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It Hbllshea tall, (Sunday exotpted,) br
ppiob ao. U win rgiiti-niiii.
Till riHHT PBISSbdeUvendtosnbaorilMrsla
Cincinnati, Oovlngton and Newport, andsvr-
U i rounding cities ud towns, it the x
tromtily lowprloeof
pbiobbop buiubo:
Bjngl copies Jo.i 1 month 40o.; monthttl, 1 peer t.
JOB A. Iiuub,Jb.m..3o1 Lm and kknagw.
Great Attraction for New-Year Week.
Mr. GLENN in one of hit funniest obaractar.
THIS IVENIHQ, January 8, and every evening
during the week, John Brongham'
Ob, Tbb Gbxtlb MiiDii.
Captain John Bmllh.., ....,.... Mr. Hall
Fow-ha-tan............................... Mr. Kllsler
H. B. H. Po.c-hon-taa.........,.MIsa fanny Denham,
After wbich
. Or, Thi Tbreobs or thi Blub Chamber.
Ahomallane (Bine Beard) ............-..Mr. Lansdon
lbrahlm..................................Mr. Ellsler!
yatlmaMi)MitMi.NtMffMMMM.iMMMM.Mn. Blister!
Irene ......,.. Miss Denham
To conolude with
The Dutch Actor Mr. 8am. Glenn!
Bote alias fanny Denham
WDoors open at M; Onrtala rise at 7 o'clock)
" Pbicbsop Aohimior Dreaa Oircle and Faruuettei
eucenai uauery, uncens.
Teath Night of the distinguished aotreai
THIS KVINtNU, January 5, will be acted Bui
war a aumirea piay oi
Fanline ......Miss J. M. Davennoi
Olanda ileluotte........ i t Mr. W. Carter
Beauaeant , Mr. Vanderen
Ool. Uamas - Mr. Allen
Glavi Mr. 0. Stnart
Madame Deacbapelle Mra. Laws
Dance mini Jenny Hight,
To conclude with the Interesting drania called
Admiral -.. Mr. Vanderea
Oapt. Oroastree Mr. Swift
Black-eyed Suian -....Mra. Vanderen
Friday, Benefit of Mi Davenport. i
Tim Altibid. Door open at tX o'clock ; this
curtain will riae at 7M precisely. (
NOTIOK. Tradesman and others are cautioned
against furnishing any article for the theater with
out a written order, signed by Ihe Manager. I
THE NEW NATIONAL HOTEL, adjoining trie
Theater, is now open for the reception of guest.
Booms can be obtained by tbe day or week, antt
tneala furnished at all hours i
S. N. Piken....... M...M..M.......M...... Proprietor.
F. B, Conway.,,....,. Stage Director.
J. F. Herbert Treasurer.
THIS EVENING. Jannarv 8. will be nreaented (lie
ceieorauxi orama entitiea
Ob. A Wire's Dbvotion.
Louise de Lignerollrs , Mrs. Oonwi
Mount de Glvry .........,.......Mr. Conwiy
Henri de Lignerol !,..... ,.. Mr. Chaplin
General Lagrange .,.......... Mr. Sheridan
Cecil (her first appearance).. Miss Helen Monroe
Josephine Mrs. Wilkin
To conclude with the admirable comic drama en -
DomlnlmieUba deserter)..,....-....................Dvtdke
. Jeannatte,MM,....,..........,.,..,..OhapUn
In active preparation, Sbakaneare'a grand play bf
xnxi laiurasi', witn sew scenery, aresiss,uecw
llona. Ao.
Paicca or Admission. Parquette Circle, Parquelte
ana caicony, oo cent ; Ampnuneawr, i wn
j-nvaie noies ior eignt persona, ps.
I Doors open at 6M o'clock commence at 7M.
Eighteen Star Parfnrmara. Pnaltlvalr hi, IT.TSir
. SATURDAY XVKNTNUH. Jan i. S. 4 and 7 : alaiikt
Odd-Fellows' Hall.Coviugton.on THTJBSDAY and
FRIDAY EVENINGS, Jan. 8 and 6.
DOUBLE TBOUPS-Great combination of Talent
aud Orlginality-The largest and best Band of Mlb
BUrels ever organized -SaoitftiY, OABLB, DUPKfZ
A GREEN'S far-famed and world-renowned only
original New Orleana and Metropolitan
Burlesque Opera Troupe and Mammoth
- Brans Band, I
Are coming with new and extra attractions, and
will give four of their Ethiopian Concerts Id this
city previous to their departure on their annual
Southern tour. i
Grand free Balcony Concert in front of the Hall
each evening by the Brass Band. j
i . Admisaion Socenui.
111.. ti,1)IDn,v 1 Mvnunn n -1 -1 ii-
for school children and families. Tickets redutoa
,. w iu oenw.
' Proprietors Sborey, Carle, Suprez A Green.
deMh Manager and Business Agent
KUHLMAN. of No. 44 Sixth-atreeL
would respeotfully inform the public that she
nas, in oonnectioi witn mra Toledo's (late
Bavel Troune) tasteful wardrobe, removed
her new office, at No. 70 Flfth-atraat. between
Walnut and Vine-street, where she will be happi to
see her former patrons, to whom she can oltor the
moat spienaiq assortment oroostnmee. del7-a
NBtlonnl Hall, Vineitreet, above FMt.
