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la published dly ,' ( Braaajra aaorpUd,) by
rRANCI8c6 a! CAt-bWEl,
fttoi-ie. M wiiTVoVi.ri'r
TH PIMM! PBIB8le delivered to subscribers la
Olncinnstf, OoMogfcm and Rewport, kid Mr- .
rounding cities end townj, tt the
" tremely low price of
rucnor surma:
Bind ooples k.j 1 month Mo.; I month! fit 1 year
Jain A. ItULM, J. .Bole Lessee and Manager,
rirat night of the gnat American Tragedy. .
Flrtt night of the popular young Tragedian,
INGS will bo produced an original tiveaot Tragedy,
by E M. Powers, Etqo with new scenery, wardrobe,
4c, entitled
Ob, Visions or ihi Futoeb. -
St. Leon ....-....-...................Mr. Powers
Don Miguel etajtaeaetajtatea nr. Langdon
Don Uarloa ..........Mr. Bead
Valverde.....t.M....i.w i,..M.N.H, Mr Hall
Leonora................. ....... .....Mre E)lsler
Therese ........w..,..,.4..Miai Annie Waits
lo bo followed with . i .1 1 ' .
Gapt. John Smith, .,.,.,l.,l.lH-...llr. Ball
Fow-ha-tan -..Mr. Ellsler
U. R. H. Fo-ca-bon-taM........MlH Fanny Denham
WDoora open at Xi Curtain rum at 7 o'clock.
Pbioeb or Admission Dreaa Oirole and Farqoetta,
Mcenjs; Gallery. Woenta.
" .( s 1 ' 1 "77"
n. . rise
. B. Conway...,
- Stage Director.
4. jr. HerDert.,
'"I :
On MONDAY KVKNINQ. January' 4. and ewer
evening uuiil further notice, will be presented, with
now scenery, &o., Shakspeare'e grand play of
Caliban ................... - ...Mr. Conwsy
Pronpero. ............ ..Mr. Sheridan
Ferdinand.... ........ ................ ...-Mr. Chaplin
fIimanlo....N,.ta....M....M.MMMMW.M.M..Mi.Mr. Davidge
Stephano ....................... Mr. Hall
Alonzo .......... ......Mr. Addison
Oonzalo - ... Mr. Lanagan
Sebastian ...Mr. Templeton
Antonio,.,,.,,.....,........ .- .....Mr. Arnold
M iranda.............. .....ii.......i.Bra, Conway
Ariel.............. Mint Crocker
Iris............ .....Misa Kingsbury
Pbices or Admission.-Parqnette Circle, Parqnette
and Balcony, 50 cents; Amphitheater, 36 cents;
Private Boxes for eight persons, (8. ,
Doors open at 6H o'clock; commence at TH.
The publfo sir 'respectfully ftfonned that an en-
:agement has been entered into, for a limited num.
er of nights, with the celebrated
English Opera Troupe.
They will make theirnrst appearance THIb (Mon
day) EVEN 1NU, January , in Balfe'a greatly
admired and ever-popular opera of 1
Arllne Misa Lucy Eicott
Theddeus.................. Mr. D. Miranda
Devllshoef..... ..Mr. F. Boudinot
Voni Arnhelm Mr. F. Meyer
Florentine ....Mr. Ray Frazler
Tim a Altkbkd. Doors open at H o'clock the
curtain will rise at 7X precisely. J
NOTICE. Tradesman and others are cautioned
against furnishing any articles for the theater with
out a wrilieu uruur, .lKunj uj 1110 mnmtHDL.
Theater, is now open lor ine reception. 01 guests.
Booms can be obtained by the day or week, and
mrals furnished at ail hours
Benefit of the Poor!
"Charity Covereth a Multltnde of Sine."
M. SUNS OF MALTA In Cincinnati will (Ire a
ruoiic entertainment at
On Friday Evening, Jan. 13, 186(1.
The proceeds to be devoted to oharitable purposes.
Tickets, admitting a lady and gentleman, $3 ; each
additional may, i
Captain Jas. T, Fisber, Miles Ureenwood, Esq.,
0. W. West.
David Gibson, Jos. F. Torrenoe, ?
Bonry Banna. T. A. O'Connor,
C. H. Oolllru, Judge A. a. W. Carter,
Dr. F. P. Cahlll, John L Stettlnns,
Thos. J. Gallagher, Esq., J. 0. lsham,
A. A. Marsh, George U. Hill. ,
Miles Greenwood, , K. M. Corwlnc, Esij.,
C'apt. J a. T. Flaher, .) James A. Frailer, . s
0. W. West, - T. 0. Ware, Esq., f r
T. J. Sherlock, Isaao Parker,
W. P. Hunbert, J. 0. Isbam, .
Alfred Wood, " P.B.Cloon,
M. Bwaaey, L. A. Pratt,
Charles Loomls, Esq,, Sam. P. Hibberd,
A. McCormiok tm-, . Ammi Baldwin,
Th. Cook, Jos. J. McDowell,
T. McBurnio, Thns. Powell, Esq.,
C. P. Cassiliy, 0. W. Thomas,
John Kilgour, jr., F.Baldwin,
J. Dan. Jones, ... ; Jos. 0. Woodruff,
John Jones, Wm. Wlswtlljr., 1
M. W. Loiiwick, : i . Judge Robert Moore, ,
JudgeS. Mattbaa-i, George Shlllito, Jr.,
Charles 0. Brown, O. A. Truax,'
J. L. Keck, . W. M. F. Hewaon,
ilaat. Henrr Knnnett. H. W. Hartshorn.
