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I. - SHITOat kit MOraiaTOM. .. ' r
Support of the Poor.
A poor plaa of supporting tho poor Is poor
management, Indeed. The attention of the
, City Counoil of Cincinnati ha jut been oalled
to our own municipal expenditures, for va
grants and the indigent residents of oar oity,
. by Mr. lapgwortb, and nil son-in-law, Mr.
Tlagg. The latter gentleman, whoao father
baa been Mayor of the oity of New Haven,
baa fursiihod our . eHy authorities with
the views on thia subject of Mr. James Erews
? tor, of New Haven, who, In 1835, ooaeeived
"the idea that there was phvstoal ability in
the poor ef large oitiei to be made self-sup-
porting. After examining what kind of poor-
hooiea were provided in New York and else
where, the rabjeot ni discussed in the City
Counoil, and a few thousand dollar were ap
propriated for a small farm and plain structures,
where, by daily labor, in and ont of door,
and by .wholesome, regular, moral instruction
nd kind treatment, the poor were comforta
bly oared for, supported by their own labor. ;
Horticulture waa relied upon and was a pro
ductive resource. Heavy appropriation! hith
erto made were unnecessary more than $100,
000 was saved to the town, and the. land is
worth more than twioo the purchase money.
An Orphan Asylum for poor children was also
. built on the grounds. W await tho report of
the Committee on Infirmary, when we wilt
give our views as to the poor way ours is of
supporting the poor in idleness and morel
degradation, instead of developing their men
' tal, moral and physical powers, and support
" )ng themselves. t
The money of this people is wasted like
: water on the groundeven worse than that,
for it may cause some good growth. We will
hold up, however, and wait to see if we are to
have a reform.
Every Tub on Its On Bottom—Look
Well to Your Ticket.
An inexplicable allenoe has been manifested
by the Regulars of the Y. M. M. X. Associa
tion. No tioket baa been announoed for a
contest with the Independents at the annual
eleotion, which is assigned for Tuesday next.
Wo caution our readers against spurious
tickets. We say with the leoturer, "Every
Tub on its Own Bottom" but we have d
vioes of one turned up. . The ticket has been
I turned topsy-turvy. ' The ooolt has been de
capitated and the head is at the bottom of the
tioket. Look out for the Irregular Ticket-
President, Joseph B. Chapman, With Wynne,
names Co.j Vioe President, William J. Tor.
renco, with T. S. Eugan A Co.; Corresponding
Secretary, John M. Wilson, of Wilson, Eggles
ton Co.; Recording Secretary, Joseph C.
Woodruff, with Pearson A Co.; Treasurer, Wm.
Criohton, with Gaylord, Son ft Co.; Directors,
, J.J. McDowell, with Commercial Bank; Wm.
Stewart, with Harrison A Hooper; Wm. C.
Vanderbilt, of David Gibson ft Co.; and The
odore Cook, of Barker, Hart A Cook. These are
good men, but as at present advised, we are
not prepared to speak of the tioket of the Ir
regulars in Contrast with the ticket of the In
No Speaker.
Six South Amerioans gave their vote, yester
day, with a majority of the Democratic mem
. ben, for Mr. Chas. L. Soott, of California, who
iied been nominated for Speaker by Mr. En
gliao, of Ind. Mr. May nard, of Tonn., with
drew hit name as a candidate, and voted for
Boon, who reoeived 83 votes. Mr. Sherman
reoeired another ballot, within four votes of
election, as heretofore.
It will be well for the House when it is or
ganised, perhaps, that the members have
spoken so much for Bunkum-business may
thereby have a freer course. Mr. Morris, of
Illinois. Anti-Lecompton Democrat, spoke
with great severity of the President, and
warned Western Democrats to admit no new
tests at the Democratic Convention to come off
at Charleston. Mr. Branoh, of N. C, and Mi.
Grow, of Penn., had a bandy of words on the
floor whioh may Jause a bandy of blows, or
grow into a duel. .
Satan Rebuking Sin.
of barter's Spirit of tht limn
preaches a dull sermon on what it calls the
sentimental and sensational journalism of the
present day, and greatly deplores its evil in
fluences. The idea of a sporting paper, devo
ted tOprise-fighting,bull-baitiagandoanlne
combats, growing laokrymosely moral about
sentiment, is droll enough. One aocount of a
notorious "mill" does mere to brutalize a com
munity than all the worst novels of the most
. deleterious so styled , French and German
; sohools that were ever written.' The editor of
the Spirit must be the rarest of Rigolettos.
" ' saw ' '
Tubs Come Down—A Bunyan Kick.
