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"rODND,"o.,ln thia column, oerapytng 8 line
or les, two Insertion, twentr-flveceht.
general homework, to go io Mount Adams,
rtbe Observatory. Call at D. B. Jordan's Paper
Box Factory. 8. K. cor. Main aud Fifth.
WAN T B D-A smart, sotive Man, to
travel and tell a Yaluabla Patent Bight.
Bare inducement offered. Also state ndO.uotr
1,,Am1' ,0 H- BATSMAN, No. 1M
West Third-street, ds23b
i WT..Nn Gerlcan find a situation by applying
Immediately at the N. W. corner of fourth and Bye
amore. Boom. No. 1. third floor. de23
WANTED GIRL An American girl
willing to do the light work of a email tarn,
tly, may bear of a good aitnatloo by applying at the
Loan ilffloe, 3 East Fourth-street. JHb
WANTED GIRL To do general home
work, at Mo. 91 Miltoa-etreet. Nona need
pply but what can give good reference. deMb
SMO, wishing to trarel South and Wait, can
become associated with the advertiser in a pleasant
rash business, which will pay two a large income.
Ii r partloalari addreai L. N., box 1,741, postofflc.
W" ANTED BUSINESS A share in a
respectable paying buaineaa. for which the
advertiser will give $400 and devote hie time to the
interest of the concern. Addres (stating nature of
business) 0. 11., at this office. dealt)'
cook, wash and iron, to do the work of a
mall family. Inqniie on Wade-street, two doora
at of Freeman. de2lb
WANTED Reliable help for situations
of any kind can always be bad at a moment's
notice, by applying atNo.eoKast Third -atreet, base
ment story, next to Adami' Express office. Mo
barge to servants. dt&lam
WANTED Clerks, book-keepers, lales
men, bar-keepers, porters, coopers, carpen
ters, mechanics, laborers and othere, can find situa
tions at the Merchants' Clerks jKegistry Office, 128
Valunt-atreet, del9aw H ALB A (JO.
VVTANTED-M E N A large number of
active, industrious men can And agreeable
and at the same time lucrative employment In the
ule of aome new and popular hooka and Maps.
Theeo work are written by the beet historians and
tuilhors known to the civilized world ; benoe their
popularity. Come and examine for yourselves be
foro engaging in the sale of other publlcatlone.
MACK K. BAKN1TZ, Publisher,
de3tf 3s Wont Fourth-street, Cincinnati.
E10R SALE CHEAP A Paint-shop Fix
.C turns. Inquire of J. L. GRAHAM, south eaat
comer of fourth and Madison-streets, Covington,
Kentucky. de23b
FOR SALE Choice Table Butter, prime
Cheese, Fruit, Ac, at one of the neatest stores
in the eity-No. 357 West itixth-atreet-wholesal
and retail. Aleo Buckwheat flour, pure Maple Bu
gitr and prime Holiday Oyster, 4c. All warranted
is repreaented. D, BTOBUOMT,
. Or Fixtures only, of a Cigar Store. This Is a
chance for a man with a small capital to go Into that
business as the location is excellent and rent low.
Address B. B , Fenny Press Office AMI
SALE A eplondid Family Sleigh,
. either for one or two borses, very low. In
ejiiireot 0. G. BOWN,42 West-Eighth st. deb
BOARDING Two or three gentlemea can
obtain front room and board at 162 Plum
Hireet, near Fourth. Also a few day-twantem can
acconiinoaaiea, tu jj per ween, ntYMb
OARDING. Several gentlemen oan be
m-m accommodated with good board in a private
John and Western-row. Terms, 83 per week.
BOARDING A oouple of families, or tin
gle gentlemen or ladles, can be accommodated
ruth pleasant looms and board at Mo. 189 byoainore
treet. Keferenoe required. deZJu
OR RENT HOUSE A desirable three-
atorv brick dwelling An hMVenth-atrAAt. IwIaw
Buy-miller, Mo. 907, contains eight room, and la fur
nisbed with bath and ma. Bent Kiuser month. Ad-
ply at Joseph W. Wayne's hardware-store, 196 JMaiu
alreet, near fifth. de22h
lilOK RENT HOUSE A convenient and
-aV comfortable three-story brick dwelling, 8. W.
comer of Plum and Perry-slreets, painted and pa
pered, with 12 rooms, gas, cistern, aud all improve
ments. Bent low to a ttrat class tenant. Apply at
Si, and papers, was left on the counter of J. C.
TWaKSfe Cu., 149 Main-street, Wednesday after
noon. The owner can have it by proving properly
andpayingcharges. de22b
D. K. CADY & CO.
CliritiiiAs Presents,
At the Old Stand, corner or Fifth aid Walnnt-stl.
l'iihcard-oi' Prices !
1 Fourth-street, being nearly out, we are about
I" toncentrate. our trade at
No. 64 West Pourth-Btreet,
(Sooond Floor,)
And therefore offer the following Pianoaat the price
anuexed Mo variation in price, and nothing but
1 ash will be received:
ratca. SMIOAT
M octave Clilckerlng 8300 J2ir
2 I'V octave full round Cliickering... 324 240
! octave full romid Chickeritig.... 3HI 266
octavo extra finished Stodart's., 400 296
2 7 octave Stodart's, round corner.. 390 275
2 fh octave Stodart's, round corner. 315 "M
I eH octave Htodart' round corner... 200 236
I octave Dunham, extra finish.... .160 -'76
1 6i octave Dunham, round front,... 300 20
2 7 octavo now scale Dunham, extra 3iS 290
4 extra full finished 7 octave....'.....-.. 390 i0
I extra carved, with frot work, 7 oc... i'Ut 296
I extra carved, with moulding, 7 oc... ta 'M
large round corners, 7 oc. inlaid.... 326 226
I large round 7 octave plain 300 216
v i octaves, small rouud 240 186
1 Parlor Grand, Hnllet ft CumtoD...SoMl 37
I Parlor Grand, Cblcki'ring 690 626
TBThe ;bovo will be told at tliow rates until
New Years.
Terms, 0stsH..
Every Piauo Fully 'WaVrauted.
No, 64 Fourth -st., Second floor,
Aud TO Fourth-street, First Floor.
Holiday Presents!
Full Trimmed,
Wholesale and Betail.
Holiday Books!
A nd other QlfU for the Season, at
No. 107 Valn-itrMt, abovo Third.
A. A. Eyiter, Clocki, Watches and
Jewelry, Not. &41 and 171 Western .row. i .
Get all your Chrlatmaa Plotami at
No. At Broadway.
Ubi Eowa'a Codoh 0icdt For gala
by John D. Park, corner of fourth and Walnut.
Holiday Importation at Elian's, IS
West Fonrtb-itreet.
Holiday Jewelry at Ellai'g, ! West
flf Chrietma (llfti at leu than Eaitern
price at Kllaa'i, It West fourth-street.
