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jarVon't .Ijjrget .Jn,,, Penny
Preu la the medinaa-ihrongh which to
make kuowo ydnr ftQUl jdVvrtlae
menta of 'five line uid 4(M,' lnterted
twice tor twenty-live cental ' .' " '
mi can tecure t one-htir Intereat In a
fDi Tili0lrC.f!lt,lre',nlre(1- Apply to BALK A
CO., 126 Walnnt-ttreet. ; dettk
tT ANTE D PRINTEtt A good sober
ri"ter ' coniKteil loUk charge of
?wu,Q,rLoft'?" .c "ear of situation by applying
at thli office between 11 aad 12 o'clock to-day. Bin
gle mn preferred. . T de37b
..i. P, Pastry Cook to wanted Immediately,
at the Dining Saloon. No. g Baat Fourth-it. de27b
WANTED PARTNER A good badness
bub with a CMh capital of from $S60 to $1,000
as partner in a good paving: business. AddreM for
further parUcalara PAKTNKR, United States Hotel.
. (do27bj
ANTED TO RK NT-One or twogen
tltmen to not m furnished front room, sec
ond floor, in a private family, where there neither
children or boarder. The room will be kept in the
beat ot order. Location central. Addrtw X. L. H,
thlaomoot , r de27b
ANTED To aell and- buy, valuable
Christmas and New Year'i preaenta. Double
entry book-keeping scholarahipi in Bacon's, West
ern Ohio end Goody's Colleges. Good for day and
IeJ.',W!tS?, Mney la larrd by baying. Apply
tJTy.II1,li K"nang Office, Sycamore and Tnfri
WANTED BOARD A voting man
wants boarding in a private family within
ten minutes' walk of Front and John-atreeta. Ad.
ureal wnivai, oincinnnati poslomcs. deach
w men of eood address, aa assistant book-
Uood reference given. Addreai J. C. McD.,
at tnia office,
WANTED Reliable help for tituationg
of any kind can always be bad at a moment's
notice, by applying at No. 60 Bast Tbird-street, base
ment atory, next to Adams' Express office. Mo
charge to servants. de21am
Vy ANTED Clerks, book-keepers, sales
" pen, bar-keepers, porters, coopers, caapen
tors, mechanics, laborers and others, can And situa
tions at the Merohauts' Clerks Registry Office, 12
Walnut-atreot. de26wj HALB a OO.
WANTED M E N A large number of
actire, indnetrioua men can And agreeable
and at llie same lime lucrative employment in the
Hie of aoiue new and popular Books and Haps,
these worka are written by tho best historians and
authors known to the civilised world ; hence their
popularity. Dome and examine for yourselves be
tureenguglng in thosaleof other publications.
. MACK it. BAKN1TZ, Publisher,
de3tf 38 West Fourth-street, Cincinnati.
I10R SALE-FEED STORK. Call at the
. north-west corner of Western-row and Front
street, Immediately. de27b
FOR SALE The Furniture and good will
of a Boarding-house doing a good business, for
sale cheap for cosh. The bouse contains thirteen
rooms and kitchen, with every thing necessary for
carrying on the business. Kuutjioo per year. For
particulars apply at No. 163, East Third-street, for
litis wetk only. de26b
K10R SALE GROCERY A SOori nhanee
at1 for iiuiiuees, on reasonable terms, a well located
grocery stand with stock and Ix lures. Address Box
1793. Poatoflice. do24aw
KilOR SALE Choioe Table Butter, prime
-- Cneete, Fruit, Ac, at one of tbe neatest stores
in the city-No. 357 West Slxth-street-wnoleeale
and retail. Also Buckwheat Flour, pnre Maple Su
gar and prims Holiday Oysters, Ac. All warranted
as represented. D. 8T0RM0NT,
de23aw I). LAKEMAN. '.
BOARDING. Single gentlemen or ladies
or families can be accommodated with Hoard
lug, at No. l9 Bvcamore-etrrtr. de27-r
B0ARD1N8 A few reapeotable young
men can be accommodated with board and
comfortable rooms at the Central- Hotel, No. 326
Main-street, near Eighth. The house has just been
htted np in elegant style, and tbe utmost attention
paid to guests. Terms moderate. death
ti0R RENT-ROOMS A good suite of rooms
with gas, convenient fr a genteel family. Kent
VIA per month, payable in advance. Reference re
giiired. Apply at Mo. 222 Longworth-street, deisib
FOR RENT ROOMS A couple of fine
rooms to let with board, at Mo. 139 Bycamoie-
slreet. Reference required. de26b
r i03T. A Pearl Porte-monnaie, containing
thirty-six dollars, some whereon Fifth-street,
between Western-row and Walnut-street. The
Under will be liberally rewarded by leaving it at
thisofllce. deiffb
f OST-DOG-$10 REWARD Dr. Kane's)
JLi Kaauiinaux Dog Tcodltmtck. Any person who
will return tbe same shall reueivs the above reward.
de26t , ... D.O. LA BUB. .
D. K. CADY & CO. ,
MENT of ..,. ...... .. .... ..
Cliiidtmati Presents,
At the Old Btand, corner of Fifth and Walnut-sts.
, Irtl3bw1 "
until the let of January, 1860,
1 will Boll Pianos for cash onl
ily, at fSL? " "1
Ciicea that wa 111 Induce any one
uv-. Kven thoaewhoda not ws
one at nresentwill find that now la
I he time to boy. I will rent, and let the rent pay
for tbe tfiano. , 0. M. MUKOU.
i No. 72 West Fourth-etreet.
The largest stock of Helodeons in tbeolty. de2l
T0W, IF EVER. Ail my neighbors are
w ouenug great lnaucemenn i or
cHsh, and aa 1 am not willing that
my friends and customers anould
tail to be suited aa to price, I would
ear that 1 will not be undersold br
any house In Cincinnati. I will still rent, and let
the rt-ut pay for the Piano, at M West Fourth -streot.
Depot lor Hclinlpona and HarmoqlsiSMi. dr21
i'A FORMKD by Mentor's Band, with an
elenint litliosraph of the new Masonic
iiuildtng. rrlce SO cents. Just publisbMl
hi. . , nnitii.'ii
de!3 6A Wost Konrth-streot.
mas ever, ureat sacrifice or
rianos, meioaeons , violoncellos,
Violine, Guitars, Banjo Htrings.Trim
minss. Ac. durlns the llitHri
tVllina at UflitornAnt Iam l,.n .nw
other Tioiise in this city, and flrst-clssw Instruments
at thHt. So not bur mi Instrument until you havo
celled at No. 227 Kifth-streer, second door east of
Hum, south eido. BBlTTINtt A BBO.,
Piano Makers, and Sealers in Flret-clas.a Instru
ments. deaitf
Next li Smith 4 Hlion's Hall.
