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1 1 l" "Tin I II i iwinw -""Twyhihibihuh
saklfahe daily, f Saiiaj4 exosptsdJ br ,
ntANCisco hidLtmiOA) xi
rriei-ao, M waif relaf a.'kr
' TBI FBNBT FBISSts delivered tosubsoribsrs ta
Ulnolnaatl, Oo-vtsgtos aad Jswport, and sur
rounding stales) an towns, mt the
tremely lew price of
MM or baium:
Hint Is ooples k.t 1 month 0c; t monthst!) 1 veer 14,
f inn UDnrnrum c , f
JOH At Iluld, Jt. Molt Lessst and lUaagtr.
First epoeeranoe of Mr. 8AM0IL GLINN, the
well-known Comedian, who will appear, as "Tho
Persecuted Dutchman." '
THIS (Saturday) AFTERNOON, (New Tkti ve)
at half put two o'clock, there will bo a performance,
consisting of tho following at tractions:
Grand Danoo by Mill Pennoyer. - - "
After which, the celebrated Aet from BLUK
BKABD, embracing the following feature):
The great Cymbal Sanoe.br Sixteen.
The oelebra'ed Chinese Dance, by Hits Pennoyer.
The wonderful Three-legged Muustor Man In bis
great Dance.
TheEqestrlaa Entree and Gallop br eight bones
and riders.
Grand Horlng Tablenx.
To conclude will) "KBIBS KHINGLI'S HOMB."
Distribution of Tori at the door a the children
pau out.
AT NIGHT theperformance will commence with
Ob, The Oimoirmati Fimali Boat Cwi. -After
which, -
. . . ; . BLUK BKAED;
Ob, Thi Ttriobs or thi Bltji Chiubis.
To conclude with the langhable Farce called
John Smith, or BchmldtM...............8. W. Glenn
i Paio
ewiron open at w, uurtain ruwaaw. o'olook.
Paiouor AnaiuiON Dreaa Oirolaand Farnnettii.
DQcenHj Gallery, tftoente. ,
Stath Mght of the diitlngulahed actreai
T8 18 (Saturday) XVKNINU, December 31, will be
Mln J. M. Darenport
ltoueo .,
,.jnr. w. uarter
...nr. ). Stuart
..Mr. Vanderen
Friar Lawreuce .....
.Mra. Lawi
Dance.IMM. M ..Hi..hHH.t,Ulu Jenny Hight
To conclude with the laughable farce called .. . ,
Whiltlngton WIdgetti .............,..,.....Mr. Bernard
, Jcob Brown .................. Mr. Hwift
Mary White .........................-....Mr. 0. Henri
' Tim Altibed. Door open at o'clock the
curtain will rise at 7M precisely.
NOTIOK. Tradeeman and others are cautioned
. airalnst furnishing any articles for the theater with
i' out a written order, signed by the Manager.
1 Theater, is now open for the reception of guests.
Rooms can be obtained by the day or weeS, and
monls furnished at all hours.
F. B. (VinwRy.,........,......,....,.... Jtage Director.
J. V. Herbert.................. .Treasurer.
THI9 KVEKING, and eTeir eyenlng until further
notice, Shakepeare's beautiful play
' Thesens, Sake of Atheni.,.....,.,....Mr. Conway.
Lyander.........,............,.......,Mr. Sheridan.
Dmetria8.................,.............Mr. Chaplin.
. Mick Bottom....... .,Mr. Davrldge.
Bnout... ........,....,.........Mr. Lanagan.
; Oberon ...............Mra. Gonway.
nyppolyta,,........ Mrs. Place.
, Hennla.,... ,.,..,. ..Mias Kingsbury:
Uelenia..................,.......Mri. Wilklnt.
TltaDla,,..M....MMH,a.iitss Proctor.
Miss Crocker'
. In consequence of the length of the play there will
I he no other performance.) For the afternoon per
I formance, on Monday, the doors will open at two
' o'clock; curtain rises at half-past two.
Paioas or Admission. Paranette Oirole, Parquette
, and Balcony, Ml cents; Amphitheater, 3ft cent;
I Private Boxes for eight persons, ti.
I Doors open at 6H o'clock j commence at 7M.
filshteen Star Performera. PohIIItmIt hut Four
8ATDBDAY EVENINGS, Jan. i, 3.4 and 7 s also at
Odd-Fellows' Hall. Uovington, on THURSDAY and
FRIDAY EVBNir5GS,Jan.oand8.
n DOUBLE TBOUPE-Great combination of Talent
and Originality The largest and best Band of Min
strels ever organised -8U0BKY, CABLE, DUPREZ
A GKEBN'S far-famed and world-renowned only
original New Orleans and Metropolitan
Hurleatue Opera Tronpo aid Mammoth
Brass Band,
Are coming with new and extra attractions, and
will give four of their Ethiopian Concerts in this
city previous to their departure on their annual
southern tour.
Grand Free Baloony Concert In front of the Hall
each evening by the Brass Band.
Doors open at 7. Concert to commence at 7X.
Admission 2ft cents.
f Also, SATURDAY AFTERNOON, at 3 o'clock,
for school children and families. Tickets reduced
to 10 cents.
Proprietors Shorey, Carle, Duprez ft Green.
de29h Manager and Business Agent.
JANUARY 2,1860.
A. Watklns, A. M. Debarris,
J.Humes, ' ' v Captain Perry, . .