"1'lne Jewelry, oheap for oah, at Eliai't,
16 West Fonrth-etreet.
Pare Silver Spoons and Forks, at
Ellas'!, 15 Wet Vonrtb-itreet.
Sreat aisortmeot of Plated Ware at
Illu'i, IS Wet Fourth-lreet.
-Fin R. R. Watohes at Ella', 16
West Foortbtreet.
&"Gtt yoor Watohe and Clooki repaired
at Ellas's, M West Fonrth-etreet.
Plotnres in fancy eaaei at the Broad-
war Oaltery at one-third the price charged at other
F&Tor Christmas Presents go to Albert
Bos', south-west corner of Eighth-street and West
ern-row. Th,
Mince-meat for your Christmas mlnoe-
pie. Teniion, beef-tongue and beef minoe-meati.
Too can rely on John Hunt for a ohoioe article.
Cfouch's Gallery, No. 63 West Fourth-
street, 1 the place for cheap picture. Ten cent
will procure them. Go and get on.
Sagnerrean Gallery, lonth-west oor-
ner of Sixth and Western. row. over Hannafnrd'a
drug-store. Piotnre taken and nt la good ease
for twenty oei t. Warranted to please.
The annual donation of Tea Canisters,
a adopted by Moore ft Chester in 1651, will con.
menoe at south-east corner Fifth and Walnut, on
Friday next de31c
gS- Floor. Choice Family Floor, at the
lowest rate, dellvored without charge. Dead In
your order to the mill, at 0., H. and D. B. B.
JAMES K. UPB1N, Agent.
Oats, Short and Middlings always on
hand. Trade supplied at lowest rates. JAMES K.
HURIN, Agent, 977 and S79 Sixth-street.
9 Ciaphanotypca oan be had at Carpen
ter' Gallery, No. 20 West Fifth-street, at lea rate
than charged for other pictures. Those desiring
Christmas tokeos Bhould by all means go to Carpen
ters and proonre a Dlnpbanotype.
Sff Let it be borne in mind that those
very clever butcher, Messrs. Bannon A Lyons,
south-east corner of Sixth and Sycamore-street,
will have a magnificent display of Chrlatmaa M'ats
during the holiday. Let every on go and see them.
. I NO out the stock at greatly reduced prices.
Stereoscopic Groups,
Only Thirty-five Centa.
Very Fine, New Style Boxes.
Engravings, Paintings, &c.,
Neatly Framed.
BirdM, Shells, &c,
Selected Expressly for the
lrtl WaluuUstreef.
t& Call at
Looking Glasses !
They are for sale at
. Very Low Prices.
de-law 1
and Silver Walobos and Ine Jewolry, consist
ing of-
KlruKan, Coral, Lara, Pearl, Oarnet aud
Tomuois, Pins, Ear-rinfii, Bracelet, to.
ALSO A fine assortment of Silrur and plated
ware, consisting of
Tea-sets, Urna, Waiter,
Communion-ware, Cake-Baskets,
Castor, Oops, Ooblots, Uctuor Stands.
Knivea, Fork, Spoons, tc.
N. B. The best plated Tea-aets can be bought
from $24 to SM per set. Alto, Silver Spoons and
Forks, warranted eituai to coin, will be sold st tho
low price of ft 80 per ounce, at
dol9bw M. W. comer Fourth and Ualn-atreets.
Standard Pouts,
Fine Bibles,
Portfolios and
No. 13 MAlIV-STKtefiT.
Complete at ft per Dozen,
And Coal Oil at Vuufaetarers Price.
Gray, Hemingray & Brothers,
dellaw 30 EAST COLUMBIA.St.
Hartford, Connecticut.
Capital, $400,000 Assets, VHr,Vil.
jMvotM to Flrebnilneaseicluslvelr.
H. A. GLA88FOBD. Agent.
PS West Thlrdtreet, Oinofnaatl.
..DKUEMBKlt 3,1
Han, FiiLDass Both Eastern mails failed
yesterday, and the Louisville and SU Louts
mails lastnight This is so common a matter
that it hardly deserves notice. Whan shall
we hare eomplete postal arrangement?
Christmas 0 titers at Waooohie's. Oys
ters are rolling In at Waggoner's depot,
Wastern-row, above Fifth, as thick as June
birds. Be sure to boy of Waggoner, and you
wui get mo nest in ine ouy.
fine display of Christmas meats should drop in
.4 Auk V O , 1 1. .L .
v. aiuu bwwhi , uuria-eaet oorner X lllu
and Park-streets. His display oan be seen
this evening and to-morrow morning, and
MH.I.I. .h- . A . i 1 .1 1 .
wuiiiH vi kutuuwi uivaie in uie meraei.
ColfrrTIOtB.'Rmml,i. h.t KT Vn.
ris. 264 Raoa-atraat. I nninanul
upon the shorteat notioe, eonfeotloni of every
aina,ior private or publlo parUea, and for
family nie. Persons patronising Mr. M. will
find everything of the best quality.
PaOQIIDlHoa 0 vna Cnmnr (1nuuTaatn..
At their regular session yesterday morning the
County Commissioners passed orders amount,
lug, in the aggregate, to $722 74, of whioh
duo v were paia to jonn Aiatner ror work
upon the new jail. Apart from this no busi
ness of importanee was transacted.
Firs Ysbtsbday Mobnimo. A fire broke
out yesterday morning, in the wire manufac
tory or josepn uromwoll, so. 181 Walnut
Btreet, but the flames were extinguished be
fore a great deal of damage had been done.
Ihe loss will not reaoh $100, which w at fully
covered by insurance.
Cn STATU 1H Otbtcb. Pnf.r C
Weat Fifth-street, has on hand and ia receiv
ing ciauy supern oyster, uneaualed by any
others imported to the Queen City. Citiiena
desiring good oysters should not fail to teat
til. nl..i. MM. II, la. A C r.-.. J " 1 1
" .ujiiivi uauun oi vavagna, auring too
A Lvjxcbt. Sleigh-riding in this city is a
very expensive luxury. Ferguson, oorner
Ninth and Vine, gives a free ride to all who
mav favor him with their n.Wn fnr ntr.ia..
and other Christmas goods. He delivers all
...J- I l ; , . . .
guuus uy sieigu wane ine enow msti. Bena
in your orders and get a ride.
Unpaid Lbtthes. The following is a Hat of
lettors detained for non-payment of postage at
the Postoffice, in this oity, December 22:
Mesirs. Screw i. 'To., Little Bock, Ark.
John W. Barber, Waterton, N. J.
Messrs Tllden A Co., Lebwon, N. T.
John Travis. It. P., Marlborough. Tenn,
Mrs. At. A. Btevenr. Ouliimbua.lnd.
Miss Julia Stone, Oxford, Ohio.
