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jr wui aurtrei mat me peny
Press to the medium thro'ngb lhleI1
make known your Wariti'r
ment. of flv. inland ifc
WANTIED To '" -7n n
age of FO"' tata that 50,000 pack
. tbe model hop . - been fold within four montbf to
"Till, with ' -i)keeper of Cincinnati and Louis.
, grocer. r -a increasing demand, Bold by all the
. ' ' jeBOt. 291 Weal Fifth Jlnal - AMI
V '. ANTED COUNTER A short Counter
C . ?r a business hotua. Amir at tba N. W.
jmtr or n in h .n.i . -
MTANTED A GIRL Compatont to wash
nd. toon well and do tba housework of a
mall famllr. References required. Good wage
given. Apply at 252 Walnnt-atreet. de29b
WANTED OH I YES I Boys and men
put of work can find employment by calling
t No. 320 Longworth-atreet, thii forenoon, or any
lay from 12 to 2 o'clock. de29b
WANTED A GIRL To do housework,
, .to go South. Apply to F.W.POBTIB, Jew.
jler, third story, oyer Beggs A Smith's itore, Mo. 6
West Fonrth-ctrect. ' deWb
WANTED A GIRL To waih and Iron
and assist In general bonaework in a imall
(family, about half a mil outiide of the lty limit.
Apply at No. 20 East Thlrd-atreet. deWb"
WAN TED CIRL If a deoant girl, da
a - rirl? to work, who can do weahtng, Ironing
a'11 aonaawoik, appllea to K., at the Press
Offloo, aha can hear of a situation right off. deaeb
ANTED BOARD-Por an old man of
limited means. Beonire a food room, with
!L5rs,.and d bed, with cleanliness and com-
nuureaa o. a. j., fenny free Office. de2b
. from the country, to work about a atore and
arian expMaa wagon. Addreas KXPJUBbn, at
. w vunw ai m ruuuy rreaei
w w Tat family, to do chamber-work, by a yonag
joonn, who can gir the best of reference. Ad.
ttreea M. K. P., care of Presa Offloe. deJ8b
WANTED HELP Immediately, a man
to go to market and make himself generally
useful about a house. Also, revala Hemnta for
yarious aitnations in city and country. Apply at the
eneral Intelligence Agenoy, No. 882 Western-row.
oe28b - A. D. (JARSON A on.
mr ANTED CLERK A Clerk with a
w w CBPIHIIOI IT0mKWtOI200Oi1,hMrof iMnrl
.st ltnatlon, DyapplyiDg at the (fenertU UteUisence
jinflncr. run km wabam-ww
WANTED Reliable kelp for lituaUoni
of any kind can alwava be had at a moment'!
notice, by applying at No. 60 East Third-itreet, base,
ment atory, next to Adams' Bxprest offlo. No
charge to Berranta. deaiam
VTANTED Clerks, book-keepers, tales-
. - r '"-mfw, puTwtn, coopers, caroen
mbanlca, laborer and others, can find sitiia-
wire, mecnanini, laborer and other, can find
iioua at ine juerobaata' Olerka Beglstry Office, 128
XXJTANTED M E N A large number of
.:..f tlTe InduBtriovj men can find agreeable
"Pi? V ame lme lnoratiy employment in the
JrLSim8 "ew 'nd popular Book and Map.
u " rw.ritten by the beet historians and
SJ. ?ni.known V the clTiiiaed world i hence their
K.?"'i 0r-a" " examine for yourseWe be
lore engaging ln theaaleof other publicatlona.
.i.r MACJK B. BABNITZ, Publisher,
aeiltf 38 West Fourth-street, Cincinnati.
ternet in a complete Job Office, in a flourishing
town in Ohio. Terms easy. Inquire at the Frank
lin Tyye Feuudory, No. 168 Vine-atreet, Cincinnati,
Ohio. de2b
E10R SALE GROCERY A good chance
Jav for businesa, on reasonable term, a well located
grocery stand with stock and fixtures. Address Box
1793, Poatoffloe. deMaw
FOR SALE Choiaa Table Batter, prime
Cheese, Fruit, Ac., at ene of the neatest store
in the city-No. 357 Weet Slxth-street-wholesale
and retail. Also Buckwheat Flour, pur Maple Bu
gar and prime Holiday Oysters, Ac. All warranted
as represented. D. BTOBMONT,
de23aw V. LAKKMAN.
BOARDING A genUeman and his wife,
or two single gentlemen, can obtain a conve
nient room and boarding in a comfortable house,
supplied with all modern conreniencei, at No. 26
West Serenth-street. de29b
BOARDING A genUeman and hi wife,
or two single gentlemen, can be accommodated
-with board In a priyat lainily, at No. 73 Oeorge
atreet. Terma moderate. de28b
Apply on the promisesNo. 227 Broadway,
SNOR BENT A HOUSE of six rooma, on
' the Obserratory-road, N. 87. Will be rented
in whole or in part. deagb
fTIOR RENT Two email ROOMS, at No.
267 Western-row. Inquire on the second floor.
FOUN D A. 6TRAT HO 3 .The owner
can have it by calling at Patrick Gitisen'a, in
the Seventeenth Ward, opposite the Oatholio Ohurch,
proving property and paying chargea. de2eb
AUNT of .
Chriejtuias Presents,
At the Old BUnd, corner of Fifth and Walnut-sta.
Free from Offensive Odor, at
Walnut-street, Cincinnati, O.
AL with any manufacturing establishment
n America.
r We warrant our Oil to be equal, if not sup,
riorjto any in the market.
T We Invite thoaa in the eity and vicinity to
call and examine for themaelve.
, r &o person ordering from a distance, satis
faction guaranteed in all cases. Address
J. It. HAHKIN, Agent, or
A. G. HODGBH, Treasurer,
Kanawha 0. 0. M. Oil Man. Co.,
da23 97 Walnut-street, Cincinnati.
and Silver Watches and fine Jewelry, consist
ing of
Ktrntcan, Coral,. Lava, Pearl, Garnet and
Torquola, Pins, Ear-rings, Bracelets, to. '
ALSO A line assortment of Silver and Plated
ware, consisting of , ,
Tea-sets, Urns, Walters,
Communion-ware, Cake-Baaketa,
. Castors, Cnp, Go Wets, LaauorB tends.
Knives, Forks, Spoons, c .
N. B.-The best plat4 Tea-sets oan be bought
from t'U to 133 per set. Also, Silver Spoons and
Forks, wairantej equal leooln, will be sold at the
low price of ft 80 per oute,at
d19bw N. W. corner Tourth and Main-streets.
New Stylea Sort Hats.
New Styles French Caaalmere JHata.
, New Stylei Dreaa Hats.'
New Styles Cloth and Plush Caps.
d21 ' ; e door below Fontth
. . LAN ft BODLKY. - .