The lessons are so arranged that beginners can
commence at any time. detf
Gifts! Gifts! Gifts!
next to Bmith A Nixon's Hall, Cincinnati,
Ohio. A splendid Gift, worth from 60 cent to f 100,
will be given with every book for which we reaeive
one dollar and upward at the time of sale. 1
Gifts constat of (told and Siver Watches. Ladles'
BolH Gold Chains, splendid set of Jewelry, fine kld
Bracelets, Genu' Gold Vest-chains, and a large va
riety of other articles of rich Jewelry, worth from
. W cent to J 100. I
baaies and gentlemen ere respectfully invited to
uiit auu vjuiuiiue our bluck.
Publisher and Gift Bookseller,
no21-tf No. 28 West Fourtb-strebt.
: BAGS, for Grocers, Drnggiats, Tea Dealer and
others, made from extra quality of Wrapping, I Ua
Billa and White Tea Paj
aW.OOONo, 1
310,000 No, 2
V rapping and Manilla;
aoo.uooNo. I
awo.oooNo. 4 , .
300,000 No. 6 '" '
aoo,onoNo. 8
aoo,ooo No. 12 : '
ani.oooNo.ii .
200,000 No. 18
200,000 No. 20
200,000 No. 2S "
ajtooo No. i White Tea Bags;
i,mai cto. t
' 2IIO,uOONo. 3
The above are not na In aankanM of Ron haas fcach.
We are manufacturing from sixty to seventi-tve
anonseuu nags per oay
. Paner fiaar MannfaotnraraJ
' ' ' And Wholesale Paner Deal, .a.
77 and 71) Walnut-tret.
Fench Orchard, Yoaghiogheay, Hartford
, , i City and Byraonse Ceala. j
qualities of Coal from tbe boats In cicellent
order and prompt delivery. i
... Dealers In Coal and Coke,
. deMam 178 East Jront-st., near Butler.
rRmnn snnca ants rattcrr. i
Just received by Xspress.
J. H. DstTKMB,
de22 ' ' " Went Fourth-str
a1' Af CONSTABLE'S SALE. By virtue it an
J execution, to me directed, I will sell, oi SAT-
' TJBDAY.tbe 7tbdyof January, I860, at 10 ('clock
A. M., at the junction of Ann-street and the Ulaml
Oaual, the fbllowlug goods aud chattels, tb-wlt i
rpwm . jiata.i.tu,, 1'R.lNilBNH. htit annanl and fix.
. tures, taken under ths watarraft law, at the suit of
J. A a. boawa et al. . J V. vvnn&uu, lawws,
Dbobbbis 27. 18M. ' tt
' i
IU BBAND Just out of smoke; also, new; Dried
. Beef and Beef Tongues, just received and for aie by
' da3fl FEBOUMON, Comer Ninth and Vina.
OYSTER'S. Iaot of 'em, and of the fineit
Quality at . . MBGDiON'S. '
T de3l Corn ninth Ml Tins.
' ' T fjf. , ... ., ' .
VOL. 2. NO. 11)?.
Jaw" Ja. . . . t-.,.. -.j -.-., .v ......
Littlb IttAMi. Night Bxpreas, 8:00 A. u. Aocom-
uiuuaiitaa, s:o f. M.j uar ,xpr vm, q:oo r. a.
IHDIAKAPOUS AMD OlNOIKMATI.- -11:14 A, a.; 5:40 P.
M.: 1:40 a. w.
Ohio abo Missiaaim. 8:28 A. bl; ll:4S A, M.s 10:18
r. as.
Oimcihbatt, HatniTon ahd DATTOBt. 7:48 a. .; 11:01
A. 12:82 r. is.; :A2 p. .; 8:90 r. u .
MaBItTTA and Cimoibnati. 11:20 a. .; 8:82 P. St,
Littlb Miavi. Day Express, 10-.OI I a. v.; Accom
modatlon. 4:40 r. M .: Nlaht Ixnreiaa. 11:30 r. a
a.i r:io r.
Ohio and Mississippi. 7:20 A. .; 2:00 r. m.j 7:30 p. n,
Cincinnati, Hamilton and Dat ton. 8:00 a. a.: 7:3(
A. m.; 10:00 A, 8:40 p. at.; 8:30 p. u; 11:30 p. u.
Mabixtta and Oinoinnati. :40 a. .; 8:40 p. a. 1
BlOHMOBD AMD IllDIAMAPOLIS. : 00 A. M.J 8:40 P. at.
Tbe total indsbtedneJi of Indiana 18
$10,288,855 57.
has reoenuy maae a aentanon in Dotton.
aWm. H. Ooehran, editor of the Mt,
Vernon, (U.) Mepubitcan, diea on Hundsy last
p&" The first jury ever empanelled was In
jSDgiana, in vvu.
pfTh University of Pisa was opened on
tne 3d ol JJooemDer wnn great solemnity. ,
Itie 8tatd that Governor Wright. Min
ister to Berlin, will ask for hii reoall eurly in
tne spring.
mone tlio forthooiniair attractions of
The CornhiU Magazine, is to be a New Life of
Hogarth the fainter, by Ueorge Augujta 8aa.
0f A. memoir of the "Life of ArySoheffer,"
the rainier, is announced oy sua. urote, the
wife 4f the banker and historian of Greeoe.i
Jff-Mrs. Ellen Ready, aged about forty
years, iras arowDca in a -pan oi water in Bos
ton, a re w days Binoe.
jjsa- "It is all aronnd my hat." as On
h ypoorite laid when he pat on monrning for
nts aeparwni mis.