Alia. Mollis Gray, 8t. Louis, Mo.
jjndlanapoli Kailroad Company, Lawreneeburg,
Soirekb Danbantis. The next mint dan
miUt of Mr. and Mrs. Shank will take plaoe
this evening at the Concert Hall of Pike's
Opera-house. The arrangements for the party
are complete in every respect, and it is ex
pected that it will be among the finest of the
The Marseilles Dancing Club also give a
party at the same place on Monday evening,
the 2fith inst The Committee of Arrange
ments intend to render this all that the vota
ries of Terpsichore could desire, and we doubt
not they will fully succeed.
Christmas Diknei for thb Bethel Sunday
Bohool. The officers of the Bethel Sunday
Sohool, as will be seen by an advertisement in
another column, have determined to give their
pupils a Christmas dinner on Monday next,
the 2rtth inst, and for that purpose solioit do
nations of provisions from the friends of the
institution. Four or five hundred children, it
is expected, will be present, and most of them
are of a clats almost destitute of theneoensa-
riM nf llfn Tft hivi fha -f -
young hearts will be a snffioient inducement
to those interested in the schools to make this
an affair that will live in the minds of the pu
pila until the end of time, at a pleasant
Anoof Holiday Ghth. We lave a a word
to say about this matter to the readers of our
journal. To obtain a gift which shall be both
instructive and ainusiug for the little fulks,
requires but a trifling amount of thought for the
juuioious parent; but what will most please
wifo, daughter or female friend, Is, perhaps, a
question requiring more reflootion and, judg
ment. A "Solving Machine," by whioh we
mean, of conrse, one worthy of the name, and
whioh retlly, by its perfect operation, dis
penses with the Iabo,' of hand-sewing. The
gentleman be he husband, father or friend
who presents such an instrument to a lady for
a Christmas or New Tear's gift, In our humble
opinion, Bestows a souvenir at onoe fascinat
ing in the extreme, useful and ornamental;
for a prettier piece of furniture for a lady's
boudoir, than a mahogany or black-walnut
cabinet, disclosing when opened an instru
ment so indispensable, can hardly be found.
And now, reader of ours, if your taste coin
cides with us as to the most appropriate and
acceptable, as well as elegant, gift to your
lady friend at this time, we will state, for
your information, as to where suoh an instru
ment may bo had, that we, some months
since, after personal examination of the dif
ferent sewing machines now before the public,
decided upon and obtained for our family use
one of Messrs. I add, Webstar & Co.'s elegant
cabinet machines, and have had it in almost
constant use si see its reception. We have be
fore, and over our own signature, commended
this machine to public notice, believing that
If it has an equal it has no tuperior, in every
excellence which pertains to the sewing ma
chine in a perfect state. Baku's Pictorial.
Sbiripk's Sales. The attendance at the
Sheriff's salts of real estate yesterday morning
was quite large, and the bidding spirited.
The following pieces were disposed of, being
nearly all that were offered:
Frame house and lot on Elm-street, north
of Twelfth, doBignatod as lot No. 5, In Patter
son'and Grant's subdivision, of 8 feet front
by 114 deep. Valued at $2,200; sold to
John G. Klckoflf for $1,965.
Lot No. 17 in section 32, township 3, frac
tional range 2, in Miami Purchase, containing
11 and 16-10v aores; valued at $250 per
acre; sold to Robert Q. Bray for $167 per acre.
Lot No. 8 In Robert Orr's subdivision, con
taining 7 and 87-101) aires, valued at $275,
and sold to George Fenton for $183 34 per
Lot No. 12 in the same, containing 2 and
18-100 aores; valued at; $1,200 for the lot,
and sold to Mary Walker for $800.
Lots Nos. 64 and 65 in book 139, page 140
Hamilton County Records, on the eaat Bide of
Western-row, 25 feet front by 90 deep; valued
at $50 per foot; sold to Prootor fc Gamble for
$57 per foot.
Lots No. 18, 19, 20 and 21 in Longwood'
sub divided by Samuel Borden, the flrBt con
taining 20-100 of an acre, valued at u ror
the lot and sold to Henry Philley for $53 34;
the second oontalnlng i and 67-100 acres.
valued at $170 per acre, sold to tne same at
$116 67 tier aore ; the third containing b4
acres, valued at $185, and sold to the same for
$123 34 per acre; and the fourth containing 6
and 19-100 acres, valued at $200, and sold to
the same for $133 84 per acre.
Lot No. 81, in Fulton Township, now Cin
cinnati, valued, for ground Improvements, at
$900, sold to Louisa D. Craeroff for $600.
Lot No. 32, in the same place, valued at
$650, for let and improvements, and sold to
the same for $366 67.
Lot No. 83, in the same place, valued at
$950, and sold to the same for $633 34.
Lot containing 4 and81-100 acres, to beU.Ven
for the east of Lots Noi. 22, 23 snd 24 in Sam
uel Borden's sub division of Longwood, valued
at $170, and sold to Henry Philley at $11S 84
per tore.
Polios Court. Twenty-sir rtersons were
examined, yesterday morning, before Judge
uowe, Dniooiy one or twoot tbeiu are worthy
record, the remainder bains' wbollv without
Daniel Kahn, who onr readers will remem
was arrested on Monday last, upon a
charge of asaault with Intent to kill, commit
ted a week or two ago at the Butcher's Ex
change, near the Brighton House, upon a
young man named Henry Frank, was deemed
guilty and held to bail in the sum of $2,500 for
Bis apperanee at the next term of the Court of
Common Pleas. Theolreamstanoes connected
with the affair have already been related at
length, and it is therefore unnecessary to speak
them here, farther than to say that Eahn
struck Frank upon the head with a boulder
tied in a handkerchief, and fractured his skull,
consequence of which he la still confined to
his bed with very little prospect of recovery.
A party of men on Sunday nieht last en
tered a house on the oorner of Eighth and ,
mam, ana 07 m reais gnu violence sougnt to
deter a oouple of women who resided there
from appearing as witness against a man who
as upon trial in the Court of Common Pleas
for an attsmcted eonstunratlon. The nnllnn
entered the building and arrested Robert Mc-
&tm, uiobael Burger, John Larkin, and
Timothy Carroll, all of whom were examined
vssterday morning before Judge Lowe. The
latter was diaobarged, but the others were
fined $10 and cost each for their conduct.
Three notorious females who oreated a dis
turbance, night before last, at a tmwon 'd
amour kept by .Julia Dye, on Vine-street, near
Sixth, were fined five dollars and costs for dis
orderly conduct.
A man named Burke, who was found in
the street by some policemen st an early hour
yesterday morning, overcome by the combined
effect of liquor and oold to such an extent
that life was almott extinct, and taken to the
station-house and lesusoitated, was fined three
dollars and oosts.
John Neehan, day before yesterday, com
mitted an assault upon Patrick Cochran, was
arrested therefor, taken before Judge Lowe
and sentenced to the dungeon of tho County
Jail for a term of three days and compelled
pay a fine oi $10 and costs for tho indul
gence of his pngilistic propensities.