Wm. Henderson, Major S. S. Hubbard, '
A. L. Smith, . Charles Fox, Esq.,
Capt. George Hatch, I. HcElevy,
Datld Gibson, ' , ; ' B. L. Thomas, :
Henry Banna, , . Wm. Smith, '
.lamea F. Torrence, . ' John 0. W'lght,
Wm. Addis, George L. Johnson,
Dr. John S. McQiew,, , B.W. Brown, '
E. D. Dodd, Esq., ' ' Col. F. A. Linck, ' -flapt.
Alex. Xnyart, B,0 Hailewood,
E. Loring, ... Jos. Beakirt, ' 1
0. W. Ballard, ... Dr. H. B. Malone.
H.B. Bissell, ... Wm. 0. Vanderbllt,
F. Arery, ' J.M.Wilson,
George Marsh, . Omar F.Glenn, ' ,
Wm.H. Pierce,. JameeGlenn, ; "'
Wm.T. Forrest, Esq., S.G.Curler,
Robert Boiley, .. Thomas Chenowetb,
Charles A. Glasler, J.8.G. Bnrt.
Henry P. Eliaa, , , :, . Sr. J. L. Vattier, 1
Wm. J. Torrence, '1 ,, Rlchaid K.Oox, ,
B. A. Bock, W. W. Johnson, ."
Isaac B. Connelly, Simon Wolf, '"'
B. Hnklll, i -',-n.yMt,-'-i .
Capti W.O. Mann, v E. M. Johnson, - i
A. Cutter, George Belres, , . . ..,
0. J. W. Smith, l" Hi L. Boman,
Wn.Kirk,"" t' Clhas. K. Smith,
B. Ellis, jr.;- " ; ! N.Marchant,
J. 11. Beard, : ' I" W. W. Fosdlck,
James L. Rnlfln, ' Joshua Yorke,
Capt, John Blither. , . .... J. F. Herbert. Jaflaw
and Hies OUTER respeotfully inform the oit
Immsof Otnclnnatl that they now rooelva po
lls or Instruction In all lasnionanie nances.
) nf Hphnnl. HatnrilHraAnH WAdneaWnTa for
1 .1 1 Mi w . q,.xD M
Class, from 8 tola in the cteniug.,- All 0,uedrlllee
taugpt wituoot calling.- - " jaoow
XTJB. KUHIjJIIAJI, of No. 44 Sixth-street,
would reapeoiiniiy mioi
nas, in conneoiivM
Kavei Troupe
Walnut and Vine-street, Where) she will be happy to
eeeber former patroni, to whoaa aba can oner the
moat inlenaia aseorwent w eoeromf . aei7-am
Rf AN f 8.; 8 BANK S 8
NatUaAl Hall. Vlne-nlreet, above Fifth,
The leenoni are so arranged that beg-inneri can
commenoe at any time. oiwit
BpQfePiadiiig .
Fourth-attest, etwaenMain andSyoamo,Oin.
B'-iodlngl Ttr(itxll. "15?kl'"
lraadanaraAlAona..,!. . fl. WBOPrlB.
rm ma puouo mat sue srw
witn an jroieuo a uata 01 u. a
tasMiui waruruve, nmoTn wuOuA
mm a i . Liijrn m. v
f ij i ?
VOL. 2. NO. 121.
Oommenolng MONDAY EVENING, January 9, the
ceieorateu sua urigiuai
Buckley's ierenaders,
And Ethiopian Burlesque Opera Troupe, togotber
with the distinguished Pri ma Donna. Misa JULIA
GOULD, the only complete Hand of Minstrels in the
wnrlri. And tha nnlv nnmnAn V in existence that Mr-
forma Burlesque Operas. Tle Buckley's hare been
aoanowiedged oy tl-e entire a vaineru treat auu puv-
no to oe tne only true aeunea tors oi iue
The best Singer, the best I lancers and the most
finished Musicians. Each even Jug will be performed
Negro Minstrelsy in all its ra nous lorms, togewer
with one of . -
Buckley's Burlesque Operas!
stastttaMaaa a
IWh ami) at KM n'cl ff yu irfnrmnA in Mm
mence at 7a o'clock .
jabn : juo.' jKmaovat Agent.
This Evening and Ererry Evening
During the S
Professor Jacobs!