' ' MAlT'-OTTJaMxS op i,',;'
Wood-Working Macninery,
, Coraer Jeka aad Water a.iClaeiaaatl,Ot
. asft.fr ' .
for sale al , FKBOUSON'S,
iH . Ooraw Ninth and ViaeHrtreet.
MHgMgf S
U fov want a servant, advertise In
Ir yos want a honse, advertise In 1 ".'
Ir you want to seU anything, advertise in ' i
Ir y want to bny anything, advertise In I
IS fact, every want supplied by advertising In'
a?enny Prena to be had every
morning at the Counting-room door.
Only one cent. j
John F. Hoy, Eiq., wlU deliver a temper&noe
leeture, at SkaaU' HaU, on the corner of
Eighth, and Freeman, to-morrow evening.
Oil PAtmrnna. Tha
lags Trill be continued this evening- at seven
v viuva, in s sper uuiiainjr. a number
Of fine niotnraa vsmnln tn ha anlt mnA -tn k-
TJiriio LiTTiES. The following li a llii of
letters detained for non-payment of postage at
tha Postoffloe, in this oily, December 28: . i
Merehanto' GargllngOll Company, Lockport, K. T.
Herman Oreutz, PhfladelphlaVPenn.
Pbomotioii. The perfeot water-proof boots
made bv J. H. Deters are nronf aaaln.t mM
and water. Try them. He has also inns
Frenoh morning slippers, suitable for New
Year presents. Call at 43 West Fourth-street.
llarraoBOLOGioib Obiirvitions For ' the
Awiy Pr, by Henry Ware, Optiolan, No. 7
Weet Fourth-street, December 28.
Oolookc. Barometer. Thermometer.
7A. M.....w.....M.2.6l , M
'A.eis.ee.e.sMM44.a.M..6s) '
TfriTl XTnnlrlava A ssa.
- - vavmuviD avaaovr-
elation give their second annnal toirte dmtante
at national nan wis evening. The arrange
ments have been carefully made, and the
whole affair will donhtlAaa
any former effort on their part. "
Comvittid to Jail fob Pitty Labcmy.
Justloe Oiffin, of Syoamore Township, day be
fore yesterday, in default of $100 bail, com
mitted a man named Frederick Hansold to the
County Jail, who had been deemed guilty of
stealing a quantity of oord wood from a farmer
named D. A. Black.
Pboomdino of tbb Coubtt Cohiiibsioiiebs.
At the regular session of the Connty Commis
sioners, held yesterday morning, orders were
passed amounting"! the aggregate to $852 05,
of whioh $423 were paid to the VoUufrtmd for
printing the delinquent list, and $201 to M.
V.Heas for gravel for the Union Bridge. Apart
from this no business of Importance was trans
acted. Assaolt witb Imtint to Kiw,. A man
named John Arnlng was committed to the
Connty Jail day before yesterday, by Justice
Crane, of Storrs Township, in default ot bail
to the amount of $300, for his appearance
before the next term of the Court of Common
Please, to answer a charge of assault with
intent to kill, whioh was preferred against him
by a man named Oregor Black.
laptui 'tmna caused us to say in our'issue of
yesterday, that the students of the Ohio
Medical College presented the Dean of that
institution, Albany Paokhara, with a splendid
gold watob and chain, Mr. P. is demonstra
tor at the Ohio Dental College, and the mys
tical D. M. C. caused the error.
A Lonatic Found Ablbbp is ihi Stbbst.
An unfortunate girl, named Alioe Woodruff,
was found yesterday on Plum-street, noar
Third, by Offioer Higgini, who conveyed her
to the Ninth-street Station-house. It was
soon discovered that she was a lunatic, and
she was taken before the Probate Court, whence,
after an inquest, de lunatki inquirendo, she was
sent to the Lick Run Lunatio Asylum.
LtoTDBi BtroBB tbb T. M. M. L. Associa
tion. The ninth leoture of the winter eourie
before the Young Men's Mercantile Library
Association, will be delivered this evening at
Smith A Niion's' Hall, by Rev. George C.
Robinson, of this city. Bubjeot,"Every Tub on
its own Bottom." The leoturer has attained
considerable reputation as a pulpit orator, and
this, with the quaintnees of the subjeot, will
doubtless draw a fall house. .
Abbist or Pick-pookbts. For two or three
nights past several industrious members of
the light-fingered fraternity have been loung
ing about the Melodeon Hall, during the pro
gress of the Fair for the benefit of the Sisters
of Mercy, and have, in some Instances, re
lieved persons of their porte-monnaies. Last
night, Offioer Mormin arrested two men who
gave their names as J. P. Cox and John Smith,
Both of whom he deteoted in the ait of appro
priating the funds of others, and committed
them to the Hammond-street Station-house.
Both the parties were heavily armed, and
Smith had noon his person a recipe for the
manufacture of bogus gold and silver. They
will have a hearing this morning before Judge
DiaPiiATB Avpiat or Elii-btbbbt A Mas
Fight. A man named John Schlosser was se
riously wounded in a street fight, day before
yesterday, that occurred on Elm-street, near
the oanal. It appears, from what we could
learn of the affair, that ha became Involved
in a quarrel with a man, whose name we were
unable to ascertain, and during the melee was
hot In the leftside, the ball striking a rib and
glancing around the body rather than directly
entering it.
The wounded man was taken into a drug
store on the oorner of Elm and Twelfth-streets,
where his wound was dressed, after which he
was removed to his residence. In the excite
ment caused by the affair, the would-be mur
derer escaped, and has not been heard from
since. The wound, although a serious one, Is
not dangerous, but it will confine him to his
bed for a considerable length of time.
Polios - CocBT.Judge Lowe examined
twenty-four oases yesterday morning, the
most of whioh were as unimportant and un
interesting as It is possible for any to be that
require the attention of a oourt of justice. The
following are the principal ones that were
disposed of i , .
Silvester Biglnus was arrested on a charge
of stealing a lot tt bed-olothlng, of the value
of ten dollars, from a boarding-house on Culvert-street,
and sentenced to pay a fine of $10
and be imprisoned in the County Jail, at hard
labor, for a term of two months.
- A fellow named Thomas Smith was oharged
with carrying concealed weapons, and a heavy
pair of Iron knuckles were found upen his
person. He was sentenced to the County
Jail fot ten days and muloted in a fine of $20.
A teamster, named Michael Coleman, was
fined two dollars and oosts for close driving.
We should be pleased to see this ordlnanoe
stringently enforced, for evary day almost we
see persons compelled to wait at a crossing for
five minutes, in consequence of a number of
dravs and wagons driven so olosely together
thai it is almost Impossible to pass.
James Donnelly, James Bowden and Mat
thias Hagerman were sent to City Prison for
a term often days each, for indulging in the
dignified amusement of abusing their families.
