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IU . JL SU M M J, f M M
IJ psbllsbed dally, ( Sundays eaoepted,) br
f ligi-io'.'H tut ro Ultl-lTiilf,
TUl PINMT PBKSSll delivered to subscribers In
Cincinnati, Oovington nd Newport and ear.
ronndlng oltiee and towns, at the
j, tremety low price of ' f ';
raicssor MAUina:
Single copies lo.; I month Mo.s t months tli I rur 4.
JOBS A. fLUHB,jB...M.JBollMMAlldlI.'Mar.
Farewell Benefit of Sam. fllenn.
THIS IVKNINO, January 8, will be presented .'he
new and beautiful play of
Dnntarewyvell.............. Mr. 8am. illeriri
Bun l'renant.................. ............ Mr. Lan.Tdon
Timothy Trim - Mr Kluler
Bully Popple Miss Fanny Denham
Dance Mise Kate Penuoyer..
To be followed with
The Dutch Schoolmaater ., Mr. Sam. Glenn
Boh Nettles .......Mr. Ellsler
Afler which the great
To conclude with '
Klchard III (a Tentonle tyrant, particu
larly partial to preuols)...... Mr. Sam. Glenn
Uichinnnd.,..MHb.......m.H h.........Mr. Langdon
sw Doors opeu at ett; (Jamie nn at 7 o'clock.
Puictnur Aimumiox Dress (Jiroleand I'araoette,
Wceuta; Gallery, 2ftcente.
BKMsnr or ' ' ' , "
THIS KVKN1NU, January , will be acted the
greatly-admired piny of
Adritnue Jjecouvreur .......Miss J. M. Davenport
Maurice ........... Mr. 0. Btuart
Ahiie.... mm. .m. M.....Mr. Swift
Michouuet Mr. Allen
Princess de Boutlllon Bin. Vanderen
Dance Miss Jenny Hlght.
To conclude with
Dot l'eeryblmle Minn J. M. Davenport
John Peeryblugle Mr. W. Carter
Tuckleton. .................... Mr. Vanderen
Bertha - .....Miss A. Graham
Mm. Fielding Mrs. Laws
The celebrated Kucott Miranda Opera Troupe
will appear on Monday evening next.
Tihr Altebed. Doors open at t o'clock ; the
curtain will rise at 7M precisely.
NOTICK. Tradesman and others are cautioned
against furnishing any articles for the theater with
out a written order, signed by the Manager.
Theater, is now open for the reception of guests.
Jlooms can be obtained by the day or week, and
meal furnished at all hours
H. V. Pike,
..Stage Director,
i Treasurer.
jr. B. Conway.
J. V. Herbert
Tim EVENING, January 6, will be presented the
thrilling play of
Luke fildlng Mr. Conway
Kichard Vaughan Mr. Chaplin
'ol. Vanguard Mr. Lanagan
Sick Hulks Mr. Sheridan
Staggers..... Sir. Hall
,Auguitu - Mr. Davidge
'Boss Fieldlug...M ' ..... ...Mrs. Conway
liucy Vanguard , Miss Crocker
Meg Miss Proctor
To conclude with . ,
Mr. Timothy Toodles Davidge
Farmer Kenton....,.-, ..., ...Lanagan
Farmer Acorn..,.,.....,,.. .. ....... Hall
Genrgs Aoorn..... Sheridan
Mrs. Toodles Mrs. Place
Mary Miss Stanley
In active preparation, Hhakspeare's grand play of
THK TRMPKsT, with new scenery, dresses, decora
tions, &o.
Pricks of Admission. Farquette Circle, Partuette
and Balcony, 60 cents ; Amphitheater, 25 cents ;
Private Boxes for eight parsons, $8.
Doors open at 694 o'clock ; commence at 7M-
Commencing MONDAY EVENING, January , the
celebrated and original
Buckley's Serenaders, .
And Kthioplan Bnrleeque Opera Troupe, together
with the distinguished Prima Donna, Miss JULIA
WOULD, the only complete Band of Minstrels in the
world, and ths only company in existence that per
forms Burlesque Operas. The Buckley's have been
acknowledged by the entire Southern rress and pub-la-
to be the only true delineators of the
The best Singers, the best Dancers and the most
finished Musicians. Kach evening will be performed
Acgro Minstrelsy in all Its various forms, together
V 1 1 hone of
s Buckley's Burlesque Operas!1
Doors open at o'clock ; performance to com
mence at 7)t o'clctk . ;t '
.jstih JOS, JOHNSON, Agent. '
Klghteen Star Performers. Positively but Fonr
S I All KDA Y EVKNING3, Jan. 2, 3, 4 and 7 falsi at
Odd-Fellows' Hall, Covington, on THURSDAY and
FRIDAY EVKNlNGS,Jan.6and6. "
l lUBLB TilOCPK-Great combination of Talent
aiTtl Orlgiuality-The largest and best Band or Min
atrels evr organised -SUOKKY, CABLE, DUPKKZ
A U KEEN'S I ar-famed and world-renowned only
original New Orleaus and Metropolitan '
Burlesue Opera Tronpe and IUammoth
Brnna Band, .
