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II pabllshed dally, ( Sundays wM,1 by
tries ae. M wa rovati-iriiiT.
Till PIKHI FBIBBIS delivered to subscribers Inl
umoinnaH, uovingson ana nowpori, ana mr
rounding cities and towni, at tb ex.
' tremely low price of
ruon or hailibo:
Bine le copies Je.i 1 month 40o.; I monthitll I rear It.
ton A. KU4L1I, J I.,
.Sole Lessee eea IUbmm.
Farewell Benefit of
MIbi Maggie Mitchell.
T BID AT EVENING, Deeember M, will be toted,
for tbe tblrd time in tbii theitter, a dramatir.a
Una, In tbree parte, of Hre. South worth'! great end
interne Ledger Story, called
Capltola Black....... Mia Mltcbell
Major Ira Wardeld Mr. Elliler
Black PooaldMMMit ihiinhmmumihoi nr. Langdon
WooL. ..................Mr. Adams
Gabriel Lenoir ......Mr. Hann
Clara Day....,.............. Mlas Watte
Pitapat - Hlii Denham
To conclude with
Ob, Tbi Fall or Aloises.
Mathilda 4e Merle,) ... ,
Henri St. Alme, Mill Maggie Mltabell
Wild Arab Boy, ) ,
Bergeent Dnbonrg ....BUBler
Colonel de Goureey - .Bead
Tony Bavard.. ..Adame
Mohammed - Langdon
C'bae. M. Barrel......
V. B. Conway .
.., , Manager,
.. Stag. Director,
Farewell Benefit of
THIS (Friday) EVENING, December 23, will be
presented the. thrilling play of
Beverly Mr. Murdoch
Slnkely Mr. McFarlRud
Lewaon Mr. Sheridan
Jar Tlx m - Mr. Hall
Dawaon Mr. Chaplin
Mrs. Beverly Mrs. Conway
To conclude with
I'etrnchio Mr. Murdoch
Gruiuio Mr. Davidge
Katharine....- Mrs. Coaway
mtr In preparation for the Holidaya a grand Fairy
. WANTED For the above, Fifty Ladies for the
Ballet. Apply at tbe stage door, Between ten and
eleven o'clock A. M.
llenefit of Mrs. Farren,
An J most positively her fast appearance, as also of
Bliss rAiini rnv. ranaan,
THIS (Friday) EVENING, December 23, will bo
acted the thrilling, in three acts, called
MnrvTndnr - Mrs. Farren
Gilbert Warbech Mr. Carter
The Jew...... Mr. Allen
Fabiana Fabiani Mr. Stuart
ifiniily Talbot - Mils A. Uraliam
To concude with
Sally Scraggs, with songs.... Miss Fanny Fill Farren
Sir MAtth.w ScraffffR Mr Allan
After whiob TWELVE IHDIANS, Chiefs and
Braves of the Osage Tribe, among which Is the son
nf tbe celebrated and noted Black Hawk, will go
through tneir grand periornianco.
Minn J. M. Davennort will aepear on Mondav next.
f l'HK NEW NATIONAL HOTEL, adjoining the
heater, Is new open for the reception of intents.
Booms can be obtained by the day or week, and
meals furnished at all hours
NOTICE. Tradesman and others are oantloned
against furnishing any articles lor the theater with'
out a written order, signed by the Manager.
JANUARY 2, 1800.
A. Watkfns, A. M.Debarrii,
.I.Humee, Jeptain Ferry,
William Morris, J. M. Marsh,
William Jones, R. Richardion,
jT. Btrader, P. Eichel,
J. Reiley, A. Parkersou,
J. P. Ditchson, Captain Jones.
James Worthlngton, W. 0. Forrest,
Milton Trice, J. McQuado,
J. J. Kellcy, J. W. De Forrest,
K. Ditchson, W.8. Lowery,
M. Priro, P. McQuade,
H. W. Moore, T. H. Ringgold,
William Uaskett, Chief, F. F. Watson,, Assistant.
Tickets 8.1, (supper included,) admitting a Gentle-
i . r .J : ki.L i. i ..
lunil au i.wv unuien, wan n utu w nut.uii9u ul ut r,
Herbert, Treasurer of tbe Opera-home, and at all the
principal muaio stores, aiso at toe uoor.
dew "
Last Three Nights.
TliHinilaj, Friday and Saturday, Dec.
33, 23 and 21,
Of the Wonderful Illustrations of
Dr. Kane's World-Renowned
Ticket 19 cents,
Children ...'........ 10 cents.
Grand Afternoon Kntertainmentaon SATURDAY,
Doors open at 3 o'clock.
All Children will be admitted forflj eente each,
de22c D. O. LaROK, Manager.
