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! WAifois;qj a'c axd tr em, '
pppcb bo. li WBSV-TOBBt a-TBIBT.
thi ttxmr rxuu is amtmmid ntsenter ia
ObMdBMM.OoTtaicicaMlkTMIaoH, d'urr i
ronndim title and kim, at th b-
'marb8otto.J.! l month Oo. I menthstli 1 year li.
W o QJDJ s th eater;
oosjibb siitb An vtbs-tbbbti. ,
Jou A. foaa, jB,J3olLes nd Winterer.
THIS (Friday) BVKNISO. Dm. SO, 'end vry
evening nntil farther natie, will be aoted the new
local piece, entitled
Oh, Ti Ciboibhati Fshals Boat Curs.
I Fanny Smrk.
Caroline Dormer.
MMMHMii4fwMiinn. junior
Clara Courtney Mis Everett
Marl Brooka ........ .... a ( Bin Wall.
Polly Mitteni. ...... Mw..M.......Uffi Denham
Tom TowQMnd. ........ ....,...Mr. Langdoa
Uharlet OhaUr..MMm.M.HU..M.,M,.,K.u..Blr. Bead
Augustus W.hiou. ....,.....,..,. .,, .Mr. Adam
Frank Brtiana...-M.,........,..,....-.-.Mr, Ball
joe Buua.i M......-.....-..........m..ir. antler
The evening' entertainment will eoaolnde with
the grand Orleotal apeotaole, which baa been In prep
aration for three month, at an lmmenie outlay,
called , . .
BLUB BEARD? . r-c ; j
' Ob, Tbs Tbbiobs op thi Blob Cunn i
,f A WmallQae (Blue Beard) M...,w.,.,.,MMr, Langdoa
lbrthim.,,.. .....-..., -Mr, EfUlsr
yatlnta.MM.iinipm.iiiii ii Mm iinn wMri. Sillier
,. Irene.,................. ..... .Mi Penhant
sxrDoers open at 6K; Oartain rlaee at 7 o'clock.
,V; Pawn or Aaauseioa Oreaa Olrole and Perqoette,
.'taiiit or .) r.s j; .JfYiU vf-. J
t THIS (Trtdar) ITBNIUU, Vaeeaber SO, win be
' aeiw sne new piay, in nve aoxe, toiiiwi
Ob. Tbb Ooubi or BniaiA.
The Oaarln a....--, .M1m J, M. Davenport
Peter the Qreat....,..................Mr. W, Btnart
(Prince Meoilkoff... . Mr, Tanderen
, Count Baplcha, mi a Mr. 0. Stnart
, ( Admiral Vlllerbeck........,......Mr. Bernard
' 'Olaa.............. ... ..'..Mf,.M,....Hn.Bltai A. Graham
. Dance...... ...................Ml Jenny Hlght,
, ' To eoBclud with . , i
vnnn t.totio TW TiinavD 5 .
John Strong. ..m.
Mr. Bernard
.Mr. Allen
1, T ...
Madame Bcnpoonenberg...
Timb Altibbo. Door oven at VH o'cloek t the
curtain will rlee at 7M precisely. . .
NOTICE. Tradesman and other are cantloned
'against ftinlshtag any article for the 4 heater with
font j written order, ilgned by the Manager.i,
'aoeair, u now open lor me reoepiion 01 gneeie
ttoonia ean e eoutned Dy tne day or week,
uivaia imuiBuou sir an noun.
F. B. Oonway..,................... Jtage Director.
J. I, Herbert...... .. ..M.....Treainrer.
THIS EVENING, and aTerr erenlns nntll fnrtbar
notice. Bhakipeare'i beantlfnl play
Tbeieai, Dnke of Athene..... ......Hr. Ooowsy,
Lyeander....Mw.MM.iMH......M.Milr. Bheiidan.
; lwmetriae.fc.......i.i...Mi....M,....Mrr. Ohaplin.
Nick Bottomun......n. ...... ..,.... sir. VBTridge,
flnout..... H...wHMMM..m.Wii..w.H..Ur, Iianagan.
Oberon e H eeeteaM te ttevt (teaaei eeee te Ire. Uonway.
nyppoiyiaMw..t..M.. .......,.. mm. ....... .Bin. r lace.
Hermia.......... .....Mlm Kingebnry;
HeleniamMM..M.m........M..M.m..m....Mre. Wllklua.
,ntcla,........,....,......,....,.......n..Idlia Proctor.
Pnok,...,....iimin.i..n....i,niii.,..mm Orooker'
In conieqnenoe of the length of th play there will
be no other performance.) Tor th afternoon per.
formance, on Monday, the door will open at two
o'clock; curtain rime at half-paat two. I
. PBionor Admumok. Partiuette 01 role, Parqnett
5nd Balcony, 60 cent - Amphitheater, 24 cent ;
'rfrate Bozee for eight pereoni, $.
. Door open at 6 o'clock ; commence at 7M. 1
Kllhteen Star Performer. Poaitirely but Four
i. BATUBDAT EVENINGS, Jan. 2, 8, 4 and7i alaoat
: Odd.reUpw' Hall, Ooylngton, on THURSDAY and
JTBIDAY KVKNIN08, Jan. ftand .
y DOUBLE TBOUPB-Oreat combination of Talent
nd Originality-The largeet and beet Band of Mln
.. atrel ever organised -BHOBET, CABLE, DUPHEZ
A OBEEN'S far-lamed and world-renowned only
original New Orleao and Metropolitan ,
Barlntne Opera Traape and Mammoth
Braew Butii
Are coming with new and extra attraotleni, and
will give four of their Ethiopian Concert in thi
city previou to their departar on their annual
' ' Southern tonr. T
- Grand Free Baloony Concert In frost of th Hall
each evening by the Bra Band. i
Door open at 7. Concert to commence at 7)6.t
Admission 25 cent. ' I
' 'FAlso, SATURDAY AFTBBBOOB, at I o'olock.
for school ohlldren and famllle. Ticket reduoea
to 10 eent. . i ,
. Proprietor Bhorey, Carle, Dnprex A Oreen. ;
' deTOh ' Manager and Bnlne Agent.
