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II pnbllsoed (Uilr, ( Bwadaf MyUd.) by
Tfll mil FUSS It altvred to inbeorlbors lu
Olnotsiu a, Covington and Newport, and sur.
loasdliK Mtlw wd towna, t lb
tromsly low prio at
' 5 W0WUOIM! .-1,
Blglooile).t 1 month o.;S men ths ft I r"
W 9, 0 D ' S TH BATE It.
ooim nx AMBTnti-rrairn.
oik A. Ilulib, Ja...8ols Ltme ud Manager.
Great Attraction for New-Year Week.
Mr, QIi INN In on of hli fanilest character.
THIS KVENINQ. January 8, tad vi7 evening!
during the week, John Brougham's . , i
' i ob, Thi Shim Maibib. :
Captain Joha Smith...... ,....,, Mr. Halt
ruw-oa-uiu...,M....,MMHH...MMM.. nr, Busier
H. B. H. Po.c-hon-t.....,....Mln Fanny Dnhamt
Oa, Taa Tbbbobs or thi Blub Chabbib.
Abomallque (Blue Beard) Mr. Langdoni
Ibrahim ............ ,,. M r. I flsl.rj
Fattme .. - Mm RlltiM
Irpna.. ,.....,.......,.,.,.,,.,.,..,, .MlaiDeuhani
To cooclnde with
The Dutch ictor.....,. Mr. Sam.Glennl
Bote Mill Fanny Denhem,
SWDoors open at Hi Curtain rltee at 7 H o'olocij
rum or amission ureas uircie and f arqoetif
Pllwoui., wmi.ry, iwwiiwi.
Ninth Night of the distinguished ao trees
THIS KTININU, January 4, will be acted Bheri
aao o.uowiea capital piay oi
Jolia.........................M..M.M j, M. Davenporti
Master Walter ....... ............W Uarteri
Sir Thomas Clifford -...............Vndereri
Mailer Modus ..............,...0 Stnart,
lrAthom...M., m ... Bernard
KaUd 4 .1 DnnJ
vaace.... raise jenny mgat,
To conolude with the domeitic drama called
Oa. Tai Biabt Tbiau.
Robert Shelley Mr. Carter!
union jacK. .. ..,.. Mr. Bernard
Bachael BvlandH..u . M VaniittrjiW
Tim Altbbio. Uoon open at t o'clock i the
vuiiam win nnii tj preciBvij.
NOTIUK. Tradeaman and othen are cautioned'
Kainsi inrnuning any articiewior me theater with-'
ooi a written order, eiined by the manager.
THE NEW NATIONAL HOTEL, adjoining the!
i nenwr. ib nuw open lor id" recepuon oi Kneflte.
Boomi i oan be obtained by the day or week, and
uihi miiiisumi aim uvun
F. B. Conway,
t v n w a
THIS EVENING, and every erenlng until farthetl
Thescnj, Duke of Athena ..Mr. Uonway,
ujnauuvr. HMM,,WHWMH,HHHW,M,jiir, Bneridan,
Nick Bottom.
.....,.. Mr, Davridge,
H;ppol7tttMMvHMN,.Hf ,..
1 m 6 D 1 ftteetiM ee iee itete iteeee
...car. ijanaaan.
..Mre. Oonway.i
..........Ml. Place.
,.M1m Kinasburyi
-..mra, wiiKint,
.Mies Proctor.
,.Mie Crocker-
To conclude with the admirable comio drama en-
Dominique (the deserter) ........,..... Dayidije
Jeannette..,M.M...MMM.M..MM..M.i.....(.....MM Gliaplln!
.I.n,il.UTS f "Pjwtlin, Bhakapeare'i grand play of;
THE TEMrJCST, with new icenery, dreues, decora-
Aleo, an entirely new drama, of thrilling Intorest
and starillng effecta, called A WIIE'S DiVOTION.
PaicM or ADViMior.-Farqnotte Circle, Pantnette
and Balcony, AO centa; Amphitheater, as cent;
Private Boxea for eight peraoni, $8.
Doora open at 6 o'clock ; commence at 7M.
Eighteen Star Performen.-PoiltlTelT bnt Pour'
"SLD,?fl,i.I'uJj TUKoUAY, WHDNB8DAY and
SATURDAY EVENIN08, Jan. 2, S, 4 and 7 : alao at
Odd-Pellowi' Hall. Covington, on THURSDAY end
FRIDAY KVENIl5oS, Jan. end.
DOUBLE TBO (IPK-Oreat combination of Talent
and OrlKinalltv The lamest and heat Bind of Min.
etrels ever organised -BUOliKY, CABLE, DUPBEZ
A C RE EN'S far-bmed and world-renowned only'
urmuini new vrieaue ana juetropoiitan
Bnrloatae Opera Trone aad Mammoth
., Brma Band,
Are coming with new and extra attractieni, and
Will aive four of their Kthlonisn llnnirM In thi.
city previous to their departure on their annual;
Grand Free Balcony Concert In front of the Hall
each evening by the Brass Band.
' , Doora open at 7. Concert to commence at 7X.
Admission 29 conts.
r Alto, SATURDAY AFTERNOON, at 1 o'clock,
for school children and families. Tickets reduced
to 10 cents.
