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..." .1.1
Is pahlblMd doSr, ( nnadeys eeBted,) by -VRAKCISCO
- nopuaroBs.
vrtea-ae. H watt rosafg.sT it.
THB PISH F3BSSH feaTsrestc subscriber, la
OkMtamU, (tovtngton and Newport, tad sur. '
rounding sines end town, at the ex
, y, treaty tow price ef
releaser aiuis: J
BlPatoeoalilo.il month Wo.; t month, fit 1 ystrgi.
ooiHia iixta urn tiimiuiti'
. iota A. Mtuiaa, Jt.-. Jolt Lmm a MaBaor.
Great Attraction for New-Year Week.
1 Mr. GtiKNlf in on, of hU fcniloit characUni.
THIS EVININO. Jsnntry 2, and ororx renlDi
' during the woek, John Broushim'i ,
PO-CA-HON-TASj 1 ,.,
0, Thi Ojiktli Hudin, '
CapUIn John, Bmlth. i...,.... Mr. Boll
i'.0t:hA',S,,"-r,"'-t,t-L- Mr.Elliler
H. B. B. Po-c-hon-Uu....;.Mm ftnnr Denbm
. After wbiob
- Oa, Thb Tieeoeb or tea Bloi Chambh,
a Domallano ( Bluo Beard)
1 brali i nw...bi.aiM,..rM.MI
MfmtMMt.oir. iianfaon
Mr. Xllaler
,..Hra. Kllaler
Ml, Oanham
The Dutch Actor........ Mr. 8am. Glens
. note Mlie fanny Senbam
iroon open ai tn, unruua rue, at 1
ioon open a, en uaruua rue, at 7 o'clock.
f Paioiaor Abhimioh Dreai Oiroloand Paranalu.
Uc.,, qallerr.ntaT T ffft?'"?''
Seventh Night of the dUtlngulahetl aotreu'
.,, TBI8 KVKN1NU. Jannar i. mill ha u-tiul
, Oa, Tsa Biiob op Tubbob. '"
Oharlotte Oorday ...Uiu J. M. Darenport
iMjDespiori 6,te,M(HMe.iM . (nr. Henri
rladanw RoUnd ....Mir 'h. Orabam
IHKdamo B,&nchard..(.M....,.,........,(.,.ail8 L. Endr&M
aBll UMOUA .ai
Mm tli L
iauw.......,m,,,..,, , JM1BI aFoUUT iilgpt.
. Oa, THi HlAlrt TalAU.'
Robert Shelley......... ....... Mr. Carter
Union Jack.................,...... Mr. Bernard
u.i r.riuu.. Vanderen
t Tim Altiekb. Doon open at tH o'clock IT tbe
Oiirtaln will riae at 7M precisely, r. "
NOTX0B.-Trale,nian and other, are oanllbned
againat furnUhing any article, for the theater with,
out a written order, algned by Ibe Manager. i
At.ctvat w win. iut in -EVCnpilOB OI &lMf t.
meal, ftirniahed at all hour.
. .u. uar w. weea.iana
lu. . I . . .1 , .
y $ 5nway,.MM,ttM.,...M.i
J. T. Berbrt.n.,M..., .
......Stage Director,
' 1.PI9J!7..NINC! ai W7 Tnlng until fnrWr
av.it.., guHinin WttUUIUI play
Tneeeua, Duke or Athen,.,..,..... .Mr. Con!
Nick Bottom-
..Mr, Ohihlln.
w-,UwtMjlr JUavrfdge.
-..air, juttuatgita,
...Mrs. (Jonway.
Hra. Place.
miaa uingaaury:
Mrs. Wilkin.
Ml., t) L..
Puck................. -..... Ulaa (Jroiker
In consequence of the length of the play there will
be no other performance. For the af ternoon i per
, formance, on Monday, the doon will open eti two
, e'clocla; ourtain rhwa at half-past two,
PBIOEa Or ADM maiON.-lrarniiAt.AA iMn-fa ' P.M4,A,.
and Balcony, 60 cents; Amphitheater. 2b cental
Doora open at 6H o'clock ; comment at 7,M-
Eighteen Star Performera.-Foiltively but
BATORBAT KVESlSOS, Jan. 1 3. 4 and 7 1 T at
AlXnu jnfnAIA I. 1'US.HIiAy. WKIlNKHIll'
' Si,-J?oy,'' Hall,Covinton,on THUKSDA1
IMjniiLIC TBOUPK-Great combination of Talent
u.uiiiijiaiiij - Auo iHj-uua. ana ofBt nana ot mm.
r? ?.?,TiL;j?n,d -SHOBBT.OABIB, llUPBEg
s) OiiKKN '8 far-tamed and world-renowned. only
f original Mew Orleans and Metropolitan . .
' Bnrlesiiue Opera Troupe and Mnminoth
Brass Band, I
f ,i Af?, IB 'h od extra attraotiena and
' give foui of their Ethiopian Concerts In' thia
ity previous to their depsttnre on their annual
Southern tour. . j
Grand Free Balcony Concert In front of the Hall
each evening by the Brae, Band. I
Doors open at 7. Concert to commence at 7Mi
Admlaeion 29 cents.
JtAlao. 8ATDHDAY AFT1BHO0H. at 2 o'clock,
for aohool children and familial. -Ticket, reduced
i to lucent,.-. i ,. .. "., ,i
Proprietors Bhorey, Carle, Dnprea ft Green.
uaas. il. DUPKKZ.
Manager and Bualneas Agent.
Professor Jacobs!
.flJ!S.0LlBBS0V7KED j
- Veutrlloquist and ImproTisatoIre,
so at
. Will ntroducs his attMindibg and unrivaled exper.
J ;. Insuts, and conUnu, apeltfy, for h !f j ,
"! l"nrf7' arsrt-a7ift-.S.ri,'',kvT-'l .
Commencing Monday Jan 9.