Rev. George 0. Robinson made, last night,
a "ten strike" on the bowliig alley of lecture
dom, holding a "spare." He rolled the balls
with foroe and effect, knocking down pins of
conventionalism. Bxceptions will be taken by
Illiberal persons, perhaps, to his liberality,
aid pious hand's will be upraised In terror at
the havoc he makes in kicking down old pre
judices, but the cooper was reoonoiled to the
tinker Bunyan, who knocked down his pile
of tubs, when be appreciated the pnpose that,
"Every tab should stand on its own bottom."
The Press.
What D Qulnoey said of the victories ef the
Press may be applied to the progress of the
; Psvwt Parse: "Much has been accomplished;
more than people are aware so gradual has
been the advance. How noiseless is the
growth of corn I Watch it night and day for
- a week, and you will never see it growing;
but return after two months, and yon will
find it all whitening for the harvest I Suck
? pud so Imperceptible in the stages ofj theii
notion are the victories of the Press." Every
od nas w acknowledge tne corn that we bvrt
- planted has attained a healthy growth
The Press. The Carriers.
There beearriers oommon carriers carriers
by land aad by water but the carrier the
' year found of a morning newspaper is an un-
)ounonly useful person to each one of us.
. laere are Saint Days in the calender observed
" ' by every one. The Saint Carrier's Day is the
lift of January. The carriers of the Pimt
' " Pins will make our patron a New Year's
call. We need not remind you of the blessed
lest of giving, aad the carriers wiilbe. sure to
' acknowledge the blessedness of receiving,
Heveyeur quarters ready at you headquarter
Proper New Year Presents.
A copy of the f r Paass for a year paid
in advance. 'A coal burning eooklng-atove,
a toy one, full trimmed, purchased of Adams
Peokover; or of Chamberlain A Co. .. Lamps
and cans of eoal oil from Gray, Hemingray
Bros. A sewing-machine, just such a one
one of us purohased for bis wife; a few more
left at Ladd, Webster A Co.'s; or one of Moore's
30 ones at Burtman'sj or theexoelsior Wheeler
A Wilson, at Sumner A Co.'s, Opera-house
building; or "the popular Grover & Baker,
No. 58 West Fourth-street. Perfumery and
fancy goods from Henry David. A side sad
dle, buffalo robe, or well-made trunk of D.
Carriok's. Pairs of John Cahill's women's
pegged goat boots.' ' Rich dry goods at Charles
8,Weatherby's,No. 113 Fifth-street. Trimmed
laoed sets, collars, elegant silks and robes, at
Delaad, ' Gossage A Cuyler's, No. 74 West
Fourth-street A year's engagement for sup
plies of oholoe table butter. Silverware the
fanciful and useful watohes and fancy goods,
on Fourth-street, of Beggs A Smith, on our
left; or of H. P. Ellas, on our right; or on
Fifth-street at S. A D. Klnsey's. , Ladies' and
children's furs, at C. B. Camp A Co.'s, opposite
the Burnet Home. For bargains in cloaks,
mourning goods and dress trimmings, oall on
H. C. Gilbert, assignee, at Lewis's stand, on
Fourth-street, opposite the Postoffice. . .
For odorless and brilliant paraffine oils
tne true .bxeeisiors apply to Haskin, or
Hodges, No. 97 Walnut-street. For bargains
In fine gold watohes, tea-sets, silverware, jew
elry, knives, forks and spoons, call on Wil
liam Owens, north-west corner of Fourth and
Main-streets. ; For dress hats and new style
saps, consult your taste at J. C. Towers A
Co.'s, No. 119 Main-street, or at Dodd's, 144
Main-street. For ribbons, feathers and win
ter millinery, at Webb's, 164 Fifth. John D.
Park, Fourth and Walnut, will open a rich
magailne of beauties and curiosities. Call,
also, on D. K. Cady, old stand. The auction
eers are busy selling articles suitable for New
Year presents; Graff has furs and paintings;
Hubbard bas books and stationery; Miles an
assortment of jewelry. Brashes rs, Kellogg,
Cooper A Stokes, have their sales-rooms
crowded. Tbe oyster trade has not been in
ured by the speech of Governor Wise. Todd
answers for the magnum bonum; Cavagna for
the delicious; Owing for the farrows; Book
ing for plantations; Nairn for the mammoth.
Orr, of all kinds fresh, can, keg and shell.