Tne Great and Uiiriraied European
Ha engaged the above Hall for f
. , Comraeaclna Jaaaiurr I
j The Wonder he ha to introduce -' any
thing yt Introduced in thi, country. Hi brilliant
cuccom throughout Europe, California, Autralla,
Ac, will apeak for itself. Hi apparatu I of ma
aiTeailver: the atage 1 fitted nn in the most gorkeoua
manner. The Hall will be formed Into a Temple of
Enchantment. i
dee further aqyertlaement Monday, Wedneiday and
er ajver
; , j JANUABt 2, 1860. '
A. Watkina. . t A. M. Debarria.
J. Hume. ! -s f J Captain Perry, .
.William MorrU, A -A ,t J. M. Marah, U
William Jone, : B. Blchardaon,
T. fitrader, P. Eichel,
. J. Beiley, . , , A. Parkenon,
J. P. DitchlOB, Captain Jone.
Jame Worthlngtea, W. O. rorreat,
Milton Price, , . J. McQuade,
X J. KelUy, .' 'J. W..D torraat,
jr. Citchaon. , , W. 8. Lewery, .
' St. Price, ' i " ' ' P; McQuade,
H.W. Moore. T. H. Ttlnoiw.M.
i la.
I. William Haakett, Chief, F. F, Wataon, AaalaUnti
! Ticket 13, (jopper Included,) admitting a Gentler
man and two Ladle, which can be proonred of Mr.
Herbert,Treaaurei of tho Upera honM, and at all th
principal mualo atore, alio at the door. i . 1
de22 !
KUHLMAJ), of No. 44 Sixth-ttreeti A '
would reepectfully Inform th publlo that aha &v '
ba. In oonnectlon with Mr Toledo's (late of M. '
Bavel Troupe) tasteful wardrobe, removed tofui.A
her new oflice, at Mo. 70 Fifth-treet, between .
... Walnut and Vine-street, where h will be happy to.
.' v ee her former patron, to whom the ean offer the1
most plendld aeeortment ef costnme. ' del7-am ,
'MRi AMD MR8'; 8HANK8'8
t i, ,d. . 8KC0SD BU. . . Um
National Balli Vlne-arreet, akara FUefc.
The lessons an ao arranged that beginners caa
eommenoe at any time. 1 deotf
103 Maiatret, throe stoor abaro Tbfrsl
O- MM. DEB all k Ada of Hon Trapping, In the best
and mt substantial manner. Abo, a larg aaeort
. ment of Hore Blaalkste, Whips, Carpet and Leather
. ' Bag. Bridle Bit. Buffalo Bob, Vallae (the real
, eole-leather), Mall Trunk. Sponge, and a largo ae
eortment Deionging v) this lino, l will MUaalsw
u . V. . I .1
BQlt-ay j .7.'
' 1 bu on hand a choice variety ef lnxnries forth
. ' approaching fMtlv season. Something for all I La
. , ; die and gentlemen, large folk and little folk: sock
' wnewBalJna,Flg,CorrnU,Pnine,Mata,OitrB
hi fresh Peaches, Btrawberriea and Fine-apple, J elite
and Preserve, Lobster, Salmon and Sardine,
1 rf Oysters, Freeh, Core, Sptoad and Pickled, Unglaw
' . and Oelatine, Fine Brandies, Maderia, Port, Sherry,
vatawna ana unampagn wine. Jamaica an,
Scotch and Irian W hliky, A. Gentlemen will please
not forget that the choicest Havana Oigara ar to bo
had at National Thealer BoildlBg, 8yomor-trt,
-.s'Viffri 'it IS J.I II "LJAV fAV.JFSJ l:t,r: A,it,-ilt III 4W iA'1JrVl VefkB
VOL 2. NO. 115.
.3!V !. V.tiA (11)1)1 I
':'' tBAiss abbiti., ,' .
LmriB MtAm.-Hlfbt Irprses, 8:00 a. .; Aeoom.
modatidb, 2:46 r. Day Expreas, StU r. X.
K.i 1:40 A.M.
. H. -
OntoisnuTt. BLunHoa Am Datto. 7:45 A. M.t HiOS
A. M. 12452 r. a.) 4:83 p. tifOf, a.
BlOBKOMa ABD IbUB1POII.-1o0 U, 6:88 P. H, .
";TBA1hb bepabt. ; ':,
Lrrrr, Huai.-Day Express, WM A. w. Aaoom
. modation, 4:40 r. Night Express, ll:o p.
boiiBAroui ABD ClHOMHAn. 6:60 A. a. I Ui46 .
".; 7:1 p.m. .
Ohioanb MiMinrm.-7:M a.m.; 1:00 p.m.) 74 p.m.
Oimoikxati, Hahutobi abb Battob.-:00 a. a.; 7:30
. a.m.1 10:00 a, a.; Sittv.a.; 4:90 r. a. ( 11:80 r. m.
Bicbbosd and Ibdiabsnu.:0O a. a.; 8:40 p. a.
aaTTho bait safety-vBlTo to a Dollar U a
lobar anglnoar. . . . r , ,
,'V . Tha publioation of tho PtopU'i Prut,
at Nabraika City, bu been upended.
