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If pabliiued daily, (Sunday excepted,) bj
' ' ' " rHOFxuroBs.
iiioi-ao. m win roust a. 11 nit,
THB FENNY PBESSIs delivered to sobaoribers la
. Cincinnati, Covington ana Newport, andsug. j
rounding oitles and towns, at the ex- I
tremely low ptioe ef ' j
raicasoi nuLiNa: i
Single ooplM Jo. l month Wo.; S months lit 11m 4.
Farewell and positively tbe last night of ' I
Mlis Maggie Mltcbell. ; ' ,
SATURDAY ETEtUNO. Deo. 24, will U acted,
for the fourth time Id thli theater, dramatlta
tlon. Id thro parte, of Mr. Soothworth'i great and
Intense Ledger Story, called i
' Oapltole Blank.... Mikhail
Major Ira War fluid.......-..........,..- Mr. Kllsler
Black DooaW.-....-......-.............. air. Langdoit
WooL........ Dir. Annuo
Uabrlel Lenoir. Mr. Uann
lllara Day ,.. 511m Walle
Pitapat Mini Donheiu
To oonolad with . . i
()aHierlne.....................-Ml Maggie Mltcbell
Augusta..... ..-.Miss Mary Ann Mitchell
AaVDoore open at ehi Ourtalu riiwa at 7 o'clock.
Paicuor Adhimion Dress Glide and Parquette,
stjoenjg Gallery, aooonto. . - j
. , . i!L !
THIS (Baturday) EVENING, December 24, will
praaaotad Shekspeare's tragedy of
Rlohard III Mr. W. Carter
Richmond Mr. Btuart
Duke f Buo Ingham. ....... .... .Mr. V.nderen
KingHonry VI..t.M.MMMU,MWWt,aM.M..,w,.Mr. Allan
Queen Elizabeth. .................................Mrs. Vanderen
Lady Anne Slim A. Orabam
After which TWELVE INDIANS, Chiefs and
Braves of tt.e Osage Tribe, among wliloh la tbe son
of the celebrated and notes Black Hawk, will go
through their grand performance. ,
'Xoaoro.uda with V i
Uharry..M......i,.M...MM.M...M.N..MM...nlri. G. Henri
Haeenbaok........,...........t Mr. Allen
Sanguinbaok Mr. Vanderen
Fair Star ..MIss A. Orabam
Miss J. M. Davenport will appear on Monday next,
Ghaa. M. Barraa....;...,,..,.......:....... Manager.
F. B. Conwaj'............,...........jjte Director.
Farewell night of
THIS (Saturday) EVENING, December 24, will tie
preaented the beantlfnl comedy of
Oa, Winr Woaifl Wohbsrs:
Whioh waa played by Mr. Mnrdoch iu the aity of
London, with Immense ineceu, for five oomecutlve
Young Mirabel,
Mr. Murdoch
uia Mirabel.,
McParlf d
......Mrs. Conway
,.miss rroeior
Mr.. Wlikinii
To conclude with tbe laughable farce of
Dick Dashall ..,..M........Hr. Mnrdoeh
Rattle ..,.,... H r. Davldge
Ira Coibett .......Mrs. Place
v There will bo two grand performancee on
Monday (Christmas) afternoon aud evenlng-npon
which occaelon Shaksoeare's "Mldsammer Night's
Dream" will be produced In a style of splendor
ueverbefore wltoesaed in this elly. Forfarther par.
ticulari of thla great Christmas treat, aae bill ef the
day. --...-.- v . . v.. .... p
Positively, hrightsnly.
On Monday, Tuesday aud , Wtdnesdaj
Kgeaiiigg, Dec, 20, 7 and 28.
Operatic G-ems
. r, 'i ' ' f r y '! I ,ri t V
The public are roipoctfully informed that
This Elegnuf Entermlnrarnt
; ; Composed of the beauties of
Popular Operas, Songs,
" . : i ij if- f' Ballads and Duets
Of England, Ireland!, Scotland and Ainerieit
' Ilariog receired the higheet praiee from lorera
,. of ntusie, will be given iu thia oily,
JtVKNINQS, DdCO. 26, 27 AND 28,
By the accomplished American Tenor,
Of the Academies of Unaic of New York, Boston, Ac,
and recently of the Htrakosch Opera Troupe.
He will be aided by the wonderful and talented ohlld,
Little .Mary McVicker,
Who haaboen honored by the great Operatic Artistes
of tho day with tbe cognomrn of TUK OHN1 US Of
MUBIC. Iler awcet Tocalieation and capital rendi
tion of the worka of great m enters of muslo create an
enthusiasm on the part of ber hearers, who look
upon heraa TBK CHILD WO tf Dalit. Her correct
and Inimitable imitat ion of the rolo and manners
i of the world-renowned Artistes, Rachel, Picoolominl
and Brlgnoll have received commendation from the
preaa and public, aud are Invariably greeted with ap
plause and delight. 'They will bo assisted by "
Edward Hoffman,
a d MiwioH.v.r...v;....:.m..':.nl ."..'.5 cents.
mw Doors opon at7o'cleok. Concert cunmences
at W P..M; -- " de24tf
' V'JANUABY 2, i860. '
committee or arrangements.