Imnrovisatore. will present his unrivaled En
tertainment. He will apear in his Temple of En
chantment, surrounded by Ills costly and magnifi
cent apparatus. The Cabalialio ondoni he performs
have gained for him the name of the Ne Plus Ultra
tif the Modern Maid. He ha baxl the distinguished
nonor oi appearing oeiure xtor jutuwiiy vuwu vic
toria, Prince Albert and th. Byal Family, their
Imperial Majesties, the Em peror of France add the
Empress Eugenia, his late Imperial Majesty, the
nf UuhbIii. their Maientiea the King and
Queen of the Belgian a, and the principal nobility of
aiurope. In Califurni a and Australia his success has
been of tbe most brilli'ant description, and through
out the cities in the Cti'to States, wherever be has
appeared, he has been a like .successful. .
mere IS DUt one opinUn lurmeu ui uib euwnnin
ment, and that is, it la (.'easing, moral and wonder,
Doora open at 7; the Piofensor commences at 71$
Admission 30 cents; Gallery 20 conts; cnnnren to
the body of the Hall, 25 oen ta ; Gallery, 15 cents.
-The harbor of Boston ft almot entirely
oloaed, and tbe ateamen arrival with diffionlty.
"To do eood to our enemies is to resem
ble tbe inoense whoso aroma pet fumes the fire
by which it is oonsumed. . r; ' . li
"Gitardin's camphlet of Napoleon III
and Europe, is described as filled with Utopian
theories and nebulous political imitginings.
bald-headed tide was shot near the
oorporate limits of Indianapolis a few days
since, j
jgrpi'm Susan Deni.tt is manpging tbe
Saiety Theater, Shreveport, La. Her bus
band, Huntington, is stage manager.
. -Recently a deaf and djimb man, named
Searin, was killed on the railroad near Salem,
Ind., while endeavoring bo cross the track.
ndas Tha hoTnannathia remedy for hydro
phobia is to swallow a dog smaller than the
one which ocoasioned the malatdy.
At Tn ant unnri a determin ation made in
anger, is like embarking in a vessel during a
storm, . ' ' ,
a Tt m tint aavln of an old writer.
that men, like books, begin and eitd with blank,
leaves-Unfanoy and senility.
m0T)iA nnlv way to look at a lady's
faults' exclaimed aslant, "is to shut your
eyes.". i
4tfiWhv a muff HkeTa fllllv eontleinf m?
Beoaase it holds a lady's hand without iqirsez-
ing, --' ' ' '- '- V - -I.i.
swlin an Trishman first tri.Sd DaVaohes.
he said he liked the flavor, but the leads lay
hard on his sromach.
pork man named Keys was the flflat to in
troduce Wood- cuts into .the show Business in
this oity.
8A little daughter of Samuel Knight was
burnt to death, a day or two since, in Dan
ville, Ky. i , n , ,
r-lhe New York Saturday has been
exoluded by the Emperor of Frane from his
dominions. , ., , '. ;
E8Th Legislature of Vermont has passed
an aot regulating the sale of mediaines usually
considered poisonous. ; .
;ST"Bonner, pf the New York Lodger, now
has fonr horses that oori him $14,000, with
whioh he takes a daily drive. ,
pfHrjvs, the Virginia Congressman, some
people think, bears a striking resemblanoe in
person, appearance, and style of delivery to
John B. Gougb. , ,T .r,. . ... .
The population of IndiAna' is about
1,250,000: Indianapolis, the largest town in
the State, claims a population of twenty-five
thouiand. '..,'
pf" C. R. Litohfield, the North Adams
(Maes.) cashier and seduoer of Mat'de Butler,
is said to be engaged in book-keeping in New
York. . . . , . , ,
1 -j!iTThe Cincinnati, Hamilton and Dayton
Railroad Bridge, at Dayton, was crossed by
loooinotlvM during the past year, nine thou
sand four hundred and twenty times. t , ,
EaTThe President's Message does not par
ticularly please the Canadian papers. Among
othir compliments they say it is stupid and
SBGovernor Wise has been nominated for
the next President by meetings recently held
in Halifax, Pittsylvania, Lonisa and . several
other oounties in Virginia. ,
i jar The New York Superior Court has fixed
the amount of Mrs. Catherine Forrest's ali
mony at $3,000 year $1,000 less than tha
award of the referee.
, 2T-The Chicago (111.) itefatd Says that the
railroads entering in that oity have deter
mined to issne no more passes or half-fare
tiokets to clergymen. '7 ,
0Qov. TVillard, of Indiana, has reprieved
Arrington; sentanoed some two years ago to
the penitentiary for twelve years for killing a
boy in a bowling saloon In Laporte. :
' -At the village of Eauolalre, Wisconsin,
N, B. Boyden, receiver of pnblio money, was
gagged and the Government safe robbed' of
12,360. i; :
tarDurlng the month of Deoember nine
thousand five hundred and ninety-seven bales
of ootton were received In Memphis by the
Mississippi and Tennessee Rrilroad.
i :-Xh managers of the Grand Trunk
Railway have just entered into contract with
parties in fit. Louis to take thirty thousand
barrels of flour from the latter place to Bos
ton, at $1 per barrel. , i,
i-The daughter of a late distinguished
physician of Philadelphia has gone into a
convent, taktn the veil, and given to the In
stitutlon her whole property, amounting to
180,000. '' 1 .
iBSr A druggist has been arrested in Charles
ton, C, for. selling "Old Brown Windsor
Soap." He was discharged on proving that
the soap had nothing to do with "Ossawatomie
BrownM'iJio Kii-1. ' '
ilajfla-.'iau'i if. a.ij':..
CAMP VERDE, TEXAS, Dec. 17, 1859.
