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eniTtraa amd rioPBirruaa.
Thursday....- jAWUAitY a
The Mechanics' and Manufacturers'
Mr. George W. Runyan wb yesterday
eleoteil President of toe Meohanlcs' and Mali
ufaotxrors' Exohaoge. He promises to carrj
on a vigoroui sdtnln'itration daring tbe pre
ent jeer.
- There It no good reason for the languiili
ment of this hopeful enterprise. Mechanic,
inpport your newly-eleoted offioers.
The Lecture To-night—Bayard Taylor
on Humboldt.
Bayard Taylor, tbe traveler, is to speak In
a Cincinnati audlenoe to-night, on the life,
oharaoter and travels of Humboldt the trav
eled man of soienco, the founder of physical
geography, and the moat distinguished invr
tigator of tbe phenomena of nature, and t
the laws whioh govern the world. Harobol it
spent bat six or seven weeks in the United
States, fifty-five yean ago. ' He arrived at
Philadelphia- from Havana, assooiated with
the Solentifto Sooicty la the Quaker City, trav
eled to Washington, then a village, which he
thought would grow into a more impoHug
eity than Meiioo. In July, 1804, he sailed
from New York for France. He never pub
lished an account of bis visit to the Unite.l
Statei. His writings, in detail, in reference
to the equinootial regions of tbe southern por
tion of this Continent, entitled him justly
to be hailed in Europe as the second Coin tu
bus. Bayard Tsyler is a favorite here, arrl
the hearts of the people are warmed with ven
eration and love when Humboldt is spoken of
and we hope that the lecture-room wlH be
crowded this evening.
Editorial and Selected Melange.
William Kelaey, for twenty-three yens
manager of the Anierioan Honse, Columhit ,
hu retired, and is aucceded by Messrs. W
den A Emery, recently of St. Louis.
Dudley W. Rhodes, a Zanesvillian, it' d
formerly County Auditor of Delaware, Ijia
been elected Seoretary of the Senate of Oh-o.
Kive hundred sets of engravings of the set', n
cartoons of Raphael are to be sold in tlrs
country at $10 the set There should one be
secured for the rooms of Y. H. M. L. Aisooia
tion, of this city.
Commencing a New Year, business ni n
remember that your habits should have six
qualities: Industry, arrangement, oaloolation,
prudence, judgment and punctuality.
General Miraben B. Lamar, formerly Pre.-',
dent of the Republic of Texas, and late Min
ister to Nicarauga, died in Texas on the 1(1 h
ultimo. He fell suddenly while in oonvc
sation, and died immediately. j
Hon. Samuel Tracey, formerly Treasurer of
the United Stales, died on the 32d Decern li. ,
in Cuyiorville, New York. ,
A man who owes a little can clear it off 1. a
very little time, and if he is a prudent mm ,
will; whereas, a man who by long nogliger. t
owes a great deal, despairs of ever being st!e
to pay, and therefore never looks into bii a -eount
at all.
The New York Police BUI is popular in
ITew York, and the Governor of that State,
in his message, declares that it has wort id
well. I ,
The greatest of all distinctions in oiril life
is that of debtor and oreditor; and there ni !
no great progress in logio to know wbicii is
the advantageous side. '
Tbe New York Iribmt tells the Republi
cans that more than likely their party Wi l
not eleot the next President. j
Lieutenant Julian May, of the United State a
Army, died reoently in New Mexico, who e
he was stationed. j
Be cheerful. He to whom God 1b pleasiu',
is pleasant to God. Cheerfulness is a hyrqs to
the Divinity. J
The Governor of New York, in his mesanjio,
emphatically disavows, for the Empire Staff,
all sympathy or co-operation with the
guided Harper's Ferry fanatics, or witbjnny
future disturbers of tbe rights of sister Stfiti s.
In Ohio, military expeditions are to bat die
oiuraged by law. I
Kites rise againit, not teith tbe wind. I No
man ever worked his passage any where in a
dead calm. Even a head wind is better than
none. 1
Wiiklt Report or tbb Citt Auditor.
Tbe City Auditor last night reported to l he
City Council that during the week ending r n
yesterday, orders had been drawn on the Cry
Treasury for the following sums: !
Watch Fund.......
Intercut Fund
$ 3110
2H,1 .15
euoerlor Court Fund...,
Sit HI
Fire Depart mailt Fund......
Police Court Fund
City Prison Fnud .
General Fund
aW 72
2.17 M
I?.". 17
liOU 77
Total .J3,n.'i 5
There ire now remaining in the City Treas
ury the following sums : j
General Fuad.................,. ........ 61,SI" '.'1
Witch Fund.
;3tV. 27
.! It? I 4
..... Z,K M
....... 7,"
U-t 76
........... i 1M 17
Interest Fund....
Superior Court Fund
Fire Department Fund.,
Light Fand......... .....
Work.boiue Fund
MrMicken Fnnd-........... Hum ft
Kinking Fund -... ............ m,W is
Common School Fund Bonds and Cash.... 2J,l'.:i :i7
Colored Bchool FuDd......................... 2,M 41
S301,'7 IM
Moktklt Rkpobt or taa Mator's Clirk.