The Ohio at this point is still at a stand,
but it must decline very soon, although the river la
announced as rislnx above, If the preseut cold
weather coiitlnues.fHlce ha not yet apprared here,
but it ia floktt.ig In considerable Quantities one hnu
dred miles ab,ve, aud boats bound for the upper
porta will have Ufflculty no doubt in reaching their
The temperature lowered yesterday, aud tbe ther
mometer last eveo.ig stood at IB degrees. The at
mosphere was nippln., and the snow covering all
outward oujhcU gave ver thing a vory wintry ap
pearance. But few days like yesterday will be re
quired to seriously interrupt navigallon.
There are now in the (anal at Louisville about
nlue feet of water, and bout. drairiDg no more than
live fec can pass over tho Falls.
Busluess at itao Landing was rather dull yesterday,
and freights were scarce to all points. Nona were
ottering f.,r Wheeling and Pittsburg, and some of
the steamers bound in that direction have concluded
change their destination.
Monetary and Commercial.
was yesterday than on
Wednesday, and deitlerB were paving M readily, and
sometimes SOc. premium for all first-class checks ou
Phlladelpbiaand New York. Tbn selling rate was
toady at h prem.
Money continued very stlugent, but the market was
more quiet than it bad beta on any provious d4y of
the week, and thecheckings comparatively moderate.
A. Eastern Kichago advanced yesterday morning
to premium in Chicago, Iowa, Illinois and Wis
con.iu Paperwas put up 011 Third-street from 11-ifiU
Mocbange occurred in Coin, New Orleans Kxchange
or prime bills.
The Imports nd Kxports ot various articles dur
Ing the twenty-four hour ending yes.orday noon,
Imports-Flonr, l.Otto brls.; Wliixky, 1,258 brls.;
0orn,4,m bushels; Wheat, S,8H bnshels; Oats, 3,3i
bushels; Darley, 3,998 bushels; Hogs, 7,S'i6 head; Pork
and Baoon, S74 brls.: H3,it3H lbs.; dugar, art libds,;
Molasses, t brls.; Conea, 974 bagt; Apples, A7 brls.;
Butter, 141 kegs; Cheese, 1,339 boxes; Potatoes, 142
brls.; Salt, 201 bills.
Expoutb. Flour, 1,320 brls.; Whisky, l,2Jfi brla ,
Wheat, 7K8 bnshels; I ork itnd Uncoil, 137 lihds.; 1
tierces; 27 boxes; tSMbrls.; 8 war, 194 libds.; Mollis
so. 318 brls.; Coffee, 3.13 bans; a pples,3l brls ; Butter,
kegs; Cheese, 672 boxes; Potatoes, VM brts.; 6 lit,
334 brla.
Flonr. after tbe reception of the favorable advicea
received from tho t and Knutli. yeslerday, ad
vanced 10c. per brl., wltlmales of 1,100 brls. Whisky
was in good demand and Drices wont tin !6c. per sal -
Ion. Barley and Oata were dull, and tbe latter de
clined; but other kinds of grain wero tiriu. Pro
visions worn active and larve sales maoo for future
delivery. Hogs opened bitoyitnt in the moruiu, bold
era elevating their figures; but the large receipts
causoda re-action and the market closed quietly
2,357 head solllug duriu tlie ility.
K LOU H There was au improved demand to-day,
under tbe aavlces from the East and r.oub,ttnd
prices ruled 10c. per barrel liiitber. The sales wore
I'M barrels. W now quote euperflue at ' 30.') 4ll,
aud extra at HA tOOf) 79.
WHISKY" A good demand, and prices Sc. biqhur:
sale of 1,300 barrels at 21c, Including that from
liOUS The market oponed buoyant, holders ask
ing biKbcr prices, but tho receipts made up 00
'Chatiito being larger than wore expected, this buoy
aucywus lost, and the market closed rather quiet.
ine saios were:
145 head-averaging 175 lbs, at S 29
170 bead averaging 170 lbs. at ft U
m head averaging fi lbs. at 6 211
300 head averaging 2(H) lbs. at 6 9U
3'.0 head averaging 210 lbs. at 6 90
60 head averaging 1MI lbs. at 6 37
l':0 heud averaging 16 lbs. at A 'Hi
172 head averaging 190 lbs. at 6 to
310 head averaging 1U0 lbs. at 6 40
200 head averaging lfti lbs. at. 6 30
200 head averaging H) lbs. at 6 60
130 bead averaging 210 lbs. at 6 90
The receipts were about 9,000 head,
PROVlSIONS-MessPork firmer, but not qiiotably
higher: sales of 300 barrels at tfle 90, aud $17 Mwaa
oflered and refused for a lot to be delivered the last
Week of February. 30n,ml pounds bulk Meats sold
at;6)4W)4c.;io be delivered iu February, and 30 lihds.
Shoulders, on tho spot, at 60. packed. 6uhhds. Ba
con Side sold at 9c. Hhouldersare offered at 7?4C,
but tbe demand is only moderate. 7,000 pieces green
Meat sold at 5(5'ic. for Shoulders; ;(47 19-1000. lor
Sides, and TM&bt. for Hums. They wereoffered more
freely at tbe close. 600 tierces Lard sold at I Co., Willi
fair demand.
OKOUEHIEH-Sugar tirm, and In gcod demand:
sales of 100 lihds. at MDc. Molasses Arm at 46H(
47c. the former rate from landing. Coffee unchanged
and Arm at l2A13c.
WHKAT There lsagood demand, and prices are
Arm at 111 2,1 29 for prime whito, aud Si IM.l 2
or prime rod : sales of Usi bushel prime while at
ll 29: 200 do. fair do. at Si 20.
COBN-The market continues flrtu, with a good
demand at 90c, In bulk.
OAT8 The market ia dull, and price liavo de
clined to bio. per bushel: aalcs of 1,200 bushels in
bulk, at 90Xo.; 600 do. atolc.
ItYK The demand is active, and prices firm at
BARLEY The market continues dull: we have
no chauge to notice in price since our laat quota
tions. CHEESE The market Is firm, with an active de
mand: salt a of 300 boxes Western Reserve, ut 9c ; 79
do. English Dairy at lie; 40 do. Nutmeg at 12Sc-;
90 do. extra large Western ltesorve at w.'to.
HUTTKB There la a good doniand, and prices firm
at our last quotations: sales of 10 barrels fair Central
ihici at 19c,; la do. good do. at 16c.; 8 do. choice West
ern lleserve at 19c.
APPLES There ia a good demand, and prices firm
at SI 75fi3 79 per barrel, for fair to prime.
POTATOES The market ia Arm, with good de
mand at our last quotations.
CLOVKIi SEED-There is a moderate demand, and
Brire steady at $4 79: sales ef .VI sacks at $4 79; 79
rls. atfjl.7.'4 60.
