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' IH1 ruriT r&lSSts ltlTrdtouberibrila
01iMlaDai,OoTlKtMaailNwort, sad-.
i i rounding states ul towns, at th -'
- . tremely lowrioof
bix omnn a wnx, patabli to oabbiib.
.-.... raioasor autuao!
Blngl copies Jo. l month Mo.; I moatbi Hi 1 year li.
. eonu sixth: am nrnnm I
Jos A. Kmwjm, Jb... Bolt Lawn and tUaafer.
. THIS (Thunday, IVSNIKO, Deo. , and every
evening nntil further notioo, will be acted the new
100.1 p..nHll - '
inxi vwu uaimjo:
Ob, Tbi Oixoibbati Fimalb Boat Cms,
Fannr Spark...
.In. Ellsler
..Hun Irvia
Caroline Bormr.,
Clara Courtney
..Mls Everett
Marie Brooks
Polly Mittens....
Tnm Townsend..
,MlM Denhain
nr. iiangaqn
Gbarlft Chester
A rton.t,! WeStOB.
i mi ts
...nr. mm
Mr. Adams
Frank Hartlend...
Nr. Hall
Joe Smith u......M .....H.Mr, Kllslar
To veaing entertainment win oonoiua witn
the grand Oriental ipectaol, which hai been In pre
aration for thro montha, at an lmmenM outlay,
0. Tbi Tirbou of thi Blci Chimbir,
A namalinna (Blna Beard) Mr. Lanad
Ibrahim ... -.......Mr. BlUWr
. rati ma ..-....... ....M ra. II Mr
lrene.............-......-...-..........-....lIlM Denham
wuoora open at unnain rue at lit o oioca,
raiou or admuriom imm uirora ana ramneti
Moenlaj aaltery, oenta. ,
Fourth appearanoa of the gnat artiita,
THIS (Tharaday) KYKNIMO, DoembeT M.irlll
re actea ina moon-aamireo may oi
Or'. Fati ad Tauiibood.
Laonle Araanld (a nortrelt-Dalater'a dauhtar. after
. ward Vieoonnteaa D'Orbrl.....MiM Oareapot
Ferdinand, ViHount D'0rby..,mM.M..-....-...0arMr
Conn taw D'Orbj (Noble Noblewe)...Hra. Vanderen
Loniie - Mlu Xadreai
Aot I The meeallianoe. Aot J The maeKed Ba!
the Plot. Aot S-Priaon of the Hagdalenea; Tlrti
Trinmnhtnt. Act 4 The Brothere: (Jain and Ab
the Drugged Cap; the Lewjer'i Ulerk. Act tr-L
natleo Inanlrendo.
To eoDolude with
Gen. Btormwill . .Hr. Allen
mlly.,...... ......m.. in lu a. uranam
Tim ALTiaiD. Doom open at tH odoekj the
cnrtaln will rite at 7M precisely.
MOTIOK. Tradesman and other are eantlonen
agalnat fnrnithlng any article for the theater with'
oat a written order, elgned by the Manager.
THB MKW NAT10AI HOTEL, adjoining the
Theater, ia now open for the rooeptioa of guest.
Booaa can be obtained by the day or week, and
1 meal furnished at all hours. . - l
F. B. Conway.-.....?. .Stage Director.
J. F. Herbert ..................... .Treasurer.
THIS 1VBNINO, and ererr eyenlig until forth
notice, Bnaaspearas oeauuiui piay
Theseus, Duke of Athens......,.. ..Mr. Conwei.
Iiysa&der....M.u...M ..wM...u.....M...Mr. Sherldar,
Pemetrias.tM.....M....a ...M....,Mi...Mr. (JhapllQ.
Nick Bottom.,.-.......-.......... Mr. Davrfdg.
Bnout Mr. Lanagarl.
OberOD............. ..,..........-. ......Mrs. Oonwat.
Hyppolyta.. - Mrs. Place.
Harmia.. ...UI. -....Bliu hUngsbur
Belenla..,. .-..-.-.......-.u... ....Mrs. wllklni
. 1 Itac la. ...... . ..M.. ...... ...... . . .. . Mis Frootoi
Puck.......... Mis Orookei
In consequence of the length of lb play there will
be no other aerformanoe.l For the afternoon sec
formanoe, on Monday, the door will open at twb
o'clock; curtain rise at half-past two. J
. Pbicbs or Adhurioh. Parquette Circle, Parquet
ana suicony, on cents J Ampniineater, eon
iTiraie noze ror eignt persons, . .-
Poor open at tH o'clock ; commence at 7M.
Ishteen Star Performers. Positively but Forsr
BATUrtiAi svJtiKiHua, Jan. x, s, ana7iaisoK
Odd-Fellows' Hall.Oorington.on TH0B8SAT ana
FBIDAT EVBNINOS, Jan. 6 and 6.
DOUBLE TBOUPK-Oreat combination of Tal.nit
and Originality The largest and best Band of Min
strels arer organised -BHOBBT, CABLE, DCPHK8
a uueio d iar-iamea ana woria-renowsea oni
original New Orleans and Metropolitan
Barleaqnt Overs Troapo and Mamraot
'''v.- Brut Band,
Are coming with new and extra attractions, am
will site four of their Kthionian Concerts in thi
city prerlons to their departure on their annual
Southern toir. I
Grand Free Balcony Concert In frott of the Ball
aacb evening oy tne urass Dana.
Doors open at 7. Concert to corameno at 7X.