Maltby's or spioed, cove or piokled; and if
you would have them oooked, go to Oriental
Exohange, or at Philadelphia Saloon, as you
like. Braohman furnishes pure wine, liquors
of a stronger kind, tobacco and cigars. The
Daguerreotype galleries will be sure to work
all day (and, if they could, all night) to fur
nish your likeness for case, locket, finger-ring,
breast-pin or braoelet See the cards of our
advertisers' bee-hive gallery, Fifth and Western-row.
It is your polioy to insure for the
year. '. Look over the long list of insurance
office cards in our columns and select for
yourselves. For new sets of teeth call on
Hunter or Taft For a new suit, to McElevy,
Ogden A See, or Sprague A Co.
08oT-TheRochester(N. Y.) Expreti, a penny
paper, bas been materially enlarged and Im
proved. We are glad to see this evidence of
prosperity in our sprightly ootemporary.
Union Meeting.
Rochsstib, December 29. A large Union
Meeting was held in this city last evening,
which was addressed by James Brooks and
Ex-Governor Hunt. The resolutions adopted
were of rather a mixed character, but the
principal one is the following :
Boohed, That we can not too strongly re
buke the sentiment that the election of a Pres
ident, by a constitutional , majority having
views of nublic policy with which the mi
nority do not conoide. would furnish a just
cause for a dissolution of the Union. We, on
the contrary, hold such sentiments to be dis
organizing and traitorous,odious to all patriotic
and Union-loving men, and disgraceful to the
civilization of the age, and we hereby give to
our fellow-citiaens, East, West, North and
South, our most solemn pledges that whoever
may be elected President of these United States
in a constitutional way, suau receive irom us,
in the lawful discharge of his duties, the same
willing obedlenoe and energetic support which
we nave given to eacn anu an oi nis preue-
oessors, and we hereby deolare our firm and
unaltered purpose to sustain and protect him
in the lawful discharge of these duties from
all enemies within or without, at home or
There was an effort to lay this resolution on
the table, but it passed by a large majority,
and then the meeting adjourned.
Additional Foreign News.
Loroor. December 14. A dispatch from
Marseilles on Tuesday night, reports that Con
stantinople letters of the 7th say the Frenoh
Minister had made an official demand of the
Turkish Government, for the issue of a firman
favorable to the Buea (Janal project, anu was
supported by the Embassadors from Austria,
Prussia, Russia and Sardinia. A stormy ses
sion of the Turkish Counoil of Ministers fol
lowed, and the Ministers finally agreed to the
powers making their demand to come to some
understanding with England.
Madbid, .December 13. The third oorps
d'armee has landed at Centa. Gen. Prim had
been attacked on the road to Raton by the
Moors. The enemy was repulsed with great
loas. The Spanish had forty killed and
wounded. . ,
Garibaldi has married the eldest daughter of
an IU1 tan patriot k '
losdoh, ueeemDer io. Illinois ventral
shares have declined two dollars. '
River News.
Pmssoae, December 29 P. M. River un
changed since noon. Raining.
Lodisvillu, December 29 P. M. River
stationery, with Iseven feet six inches in the
St. Louis. Deoember 29 P. M. River risen
three feet, but now stationary, with six feet
to Cairo. No change in the upper streams.
There is no ice running here. A drizsllng
rain fell during the morniog, but it has turned
eeld this evening and the wind has changed
to the North. ...
Pittsburg, Fort Wayne and Chicago
PaiUDiursu, December 29. The com
mittee of bond holders and Board of Directors
of the Pittsburg, Fort Wayne and Chicaso
Road, after a very harmonious session, have
agreed upon W. B. Ogden, of Chicago, as
J. P. Edserton, Receiver, appointed bv the
imio vouns, nas resignea. ..
Steamer Sunk.
Niw You, December 29. The steamship
Qrmnada, from Havana, was out through by
the ice while coming up the bay, and has
since sunk In her dock up to the guards. Her
passengers report that in ths saloon there was
about two feet of water.
It la supposed that the oargo, consisting
oniony or cotton, win be nearly a total loss,
Everything below deck is submerged.
WASHINGTON, December 29.
Morris, of 111., resumed his remarks
from yesterday. He said that the great doc
trine oi popularovereignty is In peril. The
Democratic party is divided. The ultra ren
resentatlves from the slave-holding States
have abandoned it It was not disputed that
we vincinnau piauorm recognizes uu doc
trine, but this seems to make no difference.
The President and the ultra Democrats have
torn up the plank and interpolated new ones.
and have driven the political oar fearfully to
the precipice. This was inaugurated at the
last session with the infamous Leoomptou
swindle. The President punned those who
opposed it, especially from Illinois, with per
sooal malignity. While he was bidding for
his wuuHog Domination, jaage JJouglef
was the only man North who bas succeeded in
a general eleotion since the crusade was com
menced, and be fought hand to band with the
cohorts of Lincoln and the hungry President's
pack, cheered on by Attorney General Black.