ProprletorsShorey, Carle, Duprei A Green,
j v " - ' - CflA8- DDPBKi,
de29h Manager and Business Agent.
Professor Jacotis !
Ventriloquist and Iiuprovisatore,
Will Introduce hie astounding and unrivaled exper.
intents, and continue positively for
Commencing Monday Jan. 9.
original and inimitable goblin, Mr. SPRIGHT
LY. The stage is fitted up in the most gorgeone
Btyle; the apparatus of massive silver ; the furniture
is in the Louis Qustorte style ; and the whole forms
an intertainment that has gained for the P releasor
the honor of performance before the principal
crowned hoads of Inropp, and In California, Aus
tralia and the Southern Hemisphere, from which he
has just returned, where baa created a perfect furore.
Admission W nt; Gallery 2$ cents; children to
the bcdy of the Hall, 25 cents; children to the gal
lery, 16 conts.
Doors open at 7 o'clock. Intertainment to com
mence at tn r. a.
N. B.-The whole performance will be changed
every other evening,
JiuoiiaiM, oi no. 44 Sixth-street,
would resDOOtfully Inform the nnhlln tht ka
has, in connection with Mrs Toledo's (late of
navei troupe; taswiui wararoDe, removed to
her new ofltce. at Bo. 70 rifth.atrat. Iin
Walnut and Vine-street, where she will be happy to
toe her former patrons, to whom she can oiler the
moat splendid aesortment of costumes. de!7-am
0 TERM. IttHsA
National Ball. Vine itreet. aJiawn wnuh.
The lesson are to arranged that beginners can
commence at any time. deotf
Gifts! Gifts! Gifts!
next to Smith Nixon's Hall, Cincinnati,
t1,1,0; A splendid Gift, worth from 00 oenU to f lot),
will be i given with every book for which we receive
one dollar and upward at the time of sale.
WQi WRif,0' ! nd SlTer Watches, ladles'
Solid Gold Chains, splendid set of Jewelry, Ane Gold
Bracelets, Gent' 'Gold Vestjhalns.anda torgeva.
riety of other articles of rioh Jewelry, worth from
Ladies and gentlemen Art respectfully invited to
call and examine our stock.
( . ' ! ( i ' Pttbllsher aad Gift BookssUor," t A
8021-tf ; ' .. . .. No. 28 Wee Fourth-street.
CONSTABLE'S ' SALE. By virta or an
execution, to im directed, I will sell, on SAT
URDAY, the 7th day of January, 180, at 10 o'clock
A. M., at the inaction of Ann-itreet and the Miami
Canal, the following goods and chattels, to-wlti
The, canal. boat PRINCESS, hor apparel and fix-
5 ares, taken under the water-craft law, at the suit of
, AH. bchwa et al. JO. DCRBILL, OonstahU. ,
nauaasaa vi, ioov. ,i . ue
. TB a VT Y-A A.A 1... Tl-A
a DDail un qui di iiuvAOi wbui UvW aneu
Beef ftnd Bef Ton bum, jut reoeirwl and for Hie bj
oew m maMJDnt vurnor a in in wiu Tint
.VOL: J. NO. 117.
----- rw - urii o.vu a.
'- 1;' "Press, e:ao r. m.
ISDLAllilfOLia AMD OlMOUIATI. 11:14 A. U.i 0:40 P.
.; 1:40a. at. . 1
OiioAKD Hississim.-S:2S a. at.; 11:4ft a. a.: 10:18
OiioimtATi, Hamiuoi ad Datto. 7:46 a. h. 11:08
. niouaiKn, i:w p. uay Kxareee. p. m
M.aiSTTA AND CinoinnATi. li:20 A. ai. t:B2 r. a, '
w uiuiAHAruLia. u:ou ., o:oo p. h,
LiTTii Mum. Day Express, 10:00 a. a.; Aecom
modation, 4:40 p. m .; Night Express, 11:30 P. a.
Iioiaxipoua Aao Cihoinkati.-:oo a, a.: 1146 1.
a. 7:16 p. m.
. , m.; aim r. m.; o:au r. m i ll:au p. M.
Mabistta and Uikoimiiati. t:40A. .: 8:40 p. a.
Biohmohd and InniAaAPOLii. 6:00 a. a.; 8:40 p. a. :
JeV Tba number of death in Brooklyn, N.
T., last week was 128.
1 jafWoman proves her will in life-timo; a
maa ii obliged to wait till be li dead.
By the failure of Cook k Sargent, at
Davenport, Iowa, tome six hundred, laborers
lose $90,000.
Tbe oity of Paris raoeivei. on an ari
rage, nearly ouu,uuo irom the tax on funer
ali. It ii given to the ohnrohes. - j
' At Panama, Deotmber 10, tbe weather
was intensely hot. the thermometer standing
at 04 deg. in tho shade. - j
- fSf There were eighty-seven divorces
granted in tbe eoarta of New York eity last
year. . ,
Wbo ever heard of a widow commit
ting suicide on aooount of love? A little oon-i
nubial experience is very wholesome.
SBCareful analyses have shown that the
salt made at Onondaga, N. T,, is the purest
and beat in tbe world.
"Samnel W. Murtlshaw, iallor at Co
lumbia, S. O., was killed on the Greenville
Hailroad a few days tlnoe.
aaB-An Eastern paper speaks of a man
who "died without the aid of a nhviioian."
