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v it faMMriTltiir, Swa-ey Uu,i kr 1
: r-tANCTSC - CAXPWflUk,
r- " f hi:- -7 PEOPBTBKm. ' '
- ' ' 1 . -;!,-. ., -
rrioi-io. M tiii MiiNiiiii,
TBI PISBT ra&b,fltntorabaorniilo
.OlBrUull,OoTlBftkakttlMTyart, Mdaurt
; wonJlnt otttaf tad towiu, t th mt
tremely tow prtoe of
- . raio-ior -aiujsi ' i,r,T'
Btacta oopto to. 1 month Mo.; I month! fA I yeeir ti.
WQ Od theater.
, nmi inn ui mMium.
Jon A. Bi.-n.-B, Jb..oI Liim and Ml-eger.
r THIS (WJi.wdTVlVINI80.I)M.,naTry
' evaolng utll farther notloo, will bo aeud thenew
10C1 plCOC, ODttllM
On. Thi Cincinnati Fimili Boat Club.
r ' Fanny 8p-rli...i,....................,...Mi.. Hitler
Carolina Bcrniar....-- .. -..Mlei Irving
Clara Courtney...--....... ... MIm Everett
, Atari. Brooks--......-.-... ...,..,...,, .....Mist Wait
Polly Mittens Ise ilenham
Tom Towneend ..Mr. Langdoa
Dh.rlM Oheatei...........-..-....-...........,..Mr. Read
Augustus Weston ... Mr. Adetut
Frank Hertland . Mr. Hall
. Jo Staitb, ..........Mr. Ellsler
'ne ...mug-a entertainment will oonoiudt with
the grand Oriental tpeotaolo, which hat been in prep
aration for three months, at en lmmentt outlay,
Oi, Thi Tibborb or thi Blub Cha-b.
' A bomsliaue ( Bine Beard) .....-..-...-...-Hr. Lancdon
Ibrahim. t ! eti t m Me M ( Mr. Kflaiar
' Patima.. M re. Xlltler
. Irene ........ Jaltt Den hem
urOoora open at ); Curtain rleee at 7 o'olooa.
Patcte or Aduimio. Dreaa Circle and farqnette,
at) cent; uaiiery, aaoenta.
Third ippcarnnce of the treat artiite,
- TBI8(W,dndT)TKNIlJ(J, Deoeent-r 2, will
oe actea tnc mucn-aamirea star or
, Leonte Araenld (a portratt-palnter'a daaghter, after
ward Viscountone D'Urbf 1....Min DaTennort
Terdinand, visconnt D'Orby ......Crtr
xinntegi u uroj (aooie nooteese)......ire. rand.ren
Itoniee m...h......m...m.m... M iu Eadrese
Act 1 The Mwallianoe. Act 2-The Maeked Ball;
the Plot. Act 3-Prlaon of the Magdalenei; Tirtue
Triumphant. Aot 4 The Brother.; Cain and Abel;
in. uruggw uup; to. uawyer e Liiera. Acs o AiQ'
natlco lnnuireLiio. .
OracoTienne Mill Jennie flight.
To conclude with
''',.., , BETSY BAKER.
Mr. M enter. u Mr. Bernard
Hetty Baker - Hn, 0. Henri
NUTIUS. Tradeeman and othere are cautioned
etgalnet lurnianing an- arttciea lor trie tneater with.
Willi wu.ivu iiNueu uj tno uiaiuwir.
Theater, if now open for the reoeption of gnente.
itooaia can be obtained br the day or week, and
meaie inrDinnca at an ooure. ;
T. B. Conway
J, IT. Herbert M a ea.it aft eote . teiaati
...tag Director,
- THIS IVKMINO, and every eTenlng tintii farther
nonce, BnK9pero e oeaniiiui piay
Theaem, Duke of Athena. .........Br. Conway.
LyiDder.. ............. ..........,. Mr. Sheridan,
Nick Bottom.
Snout... Mi.......
.Mr. (Jhtplln,
.01 r. uavrldge.
.Mr, Lanagan.
.Mrt. '(Jonwtr.
Mre. Place.
mAIIu eVlngJihiiry:
Mre. Wllkine'
. Helen ia.
....-..,......niaa rroctor.
.7.......: Mia Crooker'
In ooniwiuence of the length of the play there will
be no other performance.! For the afternoon per
formance, on Monday, the doora will open at two
o'clock; ourtain riaee at balf.paet two.
' Pbicu or ADMI18I0N. Parquette Circle, Parqnette
unit HalceuTt SO oent; Amphitheater, ,W centa;
rnTau wzeaior eignt pereoua, fei-i
Doora open at fH o'clock ; commune, at 7M.
Positively Three Nights Only;
On Monday, Tueiday and Vyedneiday
-.vcuiuga, jjc. t ana Met.
Operatic Gems
Tbe publie are reapeotfally Informed that
' Thli Bleajant Entertalament
v Composed of the beaqt lea of
-Popular "Operas, Sonet, . ,i
' ; BaUais and J)ueti
Of England, Ireland, Scotland and America
Baring received tbe higheat pralae front lover
of mutie, will be given la tbia city, .
ITJCKIN08, DKO. W, 97 AND 28, ,
By the accompllihed American Tenor,'' ' t '.
' , i i . . ... i
Of the Academic! of Mueloof New Tork, Boston, Ac,
aid recently of the Strakoach Opera Troupe.