' Trifling preMotioni will oftaa prTnt
great miaohle.fi; a a alight tarn of the wrlit
puri a, mortal tbrait, ,,,
1 f&" Th ' Ocrmam tay: "Xrtry woman
would rather be hudionM thaa good;" aad
ttey ujr truly. . f,-a" . ' j
ii "Th Itallau lliterbood JttiUy eomplala
that "In mB, every mortal tie i venial; la
women, eTry Tenial iln 1b mortal." 1 j i
0K"k woman namod Mrii Harris, whose
huiband bad deaertei her, oommltted suicide
in New Orleans last week, by taking laudanum.
" a-John M. Eloe, of Sutton,' Vt, baa' a
five-year old ion that weigh one hundred and
lix pound.,, , ;i. ,. t ( i..r.,
jSarHiram Woodruff hai bought a tame
mooe at Bangor, whioh, "they lay," ean do a
mile In 2:10. : . , u ,.
1 etTHarihwordi are like nailitonei, whioh,
if melted, would fertilize the tender plants
they batter down.
pM" Mri. Kngel wae burnt to death. In
Memphis, a day or two ainoe, by her elothei
taking Ire from a grate. . , ',, ii
j&" Br. Morrow wag shot in a fraeu by
Tardeman Morris, in JeffersonTllle, Indiana,
a night or two line. . ; , ' , : , : v, j
"Where shall I get a panel?" said the
sheriff to a judge. "Why, I suppose, sir, that
you ean get enough panel out odoort," ... -
Another child named Maru-t
sen was aooidentallf burnt to death at
the residence of her parent!, in Baltimore, a
day OT two ago..- 7 ;'' . ,, ;' ;.',;,.;r',';'' '
' Among the new inventlona is one
that picki up pini from a oonfuied heap,
turni them around with ' their headi np, ana
then itioki them in papimin regular rows.
' ' . ' . .. , e-. ' 1111
&A glaii of sod water wai offered to a
oountry Jad, who rejwted It with the greatest
indignation. "Co yoa think I am a sala
mander' laid be, "to drink water biling hot?"
i ssVtay nothing reipeoting yourielf, either
good, bad, or indifferent; nothing good, for
that ii vanity; nothing bad, for that is af
fectation; nothing indiffrnt,for that ii illly.
gBTWemuit look downward ai well as
upward in human life. Though many have
passed you in the race, there are many yon
have left behind. r ,1 i - ' ; i
. Thire hai been inoh a heavy fall of
mow in Austria that the railroad communi
eatlon between Vienna and Trieste is inter
rupted,. t-'-r-r. S! . i
jfisTOn Monday night the itore of Mr.
L'Eommedieu, at Cuyahoga lalli, Ohio, wae
broken open, and $800 worth of jewelry, glofei
and hosiery itolen.,, t,
jToung Jerome Patterson Bonaparte
was among the Invited gueiti at Compiegne.
The Emperor and Empress treated the young
man with marked civility. j
' tT"',Ma, if you will give me an apple, I
will be good." "No, my child, you must not
be good for .pay you ought ti be good for
BOliWtlJ." 'J'. U. i: - . ' j , .1,.
JSS" A Russian nobleman, Michael Boso
brasoff, has been banished for presuming to
draw op a constitution for Russia and present
it to the Car. , .
f&yt never wipwt perseni who aim
limply to amuse us. There is a Test differ
ence between those who call amusing men and
those we denominate entertaining; wa laugh
with the former and nfleo, with the latter. .
' tTThe London Newt says that the United
State has been stationary for th last twenty
five yaavs. We think every man acquainted
with our history must admit that we have
gaindgrtd in that time. - - , x v , :
jaxT'How do you and your wife get along?"
"Oh, rather badly; she gave me her hand
a year ago, and I thanked her, but she gives
it to me me now every time I dare to speak,
and I'd thank her not to." :.!... , -
,-' f&ft appears Jrom a Parliamentary re
turn that the total number of paupers relieved
In England and Wales, as far as could be as
certained, on 1 the list of October last, wae
783,891, against 811,694 at the game period
Of 1858. . . ... - . . ... : I .
i(T amd a CoRoisssKAH. The Washington
Star, of late date, says some exoltement wae
created in and about thi House Reporters'
Gallery to-day, In conMqnenoe of tho appears,
anea tnere 01 tne mob. bk uodd, or Ala.,'
making rather particular inquiries for the cor
respondent of the New York It. That
correspondent not being in his seat, Mr. Cobb
waited for his appearance some time, until it
vti ascertained that the latter wae confined to
his room by indisposition. Mr. Cobb said he
was sorry to hear of his illness, as ho should
have wiihed to have found him In perfect
health, and in the exercise of all hit powers.
Mr. 0. then withdrew.: . Prom this remark'and
from the fact that Mr. Oobb was armed With a
ease, it is supposed that his purpose . was a
hostile one, in oontequeno (it is understood)
of objectionable personal notice of himself ha v-
lng appeared in the Washington eorrespond
enoe of the Now York Km. '.f',y-
JJiiadpdl ' Aoomnn is Miohiga. At tho
raising of a large bam, in Bloomer, Michigan,
last wk,'Yoouple ef small boys were play
ing. with a largo broad-ax, when one of them
suggested to hu playmate to lay bis head on a
block, and let him cat it off; which was done,
and the sharp heavy ailnstantly levered tho
head from the body of the little fellow. Just
at this instant a larg "bent" of the! frame
was pelted, mid air) but the men engaged in
raising It were so shocked at the light that
thev let ao their bold, when the hnee Umbers.
with a tremendous orash, fill, to tho ground,.
killing tnreo men innanuy.
' "i t ' 1 a- 1 I '
' Thb Abbbioai Won Air's Kcei. The'ewiaye
ne In Amerioa b now the subject of philo
sophical dlsonnion. A Grerman traveler says
of our ladies: "They eau not be ealled,!ia gen
Mai, beautiful, became they are apt to be want
lag In that fulness of form which perfect beauty
requires) and because la wor 0 thert hat
laif nomt" Qarg-ii the length of the
American female nose owing to the fact that
the sex, la our oountry, doe not allow itself to
be inubbedT ffeWor-tai. ' ... ; -
Tea Btobt op Sctlla a Ci.btidis.
