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Is bU.h dJlrtBiiW oipUKl1)V. i
FttOPKilTOBS. -' - '-
ttioa no. U t in icriti-iiiiii.
XUl PNMY PBISBIs fellveredtoiabaoribsrs la
Olnolniutl, Oovlngton and Newport, and nr.
roandlng cities and towns, at the x
treaely low price of '
vaioasor builus;
Binds eoylee Jo.; 1 month Mo.; I months tl; rear I.
loan A. ELiMn,Jsw..Bois Lessee and Manager.
Positively last night of the Dutch Comedian,
THIS EVENING, January 7 will be presented the
new sod beautiful play of
ftontjrswyrell. ............ .......... Mr. Bam. Glenn
Ben Trenant........... .. ttr. Laugdon
Timothy Trim Mr Kllsler
Bally Popple...- Miss Fanny. Denham
Uance Miss Sate Fennoyer,
To be followed witli
Capt. John Smith. Mr. Hnll
Pow-he-tan.... ............ -....Mr. Elleler
II. K. H. Fo.ca-huu-Uu.........MlM Fauny Lenham
After which the great
To conclude with
llichard lit (a Teutonic tyrant, particu
larly pur tip I to pretaoli). Mr. Sam. Glenn
Kirlimi.nu.,. ..................Mr. Laugdon
aw Doors open at ; Curtain rises at 7J u'ciuca.
Pbicbh or AuKiHHiON Oreea Circle and I'aruoetle,
toceoui; (lullery, 85cnt.
8. N. Pike
B. Conway-,...,,....,...
Stage Director.
j. , neroeri .
THIS EVENING, January 7. will be presented the
successful drama nf
Louise de Llgnerolks Mrs. Conway
Colonel de Givry Mr. Conway
Henri do Llgnerolles .....Mr. Chaplin
General Lagrango...... Mr. Sheridan
Cecilo Mint Helen Monroe
Josephine. ..................Mrs. Wilkins
To conclude with '
Theseus, Duke of Athens Mr. !onway
Nick Bottom Mr. Davldge
Oberon Mrs. Conway
On MONDAY BTKNINO, January ,wlll be pro
duced, with new and splendid scenery, gorgeous cos
tumes and novel mechanical effects, Bhakspeare's
grand play of TUB TEMPEST.
Pbicbs or Amission. Parqnette Circle, Farqnette
and Balcony, so cents; Amphitheater, 25 cents;
Private Boxes for eight persons, $8.
Doors open at 6H o'clock ; commence at 7X.
Positively the last night of " ' :
TH 18 EVENINU. January 7, will be acted the
Pot Peerybln8le...........,.........Miss J. M. Davenport
John Peeryblngle ...M.........n....Mr, W. Carter
Tarkleton ..............Mr. Vanderen
Brtha. . Miss A . Graham
Mi's. Fielding ., Mrs. taws
To conclude with the grand historical drama, com
pressed into two acts, entitled , ,
Ob, Tbi R(ios) or Taanon.
Charlotte Corday .........,......Mis J. M. Davenport
Marat. .......,.....Mr. Carter
Dan ton M Mr. Van deren
Koteepierre. ,.........,...... S 4ft as IS SMS Mr. Henri
Barbarenr...........,..........,... .......Mr.ltnart
Madame BoUnd.......,w... ......,.. .Misa L. Graham
Madame Blanchard Miss L. Kndreaa
t The celebrated Escott A Miranda Opera Troupe
will appear on Monday evening next.
Tihi Altrkio. Doors open at K o'clock J the
curtain will rise at 7M precisely.
NOTICE. Tradesman and others are cautlontd
gainst furnishing any articles for the theater with
out a written order, sigoed by lh Manager.
Theater, is now open for the reception of guests.
Koobis can be obtained by the day or week, and
m"l furnished at all hours
BT THE. f ' ,
Benefit of the Poor!
Charity Covereth a multitude of 81ns."
V RONS OF MALTA In Cincinnati will give a
ruuuc stuieruunmeui n , ,
On Friday Evening, Jan. 13, 1860,
The proceeds to be devoted to charitable purposes.
'1'lckets, admitting a lady and gentleman, $3; each
additional lady, (1.
Captain Jas, T. Fisher, Miles Ureenwood, Esoj.,
O.W.West. . ,
David Gibson, , . Jo. F. Torreuoe, ,
Henry Hauna, . . 1. A. O'Connor,
C. 11. Collins, ' Judge A. 0. W. Carter,
Dr. F. P. Uahill, ' John L Stettlnui.
Thos. J. Gallagher, Esq., J. G. lsham,
A. A. Marsh, George H. Hill.
Miles Greenwood.
B. M. Corwlna, Esq.,
James A. Frazier,
Cupt. Jna. T. Fisher,
o. w.
i. u. ware, uiq
Isaac Parker,
J. G Isbain,
P. B. Cloon,
, L. A. Pratt,
Sam. P. Hlbberd,
A mini Baldwin,
Jos. J. McDowell,
Thos. Powell, Esq.,
O. W. Themai,
V. Baldwin,
Jos. 0. Woodruff,
Wm, Wiiw.lljr.,
Judge Bobert Moore,
George Shllllto, jr.,
D. A. Truax,
W. M. F. Hewson,
8. W. Hartshorn,
Major E. 8. Hubbard,
B.H. Stone,
Charles Fox, Esq.,
K. McElevy,
E. L. Thomas,
Wm. Smith, , .,,
. John 0. Wright, -v". I
George ti. Johnson,
' H. W.Browa, . , M
' Ool. F. A. Llnck, ' " '
. B. 0 Haaleood, !