An Exhibition of the pupils of Ilnrron'i Seminary
will take place TO-DAY at the Seminary, commenc
ing at t o'clock. The patrons and friends aro in
vlied to b. .resent. The exercises of the institution
will be suspended during the Christmas Holidays
ana resumed on nieiuay, Jan. .1. uezsa-
The old Pioneers (and any of their friends who
wish to join with them) propose to celebrate the 70th
Anniversary of the Settlement of Cincinnati with a
social reunion supper, and talk over old times, on
MONDAY EVENING, Deo. M, at 7 o'clock, at the
Verandah Booms, on Third-street, i icscti ;i cents,
KDHLMAN. of No. 44 Hlxth-street.
would reepecttully inform the pubilo that ske
nas, in connection wuu mrs toieao a uaie
llavel Troune) tasteful wardrobe, removed
tier new office, at No. 70 Vifthtraat. between
Walnut and Vine-street, where she will be happy to
nee her former patrons, to whom iha can oner the
nioatsplenuid assortment otcoatnmMi. ueiiam
tifia SECOND TERM. . 'uW&
Nntlonal Uall, Vlne-street, nbwe Fifth.
Tbe lessons ara so arranged that beginners can
commence ai any lime. - uevu
uu.ai uw .I.u.,HWlJ.inN,
I will soil Piano for cash only, at
prices that will induce any one to
buy. Even those who do not wani
on. at unseat will And that now ia
the time to boy, I will rent, and let the tent pay
lor the riano. v. m. nv&uu,- ,
No. 72 West Fourth -street.
The largest itoek of Meledeons in the city, dell
NOW, IF EVER. As my neighbors are
offering great Inducements for m
cash, and as 1 am not willing that F -
my friends and customers should I rW ..I
fail to be mlUd as to price, I would 1 1 9 I 1 1
ay that I will not be undersold by ' ' ' '
any bouse in Cincinnati. I will still rent, and let
me rent pay r tbe 1'iauo, at w w esi s onnn-swei,
Depot tor Mjloeons and Harmonjamg. deal
.a-v-b. lUBiiKu oy nenter s Hand, wttn
elegant lithograph of the new Ma
Building. Frio M canto. Jnit u ,
by J.0HUR0H,
AtXt , j, 1V . y , A ,. WJt Fonrtb
; J "i ? '
VOL. 2. NO. 107.
1 a
The total assessed ralneof real and personal
property in Albany, N. J., is $25,862,385. :
"The November earnings on contract
by the prisoners in the Auburn (N. Y.) Stats
prison were $7,135.
Ths total nttmber of deaths in Brook-
lyn, N. Y., for the week ending December 17.
aBouroicauIt has enjoined the perform
ance of the "Octoroon" at the Winter Garden
Theater, in New York. ,
The reoelpts of cotton at Macon, fla.,
one day of last week, were larger than they
ever were before in the biitory of that city.
"The owners of the steamship Ghtal
Eaitern are about to mortgage her to meet
their liabilities.
"The Illinois Central Railroad Company
has sold of the Oovernment lands granted to
them, to the extent of $16,0;i3,115.
wild hoe was reoently shot in the
woods near Fostoria, in this State, with talks
eight and a half inches long.
jeVThe word "reverend" occurs only once
in the Bible, whioh is in the 9th verse of the
11th Paalm,
EVOut of eighty-fivo deaths in Boston last
week, eleven wore of small-pox, and ten of
scarlet fever.
Col. Wm. H. Jennings, of Warrenton, Va.,
a most estimable oitizen, and for several years
past the clerk of the County Court of Fan
quler County, died a day or two ago.
fi&k child threo years old, while playing
with a loaded musket, in Burlington, N. J.,
on Friday of last week, accidentally shot
itself dead.
&"k man was whipped last week in the
neighborhood of Warrenton, Miss., for selling
liquor to slaves. He had been living In that
State for threo years.
m?fh number of the churoh bells in Lvnn.
Mass., rung on Friday, as an expression of
sympathy for .Brown's men, who were bung at
umriesion, va.
r"A woman named Kent was burnt to
death recontly at Roxbury, Mass., by hor
clothes taking fire while she was sitting in a
59 A few nights since, some miscreant at
tempted to murder Robt. Armstead, at Wil
liamsburg, Va., by shooting at him through
the window of his room.
.jS9Afire oeourred injRome, N. Y., on Friday
morning, whieh destroyed the dwel)init,-housei
of A. Van Patten, G. R. Thomas, and Mr.
Demsey, on Washington-street.
Rev. Drs. Wilson, Dill and Edgar, the
delegation from the Irish Protestants, sailod
from New York on Saturday, in the Btoamer
.jarSince the first of Januarv last, there
have been one hundred and twenty fine in the
oi ty ot Kochester, 0. . ut these, a large pro
portion were tne result oi incendiarism.
Michael Haas, a Frenohman, at
at New Brighton, Staten Island, committed
suicide on Monday by cutting his throat with
a razor.
JSP" An oil spring has been discovered sear
New Libson, in this State, on the land of Mrs.
ioctor i otter, wuioa i md i y i.iu trom UTU
to eight gallons per day.
sTRobert MoFarland, a young Scotcbmss,
committed suicide at his boarding-house In
New York, on Saturday night, by swallowing
lauasnum in a glass ot Deer.
jrThe negro girl, Sarah Brown, who re
oently attempted to coison the family of Mr.