'J ; JALlelaand Inimitable soblln. Mi HiBinnT.
n " Mm uu 1U V 1. 0 IUUHL HOI
mi.pwTOim maaaire silver j the ruruiture
ia in the Louie Quatorjo style j and the whole fcrma
an intertalnment that has gained for the Prefeeaor
the honor of performance before th. .ririin.i
araius 01 mansire silver j the fun
crowned heada of Europe, and in Califorfi ayiua.
t?.1 "Ui 5! J".0," "!! whfch he
-"7 , ."ni, wunre uaeorKHna a penect turore,
'.-Adsalsaion M) cents: Gallery M eenta: rhii,in
tMfnn fill n-nt.! n.Ua-. M Man,.. .Liui .'
lery, IS cents.
, I. ' wuw , cuiiuren 10 the
ue gal-
open atT o'clock.
Kntertainment to'oom
Bsnce at 7M P,
N. B.
. at.
whole performance will be chsncod
'pat' iTiTT
A R.
thus ,
; n .ut i'..u '
i ;u JANUABI 1860.
Watkius. A. M. Uebarria. . '
Humes, ' Captain Perry, 1
llllam Morris. .' ' J. M. stanih. .i". i
William Jones,. . - .., B, Bichardson, ,,, '
f. Btrader, . ..P.Eicbel, : -
SlKeiley, 1 ' A. Psrkerson, '
J lP. Dltchson, Captain Jones.
SS WorUlllLfl-.Ilut.iJlV. O. rnrra.ii'1 :Vl ; -
ton Price, J. McQuade,
I. Keller.. '' J. W. t aira.t. : '
toitohton, ViW.B. towery, :
Price, P. McQiwde, .'
W. Moore, .- T, H. Binggold, ,
lllam Haskett. Uhier, F. F. Watson, Assistant.
Ickote 3, (supper lnclnded,) admitting a Gentle
n and two Ladles, which can be procured of Mr.
bert.Treesurer oftbe t pera-ho-ue, and at all th.
iclDal mnalc atpres, alto at the door.-.
nutiLinaii. or no. 4tr- - "-ml
Id reaseotfullv infnrm the t- C-.. -
as, in connection with Mrs ToW ,v
Laval TreuM) taatefnk wardrobe, raw . -
i or i new M-ft-t s jio. ,a rutn-aireei, nei
Waluat and Vine-etreet, where, he will
eve ner former patrons, to whom she
pi oat splendid assortment of costume,.
nom ans oan cnv.iu.
AND iM.8.HANK8'8
"nviil W ' , ..
, nn.i-.rvr-ii fn-.nu. .i.'l . .
I irow-iwnni "a"I j. w cmj anve rain, .
Tbs lesson, are so arranged that beginner, can
.ii-HI "ef-
111 III I in
f" ' 1 enmmenre t. any .it... nemr
l,pSfXBL.AS,8'8AIlS.-.By vlrtnij of an
a- axbcution. to me aireciea. a win sen. on dai-
iv I iUBtA,Y,(tbs Jth day ef Januarr, I860, at 10 o'olook
' 'a, M,7at the junoflon 6f Ann-irreet and the Miami
" " CJahai; the lbllc
Inwlna roods aiid chattels, to-wlt t
ITnn n-n.t.knn, llttTTVtir.nlSllJhln.1 ITIMnl anil Ai
,j "-"-r -. - ' j. 7rr . .t
' tareev taien unuer tne water-craii law, ai tue sun oi
J. a. bc-wa si ai, . .ju.uunBSiiAii,uoosiaow.
for sale at. , FEttonsoN'B,
usnsr aiau ana vias-ssrssiB,
70L.-2. NO. 115.
; y TBAIM8 AEBIY1. ,' .-A:
. modatiah, t-M r. u.i Day &XDreaa. :3A r. i.
fioTM OiiaaTi.-Uil6 A. 6:W F,
0JaAl"iiiaii.-:2 . H.jUiWX at lftit
Htiiana and JinoiniTi.-li:80 a. a.; :M p. M.
ttiouMonn aj lDUapom.-li60 6:66 r. M.
j. TBAIHa DBPABT. : V ' ii j
mdiumpoui an UainaATu-:W a. m.; UM p.
Ohio abb MiMrii'ii'pr! 7:20 i. .! J:00 p. .: 7:30 p.m.
HAEIBTTA AMD JliniMlfAr.X-Ain A M i t.in. u
Bichmoio AMD laoiAaaPOLU.-:0 A. M.;'3:40V. W.
Law of Newspapers.
' Fiasr. flnkMrllwtni vhi
to tbe contrary, are oomldered a, wlibiug to eon-
I a.riir.ir.,'.r'jr'l.''.
I .rS vrilI r. . . .V?".r oiacenunnance
IHIBD.-Jfaubecriberii neglectorrefuMtotake their
iniiuiuvau iromiueamce w 1 wnicn tneyaredlreotedi
JToUBTH.-If Ubacrihni
without informing the vnblleber,, and tbenapertar
ible "llvui are nem reqon
finH.-The CoiirtohaTe decided that rafuiingto
take aerlodlcala fvm t)t. Afflo.. a. Mmnwin ..j
inteSfonal'fraSd116 fr' ' p1" Aquey(denceof
Rates of Domestic Postage.
I "
ItrriiM For each half
pre-paid, 3 oenta: ow 8,000 milea, pre-paid, 10 oenta.
All letter, must be pre-paid byauunpa, or Incloaed in
tamped enrelopea, or they will not be forwarded.
to., to any part of the United Statu, sot weighing
orer 8 onnoea, 1 oent; and 1 cent for each additional
vuuuef auo-parmeni requirea,
Boon, pre-eaid, not weighing oyer 4 ponnda, 1 cent
per ounoe, for any distance
u vuuwhuiriDTfluiwin in inn uniun ni.im nn.
er 8,000 mile,, and i cents ser ounoa o.ar -(.! mlloa
re-payment required. All fraction, oyer tha ounce
i ue oounteu a, an aaaitionai onuoe.