T.J. Sherlock.
W. P. lluribert,
Alfred Wood,
M. Bwasey,
Charles Loomis, Bsq.,
A.McCurmick, Isi.,
Theo. Cook,
T. McBurnie,
C. P. CassiUy,
John Kiigour.'jr,,
J. Dan. Jones,
John Jones,
M. W. Lodwick,
JudgeS. Matthews,
tlharles C. Brown,
J. L. Keck,
Capt. Henry Kennett,
Wm. Henderson) -
Thomas Frailer,
A. L. Bmlth,
Capt. George Hatch,
David Gibson,
nenry uanna,
James F. Torrence,
Wm. Addis,
Dr. John 8. MoGisw, ,
E. D. Dodd, Esq.,
Oapt. Alex. Xnyart,
K. Ijoring,
O. W. Ballard,
U.B. Blssell. "
IT. IX 11. UHlUUrj,
Wm. 0. Vanderblit, 1
f . AVrr, -tfk Ol. VTIIBUU,
.George Marsh, 1 Omar F.Glenn, '
Wm.H. Pierce, 1 James Glenn. ,' "
Wm. T. Forrest, Esq., B. G. Curler,
Robert Bellor, Thomas Ohenoweth
tlharles A. Glazier, . J. B.G.Bart,
Henry P. Ellas, . '. Dr. J, L. Vattler,
. SV m. J. Torrence, Bicnaid K.Ooi,
K. A. buck, w . w . jonnson,
Isaac B. Connelly! ,..,. Blmon WoiX,
It. UUKlll, - v. n 911, ,,,i
Cnpt. W. 0. Mann," ' H. M. Johnson,
A. Cnlter, i--George Selves, f . ,
l. J. W. Soilt!!, 1 ' 5 ' L. Boman, t$ '- 4
Wm. KlrSyi irfJ X. Chas. B. Smith, '
n. Kins, jr., n. man
J. H. Beard, j".t i ;. W.
James L. Bnffln, ' ' Joshua
Capt. John BnshsrJ ' " J. F. H
W. Merchant.
vr. Yv.sotaica,
is torse, .
Herbert. Ja6tw 1
and Mlsa GEY KB respectfully lni'orm the olt
Iwns of Cincinnati that they now receive pn
nil. for iuatraetlon In all fashionable Iknnu
lv. of Hchool. Satnrdars and VTsdneae'avi tor
T.uiiaa. mm and Masters, from x to ft P. at nimti1
Ciaaa.from 6 to 10 in the evening. ; All Quadrilles
ibukuv wuiipui JIW.
1JL KUHbMAl)'f No. 4t Blxth-atreet, -
would respectfully inform thepnbllo that she B
has, In connection with Mrs Toledo's (1st of
Bavel Troupe) tasteful wardrobe, removed tofLl
her new otHoa, at No. 70 Fifth-street, between
Walnut and Tina-street, where she will be happy to
see her former patrons, to whom she can offer the
tmoal apienqio assoTwoena oi bluimwi ' - hpiithu-
lllMsV . HJtUOHV TlttA. ... rf
NfLtlanal Hnll. TluMtrMb UATt VUtk.
Th isatwntid tkMk art Arr&BMil thai liMlBtiAra CM
Y8TER'S. LoUof ', and of the flnut
-r quality at
m n n n arvfja tsa
Corner 2ilt.il. ud Vis.
. . .
VOL 2. NO. 120.
, vii ! aitlO 'il' ' d.ifl
i ." r.'.-'.I -rinn il
...... ...HIV
I ;..f J,. ,
! f -" ' .'''
1 c
,1... t If I J. ,il'll
ONE WEEK! ONLY ! ' " ' "
Commensing MONDAY EVENING, 'Mury 9, tbs
evieurawu auu original
Buckley's Serenaders,
And Ethiopian Burlesque Opera Troupe, together
with Un 4-,(a.l-k...J 1 1 n.-. ill.. 1 I T 1 .
GOULD, the only complete Band of Minstrels in tbs
worm, auu me on ly company in existence mac per
forms Burlesque Operas. The Bncklty's have been
acknowledged by tie entire Bonthern rresa and pub
Ho to be the only true delineators of toe
Ths best Singers, the best Dancers and the most
finished Musicians. Each evening will be performed
Negro Minstrelsy in all its various forms, together
with one of
Buckley's Burlesque Operas I
ADMISSION. ........................THmTY CENTS.
Doors open at 6M o'clock : performance to com
mence at 7 o'clock
j aim j oa. jOHWbOK , a gent .
Kiithtefln Btr PorformerM. Podftivnlv but Four
Mlguw UIV'Ul.ll, A. sl SUV A A uvivuoi'aA IX. u u
BATDBDAV EVENINGS, Jan. 2, 3, 4 and T i also at
Klutira MflNlli V '1'IT ITU II A "V U V lllkl VCIi A V .nJ
uua-eeiiowa nan, uovinuion, on inuuQVAi anu
ituuai KVKninus, Jan. o ana .