OKSfl a-e hare met with for tho last nasnth, we
hare i leased tho spacious and elegant atoV, No.as
West Fourth street, and have made great additions
to our stock of Books add Jewolry, and are now pro
nared to offer greater induoementa than ever. We
,,?e,,,ni,1',oS"Jltl,,"",' of Annual Albums and
Gift Books for Hallday presents, In rich and superb
bindings, elegantly illustrated. All Bocks sold at
the lowest retail price.
Worth from fty cents t flOO, wilt be given with
every Book sold. ,
Presents to be iHm Avayt
Parent Lever Gold Watches, worth..... lflo each.
Ladles' Mold tlunllug Oases, worth ........ Ml each.
Ladies' Solid Quid tlhains, worth is each.
Silver Watchos, worth from f to to each.
Gold Neck (Jhalns, worth. 1! each.
Gold Bracelets, worth ..., 10 each.
Sets ol Jewelry, worth from- f 10 to each.
gets SolW Silver Tesspoons, worlhM... I each.
Bilk llreeses, worth. ,,lw., ,.,,. 2b each.
A L80A variety of nseful and valuable articles
not enumerated above, worth from fifty cents to 160.
A. A. nitli .it y
Publisher and Gift Bookell 'st Fourth,
, , dslpkw ."
2 9 i , If i , . . . . . . '
If you want a servant, advertise In ' -
Is foa want house, advertise In :
It you want to Mil anything, advertise In
Ir you want to boy anything, advertise In
Ia faot, every want inpplled by advertising In v
"Penny Presa to be had ever;
morning at the Counting-room door.
Only one cent. ; ;
PainTM Waaiao. See adTerliaement of
printer wanted. , .
A Libcral Landlord Dr. Cahill, propria,
tor of the Madison House, yesterday gave
suitable presents te aU big domestics, male and
female, aad entertained them sumptuously at
a Christmas dinner. No wonder the Doctor
il popular. . . .
MaTioaoiXHCai. Obsibthiobs For the
5""?i,!'ubH8nTy Ww Optiolan, No. T
Watt Fourth-street, December 24.
lu Brom6ifir: Thermometer.
r d "11" "'""W.3ft 4
tfi Ir . Ai.estMMsesatse4sssstteeHesee29.w7 ' 44
Thi VaaiiDAH-The supper-room at the
Verandah Is tastefully arranged for the festi
val of the Masons to be given there te-night.
7"1 Alms gave a social dancing party last
night, whloh was a pleasant gathering. Men
tor's musie inspired the danoe. : ,
CiVAOM's 0tstb8. If you hare not vet
tastedthe excellent qualities of Peter Cavagna's
oyjUrs, we would say, proortstinate no loneer.
but at onoe go to 81 West Fifth-street and wt
a can, and you will undoubtedly pronouioe
them the finest bivalyei sver sent to this city
They are received daily. ,
HotiMT 0T8Tas.-Bear in mind that not
withstanding the great rush yesterday for the
celebrated Maltby Baltimore oysters, at Rob-
Ot'b,No.U West Pifth-street, 'he has
still an inexhaustible supply. They are in
deed delioious, and are justly called tho "ne
pfwi uttra."
Eocharistio. We are indebted to Mr. N.
Morns, No. 264 Race-street, for a splendid
cake with whioh he favored us yesterday. His
oonfoctionery establishment is one of the finest
in the city, and if the spool men whioh he has
sent us be a fair one, his oakes are quite as
one; for it was light, delioious, and just such
an one a Ganymede might have given to Jove.
Man's Pockst Pkjxid.-A man named
Samuel Clifford bad bis pocket picked last
night, at the Melodeon Hall, of a porte-mon-nate
containing $6 in money and two checks,
one for $367 and the other for $100. The
thief was arrested, but dodged the officers on
f ourth-street, and. rnntilno .i..ti i.
succeeded in making good his escape.
Anothm Arrist for Ksgriiia a Dibrivot
abi, Hoosi. The notorious Julia Dye, whom
the officers of the city seem determined to
drive from it, was arreated yesterday, upon a
oharge of keeping a disreputable house. . She
was committed to the Ninth-street Station
house, but shortly afterward released upon
giving bail for her appearance before the Po
nce Court this morning. -it
Exkgbtioai,. We were mistaken yesterday
In stating that the school-teacher who had
been so cruelly betrayed and deserted, was
educated at the TTirhonV.i ..j ' , ,
oertifioate in this city. The error originated
Villi ih. nA-A. . n 1 ....
..wnnpnau niium sne toia ner story,
who misunderstood her In in r.rj i.. it
... , , , "ft-' W HI. 1U-
oslity, which it appears was one of the ex-
.iouio.uui,u-aaeieru counties 01 this State.
1 I,, ; i . i ' j
Bov'a Hand Masoisb st t&i Ub or Fibs
Arms. A lad about twelve years of age,
named John Durr. while fi.in nn-
yesterday afternoon, near the oorner of Ninth
"o.ioru-row, nau two ot the lingers of
his left hsnd torn entirely off by the prema
ture discharire nf his nl.fot u -,-f ,.u.
to the residence of bis parents located near
the plaoe where the accident oocurred, when a
tmVBiaian Was summoned d)a vaII.-t.j l:.
pain and dressed his wound. -
UrpaiD LRrriaa. Tha fnilnni. I. . it.. :.r
letters detained for non-payment of postage at
no usiuuiuo, in wis city, Aieoemoer lio:. .
Merler Derrick, New York city.
Thomas A. Unrran, Mnysville, Ky.
John Dearlns, Bay Springs, Tenn. ' ' " '
James Oearing. Memphis, Tenn,. - i " ' '.
Kelson Frnnklln, Circlevllle, 0.
L. Moses. Nashville, Tenn. . . v, vr - s
Wilson Morrow, Brookville, lad, '
, Amos Kogers, Aon is, o
Mid-dat Burglary. The residence of a
man named John L. Thompson, located on
George-street, a short distance west of Linn,
was entered yesterday afternoon, while the
family was absent, nnd robbed of money to
tbe amount of $28, and wearing apparel to the
value of about thirty dollars more. The bur
glar or burglras, entered the horse through
the alley and a back window, and apparently
ransacked the bouse from top to bottom. The
sooundrels with whioh our city Is infested,
seem to be growing bolder daily, and no plaoe
or time is stored to them. " " 5 .