Such owes are very rare. .
3fIt is no wonder that the wind is solemn
and mournful; it has swept the folds of mor-
...i:i f . u j i . i ,
srThere are a great many beams in the
eyes of the women, but to their admirers they
are all sunbeams. .
B"0n Friday last a woman fell into one
of the publie wells at Quiney, 111., and was
arowoei. ,
flay-At an agricultural dinner tho followlna;
toast was given: The Game of Fortune Shuffle
cams as you will, spades will always win.
Dennis Marian out his throat in Que
beo, Canada, last week, because his wife eloped!
with his confidential clerk.
0"Tho number of drinkintr saloons in
New Orleans, with a population of 180,000, is
estimated at 2,285. j
A. Mercer was robbed of $125 in
money last Friday while attending a prayer-)
meeting in Philadelphia. ... j
Elijah Jovner, Esa.. an estimable oitl-
xen of Southampton County, Vs., was killed1
last week by his none running off. I
jThere were 3.060 emiHoations. hv aliena.'
for citizenship, made in New York citv last
year j the number admitted was 2,889. j
' Prof. Whitney, of Yale College, is en
gaged in the translation and publication of a
t r .. , , . :
xtiuooo worn on astronomy. .
jr9"Col. G. B. Looke. an old resident of
Tennessee, and formerly Mayor of Memphis,!
died In that city a day or two ago. .
jtGerritt Smith has so nearly been re-1
stored to complete health that he has returned'
to bis home at Peterboro', New York. I
JBVHaoready, the tragedian, has been on
a leoturine tour in England. One of his dis
plays is highly spoken of, on. the occasion of
L i i i : j : r dshi. .
uis giviug uuuiuw fvauiiio iruiu jDrifclBll poeu.
A duel was fought in Alabama, near
Montgomery, en the 24th ult, between a law-'
yer and a physician; the latter being disabled
on the third lire by a wound in his pistol arm:
48-During the year 1858, Paris consumed
82,000,000 pounds of meats of all kinds, while
during the same time New York consumed
150,000,000 pounds of beer alone.
Two little eirls, eight and ten vears
old, the children of David Qulgley, were burnt
to death in Savannah, 6a., last Tuesday, by
tue igiimug oi men uou-oiuuiee irom a lamp.'
gr John Miner, a carpenter by trade, was
killed last week near Helena, Ark., by a negro
who had been aooused of stealing the white
aaan's watch.
SsT'Last year it is estimated that there
were received about 200,000 barrels of flour.
and not less than 5,000,000 bushels of wheat,
at Milwsukie. .
"Mr. Paul, the owner of Dr. Kane's Es-
Sntmauz dog, Myonk, lost the dog in New
rleans a few days ago. He thinks the animal
must have been stolen.
"A Toune man. while skating on tba
Mill Pond at Charlestown, Massachusetts, on1
,r j r.ii u : n.. i i. . m
muiiuBj ion, ouiil.iih; uiuu wo vaoa jiox vi
his head, and expired instantly.
Until ill. fLn lilstnHAal fiaintiie. knnwn
for his freseoes in the Hotel de Vllle at AtxJ
la-Chapelle, bas recently died at Dusseldorf
xte naa oeen insane tor some yeara. -
There were one hundred and seven
gentlemen admitted to tbe praotiee of law in
the eonrts of New York city during the year
ending 80th December.
lSrA man on a spree took shelter in a new
building in New York, a night or two ago,
and lying down to sleep, was, frozen to death
before morning. ,
-The clothes of a little eirl, daughter of
Isaiah Howard, caught fire from the stov. in
Baltimore, last Thursday, and she was burnt
to death.
Mr. J. Beveriy Hunter, of Gates Countv.
North Carolina, killed a hoe, las week, two
years old, which weighed fire hundred and
ten pounds net. ' . t . i
S9As an indication of the saholastio ae-:
quirementa of tbe late "Dow. jr.," Mr. Paige.
it is mentioned that he set up in New York,
the entire work of Kay's Hebrew Lexicon. ,
" Mrs. Elizabeth Douglas, of Pblla-i
deipbla, died in tnat city a day or two since
from typhoid fever, brought en by a fit of
violent jealousy. - - 1
-TheNew Enelandersln Montreal cele
brated tbe anniversary of the landing of the
rugrim atners dj an oration, a aanoe ana
supper. . -" , v ; .
M&-It South Baston, Peon., recently, an
itinerant peddler of the Lift of join Bnvm was
treated to a- doaen lashes on the back, and
ordered out of town. , t
.BVMiohael Lord, an elderly man, died of
hydrophobia near Madison, Wisconsin, en
Thursday last. He had been bitten by a dog
about twelve months previous, and had no
fear of the dread disease until a month before
his decease; the symptons having first de
clared thsmselves at that time.