John Clark received a sentence of three days
in the City Prison, ond Patrick Hays a term
of ten days In the County Jail for similar of
fenses, while Prestly Fowler, who committed
n assault upon bis sitter, was fined $5 and
Heavy Burglary of a Millinery Establishment
—Two Females Stupified by
Chloroform and Robbed.
, One of the most daring and sucoessful
burglaries which has taken place in this city
for a long time was perpetrated, night before
last, at the millinery establishment of Mrs.
Jamison, No. 121 Fifth-street. ,
It appears that the burglars effected an en
trance to the building from the rear yard,
through a window, by foroing open the shut
ters and then breaking the window fastnings.
They ransacked the store from one end to die
other and carried off silk goods, ribbons, and
other artlolea to the value of more than
$2,000. :
They then proceeded to the chamber over
the store, occupied by Mrs. Jamison and her
daughter, to both of whom they administered
chloroform in quantities so large as to stupify
them to saoh an extent that at a late hoar last
evening they had not thoroughly recovered
from the death-like stupor into whioh they
had been thrown.
Unfortunately, Mrs. J. had drawn the sum
of $1,400 from the bank the day previous, in
tending to make use of it, yesterday, for basi
nets purposes, and this upon retiring she had
plaoed beneath her pillow. The sooundrela,
after securing both the money and the goods,
left the house with their booty their victims,
so noiseless had they completed their work,
all tha time nnnonanlnn. n wkAialsawwisal
. " www va esawi siwiiatuau
visitation. " :
No clue has, as yet, been obtained as to who
were the nerDetrator at thla it.nr. .ffL BM,i
as they seelh to have left no trace which would
1 .. .
io.u hi uinr uiuuovery, it is quite iixeiy they
may go unwhipt of justice. Mrs. Jamison
and her danffhtav linth anffaa'.Hll .
effeots of the oft times death-producing drug,
uu i. in poi.iuie mat we result may yet prove
more disastrous than even the burglars in
tended; for their ultimate and entire recovery
would appear almost a miracle of the medi
cinal art.
Annual Elections of the Independent
Order of Odd Fellows.
Many of the Lodges of the 1. 0. 0. F., In
this eity, hold their annual elections during
the present week ; in some of them the selec
tions have alreadv taken nlata. Vi h.nsitli
publish the result in as many instanoes as ws
novo men sou w ascertain, ana will en
deavor to render our report as full and com
plete as possible; and as the members of the
different lodges may assist us in this, we will
be under an obligation to any who may fur
nish us with a list of their newly elected offi
cers at as early an hour as convenient.
The following were elected on Monday night
last: ... - . ,
Magnolia Lodob, No. 83 W. L. Thompson,
N. G.j A. Paddack, V. G.j Charles Stevens,
R. S.; J. H. lAydelott, P. S.; O. D. Winohell,
Treasurer. H. N. Bird, Win. Chidsey and R.
K. Cox, jr., Trustees.
Fidblity Lodob No. 71. A. W. Osier, N.
.; W. D. Dalton, V. G.: J. A. Remley, R. S.;
W. S. Bell, P. S.j J. H. Kolker, Treasurer;
James Ashman, J. Bteptoe, G. Strickler, Trus
tees. Vblcaw Lodob No. 178 S. W. Davis, N.
G.; Joseph Sharpe, V. G.j W. 0. Williams, R.
S.; Lewis Handman, P.S.; J. Gominger, Treas
urer; A. Handman, P. T.
Cbabtbb Oak Ehoamfmbnt No. 77, Wm.
White, C. P.; A. Handman, H. P.i John Peter
son, S. W.; Lewis Handman, J. W.; W. fl.
Barnes, Scribe; Jacob Gominger, Treasurer.
The following were elected on Tuesday :
Wm. Fbhh Lodob No. 56. William A. Disk,
N. G.j Aug. Donnelly, V. G.; William Cotty,
R.S.; David Baker, P. S.; Joseph S.Ross,
Treasurer; M. King, E. G. Megrue, L. A. Har
ris, Trustees; X. G. Megrue, Property Trustee.
Wbbklt RaroRT or thb City Aumtob.
The City Auditor last night reported to the
City Council that during the week ending on
yesterday, orders had been drawn on the City
Treasury for the following sums:
Watch Fund .............. 147 66
Superior Court Fund...... 353 no
vwniunii T UUU...M-...
Police Court and City Prison Fund
General Fund............... .....
' TOtal.,..M,M..MM....M.MM...,M.t.MMI..M..W S6,486 90
There are now remaining in the City Treas
ury the following sums :
n 1 t- j '
$62,(77 94
733 87
20,411 49
. 4,077 84
1,091 70
730 79
4,154 47
' ' 100 00
198,204 49
X2,3M 37
2,268 41
waico .-una..
Interest Fund.....
Hnperior Oourt Fund
Fire Department Fund.,
ticht Fund
Work-house Fund,
HcMieken FniM
Sinking Fund .......".Z
Common School Fund Bond and Cash.
T0talHMNM WMMMHWH )......M..MMMM31S,)93 34
Splbndid Cohflihbkt to a Rbtibibo Mana
ges. Mr. Charles Barras, as our readers are
already aware, retired from the management
of the Opera-house on Saturday last. As a
parting memorial of the estimation in which
he was held by the proprietor of this magnifi
cent temple, he was made the recipient of a
handsome gift, accompanied by the following
note: ..
. Cincinnati, CHi8TtAg, l&M.
"Mt Dxab Barras: Please accept the Inclosed
check for two hundred and fifty dollar, as a Christ
mas gift, and as a token of my affectionate regard
and esteem for you as a gentleman and friend; and
permit me to say that our relation during yonr man
agement of the Opera honse ha been a pleasant and
atisfactory one to me.
Vour resignation may be to your interest-I trust
it may prove so. Yon have had a difficult task to
perform, and not, I am afraid, a agreeable to you a
I wished it to be, whioh I earnestly regret.
Wlsniug you every happinesa and all prosperity,
and begging you will accept the assurance of my re
gard, I remain,
couple of horses attached to a carriage ran
away from Wemecke's stable; in Court-street,
yesterday afternoon, and dashed up Main
street at a fearful pace. When near the canal
they ran against a farmer's wagon, and when
opposite Jefferson Hall, tbey completely de
molished the vehicle to which they were at
tached by running against a milk-wagon, the
driver of whioh only escaped death by leap
ing to the ground, by which feat he broke his
leg and otherwise Injured himself severely.
The horses were finally stopped and returned
to the stable, but the mischief they did during
their temporary madness, will involve a loss
of nearly $500, beside in ail probability maim
ing a man for life.