Are coming with new and extra attractions, and
w ill give lour of their Ethiopian Concerts In this
rily previous to their departure on their annual
EouOieru tour. ' ' ' 1 ' '
(irand Free Balcony Concert In front of ths Ball
a:u evening by the Brans Band.
Doors open at 7. Concert to commence at tH. 1
Admission 25 cents. , .. .
rAlso, SATURDAY AFTEBNOON, at 3 o'clock,
for echool children and families. Tickets reduced
to lllcente. , ,,
I'lopilftors-Shorejr, Carle, Dnprez Green.
d"h ' 'Manager and Baslness Agent. ,
The Great and Unrivaled European -WIZARD,
Has engaged the above Hall for . .. ,
' -' Commenolnct Jaonnry 9.
The Wonder he has to Introduce surpasses any
thing yet introduced in this country. Ills brilliant
cucceH lurougnoui r.urope, uaiuornia, Australia,
win nijuaik iur linen, ills a;
auDsratus is of mas
aive silver: the stage Is Utted up In the mostgorgeous
manner. The Ball will be formed into a Temple of
See further advertisement Monday, Wednesday and
Saturday, de26wod,
and Miss GEl'ER respectfully Inlorm the clt-
iseiis oi uiucinnati mat tney now receive pu
slls for Instruction In all fashionable Dances.
Days of School. Saturdavs and Wednaadavs fnr
Ladles. Hisses and Masters, from a to s P. M. Gents'
Class, from 8 to 10 In the evening, All Quadrilles
taught without calling. ja6bw
J.VJL KUHLMAN, or No. 44 Sixth-street,
would rcsDOCtftillv Inform the enbllo that she
has, In connection with Mrs Toledo'! (late of
navel Jkroapo; tastetnl wardrobe, removed to
her newofllee. at No. in Fifth-street, between
Walnut anil Vine-street, where she will be happy to
see her former patrons, to whom she can oner the
mo.t tpleiulld assortment of coetnmea. de!7-am
Wfc . 8I00ND TEBM. ; mkm
NatUnal Hall) Vlnratreet, abeve FMth.
The lessons are so arranged that beginners can
commence at any time. deotf
BAGS, for Orocors, Druggists. Tea Dealers and
other, made from extra quality of Wrapping, Ma
Billa and White Tea Paper. .
' MllwlONn. 1
aMKHjNo.. - , ." , , , ,
3UO.OIIOo. 4 . '. I . '
. ,. aeo,(iooNo. " .
200,000 No. 8 . .
' ' aio.oooNo.io .'.
.. - , No, 13 " '
aw,iwo No. 16 " ..
, 20l),iMHl Ne. 18 ,' "
WO.IIOO No. 20 ' .' .
niu.im No. a
' mono No, 1 WhiU Tea Bags;'
jel,lHHlIU J .
IWO.OUONo, I m i .
Thn above are nut nn In vaokagei of MO bus each.
We are manufacturing from sixty to sevsnty-llve
thousand Bags per day
Paper Bag Manufacturers.
And Wholesale Paper Dealers,
77 end 7 Walnut-street.
VOL 2. NO. 119.
llTT!;l'.?ftA",-Htht "xpfosa, 8:00 4. .; Acoom
modaUah,2:4tp. a.; Day 1 Expivse.Up. a.
iNDIiNiPOLIS AND GlNCIMNl .Ti, 11:1ft a. a.; 6:40 p.
a.; 1:40 a. at. -
Ohio ahd MiMissirpi.-8:2S .1. a.; 11:15 a, sr.; 10:15
P. M. i
GlHOIHNATt, HAsnuoa AND Vti TTOM. 7:4 A. a.; 11:06
A. a.; 1J:S2 p. a. (S:S2 p. a.; 81 SO p. a.
MtaiiTTA and Cincinnati.-H :20 a. a.: 8:82 p. a.
UlOBaONDAKDlRDIANAFOLIS.- 12:50 M.J 6;M p. a. ,
Littl Miami. Day Bxpress, 10:00 A. a.; Acoodi
modatlon, 4:40 p. m.; Night El tpreis, 11:30 p. u,
a.; 7:1ft p. u.
Ohio and Mississippi. 7:20 A.a .; 2:00 p. K,; 7:80 p. w.
Cincinnati, Hamilton and- Dayto. :00 a. a.: 7:30
a.m.; 10:00 a. a.: 3:40 p. a.; Sc30p.a ; 11:30 p. a.
Mabiictta and Cincinnati.. :40 a. a.; 8:40 p. a.
KicHaoKD and Indianapolis.-6:00 a,, a.; 3:40 p. a.
atr-The moutbly expanse of the police of
New York eity it about $15,000.
SrThe Suiquohanna River is frozen over
at Middletown, Pena., and in lorne nlacea tha
ioe is piled to the hight of four feet.
VDoring 1869, 3,121 foreign veaeaU were
aimed at the port of Boston, and in 1858 the
nainfer was 2,879.
, "John Nolandwas cruaheo! to death at
Memp'iis, Tenn., a day or two ago by the
oaring in of a bluff.
g8F3 ohn A. Abbott has bum committed to
jail, in Rtrton County, Ma., oharged with the
murder ol' his wife.
