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WANTED A good PENMArl-A young
man who can dovote four' houri per day to
copying for a month , mar hoar of a place where be
cun obtain a scholarship Id one of the beet comraer
clal col legos in the oity for bis Services. Address In
writing of applicant, real name, Box l,m Postofflce.
Ja9-b . ' " ' ' .
WANTED ROOMS By a Tomg couple
of strict domestic habits, to rent two or three
fronts, in a genteel dwelling-house, in which only
jae quiet family resides. For particular! address
Lock Bo m, Cincinnati, 0, jaD-b
VE7"ANTED BOARD By a young; man
WW board and residence with a quiet, homoly
family, (German preferred) on liberal terms. In Ken
tucky or Cincinnati. Cleanliness and domestic com.
nviNm15rB ? "hject than Une board. Address BBI
ION, Box 73$ Postofflce. ja9-b
V1TANTED Families wanting to get good
reliable girls for general housework can al
ays be supplied by calling at Mrs. W ARMER'S In
telligence Oftce, 308 Fifth-street, between Western.
row and John. ja9-b
WANTED GIRL A German girl to go
to Greensburg, Ind to do general honsework.
Inquire at I'ifl Fifth-street, with references. ja9b
WANTED HELP A good man to go
t market and make himself generally use
ful Apply at the General Intelligence Agency, Mo.
W Wtstem-row. jab
WANTED AGENTS Aotive, energetio
busiaess men as agents, to eugage In a re
spectable, nrofltable and easy business. Call at Mo.
it and 30 West Fourth-street room 7, up stain,
man of good address, in some store, office, as
'Vmslant book-keeper, copying clerk, or similar
kind of employment. Has no objection to travel.
City releremes given. Address A. B. 0 at this
ottlce. . ja7b
WAOOU for a few weeks for market pur
poses. Inquire at the north-westeornerof Ninth and
Race immediately. ja7b
WANT B D A respectable middle-aged
lady wishes a situation ae Housekeeper in a
public or private house. Has no objection to going
a short distance from the city. Beat references given.
jmuress a. m., frees omce. ja7D
WANTED TO RENT A furnished Bed
room. Any gentleman wishing a comforta
ble room, lighted with gas, will find this desirable.
The room may be seen at HP Longworth-st. ja7b
WANTKD Reliable help for situations,
of any kind can always tie bad at a moment'!
notice, by applying at No.nO Bast Third-street, base
ment story, next to Adams' Kxpresi office. Mo
Charge to servants. deilam
WANTED Clerks, book-keepers, sales
men, bar-keepers, porters, coopers, carpen
ters, mechanics, laborers and others, can find situa
tions at the Merchants' Clerks Begistry Office, 128
Walnut-street, . jaitaw'l - HALE A 00.
IN 0 R REN T ROOMS Very pleasant
Rooms, suitable for families, can be obtained
on reasonable terms, by applying at No. 168 East
Third-street. a7b
"SjlOR SALE FARM Forty miles from
J- Chicago, III., a splendid Farm of 160 scrosof the
best land in Illinois; seventy acres in cultivation,
the balance in timber and meadows. Terms One
fcalf cash, and balance on mortgaged property In
Cincinnati; price 82,600. - A good Frame House, with
eix rooms and good stable and out-buildings. J. W.
JABKEB, No. 15 Betts-street. ja9a
IilOR SALE OR RENT Houses No. 57 and
. 59 Observatory Road, will be rented in whole or
in part to families, or will be sold cheap. Inquire on
the premises. . ja9b
."ijlOR SALE OAME Deer, poultry and
M. all kinds of produce, wholesale and retail, at
Ho. 7 Burnet House, between Vine and Bace, by
T OST A small Pooket Memorandum Book,
M-A belonging to J. B. Brown, containing memo
randa and acounts. The tinder will be suitably re
warded by leaving It at thia office. Ja7b
VlOARDING 2 or 3 gentlemen oan obtain
M-B day-boarding In a quiet, genteel bouse, at 1(2
Plum-street, near Fourth. Terms $3 per week.
Arranged for Piano, by PROF. SQUIBB. With a
beautiful Lithograph of the New Masonlo Building.
Just published by JOHN OHUROQ, JR., .
d31 ftp West Fourth-street.
XI M. than ever. Great sacrifice of
1'ianos , Molodeons, Violoncellos,
Violins, Guitars, Banjo Strings, Trim
mings. Ac. during the Holidays.
tielllnff at 100 nor cent, less than anv
other Houso in this city, and first-class Instruments
at t hat. Do not buy an Instrument until vou have
railed at No. 227 Fifth-street, second door east of
num, enutb side. UBITX 1MU a BKU.,
Piano Makers, and Sealers in Ftrst-claaa Instru
ments. de21tf
WOMEN, and such Cbronio complaint! as maybe
benefitted by the Hygyento and Atmopathlo system
of his office. '
Vapor, Sulphur, Iodine, Arsenlo, Mercury, Tor
klah, Russian and Electro-Chemical Baths, a DIs
pensary of Medicine, and every manner of Kleotrlo
and Magnet lo Apparatus.
TOfflce hqre A. M, to A . ajjfetft
Offloe, 90 Weit Seventh Street,
Vtwail TI ADD 1A0I.
O. E. .NEWTON. Mi D.
OrriMI-te. W West Seventh street, between Vina
nuu juice, ossinsaoa no, m eeventn street, pe
wvru nninu. ami viue. vrnoe rjouae 10 el
A. f . lit to ii P. M. 7 to P. M.
' 39fl TJne-atreet.
J. TAPT, -
(Sncoeesor to Knowlton A Taft.)
No. 06 West Fanrth St., beu Walnut dc Tin
QOODB by cipreei, and our assortment of
, LA 01 EH' FURS,
- Consisting of
Budaen'e Buy AAblej '
Hlooe Marten t
Canada and Mink Hnble;
' ' ' ' - Flteb, Hlberlnn, 8uirrel, dbo.,
Is complete and unusually Inviting. We have a great
variety 01 nice ana nanusome sets 01
ALSO Fur Gloves, Oollars, Robes, Fur Coats, 4o,
We inv ite all purchasers of
To call and make se lections from our stock of useful
ana seesonaoie presents, wblch we afler at vew low
C. B. CAMP & CO.,
del6tf ' Na. 93 Weat Third-street.