DOUBLE TUODPE-Great combination of Talent
and Originalttjr-The largest and best Band of Min
strels ever organized -BHOBUY, CABLE, BDPHSZ
& GBEKN'B far-famed and world-renowned only
original New Orleans and Metropolitan
Burleaiuo Opera Troupe Raid mammoth
Braaai Band,
Are coming with new and extra attractions, and
will give tour of their. Etbionian Concerts in this
city previous to their departure on their annual
Southern tour.
Grand Free Balcony Concert in front of ths Ball
each evening by the Brass Band.
uoors open at i. uoncert lo commence at ifi.
Admission 25 cents.
Also. 8ATDBDAY AFTERNOON, at 2 o'clock.
for school children and families. Tickets reduced
io 10 cents.
Proprietors ohorey, Carle, Dupres Green.
de29h Manager and Business Agent.
&The Salem. Mass., harbor is frozen
tight with ice. '
3aSPunoh elves this as an Amerloan nrov-
erb Sherry-cobbler mends no shoot.
SWhat is the worth of virlaoot resolu
tions that never ripen into action?
aff-The emieranta who arrived at the port
of Baltimore last jear nnmbered 3,518. ; .
je9The number of marrinKf lioenses issaed
in Baltimore last year was 1,655, an Increase
of 31 over the previous year. ' . .; '
l!&Th thermometer at the 'White Moan.
tafns, December 28, was from 33 to 38 below
tero. " , , .. ,,,",',',''
pB'k man about forty years of age, named
William Barrett, was found frozen to death
recently In the streets of Baltimore.
sSy'Three women and three geese make a
market," according to the Italians, which is
equivalent, perhaps, to saying six geese.
-"A woman's tongue is her sword, and
she does not let It rust though she lire a cen
tury," is a saving of the Chinese.
$SS"A. little girl,"Lizzie Westfield, was fa
tally burnt by the explosion of a fluid lamp, in
Brooklyn, n. x., a aay or two since.
i"In Boston, last year, the total revenue
oofleoted was $5,332,504 57, an increase over
the previous year of wz,U33 ao.
9"The number of deaths in New York
olty during the week ending Dm. 31, was
376 193 males and 156 females. ;
Lucinda Harris, a negresa, fell into the
Ire in a fit at Baltimore, recently, and was so
shookingly burnt as to canie death shortly
after. ; 1
pB" Wild Sportt, by 7. Gerstacher, a trans
lation from the German, is denounced as an
Abolition book by the Montgomery (Ala.)
J&S8ii Wm. Hamilton declared that "Med
icine in the hands in whioh it is vulgarly dis
pensed is a ouise to humanity, rather than a
grBeanmarehaig, in speaking of love,
makes Figaro utter the charming hyperbole
wnicn nas passed into a proverD, too mnon
is not enongn." ,
"The total number of Amerioan vessels
reported lost or missing during December
was 46 : the total of the year, 402 the value
of whioh is set down at a,6V,0uu.
jES"The marriage licenses issued in Boston
last vear numbered 2,625, an isorease over
1888 of 307 the first increase for a number of
jE&"A foreign paper, states tlat Thaoke.
ray's new Oornhill Magamine wUl have three
serial stones running at onesi a naa com.
g&" John Clark, while intoxicated, was hor
ribly and fatally orushed, day or two sinoe,
by a train of ears near toiamoia, on. me renn
sylrania Central Railroad. ,
i"Elzht vessels are now in oourie of oon-
struotion at Newbnryport and Salisbury, Mas
sachusetts, two ships, three barques and a
fishing vessel. ,
"Hev. Dr. Osgood has married over one
thousand two nnndrea couples since nis in
iteration as a olergyman In Springfield, Mas
sachueetts, more than fifty years igo.
S"The Emperor of Russia intends to
bring before the Congress the condition of the
Greeks in Turkey, and asit lor ueu emanol
patlon from Moslem oppression. ':
tTSenator Seward has bad quite an ova
tion on his way to his I home in Auburn, New
Tork, being greeted by fire-work), ringing of
bens, ana tne usual aooompanimenu.
4The great surgeon, Sir Astley Cooper,
did not soruple to avow that "ths soienoe of
medicine was lounaea on conjecture and lm
proved by murder."' i i :i 6 id i
: rihe carriage mannfaotory of Johnston
& Austin, in Cleveland, 0., was destroyed by
fire lately. Twenty-two finished carriages
were burnt, and the loss was estimated at from
$8,000 to $12,000. , t . . ,
' VFMllip Lynch, the man who murdered
Ooulton at Botdentown, N. J., about three
months ago, has been senUnoeid to be hung
at ML Holley on the 23d day of March next.
jay-The congregation of Rev. William A.
Bartlett, of the Brooklyn (N. T.) Tabernacle,
presented him, on Wednesday, with a purse
containing $500 In gold as a mark of their
esteem.. ,
':9eTLnrd Mansfield, who knew life and
lawyers, declared that if any men claimed a
Aeld Of him, he would give it up, provided the
concession were kept secret, rather than en
gage i Inproceedings at law. . ,
j trTJepiius' groat work on . Egyptian and
Ethiopian Antiquities, has been presented by
order of the King of Denmark, from the Great
Royal Library at Copenhagen, to the New
'TJbrk SteteLibrery' ;v,V.,V'm
w jE9- Ths New York and New Eaven Rail
road Company hsye placed Btlptr t Imptnd
mj Orini on their Wm tstpurgaUnrixu, haying
forbidden the venders of literature on their
lUe to sell that book. . . "
; aT"Two new towns have been created in
Steuben County, New York, one from the
, eastern part of Bath, to be called Savona, and
one from the southern part of Addiaon, to be
eelled Tuioarora.