Arlmlufon 2A cents.
VAlso. SATURDAY AFTERNOON, at 1 o'clock).
for school obildren and families. Ticket reduoed
to 10 ent. ,
Frourietor-8horey, Carls, Duprei ft Greea.
deWh ' Manager and Business Agent,
JANUARY 2, 1860.
A. Watkins, A. M. Debarri.
J. Humes. Captain Perry, i
William Morrl. J.-M. Marsh,
William Jones, B. Btohardson,
V. Btrador, ' ' P.Elchol,
J. Beiley, A. Parkerson, 1
J. P. Dltohion, Captain Jones,
James Worthlngo, W. G, Forrest,
Milton Price, J. McQuade,
J. J.Kelley, J. W. Do Forrest,
r. Ditchson, W. 8. Lowery, .
M.Price, P. McQuade.
William Baskets, Chief, F. F. Watson, Assistant,
Tlnkata la. fauBner inclnded.1 admlttina a Gentle
maa and two Ladles, which oan be procured of Mr
UertmrbTreasuref of the Opera-bouse, and at all the
principal music tos, aiso at to aoor.
1TJ. KUHLMAJM, of No. 41 Bixtb-ttreet, a
would respectluiiy lniorm tne puouo mat tne
baa, In conneotioa with Mrs Toledo' (late of
Bavel Troupe) tasteful wardrobe, remored to
I Ml V M VlAk..l., K,WAn
Walnut and Vlne-trest, where she will be happy ta
see her former patrons, to whom ah can offer tht
most splendid assortment of ooa turnes. d17-m I
National Hall, VlntToet, nish.
The lesson are so arranged that beginners cad
eommeaoeatany Time. wn
-From thil
JL until the 1st of January, I860,
I will sail Pianos for cash only.
nrlce that will Indue any on to
bay. iTen those who do not want
An. at nrMutntvill And that now la
the time to buy. I will rent, and let the rent pay
lortnoriano, . v. as. ssunuji,
... llfl. W Weet Fourth .etrftflt
The largest stock of Melodeons in theolty. deal '
TsTTOW, It ETERv Aa my aeighborf Bie
.w oneringgreat maucemenis ror
cash, and as I am not willing that
my friend and customers should
fall to be suited as to prloe, I would
fla that I will nnc h. nnrf.raold hv
any honse In Cincinnati. I will still rant, and let
the rent pay for the Piano, at M West Fourth-street,
aaia ,'.,,,..,; . avausua,.
, Depot tor MfilodeoB and Banaoaiama. dell
FORMED by Mentor's Band, with an twf .
eleaant Uthograph of the new Maeoniclf ifc
Rnlldlnff. Prica AO eanta T. Mkll.kavV v
Building. Price AO cents. Jnat
; aaxi on wast aoui
i-i-m. thai sTer. i -ureat saortnoe of' . s
Piano, Melodeons, Violoncellos ,r
Violins, Guitars, Banjo Btrings.Trlm-l-ar-t i-nl
mings, Sc., during th Holtdayi.fJ ff ifWu
fielllns- BtiaBretnt.la than anr" u "
nthar Hnnaa In thiacitr. and flnltlaae lubnni-t.
at that. Do not bur an Instrument until yoa hm
called at Mo. zn J inn-street, second door east of
nun, euiiiu hdb. vauiiuv m Dau,. c -i
Piano Maker, and Dealers in First-class Iaatra,
mania. . oailtf
( -a. FOB THE HOLIDATB.-A large supply of ya
; riooa deacriptlons of old Win and Brandies, at
deM Oonwr of KlnU sad Tlne-treta,
i --
TOL 3. K0.112.'
I ... .i , i i ... i , . ,. I . , , ; , 'r-f-'! 'i' I
... a - s.-,....-r. . t. am W a a. a . -. 1 , ' . ... . . , i' . s , ,,,, . , a, .
. V wj. (Bl. jn. -s. V I
modatlnh. SUA a ' Tl. Kvumhi. V, .
Isdiakapolis aits OwuiMATt.-ll:la a. st.i ksO
.; l:0l. u.
Ohio aao M iuiMinu-:B A. 1I:U A. M.I 10:
. a. ... .
CiaciMiTi, HAMn.ro aaa Dayton. 7:4 A. M.I UrtB
a. m., ixu r. .; a:ox r. .; s:eu r. a.
MABiatTAAan OraeimiATi. 1D10A.M.1 st5J. at.
Bicaaoao abb Ihdiajupolis. 13:50 at.; ti P. u.
Lima MiAair. Day Express, 10:00 A. M.; Aeeoni-
moaauon, s:o r. ax.; fl igni aixpresa, u:av r. .
iMDUBarous AMD CoiciMKATi. 4:W A. at.; liM
M.l TilA . bt. ;. : V . - j'
Ohio akb Mississippi. T:M a. .; 100 P. r.; 7:90 P.a.
a. iwoo A, .; kmi w. at.; :wr. H , ii:sv P. at.
Mabibtta abd Oimoibimati. :10a. m.j t:40p. m.