A. Watklua, ' A. B. Debarrls, '
J. llumci, . Captain Perry,
William Morris, - ' J. M.. Marsh,
William Jones, , It. Richardson,
F. Btrader. .. j P.Kichel, . i fi
J.'Relley. A. Pnrkerson,
J. P. Dltchson, . . , . Captain Jones. ,
Jamea Worthlngton, W. 0. Forrest, ; -
r v-ii " C . 1 l 1 ' IV r a 2 . . . ; .
F. Dltchson. W. H. Lowery,
M. Prico, P. McQuade,
H. W. Moore, T. H. Ringgold,.
William Haskelt, Chief, F. Jf. Watson, Aasistant.
Tickets . (supper Included,) admitting a Oentle-
' HerberUTreaiurr of the Opera huune, and at aU the
i. principal nioeic aturea, also at tho door. J "
Last TlireeNiKhts.
Thursday, Friday aud Saturday, Dec.
82, 23 and 24, ;
Of the Wonderful Illustrations of w t -, s
' Dr Kane's Worli-Rcnowned' ;
;' !' T'V ,s nt r r? Q Q ' v
7ioltel''HifM.i.... .,a.wweMsi,Mwjl'.s"twJ,'VsQals'.
Children ..,...,.... 10 cents.
u y rvT :u
Grand Afternoon Gnterlalnments on SATURDAY,
Dore open at o'clock. ' ;
All Children will he admitted for S cent each.
de22o . D. 0, LaRUS, Manager.
.. . " ' ' 1 f ! , l.l.ll" 1 '
VI e eld. Ptousers (and anytofHbtir fiiendt who
. wisl' to join witn mem) propose w celebrate tbe7rtn
Am Iveraaryof the Settlement of Cincinnati with
eurlal reunion supper, and talk over aid times, on
MONDAY KVEMINU. Deo. , at 7 o'clock, at the
Verandah Booms, on Tbird-atreeli Tickets 76 cents.
Awm- Kiiimi
Lilk 'it BEO01TD 1RM.. " i Uk
allal Hall, Vlasatret, hbve Firth.
The leeaons are so arranged .that peglanera can
immenaa at anv time. ' ' ' ' dcCf
comment t &j tint.
FOL. 2. NO. 108.
How comforting to many must ba the
conviction that they are conttitutionally ex
empt from any difeaae of the brain.
StTSoandal, like the Kile, la fed by Innu
merable streams; but It is extremely difficult
to trace it to its source.
fiSTlt a drunken man bears a buziing in
bia bead, be had better conclude that his brain
in breeding bottle flies.
jeff-The Atheneutn Club in New York, af
ter some of the London clubs, haa upward of
400 members, though it baa been formed only
one year. .
n"A 'party of 1,000 skaters, including
hundreds of girls, assembled on Wasbaoouui
Pond, Sterling, Mass., lately, and indulged in
the exonerating sport for several hours.
' FA Mr. Hughes has introduced into tbe
Mississippi Legislature a bill, in which it ia
proposed to call slavery warranteeiim, to ren
der it less offensive to the ear.
jetTA company of New York Quakers have
purchased abont $100,000 worth of lots in
South-Leavenworth, E.T. They contemplate
large improvements on this property, inelud
lng a first olass hotel.
' SrColonel Stetson, of the Astor House,
New York, has hoisted a flag on his hotel,
bearing Daniel Webster's memorable "Lib
erty and Union now and forever one and.
inseparable." ; , .. i.
' SB-There are 192 surviving Waterloo vet
erans above the rank ef captain, viz : 1 Field
Marshal, 12 Oenerals, 33 Lieutenant-Q enerals,
30 Major-Qeneral,46 Colonels, 3t Lieutenant
Colonels, and 22 Majors.
1 5fAman named John Quinn, about 45
years of age, was accidentally drowned in at
tempting to cross the wire bridge iu Ansonia,
Conn., recently. lie leaves a wife and four
children. , , . ..
young lady appeared In male attire
in Baltimore, and one of the editors says ber
disguise was so perfeet that she might have)
passed for a man "bad she been a little more
JtajA clergyman, while engaged in cate
chising a number of boys in a olass, asked one
of them for a definition of matrimony. The
reply was, "A place of punishment, where
some folks suffer for a time before they can go
to heaven." , t
$SB"Sb St. George's Society, of Toronto,
Canada West, have determined to make a
gratuitous distribution of meat, bread, pota
toes and wood on tbe day before Christmas,
to tbe English poor of that eity.
' Thh Eubopsam Opbb-bodsks. The largest
theater in the world is tho old opera-house at
Parma, and next, in order of site, nre the
theater San Carlos at Naplop, La Scale at
Milan, ber Majesty's at, London, the Carlo
Fenioe at Genoa, the Pagliaoo at Florence,
the Imperial at Moscow, the Royal at Turin,
and the (fraud Opera at Paris being ninth in
the list. ' - , '- . ;,
CafTORi or a SuviB. Captain Arer, of the
bdg i'anm'e, arrived at New York, on Monday,
from Sierra Leone, Africa,' reports that a few
days previous to his ' sailing, the , British
steamer Spitfirt bad captured, November 1,
a brig, supposed to be the John Barrit, of New
York, with five hundred negroes on' board.