' ' ' j ' ' ' '
Schooi. Boasd. Tha Board met at the
usual hour, President King in the chair. The
resignation of Miss Helena C. Guysee, first
female assistant in the Seventh District
Sohool, was accepted, and the nsual certificate
awarded. Miss DeChainn was appointed to
fill the vacancy in the Seventh Distriot, oc
casioned by the resignation of Miss Guysee.
The following oommunioation from the City
Solicitor was reoeived and filed;
,lr ' " ' Bfcsbbsb 20, ISSP. "
W. F. Him'.soT, Clerk of the 8chool Board: I have
examined tho subject referred to in your commu
nication of the 16th Inst., and itnd that the city has
a valid claim against A. V. I'erry, assignee of Ellis
A purges, for a part of school lot occupied by him,
and that the rights of the city in the premises cau
only be secured by obligations Instituted fur that
Eurpose. I shall therefore regard it as my duty to
ring suit to recover said around, unless the School
Board shall otherwise direct.
Beepecttnlly, It. B. BAYS, titty Solicitor.
Polioi Court! Holidays, by some peculi
arity, in the nature of men, always brings
drunkenness, and this is Inevitably followed
by disorderly oonduot, whioh, to a certain
class, bring Incarceration. Thirty-six ossea
of this kind were before Judge Lowe yesterday
morning, but as they contained nothing of
importance, and were dull, as drunken per
sons usually are, we retrain from their publi
cation. We give one or two, however, of a
different nature, partly because they hava
heretofore been noticed In our columns.
Joseph Connelly, who so seriously slabbed
Michael Whalen at a bagnio on Lodge-street,
on Saturday last, was committed to jail in
default of bail to tha amount of $500, to
answer the charge in tbe Police Court, on next
Tuesday. ........ .. . ... ...
James Walden, who was arrested at St.
Patriok's Church on Sunday last upon a charge
of pookst-picklng, was deemed guilty and
sentenced to pay a fine of $60 and be impri
soned in the County Jail for a term of six
months. , The evidence against him was
thought to be of the most oonoluiive eharto
tr, no less than eight pocket-books being
found upon his person. ij ",- -
Henry Ape, the fellow who was arrested
upon a oharge of feloniously entering Prey's
Exohange, on Fifth-street, between Walnut
and Vine, was committed in default of bail
to the amount of $600 for further examination
this morning, -
The Pioneers The Festival Last
At the sapper Ubie of the. Verandah last
night, the veteran Col. John Johnston presided.
The feast prepared by Aim's was even more
grateful to- the pioneer's tests) than that par
taken at the former festival at the Burnet
Bouse., When tbe supper was over, the pio
neers commenced in spirited reminiscenoe of
olden days. Col. Johnston narrated his ad
ventures while at the present site, where Ft.
Washington was the nuoleus of the village.
He arrived here a lad of seventeen, In 1792.
His story it always full of inoident. He is
the model of the almost extinot race of honest
publio offloeri.
John Whetstone oame to Columbia In 1792,
four years or age. He spoke of the Inoidents
of his boyhood, and commented on the pro
gress of the city. Wm. B. Dodson, who
readied here in 1794 Jaoob Hoffoer in 1805
Peyton S. Symnies, who was at sohool here
tixty years ago Thomas Henry Teatman,
whose father was one of tbe most noted early
tattlers of the city Henry E. Spencer, whose
grandfather was taken prisoner when a lad by
the Indians, between Cincinnati and Colum
bia Stephen Wheeler, who-oame to theolty
in the winter of 1800 all told interesting
personal narratives of early days, whloh our
space will not allow us to report. Jesse Cole
man was present, who, as a child, was with
Stite'i party, whioh reached Columbia, No
vember, 1788.. , " . .... ,. .,
: Henry E, Spenser made feeling allusion to
the memoiy of the departed menbera of the
Association. The following list was reads
Samuel Lowry, born Ireland, 29 Sept., 1788,
oame to Cincinnati March 1811; died Oct. 5,
1857. Rev. Ezra Perrit, born April 26,1783;
died at Lawrencebnrg April 19, 1867. Levi
Buckingham, born 1795) died in Clement
County Oct. 1, 1857. Abraham Larew, born
May 14, 1775; died April 1, 1858; John L.
Avery, born in New Jersey, January 17,1789,
oame to Cincinnati 1857; died May 20,1858.
Oeo. T. W. Williamson, born May 10, 1804;
died in London Deo. 25, 1868. . Daniel S. Piatt,
born Maroh, 1811; died January 27,' 1859.
Henry Craven, born in Pennsylvania, 1787,
came to Cincinnati Deoember, 1805;
died March, 1857. Jonathan Pancoast, born
in New York, November 11, 1767, oame to
Cincinnati October, 1806; died Maroh 20, 1859.
V. S. McDowell, born November 5, 1811; died
September 21, 1859. Fuller James MoBride,
born November 2, 1788, came to Cincinnati
1807; died at Hamilton, Butler Co., Monday,
October 3, 1859. Horatio Gates Phillips, born
December 21, 1783, oame to Dayton 1805;
died in that place November 10, 1159.
Pioneer tongs and songs cf the pioneers
were sung by Mr. Warwood, and the veterans
closed their interesting reunion. On Saturday
night they meet at' the Council Chamber, to
hold thsir annual election of effioera.
Christmas Cslrbration or this Philosophic
Owlb. A deputation of the PhiloBophio Owls
dined privately at the Gibson House yesterday
afternoon, and were most hospitably enter
tained by Col. Geoffrey, the proprietor, who was
elected an honorary Owl for that memorable
oeoasion. The following toasts, some of which
we can not oomprehsnd, have been handed ut
for publication:
Taa Two Pebrot Won sis One of whom Is dead
and the other can not be found, By tbe Oalibanio
Th k Memory or Thomas Dm Quincbt flit death
is the Introduction to a literary immortality. By
the Italian Owl.
Th s Uappibess or the Pamtrs Obthoi -While re
sistiug Hymen, they never can be otherwise; By the
Aati-Oonnubial Owl.
Lova The incomprehensible sybil; ever the Uts
sandra of .bliss, because always an ideal, b; the Onl
sonicOwl.' 1 ; . . '.I ) T -'it
BfATRiMONY The life 'tragedy wherein every scene
Is a living death. By the Operotlo Owl.