Berholf, in Bergen County, N. J., has been
sent to tne state prison lor mteen yean.
fc9k little son of Patriok Mcdnire, of
Ubattanoga, lenn., was burnt, to death by his
elothes accidentally taking fire, on the evening
or tne an met.
fi8f James Orinstead, of Lexini'ton, Ky re
cently sold a yearling eolt out of the celebrated
race mare Picayune, for the sum of $2,500, to
Judge JJutier, of Virginia.
&-It is said that "red is all the rage"
with tbe ladies of Buffalo, N. Y., this winter.
Tbey are wearing red-heeled shoes, red stock
ings and red pettiooats. We wonder: if they
tnemseives are aeepiy rea. ,
Jffm. Sohuman, a lithographer, fell into
the aqueduct over the Allegheny River, at
Pittsburg, at night or two sinoe, and being so
seriously hurt that he could not move, lay
there until frozen to death.
gsT'Charles II. Valuvance, of Point Pleas
ant, Peon., poisoned himself on Friday, from
sheer disgust. He couldn't keep from getting
drunk, and was so ashamed of himself in con
sequence of that fact that he took arsenic.
TOver 210,000 persons have passed over
the Panama Railroad during the present year,
being an excess of 8,000 over last year. The
income from passengers alone has been over
$"The Mil ford, Mass., Journal has been
sued for libel, damages $10,000, by Edward
M. Marshall, who takes exception to com
ments made by the Journal upon the John
Brown meeting in that town.
"The New York Obtcrver statos that the
Irish deputation (Presbyterian) who recentlv
visited this country, collected, in the course of
two months, about $30,000 in aid of the mis
sionary operations In Ireland. ; 1 n
p&'li wonld appear from the experience
of Ulster County, New York, that there is a
regular gang of burglars and thieves in that
county, .Dwellings are entered by them al
most every night with success. '
Aceording to the valuation returns,
there are abont 100 towns in Maine, In which
tunnage is owned. The largest amoustowned
in any port in Bath, 83,022 tans. Next comes
Portland, 43,ozo. .
ffitrTwo hundred convicts are now sick in
the State Penitentiary at Columbus, with
what is denominated corn bread . diarrhea.
The disease has assumed an epidemic' form,
ana appearances at present are alarming.
aRecently there were twenty-seven stock'
holders in the Bank of St. Paul, Minnesota, of
whom only three were residents of the State,
and two of the three its officers, the other
twenty-iour residing in flew xork, Connecti
cut, jaassacnuseus ana Vermont;.
$In Mississippi, the other day, it was
decided in the ease of the State vs. M. Sbel
ton, for perjury, that ajudge oould testify in a
oaie wnere ne naa presided as judge. Upon
this Shelton was convicted and sentenced to
six years in the State Prison.
s9"A German, about eighty years of ace.
who had been engaged in the wood sheds of
the U. U. it. it. co., in west Zanesville, Ohio,
had a portion of his head cut off bv a circular
saw last Thursday, and died from the loss of
blood on Saturday.
7A Would bs Matricids and Uxcsoids.
Kesai Hoyt, of Exeter, Maine, a few nights
sinoe. while in a fit of intoxieation, made an
atlaok with his ax upon his wife and mother,
who were sleeping in the same bed. His
mother, an old lady eighty years of age, was
dangerously wounded, and his wife badly
brnlied. He was about to strike a third time,
when he wag seised by his ion and thrust ont
of doors- ' --' ,i ,i ,
,'Tbi Yocno Bostoh Wok am. Some one,
who seems to speak by the eard, isyi of the
fashionable young woman of Boston:
Sbecondenses herself into a life-sized admi
ration point before worki of art, and goes into
silks, satin, eostaciei, kid and cologne when
the opera arrives. She has a decided pen
ohant for lectures, glories in the epigrams of
wmppie, me oaaities or mecner, ana tne
swelling periods of Cbepln. She thinks the
Muieum intensely fine, tbe State-house great,
the Boston theater the grandest on the con
tinent. She locks with honor on those of her
sex guilty of the slightest peccadillos, but
doesn't see the harm in having an arm around
her own waist at twilight, on the softest of
tofts, and is never offended at the most im
pressed ot klBiei not she, - She thinks "oar
minister" the greatest of preachers and the
best of men. Beston "sooiety" she knows is
tne onoicest, most cultivated, genteeleat of any
in ;the country. She, taking her own esti
mate, is intellectual or nothing. She is class
ical. She is Roman. She can talk like an
angel and entertain like a book. She
has full grown opinions on every subjeot,
known and unknown, possible and im
possible. The Boston girl or woman has
little or no heart, and consequently little
or no affection. She ii much show and
little substanoe. Her hand is warm and
to is her bosom, but not her heart, since
she has none, that is , such as women elsewhere
possess. She likes blue stockings not of
woolen or worsted, but of the intellect. She
believes in old maids, because destined to be
such. In short, she is a singularity, an ano
maly, a mi yentrit, a almost every thing
which the sex elsewhere is not.