Biobmobd abd Ibdubapcus. 4:00 A. M.: IM T. u,
JaVToIedo. Ohio, elalmi a popaUtion of
17,000. - i
Mflt la proposed to Mtabliih a cotton fat-
tory at PorUmoutli, T , , .... -y ... -. c :
JaVIn the schooli of San Franolaoo aio
nino obildren who irore bom offCapo Horn. I
P"SlxtT-fiy Americans in Berlin, Prus
sia, had a Thankiivlng dinner, with beani;,
tarkeri and pumpkin pi. - . ) j
"A trazedy in the Hebrew langaagl,
called Xing Joachim, hj M. Beeoher, has just
been pnoiuned at Vienna. ji y
JBsfThe reignincr Duke of Sue 'Werme.r
has conferred the "Order of the Falcon," opr
Hawk, on Mr. Oailyle. ' ' ' ' -' ' " t
aWThe French, in spit of their pretended
gallantry, have the hardihood to deolare that
"A ban of straw is worth a woman of gold.f
SaGrrKt Smith will go to Europe as soeh
as ha shall be luflioiontljr restored to health to
bear an Atlanuo voyage,
A0n Friday night the store of John
Eennard, at Wilmington, Del., was robbed of
about $3,500 worth of goods. . J
fidfAn bid provorb taysi "There are only
two good woman, in th world : one of them is
dead and the other is not to be found."
"Last week HI deaths ooenrred in New
X or K, being a deorsaae oi 23, as compared
With the week previous.
. 0tk man nuned Freeman was arretted
In Poaghkeepiie, N. Y., a week ago, on sus
pioion of having administered arsenic to his
wife, who died very suddenly.
A late Paris letter of the 1st says:
vonnat American lady haa just committed
suicide in this city from dliappolnted love.
The means used were the fumes of eharooal.1'
$B Last week N. O. Humphrey, cjf
Draoeviue, umo, eta ninety-nine vaiuaDU
sheep, out of a flock of one hundred and ten.
destroyed by dogs.
pS In the London IVmat appears a letta r
from the author of Adam Bede, denouncing
the Sequel to Adam Bede, published by Mr.
Newby, as a grots imposture. j
59" The Oorrupondmeia, of Madrid, say
The Dncheis of Malakoff, onr fair country
woman, ozpects to give an heir to Marshal
Pellisler next Fbruaryt ; " I
: Jt"In Philadelphia th farnlars are about
1 . I V-. . . it.!- , , .
vu uavv a uiariut oi weir own, aaring e
onred the lot of ground fronting on the nortl
side or uark:et-atret lor mat purpose.
a&k firm of Republican merchants i:
Chicago are charged with having taken tw
negro children, h belonged to a dellnqnen
Douuern aeotor, ana soia tnem lor (uu.
j 9Srk party of nine hunters, in the lowc
part of fort Bend County. Tax s lately killed
in aeren hours, four bears, one wild cat, rw
deer, seventy-are ducks ana mallards, ant ,
sixty-three prairie ohickem and partridges.
$sk Provincial journal publishes a cop;
of very fair verses of twenty-two lines, which
it declares th Duk of Malakoff wrote, on
the occasion of his late visit to Durante, the
resiaenoe oi tne uaoness ausiy. .
"Itli said that there Is a possibility of
M. Gounond's Iaui being giyen In Italian at
the London Royal Italian Opera next season,
with Mme. Miolan Carvalho as ilarymriUa,
and SIgnor Tamberilk as the hery. -
JThe Geographical Society of Paris hai
just prepared a prize of 6,000f. to the first trav
eler "who shall perform the jonrney from AI-
firia to Senegal, or ecrto, passing by
imboeton.? g,, .J . , ., ., j
flfhX the Boyal Lyceum, in Toronto,
drama in three acta htr been produced, enti.
tied OitawaUmit Brown; or st Struggle for Lib
erty." The aftsrpieo wu The liul Devil' e
Share." , , , r ,, ,,,,, j
' "Hon. Edward Deberry died at his reiU
denee in Montgomery County, N. 0., on the
12th Inst He belonged to the old Whig party,
and had at different times filled a seat In Con
greis and in the State Legislature. . , j
' StTGeneral John H. Cocke, of Flnvanna
County, Va., his given one thousand dollars
toward the endowment fund of the Southern
Baptist Theological Seminary, in ftreenvill,
B.C. t j!. ( , (. ? ,; !
' ar Soreral of the Missionaries of Madras
have established a series of lectures to eduoa
ted Hindoos, whloh attract large audiences.
The first was delivered by Dr. Paterson, Med
ioal Missionary, on "The Great PhyBiolan."
1 sfln Australia when a bank impends
the ureal practice is U take the President to
th nearest tre and serve him In the same
manner. The remedy is simple, and believed
by some to be aDoevoious. J
' - jgAmong th Americans in Rom on the
1st init., were the following U. 8. army offi
cers! Major H. T. Brewerton, Captain H. B.
CUU1, Captain I. N; Palmer,' CapUin T. Sey
mour and Lieutenant J, Pegram. '
jFThe Bey of Tunis has granted' the sum
of 120.000f. to build areildenoe for the French
Consul near th gates of the town, on the
banks of th lak not far from th ruins of
Carthage. - t .
"Oame issaid to be abundant in the
"Pines"of South Jersey. .Pheasants, qnails,
rabbit and dnoki are killed In large quanti
ties, andj occasionally a deer or bear is en
, countered by th hunter, ;r , i . j . j
t peTVii yon present your account to the
defendant?" Inquired a lawyer ot his client.
"I did sir." "And what did he say?" ."He
told me to go to the devil." "And what
did yon do ttsn?" - "Why then I came to
you' ',rsi:x.H'i. .Uj-'-I
' asTTbe two volumes of the EUtory of Eh
aland, whloh lord Maoaulay is understood to
Et nearly ecmplaUd, will, is Is stated,
bring it down to the accession of the Tories
to power In the latter years ol Queen Anne's
reign,. . . ., ....