Scylla and Charybdli, or Scylla and Claueus
rather, is an appalling itory of jealousy.
Soylla properly belong to tho opposite ooast
of Naples; bat as she and her fellow monster
Charybdli are usually named together, and
tho latter tenanted the Sicilian coast, and the
Strait between them wa Tory narrow, aho is
not to be omitted ia Sicilian fable, Charvbdli
(quasi Ohalybdii, Sidmgt though tome derive
it from two word! signifying to "gape" and
"absorb") wai a female robber, who having
itolen the oxen of Hereulei, was condemned
to be a whirlpool, and luokihlp into Its gulf.
But she was a horror not to be compared with
Soylla, though the latter was thought less
dangerous to pass. It has bsen thought by
some that by the word Scylla is meant the
female of tho sea-dog, or teal, a creature often
found on thi coast. Be this as it may, and
the seal, having a more frightful Image, to lay
nothing of iti being more appropriate to the
water,) who was Soylla? and how came tho to
be thii tremendous monitor? From tho jeal
eusyofClree. ' -y - 1
- Scylla was originally a beautiful maiden,
fond of tho company of the sea-nymphi, and
Claueui, (lea-green) a god ef tho , was in
love with bar. She did not like him) and
Claueus applied to Circe for help, from her
skill in magic. Clroa fall in love with the
lover, and being enraged with the attractions
that made him refuse her, poleoned the water
in which Scylla bathed. The result wa the
conversion oi her lower limb into a set of
barking dogs. They were part of her; and
when in her horror she thought to drive them
back, she found herself "hauling" them with
her one' creature, lays Ovid, hauling many.
This li very dreadful; yet Homer's creature is
more so. ' Her proceeding exactly resemble
tho accounts which mariners have riven of a
huge sea-polypus a cousin of the kraken, er
sea-serpent who thrusts her gigantic feelers
over the deck of an unsuspecting ship, and
carries eft a few seamen. .There is a picture
of It in one of the editions of Baffon. But
tho dog-like barkingand theterrifio head and
teeth, to whioh the imagination involuntarily
gives something of a human aspect, leave th
advantage of the horrible still on tho side of
the poet. ' . . 'i- 1 r :
Thb Moktalitv nv Kttbopb. Notwithstand
ing the undeniable increase of JbtohUo mor
tality in Franoa from 1826, that country is still
in a muoh more favorable condition in that
respect than the neighboring nations, and
than England in particular. To prove thii,
he furnishes from the data contained in M.
Legoyt'i Dictiomrjf of Political Economy, the
following account of the number of personi
between the age of twenty and thirty, who
died in different countries in the course of ten
years, out of a population of ton thousand
individuals: Piedmont, 1,545; Franoe, 1,680;
Styria, l,79f; Belgium, 1,999; Denmark, 2,
S15; Saxony, 2,381; Prussia, 3,881; England,
8,218. : .... ; ;'
. Henso it appears that the mortality of young
people Is twice as great in England as it Is
either in Piedmont or France. ' In the year
Z (1802), tho one hundred and eight depart'
ments whioh composed France contained a
population of 84,976,843 Inhabitants, 5,738,000
of whom were between the ages of .twenty and
thirty. . The number of deaths In the course
of the year was 875,490; of theie 44,280 were
betwsen those ages, thus giving the ratio) of
77 to 10,000. And at present this ratio hai
doubled, being 154 deaths out of 10,000 live.
Tho same appear to have taken place all
ever Europe, so that France In this respeot Is
in the lame position as it wai before, ia com-
E aviso with other nationi. Buffon sayi that
1 England the mortality 01 young people was
In the eighteenth oentury much greater than
in Franoe, and 10 it is to thii day. ; '
Favobailb 8iok. a letter from Pesth sayi:
"Th national demonstrations of the Hunga
rians, are inoreasing and multiplying in a
manner which must, one would think, cause
eriou anxiety to th Viennese Government.
Another most striking one took ploe three
nights back at .the opera-house in this city.
The moat popular of the national operas,
Eskel'i Buxyadi Laulo, (Ladislas Hunyadi,)
was performed, and the house wai crowded
from top to bottom. , Every Hungarian in it
whether high or low, young or old, male or
female was in the national oostum. t In
boxes, pit and galliry, the well-known and
muoh loved garb wa alone to be seen. It is pos
sible that to .some English folk a display of
mere tailoring aad millinery may appear
puerile in a people in the grave position in
which the Hungarians now stand; but among
a semi-Oriental nation like the Hungarians,
matten of oostuma are' not unimportant; and
besides, the resuscitation of national garb,
after it hai long been almost universally laid
aside, could scarcely, I fancy, fail to move
any man . who really love his coin try, even
though he thonld bo ef a oalmer raoe and a
more northern clime than th Magyar." ...
ElTXiVAOABC or Fbmaib Attibi Pabis.