Convknisnt Mode or Avoiding Ohi'sCbrd
itors. One of tbe "curiosities of debt" has
recently come to light in the English bank
ruptcy Courts. Tbe Scotch law, it appears,
affords as many facilities for fraudulent debt
ors as it once afforded to olandestine marriages,
so that by a few title-simple proceedings any
body who has been a resident in that ancient
Kingdom for forty days can wipe off all old
soores and begin the world anew. The place
which has been to gentlemen in difficulties
what Oretna Oreen used to be to ardent lovers,
is, it appears, the Western Isles off the coast.
English debtors run np to those latitudes,
take up their abode in the Isle of Mull or the
file of Skye, and remain there in seclusion for
forty (In j 8. That time-honored period having
elapsed, they notify their creditors in London
or Liverpool that "Brown, or Smith, of tbe
Isle of Mull," Is about to absolve himself of
nis liabilities before tbe proper Court on a
certain day.
. The creditor is quite satisfied that no "Brown
or Smith, of the Iise of Mull," owes him any
thing, probably never heard of such a person,
and takes no further notice of it ; and is as
tounded to find in a wek or two, that "Brown
of Mull," is the identical Brown of the Strand
Holborn, who was largely indebted to him for
goods sold and delivered, and his release under
the Act, he would certainly have vigorously
opposed. It is then, however, too late, and
he finds to his astonishment that when Brown,
after forty days, designates himself as of Mull
or Skye, he designates himself with pcrfeot
legal accuracy.
There bas lately, however, been an expose of
tne i praotice in tne case ot tne defaulting
banker, Stephens, which bids fair to consign
tnese pleasant retreats to tbe same nseless oh
scurity as old Gretna itself. .. .. . ;
TlAUlflBff Ani'ilWBn An.tuan, . Pitt r. . i.
Comfajt. ! the Oenrt of Common Pleas of
nioniaaa vounty, in tne case ot (Joonran ana
who di. Aua vioveinna, uoiumous ana Cincin
nati Rsilroad Comiunv. a. vpinf. F l Ann
damages has been awarded the plaintiffs. This
was the second trial in tbe same oase, a new
trial being granted at the instance of the
oompany. The former verdict was only $625.
Tbe action was brought for ejecting plaintiff's
wife from the cars by tbe eonduotor for non
payment of fare, for which she offered a note
which he pronounced counterfeit, and whioh
- . . . , i - . . . fc
was auerwarsg aooiarea genome oy tne Hank
Extbnsivk Floor Millb Dk8thovi) sr
Fire Loan fiftft nnn TV4 n.l-on. Mill.
----- ahv MA...., BJ,
nated in Medina, New York, and owned by
iuoBHrs. nui, wnaien k to., vers destroyed
J " " aaawa.uQ v VI V DIUVVS J. 4a v 1VDQ 19
estimated at about $55,000 to $60,000. Of
t-S . . Ann . .
una Bum $oo,uuu is covered oy insurance
.cv,uuu on ute muis ana warenonses, and
9ia,uuu on tne sicca on nana, xnese mills
were among uu oiaesi ana largest in west
ern New York. They were built in 1827, by
Messrs. Evans & Ellicett, and were furnished
with eight run of stene, with very exteniive
warehouses, and an elevator. ,
Two Mux Kit, LSD BV AH Ei plosion. Two
mon were killed by the premature explosion
of a blast in the Bergan tunnel, near New
York, recently. The viotims ef the acoident
wore workmen, named Martin Rellly and Jas.
O'Donohue. The men were preparing a blast,
when Reilly, in his. anxiety to oomplete the
work, imprudently took a stool needle instead
of one of copper, such as is generally used,
with which to ram the charge. The steel
struck fire from the rook, and a premature
explosion was the result of the imprudence.
A Woman Robrid op $2,700. A woman,
Mrs, Winters, went to a bank in New York a
day or two ago, and drew tbe sum of $2,700
for the purpose of paying off a mortgage, and
on her return home placed the money in
bureau-drawer in the home. About nine
o'clock in the evening she had occasion to go
out for a short time, and on her return found
that the house bad been entered during her
absence and the money stolen. No slue to the
thief has been obtained.
A Bishop's Jest. A New Jersey man told
Bishop Odenheimer the other day, while con
versing about the ballotings that took place in
convention before the final choice was made,
that it was well for him he was eleoted when
he was, as, if he had not been on that ballot,
on the next day they would have elected the
Rev. Dr. Newton, of Bt. Paul's. , Now you
know Dr. Odenheimer was Rector of St. Pe
ter's. The Bishop immediately replied, "That
wonld have been robbing Peter to pay Paul."
Sohithino Novel in Lottieiks. The last
advices from Hayti state that lotteries have
been established with the permission of the
government. The drawing of "The Grand
Lottery of Divine Providence" took place on
the 3d of November at Jacmel, the aggregate
Value of the twenty prises amounting to $2,000.
An Insurance company, with a capital of
$3,000,000, had also been established under
the same irreverent title of "The Divine Prov
idence Insurance Company."