William Morris, J. M. Marsh,
William Jones, R. Richardson, '
F. Strader, P.EIchel,
J. Keiley, A. Parkerson,
J. P, Ditchaon, Captain Jones,
James WorthlogUu, W.G.Forrest,'
Milton Price, J. McQuade,
J. J. Keiley, J. W. De Forrest,
F, Ultchson, W. 8. Lowery,
M. Price, . P. McOuade,
H. W.Moore, T.H.Ringgold,
William llaskett. Ohief, F. F. Watson, AiiliUnt.
Tickets f3, (supper included,) admitting a Gentle
man and two Ladles, which can be procured of Mr.
lierbert.Treasurer of the Opera-house, and at all the
principal music stores, also at the door,
de22 "
KCHLMAN, of .No. 44 Sixth-street, a .
would respectfully Inform the publlo that she &l
has, In connection with Mrs Toledo's (late of inn
Bavel Troupe) tasteful wardrobe, removed toIali&
her new office, at No. 70 Fifth-street, between
Walnut and Vine-street, where she will be happy to
see her former patrons, to w hom she can offer the
moat splendid assortment of costumes. de!7-am
j"jJK. AND M R8. 8HANK8'8
llasam j? i" StiGONP TIBM.1 LmA
Natloaal Hall, Tlnotreet, abare Fifth.
The lessons are so arraaged that beginners can
commence at any time. j -. . . . de9tf
saddle, trunk and uarnhiss
manufactory; -
109 Main-street, three deora abore Third,
DER all k ads of Horse Trappings, In the best
and most substantial manner. Also, a large assort-
Bags. Bridle Bits, lloffalo Bobes, Valises (the real
sole-leather). Mail Trunks, Sponge, and a large as
sortment belonging to this line. Iwlli sell as low
menioi uorss uiaaiew, v nips, carpet ana Leather
as the lowest, .
0 D, 8. CARSICK.
has on band a choice variety of luxuries for the
approaching festivs season. Something for all I La
dles and gentlemen, large folks and little folks; rack
as new Balflni, Flgs,Oorrante, Prunes, Nuts, Citron,
fresh Peaches, Strawberries and Plne-epsles, Jellies
and- Preserves, Lobsters,' Salmon and Sardines,
Oysters, Freeh, Core, Spiced and Pickled, Isinglass
and Gelatine, Fine Brandies, Maderio, PorTsherry,
Catawba and Champagne Wines, Jamaica Bum.
Scotoh and Irish Whisky, Ax. Gentlemen will please
not forget that theoboloeit Havana Cigars are to be
had at National Theater Building, Sycamore-streak
CONSTABLE'S SALE. By virtue of an
execution, to ate directed, I will sell, on SAT.
UBDAY. the 7tb day of January, 1H60, at 10 o'clock
A. M., at the junction of Ann-street and the Miami
Canal, the following goods and ohattsla, to-witi
Ths canal. boat PBINOEHg. hur annarel and It.
tnres, taken under the water-craft law, at the suit of
J.4H. bobweetal. , JO. DUBBXLL, Constable. .
i;ji.hs Alt leov. , . ae IS
for sals at VERdlTHfiN'a.
deM Oornar Ninth and Vine-streets.
!! n i mm ii win
.rj, ,
' M I I v LI
VOL. 2. NO. 114. ; r
Lrrrxi MkAin. Night Express, 8:00 A. a.; Accom
modatidn, t:4fi p. a.i Day Express, 0;3ft r. H,
iNDLaXANUS AJTS ClIOUIlATI. 11:16 A. B-i fctO T.
Oai'o ahd MisiMirri.-e:25 a. u.; W AS a. IlhU
CiMoismATT, Hamiltow and Battoh.-7:4S a. sl; 11:08
A. .; 12:53 r. .; 6:S3 p. .; 8:M p. a. -
Biohhoid aid Imdiaiiapolu, 12:H) m.; t:M p. M.
LiTTi.s Musii.-Day Express, 10:00 a. a.; Aooom-
Indianapolis and Cinoinati.-:50 a. . U:4S r.
Ohio and Uusiuippi.-7:90 a. m.; S:00 p. 7:30 p. a.
Cincinnati, Hamilton axdDatton.-:( a.m.; T:30
m. a., iu:w a, ., :u r. a., o:i r. a ; n:w p. a.
Mabiktta and Cincinnati. 9:40 a. a.; 8:4fl p. m.
Biuhmond and Indianapolis. 3:00 a. a.; 3:40 p. a.
"Therewai a slight fall of now in New
Orleans on the 22d Inat,
FWher does charitr begin? At homo.
Not bj good deal it beglni at aea (0.)
' 0Pattl has been offered, by a London
manager, $60,000 for five montha.
!9"Overone million tans of ooal have been
shipped from Pittsburg during the past year.
l&B'k New York publishing bouie have
issued a new book, by Julia Kavanangh, bear
ing the title of Snm Tear:
' if&'k man named Burob, overseer for Col.
Winfield, of Bedford, Va., was murdered re
cently by a negro, y , . , , , -
. SBTThe necessary expense which will be
incurred for the general census ef 18A0 will
require the appropriation of at least $1,000,000.
TThe Philadelphia oensus shows a popu
lation of 680,000; an increaae of 271.238 sinoe
Jackson, the sculptor, ia molding a
most beautiful boat ef Washington Irving. It
ia to be in a miniature form. ,. ', ; : .
:"T-TheRlehmond (Va ) i?nouVsr learns
that the Danville Railroad Company have or
dered 6,000 tons of railroad iron, and that the
same la to be imported direot to Richmond.
9 A negro belonging to Dr. J. M. Becket,of
Aberdeen, Miss., was killed without any pro
vocation, by a yonng man, Thomas Pendleton,
on Sunday morning last. . .