Abbbst or An Allbqbo Ham, Thiif. A
fellow named Lewis King was arrested yes
terday evening, in the hall of a house on the
oorner of Third and Pike-streets, having in
bis possession a quantity of clothing, with
which he was about making his escape. A
shawl was also found upon his person, whioh,
it is supposed, he had taken at some other
establishment, and may be seen at the Hammond-street
Station-house, to whioh place he
was committed to await an examination before
Judge Lowe this morning.
Soibbb Damsahtb. The Independent Glee
Club give their third annual tovree dmuante on
Friday evening at Metropolitan Hall. The
supper will be served by John MoDonnell in
his usual excellent style, and the whole affair
will donbtless reflect credit upon the manage
ment. ' 1 ' . - '. TAF
Bathing. A pleasant bath is pleasant at
any time, but when taken at such pleasant
rooms as those of the Burnet Honse, it nearly
approaches a luxury. It is the only place we
know of where one ean truly enjoy bathing.
Enter from Vine-street.
Rsady Mbaia The restaurant of the Bur
net House, in charge of Billy Wilkinson, is
now the popular resort, for the reason that his
diahes are unexceptionable, and ean be served
at a moment's warning. Go there for a nice
aim or oysters, ana ail unas or game. ;
Otstbbs. Robert Orr, the indefatigable
oyster dealer, has just received a fresh supply
from the East. ..-He is nrenared to furnish
them at moderate rates to all who see proper
to favor him with their patronage.
arFor splendid holiday oyiters go to
Wasconer, 203 Western-row. -above Fifth,
and 68 West Sixth-street.
PikV Opbba-hodbb. The third persona
tion of Mimdhmsb Nioht's Deals, at the Opera
house, attracted last evening another large and fash,
lonable audience, and we have no doolil the maznlH
oent spoctacle-for. on tbe stage, it can avr be
anything else will continue to prove magnetic at
least through the present week. AH who aee the
Ubbah are delighted with It, and we deem the mis.
en-aoene superior to that employed in it prevlon
production In any other leading city those fond of
ti. hui,tr,,l -rill nA fin ...:.. l ,i . i
rr L x .w. tn. irfRTa-iiuuse
Kingsbury), are all excellently rupreeeuted. We ad,
n.u.,u9jm,ra impaaeionea toe second, are nair
enarmored of the third, and are greatly Interested
In tha fant-.1l flia n.1 II A 1I.U ..'.! 1. .. i
al Dora Sperlow has a self-possession and ease, act
with a naturalness, and reads with a degree of cor
rectness rarely witnessed in one so young and ae en
tirely pew to the profession. We wish the woet di
minutive tbe fullest success. Minsvaiau Niaat's
OaiAH again this evening. ,
Natiobai, Tbbatbb. The audienoe at the
National last night, although Intellectual and crit
ical' was not aa large as it should have been, or a
the merit of Mis Davenport would have led us to
SffSlv Tm. "T " onA wnlch' UDOn to'" '"eon.
will not fall to impress the spectator as admirably
adapted to enow the power of the artiste, for it 7a full
or intenating and impressive situations, passion and
pathos. It U In the portrayal of tbe fine feeling of
the human heart that Miaa Davenport excels, and
ber exquisite finish and marvellous power ol elicit
ing the sympathise of her audience, render and will
keep her In this respect at the very head of her pro
fesslon. HnaALUAHOi will be repeated this even
ing, probably for the last time, and we advise all
who have not witnessed her impersonation of "Leo
nie Arnauld,' not to mis the preaentopportunity.
Wood's Thbatbb The new play entitled
the Ohio Gnu Is still, in connection with the grand
wliSf- ,t.ol.tof "e attraotlonrat
Wood'. Both the piece are admirably pat upon
the stage, and the audiences are fair, both in point of
number and Quality. The same plays will be per
formed this evening. ,
Smith k Nixon's Hall. A burlesque epeia
m1' omri"1,11 both the New Orleansand Metro-
vu..vu vvu,i.uii, uu consisting oi iignter per
S.rwen,ai!.ft?2,S?cd, S B Pr, for four night
only, at smith a Nixon' Ball, commencing on hi on.
u,.Umv, wuipau, DUBWB lit! TO
Pigmy recommended, and we doubt not will both
deserve and receive the liberal patronage of our olti-
Pbbsobal. Alf. Burnett,- who has just re
timed from a professional tour in the province,
proposes to give us his unique entertainments in this
city some time during the coming week, the time
and place of which will be duly announced-.
Fibi This Mobbiho. About one o'clock
this morning, a fire broke out in a cooper-shop
oooupled by Henry Kemper, and located on
Logan-street, between Liberty and Elder.
Although the entire building was destroyed
by the flames, the loss will not exoeed $300,
upon which, we believe, there was no insu
rance. Pbspabb fob a Nbw Ybab's Fiast. Potor
Cavagna, No. SI West Fifth-street, is pre
pared to furnish the beat quality of oysters to
all who are desirous of luxuriating on these
delicious bivalves on New Tear's day. The
publio should extend to him a liberal
.7.7. wowbbh aiierBWDruay evening,
"Oberon;1 ( Mrs. Conway), "Titanla" (Addle Proo
tor). "Puck" 'Viola droctrnr). ami "Hrm." I Ali
More ice was in the Eiver yesterday than on
Tuesday, but as the weather la very mild there is
little prospect of the Ohio being blocked up, unless a
sudden cold spell come on, which would probably
olose navigation. The water continued to fall, and
for thetwenty-fonr hour ending last evening had
decllnedeevenoreieht inches.
1 1 Boats are atill leaving for the upper ports, the Argo.
naut having started for PltUburg last evening.
Business at the levee was active yesterday, and
though little freight was shipped for upper port: it
U plenty for o Memphis, Nashville and Sew Orleans,
rreight for St. Louis baa fallen off materially since
The weather is mild and last evening indicated
Ju. The rate of freight are aa follows:
.ritH?,urt'ottoni'6" Molaases, 7So. Whisky
80c.: Flour, 30o.s Pork and tard, Mo.; Ponnd
freight, loo. per 100 lb.
EmJ .tl8k,,Kr, Ale, 800.; Ponnd
Freights, lS20o. per 100 lbs.
8t. Louis-Heavy Pound Freights, 25o. per 100 lb.;
Whisky and Oil,o5c. per brl.; Stove, 25o7j Ale, 50e!
, Orleans-Whisky and Oil Wo; Flour, BOo.; Pork
750.; Bacon, Butter, (Jheese, 4c; 35c. per 100 lbs.;
Keg Lard, aooj Empty Barrels, 26c., Horses, 110 per
head; Pound Freights, aio.
Yesterday's St. Louis Republican remarks :
There Is a heavy gorge of ice reaching from some
unknown point above down te the foot ot Uarr-street,
and extending nerrlv across to the Illinois shore.