CouNTiRriiTKBS in MicHioiK. Dr. William
C. Harrison, the leader of tbe gang of coun
terfeiters recently arrested in Berrien County,
Miohigan, has been fully committed, to await
trial, in default of $5,000 bail.
A man wm arrested at Burr Oak, S t. Joseph
County, Michigan, a few days "sinoe, for
Eassing spurious money, and in searohlng
im, $7,000 was found on his person, all in
two's on the Agricultural Bank of Illinois.
ExTiHsiva RoBBiar in . Utioa, N. T, The
dry-goods store of Messri. Oaffney & Fitisim
mens in Utioa,- N. Y., was broken into on
Saturday night, and silks of the value of
about$2,00ft taken away by the burglars. No
discovery has yet been made to the psrpetra-
reri oi toe roouery.
I .'.r'li.i'l 1-.4I, ,.
Two Days Later Europe—Arrival of
the Asia.
Niw York, December 22. The steamship
Aita arrived here this morning, bringing Liv
erpool dates to the 10th Inst.
Tbe news Is not very important, and ii all
embraced in the following summary:
Adnesions to the Congress had been re
ceived.! Speculations were rife relative to the
plenipotentiaries and tneir probable proosed
aa. The Enallah reformer are hnlrlinr.
Conferences in preparation for the approsoh
ing campaign.
ina Directors of the Creal Eatttrn have
postponed the explanation of their embar
rassments to the stockholders for a month,
wnicn oauied muoh dissatisfaction among the
latter. i
The total amount of gold recovered from the
ship Royal Charter, reaches 180,000.
Victor Hugo had published an eloquent ap
peal in behalf of John Brown's Harper's
Ferry affair. He says that his execution will
Do looked upon as a crime of the greatest mag
The Bank of France has gained 6.080. 000
francs during the month. The Peril Bourse
was Buoyant.
ine news from Italy is unimportant.
The differences between Prussia and Hesse
will soon be settled through the interoeision
of the Diet.
It was reported that the Emperor of China
had given the Russians notice to quit the set
tlements on tne Amoor tuver, and mat tne
Russian Embassador at Pekin was confined to
his palaoe.
There had beon a ministerial crisis in Tur
key. ) Fued Paoha had tendered his resigna
tion, but it was not accepted.
The envoy of Prince Daniel, of Montene
gro, had been assassinated.
Spain has ordered an additional levy of
fifty thousand men.
Thomas De (jutney, the distinguished au
thor of Coneteiotu o an English Opium Eater,
and various other works, is dead.
Livcrpool, December 10. Cotton easier,
and all qualities declined with holders
pressing on the market particularly the new
crop. Sales of the week 4,200 bales, iucluding
I, 40O to speculators and 6,000 to exporters.
Sales on Friday 6,000 bales market closing
dullJ Orleans fair 7 15-lBd.; middling
Mobile fair 7d.; middling 7d.; fair upland
7$-16d.: middling 6d. Stook of American
in port 27,500 bales.
Advices from Manchester are favorable;
prices are lira but very dull.
Gibson Found Guilty.
Comjiiiius, December 22. In tbo case of W.
II. Gibson, thi former Treasurer of State, the
jury, after being out twenty-four hours,
brought in a verdict this morning at sine
o'elook of guilty. A motion for a new trial
will be argued this afternoon.
! I'.'. .' ! '
or Rhruwatihi. A correspondent of tlio
Olean (N. Y.) American,; relates the following
in a late letter; I oalled to see and speak with
Henry Passer, who is and has been afflicted
with rheumatism as probably no other person
bas been sinoe tho world begun. He has
been confined to bis bed since tbe spring of
1834, has not helped himself from it since the
fall of the same year, now more than a quar
ter of a century. Most of tbis time he has
been as helpless as an infant, not being able
to urn himself in bed, or help himself to a
tuoKal of food. His knees have been out of
joint for many years, the chords and muscles
having contracted so as to draw thelowor
bone of the leg back under the femur or upper
bone, front one to three inches. His foot have
been drawn so as to bring his toes against tbe
shin bone or tibia, with such force ns to cause
painful aad offensive sores. His hands aro
drawn oat if their natural shape, and rendered,
with the entire arm, useless and almost mo
tionless. The nerves of his eyes have been to
affected as to destroy his eight. He has been
totally blind for nearly ten years.
His hoaringand speech are jet preserved;
and his appetite has been quite good most of
the time. Sis memory is surprisingly
good, and his power to reoognize those whoso
voice ho has heard is wonderful. His left leg
was amputated about a year and a half ago,
since which time I have not seen him until the
seventh iist., yet he reoogniied me at once
upon hearing mo apeak. HiB sufferings are
intense, especially when he is moved. At the
present time his remaining foot Is much swol
len, and mortification has already commenced,
and amputation is contemplated.