J klAa Editor, tfiht Prut: ;
The Government having made no appro
priations for the building of quarters for the
troops, provisions have only been, made for
the camel herders. This is one of the best
Xmstng localities for these distinguished for
ij,Tier8. There are flfty-two camels, twenty
nr e of which have bat lately returned from
tt ,e Pecos Expedition and those havingcharge
o"f them speak highly of them. They look
v 'ell, the climate of Texas suiting them most
fidmirably. Think of the dooility and ac
cmmodatlng spritit of this hump-backed
family eatlnz corn from your hand, or hav
from the rack as horses or mules. ,.
We, of the First Infantry, bad quite a stir
ring time of it last month daring the Cottinas
Invasion. We were ordered to march to San
Antonio a'ad from thenoe to Brownsville, but
on our an.ival at the former town, the order
was eousitermanded, after making a forced
march of tixty-Jivt milet in two day:
We aowmplished our task twenty-four hours
less than tb.e cavalry who were ordered on
the sarae expedition. We enjoyed fine weather
daring ouv march from the camp to San An
toaia; bu t on our return we were greatly har
rassed b'y rain, which came down in torrents,
filling Greeks and rivers with extremely dirty
water, lnd making the roads almost impasia
ble. . , , . . ,. ,,.
Sir ,oe the Sd inst. we have had some real
wlnt er weather, impressing the idea upon us
tha'; we were in the Arotio regions, and not in
th regions of Texas. The thermometer va
ri ed from 8 deg. to 25 deg. above aero, which
i s doing pretty well for this country. We had.
I alternately, snow; rain and . sleet, to such an
extent that the oldest settler in the neighbor
uuuusaiu it, was me ooiaest weather Known
here for a number of years. '
A scout of ten or twenty men have just
been ordered on the trail of some Indians who,
ia the absence of Mr. Oloui and family from
their ranch, some , fifteen miles from here,
robbed the plaoe of everything that could be
carried or driven away.' It was very fortu
nate that none was home at the time of the
descent, as in all probability they would hare
been murdered. The scouting party, com
posed of ten men, started, acoompanied by
guide named Pholy, and a cititen, and were
successful in overtaking the Indian maraud
ers, numbering nine or ten, on the 15th, about
sundown. They surprised them and suc
ceeded in killing on and wounding two, and
iuu& au tueir nrearms ana tne scalp of the slain
Indian, whioh was decorated with different
kinds of white persons' hair. The troops bad
to dismount and crawl several hundred yards
in a oedar brake. The suocess of the scouting
party reflects credit upon the guide and the
men who belong to Company I, Second Cav
alry, t . v -. , j ; 1. 1 .
We have just received orderg for a second
time to march to Brownsville; oonsequontly,
you may expeot to. 'near ftom me again. For
Duoovbrvok u Thbban Mvhmt. The Bui
Ulm dt Vliutitia Egyptian states that M. Ma
r'e'k i lately fund near a mummy discovered
B'. . J60 aribus f curious articles, among
whioh wen", these s Ten gold braoeleU for the
legs, two other bracelets formed of pearls put
on gold threads, another of gold, well exe
cuted, Bearing mythological symbols; a gold
diade,m ornamented with mosaios and sur
""onted by two spynxes, a mirror with gold
or naments, a figure of a king standing in a
'joat with two divinities pouring water on his
head and two birds flying above him, a figure
of a boat in gold, containing ten silver figures
of sailors rowing, and one of a"pcrson singing
at the prow; a poignard with a gold scabbard,
the blade being the finest speoimen of Egyp
tian workmanship yet discovered, and con
taining encrusted in it a piece of bronse on
whioh are various ornaments and hieroglyphs;
and a hatchet, the blade of which is in gold
and the handle ia 1 wood ornamented with
CoMuiROi op Philadslfhu. The total re-,
oeipts of ootton last year at Philadelphia were'
06,185 bales; hides, 131,765; coffee, 204,150
bsgt; lead, 48,659 pigs; naval stores, 91,840
barrels; sugar, 42,372 hogsheads and tierces;
molasses, 15,141 hogsheads and Heroes, and
13,631 barrels. The, aggregate shipments of
anwraoiie coal irom tne dinerent regions for
the past year foot np 7,626,820 tuns, against
7,uv,3Zu tuns last year, an inoreaseof 617,500
tuns. , ' . : ,
A FiiTHrm, Clock. The olock in the steeple
or xrintty unurcn, .Newport, k. i., was pre
sented to the congregation in 1733, by Jahleel
Brenton.and continued to run without inter
ruption for about one hundred years. For the
last twenty-fire years, however, it has been
out of order, and all efforts to put it in order
have met with no success. A person has at
last undertaken the job of repairing it, who is
confident he can perfeotly restore it and put
k in running oraer oy tne 1st ot u oDruary.
.' Stat Arms or Ohio. The annual report of
Quarter-master Ueneral Wood dearly demon
strates the amount that would have been saved
to Ohio had her arms been properly taken
care of, as they now are. The report shows
that Ohio has had from the Federal Govern
ment 62,093 muskets valued at $807,593;
that Ohio now has and has sold 12,257 mus
ketsvalued at $168,180; showing a loss of
4,830 muskets, valued at $039,413.