, J-Isiaae N. Hawkins bad a quarrel witli
John Orutcher, in Frankfort, Ky., a day or
two ago, during which the latter atrnok the
other several times with brick, otuslng H. to
stab 0. so severely that he died in half an
hour. Tht survivor was examined and ac
quitted on the ground of self-defense.
BmonUB Acoidist. A singular accldebt
occurred a few days since at Saugertles, N. T.
Mr. Isaae oherwood want Into tne cellar wltn
a lighted candle to draw AWigbt chemical.
What that is we ean not Imagine Eo.l The
candle he placed a short distance from the
keg, and tben attempted, to draw tne stopple
with his fingers, but ooold not start it. He
then got hold of It with a ' tunoers, when the
oock suddenly 'flew from the; keg with Suoh
force as to threw him' some .distance. The
chemical, at once ctme in cbntaof with" 'the
candle," and In a moment all was in a. blase.
After attempting to extinguish It with a pail
of water Without effect, he caught the burning
keg by the cnlmes and was In tne act of piton
ing it out of doors, when it exploded, throw
ing him some twenty feet back into the cel
lar, where be lay for a short time until he re
gained sufficient strength to get np stairs.
By this time the house was filled with fire and
smoke, and it was with the greatest difficulty
that tbe building Was saved from being to
tally destroyed. From last acoounta the
young man was doing well and will probably
A Hibtobio Oik. A oolossal oak, from 700
to 800 years 'old, grows near Hem (Nord.)
Acoording to tradition it was planted under
tbe government of Thierrl d'Alsace, Count de
Flandre, by one of the chiefs of the family of
Lannoy, at tbe moment when he was about to
leave for the Holy Land. This oak is several
times mentioned in the history of the country.
Beneath its branches, aooordtng to Froiseard,
King Philip Augustus assembled his vassals on
the ere of the memorable battle of Bonvines,
to oonsult with them on the means to be used
to repulse the efforts of the Germans. At a
later period Alexander Farnese, Governor, of
the Netherlands, bad near this tree an inter
view with Hugh, Provost of the College of St.
Pierre. Louis XV., when about to besiege
Lille, in 1767, stopped under this tree to re
ceive an envoy from the town.
Violmtlt Opposse to BuOHAKiN. While
passing from the Navy Department to the
White House at Washington, a day or two
since, the President slipped and fell on the
pavement. An anti-Administration paper,
commenting on ' this, says it Is a great pity
Buchanan did not "break his d d old neck.
If he had done so three years ago, he would
have saved the country a great deal of trouble
and himself from eternal infamy."
1 Sw 1 I
jaTBiixuRD Chilling. Louis Fox, of
Syracuse. M. i.. has publiclv offered to olav
any man now a resident of that State, west of
and moulding the eity or Albany, a same or
billiards, for the sum of . $100 to $250 aside,
the American four ball game, with 2 balls,
i,ouu points, or tne irenon three Dan carom
game of 150 points. The game is to be played
at Syraouse within one month from the ac
ceptance of the challenge. ... r.
Tbc Dibtimouishid Ds ad or LastYiar.
Tbe dead of 1859 Stephenson and Brnnnel,
Humboldt, Larder and Nichol, Bond, Nuttall
and Olmsted, Hallamand Prescott,DeQnincy
and Irving, Sir James Stephen, Metternicb,
De Tooquevllle, Rush and Mason, Geyer,Han
negan and Broderick, Mann, King Bomba,
Queen Stephanie, of Portugal, Yek, Madame
CoitoBiBSiokiL Advirtibiko. It costs the
country abont $4,000 a day to advertise Mr.
Helper's book. It could be done cheaper,
though we frankly admit not better, by the
newspapers. Congress is a. splendid adver
tising medium, but that is not What it was
made for.
A Rionua Gradation, In the hearing of
an Irish case for assault and battery recently,
a counsel, examining a Witness, asked him
what they had at the first place they stopped
at. "Four glasses of ale.' "Next?" "Two
glasses of whisky." "Next?" "One glass of
brandy." "Next?" Alight."
Anotbbi GoLDsit Widdino. Capt. J. Har
vey Wheeler,of Hubbardston, Mass., and wife,
celebrated their fiftieth (and golden) wedding
anniversary on Saturday, in the midst of
party of their ehildren, grandchildren, great
grandchildren, friends and neighbors to the
number of one hundred and twenty-five.
i 1 aaa ii
A Babi Smothibrdv--A woman in Buffalo
went out on Monday with her infant iti her
arms, wrapped np in a thick woolen shawl.
When sbs returned home her child was dead,
baring been suffocated by the lhawl being
folded too closely about Its head. . i ,
Danoibocs Looalitv. Between Alton, 111.,,
and St. Louis, is a bad stretoh of the Missis
sippi for steamboats. During the last twenty
two years no fewer than thirty-two steamers
have been lost on that stretch of tihe mer,
involving a loss of $400,000 i -i .... .V
Regal Soabiobows. "A king," says some
writer of laconics, "may be a tool, a thing of
straw; but if he serves to frighten our enemies
and secure onr property it is well enough;
scarecrow is a thing of straw, but it protects
the corn." . ' ' ' ' ,
" " " Binswasssasss .