This heavy mass of ice remained fast hut evening at
dark, and if it breaks loose will do more or less dam
age to the boats at the levee. There la also a gorge
of ice on a bar running very nearly parallel with
Bloody Island, but the forry-boats havo nodlffioulty
n passing around it.
Since Saturday evening last the river here swelled
two and a half feet up to dark last evening. In the
twenty-four hours ending at dark last evening, the
river rose one foot at loast. From twelve o'clock M.
until dark it swelled two inohe,and may bo reported
as atill rising slowly. This rise cannt proceed from
any gorge below, aa the river ia doubtless open to
Goose Island, alwut four miles above Cairo.
At last aooounta the river was closed from Cairo np
to Green Island. The rise In tho river at this port,
therefore, proceeds from a swell In one of (the upper
stream. The Missouri and Illinois rivers are both
tightly gorged the one at St. (Jhnrlea, and tha other
at the mouth, o that no considerable swell! could
come from either of those stream. The rise,thei
fore, oan come from no other than the upper atiu
ippl, and the Alton packots, down yesterday, report
a swell of fully one foot at Alton, and a channel of
five and a half feet between Alton and tit, Louis.
This la good water for boating, bnt the channel is
very crooked and much interrupted by gorges and
sunken Ice at various points. All the packets down
yesterday, and there were fonr, agree that there is
five and a half feet of water, and that the river is
rising. This rise doubtless proceeds from local
causes the two or three day of thawing weather,
4o. The weather was very warm on Sunday and
Monday; yesterday it was clear, and toward evening
the windcame strong from tbe northeast, with every
Indication of growing still colder.
, Abbivals. Fort Wayne, Hsw Orleans; Emerald,
do.: Tecumseh. do.; Forest Queen, Madison; Mag
nolia, Maysville; Bay City, St. Louis; Gray Eagle,
Pomeroy; Vigo, Plttabnrs; Dunleith and Virginia
Home, Xevlllo; City of Madison, Madison; 1. B.
Miller, Pittsburg.
DxFABTOBas.-Foreat Queen, Madison; Magnolia,
Maysville; Gray Eagle, Pomeroy; Superior, Louis
ville: Argonaut,' Fittaburg; Undine, Arkansas Biver,
Dunleith and Virginia Home, Neville.
Monetary and Commercial.
Business in the banking quarter was still
more active yesterday than on - Tuesday, and the
movement in the Money market continued brisk.
All financial operations are so carefully conducted
that capital is made to go much further than would
at first seem possible. Everyoornerls closely turned,
and every dollar made to pay for its enulvalent.
At the Disconnt-houses th offering remained
larger than could be accommodated, but they did aa
much of the first-class paper as they could at the
regular ratea-1012 per cent.
Eastern Exchange was very firm, the snpply being
hardly equal to the demand at X buying and
prem. selling rate.
In Gold and New Orleans Exchange no alteration
has occurred. Both are ia demand and scarce.
Iio change has ooeurred in TJnourrent Money.
This week will be a close one, of course, but after
Wednesday next tbe greatest pressure, it 1 thought,
will be over. -
Flour was In better demand yesterday, without
any change of consequence in the rate. Whiaky
was dull, and declined Ho. vet gallon. Grain and
Grocerle were ateady. Holder of Provisions were
firmer and leas disposed to sell. Hogs were stiffer,
bnt did not advance; 1,W0 head selling at $585
6 2S.
Tbe Import and Exports ot various articles dur
ing the twenty-four hours ending yeaterday noon,
went '
Iwoan.-Flour, 2,621 brl.; Whisky, 1,029 harries;
Corn, 1,855 bushels; Wheat, 26,49 bushels; Oats, 1,779
boshels; Barley, 659 bushels; Hogs, 9,133 heed in
cluding 3(486 head left at Brighton Station laat week;
Pork and Bacon, hhds.. IDS brls., 129,184 lb.;
Sugar, 704 hhd.; Molaases, 3,409 brls.; Ooffee, 11 bags;
Apple, 63 brls.; Butter, 43 kegs; (Jheese, BZ7 boxes;
Potatoes, 437 brls.; Salt, 371 brl.
ExMRTS.-Flour, 786 brl.; Whisky, 1,025 brls.;
Whe,-, 134 bushels; Pork and Bacon, 69 hhds.: 60
Uarcee, 1,137 brl., 127 boxea; Sugar, 46 hhd.; Mo
lasses, 179 bbl.; Coffee, 146 bags; Apples, 60 brls.:
Butter, 140 kegs; Cheese, 816 boxes; Salt, 91 brl.
Th following is a comparative statement of the
Imports of Foreign Dry Goods and General Mer.
ebandise at the port of Mew York for the past week,
and since January 1: i ,
'For tbe week. 180. 1888. 1889.
Dry Ooods...M.. . (314,618 $391,632 f 2,490,408
Geu'l Merchandise.. 1.469.U7 1,940,377 2,144,400
Total for the week.! f 1,783,645 S2,S22,0M 4,634,80S
Previously reported 211,140,897 1.9,648,867 230,355,666
. Sine Jan. 1....J212,4,241 1141,970,876 $234,990,474
Th Imports It will be seen are more than double
of thsaame week of laat year. The increase I nearly
all in Dry Good.
Yesterday's St. Louia Democrat observes:
Th supply of Currency I better, and prospects are
that It wlil soon accumulate so aa to be difficult for
the broker to handle it. The demand for it to bny
hog with, ha In a great measure ceased, and tn the
urchaae of Eastern Exchange X per cent, difference
i made between it and bankable funds.
The demand fer Exchange, both on tbe East and
South I larger than tha supply. Sight on tbe East
is quite firm at', per cent, tor bankable funds, and
IX premium for Illinois and Wisconsin currenoy;
Indeed, no large amount could b had at 1M, and aa
it Is 1M at Chicago, the probability Is it will Hon go
higher both hare and there, as currency accumulates.
The Democrat of same date lays of Hogs In that
The packing teason approaches Its close. The num
ber packed here doos not vary far from 66.000 only
som6)X) in all were packed yesterday. The rate
paid are a laat quoted, ranging from 95 2&$6 25.
Nothing doing in iTovislon. A Tot of country mees
oould have been had at 116 75, but no sale of any
thing were reported. It I probable ome farmer
areatlll holding on to their Hogs, but the roads have
been excellent, and price so high a to call out moat
of th Hog already many of them before they were
very fat. ,
FLODB There wits an Improved demand to-day,
without any important ehanse in price. The eale
were I,o0 barrels, at 309 40 for aunerflne, and
5 mif 7 for extra, the latter rats for whit W heat,
ion barrels extra family sold at t 90, V'- -
WH1SKY-A dull market, and price Ho. lower:
ales of 1,200 barrels at SHo.,lBcludiog that from
agon. ,. ,
HOGS There was a firmer feeling la the market
to-day, on th part of holder, but ao improvement
in price. The sales were;
MO head, dividing en 190 lbs. at,
aai neau averaging 1KI lbs. at.,
MO bead averaging ISO lbs. at.