' rNine ships are now on the stocks at
Quebeo, the tonnage eight thousand and fifty
five hundred and eighty men are employed
on them.
I-Hay ia selling in Toronto, Canada, at
$30 per tun, and ia sparingly offered and of
poor quality. Straw ig worth $14 per tun, and
It also scarce. i ! -.
' 9tT8onth Carolina ia continuing to build
her railroads to the mountain regiona. She
has devoted $300,000 to the Bine Ridge re
oently. !-Haniett ' Ooodnow . aftos Freeborn,
keeper of a bagnio, waa ohoked to death in
Beaton, last Monday night by Charles H.
Goodhue, who waa arrested.
i""The Wash-atreet brewery and several
adjoining bnUdings were burned down In St.
Louis, on Tuesday evening, causing a loss of
$8,000 or $10,000, . , , -, , .... . .
oel Tarrllt, an old and prominent cill-
ssn of Oswego, New York, and Consul to the
Sandwich Islands during Polk'a Administra
tion, died in that city on Monday.
j . - . . -ii
,sTA young lady by the name of Hart, a
seamstress in the family of P. Vanderveer, of
Hami ton, O., waa so severely burnt recently,
as to cause her death. :
'gkT-The Memphis (Tenn.) Appeal saya that
Mrs, Morgan, the wife of Morgan of Masonic
fame, ia at present a resident of the suburbs
of Memphis, and has resided in that vicinity
for some time,1';; -y M 'n
I "v t y ' '. J ?
!&More oider ia now made in Connecticut
than In any other Stats. In the town of
Cheshire alane, four establishments have made
the past season from fifteen hundred to two
thousand barrels each. .
;EcTSmallpox is raging with more or less
severity in many of the eltiea and towna in
the vioinlty of Boston. With a better knowl
edge in regard to its treatment, but few eases,
comparatively, are fatal.
! 9The long rumored faot that the Empress
Eugenie has determined to abolish crinoline
has been announced in a quaai-offioial manner
by the lady who signs the "Oourrler de la
Mode" of the Paris Patrie, the Viscountess de
e population of Augusta, Georgia,
aocording to a recent census, is 16,084, of
whom 8,385 are males, and 8,599 females.
The population lis divided as follows: Whites,
10,720; slaves, 6,886; free negroes, 369. - .
'aVTwo men, named Crux and Gargua
have been arrested in Fairfax County, Vir
ginia, for oiroulating Helper's book through
the postofice. Crux, who was examined be
fore a Justice, and held In the sum of $2,500,
forfeited his ball. :, . ,
' jSsT"The immense product of the Gloucester
fisheries, amounting to some 150,000 quintals
cod fish, and from 40,000 to 60,000 barrels of
mackerel annually, finds its principal market
in New Tork City.
i pSk very promlnet young minister has
been discontinued from his connection with
the Alabama Conferenot, because he professes
to believe that the souls of the wioked
are annihilated after death. . . ,
1 JBBTThe oountry reaidenoe of W. T. Bur
den, near Troy, N. Y., waa entered by bur
glars, a few nights sinoe, and robbed of silver
plate to the value of $1,400. A reward of $350
is offered for the arrest of the burglars and the
recovery of the property. . y i . .ii
jBaTAn exchange remarks: "Dr. Maginn
saya that no elgar-amoker ever committed au
loide; but we guess many a cigar-smoker's
wife has wished he would." No doubt she
haa, not because he smoked, but because he was
her husband,
.tTWild game is said to be more plenty in
and about Sandusky County, in thia State,
than haa been known for many years. About
one hundred deer have been brought to Fre
mont, with large numbers of wild turkey a,
pheasants end quails.
pSTtmo men, Joseph .Sparks and Oaoar
Flint, were assailed in the suburbs of Balti
tlmore, a few nights ago, by a gang ef shoul
der hitters. Flint was knocked down but
his sompanion escaped by flight When the
scoundrels hit Flint, Spark rsv '
Fiatmoioi I Tsitifssssi, Two brothers
of the Hyde family, living beyond the Hyde's
Ferry, Tennessee, got into a fight on Saturday,
when one stabbed the other with a knife, in
flioting several fatal woand upon his person.
The wounded man died in a short time after
receiving the wounds. ,s ; , , ;, v.;, :;
Tain Mil Kiuin o A Southsik Rail
ho ad. A few evenings slnoa, the express train
from New Orleans, on the New Orleans and
Jaokson Railroad, came in collision with a
freight train bound down, two miles from
Eailehnrst. Several oars were demolished,
two brakesmen killed and an engineer to
badly hurt that he can not recover.
Ths DAoiid Iifhtio'i W Ssbkastt. A
few months after the danolng malady of 1374
had made its appearance at Aix-la-Cbapelle,
it broke out at Cologne, where the number of
those possessed amounted to more than fire
hundred, and about the lame time at Meti,
the streets of; whioh place are said to' have
been filled with eleven hundred dancers.
Peasants left their plows,-meohanlos their
workshops, housewives their domestie duties,
to join the wild revels, and this rich eommer
eial oity became the scene of the most ruinous
disorder. Secret desires were exoited, and bat
too often found opportunities for wild enjoy
ment; and numerous beggars, stimiluted by
vice and misery, availed themselves of this
new oomplalnt to gain a temporary livelihood.
