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Is pabUahfl Mr,' (BandagS savspted.) kf A
, rsoriusrou.
r icb . M will ittiti iriiii.
TUB P1HHT PBISBb ouveredtotabeortIsrs la
OinoUnatl, Oovlngtoa end Hewport, and sur
rounding slues Md towni, at the aa-
, tremely low price!
rajoasor suiuxoi ':
Hlngleooples lo. l month Oo.; 1 monfhsil;! year L
oouu hxth ui Tura-tniRi. ...
Joia A. li.ULxn,Jx..,..Sole Leasee and Uacffr.
Great Attraction for New-Year Week.
Mr. GLENN In one of hli funniest characters,,
THIS BVINIHG, January S, ana mt; evening
during the week, John Brougham'
, . . rU-CA-iiUfl-AAB j
' Oi. Thi SiNTia Maidsn. ' "
Captain John Smith...... ......Mr. Hall
Mr. KlUler
H. B. H. ro-ca-hon-ts...Mlss fenny Senium
Anorwnicn I
Oa, Thi Tsbiom or thi Blui Chambsb,
A bomaliaoe (Bine Beard) ...Mr. Lane-don
Ibrahim ted if WM Ml WIfl indium mi mi Mr. IilUr
attma ..,..............-. ...........Mrs.EIIlir
Irene ,.-...............HtM Senham
To conclude witn
The Batch Actor................... Mr. Bam. Olson
. Rose , ....Miss Fanny Denbaia
sasTUoors open at t; Curtain nae at m o'oiook,
Parois or Admission Dreas Olrcl and Panjuette,
Xlghth Night of the distinguished actress -
. t . - ... .. '
THIS ETRMNU, January 8, Will be toted the
new piay, in nro acts, emitiea
"Ob, Thi Coost o Kussia. '.
The Cmrlna iiimh am .session Miss J M Davenport
l oier in. ureal.. .H .M...HMa. w uarter
Prince AlBUzikLofftMMaM(MtMtafMita Vanderon
tlonut Baplcba ...Wh.....m.-. ..C Stuart
Ulga.............,.................... ..Ju.ua A Urabam
Dance..M.MM.Mv...Mi....MMf..1iiiM Jenny Hight.
To conclude with the grand ipeetacle, (cotnpreued
Jtaftaanliad .
..Mr. 0 Henry
rJanguinbeck .
ii Alien
..M.M..MMN.M.... ...... T ancicren
jrair star...
..mm a Orabam
Tin ALTiaaD. Uoora open at o'clock the
curiaiH win iibo prwieeiy.
NOTIOK. Tradesman and others are cautioned
Affftintjt fhmishinir anr article! for the theatMr wltb.
out a written ordor, algnod by the Manager.
xneaior, is now open lor me reception oi guests.
Kooms can be obtained by the day or week, and
m.Bi. luruiBueu at nil uuur.
V. B. Oonwy............,.,...,.....8tage Director.
f. m. uoruor (... .... n.....,. ..Treasurer.
THIS EVENING, and ererr erening nntil further
Doncsi Bnaupearea neautuni play :,; ..
Theseus, Duke of Athens..... .....Mr. Joiiway,
l;ysaoder......................,..Mr. Sheridan
l)metriaa... ..,..... Mr. Vhanlin
Nick Bottom.......................Mr. Uavridge.
Mrs. Gonwav.
Mra. FlaCB.
,.MiM Kingsbury;
J1 It Alt aasMSiaeawteSaet ftiti
........ni.,...jire. tv uk l UN,
.Hus Proctor.
.tons (irooKer
In conseauenee of the length of the play tterewlll
le no other nerformanoe.i For the aftAitinnn iwr.
formance, on Monday, the doors will open at two
o'clock; curtain rises at half-past two.
Paicss or Admission. Parquette Circle, Parqnette
huu aaicony, ou cenu , Ampnitneaier, to cents ;
u riraie jioxea lor eig.n( persons, as.
Doors open at 6X o'clock ; commence at 7)4.
Bighteen Star Performers. Posltirely bnt Four
minis auniMi. iui9VAl, w jiuiijisuai and
BATUBDAY EVENINGS, Jan. 1, S, 4 and 7 : also at
jna-seuows' . nan, uomngton, on TUUKaDAi and
UiHIItiV WVu I VI (1 .1 v a la
CODBLH TBOUPK-Oreat combination of Talent
ana urigiaaiity-xne largest and best Band ofiHIn
strels eier organized -BHOBUT, CABLE, BUPBEZ
A OBEKN'tt far-famed and world-renowned only
original New Orleans and Metropolitan . . . .
liurleatne Opera Troupe and mammoth
! - Brosa Band. i -;
Are coming with new and extra attractions, and
will gire four of their Ethiopian Concerts in this
city previous to their departure on their annual
Southern tour.
Grand Free Balcony Concert in front of the Hall
eacn evening ny tne jnrass Band.
Doors open at 7. Concert to commenoe at 7X.
Admission 26 cents. ,
b iw itiniutniv : & ntvrjwrT . n . i t
for school children and families. Tickets reduced
Co im cents.
Proprietors Shorey, Carle, Duprez A Green.
, t CHA8. H. DUPBBZ,
de29h " Manager and Business Agent,
Professor Jacobs!
TentHloqoist and Iraprpvlsatore,
Will lnSroduce his astounding' and unrivaled exper
Inionts, and continue positively for
Commencing . Monday. Jan. 9.
a'lt't-VBi?A88l'iS TEDB'Y lHI8
l original and inimitable aoblln. Mr.HPRIOHT.
IjYv The stass Is fitted no in the most sroMteous
style : the apparatus of massive silver ; the furniture
is in in. ijouis uaiorie siyie : ana tne wnoie lorms
un lntertainment that has gained for the Professor
the honor of performance before the . principal
crowned beads of Europe, and In- California, Aus
tralia and the (southern llemisphere, from which he
lias just returned, where hascreated a mrfeotfnrors.