Thi Womrn or Utah. A writer in the
Valley Tan, the Gentile paper printed at Salt
Lake City, says:
"Tlere are thousands of women in Utah
Territory between the ages of fourteen and
twenty, who world gladly walk barefooted all
around the world to find some place to hide
from these hoary headed bishops, olders and
Birial Place or Ralkiuh. Sir Walter
ltaleigh was executed October 20, 1618, in
Old Palace Yard, Westminster. On tho same
day hia body was borne to St. Margaret's
Chureh, and there privately buried. Such
was the fata of a viotim of the imbecile
tyranny of King James I condemned for
treason on acdount of a distant and hardy
and unsuccessful expedition. Some time
la tor a brass tablet was put up In the church.
Louisiana on Disunion. The Washington
correspo ndent of the Charleston CWwir has
the following: By adiapatoh received here to
day, I learn that the State of Louisiana will
probably instruct her representatives in Con
gress to withdraw from that body in the event
ot tne election ot enerman to tne Speakership
of the House. The Oovernor of Louisiana
will , for this purpose, call an early meeting of
tne legislature.
A Larqr Rapt. Among the timber rafts
whioh ran down the Delaware River this fall
was one of mammoth dimensions, being one
nunarea ana mneiy-nve net long, sixty-two
feet wide, drew three and a half feet of water,
and manned by eight men. This ii said to
be the largeat raft, and drew more water than
any that was ever before shipped on that
Nkw Food fob Animals. Tho new oil
cake, made from cotton seed, is being exten
sively introduced in Eastern Pennsylvania,
for feeding cattle, hogs and poultry. All
these feeders uniformly reject it at first, and
require to have it out in their mouths until
they acquire a taste for it, just as young
America learns to chew tobacco.
! A . WiM-MBRDRMR Srntcxoid. John P.
Warren, who drowned his wife some time age,
and who was put on trial last week in the Tol
land County Superior Court, Connecticut,
changed his plea, after the commencement of
the trial, to one of guilty of murder in the
second degree, and was sentenced to the State
Prison for life.
Arbist or a Burular-Mvrdsbir. A
burglar named Steams, who shot F. W. Lart
alere dead in Casaapolia, Mich., last October,
was arrested, a day or two since, in Welling
ton, in this State, after a desperato resistance,
by Deputy Sheriff Letts, of Cass County,
Mich., who will receive tho reward of $500
onerea tor tne capture ef tne villain.
American Institute!
The highest und mot diitinuiilid mechanical
tt-jtherit? in the Unlvu, where we recited the lint
Pre.i liim as the beet Family Sewinl Maculae now
Tbe followiD article, from the New York Tribune,
will show Wbcelcr & Wilton to be far In advance ef
competing machinea as to niuiber sold :
"The number of machines eulit laat year by the
leading maiufacturert ia enormous. Ferthe twelve
month ending July, Wheeler & Wllion auld. 13,774
.1. M. Singer A Ue !l,rUS
(inner i Baker t,na
Bui lholf Co 7Vi
L-avitt t Co 22S
b'oukle & Lyon M
Tliia atatement is obtained from the books of
Eliaa Howe, jr., to whom each uumur'neturer pays a
liceime for tliuetlteh.
Vt'i- prenent the following
" The aubalitutioa of the rotary movement of the
' hook' f r the reciprocating motion of the eaattie
Is the latent gnui'l improvement on the Sewing Ma
chine, and It in that which now girea Wheeler
Wilson's it decided advantage over oilier Machinea.
Mereaver, for economy of power, eaae of manage
ment, variety of adaptation and apeedof execution,
it uu doubt mrpa9f all others for family uih."
UKV. D. W. (JLAUK. b. D
Editor of Ladies' Repository,
" My little daughter, of nine years, takes our urn
chine (Wheeler & WiUon'm apart, oils it anil pots it
in place, easily and ivadlly adjuate iln parts, and per
forms with it all ordinary work. .She can make her
own ilrwiaea, including hemming, gathering ami
netting in the sleeved. D'our uiouthl' use iu my fam
ily has iiimle it a neceasity and a luxury."
"We use the Wheeler A Wilson Sewing Machine,
and can aay In regard to it that it la without a rival.
No other Muahlue exceeds it iu itl adeptatiou to all
purposes of donieetic uae." -ttciuuttflc Aiuehcau.
"Wo have peraoually exaaiiued the various ma
chluee before tbe public, with en anxlons desire to
place bofore our readers reliable information. An
the reaalt of such exuniration, we unhesitatingly
recommend Wheeler A Wilson's Sewing Machines
as tbe machine fur family use." Weateru Christ inn
In addition to eucli testimony, we refer
to the 40,1100 famiHea nnd manufacturers
te whom we have sold, and ia the follow
in well-knewn; pens una of tliU city, now
imlnsr our Machines!
Mia. Lara Aniltmou, Mm. Satb Krana,
Mrs. Wai. Kesor, Mia, J anon Kvana,
Mrs. i. K. Dhocnberser, M rs. Jamea R. Smllb,
Mra. Adam N. Kiddle, Mrs. Wilson K. Nixon,
Mia. John L. Htetlmus, Mrs. Joarprt V. Wayne,
Mra, .Mi lea Ureenun.iii, Mrs. h 8. Carpenter,
Mrs. Stanley Matthews, Mrs. Major McCrea,
Mrs. P, B. Wither, Mra. Judge Hoadly,
Mra. Jas. P. Kilhrealb, Mrs. Henry (J. Lerd,
Mra. Joseph C. Butler, Sirs. 8. S. L'Hommedlea,
Mrs. Charles H. Wolfl, Mrs. riaiuuel Stokes.