She was lying at Freetown when Captain A.
called. . i i
Cotton Movihint in Gsohoia. A resolu
tion was offered in tbe Senate that the Statu
appoint one commissioner to act in concert
with two appointed By tbe Cotton Planters'
Convention, to proceed to Europe and endeavor
to make arrangements for the direct shipment
of cotton, and the opening of a return trade to
Southern ports. ' ' . ;: .. .
i Pso-Si.iVRRY Suvna. A correspondent of
the Staunton ( Va.) spectator states that two
frte blacks in that town subscribed $6 each to
the fund for the Harper's Ferry volunteers
from Anguata County, and that number of
slaves wanted to contribute, aad insisted that
they should be permitted to do so should a
like occasion ever arise again. ,
. . A ViaiTiBbi Ncoto-STiALiB By the last
arrival from tt&vana, we learn tnat von ku
genlo Vidas, a daring but very lucky slave
trader, had landed about eight hundred Afri
cans, after losing about four bundred by death
oa the voyage. - This Is said to be Vidas'
eighty-fifth voyago, all of which have proved
successful. : i
" A New OauiNS Papsb on SLivgay'. The
New Orleana Orncent eondemns the efforts of
the Sooth to extend slavery, and lays that the
territories are all lost to the South, and all
hope of any new slavo States baing admitted
may be dismissed. The Creteent advises the
South to iecure what it ha, and not to wate
its strongm on aostraotiona.
Abbibt op thb Famocs Rcilp in Tsxas.
Bealf, the "Secretary of State" under John
Brown's Provisional Government, has at last
turned up In Austin, Texas, where'be has been
studying for the ministry for tbe past few
months. Bealf has surrendered himself to the
authorities, and expresses his willingness to
surrender nimseir to oov. wise also.
John Biown on a Viaoiau Staoi At the
Alexandria (Va.) Theater, the other evening,
tbe grand melodrama) of Ouatoatomie Brown,
was produced for the first time. It is a dra
matic representation of tbe recent oeourrenoe
at Harper's Ferry, and one Mr. James LittlJ,
a well-known oomeaian, personates "ussa
watomie Brown." ,iJ
Thi Salvation op Chabity. In a prayer
meeting, held not long since, In New Hamp
shire, a worthy layman, speaking of some
eminent missionary, said tnat "Ho was a poor
boy, taken out of the streets, and put into the
Bebbeth tcnool by a good lady his lather be
ing a drunkard and his mother a widow l'
ilHg Gold Product roaTgN Ykabs. Tbe
amount of gold produced from the mines of
California from the year 1S48 to 1858. a neriod
of ten years, waa $448,000,000; while, during
the six years front lHax to 185H, the diggings
of Australia nave jteiaeo $4iu,vzz,uuv; mat
ing together a total of $888,922,000. i , ; ;
A Ngw Iron Stiamir. Tbe Norfolk Steam
boat Company, it ia said, will, during the next
year, have, eonstraoted an iron steamer of
about the same dimensions or tne ooats now
on the route, to be nlaoed on the line between
Baltimore and Norfolk. It will be oonstruoted
in Baltimore. .' "
, i i sasi
destructive fire oocurred at Hernando, De Soto
County, Miss., a few nights sinoe, which de
atroved aa entire block of bnildibss, occupied
as stores and offices. ',. Tbe loia was abuut
$10,000 or $12,000, upon whioh there was a
partjaj insnianee.-,.! fi a '' W ''
.SALaor Sflirs at Livuvool. Messrs. R
A. Munn A Co. sold lately no less than 8,000
tuns of ships, Including a first-class Iron sail
ing vessel of a 1,300 taua burden, now in
eourse et eonstruetton on tne use. : it is proo
able they were foroed tales and at low prices,
'i Clay Statvn in Niw Oilcans. The statue
of Henrv Olsv. hv Hart. Waa shinned from
Havre to New Orleans the 5th of November.
I on the ship WJ Tern. S It will bet tnaugur-
nieu wiia great oeremony uii isui us urn
Ap' tMJWWJverstu-y or UJi.Dtn.
Ta. Fioht Bbtwrin Hikan and Satrbs
additional betting hni been made during the
past week on tbe above-named important
event, and Heenan, who Is rising a little in
favor, has had a call In several circles at the
rate of one hundred to ninety. In atrietly
professional atmosphere, however, the En
glish champion firmly holds his own, and
judgment invests npou his cause "at evens.".
During the week Heenan took a run on to
Philadelphia, with a view of paying a visit to
his old friend and trainer, Aaron Jones, and
to get a few of parting grains of his ad
vice before orosiing the big pond to enter upon
the severities of close training. We are told
that his appesrance, which, by-the-bye, as it
is at present, was much admired in that quar
ter, and he was again assured by bis former
mentor, that if he appeared well and fit on the
eventful day of tbe great- battle, be, Jones,
would invest every dollar he could rain or
borrow, on the suocesi of the Amerioan
oolorsover the British banner, as defended
by tbe present champion of England. The
Judgment of Jones, who has twice fought
Sayres, in long and desperately contested bat
tles, ought to be worth something in thla mat
ter, and it will doubtless give direction to largo
investments among the "stout youth" of the
Quaker City.