Mr. Moses Ross, orf Masontown. Va..
up tne jai'uouganeia, was drowned lately
wnue attemp ting to cross tne river on the ice,
pffA bachelor editor mentions as a "sura
sign of a eold winter," the fact that more may.-
riage hoenses are being lgiined than usual.
, Mrs. Daniel Webster leads a quiet and
dignmea me in new jr.org. vuy, surrop.nded
by relatives ana menus.
The publisher of Helper's Crisis sold
15,000 last week. So m nohfor Congressional
gr'Tho onoe celeb ated Vreis, the "Blaok
Doctor, is in jau ia r ani lor aeoi and mal
"Small pox !b vei ry prevalent at Lexin?
ton, Va.,oaasing the s tudents of Washington
Uoliege to lea ve lor mt ir nomes,
0f In digging a g vave in Charleston, S
(.!:, recently, a bajoi let used during the
British occupation ot CbArleston,was found.
S8"The number of .students at Harvard
College at present is e'gnt hundred and thirty
nine, ana at xaie seven as tnarea ana seventy,
, ff-0ne of our exohang es, intending to be
Severely ciassioai, nas a col npositor who made
it say in a late irsue: xne ruoiouna was
crossed, and rum was fluid no more,
There arrived at th e port of Philadel
phia last year, ti loreogtt ana ae,Z7U ooast
wise vessels, against 493 foreign and 28,643
coastwise in ltfaH.
Chicago a bsof paoking firm have
during the past season paid over to David
Strawn, of Ottawa, Illinois, 147,941 88 for
beeves of his own feeding.
yS'K lad named MoDouald died in Borgin
County, New Jersey, on Tuesday, of conges
tion of the brain, caused by a ball knocked by
a bat striking mi neaa tome Giro weeks before,
pS We have a government of laws, not of
men; out me g.reai unuouiiv eoouis to oe tne
men won't obey the laws, and the laws can't
roach the men.
7jgg About a week ago a negro, claimed to
bo the property of Peter Durand, of Alabama,
was resoued Irom nis master ey an abolition
mob, and run Into Iowa.
mS"K leopard seal, weighing between two
and three hundred pounds, was shot on the
rooks at Beaeonnet Point, near Newport, R. 1
"During the past year there were 9,715
deatns in jfnuadeipnta 4,iu aaoits and
5,396 ohlldren; consumption carrying off 1,509.
in ma the number ot oeains was io,B44.
!&T Recently John Murphy, an mtplove in
a boot and shoe store in Milwankle, Wis.,
made a kip boot, double-soled, two rows of
pogB, in one hour and a-nalt, with one hand!
9 An apple from an orohard near San
Joe, California, measures fifterm inches in
oiroumferenoe, and weighs two pounds and ten
ounces avoirdupois,
Slnoe the opining of the Victoria
Bridpre at Montreal, upward of thirteen thou
sand barrels of flour btwe arrived, via Grand
Trunk Kailroad, at roruand,Me.
The oltiaenB of Nantucket, Mass., pro
pose to nave a grana centennial oeieoration in
August next, and have already sounded the
note of preparation.
ssTWd. Hartshorns, who died in Brook,
lyn, N. Y., a few days ago, aged 84 years, is
supposed to have been the oldest printer in
tne united estates. .
TSome twenty vessels will sail from
Gloucester for George on the arrival of the
first sohooner from Newfoundland with fresh
herrwg. , , . ,
B"There were fifteen murders in New
Tork City last year, and fifty-nine suicides,
That is very moderate indeed for so large t
'pSFk woman named Margaret Nolan was
beaten to death reoently near. Albion, N. Y.,
ny ner nusDana, in wnose arms sne was dis
covered, dead, on the public road.
Jgf'Never put off till to-morrow what yon
can ao to-aay, eaia a motner. to a child.
"Well,' then, mamma, let us eat the cranberry
pie that is in the safe."
J&"X am afraid, dear wife, that while I
am gone, absenee willconquer love." "Never
fear, dear, the longer you stay away the better
1 shall like you." . , ,
little child of Capt. Peter Sintz was
thrown from a wagon in Springfield, 0., re
oently, And tha wagon passing over him,
oru.sb.ed him to death, . , ' .
, I ,';
!jS-The ClrcleviUe Herald states that a
ging of thieves in Pickaway County have
stolon one hundred and forty-nine hogs last
fall, estimated to be worth over $1,250,
JS"Samnol Comly, of Penoader Hundred,
Del., killed two turkeys this season, on of
which weighed 23 pounds and the other 25
pounds.. rtMf
BtfTbetwo Portuguese women found on
b iard the yacht rfanderer say the Captain
p 'omised to take taem to the United States
Khd pay them for their trouble, or marry
tkem. ' "
"Iiola Monies is reported to have writ
ii n a drama of great pathos and beauty, which
h ts been accepted at one of the London thea
ti es. What a versatile Venus, morally speak,
i g.ULolal v: . .
0. Among the passengers by ths steamer
Aruyo, which arrived last week, was the no
torious adventurer, Chevalier Wykofl', who
left this country, not a great while since, as a
bearer of special dispatches to China, which
he entrusted, it ii said, to some one else to
Fostufati Oocuehbkci roa a Poimoiin.