Mrs. J. bh-vlu, Mra. Joa. Longwerth,
Mrs. Dr. Woodward, Mrs. Rev. D. W. Clark,
Mrs. Dr. Comegys, Mra. Rev. L. Swormatadt,
Mrs. Wm. tjellew, Mra. Rev. O. B. Bovnton,
Mrs. Oeo. D. Winchell, Mrs. Rev. Coo. C. Robinaen,
Mrs. Thos. W. liprague, Mra. Rev, Unas. Kingilsy.
Unites number of orders have been left with us
for Machines to be delivered Ghriatmas Kvs, Some
go to wives whose husbands haveeeeu them wearily
stitching, night after night, the endless task of fan
ily aewiug; soma to surprise diatunt friends, and
some to the poor widow who struggles with plucbiag
poverty, who little dreams the oy and reliof which
soen awaita hor.
What so appropriate a present as a GOOD 8KW
INO MACHINE, which is a constant comfort for a
life-time, and U many iustances a mcaua of support.
We deliver Machinea at the home of the pur
chaser, scud a lady to instruct in Its use, and war
rant and keep in order for three years. .
Call during the Holidaya at our oflice,
de2Sb '?
Ancient York Hit'-.
-1. the anniversary of St. John the Baptist will be
observed by the Maaonic fraternity of Cincinnati
and vicinity, on TTJKSDAY EVENING, the 27th
inst., at 7 o'clock, in Masonic Hall, corner of
Third and Walunt-etreeta, when all brethren in good
ataading in tho Fraternity are cordially and frater
nally invited to be present, and participate in the
festivities of the occasion.
OBDK.a or KX F. RCll) Eg.
lst-lnstallatlou of the officers of all the Lodges in
the city.
2d Grand Bauouct, at which a series of regular
toasts and short addreaaxa appropriate to the occasion
will be siven.
Rv iirnnr of the T.nilpn.
w.u. miuutir-ivn,
I. I
Tickets Sl-to b had of Hie Comniitle, and Joseph
II. Covert, Tyler. de21tt
J?1 OH.
Christmas Presents!
udd; wbbser& eo.'S
aVirat Premium . j-a3W; ,
Sewing Machines,
and eimpllclty of construction and efficiency
Iu working, are uneeualod by any.
: delOtjal
ht Went Fonrth-atreeu
Holiday Gifts, &c.
large and beautiful aiedrtinens of FANCY
GOODS, which we have just received forth Mon
days, Bohemian Bottles, Tearl Jewel Caskets, Bo
hemian Caaketa, l'earl Card Caaee, Bohemian Boxes,
Pearl Porte-moanaiea, Bohemian Puff Boxes, Pearl
Inlaid Brushes, Ao. For salo at very low prices.
AtBKRT BOSS, Druggist,
deU S, W.cor.JCIgbth-at.and Weatern-row.
Spalding's Prepared Glue.
sale by ALBERT BU8S, Jlrugglst,
deli S. W. ear. lightli-et. and Woeurn-iow. '
.t-j- . in . .. , i.
.-..J j -in :u .it,. a v- i)
.'TIRM5-CA8T1. 'V T-Yrt
Advertisement! not aoesdlnt lve line (Agef.-
Oaeleert1on...... I On week- Jfl 00 ,
Two wseks... 1 so I One month . I M
HUrger advertisements Inserted at the folio wins
raise for sctuure of tea lrnea or leas I 1.-:ni
One lBeertion....t SO I Two weeks, .,i4 M .mM
Eachaddl'nal insw I Three weeks........... 4
One week......M 1 7t I One month to;."
Job Printing
la all Its onsets, done with neatness and dtspeloh
illrlee 5A West Fonrth-atreet, Clncln ntt, O
OrxumNiTi, February 16, 18.1P
We haw used one of "Grover A Baker's" Sewing
Machines in our family for nearly two years. We
liavedouo all kinds of aewiug upon It that Is required
to be done in a large family, and it has worked to
onr entire satisfaction in every respect. It hss never
been cut of repair, though in almuat dally uae. The
-cam ie aa atroug and durable as any cloth can be
made. There is nu diilticutly about the tension of the
ihread tlie Guest and the coitrsvst work equally well.
Wo have given it a niost thorough trial, and we cor
dially recouimand it to all as aniachiuv which haanu
auperior. Signed,) KKV. CI1AUNOEY GILKS.
So. i HABRiaoK-ar.i Cincinnati, Oct. 2, IMS.
M kssbs. Ubovrb St BAKBB-Geutletnen: ltianearly
three years since my family had one of your excel
lent Hewing Machines in use. Curing that time iher
liare hud an opportunity o7 eeeing several other
kinds, and though they possess niauy good uualittes,
yet for family use, my wile and daughters prefer your
machine to any uthors In the city. Believe me to re
main, gentlouien, lours respectfully,
(Signed,) REV. lilCUAKD GRAY.