" pfk lady passenger on the South Carolina
Railroad, while at the 'Whit Pond Station,
gav birth to a healthy female child. Both
mother and otlld war doing well, although
they had to be earned thirteen miles before
their want oomld be attended to. '
VjHTTwo of tht City Fathers of Toronto
have agreed tbat th one whose candidate for
th Mayoralty at th approaching election Is
debated, shall wheel a parrel containing a.
barrel of apples from the Roasin House to St.
Lawrtso Hall, in open day.
'. Lola Momz's Iota or Ekomsh GAiXAirraT.
Lovs Foordid on Mammok. In a reoent lee
tare oa John Bull Lola remarked that in
domestic and social life sh found th English
very admirable and praiseworthy. The
love of money, however, is groat.:' Th
Scotchman would love his bonni lassie be-
eausersh was bonni. Th Irishman wonld
love his lass for her beauty and accomplish
ments. Bat John Bull would rather love her
if she had gold in her purse and lands for her
dower. Observation had shown her every
where, that money inspired affection. The
gentry and nobility of England for th most
part practiced the most reined and the most
wicked arts of gallantry, : To win the affections
of a young and artless girl and leave her to
misery was a matter of boasting at their clubs.
At some watering place th villain would
begin his campaign. Th poor girl would be
flattered by what my lord would say. She
has read in novel of condescension on the
part of th high bora to love snob, as herself,
and she expected to become a great lady. In
thi way she became an easy viotim. These
things war th fashionable amusements of
th wealthy in England. It faot it wu a
common pastim with them. Sh had seen in
New York papers advertisements for wives,
which she regarded as net only to catch som
foolish girl. To is the reign of the mighty
god Cupid in all his greatness and glory, they
should visit a winter watering-plaoe in Eng
land, whert liver-diseased people, as yellow
as their guineas, want to recruit their health.
Here daughters, eipeoially such at were some
what post, were bargained off to the old gent
who had returned from the Indie with gold
and disease. John Boll at home in England,
and Brother Jonathan at horn in New Bog
land, were the tame beings, modified by lcoal
chap get. . , . i
, Wu. H. Fet of Niw Yobs. In a recent
lecture on New Tork, Mr. Fry said, according
to the Tribune'.
The ratio of life was decreasing in duration
In this city, beoause our government was in
the hands of ignoranoe and incompetence.
We allowed these men to oontrol the me
chanic and fine arts of this oountry. If New
York would be at the head of the world, she
mnst ihaDt th noliov of the mvernmentao aa
to foster her manufactures. Sh must evolve
her own ideas, as well at deal in the ideas of
otner people. We raised more gold than any
other country in th world, but our gold wtnt
to fiance in searon or her manutactures.
Poverty here was increasing with terrible ra
pidity. At the rate we were going on now,
very five persons wonld toon have to support
a pauper. Everything we tent abroad was
bulky, and everything France tent to nt wa
in a highly-concentrated form. We did not
exohange on equal terms. Th average duty
on manufactured goods Imported here was
19 per cent., while the average duty of
manufactured goods imported into Europe was
S00 per cent. This wat called free tradel An
enlightened and reformed political economy
would supply labor to th poor. At present,
thing were growing frightfully worse. , j
iBDiPiitosjir Isddstiv or Nsw Ehqlahb
Womsb. The people of New England, and
particularly those of Massachusetts, earn milj
lioni of dollar! annually in various branohet
of industry whioh have been Introduced in
modern timet. In one part of the Common
wealth, female labor la employed In binding
iheesj in another dittriot, braiding straw is th
leading pursuit; In a neighboring county, palm
leaf is converted into hate and bonnets by
women; and in the seaport villages clothing
it mad by the female resident for large
dealers In Boston.' Th effect of this Industry
upon a large scale, hat been th withdrawal of
nearly the whole native force from the factor
riet, and the substitution of foreigner in man.
ufaoturing villages, while in th matter of doj
mestio tervice, the native women have almon
wholly left the field; we apprehend . that If
the amount of the aggregate wealth of th
women of Massachusetts could be ascertained,
the sum would surprise every body. They
form a large class of the depositors in Saving!
Bankt, and there it hardly a corporation
within their borders that hat not female
among its share owners. Th independent
industry of the New England women adds
largely eaoh year to the aggregate wealth of
the community. j
. ' I
Postal AaKAKQiusins with Bslqioh. A
postal contract has been executed between the
Postmaster General and th minister of Bel
gium, establishing a regular exchange of cor
respondence in dosed mails between the
United States and Belgium, to be oonveyed via
England, once a week or oftener, and in eoin-f
cidence as far at possible with the regular
sailing of the Anglo-Amerioan steamers. Tht)
single rate for letter and samples of merchant
die originating in the United States and detj
tined for Belgium, or trice versa, it fixed ai
twenty-seven cents, of whloh pro-payment it
optional in cither country. There are also
provisions for printed matter. The transmit
sion of dosed mails under this convention it
to commence on the Slit of January next,
ii i ..i 'j
i Niw DsvAiro ros Whits Pm. Accounts
from South America say that during the past
six months the yellow pine of America whioh
has been hitherto unknown in Brazil haa been
extensively introduced there and hat become
exceedingly popular. There is considerable
demand in the construction of new railroads.