A "Religious" Scandai.. A men named
Kirk Cooper, living in Chester County, Penn.,
was recently detected in a number of robberies,
but having returned much of tbe stolen pro
perty, was permitted to escape out of consid
eration for his father, who is a highly respect
able citizen of the neighborhood. . Cooper was
a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church,
and has money at interest. ,
Thk Shall Pox at 'Luisotow, Va. A
late letter, from Lexington, Va., states that
the small pox, whioh has prevailed there for
several days past, had not at all abated, and
that all the students of Washington College
had, left for their respective homes. ,
, , ,mmm
A Military Author. A large oolleollon of
anonymous contributions to periodioal litera
ture, by Major Andre, has recently been dis
covered and satisfactorily authenticated. It
will form 'material for one thick octavo
volume, and will probably be published.
An Unconstitutional Bill. The Nashville
(Tenn.) Ckuette says that the bill to Introduos
into tne .Legislature a lew weeas ago, corn,
pelllng all free negroes to leave the State, is
declared to be unconstitutional, both by the
opinion of eminent lawyers and of the people.
, AnvABTAOi ov Dxlat. A religious paper,
under tht admonitory heading "Don't Pro
crastinate," mentions that a young man, who
was recently killed by accident, was just about
to join a Baptist Churoh, and also to be mar
ried. ,,. . ;..', ,
m . : r j
Goiho to thi Huitimo GioDNDS. A caval-
oade of Winnebago Indians, gaily attired in
fancy blankets, with red leggins and blue,
passed through. Winona,, Minn., last week, to
visit tnetr old stamping ground naat ot tne
Mississippi. .
Absubd MAkMAOl. The Iowa State Hi-
porttr gives a fact whioh has come to its knowl
edge oi a man sixty yean ot age being united
in matrimony to a lady of thirteen all of
Johnson County, Iowa ...
Extraordinary Criv in Frakor. A trial
has taken place at Tours, in France, of a
mother and daughter named Lemoine, the
oharge against them being the burning to
death of the newly-born illegitimate ohild of
M'lle Lemoine. The father was the eoaohman
in Madame Lemoine's service, a young man
named Fetis. The Court was each day
crowded to exoess, the prinoipal inhabitants of
the neighboring country being present, and
the Prefect of the department and the princi
pal functionaries having seats in Court.
M'lle Lemoine is described as ratber below
the middle siie, with line eyes and good color.
She was dressed In black, and at first hid her
face with hor pocket handkerchief, shedding
tears. " Madame Lemoine has also, it is said,
fine, eyes, a high forehead, regular features
and black hair.
After listening to the summing up of the
counsel for defense and prosecution, the jury
retired, and in half an hour returned with a
verdict of guilty against the mother, but with
extenuating cirouirmtances; and of acquittal
of tbe daughter. The Court condemned the
mother to twenty years' hard labor.
Tbi Oman Teimikq with Lobsters. The
captain of the, olippar Daring, whioh vessel
arrived at San Francisco from New York, re
ports that when in latitude 23 23 8., long. 130
W., he passed through a sea of diminutive
lobsters, perfeot in shape, and in all respects
the miniature counterpart of the larger crui
taceous inhabitants of the bays and shallow
waters of the Atlantic coast. , From 1 o'clotk
in the afternoon, when the ship first oame t,p
with them, until long after it wag dark, slio
sailed literally through a sea of little lobsters.
The surface of the ocean was covered, and
seemed to spawn and crinkle with their inces
sant moving. As far down as the eye could
reach, as the ship slowly plowed them aside,
they were seen struggling and. clawing to the
tune of millions. ,
i aBi
- A Nkro-Liki Schoolmaster. A German
msgaiine recently announced the death of a
sohoolmaster in Suabia, who, for fifty-one
years, had superintended a large institution
with old-fashioned severity. From an aver
age, inferred by means of recorded observa
tions, one of the ushers had caloulated that,
in tbe course of his exertions, be had given
911,500 canines, 121,000 floggings, 209,000
custodes, 136,000 tips with the ruler, 10,200
boxes on the ear and 22,700 tasks by heart.
It was further calculated that he had made
7Q0 boys, stand on peas, 6,000 kneel on the
sharp edge of wood, 5,000 wear the fool's cap,
and 1,700 hold the rod. How vast the quan
tity of human misery inflicted by a single
perverse Instructor.
How the Thistle Saved Scotia. The fol
lowing is related as the origin of the use of
tbe thistle as the national emblem of Scotland:
"When the Danes invaded Scotland thoy
availed themselves of the pitch darkness of
night to attajk the Scottish forces unawares.