B will be aided by thi wonderful and UlehteC hlld,
Jlittk-MEiry McYickfer, j:
Who has been honored by tbe great Orieratlo Arttate
of the day with the nngnnmen of TU B 0JCN1 OS OF
JUUSIO. Her aweet vocaliaatlon and capital rendu
tlon of tbe worka of great matter, of muelo oreate an
antbuaiaaiB on tbe part of her bearert, who look
upon beraa TUB CHILD WONDBB. Her correct
and inimitable Imitation of the voices and manner
of the world-renowned Artiste, Bachel, Plocolomtnl
and Brlgnolibeve received commendation from the
- preae ana paoiic, ana are invartaDiy greeua with ap-
pluuae and delight. They will be aailited by ,
Edward- HoffndaUr
ADMI8SI0If....T...'.'.... .........aO CBNTS.
- aar Doora open at7o'olock;' Concert commence
. at 1H P- M. ' de2ttf
Th Great aid Uurlvaled European
Hai engaged the above Hall for
C'onraenclnc January V.
The Wondtrt he hai to introduce lurpaeaea any
, thing yet introduced In this country. UI brilliant
encceae throughout ICurope, Calirornla, Auatralia,
Ac. will apeak for itself. 111. annarstn. la nf mu.
eive ailver; the etage la fitted up fn tbe moat gorgeoua
manner. The Hall will be formed lato a temple of
tie further advertisement Mono, Wednesday and
Batarday, . ... ... - deeod.
JANtARI'i?, 1860,
A. Watklna, '
A. M. Debarri.
.!. numea,
William Morris,
William Jonet,
J. Blrader,
J. Beller. '
uaptatn rerry,,
t. a. Marah,
.'..'-: P.Ilchel,
u, uicnaraeon,
Parkenei, '
J. P. Ditchaon,
. itwt uaoAUJttu),
Jtmee Worthlngteq w. 0. Forrett, , .
f MUtoh Price, . , .. '.fVJ. McQnade, "
( J. X Kelley, , , J..W. Do forreet,
T. Bltettoa, Lowery, '
H. Price. . . ' . P.McOuade. .
H. W. Moore. T. H. Ringgold,
William Haakett Ohhf, T. t. Wateon, Aaaletant.
. tivivietj, supper inoiuoteQ,; admitting aueatie
man and two Ladle, which can be procured of Mr.
HerbertTreaaurer of the Opera-hou, and at all the
principal muaic ilmj, alto a the door.
AUttuaaa, pi ho. it Hixtb-itreet,
would reapectfully Inform the public that eke
hat, in connection with Mr Toledo' (late of
Ravel TrouDe) tattaful wardrnh-.. Ai
her new office; at No. 70 Flfth-etrt,.betwen
Walnut and Yiueitreet, where he will be happy to
tee her former patrons, to whom the can offer the
oiuvt ipienqiu b.pi tmeu. 01 puetome. ael.-m
;JB, i AND , MR8. ( 8 H A N K8'8
'. ,' 8B001TD TEBH. ','V '(ftw-a
.; National Hall, Vlaa-etreet, abava Fllah.
The leaaon are o arranged that beginner can
ei mmeac at any Dm.
tnr rim. destf
i! W (iff
a i
n r-rr
VOL.2. NO, 111.,
pENINa. ..DECEMBER 28, 1859.
I i .
Lmu lAMt.-N)tht XxtreM, UQO a, i Aoeotn
modatlcBi. 9t u n.YiMi .u L :
iKDUJIirou AND .UlKUMnATI. 11:11 A. U.i MO t,
M.I l!i A a.
Ohio add Viuuaim.-i.li a. . HiU a. lOiU
P. a.
OuicniATi. Bamktoii in D-twA-tiA aTii.: Uioi
. ur...i d;m r. a. I etn r. MS .; ,
Ht BttTf A AMD CuTnI. U:S0 A. H.i StM . M.
Bioaxoao Aas IpiAaArou.-U:M a.; : r, u.
Littli Slum. Day Iipresa, 10:00 A. w.i Aeoom.
modatlon; 4:40 T.M.; Night Bxprea, U:S0 r. H.
Iiaiu.l AND ClIMATI.-4M A. U.I 12-M T,
MJ 1:14 . at. . .1
Oaio AMD MiMiurtfi.-4-M i. m iron : M V.M if
OlMOIKMATI, HAHI.TON ARB DTTON.-;llO a. it .; 7:30
v. H.i iu:w e:evr. ., s:ju r. a.; u:r, a.
MABItTTi AND GlMCIllHATI, 4:40 A. M. 3:40 P. . '
BtcaaOND and iNDiAiaroui. 4:00 a. a.; 3:10 p. U.
JST'Tba total indebtodneii of Indiana Ii
1U,289,855 57.
f"aTho 013-line Whigihave rorgnitd
ai a party, in uouubarg, a. .., , r (
"Tha total narnbe? of death in Brook-
1w . VI W 1- -L. 1 . . - - '
itu, a. x.t iai weea, waa lid. ;i t :.
r"BIx thoniand gallon of win will
made m Tuoinmna County, Cal,, this year,
; eVPrepirBttona are being made ton the
immediate opening of a loup-house at Mll-
wanxie, wit., lortne nenent or the poor.
"Little boy .why did rjaonla throw itonea
at Stepken.of whom we read in.the SoriptnraiT"
"goi, fir, a tpoia uey wanted to Ait nim,
&k new and elegant bark, the) lion,
hai been pnrehaied for tbe Virginia and Liver
pool tine, ana ii now loading at Aiobmond. j
-Capt. A. 0. Manhall, one of the oldest
ana.mest experienced tea captain of New Tork
ouy, aiea last week.
!!'ifiAWinrKlrl wai burnt todiiath in
Louisville, Kentucky, on Saturday, by lire
oommamoatea to ner oioining. '
The "Wlie Gnard," it the name of in
artillery oorpi recently organized in Martina
bnrg, Tirginia.