ITae New York correspondent of the Philadel
phia ltn writes: "The following gossip is
ourrent respecting a vein of affluence that hag
just been struck by the Mayor elect: In De
eember, 1866, John C. Fremont, after being
defeated in his aspirations for the Presidenoy,
became very short of money, and sold to Ben
jamm and Fernanda Wood one half of his
claims to gold mines in California.
rne Woods advaneAd Rm mftTtt fftrtrra si 111
i liu00 t0 pa' ntf rests, legal expenses,
o. The Supreme Court (news arrived yesteri
day) sustains Fremont's claims. His recaipts
?,?w'. and 41,098 of partnors, B. and F.
nooa, will not fall short of $1,000 a day."
tfAMocs Plaoi roa Old Pxopli. Salem,
Mass., is a famous place for old people. In
deed, there are some who slyly hint that people
never die there only leave somehow. The
oldest man in the city is John Babbidge, who
win oe ninety-four should he live until July
nexu There are ten males between eighty
five and ninety; twenty-eight between eighty
and eighty-five; Bixly-five between seventy
five and eighty; one hundred and thirty-seven
between sixty-five and seventy making three
hundred and forty-seven men over sixty-five
years of age. Of females over seventy, there
uiurv man iour nnnarea.
ina Skatikq Fobobi is thb North. A
New York correspondent of the Charleston
(3. O.) Mercury, speaking of the skating furore
in New York, says that the best skater there
last winter was a Boston girl. One of the
Gothamite beauties was tha only one that
coma approaen her in fleetness of movement.
The latter has sent a oh alloy,,.. th. ct
"Bostonian, wagering an even hundred that
sne win sxate three times around tho Central
Tark pond quicker than her rival. The chal
lenge has been aocepted and the contest will
proDaoiy oome oil some time this month.
Lavater and his work on Physiognomy have
so long taken their plaoe among the fixed
stars of science, that it is almost startling to
oou, iu u .nugueo literary papers, an adver
tisement from his daughter. Madame Lavatap.
at Znrioh, offering for sale as "a memorial of
ner lamer, nis iiiver-monnted medioine-ohest
ana instruments, to relieve her own distressed
ciroumstanoes. That she should be so far re
duced, ia a scandal to the scientific world.
V. : -1. i. ii- , '
White had
lit ViBomiA. A man named
a misunderstanding1 recentlv in
Appotomoe County, with a carpenter who had
ueuu at, wora ior mm, wnion resulted in a
right between the parties. "After the fight had
prooeeded some while, Fields nndortook to sep
arate tbe parties, when White seised a club
and fell upon Fields, who thereupon retreated
anu pioxea up a stone, with whion be struok
White on the head, and caused instant death.
Tin Sbokok and thi Dkbbt Races. A gen
tleman who writes to us from Paris, under the
date of December 7, informs us that he dined
with Mr. Tea Broeck in Paris, on the 3d
ult., and learned from him that he stood to
win $300,000 upon bis American horse "Um
pire" for tne next Serbv. at an nntlav nf
(T '1 AAA T ill. . 1 ... "
o,uuu. dj wis it appears tnat Mr. Ten
Broeck was shrewd enough to get all his bet.
"on" early, when his unknown oolt stood dis
Wilkes's Spirit.
Church Cblibbaiios or Ohriatvio ti,.
holidays have been celebrated with great spirit
in Mr. Beecher's popular church in Brook
lyn, N. Y. There was a "merry gathering"
in the ohuroh on Christmas night, and a series
of tableaux, "moral and oomio," were pre
sented with decided success, every perform
ance being enaored. So great was the orowd
of those unable to gain admission, that it was
found necessary to repeat the entertainment,
and a handsome sum was realised.
Editorial Billinqsoatb. Editors are nn
more polite in Oregon than they are in the
Northern States. For instance, the editor of
the Oreyonian calls the editor of the Adver
ser" liar a thlak-skulled bos?-trotUr an
addlebrained fool;" and the latter retorts by
denounoing his antagonist as a "mean, low
wretch, who would eell his mother's reputa
tion, if any one would buy so worthless a
Attbupt to Flooo XtBW Yobx WITH CotTTla.
fiit Money. On Saturday night a' sanir of
counterfeiters attempted to flood New York
with counterfeit three-d'ollar bills on the Bank
ol Brattleboro, Vt., but the police received in
formation of their onora tions. and bv means
of the telegraph, put met chants and others on
tuoir guaruu
Thi Scbiptdbes Sintiiiehtallt Qmvrin
A lovely girl sitting in .a young gentleman's
lap with her arms around his neok. in this
oity some time ago, asked him if she were not
heavy. He replied, "My yoke is easy, and
my burthen is light."
A CONTSMPTTBLlSwiUDLUB. A mas nasxinff
himself off as Biohard Rualf, the "Secretary
of State" of John Brown , anxious to raise
funds to reach Canada, has been arrested at
Springfield, Mass., charged with swindling
the residents of that plaoo. ,
Milakgholt AociDMT. The KBv. Mr. Al.
berton who was reoently under arrest in Ala
bama, for his abolition sentiments, has become
aerangea, ana in a nt ot insanity, on his way
home, jumped from the oars near New Haven.
i - j ...... . i .
vuuueuuuut, sun neany siuea nunseil.