350 head averagiug lxe lbs. at.
360 head averaging 18(1 lin. at.
HO head averaging 310 lbs. at,
ia) neaa averaging z IDs. at.,
100 head averaging 170 lbs. at,
20 head averaging 186 lb, at,
w neau averaging 210 lb, at.
200 head averaging 230 lb, at
3iO head averaging 180 lb, at .-........ 00
The receipt during tbe last twenty-four hours were
O.U00 head. ... (
PBOVISIONS-On the part or holders, the market
was firmer, and lea disposition to aell at tbe current
rate wa exhibited, but th demand waa limited:
300 barrel met Pork sold, in lot, at (16.- 100,000
pounds bulk Meat at 6 and 8c, for February dellv.
ery. 160 barrel Lard at 10o and 60 do. at 91o.
5,000 pieces green Meat sold at 476(360. for Shoulder:
6 4-50. for Sides, and 7 7-107 -16e. for Ham. 60
hhd. bulk Shoulders sold at 60. packed. Then waa
a fair demand for bulk Meat, at &H and Ttfo. packed,
on the spot, but holder asked the even figures.
- GROCERIES- Sugar steady, with a fair demand at
HM69o. Molasse held more firmly: sale of 100 brl.
at 46o., at the wharf. Coffee unchanged.
WHEAT The market is firm, with a good demand
at Si 231 29 for prime white, and fl M for prime
red: aalea of 3,000 bushel prime white, in Covington,
at fl 25; 2,000 do. mixed at II 22: BOO do. prim red
at 1 25, but this I abov tbe market.
O0EN Tbe market I firm, with a good demand
at 6052o.: aalea or 300 bushels, In bulk, at 62c.
OATS The market I doll, and price drooping:
ale of 600 bushels, in bulk, at 48c.; 600 do. at 49a0.,
and 650 do. at Ado. .
BYE The market is firm, with an active demand,
and light receipt. We quote It at II.
liAKLEY The market is dull: but prices arena,
changed: sale of 300 buaheU lair fell at 680.
CHEESE The demand continue aotlve, and price
flrni: salt or 200 boxes fall-made Western Beserve
at IMo.i 226 do. at Sc.; 76 do, English Dairy at lie,
and 20 do. Nutmeg at 12,Sc.
BUTTER The market is dull, bnt price are with
out change: sales of 6 barrels Western Besarv at
. APPTjES-There Is a good demand, and price are
firm at our laat quotation.
POTATOKS-Prlce are firm at SI 60 per barrel for
prim Neshannock, on arrival, with a good demand.
CLOVKB SEED The market ia dull, bnt price
unchanged; sales of 200 bushel fair, in sacks, at
14 SO; 64 acka at $4 66, and 65 barrel at ft 70,
.N" Mabkh, December 28-P. M.-Flour
i w-te better: tale of 936 barrel, at 16 J05 25 for
iiipe. o State: $5 405 46 for extra Sute; $6 25
6 ) J-.' uperilne Western; 15 36(35 60 for common
to mjdiaiu extra Western; 406 76 for inferior
to good snipping brand extra round-hoop Ohio
mart j' ciom quiet and firm. Canadian Flour
a sonde oer,.r: sale of 300 barrel at $5 606 for
common to clnicn extra. Bye Flour I In fair
request at $3 6')'ti 4 , Wheat is quiet and firm:
ale of 66,000 bnsh.wi red Soutbsrn at II SO, and
1,0110 do. white Kentucky it $1 50(3)1 69. Bye scarce
and firmer. Corn unchange-n aalea of 10,000 boshels,
at 8285o. for new white anil vsllow. Oat droop
ing: sales at Hh&HHo. for State, WesUrn anfl Ca
nadian. Wbisky heavy and lower: sale of 300 brl.
at 2ti26Xo., chiefly at tbe inside price. Pork very
quiet: sale of 335 brls., at Sl6 05(316 26 for mess;
til 62 for prime. Beer unchanged: sales of 346 brls ,
at H1 60 for country prime; 55 60 for country
mess; 69 60 for repacked mess, and llli&ll 60 for
oxtra mess. Beef Hams steady: sales of 100 barrel
at $14 60 for Western. Prime mess Beef quiet at 117
(319. Cut Meats quist and unchanged: sales of small
tots, at 6X63(o. for Shoulders, and GXffllOo. for
Ham. Bacon quiet. Dressed Hogs steady at 6X
(M7c. Lard heavy: sales of 250 barrels at 10H10o.
Butter In moderate demand at ll16o. for Ohio, and
1523C for State. Cheese steady at tMlXe. Cotton
firm: sale of 1,000 bale. Sugar firm. Coffee firm,
bnt quiet at 11(3120. for Rio. Molaasee firm at62&
&3o. Tallow dull at 10M10Mo.
Nsvr Tors OATrLB Markkt, December 28. Beave
quiet. 3,500 head were received: sales at 6H0Xo.
Slieepadvanoed3537Hc; 7,000 head were reoelved.
Swine firm; 20,000 head were received: sale at .5)
J3IMC. . , ..: .
PiitLAPELrsu Mabkkt, Pocember 28. Flour is
steady: sal ef 1,000 l" at $5 60 for superflne,
nndl5 76for extra, live Flonr is held at 14 37X.
Corn Ileal is held at 13 75. Wheat steady: aalea of
iitwuiuuennw at ti M((pi so. tiye sen at vc.
In store. Corn lias declined 2c. per bushel. Oats are
teady: sale ol 2.009 bushels, at 44460. Whisky
better: sales of S00 barrels at 26i27Ho.
n.U...m.rAM 6 10
NNNMMU ) esse 600
a on
6 20
a ok
-.!.-!!!!...!l.. s 86
6 00
-6 26
Citt CorjsoiL Tbb Rbtibiho Coomoilurk.
On Thursday evening, January 6, the term of th
present City Council will expire ky tbe limitation of
tbe oity charter. Tbe member are elected for two
yean, one-half going oatof oUlce annually.
It is not our intsntion to pronounce an eneonium
upon tbe present Council, but we cin not. ee it pass
to It last resting place without besto viug upon it at
loast a paasing word. We will not pretend that, as a
deliberative body it is faultless, but we are of opin
ion that It will compare favorably with any of its
neighbor. The member have manifested a laud
able interest In the welfare, the honor and the integ
rity or tke city, and have frequently given their in
dividual credit for its benent.
The President, Major Goodson, and who continues
in office another year, has presided with dignity, and
in hi rulings has exhibited a good degree of Parlia
mentary knowledge.