It was the Intention of Heenan to have
sailed on Saturday last for England, but be
has decided not to leave antll he heari from
his agent, Mr. Falkland, who left here on
tbe loth ef November, in order to arrange the
particulars of the momentous meeting;. Ad
vices will be due from Mr. F. by New Year's
Day, so the probability is that Heenan will
take his departure on the 4th.of January.
Wlktt'i N. T. Spirit. -
Wm, Llotd Garrison on thi "Irbeprebsi-
bi,i Conflict." Wm. Loyd Garrison, the rabid
anti-slavery editor of the Boston Liberator,
delivered a lecture in that city on Tuesday, on
tbe "irrepressible Conflict." in tbe course of
whioh he said : "Slavery Is not a debatable
qneation, and the man who attempts to argue
t he matter with a slaveholder, beoomes foolish.
What is selt-evident is plain enough, and rea
son, and argument, and logic are unnecessary
and absurd. Do you suppoae that there is a
single slaveholder at the South who does not
know that he is a msn-atealer r Do you sup
pose there Is one there who does not know that
the alave he ia holding in bondage has as good
a right to hold him In bondage as he baa to
inflict that outrage upon his victim ? Every
slaveholder knows it; and I never did, and I
think I never shall, unless I am demented,
argue the question with anv man as to the
right of the man in bondage to be set free, and
the duty or tne master to proclaim immediate
emancipation. , y .-
"The slaveholder, therefore, being a self-
convicted kidnapper of his fellow man, is left
without reason or argument to vindicate his
eourse, and' he must therefore resort to the
Bowie-knife, to the revolver; and to- Lyneb
law. He dots the best he can under the oir
eumstancea. Be would do better if he could,
but God has not made that possible; and an
Lynoh law and slavery are one and insepara
ble as against the frionds of freedom. It Is
self-evident that a horse is not a man, ia it
not? It is self-evident, that a oow is not a
woman, ie It not? It is self-evident then, that
a man is not a horse, and that a woman is not
a cow, and therefore that they are not to be
put into tne same category and thia is the
whole of It "
Srmtihints fob tbr Tiuis Hinry Clat
on tbi Union. Annexed. Is an extract of a
gpeeoh delivered before tbe Legislature of
Kentucky, at Frankfort, November 15, 1850:
I may be asked, as I have been asked,
when I would consent to a dissolution of the
Union. 'I answer neverl never! never!
If the agitation in regard to the Fugitive
slave Law should eontinue and increase, and
become alarming, it will lead to the formation
of two new parties; one for the Union and tbe
other against the Union. .. ..
And tbe platform of that Union party Will be
the Union, the Constitution, and the Enforce
ment of the Laws. And if it should be neces
sary to form such a party, and it should be ac
cordingly formed, I announce myself in this
place a member of that party, whateror may
be its component elements. , ,,
Tist o" Spbrd Bbtwiin an Ahirican and
E.voLisg 6Bir An interesting trial of speed is
now going on between, perhaps, the two fast
est clipper ships on the ocean, the one Ameri
can, the other English namely, the Sea Ser
pent, of New York, and the Fiery Crou, of Lon
don. They both sailed from London two
weeks ago for Hong-Kong, at the same hour.
It is stated that a large amount of money is
staked in London on the raoeto China, and
the captains are authoriied to put their ships
to the test.- The Fiery Crou lately sailed from
Hong-Kong for London, and was followed in
eight days by the Sea Serpent. Tbe English
vessel arrived four days in advance of the Sea
Serpent only; many bets were made at Hong
Kong that they would arrive even.
Ill Effects or Fbiobtinino Childrrr.
A few evenings since, in Chioago, a little girl
who gave her name as Sarah McCarthy, saw
a man coming toward her rolling a barrel.
The girl at onoe turned around and com
menced screaming and running. She finally
fell and was pioked np in state of . insensi
bility. She was carried into a store, and after
a little effort, brought to her senses. She said
her mother had told, her that Jumperts, the
murderer, would oome with a barrel and carry
her off if she staid out evenings, and she
thought that tbe man with tbe barrel was he.
Nebraska an Applicant fob Admission into
thb Union. Governor Blsok, of Nebraska,
in his message te the Territorial Legislature,
dated December 0, warmly urges the admis-
ilon of that Territory into the Union. He
contuses that she does not possess, at the pres
ent time, a sufficient population, to entitle her
to s representative under the existing ratio of
V3,4Z3, out ne enters into an elaborate argu
ment to prove that this is no legal barrier to
ber admission, and eites the examples of Flor
ida and Arkansss.
. War CoRRsaroNDiNCB. Mr. William Bus
lell, the Timet correspondent, is busy prepar
ing for tbe press bis diary, kept during the
Indian oampaign, which will shortly be pub
lished in two volumes by Messrs. Rdntledge.
The matter is altogether distinct from Mr.
Russell's rime letters. He has received for
lb book the very large price of 1,500.
A Silly Story Contsadiotid The Wash
ington City &far and National Intelligencer both
give flat contradiction to the' silly story of
Brooks's New York Expren that property in
tha Federal Capital had depredated thirty
per oent, in ogi sequence of the threats of dis
solution. In f Act the Baloi of property show
that the city was never mora prosperous.