Nbwspapbbh and PBioDioAia, not exoeeding l.H
ounces in weight, when paid quarterly in advance,
and circulated In the State where published dallj
bu in iue oiaie wnere puniuuiea dally,
tlH. tlx times nerweek low- tH.w,kfJ
fft quarter xfM, tlx times
ir week trl-weekh
Bomi-Weekly,X; weekly, Jj; aemt-montblr. lit:
ii m
i; w.
monthly,' .
periodicals when
weighing IX onnoes, double the above rates. I
CMALli Niwspapbbs, publiihed monthly oroftener.
and pamphlets not containing more than 1 ooiavo
pages, in packages of ounce, or over, A cent per
T.T?1 Niwipapibp, within the oonnty where
publiahed. free. . .. ,
Ooarterlv navmnntnl' In innM. ma. i,
i suser
sltaer where published or received.
Church Directory.
, Bap)tlst.-TIrst Baptlit Church, North aide Court,
between Mound and Cutter.
Hign street Baptist Ufauren, Bait or City Water
Work,. i... . . . ...
Ninth Street Baptlat Church, South aide Ninth,
between VIneand Bace.
Freeman Street Baptist Church, Freeman, near
foet of Fifth ,treet. '
Welah Baptist Church, North side Harrison.
Baker Street Baptist Church, (colored,) South lids
Burnet, between Walnut and Vine. ' '
w?.11-"!8"8' BfPtl't Church, (colored,) Sooth (Ids
Third, between Kace and Blm.
, Christian. First Christian Church, Longworth.
between Western Bow and John.
Conaveiatlonnl.-Finit Orthodox Oongrega
tional Chnrcb, North iMe fievanth, between Wester
Bow and John.
Second Orthodox Congregational Church, Bast lids
Tine, between Eighth and Ninth.
WelshCongregationalChurob, West aide Lawrence,
between Third and Fourth.
Disciples of Christ.- Christian Church, South,
west corner Walnut and Eighth. ,
Christian Oh urch.Sixth, betweenSmithand Monnd,
Ohr atian Church, between T. P. 13 and 14, Fulton.
Christian Churah. fcnlnmH. Nrtrth .111- n.niw,.
, FrlendB. Flrat Frieuda (Urtbudox,) Fifth, be-
tweon Western Bow and Johi. T ; 1
jimirrienasvUlokaite,) Fifth, between Western
W.WIBUOyUliaVUaifTB, XAUljriUQgrWgailOD.UnU.
dren of Israel, Uonth-east corner Sixth and Broad
Holy Congregation, Children of Jeshurun, Lodge,
between Filth and Sixth.
Holy Congregation of United Brethren, Bace, be-
iwoou rviumuvu iuu s niwaui,
Polish Congregation or the K. & AdaU t TM
oorner Walnut and Fifth.
Shearltb Israel. -corner of Seventh. 'aA UFa.--
Methodist Kplsoonal. East Cincinmati Did
tbiot. Wesley Cliapel, North aide Fifth, between
Ninth rin-nl fa n nor n. I In A T-l I .
'' Asbury Chapel, Sotith aide Webater, between Main
and Sycamore.
McKendrls Chapel, (Seventeenth Ward.) Front
West Oiroiunati Distbiot. Morris Chapel, West
tide Plum-Btreet, between Front and Columbia.
Christie Chapel, North tide Court, between Monnd
Can-street Chapel, west aide ef Carr-atreeL be.
twoen Eighth-street and , Hamilton, and Dayton
Bailroad Depot. - - . . T
Raper Chapel, West side Elm, North of Findlay. .'
Park Street Chapel, South-west oorner Park and
Longworth, I .
York Street Chapel, South-west. corner Baymiller
and York.
andTlin. "7
and WeaternBov
Findlay Chapel, Southsid, Clinton, between Cutter
nil I. Inn .
North side Seventh, between Plum
Methodist Prnr.tiar.ant. Firat Malhodlat Prat.
r. I
.inu, JV UUU. D1JAAII, uniWVeU T III. IUU lAAOe. I
Second Methodist Protestant Church, Elm, be
tween Fifteenth and Liberty. :
r. George Street Church, George, between Cutter and
Linn. !..;
New Jerusalem. Temple, Longworth, between
........ r. l. i. q.u i . vi i i. r
AwtMn, IUU AUUA. I l , f i
Presbyterian Old School. First Presbyterian
viimui. lumui, voiwveu juaiu igu naiuui. '
Fourth Presbyterian Church, North sida High
street, near mil ton line. - '
John and OlaVk
Fifth rreauyterian Obnrch, south west corner of
Seventh Preabvtarlan Obnrch. WAatsldAllroadwftv.
between Fourth and Fifth.
Central Presbyterian Church, North-west corner
D.n sau auuaii, a.. i
Ninth Presbyterian Church, Cotter, between 'Clin.
tonandBetts. ... i
Prnahvui.rftn Naw flnwnof.. nnCnnil Pr--h.t.
rian Church, South side Fourth, brtween Vine and
Bace. - . . i - -. , ,
Third- Presbyterian Chorea, South-west oorner
luuriuiuinJuiiD, . ( -
Eighth Presbyterian Ohurshi . Seventh, between
Linn and Bavmlller. ! .
Tabernacle Presbyterian Cksrck, oorner job and
Protestant Bplaoopnl.Cbrtst'a Chnrcb, North
aide Fourth, between Sycamore and Broadway
. 8t. Paul's Church, South tide Fourth, between
Main end Walnut. v.. ,
St, John's Church, South-east corner Plum and
Doventn " J '( J . ! ' I t f i I '
Trinity Churcn, corner Pendleton and Liberty.
Church of the Advent, (no building,) Walnut Hills.
Obnrch of the Atonement, corner Blobmond and
Ohnrchofthe Bedemptlcn, Clin ton.between West
era Bow and John. ,
, Roman Catholic St. Angua tines, Bank street,
St. Peter's Cathedral, South-west corner Flam and
St. Francis Xavler's, West side Sycamore between
Sixth and Seventh.
. St. Patrick's, North-east corner Third and Mill.
