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1 fl'fltffc Wffflp $
' If KbUHuit djjT ( tadsm'amfAel,) by " .
t inM MM .. to u, as .
THI imi PM891 doMTr4Mn)rftrta
CUdnaaH, Oovlnfton and JrwovV.a4.lir. 7.' i
n rounding oitl and towns, at the -,
",'.'!,'.""",' , tromely lewyrteeof . '.".
.;,.,,.,, rwcMOf nAituas ,
'. , oim iixta aid Tim-num. in
Job A. Hubb, J..8ol tarn Ml Mnuir,
THIS ittday) IVKNINO.DwwmbirW, will bi
repeated the new foosl piece, entitled
it 1 THE OHIO GIRLS;. , f V S
04 TbI OiBoibbati Fbnaib Boat Club.
The evening's entertainment will eonclnd. with
the gnnd Orieetal ipeotaole, whtoblha been la pip
nration for three month, at en Immenee outlay,
C,IW "'VS'BiAEDi .:.' : :r :n
Ob, Til Tbbbobs or thb Blob Cbambib.
WDoore teen t X; Cartaln rise at 7jt 'lock.
miou or AuiiuiuH-irmt uirci. anil raxijuetw,
J it ;i;.t i
The Manager takes great pleasure' Ifl announcing
an engagement, for a limited number of Bights, with
the great, unrivaled artiate, , ,.;(,
THIS tTotidar) KTINISO, December jr. will
lie acted the much-admired play of ,
.. MEaALlIANOEj.r "... ' ;
Leonle Araauld (a portrait-painter's daaghter.efter-
ward VlKonnteaa U'Orbr) .All Davenport
Ferdinand, Vitcount D'Orby .. ......Carter
Countees D'Orbr (Noble Noblesse). .Hr. Vanderea
Louise., -.......M lie Endres
Act 1-lhe Mesalliance, .Act I-The Masked Ball;
the Plot. Act 3 Prison of the Magdalene.; Virtue
Triumphant.' Act 4 The Brothers; Gain and Abel;
the Dragged Cup; the Lawyer' .Ulark.. Aet ft Liu
natloo InDuirendo. i i "is . s.iw
To conolud with '" il'n" . n!..i- I
NfiTTOIt. Tradesman and other are oautiened
gainst fnrnishii.g any artlolee for the theater with,
out a written order, signed by the Manager,
Theater, Id now open for the reception of guests.
Booms can be obtained by the day or week, and
aieals fnrnlsued at ail nour. . .
Jr. B. Oonway.v..,-.t..i.
J. f. Herbert .7
Stage Director,
THIS (Tuesday) EVKMNG, December IT, will be
repeatea aaaaspeare s ueaniuui piay, ouiisiwi -AUlDgTJMMBR
Theuns; Duke of Athens.'...'.......... ........Mr. Con war.
Lisander. .... Mr. Sheridan.
Demetrias Mr. Ubaplla.
Nick Bottom.. Mr. Vavridge.
Snout......... Mr. Lanagan,
hron ..... - Mrs. Conway.
Hrpr'lyl .....Mrs. Place.
....Misa KlnEsbnry:
Mrs. W ilk ins.
.........Mis Proctor.
Mis Urocker'
Tn w.B.4nsneo
mm Af ,t.l.na,h Aftl,. thMrjtarlll
oe no Oliver perrormance.i r or in. anorncon pr
formanoe, on Monday, the door will opea at two
o ciock; cnrraio rises at nau-pasc two.
Viu or Aaisi0N. PamuetU Circle, Pamaette
iu n irony, swosnta; Ampnitneaur,. 20 oenis;
rriraie Doaee lor S1KU& persons, sje. ' j.
Doors open at n4 o'clock ( comwenoe at 7M. J
Positively Three Nignts Only:4'
Kveningi, uec. , 91 ana SH.
Operatic GTems
. , AND ,
The pnblie are respectfully informed that
'"'' Thl BUsTant EntertalBment
' Composed of the beauties of '
Popular. Onerai. Sonet.
Or Rnglnnd, Ireland, Heotlud and A merlon
Hariog rsccired the highest praise from lorer
of muslcwill be given la this city,:
, JbVTJCMIHUB, DU. 36, V AMD 38, .
I By the acoonpllihed Amerioan Tor,;'ji
Of the Academifsof Music of New York, Boston, to,,
sad recently of the fitrakosch Opera Troupe.
Be Kill be aided by the wonderful and talented child.
Little Mary McVickeri ' '
Who has been honored by the great Operatic Artiste
or the day with the cognomen of THB OXNl US OF
MUSIO. Her sweet vocalization and capital rendi
tion of the works of great masters of music create an
enthusiasm on the part or her hearers, who look
upon heraa THB CHILD WON DEB. Hercorrect
and Inimitable imitation of the voices and manner
of the world-renowned Artistes, Bachel, Plecolomini
and Brignolt have received commendation from tbe
press ana pudiic, ana are lnvariaoiy greeiea witn ap
plause and delight. They will be assisted by
Edward Hoffman,
ADU1ESI0N....-..-.-., ,.............-...S0 C1NTS,
W Doors open at 7 o'olock, Ooncert commence
at 1 P. M. de24tt
This Tuesday ' Afternoon, Dee. .27.
JUiTAM 2,186Q."U
A. Watklns, , t , ,,,,,, , A. M. Debarris,
J.Humes. (japuwo rerry,.
AVIiliam Morris, ' J. M. Marsh,
'William Jones, . ; B. Riohaxdfoo,,
F. Btrader,- ' r" ' -P. Kichel, '
J. Keller. A. Parkerson.
J. P. Dltchtoo0 (-( j j Captain Jones, j- Q
IIM.1UH HlA.aAUi.lU5.