A Favobasli Olimati fob Idiots In
Texas, out of a population of 453.948 returned
by the assessors, the total number of insane
persons and idiots is 201, or one insane to
every 4,017 persons, and one Idiot to every
E Ala , . , . . i . rt . . -
u,uoo oi me population oi we otate.
Jovinili Tabliacx. Among the tableau
at the recent entertainment of Henry Ward
Beecher's Sunday Sohool, Friday evenlna
last, was one representing "A Boston Tea
Party," disclosing a bevy of little old ladies
in green specs, sipping green tea. ,
Cultivation or Cbanbsbbibs. The Oesan
(.N. J.) Emblem says that a large number of
citizens of that county are preparing to engage
in the culture of cranberries, for whioh much
ot tne soil oi tne county is admirably calcu
lated. ' ,
Exscdtionop Two Bbothsbs. Jesse and
John Lewis, two brothers, were executed at
Jacksboro, Tenn., recently. They died very
hard, praying as long as they could for the
widows and orphans of the men they had
KlliOa, : : f ! . , '.
Rarbv and thi Vicibot. The Viceroy of
rypt has sent Mr. Rarey an offer of twenty -
five blooded horses, as good as can bo bought
in Egypt and Arabia, if he will go to Cairo
and give instructions in hs art to him, his
uuiuieiarB s uu army omoers. " m' .....
Stati Tbsabubt. The general revenue of
the Treasnrj' for the year ending November
15, was, $884,107 04, and tbe disbursements
$782,515 74, leaving a balance at that date of
$101,691 90.
Commhci or, Niw Yobx. The number of
arrivals of all vessels at the port of New
York last year was 4.027, against 8.481 the
previous year, showing an Increase in 1859 of
c uprbcidbntbd OcouBBwea. A Gbmdini
Fbmihahguis oa Ska is-Woman. Tbe Homer
(La.) lltad publishes a letter from a 'person in
Burleson County, Texas, whose veracity is
indorsed by the Iliad, from which we extract
the following:
Some time last fall, a young lady, about
iweuvy ur twenty-two years of age, was gath
enng peat near night, when something bit or
stune her on the foot. She says it was a snake,
but she did not see it. Soma time afterward
it began to affect her. She seemed tn
fits, commencing about sundown and lasting
suunuuiw a pari, auu at otnerg all night.
She first becomes nervous, then inrkim.
and then her eye balls begin to protrude. anH
in a few hoars they look liko bursting out, and
ebe begs those around ber to push them back.
During ths fit she puts herself in every possible
attitude often trying to bite herself, licking
cut her tongue, and mimicking a snake in
many ways, and most generally perseveres
until she succeeds in bitinit herself: and. virl.
out to state, she generally tries to bite ber big
toe. About seven or eight weeks ago she got
so she would not drink, and shortly afterward
she oould not eatj. aad she has positively re
mained twenty-eight days without eating one
paruoie oi any tning.
The unfortunate creature suffers intensely
but at last accounts was still alive. Hundreds
oi persons nave visited ber, but no one can ac
count iortne extraordinary pbenomenon.
The New York correspondent of the Washing
ton &fates says:
Among the small gossip of the day is men
tioned the return of a lady who reoently
i" ruui uer nutioana ana onuaren in
Brooklyn. It is said that the steamer which
took Mrs. Adams and her peraroour, Myers,
to Europe, had not got far beyond Sandy Hook
usiuro me iauy Ditieny repented of her Jolly
ana a terrible reaction eommenced. A little
cool reflection, a few qualms of conscience and
sea-sioknoss operating together, and the rosy
luiuouu muuouiy cuangea into tne most in
tolerable reality of suffering and shame, and
SO the Unhannvfnulti
1 1 J --O-" - - w w .BW1H,
But, alasl they return no more to the domestio
uden tney abandoned, and soeiety will forever
uar iu gates, at least, to tne erring woman.
" otatn raniTBSTiAXY. irom the re
ports of the Directors and Warden of tbe Pen
itentiary it appears that tha total cash
for the year ending November 6. 1859, wore
0i lea on i. '
jjoo,io o; votai expenses tor the same period,
$77,516 86. leaving an excess of earnings
over expenses of $5,930 92. To this should
be added the amount of labor performed by
conviots for the State, and for whioh no pay
is received, estimated at $1,471 60, leaving
the actual earnings over tbe expenditures
$7,411 62. The number of convicts in the
prison on the 1st day of November, 1858, was
six hundred and ninety-three, an inorease of
eignty-nve over tne previous year; the num
ber on the 1st of November, 1859, was eight
hundred and fifty-three, an increase of one
nunarea ana sixty during tbe year 1859.