Girls and boya quitted their parents, and serv
ants their masters, to amuae themselves at the
danoes of those poasessed, and greedily im
bibed the poison of mental infection. Above
a hundred unmarried women were seen rav
ing about in eonseoratad and uncoiaeorated
places, and. the oonaeqaenoea were aoon per
ceived. - '-.. .-.i -J. k
Gangs of Idle vagabonds, who understood
how to imitate to the life the gestures and
convulsions of those nally affected, roved
from place to plaoe seeking malntenanoe and
adventures, and thus, wherever they went,
spreading this disgusting spasmodic disease
like a plague, for in maladies of this kind the
snsoeptible are lufeoted as easily by the ap
pearance as by the reality. At last it was
found necessary to drive away these mischiev
ous guests, who were equally inaccessible to
the exorcisms of the priests and the, remedies
of the physicians. It waa not, however, until
after four months that the Rhenish eltiea were
able to auppresa these impostures, whioh bad
so alarmingly increased the original evil. Io
the meantime, when once called Into exist
ence, the plague oropt on, and found abund
ant food in the tone of thought whiah pre
vailed In the fourteenth and fifteenth centu
ries, and even though in a minor degree,
throughout the sixteenth and seventeenth,
oausing a permanent disorder of the mind,
and exhibiting, in those to whose inhabitants
it waa a novelty, acenea aa strange as they
were detestable. "
Cabs or tbs Fibt. Hall's Journal of Bealtk
says that the tendency of India-rubber shoes
is- to .make the fast eeid, thus endangering
the health; hence they are useful only in
walking when the ground is muddy or sloahy
with melting snow. . In these eases they are
invaluable. When rubbers are on the feet
persons .should keep moving, and remove
them on entering the house. If the rubbers
have been on the feet several hours, both
sheet and stookings are necessarily damp by
the condensation and confinement of the per
spiration; therefore, all should be removed
add the naked foot held to the fire till warm
and dry in every part ' The samel rule holds
good in relation to leather boots and shoes
made water proof. For common purposes
leather boots and shoes are the. best, If kept
well blacked, with several renewals of dry
socks during the day, if the feet perspire pro
fusely. A Tusoax Throxi to ii Pobohabbd, The
Florenoe correspondent of the Providence
Journal saya that the story is still eurrent in
Florence, and is more and more credited, that
the Grand Ducal family is going to attempt to
buy its war back to the Tnsoan throne with
gold. They are coining at Paris a million of
dollars in gold, with the head of toe young
Ferdinand IV aa T).ka. - After the Congrena,
whioh Is to decide in his favor, this money is
to be aoattered among the Tusoans, and with
it oblivion of all past sins is to be purchased.
The family of Lorraine is rich enough to
sprend such a sum for the coveted power, but
it it qnite toe late to think to boy the loyalty
of a people whioh has been thrice deceived,
i . "
InrLvntoi or Chlobofobm ox Bin. Mr.
Annan, of Downfield, wishing to have the
honey taken from a hive, without killing the
bees, and having before heard of ohloroform
being used, felt anxious to try the experiment
He first closed the doorway, then covered the
hive with a cloth to shot out the light as muoh
as possible, after whioh he oommenoed to blow
chloroform into the hive. When it was dis
covered that the bees had fallen asleep, the?
were easily removed to another hive without
harm to any one, and the next morning were
all awake and in a lively state, humming
arouna tneir nive.
Ginibal Laxb Ornoi The General Land
Office presents this general synopsis of its
Dusiness: During the nve quarters ending Sep
tember 30, 1859, 18,518,183 acres of the publlo
lands were disposed ' of; 4,970,500 aorea were
sold forJIcash, yielding $2,107,476: 8,617,440
acres were located with bounty land warrants;
1,712,040 were approved to the several States
entitled to them; and 6,318,203 acres certified
to States, aa falling to them nnder the grants
for railroad purposes.
'A Caloulatino Fabuib. A lady passing
through the country, observed the following
notloe on a board : "Horses taken in to grass.
Long tails, three shillings and sixpence; short
tails, two shillings." The lady asked the
owner of the land the reason for the difference
of the price. He answered, "You see, ma'am,
the long tails can brush away the files; but
the short tails are so tormented by them that
they oan hardly eat at all.".-
Sihatoi Douoxis's Bboovibt Doubtful.
Senator Donglaa, it ia aald, ia far from being a
well man, and his permanent recovery is very
remote, if not doubtful. Hit disease is said
to be gout in the stomaoh. His purpose of
going to Florida is prevented by his inability
to travel at present, though it it hia purpose
to go South aa aoon as he Is strong enough to
travel. WaiMngton Slain, De. 29.
PrcuMAB Inoidbnt. It is stated that after
the burial of John Brown, when the children
of the man just buried were sitting round the
ttove, with their shawlt on to keep them
warm, one of the visitors noticed the seats on
whioh they were seated, as something eut of
the way. On examining them, It was found
tbey were boxes whioh bad . once contained
Sharpe't rifles.
Oadsi or Ambition. Ambition is frequently
the only refuge which life has left to the de
fied or mortified affections. , We ohide at the
grasping eye, the daring wing, the sonl that
teems to thirst for Sovereignty only and know
not that the flight of thia ambltioua bird haa
been from a bosom or a home that is filled
with athea. '
Bodboioavl Plaoiabibiso " Aoaiit. Dion
Bonrclcanlt's Octoreo, according to the New
York Newt, waa borrowed almost bodily from
Captain Mayne Baid's work called The
Qumdrvo, published by De Witt in I860.
Boureioanlt Is the most unblushing plagiarist
of the time, and may well be called the Colley
Clbberof hit age. N ; :
i , '"'v '.