Jama Worthlnr'on, ! Wi A Forrent,- i
Milton Price, , . ,, , J. McQuado,
J. J Kelley, ', ! .,, , J. W. De Jrormt,'
r. DltchBon,' ,,, ,., , ' W.8. towery, . : ,;,
M. Price, ", , ' V, '., P. McOnide,
William IlMkett Chief. " F. W. Watson, Assistant.
Tickets 8, (supper included,) admitting a Oentle-
1 . . , . .1 . . ulnk nan ftu A Af M
Ilinn . 'I l' IWW UWIN.I WM,VM Mil m ,IVWUI1U W. Ml,
Herbnrt,Treasurer of the Upera-honse, and at all the
principal music swros, aiao ai soe wot,
itn ... - . i . '
XIjM. KUHLMAN, of No. 44 Sixth-street,
would respeotrully inform the publio tbatahe pf
bas, In eonneeiioa with Mr Toledo' (late of ill
Bavel Troupe) tasteful wardrobe, removed tofuLa
Walnut and Vine-street, where she will be happy
see her former patrons, to whom she can olfor the
most ipienuia assortment or ooetnme. aai7-em
TEKIll.. , : UsHsk
National Hall, Vlaextrewt, akawe Fltth.
Thi lesson ar. so arranged that beginners oaa
eomn.enos at any tune. aevti
rnn Tnic HOI.injS.- larce snnnlv of n.
rloas description of old wine ana nranaies. at
AalA '1 i i ?. 1 ftlrtlM Af Wtfifcl. mutt VinA-alMAta.
for sale at .. . FEKOuautru, . .
lieU Corner Ninth and Vino-street.
forgot to tend In your order for those splendid
Oysters at ' FEROCSON'S, '
UsrMr Ulatk aad Vlns-streoU,
jijitiJ i.t if.h'i yn it- irrA B I I b"' "tvni bn erf , wet' . ' '. ii Ii 1 lit WiH i U X - iMUiAit
. T ... I...... ..jtl f I '
I i,f .j; I.Y'1 ,-tft .WiflT I terful"'.! ItH.'H .- '
.pa its 'ft ,t..i ' i-rt , f i a t I
'i- : S
II I "-TSil -i.yinV
... i'n
.ibirlr , :
' . rr, , ,., ..
';- " ' .,: Jl v, I. --" w tl"l'if .
, .1.
Im I.
- ' 1. ;
; VOL 2. NO. 110.
I .i i
. .-1 . 1 1.
27, 1859.
. . J - . -'I i; - -.! 1
jS .1
YrrvV,f 'I' . 1-! ....! M.l
!4 T5- M
Jill III 'vwm.
i ui, . - i r .am. . - a ssk.
nil ii"riviB'iB,r'iu rn rir mi n '
ii r fii in' '' ih ! ' 1"7
1 1 UUr lL:'- I 11?' I'll.. II. ,
rill !Ac V t'& T IB
II fV, -W .-.'. .1 .-7(. ri"..-' rv X 1
...;. .. . , rii rsr
- ! K I,- l (...' 1. .,
"' ' ' '. ' ' i i i i i . i : i ..i ' ' . ii
I I I.' 1 1 - . I . : i ! 1 : '
LrriL MkAMi. Night Bxpress, skOO A. M. Acoom
. modatioli, t:t6 r. J Day Express, (k39 r. H.
Irouiumm An OresiNKiri. 11.1 a. m.; MO P.
M.: 1:40 a. w. -
Ohio aao MiMnsirri.-Si2 a. a.; U)4 A. sLt lfeU
' T.U.
Omoiiman, Hajthtosj utp Dattoh. Tits A. M.i UiM
Sa.M.: llaM r. a.; :A3 r. i:40r. . '
aiiTTA urn Ciioimhati. U:0a.m. af. st, "
losufoaa aid IimujiiroLu. 160 H.; tiM p. x. . .
Littl Hum. Day Exprees, lOtM A, ua Atoom
modatton, 4:40 r. Bight Exprees, llaW P.
m.i file m. . - '
Ohio abb Uissieairn. T:M a. M.i 1:00 r. sr.; 7:80 r. M.
A. M.i 10:00 a.m.; 3:40p.m. :80r.M 11:30 p.m. j,
MaaiiTTA aro OiNoiaiiATi. :40A.M.i s40r. M. '' '
BieuMoan Ann lDiAAroiis.-:00 a. M.i 3:40 r. a.
SS'lt is aaid thai hard ibail Baptist bathe
thomielvei ia rook oil. ,n
Col. Lookridge'. ex-fillbuiter. taa son
to Brownsville, Ti"toi look after Cortlnas.
e9" Tha difference botween an oyiter
and a obiokenis, that onsti best jut out of
the shell and the other isn't.
HSS Last wek, 0.437. tnn of ooal were
hipped from the mines In Alleghany County,
Md. Total foitnt season iva.vi? tnni..,,.1(
'.tl' ( . ' ' !!. ... I . II !
4?The South Carolina naners note the
death of Oo A, Qweaj, who-wae a oandt
date for 6ongrei, to saoceed Mr. Keitt.
jr Tbe lath that. man doe not oblectto
having laid on his shoulder: The eye-lash of a
pretty girl., ( . ,,! i,i,.-. v
sTParii letters affirm that the silk trade
Is at present dull in Lyons, and the manufac
turers are engaged in organizing a system to
improve their condition. :' ,,,!
&9A son of Mr. Meredith Miller, near
Huntsville, AU.J about seven years old, was
(mothered to death while playing with others
in a gin house, a few days einoe. -m! ;j; , m
ff"A vonog elrl named Minerva Dehaven.
aged sixteen years, oommitted suicide tbe
other evening, In the village of Mansfield,
Fonn., bv hanging. ; , , . j
ZgfA nromislsar little ion of Colonel L. S
Poe, at West, Point. .Arkansas, .while at .the
residenoe of his brother-in-law, by some means
obtained a pistol with wniobnhe shot himself.