The Paris correspondent of the London Lite
rary QattUt say that with regard to ladies'
dreesee there i a system established in the
Imperial Court' at Compiegne ' that seems
something positively wloked. Four toilettes
a day ar about the general requirement,
though there are days when only three are
neury; the invitations are for sight days,
and no lady is expected evr to be seen twice
wearing the same gown. ' Count this up, and
yon wlu find an average of thirty or thirty-two
toilettes to be carried down to the court. Sup
poaff a female thvtfe not to be .alone, but to
hav a daughter (or two daughters) with her
you some at ones, to ninety or ' n inety
six dresses I Now, th average of these
gown will be 250 francs (10,) because, while
the finr on cost 300, 400, or 600 francs
each, there may be seme whioh cost only 120
Or 150 franes; but pall them all at 250 franos,
yon reach, for each person, th figure, of ! 300
or 320, and if two persons, 600 or 840; if
three, 900 or 960. : ft 'j j
. OpposmoBTO Sxotuxo ib Gbivabt. The
Mayor of Douai,ln aolroular to ths communal
ichoclmasters, expresses his determination to
put down th precocious- habit of smoking,
which he learns by tho reports ov the polio
prevails to a great extent among the boy of
that city.'' Ho therefor deslree the school
masters not only to mark down for punish
ment all ohlldren.. whom they may see smok
ing in 'the streets, but to search' the pockets
and portfolios of the scholars from time to
time, and to take away all cigars, cigarettes,
pipes and tobacco which may be found. . He
authorises the most lever punishment, and
will sanction any measure which th school
master may devise to check the growing evil,
' v j1 1 I
).fKOB!norj8 ;ToaosBT.-i-A oancelled ; check
for $1,000, was presented at th Manufaetu
ers' and Mechanics' Bank, In Phladelphla,
lately for payment. The person presenting it
was arretted, nut wa aisenargeo, u appear'
celled, was prosentod and paid. It turned eat
to be a forgery. It is supposed that the carry
who found the oanosUetl eheok oepied the
signature from that. - ' t r
' '- i II- s I'l , ' ' 1 ,'
log he was eniy a oup oi some ouer party,
Next day a check for $1,020, purporting to be
drawn bv the am Armas that of th can
Aai lserjHsairT FomtD.. Some Urns lines
the post office at Elltvllle, Ind., was closed
because no Democral could be found to accept
th position off poitaMtoft - Through tho ex
ertion ef th Hon. Wa. 11. Dunn, the office
has bca iw-ostablished, and Mis Harriat
Freeland , appointed Poitmiatre. Whethir
tho li a Dcmotrat or Bepublioan is not stated.
l:l.rt ,l.-,i,f-fti-li,,-A
- Tbs Kkbbal MmBS op Meso Moea or
Opibatiho TBM-The New tlranadian Orov
eminent has advertised to be let by contract,
for a ternof years, the valuable but little
known emerald mines of Maso. These ar
th only true emerald mine in the world, and
th gem taken from them hav the dark green
color so muoh prised in Earop. The Rus
sian emeralds, found in th washing of. th
Ural Mountain, ar the only on that eem
pet in th market with those of Muio, to
whioh they are inferior both in color and bril
liancy. These mine wire extensively worked
andor the colonial rule of Spain, but their lo
oality wa itriotly hidden from the world, and
the Idea prevailed ia . Europe that th tru
emerald ' was found only in Peru, where, In
fact, no emerald havo ever been found. After
taking out an enormous quantity ef the gems,
th Spanish Government ordered the mines to
bo dosed, under tho fear that thii presioui
ton would become too common and loio It
value. When tho war of Independence wai
ever, feneral Bolivar granted a privilege to
open the mines to Benor Paris, who made an
lmmenie fortune from them, which was in
herited by hii son.
Ob the expiration of the contract with Senor
Pari!) th mine were rented by a company ef
merchants in Bogota, at the rate of $18,000
per annum, but their operations have been
eoaiuited with lilenco and leorecy. As thii
eontrMt Is about to expire, th Oranadian
Government, with that liberal spirit whioh hai
alwayi marked Iti pelioy, has determined to
throw them open to the competition of the
enterpri of tho world.
i , W hav vklted tho mines and carefully ex
amined the working. The operation is proba
bly tho simplest mining operation in th
world. The veins of calcareous spar whioh
contain th emerald crop out on the cppoiing
sides of a deep ravine. These are worked
down with the par, and the debris is carried
off by a ruih of water. When indications of
the xlstenoe of emeralds appear in the face of
the ollff, through the greenish ting whioh th
vela of white ipar asiumei, the stone is worked
off with great oar until th emerald pooket is
reached. The opening offered by the Orana
dian Government to the mining enterprise of
the world Is a novel one, which may produce
great changes la the supply of gemi.
Nudb Air. Some squeamish oritlc who
does not love nude Art, whioh we confess we
do, writes as follows: Paganism loved to wor
ship the naked body, and to forget the soul In
the contemplation of the body. This led to
horrid degradation and vice, to the blotting
out, almost, of humanity in the asoendenoy of
animallty. Christianity arose that it might
effect the resurrection of the spirit through
the proper subordination of the flesh; ' It was
a happy turn In the religious current of
man's life which substituted the Christian
Madonna for the mythological Venus; it was
the first suoceiiful effort to det&ah the spirit
from the flesh th soul from the body. The
artist ii happy and on a level with our age,
who, in the contemplation of one of Raphael'!
or' Murillol Madonna,' forgets even that
Praxiteles ever sculptured a Venus. Shall we
likewise pay that the artist who first ban-
taha nakaa art fmm mnitsn
- """- vwwata, wuiUlttUlUDI
will b immortal as having been the first to
euoet u uopaeaaoio arc-gun Between pagan
and Christian art?
Limn Thikgs ' ir Lova Wbat Womsh
Wast. Fanny Fern, or some one like her,
prattles in this wise: Now, "bonnets" don't
cure -tho headache; and all the ring and
bracelet Jou could ton into a woman's lap,
(I speak ef a ttmm woman,) ar not worth one
clasp of your arm around her neck when yoa
com home from your place of business. W
don't want forever to take it granted you love
s. Wejare demonstrative, we women. There is
no need of your breaking your backs to pick
npour handkerchief ai yoa used to in th
old courting timet; (heareni, how you stepped
round then!) neither do we want you, after
hanging up your hat In the ball, to lit down in
the parlor and cross your legs, without ever
oommg np stain to give us the return kiii,
whioh is so potent to make ns forget all the
little musquito stinging household annoy
anoei, whioh ar but a feather's weight when
our hearts are light and happy, for it is not
work, but worry, which .makes leaden hearts
and footsteps. , , . ... j ? .,
i'l' .... ... . .!.!!.'