MiNKavA s Biao-The emblem of our society, the
fate Ihst conquers fate by constant thought and no
syllable of speech. By the Hentiiaental Owl.
Tns Actio AMOBis-Pleasnrable from its mt
Uolossanfjw0nCentrt'ni e9rnlty m n lde- BV tn
Journalism - The explanation of the fable of
Bisyphns-ever cursed tho rock-rollers in the actual,
By the Agasslsean Owl.
The Wostn-A farclcsf tragedy, where those who
laugh are the greatest IxlOns. By the Bodleian Owl.
Abt The enduring Memnon. which, before the
" of sympathy, makes musical the world. By the
Taa Statues or Phidias -The sculptured poems
that touon the universe,! heart. By the Praxitelean
Taa Gang TaAotPira-The eailieat inapiration of
the eldest goda that finds tin truest though latest res
ponse in the uolumbian heart. By tha Belooobistanic
Owl. .-. (j f ;j v
Bbakspbari The Jesus of thVlntelleetual werld
he eutwrotiahfc the Titans, and created the only mir
acles of mind. By the Sophoclean Owl.
heuded in essence by the Owls-the illuminated
trinity that shines even in the sempiternal eclipses
of the literary Luna By the- Drawoansirious Owl,
What or who the Philosophic Owls are, as
we hare said before, we can not say; but bb
they appear devoted in tome mysterious mode
to literature and art, we trust they may pros
per in their enigmatic way.
ObsBbvatiom op -Christ uta m Circmrati.
Yesterday was a beautiful .day overhead, and
the temperature mild as a day In April or
May, but the streets and sidewalks, on account
of the thaw, were in a very disagreeable con?
dition for pedestrians. The mire and mois
ture seemed to have no effect, however, in this
partiaular, as the streets were , thronged all
day, and the city wore the semblance of a
holiday. , . . m s " ?. - u i
There was noregular celebration, but aU
persons observed thehrown Christmas.
A number of the hotels set luxurious din
ners, having concluded, unlike the Rurnet,
Spenoer and Broadway, to observe the 26th'
inst. as Christmas. We were at the Gibson
House, and must say that Col. Geoffrey eclipsed
himself as a caterer and waiirt d$ cuisine.
Nothing was wanting at his hospitable board
either at the (abU d'hote or the guests. Dr. F.
P. OabAll, of the Madison, made a magniR
cent display of edibles, and served up a din
ner that any epicure would have been de
lighted with.. We are happy to learn ef the
Dootor's inrceasing tnooess.
Christmas passed off rather quietly, though
there was about the utual amount of dranken
nesa and ditturbanoe, without any grave in
fraction of the peace. The arrests were few,
comparatively sneaking, and not a serious
accident occurred anywhere in the city.
In the evening, the opera-house, the thea
ters, oonoert-rooms, fairs and other places of
public amuiements were crowded, while the
drinktag-saloons rang with the clatter of
glasees and the ro ar of bacehanals until an
early hour of the morning. 1 ...'.
The Banks, Merohants' Exchange, Public
Libraries, publio offices, all of the wholesale
and many of tha retail stores were closed, and
the day seemtd muoh like a sabbath. '
Row or Libkrtt-btrrt. A man wboso
name wa were unable to learn, yesterday af
ternoon went to tbe house of a man named
William Hart, on Liberty-street, betweon Syc
amore and Broadway, and demanded pay
ment for some work he had done; but at he
had been hired to do the work for Hart by a
man named Brown, he was referred to the
last-named Individual for the money. He
refused to go, however, and became angry,
and from words the parties prooeeded to blows,
whioh finally brought the police, who arrested
Hart. He and his wife resisted the officers
ior some time, and at last put them out of the
house and looked the door upon them. . The
woman became alarmed at length, and went
to the Ninth-street Station-house, where a
warrant had been inued for the arrest of
Hart, who was subsequently taken to that
place by Officer Cook, and released upon giv
ing bail for his appearance this morning.
A Probpiotivb Dcbl Brttlbo. It Is re
ported that a challenge passed in our city, a
day or two ago, between a gentleman well
known in literary circles; and a prominent
actor attached to one of our theaters. The
preliminaries were nearly arranged, when a
distinguished tragedian, Laving very kindly
volunteered te act as mediator, settled the
affair without resource to arms. -As the
meeting did sot take plaoe, wa -forbear to
mention names, but must express our gratifi
cation at the peaceful termination or the dif
ficulty. - ' . . '
Aooidbbt to ah RqdbbtriaRo-A man.whoie
name we were unable to learn, while riding
along Fourth-street yesterday afternoon, was
thrown from his hone to the pavement, in
front of Shillite't ttore, but, was not seriously
njortda u .tj :.t .J-vtia-eUVH ;i uA .ej.
Pikb'b OrRRA-HoDBB. Thit tkaol eatab-
llehrasnt was crowded lo axes last night, by mis of
the most brilliant aodionoesever assembled within
Its walla. BtiBsuMMBB Niiiht'i Dhsam wta put upou
the stage in tlie most excellent strle, better i-rln,
than ever before in this conntr.aud Willi a lew
mistakes, which somewhat marred the tiitrnuiny of
the ballet, passed off admirably, i be plnr line been
compressed slightly and some portion" uf it cutout;
but this is alayi done, and neceersrlly too, with
the productions of Shakepeare; nxrorthelees, the
drama as a hole, is now being rt'sreeeuted at the
Opera-house with a fluer mise-cn-sceue and better
stage-properties than ever before on thisslde the At
lantic. The "Theseus" of Mr. Conway was quite ensr and
natural, and the "Oberon"of Mrs. Conway.ln niany
respects all tuatoould be desired. She seemed luite
as jealous aa th character is represented, and was
gracelul and easy as a fairy-king should he, Addie
Prootor enacted "Titan Is?' admirably. Proud and
disdainful, she seemed, until horror-struck by awak
ing to find herself in dreadful reality in love with
aa ass-headed mortal, which, under tbe Influ
ence of the mystic flower, appeared to her lovely
as herself. And "Puck," the mischievous, in tbe
hands of Viola Oroeker, averring that he could 1 put
a girdle round the earth in forty seconds" was very
natural, and everybody believed she could do it, too,
'PXJ"9. mnd the hearts of tbe audltncn a far more
difficult task,
We have not space to speak of this play end per
formance analytloally, as we ahould llko to do: but
dviae every true lover of art and of Bhakspeare to
do himself the justice to witness this superb produc
tion, ,.. , , , iM , .