New Tons. Mabekt. December 22 P. M. Flour
market is 9 10c. better, doing very quiet: sales of
10, zoo oarreis, at S.W r lor supernne Diaie; so m
foi 39 for extra State; :'S.9 20 for superfine Western:
9 206 40 for common to medium extra do., and
SI ttHatS et) for inferior to good shipping brands extra
round-hoop Ohio market closing very quiet and
Arm. Canadian Flour steady: sales of 200 barrel at
fj Mxan for common to choice extra. Bye Flour
is in fuir reqneet at S3 60(94 40. Wheat is very quiet
and nominally unchanged; for Milwaukee Club SI OS
Is offered, and Si 20 asked. There is a limited export
and speculative demand. Kye quiet at twe9c., with
trilling sale. Barley more active: sales ol 17,000
bushels Uunada Knat at SOc. Corn dull and lower:
ales of M.oot) bushels, at 8l90c. for white and yel
low. Oat steady, at 4647u. tor State. Western and
Canadian. Whisky dull and quiet: sale of 3ofl brls.
chlelly at 270. Pork moderately activo at butter
prices: as lea of 1,600 brls., at $16 12 for moss; $11 A2
for prime including 900 barrel old mess, at seller's
option, PT January and Cobruary, private term.
Beer unchanged: Hales of 390 barrels, at Ut 90 for
eonntry prime; $92A 9U for country mess; Sjfc'J lur
repacked mess, and $10 6011 for extra mes.
Dressed Hog dull at M(&?c. Beef Hams active:
sales of SCO barrels, at $14 60$bl9 lor Western; SIM
12 for Stale, Prime mess Beef moro active: sales of
Ms) tierces at f 18 9M019. Cut Meat quiet and steady
at Ho. for Shoulders, and wHiiailOc. for llama. Ha
con steady: silos of 290 boxes Cumberland Middle
at St4o ; iOO do. abort-ribbed do. at dtc Lard dull
and heavy: sales of 39(1 barrels nt lOXtftUfto. Butter
dull and heavy, at llldo. for Ohio, and 1923c. for
Stat. Cheese in fair demand at (KSollc.
Philawclphia Mabkbt, December 22. Flonr oon
tlnne quiet: aalesat $9 37.S(W SO rot' common and
good superBne; $ 7.' S7 for extra; tKa)6 90 for
extra family, and $6 62S(7 for fancy lot. Rye
Flour steady at $4 A'H. Corn Meal at J.t 7.1. Wheat
unchanged: ale of 3,000 biisbel, red at II 32tfjil 3.1,
and white at $1 4IVJII Ml. Itye steady at W.!.' fur
Pennsylvania, and t6c l'"r Delaware. Corn steady:
sale of 0,000 bushel yellow at 73fiji76c. Whisky in
fair demaud at Jt'ifyflHr.
fiALTmona Maukit, December 23.-Flour qul-t
at $) J for riownrd. Wheat Arm: white at ?l
01 40, and red at II 19$1 29. Oorn steady; sale of
whit at 7SeJ79o and yellow attu(.ac. Provision
eniet, New Western iea Pork st $11) 60; prime at
ll, Bacon (Xti. Wblaky quiet at 27o.
SENATE. The Chair presented a commu
nication from the officer in charge of the Capitol ox
tonslou, respecting the beating aud veutllallug ap
paratus In the north wing of toe building.
Mr. Malloiy, of Florida, introduced a bill amend
uk the act to eromote tbe progress of the useful art.
Mr. Lane, of Oregon, introduced a bill, making an
applanation for the payment of tbe expenses in
curred b tbe people of Oiegon and Washington to
suppress the Indian hoetilltle therein; also, a bill
to extend the laws and judicial system . the United
State to Oregon.
Mr.Owin.ofCal., introduced the Pacific Railroad
early day W tht h8 "uoulu' c" u "P '
Mr. Salisbury, of Del., Introduced a bill, making
au appropriation for tbe erection of pier in Dela
ware Bay.
Mr. Harlan, of Iowa, Introduced a bill to reimburse
! he btate of fowa for money expended in the sup
pression ofludlan hostilities.
Mr. Clay, of Ala., introduced a bill for the repeal of
;ill laws grautlug tlsblng bounties.
Mr. Davis, of Miss., gave notice of liia Intention to
introduce a bill for the Territorial organisation of
Mr. Sddell offered a resolution that when the Ben
ate adjourned to-morrow, it be nntll Tuesday next,
on luesday to adjourn until Friday and from Friday
to the following luesday, (3d of January.) After
somo conversation the resolution was adopted, and
I b Senate adjourned.
H0U8E-Mr. Farnsworth, of 111., was en
titled to the floor, but be gave way to enable Mr.
Uarter, of New Vork, to move that the House pro
ceed to vote lor Speaker.
Mr. Carter said itappeared to him that thia waa
the laat day belure the holiday that they could ef
fft en organization. He abould like to b.arbu
irlend, Mr. Karnsworlh, were it not that gentleman
should devote the whole day in the effort te organiie.
Ihe whole country is looking to an organization
1 bis very day. Ua was told iu a private conversation
ibis morning I hut lour million) of aollar are due
the contractors, and most of them are now here Im
;loring the member to niako au appropriation for
'heir pay.
A call of the Bouse waa then made, bnt a it wa
ascertained that about eighteen member were ab
"J. I' jwae thought l.eat not to proceed to a vote.
Sir. Anderson, of Ky., wauled first au organiia
tiou. and then gentlemen might discuss the slavery
liiestiun to their bean's content. He wa opposed
o Its agitation. He favored the tuforcement of all
laws, and there wanted the question to rest. He
"i'.'ul(t, not URfa TiKsa D0W ad not his colleague
Mr. Burnett; yesterday asked hiuiwhy he did not
take a particular course. Ha had not voted for a
democratic nominee since he came to the House, and
ould uot, exoept au issue is made between the He
publicans aud Democrats. He hoped such an issue
would never arrive. He did not desire a united South
uur a united North; he belonged to a party in oppo
sition to the Administration, and they were not for
t united South norannlted North. If we go lore
uuited South, what would be tbe result? We would
be overwhelmed by tbe North, which the next census
will shew to bave tbe preponderance. If you make
It a question of dollars aud ceuts, where would be
the Southern interests?
Mr. Morris, of Md., said Mr. Burnett could exer-oi-o
his own judgment. He was willing to leave it to
the people outside of this Hottio to prououoce upon
the reasons of votiug lor Mr. Oilmer, assigned by
Messrs. Garnelt aud Burnett.
