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lyH BjE jHN Ti PBE S S
II published dally, (.Sou dare exonted,) by
rRAffdsCo k caidWeii,
r-M-s-ao. 14 wiit rot iti iiiiM.
THB jBHBY rBBftfU delivered eabeoriber la
V- Wndnntl, Oovlngtou and Hewport, udiiv
, nmnaiDf oitlti and town, at th ex.-
tTemely lew price of ,..'i r.
i,' .' ml ! PBICHOr BAIUm: . '
Single copies io.ilnODtk40o.il month! $1 1 1 year $4.
1 ' fiosMit ran AID TUI-tllllttS.
First eight of the great Amwlotn Tngcdr.
IIre sight of the pepolronnf Tr(dlu, ' ;
i ' MB. B. M. POWERS, ? , : f
1NOS will tw produced u orlf inal BTe-aot Tragodr,
hj E. 11. Powers, Eq., with new Kenery, wardrobe,
Ac, entitled . '
On, Vjsiom of tbi Ictoii,
Si. M0a..,.t...M.Ht MMHtt,Mwi..Hri Powen
ur. Laogdon
Do'Urlo...............,...Mr. Ead
Valverde Ur Hall
Leonora.t)MmMMt M.iMtM.HMiH..M.tMH.Mra Kllnler
Tlieroit........ .......,.HiM Annie Walte
i'o be followed with
P0-CA-H0N-TA8. ft
Capt. John Hmlth,M..... ..-.-....Mr. Ball
Fow-ba-tan ....Mr. Kllsler
U. It. U. Fo-oa-hon-taii ...llle Tannr Uenham
VDoon open at tH; Uartalo rtae at 7 o'olooc.
Fniorn or AonuaioM Orel Circle and Faronette.
Moentt; Gallery, aacenta.
S.K. Ftt(s.....,u.i.J.l....1.
OB. rjnKV J. .
JIUga Director.
THIS RVKNINQ, and every eranlng until farther
notice. Till be freMnted, with new loenery, Ao..
Bhkapiard'4 grand play of ', . , ,,, ,, ,
...Mr. Conway
Mr. Sheridan
....Mr. Uhaplln
Alouno. .........
..Mr. Davldge
,......Mr. Hall
...Mr. Add)son
..Mr. Lanuran
at MtietAmtneett
..Mr. Temnteton
Mr. Arnold
Mra. Oonway
..MIea Crocker
..Miss Kingsbnry
Pbicei or ADimntON.-Parqnette Circle, FamnetU
and Balcony, fiO centa ; Amphitheater, 25 cent ;
Private Boxes for eight poreona, $8.
Doori open at tiX o'clock ; commence at IH.
John BhtM PrnnrlAtnr anrl MinHop
!$ JrvrtiiattrtiiMMMiaaaMietH Tiofuiuror
Eiilish Opera Troupe.'
THIS EVKNISO, Jannary W, will be presented
iv . v invent n aiiace s ceieoraiea upera oi
MrlUna.M,(..t;...-.....i.,.......Miss Lncy Becott
Don t'asnar de Baian ......Mr. D. Miranda
Don Jose. ,..,. ...,....,..., Mr. Bondinot
liazarillo -- Mias Annie Kemp
King of Spain ...Mr. P. Meyer
Captain of Quard ...Mr. Sohueff
incidental to tne upera, Bpanlan Dance, Miss J
High. , ; i . , . , i , i ... 1 1 '',
To commence with
Mr. W. Carter
Mr. Bernard
Ohriatiue .... ...... Mra. C. Henri
Wanted Immediately Twelve young ladies for tba
naiiei, Appiy ai boi umce oetween u ana i.
Timi AiTBBEO. Doors open at t o'clock i the
curtain will rise at 7M precisely. , ,- i
NUTIOK. Tradesman and other are cautioned
against furnishing any articles for the theater with
out a written Order, signed by Ihe Manager, i
THIj, NEWvNATlOnAIi HOTBJjTlidlolnlnt tha
Theaiew is.uow .open. for tba.reoeptioi of gneats,
1-Sooms can be obtained by the day or week, and
menia lurnisnea ai su uonra - ' .i .
G R A N D : F E ST I V A L
, ;)' ,1 . .'I I I 1 7
. . ii
..j ..... .,. .... BTj thb-,m :'.
..,...n...u', -rOR THK . .
Benefit oft the Poor !
i'," .U" A - i ... :' ' '
"Cliarlly .C'overelh a Multltaalc of Sine."
- SONS Of MALTA In Cincinnati will give a
PithllR KtitarriiliinMnr. at ''..
Ouriday Evening, Jan. 13 I860,
The nrooeeda to ha devoted la charltabla nuraonaa.
Tlokete, admitting a lady and gentleman, (D; each
qMeiui wtunii or laEmosiiaNTB.