The Mayor's Clerk, Mr. Charles S. Betts, I ist
sight reported to the City Counoil that during
. the past month he had reoeived and paid Into
. the City Treasury the following sums; jf 1
tixnrees Wuodi . , 4 hi
Omnibuses..... .'nil
Hackney Ccachie..
,.! II II
1,48(1 70
.ureal natlroads.....
S.1 10
42 :
.... j It 10
PnsoMAb. Among the arrivals at tbe
Bpenoer House, yesterday, were V loo-President
J. C. Breckenridge, Hon. W. Stevenson,
, of Kentucky; Captain Eawes, TJ. S. A.; Col.
Hawee and Major T. D. Carmeal, of ' Kei
tuoky. Nsw RaiDlne. The Nw York Ltigtr and
the WMam Outtt for January 14, together
with the ining Magatmt and Ptrttr't Spirit
it January 7, besides other desirable readinc,
have been reoeived by Pease A Co., Sixth
i street, east of Walnut. .
.'i i This morning, at nine a half o'clock,
J. Oraf k Co. toll, at their stor, No. 18 East
, ., " Fnurth-street, a large Invoice of Fare, beln
the iwt of the staspp, See advertisement,
COLUMBUS, O., January 4.
SENATE Norton or Bills Notices of
intention to introduce bills were made as fol
lows: By Mr. Parrish, of Erie, a bill to protect
wcol-growers agaiun dogs.
By Mr. Moore, of Butler, a bill to repeal
tbe ot of last session, which repealed the 10
per cent, interest law.
By Mr. Garfield, of Portage, a bill to provide
for a geclogioal survey of the State.
By Mr. Harrison, of Madison, to repeal
sections 1, 2, 3, 4 and 7, and to amend leotions
5 and 6, of the Police 'act, passed Marob 14,
1859. The bitl Is designed to repeal that por
tion of the act appointing Police Commission
er, and to authoriio the Mayor in cities of tbe
first class to appoint eight persons with the
powers of police offioers to officiate in Police
Courts and in Work -houses, at the tame pay
as police officers. It continues the office of
Chief of Polioe as in the act, at a salary of
$2,000 per annum; the office of City Marshal
remaining abolished. :
By Mr. Brewer, of Columbiana, a bill to
amend the uot concerning guardians and
wards, passed April 13, 1858. Also a bill to
provide for the collection of certain claims
against railroad companies.
By Mr. Moore, a bill to extend the jurisdic
tion of Justioea of tbe Peace, in certain oasos.
Introduction or Bills. The following bills
were introduced and read the first time:
By Mr. Harsh, of Stark, an aot empowering
executors and administrators to administer iu
certain cases. It gives them power to admin
ister to appraisers of estates of deceased por
sonb to those preientingclaims against estatus
r authentication without charge.
By Mr. Brewer, an act to enable the receivers
of the Bank of Massilon, Ohio, to olose up its
affairs. It does not conflict with former actx,
but authorises the receiver, directors of tbe
bank, Ac, to give sixty days notice to credi
tors In publio journals of geueral circulating
to file their olaims, and bar all claims not pre
sented within that period. Settlement other
wise to be oonducted according to orders of
court now filed. '
By Mr. Jones, of. Delaware, an aot autbot h
ing the Commissioners of Delaware County to
borrow money to supply a ditfieieucy in the
County Treasury.
Rkpobt froh Silkct Comwttxb. Mr. Mon
roe, from the select committee on Standing
Rules, presented a report recommending tbe
adoption of the rules of last session, so amend
ed as to authoriie the President of the Senate
to appoint standing committees, each of which
shall consist of not less than three nor mire
than seven members. Agreed to.
' On motion of Mr. Sohleich, 240 oopieB of
the rules of the Senate and joint rules of Gen
eral Assembly were ordered to be printed f r
tbe use of the Senators.
A message was reoeived from the House, in
forming the Senate of the readiness of tnat
body to meet the Senate in joint convention,
tooount the ballots for the State officers elect.
On motion the Senate proceeded to the Hall
of Representatives.
HOUSE Mr. MoPherson, of Huron, pre
sented a petition from the oitiiens of this
county, praying for a law to prevent cattle,
hogs and other domestio animals fromrunuiot?
at large. Referred to a oommitte of one
Mr. McPherson.
A message was reoeived from the Senate,
announcing the appointment of a committee
to prepare rales for the government of too
two Houses. Such a resolution having beon
adopted and sent to the Senate yesterday, on
motion it was laid upon the table, as was, also,
a resolution adoptiig the rules of the last ten
sion for the temporary government of the two
Also a message, that the Senate had passed
a joint resolution appointing a Committee to
make arrangement for the inauguration of tiie
Governor, "Lieutenant Governor, and the State
officers. On motion this resolution wa
adopted, and Messrs. Voris, Robinson, Wootl.4,
Parrott and Stout, were appointed a commit
tee on tbe part of the House.
Notick or Bills. Members asked and ob
tained leave to givenotioe of intention to in
troduce bills as follows:
By Mr. Hughes, of Butler, notice of a bill
to repeal the School Library tax.
