night. James
Leans waa killed, and James Elmer and Edward W.
Love were seriously injured. Tbe loss amounted to
812,000, Insured for two-thirds that amount.
' ' "' mw ' '' -
River News.
- 3i. XoTjis, peoember .21 P. M. The river
Is falling Slowly, and tbe foe it heavy. No boata ar-
j rived er departed to-day. navigation is suspended.
ius weabuvr vivuuj wiu vwi, vuu iuuiuiiuus ui
vV , .) i-v.l.ii. sf
LorjisviLLS, December 21, P. St. Biver falling
slowly, with elabt lest seven Inches in the Canal and
six leet six Inches on ths Falls.
Monetary and Commercial.
Monetary were very
close yesterday, but there was little change In finan
cial circles except tbe advance iu Eastern Exchango
to premium selling rate, dealers buying readily
atja5.i ..
A the bankers will return more bank-notes uow.
Currency .will be still scarcer than it has been, and
opportunities for discount further rednoed.
Gold was In active demand yesterday, and the
Bankers, who have considerable -orders ' from the
country banks, were giving 4C)3oo. freely, for all
MieycnuW'get, . 1 , . rt .
. Third-street waa animated yesterday;.-, and the
movttneutin Money brisk in all quarter.
Theratcsof Exchange and Coin are at present.
Buying, .' j. Selling.
Mprem. , pram.
Mprem. prein
Vaisprem, . prom.
kJipreo.:' r 9aprem.
Kew York Sight.
Ualtiinore '
New Orleans
. par, prm.
Amerlcau.Gvld.....,.-..M30 pram,- , prem.
. Tbe rates of Uncurren Money yeaterday were a
foi Iowa: Misaouri ULi.H discount; Missouri County,
IMdis.; Indiana Stock, A dis.; Iowa. iMdls.t Illi
nois, 1M dis w iaoonsln, lit dia.l Maryland and iateV
rior.Mdle.: Michigan, 1 d la.; North Oarollna, ldU ;
South Carolina, H die.; Tnnases old eanka, X dia t
TenneaM Ft Banks, I dis.; Canada, 1 die.) Ala
bacia. 1 dis, m v 1
Flour was in bettsr demand yesterday, and tho
market ruled steady. Whisky was unchanged. Fro'
vlaloue were firm; mesa Pork advancing 2oc. par brl ,
and holders of Lard aaklsg Mo, mora than outers
would give, Oats and Barley dull, but other kind of
Grain war eteady. Hogs war atiffar, but not higher,
1,43 head selling during ths day at 50,
The Imports and Exports of various articles dur.
Ing th twsuty-forirhipr ndlu4 yesterday soon,
i luroBts
omrt.-B1our, I.2t4 IirlJ SAilsky, 78 brls ;
a, 3,348 bushels! W heat, 1,232 bushels: Oats, 1.3NJ
hels; Barley, l,iMSboshsls;Uog, i,H8 head; Pork
Uoro, 9,
and laoon, lti brls.) 7t,m lbs.) Sugar, frt hbda,;
molasses, o ns.s conee, a uaa, puie, 100 una ;
Butter, 183 kegs: cheeee, S,tl boxes; Potatoes, SM
brls.) Salt, 1,014 bbla. . , t ,
ExroBTs.-Flour, 616 brla,;, Whlaky. 1.5M brls.
Wheat, 480 bushels: I rk and Bacon, 203 hbda.) 4wl.
brla.; a )ar, U bhtla ; M"a.al 163 brl.; Ikiffe, 917
baf i-pplee, 823 brla t Butter, Ini kegs; Cheese, 74.1
boxes; Potatoes, 20 brls.; Milt, 873 hns ' .
uoeto.f noov and sho niAssET or tns week
Ihe trade until alter ths Hew yaar.aw present iedioa-
i tl.ina ire that the Hnrlnfl trada will on- lular tnW,,
later tarn.
1 IV I . h ..... V .. A ..,1. 7.1. .
U.U.I, .. 1.1. .1... wjmhhwv. I 1 1 1 1 , 1 . 1 .. L " .