National Trbatbr. MiiB Jean Marie Da
venport drew quite a large audience last night to the
M,onel, and highly pleased them, too, with her
admirable impersonation ot "Lionie Arnaold." Mist
IX ie the most finished artiste now on the American
stage, and she carries this minuteness of du tail into
"fr. character she represents. Jtvery expression of
which any passion It oapabla, seems to play aoross
her futures at will, and every geetuie is made, and
every attitude taken with a precision which appears
to be artless, and yet It the highest art. This may
seem high praise, but it is just, and If any person
have a desire to tee a finished, thoroughly polished
Impersonation, they should not fail to witness this
estimable lady.
The play last Blehl was not at all what It might be
made, and theawkwarduesaofa first representation
was apparent. This, however, will pass off with an
other rehearsal, and to-night Tub Mbsilmance will
oe Performed in batter style. Tbe entertainment
will close with Thr Two Querns.
Wood's Thbatbb. The audience at this
establishment was overflowing, and it was almost
I in possible for all who were in tbe house to obtain a
view of the stage. Both the plays wero admirably
put upon the stage, and enacted fluely. The bill for
to night comprises the new local piece entitled the
Ohio Girls, and the superb oriental spectacle ol
Blur Beabd.
Tbb Cohcirt bv Liitlb Mart MoViokbb.
What has been written and said about the delicious
little girl does not convey a complete idea of her
wonderful power. She is an actress as well as linger
already, and her Imitations are very fine, fler voice
is clear, twoet and sympathetic, and :her manner
graceful, piquant and easy.
Mr. Bqulrea appeared to a much better advantage
in the Concert-room than in Opera; for his voice and
sty e are admirably adapted for the one, while both
lacks power in the other. Comb Gentle and Oom b
mro the Oardei Moon, were sung with excellent
taste last .night and warmly applauded. The (Jon
cert will be repeated this evening.
Smith Sc Nixoh'b Hall. The Arctio Pano
rama will be exhibited this afternoon at Smith A
Mxon's Hall for the last timo, and those who desire
to w itnees it must avail themselves of the present op
portunity. .
Monetary and Commercial.
At Christmas was generally observed In Third
street yesterday, wo have nothing to mention res
pecting monetary matters. The banking-houses
were all olosed, and iiuietness reignod in the usually
busy quarter.
The following It a comparative statement of the
Imports of foreign Dry Goods at the port of New
fork for the past week, and since January 1:
For tho week. IS5. 1JSSS. J85JI.
Knteredattheport... $.U4,M8 , Jiii,M2 ,4'jo,4Mj
Thrown on market., 2S7,6 401,621 2,364,323
UinceJan. 1.
Entered at the port,.,$J0,244,733 $07,732,928110,215,400
Thrown on market.. 81,304,171 to,777.b'J9 103,742,146
The supply of Money in New York continues easy
on call, aud for all tlrst-class buaiooes paper at e to 7
percent. The papers notice no budding stringency
at present, In that city, though Government Is com
lug Into the market for J3,0VJ,01, which it needs to
pay out again as aeon as received. The market will
also be benefited by the payment of the usual Jan
uary dividends and interest. Good second class pa
per and single names are taken sparingly at i to 10
per cent.
Most St. Louis packers will close operations by the
end of this week, and it is eatimuted tlie number
packed there this season will bo aluut 70,UMor 7SJKI0,
a much smaller number than was first expected, but
some 31,000 more than last aeaon.
Cincinnati Uobss Market. The City Horse Mar
ket for the week ending lastevening wasduller than
during the previous week, without any purticular
change in its condition, The sales wore: At U. K. I.
Rider's itf head sold for $.Vai; at Daniel Darner's 9b
head fur g7,oo; at B. Jenifer's 48 head lor ij.'lh; at
Miller, Kastwood a Oo's. OS head for $t,3U, at D. i P.
Kl ley's Is head for $I,S72. Total 2'jJ head for
B25.0IW. The receipts are still from Ohio nnd Indiana
and the demand iron the South. Pricea art un
changed, but the supply has improved. ' -
The Eivor continues to deolioe at this point,
but the ice is diminishing, and the warm weather
gives steamboat men tbe bops of au open river all
winter. The ferries made regular trips yesterday
without difficulty, bnt few boats departed ss the day
was'ilevoted to toe cause of-Christmaa. , . . .
The weather was warm aud very pleasant, more
resemlblngfspring than mid-winter. The thawing
process continued, rendering the streets and the
wharf very disagreeablo.
UusinoHs at the Landing was nearly suspended, in
honor of the day. Very few boats departed.and offer,
lugeoi freight were light, tio chauge occurred in
the rales.
Colo Water as ah Antidotb for tub Sui
cidal Mania.-Cold water in all agon of the world
has had ita traducers, aud not till recently has the
least among its ten thousand medicinal virtues been
recognised as having an exlsteuco. One by one, how
ever, its healing properties havo overcome the preju
dice entertained agaleet them, and the reluctant
world has been gradually compelled to do them, hom
age. It la now admitted that water is a passable
beverage when nothing better can be obtained; and
it has also been admitted that It preserves the health
suite as well as Ohio Bectitied Whisky, though vastly
.Interior In that ruspect to "Old Bourbon,.'.' Bolides
these qualities it it known to possess considerable
virtue as a cutaneous purifier, If applied to tho face,
although there are persons who teem to think Its
e fleets would be ttpet dlsustrous.il' applied to the
body. ;' , .. . i i" ' .. . j' , ,
Recently, however, we Witnessed its application
in an entirely differentcapaclty from anything here
tofore known, and ita remarkable suocesa will no
doubt be recorded in til the medical periodicals in
the United Stales, and will be incorporated in tbe
new edition of Beoks'a Dispensatory.
The patient was a middle-aged Herman, a resident
of this city, whoae previous lievertge had been deli
cious and unadulterated lager, the Im maculate con
ception of whose medicinal qualities be had never
Having bnaloost In Cincinnati, this man, who was
an unfortunate benedict, stepped on tha ferry-bout ac
companied by bis better half, a woman posaOBsedof
an iron will that knew no limit to its exaction!, and
the twain took a teat outside the cabin. But evon
here, when ahtme ought to have kept her ailent, the
wretched Caudle was made the reciplont of a lecture
luck as never greeted the ears of hit prototype In
misfortune. A large crowd assembled around to wit
ness the scene females rejoicingat what they fancied
a triumph of their oppressed sex husbands recalling
to mind trying scenes through which they had
psssed-bachelora thanking their lucky stars for the
sphere in life tbe fates had assigned them-and ex
pectant bridegrooms trembling as thoy contem
plated the peculiarly pleasant feelings they shonld
experience during the reception of the first lecture
after the expiration of the honey-moon.