Sir. Mlllsou said without any agency hi own name
hud beeu wed iu tho canvass. Ho did not think un
der the olrcumstauces be could be regarded in any
proper aenso as a cauditate; it wus not, tnerefre,
oitber his duty or hi privilege to withdraw bis name
or even to otter any Bugseslio'i to tho gentlemen who
bud given tlio Vote so ftutiering to himself. Whlio
heixpiesseil hi warm and grateful thanks for tlio
honor, ho I usteil be might express tho hopo that iu
future votes for the Sneaker, his Mend would be
iuUiieucedaiouebyasoiiBool' public duty, uuiuflu
ence l In any degree by any supposed obligatiou re
lulling from hlsimniinaiiou.
Too House proceeded to vote forHneukor.
Jtiglitw uth Uallot WholH uumlier223. Necesvarv
tvakhoice, 112. Sherman 95; Milleon 79; OiluierW;
Davis, ol iwliana; 4; Adrian 3; scattering a.
Mr, Kent piooeeded to show bow an organization
could le effected by tho union or all opposed to tbe
Kepublicans. He made the proposition In good
l iitn was willing to tender the olive branch. Lot
tlio thirty, lucludiugtlio Southern opposiiloa on tbn
other side, (elect a candidate from the Democrats, or
let the Deuiocniti select one from their side. Dot all
unite against tbe common enemy, aud success I cer
tain. Applause snd impatient cries, "Call the
Nineteenth Ballot-Wholo number 222; necessary
u'nLiiuiuinA ouoruiau loo; niiueon iilii ulimer 21:
scattering 24.
Mr. W lualow offered a resolution that on and after
to day no vote shall bo taken for Speaker until tlio
second Monday iu January. Be said It waa evident
the Uouao could do nothing Just now toeffeotan or
giinlziitlon. They wero approaching the holidays,
which even the slaves iu the South enjoyed, lie
thought it beat to adjourn over, that gentlemen
might go home aud catch some of tbe patriotic feel
iugsol their constituents.
flir. Washburno, of Me., and others, on the Re
publican side, objected to tho reception of tho rose
iution. Mr. Grow thought only two motion were in order,
either to proceed to vote or to adjourn. The discus
sion ol the slavery question bail been thrust upou the
lionscby those who cry out "No agltatlou." Kepub
licans bavu sat hero with closed lips while the gross
est pervorelous ol their doctrines have beeu nuido by
man who claim to unfair-minded. Now while we owe
&,IMI,IHIU to those who huve performed service under
written contracts and have been waiting lix mouths
for their pay , it wan proposed that the gentlemen go
homo and leave the government bankrupt. Ho
uaUtd whether the government' plighted failli
should be pnewrved above all to contractors who
have rendered important service. They have been
sitting bore listening to aptw.hes which have ap
peared iu substance in Ihe New York Herald for tbe
past six mouths; that paper furnishes the brains,
nbilu tbe disenssion only lacks tin, spice and terse
ness ol'ltstylf. All read these editorial with intor
ent. Geiitlciiit-i) here have been advertising Helper's
Itook, which they say isdestritctUo to the peace and
tranquility ol ihe I uiou. aud giving it 11 wldeoircu
lutiou, which tho Uepublicau committee bad tailed,
if tho book iuslucendliiry,asidiarged,and disturbed
tlie peaoeor the country so much, those who have
been discus.lug trio shivery question so much are
responsible lor it. The Kepublicans bad not spread
broadcast this book.
Mr. Davidson and several others reminded Mr.
Grow that he hd Indorsed the circulation of Hel
per's compcndfiitu.
Mr. Orow replied that the Republican asked to bo
judged by their Dlatform aud record aud not hv tke
perversiooMoi uewspapers. vtueuany man charged
nim with being an accomplice of murder, treason
aud other crimes, bo bad no other answer than to
treat It with the contempt it deserved. He wus wil
ling to proclaim bis political sentiments at all limes.
The Union wa not as strong as he had uppoBed if a
Bam ph lot of 112 pages could disturb it tranquility.
Io aud bis friends asked the business for which they
came here should be transacted. He bad heard it
intimated that whan Ilia tirstul January comes if
the Government not iu credit to comply with ita
contracts snd pay these contractors five millions
they will abandon the usual service. Republicans
litk 110 part in tbe d.scussion which delays iho or
cauizntiou, They would consent to no adjournment
for eporld and holidays while these momentous
claiiuaiitaaro unprovided for.
31 r. Smith, ol Va , and others sought the floor, but
the dispute waa terminated by adjournment.
Senator Crittenden.
NhW York, December 22. The Herald
publishes a report of Senator Crittenden's speech at
the conlcence ol tlio UppositloulslB, held atWaah
iuotou Tuesday nlgbi.
Mr. Crittenden referred io tbe failure of the House
to organize. Tho protracted tlelav present a spec
tacle painful to tbe country. He did 'otlpretend to
say whole the reproach lies. Tbe p isitlon of the so
called Americnu members has been embarrassing;
tbey have naruestly sought the line of duty. II
seemed to bltu that know lug nothing ef tbe purposes,
of the two leading ptrtloa of tbe Honee, tbey did
wisely nominate their own ni iu and adhere to that
nomination. It is a question whether they shall
continue to do so to the end of tbe contest. He felt
that ground which is good to stand on, is good to fall
011, But, (he continued,) looking away from the
contest and abroad over the country, we find much
to distress every true patriot.
In the present state of the public mind t confess
that never before In my life did 1 feel such anxiety
for the fate of onr government. I hare never believed
It possible that 1 could bring my mlud to tbe delib
erate purpose of pulling down this great fabric. I do
not think inatany of us have reached that point,and,
though, weshouldthink so, I am constralued to think
that when we come to the attempt we should turn in
Horror from the work. Jfor think of it what la the
deod proposed? Is It one too great, too rash for auy
mind to fully oruprelieud? I hardly dare think of
it. IT wa could overturn the Alleghany Mountains
it would shock tliis land as by an earthquake; but to
overtura this government It wmld bo mountains
upon mountains falling, tt would send a shock
throughout tlio civilized world. No calamity that
ever fell on eartU would spread snch horror among
iocn aa tho t'Hlliug ruins of this Republic. I Deep
sonsrtlion.j I catiuot believe that we are on tbe verge
of such a mk'hty calamity. I trust, aye, I believe,
tnnt uou in ins proviuence win waicu over auu pre.
ai-vu m rnnntrv.
There is au earnest complaint of aggression, of
threaleot insurrection on tne uoraersoi some 01 our
State), and John frown's deeds at Harper' Ferry
have shown that this is no unreal grievauoe. And
wbencedoesitcome? Certain deluded people in Ihe
Northern States that indulao in moan logs over sla
very, and they Intersperse their lamentations with
psalin and prayers and appeals to their consciences,
which are hurt, they suy, by onr alns. What folly I
lio uot these people know that the Dnid does not
hold them accountable for our aina. These delnded
people at the North are making much mischief, but
But lot in remember that there will be found mis-chief-makers
in every eonntry. Let ua hope that thia
evil will find a remedy. Let ua hope that this popu
lar delusion will be temporary, will pass away, and a
sound fraternal spirit return. Dot ua try to bave it
restored. Let us try to make our Northern breth
ren love us again; to this end lot us be pat ient and
forbearing. Det us Indulge in no crimination, no
harsh word.
lonu uui uuueve ma. iu. a1 vnl uiar. tuf-
North or South, ha upo-i It the guilty slain of
treachery to tue inion.