J&A negro man belonging: to Dr. Jas.
reciceit, Aoeraeen, jjiib., was Aiuea pr a
man named Thomas Pendleton, one day last
wook, for niing lmpuaont language.. 1 i
The Auburn (N. ,1.1 Union lavs
"Prayers for the preservation of &ov. Seward
amid the dangers of the sea, and for his safe
arrival home, were offered on Sunday in all
the ohurches in the oltyV " " ' 1 - '
AWhile one of the hands Dimei fJharlov
Shink was at work in a ooal pit near Pittsburg,
Penn., a few days iince a portion of the bank
came down, ornshing bim into a shapeless
mass ana proanoing ustantaneoas death, h r
JTbe Virginia Lunatio Asviumi at Staun
top, eontains 372 patients 219 males and 153
females. If all insane persons in that state
were oonfined, the asylum wonld need to be
one nundreamiiei squro , a flv.'u
f&"k firm in New London. Conn., are
doing a good business in manufacturing hone
nans Dy maoninery ana steam power. About
Gfeeen tuns a daj of hone nail are used in
the United Btates. i . , .
'William H. Fry save a leoture re
cently before the Mercantile Library Assooia
tion, on the City Of New Tork. In that oitv.
It was peculiar and very flattering to the
extreme vanity pi we uouamiiei,!-, ; K
JSeTV. Eokoskle, a native of Poland.
brave old soldier, died a few days linee, it
'soldiers- uome," in wasnington. lid was
sixty-five years of age, and for sixteen years
had served as a dragoon and rendered good
service in Mexico. - j -'
Pkoolubitt or Childbin'b Thouohts.
The first time I took my oldest boy to chureh,
when he was two and a halt years old, 1 man.
aired, with oaresses, and frowns, and. sandy.
to Keep him very it.ui tin tne sermon was half
done, uy this, time nis patienoe was ex
hausted, and he had climbed to his foot, and
stood on the ieat looking at the nreaohsr ( his
father) quite Intently. Then, as if he had hit
apon a certain relief for his troubles, he pulled
me by the ohin to attract my attention, and
exclaimed in a distinot voice, "Mamma, make
papa say Amsni" .- i ; i i-nix; u ' ."
BAtmox Matsbkal Ssktixskt. The fol
towing exquisite verse was found In' a Hay.
Han manusoript. Was . there ever a more
beautiful expression of a mother's unselfish
deVo'tionf 1 The original is In Frenoh, entitled
"Last Wish of Mother," and the translation
Oh, God, she faintly said, upon her dying bed,
r i If I have followed Thy Divine behest, ,
A mi entire reward a rant this reansst:
Hake me tbe Onardlan Angel of my babts when
Fobhor EMiOBATioit. The total number of
emigrants arrived this year to Seoember 21,
was 77,331; to same date last year,
belna an Increase or only 02. Number of . in
mates in the inititution at "Ward'i Island,
787. Aggregate receipts for commutation of
pasiengers, including balance in bank on 1st
of'January last,$l81,A0a.80. Disbursements,
including $1,290 2J;i for flour i for ' Ward's
island, i7,7ti2 tb; leaving a oajance or fa,
101 02. JV. Y. Tribmt.
A Bsbibs- o? MisroBToms. Mr. Uartman
Ward, who resides on the North Ridge Road
in 'Perry, Ohio, has within a few week met
With quite a chapter or accidents. Ills little
girl, aged seven years, fell from a buggy and
brbke one of bar arms;' Two weeks ago Mr.
Wl had his collar-bone broken, and end week
ago to-day his dwelling-house was burnt to
tbk ground, with most of his furniture aiid
cldthiag. i ' "
ii om ' RpintTnALisit. The ' Montsomerv
a. Mail of a late date says t The House of
Representatives las paiseo a Din ana sent it
forthwith to the Senate, by whom it was
nasied Instanter. Imposing. $500 per day on
all persons dealing in spiritual manifestations,
e). ' our departed menas cannot visit us at
that price,., ... .. .. , .
ji SlitoiiASi op Viboiitia's PorotATioir. The
Adito of Virginia's Report gives the in
erease of population in that State from 18S0 to
IffSO Vtillon 1Q4 11B nr 99. mfmiL
y v uimih ' ' w,av, v. r
gafin; Slaves, 88,628, or 8 per cent, gain; Free
oiacss o,!.), or o per cent. gain. : (
PdbMihistib to 8r aim. Hon. Mr. Preston.
Akerlean Minister at Madrid, who had ar
rijed at Paris on till way to the CnlUd States,
has been suddenly oalled back to Madrid by
;thk indisposition or nis enudron.
- k VoBVuiTAti CoHrosiioB. Mr. Albert B
Aver the foreman itt the press-room of the
Chicago ZeadV olUce, has fallen heir to the
snbg little pile of $80,000 by the death of
relative in nermany.
. Aw Amioam Cbhtinabian. Spenoer Sco
field, an aired sarvanl belonging to Mrs. Mary
EJCoulbonrn, of this place, died last week,
Soberiet. Ta. . He wai supposed by many
halve Jeeto nwaxd oaa ittadwd yean of agv.
Diatw Aim f DKBBit or ill Mothib Asitsa
0T TBI News o Aksbioa. Mary Agnes
O'Conor, Mother Abbess of the Order of
Mercy, who died on Tuisdsy last, after a long
and severe Illness, was burled yesterday, the
service being performed at tbe Convent Chapel,
in Houston-street, by Arobblinop Hugnes, as
sisted by the Right Rev. Mr. Starrs, Vlctr
General. The coffln, draped in black,' and
covered with beautiful flowerij was placed la
the senter of the ehapsl. three large tapers
burning on each lid. The clapel. was hung
with mourning.' At half-past nine o'olock a
long procession of the nuni entered, each one
bearing a wax taper, and, after kneeling a
moment bv the bier, they knelt In the stalls
at eaon side. The mass for the dead was tnen
sung, by . ,the .Arohbisliop, atslsted .by ...Mr.