"Paul Morphy hw arrived In New Or
leana at last, having left New Tork for that
pnrpoae about aix month ago.
fT-Thoa 0. Gilleand waa 'drowned In Val
ley Creek, in Hardin County, Ky., on Saturday
evening iaac.
3SJTbe horae John Brown rode at the
battle of. Oaaawatomie, waa lately told in St.
iioaepn, mo,, at auction.
... man named Farmlngton, eaid to be a
nepnew or fiarey, ia anocenaiauy taming wild
mules in Rio de Janeiro. j
I ' Lnther Roll' carriage eatabllihmant at
Angnita, ueorgia, was deatroyed by tire en
tbe za mat.
:::"Laat week; it black bear. Weighing 260
founds, waa ahot in the town of Wilton, tlx
milea from Lockport, N. Y. j
There are ten thonaand pnlplta in the
United 8ttei from which the Gospel ;ia
preaohed. Quite too many, we fear.
$Bk number of ooanterfeit $5 bill on the
Wootter Bank ef Danbury, Conn., have been
put m qlronlation la Brooklyn, Ci.Y.
aSrThaoker&y, the aatiriit, fell over an
iron railing lately during a "London foe." and
injured himself seriously. jj
"A dull clergyman aaid to the boys jn
tne gajiery: "Xon t mace ap muott nolle, for
yon win wake your parents below.'; ,;.
It t stated that the French Goveri
ment is about to emend uoward of 500.000
($2,600,000) in fortifying the porte of Algeria
"Thare are more than a hundred gentle
men oonneoted with the preia constantly en
gaged in writing in the House of Represents-
uvea., : : .; ..' ,
fiST Key. Mr. Murad, a converted Tnrk,
wnonwas oorn in uetnienem, tne nome of the
Savior, is leoturing, in native costume, In
Andovar, Mssb. :.- ( ... .. .. j
A large number of cltltent of
Dnbaqne, Iowa, have pledged th'emaelrea not
to burn gaa unless tbe present prices are re
duced from (4 50 to $3 DO per 1,000 feet, j
' "Tbe difficulty between Senator John
son, of Arkansas, and the Hon, T. C. Hind
man, M. C. from that State, has been amica
bly and honorably ndjuited. " , j
EVThere are three thoniand five hundred
and thirty-nine public eohoola in Wlsoonain,
beside two hundred and ten select and private
school..;'.. j,.;,,;.-. I
' 1 S9"3 oho Stretoh attempted to. 1U hla son
Michael, in Madison County, Ky., last week,
by shooting him. The wounds, fortunately,
were of a trivial oharaotef. K ; ) : . , ; j
' ,STA monster cannon for the Government
baa been cut at the Fort Pitt, Penn., foundry.
It weighs- over thirty-five tuna, and ia called
the "Floyd." ' ' ' - J
pfk new, bnt, poorly exeouted, counter
feit $5 note on the Lafayette Bank, of Bloom
lngton, III, baa made its appearance. The
vignette represent, teamsters by the roadside.
iViksMhw! John' Brawn Fund that Is, tbe
money being ralaad for the benefit of bla fam
ily amounts at the end of oaf month's effort
to $2103 40. v. ;
The army of Central Italy, according
to offioial fignrea, counts at this moment
50,806 men; under, arms, 40,020. Ia the
spring they hope to see this force increased to
60,000. : . . : ' ,
"A man about fifty years ef age, named
Thomas Lansdale, waa killed in Kentuoky,
opposite Cairo, 111., last Saturday, by the
overturning of a wagon upon which he was
riding. ', f . t i
JSbVA New York house has in press a trans
lation of Michelet'a new work, just published
in Paris, entitled Woman; by Dr. Palmer, the
translator of V Amour, The book will find
numerous readers. if'.'- ,
difficulty occurred on Thursday last
between two men named Wright and Fond,
near Bowling Green, Ky., WaloH resulted In
Wright stabbing Pond ad severely in several
placaa that it is thought he will die. ,
'eaT-A pcraoh was repeating before Mar
tamville the old maxim; "Who Davs his debts
enriches- himself." Bah I" rejeined Mar-
tainville. "that is an idle rumor which flradi-
tpra are endeayoring to oiroula4?'" ;
JEVA Miss Sear, of Bookbridge County,
Va.,waa drowned in Buffalo Creak last week.
She was crossing on a low bridge, : when her
horse got off the bridge, and an fell from1
him into the stream. , , , , , ,
JaVDavId Strawn, of Ottawa. 111., has
sold, this year,! beeves of hia ewn feeding
enough to amount to $47,961 88,, He has yet
on hand' stock enough to make 'the season a
sale amount to fall $76,000. . . . . j
One of the Sultan's favorite recently
demanded a ailver carriage. Bighty thousand
dollars was at onoe melted and transformed
into the necessary ornaments, ahd she soon
.ppeared in the precioua vehicle. a
afAn administrator on the estate ef a
deoeaaed female, in New Hampshire, adver
tises for sale at auction: "The wearing ao-
parel of Mrs. A. 0, deceased, consisting
oi on oa, two oarpeis, ana one sleigh."