A11 law officers in France have been
ordered to dress in blank with white oravats,
ana to stop mui;iug m me sireets.
George Young, a Bailor, committed
suicide in New York, on Saturday night, jby
rs. Ann S. Stephens has addressed a
letter to Viotor -Hugo, vindicating Virginia
for the exeontion "t John Brown. I
jiafFor the ye 1859, the number of coin
plaints entered in the Foltoe Court of Boston
was 8,00a. An increase ot 804.
pB"Tb Medical Timet says that single
women have the heudaohe more than married
ones. Don't they have the heartache too?
9-Dumae, jr., sold the copyright of pit
new play, the Fere Prodigue, in Pari8, for
3SB-The New York Journal of Commeict.
in luprouuoe mum, ettya ma biock 01 nour in
New York, December 29, 1859, was 1,438,465
oarreia. ' I
it-At Littleton, N. H., on Thorsday ' it
was thirty-six degrees below zero, and at
ft anconia, in the same State, thirty-seven
pFtfi-1- A. O. Mcllwaine, of Petersburg,
Va., has .contributed $5,000 toward an addi
tional endowment of $1,000 Lr Hampden
Sidney College. 1 ' ,
l&S" Mr. AgOt Belmont has lately pur
chased a Mei'.iaonier, which is said to be a
finer example of that artist's manner than his
ay-The boot-maJters of Hopkinton, Maas.,
to the number of several hundred, have been
on a strike since the. beginning of December,
in oonseqnenoe of a revlucticn of wages.
IBST American wines are manufactured near
Sing-Sing, N. Y., in eoi'slderable quantities.
The "pure juioe of the gipe" is probably ine
of its constituents. I
0BA young man, Louis; Perdue, living in
Summer County, Tenn., was instantly killed
a few davs since bv the premature explo
sion of a gun.
StT'Thomas McNally wag stabbed three
nmm In V Vnrb lut week, while andaavnr.
ing to protect a woman from tbe brutal as
sault ot ner nuananu.
Pride and love'never should be arrayed
against eaoh other, for their struggle is always
productive of misery. Lova in a woman may
overoome pride; in man never. j
0f1h Rev. Samuel K. Cox, President of
the Lynchburg (Va.) Female College, ie out In
defense of the polioy of employing home-horn
toaebtt.'. ' . j
pfE. T. Bradley, of Fair Haven, Cotn.,
was thrown from his wagon, a few days ago,
while his horses were running away, and his
neck broken. 1 .
iVA young man, an apprentice in the
jewelry store of Mr. Griddley, of Holly Springs,
Miss., blew his brains out in that plaoe a feir
days sinee. .
TThe following are the distances by! tbe
steamer routes from Queenstown: To Kew
York, 2,680 nautical miles; to Boston, 2,490;
to Portland, 2,450; to Quebec, 2,202. , I
rrA Piokens (Ala.) paper says that there
be a baby show in that oounty soon.
We had hoped that these disgusting exhibi
tions were at an end. ,
"Leslie's elegantly illustrated volume on
"Sir Joshua Reynolds and his 'Works" was
left at his death in a state to far advanctjd at
to admit of its publication, in the spring.
p&"3. R. S. Bond, former proprietor o ' the
Mendota (111.) Preu, and at one time a num
ber of tbe Cincinnati press, has purohased an
intaraat in the Seoublican and Telearanl. of
Dixoa, in that State. , , i .: j
i Arohbishop Hughes has accepted! the
invitation of the senior class of the University
of North Carolina to deliver the commence
ment sermon before them on the 4th of June
next '
-The Memphis (Tenn.) Enquirer the
Hons.! Jerry Clemens and Bolon Borland's
paper, favors the nomination of Edward
Kverrett for President by tbe Charlestown
Convention. .,
90n the invitation of the City Colinoil
of Kingston, Canada, Dr. Howe will, in a pub
lio address, show with what faeility provision
oan be made for the support and education of
the blind. j
jgsTMr. F. Bridges, author bf "Phreiology
made Practical," has reoelved fromj the
British Treasury, at the reoommandatijm of
Lord Pa'nerston, 50 for his investigations as
to the causes and increase of orime. I
Upward of three hundred prlzeswre
distributed at the Girard College, Philadelphia,
last Friday, for good eonduet and Improve
ment in scholarship. Fifteen new pupils are
to. be admitted to the Institution. j
flf-Late Montgomery (Ala.) papers ohron.