X VH1BO-BTBKBT, Olncianatl, 01
110, ara saaou
factoring largely.
irvelv. 1'almar's celebratea HvdrauUn
Foree and: Lift lump. Alto, bis Portab!
le SUu
AU those who
are abont to pnrcbaaa
I'UitlPsJ for tanaeriea. Brewetica. IMatU
lerlea, Dry Dooksj. Paper Mllla Hallrwad
ntaiions, ifllnaa, Wrecklna Purpaaea, or, in
fact, for any pm-aoee where a pump is needed, will
find it to thefr advantage to oall and see the work,
ing of these valuable Inventions, or address the
PALMCH PUMP COMPAHI for a circular, which
will furnish the names of mini who have need these
ramps wud peneci eawaotiOB. Qw.mm
1 ' '.,.. : ' MAirP'-OTUMM OP ' ' '.
Wood-Working Machinery,
Corner Jabaaasl Watar a.iOI"elaBatl,0.
w.ft.7.j-.u . ;
Arrival and Departure of Mails.
k.m p. a
8 9
t 9
1 6
1 5
1 I2H
1 3
1 3
1 2
fN.York.Phila., Pitls
1 burgh, Buffalo, Clove- r
(.land, Coluuibui..,.,..,. J
Chicago, Ill............
St. Louis, Mo....
Indianapolis, lud
Lou svllle, Ky
Newp't, Cov , Ky...
Hamilton, Dayton
Xenia, Sprlnglield.,..,
( flaltim ore, Wah' ton, )
J. Whtelln, Boston, AI-
(bany, Canada J
( Portsmouth, Ohlllico-)
. the, Marietta, Circle-
(vllle, Zanesville j
I Lafayette, Terre H'te, 1
I Vlncennes
New Orleans, Cairo,
I Memphis, Texas , J
Detroit, loledo, Iowa.
Hillsborough, Oh I J....
ttich'd,Ind . Eaton,0.
Mayavllle, Ky
River towns by 8. B...
lO , flrookfllle, lnd....j
iubii. ivi uaiiwiuia, ,1. vtDiHUU, VIVBOU VU XUCB
days and Fridays at S P. M.
- t 1 1 rn .. : . Mi r i a i n
Foreign malls close dally at, v P. ill.
Letters for registration received until 5 P. M.
Office open from 1 A. M. j closes at 6 P. M.
enny Press to be had every
morning at tbe Couutlug-room door.
Only one cent.
"Buckley's Serenaders make their first
appearance at Melodeon Hall to-night.
1Aftrra bad Bit A jA.l.Hkl
rjnrohased. urjon immediate annlimtlnn at this
offloe. tf
ffBacklev'8 Sorenaders ierform the bur
letatte orera of Lutrelia Boraia at Melodeon
Hall to-night.
rJf .l Clr.fr A Clt a.ll fhl. mn.ninB .lf
paat nine o'clock, at No. 66 West Ninth-street,
a quantity of houiehold furniture. See ad
vertisement. Htuemiai., During the week ending on
Saturday last, forty-four marriage licenses
were issued by the Clerk of the Probate Court,
against fifty during the week previous.
Mketing op tbi Hibernian Association.
The members of the Hibernian Association
will hold a meeting this evening, at Hart's
building, for the purpose of electing officers
for the ensuing year.
2ry Buckley's Serenaders perform the bur
lesque opera of Zuorefta Borgia at Melodeon
Hall to-night.
Risionation op A Poucsman. Speoial offi
cer Henry Wilson, day before yesterday, ten
dered his resignation to the, Mayor, which
waa accepted. No one, as yet, we believe, has
been appointed in his stead.
Bov's Liq Fhactdrid. A little boy abont
nine years of age, named Mahoney, whose
E areata reside in Cherry-alley, was run over
y an express wagon, on Saturday afternoon,
aooui lour 0 ciock, at tne corner 01 aeoonrt
street and Plum, and had his right leg badly
9Bucbley's Serenaders perform the bur
leaque orera of Lwritia Borgia at Melodeon
nan to-nignc.
Unpaid Lotties. The following Is a list of
letters detained for non-payment of postage at
tno rostomce, in this oity, January 7:
Messrs. TownsendCllnch A Dike, New Tork City.
Messrs. Baxton A White, Carlisle, 111.
Dr. John Wood, Patriot, Ind.
Dr. . I. 8. B. Kelso, Leavenworth, Ind. "
Mrs. Louisa Bowe, New Orleans, La.
Fibkmin's Bknxvolknt Association. Wo
learn that Mr. Pike baa generously tendered
to the Firemen's Benevolent Association the
use of the Opera-house on Saturday evening
next for a benefit. The object is a worthy one,
and as an attractive bill will be offered the
pnblio will doubtless emulate the generosity
mat prompted tnis action on tne part of Dir.
riKf, ana nu tne;nnuse to repletion.
Tjbath from Lock-jaw. Day before yester
day a woman named Ellen Wichtman, resid
ing on Smith-street, near Fifth, stepped unon
a nail, whioh pieroed through her shoe into
her foot and caused her great pain, bo much,
indeed, that she was unable to leave her bed.
A physician was called, who used his skill to
relieve her to its fullest extent, bnt without
avail. The peculiarity of the wound oausod a
peoies of tetanus, and after suffering until
yesterday noon the moat violent agony she
MuTKOROLooioAL Obbievations For the
Penny irees, by Henry Ware, Optiolan, No. 7
wee 1 a onrm-iuoei, January v.
O'clock. Barometer.
7 A. M 29.20
12 M ...,.......,.............21i.2:i
6 P. M J9.34
O'clock. Barometer.'.
7 A.' M,.,W.Uy,H,,l..,MVMMil,35
12 M-. ...,..,...... 1, ...... .29.43
:t P. AL..M... -
Above zero 47
Above aero 44
January 8.
' Thermometer.
Above ssero 43
Above aero 46
Above zero 44
agsTBuoklev's Serenaders perform the bur
leique opera of iucrsli'o Borgia at Melodeon
Hall to night.
Fatal Acoidrnt Boy Instantly Killed
by a Fall. A little boy, about seven years of
age, named John HounBtein, wbonev parents
reside near the Brighton-house, climbed noon
the roof of an out-bouse, in the rear yard of
tne Mouse in which be lived, day before yes
terday, and accidentally making a misstep,
fell to the ground, a distanoe of nearly fifteen
feet. His mother saw the accident and upon
taking him np discovered that be was dead.
He had fallen upon his head and dislocated
bis neon, tn us causing almost instant aeain.
."Buckley's Serenaders perform the bur
lesque opera of Lueretia Borgia at Melodeon
Hall to-night. ., . ,; '
Pouci Court. Judge Lowe examined thirty-five
oases on Saturday morning at the Po
lice Conrt, but they were principally unim
portant. Daring the week the fines assessed
at this institution amounted to $315. of which
sum $103 were levied at the Saturday morning
session. Tbe following cases are a fair exam
ple of the business of day before yesterday.