Admission (10 cents; Gallery 34 cants; children to
V. hriliinrtk. IJ a 1 1 OK nV.II .).. 1
terr, iDceuM. .
Doors open at 7 o'clock. Intartainment to com
menoeat7X P.M. : . - - T - . ,
N. B.-l'he whole performance will be changed
every other evening. ja2MWB
- KUHLMAJT, of No. 44 Birth -street,-,
wnnld reBMCtfullv Inform the nnbllfi tharahn Z 1
baa. in oonnertloB'With HraToLMln'. (Ut nf t
Bavel Troupe) tasteful "wardrobe, removed to fu'.
iinr uw umi n4vu. iu b iitu-Biravt, DQiwm
Walnut and Vine-street, where she will be happy to
aee her former patrons, to whom She oaa Oder the
moat Bpienmu aaaorraient oi costumes. qei7-am
U , , SECOND, TEEM, ; lanBlk
Nauleaal Haiti Tlne-ntreet akoVe FrJth. :.
The leseone are go arranged that beginners can
enmmenoe at any time. 1 imf
Gifts! Gifts! . Gifts!
next to Smith Nixon's Hall, Oinoinnati,
Ohio. A splendid Gift, worth from 60 eents to IWO,
will be given with every book for which we receive
one dollar and upward at the time of sale.-
Gifts consist of Gold and Biver Watohes. tadsas1
Solid Gold Chains, splendid set of Jewelry! nue Sold
Bracelets, Gents' Gold Test-chains, and a Urge va
riety of other articles of. rioh J.WBLry, werth from
fivcenUtoflOO. . .
Ladies and gentlemen are reneetfntlf invited to
call and examine our stock. r ' ,
' , PauUsher and Gin Booksellsr,
n2Ntf -: Ho. yyeetronrtk-stweL
CORSTABLE'8 SAtB. By wirtna of an
execution, to me directed, I, will seU. On SAT'
UBTJAV, the, 7th day ofJaauarr.'lBqu, at 10 Ojclock
A. M.,at the junction of Ana-street and the Miami
Cabal, the following goods and chattels, to-wit i
Th. lUtiaJ.fanat PRINUKHH. her annarel and St.
tures, taken under the water-oraft law, at the suit of
J.kB.bchwaetal. JO. DUBIELL, Oonetabk. .
uccaaiu rr. ; : . . no es
liUlf Moroooo-aeeled Boots; ,
130 cartoons of ChJldrsn's Fancy-heeled Boots; ' '.:
Wpaln ef Women's rsgged float Boots, cos toni
ade,at7aoentaapalr. ' ' i .;..:.-
ln.tore4r-.br 0aH111(,!'
wtaaa . UPearl-strMt.
70L. 3. NO. 116
. :
lj,W';rMllht 8:00 ! Aooom-
uwaaiuu, iw r, m.i vmj jixpresa, o:ao r. a.
IpiaAPOLis ad OixeiMAii.-l 1:15 a. a.) (:40 r.
Ofio ahd Miisiisirn.-t:2t a. a.; 11: a. a.i lOilS
Omoisnati, Hamii.tow Aim Dattoh.-J;4 g. a.j u:og
mt r. M., rt e:w r.
MABiBTrA Aim CiilciiriATi.-ll:20 A. a.i :M P. a.
BIoiaoHD ahd Ikduhapolh.-L1:S0 a.; 6:M p. a.
LtTTti Muai.-Day Express, VtM A. a.; Aooom'
uiuu.viuir, i;w r. a.) oignt axprees, u;ovr. a.
IgUURAPOLlS AND ClOUIgATI.-e:50 A. B.r U:4S p,
k.; 7:15 r. a. '
Ohio an Mississirn.-7i20 A. a.; lOO t. a. 7:30 r. a,
Oinoinnati, Hamilton and Dattort. : a. a.; 7:W
Ja. ".; lu:U0A,a.;l:40r.M.; 5:80 r. a ; 11:30 r. a.
Mabiitta and Cincinnati. 40 a. a.; 8:40 r. a.
bjuhmond and Indianapolis. e:00 a. a.; 3:40 r. a.
Law of Newspapers.
IUT. SuWofllMM Who do not oiv OTiimgi nntlfiA
w.uv uvn,nir, ire couuaerea m wiiaiDg to oon
tinne their lubacrlntiniiB tn thA
Second. If subscribers order the discontinuance
ef their periodicals, the publisher may continue to
send them until arrearages are paid.
TniRD.-If subscribers neglect or refute to take their
periodicals from the office to which tbey are directed,
they are held responsible till they have settled the
bill and ordered them discontinued.
! Fourth. If subscribers remove to other places
without informing the vubliehers, and the papers are
sentto the former dlreotlon, they are held respon-
FirTB. The Courts have decided that refusing to
take nertodlcals from the nffli. m Mmnvin. nA
leaving theni uncalled for, Is raiaA rioix evidence of
ijitentiuuei irauu. . , (. A
Rates of Domestic Postage.
I Lxniiu-For each half ounce, under 8,000 miles,
. , , ' wui wci o,wu uiiitM, pru-Dwiu, iu cents.
All letters must be pre-paid by stamps, or inolosed In
stamned envnlotma. or Ihnv will nnfe h. fnraanlul
(Tbansixnt Nswspafim, Pkbiodicals, Ciboulam,
oyer 8 ounces, 1 cent; and 1 cent for each additions
ounce: urft-nflvmnnt rtvinirwT
dooxb, pre-saia, not weighing over 4 pounds, l cent
St ounce, for any distance in the United States on
r 8,000 miles, and cents uer ounce over Aonn mile.
pre-parment required. All fractions over the ounoe
to be counted aB an additional nnrtAA.