Captain las. T, fisher, Miles Ureenwood, Bui.,
S, - O.W.Weet. . ..
touurmt on iNvwATtows.
David Gibson, ' -. Joe. F. Torrenoe, -
Henry Hanna, T. A. O'Connor,
0. H, Collins, , .. , Jndge A.. VT. Carter,
Dr. f. P. Cahill, S John 1. Btettlnns, s
Tboi. J. Gallagher, Esq., J. G. Isham, . ,
A. A. Marsh, George H.U11I.
1 HAkiatu.
Miles Greenwood, B. M. Corwine, Esq.,
Capt. Jaa. 11, Fliher, '.' James A. Frailer, .
0. W. West, ' T. 0. Ware, Eiq.,
T. J. Sberlook,' ,;r " Isaac Parker,
W. P. Hunbert,' ' J.G. Isbam,
Alfred. Wood,. , ,, , P. B.UIoon, .
M H.UHV. I A Pratl
Obarlea Loordls, Ksg'.,' ' ' Bam. P. Hibberd,
a. mcuormici aaq.,
A ill nil oeiuwin.
Joe. J. McDowell,
Thoa, Powell, Iq..
0. W.Thomaa,
' r. Baldwin,
Joa. C. WoodrnfT, "
Judie Bobert Moore,
George Shllllto, jr.,
D. A.Trnaz.
'1 DrtO. VOOK,
T. MoBurnie, -. n .
0. P. Caisllly,
John Kiigonr, jr., ' .
J. Dan. Jones, ..
John Jones,
M. W. Lodwtolr, '-. ii':
JndgeS. Matthnrs, 1 '
Cliarles 0. Brown,
1 1. V-n. - .
W. M. r. Bewson, , .
Capt. Henry Bennett. ; 1 H. W. Hartehora. 1
m. neuqersou, . , , major . o. unnnaro, ,
Tbomaa Fraaier,
n. u.Btone, ,
' Charles Fox, Isfl., '"
B. McKlevy, . ,
B. L. Thomas, '
a. u. Bmitn, "
Capt, tieorge-Hatch,
David GibtOB,
nenry Henoa,
James. Torranoa, , ' ' John (J. Wilght, i 1 , , ' ;
vm. Addis, . George L. Johnson, , ,,
vrm, nmiin,
Dr. John B. McGiew,
H. W. Brown.
.. v. uoaa, Kq
"apt. Alex. JCnyari,
K. Lorlng, . ,
O. W. Ballard, .,
H. B. Biaaell,
V. Avery, -i
Corge Jnarsli, '
Wni. H. Pierae. .
Col.F. A.Ltnok, n i
B.0 Haclawood, i
Jot. Baaklrt,
Dr. H. B. Malone.
Wm. 0. Vanderbllt, '
i. M.Wilson,
Omar T. Glenn. '
1,1 . Jamea Glenn, i 1 .'I .. .
Wm. T. Forrest, E
o. u. vorier, ...
Tbomaa Cbenowetb,
J. S. G. Bnrt,
Dr. J. t. Vattier,
Hlchaid K.Cox, ".
W. W. Johnson,
Hlmon Wolf,, , ' .
D. Wolf, ' '-'i ; M.
E. M. Johnson,
George Belves, ' ' 1- '
L. Soman, -Chas,
B. Smith, .
N. Marcbant,
W. W.jTotdick, .
Joahua Torko,
J. . Herbert. ;
Charles A, Glazier,
Henry P. Ellas,
wm. J.Torrenoe,
K. A. Buck,
Iaaao B. Connelly,
It. Uiikill, ii ( i
Capt. W. 0. Mann, 1
A. Cuiter, . .
C. J. W, Smith, , ,
Wm.Klrk, . , ,;'.' '
B. Ellis, jr.. ,,;', : '
J. H. Board, ' j
James L. Boffin,
Capt. John Bather,
M-W Bisanin.-ABHKBBLY booms. Mr.
and Miaa GEYEft respectfully lniorm the eit
leans oii iiincinaau inai ineynow receive pn.
nut for instruction in alt fashionable Dna
Days of School, Saturdays and Wednesdays for
Ladles, Misses and Masters, from I to 6 P.M. Gents'
Class, from 8 to 10 la tba evening, i All (Inadrillet
taught without clllng.ir ; .T a . 'Jartbw
ASQUEiiOK 'C08TT)ME8.jiBe;fa..
MAir..of Wo. f Biath4treei .aV
would respeotfnily inform the pobllo that the H
has, In connecaloa with Mrs Toledo's (lata of 1
Ravel Troupe) tasteful wardrobe, removed tofjV
her new oBce. u Boa 71 Fifth-street, between
Walnut and Vlne-etreet, where she will be happy to
see her former patrons, to whom she can Oder tha
moat splendid aaaortment of oos tomes, de!7-am
Ua , ntUtC0ND MBM. 7 UtJk
National Hall, Tlnicntreet, akawa Filth.