Jole tbe marriage, on the same day, of two
editors in that pleasant little city that of
Henry F. Coyne, of the Mail, and E. A. Banks,
of the Cbdraroii, Poor follows, had they
not tioubles enough without taking wiveaT
Th SmpATirr op Womist with Jobii
B sown. -The Philadelphia Evening Bulletin
says: The ghost of John Brown is more suc
cessful with the women than a hnat nf flln
in the flesh.' The attentions showered upon
mo memory oi tne aarper s D eny man put
aotive gallantry to the blush. No hero in
modern history has had so much written about
him by fair fingers. The whole oountry has
been in a flutter of expectation of a "diffl-
ull tl l - 1 w ... -
oui.y H.WNO mra. u. JUAna Vhm and Mrs
Mason, of Virginia, the matter In dispute be-
mtT RrftWri TVtat ilnPPasrtAV.lnt.A, ... .tl-U
O auvvviivfuvHUVUVw rIM OVlUiUtt"
ting of slow appetite. Mrs. Ann S. Stephens
has also taken nn a nndirel th.t U Inn. ..J
ponderous agalnat Viotor Hugo, the disputed
uuiu. sun ueiug xirown. iiasi, tnat. granite
divinity, Harriet MarUneau, stops her ears for
moment to tne am ot Jiiuropean politics, In
which the is playing one of the most import
ant parts, to communicate her sympathy with
An Indian Chibp Yisldibo to Civilization,
xnooeiBDratea inaian Urave, "Hole-in-the-
nas omit mm a nne souse on his re
served six hnndraul .r,r.. o , r..- ttr:M AM
- - - w.wn IU5, UJI
the MlflAiaalnni. TVia hni,.. W . n .
- r r uvwaw wa, ivui, VIA
thousand dollars, and is nearly surrounded by
4. Kla.a PHI.. t J t m.m .
piBi-Bo,. jluj 01a vqioi is living witn bix
wivei in all th mlAiifln nf nisla
-j.. wv vk w iUVt U4UU APIBUUps
His parlor Is furnished with seventeen rookins
-Ui.tH. U II- .1 ., ... .
una,, 1, nuue me wans are nung witn sight
larore nnrtrairn
self, and the other Major Cullen. Three of
k:- 1 . , , . , ...
witim una om, iiKo nimseu, ana tne other
three voun and hnanflful .Than 1;k.
"white folks," all set at the same table, and
uig ue oaiua ana aonse lets ior every
day use. The old man has over one hundred
aorea of hla nhhvi nndM m,ifta;A. vi.k
brings foith bountifully. His wives 'work a
'"e" go wu m)cku witn nowers.
Nbwspapxbb in thb Unimd Staiss. There
are 3,364 newspapers published in the United
States and Territories, of whioh tli are in
New York, 419 In Pennsylvania, 382 In Ohio,
221 in Illinois, and 219 in Massachusetts,
leaving 1,610 for the rest of the States. It
would be a cuiious piece of statistical in forma
tion if we could discover how many persons
read eaoh one oi those 3,364 newspapers, also
wutu amount 01 renaoie matter is published,
say in miles; how many editors, sub-editots,
reporters, or penny-a-liners, contribute !to
there, the opinions expressed about them, and
as a ciimax to . imormauoo, no w many eub
aoribers to eaoh newspaper pay their subsorip
tion promptly.
. 1 i
Caxton'b Old Printino Orrioa. The site
of Oaxton'e Printing Office, in Westminster,
has lately been oleared away for the erection
of a splendid hotel, in the hall of which a
statue of the first English printer will be
placed. Some remnants of the old building.
remained nn a raw years since, wnen tney rail
down from very ase. Great naina were tkn
in the excavations to discover some of the
printers' types which might be expected to
do scattered aoout, out witnont success. ' Cax-
ton's press was under the shawdow of West.
minster Abbe and the improvements in that
neignoornooa Dave brougnt the locality ipto
uuuoo, auor a long ooscunty.
Crossing ihs Mississippi on Cams op Ios.
A party of Irishmen were enjoying a sooial
glass in St. Louis, a dav or two . einoe. when
one of them, named Gallagher, proposed a bet
of $50, that he would cross the Miaaisainnl nn
the ioe before twelve o'olook on the succeeding
uojr, ouijpuoiug uit ii wouiu uien ns irozen
over. In this he was disappointed for the ice
was runninK, though very slnnslshlv. in lairsa
cakes. 1 Nothing daunted, he obtained a plank
about twelve feet long and fourteen inches
wide, ,with whioh, after great difficulty, he
sucoeeuea in rescuing tne opposite shore, and
won tne money.
Thb Wab-Vissiu of all Nations. An
elaborately prepared return states the number
of ships-of-war of all kinds Une-of-battle
ships, frigates, corvettes and sloops, surveying
nnd small vessels, sun-boats, tenders. 0
possessed by the various oivilised nationB of
tne world, as follows: JSngland, 026; France,
448: Russia,164: Sweden. 311 (prinolnallv small
vessels;) Norway, 143; Denmark, 120; I the
united estates, iv; .Holland, 139; .Belgium, 7;
Spain, 82; the Two Sicilliea. 121: Austria. 135:
Portugal, 37: Sardinia, 28: Prussia. 65: Greece.
26; Turkey, 49; BiaslI, 27; Peru, 15; Chill, 5;
JUOAIOU, V. .... I
RoiiAHTio Mabbiaoiv The Manchester CN.
U.) Mirror mentions a "midnight marriage"
whioh took plaoe In that eity, lately, between
two frail mortals. It appears that they had
loved well, but not wisely, and the fair one
hearing that her affianced was to leave in a
nurry early in tne morning for ihe Psoifio
shores, regardless ' of oomin a responsibilities.
sought the City Clerk, who was called from
his bed, and , oompelled the false salt ti be
united to her. She had determination,1 and
oDtainea justice ana a nusDana,
Pjculub Pstttion op in Old Soldiib.
The following is one of the many petitions
reoelved by Louis Napoleon during his resi
dence at Biarrits: i
Sire I recievsd under your dear unole two
wounds, one in my left thigh and the ether
at Wagram. it these two arguments, in sup
port !of whioh I inclose ample certificates,
should appear susceptible of a permission to
Keep a tobaoeo snop, eitner at bevres or else'
where, I thank you beforehand for your amia.
bility. Please post-pay your answer.