St. Michael's West aide of Mllloreek. . , '
Christ's Church, Fulton. ...
Holy Trinity, Sooth side Fifth, between Smith and
St. Mary's, South-east corner Jackson and Thlr-
teentb. T,, ..... j .. n .
, St. Paul's, Sonth-east oorner spring and Abigail.
St. John Baptist, oorner Bremen and Green.
, St. Joseph, South-east oorner Linn and Laurel.
St. Phllomena, North side Pearl, between Plkaaad
Butler. '
St. Thomas, West ,
tnd Sixth. ' ,
Me Sycamors, between Fifth
v.mrM.t-xint uui
oorner Fourth and Bace.
AT1 1 . I . TT.I
Jniversalist. First Cniverraliat Ohirsh,
IUU A1UIU, Uffl.t-n iv.ri- VIU JIllH,
Second Dalversallst eiharck, eeraar8lxtti and
No. 48 POliHrH-STREET,
Book Bindiiiff
Fourthaitreet. etween Main and Sr eamoa. Oin.
clnnatl. '. 'i ..''' " t
SMTH-binding t every style. nsii BoaM neat
ly and dnsrably bond.. . O. OBOPI'EB.
Tlvta-S ,
, -j . . KAXvr.crs-aiu ' 1 ' V-
Wood-Working Maohinery,
Ceraer Jskaaad Water BasCHaeittBatiaOi
la Falmonth, Mai., 15,090 bnahali
onion were ralaed Q put naeon.
, Tlha fellow who eut an icqualntanoe
was seen snorur aiurwaraa eottiog a caper.
j"Thonly true woman-bater la lalcl to
Mawoaui,' ' ..-, ."','.',(
receipt for washing fluid tlx gal-
ions oi warm water ana plenty or soap. )
sr One farmer in Illinoiihaa sold 8,800
coaa oi eaiue this rail, vitltilng hint $79,000,
I' JfSrk Elonmond (Vs.) paper reoommondi
the establishment ef a hoop-iklrt faotory in
' Th New York ial sava that aiz hun
clrad thoniand patri of (katei have bean told
in laa out we present season.
"John Streeh, a lad of sixteen years,
wag seriously shot In Danville, Ky., a day or
two ago by hit father, who ha been held for
trial. ' i .. . ' ! ,;
i dii thai T,nla Mnnijn has mrttUn
a drama of oonslderabla marlt. which has been
aooepted by one yf the leading New fork
theater, and which will;ioon be produoed.
"ETh tondott Gazette itatsi that 'id the
first ten month, of the present year iron val
uad at 10,785,684 was exported from the
voiwa jkiogaom,,,, ., , ,v j
' JS&A man who won't take a paper beoauie
he oan borrow one, has invented a maohine
with which he oan eook hia dinner by the
imoae or nw neighbor'a ohimnoy, , f j
Bembrandt Peals, the nnrKl a.nJ
distinguished artist, ia lying ill at Stonington,
Conn., when he itopped on hi, way home
iroiu a vim to uoeton. " . . r '.-,
afThe Ne Yorken have a way of ob'
serving Sunday, all their own. On Sunday
there were 8,000 persona, including 3,000
women, ,aaung on UU laBtrai. rarK, .. .,,'
. SEfinini nf 4.h. nutntA nf Dl.l..' t.t.J
If - v.: nwv vr.. v. A.iflUU
anticipating the completion of their local rail
road, propose to make the Island a port of
"It has been estimated that a work like
tne ureat rvramid could not be ennatrimtul
at tne present day with all the aids of modern
soience, tor less tnan a hundred, and thirty
live minion, oi Hollars. :
Philadelphia paper sava that several
atadents who left Jefferson College for Blobs
monanare returned and rammed their studies.
stating that they only joined the stamped to
nave a unnsimas iroiio. - - ,
'I am rsioifted . nt itflni hua1i.no! . Ia mmm
yon in tuoh good health, said Mrs. Smith to
the veritable John. "Health" was the quick
retort; "why, I have had theplague ever since
a was married. t xf . t i; i
" Captain.- what's the fare to St.
Louis?" "What part of the boat do you wish
to go on. cablnordeok?" "Haatt roar cabin."
said the gentleman from Indiana, "I live in a
eabin at home; give me the best yon've got." j
jjThe Georgia Methodist Eoiioonal Con.
f....uu.i. - i i j r , . - .
ai iu nwij luLinmauueu a minister tor at"
tending a clrous, and subsequently unani
mously resolved that minister or lavman
who visited a show of any description should
be exoluded bom the ehuroh. :
JE9-MParja,Msa!d a little bov to his Darent
one day, "are not sailors vei small men?"
"No my dear," answered the father; "prayj
what leads yon to suppose that they are so
very smaii i - ".Because,", replied the young
idea, smartly, "I read the other d" of a
-iaiiorj 7ing etjl n his waUh.'
There were sent on Tuesday over the wiies of
tne Atisntio asdunio telegraph (Morse) lines,
extending between Philadelphia and Pitts
burg, fire hundred and seventy-eight private
dispatches, over five thousand words of news
for the Associated Press, and an entire sopy of
ids rresiaenvs message, oontaimng over fif
teen thousand words, to the Pitbbnrir Po.t.
and all daring the regular business hoars of
tneaay. ; xne president's Message was trans
mitted, on two wires, in live hours and fittean
minutes. .... Two thousand and eighty-three
woras were transmitted oy ene operator Mr.
Zeieler in an hour. Mr. Flemlnr. of Pitts.
Pbofits or ths Slavs Tbads i Cuba. Tbe
Havana oorrespendent of the New Orleans
Osaent writes from that island on the 18th
inst.,as follows: "Concha, it is understood,
has made a fortune of seven millions of dollars
during his last administration of the govern
ment of this island. The African slave trade
is the great source of profit to the author! tits of
vuoa, ana tools, indeed, they wonld be, were
they not to avail themselves ef the benefits to
be derived from it, when their parent Govern
ment winks at all the new observances of the
treaties made by Spain with England to dis
continue tbe Afrioan slave trade. , . i ',.'