Satah's Mabx os Swan. A few days since,
ingoing into my back yard, whet afresh
killed pig had just been hung up, a man who
knew I was curious in snob, matter, said:
There, now, there's tho mark aa Satan made
it in tho herd of swine before they ran down
the cliffs into the sea," pointing to five dark
marks on the skin of the iniide of each fore
leg. On my questioning him, he assured me
he had never seen a pig without them (I hav
sine looked at five, and they had the lame);
and he laid tho tradition was that all swine
had them ever sinoe the casting out of the
devils whioh destroyed the herd in , the sea.
My queries are, does thii mark always exist?
How do anatomists account '; for it ? Notn
and Queries. ; .,. .
tt Idbausii Tatjght at Collsss. In the pres
ent year, and indeed sinoe th foundation of
the Queen's College, Cork, one-half the stu
dents 624 cut of a total of 1,214 hav bean
Roman Catholic) and Sir R.Kane, who Is on,
stated at th recent distribution ef prises, that
although he and his co-religioniiti had the
greatest respect for their prelates, still, in the
matter of education, they felt bound at mem
ber of . mixed community "to make us of
and improve what is practioally at hand to
appreciate th substance rather than risk Its
los by clutching after shadowy ideal, a
splendid phantom," such aa die monastic
training sketched out for th youth of Ireland
by th Roman Catholic hierarchy. . ,
' A GsiMAS's Opiiiob ov Ova Bbst Sooibty.
Philadelphia artiitooracy is thus recorded by
"Hrr Andre" in hi book on cur country :
"In spite of -hr Republican Institution,
America has an aristocracy a select upper
class whoie exoluilv door no man may pail
without the best of recommendations and ante
cedent!, and in which none can remain with
out accomplishment and good-breeding.! The
most refined, educated, delightful and diffioult
to enter of all thasa circle is said to be that
of Philadelphia. V.. ;
. A' Followib or Drox Tcarix. A young
man named Henry Thornton itole a valuable
horse sear St. Peal, Minn., a few days since,
and was afterward arrested. The yoang man
offered in extonaatlon ef his crime, that hla
' imagination had been exalted by reading the
exploit of Dick Turpln, and other ferocious
literature between' yellow covers, and seeing
no other path to renown open, he concluded
to take the road. He intended to make hit
way to Cadada, and there operate a circum
itanca might direct.' -m . i w : .,.,
' 1 1 . ' 1 ,
' Fatal Biootixo Appbat rx a Nbw. Oiuajis
Hotbu A man named George Rose wai fa
tally shot on tho evening of the 20th, in the
bar-room of th St Charles Hotel, receiving
three wounds la the breast from a revolver in
the hands of Edward J. Israel. Both parties
were well known in the city, and had had a
difficulty but a few hours before in another
drinking saloon. t-
i FsuTOTixnsa or tbb Nils. Acoording to
accounts from Cairo, th Nils thi season na
risen to inok a bight that th inhabitant!
have been eaabled to inundate the fields seve
ral time at regular Interval. Th conse
quence is that wheat, barley, and other grain,
will this Tear bo moat abundant. ,
t i ll '.."ST V
Additional Foreign News.
Nsw Ton, December 29. The mettlng of
th stockholder! of th Qreat Xatttrn hai bean
postpontd to th 11th January. j
Lady Franklin Is about to visit Paris, and
will be received by the Scientific Section of
the Academy with all th honors uiually be
stowed on Royalty. 1 ' ' j
Fiaiob. Tbs Frenoh Council ef Stat is
preparing th project of a law reducing1 th
wram rates, more espeoiauy on artlolei
prime necessity.
Trade in Paris Ii now more active, dpoci
Iators begin to have more oonfldenoe in th
friendly relations of France and England.. .
The failure of the Franoo-Belge lugar re
finery at Marseille, caused trouble aad
discredit there. ' -ii ,s j
Spaix A third Spanish oorps d'amue had
left for Morocco to assist, it was supposed, in
th storming of Teuton. j
' Tvsoasv. The Tuscan Gcvernmrat, by al
io win i a discount, has eollcotsd the land tax
of I860, amounting to six . or seven mlllioni
of frauci., ; .
AosTBiA-It it said the payment in silver
or th coupons of th Austrian National Lei
wm oe resimsd en the 1st of January. . i.
.Russia. Fredniok Hill, of St. PeUrsbm
naa tauea, with liabilities amounting
40,000. - "
usneran aavicei oi December 1 mention
th leading thre by a Frenoh vesiel, ofs
man representing hlnuelf ai Captain Gaorga
Walker, of th American lohooner William.
Iti probable that hl the Captain of the
"i aver iranasrer, wno leas leit in to lurch by
ni msiie.'"uc : ... .. ,
Tremendous Conflagration.
Nsw Tobk, Daoembar 299 A. M. A tfe
mendone fire is raging in Bookman and Colli
street, extending to Fulton-street. Frim
twenty to thirty warehouses are alriady in
ruin. The fire eommenoed in Cyrui W,
Field's paper warehouse. '
NSW TOBK 10 A. M. The fir nrlainatea'
in No. 53 Beekman-street, occupied by Blak,
Crave & Co., looking-glass manufaoturejri.