Fmbtatiom in Gotham. Flirtation is be
coming so flagrant In New York, that mea
sures are in contemplation to make offenders
amenable to the law. It appears that io ir
repressible is the conflict ' of tender emotions
that the public exhibition rooms are rapidly
being converted into wholesale trysting
plaees. ' A correspondent of the Timet is
shocked at the tender scenes continually' wit
nessed by visitors to Mr. Palmer's statu of
"The White Captive," and complains : that
suoh works of art only serve to highten the
grand passion. - ! '
Artists ir Nsw Yobk. There were Prob
ably never before so large number of artists
in New York as at the present time, and there
is (treat difficulty in finding an unoocupied
room suitable for a studio. That nest of art
ists in Tenth-street, oalled the Studio, whioh
was regarded as a very wild speculation when
it was built, has not a vacant apartment in it;
and the liberal proprleter of It, who built it
for the acoommodatiou of artists, without any
anticipations of profit, is' 'now receiving ten
per cent, on the ospttal vested.
South. A collision ooourred at Red Bluff, on
the Mobile and Ohio Road, recently, between
the up freight train ahd the down passenger
train, by which both locomotives ana tenders,
and the bsgvaKe oar, and first passenger ear
attached to the passenger train, were loom-
pieteiy . smasnea in pieoes. .a Draxeeman
named Ernat was killed, and several of the
passengers were, more or less bruised and
Boratoked. " ;' ''' ' - - I ,r- ..-
Btsahboat Tbadb at St; Louis. There
were three thoesaad one hundred and forty
nine steamboat arrival at St. Louis during
the present year, whose tunnage was eight
hundred and forty-four thousand nine hun
dred and fifty-one; This is more than last
year, but less than 1867. : i-rj 7'"
' A PisviNTjB Last's Cbitioiim on Apt. The
New York 2W6ne is responsible for the fol
lowing: . ,
Two very splendidly attired ladles recently
made a condescending visit to the atudio of
one of our distinguished landsoaplsts, and
asked the privilege of looking at his pictures.
The artist was but too happy to comply with
their request, and placed before them a bril
liant sunset which he had just finished. His
visitors were lavish of those charming epithets
which ladies bestow eo liberally upon the ob
jects of their admiration. "01 isn't it
lovely I How sweet I How natural 1" 4c.
And then, aftor gating at the glowing canvass
for a few minutes in wrapt silence, the lady
who had been loudest in expressing her ad
miration, said,1 with anatWe whioh must have
penetrated to the very core of the painter's
heart, "pray, Mr. G , is it a moonlight?"
Tha artist meekly replied that it was intended
for a "sunset." "O, Indeed!" replied tbe
lady. "Pray, Mr. G , whioh do you think
the most difficult to do, piotures in oils or in
worsted 7" "Really," replied the astonished
painter, "I am unable to say, for I have never
done anvthlnt? in worsted." "Ah I" mid thn
lady, "I find it ao difficult in working little
uugaw ufc sa uio eyes.
' 1 1
DfiT.fWD 17 n A H n BP l
with Asolttionibii. Dr. Muhoo, of fl. C, the
owner of two plantations and negroes suffi
cient to work them, waa arrested a few days
ago as a lUBpioious onaracter by a Vigilanoe
Committee in Enfala, Ala. The Doctor was
peddling plows, and it was hard to believe
that so wealthy a man would turn "traveling
Yankee." A friend who knew the Doctor at
home happened to be in town, however, and
hearinp of tha diffinnltv ha wQ. in m,t ,
a 'j hw . " I w
the plaoe where the committee were trying
uiui, auu wnen ne entered and lound Dr. M.
occupying a chair and undergoing an examin
ation under nnh nannlUr Mmntnat.niM,. h
was 10 astonished that he exclaimed, "Why,
xr. muirocr- ana dbtbi out into a loud laugh,
while the Doctor, overcome with his feelings,
burst into tears, and the sympathy was so in
tense that the whole committee were soon in
the Niobean moon. Aa a finale, all pledged
themselves to sell as many plows as they could.
PrRSSNT Condition op thb Mobmons.
The Mormons, acoording to their own census,
are deoreaslnv in TTtnh. T mnit ik.. ....
bered 38,000; in 1857 only 31,022, and in 1858
only about 30,000. They olaira, however,
that they are Inoreaslng in the country ; at
large, and In the world; and they asoribe the
:-..a! i tt-a-i- a. . '
uiiuiuuuuu iu uina 10 temporary oauaos and
abaatifwil. Tt ta nnmmitJ tisa 4i, oo
.-T - w mi evt KAAtrv IUwIv 91 O If 4 j"
000 in Great Britain and Ireland, and 7,000 on
mo continent 01 Europe, besides some 5,000 in
Canada, 1,000 in California, and several thou
sand in the Eastern States and South America.
Altogether they number 126,000. Utah is the
onlv nlaoa whnra thav nranfif, hAlvn,nv ,.j
oarry out their theories of oivil government,
ua wen vi religion, ana it is tne only plaoe
where they do not increase.