1 can not believe that the people of the North
huve no regard for ns, no love for this goverment for
whioh onr fathers aud their fathers fought, and I
hall the recent great meetings whlcb have been held
then) a sequoia of that returning love for ns. let
in receive them as such, and with a grateful spirit
let us encourage them, and we will yet And that the
earusst and faithful spirit of onr Northern brethren
will be our surest protection, onr defence against all
aggression. do not say that II we should be dtsap
pointed in this, the time may not rouie when the
bonds of Union mint of necessity be broken bnt 1
doubt even tbat. lean not see that any evils that
would befall as would be less out of tbe Unioa than
in it, I do not kno indeed that they would not be
worse. The power tbat oppresses In the Union onnld
oppress jnst as much out nf It. The burdens that
must l borne in the Union would be no heavier
out of it. Even if tho worst came to the very worst,
f hMliavn T would rather do a little fluhtfnsr iu the
Union. thn out of it. Langhtcrand applaue.1 If
we suomn go out 01 tne union we certainly wouic
not HttcmeFto take tbe stars and strip with n. w
would have to leave them behind, and I am an re I
i-onld never feel like a soldier under any other Sac
!hnnt. Applause.l If,tb.rcfor,wmist0fb!,
let asataytn the Union ud cbarate upou thou. ti.al
eeressns. that thvv arnlrvhia taHt AbfdothertikD
nygoingouOif.lt. 'Applause.l 'X de'tioy lb
Union is the vory last tblbK wejjbouldevertbtiikui,
tor if we onoe break don the government who shall
i romid it again. Let ea observe justice, and tbiie
-ball weprteerve our Union, and my sentinwU if,
"Lata take cars of the Union and tho I'uion will
take care of us."
In the conlosion the speaker was greeted with
I'Jng-coutiuUMl and noarty applause.
Additional News by the Asia.
N'iw Yobs, Decern'-!" 22. Le Nord says
bat exiled Sovereigns ,-ieseut Chief of tne
1 overnuenl of Central Italy wilt plead their cause
oefore the Oongrow by note and memorials.
FaaKca. At iho grind municipal banquet in
Paris, tbe Profectnf tne Seine spoke ina very eulo
gistic manner nf tho new pacific era ou which be said
France entered.
It ia said the Krenrh Government 1 about to ex
pend upward ofmo,00u iu fortifying tbe fort of
Itaiv. The Tuscan Monitanr say that the Con -'.'r.m
will fiud Italy resolved to maintain ber rights,
t he Central Italians are better armed than they
'vet-eat the eud ot the war, and will persevere in de
lending a strong Italian Kingdom and a national
Inion which will efface Ihe old divlsious.
The Provisional Government ot Florence had dis
patched order to all tbediploinatlcagents and public
I unclionai ies appointed by the Grand Duke -em
about to return toTuacvuy wltlilu a f rttiiKbt,
on penalty of losing their pecuniary allotment 00
The Paris Universe undertake to prove that the
leforms which are called for in the Papal State by
the Liberal party can not by any possibility be ac
corded by the Sovereign Pontiff.
Srai. Reporta were current at Madrid tbat dys
entery and even cholera had broken ont among tbe
Spanish troops in Morocco. It I thought that tbe
Spanish Generals would not assume offensive opera
tions till all their force were concentrated. Official
return of the losses on tbe 19th of November show
officer killed, 49 wounded; 79 soldiers killed and
Spain Letter from Madrid assert that the Span
ish people so f.r from showing enthusiasm foi the
war with Morocco, wore exhibiting sign of dla-
ontent. A mmorwa current ihat O'Donoell in
tnds returning aoon to Madrid, and that the Span
ish urtny would remain encamped in Africa for the
Austsia. The pretonsiona of the Hungarians are
represented to be on the Increase. An Impression
prevailed among leading men that the restoration of
the constitution would not suffice unless its main -tuinsnce
was guaranteed by the powers.
The ul tra Montane journal of lb Tyrol aaaert th U
imy attempts of tbe Government of Austria to place
all the Christian professions on an equality would
'line general Indignation among the Homau Catho
lics of th Tyrol.
Gehiat. The Dresden Journal publishes a semi
"liclil article on tbe subject f tho conference of the
-mull German Btatea at Wursebnig The artlole
-ay tlat as there Is no unity between tbe great
'Jerman powers, tbe confer icee teed to satisfy the
general wish for more vigorous and energetioat
1 itude by the federal diet Numerous and great ro--til.s
which have been obtained at these conference
will soon become perceptible, tbe conference had
nothing to do with any proposal tor a change In tbe
Advice from I'oasel slat tbat the propoatl to
solicit the elector's consent to tbe re-establisbment
-f tbe Constitution of H92, in conformity with the
ri.i'laratiui of both Chambers ij July, has
referred by tho til at chamber 10 a special Com
mine. Tbe statement of a Chinese difficulty with Russia
had not been confirmed when the Asia sailed.
Tl'KKSY. The 1 urklsh government hud aiezed a
large quantity of gunpowder on boat d Ihe EuglM'
vessel bound to lbrml, India and Austral!..
The Calcutta mulls of Novomber 2, Bombay II.
ind Melbourne October 17, had reached England,
but the main features of the new have been aulici
tutted by telegraph.
There is no confirmation of the death of Neon
.Melbourne advice mention the suspension of Mai
I on back, Uhlhorn Co., ami of Smlibersi, I larku.
Liabilities io the former case are stand at 33,000,
iu the latter at 79 mHi.
The American ship, Messenger Bird, from New
Zealand, put luto the Fee (iecs, as the master re
ported, for water, and sailed again on the 7ih of
Inly on a secret cruise. Her lower hold whs full of
offee, of which she Bold to another vessel. Tbeei.
olrcnmstaucoe led to the suspicion that she had beer
run away with.
American securities Bell ft Co. quote its follows
Market continues steady; pricea firm, tiutiiausac.
tion for the punt week not of a character or ex
lent to claim purtlculiir notice: Pennsylvania fives
tok 3Gt.J; do. bonds SOtftssl.
Commercial Intelligence.
Havbi, December 8. Cotton firm at 112f,
for Ires ordinaire, and lo7f. for baa. Sales of tbe week
bales, stock in port 32,oon bales.
London. December tl. Consols close at I.VirWtx,.
ex-dlvidond. Tlio bullion inibe Hank of England
has decreased &2.O00. Money uuclia&ged.