I NxwsPArxis and Pibiodioals, not exceeding IX
Ounces In welsht. when Bald anarturlv In ulnnM.
and circulated in the State where published dally,
per Quarter XIH, six times per week lHi tri-weekly
M; seml-weekly,X; weekly, 8M; semi-monthly, Ijif;
monthly, , Newspapers and periodicals when
weighing ounces, double the above rates.
Shall Niwspapxbs, published monthly or oftener,
and pamphlets not containing more than IS octavo
pages, in packages of ounces or over, H cent per
ounce. - ,
; wintt nbwitapem, within the county where
(Quarterly payments. In advance! may be made
tither where published or received. , . . , ; ,
Church Directory.
Baptlat.'-Flrst Baptist Church, North tide Court,
between Monnd and Cutter.
High Street Baptist Church,' East of City Water
Ninth Street Bantlst Church. South side Ninth.
between Vine and Baoe.
freeman Street Baptist Church, Freeman, near
lo.toi sinn street.
W.LI. 1. . j . I U. Wn.u lUJ. TTnl.n.
Baker Btreet Baptist Church, (colored,) South side
Burnet, between Walnut and Vine.
Third Street Baptist Church, (colored,! South side
Third, between Bace and Elm.
f Ihrlatlnn. First Christian- minrnh. T.nnmrnrtri.
iwlbwu w VBiwrn now aau a uan.
C'ongrreaatlonal. First Orthodox Congrega
tional Church, North side Seventh, between Wester
Bow and John.
Second Orthodox Consremtional Church. Eaataida
Tine, between Eighth and Ninth.
Welsh Congregational Church, Weet side Lawrence,
uetweeo xairu anu suurtn.
i Disciples ef ChrlsU-Chrlstlan Church, South
west corner Walnut and Elshth.
vnristian unnrcniixtn, betweennmitn ana mound,
vurmiiH vuuruu, ueivwa . r, la sou l, uiton,
ChriBthui Church, (colored,) North sideHarrison.
Friends. First Friends (Orthodox.) Fifth, b..
tween Western Bow and John.
First Friends (Hicksite,) Fifth, between Western
Bow and John.
JewUhSvaamuses. HolrOonnexation.Ghll.
dren of Israel, South-east corner Sixth and Broad,
Holy Congregation, Children of Jeshornn, Lodge,
between Fifth and Sixth.
Holy Congregation of United Brethren, Bace, be.
swoon ourteeutn ana e uteenin.
Polish Congregation of the K. K AdetL - n
corner Walnut and Fifth. .. .
Sbearitb Israel, corner of Heventha Ad WAinnt.
Illethodiat Knlannunl. East Oinoinnati Dm.
tbiot. Wesley Chapel, North aide Fifth, between
sycamore ana nroaaway.
nintn street unanei is now caiiea xrinitv.
Asburv Chanel. South side Webster, between Main
and Hvcamore.
McKeudrle Chapel. (Seventeenth Ward.) Front
; Wsst Cincinnati Distriot. Morris Chapel, West
side Plum-street, between Front and Columbia.
Ubristie Chapel, North aide court, between Monad
and Cutter. . . .
i Oarr-street Ohapel, west side of Oarr-street, be
tween Eighth-street and Hamilton and Dayton
ataiiroaa ieput.
Park Street Ohavel. Sonth-west corner Park and
i&aner unanei. west sine sum. novtnor s inaiav.
York Btreet Chanel. South-west ocrner Bavmiller
ana i orx.
Flndlay Chapel, SouthildeOllnkin, between Cuttor
ana Aiinn. j
. Union Chapel, North side Seventh, between Plum
and Western Bow. . ., , . '
: Methodist Protest ant.-Firet Methodist Prot
estant un-ven, Bixtn, between vine ana Baoe, ,
Second Methodist Protestant Churoh, Elm, be
tween Pifleenth and Llbertv.
George Street Church, George, between Cutter and
Linn. -
New jerasalenl. Temple, Longwortn, between
Bace and Elm. .
Prhvterlaia OlD Bobool. First Preabvterian
Ohurch, Fourth, between Main and Walnut.
Fourth Presbyterian Church, North side High
Fifth Presbyterian Church. South west corner of
loan- ana uiarx.
Seventh Presbyterian Church, West side Broadway,
between Fonrth and Fifth.
Central Presbyterian Church, North-west corner
aarr ana mouna.
Ninth Preabvterian Church. Cutter, between Clin.
ton and Betts. . Jto
frreayterlBBOKW BoooL.-Heccnd Froibyte
au Churoh, South side Fonrth, brtween Tine and
Third Preabvterian Chunk: Bonth.wast enrnsr
Fourth and John.
Eighth Presbyterian Chare., Seventh, , between
Linn and Bavmiller.' i ,- iV s . ( . .
Tabernacle Presbrtenan Oaarcb.coraer John and
Olark i i. f ii 5 i ' . .
' Proteataat Episcopal.-Christ's Oburcb.North
siae sronrtn, between eycamere anq nroaawar.
' St. Fanl's Church, South aide Fonrth, between
Main and Walnut.ir , .w r
St. John's Ohoroa, South-east eoroer Plum and
Seventh. ,
Trinity Ubnrob, corner Pendleton and Liberty. '
Church of the Advent, (no building,) Walnut Hills:
Ohoroh of the Atonement, corner Btohmond and
Church or the Bedemption, Clin ton,be tween West
rn Bow and John. "i ..
Boman Catholic St, Angnstlnes, Bank street.
St. Peter's Cathedral. South -west corner Plum ami
Eighth. i
, Ht. Francis Xavler's. West Side Hveamont ImtmriMn
Sixth and Seventh.