FanstFbbw on Wobab's Lovb. Rosa Bon
heur, tbe well-known artist, made this
uiomoraoio answer wnen asked why she did
not marry; "I am not fit for a wife art is my
mistress." Addina- qnicklv. for she had a wo
man's warm heart, " Let ua ohange the subjeot
it is too painful." When Rosa said the words,
'not fit for a wife," of oourse she spoke after
the manner of men; but why should not Rosa
be fit for a wife merely beoaust she is a beautiful
artlelf Are there no men in the world
who are unselfish enough to rejoice that a
woman Has more than that one resouroe-r&e.'
They, who have a thousand?
An Extsnsivb Tubxbt Mabdpaotobt. The
new lork Tribune of late date says that a firm
in Aurora, N. Y., must be the greatest pro
viders of turkey meat of any single establish
ment in this oountry. Of one now before as,
they say, "it is one of 2,000 of our turkeys,
and a pretty fair sample. We fattened the
most of them, on our own premises." We
judge the aample will weigh nearly twenty
pounds, but allow only fifteen pounds as the
average weight, and it will show that those
gentlemen have turned out of their great man
ufactory thirty thousand pounds of turkey
meat, as th orop of the present winter.
Vaxtjablb Piotubm. Artioles are some
times said to be worth their weight in sold, to
express their great value; but the piotures of
muiNunierare worm toeir weignt in diamonds.
The "Chess Players," hardly more than a
iuoi square, ana containing but two figures,
sold for $4,000. The copy of (Jerome's "Duel
after the Masquerade," sold for $2,600. The
exhotbitant prices paid for these and other
little bits of canvas will, by and by, perhaps,
induce our artists to forego their ambition to
paint large pictures, and adapt their produc
tions to the demands of art-patrons.
- A Good Tbino pbom Mrs. Partington.
Most of tha naracrrAnh att.vihntail i M.
- 1 o r -.. w
Partington are so dismally stupid that we
never oould tell how they obtained any popu
larity; but the following, considering tbe
r ' ." v. viqivu,voo 1HU1UU, IB UUllQ
clever: "What ehuroh do you attend, Mrs.
i-aruugwnf -un, any paradox church
where the Gospel is dispensed with."
A Pr a , a, Thh.vbt t nv a. ..t,a..
. - " .uvn. ..UUMgu
says: "The sweetest bed-fellow is conscience.
Ah, it is a charming thing to feel her at one's
heart to hear her evening annof and mnm.
Ing hymn." A very gallant gentleman says
ne nas often thought this, but that his bed
fellow's name ta Clara. We suppose it makes
no difference about the name.
Bivbbb finr.n tn Tavia BnnoVoIlSn.
the amusamTit in Hnnfltnn. Tarn nn ,1,a
ult., and sleighing on the 3d. The Houston
Teltamvh. nf tha 5th nit. aasn R ...it .
fall of anything resembUng snow has not been
seen in Houston for twenty years; and it has
been full seven years ainoe many of us have
seen a partiole of snow before."
An Inoiana Editob Suppbbino tor fnar.
The editor of the Vevay Reveille is in need
of fuel, judging from this paragraph in his
paper: "Wood, chips, coke, coal, oorn-eobs,
feathers, resin, sawdust, shavings, splinters,
dry leaves, old rags, fence rails, bam doors,
flints, or any thine that will burn or strike
fire, taken on subscription at this offioe."
Thi Kino ov Abyssinia Tiann rmni.
TBOTt. The King of Abyssinia has reoeived
..l . J i . n . ....
giauiy ir.o varnsoaiar ooriptures sent Dy ine
l.nndnn HiKlH RnntAtv. thwinch n;.1,A. .r
Jeruseiem, to Abyssinia, and began at once
1., , A. Jl-l-ll 1 . I
uiui sen w annoate tnem.
POLICIWAB ITlI.I.in IV N rtpt.a.va An
Saturdav niirht lsvat. a row nvimJ In TM.
Orleans, at a drinking house, which resulted
I. Jn.,u r T w .r . . t
u luwromvi aun moinwsn, apouoeman,
formerly of Philadelphia, and the dangerous
wounding of John Hook, another officer.
Al EkTPBBOB'a GaATintna.T.nnia Na.nn.
leon has given M. Aladenlte an estate near
Bordeaux, worth $60,000, as a recompense for
servioe In old times; he gave, some time ago,
$20,000 to one of this gentleman's daughters,
upea her marriage.-': . -a; ....,. ,
A Vsniob-mkb Association. A man named
Michael MoCann.of East Maysville, Ky.,wat
found a few days since, in the streets of that
oity, stabbed to the heart. The murder Is
wrapped in mystery, and no clue eaa be found
oj wdiob to trace the assassin. r.
From Washington.
that Minister MoLane has been instructed to
use bis efforts with the Constitutional Govern
ment of Mexico to obtain for tin Louisiana
Company, modifications of its oontraot for the
construction of a railroad over the Isthmus of
Tehuantepee. I
Messrs, Benjamin and Lazere contemplate
a visit to Vera Cruz in the event of the ratifi
cation of the treaty to further the interests of
the Company. j
The names of the absentees from the House
yesterday, who had not paired off, were Messrs.