Tux flnwniHlul mn T.Atrra TTV k T.ttb
PsorBsar. Many years before the name of
uauama ocarrun oeiwr anown vo jsingusn
readers as Madame de Maintenon) was fami
liar to the ears of Louis XIV., the court was
at St Germain, and very busy with conjurors
and divinations, muls anrl m.irlnl.ni ThA
king himself was not exempt fiom the preva-
wsuusee, nuu neanng lam some ui sis
. .! . 1.1 , ,
uuur.ioiB ouvervameu u, iamous raneian oon-
juress in their saloon, he assumed a thorough
dlflffnlaa and mtnfflAil .mAn.tli.tti
When it came to bis turn to consult the
lru)uuf sae eyea mm attentively, ana ex
claimed t " Ton IM mannad. mil , hav
many mistresses. You will grow old, and will
ii ..I. i . . . .
nen wi m love wun a superannuated wiaow
of low estate, and the scorn of everybody,
You will marry bar, and wilt have for her so
blind a passion, that she will completely gov
ern you, and lead you by the nose for the rest
of your life."
At this audacious prediction the king bunt
out laughing, and escaped from the apartment
as hastily aa he cottld. On his way he met
the Due ds Orequl, to whom as they were
upon familiar terms he repeated, word for
word, the sybil's discourse. They both made
merry with the folly and impudence of the
soroeress, ridioulsd the ignorance of her dupes,
and laughed at the exoellent trick which the
king had played, pleasantly commenting upon
the splendid fortune whloh she had promised
him. But In the course of time, when the
queen died, and Louis became infatuated with
Madame de Maintenon the low-born widow
oi Boarron, the buffoon poet and secretly
married hAr. thA rAmAmrirft.niui nt 4M. nMitt-
tion came back to the minds both of tbe king
1 iL. T j n -
Buu uie iiuoae vrequi,ana me latter was for
bidden the oourt, that he might not see how
completely the sybil's prediction was fulfilled,
ami uie euveroiga -lea oy VQS nose. ' ,
Tfll 30.000 DnviiJiATn i. i Ttna
BANC Thn rinnhnn 7Vi..' nt l.t-
observes: "Tbe rumor ourrent in this oity last
week that a, defalnatinn nf tin nun hn
. ,v,jv,. UHU WWW U
discovered In the accounts of a bank officer of
Biate-street, was generally sapposed to have
OrisrinatAd frnm vn nf a.v.l .kA.,B..J
dollars in the "cash" of a bank in that street.
it is now confidentially asserted that an actual
defaloation has been discovered: that the guilty
party bas influential and wealthy connections,
nrt ... MnHjUijH .1 . .1 i , . ,
" M" uKuu uvuuiuuii mat mo uiaiier Biioaia oe
.,k.i,.j ,, i ,
uuou.u up, oniuo iorwara, in company witn
tbe bondsmen of the delinquent, and furnished
til O n.nHt.-lf annt M.b. 1 .1 J...!
" -"vs,.ij Liu w uiaav imi uie uonoivuoy,
Six Albamt Jorthbs Cobosuh to Dbath
Costbabt to tbsib Convictions. It is stated
in the Albany (N. Y.) papers that six of the
twelve jurymen who oonvloted Mrs. Hartung
of murder, compromised on the verdict, with
the positive understanding that sentence of
death would be commuted. It is' said that
one of the jury, shortly after her trial, visited
her in prison, expressing his sorrow, and
stating to her that he would never have con
sented: to her conviction, had he not been most
positively assured by those in favor of such a
verdict tnat ner sentence would be commuted.
A few such cases as this will go far to under
mine the publio confidence in jury trials alto
Tbb Coldist Actum Wbatheb Evbb
Knows is Bbitaih. A lady writing from
Ventner, Isle of Wight, on the 17th of No
vember, says: "The last of October and the
first of November, 1859, will long be remem
bered in Great Britain as the coldest and
stormiest that have occurred at that season
within the memory of the oldest Inhabitant
mere was skating in bootland, a thing un
heard of in October for twenty-five years, and
oolder weather in London than at the same
season for forty-four years. Even here there
was as slight frost, though not sufficient to
destroy plants and flowers, as they are still
oiooming m rresnneis ana beauty.
As Editob Mibtimb roa a Bvbslab.
The editor of the Central Independent, G. W.
BtinffAV. starter! a rlav n tvn atnnA fmm lit.
residence, in Utica, with a well-filled carpet
l. i 1 ... W . .1 . . .
uug, mi uus mo care ior me nest, on a lectur
ing tour. His suspicious looking carpet bag
attracted the attention nf a nnllna nflinnr wh.
Was keeninff hia heat svs nrum tn nW.uif mm.
burglars who recently broke into the store of
rtat ,. i i . i ... ...
uevuiuey a aj., ana aoggea jar. xtungay to tne
railroad, anrl tmnnnArl -nnnn ftha .m.t k..
and requiring the astonished editor to give an
acoount of himself. Of course satisfactory
explanations followed, and Mr. Bungay went
uu uuway,u no.rejoioiog,ac lean unmolested
DiscorsBT or ah old and Oobioub Wobk.
When the workmen la Boston, a day or two
since, were tearing down the Mansion House
belonging to the heirs of the late Deacon Hller,
they found a well-worn volume of Cotton Ma
ther's discourses on "The Flood," published
in 1713. The work was in a good state of pre
servation, and almost every page relates to
some marvellous story that taxes human cre
dulity to a great extent , The house named
above was a noted plaoe of meeting for the
- oone oi liioerty, - just Detore tne revolution.