A DimocLT Task. Among the announce
ments of new English books to be published
we observe, "The Great Pyramid: Why was
it built? and who bnilt it?" It is suppos sd to
be by the same gentleman who wrote "J nnlns
Identified," and "Who struok W. Patten ion?"
assai . . f i
ir. Mrs. Willis, a woman who once kept
matrimonial brokerage office in New Tork,
and more recently ' gained a livelihood by
telling fortunes, was found dead in bud at her
residenoe in that oity, on Tuesday morning.
A Bor FALBTArr. There is a yonng lad by
the name of Peck residing at the Canada Four
Corners, in Eane County, 111., only fourteen
years of aire, and weighing two hundred and
two pounds. When this Peck gets to be
ousnei, wnat a wnopper. .,
Mblanoholt Aooidint. Andrew Elbe,
member elect of the Wisconsin Legislature,
from MUwaukie County, was aeoidently shot
by a companion while out hunting in Fon dn
Lao County, recently, and died on the next
day. ' :
'A Bot Killed bt Lioob. William Leddy,
a boy thirteen years old, was recenly found
late at night in New Tork, lying on the pave
ment la a state of beastly Intoxication. He
was taken to the station-house and did in a
few minutes. . ,
A Fotuous Fibi-Eatir. Dr. B. R.Welford,
of Riohmosd, Va., is out in a letter, welcom
ing the seceding Southern studsntd, full of fire,
fury and dospair, but redeems himself by ad
vising the South to become independent not
only of the North, bnt of "all the nations of
theearth.".''iii -'"-j" 'yy.' ' '
Small Pox in Bobtoic. The number of
deaths in Boston by imall-pox, daring each of
the last ten' years, has been si follows i In
1860, 180; Io 1851, 63; In 1863, 12; in 1863, 6;
In 1854,118; in 1855, 182; In 1856, 78; in
1857, 2; in 1858, 2; lnJ8, 154. " ., '
I Forit Visbils DasTBoriD in Ons Storm.
A private letter dated Galats, November 29,
states that a terrible storm had lately visited
the Black Sea, which proved destructive to
upward of forty vessels. ' '..X.', - ,i
SiPLOiABLi Puritanism. Spurgeon,' the
"sensation" preacher In London, has refused
to preach In Surrey Hall, becauso concerts,
although of a sacred character, are given
there ou Sunday evenings.
I Tan Pr.cifliTBs n U.tviwn. v..-,.-..
private letter from a Postmaster in Virginia,
en mob violence, says:
I "We" are in the raid st of a Reign of Terror
here. There is no certainty that letters duly
M-li-d u:il ... l. . r
uiaucu wm uui oe oj wp.ea on tne way. All
Inannf V.ll.... Ut- U i
uiiih.buv uore are unaer
Serveillance by the eo-f jailed Vigilanoe Com
enittee; and any one smspeoted of thinking
Slavery less than Divine i, is placed under care.
Those who have been taking the Naw York
ruw am vujouu, ui , especial Dan. i & com-
aanv of tan naniA intn a. rfG-- I... u j .
And gave notice that I must not give out any
oiutd jrwuira w uie suDSoriDers here. The
laws nf Vlririnia mlnL .1,ab K A nn i.
. r r - wj uuo nuu imuris-
onraent a Postmaster who gives out what are
aeuuuncea as inoenoviary journals. The laws
of the United States punishes by fine and im
prisonment, and further incapacitates forever
uuiuing mo oiuou g,ain, wno snail withhold or
refuse to deliver any paper sent to a regular
subscriber at his office. So here I am in n
pretty fix. '
Spricb by Firing of Cannon. A young man
named Joseph Wheeler, who has bean deaf
and dumb for four years, in New Orleans,
was, through the means of an accident, per
fectly restored a few days sinoe. During the
firing ot tbe salute in front of Jackson Square
he went up very near the mouth of the can
non, and before those around could interfere
to tike him away, the cannon was touched
off, and tbe ooncussion knocked him down,
throwing him fifteen feet. He was picked up
senseless and taken over to the polioe station,
where some water was sprinkled on his face.
To the utter surprise and astonishment of all
around, as soon as he opened his eyes he spoke
as fluently as anybody, and heard and an
swered all questions put to him.
Rsbponbibilitt or Husbands. An interest
reoently in a civil suit. One man sued
ing decision was ms.de by Justice Sandford
another for payment for the board of his
wife for sixteen months at $6 a month. The
defendant set np that be had advertised his
wife and given pullio notice that he would
pay no debts of her contracting. Tie Justice
decided that while this might eery as a warn
ing, tt was no legal way of getting clear of the
wife's liabilities; that the huybs.nd In the eye
of tbe law was liable for the .wife's debts, so
long as she continaed such. Judgment was
accordingly given for the plaintiff in the full
nmount olaimed. . tfneark Advertuer,
Srjoosssop a Socialistic BoABDuia-Hocsi-The
Unitary Household, estahliah in rw
York, by E. F. Underhil'i, formerly a reporter
on the Tr6ne, has prov ed a success, notwith-
bwuiuiuk wo nuiouis ueaped upon it at the
start, two yaars ago. It is properly a joint
etook boarding-house,, where eaoh boarder
pays the actual expe nso of his keeping, and
it is stated that for f A a week the inmates get
as good accommodations in every respeot as
the first-class boari.ing-honses offered for $10.