4drain, Reynolds, Vallandigham, Sickles and
Pendleton. Their absence was aocidenta),
and for oauses satisfactorily explained. I
The seleot Committee of the House of Ref
lesentalives of Florida, appointed in conse
quence of the circular of the New York Chan)
Der of Commerce, oalling the attention of
planters to tbe great inorease of sanded oottop,
say they believe the complaints this year to
be without foundation, and recommend lo
the Chamber a thorough investigation into
the mode of selling cotton in Now York, and
that steps be taken to oompel commission
merchants there to sell each planter's orop en
its own merits, as the surest remedy, not on)y
for sandod ootton, but also for defrauding ope
planter at tbe expense of another. j
The President has recognised R. W. Welfch
as Vice Consul for the Grand Duchy of Olden
burg, at Key West. Theordore Borup ks
Vice Consul of Swedes and Norway, at $t.
Paul, and Jose Zulio as Vice Consul at Savannah.
Message the Governor of Pennsylvania.
vaula. .
Habbibuubq, Pbnn., January 4. Goven or
Packer's Meuaage refers to the Harper's Fei ry
difficulty, and says that it is gratifying to
Pennsylvania to believe that the eitiiens of
the Commonwealth did not in any maner
partioipate in that unlawful proceeding, and
to know that when some of the parties wire
arrested within its jurisdiction, they were
promptly surrendered. He adds, that while
entertaining no doubt that our Republican n
stitutiona, whioh have been carried forward to
thoir present exalted position in the eyes of
the world, will ooutinue to the latest gene a
lionH, it is the part of wisdom and patriot! im
to be watohful and vigilant, to guard a trees ira
so priceless. Let moderate counsels! previ il.
Lot a spirit of harmony, good-will nndnatio isl
fi.aternal sentiment be entertained among he
people everywhere, and the disturbing le
inentswhioh tempoi.iii threaten the Un on
will assuredly pass away.
Pennsylvania's oentral position, with 3,0( 0,
000 of freemen, enables her to foy, with c in
phasis, to the plotters of treas in, on eit ior
hand, that neither shall be permitted to aio
ceed; tbat it shall not be in the power! of
either to disturb the perpetuily of a Union
cemented and sanctified by the blood ofbur
patriotic fathers at every saorifire. The Con
stitutional rights of the people aud the States
shall be maintained, equal justice done to ull,
and these States united forever.
Tbe Governor congratulates tl'.n TiPgialaljure
that the State debt is decreasing i-t the raip of
a million yearly, resulting mainly from jthe
sale of tbe canal. I
Republican Convention.
Conoobd, December 4 Tbe State RenuLli
can Convention held here1 to-day was presided
over by Frederick Smith, of Manchester, j
Ichabod Goodwin, the present Governor,
was nominated for re-election by aoolainatjon.
J. 0. Tilton was nominated for Railroad Com
missioner, j
A resolution was adopted, inatruoting jthe
State Committee to call a Convention some
time after the March eleotions, for the ohpice
of delegates to Chicago. Senator Hale 'ad
dressed the Convention, whioh was largely
attended and harmonious. I
Yesterday an engine with a snow plow
attached ran into a passenger train between
Manchester and Nashua, partially demolish
ing the rear oar, and injuring two or three
River News.
or. xiuuib, iauuary so.. Ana river nai
risen about ten inches iu the last thirty-six
hours, and is still rising slowly, probably in
consequence of the gorge at Grand Tower,
whioh is very heavy and extends for several
miles. Weather cloudy, and oolder than yes
terday, with slight snow squalls. I
. .
Later from Havana.
Nbw Oblbjns, January 4. Tha steamship
Habano arrived here yesterday, bringing
Havana advices to 30th ult. The sugar mar
ket was firm at 99J4 reals for No.12. , The
Btook amounted to 20,000 boxes. Sterling
Exchange 1516 premium. Exchange on
New York 34 per cent, premium. i
Massachusetts Legislature.
Boston, January 4. The Republican mem
bers of the Legislature held a nominating
caucus last night. The Senators re-nominated
thsir present offioers. i
The House nominated John A. Goodwin, of
Lowell, for Speaker, In plaoe of Charles Hall,
who retires, and re-nominated the present
viera ana sergeant-at-arms.
Fire at New York.
Nbw Yobk, January 4, The warehouse,
No. 288 Greenwioh-street, was burnt last even
ing. It was occupied by John J. Brewer,
hardware dealer; Isaac Larue, piokle dealer;
Bernard Maohon, for stors go, and John Irv
ing. Loss $25,000, 1 1" irhioh $10,000 falls on
Broner, $2,000 on Larue, and $8,000 on
Messrs. Huyler, the owners of the building.
From Baltmore.
Baltihobk, January 4. The store of trast,
Hiokle k Co., fancy goods, West Baltimore,
has been burnt. Loss $20,000. Insured.
' The harbor is almost entirely closed, and
steamers arrive witn diuouity.
Outward Bound.
Nbw York, January 4. The steamship
Atia sailed te-day for Liverpool, with; New
Orleans mails of tbe 26th ult., and telegrams
of the 3d, and forty-three passengers, No
specie. ... , , . I
Senator Seward.
A o born, Jsnuary 4. Governor Seward left
this city for Washington on the nine o'olook
train this morning. '
Thb Otstsb Tbadb or Baltimors. The
oyster trade of Baltimore during the past year
has been larger than ever before known, and
it is estimated that upward of two and a-half
millions bushels have been , brought to that
market for home eontumptioa and transporta
tion to the West, i, There are aow employed in
the trade three hundred vessels, which daring
the eight months through which the season
lasts, are constantly plying between tne oyster
beds of the Chesapeake and Its tributaries and
that eity. -.( . . :, , ?,-.