, P-irssNtnui A'Woiosirot CAT-Thre
year ago I had a lovely kitten presented U
me. Her fur wis of a beautiful bine gray
color, marked with glossy black atrip) ac
cording, to ,tha most approved libra,, or tiger
fashion. She was so very pretty that she Was
named Pret, and was, without exception, the
wisest, most levins;, and dtinty pussy that ever
creased my path. When Pret was very young,
I fell ill with a nervous fever. She missed
me immediately In my acenatomed placet,
sought for me, and placed herself at my door
until she fonnd a ohance of getting into the
room, whlob she soon aooomplished, and began 1
at once to try hsr littl best to amuse me with
her little frisky kitten tricks and pussy-oat
attractions. But aoon finding that I was top
ill to play with her, she placed heraelf beside
me, and at once established herself as head
nurse. Iji,thiB capacity . few human , being
ooald have exceeded her in' watohfnlieis, or
manlfeitecTttiori affectionate regard." " I
It waa truly wonderful to note how soon she
learned to know the different hours at whioh I
ought to take medioloe or nourishment; and
during the night, if my attendant were asleep,
she would oallher, and If she eonld not awake
her without such extreme measures, she would
gently nibble the nose of the aleeper, which
means never failed to produce the desired
effect. Having thus achieved her purpose,
Mias Pret would watch attentively the pre
paration of whatever was needed, and then
oome, and with a gentle purr-purr announce
Its .advent to tne. The most marvelous part
of the matter was, her never being five miA
ntes wrong in hr calculations of the true timh,
even amid the stillness and darkness of night.
But who shall say by what means this little
being wag . enabled to measure the fleeting
moments, and by the aid of what power did
ahe connect the lapse of time with the needful
attentions of a nurse and her charge? Surely
we have here something more than reason .-j-&mtitijftf$
UTatuna BUtory- . ;
' Cbriocs Will ov a Mcbdimi. Beauregerd,
who was hung at Montreal last Friday, for
murder, left the following ourioul will: j
I give my aoul to my Creator and Redeemer,
and I humbly supplicate the Divine goodness
for the forgiveness of my linj. , I suppliants
the Immaculate Virgin Mary, mother of my
God, to be my kind advocate with her Divine
Son, when I appear before hia redoubtable
Tribunal. I pray my angol guardian, my
holy patron taint, St, Jean BaptiBte, and all
the taints of Heaven, to aiaiat me at the ter
rible moment when I mount the scaffold. I
beg pardon 'tof all those whom I have offended
or aeandaiistd, and beg of those whom it ma
concern to release me from my debts. I, oi
my part, with all my heart, forgive all thw
narm mat may nave bean done to me, and m
particular I forgive those who have been the
canae of my death. ,1 give my crucifix and
the fourteen imagea of my Little Way of the
Croaa to my beloved wife, Sophie Selage. My
beads to my good and unfortunate old father,
from whom I beg pardon for all the sorrow
whioh I bave caused, and solicit hia last Deni
ed lotion. My tmall Imagea, whioh have ae
much consoled and comforted me, to each of
my dear children; and to my good old motherL
my little infant Jeans carrying hia cross. j
, . ' !'.'' 1 ' 5 I
ROM Hisssd. There was an unusual scene of
excitement for a time in the Aoademy in Philj
adelphia last week. After the second act of
Z Sotmambula, a bouquet was thrown Adalina
Patti, which Signor Brignoli picked up and
handed to her. A second was thrown, but he
toe lr no noUoe of U. and they , went off the
stage, the gentleman honored with decided
ma. .I'arir-vnaa ean.fi 'one 'at-Aitr. tan an.
peered, aoeompanled by a stage servant, who
pioked up the bouquet. Thereupon there wap
a general hiss for Brignoli. When he apL
pwed.in.h .third act, hisses greeted him
from ill pertalhe bxlae, And fqr some time
the opera oould not go on. Hia friends rallied,
and aoon drowned the hissing with applause).
We knew no One who deeervea hissing more
tnan Brignoli for ms extreme oareiedsnasa, and
even contempt of bit audience. During; the
Strakoaoh season at the Opera in this oity, he
woma nave oeen niasea a ooaen times, it
had reoeived his desert.
Tbi Dbbtbop ths Pobt Lamibtiib. M. d!
Lamartine has left Macon for Paris. No pun
chaser having oome forward for his estate),
ami the national subscription having only
produced about 160.000C to- pay mnre-than
Z.oUO.DOOf. of ,debU. lie called all hit credi
tors aoreihan four hundred together at the
uneteau oi tuonoeau, and proposed to give up
to them hia eatatet, the value of whioh ex
ceeded his liabilities; i He- also- stated that,
uuvwibustauuiuji; utn.uiauiBoienoy oi toe na
tional subscription, he had oald to his credi
tors, in eighteen months, oat of the produae
oi nis literary laoors, a sum ot l.zuu.uuut., and
engaged to pay, In,; January and February
next, a further sum Cf "30O.0O0f.; so that his
debts Would be rednoed to l.OOO.OOOrV
Cbbistiabi KiixiMO CfcasoTMES. The New
York Couritr observes: Churihea in the United
Statea kill thetr otirgymen; but the death ia
notalwaya laflioted in the same way. Itie
a alow, aweet, aure love, which aeoompaniea
them, In tome delightful instances; it it a
sordid, mean neglect in others; it la In a dull
indifference on this Bide; It Is by an exacting,
relentlesa, unceasing ' task on the other. The
great mass of those who have taken on their
heart life's greatest and severest duty, go from
one plaoe to the other, oritioised, misjudged,
overworked, underpaid, the life of an angel
demanded of them, the food of a fast-day
given. ' ' - 1 !
Ax Itihioal frLLtOB, Three fatal cas
ualties occurred recently oh one day in tbe
vicinity of Mt. 'Sterling, Kentucky. Mr.
Larkin, of Pittsburg, a ahoemaker, was burnt
to death by his shop taking fire while he was
drunk; Ned Roberts had his neck broken by
hia horaea running away, while on a bnsinest
trip to Tennesaee; and a young man named
Stull was froaen to death while intoxicated. '.