The success Is so evident that an establish
ment for live thousand persons is projected on
the same plan, in w'nieh still larger economies
out be effected.
, ,
A Nsw. Pobi ar a Pans. The London
literary world ? s soon to be startled by the ap
pearance of a voem bv a noble lord, the Hnat
son of a pov.nlar neer. It is rennrfai) tn h nf
duuu uiirir,ing neauty as to perfectly enchant
all who hs.ve read It. It is at present in man
uscript, rJU, Ulg understood that it Will soon
be su'Mnitted to the ordeal of tbe public
through the medium of Mr.
well .known publisher. Oreitet is the name of
mo poem.
. . aa i . .1..
MOnDKR ANn Rinnanv tw (Ivnntiti. Tl..
P nlaski (Ga.,) Times of Thursday, learns that
A - IJ,.. 1 . , .
-. u ircuuicr was uruwuy muraerea oy two
persons named Alexander Gordon and Samuel
Nobles, some twelve or thirteen miles below
that place on the Irwin ville Road. The for
mer has been arrested and confessed to the
whole matter, and parties are pursuing the
other with good prospects of arresting him.
They robbed their victim of seventy-live dol
lars in money.
Pawjqliab Viroinia Opimohs. The editor of
the Richmond Vitpatch is opposed to a revival
of 'the African slave-trade, but confesses "with
shame and mortification" that he would like
to see a fleet of slavers ooniing up the James
Fxiver, provided he could buy a doien of them
cheap; and after arguing the question alittle,
he oomes out plumply in favor of re-opening
the trade, because be thinks it is a sin to let
the African laszaroni live without labor.
Anotbir Nsw Yobi Ootbaob. A band of
rowdies forced their way lately into a dwelling-house
in Laurens-street, New York, at
tacked a man in charge of the house, at whose
head tb.ey pointed a pistol and kirk-knife,
threatening to kill if he made the least noise,
and violated the sable person of the old negro
oook, while others guarded the doors of the
house inside and outside.
Fatal Shootino Affray. A diffionlty oc
curred In Harrisburg, near Augusta, Georgia,
recently, between a man named Motinnie and
another named Jones, whioh resulted in the
death of the former. It appears that MeKinnie,
baoked by a number of friends, attacked Jones,
who was alone, whereupon Jones shot at
MeKinnie, the ball entering the groin.
Saorilsos in Italy. Some thieves have
again broken into the Church of the Madonna
delta Grazla, Naples, and stripped "Our Lady"
of all her jewels. ' Theohnroh too, was oleared
of the silver candlesticks and other valuables.
The unfortunate Madonna is to have a new
dress and jewels from the King. '
Clobb Fsbnoh Tyranny. The editor of the
Franc CmtraU, published at Blois, has reolved
a second warning from the Prefect of the Lolre-et-Chor
for having published, an article in
which the proprietors and editors of the paper
protested against a previous warning given to
the editor. .
Boor ass Shoi Failtjrs. The Newbury
port (Mass.) Herald states that one of the
principal manufacturers In West Newbury has
suspended payment within a few days for
$40,000. The failure is attributed to tho sus
pension of an Ohio firm largely Indebted to
him. -i:
Pbofosid Crucifixion of an Anti-Slavcry
Maw. A man named Cregar, who confessed
he was opposed to slavery, was arrested at
fTnnwilla. TAnnessAA. a fiiw Aaw a ma ' vk.n
, WKV, nuvu
Gen.. Ramsay, the late defeated candidate for
vongress, proposed io orncuy nun! This was
voted down unanimously, and be was allowed
todepart. .i -t t . -
A Rabb Mohauubdan Bblio. The Tntkish
government has just purchased a rello ol in
estimable value to Islamltm. It is an auto
graph letter from the Prophet Mohammed to
the Macaneans of Egypt, to call the Coptic
nation to the faith of Islam. :
: Mori Soctbbrn Ootbaobs. In one of the
counties of that State, savs the Atlanta (G.
Bitriat, tbey have inflicted as high as two hun
dred ana sevonty-nvo lashes upon the bare
backs of certain persons apprehendedlas Abo
litionists. '
Law and Ordib in Rn.Ttun Tn yunt.
more last year 10,168 persons were arrested by
the Doltoe. betas? a deoreaae of 70S
jproTlous j our.
Additional Foreign News.
Nsw York, January 6. The Paris Pays
publishes the following as the definite official
list of the Plenipotentiaries: : ' ' ' ,
Awin'a Count Rlchberg and Tfinoe ' de
Metternicb. -
Great Britain Lord " Crawley "and" Lord
iVtmta Baron "Schunets arid Count Pour
lales. Huuia-Prinoe Gortschakoff and Count Kes-
Vance Count Walewski and Prince Lalow
de Amegne.
Spain H. Martinis de la Roso and M.
Portugal Count Lavaradie and Viscount de
Roiva, .
The Federal Counoil, of Switzerland, in
tends to ask the Congress that the neutrality of
Savoy may be granted; by the Italian con
federation, as it already is by Piedmont, in
virtue of tbe treaty of 1816.
i Grtat Britain The weather throughout
Kogland has been very severe. In sotie pla
ces the thermometer is represented to have
fallen within three or fonr degrees of sero.
1 Canal navigation was effectually suspended
by ioe, and railroad traffio more or less affec
ted by the snow whioh had fallen. At the
doparture of the steamer a thaw had Bet in.