Loviavoui,, ieceinoer v. nreausinns Jneasra.
Richardson, Spenro & t'o. report Flour dull, and quo-
1 miens nominal at 22ft27ii. Wheat Bteady, with au
Improved demand: sales of red at '.is.Hd. I0.; wbito
od (Alls. lid. Com quiet: yellow SIM. 6J a32s.
Provisions Beef dull, but pricea steady. Pork
quiet at 'id". Bacon quiet: new Cumberland offered
:it 4ds , without meeting buyers. Lard dull and quo
rations nominal at .'7s. Beef dull ut 6d. advauce.
Produce Coffee quiet. Kicn firm. Resin heavy:
:nuiinon 4s. Spirit Turpentine dull at 31s. Tea
London, December 9. Mm-srs, Baring it Broa. re
port HroiKistuus quiet, but Bteady. Sugar Arm at la.
.ulvanco for refining. Kibe close quiet.
Hewitt A Co.'s circular reports that the large arrl- ,
vaUofcolton haw increased Iho eaitemes to ell.
und holders hare conceded a decline of ;d., without
tempting buyers to go beyond their pressing require
ment Tbe imports of the week ivto estimated at
."'7,0H) bales but til" actual arrival were considerably
largnr. At aea 213,000 bales inriiinst HU.i'OO last vear.
The market closing very dull nt 7Hd. for middling
Orleans; 7.' for middling Mobile, and 6H for mid
dling uplands.
Cluro ti Sons' eircnlar report a decline of
Orleans middling 7; Mobile do. 7; Upland do. 6.
Wakefield A Nash report the market dull at a de
cline d ,,d. Orleans middling 7 3-ln4iM; Mobile
di. 7ii7Ih; Uplaud do. ti'ii.
Uii barilson S Spenee report u great Irrotrularlty.
Cottons are dally offered as samples before the lot is
landed, and forced off ou the highest bidder. The
decline is -Hid., and much greater in some cases. Th.
market close with a declining tendency. Orleans
middling 7h'; Mobile do. 6; Upland do. OH-
Breadstuff Jarues Hewitt 4 Co.' circular saja
for Hreadstiitls during tlio eutlre week the demand
lias been very limited, uud as holders have exhibited
aome deidro to effect sales, prices have declined about
2 per cental on wheat, M. per brl, on flour, and 6 per
quarteron Indian Corn, rollers seem satisfied with
tho niesent prices, aud contiuno to inoet the demand
freely, as (lie figures below will show. Most all lb
continental markets are lower, but are yet too bJs.li
tor profitabloextHjrtto this country,
Piovisions Provisions continue very dull, eipe
tally for old American, which holdei a seem auxiuus
Io sell. Beef in very moderate dem.ind nt 60(o)VO"i.
lor prime mess; XfaW. per tierce for India uiees.
Pork of Interior il ncnptmu continuing in larg
-uptdy, drugs very lieaviiy. butpiicesure nominaly
unchanged, say re-packed at 3CI(i4Ws., aud regular'.
ho to 70s. Tbe supply of old Buoti is generally nn
mited to tbe requirements of the trade, and there In
not enough new in the market to establish reliable
quotations. It may be remarked, however, that very
extreme price aro demanded for the late arrivals
Lard is extremely depressed, and prices have cle
illned Is, without inducing buyers to come forward
except for moat limited retail pa reels.
The Medical Students.
Nkw Orlianb, December 22 Tho Faculty
of the Medical College In reply to the application of
five Southern Medical students at New Turk, say
'bey will be admitted berout nominal terms.
The students heie hare resolved to invite the.
ouibern student at the North to free lectures here,
.ilihough paid lor there.
HicuuoMO, Va., December 22. The seced
ing Medical student from Philadelphia arrived hem
lo-day, and were received by tbe faculty and student
of tho Medical College, the Governor' Guard, and
nn immense throng of citirena. The procession
inarched to the Governor's mansion, where tbesta
.letits were addressed by Gov. Wise, and afterward by
Prof. GlbBou at the College. A dinner was then par
taken of at the Columbia Hotel. Thestndente wor
received with great suibuslasm by our citizens, and
us tbe procession passed through tho atreet the
about of the men were deafening, while the ladle
manifested their delight by the wuvingof their hand-
South Carolina Legislature.
Wabhinotok, December 22. The Charleston
Courier's pecial?Jolumbia dispatch of he wth lost,
says that both HonscHOf Legislature liavo adopted a
resolution that South Carolina owe it to ber own
elliuus to protect them and their property from
every enemy, and that for the puipose of military
preparation In any emergency the sum of 2100,000 be
appropriated for military purposes.
The Senate had also adopted a resolution whlcb
read: "South Carolina respectfully announces to her
Southern sisters tbat, in her judgment, the aatety
and honorof the alave-holding State Imperatively
demand a speedy separation from the free a 11 States
:f the Confederacy, and earnestly Invite and nrgea
her sister Slate of th South to originate the move
ment of Southern separation, to which she pledge
lieraelf promptly to unite."
Washington Items.
WagHiNGToir, Decembar 22. Mr. Gilmer's
PA votes to-day on the first trial, were composed of
His own political party, of Messrs. Campbell, Covode,
tlalo, Haskin, Jaukin, McKnis.hr. Mlllward, Morris,
of Pemi., Mxon, of Peon., Schwarts, Scranton,
Stratton. The above namod all returned to tbe anp
port of Mr. Sherman ou the last vote. Messrs, H F.
Clark, Davis, of Indiana and heynolde voted for Mr.
Adrian, and Adrian, Montgomery, Morris, of Illi
nois, and Kisgs for Mr. Davis, of Indiana. Thar
were five scattering Democratic votes. Measra. May
nard and Vaoc. d'it not vote
Circuit Cocbt Focam Dat. The greater
portion of th day was ocenpltd In tbe trial of
Joseph Fliokinger, for committing a nuisance, and
K. D. Sullivan, for malicious (tabbing Both
round guilty, land the former Ined $ 0 and the
alter sine, and sentenced to an ImprTxnment ef
twel'e months, . and three month on eack in
dictment. Gbixd Jut. The Grand Jury retonei
indictment against tbe follewlng person: B.
Noon, grand larceny; Mary Dogan and Frederick
Dugan, for attempting to pas counterfeit moueyj 11,
Vauithan and M. Maliiews, lormaoalaaghter. 1
new lioard of Director of tbe Covington sod Lex
ington Kailroad wa appointed yestsrday, th Inten
tion of the tockholder being to resist to th utter
most, the late sal of th road. A commute was ap
pointed to examine tbe account of th former of
lioinla, and the receipts of the roast for tbe 1tb
onth ending Ootober 5, how4 an lnertaae of
t6,3t Kevwihe earn tins la year. A tall n
port prepared for thia iaara being orewsd eat, w are
oontpelUd toanbelitnt Uissaeagerasoooaat.

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