, t. .1 - r .- ... . . u.i... . 1 -'.I
ending Saturday, I'eb. 17.-The Bout and bne marke
the aauie as previously noticed. Very few
ordera are oouiingln and wa look for noV activity In
(UU tear and unstlaActoJtmliudargo,)dW
Muuictnrrs ar making icth preparaTlona fori
UM (IRS UUU, wr ,l.li mN l,.,l.W WUtlUUe m
ward tendency noticed In prevlone report! tloee not
ppear to b checked Light Upp-r Leather, or good
quality, has In fact be. 1 sold lower th past week
ban auy prevluaj-week this year. A comparison of
ib price ef Leathe' and Sains now and at bl lime
last year akowa UdWwiic of 4 aso pr paiand on
Sole, aud a7o per pouuil 00 Vpper Leather oom
pared Itb last year j so that m rnufaclnrere will be
able 10 inns out good on men favorable terms. The
oompacative y large stock of goods bow on baud was,
tiowerer, manufactured when stock was much
higher, and for Ibis holders will gnrj it dUBoalt to
obtain ool, ' ' "
FLOUB There was r.r, r more demand to-day,
u. ,n 'uwiH, rir.a t?,jr.. sua eaiee were 7W
barrel extra al ii 40fv Ml, and 9u0 dot superfine at
WlitSKT-N'o change In the market: salsofl,Jt
barrel, at WHc, including that from wwgoti.
HuGS-We nntloed Increased flrmneae In the mar-
kt tn.riftw anil nrlMBMl ..Iff.- W ..... I. . . . ......
ahly higher. - Tbe sale were: ... ..n .
Kin h..Mjl trar..lna IB tlu a, me
3m) head averaging ldd lbs. at 6 3a
.u aerastiug ivt ids. iiaat evening; at... 0 30
till ll-u.l AVHuaL.a Ik.. ' ' -
.. . i , ' Wt HM MMM. M.HHI. O ,1V
S SI S huaii n.,..l. iu4 11.- - ....
VS1 ha l,.r..ln. 1 lit) II,. .... . . n
x) bead averaging ISO lbs. del. next week, at t 24
, -u. - uviu n, luo vioee. mere-
wlruweraabnnts.ooolraad.' ..
JJiyVNS-Mesa Pork advanced 25o with sale
ofwibarrali i at $1 no; &m barrel sold at I7 M. to
b delivered in Marfk.. barrels Lard sold at ldo.
"Sldersask lOXc, but buvera do not offer over loo.
r,0uu pis green Meat sold at 6X0. for t-houldera; 70.
iSi,' l9te- S-a"- B"H Meats sold at
JJc. for February delivery, to tbe exleut of JuO,
uuu pound. 1 1' , , . .,.. ,, . ...
GrtOCKBIB8-The demand for 8ugaraod Molaaaaa
.. , -""",. uuuar lueauvtces irom ikw
Orleana, but tin market, ia generally firm at foil
ratea: aalea of ion hbda. at S!o.; 60 barrels Uolas-
ni aw bags Coffee at 12lSc. for fair aud
a H?.?-"? heter demand, and rlces are
Arm sA l 23ai i tor prima white, and $ I 14(a) 1 30
wt pTime Tfni.
A2t7 7rJ1l0OnHno,i flrt". with a good
demand at Sue. In bulk. . .......
v , f"1!."? 10 ,,,,, st S2iJo.: sale of
, BYKT-Thadeniand mntlnnea active, with light
I00 k","' S p,,c l""' '"""her advanced Sc. per
bnnhol. We now quote at '
BABLSr-Tbe market la dull, but price are nn-
.bdnffio.foodM.r ?rtme " 73u-
0UEB8B-The maTket la Jrm.wlth an tlvdo
mand. Wequote gdod fall Western Beserve at 9.;..
and eomrniir cured at KXc.i sail s of 125 boxes Ooshcu
Farm tugllih Dairy at 11)40.; 160 do. Weaiem Ke-
!rVi,V,l5,me!L5f1Je?',J,tc i 1,0 do- "tr la'geat
l0CuhHSS- S? falr Western Heaerve al do.
HOTTER Pr lose are firm, with a good demand at
"iteaefve at1(S "" " UrrU 0,iolco vVoatern
AWhSfhi' U .00,! "ud, And price Brm
l'0TATOKS-The market Is firm, with a good do
mand, at tl 60 per barrel for prime Neebannncks, on
nWvin'JSV?? fr'bel mixed at Sfo. from .tore.
. k... ... .. .I , "'wraena ami, put we nave
no change to notice In price since our last quota.
do3.ncho'rht,ark"t 7
UIsAKBEftRlKS There Is a fair demand at $12(3
14 per barrel, for fair to prime, full barrel. .