" HxTBisrva Pockbt-piocihs. Mr. T. Kohn,
a merchant of Hartford, had hia pocket-picked
of $1,100 in thlt eity en the 10th Inst, while
going from the New Haven Railroad Depot
to the Aster House. By stopping the pay
ment of drafts, hereduoed his loss to $800,
and now offers $200 reward for the detection of
theplokpoekets., r . , , .
r SB r '. 7
A Wrm Womax. "You forget yourself,"
said a lady ef our acquaintance to a rather im
pertinent gentleman. "Ah, well," added she,
aftor a pause of a few moments, "I suppose
you are excutable for forgetting what it not
worth remembering." ,
Despicable ar the praetioe which goes by the
name of fortune tolling is, we believe there Is
a kind of fortune telling whioh It not only
nosalbla. bnt easilv nraotised noon norrant
principles. , Thus, to begin with ths young,
when we tee a child obedient to bit or her
parents or teachers, or any one else .toward
whom, the subordinate relation hat become
necestary, we have ne hesitation in predicting
that good fortune will aoeompany suoh a child
Into early manhood or womanhood.and insure
a fair startjin adnlt life. If the ease be that
of an , honest, energetlo young man, who has
suocessmuy aavanoen trom the position ol
apprentloe and journeyman Into that of a mu
ter meohanie or boss, we oan toll his fortune
without much difficulty. So with regard to
those who have chosen a profession as the
means of livelihood. Lotus see.how they con
duct their business. If they do this intelli
gently, Industriously and honeatiy at the start,
they will be very apt to continne to de so, and
suooess will be sure in the long run. Unprin
cipled men in the same line may get ahead of
them at the beginning, bnt they will fart best
in the end, end so illustrate the truth ef the
maxim that honesty is the best policy, we
will confess that we are no fortune-teller if it
does not to turn out
Gome Slbiohwo Litiballt Two Mix
Bbiitallt Murdsbid.-Oo Saturday night,
the 24th, a fight oocurred at the tavern of
Mass & Martin, Triadelphla, Vs., In which
Frederick Martin was so badly Injured that
he died soon after. ' Several large parties of
yonng men from Wheeling were out sleigh
riding, and many of them were intoxioated.
One man asked Mass for a drink, and was re
fused. Immediately tumblers and pitchers
commenced flying Mass and Martin were
knocked down and stabbed and beaten with
chairs," and the women of the house, rushing
into the midst of the traoas, were beaten baok
with considerable Injury. The bruisers then
left the house, jumped into their aleigha and
drove away. Upon pioklng Mr. Mais up, two
long knife wounds were discovered, either of
whioh would nave proved ratal.
Postal Apfaibs or thi Govbbhubxt. The
report of Postmaster General Holt dwells
largely upon the financial embarrassments of
the Tear, attributable to the failure nf tha
usual appropriationa. The amount of ascer
tained liabilities not met by the Department,
but due to this necrleot, is declared to be
$4,296,000, while liabilities to the amount of
$11,458,000 have been liquidated. The grots
revenue of the year were $7,908,484. These,
added, to' a balanse on the books of the Audi
tor, and to unemployed appropriations, con
stitute a total oi $xz,ios,9VO available re
sources, against expenditures amounting to
$11,558,139 for the fiscal year ending June 30,
1859. ' For the fiscal year terminating on the
same day, 1860, the Postmaster General esti
mates the turn required to be $14,871,548.
. Ill ErrtOTS or Ovbb Study. The pleasure
upon young men to complete their ednoational
course at the earliest possible date It con
stantly on the increase, and enough, undoubt
edly, may be teen on all aidea of tht injurious
results of thia premature high pressure. The
healthy notion of the understanding ia being
conatantlv impeded bv a orowd of unconnec
ted and nnprollfio" rooolleotions which ire
foroed in upon the unformed memory, and
oan neither be digested nor retained. It .it,
indeed, a most injurious praotice. whieh ian
not fail to make Its results felt at a futvr.
day. LaneeU , ,
Oua Wab Difabtmint. The Secretary of
rv ar reports mat wnne ine authorized strength
of the Army is 18,105, the number in July
last was only 17,498; and 11,000 of that num
ber were alone available for service in the
field. Small as it Is, the foros has been requi
red toman about 130 permanent garrisons,
posts and camps scattered over at area of
three millions -of square miles, and conse
quently it haa been impossible to give ample
security to oiusena on our ironuer.
Fibst and Skoond Childhood. An EnsMish
writer saya: "I have known youtha of the
most nonoraDie tamiuea Bring nome wives
without shoes and stookines, or a second
shift; or write to their mammas to say that
they have married Molly Mogg, the alehonse
keeper's daughter. The boys do this at seven
teen, and old men do it at seventy-two; and
there is about as muoh real love at the one
age as at the other."
Hobbibli Dbstitutiow. The Coroner was
called to hold an inquest in Philadelphia a
aay or two sinoe, on tne body of a youn
woman, Susannah. Miller, who had drorioe.
dead the previous day, just aa her mother had
returned home from the funeral of another
daughter. The mother had exhausted her
means in the burial of bar other child, and was
found in her hovel watohing the corpse of her
daughter to keep the rats from devouring it
Cowabdlt Outbaob. A young man named
Leiby was the viotim of a dastardly outrage
in Harrislurg, Penn., on Saturday night last
He was assaulted by several masked ruffians,
who knooked him senseless with a club,
stripped him of every artlole of clothing, aid
then pitched him down the river bank, where
he lay inaenaibe for aome time. '
Cohhiboial Uniokibx. A printed circular,
dated Derby,- Conn., and addressed to the
"Connecticut Manufacturers," proposes a Con
necticut Manufacturers' Convention, to "settle
a line of polioy which shall plaoe each and
every manufacturer before the eyes of the
world as he is a promoter of Union or Dis
union. Fraud Aoaist Govsrnmibt. Certain parties
in Taunton and Berkley, (Mass.,) have, It Is
said; lately been summoned before the United
States Grand Jury in Boston to give evidence
touching frauds alleged to have been perpetra
ted upon the General Government in the pro
curing of land warrants.