By Mr. Reos, of Morrow, noticeof a bill fur
the protection of wool-growers in the State.
By Mr. Woods, af Licking, a bill fixing the
compensation of County Auditors and County
By Mr. Monahan, a bill to amend an aot
entitled "An Aot to prevent the running ut
large of swine," passed March 28, 18(9.
By Mr. Wright, of Hamilton, a bill to
amend Section 63 of the School Law.
By Mr. Shaw, a bill to regulate the foes of
Prosecuting Attorneys.
By Mr. Taylor, of Ashland, a bill to allow
Justices of the Peace fees in oertain oases.
By Mr. Converse, a bill to repeal an act en
titled "An act supplementary to an act to
provide for the organization of cities and in
corporated villages," passed May 3, 18;2,
passed April 3, 1857.
- By Mr. Burr, of Delaware, a bill to amomi
an aot entitled "An act to provide against I uo
evils resulting from tbe sale of intoxicating
liquors in tbe State of Ohio," passed Ma; 1,
By Mr. Parr, of Licking, a bill for the re
organization and supervision of the National
By Mr. Masson, of Champaign, a bill to r
peal the present School Library system; ai.,
a bill regulating the building of dp.ms upon
rivers and running streams in such a way us
to facilitate the passage of fish.
Mr. Rees, of Franklin, a bill granting to
Justices ol tne Jetton and Mayors of alius
additional power in criminal oases.
By Mr. Stedman, a bill giving the power of
seleoting the laws to be published by the local
press throughout the State, to tbe Auditor,
Probate Judge and Prosecuting Attorney iu
each county.
By Mr. Clapp, a bill for the extension of I so
license to plead before the several courts of t lie
By Mr. Tannoyhlll, of Holmes, a bill to
amend the third and fourth sections of an
aot entitlod "An act to provid for tbe parti
tion of real estate," passed February 17, 18:11.
Also, a bill to amend tbe 5'Jih and 103d sec
tions of the eode of civil procedure, pained
March 11, 1853.
By Mr. Collins, a bill to amend seotion 1 of
the act passed April 12,1858, entitled "An act
to provide for the collection of claims against
steamboats and other water crafts," authoriz
ing proceedings against the same by name.
By Mr. Vincent, a bill to so amend section
17 of an act entitled "An aot to regulate the
fees of officers in civil and oriminal eases,"
passed March 5, 1831, so as to require par
ties litigant to pay the whole cost of the jury
in eaoh case.
Also, a bill to amend section 175 of the aot
to establish a code of oivil procedure, so as to
exclnde property exempt from execution by
law, from the necessary affidavit of the plain
tiff in the case.
By Mr. Steele, of Fulton, a bill entitled "An
act to provide for the vacation of oertain
roads" therein named.
By Mr. Hills, of Medina, a bill to provide
for the better distribution of the laws of a
general nature; and to repeal all laws for their
publication In newspapers.
By Mr. Hutchinson, a bill to prohibit mem
bers of the General Assembly, and other State
officers, from receiving passes from railroad
companies during their term of office. ,
Daring the reading of the bill the offioers
and members of the Senate entered the Hall
for the purpose of counting the votes of State
officers elect.
IitraonucTiov or Bills. Mr. Krum, of
Ashtabula, presented a bill for the assessment
and taxation of all property in this State ac
cording to its true value In money requiring
that the atatement shall distinctly set forth
the nnmber of oattle, horses, Ac, and the
value of eaoh. Every gold and silver watch,
piano, Ac, and the value of each, Ac.
By leave, Mr. Brown, ef Miami, Intro luoed
a bill, whioh was read the first time, requiring
County Commissioner to institute proceedings
pgaiosi iornpiae ana runs. Koaa companies,
that aftoi a certain length of time fail to com
plete their work, or neglect to keep their roads
in repair. ' ,
' After a seesion in conctlcg th votes both
nouses toox a recess. " : .
SENATE. Mr. Harrison, of Madison,
onered the following resolution:- . '
Retolvtd, That the Auditor of State be re
quested to furnish to the Senate at an early a
day as practicable, a statement showing what
will be the probable increase of the amount of
the taxaDie property ot this Bute oj reason
of the assessment thereof mude during the
last year. Agreed to.
' Mr. Harrison said he judged from' the ab
straotshehadsoen, that there is avast inorease
in the taxable property of Ohio, and his object
was to learn tne amount witn a view ot amend.
ing the law authorising township boards to
levy oertain rates, so that the State shall not
be overtaxed. An increased valuation should
be met by a corresponding reduotlon in the
rate ot levy. .
Mr. Monroe gave notice of his intention to
Introduce a bill for the redemption of tbe out
standing notes of the Seneca County Bank,
and the Canal Bank of Cleveland, and the out
standing certificates of the State Treasurer,
oiven for aaid bills.
The bill to prevent the setting on foot of
military expeditions in UDio, to aid insurrec
tion in other Statei, was read a second time
and referred to a seleot committee of one.