The ridicule of the crowd was too much for tho
victim to bear. Maddened by his reflections, grieved
by the bitter and poignant words or his wife, and
overtaken by despair, he leaped Into the river when
the boat waa about one hundred yards from theshore,
on the Cincinnati tide. Bnt how different tbe recep
tion he received from that which he expected.
Scarcely had he reached the aqueus elomeut when his
determination vanished, and gave place to a thought
which completely intimidated him. Tho horror ol
meeting death at once wholly unserved him, and
with uplifted hands he proyod for assistance from the
boat, but prayed in vuin, for it waa impossible to ren
der him any. ills cries, however, reached the shore,
and after a desperate struggle he was picked up and
carried thither. The heart of hit wife, in the mean
time, relented, and when sho met him, the clasped
him in her arms, vowing never again to forget her
duty to btr liego, while he declared that ho bad
rather boar the ills nf wedlock for a century, than
to again seek death in the liquid arms of a half-frozen
river. ...
Circuit Court. William D welly, charged
with robbing Laird's book store, some time since,
was yesterday tried, convicted aud sentenced to one
year and nine months in the Penitentiary.
Christmas. Our oltlaens
yesterday eele
brated Christmas In an annronri
rlalo manner. Al-
though nearly every one resorted to some innocent
amusement, few Indulged Intemperate! In Intoxi
cating drinks. Major Caldwell's billiard saloon
was the center of attraction for thr lovers of amuse
ment. A large crowd was thorn during the whole
day and Iht greater pari of last night.
Complete at $4 per Pozeu,
And Coal Oil at if umlaoturers' Prices.
Gray, Hemingray & Brothers,
.'aeMaw. ''V ' r. 90 XA8T OOa.VIUBIA.ST.
A Scholar's OriaioKor Dob QcixoVftf. The
burning of Don Quiiotte't Librtry is genially
trealod by "To.rn FoKt,' in the Boston IVon
srrtft, . He alMes to the raj old volumes of
ehivalry dcslrortd ny those Vandals, tbe doc
tor and the priest,' and speaks of the universal
error of tttAmi, lb IaugBing sttbe looii and
forgetting its exquisite pathos. . Indeed many
readers think the Don a mere lunatic: ,'.,;
"But not so think reaoVi that are readers
not so thinks Charlea Lamb, who says that
that man has resd Iho book by halves who
has laughed over it, 'mistaking the author's
purpo!cy which was tear?; not to thicks Wil
liam Hestitt, who says' that 'through the
crated and battered figure . of the knight the
spirit of chivalry shines in undiminished lut-'
trej' not so thinks John Buskin, who says
that true readers 'pats over the rude adven
ture and sonrrile jest in baste, perbsps In pain,
to penetrate beneath tbe rusty oorslet, and
catch from the wandering; ' glance ' the
evidence and exprestion of fortitude, self-.
devotion ana universal love; not so
thinks a friend of mine, who eays that among
all those knightly deeds that have been "toll
in story or sung In rhyme," there it not a
more heroic man or truer gentleman than Don
Qui lot te de la Maneha. Everybody the
prieet, tbe barber, tbe Inn-keepers, the gen
tleman in green, the canon of Toledo, the
Duke and Duchess everybody he conversed
with charmed and amazed with hit conversa
tion, inasmuch that after listening to one of
bis eloquent harangues, one began to waver In
his opinion as to bis being a madman. And
in truth, saving bis hobby for knight-errantry,
he was a saner man than the worthy priest
himself. Though the Don mistook inns for
oaetles. and wind-mills for giants, vet I main-
lain that he never did anything to foolish or"
to tnsaue aa the Bignor Licentiate rero Feres
and his gossip, the barber, did in destroying
their friend Quixotte's library, thereby to cure
him of his passion for knight errantry."
Woman's ConsTiHor and thi' Provirbb
Thrbron "Women are variable as April
weather" (German. J "Women, wind and
fortune toon ohange (Spanish.) Francis I,
of France, wrote one day with a diamond on
a window of the ohatetu of Cbamboard,
"Houvent fommo varle
. . Bieu fou uul a'y fie." . -
"A woman changes oft : '
Who trnsts btr it right soft." ' "
Hit lister, Queen Margaret of Navarre, en
tered tbe room as he was writing the . ungal
lant couplet, and, protesting against snob a
tlander on her toy, she declared that the could
smote twenty inttauoet of man's fioklenets.
Frauds retorted that her reply was not to the
point, and that he would rather hear one in
stance of woman's oonstancy. "Can you men
tion a single instance of her inoonstanoy ?"
asked the Queen of Navarre. It happened
that a few weeks before thi conversation a
gentleman of the court had been thrown
into prison upon a' serious charge; and
his wifo, who was one of the Queen's ladiet in
waiting, was reported to have eloped with his
page.' Certain It waa that the psgo and the
lady had fled, no one ' could tell whither.
Franois triumphantly cited this case; but
Margaret warmly defended the lady, and
aid that time would prove her innocence.
Tho King shook his head, but promised that
if, withiu a month, her character should be
re-established, be would break the pane on
whioh the couplet was written, and grant his
sister whatever boon she might ask. . . . -.
i Many days bad not elapsed after thii, when
it was discovered that it was not tho lsdy who
had lied with the page, but her. husband.
During one of her visits to him in pnson they
had ezohanged clothes, and be was thus
enabled to oleoeive the jailor and effect hit
eacape, while the devoted wife remained in
his plaoo. Margaret claimed his pardon at
the King's hand, who not only granted it,
but gave a grand fett and tournament to cel
ebrate this instance of conjugal affection;' He
also destroyed the pane of glata, but tho oal
umnioiiB saying iuaoribod on it has unfortun
ately survived. ' - . ,
fiST A. A. Eyater, Ciookt, Watches and
Jewolry, Not. Ml and 271 Western-row. . .,
1 Eighteen hundred popple got Fioturet
altke Broadway Gallery yesterday. Great reduction.
' Lockols, Pins and Rings, filled with
superior Pictures at No. .'S Broadway. 1 Extra plate
pictures takon. . " '
i "For Christmas Presents go to Albert
Boss's, south-west corner of Klghth-stre'et aud West-ern-row.