Starrs and twelve priesu from the prinoipal
ohurches, of tha, oity. After, the oeremoniee
were,, conoluded,' the offla, with four pall
bearers on etch side, and followed by a long
train of priests and eooiytei,'wai borne in pro
cession to the Cathedral -where it was de
posited in the bnrrial-vauit of the Order.
T. Tributu, 23d ull. "
A Complimu io LociiviLUAis. A writer
in theloaJarilleiCWMr.speaklneof Governor
MagofBi'sHfotringto thernarttage!ofoouslnaJ
says t "i " ..'I'. ''
Absurd A bill has been introduced Into
the Kentuoky Legislature to prevent inter
marriage between first oouilns.. Some people,
who don't know any better, Imagine the off
spring of snob marriages Idiotic, sirofulous,
ugly and Ill-mannered. If all such persons
are bred by cousins, what a power of lln-roui
there must be in Xoolsvls.. After .the gen
tleman geti hit "cousins bill" through, we
advise him to introduce another, to prevent
intermarriage between males and females, and
to send for aoommittee of Bbakers who are'
fully competent to report favorably on the in
fluence of such a law in preventing the trsns
mission of hereditary diseases, , ',
' Thc Touird Pbihoi NiroLSOR. The young
Prinoe Napoleon may be seen at any hour in
the day running, about Compiegne, as 1 happy
and ' healthy aa any four-year-old. His little
imperial mgnness nai several companions
nis own age, who are deoided democrats, to
udge from uetr manner or, treating their
Imperial playfellow; he is, I notice, however,
quite ready to take his own part, and battle
moit manfully for his tun on tbe meohanloal
horse, which runs around with one or tbe boys
on his back, or for any of the numerons
playthings that are always at the disposal ef
the children 'i'he young Prince has much the
look of his father, when terloui, although he
Resembles tbe Empress when smiling ' He
auite a uniuist aireadv. as no manapes to
make.hinisett tinderiwod in French, English
and Spanish. i i.'i .... i. ..f-'.-'!
A'M'aii witb Bit Wivib. A few days 'since
Dr. a. w. xnomuj a wealthy citisen or He.
lena. Ark., was lomewhat ssrprised at receiv
ing e, visit from strange lady, bearing hit
name, wno averred mat , sue was his lawful
and wedded wife. , The alleged Mrs. Thomas
has for many i years resided in: Louisville,
where, it is claimed, ine was ' married to tbe
Dootor, who, after living with her a suffioloat
length of time to convert her property into
money, abioonuei, leaving her penniless, one
has taken no her residence in Arkansas, and
nas instituted legal proceedings lor divorce
and alimony. '-Aeoordlnt to her statement.
the Doctor never "obtained a divorce, and
now living with bis tuth toys.
: ...... U . IU I I'M -If
Bbibbbv ai Eoliiu Ei,BOTioxs.-The ex
penses of Mr. R, . Baksr, of South Kssex, an
utwucustW oandidate who ran for- Parliament
last May, amounted to $56,046. The greater
proportion of this money was, of course, spent
m. uriDorj m vanons lorm. . Aiie:aai ex
pended goes-far beyond anything ever known
in this oountry. The largest amount we have
ever heard of. as devoted to the election of
member of Congress was when Krastus Corn
ing was beaten in the Albany la. X.) untrlot
by John L. Sohoolcraft in 1860. Mr. Corning
then bad the oredlt of spending in vain some
SSbjUUU.V"' ' t.r. ' - '.'"' ""'I
r . -a i -"
Anotheb Adstbiam Ootbaob. At Mirssole,
near Benedetto, on the Po, a fisherman was
assuring his smack, which was in danger
being capsized, when two Austrian soldiers
hailed him from the opposfte bank. Ab
man did not . answer a soldier fired ait him
with his rifle. The bullet passed 'over the
fisherman's bead, and struck In, the, abdomen
of a girl, thirteen "years of afe,who iras
drawing water near nor noose. v . .t
OBI1I8. The New Eneland Society celebrated.
inj New York, the 238th anniversary of
leading oi toe fiignmi, witn tne accustomed
dinner at the Astor House, on Thursday
evening. About two hundred perioos partiol
nated In tbe festivities. Breeches were made
pyt Rev. Dr. Btllows,' Senator Doolittle,
Wfsconsini Bichaw iruorman and others
LoBSiB it Firs ih thi Bootb. A Georgia
i&per SBsij-up the losses of Texas, Louisiana,
liisisiipnl, Arkansas. Tennessee. Florida and
Georgia, by fire, in tbe last year, thus thlrty-
eignt gin-nomesy roar slaves, eight hundred
oigufcjr uun uias ui ouiiivu, iwu-uuuureu
igbty thousand pounds of seed cotton,
a large quantity of wheat, corn, nagging.
t, nearly ail or which was uninsured, i .
Cubical Tbiboxation. "A great tribu
lation" has been occasioned In literary olroles
In) England,' by a charge: In the Cltrical
journal tnat itev. vr, vumming wrote tne re
view and puff of his own work in the London
Ttkes. The erltio calls upon-the Doctor
to i mane "revelations," and,, relieve nip
I ... .. . .
self, if possible, from r the damaging sMcnsa-
Abbrstid iob Cirooiating Hum's Book
letter from Fairfax Court-house says that
me W.Jackson ana J, .Edward Monroe,
eited on Wednesday a man named Crux,
i that previously another man namec
reus had been arrested, both oharged with
sedition and for circulating Helper's book
through thepostoffls, at Anendale, Fairfax
Cofinty, V a. Alex. was. ,
fiv AiLiain Slavs Dsclabid Fbkb. Agnei
Robinson, a colored woman, who was arretted
injWasblngton City last June, and taken
Washington County. Md.. where she
claimed as a slave, has been deoiared, alter
jury trial In that county, to be a tree woman
J.i.. . i v.i.. urn.
mer, sen., natea in ibi. -
" Pauocs Divotoi Casi ib London A No.