Extra copies of the Governor's Message, and
reports of State Officers were ordered to be
Mr. Parrish gave notice that he would in
troduce a bill to amend the second saotion
of the act to prevent the killing of birds and
other game.
. Mr. Foster, of Williams, introduced a bill to
amend the second seotion of an act passed
February 17, 1831, for the appointment of
certain omcers, so as to gtve onenns, tteooro
era and Auditors power to appoint Deputies,
subject to the approval of the Common Fleas
or Probate Judges.
Mr. MuCall nave notice of his Intention to
introduce a bill to amend the sixth section of
the act of 1846, for the encouragement of
The Senate then adjourned to the hall of
the House ot Representatives, to hear the an
nouncement of the counting of votes for State
On reassembling, a message was reoeived
from the Governor, transmitting the report of
the Commissioner of Common Schools, which
was laid on the table and ordered to be
A message was received from the House
transmitting a resolution to meet in joint ses
sion, Monday next, at 11 o'clock A. M., to
witness the inauguration of the , Governor
eleot. Adjourned.
HOUSE. The following bills were intro
duced: .
' By Mr. MoCrum, to provide for the uniform
taxation of property, according to Its cash
By Mr. Voorhees, to repeal an act creating
an additional Common Pleas Judge in the
Fourth Judicial District.
By Mr. Tannyhill, to repeal that section of
the codo which provldos that action barred by
the statutes of limitation in the States where
the cause of action arose, shall be barred iu
this State.
By Mr. Brown, of Miami, to require Connty
Commissioners to institute quo warranto pro
ceedings against turnpike and plank rood
companies in certain oases.
Mr. Hutchison (Dem.) introduced a serios of
resolutions condemning in strong terms the
Harper's Ferry outbreak; tendering our warm
est sympathies and friendship to the people of
Virginia; congratulating tnem on tneir escape
from the horrors of a servile insurrection; ex
pressing a determination on the part of Ohio
to oarry out our constitutional oDiigatlon,
and a disavowal of any right to interfere with
the domestic institutions of other States; rep
robating in the strongest terms all attempts ly
our citizens, whether by invasion, secret in
stigation, or the promulgation In any form, of
inflammatory appeals calculated to lead to the
invasion of slave States; an earnest protestit
tion against, and denouncing all aota tending
to make the Union less perfect; also, that a
copy of these resolations be sent to the Gov
ernor of Virginia, with a request that tbiy
be laid before tbe Legislature of that State.
These resolutions, on motion of Mr. Hughe,
of Butler, were laid on the table and ordered
to be presented.
Mr. Nigh introduoed a resolution instruct
ing our delegation in Congress, to use their
influence to secure such a modification ' of the
tariff, as will secure a greater revonue, and
discriminate in favor of protecting artiolos of
Amor toan manufacture and American pro
duction. The resolution was laid on the table to be
printed. .. . '.
Mr. Scott, of Jefferson, gave notioe of a bill
authorising the sale of the publio works. ; "
Mr. Monaber gave notice of a bill to ameiid
the act in relation to tbe election of State ai d
county officers, passed May 3, 1852.
Mr. Stout, Democrat, offered a resolution to
instruct tbe Sergeant-at-Arms to purchase one
thousand one oent postage stamps, for meni
bars to use in transmitting documents to tb ir
Mr. Plants, Republican, moved to amend by
providing that members furnish the means in
advanoe. Ponding discussion, the resolution
was laid on the table. :
The sum of $30 was voted to John H.Branch,
farmer Sergeant-at-Arms, aud $11) to Harm" a
J. Mencbum, for putting the Hall in order for
the present session. . :
Mr. Robinson, of Union, gave notice of his
iutentiou to introduoe a bill to amend an set
passed February 14, 1859, entitled an act de
fining certain duties of clerks, sheriffs and
proseoutiag attorneys, passed February 26,
Mr. Flagg, of Hamilton, offered a resolution
instructing the Sergeant-at-Arms to procure a
thick mat for tbe feet of eaoh member, as liii
feet ard those of others were cold.
A discussion on the philosophy ot stone
floors and how to keep the feet warm grew cut
of this, when the whole subject went on to tne
table. . .
Mr. Hutchinson obtained leave to take from
the table bis resolution in regard to the tem
perature of the Hall, which, after some! dis
cussion, was referred to a select committee,
oonsisting of Messrs. Stedman, Flagg, Wright,
Clapp, Ilitohcock, Slusser and Andiews. :
Mr. Voorhees, from the Committee ftp
pointed to confer with the publishers of the
Journal and Stataman,; reported that they
would publish such reports at might be fur
nished by tbe official reporters at the rate of
$4 per column, solid nonpariel.
The report was adopted, but subsequently
reconsidered and laid upon the table.
A resolution was offered by Mr. Robinson
and adopted, that two thousand copies of the
Governor's Message be printed in German for
the use of the General Assembly. The Sen
ate's resolution to print in English two thou
sand fur the use of members, and one thou
sand for the use of the German, was concurred
After the announcement of the vote for of
ficers elect, both houses adjourned over until
Friday morning. , J .