The Cunard Company had purchased the
Bcrew steamer Australian, to enforce their fleet
of screw vessels. The Atutralian is reported
to be one of the finest vessels of the kind
A small tin oannister was pioked up at the
mouth of the Mersey, with the announcement
inside tbat the screw steamer Great Britain
had foundered off the Western Islands. It
was supposed to be a villainous hoax, as the
Great Britain only left Liverpool on the 11th
for Melbourne, and the oannister was picked
up five days thereafter.
Hon. H. Fits Roy, first Commissioner of
Publio Works, is dead.
An official inquiry into the loss of the steamer
Indian it ordered by the Board of Trade, to
tuke place at Liverpool. -
Lord Holland uied at Naples on the 18th
ultimo. -, , I - i
The weather In France corresponded with
that in .England.. The temperature had not
boon to low for nineteen years. . .The Seine at
Paris was full of ioe, and railroad traffio was
impeded by snow.,, . .., ,i
It was officially announced that on the 1st of
J.inuary, tho Emperor reoeive the) corps di
plomatic and the miiMcrs of the legislative
bodies. - . -
Tho session of Corps Legislatif was expected
to oommence at Paris on the 16ttt of January.
Count Yersiquy, the French Minister to
Bngland, has arrived in PariB. y
Private letters from Cadii t ite tbat the
Cadiz journals announce that Marshal O'Don
nell has declared Centa a free port.
A Madrid telegram says yesterday 15,000
Moors attacked the left reduukt, bnt General
Roso de Olavo surrounded them with bis right
wing, and drove them back at the point of the
bayonet. Our artillery infliotrit great loss
upon them. Our troops, as tL,.y mvarinbly
do, displayed great valor. Geuerals Cassis
and Garcia particularly distinguished them-'
selves. The enemy lost 1,500 men. We had
40 killed and 126 wounded. .
Heavy rains had inundated the Spanish
camp and the surrounding country. '
Italy. Letters from Naples state that dur
ing the night between the 12th and 15th of
Deoember, numerous arrests were made, in
cluding several eminent persons. The per
sons arrested were accused of clandestinely
printing journals, and of having supported
the subscription iu behalf of Garabaldi, sev
eral documents ooncerning whioh were seized.
The Sardinian Consul was arrested, but
speedily released. i
It was reported at Rome that Cardinal An
tonelli would embark on the 28tb of Decem
ber, in the Pontifioial corvette, for Paris.
ftturia, A telegram from St. Petersburg, of
the 18th, says that Mahoinmed Amit, the prin
cipal ohief of the mountaineers of the right
wing of the Caucasus, had submitted. The
consequence of which is the submission of the
whole people of that country.
The Guar bat raised General Barrsbuski to
the rank of Marshal. .
The St. Petersbure journals nnblisht news
from Caucasus, announcing tbat the people of
AuiuuoBae, numnenng 1UU,UUU, with their
ouieia, uaa eeoiarea tneir submission, and
that other tribes were preparing to submit.
At Stockholm an entnusiastio demonstration
In favor of the Italian people bad taken place,
and the Diet unanimously resolved to present
an address to the Kingrequefting his Majesty
to defend at the Congress the right of the
Italian people to decide their own affairs., ',
Arts, December 21. The Bourse opened
firm, and Rentes dosed at 7f, 66, being an ad
vance of per cent, since yesterday.
The majority of the Congress have expressed
themselves favorably to the admission of the
Plenipotentiaries from Switzerland, when Con
gress deliberates the neutrality of Savoy. A
steam corvette is fitting out with the utmost
dispatch, it is said, to be for a new port in the
Red 8ea, just acquired by France, which is to
be tbe headquarters of a naval squadron. The
Cireauian arrived at Galway on tbe 22d.
Tbe Bohemian reports having experienced
strong westerly gales. ' ' '
On the 26th ult., she saw a steamer, sup
posed to be the Kangaroo, from Liverpool, for
New York. '
The steamer North Briton will sail for Liv
erpool at 2 P. M. to-morrow.
Sr. Loms, January 6. A large mill at Jer
seyville, III., was burnt on the 2d Inst. Loss
$18,000 Insured for $3,000.
Cbioaoo, January 6. A fire broke out last
Sunday morning at Sheboygan, Wis., in the
building oosnpied by the county offioers, Ths
Court records prior to 1857, and all the books
and papers In the Probate office were destroyed.
The bulldinsr was valnnrl n.t SIS.Onn. Ttfn In.
suranoe. The loss to the county will not be
loss than $50,000.
NEWPORT. N. TT ' .Tanimrv flTh W.i !
this place was destroyed by fire last night.
Loss $5,000 insured for $2,600.
' CLRVM.Aam. Jannuv A A Br in Vw.a
this morning, destroyed the Prentiss House;
Prentiss Hopkin's store, and Beokley's
stove-store. Loss $25,000 insured for $18.
000. , . , , ,. '
From Arizona.
Jannar 6. DlanaLnhaa frnm
Arizona state that a party of rangers had sar-
jjtieou a rancne . oeionging to tne Tonto
Anachet. and had killed ban
ft VA ntflUVsl anrl MnftiMil nHank Afwanian !
. - -v. w wui vwfWUU SBJ AAIS BAR WW VA nVSAUVM
and children, taken a large quantity of bows,
arrows sua lanoes, aua retreated in saisty irons
the oountry. Col. Reeves, with a party of
dragoons, had also defeated the A peaces and
captured a large quantity of stook and one
Apaohe. The war is progressing vigorously.