Rlbmah ib Tboublb. In a divorce case brought
by, Mr. James M. Bell, a wealthy London mer
chant, against his wife, On the ground of
adpJtery with tha Marquil of Ariglesoy,
veroici waa givea aissoiviog w marrms;. ua
satdllng tne Marquis with iv,vuv carnages,
i . j
The other evening a Miss Freeman, while
walking along Main-street, in Mempnis,
Tann... was knoekeddown bv some person an
known and robbed of $134 50 in cash.
had just arrived in that city and was leeking
a hotoi at the time of the robbery. .
ln n T.r mm tarn PnnTHV. Playing
I'damUle," at Troy, N. Y., last week.Mias
Heron stated to the audience that ihe
vntnvitA F.nrflna. anil wnnld nrobablv never
a ppoar on the Americas stage again. Darling
Aiauuia bow oaa we uyiananiwni.
CoinmoB or AcitbiA abb Eoboabt. And
yet Venloe Is by no means the greatest diffi
culty that Austria has to deal with. . -She has
to face Hungary, and tha Hungarians have
now reached such a pitch of confidence tbat,
at the banquet given In honor of the Hungarian
Primate, an Austrian Archduke was asked to
drink to the Hungarian Constitution. It was
much as if, at the table of tbe Archbishop or
Dublin the Lord-Lieutenant of Ireland was
asked to drink to the repeal of the TJnion.
Tha Austrian oOolals are uttely nnable to
stop tbe tide of Hungarian nationality which
has tat 10 strongly in, and public talk ii rap-.
idly passing rrom the stage at which It was
atkea what terms should be exacted from tbe
Emperor to the stage at which it is required
who shall be chosen to replace, as sovereign of
Hungary, the head of the Hoose of Hapsburg.
Perhaps, however, there Is a greater danger to
Austria than even Venice or Hungary. ..She is
wreatened with a general ruing or her eastern
outlying provinces. And hsrs the fortunei of
the Emperor of Austria are linked with those
of his siok brother of Turkey. , There can, -we
think, be no doubt that a movement Is gaining
strength and consistency daily, the intended
result or wbion ii a general ruing or ner Hoia
yonio tribes against .Austria, and of the Sultan's
fhristaln subjects against Turkey. Servla
enJoyajuiSoletit independence to be the focus
of this movement) anl,,if events are left to
take their course, and foreign powers do not
interfere, the time may soon eome,, when the
Sultan, will have to defsnd Constantinople
against his own snbjests, and Austria to rely
ob her eight millions of Germans against the
flve-and-twenty millions of her non-toman
subjects, Saturday Jtrtime. , , , , . .,
i j , im SSB'i i
Bocibibiottim or Yiioimia. The Richmond
faowirsr, urging the eittsena of Richmond to
give warm welsoms .to the medisal students
who abssended from Philadelphia, says:
"This is the 'practical working of northern
fanaticism in poverlshing their poor board
ing-house keepers for the political prospects
or . OlaoK itepubitoan leaders, xne iony oi
fanatlelim is indeed greet, but, in thi ewe,
Htehmond reaps tA imefilt, and we show our
appreciation of thli event."
Among the measures it recommends to the
Legislature is one to this sffeot: , ,.
"Tbat the States from which John Brown
and his associates came be required to reim
burse .Virginia ail, the expenses occasioned
by the incursion at Harper's Ferry, or that the
Government of the .Hnited.SUtes be required
tO do W,?Ju.. I l .'!! i.-i
i ..: .I...' -....I
Pbabi or Politics in ' RoiH.-r-A letter from
Rome, of November 27, says: - "AH it quiet
her. . The Pope will reform when the moon
falls. - Louii Napoleon is his sole support, and
if that charlatan does not look, out he will
humble himself at last., . I am quite tranquil
as to. final results here. The Dukes can not
eome back, Romagna will never return under
the .Pope's dominion, and,, every day of the
present oondition is a day gained. The peo
ple are learning tbat they oan take eare
themselves without a King. Meanwhile the
finances of Rome are in a minons state, Now
that the Romagna is gone, Rome can not sup-,
port herself, and every thing is going behind
hand. . There are no strangers here, and much
suffering among the people exists in oonse-
quense, i ne streets aro full of thieves, and
the shoprkeepers, servanls and padroni .
apartments are wringing their nanus in fie.
spiir,". ... -P ! i . -:j i. ;-rf..
, ,, I'll, ill . ' ;
Dbatb . or a Joobnaust. Colonel Iiaao
Monroe, founder of the Baltimore Patriot,
died SUdd.nly at Baltiiaov lat,wk....Born
near Boston seventy-five years ago and
having served an apprenticeship with Benja
min Rusiel of that city, he went to Baltimore
In 1812, and in January, 1813, founded the
Baltimore Pufrtof, whioh he conducted with
signal ability up to within, a few years past
He never pretended to be a writer, but, as
fueoesiful and judiolous oondaotor of a publio
preis he was pre-eminent. Jtte was present
the bombardment of Fort MoHenry in 1814,
and was aid to Governor Vesey. ,j , . , i . ,
. ) mm j,.