1 approaching festive etnn Kometblug for all I I,
remains '.dlwnil ajmhioinlaraaft,lka and little lolka: sin Ii
new llaisms, Figs, Currants, Prunes, Nnts, Citron,
uiaitjAfihwea' and' ohampssrie Wlfiea, demmlca. Bum,
Scotch and Irish Whisky, Ao Oantlemeii will please
. ?,T.,,1?" MA"v, December M-P, M.-lfi'.ur
! an hlollAl. fend In - . -
.... ,u udiip, m,mBiHi ior export ai 11
hojns consumption: salsa of 13,000 barrel, a't t-s."i
? " sj mwt ao ior extra Mate;
fo 19 for aoperOne Western; J5 li5 2 for ooniuion
to medium extra do, market closing with no seller
at the ln!de price. C'auadlan Flour 1 firmer and
the demand moderate: aalea ersOD brls. at 5 6iS 00
for common to choice extra. Rye Flour is in fair
request at 3 Jtai4 40,' "Wheat Is withent striking
change, bnt holders are gererally leas anxloua to
realise. Speculators iwouln buy to a fair ex'ent at a
aliaht reduction! sales of 8.0U) bushels, at il 24 for
tfd 8i f 5dL" S.dllereoVfor Milwaukle t;lub.
Bye dull and heavy: aalea of imall lots at 87?;
Barleybqnltanjateaiiyat7Rti7o. )orn Is Kavy
and lower: sales of 11, 000 bushels, at 108;. for new.
and 9.Wc, for old white and yellnw. sr. very
dull. 1 at 46a47c.. for Slate. Western and Canadian.
wh ,V. L hiiM...,uiu ....... , , . ......
closing at the inside pric. Pork i firmer, bnt rather
oiilel: sales nf Limn krla .. a, eiftia iu r..- ..... .
f'lX'k' pr'ilne' u" "d uuehanged: sab
r """' ei ior cuuoiry prune o
? I.T col,n,r,y me"i I''- M for repacked mess,
anil gin STuffl 1 Awiim 1, ..r i . .
: , v . . , . wco, a.aiuB nro qutl-b
and steady, at Il4(al4 SO for Western. Prime uie-a
l),,Hf ,1 iu r u , SI? i 11 1 Tl . . d , . ....
To.'- Cut Meau very quiet: sales of Nt psckagee,
at 65o, for. Shoulders, and lOc, for Ham. Ba
con l qniet aud nr.chauged: aalea of CVKl boxes short-
riuowj niuuicv. tow ruiure aeiivery.on private terms.
Lari is heavy and lower: sales of 710 barrel at IttHrA
ISbSUA ill, I l.kri ATtM If J-- A . .. . a.- . "
' ,u "mi requen, at liraiinc. Itir
Hhio, and lbttc tot Bute. Cbeeaaooniluuss steady
BARD, at Trade Sale-roome, No 21 West Kll.h
street, (up stairs' Aaeiguie'a Sale Catholic end
MlscellBoeons Booka und Pictnrea at Auction -nn
FK1DAY EVENING, Decern fa-r 23, at 7o'clock, will
bo sold, by ca alogue, the remaiiii, g stock In trada
of J.J. Ke ting, Bookseller and Stationer, compris
ing a variety of Standard, I'athoiio, (JUselcal. His
Aiuriu), MeuicaUScienU&o and-Misoellaaeotu Books,
Engravings, Picture Frames, Ao.
N. B, Catalogues will be pnbliaheri, and the
Bonks will be open for examination uu Friday morn,
lug. 1 Terms cash, MICHAEL BALl llK,
; .. Assigiio.
dt21o , 8. C. llfJfiBARD. Auctioneer.
A CO. -Fancy Goods, ltneki-te, Ac.-w III be
sold ouTHTJBSDAT MOKNlNa,Oiceuibr22,HtUi
0 clock, at no. 18 East Fourth-street, an iun.iciicou
Kistlng of Pomades, Toilet Water, (extracts. Hair
Brushes, Hat.Shaving and Clothes ditto, Tooth ditto,
Work Boxes, Chess Boxes, Cabas, Morocco Bags,
Portfolios, focket Hooks, l'orte-monaaiee, eatcbels,
Aconrdeons, Irish Linen, Ladiee' Collars, Skins, In
fant Robes, Bands, Fancy Work, and .an assortment
of baskets, to,
de20 ' 1 JACOB CHAFF, Auctioneer.