Pictures for Ton Cents oan be had at
Crouch's Gallery, Mo. (8 West fourth-streot. Every
person Is invited to call and tee for themselves, . .
tdeaaw ... , . ',
ipZF Daguerrean Gallery, south-west cor",
uer of Sixth and Western-row, over Uauaaford't
drug store. : Pictures takeu and nt In good casei
for twenty ce.. Is. Warranted to please.
0f Clothing. It is a fact which nono
will dispute, that Spraguo & Co., south-east corner
of Vine and Fourth, have the finest temple of
fashion In tha city.: Their stock of Cloths and Cat-,
simeres Is superior to anything of the kind over im
ported to the Queeu City, Drop in and order a good
tttlt of clothing.
. . .
fig Christmas ard Nrw Year's Gifts.
fllerooscopoa in Mahogany, Botewood and Leather;
Blerooscoplo Views in Groups, Statuary, Landscapes ;
Stool Bracelets, Brooches, Clasps, Buckles;.
Steel Slides tor Bonnet aud Dress Trimmings ; .,
Font in Pearl, Ivory, Sandal -wood ;' ,.
Mourning Bracelets In Coral, Jot, Gold and Beads ;
Coral Necklaces, Bboulder Ties, Negligees ;
Wax Beads in White Coral, Bine, Lavender ;
Card Baskets, Card Becolvors, Card Cases ;
Odor Stands, Odor Boxes, Toilet Bottles ( '
Jewel Caskets, Jewol Boxes, Work Boxes ; " -Writing
Desks, Portfolios, Gold Pens; 1
Crying Babies, Speaking Dolls, China Dolls,' Wax
Dolls, Ladies' Parses in Leather, V? Ire, Velvet,
Pearl, Shell ; Traveling Bags, Satchels, Cabas, Dreee
ing Catet ; Meerschaum Pipes, Snuff Boxes, Cigar
de!3dwTnTh ' " fourth and Walnut-streets."
CO. Baloa-room No. is East Fourth-street,
Second and Fioal Silo of Oil Paintings. On
WEDNESDAY EVENING, December 28, at seven
o'clock, we will sell in Pile's Opera Building, a large
and aelendid collection of Oil Paintinoru. wliif..li h.v.
been selected with groat care, and on the most favor-
.via vivmvun, ,u vi.um miu uaiiMUf, uuriugmR
rt yrar, and importwl from Europe recently by Mr.
A. Tolman, comprising vuluahle original pictures
by eminent living artists, and line coploa of some ol
the most celebrated pictures by old masters, now in
the different sailer foa of Europe. Among the sub
jects may he found Groups aud Figures, life-size;
Historical Subjects, Conversational Pieces, Archi
tectural and Street Vlowt in different European cities-,
Marine Views, Game, Fruit and Flower Piece,
Landscapes, Ao.. with a great variety of size and
etyle, anhject and noieh, the whole forming, it Is be
lieved, one of the best collections ever offered in this
oily. The attention of the lovers of good pictures is
reHpoctfully Invited to this sale,
Gallon open to the pulilie day and evening, from
Monday morning until tne time of sale.
de JACOB GRAFF, Auctioneer.
CO., sales-room No. it East Fourth-street
Elegant Mantle Clocks and Fine Guns. WillbeaoM
at Auction, WEDNESDAY MORNING, Decem
ber 38, at ten o'clock, at No. IS Kast Fourth-street,
fourieen very elegant Mantle Clocks, with Shade;
twenty Double-barrel Guns, some very line ones.
To be sold in lots to suit purchasers,
deor . JACOB OBAFF, Auctioneer. '
WILLIAMS Sales-rooms Not. 82 and M Kant
Third-street Variety Sale On TUESDAY MORN
ING, December 27, at half-past nine o'clock, a largo
assortment of Jewolry.SuOvolumes of Assorted Books,
one Electrifying Machine; Galvanic Battery, and a
largo stock of Fanoy Goods,. Oil Brashes, Cologne,
Porte-nionnaies, Ac.
At half-pant II) o'clocV 1 casks of Yellow Stono
wars, 36 pairs Blankets, Hattd-vere, Table, Cutlery,
good Furniture, Ac.
A large sale of Rose an I Mahogany Veneers ou
Thursday, (de1 A. jf ELLOGG, Auctioneer.
i- -or . . .1-. .,
Hartford, Conueotiont,
Capital, S4OO,00O..- Oitets, Sw4,rill.
Devoted to Fire business exclusively.
,. .. tt, A. GLASSFORD, Agent.
BOttVamf lMWeiHlhlr44trett,ClnirnBaU.
. .' .'. .. '.. it . i - J
.star- "A Stlteh la Tim Mmve Mtautt'M
As accidents will barren:' even In well-regulated
families, It is very desirable lo have some cheap and
convenient way for repairing Furniture, Tots, Crock
ery, Ac. .
Meets all mch emergencies, and no household oan
afford to be without it. It Is always ready and np to
tbe stlckng point. There ft no longer a necessity for
llmpingcbairs, splintered veneers, headlnas dolls and
broken cradles. It is Just the article for cone, shell
and other ornamental Fork, to popalar with ladles
of refinement and taste. iv
This admirable preparation it used tUi being
chemically held In solution, and possessing ell the
valuable qualities of the best' cabinet-makers' glue.
It may be need in the piacs ef ordinarf ancilege,
being vastly more adhesive. - "i
H. B.-A Brush accompanies saob bottle, Price
25 cents. ' '
Wholesale Depat, Wa.30 Plattatrtet, N. V.
Address' -BBNB.Y C. SPALDING Sc CO., .
Be Nw. 8,600 New Yerk.
Pot up for Dealers In Oases oontalalng fear, eight
and twelve doten a beautiful Lithograph Show-card i
accompanying each package. tt ; 1 ;-. .a.
tW A alngls package of BPALDIHQ'B PBB- i
PA BED OLIII will save tea times ite cost smnually
to every hooeeliold." ... , f.n;-.. . -J .; t i
Bold by aU prominent Stationers, Druggists, Hard- , .
ware and Furniture Dealers, Grocers and Fancy
Stores, - " " 1 .;' ' ' '
Country Merchants should make a note of BP ALD- '
IDG'S PREPARED GLUE, when making np their
list. It will itand any olimate. -,
,r BOLD bY BTAl'IONIBB. . . , ,
..' , i HOLD BI PBUOQISTS, ., -. , u ,,
ouuv o i unvvAiw, -
Mannfactared by ' . ".: i
. .,.' 30 Vlatuet., New York. .
Address PostofflciH Box No. 3,(00. ,...