Population or Russia. Tbe population of
Iha Boseian Eaioiro is said, to; exceed, sixty
millions, being double that of France or the
United States. One million of these are nobles,
twelve, millions oommoners, and forty-eight
millions are serfs. The latter will all be free
in fifteen years. ' ''" ;''"'. V,, .
AaassT oi a Disbonist Clbik George H.
Standish, a youog man, formerly clerk with
G. M. Bodlne, dealer in watohos in New York,
was recently arrested in that city for swindl
ling a number of , firms, by , false represents:
Hons, oat ef goods value at $1,290 to $l,50g
i j,.Jk;:H .a .1 -
"A Hrroic Mothrr Oni UPRoOTin Wo
lf an Drives orr Eight Indians. The follow
ing is an extract from a recent letter, written
by Mrs. Mary II. RicLsrdton, of Texas, t.
her brother, General II. L. Bsrkett, of Waynes
bore, Tenn.:
On the 4th of December the Indians came
in among ns, and after doing some other mis
chief they paid me a visit My husband wac
away from home on business, and I was alone
with my five little ehildren, two miles from
any other houie. I had sent my two oldest
(Mary and John) to drive up the cows, and
did not suspect that the Indians were lurking
near. They espied the children about throe
bundred yards from the house and chased
them toward home, where tbey fled for pro
tection; and little was tbe protection that I,
alone, a timid wo nan, was able to give against
eight savages, thirsting for blood and plunder.
Mary (the oldest) made good her retreat; but
obi imagine my feelings when I saw them
overhaul little John and began to stab bim
with a lanoe. I was muoh frightened, and
expeoted nothing but to be massacred to
gether with my children. I thought of my gun
at that orltioal moment. I took it down and
fired, and kept firing until assistance came to
my relief. , The Indians (as I suppose) thought
mere were men in tne nouse prepared to re
ooive them, and fled and left my child alive,
but severely stabbed in the back, through the
arm, and in the right ride. He has recovered
from hit wounds.
Tbe Old Land-xabk Thi Raleigh Tavirk.
The Norfolk Day -Book thus speaks of the old
Raleigh Tavern, reoently destroyed by fire in
Williamsburg, Va.:
The old Raleigh Tavern Is memorable in
history and is associated with many of the
reminiscences of the early days of the Revo
lution. . It is also famous as the place where
many important oommlttees of tbe Colonial
Legislature met, and where some of our most
distinguished patriots assembled to concert
measures for aiding in the arduous struggle
for liberty. - It is also famous as the plaoo
where Richard Henry Lee and others of bit
ootemporaries originated the plan for estab
lishing corresponding committees throughout
many of the colonies. It was also famous for"
iu life-size bust of Sir Walter Raleigh, which,
from its construction, adorned its front, and
whioh, we are glad to say, was not consumed
with the house. : The old Raleigh was also
famous as the place where Patrick Henry
stopped when he male his tfeout In the House
of Burgesses, and it was in his ehamber in
this old tavern, that be concocted those
speeches whioh "astonished and entranced all
who neard him, and taught all the proud aris-
tooraoy of that body the superiority of native
talent over the learning of schools and the
glitter and assumption ot high life." It waa
under the roof of this old tavern that the great
and patriotic of Virginia's sons met in com
mittee to deliberate in tbe darkest period of
tne nation s nistory; ana it was irom tui
house that those resolves - emanated which
made Virginia foremost in opposition to the
arbitrary movements of Great Britain. - -
Death in a Penitrntiart of a Noted Pris
oner. Stephen Bounds died in the Rhodo
Island htato prison last week. His term ol
Imprisonment would have expired on Christ
mas eve. He . had lived thirty -two yean,
nearly half of whioh time had been spent In a
Stato prison. He served six terms In Rhodo
Island, four of two years each, and two of
one year each, and one in Charlestown,
Mass., of five yesrs, each for stealing, with
one exception, and that was for an assault
with a dangerous weapon. He has besides
been oommilted to the county jail several
times. It is stated that he was a man of con
siderable natural ability, but lacked culture,
both mental and moral. , v.v ' v
l.C r" ' ' ' .-' -
Titled Russian Ladirs Appearing in Mil
itary Cobtcrb. The London Court Circular
relates that, at a diplomatic dinner recently
given in that city, two Russisn ladies appeared
in military bostomss., The Countess P
wore-ared boaaarjafikeVof satin, embroidered
with gold and diamond buttons. The oolfl'uro
was a military oap of black velvet, surmounted
by an aigrette. The lower part of the dress
was not. a la tussar, but consisted of a blaok
satin skirt, very short, trimmed with gold,
and short military boots. The Prinoess 0,
who was of the party, wore a dragoon uni
form, green waistcoat and jacket, with white
trimming, buttons of gold, epaulettes of gold,
a headdress with a feather, lighter, but sim
ilar to that wom by the dragoon. !i t :
A Fuoitiv Slavi Voluntarily Returns
to Boxdaor. A recent letter from Washing
ton says: "Mr. Giddings, a gentleman from
Texas, who is now stopping at the National
Hotel, was surprised yesterday at the return
of his servant Jane, who was taken from him
by force while he was making a visit st Ni
agara Falls last July. The girl gives a de
plorable account of bor ill-treatment by the
Canadian free negroes. The marks upon her
body show that she has reoeived severe whip
pings. Eluding her captors she reaohed the
Amerioan side of the river, where she pro
cured the means necessary to reach ber mas
ter. She expresses great joy at her return
Thi Opium Tbadb Legalized. Advices,
dated Shanghai, Ootober 0, Btate that, by
Minister Reed's recently ratified treaty with
the Chinese government, the opium trado is
again legalized. In the old treaty, negotiated
by Caleb Cushfng, there was an artioie pro
hibiting the introduction of the mUohievous
drug into China, but, at the earnest request of
r . , r T", l . f. . , .