A CO. Oil PalrttliiK and Fancy Ger ris -Tn
cloee consignment.-On 1'BURSDAY KVliMNIi,
December 2, at 7 o clock, at ro. 18 Kast Fnurlli
stivet, will be sold without reserve, Oil Paiiii ihin,
DronsM, uiase ware, ana a variety 01 nancy uooue
to close consignment.
N B.-No poatpnoement oa account ofwectler.
The aale must positively take plaoe.
de20 . JAOOB QUAFF, Auctioneer.
i Sales-scorns bio.83 Main-street. Positive and
Closing Sale of Groceries, Biota and Bboes at Auc
tion -tin THUK81) AY HORDING;, DlKooiber 2i, at.
K o'clock. 1 will sell, without reserve, W mats Java
Crffee.7i boxes Pearl BtaKb, liodo. uommon Soep.
m hair-chests Teas, 73 boxes Vlrgluia and Kentucky
Tobacco, .100 brie. Smoking Toliacco, 70 do. Cider
Vinegar, boxes Ground Splcea; Oallle Sonp,
Fancy Seeps, Indigo, Nutmegs, Ground Ginger, Ac.
ALSU-'icaaea Men'a aud Boys' Kip ikols and
ALSO All the Fixtnreaofa Store, consisting of
large Platform Scale, Desk, Stoves, shelving.
Trucks, Ao. . d,2l
rm. WILLIAMS Sales-rooms Mos, Wand 24 East
Third-street. Large Pawn-broker's sale, and th
last of th season. On.THCBSDAYMUHNIr.G, W-
cember21, at half-past nine o'clock, s large ato. k of
Unredovraed, Phdgea of Gentlemen and Ladies'
Wearing Acparel of all kinds, and seasonable; Gold
and Silver Watohes, C'balna, Lockets and rich Jew-
wir, j uuub, riaiuis, u.
ALSO-One Acromatlc Telescope, of seven fleet
focus; two Cameras; Musical Instrument, and a va
riety of other Good.
de20 . 1 ... 1.. A. KELLOGG, Auctioneer.
CM. CO., will sell nn FRIDAY AFTERNOON and
EVENING, December 23, at two and seven o'clock,
lu Pike'a Opera Building, a Large aud Splendid Col
lection of Oil Paintings, which have boea selected
with great care, aud on the mostfavorahleoccaalont.
In France and 'jQermeny during Ihe past year, and
Imported from1 Europe recently by Mr. L. A. Toll
man, comprising valuable original phturee by emi
nent living artist, and fine copiee el aome of tha
most celebrated pioturea by old uuiatera, now in the
different galleries of Europe. Anioug the subjects
may be foand Group smd rlger, lKe-alze; Historic
Subject. Convenational piece. Architectural and
Street View la liferent European cillea, Catti
Pieces, Marin Views, Game, Fruit and Flower
Plwwa. Landscanes. Ae . with a great varletv of sis
(.and atyla, subject and flolsh-l he whole forming, It
is believed pn 01 tne seat coneciioua aver onerea in
thiltv, .The atte'ution ef the lover of good Pio
turea ia respectfully iuvlted to tbia sale.
aserOaltHry open to th gtublio day and evening,
from Wednetda merning, until the time of sale.
. ile20 . , JACOB QBAFF, Aogtlenser.
urn 1 -f.iufl r"ir...i
Christmas Presents!
, WEBSTER & (0.1
,L'A: Flret Premium
Sewing Machines,
and almpllclty of oritistructioB and fflolnoy
inworkiog, are niieaunlcd bp nuy.
, delOlJaiV 1 , HO Weat Foarth-etreeu
I .! ,.' .ia-'l . 1 , '-.
lias on band achnicu urlety of luxuriea for the
fresh Pch,Sttnyli..rrius and Plne-npples, Jelliea
( Snd Preaervea, 'Loos'era, Salmon ana Sardlmai,
K.. k-.... IV... Knl.ul ...1 DV ai r.nnlBaa
I'.nirin riwn. vy.-. - ,....u, . ' - r-' "
i.i V, n. , Sl.J.-l. D,... U I ,
I.HItn Ue'SHll". ,"" mi m. . ... ., Hi... .

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