Joseph Connelly, who committed a murder
ons assault upon Michael Whalen, abont two
weeks ago, in a bagnio in Lodge-street, an
account of which we published at the time,
was held In the earn of $1,000 for bis appear
ance, to answer' the charge of stabbing with
intent to kill, before the next term of the
Court of Common Pleas.
Three parson, Irwin A tlear, William Neely
and John cnisman, an aeemea gouty of as
sault and battery the former on three charges.
the seoond en two. and tbe latter on one were
fined eaoh $10 on each charge, and sent
prison for five days.
One of those contemptible fellows who
habitually abase their families, named David
Mahonev. was sentenced to the City Prison
fot Urm of tea days.' This is one of the
worst phases that In 1 whioh tbe inhorent
badness of maa manifests itself, and if pun
isbment will in any way modify the orime
tor sucn it really is, aitnougn not legally tnus
regarded to infllet, always, the severest pen
alty of the law would seem to be the duty
tne numane jntige. 1 n ,v i- .
A little boy named Joseph Murray, who
certainly could not have reached his third
lurtrnm, was charged with petty larceny, and
being found guilty was sent to the House
HetBge.;;-!'; ,. .... ,,S,.r,
1 '' ' - '-! ,i 1 - I' it'tl ".1
Anioal Eliotion op OrfciM op thi Cin-
oinkati Horticultural BooiiTf. The - at
tendance, day before yesterday, at the regular'
meeting . of tbe Cincinnati Horticultural
Society, was unusually large. The report of
the Treasurer, wbioh shows a small balance
on hand, was read and filed. After the report
of the Nominating Committee had been read,
tbe society proceeded to ballot, by general
tioket, for olUoers for the present year, when
the Independent Ticket, with the exception of
Beoording Secretary, was eleoted as follows:
J'rutulmt VY ra. Orange.
Vitt-PrenlmU'Yfm. Stoms, John E. Foote,
Freeman C. Cary.
Meiordmg decretory- J. Hooper.
Corrapondiny Secretary IS. P. Cranoh.
Trtamrer Robert Clarke. ,
Librarian t. f, Allen.
Council J. H. Gerard, A Strauoh aod
Robert Kelly. '
tYmt VummMee. Dr. John A. Warder. Wm.
Heaver, F. Pentland, S. S. Jackson and
George Catt
Fumtr Committee W. Bchneider, Jobn II.
Jackson, Thomas Knott and Wm. Evans.
Veqetable Committer Dr. Wm. Sturm, P.
Considine, A. A. Mullett, S. W. Haaeltine and
James Howarth.
Library Committee It. F. Sanford, General
M. S. Wade and R. Buchanan.
9Buokley's Serenaders perform the bur-
lesque opera of Lueretia Borgia at Melodeon
nan to night.
Cinoinnati Orphan Abtluh Acknowlroo-
hihts. The Managers of this institution
gratefully aoknowledge the following contri
butions during the Christmas and New Year
holidays: Griffin Taylor, $100; "A Friend,"
$100; Mr. Fraxer, $10; Mrs. H. Burton, $20;
"A Friend," $5; Mrs. Mary Reeves, $3; John
Whetstone, $5; Master Walter Jones, 50 cents;
Dr. McHeynnlds, $2; Mrs. M. F. Cassilly, $5;
Mrs. b. a. Williams, 2; 12 turkeys from Sirs.
H. H. Comstook; I large cake, 2 turkeys, 4
ohickens and a quantity of baked meat from
mrs. uromwell; 1 large oake troin Mrs. fl.
Morris: 1 box of oandlos from Mrs. Reeves; 2
turkeys from Mrs. J.., W. Ellis; 1 large oake
from Day ic Bro.; 1 large box of oandies from
Mrs. F. Eckstein; 1 bag peanuts and 50
pounds of coffee from Mr. Dixon; crackers,
almonds, raisins and farini from Mr. Peebles;
2 cakes from Mrs. Julius Boylan; a saddle of
mutton from Mrs. Loring; 1 large oake from
Mrs. Johnson; 1 box toys, 3 boxes marbles
and 24 balls from three little boys; a quantity
of table linen from Mrs. J. D. Jones; small
cake from Mrs. Tate; 4 turkeys and 8 chick
ens from Mrs. Foote; 1 barrel butter-crackers,
1 barrel ginger-oakes, I barrel flour and 50
,. . Ln.Li,.., dnnM A.Am i.k.
fUUUUB UUVh.UO.l UUU1 Hum uuuu uau.j ,
1,200 bushels coke from Cincinnati Craa and
Coke Company; a large quantity of oake from
Mrs. UelBer; & worsted caps lrom lieavitt a.
Bevis; 11 pairs of stockings from Mrs, Newell;
apples from Mr. Bonaal.
"Buckley's Serenaders make their first
appearance at Melodeon Hall to-night.
Dslanb Sc Gossagk. The pnblio, the fair
portion, particularly, have for two years past
been visitors to the large and fashionable dry
goods temple at 74 West Fonrth-street, and
tne names of Deland, Gtoasage & Cuyler
have become familiar as "household words."
A ohange has taken place, Mr. Cuyler with
drawing, leaving the business which will be
carried on with greater energy than ever in
the hands of Messrs. Deland & Gossage.
These gentlemen are well known, and need no
recommendation. By reference to their ad
vertisement, the ladles will poroeive that
great bargains will be offered during this
month, in dress silks, delaines, Irish linens,
shawls and cloaks, domestio shirtings and
sheetings, and every article usually found in a
flrst-olass dry goods establishment. Ladies
will please notice that Messrs. Deland &
Gessage still occupy the old stand, No. 74
West Fourth -street, opposite the Opera-house.
v v
Serious Stabbing: Afibat. Abont seven
o'olock last evening a quarrel occurred be
tween a couple of steamboatmen, named
Wakefield and Jones, at a drinking-honse, on
Front-street, near the Little Miami Railroad
Depot, in which one of tbein was severely
stabbed in the abdomen. It appears that a
difficulty has existed between them for some
time, and harsh words had caused wounded
feelings in both the parties that ' time had
failed to heal. Lest evening they met, and
by circumstances were thrown together, when
the olden feeling arose, and after many harsh
words they oame to blows. In the melee that
ensued Wakefield was stabbed, as we have
said in the abdomen, causing an internal
hemorrhage which, should inflammation take
place, will doubtless result in death. A phy
sician was called, who attended to the wants of
the wounded man, but Jones, we believe, made
his esoape.
ST-Buokloy's Serenaders perform the bur
lesque opera of Lueretia Borgia at Melodeon
Hall to-night.
Pbochdinos or thnCountt CosiMissioNiRS.