St, Patrick's, North-east corner Third and Mill.
Bt. Michael's West side of Mlllcreek..
Christ's Chnroh, Fnltonj V !' '-.A
Holv Trinity. South side Fifth, betwaon Smith anil
Park. "' 1
Bt. Mary's, South-east oorner Jaokson ahd Thir
teenth. ; ,i j i -
joi. fuiivw.ua, jnurui am. rwi, mivnii jriaeaatl
Butler. .
Bt. Thomas. Was! slds Sycamore, between Fifth
a. Bui ; i .l jj. I. I 1. . h i ,
end Sixth. - : ' . ., , .
Unitarian. First cnltarlai Church, Soath-west
oorner Fourth and Bace. . w 'i ,
Jrnlvereallet. First Universal 1st Chureh, Km
e Plmn. between Fonrth and Fifth.
Beoona aairersausi wnaroa, seraer lixtiaad
iiiuruuarT, i aj
' Ho. 48 'irotAtirH-STH
deUtf ', 'T .-Ii v LODIOrT
IK'ALTj its 'branches, no. 8 kasi
Tenrth-straaL at wean Mala aid Hvnamnr. IHn.
. sMTB-blndlngl svtry rtyM. Mnsii Bop ks neat
ly aad dnsrablyboad. . , O.OXOVfsW.
I ivx-a ' .
Wqod-7orking Maobinei,
. istaii wAauuiiAn p&vt BiAibOf
C"s"c Jlaka aad Water a.iOiaviaiaM.0.
Sf . r .
Dat ahd Its Dcths-Td full day wltb IU
newg breaks into m ratiremflnt as a haavll
lajdea wagon breaks through light bride
which wag only built for harmless walks. It
does not signify, one must la hold and help
M iet all again to rights; in every alley on
onea -war;- tne uorary gerrcntf run about,
demanding the borrowed books and manu-
a second. Hercules) for a the latter cleaned
ntlt til. alattlaa 41.. Iw.m. 11. j
doe he the library of ei ffb.tr thousand
ok, and erieyei that all past labor hag been
rain. The gallery, too, 14 to b packed,
in short, the Una arts are in the greatest
nBternatlon. To onaras and miiaia ia
lid; the illustrious lover of the prima donna
goes forth to the field; the academy hangs out
mourning lamps, and oovers her forehead till
the storm be passed; and thug may all be in
still, weary waiting for the enemy who per
haps will not come at all, I atn in. a ferment.
to, and indeed a revolutionary one. . The
T yrolete, I am on their side, that you may
think. Ob. I am wearvof hearlnu onr nIch.
bbr'g flat in the attic, blowing ita airs till
into in tne nigoc ine drum and the
Betlina's Correspondence
with Goethe.
ThHI'VVBMT n A ilAflnfl . T - m kat
tj) eough aa the teralt of a common cold, it li
the result of Nature heiself attempting a rare,
and ahe will effeot it in hen own time, and
nsoret eneetnanv uian biv m.n n. , An ir ,1.
i only let alone, and her instineti oheriihed.
Ilrk. ., . M, . . .
y urn, sun uiern. lnsuncu; ' one i a Doors tooa
and craves warmth. Heaee, the moment a
man i gatiified that he bat taken eold, let
him do three thlnga: lat, eat not an atom; 3d,
3u iu uou anu oover op in a warm room; aa,
rink' ai muoh oold water at he wants, or as
milah harh taa aa ha sin, anit In A1.m --
out of four, he will be almost entirely well
vfiiuiu uiinj-tix nours. 11 n aoes nothing
for his oold. for forty-eight hours after the
OOUcrh eommanoes. thara la nthinr h l
clan swallow that will, by any possibility, do
him onnri. fn tVia nnM , wl4k . nial, - .1... Mm
D , - vvMimf .WW m IMh Will
run Its course of about a fortnight, in spite of
mi mat nan no none, ana meaieine will only
hinder a euro. "Stuff a oold and starve a
lever, is a mischievous tallaoy. A oold
ailwava -hrin e s a favA. tha aaIiI ma ua.:..
J V .".w W.U UV1 UI UUglJiO
to get well till the fever begins to subside; and
overy mouiuiui vnai is swauowea leeds tne
Hall's Journal of Health.
Obioiw OP THI Tkim "HToftNian ." Rnv".
Aaron Wood, well known in this city, and in
faot throughout the West, is delivering a
course of leotures in Oreenoastle on the Un
written History of Indiana. . In a reeent lee
tare he gave the origin of the word Hoosier, a
term now usually applied to Indlanlana.- He
said Louisville was a, great retort for the
Indiana folks, and very frequently rows would
occur, ana nentuoiy ouuies would swear
they were "half hois, half alligator and the
balance snappin turtle." On a eertain occa
sion a Mr. Short, who had heard old Colonel
Lemenosky lecture on the wars of Napoleon,
in which he Belated the batUes ef the Cossloks
and the Hussars, (the Colonel prononnoed it
Hoosars) was in Louisville, and got into a
limes, wuen ne jumpea up ana swore ne was
ft Hoosar; slnoe whioh time we have, been
Terre Haute (Ind.) Journal.
, .. r-T-V ,t:,j ., ;
I Laioi FiMsff Wispow, Mo. Loss $25,
uuv. vn tsunaay (jhristmas) morning, Dr. J.
0. Boggs's drng establishment, in Westport,
tas discovered to be on fire, which at the time
as oonfined to the interior of the building.
The fire originating in the drug store where
there were large quantities of inflammable and
combustible matter, soon created flames that
Water ' could not subdue, - and these having
speedily ' oommunioated to other buildings,
before four o'cloek the entire block, with the
exception of the Indian trading house of Mr.