- u . .
Taa Pout or Lovbes. There is net in alt
nature anytuing so aiteny ridiouious as a
man ao much in love as not to be able to con
ceal it from the rest of the company. I Not
only is he ridiculous, but, in time, he gets to
be a regular nuisance, and la t imnertlnent
and tiresome as he was at Bret laughable. I He
is aiways eitaer extremely nappy or wonder
fully wretched, without any apparent oa.se.
This class of lovers who wonld give , their for
tune for a earl of thsir sweetheart's hair, or a
pieoe of her shoe-string, generally make the
worst husbands ia the world. ' ' j
Agbioultukb is OALiroBKLA. The affrl cul
tural productions of California are beooming
vary i large. According to reoent ataUstlos
gathered in the several counties, the State has
raised this year about 4.000.000 bushels of
wheat, and more than 8,000,000 bushels of
nariey; tnsre are ,vuu,.uo grape TineA grew
Ine, all of which will be bearing in two veers:
there are 1,000,000 peach trees, and 500.000
apple trees growing;, there are 750,000 , beef
cattle; 550,000 sheep, and 178,000 horses in
tad State;' the weight of the wool crop ap
proaches 1100,(00 pounds; about 880,000 gal
lons of wine will be made this year. i.a I
A RivuriBATrvB Spbiko. Colonel Drake.
of Titnsville, Penn., is now pumping oil from
nis spring at tne rate or nearly a barrel an
hour for twenty-four hoars in the day, and
sometimes that amount ia far axeeeded. I Tke
net prolts of this one spring are estimated at
over twenty thousand dollars per month.;
Extbskb Cow isr Mrestssipn, The Hands-
boro' Demotrai ot late date saysi "One of our
eitisens had three oxea irosen to death during
tne eoia speu oi last wee a. ine orange trees
were killed, as are turnips and oabbagesl It
was dscldedlg the coldest weather ever ez-
perienoed in this looality."
A AMBBiOAx VoLOiiro. Mount Baker.
Washington Territcrr. is reported br the pas
sengers of the Slina Andtrxm to be in a state
of aeflve eruption, puffing" out large volumes
of smoke, which, upoa breaking, roll down
the snow-covered aides of the mountaia, form
ing pleasing efleet of light and shade,
i MoaiAirtt 'ii BAtTWOBiThe number of
deaths ia BsUUmore, during the' year 1 1854
was 4,674 a d stress, of 733 from the previous
year. From consumption the deaths were
TMj tJtoler t&taitaa, MO) MHletftTtr, I9U
The Overland Mail—Details of
from California Sandwich Islands.
JmiMow Citt,' Mo.; December 81. The
uveriana jnaii, with Calilbraia dates to Pea
9, reached here this noon, - .- I
. Xhere have been no foreign arrivals, !nr
-ny vewu irom uonwstic Atlantic porta since
the last mall. . j.- :. -u -:.-, j
. Business is even mere dull la San Franeisco
this week than during that preceding. Sales
are confined be jobbing lots, and it is an utter
Impossibility to move goods te any greater
" abcj uornaia irom tas country is
exceedingly alack, v A eontinuaaoe of the
present fine weather is needed te improve it.
The market droops throaghoui, knd for provi
sions and oandlee the tendency is in buyers'
favor. 800 firkins ef old butter sold at kuo
tion at 9UK,, on a lottft credit. I June Is
lower, at 8082je.which is now a fair quo
tation. Isthmus shipments have prejudiced
the market, and, if oontlnued, will not bring
brer eost figures. .ub Jv ' v.-.-. , . j
Clear Pork, in bthi., is- worth $17 50, and
halves $9 M.-Ja-rd quiet, Bacon and Hams
very dull. No aoUvity Is looked for in' the
next sixty days.- ',-......j
On the momlng-ef the 5th of December, just
before taking, his departure for the Atlantic
States, Judge: Dotftuan, of the United States
Dlstriot Court of the Nortlisrn District of Cali
fornia, filed an opinion confirming what is
known aa the Shermback olaim to twenty-four
thousand square feet, of land on Rincon Hill,
and contiguous thereto, being some of: the
most valuable propoity in SanFranolsoo. The
claim li based upon what purports to be a
Mexican grant to on Sherrebaok in lfcU5. It
was rejected In 185A by the United States
Board of Land CotAmissioners appointed to
settle private land claims in California. Prom
this decision appeal was taken to the District
Court. Ths people lost sight of the suit, sup
posing the claim fraudulent and worthless,
and the matter went by default. The unex
pected confirmation by Judge - Hoffman pro
duced Intense exoitenient, but after a day or
two the parties interested look the principal
part of the blame te themselves, and-We
sines cone to work in earnest to ifiho t-aub
reopened, when new testimonisHH be intro
duced which, it is" believto, will defeat the
claim. The property covered by the grant is
worth fifteen hundred thousand dollars, and i
its prospective value Is Immense. Already the
most elegant private residences ia the city are
looated on it.'' -"'" " p.- . '
The Coroner's inaufaat on the hndv nf km.
ridge Gerry Paige (Dow, Jr.) returned a ver
dict of death from intemDeranea. It vraA'tirA.
vloualj supposed he oemmittod enicde. , ,
i a report nas obtained currency in San
Francisco that the lafe Senator Broderiok left I
a will alter all, which will be forthcoming
wiitHivrsr an aumiaisiranon on tne estate is
appointed. , ,: :, ' r, i, ,.
i Judge Hardr. of Calaveraa Onuntv. nn.a tie.
olded that the owner of anions nflnnd tnohiAh
he had a perfet title ia also the owner of the
mineral in the said land. . He aeaordinirlv da.