Wm. Till Sbootixo ax- Aotob. Mr. Wat
son, aa actor, waa reoently wounded at Hali
fax, Eng., during the performance of William
Tell. In the second act, where Tell instructs
hia ten In the art of ahooting, an arrow strayed
from itt aim, and - deprived Mr. Watson of
the light of one eye.
A Boioii that Found Piaoi. Sweet peas
taken from the bosom of an Egyptian mummy,
three thousand years old, were presented to a
society in New York tht other aay by Profes
sor Morse, with a statement that several of
them had been planted last summer, and had
vegetated. ,'
A Famous Cohidiar Dastobsoublt III
Burton, the comedian, is jo ill that his physl
olant positively forbid him to appear again on
the stage In a professional way. It is under
stood that he has disease of the heart, and it
la ttated to be doubtful whether he can re
cover. .'.' - . , vi .-!.'.-
' Youxe abd Ol Amibjoa. "My ton, I dis
like your low ways." "Pray, father, would
you hare me torn hlgh-waymanf" "Yea
turn them out of doors but stay at home
yourself and pray." ,, "What, prey on yout"
"No, on your kneet." . '
. 1 r . aw i .
A Vuujai ViiBir.Mre. Forester, of Spring
field, Mass., waa arraigned for diaturbing one
of the Charles-street schools, In that eity, by
the use of indecent language to the teaoher In
he presence of the scholars. She was sen
enotd to pay a fine for her mitoonduot.
One Day Later from Europe—Arrival
of the North Briton.
Pobtlabd. December 80. The tttamshin
North Briton haa arrived.with Liverpool dates
of Thursday, the 15th inat The t?ratalem
Steamship Company have raised a loan of
40,uuu to complete tne sitting nor out for
Sir. H. Grant has aooepted the command of
the English Expedition against China. ..
ine representatives to the European con-,
gress are continuing to arrive at Paris. -
xne tnree per cent rates bad declined V.
on the Paris Bourse since Tuesday, tht 13th
Livibfool, December 16. The sales of cot
ton to-day have been 10,000 bales, the market
dosing steady at previous rates. The aalea
to-day include 3,000 bales for speculation and
export Breadstufis olosad quiet.
Provisions dull. Lard la heavy at a nomi
nal deoline of l2a. Produce it generally un
changed, i
londobt, December 14. Consols are Quoted
5X for account ex-divldend.
bugartteady. Coffee firm. Tea sanarallv
unchanged. Bloc heavy an ftioea easier.
ine ivorth JSntain paased the etesauar
Buchanan on the morning of the 15th InBt.
f- BANoa. a aria, December is. Prince
Metternich presented his credentials yester
day, and afterward paid his first state visit
to the Embassadors of England, Russia and
ine Portuguese .embassadors at London
and Paris will represent Portugal in the
European congress.
austbia. Vienna, Deeember 15. The hftl)
Corps d'Armee, now in Italy, has been ordered
to Hungary.
Spain. Madrid, Dsoember la. A holy war
hat been proalaimed by Moroooo, whioh will
bring thousands of Moon to the Seaports to
defend the country.
Ibblabd. Dublin. Deoember 15. Sidney
Smith, the Postmaster General, haa proceeded
to the continent to arrange for the transmis
sion of the Belgian, Prussian, Austrian and
Bavarian mails by the Canadian . line ol
China abd India. Hone Hone advioes to
the 29th of; October reports Tea unchanged.
The lowest kind of Kongoua at Loo Choo, and
Greent and Blacks at Shanghai haa slightly
Caloutta dates to November 16 state . that
a strong forct of Sikhea will be aent to China,
but the war is not popular with tht Italian
officials. ;, .
Imports were dull and freights stationary. .
The Fight with Cortinas's Band.
Aritona arrived. Her papers furnish the fol
lowing particulars of the engagement between
Cortinas's band of outlaws and the Americans.
A oompany of over three hundred troops and
rangers niarohed tip the Rio Grande, and on
the 14th met a portion or Captain Cortinas's
band. After a cannonade on both sides tht
Americans ohareed nrjon them, but fall Into
ad ambulanoe, thus allowing the Mexicans to
save tneir artillery.
Cortinat, on the 20th, concentrated hit whole
forct at a point above Brownsville, The
Amerioant went to meet him, and after a severe
ugni ueieaiea nts party.
Ool. Ford's rangers and Lookbridge's party
from New Orleans arrived previously. The
Americana were pursuing Cortinas, who was
retreatiua; Taidlr-- -
Church Directory.
Baptist. rirst Baptist Church, North side Court,
between Mound and Cutter.
High Street Baptist Church, East of City Water
Niuth Street Baptist Church, South side Ninth,
between Vineand Bace. '
freeman Street BaptisUChurch, Freeman, near
foot of Fifth street. -
Welsh Baptist Church, North side Harrison.
Baker Street Baptlet Church, (colored,) South side
Burnet, between Walnut and Vine.
Third Street Baptist Church, (colored,) South side
Third, between Bace and Elm.