Coil Oil Worm ir Viroihu. M. de Bellot
des Minieros, and . other French gentlemen,
who have been residing for some time past in
Charleston, Kanawha County, Ve, with a view
of ascertaining the mineral and agricultural
resources of Western Virginia, are about to
oommenoe a part of their industrial operations
for the purpose of developing the mineral
resources of. that section of the State, by tbe
erection, on Coal River, during the next inm
mer, of large oil works, of about one hundred
retorts, and also, at the same time, works for
the fabrication of ammoniaoel salt and coke,
from tbe rich bituminous coal of that region.
"- i " i
Mobb Viroihu "Chivalry." Tbe City
Counoils of Richmond, Ifa., by a vote of ten
to two, have appropriated five thousand dollars
to defray the expenses of aueh Southern stu
dents as will leave the medical oolleges in New
York for the medical colleges la Richmond.
City Council—Last Night's Proceedings.
The regular meeting of Council waaheldlaet nlgbt;
President Iggleeton in the chair. -
i Mr. B. 8. Davis Introduced retolntlon requiring
report ot tbe :itr Auditor, If street rail read com
nanlee complied with the law requiring them Ut file
with the Oitv Auditor of the coat of each mile, or
fraction of mile completed, andaleo a monthlr state
ment of the groaa reoepts.
Mr. Hoble preeentfid a remonstrance from several
Drnni, claiming: to be property holdereonench it le
of Wood-street, aminet tbe oooapation of said street
fora railroad tir the Cincinnati, Hamilton and Day
ton Railroad Company. Befemd to Committee 00
Boadsand Canals. ,, . , , , i
Mr Shearer presented papere to have seven feet va
cated on one side of Morton Boad, In tbe ttevvetrenth
Ward, aad the dedication of a similar number of feot
on the opposite aide of eald road.
Tbe Mayor's report of licensee was
Alio, the list of McMickeu Dlrectore. ,
An ordinance was passed imposing to tine fir
running over hose by waxone, street railroad cars,
to. tor aeoond oSonae StO.
Water-works was filed. Balance en hand Jan
uaey 1, U60, S48 t.
The financial budget-Caeh on baud ?30l,W C4
was approved. '
or mined,
for two or three weeks. ; ,
To Trustees of -
Dnnlap Co , damages for removing lumber errone
ously ordered to be removod from thair own ground,
along Hopkins-street; damages for filling op free
man-street Market-apace.
To Law Committee and City Solicitor Claim of 7i
of Ferguson Long, k'gal services some time sincu,
Mr. Weaaner submitted the following resolution:
BssoLvxn, That the Chair appoint a committee "f
five, in conjunction with the City Solicitor, of whicli
the Chair shall be one, whoae duty it shall he to
proceed to Columbus during the ensuing seaaion i f
the Legislature, and to use their best efforts to pro
cure inch enactments as may lie needed from time to
time by the eltyduring the meeting of tbe Legisla
ture, tbey to have charge of all subjects noudiug Ion
illation. Which was adopted, and the committee consists - f
Benj. Eggleston, T. H. Weaaner, J. U. Doble, Job 11
Torronce and G. W. Bunyau.
Mr. Kiereted Introduoed an amendment to the 171 li
sMtion of the ordinance establishing a Fire Depart
ment, empowering the Board of Supervisors to dis
charge the Assistant Engineers for disobedient or
wilful neglect of their duty, and for the Chief En
gineer to dismiss any member or officer who may I u
gutltyof drunkenness, who shall aot be elllgible for
service again for six months. Referred tocoiumlttro
on Fire Department. , ,.. ,
Tbe resolution was up to contract with
Messrs. Gamewell 4 Co., at $ft),0tiQ, for a complete
Are alarm and police telegraph for this city, provldnl
tbe citizens and Insurance Company previously pay
$!0,000 of the amount. A discussion ensued 011 a
motion to refer the rabjeot to the committee to secure
the subscription of citisena first, Without actlou
Council adjourned.
Mitiorologioal Obbbbvations For the
Penny Brett, by Henry Ware, Optician, No. 7
West Fourth-street, January 4:
O'clock. Barometer. Thermomelot.
7 A. M ....W.66 ' Abovearo-:il
12 M .....29.80 Above zero-W
6 P. M........M.M.......M..MJ9.97 Above aero i'l
pir A. A. Eyater, Clocks, Watches ai d
Jew try, Moa. 341 and 271 Western-row,
50,000 Ambrotypes and Melainotypts
can be bad at the Broadway Gallery for Holiday
Daguerrean Gallery, south-west eo-
ner of Sixth and Western-row, over HannafordS
drug-store, Pictures taken and at in good caws
for twenty cents. Warranted to please.
At this season of oolds, ' oougb?,
hoarseness, pains in the breatt, back, limbs and siile,
every one should remember that never-failing cure.
Madame Elite's Spanish Stimulating Cough and
Liver Balsam, to tie had at the office, No. m Wi rt
Birth-street, and of druggists generally. Bead nil
vertieement, and get a bottle only 60 oente. It la
tbe beet family medicine known.