CoBiora. Rbsbabohib or a Botamist. An
Eoglish botanist discovered, by careful exam
ination, 7,000 weed seeds in a pint of clover
seed, 12,1100 in a pint of oongreis seed, 89,440
in a pint ot oroau oiover, ana zo,uuu oi union
oldver seed. In a single pint of black mustard
ho- counted over 8,000 seed, and In a specimen
of charlock 4,000; the teed of a single
plant of common dock produoed 4,700 little
docks. .The white daisy has over 400 seeds
in eaoh flower, and sometimes fifty flowers
from one root. , , r; j .u.nn
Ab Uhmbttbatb Stirrn. A young man
in ISt. Louli, while walking about Olive-street
yesterday, slipped on some ice, but being
master of tbe soienee of gravitation, he did
not eome quite to the ground. He went a lit
tie further and slipped again'. ' This time
fell into a hole and hurt himself. As soon
hei cot np and brushed his coat with his hands,
be' remarked very angrily, "What a d d fool
I was that I didn't fall when I slipped the
first time."
Boodib Dbatb at a FvMiBAL. William
UWed, ot South ueanam, Mass., died very
suddenly lately. He was on the way to
fuaeral of Mr. Dana P. Colburn, whioh took
plsce in the Baptist Church, when, finding
thst he was late, be started quiosly, but sud
denly dropped, and hardly breathed after
was reached. ,..i i . ik
A Tbaqsdv Reoabdid as a Fabos. We
knew a very coarse mas once, who read
"Hood's Bridge of Sighs," and oaught only
tht thin drapery of humor spread over
verses, and apparent in the metre. He read,
and laughed from beginning to end. without
Ming one jot or tittle of the divine pathos
th poem !
Cbabgbp bib Onkiob. Hinton R, Helper,
in! 1856, publishsd a book oalled the XJ
printed in Baltimore,, and dedioated
the Hon. John M. Morehoad, of North Caro
lina. .. His views of slavery at that . time dif
fered very much from thoie expressed in
Inuntiding Gri$ii. . i ' v - .
Sbbiodb Cabfbbbb Acoipbkt. The other
evening a shocking aeoidant occurred at
dwelling of Mr. David Headman, in Philadel
phia, by which a young woman, named Sarah
Yeung, may lose her life, and Mr. Headman,
hll wife, and his ohild were quite severely,
though not dangerously injured. .
Mubdbb ib New Yobk. The body of a man,
whioh was subsequently identified at that
Bohlkey Luerson, a well-known German, en
gaged in distilling in Nsw York, was found
last week in the water, wedged between some
rooks and the sea-wall, within a few rods
Sibyl's Cave, Hoboken. ' ,
Lbabobablb Wbatbib ib tbb Sobtb.
few days since, at noon, says the Charleston
(8) C.) Mtrcury, umbrellM were found to
necessary to ward off the heated rays of
sup; at midnight it was freeiing, and several
persons had to break tha ice in their bed
ohambers to perform tbe momln'a ablution.
Fatal Railboad Accidint. Two men
killed on Saturday al'ternoon lait, . on
Pennsylvania Railroad, between Creason
Qalitaln. They were walking on one of
traoksatthetlme ascending fcnd delcending
tralne were about meeting, and were run
by ute doeoendiBg traiBr t Vw
Sibtibim . ib Abt. Hi T. Tuokerntin
writes of "Sentiment in Artt" ' 7 ' ,:
"Delaroohe's Napoleon deptots what the
odea of Mansoni and Byron utter; Miebael
Angolo's Last Judgment is Danteeqse, so are
his Day and Night, while the figure of Le-
ronso,, In the Medici chapel, aneots like
the soliloquies f HamloU , The light and
shade, so mysteriously envolvedby Joanna
liaillie. Mrs. Radaliffe, and V uumoy, ap-
bealing to wonder, pity, oraspiretion; and the
same ehiaro 'tntro, as created by the magical
instinot or Dante and bmekspeare, take oaptire
the imagination, as do the effeots of Rem
brandt, Solvator, and Pnagnnoletto. Vandyke,
Titian, Reynolds, and Sir Thomas Lawreaoe,
have their rivals in portraiture, distinct, bril
liant,, characteristic, or elegant, among the
masters ofcrltioal and niatorloal biography,
Schiller, Lamartine, Macaulsy, Carlyle, and
other favorite delineators, whose gallery of
written "counterfeit presentments" haunt the
memory.. Frere is idjlic; Millat a rualio bard
on convasi. Sobefler so sympathised, with tbe
heroine of Fault,. that be hai left several die-,
tinct, illustrations of hor story, while his
Francesoa di Rimini and his portrait of Lstn-
nienais are instinct with the spirituality of a
religious humanity, such as Fenelon' and
(.'banning exhibit in, their writings.. One of
the Paris art-orltica justly calls Rooa , Bos..
usur's worM a stymn tcuaoor. , WKjl .
A Wui Boll At a rent aleetioo in Mas-
laohusetts, a lad presented himself at tbe
polls to olatm the benefit of, tbe elective fran
chise. .... , . i-: ,. - .-M.. ' )..
Feeling a' deep Interest la a certain candi
date, the father, who waa evidently , opposed
to the boy's preference, stood at tha bsllot-
box and challenged hie rite to vote, en tbe
ground of bis not being of age. The yeung
man declared he, waa twenty-one years Md,
that he knew it, and insisted on his right. t
The father becoming indignant, and wish
ing, as the saying is, to. "bjun him OB" be
fore the judges, saidii..,-i i.-n,nriii .
"flow,. Bob, wui you stanct up tnere anu
dontradtot meT Don't I know how old you
are? Wasn't I there?" ,;.','! V.-i
Bob looked, his contempt for the old man's
speech, aine hastily replied: ' . i'
"Thunneration, s pose you was: wasn't l
there, too?" .. -t .t .....i'.ft
ajTbn sottled the affair, and in went the
SOion'S TOte. I :.: I . I . .. ft ,. ,,'. - '1 '.
mm, .,
A ' Tsxab OrrdaiD to tab Tknnbsbbiams!