Tub ABTHOBSHir or Junius. The author
ship of Junius is at length fairly smoked out.
if what is alleged be true, that a new volume
on this fertile theme, by a Mr. Parkes, will,
for the first time, contain facts and document,
derived from the Francis family. ( These add
to the testimony that fixes Junius on Sir Phil
lip Franela. We have bad no donbt that
Junius wtt Sir Philip for the last ten yearn ,
At the execution of Beauregard, at Montreal,
last week, the attendant minister requested
the spectators to pray for the condemned.
The vast multitude, with a few exceptions,
knelt down and engaged in prayer; and, for a
time, nothing was heard but the hum of many
voices prayi.g for Beauregard's aoul, if j i
1 1 '"
A Trim si sons Nioao Stbalsb. Thomaa
Garrett, of Wilmington. Del., a venerable
Quaker negro, stated at the John Brown meet
ing in Philadelphia, that he had been inatru
mental in adini 2,246 alavea to escape by the
"underground railroad," beside about 200
more whom be had assisted before no began to
keep an account.
J I I .Wl
Divbbs Psor.TAtt,Y ExrLOYBD. Divers are
hard at work raising the valuable portion of
the cargo of the Royal Charitr, lost on the
coast of England. '.They had, at the latest
advices, raised a considerable number of
boxes and bales, and also' aeveral ingot of
gold. The vessel had on board quite a large
amount of speoie.
' Bmitx O'Bbtbr'i Onirroi or Iituio ahd
AnraiCA--Mr. Smith O'Brien auted in hit
seoond leatnre on America that, although from
tbe rapidity of hit Journey be was not pre
pared to say how far the various allegation
against the ballot were wall founded, he was
sore that neither corruption nor intimidation
prevailed at all to the same) extent in America
as ia the United Kingdom; and he would add
that, though ha did not like sec rat voting, he
was compelled to say that If the ballot was
not aoon adopted in Ireland they would be re
turning to that state of things which existed
during the time of the 40a. freeholders, wheu
theiepresentatlon of the largest oountlea in
Ireland was regulated by the landed proprie
tors while sipping their alaret. He aald the
Interests of the working clasaes were more
studied and eared for in America than In this
country. It was impossible for any one not
to observe that, In Dublin, the streets inhabi
ted by the poor did not receive the same
amount of care as those Inhabited by the
wealthier nltlaena, while the oontrary waa
the casein New York. Aa to the aoaial qual
ities of the Ameriotpa, h aaid, in intercourse
with women their address was moat respeotful,
and in their Intercourse with each other they
were free and independent, bnt not obtrusive.
No man in America, no matter how large hi
-means, liked to be called a "loafer," that
was, an idler, while in this oountn tbe soa
efa poor country gentleman - would rather
Starve than engags in trade or commerce; and
.this feeling among the Amerlcanswai the true
source of their greatness, while the oontrary
feeling in Ireland, second to its subjeotion to
foreign rale, wst tne true source or ita indi
gence.; -- - : - : . !
Duxnka 'axd Dbchiixxsss nr Loxsow.-
Severai-ealcnlations have been made in order
to test the amount of drinking that goea oa
in the metropolis. Thus it haa been pointed
put, that In 1848 there were 11,000 public
houses in London, while there were only 4,000
butchers and bakers. Again, 270.000 perf
son were counted as entering fourteen of the
n:.i.i i -l - i r. l i j ...
vfiuiM giu-.ui'ua iu uut, wrj.B, wuioa give
an average of nearly 40,000 habitual attend
ants on fourteen out of the 6,000 gin-shops of
tne metropolis. Again, it ia stated tnat more
than 30.000 persona are annually taken un bv
the police for drunkenneaa in the streets of
London, and that 60,000,000 are spent each
year in epirit ana Deer in .England.
- ' a
A Run away Railway Tbaim. A day or
two ainoe, while the western freight train on
the Virginia and Tennessee Railroad waa as
cending the Alleghany Mountains, the hindf
moat car became detached, and being heavily
laden it ran back for the diatanoe of about
thirteen milea with a velocity which threw
completely in the ahade all the efforts of
ateam. By tbe daring exploit of a negro, who
jumped on to the ar and put down the brakes,
it waa brought to a halt in ita headlong course,
thua preventing a oollision with a passenger
train, that must have proved very disaatroa.
" ' ' i
- Mobs Naibow-uhdid Sbotabiahibh. The
pastor of the Sixth-street Presbyterian Chnroh
in Troy, N. T., stated a few evenings since
that aa Mr. weorge William Curtis had been
engaged to ; deliver a leoture before the Lite
rary Association of that city, upon f Modern
Infidelity," in whioh he uttered the most rank
infldellc sentiments, he thought such a lecture
ought not to be delivered without a protest
from the Church. If- Mr. Curtis would not
change hia subject, or if the Aasoctation
would not throw Mr. Curtis overboard, then
the Society itself ahould be thrown overboard.
A loan who "Had Bssa Taiitt.'V-It ap
pears from the papers that tbe boya in . the
aharp town' of Honor, Cel., imagined that
young Lord Grotvenor wa green, and waked
him op at hi hotel in Order to try him at cards.
He played with them at poker, whist, seven
up, euchre, and Other gam, they tacking ail
tne nme to gee mm lnroxioatear Dut it turned
out that ha beat them fairly with their own
weapons, and in tbe morning was the only
sober man in the crowd. He is now popular
in that locality, and the boy will fight for
him.-His aarly education was at tea dad to. .
i ' ' ' "i ji af .i i... I- . i
RifLKO Cahnok hi PAEis.--Pari haa gone
mad over "rifled cannon." Charavari gives
ita readera two drawings,- illustrative of the
prodigious rate at which military science la
advancing.-)" Th flrt drawing shows a squad
ron of dragoons charging a battery of rifled
oannop, upon a gigaatio steam engine. The
second drawing represents the daring rifled
oaunon,,An artilleryman has jusl fired it.