At the regular session of the County Commis
sioners, held on Saturday morning, orders
were passed amounting in the aggregate to
$1,055 06, of which $1,115 52 were to George
D. Winchell k Co. forengine, pump, hose and
cas-pipe, .at South-western Lunatio Asylum,
and $674 49 for maintaining inmates of
House of Refuge during the month of De
cember. The County Auditor was instructed to no
tify the Secretary of State oi the completion
of the South-western Lunatio Asylum at
Carthage, and make publication of the fact
according to the provisions of the statute in
that case made ana provided.
The following named persons were dis
charged from tbe County Jail because of in
ability to pay fines: Baldwin Smith, Mary
Jane Moore, William Maokley, Allen Quick
ley, and P. L. Williams.
Pbibon, Jait, and Hospital. In the City
Prison, at tbe dote of the week, there were 147
prisoners, (80 of them females,) against 139
tbe previous week. During the week 03 pris
oners were discharged.
In the County Jail there were 7 lunatios;
20 females; 4 on bread and water; 16 on chain
gang; 68 in main jail 121 in all, against 120
the week previous.
At the Commercial Hospital 26 persons were
admitted during the week; 28 discharged; 0
born, and 1 died Charles Klein.
In the Hospital last evening 153 patients
were under treatment, against 156 the previous
At the olose of the week there was one ease
of small pox in the Pest-house.
jjS-Buckley's Serenaders perform the bur
lesque opera of iucrsd'o Borgia at Melodeon
Hall to-night. J , ,
Hiobwat Robbibt. A man named Barney
MoHugh was arrested yesterday, and com
mitted to the Hammond-street Station-housa,
upon a charge of. highway, robbery. It
appears . that on Saturday night last be
attacked a man named Read, who represents
himself as an attorney for the State of Indiana,
and robbed him of fifty dollars. : Read made
aomplaint to some policemen, who afterward
arrested MoHugh, under the belief that he is
the party who committed the theft. He will
have a hearing this morning before Judge
Lowe, at the Police Court. . -., ,
1 .
Rivie Saviqation Rssomd. By referenco
to our river article itwill be seen that naviga
tion in the Ohio was resumed yesterday, and
that to-day all the steamers will be In motion.
The ice has not yet eeased to run In the Ohio,
but being rotten and thin, it prevents little
obstruction to the steamers. i
Bot Drownsd. A boy whose name we were
nnable to learn, while playing on a raft at the
foot of Smith-street, yesterday .afternoon , fell
into the river, and before assistance could
renoh him was drowned., At a late hour yes
terday evening, althongh every exertion had
been made, his body bad not been recovered.
;'. '"'. ' -
, gsTBuokley's Serenaders make their first
appearame at Melodeon Hal ty-nifht. . v'
j )t: ('
Kuuva'a or1 Arrests bymrMator! Pnt.toi
Ddrino 1859. We give bel ow thenum!i r of
arrests upon eaoh crime and mijiloeeao'jf com
mittod in this oity during t he pan year. 1 'f ho
table has been carefully ooiapilcd; and vi be
lieve contains every arrest nixie by' the
Mayor's Police during that Mm.'' ThU. how
ever, does not in clude the arrests nindo ly other
officers, and the oases taken before U)n differ-
wtMagiBtraf of the city for examination,
wtjioh, aiiuougn wis seemn large, would swell
the- amount to a considerable degree:
Alril ne; Prisoners to escape......
AbutiiDg family
Admi'nlstnng poison
Attempt t" commit rape.. ,
. i'. lnt.,,(.All
ABW11I bi.m (ii.u. vu
Arson...-"""- - ".
Assault and battery....... ..
Adulter,' -
Attempting to pick pockekt
Unuitm l ather.
liathing on bunday
I'ounterfei ting .........,.....
fnmmittin nuisanre
(.'arrylng no ncealwl weapons.
Oareiees driving ..".....
tlouuterfeit coin
Cutting with intent to woun d
Close driving....
Hutting witn intent to kill
Driving through funeral processions.,
Dumping dirt in streets .
Disorderly conduct
Driving over sidewalks.
Knpoeing person
Fugitives from justice '
v 'set riding,
. 8
. 4
. 15
. li'8
. II
. Ill
. ir
. 27
. 17
. i'.i
,. s
, 19
,. I."
,. ID
.. lt
. 109
,. 27
. 7
. 48
,. 37
,. 2S
,. 3
. 22
. 10
,. an
,. an
. m
,. 37
,. 32
, 1'J
. 24
.. 110
,. Ul
. 3
,. 14
.. 23
.. M
,. ir
.. !
.. 39
.. 26
. , 32
,. W
.. 472
.. a
Ii-at driving
lran.d Larceny
Horse stealing
Hlghw.ay robbery
Having possession counterfeit money
Harborit ' lewd women
iHterferil'gwJ'n ofttcore
Insulting .I'dJ? v
Keeping Ga mbiing-house
Keeping vie lous Jogs
Keepiug dleo rderly house....
Keeping hous of ill-fame
Lunacy -
Murder ....
Malicious destruction of property
Obtaining goods I J false pretense...,....-,
Da suspicion
Obtaining money by ttlne pretenses.,
On warrant
On capias
Obstructing afreet railro ads
Obstructing sMewalk
Flaying ball ga.-ne
I'revoking breaoh of the peace
Peddling withouMicense.
Terjury -
Tasstng raised mo ney.....
Tetit larceny
Picking pockets
raasingconntarfeit money
Playing cards on Bun day.................
Robbery .
Resisting officers
Receiving stolen goods
Receiving stolen tuonojt
Renting houses to proe.uitlies
Hhooting in street....
pelting ooscene noons .,.,
Htanding on street corner 0., ...... ...
Hhooting with intent to ki II. ...... ......
Stabbing with iutent to kill......
Selling counterfeit coin
Violating ordinances .
-Buckley's Serenaders make their first
appearance at Melodeon Hall to-night.
Notici. Mr. Moores is entitled to a'M money
which is due to Mr. Landis, recently our car
rier in West Covington. No other person ex
cept Mr. Moores is authorized to receive it.
Cm Elsction The oity eleotion pawed
off quietly on Saturday last, though a heavy
vote was polled. , Eaoh party elected a portion
of its ticket, and of the new members of tho
Council, three are Democrats and four Oppo
sitionsame as last year. With the politics
of most of the new members of the Sohool
Board we are unacquainted. Tbe following
is the official result of the wards :
First Ward....
Kooond Ward.
Third Ward...
Konrth Ward..
Fifth Ward
Sixth Ward ....
Seventh Ward
;,......... 75
. 75
.'. 'A
834 896
821 8i7
so e-i
3 Si
a a "
' P 'O
First Ward.....! 113 l.in ...