liora mgin, jur. rveeii leu mat article en
tirely out of the treaty. Opium may now be
introduced into Cnina at a specified tariff, like
other merenandiie. As the American treaty
is the only one ia foroe, the English are al
ready taking advantage of its provision! to re
vive the opium trade.
RarcGEE-Hoim for Runaway Slaves. The
Detroit trtt Preet says there is an association
in thst city, called tbe "Refugee Home So
ciety," tne avowed obieot of wbich is to fur
nish sucoor and homes to fugitive slaves from
the Southern States. The paper says: "Tbe
sooieiy is tne grand receiving depot on tbiB
frontier oi tne underground uaiiroad, which
empties its living freight into tho lap of this
city and vicinity on either side of the river.
There can soaroely be a more undesirable pop
ulation. ' It has already become a wietohed
nuisance.", 1 ;. . -- . A
Theology and Pugilism, A theological
student got into a fight with a rowdy at the
John-Brown meetlDg in Now York, and, in
company with his antagonist, passed the night
at the station-house. Both parties beoime re
oonoiled during tbeir confinement, but will
retain the marks of their pugilialic encounter
for some time.
Rbrabrablb Bili.ub o Playing. Le Brun,
.the well-known billiard-player, of Chicago,
maue me astonishing run of luui at Uruue
wick Bros, billiard-rooms, on Thursday,-the
largest part of it in caroms on tho red and
white ball. At tbe termination of the run, the
balls laid favorable for a tun of another thou
sand, the player stopping from sheer fatigue
Distinguished Amkkkuns in Eoboh. At
a dinger given at the Palace Royal, Brussels,
on the 4th lost., among other distingntahei
guests, General Fair, United States Minister,
and Hi. Reward, of the United -State Senate,
sr preseaU-"'"' j
.-. . '' - v - . Vi.
American Institute!
The highest and most distinguished mechauicii!
authority in the Union, where we received the Firs'
Premium as Ine beat FaiuUy Hewing Machine uov
ade. e i l
Tbe following article, from the New York Tribune
will show Wheeler A Wilson to be far In advance of
oompating machines as to number sold : . ' .
14 Tha nnmbflr of machines! sold lnjit vahp bv tli,.
leading maaufactnreia Is enormous. For the twelvt
month ending July, Wheeler A Wilson sold.15,771
J. M. Singer A Oo.L... .. '.,.'-
Urnter A Biker................... .....,.....,.....8, :
nurthoir A Uo. ..................................... 7I'J
Lea.ittA Vo. .....................,.
Voukie A Lyon ........ SHI
Thla statement is obtained from the books cf
Ellas Howe, jr., to whom aoh manufacturer pays u
license for the atltch.
We present the followiug .
" The substitution of the rotarv movement of thn
' hook ' f r the rsclprooating motion of the shuttle
ie tbe latest grand improvement oa the Sewing Ma
chine, aud it ia that which now gives Wheelers?
wiieon s us aeticiea advantage overotner mar nines.
Moreover, for economy of power, ease of manage
inent, variety of adaptation and speed of execuiiou
it no donbt surpasses all others for tamlly use."
BSV. D. W. OLABK, D. D., '
, Editor of Ladles' Repository.
" Mv little danihter. of nine veers, takes onr mi
dline (K heeler A Wilson's) apart, oils It and puts I ,
in place, easily and readily adjusts Its parts, and pel
forms with it all ordinary work, bbe on raako bei
ow.i dresses, Including hemming, gathering anl
setting iu the sleeves. Four months' nse in my fun,-
ity naa maue it a neoeesny ann a luxury. "
' " Wa use the Wheeler A Wilson aewini Machln.
aud can say in regard to it that it Is without a rivui
No otber Machine exceeds 11 in lis adaptation to all
purposes of domestic use " - Scientific American.