A FaAOllINT op JflHif BnnwD'a f!nri A
late Buffalo (N. Y. ruin flnmtn nn
the oars, a day or .two since, we noticed a eada
verous looking personage sitting alone on one
wi uiv Bmw, auu uj iiiiv Biue ui aim m large
Jiieoe of composite stone, on whloh was painted
'A niana of John Rrnwn'i CnfRnV V7. ..IraJ
him where he got it , He replied, "In Essex
t'ounty. Brown's grave was bored In the solid
rook, and this piece I broke out myself." The
cadaverous person looked upon It at a sacred
reuo. . . .... - r . ,
a i
Sihoulab Show Pbssobshob. A singular
pnenomenon oecurrea in the towns ,Vlotor,
Bloomfield and Mendon, Mass.', during a late
snow storm. - Spherieal balls of snow, from six
to eighteen Inches in diameter, and every one
perforated longitudinally, the largest, having
bolts sufficiently large to enable a man to
insert his arm, were seen rolling in the snow.
it is presumed tnat tney were formed by the
wind. : ..
FuiaioulTist op a Gintlbiiab. Aoertaln
vicar once said to Mr. P., a veterinary surgeon,
"Mr. P., how is it you have not called upon
me for your account 7" "Oh," said Mr. P.,
"I never ask a ffentbmaa for money." "In
deed," said the vicar, "how do you get on if
ne donetpay 7" "wny," replied Mr. t, "after
a certain time I conolude that he is not a gen
tleman, and then I ask him." 3 :, ; j,
Ths UsrvBusiTf ob tub SouiH-Bishops
Polk and Elliott erenow en Sewane Mountain,
arranging to break ground in laying the cor
ner stone of the new University of the South,
whloh bas been endowed with half a million
of money, Bishop Hopkins, of Vermont, Is
with them, assisting by his rare taste in se
lecting the site and laying out the grounds.
-A- Robbib Dbowbsd. In Baltimore, on
Tuesday night, a young man was detected in
endeavoring to rob the bark Clara Baxell, and
in trying to escape he fell into the water aad
was drowned. The bcdy was reoovered next
day, and recognised as that of George Oassidy,
who had been a sailor en beard the ship flora
McDonald from New York.
Snraoxii Swisdlb. A Frenchman in Cali
fornia hat been deteoted in a new swindling
operation. He was ia the habit of purohasing
from the restaurants the coffee that had been
used, then drying, mixing a little fresh with
It, re-packing, re-papering, and then telling it
to the poorer classes.
Embbsob ob Cohvbbsatioh. Ralph Waldo
Emerson said in a recent lecture at Boston;
"Conversation is a game to which a wise man
goes, not only to play upon others, but to be
played npon himself. The use of conversa
tion is the light that it throws upon the
highest mysteries. When we seek its highest
benefits the old Spartan rule of one to oae, is
usually euforeed. Discourse, when it rises to
its highest pitch, is between two. We think
In an awful, antiquity. Our thoughts run
back through all the thinkers of time. Noth
ing seems so cheap as the benefit of conversa
tion; nothing is more rare. The only sin we
never forgive is difference of opinion. This it
at once the logio of persecution and of love,
In conversation there must be infinite recep
tion as well as giving."
' mmm '
Losses bt Fibbs is 1859. A record of all
fires, together with the property destroyed,
whioh have occurred ia the United States dur
ing the year, where the lose has been estimated
equal to and upward of $20,000. gives a total
of 208 fires, involving a lots of $18,058,000.
Add to this the amount of property destroyed
by ires where in each inttsnoe tbe loss was
estimated at less than $20,000, and the aggre
gate would be Increased to about $22,000,000
in 1858. Lives were lost at 61 fires, making
an aggregate of 112 lost during the year.
' Ihtbrsb Ikdividualisv. In Theodore Par
ker's last letter from Borne on John Brown,
occurs this very pointed sentence: "Let the
American State hang his body, the American
Ohuroh damn his soul with it breath ofcurnngi
still, the blessing of such as are ready to per
ish, will fall on him, and tbe universal jnetioe
of the infinitely perfeot God will take him
welcome home."
' Singulis Satisfaotobt' Cobbbspordkncb.
Cham, of the Charivari, lately wrote the fol
lowing note to M. Alexandre Dumas, jr.: "My
Dear Priend If you will, indeed, be to me a
Pert Prtdigue, send me two box tickets for to
morrow. Rely on toy ingratitude." By re
turn of post he received the following answer:
"I will certainly think of you to-morrow.
Rely on my negligence."
Isobndiabv Cottou Balb. An incendiary
document, In the shape of a box of lucifer
matches, was reoentiy found by a Rhode
Island manufacturing company, concealed in
a bale of cotton. Had they not been found,
the consequence would perhaps hare been the
destruction of a valuable mill, as the matches
eould not fail to ignite in passing through the
X Bbdtal Pbizs Fight bbab NbwOblbass.
Last Thursday morning, opposite New Or
leans, two fist-fighters named Wall and Con
nelly bad a mAAtinff. t TIimv .am
, 1 nuiw VMgaQU
about two hours and a half, in whloh time
they fought one hundred and eleven rounds,
uu puuuusu anvil uuier almost to jeny von
nelly oeming off the viotor
Tbb SmsBnaT TJta.aTu VnwaBn. no ...