In approaohing the Scottish foroes unobserved,
and marohing barefooted to prevent their
tramp being heard, one of the Danes trod upon
a large prickly thistle, and the sharp cry of
pain which he instinotly uttered suddenly
apprised the Scots of their danger, who imme
diately ran to their arms, and defeated the foe
with great slaughter. The thistle was thence
forward adopted as the national insignia of
Marrying by Correspondence. Miss Har
riet E. Smith, daughter of Horace Smith, of
spanoru, JN . x., will start soon for Washing
ton Territory, away in the Northwest, beyond
the Rocky Mountains, to marry a man she
has never seen Mr. David SDaldinir. ir.. son
of David Spalding, of Spafford. The friends
ot the parties are intimate, and recommended
a correspondence between the parties, which
was continued for two years, and has resulted
in a marriage eontrsot; and the young gentle
man, being engaged in a profitable business
whioh he can not conveniently leave, haa re
mitted funds to his dearie, with a request for
utir tujum aim Micro. ,
Benefit of Railway Travel. Gen. Leslie
Combs writes, from Austin, Texas, to the
Lexington (Ky.) Obterver, that he nade the
trip from Lexington to AuBtin in one hour
less tnan eleven days, including Btnnnaees
and an unnecessary detention of twenty-five
Hours, ne says: "it the railroads were fin.
ished whioh are under construction in Lou
isiana and Texas, it wonld require but thirty
six hours from New Orleans to Austin, instead
of seven and a half days, of sea-siokness,
bad accommodations, and rough riding and
. Aqrkeableness of Winter. Wo like Win
ter. The eyes of the girls shine brighter.
their lips are more rosy; the men, too, are
more hearty and awake, when nature has a
clean shirt on, than when she has that dirt
brown bhtue she wears in the last weeks of
fall. Then the cosy fire, and family oha't of
the Benediot, or the freo cigar of the man. of
liberty, coupled with, a good book and dear
' Core or Rheumatism A writer In the
Medical Timet recommends sulphur as highly
etfioaoious in tha treatment of rheumatism.
He orders the whole of the affected limb to be
encased in flannel, thickly sprinkled with
precipitated sulphur; a bandage applied over
tnis, and tne whole covered witn oil silk or
gutta percha, whioh has the efleot of increas
ing the warmth and confining the vapor of the
sulphur, and also obviating the odor.
Revolutionary Soldiers. Tha following
is a list of Revolutionary soldiers supposed to
be living, and pensioners on the roll of the
State of Connecticut, with their age in 1859 :
David Bostwick, Litchfield County, aged 98
years; John Brooks, Fairfield County, 96; Ben
jamin Cobb, Middlesex County, 98; Jacob
Hard, Middlesex County, 97; Nehemisvh W.
Lyon, Fairfield County, 100; William Will
iams, Litohfield County, 97 years.
Thi Victoria Bbime. The estimated cost
of tbe Viotorla Bridge at Montreal was one
million five hundred thousand pounds sterl
ing. But its aotual oost was only one million
three hundred thousand pounds sterling, or
one million two hundred ' thousand dollars
less than the estimates. Another striking
fact is that the bridge was done within the
time originally estimated. The American
world can show no parallel to this.
A New Organization. A "Widow Wood
Sooiety" is one of the Institutions of Portland,
Maine, .f arsons connubially inoiined to soli
tary consorts of dofunot Benedlots might, we
suppose, be considered members of tbe Would
Widow Society. The Portland organization
is not a singular one, as widows always would,
when they had an opportunity, whioh if a
husband is in it, they invariably emhraoe., , ,
Ohio State Library. The total number of
books now , in the Library is 21,389. The
number added daring the. year is 1,661, of
which 967 were purchased, 51 donated, and
643 received in . exchange. In . the Law
Library there are now 2,931 volumes, ot which
353 were added last year. The amount ex
pended last year was $4,227 13. .
I rii Nkobois in Abiansas. All free ne
groes found InAnkansss on the 1st of Jan
uary were to be sold into slavery. The papers
of tbe State hare been republishing tbe aot to
that efleot,' so as to give those interested timely
notloe. Whether or not any negroes have
been sold as yet, we sua still unadvised.
WASHINGTON, January 7.
8ente not In session.
HOUSE-Mr. Cobb asked that an article
eminating from Massachusetts be read,, whioh
be would like to know from the delegation in
that State whether it was a forgery or not
It appeared in tbe Barnstable Patriot, (torn
tbe East, where the sun first rises on our
globe. , '
If it be genuine, he was glad that after
hunting among rubbish, he had been able to
find in Massachusetts a single, jewel whioh
nould be Bhown to the country. The proceed
ings of the Union Meeting in Barnstable were
read, declaring the duty of obedience to the
Constitution as the supreme law of the land,
condemning Brown's raid and his sympathi
zers, and those preaching or inciting insur
rection were guilty of moral or aotual
treason, Ac.
Mr. Elliott asked that tbe call for the meet
ing be read. : . , . . , .
Mr. Cobb said that it was not in the paper.
He loved Union meetings, and he wanted them
to declare such sentimonts as had been read,
lie believed that many Abolitionists ware sim
ply for the Union. Let tbe motto be the Con
stitution and tbe rights of all sections, and
let them inscribe on their banners "Hoe Signo
Ki'ncel," then by this sign "we'll conquer."
Mr. Elliott remarked that Mr. Cobb did not
say anything new of Massachusetts or to tbe
citizens of the State. . There were not more
constitutional or conservative constituencies
anywhere. From th.9 landlog of the Pil
grims till this there never was a body of men
who more assuredly, direotly or promptly stood
by the, laws and Constitution, and ever right,
than these samo men wbo met together at Barn
stable the other day to proclaim their alle
giance to the Union and laws. The men who
dissented from tbe spirit of these resolutions
are the men who would be found standing aide
by side with the sectionaliits and disunionists
of the South.