Meaars. Bloomer, Battesby, Rcse,Cambron, Mooar,
Hood and Longuere representing ward; in the
ordor of their names, retire from omce with tbe pre
sont Council, untafle re-elected. All, however, except
Bloomer, Cambron and Hood, are again soliciting
tbe suffrages of the poople, but with what success tbe
poll alone will determine.
Mr. Bloomer has not been regular in his attend
ance; and when present wa always silent, except
when called upon to voto.
Mr. Batteaby has been so long in the Council that
he may be regarded as permanently located there.
He is a man of good buslneas tact, seldom speaking
much, but does a great deal, is always prompt la
attending to all business intnued to him, ana en
deavor to further, in all things, the Interest of the
air. Rose, from the Third Ward, has, during the
last year, occupied the arduous position of Chairman
of the Committee on Internal Improvement, a
position requiring a large amonnt of labor, as well
aa a knowledge of mechanics. So faithfully as he
discharged bis duties, that all his act hare been
unanimously ratified by the Council. His influence
In that body Is meet potent.
Mr. Cambron is a man or "much speaking," having
a strong penchant to dilate upon every subject before
tbe Council. He is Chairman oi the Committee on
Law, and, aa such, has been called upon to investi
gate difficult questions, in which tbo interests of the
city are concerned. When an investigation bas been
had beforo tbe Courts, his view have almost invari
ably been austniued.
Mr. Mooar, from the Fifth Ward, is a good orator,
a ready debater, a sound jurist and a good buslneas
member. He is an economist, and in favor of main
taining the credit of th oily at all hazards. His ef
forts to induce the Council to adopt prompt and ef
fective measures for the protection of the rights of
the oity, In the matter of the sale of the Covington
and Lexington Hallroad, are known to and appre
ciated by all our citizens.
Mr. Hood is a silent member, but very regular In
his attendance. .
Mr. Longuere speaks occasionally, and attends o
the business intrusted to him witb promptness. He
la modest In his deportment and never intrudes his
views unless solicited.
At some future time we may take occasion to no
tice those members who hold over.
Tbb If atbbbity or tbb Bbobbtlt Diaoov-
tain FoutfDLiNO Indictment or tbb Hotbib amp
Hib AccoHPuets. The physioian summoned to
examine the body of th Infant recently found at the
residence of Mr. Kieth, conoluded their investiga
tion yesterday. They were unanimously of opinion
that It waa alive and healthy at the time of birth,
but whether it death wa occasioned by violence or
not, they were unable, satisfactorily, to determine.
The legal bearing or the transaction was likewise
Investigated by the Grand Jury, and resulted in the
discovery of the mother, an unmarried female,
named Mary Hays, who resides on sixth-atreet with
her mother, who is a widow. A bench-warrant was
issued for the arrest of Miss Hays, her mother, and
another femalt, named Ann, alias Mary Powell, who
halls from Clnsinnati, where she has obtained con
siderable notwlety In the Bestellian profession, and
who was present at the acconchment. The guilty
partlea have assented themselves, toavoid the officers
of the law. ., ; . , . . . 1
Cibcuit Court. The following oriminal
oases were tried in th Circuit Court yesterday:
Commonwealth vs. Jos. Newman, colored boy, for
obtaining goods by false pretenses. Verdict of guilty
returned by tke jury, and the culprit sentenced to
one year in tke penitentiary.
Commonwealth va.J. B. Ashford, misdemeanor.
Hk- ma. n-u.H - 1 ) . , B u
and were, consequently, put in custody of the Sheriff
until tuis morning.
Commonwealth v. Jan Brown, assault and bat.
tery. Defendant found guilty and sentenced to th
County Jail fur ten day.
Masonic The Robert Burn lodge, No.
183, will hereafter meet at the Masonio Hall, corner
of Monmouth and Jefferson-street. The ball was
dedicated tome time since.
Thb Cobosbt at Odd Fbllows' Haix. The
colebrated artist and veteran violinist, Joaepb Tosso,
with other musicians, will give a concert of vocal
and instrumental music, at Odd-Fellow' Hall, on
Friday evening next. Th well-known character ol
Mr. T., and those who will assist blm upon this ocoa.
Ion, i a sufficient guarantee that the entertainment
will be of tbe first-elaas, andalao that the hall will
be crowded.
'' No. 319 and 321 Main-street.
ViOilUB . UUAiTKIt'B, .
j no, aw ana m main-street.
No. 319 and 321 Main-street.
de. 1 No. 319 and 321 Main-street.
dei So. 319 aad 331 Main-street,
w mv , sm s a
. W Jj,.
. A ' S. .li.r.I fl.. A J. nMlu la ' 7. '
Lantingborg, N. T., had a eat whioh took a. ; .
violent fanoy to her baby. .Thelattjr, eras ' .
seized with a violent attack of hooping-oogrh i."
a few weeks since, aad the eat with kw iis '
kittens caught the disease from the child. The .
baby died, and the eayraa fot along am) la-
consolable for the lost of bar faverite, until "
t laat: she ptaed away and died of grief.''"
Abbbst or SiDrrrocs Bovs ra Ibbukd.
Two lads, sailing themselTesnativeeof Water
ford, have been apprehended at Weiford,
Trcland, for singing seditions ballads, which,
ia anticipation of tha advent ef the Imperor
Napoleon, oalled upon all "true eons of Erin"
to arm and follow the "brave Dr. CahilL"
i ' . I i
A Bio Toad Btobv. An English paper
say the gardener of the Earl of Abingdon
watched a toad, the other day, atrip its akin
from its body, beginning at its hind leg, bat
not separating it from its lips it then made a
sudden poonoe and swallowed th akin in an
Instant. " ,,'
AtTBTBiAB ' Eoo bout. Austrian economy
now takes nota of even oandle ends, for, in
order to diminish tha outlays for gas and can
dles, the mployet It the finance department at
Vienna will, during the winter months, work
from eight till three, instead of from nine till
fouro'elock. .. .
Tbb LoooMonvB ia Ibdia. The women in
India, at the first running of a locomotive on
the new Madras Railway, made reverential
$aiaam to It, aa to a superior being! . Natives
had been stationed with signal-flags on the
route; bnt, en the approach of ue fearful
new monster, they threw down the flags and
scampered for dear Hfel '
saTMr. James Ball, of Lyonier Township,
Penn., having set traps to catch crows, was
ven- muoh surprised . one morning to find a
wild eat ensnared instead. ' It measured three
feet from the nose te th root of tbe tail.
fiM" A. A. Eyster, docks, Watches and
Jewilry, No, til and T71 Wtttern-rcw.
9 Hundreds daily rush to 68 Broadway.
Ferrotypes at the Broadway Gallery.