Five cargoes had already arrived, and the
prospects are favorable of building up a trade
highly important to our commercial interests.
Yellow pine it th only kind suited to that
market, at there ii In those latitudes an insect
destructive to the white pin or any other soft
Littsb or Gaxiialdi to thi Scotch. A
letter hat just been received In Glasgow from
General Garibaldi, of whloh the following It a
translation: "I charge yon to present to tht
generous tons of Scotland, in the nam of
Italy, the mott warm sense of gratitude for
their chivalrous demonstrations of tympathy
te th saute of our ooantry. I pray yon to
assure them that If an eminent grade has been
offend m by th magnanimous Tlotor Em
manuel, I have thought better than to accept
lt, - -- "--
- Tskstsoh's Bimotsiattos. Mr. Tennyson
it to receive 2260 for a tingle idyl of about one
hundred lines from the Messrs. Maomillan, for
the January number of their new magazine.
Bradbury i Event paid him 100 for the
"Grandmother's Apology," published ia On
a Week, tome time ago, and on of the mott
atrocious piece of vers we ever saw, even in
country newspapers. Even we would not have
been the author of the Apology for' fifty dol
lars it is too tupsrlatlvely stupid. - -
' Ukflbasant PasDiOAvmrr. The Supreme
Court of Indiana has lately reversed a decree
of dlvoro granted to Edmund MoTwigg, on
th ground that It had been obtained by
fraud, and that Mr. MoTwigg wat a resident
of New York and not of Indiana, at the time
when it wat issued. The gentleman it left in
an unpleasant predicament, as h had married
another lady toon After having been freed
from bit first wife. -
Btbiki or Biib-Dbutmis is BtJior.
Mora than a thousand beer-drinkeri of Mann
heim have fbrmed an association, pledging
each other that they will pay but two kreut
Mrs per sohoppen for Mannheim bear; the
brewer ask two and a half. In the meantime
they pay two and a half for beer from other
towns, Speyr furnishing thtm mainly.
A BrjHor Aaiosa TBI Cahiibals. A cor
respondent of the Australian, Mail, writing
from Auokisna, mtnciont mat vr. oeiwya,
Bishop, of New Zealand, has taken hi de
parture in hit little yacht, th Souther Cross,
on a tour through a number of th Mlane-
sian islands. "It is, I believe, His lordship's
intention to pay a vitit to tome new groups
for the purpose of conveying; to the natives
'the glad tidings of the Gospel,' and to en
deavor to induce torn or tnem to aoeept the
advantages of an education in the College of
St. John, so as to fit them to become in their
turn instructor of their fellow-men. He is
expected alto to call at Norfolk Island. To
record that th indefatigable exertions of the
Bishop, and of his excellent and ef ted coad
jutor and chaplain, Rev. J. C. Patterson, in
uui extensive seia oi labor, are exceedingly
enoouraging, it a pleasing duty, for not. only
oan that gentlemen now land on the shore of
islands, tne natives or whicn until recently
were hostile, but tuoh advances have they
made in the good opinion of th native and
their language that they are now able to
penetrate into their inland villages and hold
intercourse with them." ;.
'' Niw Rbstbiotioxb ros Tsbkisb Fihalss.
The fact that the la diet of Turkey have of
late indulged themselves in wearing very thin
vailt and drosses, which allow their persons
to be teen too much, hat elioited an Imperial
edict, of which the following are the essential
feature : "Henceforth, all women, whoever
they may be, on leaving their houses, must
wear thick vailt whloh completely cover their
featuret, and be olad In araiiet of cloth or
other suitable material, without embroidery,
trimmings or external ornaments of any kind.
They mutt not show themselves out of doors
simply in stockings and slippers, but mutt
wear half-boots la yellow morocco leather, or
some other suitable and decent covering for
the feet. When they go out to make pur
chases, they are strictly prohibited frem ca
tering shops, but must stop on the outside bo
be served, and must not remain longer then is
absolutely necessary. When they are on the
public promenades, they must confine them
selves to th part reserved for females. Any
woman who shall be guilty of aott against the
law, will be severely punished." i
:i i '
A Shaispseiiam Suit. The Shaktpeare
birth-place Committee hat brought a tuit to
test the validity of the will of Mr. John
Shaktpeare, by which he left 2,500 to be
devoted to establishing a museum at the house
where bis distinguished anoettor wat born.
He further charged hit estate, known as Lang
ley Priori, near Loughborough, with a rent
charge of 30 per annum, to be paid half
yearly to th person who should be appointed
to reside in the house as keeper, with direc
tions to keep a vellum bound book to present
with pen and ink to any visitor who may be
desirous of expressing any sentiment in prose
or verse in honor of the poet. , It was objected
to these bequests that they were void, as being
within the mischief of the Mortman aota, ana
further, that the words in the will to establish
a "museum, or for other purposes," were too
wide and general, and therefore that the bv
quest was void for uncertainty. It wa also
contended that the bequest of the rent-charge
created a perpetuity in contravention of the
aot relating to perpetuity. The judge reserved
hit decision. ,
ArpiABAifos or Paimo to aStbamobb. A
recent traveler, speaking of the Chinese town
of Peking, and the first Impression a stranger
receives on entering within the walls, says :
"Once he has passed under the ponderous
northern gate, measured th thiokness of th
wall, and it fairly within Peking, h will be
entirely bewildered; all before is a oonfused
and dusty mass of colors, men, mules, cabs,
hundreds of camels, with the weary Mongols
in their once red gowns, enthroned and fast
asleep on their high summit; an immensity
oiwide, perfectly straight, and endless streets;
a living ocean of the most degraded of beg
gars, of cooks, barbers, blind men beating
upon kettle-drums, orators delivering speeches!