Among the passengers of the steamship Ct'fy
V nuMnmgum, wiiion leu ouoaiuraay tor Ku
rone, was RniAfi. , th n....;. v)HW
who goes out to fight Savers, the Encrlinh
champion the pugilistio encounter to decide
tne cnampionsmp of the two countries.
crowd of sporting men, well known in the
prize nog oirolo of New York, accompanied
him to the steamer, and waved with their
handkerchiefs enthusiastic adious as tha
Bleamer slowly moved from tbe dock. Heenan
looked in robust health, and was in excellent
spirits, lie expresses his entire confidence in
being able to win the match. Shortly after
uio summer a uepariure, two xlunalo olncers
wont running up the wharf in hot baste to
arrest mm, but tbeir bird had Down.
Unitrd Statss Statistics op Laht Tab
me number of railroad aoeulentn in tbe Unl
ted States in 1859, by which life was lost, was
seventy-nine; Killed, one hundred and twenty,
nine; wounded, four hundred and eleven.
This does not include accidents named hv the
uoroiisBiioee oi travelers memteives. in 1858.
i L , . , . . J
mere wore eignty-iwo sucn acoiaents, one
hundred and nineteen lives lost, and fonr
hundred and seventeen injured.
The number of steamboat accidents during
tbe year I860, was twenlv-one: nersnna killnri.
two hundred and forty-two; wounded, one
hundred and forty-six. This Is a decreaee
irom those of tbe previous year.
During the past year twenty-six persons
died in the United States over one hundred
years ot age.
Dioxias's Rrplt to ah Indiqnamt Alien.
oaw. a gentleman of Detroit not long since
sent Mr. Charles Diokens some clippings of
wiiuwai inaiguauon, aroused by tne rumor
oi anotaer visit irom mm who so unmercifully
cum us up, xne great numorist replied with
inability and delightful manliness What he
wrote about Amerioa was written very honestly;
His oritieisms were not more severs than men
of those upon his own country. His respeot
for the United States is only equaled by his
affsetion for many friends in them. Follies
oannot last among an intelligent people, and
he trusts his American Natet to tha Aanrlop anil
gooa sense oi tne American people.
Disastrous Explosion ox Boabo ov
Stsamib. On Saturday afternoon a boiler ex
plosion took plaoe on board the steamship
Granada, lying at the foot of Chambers-street,
how York, by whioh Lake Flannigan, a
'longshoreman, was blown overboard and In.
stantly killed, and eleven others were more or
less scalded. Tbe Granada was sunk a few
dys ago where she now lies by ooming in
collision with an ice-field, and sinoe that time
efforts have been made to raise her. For
that purpose two steasn-rmmpawere employed
auu wo uuuer oi one oi tnese exploded with
uia huovo uamea disastrous result.
ux. information of so positive a nature,
says the Boston Atlai, has been placed in our
possession mat mere is no room to doubt it.
Bostonian, well-known and of high sooial
position, has actually sent a challenge to ten
citliens of Virginia, which was forwarded a
day or two since for publication in the Rich
mond Enquirer.
a Niw North Bivir Boat. A new river
steamer ii in process of conBtrnotion in New
York, to be oalled the Daniel Drew, and is
expected to make the run from New York to
AJbtny in six and a-half hours. She will be
ptit on as a day boat, in opposition to the
Hudson River Railroad. To fulfil expectations
she must make an average speed of over
twenty-three miles an hour.
IWlHAl's. THI CoMSDIAN. not T)in Tha
half decayed body found in a vaoant cellar of
almshouse building, some days ago, to
which we have referred, proves not to have
been that of Jaok Winan'e . as determined hv
coroner's jury. Jack Winan's eloped from
almshouse shortly after being placed
there, and is now in the almshouse of New
Brmhir'b Opinion op thi Union. Henrv
Ward Beecher thinks that tha Union Is sound
every respect, except that too numerous
politicians have lain too heavy on the dear old
soul's stomach.
WASHINGTON, January 5.
HOUSE. Mr. Morris, of Illinois, offered a
resolution, which was read for information,
that tbe Superintendent of Publio Buildings
bo direoted to replace the desks and obairs as
i hey were in this Hall previous to their it
novel, and to enable him to do so, he be di
reoted to prepare the old Hall for temporary
orcupanoy. Ho said he would not call up tbe
resolution Ibis morning.
Mr. Bingham and others objeoted.
Mr. Montgomery said Mr. Colfax, yester
Ijy, attacked his former proposition fur tem
porary organization on tbe ground of viola
'ion of the Constitution. He had offered it in
;nud faith. We are indebted to the mail oon
'aotors four millions; it is an honest debt,
Honestly contracted for service honestly per
I'urmed. It is not an Ameriean, Democratic
or Republican debt, but a National debt.
Adopt bis proposition, and they oould pas
ho Postoffice Appropriation Bill, and redeem
tho oredit of the nation.
Mr. Wilson said if the gentlemen was anx
ious to pay the debt, he would ask him to
adopt the plurality rule now.
Mr. Montgomery replied, if he was willing
to accept it others were willing to do so. If
tbroe-fourtbs were willing to accept it, and the
other fourth protested against it, an organisa
tion can not be affected, nor if ten men pro
tested. His proposition was fair, honest and
jut; he insisted that it was constitutional, and
he referred to our past legislative history to
show the precedent In such oases.