A Rivbb ib Louisiana Fboiin Ovbb. A
few days sinee, Old River had ioe half an inch
thick in it, all along the shore, and in several
plaees the stream was "loedover" completely.
This is a rare novelty in that section of the
world. v . -. , ! , ::;-. .-. ,, :
,ft, jU ;.. ,, ,-P i'.o ,j
r . , Vtiimscaiw j-, ' f
Advartnwauats not Trmdlnty nvt lines (Agt."
Oue Insertion f HI On wU,........41 08
Two weaka. ., i 60 One moult-- t M
H Larger advertlaemrats Inaotted at ta touowini
. rates tor s.aan of tea line or tea i
On lmBrtlon.-4 80 1 Two weeiSy-. -JR oe
Back addi'nal Uuu St Tbre wwft., 4 OS
Quo wet 1 78 1 One month - ., P Of
Job 'Printiiis
in all it braaohee, don with n Balnea and dtupatoB
Goal Cooking Stove!
Oit been pronounced bv oom potent Judge to b the
Patented Dec. T, 1858. :
For sale by the Inventors and Manafacturar,
No. 333 Fourth-street, Cincinnati.
W leepeotinllT refer to the following otrtlflcates
lor evidence of the above: .7 ,
fir some month I have been using the Alligator
Ooal (Jooking Stove. It snparlor cooklnd aualltles,
coranined with Its cloHmlflS, innsteTentually secure
to the owners a large abime at wblie patronage..
f liave been nslns gneof Be I. Adamsft Peck
vvet't Alligator Oodt StXrtM ttiftjir 'de month, wli ich
Hivel eutire aatinfactioo iraveiypeapoct, and I can
he. rfullj recommend It' to fcoee yho are In want ol
a anporior cook stove. ,u5J H. LKAVITT.
Xor the last pear I have bcesT using the Alligator
Coal Cooking Stove, manufactured lr Messrs. Adams
,t i'eckover, which 1 consider a superior stove, and
Kives the utmost satisfaction. It ia the only stove 1
have found tbat cooks perfectly with coal.
For some time past I have been using one of Mvsar,
Adam Peckover' Alligator Ooal Cooking Btuves,
and can recommend them aa being a superior stove,
giving entire satisfaction in every respect.
JOS. BUSHNKLU, Ooal Merchant.
I cheorfnlly Indorse the above.
dels JOHtl HBL1CK.
Manufactory, Covington, Ky.
Ne. !IO East Colnmbla-itreet.
trade at Uie most reaaonabl prices and a the
moit accommodating terms with
For Oil, Fluid or Coal Oil,
N. D. Jones's Improved Lamp and Burner fr
eulo by our agent, J, SELLERS, Oovlngton, Kr.
oalCooliiim Stove,
Held.'at Zaneavllle, October, 1850.
iiinii!i;i!in nn
Vos. 51 and 53 Vinc-st.,
(Seoond door Below Colombia,)
New Mode of Ventila ion!
Call and (: Ooeaf
He iting and Ventilating Furnaces,
la operation at r
Stors Ware-rooms, Nos. 61 and 6i Vine-at..
(Below Uolnmbla.) .
Sawyer! & Go.
TH1BD-8THBET, Cincinnati, Ohio, an menu
rKotnring larmlr. Palmer' oelebrahvs Hydraulk
Force and Lift Pump. Also, hi Portable 8tearo
Pnirin. All thnae who are abont to purchaae
PIJ;nP(v for Tarmeriea, Brewerleai, lllstll
lerlea. Dry Dwcka, Papor mills Knilroad
tntlona, mines, Wrecklnc Parpoaee, or, in
fact, for any purpose where a jump is needed, will
lind it to their advantage to call and see the work
ing of these valuable inventions, or addrea the
I'ALHKH PUMP (JOKPAnir for a clroular, whioh
will furnish the name of many who have used these
I'nmps with perfect aatlfaoiion. - dsaidm
Forwarding and Cornmission
' ; ; MJEItCIIAiw'TSj
I., w.o w-.ui, .uijuyo h,i vumiuisaion iiiiainess,
under the style tit Wilson, Gariick A Co., respect
fully tender their service and solicit the patronage of
Ihslr friend and tha snultn. rrtii,i. .1,0,
paid to buying aad telling Hogs, Whisky, Flour,
Onaln, Ac. hlr charges will T at medrrata as
any other goc d houe in the ay. . jfeferto lha mer
chant of Ulnclnnatl general 1 1 .
,, , a. wiumjiv, a.,
M1 ' ' .'I. ifr. f H. T, ttASXIOK,
noMbm h. T. PAaJw
Blwjne and OJiina Figure, Faacy Inkstands,
Vases, Jewel and match-box, Fancy shaving and
Work-box, and other Fancy Good too nuaierom
to mention, suitable for the Holidays, which I will
sell cheaper than aov other establishment in the
.v, 'U, 'im" HIHJt DAVID,
go-ITS HaJa-etret,JetwMaSjBtbaa4av&.
B.-Alaoeaewlotof FaBoy boapa, Parfamtr,,
Ksaaeatjsj, ,1 . oU
"- nogs, ront, iara, wnuity, imr, Grain, Ao.
Oltice north-west corner Sixth and Bain-street.
Cincinnati, opposite the Gait Home. 1
The underalaned havina rormiwl a

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