" Wa have nersonallv examlued the various, nt.-
ctilnea before tl e puMic, with an anxious desire l,,
place before onr readers reliable information. A
the result of euch exa lr-xtton, we nneesltatlngK
recommend Wheeler A Wilson's "ewing Machine
aa the macb ne for family nso."-Western Christian
In addition to such icatlmony, we refei
to the 40 009 families- and manufnctnreri.
to whom we have sold, and 10 the follow
ing well-known persons of thla city, now
using our Machines:
Mrs. Lara Anderson, Mrs. Beth Kvans, ' ' 1
tdrs. Wm. Heaor. Mrs. Jiuon Kvaus,
Mrs. O. K.SIjoonlH-rser, Mrs. James R. Hiultb,
Mrs. Adam N. Kiddle, Mrs. Wlisoq K. Mxon,
Mrs. John L Steiimua, Jlre. Joseph WW syne,
Mrs, Miles Uruouvaod, Mrs. 9 8. Carpenter,
Mrs. Stanley Matthews, Mrs. Maior McCreu,
Mrs, 1'. B. Wiltwr, Mrs. Judge. lioadly,
Mrs. Jas. P. Kilbreath, Mrs. Henry O. Lord,
Mrs. Joseph O. Butler, Mrs. t). 8. L'Homiaediaa,
Mrs, Charles H. Wolff, Bra. Samuel 8toke.
Mrs. J. Hlevlu, Mrs. Jos. Longworth,
Mrs. Dr. Woodward, Mrs. Kev. 1, W. Ulark.
lira. Dr. Comegys, Mrs. Kev. L. Swornistedt,
Mrs, Wm. Mellow, Sirs. Rev. O. B. Bqynlon,
Mrs. Geo. D. W'iuchell, Blrs. Rev. Geo. U. Robinson,
Mrs. Thoe. W. Bprague, Mrs. llev. (Jhas. Kingsloy,
Quite a number of orders have been left with u
for Machines to be delivered Christmas Eve. Some
go to wives whose husbands have seen them wearll)
stitching, night after night, the endless task of fam
ily sowing ; some to surprise distant friends, ami
some to tire poor widow who struggles with pinching
poverty, who little dreams tbe joy and relief whioh
soon awaits her.
What so appropriate a present aa a GOOD HEW
ING MACHINE, which Is a constant comfort for n
life-time, and ia many instances a means of support.
We deliver Machine! at the' house of tbe pur
chaser, send a lady to Instruct in Its use, and war
rant and koep in order for three years.
Call during the Holidays at our office,
- Ancient York Rlt-.
the Biinlversurv of St. John the Bantistwlll be
observed by the Masonic Fraternity of Cincinnati
anil vicinity, on TUEHOAY EVENiNO, tho mb
lnt., at 7 o'clock, in Masonic Hull, corner ol
Third and Walnut-streets, when all brethren in good
staudiug In the Fraternity are cordially and frater
nally Invited to be present, and participate In the
festivities of the occasion.
oaor.a or xiaonias.
1st Installation of tbe officers ol all the Lodges in
the city. , : :
2d Grand Banquet, at which a series of regular
toasts and short addrussesappropriatetotlie occasion
will be given.
Br order of tbe Lodffes. . .
K.T. CARSON, . f Committee.
Tickets tl to be had ol the Uommltte, and Joseph
B. Covert, Tyler. ; , deliltt
Christmas ' Presents!
Bl Y
Flret Premium "',
Sewing Hacliines,
and simplicity of obstruction and efficiency
In working, are aae tnnlrd by any.
deiotjal ' NO Wcat Fourth-atreet.
"TT Hbfiday'Gilt8,acc. , ,
large and beautiful assortment of FANCY
GOODS, which we hare just rec.ivcd lor the Holi
day.. Bohemian Bottles, Pearl Jewel Caskets, Bo
hemian Caskets, fearl Csrd Cases, Hohemlan Boxes,
Pearl Porte-monnaies, Unbemian l'llff Boxes, Pearl
Inlaid Brushes, Ac For sale at very low prices.
deia 8. W, cor, gightb-st. aud Western-row,
Spalding's Prepared Qlne.
. J.I, lilt i. tl. I I Mi
M .ale by " ' ALBRRT BOSS, rirugglnt,
,deI4 S. W.eor. Kighth-at. and Western-io,
Adveillsssieuta swi exeeadiaf flve Unea lAgato.
, BUrger advattaaasaanti lnaortsd at the loUewlag
) . rase for square of ton asoea of em I
'i 2khEflorrJ W fTwe waekSy..:.'... OS
i Sack aLkK'asU iasu. 2-. Three TriiVa i
One week. -.. 1 r, I One rk . , i '
!'"' ;, Job. Printla;";-' ;i
J la all Ita bTastohea. acne with aeataw aad dUpa'teh
I ,
OffleeflS Wees Foarth-atreeL. Cincinnati, O
- Oiboimati, Yebrnary 16, tup
We have used one of "arover Baker'a" Hewing
Machines in our family for nearly two year.. We
have done 'l kinds of sewing upon it that Is requirxd
to be done in a large family, and it has worked to
onr entire satisfaction In every reapect. It haa never
been out of repair, though In almost dally nse. The
seam la aa strong and durable as any cloth can be
made. There ia no daffloalty about the tension of thu
thread the finest and the coarsest work eunally well.
We bave given It a most thorough trial, and we cor
dially recommend it to all aa a machine which has no
snperlor, (Signed,) BKV. CHAUMCKY. GILES.
No. 2 Habbuor-st., OmoiiriUTl, Oct. 29, law.
Mass as. Obovbb A Baxia Oentlemen: It Is nearly
three years sinoe my family had one of your ex el
lent Sewing Machines in use. Lurlug that time they
have had an opportunity of seeing several oilier
kinds, and though they possess niauy good dualities,
yet for family use, my wife and daughters prefer your
machine to any others In the city. Believe mo to re
main, gentlemen, . Yonrs respectfully.