Christmas and New Yrar's Gikts.-'-
Stereoscopes In Mahogany, Bosewood and Leather ;
Stereoscoplo Views In Groups, Statuary, Laudacapc ;
Steel Bracelets, Brooches, Clasps, Buckles;
Steel Slides for Bonnet and Dress Trimmings ;
Fans in Pearl, Ivory, Sandal-wood ; ' '
Monrnlng Bracelets in Coral, Jet, Gold and Belf ;
Coral Necklaces, Shoulder Ties, Negligees ;
Wax Beads in White Coral, Blue, Lavender ;
Card Baskets, Card Beceivers, Card Cases ; .
. Odor Stauds, Odor Boxes, Toilet Bottles ;
Jewol Caskets, Jewel Boxes, Work Boxes i
' ' Writing Desks, Portfolios, Gold Pens ;
Crying Babies, Speaking Dolls, China Dolls, Wait
Dolls,. Ladies' Purses In Leather, Wire, Velvot,
Pearl, Shell; Traveling Bags, Satchels, Cabas, Dre.
Ing Cases ; Meerschaum Pipes, Snuff Boxes, Cig r
delSdwTuTh Fourth and Walnut-streets.
8(JONOB-(.'BANK.-On the 1st Instant, by the
Bev. T. A. G. Phillips, of McKendrae Chapel, Mr.
Jobn P. Sconce to Mlaa Grovena M. Crank, both of
KEMPER. In Newport, Ky.. Wednesday room
ing, January 4, at li o'clock, Martha Ann, infant
daughter of P. A. 0. and Martha Ann Kemper. -
The friends of tbe family are requested to attt irl
the funeral to-day (Thursday) January 6, at 2 o'clock
P. M., from the residence of her parents, on slun-moutb-etreet,
between Bellevue aud Madison-sts.
HIlUMaBD.-On Tuesday, January 3, at 3 o'o'oc'i
P. M , of consumption, Wm. H. H Hhumard, aged
twenty years and one month, He died iu tbe fullwt
hope of a bleased immortality,
The funeral will take place from the residence 01
bis brother, John H. Sburuard, No. 370 West Bv.
euth-atreet, between Mound and Cutter, at 9 o'cl.-ck
Friday murniug, 6tb instant. Friends, of the fam
ily are respectfully invited to attend.
GAFFKNEY.-On Tuesday evening, January 3,
Margaret Gnfieney, adopd daughter of Jarris
Spencer, aged ntteeu years. ' 1
TBANOB. -On Tuesday morning, at M o'clock,
Mra. Alary Traitor, wifo of tbe late B. Tranor, In al.e
atxtietb year of her aire.
The frionds of tbe family are respectfully invltrtl
to attend her funeral 'his moruiug. at 9 o'clock,
from the residence of Mrs. Hynes, No. 66 SlcFar
land-street, . .
COSGRATE. January 3, James Edward, of Har
lot fever, aged throo years, two months and twenty
two days, son of Utway and Catharine Uosgrave.
AYEBif. On Sunday, Jan. 1, Elmlra L'Homino
dien, youngest daughter of the late Jobn C. Aveiy.
Fnntral from tbe residence, No. 274 Race-strtut,
to-day, 3th, at .1 1 o'clock. Friends of the family a re
Invited to attend. , 1,
' METOALF.-In Louisville, December SI, at 8 I'.
M.. Benjamin Franklin Hetcalf, In the twenty
eighth year of bla age.
CA8EY. On the 4th Inat., at 2 o'clock A. M., Mrs.
Elizabeth Casey, in the twenty-sixth year of her age.
tier remains will be conveyed from the residence
of her brother-in-law, J. H. tiewia, Vine-street Bill,
tbis morning, olh, at 8 o'clock, in transit for burinl
at Hillsborough, Ohio. ,
ARMSTRONG. On Tuesday evening, January :i,
Annie, daughter of Francis N. and Elisabeth Ann
strong, aged six yean.
Her funeral will take place from the residence of
her parents, 210 Sycamore-street, at 1 P. M. to-day.
In landless Variety ;
' -AT-
. . Ua4-oJ .
In Great Variety,
Will be sold below cost to close. ' '
Ladies 'W ill Please Examine,
, . . , . ,(at- . ....... , -
' ria-o . '
French Corsets,
, American Cormets, '
. r Eiigliih Corset,
100 West Fourtb-street. j "
Ua4-J ' '
Y.-M.iM. L.
.Xiecture. .. :
This Evening, Jan'y 5, 1860.
fiaael .
MKNTof chnlrn Fur lis the beat in tl.
city. Recent arrivals of very tine Sable sets make it
very complete.
Of all the cheaper grades of Furs we have a great
variety, and a great many kiuds of
Suitable for holiday gift. They are going off at vet j
low prices. ,, ,
J .1 DODDdsCO., ;
i . ., Hatters and Furriers,
delMf 144 Main-street.