then, right and left, brilliant shops, cafes ana
hotels, surmounted by long pclet of nil colors,
wooden walls, beautif ully carved and gilt over
in faot, it is a scene to unique in the world
tnat no dream coma ever be to eccentric." '
ArothBb Mobtaba Cabb Eiloias. A
Mortara case has been differently dealt with
by the Belgian tribunals. A. M. Moonent,
living at Lendelele, near Courtral, was robbed
of his daughter Cathtrina (aged ten) on the
4th of April this year, and as the father be
longs to a body of Christians who separated
from Rome on the (to held) uncanonical act of
Pint VII., in destroying the old Frenoh Epis
copacy to substitute a new one chosen by
Nrfpoleon at the Oonoordat of 1802, suspicion
arose at to foul play, and, in faot, the ohlld
wat discovered at the convent of St. Genols on
the 81tt of May. The father prosecuted five
devout ladles, agents in this fraud, whom the
Courtrai Court and that of Appeal at Ghent
sentenced eaoh to fifteen days' prison and
lOOf. fine, of course restoring the girl to her.
A Mbkoilbss Phtbioiah. A oelebrated
druggist, of Philadelphia, being on th point
of death, sent for Dr. C, who was th family
physician. C. having prescribed, wat about
to take hit leave, when the druggist called
him to hit bedside, and said: "Dootor, I have
something weighing heavily upon my mind;
several years ago I wat in the habit of adul
terating my drugs, and I am now apprehen
sive lest I will not be pardoned." "Well,"
laid the dootor, "God Almighty it merciful
and may forgive you, but if I were he, I'd tee
yond d.r' '
Sihodxab Application ros a Divobci. Mrs.
Nancy Oakes, of Boiton, after living with her
husband twenty years, refused to remove with
him to Somerville, on the plea that all her
relativei and friends resided in the modern
Athens. ; To free himself from thi useless in
cumbrance, Mr. Oakes brought a writ for
divorce, en th ground of desertion, and Mrs.
Oakes urged a oountersuit, alleging extreme
cruelty. Nothing further than his desire that
his wife should live with him was proved
against the husband, and a decree was ittued
in fT01,
' AwooHBHStrT or thb Vibqinia Lsoislattjbi.
This body hat adjournew until the 2d of Jan
nary. Among th resolutions submitted on
Friday was one to Inquire into the expediency
of excluding from the Commonwealth all non
resident Incendiary preachers, eolporters and
otner oorruptert of slaves, by requiring evi
dence of good character before they obtain
llosna for pursuing their business.
Boss or Malta Robsid. The Lodge-room
of th Sons of Malta In West Troy was broken
Into last week, and among the articles ab
stracted therefrom war 87 pitchforks, 8 grid
iron, 1 pistols, 89 maskts, 7 oavalry swords,
on small brut cannon and a larg Bibl. A
reward of 60 has bseo offered for th appre
hension of th burglars, and f 590 for th re
covery of th property.
An event rare in theatrloal annals occurred a
few days ago at Berlin.' i M. Itohietoh, of
th opera of that city, celebrated the fiftieth
anniversary of his debul. Ha is a bast singer,
and haa still a fin voice, Th Prino Regent
mad him a pecuniary present Hit fellow
perfbrmert presented him with a testimonial,
and the bands of the two regiment of the
guard played before his houto.
From New Orleans.
Naw Oblbabs, December 28. The bark
Donetta ha arrived her from Bremen-Haven
on the 18th Inst : She picked np five men and
roar women from the wreck or us ship Cyrus
Holmee, sunk on th loth, when five days out
from Garden Island Keys. Th remaining
thirty-two of the crew and passengers are still
unheard of. -. . , ' i
Date of th 19th have been received from
Mexico. . Miramon't Government had pro
tested against Mr. MoLan' treaty. Mira
mon was at Guadalajara on th 8th. H has
restored 94(10,000 of the 1500,000 Muquese
took, and hat forwarded lttoTepeo. Only
zu,vuo are missing.. :
The Weather.
Dxcsubbb 28. Philadelphia It com
menced snowing at 11 o'clock; wind N. E. I
New York Snowing fast.
. Boston Thermometer 2 dog. below sero,
Rouse's Point, Vt Thermometer 19 deg.
below zero.
Oswego, N. Y. 9 deg. below sero. '
Burlington, Vt. 10 below sero.
St. Johntburac; Vt, 20 dec below zero,
Montreal, C. E. Clear and very cold, 16
deg. below zero. The river is sot vet frozen
opposite the city. The water is very nigh the
lower part of ttriffintown is flooded.
Non-Arrival of the North Briton.
Pobtlaxo, Mairs, Deoember 281 P. M,
There are no signs of the steamer AVrlA Eritoi,
wbion lett Liverpool on tne I4tn mat. T
Hungarian was not to sail till th 21st, and
consequently not due. : - i. ;!'- - - j
A fire on Market-square ia this place this
morning destroyed four stores valued at $81-
ouu. '- " 1 , "
Arrival of the Canada.
SackvIllb, N. B., Deoember 2812 M.
The royal mail steamship Canada, from Liv
erpool 17th inst., is signalled off Halifax.
There is no probability of her news being
transmitted in season for the evening papers
of to-day.