Among the other warehouse! destroyed are
the following on Beekman-street t Dunofn,
West A Co.,' paper dealers;' H. R. Haydofk,
drug Importer? Endioott A Co., lithographers;
Mason i Dodge, heating apparatus. , rfU
above are antirely destroyed. T he following
are some of th building now In' iatnesToo
Gold-stroet: Warehouse owned by John H
llenkle, importer, and J. O.. Smith, Japaner,
auiion-aireet; store nt, j(l iupan, tinware;
Isoaa imi HIaKa ' '...AW.. 1X7.L1.
urgical Instruments; Edwatd Black, importer
ui musical inswumonts; -lcwis Jlsrohuihn,
ffulton scale manufacturer on Ann-str
nesides tho above, part ef Ann-strset, run:
from William to Gold, which ia filled
mechanic's shops, dwelling-houses and dri
ing-iBiooni, ia now in name. -i-r..-j ....J:u
' ''
Later from New Mexico.
Ibdipixdshob. December 29 Tha
Vf awinan ..il n;il. .U . s.V .' . L
rived her to-day. Tho Navajne Indians are
again hostile, having killed u-e man and
wounded two others who went to trade with
them. The outgoing mail party which heft
bare four week ago, was attacked by thelln
dians beyond the Arkaniaa River; The' In
dians ware repulsed. None of the mail pirty
were nun... . i , . J. i :
The mail came in with Moore A Reel's tri
crossing the Arkansas, thence to thii p
alone. No Indians wer seen. Thev exberl
enced verv cold weather, and It was with dif
ficulty that they kept the mules from freea'lng,
From Washington.
of the Treasury has' invited proposal! to ba
received until the 81 at of January, for $1,110,
000 United States Stocks, authorised by the
aot of the 14th June, 1858, being' ic much
itosk at has been heretofore awarded to bid
den who have failed to deposit the prim Ipal
and premium on that amount; this stodk to
ba reimbursed in fifteen Yean from January
last, and bear interest of five per centum per
annum, payable semi-annually. No bid will
b reeaived below par; and none for any no
tion of $1,000. ' --- - "
Harnden's Trial Postponed.
Bslvidsib, N. J., December 29. The trial
of th Rev. Jacob S. Harnden for the murder
of hia wife hei again been poitponcd
next term.
LaiosMovtbs m Axspjoa It seems wa
an known In Europe by our larg metKA " 1
correspondent of ths New Tork 2Yw sayp:' u
. Hart's new itatne of Henry Clay, modelied
in Rome, and cast by Mullor, at Munich; to
be erected in New Orleans, is just flniihed and
was exhibited at tha bronse foundery. I can't
ay It ii remarkably fink-.1 ' The likeneii is
striking, but coarse; yon I see Henry CDay'i
nose, and mouth, and hair but not his Isoul.
I was amuiadat the comments I beard id the
crowd about it. ,"Ay, on can see it is au
American," said a Grerman lady to her bom
pinion, "he has such a big mouth." .
' '
: .
A Labs whb a 1 CAirriiB ArnBrtv.-j- "At
Nowmlll, England, a tc of Mr. Alexander
Murdoch had two lambs, and, strange tot lay,
forsook on of them. . The lamb, leeming a
littl disappointed, betook Itself to the icollU
dog, and ever since has followed the collie In
hii going cut and in. Who will account for
this strange attachment?" Certainly a cartons
dog-ma! . ', " - I
: - ,.,
' Air Ubiquitous Isdividoai.. One Dr. Ran
dolph, a spiritual medium, hu given hotic
thatonjiome future occasion he wUI appear in
thre different places, near 400 miles apart, "at
the same Instant of time." All we can say Is,
that if he accomplish this really difficult
feat, he will be tha mst remarkable Instano
of preaenoeot mind ana body,, w rrer heard
or read oLwihA .
Im IB AaxAxiAB A Warn Max axp Two
Nsoroxs Hffxa ib Ons Dat In . Napoleon,'
Ark., a few days since, 8. Moore, who killed
David Dunlar, a flat-boat merchant; ,wai
hung. , Also negro man, Joe, for killing A.
Canary, and another named John, for killing
a tallow-servant. Moore, who was ' a : great
scoundrel, was suspended between th two
negroes. , ' - j u) t
A PssaxAin Exabplb. Th Madrid (?a
of the 27th alt announce offloially that th
Queen of Spain has entered the ninth month
of herusual ooncjtiou; and' that,'in ioonse
quenee, Her Majesty had given 120,000 reals
to eharitable Mtabliihmentsj and had com
menced viiitiBg ehurohea to offer ap prayers
for her stf delivery. .. ::,: , .. . ,
"A VisoikiAW to ii Rbwabdbd. Private
Wm. Thos. Guard, of the Clark County
Guards, ;thr mtrnel whe-et at Cook, la to
be p rem ted by ths citiieni of Berryville with
a valuable gold watch, u a testimonial of
their eiUem and appreciation. " , v.
.- , :
' Homioipb IB ViseniA We loam, says th
Abingdon (Va.) Dsmeerai, that a1 Begro be
longing to Mr. Ed. B. Latham, of Washington
County, was killed near Briitol on1 Saturday
alght last, by Mr. Calvin T. Morgan. - -
AdvrttmeliBaeBu five lto(AAV
OnlnaeTHouMMg I Ona weefr , ,. 1 of
I m Oa mood
Uraer advartiamaata iit.it. il at tha tnllowuil
rAMlnanare ef tra tescaeal'u 1
Oas week. 1 7 One rmft S 0I(
' Job Prlntiiij? H ',,,t
la all It eraacsi, aoa with aeiatoa aad Mpli
Coal Cpokmg Stovt3 !
II beea proBouaoed bf eompewnt jodge to be the
.;..,. ..PBtonted Doe, T, I860. , ' ,'
Tot sal bj the Inventor and Manufaoturen,
No. 333 Fourth-stieet, Cincinnati.
' n 1 ! I" .. . mm .. ;.. .... . . - 1
B respectfallf rsfar to th following oarU&oata
for svidence of the above J ""' ...