IraStr ED PKET.-Palmer's Vegotable Cosmol i
Lutiun Is the never-failing remedy for tbese gn-:n
HllnovunRAH. It nnt nnlv ..flnnts A complete cur.
often by one thorough application, but itdecreaxo
tne liability to a return ot tbe same uimcimy. . ,r t
sale by druggists generally.
de , No. SA West. Fourth-street
Ciniiiknati. TIai- 17. 1R.V1. Mr. H. Palmei --
'tmrSir! Komii Ava vfliirs iiinoa I received a sever
inmrr on my left arm, near the elbow, since whirl
i nave ueen greauyannoyeu oy a curauruus umcti"
on the same. After using various temedies withoi:
success,! waa Induced to try your Vegetable Cm
metic liotion, and am happy In informing you tlm
the use of hair a bottle bus left my arm assmoo 1
and free from disease as Its mate.
Gratefully yours, 1 '
Ho. 146 West Third-street.
For sale by druggists everywhere. Be sure to f
Palmer's Vegetablo Cosmetic lotion .and accept n
nothing else. SOLON PALHBK, Agent.
de2 No. 96 West Fourth-street, Cincinnati, O.
Ornci op thi Ohio aud mississtpn It. It. Co., 1
Cincinnati, November III, 1869. J
MKNOE of shippers, the Ohio and Mlssl
sippi Bailruad Company have established an Office a
Ku. 4fi Pnhllc IiHndfnff. where throueh rates can I,
obtained at all times on freights for St. Louis oi
points beyond. x. juuuuu,
do7am General Freight Agent.
Efthsr . COVERT ia acknowledged by the must en
nent physicians, and by the most careful druggis'
throughout the United States, to he tho most effectm
blood-puri&er evor known, and to have relieved mor
snnering, ana enacted more permanent cures, m.t
any preparation known to the profesaion. Scrofuli
Salt Kbeum, Kryslpelaa, Scald-head, scaly eruptloi..
of whatsoever nature, are cured by a few bottles, at,,
the system restored to full strength aud vigor. Fu.
and explicit directions for tbe cure of ulcerated sor.
logs, and other corrupt and running ulcers, ia given i i
the pamphlet with each bottle. For sale by JOHN 1 .
M.DIXON. Price 81. epl!Mr ,
NATI. S. W.cornerofThird
and Race-streets. October.
16, 18.W. Thia road is now onen. Cars will atat
at intervals of ten minutes, from 5:30 V M. u..
til midnight, running eastward on Third-stre
from wood to Lawrence-street, and westward i
Fourth-street to Smith, and on Fifth-street '
Wood. Oitiaene will please bear in mind that tli
cars will invariably cross interxectiug streets uefo
Bbuppiux lur passengers,
OU RAILROAD CSK-Wananted to wot Is
perfectly In snow, (lust or mud. Will do more wont
than fifty men, at $1 per day. - The inventor la n v
prepared to get them up plain fur city use and r
railroad companies' sweeping, or twu-borse ei.1
four-wheel, with double net of brooms, sweeplp
both sides at once, with sprinkler attached.
Orders solicited. 8EV. LONGLET. '
Miner A Korkner, Manufacturers, corner of jVifi li .
street and Whitewater Canal. ' jaia'
COLT'S FIKE-ARMS The great' reduiui n
In prices of Colt's repeating Pistols, Shot Onun,
and Riflea, will take effect on and after tbe let I
January, IWO. Aside from ifflciuuc), there is no
more good work for the money in Colt's, than a
other fire-arms. Orders from the west or soiMi
should be addressed to either Colt's Patent Flic
arm Manufacturing Co., Hartford "nn., li. Kl f
TREDGE CO., 1K4 Maia-stroetCinciunatl,Ooi ..
Kltiredve A Kclnom, li St. Charles-street, New (r
leans, La.; Charles Kittredge, 60 North i'ourts
street, St. Louis, Mo. , jat-o
Dodge's Patent
To Eagle Stove Store, IT West Fifth- L,
Where orders for the Stoves or Orates may be It-ft;
ja3-c Proprietora of Dodge's Patent,
ri No. 48 FOlrtrH-STREET, i
MOVED to No. 61 Main. street, and will outi.
tinue the Qenernl Auction and Commission busi
ness, under the firm name of B. 8. MILES UO.
Thankful to my friends for past favors, I continue
to solicit consignments of merchandise of every in
scription. Liberal advances made on consign merits.
Country orders filled at private sale at the lowett
cah prices. i
Regular sales will be held on Tuesdays and Tlin f
days of each week. . ... H, 8, MILES.
. CO-PARTUKttSHIP.-The undersigned hav4 Ibis
oay anwreu lnwaco-partnersnip lor tne trannactlint
of a Qeuerrl Auction and Commission bniinruiL un
der the firm name of II. S. MILES A CO.. ' - i
Ja2d , , , T. F. ROQKliet.
ing can be more pleasant of a eold winter's
and nowhere can batter whisky be sot than at
nigni man agooa insn or eooicn wnisay fundi,
, de3l
r isuuutiu., .j, uornermutn aud vme.
JT cents per lb,, at COLTER'8,1
do30 Nos. 319an! 821 Maln-streot. .
at 60 cents per lb., at ' COLTER'S, i
. de30 Not. 318 and 831 Malo-atreet. '
. de30 Nos. 318 and 331 Main-street.
deSO ' Nos.SH and 821 Maln-streot.