Christian. First Christian Church, Longwortu,
between Western Bow and John,
Conaregationnl. First Orthodox Congrega
tlonal Church, North side Seventh, between Wester
How and John. ,,
Second Orthodox Congregational Church, USasttlde
Vine, between Eighth and Ninth.
Welsh Congregational Church, Westslde Lawrence,
between Third and Fourth.
Disciples of Christ.- Christian Church, South
west corner Walnut and Eighth.
Christian Ohnrch,Blxth, betweenBmlth and Mound,
Christian Church, between T. P. 18 and 14, Vubton,
Christian Church, (colored,) North side Harrison,
Vrlenda.-flrst Friends (Orthodox,) Fifth, be
tween Western Bow and John.
First Friends (Hlcksite,) Fifth, between Western
Bow and John.
Jewlshgynaaonges. HolyOongregstlon,Ohll-.
dren of Israel, South-east corner 81xth and Broad
way. Holy Congregation, Children of Jeshurun, Lodge,
between Fifth and Sixth.
Holy Congregation of United Brethren, Bace, be
tween souneezuu ana siueenia.
Polish Congregation of the K. K. Adat. Israel,
corner Walnut and Fifth.
Hhearlth Israel, corner of Seventh and Walnut.
methodise Kplscopal.-EiHT Cincinnati Dis
trict. Wesley Chapel, North side Fifth, between
Sycamore and Broadway. ;. , .
Ninth Street Chapel is now called Trinity.' '
Aabury Chapel, South side Webster, between Halfi
and Sycamore.
HoKendrle .Chapel, (Seventeenth Ward,) Front
Wbst Cincinnati District. Morris Chapel, West
side Plum-street, between Front and Columbia.
Christie Chapel, North side Conrt, between Honac
and Gutter. .
Carr-street Chapel, west side ef Carr-street, be
tween Eighth-street and Hamilton and Dayton
Bailroad Depot.
Baper Chapel. West side Elm, North of Flndlay.'
Park Street Chapel, South-west corner Park ana
York Street Chapel, South-west corner Bayntlllei
and York." ..
Findlay Chapel, South side Clinton, between Onttei
and Linn.
Onion Chapel, North side Seventh, between Plum
and Western itow.
Methodist Protestant.-First Methodist Fret
estantCli-rcb. Sixth, between Vineand Bace.
Second Methodist Protestant Church, Elm, be
tween Fifteenth and Liberty.
George Street Chnroh, George, between Cutter and
New Jeruaalem. Temple, Longworth, between
Race and Elm. ,
Presbyterian Old School. First Presbyterian
Church, fourth, between Main and Walnot.
Fourth Presbyterian Churoh, North side High
street, near Fulton line.
Fifth Presbyterian Chnrch, Booth west corner ol
John and Clark.
Seventh Presbyterian Church, Westslde Broadway,
between Fourth and Fifth.
Central Presbyterian Church, North-west oornet
Barr and Hound.
Ninth Presbyterian Church, Cutter, between Clin
ton and Betts.
Freabyterten New Son ool. Second Prubyte
rlan Churoh, South side Four III, brtween Vineand
- Third Presbyterian Ghnrth, South-west corner
Fourth and John.
Klghth Presbyterian Ohareb, Seventh, between
Linn and Baymlller.
Tabernacle Presbyterian da a rub, corner John and
Protestant Episcopal. -Christ's Ohnrcb.North
side Fourth, between Sycamore a4 Broadway.
St. Paul's Church, South tide Fourth, between
Main and Walnut
B, Inh.l, flKnwl, Ul.tl. .... -V ... Dl.-n.
u . . v. u u .uuiwm, ... n- -U US. . 1 -Ul .Ull
Trinity Chnrch, corner Pendleton and Liberty.
Church of the Advent, (no building, 7 Walnot Hills.
Church of the Atonement, corner Richmond end
Church of the Bedemption, Cliuton.betweea West
ern Bow and John.
Roman Cat nolle St. Augustlnee, Bank street.
Bt. Peter's Cathedral, Bouth-weet oorner Plum and
St. Francis Xavier's, West side Sycamore between
Sixth and Seventh. . -
St. Patrick's, North-east corner Third and Hill.
St. Michael's West aide of Millcreek. ,
Christ's Church, Fulton. ., .- - . ,;
Holy Trinity, South side Fifth, between Bssith aad
Bt. Mary's, South-east oornor Jackson and Thir
teenth, i .'
St. Psul'i, South-east corner Spring and Abigail.
' St, John Baptist, oorner Bremen and Green.
St. Joseph, South-east corner Lltin and Laurel.
Bt. Philomena, North side Pearl, between Nkeaad
Butler, . . .,.
St. Thomas, West side Sycamore, between Fifth
and Sixth. .
Unltarlan.-rirst Unitarian Church, Bov.th.weat
oorner Fourth and Race.
IJiilTewdls)t.--Flrst Onlversallst Ohsreh. las
sld.Plnss, between Fourth and Fifth. .
Sooond f alversallst tinai-eh, earner Sixth and
. 'a."U ' i - '-' -..T .'- f Hi .
! - TERMSvCAlHru, ' .
aavsiusssMuits mot sxceedlng Ivs Uass (Agats
rwo w sets..
Larger adyetttasBssiti Inserted st the following
rt4eikrstuursof tea Unesortsssi1 "
Om lrrrtom. SO Two weaks, SO
aok eddi'njU in. B Three ,,,, , 1 0 .
One wvMk.M.r ( 7tose ssnalh 1 1
Job Printing .
IE all Its braaekas, done Uh aeatnass an dUaatch
Coal Cooking Stove!
Ha. been pronounced by competent judges to be the
Patented Dec. T, 1858.