Viotims. The eight young women who lost
their lives by the destruction of the Fuse Fac
tory in Sims-bury, Conn., were buried reoentiy
ut uw ovulatory at mac piaoe, lour in one
grave, side by side, and the other four in an
other grave, a space of four feet being left
between the two for a monument
Latbst pboii thb Ofeba ib Pabib. In Paris
the ruling operas, at latest dates, were flcreu-
tH it,, n 1 r :,l it . i . ,
"www, u. vu. vmuu vpvris, Wlbu v DHtV.il in
the leading part; at the Opera Comique a new
lyric drama called Yvonne, oomposed by M.
HaH.uwww., ...ug wj i.w irviuuBiuivr, uio
soprano, and Jourdan, tbe tenor; at the Thea-
4.1 T.n-ln.d ain..'. ..U Tl 1,
w J w, wiuv. irrfifrOTM, TT 1 1.11 XallUUo
Viardot In the prinoipai role.
Fieb Abks ih Viboinia. On authority of
we new nay on (conn.) journal, It is stated
tnat uoi. earn. Holt, of Hertford, has made ar
rangements to establish a manufactory for fire
arras at Richmond. Va. The capital rennirad
is one millions of dollars, of which Major W.
M. B. Hartley, of Conneotiout has agreed to
i urn iso one-nan.
A HOOPBD CnVHT.At Unloann. Til !..
week a young lady was baptised who persisted
in keeping on her hooped skirt When she
came tit dencend into th Tnatn in en.ttnM
propensities of the crinoline buoyed her up,
uu ii was not uu alter many iorcioie attempts
that the minister succeeded in anbmArrm
CHBISTlfAa CSABTTT. On f!hrltm.
tat. ueorge'g Booiety of Toronto distributed
18.055 Dounds of eatablAa tn Mia Junrrln. nA
of that city. In addition, twelve cords of
wood, and a large quantity of groceries were
distributed the total value of the whole being
about $436. The number of persons thus re
lieved was 1,438.
CnHvnWTTI.il na Dm Rnt mas. A rAr.
- wwMu.Hau. a WVU T v U
tion of the soldiers of the war of 1812 has been
caned, to meet at Columbus on Tuesday, the
10th inst, for the purpose of consulting "on
the best means to secure to tbe old veterans,
and tbe widows of such as have fallen asleep,
partial justice from their country."
TBB ' finiOXI.M n C.nnw Rrnnnin TV,.
shackles which bound Cook and Coppie, and
which they lied through in attempting to
tnakfl their aaeana frnm th fihulu.Am, v.
. . i 1 r ..WW.W-TU, T mi,
jail, have been plaeed in the show-window of
i..Im a. xt -r i i. . . ..
jonoiij uiuiiu ivw iun eintA aiicraoi qmto
a throng. , . -
Poitbitt or Rnwn.r.aa Tlninitaa.n ill
young artist," says the -Europe, "has just dis
covered at an antiquary's in Basle, Swisser-
ll 1. T . , .
ibuii, su luwrseviug painuoK l IS tne por-
trn.te of Rilhlll.p. anrl An 4Vi. k.Ab -ii..
, wU -uw HM. .IB UIO
words, 'Schiller, Manheim, 1788.' Tbe por
i ii. i .... , . , , .. . ..
uoi. is oeany nio-iiBo, ana is wen executea."
A Tbrhibssb Tdbphast in tbb Fisld. A
responsible gentlemen, well known to turf
men, offered, in Memphis the other day, to
wager $10,000 that he eould croduoe a nae?
whioh would beat the Virginia "Planet" in a
four mile race, to come off over the Memphis
curse. ' '
Uhioob Dispatch. The Captain of the
steamer Baltimore, sunk near fit Louis recently,
as soon as he got ashore, sent this unique tele
gram to Gov. Mat tenon, one of her owners:
"Steamer Baltimore sunk and gone to the devil.
Glad of it; how do you feel."
1 Shooting ArrBATi Alabama. A shootint
affray occurred In Athens, Ala., last Thursday
night, between three men, which resulted in
one of tbem, a negro belonging to Mr. Thomas
Bus, being dangerously shot by an Irishman
named Donegan.
Fatal Abat id Alabama Last week an
affray occurred in Montgomery, Ala., between
two Irishmen named Murphy and Keyes, In
which the former killed the latter by stab
bing Urn in the heart with a knife.
ThbssPbssobsBubht bt Cahpbbrb. Mrs.
Halone, residing at Albany. N. Y.. in at.
tempting to fill a fluid lamp, Was slightly
burnt recently, and two of her ohlldron very
badly, by the lamp exploding. k ,, , .
" " ' ". 1 mm .
DsiWes'l lirrvni Tliii Tml t t tl
known throughout the country as the author
and compiler of a number of valuable works,
died few days linos la Philadelphia.
Additional Foreign News.
Nbw Yobb, January 3. Jas. Hewitt A Co.'
circular, per Canada, says: Breadituffs there
hat been steady inquiry during the week, and
a lair amount of business doing; about the pro
vailing currency on Friday last I
Country markets are firm and generally!
dearer, and on the Continent, especially in
France, the tendency has been oheokod. At
the latest dates prices were muoh firmer, .wits
an advancing tendency..
We quote Wheat per bushel of 70 lbs.:
Western red 8s 6d7s; Western white 77i
4d. Flour Western Canal superfine 23ii5j24i
8d; N. Y. and Ohio 25sr28s; St Louie 25i(3
20. inaian corn mixed ana yellow, 30g(a)3lB
white 34s35l per quarter. . j
Beef continues without material alteration
and tbe former quotations are renewed, say
for ldta Mess ..U5s; prime Mesa 6090
per tieroe.