Outward Bound.
Boston, December 28. The royal mall
steamship America, sailed at noon to-day,
with two hundred and fifty passengers far
Liverpool, and fifteen for Halifax, and $5,000
in epeoie. 1
A Sad Stobt or a Swiss Wild Gibl.
Swiss journal haa a strange story of a wild
riil lately found by a woodman of Saint Mart-
garethem, in the Canton of Saint Gall. He
diseovered her lying wretchedly olad and bej
nambed with cold, under some branohet, and
took her to his house. According to her story,
she it the daughter. of what are called HeimP
athose parents a sort of pariahs who belong
to no Canton, and although about eighteen
years of age, neither she nor her parents had
ever lived under a roof, i, Her father not long
since killed her mother in a quarrel, upon
which she left him,' and had over since wan
dered about the woods and mountains, living
on wild fruits and vegetables pilfered from
gardens. To explain why she had not beea
diBoovered sooner, she said that her custom
had been to sleep during the day and prowl
about at night. She knew of no name be
longing to her parents or herself, and had not
trie allffntflit idea tit relttrtnn.
- o -7- o ; ,
Thb Odvbikbs or Pabis. An inquiry wi
lately opened to ascertain the number of work
ing people, male and female, in Paris, in order
to know what changes probably would take
plao in the population by the extension of
the oity. The number is found to be about
360,000. It has been hitherto generally bel
lieved that th majority were composed of
masons, carpenters, and others connected with
building operations, but that supposition is
now found to be an error. The branoh of busi
ness whioh occupies th greatest number of
handt it that of tailors and dealers in ready
made olothes; 100,000 workmen being engaged
in that branch of buslneet. !
Thb Wat Unolsi Sak is Plcidbbbd. Th
Washington Republican says the cost of door
caps and trusies for the windows of the Capi
tol extension, was $181,980, on contrasts,
whioh should have coat only $42,060. On
stone-cutter, at $3 per day, wat employed
three hundred and twenty-five days cutting a
dooMcap. The Bame workman wat employed
one hundred and two dayt upon a window
trust. The contracts were let out on these
prioes. But a single workman afterward cut
a door case in on hundred and tixty-fivt
days, and a window truss in eighteen days., j
: a. 1 .;-,; j
Suioidb or A HrVA Dsueir. A man re
siding at Fort Herkimer, N. Y., named Mor
ris Aldrldge, attempted to murder the widow
of his deoeated brother; but after making two
or three outs in her throat, wat by tome meant
Erevented from accomplishing his purpose,
e then attempted to burn down the prem
ises, but failing In that, went and hanged him
self.. ., ... ; j
Am Empibob rs Favor or DbauatioAbtists.
On the oocation of the festival in honor of th
poet Sohiller, the Emperor of Austria dtcidtd
that henoeforth the tenth ptrt of the receipt
of the theaters shall be devoted for the benefit
of the dramat'o poets of Austria still living,
and who have composed pieces whioh belong
to the repertory of the various theatrical es
tablishments, a..- n 1
B ,1 r, i
Am Avbbioam Vocalist in Ecbopb. Isa
bella Hinkley, sn Albany vocalist, Is singing
in Amsterdam, and has heen flatteringly pa
tronised bv the Queen of Holland. For two
years the hat been under tuition in Florence,
and a career of splendid tueeett is predicted
for her by Americans who heard her in con
cert In thatcity. ! -
Yodno A m bio a Ootdohb. A French polit
ical oandidate, stating his claims to office, in
an address to the eleotors, says: -"At th ag
of line yeare I fought a duel, in ordr to save
the reputation ox tne aaugnter 01 a brave
officer killed in the service of his country,
which an artillery student was about to om
promisc." ' ' ' '..' j
Thb UHioeciBsroL Dbaiiatio Aothob. M.
Granl de Castagnao, political direotor of the
Pay; read recently to the performers of the
Theater Franoali a comedy of five acts, of his
composition, entitled X Marriage; but It was
only received "subject to correotlon," which U
a disguised refusal. .
Lahabtimb's Esoaobhiitts. Th ; 'French
ptpers publish on, behalf of M. de Lamar tine
a contradiction of the report, which, It seems,
has been circulated, that' he propose to de
liver publio leoturei. He had arrived in Paris,
from Macon, and ii working at hit tertal, th
Arrtin Zilferwas. , .",'.'i',i'-. 1
A Uiiivbbsal Lamooaob. A Serb Bemtd
Motet Paittoh Ii now In Vienna, where he It
endeavoring to bring to th aotlo of th world
a uniform mod of writing all language,,
whioh b has discovered. Th basis of bis
system Is th Arabio alphabet. ,
UkM Bsatis To Dsath. Charles W. Ray
burg, a man of respeotable character, had
tome diffloulty with two persons at the Kirk-
wood Honse in Washington, D. C, a night or
two sine, and was so badly beaten that h
aiea toon aiwi.
,, II
n n i ji m- i i I 'i w
AdvartiMBMass not vr dim
One IneertloB. .I B5 1 One week
Twowiers 1 at IOa aaontl
aUiaar atwtamsaaU lnaortad at tb kUMtttf
rate for Bar f tea line or keel I
On Insertion A B0 1 Two weeks
Kaoh addt'aai la. X I Tare wmIu
On weak.
' Job PriatiiiK '
In all Its hraaoha, doa with aaata as lti
. .-..r-'f :
l 'i. ur.n-f
saioKErCOiisuMitfG !