Hecnnd Ward.. 81 114
Third Ward 82 96
Fourth Ward 168 in
Fifth Ward.... 259 163
BixthWard 19S 78 "
Seventh Ward 89 73
, "7 755
enr rHYsicua.
,., - g- . .
, .-, .0 B
' B
. 146
990 708
o -
First Ward...,
Second Ward,
Third Ward
Fourth Ward,
. 61
Fifth Ward
Sixth Ward
Seventh Ward..,
.1X8 228
...19.1 73
... 38 127
.' 77 924
2 H
2 S
774 927
' a I .
First Ward
Second Ward.....
Third Ward
Fourth Ward.....
Fiftli Ward
Sixth Ward
Seventh Ward...
... 52
... 97
,...229 193
...170 95 .
....fa 104
693 918
803 867
O'Brien, D. Oonnelly.O.
77 159 .r
57 131 -
60 114 .
.....107 132
218 198
181 84 .
ftt 87
First Ward........
Second Ward
Third Ward....,.,
Fourth Ward...
Fifth Ward.......
Sixth Ward
Seventh Ward...,
569 900
Tbe members of Council elected are as fol
lows : In the First - Ward, John Kearne y;
Second Ward, John Battersby; Third War d,
A. P. Rose: Fourth Ward, B. K. Soromerwell;
Fifth Ward, C. H. Mooarj Sixth Ward, Ed
ward Riley; Seventh Ward, Isaao Longaore.
Among the above are 3 Domocrats and i Oppo
sition. The School Trustees are: First Ward, A. J.
Francis;. Second War d, J. W. Farrell; Third
Ward, H. Luba; Fourth Ward, John M'ackoy;
Fifth Ward, H. G. . Bargeant; Sixth Ward,
Robt. Dunham, Seven th Ward, P. Kemper.
There ) a large majority in all ,tho wards
against the increase of taxes.
Covington and Nsw.port Bbidos vs. Qrat.
This case was argued bofore the Corrt of Ap
peals, on Friday Inst, b,v Johnson for the ap
pellee, and Hollam for 'ihe appellant. It has
not yet been decided. ' ;
' KsNTtJoit AoRiorjLToai.ii So oibtt. A meet
ing of the Board of Directors of this Society
will be held at Frankfort, to -morrow, for the
purpose of deciding upon the time and place
of holding the fifth annual State Fair.
' Slaves Kmai(04Patio. Foiirt sen slaves, be
longing to Col. MoOinnis, of Bo urbon County,
in company with their masters, 'passed through
this city on Saturday . last, n route to Cinoin
nati," where -the necessary pi .per were exe
cuted for their immediate emancipation. . .
1 1
Duatr orRiTRB Mm. Tbret well-known
river men, Asa Stebbine, William Philips, and
John Mannier, were yesterday attended to
their graves by the Odd Fellow's of this oity,
of whioh order they were members; Another,
Jacob H. Crawford, and likewise an Od dFel
low,, who died on Saturday last, will be buried
1'' W .at t? , - j 1 :. ,
;VnL'a Or-Ri-A.-'it'o08ie.-Thr re ar'e WrJorhaJ
HIT".? '"""n ,n'' """' "neeratlif kdmlred
ffi.K;l'l"l"w""1" TiiaTam-seT. In almost every
I! . .1. ar l,n," "'""'P "( the might) genius who gave
11 10 tne world, aud every character portrayed in the
S Jf f""'p ite. !" ir'r; .VV n " admlrr,
almost love, that beautiriil mixture or the child and
wriman riiprFsented lu 'iliranda," who, in her girl
lohsimplkity, wished to perform the laborer "For
f "d gave bim her hand with her heart In
it before it was asked? Wlincinfailtoliudintliedell
cate ArM a spirit whom liice bus been upon his
sleep, hovered almut him in his day dreams, aud
Wlw his imagination with aii idea of the beautiful I
Who has read thedescripttuu of that sturm without,
in his laucy, seeing tho foaui.cmted waves kiss the
"tars, and the liglitningH l. np new-born lrom cl.m.is
tliateveryinouwiitseenii-dio llnunlcij d nth 10 all
whowitninod theui.whilejove'sartlllery thundered
nn-n poals as were jiover heard by mortal oar.
AH these will be repnwmted at the Opera-house
I '-nighi In a style we venture to predict uueqoaled
n the history of dramatic representations in this
i-i.untrv. Thhtltwilldraw weilo not doubt; for It is
nut nltnn that Anleiptisoand skill are so combined
n lo produce this play in a style at all adequate to
Un deserts, ami it will lie long before our citiisnna
Mill again havoan opportunity of witnessing it after
it has been withdrawn.
Wood's Thratkr. The new play of Thr
Fatalist, or Visions or rnt FOToar, will be pre-
H. nted.fiir the first time, to-night, at thlsestabllsh
in.uit. The public Is already aware of the opinions
'l literateurs, wlio have read and pronouueed upon it
itieirnniiualilied approbation. In all the concomi
tants of druHsus, sconery and properties, weareaa
Mirod, from the well-kuowo taato and enterprise of
1 nr. manager, nothing will be wanting, and thia
-!ded to the mhereut dramatic interest it is said to
li iSHesti, will render it attractive, aud will doubtless
nuke it a dramatic success.
National Thkatkr. To-night Euterpe bo-
i.ins her leinn at the Nalioniil, represeatod by Ihe
I. scott and Miranda UpeniTroup. afe-, beautiful
i;ieraof lim Bunrmian irl, always a favorite, and
iliMerveilly so, with Lucy Kscott as "Arlino," and
Ijtirandn, already known to our citizens, as "Thad-il-u."
Tho nther parts are well ailed, and the deli.
inns airs of this oxctwdinitly popular opera may be
i H'cted to he given in excellent style. Thecom
inny come to us, it In true, lor the first time, hut
1 heir repntatlon is familiar to the lovers of art, and
m earm stly wIhIi for them, what no doubt they will
n-ceivo large aud enthusiastic audiences.
Smith it Nixon's Hall. Professor Jacobs,
who is said to have had the most brilliant aiirrnss as
;i rt izzard and vcutriloiinlst in other parts of this
country, and also in Kurope. will open Smith A
IMxou s Hall this eveniux. His entertuinments are
represented ns truly wonderful; and all who delight
In the Cabalistic art will donbtless find much to
nmuse and 1'iteroat them in his performances.
Mklopron Hall. At this establishment the
oriainal Hurkley's Herenaders appear this evening.
They are genuine mtiHicians, excellent dellneatore of
the negro character, gooddaurerN, and will give their
hearers negro niinstrolsv in its best form, and after
1 he most approved ninthjd. We need not advise our
realtors to visit it, taking it for granted that they
lived no such impulse.