Roby, was consumed. ,
! A Mbthodist Mission Dc8tbotsd. The
bulldioga of the Methodist Mission in the same
town were burned the next afternoon, includ
ing the out-buildings, barns, and a portion of
the fenoing. No doubt Is entertained that the
Ire was the work of an incendiary. .'
"Chivalry" Embabbabsid. While the
outhera medical students, were dissolving
the Union in the Philadelphia depot, and wait
ing for the Baltimore train to start, a creditor
cjf one of them seised him,' and protested
tjgainst hi leaving until he had settled the
amount of his bill. A lady appeared also in
great distress' at the departure of a young
;euwemun woo naa won ner aneouons. - 1 1
PioDtJOTioK or SALT.-Th amount of salt
ahnfaotnred annually at Syracuse is 7.006.-
00 bushels, t- The annual revenue to . the
anufacturers in$3,OOOJO0O,and the income to
le State is $70,000. as a tax of 1 ner.'oent.
per bushel is charged by the Stole on all salt
manufactured The whole amount of salt
rnanufaotured in the United States is 16,000,-,
dOO of bushels yearly 'ja iHyiYi'
j i'iJ..i ' ssm t r .;-l; ..
i, Axibioa Sobpasbiso Eotpt. The stones
on the oorners of the Merohants' Exchange in
Boston are larger than any single stone In
Cleopatra's Needle, and' those now in creation
on the United States Treasury Building, Wash
ington, are heavier than any stones of Pom
pey's Pillar on the Pyramids of Egypt. T v
i TiBoiinA Shippwo UtstibI o CoBA.ilJTli
Havana oorresnondant of . the New Orleans
Ssieeni says in a reoent letter: "There is ft
rgo of oysters in the shell from Norfolk,
(felling at the iwbarf at $3 per hi ndred, A
pretty speculation one would suppose, and I
hear a regular fortnightly supply is expected
A Famods Town It is not a little singular
at the town of EDWorth. Lincolnshire. Eno
land, should have produced both the Rev.
-John Wesley, the founder of the ..Wesleyan
society, ana tne xiev. Alexander Kiinam, tne
founder of the Methodist New- Connection.
Wesley was born in 1703, and Kilham in 1T62,
I . , ' '.i,Vf-:V'
I Suioidi in Washisoton-A (lay or, two
sinee, James Stewart, a young iv man, nine
teen years of age, son of a boarding house
keeper, was found hanging by the neck in a
shed on his aether's premises, having com
mitted luioide during the night. , , , , -
A Hcqi Jboo SioiT-There have. been
ibund, in England, in roeks which were de-
oaited .long Derore tne oreation of man, a
og's bones ot suonsne si to indicate dearly
lat the animal when alive must have weighed
from 800 to 1,M0 poundsi i rv 3 f &
T . tA .t.'l :.A Vlll .. i Ji i.
Small Pox is EioLAHD-At ft late meeting
of the English SoientiSo Association, it wag
stated that about four thnuand deaths occur
annually in England from smallpox; and
aooordlng to the best estimate, three thousand
nine hundred and ninety of these lives might
besftved by vaeoinfttlon, ... . : - . .. ,v r; . '
Stumotb op ma Butish Navt. The
British steam navy eonslits of over three haa
dred ships in eommlsiion, of whioh three
fourths ftfa steamers. The English mercan
tile marine inoladet at the present time nearly
if not quite, niae hundred coean steamers. '
ILcoin-Mrs. Partington told Bemus. the
other day, in contdenee, that yoang man
naa. joommiuea v ltuwueiae by plowing nil
brains up in a state of delerium tremendous,
and the eoroner was holding ft oonauest over
i OrstAnoNS or thi Miohioai Swirdlii,
Waixaop, n Pittsbubo. The Pittsburg Jour
nal of Saturday his the following: - -
sin February last one of the most successful
cenfidenoe games ever played in this oity was
perpetrated upon the Alleghany Bank, by one
M. C. Williams, who obtained $2,000 from
that institution upon a forged draft, purport
ing to be drawn by a house in New Orleans
upon a bank in New York." The history of
the case has already been published, but as
we purpose giving a sketch of Williams' finan
cial operations slnoe he left here, we may
briefly recapitulate hit career in this vicinity.
He visited a small town In Ohio, where he
proposed opening a country store, engaging a
partner to attend to the business, and he
agreeing to furnish the capital.
i He visited this city, in company with his
partner, and bought sundry bills of goods, at
various houses, ail suited for a country store.
Happening In a well-known store on Wood
street, the proprietor of which is a director In
the Alleghany Bank, Williams proposed to
exchange bis draft for money, in order to pay
for his goods. Eastern exchange wag in de
mand, and the Director, at Wllliami' request,
introduced him to the Cashier of the bank,
where the draft Was nromDtlv exchanged for
the paper of the bank being twenty $100
bills. ''This is par money," said Williams,
"and e can pay for our goods in ourrenoy
just as well. Where can I get the highest
premium?" He was directed to Hanna, Hart
& Co'r, opposite the bank, and there be pock
eted the currency, in various small bills, with
the premium addtd. Y '
; The same evening (there' being no time to
be lost) Williams Informed his partner that
he would have to be sbient with friend
Until late, and requested him to leave the door
of their room open, so that he could get in
when he returned. He left, took the first
train of oars, and has never sinoe been soon
here, although Mayor Weaver suooeeded in
obtaining his daguerreotype, and hag obtained
information whioh renders It eertain that he
is the same individual who figured in the re
eent operations at Corusna, Miohlgan, whioh
we hare mentioned under the name of Wal
lace, and swindled several banks In Detroit
out of several thousand dollars. ,
' TBI Last Hons op Sohillis. His head
remained entirely unaffected till the sixth day.