ereed in favor of ousting some miners who
were tugging on tne ground for gold. This
eaee will be appealed to the Supreme Court,
and bring before our highest tribunal a t-t
question of vast importance t the mining in
wrests ui vaniornia. f
A silver mine has bean discovered in
Cms Uonnty, tne ore yielding S93 per tan
The trail over 41reri,uBteina fron-Flaoer-
vllle to Carson Valley has been opened, since
the lata heavy snows, and loaded . turns pass
111. A 1 1 .
wiiiiuut niuiouity. ' . :
A suit has bten commenced in the United
States Dlstriot Court for the Western Distrlat
or vtah, now In session at Carson Valley, to
determine the eonfliotiog interests ef several
si-asiai oi as original silver mine known
as the Gomstpok Leei. The plaintiff swears
that already $700,000 worth of ore has been
taken from the mine, and those now working
it are daily taking- therefrom the valneof
Ann n-n
$20,0011. ' . 1
By the steamer Columbia later dates to the
26th ult. are received from Southern Oregon
new gold mines are continually diseovered in
that portion of the State. The Jacksonville
Sentinel reports a new gold field In the vicinity
of Galcaburg, which prospects quite richly,
and was causing a roth among miners. The
miners at Jackson, Poor Man's Crcsk, Apple-
siiiawisi naissy vrcea.were aoing well,
end it was thought there were at least five
hundred miners at work in the vicinity of
nnuamBDurg. At v em s Mills, some thirty
miles from Jacktonville.ileh dliririntrs had been
discovered, which are represented as of great
sxisut.--' dhow- nau -lauen in considerable
quantities on tne Williamette. .
The King's crivats Beoretarv. Mr. Neilnnn.
who was recently dangerously wounded by his
Majesty while in a fit of jealousy, was tin a
very preoarlous oendition. The atlas! had
gone to Lahsma to watch the symptoms of his
victim, oeing very solicitous lor his reoovery.
A resent assessment shows that the total val
uation of all the real and personal property in
the Hawiijlan Kingdom to be $7,000,000.
Total taxes levied for gineral purposes, $70,
015; schools, 888,568! roads, $30, J4.7. -
' Un to the fith of NnVAmhnr mva.Iv.m.iii
whale-ships had ai rived from the Arctic and
Kodiak fleet, with a total catch of 34,745, bar
rel, of oil 461 barrels each; fifty-six vessels
from Oohtsk, with 40.030 barrels average.
007 barrels: and four vessels from the sperm
whale grounds, 1,140 barrels. Sixty-nine more
vessels were erpeoted before the fleet of 1850
would be in. Oil at Honolulu was down to
fqrty-threa.cnts per gallon. . , ,9 j
i The steamer Aoiie arrived at San fran
eisco from British Columbia on the morning
of the th, with one hundred and fifty i pas
ssngers. Her dates are to the 5th from Vic
toria, the 3d from Washington Territory; and
the 80th frdta Oregon. ,
v The news from Washington and Oregon Is
unimportant. . ........... t
( Mining: operations throufhoiit British Ci.
lamhia had dosed for the winter on account
of eold weather, and the miners were leaving
71 . . . n ... ... ... .
ivr victoria ana vauiomia to spend tne win
tor, with the expressed determination to re.
turn in the spring, as latterly they had been
verysuweBsfnl. 4 .ir-AvV . & f,'" I
Mrs. Cameron, wife of the Chief Jdstloe
f the Colony, and sister 'of Governor Done-.
lass, died On the J5th of November at Ea.
qulmalt, - -is '.- -u , (,(tt 1 1. f
ine mail brings sixteen thousand letters
three times the number ever brought before at
Daily Enquirer, 1st.
The American Express Company.
Nbw YoBrADeoember 81. The nroberty
belonging to the American Express Company
was sold this day by,8imoa Draper, auctioneer,
for $SOO,O0,.and pnrohaiel by Aaron Free
man, of Sohensotadv. for Henry Wells. John
Buttarfield, wY, Q. Fargo, Johnston Living--ston,
Alex. Holland, and their associates,,
organised as the New American Express Com
pany, Who will continue the exrraas bns'inea
orer the lines heretofore oeeapfed by the old
oomEeny, oornmencinr Jannarw 9. 1880.1
' . r-.j ' ' .. i i
Outward Bound.
Nbw York. December 81. Ths steamshtn
CHihat lfasAgoa sailedior LiverpooLJo-day,
Mthi $17,000 InfpedieAadlthe ,irSn, for
vtvAiiwti) nstUH apaaaAVVV lit luie
The Thornkyke Will Case.
Botmit, : Deoember- :81-The . Tkoradvka
ill ease has been withdrawn from the Courts
an amicable settlement anona the car ties
Duel Between Branch and Grow
WASHUfetoir, Deeember31.--Hon. L. O. B,
uranoa, member of Congress lim North Caro
Una, was arrested at a late hour last night,
on a warrant Issued by Justice Dunn,' on
charge of beiep about to make arrangements
to leave the District of Columbia for the pur
pose oi engaging in nostiia combat with Gal-
nsha A. Grow, of Pennsylvania.. He was held
In $5,000 bail for his appearance for further
examination en Tuesday. i c :. ,
Mr. Grow had yesterday engaged aback
man to call at a nlaes dnaimoiad t tak. him
and ni party at three o'clock this morning in
the direction of Silver Spring, Maryland.' The
hackman did not keep the secret, and kenee
tne arrest, 'ine prinoipal friend of Mr. Branch
in inis anair, s.r. Wmslow. of North Caro
Una; of Mr. Grow, Hon. Mr. Fenton, of New
Mr. Grow has also been arrested, and gave
L-ll I .1 . A. nnn . .
uaii ia iuw sum oi au.uuu m ffeen in. mam
. " . a iutriot tp ngnt a uuei. ;
Cotton-mill Destroyed by Fire.
rSIVIDSSna. , l)flmh.. Rl Tk. fPn....
, - ,. v., n,D ( AVUII.
Cotton-mlU, at Newport, wbb totally destroyed
by fire this morning. It worked ten thousand
spindles, and was 1n exoellent condition.! It
was owned dv win. w. h .hori. nf this ntt.
and leased by Lippett & Co. : Loss estimated'
at su,uuu; insurea in .myidence. , . , i
Explosion of a Locomotive.