Good Democrats have been removed in Ill
inois and Abolitionists put in their places.
Democrats who have refused to bow to the
dictation of the President, have been pursued
witn neiusa malignity, lit said that Cook,
postmaster at Chicago, was the President's
manager to get up delegates to be sent to
Charleston. The address he issued was pre
pared at Washington, for Cook can scarcely
read, and can not spell a sentence In tbe Eng
lish language correctly, but who understands
better the mixing or drinking of mint-julept.
He rave notice to the Damocraav ef th wMt
at unarieston not to submit to new tests, i
Mr. Million, of Va., referred to the remarka
of Mr. Morris, saying that the latter seemed
to imply that Southern men are in favor of
re-opeuiDg vne Ainoau slave iraae and, re
pealing tne neutrality laws.' lie surges ted
that such might not have been Mr. Monln's
meaning, and that Mr. Morris was not war
ranted in saving that such was ths Duncea of
eoutnern democrats. He naa teen, with much
regret, nis own position misrepresented, and
the remarks of others attributed to himself.
He never made the remark that he waa sot
prepared to say that, at some future time, he
wouia not oe wining 10 re-open ine Afrioen
slave trade.;
Mr. Morris replied that he did not attribute
such motives to the Democrats of the South.
uui V) uium una.
au. uwi v. vmuuiui, iwfiuoii vj eome re
marks of Mr. Morris about California affairs,
saying that, his attack upon slxtv-one than.
sand Democrats in California came with an
ill-grace from a friend of Douglas. Had It
come from a Republican he would not have
been surprised... He said that Brodetlok was
never strong enough In California to create
any fear, or cause any desire to hunt' him
down. A report had gone abroad that there
was a conspiracy among the leaden of the
Democratic party to strike down Broderiek.
tie branded it as an infamous falsehood.
Mr. Grow, of Penn., oomplained of the un
parliamentary and nneentlemanlv conduct of
Mr. Branoh, of North Carolina, In aeousing
him of unworthy motives In defeating the
post-office appropriation bilL
Mr. Branoh Do you accuse me of ungen-
tiemaniy oonouotr
Mr. Grow My language was plain; I have
nothing to retract. ..-.
Mr. Valladigham, of Ohio, said he was one
of the Democrats who voted for Mr. Orow's
resolution at the last session, and deemed an
explanation proper for all he had done. He
assumed the responsibility, and waa surprised
that Mr. Grow was endeavoring to creep out of
it He(Valldigbam)hadvotedforMr.Grow's
resolution because he was not certain of the
constitutionality of the act of the Senate in
increasing the rate of postage; but vet Mr.
Grow was responsible for all the calamities
attending the defeat of the bill.
In the oourse of bis remarks he said that
Mr. Seward in 1858 promulgated the dootrine
of an irrepressible conflict . ;
Mr. McKnight, of Peon., (Mr. Pryorj of
Va., yielding the floor,) referred Mr. Pryor to
the manifesto issued to the oountry in 1849,
drawn up by Mr. Calhoun and signed by the
membera of the Virginia Legislature of both
Houses, inoludlng Mr. Booook, in whioh this
very dootrine of irrepressible conflict is pro
mulgated. Mr. McKnight said that his object was to
show that Seward has received mote honor
than was due him.
Mr. Pryor resumed the floor, and both he
and Mr. McKnight were speaking loudly at
the same time, ouuslng much confusion. .
Mr. Pryor said that the gentleman should
not, under any hypocritical and false pretense,
inject a speech in the body of this House.
He had yielded the floor for a few moments
only, and he regarded the gentleman's con
duct as another violation of obligations by
Northern Representatives. Applause.
Having concluded his remarks, Mr. May
nard, of Tennessee, rose and said that he re
garded the support given to him yesterday as
an evidence that gentlemen were willing to
forget past political differences for a time, and
to unite for high patriotic purposes rather
than as a personal compliment. Ho dared not
therefore, approach their aotion to himself, or,
even make it the objeot of his thanks, appre
hending that the further use of h is name would
fail to sonoentrate a sufficient number to or
ganise tbe House on a broad, national and
conservative basis, he unconditionally with
drew his name.
Mr. English, of Indiana, nominated Chas.
L. Scott of California, as a oandidate for
Speaker, who ought to be satisfactory to every
a auonai man.
After a call of the House, a ballot was
taken with the following result :
S'TwBRTY-rooBTH Ballot. Whole number
of votes, 210; necessary to a choice, 106.