On the evening' of that day he begad to speak
In broken accents, bat was never wholly In
sensible. 1 When Karollne came to him on the
seventh evening, he wished, as usual, to com
mence a conversation on subjects for traxe
dies, and on the mode In which the loftier
Sowers of man must be cultivated. Karollne
ld,not answer with her usual vivacity, be
oanse she wished him to be quiet. He felt
this, and sorrowfully said, "Well, if no one
any longer understands me, I had better say
no more' He soon fell into a dote, but ram
bled much in his sleep. Is this your HellT
Is this your Heaven ?' he exclaimed, just be
fore he woke, looking upwards, and gently
smiling, as If a consoling angel met his sight.
On the 8th of May he wandered a good deal.
Towards evening he expressed a desire once
more to see the setting sun. " ; v
The eurtain was drawn aside, and gazing
with a cheerful and serene air, at the bright
rays of the evening, nature thus received his
last farewell. When Karollne went up to his
bed and asked him how he felt, he said,
"Calmer and calmer." During the night he
talked of Dmetriui In his wandering fancies.
The servant said that he repeatedly prayed to
God to save him from a lingering death. At
nine o'clock in the morning he became In
sensible, i The dying man only uttered some
unconnected words, chiefly Latin. In the af
ternoon the solcia moment of dissolution
drew near. When his noble nature at last
succumbed, and a oonvulsion disturbed his
features, Lotto strove to place his head in an
easier position; he recognized her, smiled, and
his eye had already a glorified expression.
Lotto sank down dose beside him, and he
kissed her. This was the last
Life of Schiller.
Hiihi's Opinion or Moxir. In that pecu
liar book, "The Reisebilder," Henry Heine
says, in desoribing a viBit to some mines: "In
tne anernoon I went forth to visit the mines,
the mint, and the silver refineries. In the
silver refinerev, as has frequently been my lot
in life, I ooulo get no glimpse of the precious
metal. In the mint I succeeded better, and
saw how money was made. Beyond this I
have never been able to advance. On such
oooasions, mine has generally been the "Ro
tator's part, and I Verily believe, if It should
rain dollars front Heaven, the coins would
only knock holes In my head, while the chil
dren of Istael would merrily gather up the
- .... . 1 . .. . ....
oiivsr luanna. vrnn leeungs in wnicn comic
reverence was blended with emotion, I beheld
the new-born, shining-do liars, took one as it
came fresh from the stamp iu my hand, and
said to it: Young Dollar! what a destiny
awaits thee! what a came thou wilt be of
good and of evill How thou wilt protect vice
ana paica up virtue no thou wilt be beloved
and accursed t how thou wilt aid in debauch
ery,' pandering, lying and murdering! how
thoU Wilt restlessly foil alone thronch clean
and dirty hands, for eenturies, nntll finally,
ieuea wim trespasses ana weary witn sin,
thou wilt be gathered again unto thine own.
In the bosom of an Abraham, who will melt
thee down and purify thee, and form thee Into
a new ana t better being!' "
jDuotrpTio or, thi Waidibii. As this
slaver ia becoming quite famous,, end Is so
frequently mentioned ia the newspapers, the
following description of the1 Vessel, from the
Boston Trattller, will be read with interest: '."
' She is ft beauty without paint, of two hun
dred and fifty tons , register, , with spacious
decks and low bulwarks., Her bow is very
long and very sharp, with concave lines full
three feet deept that ia, a straight line ex
tended from the cutwater to the round or owe
of the side, would measure three feet from its
middle to the planking. It somewhat rossm
bles bent bow or segment of ft eirole. Her
stern is an scuts-angled triangle, the taflrall
forming the base, and has ao knuckles nor
bilging quarter-pieces, w that, by the wind,
even when pressed down to her bearings, there
is nothing aft to impede her progress. ' Her
sides are boldly convex, and her run, like her
bow, is long and elean. A more beautiful model
or one better adapted for sailing, is rarely seen
in this vicinity.. Those who doubt Mr. Wei
ton's statement about her going twenty knots
would do well to inspeot her. If ever ft ves
sel went twenty knots, she is surely eapable
of going at the same rate, for everything
about her indicates speed. : i .s . , .
Bbvtal Mobdib in St.; Lodib. Edward
Burke, ft nan living ten miles from St, Charles,
Mo., went to St. Louis last week to pay his
taxes. On Saturday he loft the oity in com
pany with John Boland and John Barry, and
stopped with them at shanty opposite on
the St, Charles road.' Sunday night they were
drinking and carousing, when some words on
the part of Boland caused Burke to retort In
severe langsage. A general row took plaoe,
and In the midst ef it Burke was killed by Bo
land with, an ax, the others, IncludingMrs.
Boland, being ftocesaory to the crime, while
dying, they dragged him to the roadside, when
he was left to expire alone. - x. - , "
1 Tail UarrviajUL Pimm. A fnratvnav. mr
had mixed among many nations, was asked If
he had observed sny particular quality In oar
specie that might ba considered 'universal.
He 'replied, "Me think dat all men ot
Four Days Later from Europe—Arrival
of the Canada.
' Sack viixs, January 1. The steamship Can
ada, from Liverpool on the 18th, via Queeni
lown on the 19th ult., arrived at Halifax at
one o'olock P. M. yesterday.
1 The Etm sailed on the 17th for New York.
Bohemian and Vitj arrived out on the 16th,
and the Africa at Queenstown on the 18th. :
Nothing of importance bad transpired since
the sailing of the last Steamer. ,
; Report laid that the Congress would meet
about the ?pth or 22d of January.