They were not the Republicans nor order
loving Demoorats, but another class of men
altogether. One gentleman who addressed
that meeting was a Bepubiican,and bis hearers
sympathized with his sentiments there de
clared. We have, he said, heard more terse
than ohaste, more Btroug than parliamentary,
more vigorous than oourteouB denunciation
after denunciation against those who oome
from the North, representing tho feelings and
principles of the North as ombodied in the
resolutions just read. T'-,a time is not far dis
tant when tbe eooptvr will slip from the hands
wbic'u bold it, and pass to other and stronger
bunds, and then we hope we will find onr
Union-loving friends shaking h.inds with the
new party that will have the powor.
A ballot was taken, with the following re
sult: Whole number of votes, 211. Necessary
to a choice, 106. Sherman, 103; Hamilton,
89; Gilmer, 14; scattering, 6. .,
Eastern wires failed before we oould get the
Additional by the Overland Mail.
San Francisco, December 16 fl t'. M. The
steamer Northerner, from Victoria on the 10th,
arrived here to-night. The American oitizena
on San Juan Island held a meeting and re
solved that the island belonged to the United
States. .
The Legislature of Washington Territory
had organized. H. G. Manon was chosen
President of the Senate The Oreijonian pub
lishes reports from theSimilkamen goldmines,
stating that the miners were making twenty
dollars per day, notwithstanding- the weather
was oold and the ground covered with snow.
Business with the country for the past few
days has shown more aotirity than during
tbe previous week, but by no means brisk,
with no movement in any article or advance
in prices. Provisions very dull, and little
doing; Lard 13o. Candles qulot at 2020o.
Crushed Sugar steady at lie Domestio
Liquors unchanged; foreign held for higher
prices. The Coal market is muoh excited.
From Baltimore.
Baltimore, ".January 7. In the House of
Delegates to-day, Mr. Fenner introduced res
olutions that John Sherman, or any other
Blank Republican, Bhould never be elected
Speaker, and that if any such exceptionable
candidate, he should forfeit the respect and
confidence of the State.
An exciting debate ensued, in whioh the
views of H.. Winter Davit ware disoussed. He
was defended by his friends, who declared
him to be true to tho South.. Tbe debate was
progressing when the cars left. ,
. ' The value of the imports of the week end
ing to-day is $113,881). Decrease as compared
with the previous week, $5,240, The value
of the exports of the week. is $99,395. : . ,
Fatal Railroad Accident.
Nkwabk. N. J., January 7. James Taylor
and Edward Duffy,- while returning from a
ride, were run over by the night express at
three o'clook this, morning, at the railroad
orosslng at South Broad-street. Taylor, aged
thirty, waB instantly killed. He was em
ployed at Budd's Express, and leaves a wife
and two ohlldren. Duffy was injured, bnt not
seriously. The horse was killed and the1
sleigh demolished.
From Washington.
Washington, January 7. The gentlemen
who were taken prisoners at Harper's Ferry
by Brown, are in this oity, and it is under
stood they were examined to-day by the 8en
ate Committee of I"q!iry,Hr.w.
The health of Senior Douglas is improv-.
ing. ' , ':
Dickinson, N. Y,, January 7. Henry Mea
cham shot his wife last night in the presence
of her father and mother, and afterward out
her throat and shot himself through the head.'
Both are doad. ' A case' of domestio trouble
and infidelity of the wife. ;,
From New York.
Y6bk, January 7. The Iribune men
tions a report that a detachment of the Knights
of the Golden Cirole left this oity a few days
ago for some port in Mexico, but with what
design is aot publicly known.
Tans and Falsi Charity. When the late
Gabriel Ralston, of Riohmond,Va., had become
wealthy, a poor woman, wretchedly clad, with
a child in her arms, oame through a violent
storm of sleet and rain, on a cold day In De
cember, to his oounting-room, to beg. Among
others present was a sectarian much prized for
his godliness. Mr. Ralston did not wait for
the woman to announce hef errand, but divin
ing it from her chilled and haggard appear
ance, stepped to his desk and handed her a
ten-dollar note. Ho was reproved, as soon as
the women was gone, by tbe seotarian. friend,
who asked him whether the woman was worthy.
"Worthy I" exclaimed Mr. Ralston, "worthy?
Good God, sir, didn't you lee bow thinly clad
she was, and that she was drenched with the
rain?'V ! ,. ,,. . ., ,. ,
A Jbalods Husbasd Kills His Win's
Pabomoub. James Daley, a laborer, beat
James Carroll to death, tn Boston, a day or
two ago, from jealousy; having suspected, not
without reason, that he was too intlmato with
us Wile, ,11
i i vi:
. v !(' ''
1 1,
"' ! TIRMV-CASP".;; f .. . .
.- - - - . i ' J - I
Adfertliements not exoeedlnf ve line (AgaU.
Onelnaertloiu.4 as I One wo.. , j .
two wwk.- 1 mi One nonlb..- ..- 10 ' '
Largor advertisements Inserted at tha following
retea for square of ten lines or leas I
doe lnaeetion,........! 60 1 Two wesss,....-- "C '
Each auufnal ins.. lr I Three ween.,.. . 4 00
One weeltfM.M. at .Mis
Job Printing
In all Ihi braarhea, done with anettnettasd iUjraafeB
.I, -C
JwTi ilssa
Coal Cooking Stove!