Sherman, 102; Scott, 83; Gilmer, 14; scatter
ing, 11. f
Tne llouse then adionrned.
From Washington.
Washington. December 29. The names of
the six Opposition members who to-day voted
with the majority of the Democrats for Mr.
Scott, for Speaker, are: Boteler, Boullgny,
naraeman, woore, or ienn., vance and
Maynard. " ' : i
Mr. Branch will, If he has not already done
so, probably demand of Mr. Gow In the usual
manner, an explanation of the language ap
plied to mm to-day in tbe Bouse, it is prob
able, however, that by the intervention of
friends, the cause of offense on each side will
be removed without . resorting , to extreme
measures. '..,,...'.'
' Chief Justice Taney and Associate Justioe
Daniel are still detained from the Supreme
Court by siokneis. .
The Court of Claims has been adjourned till
next week, owing to the sickness ef Judges
Blockford and Soarboro. . ..,.; ...v
The Fire in New York.
Nnr York, December 29 M. The fire
has been extinguished, and proves less disas
trous than was at first believed. Six build
ings on Beekman-street and four on Ann-street
were totally destroyed, and two fronting on
Fulton-street and running through to Ann-
street were greatly damaged. Tbe latter are
extensive warehouses, and oooupled respect
ively by Edward Bosck, Importer of musical
instruments, and Oloott, McKesson A Co.,
wholesale druggists. , , .. i ,u-.-.
No estimate eaa yet be made of the amount
Cyrus W. Field A Co. bad an Insurance of
$80,000 en their stook. i ,
Lma. The loss is estimated at $800,000,
The insuranoe will probably cover it ' Several
firemen are said to have been injured by the
tailing wans. - -i
l: . . !
Later from Brownsville.
Niw Obliabs, Deoember 29. The steam
ship ArUtna, from Brazos, Is below She
brings $150,000 In specie, i ' i . - ,
Advloes from Brownsville to the 20lh are
furnished. ' ' :-; -
Cortinas's band of outlaws had been de-
feated, and were retreating. . j
I No particulars have been received.
Non-Arrival of the Canada.
SACxvrLLB, Deoember 29. The Newfound
land mail steamer arrived at Halifax yester
day afternoon, and was the vessel signaled
noon, and at first supposed to be the Canada.
xnere are as yet no signs or tne vanaaa,
whieh is now fully due, with Liverpool dates
to the 17th and Qneenstown to the 18th Inst,
or or tne troop ship Uimaiya, also due mere.
Pboviub aho PaiiSTB. If provcrbi handle
lawyers and doctors severely, they are net
more than lenient to the "olergy." Ths
Sootoh, German, and Spaniards seem to have
suttered most from the olergy, judging by tne
wiiowingt ., , , ; -
"It's kittle shoeUng at corbies and clergy."
, Crows are very wary, and the clergy are
vindictive; therefore It is tioklish work trying
to get the better of either. ."One must either
not meddle with priests, or else smite them
dead," say the Germans; and Hnss, the Bo
hemian Reformer, in denouncing the sins
tne clergy in bis day, bas preserved for us
imiier provero oi nis countrymen: "it you
have offended the clerk, kill him, else you will
never have peace with him." "The bites
priests and wolves are hard to heal" (Ger
man.) "Priests and women never forget"
luerman.j . . , .
Popular opinion attributes to the oleror
both secular and regular, a lively regard for
.V. 1 .1. i r x.t . . ' j .
us guuu uiiugi vi uiu iiie, mua determina
tion to have their full share of them. "No
Eriest ever died of hunger," is a remark made
y the Livonians; and they add, "Give the
priests all thou hast, and thou wilt have given
them nearly enough." "Abbot of Gazuela."
ones tbe bpaniards, "you eat up the stew, and
you ask for the stew-pan." The worst testi
mony against the monastie orders oomes from
the eountries in whioh they most abound.
"Where friars swarm keen vour eves open"
(Spanish.) - "Have neither a - good monk for
your friend, nor a bad one for an enemy"
(Spanish.) "As for friars, live with them, eat
witn tnem, warn witn tnem, and tben sell
them, for thus they do themselves" (Span
ish.) The propensity of ohurohmen to iden
tify their own personal Interests with the wel
fare of the church, are glanced at in the fol
lowing: "The monk that begs for God's sake,
begs for two" (Spanish, Frenoh.) "Oh, what
we must suffer for the Church of God 1" cried
the abbot when the roast fowl burnt his fin
gers (German.) "There's no mischief done
m the world, but there's a woman or a priest
at the bottom of it" ,
Jar A. A. Eyster, Clooks, Watches and
Jewt Iry. Hoe. Ml and m Western-row. , ; i
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nrwdwuy Gallery. No. 68 Broadwer. Extra Fancy
Ofttna cheap.