A stranger ask If rthe ball bit the mark. - The
artilleryman replies , that he will know the
day after to-morrow the butt Is to far off
to near sooner. " 1 " :
Fibs at ' a LiDiss' Faib. Thursday after
haoa.t table in the Ladle' ,flr at Alexin-ariay(Va-
caught fir taad,.wilh all'Jta ele
gant and costly stock, valued at $500, was
burnt. -The heat was so great that a beauti
ful wax fruit, contained in a basket en one of
the tables on th other side of the hall, was
entirely melted, and other costly articles in
jured. "if . ' - -
,A Slioht Abbasior Causing Death, Ben
jamin Thurman, late . Sheriff of Hawkins
County, Tenn., while throwing on hi overcoat
struok. hit hand on the the door-knob, and
slightly abraded the skin; he then put on a
Wet glove and rodet everal miles, took a ohill
oomjT.ne, and perhaps tefanui followed result
ing in hit death on the seventh day.
Cotton Raisiscj in Avbioa Prof. Sedgwick,
of London, ha reoeived a communication from
Dr. Livingstone, dated "River Zambeai, East
Africa, May 27." Dr. Livingstone reports the
discovery of a real highland lake region, where
the inhabitants eultivate cotton very exten
sively, while, he adds, "Everyone spina and
weave it."
Pbiob or Nkoboes ih South Caboliha. On
the 12th insk, there were aold by auction, in
Charleston, a good seamstress and house ser
vant, twenty-two years old, for $1,200; a likely
house girl, fifteen years old, for $900, and oook,
forty-five years old, with her daughter of ten
years, for $1,200. ; .
A Vbby Niab Nsighbor. "Do you know
the prisoner, Mr. Jones?" "Yea, to tbe bone."
"What ia his character?" "Didn't know he
had any." "Does he live near youT" "So
near that he has only spent five ahillingt for
fire-wood in eight years'
? A Max MisrAXBRroB a Dbsb akd Xa.io.
The Oregon Dtttotrat tolls a painful story of
a young man, Win. Russell, who wa taken
for a deer, (he being out in the wooda dressed
In garments made of fur,) and killed by a (hot
from a hunter.
' Quits Lm a Nsobo. Mr. Nathaniel
Moon, of Upshur County, Va., has a elave
slave named "Brown." who feels that the
name has been diagram d by Old Ossawaiomle,
and aaya he will petition the Legislature for
liberty to change hia name.
Tea ' FLouxnniito ix India. Mr. Henrv
Mann, an enterprising gentleman who left
China about five year ago, haa Introduced the
tea tree to Boutnern India, Having formed a
Slantation on the Neilghtrries, wbioh is now
ouriahing. '
M abylard Coal Tkadb. For th week end-
lag Saturday, December 17, 6,227:11 tun of
coal were .shipped over two leading roads.
Total shipment! for the year from the entire
region, 488,910:01 tuna.
The President's Message.
Waiuxotox, December ST. The President,
after expressing gratitude to Almighty God for
tbe blessing throughout th year, refer to
th recent bloody oMurriDce at Harper's Firry.
These event, bad and cruel la themulvM,
derive their cheif importance from apprehen
sion; they are but the symptoms of an laoura
ble disease In th public mind, whioh -may
break out in still more dangerous outrage and
terminate at last in open war by the North to
Abolish slavery. While be himself haa ao such
apprehension, they ought to afford a aolemn
warning to ua all to beware of the approach of
usnr. .
He ay: "Let me implore my oonntrymen,
North and South, to cultivate the ancient feel
ings of mutual forbearance and good will
toward each other. Strive to allay the demon
-plrlt of sectional hatred and strife now ally
in tne land." .
He indulge in no gloomy foreboding, and,
thinks that the Harper' Ferry affair will b
tbe means ot allaying tbe exiiitieg excitement.
and preventing farther outbreaks. .
He cordially congratulates Congress on th
final settlement by the Supreme Court of thi
question ot slavery in tne Territories. Th
right ha been established for every eltiien t
take hia property el any kind, including ilaves
into tne Territories, and nave it protected then
UDdertne constitution. , .
Congress, Territorial Legislature nor an;
numan power can annul or impair this right
Thus baa the statutes of a Territory durin
the intermediate period from ita first settle
ment Until It haa become a State, been irre.
voeably fixed by th final deoision of, the 8u
p, -erne Court.
He then describes the mode of sdmissioi
of a Territory as a State Into the Union. It
may be admitted with or without alavery, as
ita Constitution may prescribe. I
.- Thia principle haa been recognised by alf
most the unanimous vote of both House of
the last Congress. -
All lawful meana at hia command has be
and will continue to be employed againat th
slave trade. Our history proves that thjs
father of the Republio, in advanoe of au
other nation, condemned the slave trade.
The Chinese treaty ratification have beiji
exchanged. Two supplemental Convention
are pending, relative to the rights of American
in China andtraniit duties. I
The Paraguay difficulties have keen satis
factorily adjusted. I
Oar relations with France, Russia and ac
the continental governments of Europe, Spain
perhaps excepted, continue most friendly..
He recommend an spproprlation be tnad
to meet the demand of toe Armistead claim
ants." .- - .. - - - - .-ui
He favors the acquisition of Cuba by fair
purchase, and again invites the aerioua atteni
tton ot congeeaa to tma important subjeot,
Later from Mexico.