;SeBiH'klt)y's Serenaders make their first
appearanco at Mclo!son Hall tp-night,
The River reated to decline ou Saturday
morning, and remained stationary up to Hunday
afternoon, when, intlueiKoil by the recent raius and
tiieontpoiiring of some of the tributaries above, the
wafer began to an ell slowly, and was still rising
gradually last night.
The mild weather and rather warm rain of Satur
day uight continuing through a greater part of the
nay aided greatly to break up tho ice, which, having
ceased to be formidable yesterday, navigation waa
. The Telegraph left fur Louisville at noon and tho
ntrader her moorings at that port. To-day all the
Pickets will commence making their regular trips,
aud the wharf will be mure animated than It has
been for some time past.
The weather yesterday was mild and thawing all
dav. '
Kates of freight are hardly determined as yet, but
tney do not oilier materially from those we have
oeuire quoten. - . . ,
At. T.flllisvillA the river WAH fiillilia nulla rnnlillv nn
I'llda, with Iileet3 inches water in the canal in the
eviiiiiig by the mark. On the falls there were nearly
'1 ieot water, uiirini; th- . revinus noura the
river receded 7 inrhss tit ihe head of the fall and
nearly 2 lent Hi Portland. The weather at that
point very materially moderated, will, ihe wind from
the south nearly all of Friday, and tbe thermometer
wai lar above the froealng point. It commonced run
ning about V o'clock nn Friday night, and no doubt
tho ico will soon disappear. A fleet of boats are laid
up at Evansville aad lu lireen lllvu, awaiting tho
disappearance of the Ice. .
The Steve Decatur, Mexico, Moses rlcTiellan and
1 erniu, were lain up at last accounts at jtvansviiie,
Tho latter had aomowhat damaged hi r hull by but
ting the ico, aud would have to 1m rernired.
Navigation below the Falls to Cairo, Memphis and
New Orleans continues open.and four or five boats
111 riven m A.ouisviue worn nelowon I rlday last.
Htltllrdar's St. liOlltfl llemof-rut has the fnllnwlnff!
"River mut'era attbisportare still in tho sanio state,
aud all we can say on the present occi- U iliut the
same sterootype terms 0 the aspect of ailairs uotedro
frequently may be again repeated. There is not the
slightest prospect of a change in trade; tho rivor
lielow is gorged with ice, and every minute the bar
riora become stronger by the quantities of young ice
consolidating with those firm packs already there.
Theslreans above. excentito Alton, are precisely In
the same condition the ice is firm, without prospects
of Opening. The winil to ,lv n aa a.,,i!l,arlv.linuinver.
and rain begau to fall, but unless it coines down iu
larger quantities It will not benefit us much.
The weather Is much milder, however, than for
days provlons, and, should it continue, we may ex
pect a change in the condition of things. We think
the rivor here gives indications of a gradual rise, it
i"i'i i'iiiu aooiu lour incnes wnnin me tweuiy
tour hours endinir Hfc linnti vnaterilRv.
Up to a late hour last night, thestateof river affairs
remains tbe samo. Alter many fluctnations the
stream has rison about three or four inches during
the twenty-four hours ending at seven o'clock last
night, and there stands. Tbe weather Is mild and
l to rain, falls flatly, but Bot with sufficient force to
change the face of things. We hope, however, to be
uuie 10, report a hotter state ot anairs In a few days.
Monetary and Commercial.
Saturday waa rather a amulet day for tho
close of tbe week; outdoor business boiug unfavor
ably influedced by tho extremely inclement weather;
Money remained clone, but still an Improvement
from tho beginning of the week waa manifested
Currency had somewhat Increased in Quantity, and
parties wanting short loans obtained them with less
difficulty. t
Kastern Exchange was very Arm, and the supply
Inadequate to the demand; dealers often paying
within a fraction of their selling tlgnre.
Hold was dull, and New Orleans Exchange nearly
nominal, as llulo could be had at M preni.
Tbe discount rates of Unrurreat Money at present
are as follows; Indiana Stock Mi Virginia (except
Wheeling city) it; Pennsylvania (interior)); Mis
souri (St. Louis) ; Aliamiuri (interior) 1,'4; Iowa 3;
Illinois 2; Wisconsin; Maryland (iuterior) ft; Mich
igan 1; North (iaroliua I; South Carolina H; Georgia
V, Tennessee (old) ii; Tennessee Free Banks 1; Ala
bama 1; Canada 1.
The rates of Exchange and Coiu at the close of the
week were:
New York Sight itytMVt prem. prem.
Philadelphia " Ki prem. H prem.
Ronton " prem, H piem,
Baltimore " "n prem. prem,
New Orleans " ' prem. -H prem.
American Cold 'a prem. Yv. prem.
The trade In Flour was unite light on Saturday
without change in prices; but Whisky was in butter
demand and sc. per gallon higher. Groceries were
Htendy and unchanged, (irains were unaltered. As
to Hogs, heavy onus were iu good demand, but light
were dull; price ruling about the same as on Friday.
Tne Imports and Export ot various articles dur
ing Ihe twenty-four hours ending Saturday soon,
lmroETH.- Floor, 087 brls.: Whisky, 1,8(19 barrels;
(lorn, 3,903 bushels; Wheat, l,S'i bushels; Oats, 3,51 J
brothels; Barley, 481 bushels; Hogs, 3,8n head; Pork
and Bacon, 160 tierces, Ki barrels, 13(1,641 pounds;
Butter, 4fi kegs; Potatoes, 405 brls.
ExpoaTe.-Flour, U29 brls.; Whisky, 373 barrels:
Oats, 60 bushels; Pork aud Bacon, 411 hhds., 201
tierces, 14(1 boxes; Sugar, n hhds.; Molasses, 94 brls.;
Goflee, 1 13 bags; Cheese, 3U boxes; Salt, 121 brls.
Friday's Tribune says of Money matters In New
York on Thursday:
The demand for Jllou n va very active this morn
ing with a restricted Supply, but after one o'clock
there waa marked relief, aud ou good securities loans
could be made with more ease than for a week past.
The impression appeared to be that we have seen the
worst ol thisBudden spasm for the present. We still
t nink, however, that it will be nearly the 1st of Feb
ruary before the large accumulation of tbe 1st of
January will hava circulated through theavenuea of
trade and reached again the reservoirs from which
loans are made. The discount-houses also leel abet
ter demand for paper, and have began again tomako
sales. We hear of nothing below 7 per cent., and
llrnt-class signatures havo been passed at per
oeut. Demand loans are 7 percent.