Mr. Stevens asked whether bis colleague
could show that before an organization a
Speaker pro tern, bad been elected.
Mr. Moutgomery replied that in 1839 and
1840, Mr. Adams was elected Chairman.
Mr. Stevens, was Mr. Adams' Speaker?
Mr. Montgomery considered him suoh. Mr.
Cirwin would be to-day temporary Speaker,
if the House would adopt his resolution.
mr. morris, oi r-ennsyivania, asked whether
mere was any legislation while Mr. Adams
was Chairman.
Mr. Montgomery had not examined the
reoord to see, but if there was no legislation
that did not prove there could not have been
He renewed his resolution.
Mr. Stevens raiBed tbe point that the resolu
tion was not in order; that previous to enter
ins on business, the aotlon of Congress re.
riuirod that the oath should be administered
. tbe Speaker, and by him to the Clerk and
all tho members, and tHt nn resolutions of
tills body can repeal iiw act. The proposition
now (fibred is therefore an abfirdity. The
eimes referred to by Mr. Mon'uomery wore
wji .'ippucaoio to nis proposition.
Here tbe matter rested.
From Washington.
Washinqtoi), January 5. Col. Seawall, of
tne Department ot Texas, nas ordered tbe
loiiowing troops to Brownsville: Companies C
and F, 2d Calvary; Company K. 1st Artillery
Companies A and F. 1st lnfantrv: Oomnaniea
B, C and F, 8th Infantry; and d -achments of
vapt. sconenanrs uompany, now ui Camp Hud
son. The whole, under command of Major
lleintielman, Company K, 2d Calvary, is to
proceed to the head of the Nueces River; and
Company H, 2d Cavalry, now en route to Fort
Clark, Is to proceed to and establish a camp at
Eagle Pass.
The Mexioan treaty was to-day sent to the
rcnate, wnere, alter a uabinot conference on
the subject, It was referred to the Coinmittoe
on Foreign Rotations. This committee, as at
presentconsiuutod, will report back favorably,
dangor, January 6. it Has been asoer-
turned by tne Receivers, upon application to
the engravers, that there has been no fraud
ulent over issue of bills of the Novembaga
limuk. ine circulation is about $7U,uuv.
Benj.B. Peck, State Treasurer, wasarres
tod yesterday upon a oivilsuit by the Re
ceirers and lodged in jail on a chaise of con'
spiring with the Cashier to embezzle the funds
of the Bank. The amount taken from the
Bank was about $30,000, on part of whioh the
Cashier has seourity in mill property in
Canada. The amount of Stato money is sup
posed to be $60,000 or $70,000. .
From New York.
5, the Common
I'ieas Chambers, before Judge Barlev vester
day, application was made in the case of
bydara, Sole & Co., for relief under the insol
vont act, the firm having liabilities to the
amount of nearly $300,000.
The petition for relief was opposed by
Messrs. Barrett, Martin, Strong, Sauiey and
several others, for a large number of oroditom.
Tbe remonstranoes were nreiontod to tha
Court and tbe case adjourned.
Maine Legislature.
Portland. January 6 The Mai
lature was organized yesterday. Thomas H.
Marshall, of Belfast, was ohoson President.
and James Lincoln Secretary of the Senate.
rreaenosA. rixe, ot uaiais, Speaker; Chas
miner, oi Hocxiand, Clerk of the House.
Foreign Steamship Arrivals.
Nrw Yobx, January 6. The steamship
Etna from Liverpool. December 17. and tha
u laioow irom Uiaseow. mo Uneenstown. Inth.
arrived to-day. News anticipated.
. The steamship Asia did not go to sea until
iun morning.
From Havana.
NRW OBI.lfAfiS, Ja.i!tirv4. The ateamahtn
l.C..,. I--... IT . ..1 1 , ... 1
iiuiu iinvtma, witn aates oi tne 1st,
has arrived. The news is unimportant. Tha
sugar market Was dull, owing to the holidays.
aiiuos mo uuoaaiigeu. otoax 1U,UUU boxes.
Kxahange on London 15rai5. Premium.
on jMew i orx!(fl)4 percent.
From Baltimore.
Baltimorr. January 4 Thn Mi.n
Legislature mot to-day, but adjourned without
I'rriimzing. a caucus will ha ha rl tn.n .h(.
The Governor's Message will be sent in to-moirow.
Arrival of the Bohemian.
Poetlasd, January 6. The Roval mn.ll
teamship Bohemian signalled, and will lis ot
her wharf abont 1 o'clock.
Twenty-nine persons diod in the United Rtau.
during the year 1859, who attained the age of
nun uuuuieu jears auu upward, or which nine
were colored. Ctcsar. a eolnrul men at
Louisiana, one of the number, attained the
l'atriarohial ace cf one hundred anil thlrrw.
eight years.
Ikjukctioi Aoairbt a MABBACRuavpra Rirnr.
Tho injunotlonon tha l'aonla's Savine Bank
has been made perpetual. It will pay eighty
cents on the dollar. A suit is eommenced
against the bondsmen of the late Treasurer,
to reoover the bond of twenty thousand dol
lars. .