Pork No arrival of new, and old remain.)
muca depressed, there being rather more die
position to sell at the inside quotations. . Re
packed 5053s. Regular 6070s. per brl
New Irieh is offered at 80s., f. o. b., and a
82s. on tba spot.
Bacon There are some parcels of new on
the market which are held at extreme prices,
and business could be done at about 4547si
for Cumberland cut; 474As. for long-ribbed
and 45(31508. for short-ribbed.
Lard The last news from the United State!
has rather strengthened the confidence oi
holdeis, but nothing has been done to tes
prices, the business being confined to a few re'
tail parcels. Refining qualities held at 58
os.j ior cnoioe asovs.
From Boston.
Boston, January 2. The inauguration ol
the new municipal government took place to
day. Mayor Lincoln's address exhibits the
present and prospective condition of the eity
as highly enoouraglng. Otis Clapp was elected
on airman of the Board of Aldermen, and I
Putnam Bradlee. President of the Council.
The Grand Jury have indioted Isaac Wi
Shepard, for embezillng the funds of tbe
Hanover-street Savings Bank. The charges,
against mm ior lorgery were tnrown out
The Yacht Wanderer Affair.
Niw Yobi, January 3. The cantain of th
yaoht Wandere, with four of hor crew, havi
arrived from Tenerifie. In bis protest to tbs
American Counsel, at Tenerifie, he swore hS
tailed from Savannah for Smyrna, with si
orew of thirteen men and two female passen-i
gers; that his cargo cvisisted of silks in bales
amounting to $2,7bd, and that his vessel was
piratically run away with by bis mate.
Pennsylvania Legislature.
caucus hss re-nominated Mr. Lawrenoe
for Speaker of the House, and nominated Mr.
Ranch, of Carbon, for Clerk. The Senate
oauoos nominated Mr. Franoi.', of Venango,
for Speaker, and Russell Errett for Clerk. The
House organises this morning, and the Senate
this afternoon.
Pobtlasd, Mi.;- January 3. B. D. Peok,'
our State Treasurer, is a defaulter, and the
Governor and Connoil have notified the bank
having deposits of State money to pay no
checks drawn by him. The S tate is secured by
his bondsmen, and he has made over his pro
perty as seourity.
New Havib, Cons., January 2. Ths store
of G. W. Wilson, Plymouth, wat burned on
Sunday morning. There wat insurance on
the building and contents for $4,900.
Dirrnsios of Litbbattjbb. A ourious faot
in connection with the general spread of liter
ature is announced iff one of the Anglo-Indian
papers. The Ordor Guide has an advertise
ment recommending a "Pocket Companion for
Pilgrims to Mecca," at one rupee the copy
Murray turned Moslem! What would the
Caliph Omar, of book-burning memory, say?
French Estbbpbisi. Ths Courier dee State
Unie in New York, published the President's
message entire in French, Wednesday, the
morning after its delivery. This is enterprise.
It must have been difficult to hare put some
of the President's notiont into the Court lan
guage. 1
Womab Odtbaobd bt a Niono On Thurs
day morning, just before daylight, a widow
on her way to market, was attacked in Nash
ville, xenn., by a slave of Dr. Wharton, and
ner person violated in tne most brutal man
ner. The negro was promptly arrested and
committed to jail. . i i.
Obb School Boy Shooting Abothbb. At
Clinton, Ky., a few days since, Thomas Mes
hew, a school boy, shot, and badly wounded,
George Limes, another sohool boy. Public
sentiment, it is said, is much divided in regard
to the affair.
SVA young woman, Mary Graham, fatally
shot George Fit-hush, the overseer of a Plan
tation in Hinds County, Mississippi, on the
zeto uit. niznugn cad seduoed tne girl
under promise of marriage, and when asked
by his victim to redeem bis word, he scoffed
at her petition, whereupon she drew a revolver,
and shot him three times. The villain, we
are pleased to letrn, can not survive.
wBTColored oner trounaa ara nlAnttfnl in
England just now. Exolnsivo of a round doten
in London, there tire at least upwards of fifty
in different parts ul the United Kingdom.
Burnt cork, wool and laropblaok are conse
quently in demand. .
'BLBP Th. T.nn Jam ' U - P. 1
ir w w jivuWH 4uumwy ovw Bpoaaa lu
terms of high commendation ot the perfor-
mai.Ma rJt Mi. T! , 1 1 ! ,
u.uvwb u. iuii t luuiur, uio americeu .rage
dian, at the national Standard Theatre,
especially in tbs impersonation of Maobeth
and Othello.
E9A young man. named Charlna Parr.
eloped with the wife of a merchant named
Craisr. in one of the Northern nnnnri nf Till.
nois, a few daya since; the fair Helen being
about fifty years old.
JKaT'CharleS Matthews has baan
the London Haymarket Theater, as "Young
nspiu in in vwejor jootaacM. it it said
that he has found the best "oure," however,
la the society of his "second Liixie." -
JBGTA young girl, named Bertha Krofte,
only fifteen years old, attempted to commit
suloide by drowning herself ia New Haven, a
few days since. She was discovered In time
to save her life, but has been deranged ever
sines. ' , ..