There la no important change in Foreign Bills, but
the market continue heavy. Hunkers ask 100 for
Hterltng. First-clans Bank Bills have sold at Md-H.
(Jiminorcial signatures are li"(ail('41 and Document
Hills 107(10107.4. Francs 4.?'S(y.V17)..
VotaaoK or tan Uhited Statss Mmr. During the
month of Decern her tile coinage at the United Slates
Mini, in Phlladelptiia.auiniinOed In value to 8214,100,
and consisted ot .,1X1.0,. 70 pieces. Ko less that 3,200,
OOil cents were among the sum coined. .
Maw Yobk Dav 80011s MaaaCT. rriday'a Tribune
says of the Mew York Dry Goods market for the paat
weok: The Dry Goods business of the week has been
equal to- the expectations of tho trade, although it
has not been large. Some of the early trade houses
are commencing with their usual activity, and tho
next few weeks will witness a large trade. We do
lint, however, look for that rush vf trade which has
characterised some seasons, but a more gradual de
mand, suite sufficient to meet the productive capac
ity of our mills, and not excite a speculative feeling.
The facilities of communication with the moat re
mote parts of the country render it unnecessary for
tho merchants to keep largo stocks in the interior,
and the trade la gradually aniumiug a less periodical
character. The high rates of freight to nearly
all points of the Interior, have operated against
any very large purchases for present forwarding.
The determination to snontn credits In every de
partment is shuwiug good results. The class of buy
ers nere desired are those who paid their bills
promptly the past season, and are willing to conform
io theshort-tlmosnd nete-at-bank systems., :
Tut II 00 IbUrkbt. The St, Louis paoking houses,
up to the evening of the 4th, report (7,737 head, and
tho season there ii considered closed.
FL0TJB The demand was merely of a trifling na
tur.i to day; but there waa no change in prices. W e
quote superfine at t'l H'$i 40, and extra at f.) 4M
& as. '.11. .. - ,,
1 WHISKY-There was rather a better demand to
dev. and nricefl advanced lie. Tba mImum l .nu
uarreis at 2Utt(s.c., uie latter rato iroiu wagou,
Jt Ji s
irt ii 4
HOGS A. good demand for heavr. but lighl rather
d.iil; there wu, however, no essential ohlbgejn
Kiftcap The sales weret ,-,.. . V .
Ulead averaging MO lbs. Bt.,-yi. L.Li....l W SO
TH liead averag ng 230 list, nt....'..,........;, t if, J
l:H head averaging 229 lbs. t. . 6
1 I bead avoraging 17J lb. su 30
Ihe receipts were about 4,(ssj headT ' . '
PHOVISIONS-Tbe market was guile dull to-day;
tli demand haring fallen-elf.i Bulk Meal were 1
n iered uuit" freely at i!i and lor February de
li .i-ry, lint there were 11 e buyers, and we heaid of no
Bi les. Mesn folk could have been lougkttoafalr '
i viiiit at 8lfi So, but tbe S.iles werM cnnined tuino :'i
Ii 11 reU at this rjt,i. Laid i bold firmly at lOr.; but
I'im demand is auite moderate, and the only sales we '
h -.inl of were aliout 'J.ri(i barroNi ut tills rate. A eon,
turned good demand for greuu Hams at 8c., with sales
0 l.'-ini pieces, d'll barrels old mess Pork sold at 9IA;
1 lis l it overrun in weight from ' to 3d pounds per
lurri'l. Sitiretlio above wih written, wci beard of a '
ilo of 100,0"" pounds bulk Shoulders, to be delivered '
I'm 12th of February, at U40., and 1.U00 kegs Lard at
(.atOCERIE.H The market is nnchanged; and
ady at 8Miat',c. Hir Sugar; 4t47o. fur Uulaasos,aud
IMl3c. forCi'lTee. ' ' '
WHBAT-Themarki' cuutinues In Mod demand,
i' id prlw-e Orm t 81 2'K I 29 lor priuio white, and
fi toai n for prima red. ......
CORN Prices have advanced (o 'bMSMits., with a
fond demand: sale of M bushels. In bulk, at 56c.; '
M0 do. at ,v.r. ; 20ft do., at MurietU Oepot, at A2c.
' "ATS The market ii firm, with a good demand
nt (((.: sales or 1,700 bushels, in bulk, at 4vc.; 1
l,iKldo. atiiSo. . ,"
I1YK The demand continues active, and prices
linn nt St. The receipts are very light. - v
liAKLEY The market continuna dull aud prices
nu' bango'l: sales of J,HOIi biifhds prime fall, on board
nt Mavsvitle, at75c. .... 1
HAY Tho demand continues active, with light
loceipts. aud orrcoa firm nt 124 tier ton. forerime
Timothy, on arrival.
OIIKKHE The market is firm at last quotations:
t ib'sufSOO boxes fall-mado Western Kcserveat sc.; 1
mnin soinciea au VIC
UUTTEB The market fs dull and nrlres tin-'1
rhauged. We quote Central Ohio at 15c., and Weal
cm HoHervo at 17c.
A I'PLES There is a good demand, and prices firm -at
it 2!3 25 per barrel for fair to choice, from
I'OTATOKS-Tbe demand continues good, and
rii es firm at SI 75 per barrel for prime Neahanocks,
rom store.
CLOVEB HKKD There Is a fair demand at last
quotations: sales of 100 bushels, in sacks aod barrels,
in o eo.
,S- A CO. 8ales-rooniH Nn. .M Mnin.atreet.w
(liocerins, Liquors, Paints, Window Class and Bpicna -nt
Auction. -Will betold, onTUKSDA Y MOKN1NG, '
January 1(1, ai do'elock 30 bags Kio Coflee; IS mats
.i.vauonee; iisi oagsuronnu npicea; i aega ni-uarl)
Mod,;.'i0 his. Va. and Ky. Tobacco; 40 hi-rh. (Iranrl
III k Teas;ollbrls.rimokingTobacco;70bn. Window
ALSO Indigo. Nutmgi. Saleratits. Madder.
Cloves. Sulphur, Ac, in boxes.
iu iiiquarier-caaas tiranay;tu oris. BourDon
Whisky, Oiu, Wines, Ac.
Aijnu 1 new 1 ire-prooi iron eaie; iguaioa lions;
10 kegs and brls. Honey.
n. 8. S1ILEH, Auctioneer.
i. WILLlAMS-Pales-rooms Nos. 22andS4 Kast '
Thlrd-etreet.-Variety sale.-On TUBSDAY MOBN
I NO, January 10, at V o'clock, a general asaorimssit
of Tnl'lo (Jntlery, Kulvea anil forks, Spoons, Wait
er, Braces and Uitls, Saws, Ac.
l,SO-A stuck of Plated Ware, Tea Hots, Castors,
Si ir.ns, Ac. '1 -
t, l;SO ft cases Women's and Children's Shoos and
oilier goods
A liSO-lu do.on Sparkling Catawba; V pieces as- ,
sr.rtcil lllaukets; I iloistiug Machine, iu order.