Count Cavour is to represent Sardinia, with
M. de Sambrois. . . , , 7
- It was stated that the belligerent powers
only could be represented by the Ministers of
Foreign Affairs, the remaining powers to send
plenipotentiaries. , . t , ' ,
The Fsris Hitrii ,' mentions a rumor , that
Prince GartBohakoff will decline to attend the
Congress unless England is represented by
.'ome important member of her cabinet. ,
The Prtut contains an artiole to the effeot
that England and Sardinia must have de
manded and obtained guarantees before send
ing aeiimte answers to tne invitation ot
France. , .. . , ,, ,,
The prinolple of non-intervention had not
been accented bv all the powers.
A hastily summoned Cabinet of the English
Ministers was held on the 161b Inst ,; ,
The gold saved from the Royal Charter
amounted to Z7,ouu.
Prince Jerome Napoleon was alarmingly ilL
Ihe latest advices represent his oase as very
serious. .,i . , , .'. ; . ', .
The Timet correspondent at Oden says that
the port of 'Adool in the Red Sea had been
coded to FranoB and a Frenoh vessel of war
was shortly expectod there to take possession.
The Porte had granted permission for the
ereotioa of a Roman Catholio Churoh on the
Island of Musorrah, to bo under the especial
protection of Frapoe. , P .. , . ,
; A Swiss paper says Napoleon refused per
mission to McMahon to accept a sword, being
gotten up for him in Ireland.
Rumors are in circulation that the Emperor
would inaugurate the New Year with fresh
demonstrations of a paoifio oharaoter. .
; Spain. The Spanish expedition to Morocoo
was reinforced on the 14th, by 4,000 infantry
and 6,000 cavalry. . , . ' , ,
' A08TBU. The Paris correspondent of (he
London Globe asserts that the Emperor of
Austria qon templates abdication, and says the
Aroh-Duoheaa Sophia is at the head .of the
Kealen.., .; t. ... . . .,
Copinhagbn, Deoembor , 17. The Royal
palace of Fredericksburg has been tdesroyed
by fire. ' ,.-;;.,. ,. ..; V,
London. December 17. Alettor from Pesth,
of the 12th, says the die is cast , The Govern
ment is resolved to adopt ft rigorous polioy to
ward, Hungary. One hundred and , eighty
Protestant noblemen and gentlemen have been
Imprisoned for taking part in the assemblies
which protested against the Imperial Patent
in December... .-, ,,, , .... . , ,i
The Austrian army in Hungary will soon be
60,000 Btronjc. , ,.; j v . " ,:
The Vienna correspondent, writing on the
Uth, says tho danger of ft cor fliot hetween
the Imperial authorities and Ilia Hungarian
Inhabitants, daily Inoreases, .
The Frenoh haying been interrupted by the
inhabitants of a village on the river Bengal,
six steamers attacked It, The plaoe was
bravely defended, but wee finally dostroyed.
Loss 40 killed, 70 wounded. The enemy lost
160 killed and wounded.
Bbibtol, December 17. The American ship
Sea JBillt was entirely destroyed by fire to-day.
ViBiiNA, December 17. The expenses , of
the War Department are to be reduced thirty
millions of florins. , . ; j
Pabis, December 17. The Prince La Tour
d'Aurergne will be second Plenipotentiary of
France. . ,
Marquis De Antonio a like offioe from Na
ples. The Ibtrio states positively that Cardi
nal Antonelli will represent the. Pope. It is
asserted that Count Kisaebollf and M. Deme
rge will represent Russia, j
The Brokers' Circular reports the sales) of
the week to be about 62,000 bales, 16,000 for
exporters. . All qualities have declined slightly,
say i, and holders of the new crop were
pressing their stocks on the market. :
ureaastutts ami. uorn,advancing tenaenoy.
Rioberdson, B pence A Co. report Flour dull.
but steady at last quoted rates. Wheat steady;
closed firm; red 9s 3d9s lOd; white 9s 6d
lis 6d, Corn In better demand; advanced 3d
Breadstuff Market quiet yesterday. ' '
Provisions dull. Bigland, i.Athya A Co.
Kichardson, Epenoe A Co., Jag. MoHenrv and
others, report Beef quiet, and inferior qualities
jeoiinea xs oa. l'orx dull. JKepaokea mess
50s. ' Bacon : quiet. New Middles wanted.
Lard dull and quotations nominal at 6665s.
Tallowquiet.. ' -, ' -c....r-1
Butchers' nominal at 66s. The Provision
market yesterday was dull. Ashes steady.
Sugar quiet, and some descriptions slightly
hlghor. Coffee firm. Tea advanced Kld.
under better demand.'11 ' :
London Markits. Baring's Circular reports
Breadsruffs quiet but steady, and sugar firm
and td higher. Cheese slightly higher; lln
seed oil drooping, 27s fid. Consols elosed on
Saturday at 8596 for acoount. 1 The bul
lion In the Bank of England had Increased
3,000. The rates for money had advanced
and supply abundant. r' 1 -
From Washington.
been received from . Madrid, by, which It
appears that; our Minister to that Court Is
enoouraged to believe that our olaims against
Spain are now. iu o pmitioa for adjustment.
The ofiioial - oorrespvudenoe seems to justify
this conclusion. (. , .,, ji
Prominent members of. Congress are pri
vately disouiaing the propriety and justice of
nmending tne existing laws watch, authorise
the President to repel Indian Inoorslons and
foreign invasions, and to suppress armed ex
pedition! in this country against foreign S tates
with, whioh we are at peace, go as to make the
principle applloable to our own States, with a
view to protect one from invasion, and to
punish the abettors of offenses. , Legislation
on this subject ha been suggested by the
recent Harper's Ferry raid, and a bill for this ,
purpose' will probably be introduced, in the
Senate at an early day. -... - . - ...
Offleiad information has been received her
that England has concluded a treaty with
Honduras, by which the Bay Islands are
oeded to that Republic . . - .