- Psr sme mnntba I bar fceea Ming th Alligator
Uoal Oooklng Stove, It inperlor cooking analltie,
combined with It oleanliiieaa, mastsventnailr secure
to the eweer. phare WSfmSlSkM.
I hav bean wins on of Me-, e. Adam A Peck,
over' Alligator Oook Btove fors j ne month, which
give entire aatlafaeUon ta evarp raepeot, and I ean
cnetrrnllp reoominend It to those who are In want of
a inperlor oook (tove, ;- '-- H. H. 1JSAVITT.
for the but rear I have been using- th Alligator
Coal Oooklng Stove, uannCaotnred bp Meier. Adam
Psckorer, which 1 conaider a superior atove, and
give the utmost atlafact4oa. It I tha omp a tors 1
nave tOnnd that ooek perftctlv with coal. .
I Tot aometim past I have beea using one of Uetar.
Adams A Peckovor'a Alligator Coal Oooklng Stovee,
andean recommend theme being a superior (tove,
living entin satisfaction in every respect.
, JOB. BDSHKSLL, Ooal Herohut.
' I cheerhllp Indorse the above. ,
dl ........ . J8HHKKBLBB.
Mannfmctory, Covington, Ky. t
' Ne. 30 But CoWmbla-Btrcet.
trade at tha stoat reasonable price and u the
most aooommodatlng term with u .. . :.
j'f ,eiii
rorit6'vidpf'Cc Oil,
R. B. Jones's Improved Lamps and Bnrnun rr
ale bp our agent, J. BELLI KB, OoTingtou, Br.:
' 'a A it
9 )f
Net t Smith A Bixon'i Hall.
vr i
OB8B we have met with for tha last month, wa
have leased the apaeiou and. elegant itora, No. m
Weil Boarta strest. ana nave mass great addition
to our atoev of Book and Jewelry, and ar now pre
pared to offer greater lnduoementa than ever. We
have a splendid aaaortment of Aannal Album and
Olft Book for Holiday (resents, In rich and superb
the lowest retail priMi : , ,,.,. ....
Worth from fifty ceata t $100, will be given wli h
sverr Book sold. " ' ...a u.
Presents to be Glren Away:;
Pttent lever Gdld Watches, worth...... 100 each,
LadifM1 fiold Itnntlnff GaaAS. worth Ml aarh
liadles' Solid Gold Chain, worth..... ... ' 18 each.
Nilvs; Watohea, worth from, .,.. f 14 to 21 each.
Ool4 Neck Chain, worth.- . .. 12 each.
Oeld Bracelet, worths. ... 10 each,
beta ol Jewelry, worth from. .10 to 2ft each.
Set Solid Silver Teaspoon, worth....... 10 each,
Bilk Ores, worth..-., 30 each.
ALSO A variety of useful and valuable articles
lot enumerated above, wortft from ni ty eente to AM).
. Publliher and Gift Bcoksell estJourth.
w THlBO-STaJEET, Olndnnatl, Ohio, are mann.
faoturing larswly, f aimer's eelebmtSU Bydrauli
Koroo and LU
Engines. All
iiit rump. Alio, bis rortanie sjiesun
II tboee who are abont tw vnrctiasa
PUMPS for Tanaerlee, Brewerlee, IHetll
lerlea, Dry Dock. Paper Mills ltallrend
lerlea, IJry Hacks, fnmer mills ltallrend
fttsuioaa. flllaaa. wvaeklnsr Psrsesss, or. in
fact, for any purpose where a pomp 1 needed, will
Snd It to their advantage te call and aeath work
ing of these valuable
nvention. or address the
MP AST for a drooler, whioh
will furnish th name of many who have used these
v 1 -v-r
PorwflTflins' ; CflmmiBHion
LF Bog. Pork, Lard, Whisky; Plow. Grain, Ao.
Office north-west oornar Sixth and BLain-street,
Cincinnati, opposite the Salt House.'
The enderalgned having formed a copartnership
In the General Produce and Commission Business,
under the etyl of Wlleon, Gwrlick A Co., respect
fully tender their (nnrioe anfl solicit the patronage of
their frlenda and the public Particular attention
paid to buy log and selling Bogs, Whisky, Floor,
Oraln, Ao. Their chargee will do as moderate a
any other good house In thee My. Refer to the mer
chants of Cincinnati tenaraflv.
T , .. .. .. .r. . a. WlUOS,. Ja
-o8'ttt-"-'"i') '3: X.'T.'bAJv
Houdayi Presents.
I HAVB, JTJ8T " OPENeS 'll ' LOT Off
Bison and China Pif ures, Paacy Inkstand.
Vasse, Jewel and Match-boxes, faner Shavina and
Wurk-boxca, and other fancy Ooods too niunsrona
to mention, suitable for tb Holiday, which I will
sell cheaper than any other establishment in th
city. i. , ) HBNBI DAVID.
So. 378 Haln4trt,.betweB HLxth and Seventh.
n. B. Also a new lot of fancy Soap, Perfumery,
Eitraot, Ac , I, .... dels
"i-'i j , 1 1- i-T .:.j' .iti! ....
del :) ; L y:vn .IrODBOH BTJIIiDIBg.
Bcrttatveefev letweenl Btain aadfioeBOe. Ofoa
oinnatl. .
Ttt.MtHSn I MISI. ail..'vrIwsH
4,aBddBryn4,,rWiiJ Y,L$ g
ktonieto-lneled Boots;' 1
" IX cartoon of CklHren' PjaayJiMld Bool;
,000 pair f Womea'a Jtfga4 Ooat Boat, tastoai.
made, at 7 eent a pair, l '
In .tor and for al. by -'-" ,
ii i iriwndilurf tjtil-V OAHlMs, '
.i.,Mfcv,Mt,J orfj xv,ifel-rt,
111 .'i 41 bmi whunp inc.ev;..K

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