(Signed,) ., BKV.filOUABDGBAY.
" ' "' ' OotoBta tt. IN).
Gents I have had three years experience with ono
of your Sewing Machlaea, and bave always found it
reliable. It atlchee most beautifully, and is so easily
managed that my little girl, six years old, can work
it with perfect ease. Long live the Inventor, say 1.
(Signed,) Youre, truly, MRS. (i.COMSTOCK.
dicta-Ban, October 28. ISM.
Messrs. drover A Baker Gents: Having used one of
your Sewing Machines for the last two years, (during
which time I bave tried several otber kinds,) I taku
pleasure in adding my testimony to the great supe
riority of your mannfaetnre, over any other that baa
thus far come under my notice.
laignea,! very respeouuuy,
I. IDAS, xx.
. EELLOOO, 808 beventh-street.
CmoiisKATi, October IT, I89U.
Messrs. Q rover ft Baker Gents: I have used one ot
your Mewing Machines for tbe last eight, en months,
both in the manufacture of fine and heavy material,
and 1c baa given entire satisfaction, and I cheerful Ir
recommend them to any person wanting a good
machine.- (Signed,) Beepectfnlly yours,
MBS. JOHN P. MINUS, 8W West Slxth-street.
The undersigned, Clergymen of various denomina
tions, having purchased and used in our fn mil in
Orover A Baker'a Celebrated KAMILY 8KWINO
MACHINE," take pleasure in recomuiocding it aa
an instrument fully combining the essentials of a
good Machine. Its beautiful simplicity, rase of
management, and theatreugth and elasticity ol it
-lit,), i,ntA tn M.nrfav 4. n V, ..1, i ., t . ..
I anv In tne market, and one which we feel confident
win give aausiaction to all wbo may purchase it.
Kov. 1). W.ChlJlaw, A. M.,:
Bev. J. Obuster,
Bev. I'.O. Prugh,
Kev. Win. Perkins,
, Bev, Edward Girard,
llev. A. Blake, O. I).,
Bev, K. O. Benson, A. M.
Kev. J. J. Slcilhenny. D. D.
Tbe following la an extract Tiom the report of the
Committee on Sewing Mw-liim-s, at the late Seahaatd
Agricultural Fair, held at Norfolk, Va. The Com
mittee was compoeed of thrive of the best machinists
In Virginia:
"After a thorough Inspection of all the Sewing
Machinea on exhibition, ft is our opinion that .tbe
Urover A Baker Sowing machine is the best for all
purposes, via: Family anil Geno'nl Work."
planed, J. B.PKNDLETON.
Sup't Machinery, Seaboard and Iioauoke K. R.
1 8. T. HAND,
Sup't Seaboard and Uoannke It. Ti.
0. B. "AVIOS,
ftnp't Atlantlo Iron Works, and U. S. Inspector of
From the very tattering manner in which out
Machinea have been received by the public, (result
ing in tbe sale of upward of Thirty Thousand,) "
urn led to bolieve that our endeavors to nmuutuctuiH
a "reliable machine" have been appreciated. S
take this opportunity to remark that this policy will
he unchanged, and that every Machine sold by us we
shall not hesitate to warrant In every respect.
ilslfi-h G ROVER A BAKER H. M. OO.
Can finnlng-io Rfnvo T
wwm . w v vsuss , nvw w w s
lias been pronounced by competent judges to be tbe
Patented Dec. 7, 1858.
For sale by tbe I nventora and Manufacturers,
No. 333 Fourth-street, Cinciflnati.
We respectfully refer to the following certificates
for evidence of the above : '
For some months I have been using the Alligator
Coal Cooking Stove. Its superior cooking ualltl- ,
combined with ile cleanliness, mn.l oventuafly secure
t6 tho owners a large share af public patronage.
I have been nalng one of Me . a. Adams A Peck
over's Alligator Cook Stoves for . -ie months, which
givee entire satisfaction in every respect, and lean
cheerfully recommend it to those who are in want of
a superior cook stove. H, H. LEAV1TT.
For the tnat year I have been using the Alligator
Coal Cooking Stove, manufactured by Mtwars. Adams
a recgover, wnion i oon.ioer a superior stove, and
gives the utmost satisfaction. It is the only stove 1
nave found that cooks perfectly with coal. .
For some time past I bave been using one of Messrs.
Adams A Peckover's Alligator Coal Cooking Stovos,
and can recommend them as being a superior stove,
giving entire satisfaction in every reepeot.
JOS. BUSHNELL, Coal MerchauL
I cheerfully Indorse the above.
. , . ., m . . '
i - Nauufaetury, tJovinjrtoni tty.
' ! Na. 30 Bast f'oUmbln-slreet.
trade at the moat reasonable prices and en tha
most accommodating tcrnia with .. ...
G L A S A R E !
i-1 bit t ,'0 rltiw i ,,i' , v I l. 1 ' o .
Fori i6il,!?luld or Coal Oil,
bt. B. Jones's Improved Lamps and Burn re IT
sale by our agent, j. sabbatus, uovtngton,

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