NEW HAMS. New' sugar-oured llama
John, Shay's best-at COLTER'S, .
deSO Nos.Sland33l Main-street.
Morocco-heeled Boots; , )
120 cartoons of Children's Fancy-heeled Boots; '
,000 pairs of Women's Pegged Goat Boots, oustoiu.
made, at 76 cents a pair. J . .
Instoreandforaleby ' ' ' " ' ! '
. i m JOHN 0AUILL,
S eaSl ,.il-' i' . M Paarl-stre
'.r ' , . , In the oity, go lo ; j .
dalOtf Mo, 3i2 Flfthtreet, near Wsatorniot
.. - 'At Ki jtVAi ? : is, t. CI
Every Fauiilysliould psseii one
1 1 . u -OF-
First Premium
Scwiog Machines!
of performing ev.ry variety of family sowing,
from the linest. muslin to the thickest ami coarsest ol
cloths, and with a.ual perfection. .. ,
We have lately taken the
, );-AT THE-. " " '
Peniisylvaiiia State Fair, Phila.
New York State Fair, Albany;
Kentucky State Fair, Lexington ;
, Seaboard Agricultural Fair,
'' " ,' ' NORFOLK, VA
And at many Connty fairs throughout tho country.
Call and Examine Them.
No. 80 WEST FOOBTH-8TBBET, Cincinnati;
J. D. WILLI IMS, Lexington, Ky.; .
P. L. FOHKETT, Louisville, Ky.; . ,
H. C. L1NPSAT, Buddell'a Mills, Ky. ;
T, B. RANKIN, Cynthlana, Ky. i
R, J. CARPENTER, Paris, Ky. ; ' ',.'
W. H. WISE. Maysvllle, Ky.i
J. W. WILL1J MS, Naahvllle, Tenn. Ja2
Assignee's Sale!
" a l
$10,000 in
$JO,000 In '
Dress Trimmings!
Comprising the entire stook of Q, Lewis, at the
Bazaar, directly opposite the Fostofllce. Reoolleot,
delOarh H. O. GILBERT, Assignee.
:t Tseful, :in ': every ; house for
mending Furniture, Toys, Crockery, O lass
ware, Ao.
Wholesale Depot, No. 3(1 Plitt street, New York,
. ' Address HENUT O. HPALDINQ k CO.,
j Bex No. S.60O, New York.
Pnt np for Dealers In Cases containing four, eight,
and twelve dozen a beautiful Lithograph Dhow
Oard accompanying each paokage.
, j Free from Offensive Odor, at
Walnut-street, Cincinnati, O.
w v AL with any manufacturing establishment
n wnenca. ( ' iu ' a ''.;;!'
shb-! We warrant1 ohr Oils to be equal, If not enpe.
rior, to any in the market. . ... .
" We invite those In the city und vicinity to
oi i nua examine ior itiemaeivee.
Hf Ro persona ordoring from a distance, satis.
faction guaranteed in all cases. Addreas ' ,
D. K. HA SKIN, Agent, or ' I
A. a. HODGK-, Treasurer,
' Kanawha O. O. M. Oil Man. Co.,
de23 ' 97 Walnut-street, Cincinnati.
" . uuuvb oy ixpresi, and our assortment of
''.' Oonsiatingof '
Hudson's Buy Sable) , ., r.,
Htone ttlnrtent I .- . i L ..;
fitoh, Mbcrinn, Hqulrrel, ifco.,'
jls complete ana unusual ly inviting, we have a great
varlntv nf nlr. u .. .1 hsr..... ... . . .
run nil d'Tvta miis.
AEBO-Fur Gloves, Collars, Robes, Fur Coats, to.
v sua iwiuii sUkAlUrimil B Jl
nnr.rnav mirTa.
To call and make selections from our stock of useful
ZXSr"""""' ": avvewiow
C. B. CAMP & CO.,
del6tf I No. 95 West Thlrd-aireet.
$30. $30. $30. $30j
iTbirty-Dollar Double Lock-Stitch
WTJNCBD b all eompetent Judaea, whe
haw seen it. to be the best and most desirable Fam
ily Bowing Machine ever introduced, rearnrdlesa
f urine. It will ! ;W L.T"
from tbe very thiokeet to tbe very finest falrlosmade
and usee all kinds of thread, from No. S to 200.
Sl'Sr'i aa top of the machine.
Bend fora circular, or call and see it in operation,
Cpon early appllcation.Btateaod County Rlghumaj
be secured. . , , , , ...
Ansaergetio person can make a fortune In a abort
n - - - .mn.,u.aHumiu wrriMirr,
Be e and exolnslve agent for the Dnited States,
sepUfmt 9W West Fourth-street. Olnolunatl
1W Main-street, three doors above Third.
DKR all k nds of Horse Trappings, In tbe beat
and moat substantial manner. Also, a iarae iJsnM.
wrtment belonglngto tbiXS. 1 willVll 1! "w
jj Save the Pieces I i

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