Annexed it aa Alphabetical List of Articles which
If damaged,, may be restored to their original .
ttrength and usefulnest by . ,.. , , r . ...
i ; . bl'Ai.WNU'W l'KKPARED GLDE. ",'
...Mends ACCOUNT BOOK8....i.,...,.......A
..Monde nilKKAH H
Mouds CKADLKil ...... O
..Slenda DULLS i,n.;...,mm......M....n..O ,
..Mends ETKI5KUK8 ...K
..Mends VANS .....,.........i-.........F
...Uenils ULIIIABS ..........,.. .........a
...Mends II A HP...? " ' II
...Mends.INLAlD WuB...,..... ....... I
...Monils .T Alt.S , , ,.....,. .,......,. J
...Mends KN01)S..T....'........ K
...Mends LKATII Klt-WOUK T.
..'.Mends M I ltKOR-FH A MES...M M
meniis wEWBL ros................ M ,
Monds lil'TOMANM (
....Mendt'PI A NO-FORT E8 i.- P
.moo as. o u 1 1.T- r it A M KB. u
Mends KOUKING-UOBSES....... , B
Mends 80FAH.,.M,,in,.,to..;,..M4,tas,M,,.,rt.MM,.. S
Uana 1' 4 It I VU IW
.....Monds-'llMBItKLL A-STICKS ..U
....jMeuds.y.ysKS. ...t,;..........,
.menas jvukk u(i.ss .................W
.menns At LWKAPMIO-WORtt..i.......,.M....X-'
,In cnnclusion, ' HPALDINO'8 PREPARED"
til. I H: in iiuafnl Is. 1 ...s .i ...1 u.k..
JI..,.Menda HTBRKOHOOPES 8...... 1
2 P Mends PITCHERS .. P... 2
3. A Mends ACCORDEONH A.... 3
t......L..iUenas I.tTTKK.MK t i.int. I. a
, o. i Moienas iiAOi'KitRKOtrpt Cabkb.
' S......11 Mendt IMAOKS ,
7i.....N Mends HKW BUKAKAGKS...,
A G...i..Mends 01!N-HfO()K:...
. ...... Slon. MlJllOdL-IKiOKS.,
I0......P..-.. Mends PARASOLS P....ln
11 R. Mends RUIKK8... : R.....11
12. E MoUllS El.ICTHH.AI. MACIilNbS E.....IB
1.1. P Mends PAl'EB-IIANOINGS.: P. 13
14 A Mends ARM-CHAIRS,., :-...ai.A...,..14
15. It Minds. RICK ETV FUKNITUKK..K....1&
I' K Meuds KltASK'K U ANDLE8.........K......1A
17 1. Mouds DESK 3 D....17
IS 0 Menda OL01IES... .0...18
19. L Monds LOOSKNKD LEAVE8 L 19
U Mends Upiioi.ktf.bkd KuaMiTVBE...U....2U
21 E......S!ends KUG-BKATKB8 E. 21
Z3...- MindsAl)0R-WORK....i..;.,....iM...22
a. Mom s CUKHS-BOAMD8,., ...ja
21 ..... Mnnda ITIHnl.lfS
U......n..Monds SlIELL-WORK
2 Meuds F1LLKT-WOKK.....
L'7........Mnds IlUltRY-HORSKS
.......,. Monds KALKIODSCOPESm
29..V, ....Mends MON KY-ROX E8 i.,
.10 Monda l'ltiTURK KltAMKS...
.....36 '
.....27 '
.,J3 .
Ill Mcmls SKCI1ETAR1E8
h.. Mends VENEERING : .,
:i3...-..i...Moud SCHOOL FUBN1TURE...,
.U......,.....Slends WAKUHOSKS
: Moncis I'AUIAN A1ARJ1LK.,
.17 ..Mends OR I US t
:n....-...,.Mend. UAUY-J U M I'ERS.
39 Mends lVORY-WoRK
40....IJm.. l..Meudl MATCIl-SAIJiS.w
41 : s Mends PltiTnRRH-.....-
...Meade f ofl'KL-KAUKS..
44 Slends WASH STANDS,
43 Menus HKDMTICAllH. ,
4.....n-...Mnuils DRUMS
47 Mends CHESSMJtN.:
4K..wu..Mends BALLOT BOXES.,
-VP..y.,aSSH""iT,,,nl UflUUItltl J10,i.ilMiisstuvnisilBtAilV
'1 Mendt HANnllDXKS. .AI
it Monilj BLAUK-BflARDS Vt
s....;......raenos hab.vv hii,
M ,
fM,m....M '
01. meuds UlLLlARO-f AULaS....,
AS.........'. Monds BILLIAItlMlUES
57 Mouds llUOOMSTlCKS
08..........MonlsllO"K-OAtlKS .'.
.'..-,.,.... Mends BOOT-URIUi'S ....
nO.. Monds BRUSH-HANDLES......'.,
itl... ....Mends BKIIMIIKM..
62 Mends CAUINETB.
K3.,......;......Monds OH U R Nt)
64.,,....MeDtis OLUUK-IJASES.......
atsssaMsseatrTrl j
f..i.........MenileCliPIIOAIll)S.-... ..,..
67 Monds CUKrAINS.........
to Mends CASIM1S....M....
fin Mendt OAPDIE5.;:..i.v...r.i.... ....
M f
...Mends CA nit RAO..-,....... ..
....Mends CHAIRS
..........Mends CHARTS .
..........Mends PARI). OASES .,
Mend CUKSTS.... ..:.:'.,;
n...7 '
.... ....Mends WORK-STANDS
Mends DISI1RS...
...Mend DIVANS
Mends 1)1 ill RS -
S3....... Mends DDHINOK8
84....... Mends 1 1 lth'llOAlUlS.a...,......,....4
Hi.... Mends F LUTES .,............,85
)A 11,1, n AI.I.ITSTItAI)I.N u
,87..rf.....M,..MendsOLAS8WABE.. ts te 1 1 es t etew t a sattt) eta 87
ss - Blends HAflDLKS .;....
.,......... Mends GITTArjUtOHA-WAEE,
911 Mends KITKS..
92 Mends ORGANSZ....
Me eeetnesftsa tpseti
Mends PANELS ...9
W, east
. Mends PATTERNS....
Mends W 1LLOW-W AUK.,
, Ai'rr 'BOLD BY 8TATI0H1BB,' ;1 ' .V
' "' SOLD BY DRCGOI8TS. i l 'T.l
aanhetareirl by '
' 30 Flatttret, New York.
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