Has beei pronounced br competent judges to be the
Patented Dec. 7, 1858.
For sale by the Inventors and Manufacturers, '
No. 833 Fourth-street, Cincinnati.
pectfullf refer to the following certlfleate
evidence of the above:
mAnlhi f hVA tiAAn nalnir She Alilffalor
Coal I.'odkiriir Stove. Iti amurior cook lug e.uel tw,
combined with It clenulluevl, niusteventsaUy aeoora
k the owners
I hare!
tve Alligator
irs Mtialactian IffeVeMfresaect. find I oan
y recommeud It' Co those who are iu want ot
. Hi n I.EAVITT.
thftJust year I have been using tho Alllcalor
oiiimg Stove, manufactured by Mown. Adams
I Co.lt'
a Feck
or, which 1 consider a superior store, sou
i tub
utmost satisiaoEion. At is tue ouir bw.o
lo.ud I
For same time past I have been using one of ateaere.
Adams It Feckover's AUiKator Coal Cooking Dto.ee,
and cftol recommend them as being a superior store.
giving enure aatietaction in overy reaped.
1 DUOQUUUM, WIU anuuiuih
T cArfnllv ludonia tha ahava.
dels JOHN
Manufactory, Covington, Ky. .
No. 90 East Colamblawatrcet.
trade at tho most reasonable prices and ou the
most accommodating terms with
' I
Oil, Fluid or Coal Oil,
N. nf-Jonea'a Improved Lamps and Burners f"r
no by our agent, J, OJiijijitHO, umngtpn, a-y.
f JoHat' I
Door and Gate-Springs,
11. E
Hells Hung, Keys Fitted.
The Ipubllo are respectfully Invited to call and ex-
umlDii tha various patterns and prlcos. All Jobbing
uronintly attended to
george McGregor,
iioSdra No. 133 Fifth-street, 2d door from Bace. .
I . Scale Manufacturer, ,
No.' 41 Kast Nocond-fitroet, between Sjcuniore and
liroutiway, Cincinnati, keeps every description of
I'oanjter, Platform, Cnttle, Hnllrond Drpor,
ale xraca t9CH.iv bi thk.,
Iron Wagons, cVo. ,
Bepalrng done on the shortest notloe.' ' nol-oia
sik tit. Charles street, Haw Orleans, La
Impertera of Guns 6V Sporting Apparatus,
' ; Aim dialers in arm rowpga.
i"X andlktilerlrOB.FlowSlabs.RailrosW Hpikea
lito. ' Also, Aleuts for the sale of 1 ronton bM Uuiil
warerooms ao. is .
i last Second Street, Olmlnnnt 1
twsfrAllkln.lsIrop made to order.
2(o. 99 With-street, between Vine and Mace, in
tl:e Medical College, Cincinnati, Ohio. Persona wbo
may favor bim with their patrouage.can rely puno
tuality and low prices. apl-ay
.Honey! JTloney! Jflouey!
, . itemoved from BO West glxtawatroet.
ELBT and all kinda of Marohandlaa. at low
rntea of interest, at No. 171 Vine-street, tMtweeu
ITonrthBDd Fifth, ' 844
Dining and Coffee Saloon, ..
" (Near the corner of Vine,) '
C. L. TICKERS, Proprietor. : 1
i)yetBra and Game served In all styles. Heats at all ,
bnnra , nolcm
n.-P. EL1AS'
.'t ' - '' Hew' Wholettlt ' ;'
16 West Fourth Street i
Where oan be had every article appertaining to the
Business at mack leaa price, lor CASH, than
has eve' before been offered ia thi market. : j
And see for yonraelvea. p
....u, r.:l J EWE LB R ... ,, ....
No. H U.S. Oor. rifthand Lodg streets, between
Walnut and Vine, Ulucmnati.
A good aaaortmentof 8IIV JOKand PLATED WAltl.
bpecial attention given to Cleaning and Impairing
Watches and Jewelry. my 10
BEGGS SMITH, Ho. 6 West 4th St.
. f Halt. lauwM aau.iki.Ma , 1 . - a
A fin. ...n i t m n i, . a Vlas -- tw.t. .,,
atidOporaaiaaaea. ,., ,tn
awawaawsaaaaawaasaawaaaawami I I ' 1 i
Holiday Presents
a large share af public uiitranagv.
nsinn one ol Wo ' s. Adams A I'ef i;
Oook HtuutfftrAti'neiuouthe. which
Bisque and China ' rigsraa, fanoy Inkstam "i -vases,
Jewel and Match-boxes, Fancy 8haviugai :
Work-boxes, and other fancy Ooodi too nuiunroc
to mention, suitable for the Holidays, which 1 w-tt .
H'U cheaper than any other establishment iu the
So. 278 Maln-atreet, between Sixth and Seventh.
N. B.-AioDaw totof JfanoyuBoaps, Perfumery,
i ltiaats Jao, .
,. , ; ii n.rt ,n- , ,

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