Apodsta. Gi ' Deoember 21 Th
uve wwmisii exploded at; Marietta, Ga., on
Thursday, Thomas Cobb, the coaduotor, and
the fireman were killed; Wm. Floyd, the en
gineer, was severely scalded, and others were.
injurea, "si r-m i s.t :.-i i.. v ;. r, . ,
twbbn a Ma AKh a Stbamboat Recently
the steamer JfapAi ieawas lying at Cobourg,
N. Y., preparing to leave for Rochester, en her
isutuip oi me season. A young man about
twenty-five years of age eama nn hnanl anih
his. luggage and secured a passage. A short
time before the steamer 'left, he discovered
that he had left some books at the Grand
Trunk Railway Station, half It mil op mnrn
awATe Thither he ran at his belt eait id ret
K,n I 1 . - TTT t- Il . 1 . . . . . I "
uuuaii vr aue Boson, ma nnAt iri fn.
Colborne, sixteen miles east ' of Cobourg,
where she was to call before crossing to ithis
port. When this passengers returned to the
uvea aim luuut mac tne ooat nad been gone
almost fifteen minutes, he was much vexed
ana disappointed, aa he well might bd. I His
osggsge was on board, his fare paid and that
was the last ohanoe of the season to arose th.
Lake by steamer. , After oontemplatihgj the
1".m sua uiBvanoe oi a journey around the
Lake, he concluded to make a bold minh tn
overtake the boat; at Colborne, and that on
foot,for the delay usually attended upon getting
vm. iiTuij vuaAU9 iu vauaua woma give tne
pedestrian great advantage oa the first half
day's travel at least. ' So away the disap-
pointed passenger started for Colhornej fi.
lowing the track ef the railway froml ths
point where it crosses tbe main road east of
The steamer ran slowly in the fog, and was
one hour and a half making the distance but
when she came to Colborne Wharf, the passen
ger she had left at Coburg rushed aboard, hav
ing arrived first, after starting fifteen minutes
later. He ran a fraetion more than sixteen
miles in pne hour and-a innrt.r ki-i. wu
good tinio on a tAilrJud, track, over tieB,f an
Inexperienced runner. ' . . i,
When the man went aboard the boal, he
was reeking with the exhalations of the skin,
and panting like a fallen deer. He ran to the
bar and called for a drink of brandy first1 and
water next. He was permitted to drink a little
of both, and would have, no doubt, drank a
gallon of water bad it been allowed. . Mercy
to the man compelled the bar-tandsr
him by force, the man slept while the .boat
was orossing that night, and left the next
morning apparently none the worse fori the
race against the steamboat. , . 1 j
Tas Pbincbbs Safibha. The London Timer
says of the Prinoess Sapieha, who recently
died in Paris: ' ' j
Enfeebled by age and illness, tbe partook the
Holy Communion, and awaiting with calm, res
ignation the approach of death, teemingjmly
to linger in this world a little longet that she
might press once more the hand of her illus
trious son-in-law, to whom she had during
half a century looked up with a kind of re
ligions reverenoe. ! ii .; j -:
The deceased, who belonged to the most il
lustrious familea of Poland, was born in 1772.
Iter father. Connt Andrew Zamovlaki. Grand
Chancellor of the Crown of Poland, enjiyed
the reputation of being the most noble and up
right oharacter of the reign ef Stanislas Angaa-
tus. After the violent seizure of the persons
.r .1 r, . t , , , .. . 1 r
iub oauatorB oi roiana oy tneitusslan trtiops
1767, he resigned the seals and withdrew
into private life, whence he was. however, huh.
nequently again called forth by, the voice of
his country, which entrusted to him the digest
a code of laws. I1" j
The wifo of the Chancellor, the mother of
tne aeceasea rrincest sapieha, was a daughter
Prince Joseph Ctartoryrki, of the Eorsec
branch. The great economy practised by this
lady in all the details of her private; life
formed a striking contrast to the luxury then
universally prevalent In Warsaw; but, when
Koskiusko raised aloft the standard nf irlmir.
rection, this parsimonious bat also trnly pat
riotic woman opened her rich treasury, I and
silently poured its oontents into the national
exchequer, the people being then in arms
against their oppressors. Suoh wore the fam
ily traditions amid which Princess "Anna
Sapieha's character was formed. She inherited
from her father's true patriotism and' the
virile virtues of ths citizen, and from her
mother the lovs of order and the art of making
noble use orVher fortune. - - i . . i
young man, known as Dutch Fred, need ,av-
enteen, oommittedT' suIcldo near MoKeesport,
Penn., a few days sinso, by shooting himself
urniuga sue neau, wna a pistol,-, lie bad lost
lAiumo anq nnger in a macnine-shop tbe
week previous to his self-destruotlon. arhinh
preyed heavily upon his mind, and, combined
with a certain religious monomania, ia sun.
posed to have caused him to oommit the deed,
he was constantly quoting passage! from
the Bible relative to maimed nersona bsins
exoluded irom the presence of God. I
TTrnniVAV S.innw , n Un....'1'',' J
V u u B . Afllf AUUaArBA.nnAn UAJT
two ago, at Putnam, Connecticut, a vounir
man; James Collins, ' lately married, while
orossing a , bridge after dark la the i most
thiokly settled part of the village, was ap
proached by a man who demanded his money.
told the man he had none. ' The man lm.
mediately seised him by the oollar with one
hand, and with, the other drew a pistol from
pocket and fired. Collins fell dead and the
man rifled his poeksts. , ; " i
- iA"lj" .