Pictures taken in natural oolors at the
Broadway Gallery. --
60,000 Ambrotypes and Melainotypes
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rreaenu. .-.
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i LdeMawl
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' Silk, Velvet, Kid, Bnokskln and Thread.
Is a Ladies' Brest "an fait" without beautiful
Garterer JOHN . PABK,
' N. E. corner of Fourth and Walnut-streets.
28, 1869, In tbe Christian Church, at Wilmington.
Clinton County, Ohio, by Elder B. H. HawleriMr.
AS xWV.Pl,I1J'm, iT 1' Piketown, Pike Oeunty,
Ohio, to Ml.t Lizzie A., daughter of A. E. Strickle,
Esq., of Wllminston.
, OOSQROVE-OLIVHB.-In Newport, on the 27th
init.. bv the Rev. Wm. Andrawa. Mr. HAnrr a (in-.
frove, of Fort Wayne, lad., to Mary J. Oliver, of
KIRKTTP On Wndnaatta nlirht. 1laj .1 nu
oVloek, of coBgeetion of tbe brain. Willie, eldest
son of Joseph and Emma Kirkup, aged seven yean,
eleven montht and twelve daya.
Friends of the family are retpectrully Invited to
attend the funeral, from the residence of bis pa-
ioiiwi i-u. lii uarriaua.girect, inn anernoon. at la.
UAITHKB. In Howard Dlatrlct, Marrland. on
the Slit of December, 1869, Hiw Bachel O either, (la
ter of E. Qaittaer. of Cincinnati. Oh In. in th. V...
enty-ninth year of her age. She waa born, lived
ana a lea in tne tame noute, on tne old homestead
GBIFFIN. Tn ravlnfftan. K IbimW. Oi ,
scarlet feyer. Lonite, eldest daughter of David and
marvarei unmn. '
KENEFEOK.-At bit reaidenee. Central Hotel.on
Wedneaday evening, December li, at 7 o'olook, Ed
ward Kenefeck.
?.?LnkwlU,tsJ" "J1 lhl' ternoon at 2.
BTJBNS.-On Wednesday, Jamea Patrlok Burnt.
Sf"? 4 "ontht, ton of If. M. Burnt, No. 22
East Fiftb-etreet.
There is no Doubt
;: !!00 West Foartlt-street.
" " ' :; .' :- Ld28ol - -
Tor a New-Year Present,
Is tbe place to And a suitable and useful selection.
. . ' ' tde28el " -. '
Closing 'Out at Cost!
Embroideries, j':
Embroidered Handkerchiefs.
. , Collars and Sets
.- -f Are now selling TIBT LOW at
100 WEST FOURTH-8T., A .'; .(
A very uaeful Present for New-Tear. ' d2So
IU the eity, go to ., ... j
deiotf No. 2 fifth-street, near Western row.
'. ..V-
Jp I N 33 3? XT JEt m I
E MENT of cbcrfoe For lit the beet In the
cTtyTBecent arrival of very flee Sable eets make it
very oomplete. , .
Or all the cheaper grades of Fnrt we have a great
variety, and a great many kinds of
Boi table for holiday gifts; They are going off at very
lo-w prices. ..... . . V DOD1 & cO
Batten and Furriers,
" deiotf ' ' v"v" - ' 144 Main-street',
Caledonian Shades, 199 Vine-street.
bL WHISKIESof the choicest brands. '
' If rnu want a bottle of good Scotch, Irish, or
Bourbon Wbitky, go to the C ALED U H lAa
Are you in want of a gallon of good Scotch, Trlah,
or uourDon wnisay, 10 oavo ;; ""V IfiSn aitiira
Year'e, then go to the OALEDONtAN SHADES,
11M Vlne-etreet, at all their llquort are genuine and
what thw ara renraaented to be. deJO-D-
. ' . W . ...... 1 .1 . I IT T
campment, ao. 8, on laiuai aiainnsn
Deo. 80, at 7 o'clock. All Sir Knlghta are partlo.
Klarlv M.n..lu1 n n.ranrl In nrH.r tn atWlRt 1Q tUO
celebration of onr Twentieth Anniveraarr. The Or.
uer oi ADignt oi tne uea uroie w 1 .vvv y
a banquet spread. By ordw of the M. K. 0-. O.
ae29l - - L. OAMEBON, Eecorder.