AliSO-A general assortment of good Furnl-i '
lure, Ac.
1'J A. KELLOGO, Auctioneer.
im JOHNSTON, inSalej.rooms.No.MMaln.Btreet,
Next to Trust Company Bank. Dry Goods, Hats,
Cans. Moots, Shoes, Ac, at Auction. TUEBD AY
MUKNINd, Jannary in, commencing at OS o'rlork,
nil! besold, without ri-earvo, targe and dasirable ;
stuck ot soasnnableliry Goods, tine Shawls. Comforts.
Ilooils, Uloves, Italian Cravats, linderxhirts and
Drawers, Arc. .'. . ' . - ,.
ALHU-7S pairs fine Hod Blaukets, 5o pairs heavy
Bine Mackinaw Blankets, 30 doaen Woolen Jackets,
ALSO 50 cases Boots, Shoes aud Brogans, with
caws Uats, Caps, Ac.
j 119 T H0MA3 JOHNSTON, Auctioneer.
A CO.-Furniture at Auction. -Will be sold on
MONDAY M O KM I bO, January a, at ." o'cloek, at
No. 56 West Niuth-street, between John lunl Mound,
tbn Furniture of a lamily, consiHtiug of three ma- ,
liogany hair-cloth' sofaa, leather arm-chair, center- 1
I11I1I0, etageru, looking-glass, pair mahogany card
tables, bair-seat parlor chairs, window-liKuds, clockr,"
I'Hiulelabras, oil-paintings, Brussels carpet, Ac;
sideboard, extension. table-, stove, arm-chairs, dining
Hiiil tea ware, plated ware, glassware, water-cooler, .
Act mahogany and cottage bedsteads, mattresses,
wardrobe, marble-top dressing-bureaus, do. wash-'
atniids, tdblee, curpets, fate chairs, settee. Ac; coal
cooking-stove aad fixtures, sofa and kitchen furni
ture. JACOB GRAF, Auctioneer,
jail - No. 16 Kast fourth-street.
at last just what the Ladios have long need 00. .
and looked for in vain, the Uterine Elixir.
The Uterine Elixir is warranted to euro all dis
eases of a Uterine Nature; Inflammation of the
Womb, the Kidneys, the Ovaries, aud the Urethra. '
Prolapsus or Falling of the Womb, Painful Menstru
ation, Chlorosis, Amenorrhea; in fact, a perfect cure
Is guarranteed by the rise of from two to Are bottles
of tbe Kllxir, of any disease whatever of the Geuer
Rtlvo aud Urinnry Organs, of male or female, no '
matter of how longstanding. Price $1 per Bottle. .
Mmlamo ELLIS calls particular attention to the ,
following Card of one of the most prominool Drug
gists of Cincinnati.
"To tuk Public Ann the Ladies lit PA.BTicoi.ia.
We, the undersigned, are not in the habit of giving
our name to Patent Medicines; but knowing well the
Lady Physician, and tbemedicine called the lJtTiuo
Elixir, we cheerfully recommend it to all females
suffering from Female Lucases of any kind; it Ih
purely vegetable, aud in 110 case can do Injury; wc
sy to all try, aud our word for it. you will luad re
lief. F. D. II ILL, Drags Int.
sop7 ' "Corner of Fift h and Uaoe-strrets." . .
cures, without fail, pains in the Breast, , Hack,
Hide "r Limbs: CoilMjis, Culds, Hoarseness Difll
cultf of Breathing, Headache, Flatulency, Heart
huru. Chronic Kheuroatiam, Billions Chollc, Urawp
''hollo, Griping Pains of the Bowels, Iliilluess,
Stupor, Inactivity, Loss of Appetite, and id Pain
ful Menstruation it is a certain cure, and gives
immediate relief. In any of tbe above dlsoasoa
it will give relief in twenty minutes, and perma
nent cure by the use of two bottles. Only !i cent
per bottle so cheap that every person can get It. -N.
B.-For sale by F. 1). HILL, Druggist, corni r
of iUcoand Fifth-steeots; J. D. PA UR, corner of
Fourta aud Walnut; SlURB, KOKSTKIN (Jo.,
corner Vine and Fourth; JOHN DlCKSOK, corner
ul John and Sixth; PAUL BRINLK1N, corner ot
KighUi and Freeman. Also, UDWABD HCANLAN
A 00., corner of Main and Fourth; and Madame
KLLI8, 144 West Sixth-street. - aeptf-ay
Save the Pieces 1
' mending Furniture, Toys, Crockery. Glass
ware, Ac. r
Wholesale Depot, No. 30 Platt-street, Mew York,
Bex No. 3,fiun, Now York.
Put up for Dealers in Oases containing four, eight,
and twelve dozen a biaiitiful Lithograph Show
I'ard accompanying each package.
, Free from OIToubIvc Odor, at
ONTO. 07
Walnut-street, Cincinnati, O.
AL with any manufacturing establishment
n America.
We warrant our Oils to be equal, if,not snpo
rior, to any in themaiket. ' .
ur We invite those iu the city aad vicinity to
call and examine for themselves.
mmr fio persons ordering from a distance, satis
faction guaranteed in all cases. Address
V. It. H ASKIN, Aaeut, or
' '' A, 6. HODGKS Treasurer,
:, Kanawha U.O.M. Oil Man. Co.,
dog ; , W Walnnt-atreet, Cincinnati. .
U11UJ i UUUi uutsi
next to Smith A Nixon's Uall, Cincinnati, '
Oliln.- Aplendid Gift, wort hirem Aeeenta to IOO,
w iii be given with every book for which we receive .
one dollar anil upward at the time of sale. . ;
ttifm consist of Gold and Siver Watches. Ladies
Solid Gold Chains, splendid set of Jewelry, fine Gold
Bracelet, dents' Gold Vest-Chains, and a large va- ,
rioty of other articles of rich. Jewelry, worth from
!W cents tojion. . .
l.ailiea and gentlemen are reipecifnlly invited to.
Call and examine our stock.
,.ltt 5 A. A. KELLEY, ' ,
i,iit a. publisher and Gift Bookseller, ''
; .. ,.ii No.sa Waal VamthtMai..
I '. ' it'.j'ii !--i(iiMj. ,nf ihtf e. .)
i, I , 'VjUyj jntvfl tfjiw n't9l tn Ai,i"t
-'-.I.', ' . . O i, . .

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