There is said to be sn old farmer living in
Red River County, Texas, well-to-do in the
world and hospitable, but who had a molt in
conceivable prejudios against Tennessee and
Xennesseeans, and Insomuch that be would hot
entertain a man from that State. His mode of
ascertaining a Tennesseeafl is something like
pro-slavery men in Kansas determining a
Yankee, by tbe pronunciation of th word
oo w," the Yankee calling it -leow.- uis
word ts calico, whioh he lays the Tennei-
sesani' uniformly pronounce "xanier." a
stranger rides up, and pobably asks the privi
lege ot spending the nignts si nis nouie. me
old planter, before answering' definitely pulls'
out a singular piece of calico' from bis vest
pocket, and snowing it- to tne stranger, bsks
what bethinks of it. '.'Wby,that'B oallkef,
ain't it?"' he naturally replies. "Hang me,
slrl" shouts the old planter, "vou're from Ten
nessee, sin you can t stop nero, you must
rideOnl".5 "i':,'i "'l,''1''"l, "" i""1'a
bib Win; One of the Detroit (Mich.)papors
tells tho following story t "A spirited abd
worthy lady, whose husband has late got into
a bad way, and wandered After false godito
the fihamoful neglect of hi own' hBarthstoDO,
resolved to make a bold push to save him.
Accordingly, one night last week, she J attired
herself In men's apparel and prooeeded to 6
oertain house of undoubted reputation, (noth
ing doubtfnl about it,) rang the bell and wai
admitted. She smoked her cigar and chatted
with the strange women in as "gallus" a man
ner as it was possible for her to assume for
half an hour or so, when the bell rang again
and she beard a voice wbion she at ones re
oognised as'that of her false lord. 1 She' dashed
to the entry, confronted bim, made herself
known to him (she had no particular difficulty
in doing tbat, by the way, and led him home.
He went like a oonquered and submissive
heop, and learned a lesson It Is to be hoped
which will last bim for a good While; ""
Birds' Nbsts CnauicAUr Cok-sidkrid.
Tbe birds' nests which have been recently In
troduced as, an . artiole of consumption into
Paris ss a general thing, are nothing more
than fish-glue, although the genuine nests
an be purchased for about $7U per hundred
weight in the crude itate. - The obemist, Mr.
Pay.n, on lubmitting theChineiemoss or alga
of Java to ohemloal n.lyia,. obtained eloar
sfelatine. far preferable to that, obtained from
fish. Comparing it with tho Chinese birds'
nestu, bo found that the swallow whioh make
these nests must make use of this alga, work
ing over its gelatinous matter as our swallows
do in plastering up their nests. The birds'
neat gelatine pan now be made directly from
the alga at t greatly reduced cost. , It is alio
suggested that this gelatine may enter, into
the oompoiition of India ink, now only known
to the Chinese.
1 T'T-7'
' Fatal ArrBAT ib Viboibia. A fatal difli
culty boourred In Portsmouth, Va., between
two young men named mcsetta and Diaieck,
A misunderstanding caused Bileok to pull out
a large knife aad rush at Jttloltstts, who, de-
tiring to avoid a serious . difficulty, ran, Hs
was pursed a short , distance by Saleck,whsn
he fell, aad as Xsleck was still rushing upon
him with the knife in his hand, ha (Riekstts)
nulled out a putol and nred: ths ball Dene
trating the left lung of Esleok, who is said to
have walked several steps, whn he fall, and
soon after died. , - ;r t
Bbouohab'i vWoskb. Lord Brougham Ii
about to publish, in a single volume, his prin
cipal eoientifio and mathematical: workt.
They consist oft Ouml .TanRm, chiefly
porisms on tne. nigner geometry; u.iper
Problem: Calculus .of Partial ', DifTstencesi
Greek Geometry (ancient analysis); Paradoses
imputed to the Integral Calculus; Arehltec
ture of Cells' ef Beei; Kxperimenta and In-'
vestigations on light and Colors; Optical In
quiries, experimental ana . anaiyuouj on
Forces of Attraction to Several Centra; and
lBstly,his Orationcn Sir.Isaso newton. -. i,n
': I mm i -.-V. ct.
Hiaivtb or Tbsodorb Paikbb. A private
letter from Rome, dated 27th November, says:
"Theodore Parker is slowly Improving in
health, I think, and is cheerful, though, ef
course, he longs for his old work." The writer
goes on to speak of Mr. Parker's having most
pleasantly kept Thanksgiving Day at his
house in Rome.: A "New England Thanks
giving In the Eternal City, j , in l.;i "roi
i ii l' I mm i ' i -"
A Dbvotbd HtnsAt,o-Baren de Menneval,
French Minister at Munich, sbya ths Word,
has resirued his post." This diplomatist; not
being able to overcome his grief at the loss of
his wife, is about to proceed to nome, wnere,
after a oertain time of preps ration, he will ea
ter into holy orders." -i' -..hi.e use.
, r in I, I'1! mmm ' " 1 !.". py.t
flRI ssD X,rne of Aiira. tm uiw . vmuuriwu r.-
centlv at Griffln'i steam mill, near Ml. 8tr
llne. Kentaekr." A building;, ooonpled hi a
shoe shop, took firf and burned to the groaaaY
Bnd a man names, nsrnn rnv peniiin is
the flames.' Petty, it1 1 saH. Wai highly In
teieate4i"il ".'il "t Tsfli ui
; . i.u '.'V.iTinM-CA8H4''t . u '1.a
mm--T wt a ..rei '
Adverttumtnta aot ezoMdlng Ave Hnaa (Af.-
OaelBssatteewt IS 1 On. wmB, i ..W 4I r
Two wwks 1 60 1 Oae saonth 1 M ..
ii Larger advartssesnanta insarted at tb following
rate tor sore of sen Haes'er'hsslt
One insrSkeuc.J aelTwoweesw.i.j. yr., jl
j -..i't JT6b ;Printlnpr' '"
In all It br.net. , done with atea sine !Upls' '
On. swL 1 71 1 On. asonth ,- l't 1
i r Hi ii' r ' 1 . I ,.'f ! .! I'-.' .'. u
j jo- oh tft'3L': " ' iVa. ,"iwiii
j i r.Lt e ii j " jSTjPT i '' .''wl '.. I s
i .v ,'i-;.' i-1
Coal Cppking: Stove !; ;
Oaa been pro noon oed by omB.tant jodgea to s. the. , ,
E V E li J.NVE N T ED.
jl- f ' Patented Di V18&8.HH . . arl i i."i
. For sale br tha InvaatecS aaililieoafaotann,
No. 333 Fourth-street, Cincinnati.