VCr ED FEET.-Palmer't Vegetable Ootmetlo
Lotion it tha navflr.failln. remedv for these areat
annoyanoee. It not only effectt a oomplete cure,
often by one thorough application, but it decreases
the liability te a return of tbe tame difficulty. For
tale by druggl.ta generally, .
eviiva ribmn, a Rem,
de Ho. 86 West Fourth-street.
tffiJ' Cikoinhati, Deo. 17, ISM.-Mr. S. Falmer
Dear Sir : Pome Ave yean .(nee I received a severe
Injury on my left arm, near tbe elbow, since which
I have been srentlv annoyed braoutan.out disease
on the tame. After using various remedies without
tuooeee, 1 was induoed to try your Vegetable Vos-
mouu jjouuu, auu aui uappr iu luioruiiiia juu .un
the use of half a bottle haa left aiy arm at smooth
and free from disease at it! mate. , , .
Qratelully youra,
' No. 146 West Third-etreet.
For aaln fcv druaal.ta evorvwhere. Be sure to tet
Palmer's VesetabTe Cosmetic Lotion, and accept of
nothing else. SOLON PALM KB, Agent,
uev jo. ao rr wt a oiirtn-atrrjefc, vinoipnHH, v.
Ornoa or tub Ohio asd Mississippi B. B. Oo.,1 .
Cincinnati. November 11. 18i5. f
IV N IENOK of shlppert, the Ohio and Mltsla
sippTBailroad Company have eetabliahed an Office at
Mo. 46 Public Landlnir. where through rates can be
obtained at all timet on freights for St. Louis or
points beyond. -
General Freight Agent.
nnVVRT la anVnnwladmd hv tha moat em.
nent phyalolans.and by tha moat careful drnggiita
tbroughnnt tb Unltod Statoe, to be the most effectual
blooI-Dnrlfier ever known, and to have relieved more
suffering, and effected more permanent cures, than
any preparation known to the profession. Scr ifula,
Bait Bheum, Erysipelas, Scald-head, scaly ernf Hons
or whatsoever nature, are cured by a few bottles, and
the system restored to full strength and vigor. Kull
and explicit directions for theoureof ulcerated tore
legs, ana otneroorrupt aua running ulcers, la given in
the pamphlet with each bottle. For sale by JOHN D.
M . DIXON. Price SI. seplO-ar
Company or niNdiN.
NATI.S. W.oornerof Third
and Bace-etreets. Ootober.
loow.-init roao is now open. Oart will start,
at Intervals or tan mlnnfe. fMm n-in a at nn:
til midnight, running eastward on Thi'rd-t'treet
n Wood to Lawrence-street, and westward on
" .v,"":11' ano on jinn-street to
WOOd. CitiMna Will nlnJUA In mlnrf h.f ,..
cart will invariably orost intersecting streets before
ocl-tf JAMES J. BOBBINS, President.
Theodore Cook,
Or Baker, Hart Cook.
Win. . Vanderbilt.
Of DavIdOibsonACo. " - '
Wm. Stewart,
With Harrison ft Hooper. '
J. J. lflcDowell,
With Commercial Bank. ' '
1 S. Ct. llubbard, , ?
21 fifth-street. .
Win. Crichton,
With Gaylord, Son 4 Oe.; . ;
Joseph C. WoodrulT,
With PearaoniCo.:
John ill. Wilson, ,
i: Of Wilton, Eggleston Co. '
William J. Torrence,
WithT.S.DuganCo, -
Jos. B. Chapman,
With Wynne, Haines A Co. ; , . ' ! ,
' Al a mass meeting of tbe Independent party, held
In the Lecture-room of Mechanics' Institute, on
Friday evening, Deoember 16, the foregoing were
unanimously nominated as the candidates of the
party, to be voted for at the ejection, Tuesday, Jan
uary i, I860. JOHN W. DUDLSl, Chairman.
Jas. W. Vihtom , Secretary . del9tf
Templars. Special Heetiuc of Cincinnati h,a-y
Peach Orchard, Yonghiogheoy, Hartford
City and Syracuse Conla. ,
oualitlet of Coal from the boats in excellent
order and prompt delivery.
VAflllliljUa KKBTHAM,
. ' ' .. Dealers in Coal and Coke,
d30am 179 East Front-it,, near Butler.
FOR NEW-YEAR, DAY.-I will hare on
hand a good supply of New-Year Oake, Scotch
Currant Loaves. Bhort Bread and Bans, with every,
thing else in the way of Cakes and Confeetlon.ry,
whioh will be delivered to any part of tbe city free
of.5?.r' v PETBB t. BBTOE,
deaob ' 6M SyoamoTO-ttreet, near Liberty.