Buy yonr Holiday Piotures at the
Broadway Gallery. y
pST Cheap Fanoy Cases at the Broadway
Gallery, with superior ground-plate Pictures. Life,
like pictures of babies taken. , . .
J-Yot Chriatmas Presenta go to Albert
Boss's, south-west corner of Ilghth-street and West -ern.row.
' ''
Pioturea for Ten Cent ean be had at
Crouch's Gallery, No. 68 West Fourth-street, , Bvery
person is invited to oall and see for themaelve.
Ide2awl . '
0&r Daguerroan Gallery, lonth-west tot"
uer of Sixth and Western-row, over Hennetord's
drug-store. ..Flctnres taken and at in good casta
for twenty o.,ls. Warranted to plea. ,, .
Sprague A Co., corner of Vine and
Fourth, have on hand a large assortment ef Cloth
ing of every description and of the best quality.
Those wishing to equip themselves In fashionable
habiliments can do so by giving them a call, i . .
Chbistm as Ann Nbw. Ybab's Girn.
Stereoscopes In Mahogany, Kosewood and Leather ;
Slereoscoplo Views In Groups, Statuary, Landscaps;
Steel Braoelet. Brooches, Clasps, Baoklas ;
' Steel Slides for Bonnet and Dress Trimmings ;
Fnrfa in Pearl, Ivory, Sandal-wood ;
Mourning Bracelet In Coral, Jet, Gold and Beads ;
. Coral Necklaeee, Shoulder Tie, Negligees ; '
Wax Beads In White Coral, Bine, Lavender ;
Card Baskets, Card Beeelvere, Card Case ; , '
Odor Stands, Odor Boxes, Toilet Bottles j .,. J;
Jewel Caskets, Jewel Boxes, Work Boxes ; ,
: ' Writing Desks, Portfolios, Gold Pens ; ' '
Crying Babies, Speaking Boll, China Bolls, Wax
Dolls, Ladiee' Puree In Leather,' Wire, 'Velvet,
Pearl, Shell ; Traveling Bags, Satchels, Cabas, Dress
ing Cases; Meerschaum Pipes, Snuff Boxee, Cigar
Oases. - JOHN D. PABK,
del3(iTuTh ' ' Fourth and Walnut-sttaets.
OO.-Fure 1 For I Fur t-FKIDAT MORN
ING, Deo. 30. Will be sold at 9o'olook, at No. 18
Kast Foarth-atreet, an invoice of Ladies' and Gen
tlemen's Furs. A general assortment of fine quality.
de29 JACOB GBAFF, Auctioneer.
BARD, at Trade Sale-rooms, No. 21 West Fifth
street, np stair. Books, Stationery and Diaries for
1660 at Anction.-On FBISAT KVENING, Dec. 30,
at 7 o'cloox, will be sold, by catalogue, to close con
signments, a large and valuable collection of Books,
Blank Hooka, Memorandums. Diaries, Stationary,
Ao., embracing a variety or standard works in va
rious department or literature, beautifully bound
and illustrated, with many other artlolea suitable
for holiday present.
N. B. Catalogue will be published on Friday
morning, and the good will be open for examina
tion on Friday until 6 o'clock P. M.
de29b 8. 0. HUBBABD, Auctioneer.
AGO. Assignee's Sale of Drugs.fto. Will be
sold at Auction on THCK8DAY MORNING, Dec.
9, at 16 o'clock, by order of the Probata Oourt, at
the store lately occupied by Smith A. Griffith, No.
61 Broadway, a general stock of Urugs, Glassware,
Shop Furniture, Soda Fountain, Ac.
Terms All sum nnder SM, cash ; ISO and upward,
note at ninety day, with approved security,
t ...,.. , NOAH W. ETJML8B,
Assignee of Smith A. Griffith.
de28 !' JACOB GBAFF, Auctioneer.
8HF.AR8 A OO.f Sales-rooms No. 67 and 69
Main-street. -There will be a Catalogue Sale of
Boot and Shoe, to be sold by Auction, on THURS
DAY, Deo. 29, 1869, without reserve, tocloss sundry
consignment, at stores 67 and 69 Main-street, Cin
cinnati, Ohio, by Q. BBASQKABS A CO. Sale to
commence at o'clock..
Terms-Cash. All goods not aerial to sample to be
dednoted. No allowance after three day. deS
WILLIAMS Sale-room 22 and 24 East Third
street. Catalogue Sale of Bosewood and Mahogany
at 2H o'clock, 20,000 feet Bosewood Veneers, 16,090
do. Crotch Mahogany Veneer.. .
- The attention of the trade 16 called to this sale.
The Mahogany is long and wide crotch ana curl.
The Bosewood a superior artlole.
Tornis All snma over 8100, two to four months I
under, cash. do28 A KIIiLOGG, Auctioneer.
Sales-rooms No. S3 Main-street. Sundries at
Auction, to close consignment. Will sell, on
THURHDAY MOBNING, Deo. 29, at 9 o'clock, 12,000
worth of fine assorted Gold Jewelry, comprising a
large variety! three sets fin diver-plated Tea Seta,
six pieces each. .
ALSO At 11 o'olock precisely 10 case Kip and
Calf Boot: 40 boxes Pearl jtarcU ) 26 do. Palm
Soap ; 46 brls. Bmoklng Tobacoo 40 do. Cider Vin
egar ; 20 mats Java Coffee. Sale positive.
deJ8 H. 8. MIXES, Auctioneer.
'v For the. Holiday;, f
353, 253, 253,
Walnut-street, Walnut-etreet,
i". CINCINNIATI. ; ' '
Th Oysters sold at this house an superior te any
In this market. Price, a usual, moderate! '
de21ftjal J. TO OP, Ag t for Hatch, Mann i de,
( I Hartford, Coorieotioiit. --.' t
Citpital, 8400,000- Xaaetw, tSiTVTOl.
. Devoted to lire businesa ex ol naively.
'., ., H. A. GLA88F0BD. Agent
noSO-amf M WeetsThlrd-atreet, Olnrlnaatl.
Fine Curistmas - and New Tear's
.; FxiJEioziiStrx'i .' ;' .
. - t' i , , . . - . i i i . '. , ''
election of 6M and T octave Pianos on hand, of
which every one wonld make a very handsome pres
ent for tbe coming Holidays, He will sell at low
rice, and en eaar terms; half oaah, aad balance
ime. II also repairs, tone, and rebuffs Pianos on
reasonable terms. JOHN BKITT1NU, . '
, . PUno Haker,Cnal-t..oonddoorfrom'Vta.
P. 8, My friends, and the publio la general, at
hereby informed that I am not in basin connec
tion with the bona ef Brittlng A Brother, on Fifth
tree, and my reapeetive sraiiomera wilV therefor
jllatmyoldflaonOanal-tmt,B yta.

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