For tale by the Inventors and Manufacturers,
o. 333 Fourth-street, Cincinnati.
M e respectfully refer to the following certificates
for .vldence of the above s t
V r sous months I have been using the Alligator
Ojj.1 Cooking Stove. Its superior cooking qnafitlea,
ta?lS!?':V, lillness, musteventnal ly secure "
to the owner. a 6wsMfcrjpublic patronage.
k Uve ben using otofui&Jl HF p;k. '
over's il'ator Cook Stoves fcrsv oe nionililr, wwv
gives enttie satisfaction In every respect, and 1 can
cheerfully recommend it to those who are in want uf '
a superior cook stove. H. H. LJEAVITT.
For the last year I have been using the Alligator
Goal Cooking Stove, manufactured br Messrs. Adams '
A Peckover, which I consider a superior stove, and
gives the utmost satisfaction. It Is the only stove I
nave found that oooks perfectly with coal.
Tor some time past I have been using one of Messrs.
Adams A Peckover's Alligator Coal Cooking Stoves, -and
oan recommend them as being a superior stove,
giving entire satisfaction in every respect.
I JUS. BUBHNILL, Coal Uerchaut.
I cheerfully Indorse the above.
ua.an i v Alizarin,.
j Manufactory, Covlnjrton, Ky.
Ne. 90 Bast Celarabla-ttreet. ,
1-vJL trade at the most reasonable prices and eu the
moot ecoommodatlng terms with
For Oil, Fluid or Coal Oil,
(and the coal oil DEODOHIZED.
' N; B. Jones's Improved Lamps and Burners ft
axle by our agent, J. BELLEBS, Covington, &y.
taai.av I
i Next le Smith Nixon's Hall. ,.
CESS we have met with for the last month, we
have leased the tpacious and elegant store. No. 36
West Fourth-street, aad have made great auditions
to our stock of Books and Jewelry, and are now pre-
Kred to offer greater Inducements than ever. We
ve a splendid assortment of Annual Albums and
Gift Books for Holiday presents, In rich and superb
bindings, elegantly illustrated. All Books sold lit
the lowest retail price. ? '
Worth from flfty cents U $100, will begiveu with
ovory Book sold, ...
Presents to be Given Away i
Patent Level Gold Watches, worth..'!. JHO each.
Ladies' Sold Hunting Cases, worth.,,..... so each.
Ladles' Solid Gold Chains, worth...., 18 each.
Silver Watches, worth Iron) ............... lift to 2a each.
Gold Neck Chains, worth, 11 each.
Geld Bracelets, worth. ....... 10 each.
Seta ol Jewelry, worth from- 1 10 to 26 each.
Seta Bolld Sliver Teaspoons, worth 10 each.
Silk Dresses, worth... f e. Wsee eee m eeet ttose .' 20 eaoh.
ALSO A variety of useful and valuable articles
not enumerated above, worth from flfty cents to fixi.
ruoiisner ana uut uooisoii'
- i - i fdel9br'
TH1KD-8TBF.ET, Cincinnati, t'hlu, are menu- '
factoring largely. Palmer's celebrated Hydraulio '
Foroe and Lift Pump. Also, hit Portable Steam
Engines. All those who are about to purchase
PIT, HPS for Tanaerles, Breweries, Distil
leries, Dry Hooks. Paper Mills Kailrsmtl
station, Mines, Wrecking Purposes, or, in
lact, for any purpose where a pump Is needed, will
llnd It to their advantage to call and see the work
ing of these valuable inventions, or address tbe
PALHBtt PUMP COM PAS V for a olroular, which
will furnish the names of many who have used these
Pumps with perfect satlfaoiion. ue21dm
Forwardiiig and CoBuMssion
Hoes. Pork. Lard. Whlskv. Flour. Oraln. Jn.
Office north-west oorner Sixth and Main streets.
Cincinnati, oenosite the Gait House.
The undersigned having formed a copartnership '
in tbe General Produce aud Commission Business,
under ths style of Wilson, Garlick A Co., respect
fully tender their services andsolicltthepatrouage of i
Ihelr friends and the publlo. Pniticular attention
puid to baying and sslling Hon, Whisky, Flour,
Uraln.Ao. Ihelr charges will lie as moderate as
any other food house in thee My, Beferto the mer- '
h. T, G A BUCK.,
' L. T. BARB.
Holiday Presents,
Bisons and China Figures, Faaoy Inkstands, .
Vases, Jewel and Match-bo les, Fanoy Shaving and
Work-boxes, and other Fancy Goods too numerous
to mention, suitable for the Holidays, which 1 will
sell cheaper than any other establishment in the
No. 271 Main-street, between Sixth and Seventh.
N. B.-Alsoanewlotofjfanoy Soaps, Perfumery,
Extracts, Ac. de '
Hr chart ;Tail6rl ;
'" No. ,.48 ' ri T H-8TBEET, l. ' S
delttf ',".'''. LOPION BTJILPHQ.
Book Binding ,
Fourth-etreet, etween Main and 8r camo-x, Ola-
1 aitrB-btndlnit every itrte. Musis Books nsat.'
hraaddusrablybond. O. CaoPBB, .
sttlV Morooeo-ksolei Boots; , fl , .v,(
IJOoartoons of Children's Fancy-hueled Boots;
.OOOpalrs of Women's Pegged Goat Boots, custom-'
niade,at7Soeataipair. v A ' !, j.;-ni -, -
ttlaVttewMtetalekf'si.)ti;. " v'- -.
e7lant 92Pearl-strstt,

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