SH.r-JJBsfBc8tLOn irenV Hflus srnrssss:
Sunday (Chrlstmasi mornlnir. at the New
England House, in Hartford, Conn., Henry
Asher,1 an - Englishman; ' a eigar-maksr by
trade, while laboring under a fit of despond
ency and home-slskness, eat his threat with
rasor, nearly severing his head from hia bodyj.ll
Maw Fbobsb te Dbath. Alexander CoW
froaen e death with la sight of his ewtt
dwelling, Westbrook, Me., reeantly. . He rode
from Portland, eight miles, with a neighbor,
and while going te his house lost his Ufe. aa
above stated. . , v
. '
-" - II i
Mvsrllsasaeatavotsxesedlng five tints (Agau.- '
Om Iwrttoa ss On, wsatu 00
Two weak a , I so I One month....,. ,....- M
BlSHger edverttaniente liaurtsa at tbsloUowlni -rate,
lot sonars ef ten line, or 1st,:..
v1!"-!-- !Two.weshs-w-.JlO
Baoh adtU'nal Ins.. . a 1 l.res weik---. .
i i i. res wees
7 l.l-BOBth
u ";f;--ir.i... a'l
la all Its bpsaohes, done with asatiMsa tad dispatch
Coal Cooking
Has been pronounced by competent judges to be tbe
:- Patented Dee. T,' 1858.":- ,
For sale by the Inventors and Manatacturera,
No. 333 Fourth-street, Hncinnati
We Mpeotfally refer to the foUowlns certificate.
tor vvidenoa of the abors : ; i :
?r,f emontn,Ih"e been using the Alligator
Uoal Cooking Stove. Its superior cooking onali tins,
combined with its clesuilmess, must eventually secure
to the owners a large share af public jwtronatfe.
. , jvaui sseiAttan.
I liavs been nsins one of MA a. Ail.m. A P,.L .
oyer'. Alligator Cool Stoves tors, oe mouths, which
tss entire satisfaction in every respect, and I can
chesrfally recommend it ta thone who are in m,t ,,f
auperlor cook stove. H. H. aJCAVITT.
-'or the ast vearl have been using tie Alligator
Coal Cooking Store, manufactured by Messrs. Adams
A Feck over, which I consider a superior ttove, and
vas tus utmost sausfaotion. It is the only stove 1
ave found that cooks perfectly with coal.
' HtlSttV VAl.t.FTTr
For some tlms past I have been using one of Means,
Adams A Peckover'a Alll.al.ir (Vmi iimklnot..
and can recommend tbemas being a superior stove, -giving
entire satisfaction in every respect.
r i. ' a iv?- BVBHhXhh, Coal MerchanU.
I cheerfully indorse the above.
elv.!u , . -. .,. ;. JOHN KXBbEft.
'"v Manufacto.ry, Covington ky,"
in ...I . " , 1 ,, a ' - v.'
0 ". Na, 30 Eaet CelwmbiMtreet. , .
trade at the moat Miuonf.bl nriiiM shnrl an thn
moat aotjommodatiiig turmi with
;::; Ia A:'M-P S'-
For OU, Fluid or Coal OU,
N. II. Jonna'a ImnrfiwH T.Mmn. -,,! n,,-n.n. fn-
ills by cur agent, J, BKLLKKS, Covington, Ky.
- llMavl .
Calooliiiig Store,
' .!. i:3, .. ' .
. J ' . .;
I -i -. t :. . -i , -
. field at Zanesvllle, October, 1M59.
' 1 .-..-.. irf ,;. :i ti ui Vtr.7 f
.'t,-t. ,11 .;;
Xo. SI mul 53 Vine-Hi,, .
' (Seoond door Below Columbia,)
r;i N ClI N N A Tl ' O H I o .
no9cm1 '
New Mode of, Yentila ion!
.'. ' .... tMl and ie Oaaef
.I i
ITc it! ng anil Ventilating Furnaces,
i'v i I w orstlon at r
i-C, a A M B E R L.Vl if:" A. O O.'B
Hon Ware-rooms, Nob. 51 and 58 Vipe-st..
(Below Columbia.) .
-'. I ' ?ii; I , i' - , i'.';. ' li; .j,r-- :l .'
S aw y e r & Go.
fnoaj- - -
''.THE-.PALMBR ''Z ,: ..
TH1BD-8TBIBT, Cincinnati, Ohio, are manu
facturing largely. Palmer's oelebratwl Hydraulie
Joroe and Urt Pump. .Also, bis Portable Steam
iitines. All those who are about to' purchase
t'0;IFAj r Tanaertes, Breweriea. Diatll
Icries, Qry UsH-k.. Paper milk Uailroad
(fliaea, Wirecklna farpeeea, or, in
Tict, tor any purpose where a pump ia Beaded, will
f.nillt to their advantage to call and see the work.
of these valuable inventions, or addreH the
ALMIB PUMP COMPAHI for a oirculaivwhich
111 furnish the name, of many who have used these
umps with perfect satitacilon. , , ,. yde2ldm
forwarding And ' titiniission
Hogs', Pork, lard, '
oince nortB-weat somer Sixth and sJaia-sti
..rura.Aj.ru. null.,, iiuur. i.r.in
Il.V ! 11 n ,
Cincinnati, onnosite the Oalt Hones.
The nnderslgned havlBg formed a copartnership
the General Produce aud Commission Business,
under the style of Wilson, Oarllck a Co., rMDeot'"
(ully teader their services and solicit ths natron... nf
heir mend, and the pnblio. Particular attention
ie oujing aaa seuinc Hogs, W
Whtsknl Flour,
iirain. o. ineir charges will be as nnuiorata a.
nvothergoed hones in thaats.
Refer to the mer-
AuaAiaivA viaciuaast geasrasiy.
- - a. vriiiso:
1 ai..-'. I J .
Ai. m. e D&JUft,
OPENEiy 4A trT OF 1
Blaqne and China
iaan anA tflhina Vlsaras.. VaUlnV lnkaiann..
Vases. Jewel and Match-boxea. Fancv Nhavtn. mnA
Work-bones, haHloltier Falioy floods too aJaisroiH
mention, suitable tor tbe Holidays, which I wl
cheaper thaa any othsr sstsbliihmetrfln tbs
oiiy... - HRNBI DAVID,
No. 270 Maln-etrret, betweea Sixth and Seventh.
N. D.-AIm a new lot ot Fancy Soaps, Perfusseiy.
Kxtrecta, a. deu

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