NbwOblban, December 20. The steai
ship Tennnitee, from Vera Crus, on the 22
Inst, arrived here to-day.
A part of the cargo of guns and oarbines oi
dered by tne Mexican Uovernment, bad t:
rived from New York.
The bark Mia Dnm, from Havre for Veri
Crux, wa lost, on the nth instant, in a gal
near vera urns. The erew were saved, ai
the vessel was not a total lea. . -
- uvu.r.1 'aKMt.uv n.u airi.vu- av vvra
Crus. Tampioo was quiet, and no attack was
apprehended.!,. ;:..r i , -.
Gen. Marque had been imprisoned b '
Mtramon, oharged with insubordination.
n i -n il-j 1 J -i TT--
- The Liberals had surprised and captured
Tenotitian, in tne etats oi uaxaca.
Utioa, December 20. Hon. Timothy Jen
kins died on Saturday, at Martiniburg, wbei
he wa in attendance at Court. : . . . .
- He bad represented thi county hi Congress,
and was one of the most distinguished lawyer
in centra, ttew xorx. . , .,
Destructive Fire.
Nxw Oslxaxs, ' Daoembef ;t 26. Messrt.
Hyde k Goodrich' large jewelry store oh
Canal-street waa burnt oh Sunday. Loss
$100,000,. ..i ..., j
.ExtouTiox or . a Nioto . Mubdibib, The
fact of the execution of Henry Hulainger, at
Harrlsburg, Penn., for';,1 the murder of Mary
Smith, has been telegraphed,- and from the
mails we glean these particulars: Borne reli
gious exercises,, took place in, tbe cell..'.. Tne'
prisoner expressed resignation and willing
ness to die. ' At eleven, o'clock the prisoner,
clad in the shroud and -cap prepared for-tbe
oooasion,and with hi anna aeenrely pinioned,
emerged from hisTell, accompanied by the
officers and his- spiritual advisers, who were
joined by. the jurors and apeotatora, and tbe
procession moved down the yard to the icar
fold..' HuMnger ascended the ttept with con
siderable firmness, and was followed by Rev.
Mr. Waugh and Sheriff 'Xyster. While shak
ing hand with several gentlemen, he main
tained an unwonted degree of firmness, and
distinctly uttered the words "good-by'' to
each.' At nine minutes after eleven o'clock.
Sheriff Eyster, having adjusted the rope and
pulled the sap over the prisoner's fitoe, shook
hands with him and descended from, the' plat
form, when the apri og of the trap wa touehed,
the drop fell, and the soul of Henry Hulsin
ger was ushered into tha presence of God. ;
i ui i .....n i
Hobbibl'b Death or a Popula Coxswan
and Old Cincinnati Fa vorttb. John or
"Jack" Winans, the step-father of Susan and
KateDenin, who wa quite popular ten or
twelve years ago at our -city theater, died
most miserably last Week, In the Philadelphia
Alms-house, where he bad been for - many
months, a victim of intemperance. During
one of his hallucinations he fled from some
Imaginary phantom, and,' hiding himself
among the arches of the collar, starved to
death, and was found wasted to a skeleton
some day after. He possessed marked capac
ity as a low oomedian, but hi dissolute habit
always Interfered with hi suooess. Hi death
wa a tragic a bis professional life was com
ical. . -.! -.: . -I. i li- -,' i ',:. i
Tbbd. Doughs SraAxiRo in Enolaxq.
Fred.: Douglas has made his appearance in
Halifax, England. At a publio meeting of
the Halifax Branch of the Mutual Provident
Alliance, presided ever by J. Staaifield. Eta..
M. P., he wa sailed upon, and delivered an
extempore address. After alluding to his
early life and hi purchase by friend In En
gland, he aaid now he wa a runaway again.
He rejoiced that la hia running away he had
suoh a people to' run among, and uoh a
country to run to. It wa tha nom of th op
pressed of all nations the asylum of all who
suffered from despotism in any form. ' . Thia
wa the boast, the pride, the glory of En
gland. ' .....
SiRoniiAB 1 Maxinb- 1'btbnovenon-A very
curious phenomenon was observable from the
steamer 5Wre, as she entered the Galf of
Mexico about twilight en the 10th Inst. ' The
aea wa the oolor of milk, a fat a th eye
could reach. The paddle, or the rudder,
even, did not disoolor it, nor turn up a tingle
point of the luminoue phoaphoreteonoe with
whioh the ship' path had been marked for
several preceding night. Th canst of the
phenomenon wa presumed to be a great
abundance of whale feed; which theory is not
a very definite one.
' AdyaraawaMat not ajroMdlag Ave its as (Milan
Onlamrrknu.J 5 1 One weak. , Ml
Twowatk,-, tao0Hnioat-.i ,, , , t o
tarter advartliemeatt insertad at tha tolloalng
' rte(oreir f Ira ItiMtertaail '
fcawi-i,.ii....... 0
Oa wrtu,.' I U On. wtn-ttl ''
,:- , Job xTitjiipr -
Ib ait Its b ranches don. with a at tn ana and Stnaac
1I1E ALLI6AT011!
Coal Cooking ; Stove
Has beea pronoaneed by competent iadgc to be the
Patented Dec. T, 1858.
for sale by thelnvwntoriandManoaoturee,
No. 333 FonrtNtreet, Cincinnati.
We reapectfully refog to tha bllowlng oertlfloate
for evidence of the above s . -.