There now remains to be adjusted' the lest
Important question of the surrender , ef the
Mosquito protectorate by Great Britain to
Nicaragua to complete the settlement of diffi
culties between England and the United States,
growing out of the Bulwer and Clayton treaty,
on the basis of whioh both governments have
heretofore agreed. That Wm. Wyke will suo
oeed ia concluding the pending treaty with
Nicaragua does not admit of doubt. y,
i ssssammtssmxBSSB v., (
Abrht or Aiothii "IcsgpiAr." Rev.
Daniel Worth waa arrested last week la Gail
ford, N. C, for using In his sermons ineen
diary language, and for quoting from Helper's
book. Among other thing he waa charged
with having said that "he would sot have
had old John Brown hung for ft thousand
worlds." He was held to bail m the sons of
$6,000 for hla appearance at court, and $6,000
for bis good behavior. . He had given ball for
hlippearaaee, and, at" last .aoeonnt was
endaarorisg to tT bail for his good behaTiof.
Advertteaunts aot exosedtsi Ive linse (Aaate.-
OMlnasrtton, 19 1 One weak, .,,H m
Twe weeks..ZL. 1 w One month.,. .,. 1 SO
Larger advert taements lnaorte at the soUowina f'r
I ratesbrsguare of tea lines or Isast J
Ons lrwrrtloa.A s ITwe weeks-.
Back eddi'nei las,. M I Three weeks
4 0
, 1 70 1 On 1
; Job PrmtiiiK . .
Ik all Its brinahea, done with neatness an ajrfatoft
Cod Cooking ! Stove!
lias been pronomioed by competent jndews to be ths
Patentett Dee. 7, 1858.' "'
For sale by the Inventors had MannuKtnrers, 1 "
iWn TiWrh.strAflf 'Tlrinlnnntl '
j We respectfully refer to k the following oertlllcatos
y. uviuouwvi Mia aw,v i
! For sotne moneiurl have been ' aging the Alllgai
Qoal Cooking Stove, 1 seMntor cooking analiti
oumbfned with ita ctnMluelavraufltevantnallvaeol
ti theowaersalaffeWiotron
1 1 hays besa tislajt etieAl ITe Adams ft Feck.
uwer's Alligator OorK BtovfSR itiSi;,tt) months, which
y secure
(dves entire sstistactiots Inlfyarvj'feeDsct. and I eaa .J'
oheerfully reoommengil toTLhoeie grho are in want of
a superior cook stove. t a, H, nxavrrx. '
i For the last year I have been Biug the Alligator
Coal (booking Stove, manufactured byneasrs. Adams '
A Peckover, which I consider a superior stove, noi
Sives tne utmost satisfaction, it ia tne omy stove a
svefoand that oookaperftctlr with ooal.. . ,.,:
j For some time past I have been using one of Hasan. 0
Adams A Peckover's Alligator Coal Cooking Stoves,
'Wd can recommend them as being a superior stove,
giving entire satisfaction in every ruepact.
j JOS. BC8HKKLL, Coal Merchant.
l cneenuiiy snoerse) ane auove.. -t
Manufactory, Covington, Ky...-,
Ma. 30 Eaat CoUmbla-etreet; ' '
li"-SL trade at the most reasonable prices and en the
laost accommodating terms with r.,, .........
- '11 f 'v --rf i rl .' il.' " '
For Oil, Fluid or Coal Oil,
!m. B. Jones's Improved Lamps and Burners fr
sale by oar agent, J. SKLLKBS, Covington, Ky.
Held at Zaaesvllle, Octobers 1830.
No, iil and eS3 Vine-st.,
(Seooad door Below Columbia,)
' - jnoecml
OKI )'.
New Mode of Ventila ion!
Call and See One ef ,
-id - - . .. '.I').
- betting and Ventilating Funaces,'
.: ""'.'I ! ,-Ii'iH I''" .. ' ' V .:,'.)...
, In operation at
Store Wart-rooms, Nos. 61 and 61 Vine-aU ,
Sawyer; & Co.
TtllHD-BTBEKT. O ncinnatl. Ohio, ara mann.
itnrlna larsnlv. Palmar MlAhrarjni Hvrf ran iu. ,
iMoroe and Lilt Puma. Also, hi portable slteam .
Eli " ,a0 wno are aoont to pnrcnaas
cujuro wr iiBssmti ssr
rlcMU Iliatll.
leriea, ury uocua, raj
lea. 11 rv Docks. Pa ner
r Mllla
la Kailroad
xiaaa, miasx, wrecking rarpeacHs. or, in
.for any purpose where a pump is needed, will
1 act, for any purpose
lind it to their advantage to call and sea the work-
l.M-?IJ1!e!S-.TluDle inventions, or address tba
POMP COMPABT for I ciroalar, whioh
will furnish the names of many who have used these
Pumps with perfect satifaotlon. deSldm -
ForwyLti-and Crommission
;meciiaits,:;.;j :
Hoc. Pork. Lard. Whisky. Tlamrl Grain. A.
IfHoe aortb-west corner Sixth and itain-atreets.
linoinnati, opposite the Oalt Honse. '
1 toe wavvrn naving nnaea eopArtnershlt i
h the General Prodnca aud IVim.Mnn n...i -
nnaerinestyis or voiison, uarllok ft Co., (esMct-1
fblly tender their setvioss and solicit tke patronate of
Bhelr friends and the puWlo. Particular attention
i generally
Ai'WILSQ. Ja.,
Inottbm M
Ii. T. BAtB.
Bisone and .Chiaa "tirm, faaoy Inks urn ds,
HNJ. Jewalaa MaSnh haMi l.iu. ik.d.. -f
Fork-boxes, and ether fancy .Goods too n ins asms
'Bmnuoa, snitaoie ror tna noiioars, WDIUI llrlll
hi sBsaper uaa aay etner y-rniiriimnat'la the
ji t 4

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