From Chicago.
resouert were brought before Judge Drum-
nonu,ot to united (States Uourt, yesterday,
when a motion was made to quash the Indiot
ment, whioh will be argued this mornintr.
The bail has been fixed at $1,600 eaoh, which
tbey declined to give, and wore remanded to
I .t t . ... .it;
' I rAf
Advertisements not eioaedlng live lines (AfatW
thie Insertion.... .J ttlOn V ... , , , T' US
Two weeks 1 M 1 On moutJL 1 es
Trfer advertisements Instated at ths foUowttig
i rates for square of tea Uns or least
One lurrlonw$ SO I Two weks . ...Jtt OS
Kach addl'nal lns U I Three maSuZIZTl OS
One weejsuwa 1 7 I One S U
m Job Prmtirlii1; . .
la all Its braaeh, don with neatness and Slupaaoh
Coal Cooking Stove!
Has been pronounced by competent judges to b the
' Patented Dec. 7, 1858.
For sale by the Inventors and Manufacturers, '
No. 333 Fourtji-street, CinclMati.
VI e roseectfunr refer to the fbllowln'crtlllotes
lor evidence of the above': i t I :.. I
For soue months I have tMen osini the Alllirator
Ooal Oookinc Stove. Ilk soniirloreooklng tuafltles,
com Dined with its eVaipllnM, mnsteventoaily seoore
i lue owners a large aha,re at WvJKJ tronae ,
I liave been using owol.Mei. Adams A Peck
'a. Adams A Peck
'ne months, which
over's Alligator Cook Sim
Kives entire satistactlon
clieerfully recommend IV
ivspecc, ana i oan
a superior cook stovo.
no are in wane of
Kor the last vear I have been uslnc the Alligator
ttoal Cooking etove, manutactured by Messr. Aaams
A l'eckover, which I consider superior stove, and
lives the utmost satisfaction. It la the only stove I
have found that cooks perfectly with coal, , -
For some time pastlbave been nslngoneof Hewn.
Adauis A Peckover's Alligator Coal Cooking Stoves,
anil can recommend them as being a superior stove,
Diving entire satisfaction In every respect.
JOB. BUSHNBIit, Ooal Merchant.
I cheerfully indorse the above.
' Manufactory, Covin jton,' Ky. ' '
' No. 30 East Oolambla-street. ,
i v m. trade at the most reasonable prices and n ths
moat accommodating terms with
For Oil, Pluid or Coal Oil,
N. B. Jones's Improved Lamps and Burners n
rule by onr agent, J. SELLERS, Uovlngton, Ky.
I- - " ' '
oal Cooking StOYe3
: " ' " ' V"
. . i I.
Ueldlat Zanesvllle, October, 1850.
i 1 1 it '
No. il and 53 Yitie-st.,
. . . -i
(Seoond door Below Colombia,)
noeoml . ' -i
New Mode of Ventilation!
Call aod 8t On of
' PATENT .v, - m . ,
He tting and Ventilating Puinaces,
inoperanoaa! ; r,,
Stow Ware-rooms, Nos. il and it Vine-it,'" '
, , ,, , (Below Oolnmbla.) . r,-.-. ..,.-:
Sawyer! c& C 6.
tno9ay : ,
TH1ED-8TBEET, Oinoinnatl, Ohio, are menu ' "
fitotnring largely. Palmer's celebratetl Hydraullo
1 urce and Lift Pump. Also, his Portable Steam
Engines. All those who are about to purchase '
HC.tlPfi for Tanneries, Krrwnrlea, IllstlU
InrlesH Dry Doeke. Paper Mills Railroad
M&lionil. Itllnept. WrnpLin. Pnnnu.. nr. In
foot, for any purpose where a pump Is nKlcd,wlll
lindlt to their advantage to call and see tbe work.,
hu of these valuable inventions, or address the
PALMEH PUMP COMPANY for a circular, whioh
will furnish the names of many who have used thee
Pumps with perfeot satifaoilon. doaidm
WILSON, OARUCX eV CO., 7., '.'
Fomarrling and , Coitiniissioii
... IMRKsTilsTAfV'riB ' "' f
Bogs, Pork, Lard, Whisky,
OttioB north-west comer Mirth
Flour. Orain, Ae.v
and Maln-strsete, .
Cincinnati, opposite the Gait House,
re nnaomgnea navtno formed a copartoetshia i
In ths General Produce and Commission BusImms.
under the style of Wilsoa, flarllok " M; reVS '
riillv tender their service andsolicit tbetranie of " : .
tlielr frlends and the euMio. ParticnlsV attectlon
M to buyln and selling Ho, Whisky, Flour,
Oraln, Ao. Their charge aiill 1 as aaMKraM a1
any other good bonse In the a Sty. liefer to iUi bmc . u . ,
ohants of Cincinnati gsnerall yP: ' , ,
a. wiijovfu jb
aula, ,..-
Holiday Presents.'
lUiiue aad mina. rsV FSBcy" Inkatands. ,
work-boxes, and Other Fancy Good too numerous
to .mention, suitable for the Holidays, which I U
sellaheaaar than any other establishment in the
oity. . HEN BY DAVID.
no. ITS Blaln-atrset, between Sixth and Seventh. -W.
B.-Alao a BMW lot Of raaorCBoass, Perfumsry,
1 1

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