Genta -I have had three years experience with one
A your Sewing Machines, and have always found it
reliable. It atiches most beautifully, and ia so easily
managed that my little, girl, six years old, can work
it with perfect ease. Long live the inventor, aay I.
(Signed,; Yours, truly, MRS.G G.C'OMHTOCK.
Cincinnati, October as,
Messrs. Grover Baker Geuta: Having need one of
your Sewing Machines fer the laat two years,(durinR
ivhich time i have tritul soveral olhor kinds,) I tftkt.
pleasure in adding niy testimony to the great supe
rior! tr of your manufacture, over any other that has
thus farcomo uudermy notice.
(Signed,) Very respectfully,
MKS. CHAS. H. KELLOGG, WVs Seventh-street.
Cincinnati, October 27, lM.
Mcsrs. Uruvur Baker Gents: I have used one ol
vuur Hewing Machines for the lust eighteen months,
both in the manufacture of tine and heavy material,
aud it haa given eutlie aHtiafnction, and 1 cheerfully
recommend them to any peraou wanting a good
machine. (Signed.) Respectfully yonra,
MRS. JOHN 1). MINOR, SMI VVcat gixtli-itreet.
The undersigned, Clergymen of varioua denomina
tions, having purchased and used in our lamiliea
Grover ft linker's Celebrated AM ILY SKWING
MACHINE," take pleasure Iu recotumneding It as
uu iuarminent fully coinbiniug the esaentials of a
uooil Machine. Its beautiful simplicity, ease of
management, and the strength aud elasticity of its
atitch, unite to render It Machine nnaurpaaaed by
any in the market, and one which wo feel confident
wiil give satisfaction to all who may purcliaae it.
Ilov. B. W. Chldlaw, A. M.
ltev.J. Chnster,
, Rev. P. O. Prugh,
Itev. Win. Perkins,
itev. Kdwaril Girard,
Itev.A. Blake, 1). D.,
Rev. K. C. Benson, A. M.
Rev. J. J. Mcllheuny. D. D.
The loltowlim Is an eitrtirt from the reoort of thn
Committee on Sewing Machinea, al the late Seaboard
Agricultural Fair, held at Norfolk, Va. The Com
mit lee wae composed of three of the beat machinists
iu Virginia:
"After a thorough inspection of all tho Sewing
Machinea on exhibition, it is our opinion that Ihe
Grover A Bakor Sewing machine is the beat for nil
tmrpoaea, Tlx: Family and General Work."
Signed,)' J. B. PENDLETON,
Sup't Machinery, Seaboard and Roanoke R. It.
8. T. HAND,
Sup't Seaboard and Roanoke B. 11.
(i. B. 'AV1DS,
Sup't Atlantic Iron Works, and U, S. Inspector of
t'roaa the very flattering lnauner In which nur
Machines Iihva been received hv the nublic. (result
ing In the sain of upward of Thirty Thousand,) we
are led to believe that our endeavors to manufactnre
a 'Tellable machiue have been appreciated, Ve
take this opportunity to remark that this policy will
bit unchanged, and that every Machine sold by us we
shall nut hesitate to warrant In every respect.
laia-h GKOVRK ft BAKKR tt. M. CO.
Coal Cooking Stove!
lias beon pronounced by competent judges to be the
Patented Dec. 7, 1858.
for salo by the Inventors and Manufacturers,
No. 333 Fourth-street, Cincinnati.
We reapeotfnlly refer to the fallowing certificates
for evidence of tbe above : 1
for some montha I have been using the Alligator
Coal Cooking Stove. Its superior cooking qualities,
combined with its cleanliness, mnateventiially secure
to the ownera a large ahare af public patronage.
I have been using one of Mo s. Adams ft Peck,
over's Alligator Cook Stoves fora , ne montha, whirr,
tiives entire aatlafnctlon iu every reapeot, and lean
cheerfully recommend it to those who are in want ol
a superior cook atovo. II. H. LKAV1TT.
if or the last rear I have been using the Alligator
Coal Cooking Stove, manufactured by Messrs. Adami
A Peckover, which 1 conair a superior stove, and
uivee the utraoat aatiefacuon. It Is the only stove I
have found that cooks perfectly with coal.
Cor some time past I have been using one of Messrs,
Adams ft Peokover'a Alligator Coal Cooking Stores,
aud can recommend them aa being aenperior stove,
giving entire satisfaction in every respect.
JOS. BUHHNKLL, Coal Merchant.
I cheerfully indorse the above.
Manufactory, Oovlnfrton, Ky.
WAREHOUSE, . --t INCimTI, 0.
Ne. 90 Baret Colaiubla-atreer.
trade at the Boost reasonable prices and en the
most accommodating terms with ,. ., , , ,
For Oil, Flnld or Coal Oil,
H. B. Jones's Iaproved.LamBs and Burners for
sale bf tu fffizffi0

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