X 0f At a boarding-house table, one day, a
boarder remarked to his neighbor: "This must
be a very healthy pbve for chickens." "Why
soT" asked the other. "Because I never see
any dead ones about" .
' JfcsT Ths Munich journals state that a mar
riage it to take place early la ths coming year
between the Princess Mathilda, daughter of
Duke Max of Bavaria, and Count de Trani,
half-brother of ths King of Naples.
. ..jW A doctor tip town gave the following
prescription for a sick lady, a few days sinsei
A new bonnet, a Cashmere shawl, and a pair
of gaiter boots I Tbe lady recovered immediately.
. Advertieemeota not exoeeding tve Haas (AgU
2l!rtoa... as I One wet , . i.ivw
Two was 1 60 IOm month M I 6S
Larger adTertlatauota laaorted a th toilowing
--w. wun
One ineertion-. $ soil
Xaehaddi'aal inskT fch
Oneweefc......... 1 74 c
rates tor Koare of tea Unas or leas I
Two weekSw. ... Jt OS
Three weess, i 00.
; Job PriiitiiLfis
In all Its branches, done with neatness and llasetoh
Hnnl flnnlri ntir. KfitxrA f
Has been pronounced by eompetent Judge to be the
. Patented Dec. t, 1858. . , ,
For sale by the Inventors and HannJaoinrora.
No. 333 Four til-street, Cincinnati.
W t respectfully refer to the following oertlBoatee
for ovldenoe of the; above :
r r srnne months I have been using the Alligator
Ooal Cooking Stove,
upertor cooaing auaiines,
combined with Ita cl
ist eventually eeoure
to the owners a Uagp
I have Leen using
over's Alllfatur OoiUc
JtiM mobAH.
'a. Adams A Peck.
fje months, which
gives entire satieCactioo
cheerfully recommend fT
respect, auu a oan
ho are In want of
a superior oooa stove,
Sor the taut imp T havA hAan n.lti iTi. AllLAinr
Ooal Cooking Stove, manufactured by Messrs. Adams
A Peckover, whloh I consider a euperlor stove, and
gives the utmost satisfaction. It ia the only stove I
nave found that oooks perfectly with ooal.
For some time past I have been using oneof Hum re.
Adams A Fockover's Alligator Coal Cooking Stoves,
and oan recommend them as being a suyerief stove,
giving entire satisfaction in every respect.
JOS. BUBHHELL, Coal Merchant
I cheerfully Indorse the above.
Manufactory, Covliigton, Ky.
Ne. 30 Eaat Colambla-atreet. .
trade at the most reasonable prices and en th
most accommodating terms with
For Oil, Fluid or Coal Oil,
N. B. Jones' Improved Lamps and Burner for
sal by our agent J. 8KLLKBS, Covington, Ky.
Coal Cooking Stoye,
HeldUat Zaaeevflle October, ISoB,
IVos. SI and S3 Vinos,.,
(Seoond door Below Columbia,)
New Mode of Ventila ion!
r Oil and 8ce One of
Heiting and Ventilating Furnaces,
'' i In operation at -:'
Store Ware-rooms, Nos. 61 and 6J Vine-tt..
" (Below Colombia.)
Sawyer! & Co.
TH1BD-8TBEET, Cincinnati, Ohio, are manu
factnring largely. Palmer's celebraWll Bydraulie
roroe and Lift PumprAlso, his Portable Steam
EnRinee. All those who are about to purchase
PIJiMPt) 'for Tanaeri, Brewerle. OItH
leries, Dry. Dock. Paper Milla ttailroad
tallona, Itllnes, Wrecking Pnrpoaea, or, in
fact, for any parpoee where a pump 1 needed, will
find it to their advantage to call and ae th work
ing of these valuable inventions, or address the
PALMEU POMP COMPANY for a circular, which
will furnish the name of many who bar need the
Pumps with perfect aatlfaoilon. . deJldm
Forwarding! and Commission
Hail Pork. L.rrl. Whlslrv. Tlnnp. OhI. Am
Office north-west corner Sixth and Main-street!
OlnnH.H AMn.lbilh.O.lt Bmm i
fh undrrigMd having formed a eopartnmhip
iuiu.uwu.iii. iiuuun .uu wllimiBBlOB jfuaines.
ander the style of Wilson, Oarlick A Co., nnect
fullr tender their service and solicit the patronage of
S.u.iriii.iiu -uu .u. pamw. .rarucniar attention
ild to buying and selling Hogs, Whisky, Flour,
rain. Ao. Their ohargerwilllw as modbrat as
any other good honse in the. My. Beferto the Bier-
w,,. w. wmwiniMU e.UW(IJ
A. WIL80S, J
U. T. HflJMI.
Holiday Presents.
I have just Opened a lot of
Bleque and China "Figure. laacr Inkstands.
Vase, Jewel and Match-boxes, Fancy Shariug and
Work-boxea, and other Fancy Goods tea namerons
to mention, suitable for ths Holidays, which I will
selleheapar than any other establishment n the
city. t HKNBT DATID.
go. ITS Mala-etret between Sixth and Seventh.
ft-Alao new lot of Faaoy Seaf, Parfomery,
sfuir 1 1 1 u mm itu
00004 Bf1
T s LTtVlai

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