CAUTION. All persons who are indebted
to me for ale are hereby notified not to pay for
uo noiuo w ininiu , nmor vw viara, anvil 1 UaVO t
settlement with laid Walker, or I will hold them
cents per lb., at OOLTBB'S,
do30 Hot. 318 and 821 Main-street.
at 60 cents per lb., at OOLTEB'S.
de30 Not. 319 and 821 Main-street.
: do30 Not. 819 and 321 Main jtr.i '
FEE at i OOLTBB'8,
de80 Not. 319 and 821 Main-street.
NEW HAMS. New sugar-oured Dams
John Shay's bett-at ' OOLTEB'S. v
de30 Mos.land8i Maln-itreet.
Christmas Presents!
and simplicity of construction aad efflclenev
In working, art nneawaled by any.
V fi
. S West roarth-streat,
CONSTABLE'S SALE.-By virtue of an
Meontlon, to n directed, I will sell, en SAT
TJBDAT, the 7th day of Januarr, I860, at 19 o'clock
A. at., at tbe junction of Ann-street and the Miami
Canal, the following goods and chattels, to-wit t
The canal-boat I'llINOESS, heir apparel end pi.
turet, taken under the water-craft law, at the tnlt of
i.AH.bchwaetal, JO.DVBBELI.,OoneUblii
Sioasuuw 27,1649. u. M
West Fourth-st.
Have just received a large and varied asaortmeot of
i (.; ; ' ; , .
Bought especially for onr tales of :
.'.;;'; ...
Elegant Silks and Robes,
Cloaks, Shawls and Scarfs.
Embroideries and Lace Goods,
' Gloves and Hosiery,'
Cloths, Cassimeres & Vcstlngs,
Printed and Plain Merlnoes,
All-wool Delaines and Plaids,
' Fans, Hoop-skirts, sic.
''!'' : v , , .
bm ww wn sr rm m tn n fi we. r rn i
A large assortment of BEMMANTS from alldt
partments, arranged on our annual r , ,.
Will be offered much BELOW COST. '
74 Xtient Fourth-street.
i .. v - ldeJ8-dJ .
No. 6 West Fourth-street.
Having refitted their Store, bave filled It with the
most extensive assortment of
Fine Gold and Silver Watches,
.. : AND
Ever brought to tbe Western country. ' These Goods
are NEW, selected by one of their firm, Jast re.
turned from hew York-many articles of direct im
portation from Europe.
Don't fail to give them a call, Ifvon want a Gold
of Silver Watch, Silver or Plated Tea Bet, Diamond.
or other fine Bins , or any article usually kept In
ewelry Stores. They now bave the NEWEST and
LABQESTassortmsntlntheclty. del3Qal-3dp
GOODS by Czpreti, and oar assortment of
Undson't liny 6able)
Htone Marten j
Canada and Mink Sable;
Hllbh, Siberian, Huirrel, ie.,
fa complete and unusually Inviting. We btve a great
variety of nice and handsome seta of
ALSO For OIovm, Collars, Robes, Fur Coats, 4c.
We invite all purchasers of
To call and make selections from our atock of useful
and seasonable presents, which we aiier at vew low
O. B. CAMP & CO.,
de!6tf No. 95 West ThIrd-Btrcel.
Assignees Sale!
810,000 IN
$10,000 In
r$10,6;bO " In
Dress) Trumnings!
Comprising the entire stock of O. Lewis, at Ih
Baiaar, direclly opposite the Fostofflce. Becollect,
delOam , II. O. GILBERT, Asalguee.
15 e
J? uli Trimmed,
; '. ,'. ,. . VSolesaleandBetall. '
ii'," .
I. ,
Wew, Styles French Cassimere JHatej
; '-; ' New 'Btyleg Dress Hats.
New Btylea pioth and Plush Cays.
;". ;!'' . 14;. AIH-STB1ET,
.q21 ' ' i'L '; "'e door below Fourth
Table Butter at Wholesale.
at 1A in .A Miti . V.lhr.l mmU. mflmmm Amm k.
aatatas -,
upcmaiia raiiroaa.. tvomra w. nuuuott,
;. ' '.i.!.!, untter morchant,
de2se let FoUrth-strcet, enrnerof Kim.
rorgei to su in yaw uiuers lor tuosn epiendl
Oyrtersai..i:, ' ,;, FEBOIISON'H,
Aaul ... flAaaSSl m 1 711 V 1 Wl ,
.9 IOT MM f
.1. sTKUrAHUikMiO
- Corner Ninth and Vine-ttreet, .
1 1 111 II I miiai. l I u

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