A Mail Rssbsb Shot Brad Tha mail in
Greenbrier County, Vs., was attacked last
weok on Spring Mountain, by two men, when
the mail boy drow a pistol and shot one of
them dead on the spot The other took to hit
Advertisements aot exceeding Bve Unas ( Asatr.-
One Insertion......... s One ,, , si ifl
Two weefcs 1 to One mouth,.. I 'A
OLarter advertisements Inserted at the following
rates for sonars often Uses or iseai
One Insertion....! SO Two weeks-.. U.A 0
Each addl'aal Ins.. 36 1 Three wlu,... Mi
One ..., , i 7 One """ , t Of
Job Printing
in all Its bran ones, tone with sea tnese sad dlspaiok
Coal Cooking Stove!
lias boon pronounced br competent judges to be the
Patented Dec. 7, 1858.
For sale br the Inventors and Manufacturers,
No. 333 Fourth-street. Cincinnati.
Me respectfully refer to the following certificates
lor evidence of the above :
fir some months I have
Ooel Cooking Stove. Its a
nun Dined with its cleanllm
using the Alligator
reooklng eualitles,
st eventually secure
tu tUe owners a large share af
llo patronage.
N MoLBAfl.
I l.avo been osln.
vo been using OMCf Mr A
Alligator CocS 8&Rf$nei
entire satisfaction Titfewjrr'wi
Adams feck.
months, which
irives entire satisfaction TiavefWfespect, and lean
i:uerfullr recommend ft fb fhoieVnio are in want ol
a nuperlor cook stove. 'jBC H. IiEAVITT.
for the last year I have been nslns; the Alligator
Cunl C'ooiiug Stove, manufactured br Messrs. Auams
.It l'eckover, which I consider a superior ttove, and
elves tbe utmost satisfaction. It is the only stove I
have found that cooks nerfectlv with coal.
Kor some time past I have been nsing oneof Messrs,
A dams A Peckover's Alligator Ooal Cooking Stoves,
fiud oao recommend them as being a superior stove,
Hiving entire satisfaction In every respect.
JOS. BUBUNKLL, Goal Merchant.
i cneenuiip inuorse tne aDove.
Manufactory, Covington, Ky.
Me. 90 Enet Columbia-street.
trade at the most reasonable prices aud en the
mot accommodating terms with
a Yrmni TiATn
Ii A M P S
For Oil, Fluid or Coal Oil,
N. B. Jones's Improved Lamps and Burners for
t ile liy our agent, J. BELLKKS, Covington, K.
frteltsvl .
Joal Cooking Stove
ITeldlot Znnesvllle, October,
Xo. SI and 33 Vinc-sl.,
(Second door Below Columbia,)
O B'lO.
Wew Mode of Ventila ion!
Call and Si One of
Heiting and Ventilating Furnaces,
' In operation at
Store Ware-rooms, Nos. 51 and IS Vlna-st,
! . ' invivw vujumuia.)
Sawyer! ;& G o .
v Tuituf-BTBRiBiT, Ulnoinnatl, Ohio, are msuu
fttnrins larcolv. Palmttr'a flnlnbn.tilh uvHr.niin
ii roe and tilt Pump. Also, his Portable Steam
rallies. All those who sre ahont ti mmhu.
I'l'lllPS for Tanneries. Hrw.lii. rii.tn.
iHiies, Orr Docks. I'nper HI lll Uallraad
Mtttlone. mines, wreekins I'll rnn... nr. in
Ini'.t, tor nnv purpose where a pump ia needed, will
I, h i It to their advantage to call ami see the work.
1 111,' of these valuable Inventions, or address the
I'ALMEK POMP OOMPAUt for a circular, which
ulll fnrniih the names of manr who have need these
1'nmps with perfect satll'actlon. delldm
Fomarding and Commission
Hosts. Pork, Lard. Whisky, riour. drain. a
HHce north-west corner Sixth and Main-streets '
Ji uolnaatJ, opposite the Gait Hons. ",
The nnderalirned havln fnrm.rf A.,...-. v.,
In the General Produce aud Uommlssiou Bnsineu
under the style of Wilson, Qsrllck A (.,
fullv tender thelreeirvloosandsolieitthepatronaKrof
their friends and the niihlio. ParticnliV u..i5ini.
r?i',LU)a.,,J1S' and selling Hogs, Whisky, Flour,
Qrnln, , o. T heir charges will Tje aa mmfcrate as
Any other
JV.1. u. auu"" tneeMv Beferto the mer
of Cinolnnatl goneranjT mvl
A. wiiiwm. ja,,
H. j, OAftUOK, ,
fi.T. BA,Rn.
Holiday Presents.
M. Blsooe and China Figures, Faacr Inkstands.
X,'u,2,.J,w1,u,diMfohJ,),M "nor Bharlag and
ork-ixuee, and other Faucy Goods too nuaisrous .
lo mention, fliiltalile fnr t.rA UnlM.. r ill '
sell eheayer than any other establishment In the
t'tr. HKNUi" DAVID.
Maln-streot, between Sixth and Seventh.
Ji. B. Also a DAW lilt Of finRn Hmn. ParAima..
atfaotoJAo. - " - " -u"

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