For Mute montha I have been using the Alligator
Ooal Cooking 8 tor.. Ita (uperior cooking aaaflttoa,
combined with iu eleanllnwa, muateventaaUyaecure
to the owner, a large atiare af poblicvatronag
I havo been using one of Me' e. Adami A Pack
nver'e Alligator Oook Btovel forij n -loathe, wbk
Kire eatiiD satisfaction in every reepect, and lean
-jbeerfully noemmend It to tboee who are in want
a auperlor oook atove. H. B. LKAV1TT.
For the laet year I have baen uelug tbe Alligator
Coal Cooking Stove, man niac lured kjMMri. Adams
t Peckover, which 1 consider a superior stove, and
give th utmost wtisfaccion. It U ths onl( move
have fonnd that rooks perfectly with cool.
For tome rime past I have been neing one of Meter.
.dam A Peokov.r'i Alligator (Joal Cooking Store.,
-tud can recommend them a being a auperior atovc,
firing entire satisfaction In every respect. '
JOS. BU8HNKLL, Ooal Mercjitnt,
I cheerfnlly indorae the above.
del JOHN BjtlltiBB.
. Manufactory, Covington, Ky.
No. 'AO Eaat t'alamMaUtreet.
I'M. trade at the moat reeeonable price and en tbe
moat accommodating tenn wltk -
lL:AM:?' S
For Oil, Fluid or Coal Oil,
N. B. Jon' Improved lamp and Burn art
snle by our agent, J. PKLLIKB, Covington, K.I
';-,' t. .-a- v.'t
CMstmas Presents!
LIDD, WBbeR &0
t ;' FIrt Premium ', '"' 11
Sewing Machines,
and simplicity of construction aad effioteoer
In working, ar nneqaalad by tuijr. r ,
deiotlal Sg.Weat FoartA-strwet.
THIBD-STBEKT, Cincinnati, Ohio, ar. mans
fueturlng largely, Palmer'a celebrated Hydraulic,
force aud Lift Pump. Also, bit Portable Mteam
Eoninee.- All those who are about to pnrchtot
1'lliVlPH for Tanueriea. Hrtwerlu. Utatil.
. - (," i-- - I. ;...
-8-W- ' --a ri .
lerle. Dry Dock., Paper iviilla, Uallroad
tailed-, Mine, vvreoklntr Forpoaea, or, in
iHct, for any purpoae where a pump ia needed, will
Hod it te their advantao. to call' and see the work
ing of these valuable Inventions, or addree -th
HAlMBit I'UHF COMPANY for circular. which
.will furnish the names of many who have uied theta
Vnm'pi with perfect satiraction. de2Idm
Forwarding and1 Clomi-dBsion'
Hogs, Pork, Lard, Whi-ky, JTIaur.' Graia, axj
Office north-wettr corner Sixth and Mslu-atreete,
1,'inolnnati, opposite the Oalt House. .'
The underelgned 'havlna) formed a copartnarahfp
in the General Produce aud Commjaslon Buttueee,
the ttyle of Wilton, Oarlick A Co., reepect--fully
t-hiler their eervlbea and solicit the patrcaage of
their frienda and the puMlo. Particular actautloo
Md to .buying and telling Hogs, Whisky, Flour,
drain, 4c. Their charge will re aa moderat a
.ther (rood house In Ihe e By. Refer to tt ner-
Cincinnati generally,- w
r, ., . - . A, WILSON', Jm '
. - I..T. RIH1 . n
Holi dajJP ie s e n is,
Bieeve and China Jigurea. Pancy Inkitandt,
Vase, Jewel and Dfatch-boxet, Fancy Shaving aud
Work-box, and other Vanov Oooda too -tun amn
io mention, tuitable for tbe Holidays, which I will
sell cheaper than any other eetalilithmeat ttr tb
Ho. z7B Maln-atrrat, between Hlxth and Seventh.
, N. B. Aiao, a saw let of Vancy boape, I'etfunery,
Extractt, ac. oeia
Merchairt Tailor,
ha on hand a choice variety of hum-1m for th.
apfroaohingfeatlvaaeaion. Something far all I La
dies and gentlemen, large folk and little fo'k; snob
at new Kaitin, fig. Currant, Prnnea, Mn-a, Cttroa,
i.t-vu r -.una, D,wip-rrie isu riDV-apptH, Jfllisee.
aad Preeorves. Iiobstera. Salmon ani -HsmVop-.
Oyster, rreh,0ore, Hpiced and Pickled, Xsioglaa
and Gelatine, Fin. Brandiee, HadeTla, Port, buerry,
Catawba and Champagiie . Wluet, Jamaica Bum,
Scotch and Irish Whisky, Ac. Gentlemen will pleat.
not iorgt mat tuaouoiceat Aiavaaauigatw. ar. to b
had at National Theater Building, Bycamore-ttraet
I i Oft 'Mi'i laeiay. - -- i ,-.
104 Mala-atraet, three doora aawva Thirs,
DEB all k Tide of BonsTnli.lnH.lii K---i
and mottaubatantlsd mauner. Alm. a laraea -i-t-
ment of Horn Blaak tta. Whip, Oarpoi and U ner
Base. Biidla Ulu. Bnir-la !-,. v.iL u
tole-Ieather), Mll Trunk, HpoBg., arw a i e.
ortmmt belonging t tbi Rne. I wi.i mi m 1W
-sth. loweet.
r. s. cm
-aa-aaa tonoo-helew Bootai i i,,k -, i
130 cartoons of Children' lancy-hea- 4 Bo'
.OUOpalr f Women' PKUd Ooat ioot, t
MKl,ttte-taaprrV''', t ';
IaatoTianpjraibr t Jiinn ' ' :.v
4oUasi rcs'"

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