; I ' "'. ' - ' ' '''' '
' We reapeMtfollr astar to tb toUowtot cetlifloatea .
tor evldsnoe of the above i , ... . , . , ,
1 M .1 - , wl , .V. . Ill
i or hub nunuii i wtb utco hus .uvaiiikmm..
til AlltM
I VmI (JooUn. Htnv.
, I
It wiper lor oookias eaallttM,
ooniblned wtib it oleaQliiwas. most
eventual Irseoura
to tne owner a lam sban ar anouc 1
; MtronaM.
1 have1 bean using 'on of Me' a. Adam k Peek
n,-'. AIIIoaIav flnnk Hinwmn fnr a, nm maatk.. whld
. . . ., .... juas
over's Alligator Cook Stova for o math, which
(Ire entire Mtiefaotion In every napset. and loan
cheerfnllr rMommand it te Miow whoan In jrut of
superior oook tove. H. H. LIAV1TT.
For the last tear 1 hare been - ruin the Aillaator
Ooal Cooking Btove, mauanwsurea Dy nesera. aoabm
Psokover, which I consider a snjwrlor stove, and
. roraomeMmepaBtlhavetoenuainfoneof Hum.
Adam A Peokover' Allicator Ooal Oooklnc etorcs,
und can recommend them as being a aapariar stove.
(IVing entire aenaiact ion in everv re.paoi.
cheerfully Indorse the above.
del.1 - JOHN KBfiliHB.
Manufactory eovUigtoik, Ky.
rVAREllOUSE, - - CKCimTI, 0.
30 Eait Celatabla-atreet.' " " "
11 M. trade at the most reasonable prloes aad en tb.
oietaoooB)Biodatina terms with, .ii j m,,. j
. of'eve'rv Wscription,.''
LiM.Es, ::::
For . Oil, Fluid or , Coal Oil.
. and tub coau oil. dbodouizbd. . ,
M. B. Jones'! Improved Lamps abd Burners fr
tale by our atjent, i. fiKiliLKJltt, Uovingfc.a. &y.:
Ancient York Bit-. ' " " '
M. the anniversary of gt. John tbe Ilop'lat will b.
obsorved br the Maeonlo Fraternity of Clnoinnatl
and vicinity, on I'UEHUAY KVININQ, tu a7ih ,
lint., at 7 o'clock, In Miuouio Ball, oorner of
1'hirdand Walnut-afreet, wUa all brethren In good
staudlug in tbe fraternity r cordially. and frater
nally inviteq 10 oe proeni, wiu ii ih w
loMivltlM of ttie occasion.
i llt-Instailatlon of ths offloer oi, U the Lodge In ,
the city.
Ai-Grand Banquet, at which a aeries of rearalar
tola la and short addrwee appropriate te the occasion
will be given. .. .. .,,,... ... i .i
Bf order of the Lodge. . '
, 11UAHU USlTllIIYTll, I'll, i i
W.O. ttlDDbBTOM, '"Hl
JB. T. OABSONT Commit.
nv.nudK. H wilLir.
ticket Sl-to be bad of the Uommltte. and Joseph
P.jUoTTt, Tyler. ; .h .. - :.: deMct .
Christmas Presents!
) .. 'i
:U FlffJ Premlnm .,.,J , i . ,;
I' and simplicity of oonatrnetlon and efflol.noy
la rorkisg, are uneeual.d br any. , ,,, . ..., ,
,l()tjal: .t, , ;; , tSO We Fortlistret,
" ;t- 3n:;V mU .rroBT-'.'-:iJ .-, J.:
Lookinis Glasses!
, , r-AND- '
r ::ll I-, I . '-ill d ) -"w -S
Ihey ar for sale at
Very- Low Prices".
.,de3biw,l ,
1 wsessssssHsBSi .,T
lUwLlMBs In a superior manner. - Batisfaotorf ' "
rvtsraaeas given.'
; AadreM No. I, ByoamoivMrM. .'
UJTn.r or Front.
Holiday GUts, tbe.
large and Deentlfhl orfmenfTof FA NOT
OQODS, which we have just eoeived. for the Boll-1
days. Bohemian Bottles, P irl Jewel Casket, Bo
hfiulan Caskau, Pearl Card la, Bohemian Boxea,
Pakrl Portcmoanalo. Bob jmian Pnf Bout, Pearl ,
Imlald Bmshes, etc rnr s .la at very low price. . ,
i ALHBRT ROBS, Prnggist, '"
NjslS a W. oor. stlgbtb-st. and Wera-row. i
a Spalding's Prepared Glue
al bv ' ' ALBERT BOSS. Dnuuist
del . ! . W.enr. Kltbth-et. and We. tern-row.
r o Tlfth and Western-row. Photograph..
Melalnfttypoe and Ambjctyjpe Ukes ' oajar tbaa
laewher in tha city. .Oil Oolorwd f hotograpbs
mad of all iie, from lift to the smallsat mlnlatar..
tict.ire atlytiaJhet,BMtM-hi,iring.r.
vssisS'"- trmk. Artist; .
DMitiet. ha reivd to SiflVlaMtnec. i
h, oepoait Dae was OOUe, aof-baa

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