Goal Caking Stove !
Has beea proaoonood by competent Judge to be the
- Patented Dec. T , 18S8. ..,i,t
for tale br the Inventor and Manufacturers,
No. 333 Fourth-street, Cincinnati.
Wa rMfeotfullr rater to th fcUowluc eertiooate
for erldenoe of thaabovat.. , i- .... ,
For some month I have been nInf the Alligator
Ooml Oouklnf Stove. It saaerior cooking aualltie,
combined with it oleanlln, mrutTntnallr secure
to the owner a larg shar af publio patronage.
I hare bean using on of He s. Adams A Peck,
oyer's A lllgator Oook B teres for et, a month, whkh
give entire satisfaction in every respect, and I oan
cheerrollf recommend it to those who are In want of
a superior cook etove. H. H. LKAV1TT.
For the last year I have been using th Alligator
Coal Cooking Store, aiannfactored by Messrs. Adam
it Peckover, whioh I consider a superior stove, and
lvea ine utmost aausiaouon, is is sn obit atwva a
ave found that cook perfectly with coal.
Vnr Mima time Mat I havAbaen uainff oneof Megan.
Adams a Peckover' Alliaator Ooal Goo in Stove.
and can recommend them aa being a superior stove,
giving entire aatislaotlon in every reepeot.
I cheerfully indorse th above.
dels : . . , , J9HMABBLIB.
rV. Manufactory, Covington, Ky.
N 90 Eait Colambla-atreet. '
trade at th tsoat reasonable price and n th
most accommodating terms with
For Oil, Fluid oi Coal Oil,
N. B. Jones' Improved Lamp and Burners for
sal by onr agent, i. BKLLKIliJ, Oovlngton, KrC
Christmas Presents!
..:;;, Firt PenUunj',- ;
Sewing Jkchlhes,
and simplicity of construction and efflcienov
in working, are onenaled by any. ,
deiotjal .. HO Wet FoBrth-etreet.
TH1ED-8TBKET, Oiucinnatl, Ohio, are manu
facturing largely. Palmer's oelebrated Hydraulic,
Voroe and Lift Pump. Also, his Portable Steam
Kngines. All those who are about to purchase
I'UiUPS for Tanneries, Breweries, Ulatll
terlea, Dry Dock, Paper Mill, Ksiilroad
HtatlonB, luinea, VVrevklnc Parpoaea, or, in
faot, for any purpose where a pump is needed, will
rind It to their advantage to call and see the work
ing of these valuable inventions, or address the
PATjMIH PUMP UOMPAST for a circular, which
will furnish the name of many who have need these
Pump with perfect eatlfaclion. de21dm
Forwardirig and Commission
Hog. Fork, Lard, Whiskr, Flour, Grain, Ac.
Office north-west oorner. Sixth and Main-etraets,
Glucinnati, opposite th Gait Hoie. '
in nnuersignea nsviug icrmea a eopartnershlp
In the General Produce and Commission Businees,
n.A..ih.it.u.fwiiu. n.Huw & .
fully tender their service and solicit the patronage of
their friend and th publio. Particular attention
8 aid to buying and selling Hogs, Whiskr, Flour,
rain, Ac. Their chargea will oe as moderate as
anr other good house In the fty, Befort th mer-
cuanieui viucmuau geueraii,.
,,. A. WIL80K, Jb i
B. T, OARUtiK,
Holiday Pr
Bison and China I'lgures. laacy Inkstands,
Vases, Jewel and Match-boxes, Taacy Bhaving ana
Work-boxes, and other Cane, Goods too Buueron
to mention, suitable for the Holidays, whioh I will
sell cheaper than any other establishment In the
So. 278 Main-atreet, between Sixth aad Seventh.
N. B. Also a new lot of fancy Uoapa, Perfumery,
Extract. Ac dels
.'r.sj.-.' M'ELE VE Y, ,1
No 48 FOl) ttrH-STREET,'
dsiatf , - - LODBOH BOUPISta.
ha on hand aohoioe variety of luxuries for the
approaching festiv wason. Something for all! La
dle and gentlemen, large folk and little folks; such
as new Raisins, Figs, Currant. Prune, Muts, 01 Iron,
fresh Peaches, Strawberries and Pineapples, Jelllea
and Preserve, Lobetera,. Salmon and Sardine,
Oysters, Freeh, Core, Spiced and Pickled, Ialnglas
and Gelatine, Vin Brandies, Maderia, Port, bherry,
Catawba and Champagne Wines, Jamaica Bum,
Scotch and Irish Whisky, Aa' Gentlemen will please
not forget that theeholceit Havana Oigers axe to be
had at National Theater Building, Sycamore -street.
, 4dlJ
I Oil nalBHttrw thr daora abrv Tklrel,
DEB all k nds of Horse Trappings, in th best
and most substantial manner. ; A (no. a lane assort..
and meat substantial manner. Also, large assort
ment of Bora Blaaketa, Whip, Carpet and Leather
Bags, Bridle Bit. Buffalo Bobss, Valise (the real
sole-leather), Mall Trunks, Sponge, and a larg as
sortment belonging; to this llu. I will1 nil a low
as th lowest,
Assil f Horoooa-beelad BooU; . .
i IN cartoon ef Children's Fancy-heeled Boot ' '
,000 pairs of Women's Pegged Croat Boat, euatett
mad, at 78 oenta a pair.
InstoraadftrsJby ' '
. ,uan yjaniuui
f 'VI. .3!

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