Tba letaoM are to airaagad that Inaera can
ton Dunea ai any time, datK
m r r r,. v jii i i a vaj vivvii . gvavsae m .n i...,- l j i i i a. -a . . .
70L. S. . ' NO. 122;
. Ill I ' - A-,'!'. ": k , .., , . full : . . . " :
T ' I - iii i .. ...
Commencing MONDAY EVENING, January , tba
celebrated and original
Buokley'g' Serenader,; j
And Ethiopian Burleaqne Opera Troupe, together
with the distinguished Prima Donna, Mlsa JULIA
GOULD, the only complete Band of Minstrels in the
world, and tha only company in existence that per
forms BorleaqueOperee. The Buckley's have been
acknowledged by the entire Southern rress and pub
lio to be the only true delineators of the
The best Singers, tha beat Dancers and the most
finished Mnslclans. Back evening will be performed;
negro minstrelsy in el) Its varioiu) forms, together
with one of
Buckley '8 Burlesque Operas!
Doors open at iH o'clock ; performance to com
mence at 7J o'clock
.ja6h JOS. JOHNSON, Agent.
g M IJCJtt, r NIX O NfS lltli jL.
Tills Evening and Every Evening
During tne Week.
Professor Jacobs!
w Improvlaatore, will present his unrivaled Kn
tertalnment. He will apear iu his Temple ol En
chantment, surrounded by hla costly and magnifi
cent apparatus, the Cabalistic wonders he pertorms
have gained for him the name of tha He Pius Cltra
of the Modern Magi. He has bad the distinguished
honor of appearing before Her Majesty Qneen Vic
toria, Prince Albert and the Royal Family, their
Imperial Majesties, the Emperor of France and the
Kmpresa Eugenia, his late Imperial Majesty, the
Kmneror of Unsaie. their Majesties the Kins and
Queen of the Belgians, and the principal nobility of
Kurope. In California and Australia bis aucceas baa
been of the moat brilliant deacrintlon. and thrnnah-
out the cities in the United States, wherever be haa
aoDeared. he haa been alike snocesalnl.
there is but one opinion formed of his entertain
ment, ana inai is, u u pleasing, moral ana wonaer.
Door open at 7; the Frofesaor commences at 73
O Clock. . : -. r i ' i, ,
Admission U oenta; Gallery 2 oents; ohildrento
ui ocayoi ine iiaii,z.r cents; nailery, 15 centa.
' . , - i siaflttwl i
Coal. Cooking Stove!
Hal Been pronounced by compe tent judges to be the.
Patented Dec. T, 1858.
For aale by the Inventora and Manufacturer!,
No; 333 Fourth-street, Cincinnati.
We respectfully refer to the following certificates
for evidence of the above: , . . . , . ., ,i
For some months I have been ssing the Alligator
Goal Cooking Stove. Ill, Vmorior cooking ooafltiea.
combined with lea eleaniii
eventnally secure
to tne owneri a targe share at pumic patronage.
. ,t!PHN MoLKA!
1 nave neen-nalna oaeol gwL
Adams A Feck.
over'a Alligator Cock Btrj
gives entire aatiafactiott
1J 'tie months, whlct
ive hurresnect. and I nan
cheerfullv recommend it toithoi dvlho are in wantnf
a superior coog stove. u. ri. UKAV1TT,
For the last year I have been using the Alligator
uoai uooKing etove, manuocinr so by jneesrs. Auama
A Feckover, which I consider a superior stove, and
gives the ntmoat satisfaction. It is the only stove I
nave iuuna auat cooks peneouy wna coal.
For some time past I have beeu using one of Messrs.
Adams A Peckover's Alligator Coal Cooking Stoves,
and oan recommend them aa bain a snperlor stove.
giviug ouun MiiiHiactivu iu evenr xeepect.
iub. Dveaamiiu, uoai jaercuani,
I cheerfully Indorse the above.
Manufactory, Covington, Ky.
vFAREHOVSE, - - llNCimTi, 0.
Na. 30 Eaat ColnmJblnatreet. r
XV JL trade at the most reasonable prices and oa the
most accommouaung terma wuu
For OU, Fluid or Coal Oil,
N. B. Jones's Improved Lamps and Burners fr
sate oy our agent, J. dbiIjIijiiiuj, uovtngton, Ky.
t ', "At iHaw '
( Heldt ZaaaavlUe, Oetaber, 1889,
miML k co.,
Vo. 81 and S3 Vine-st.,
' ((Seooni door Below ColnmoU.ll
i IU . ' 7 t.l- 1 ..1 ii. " 'I! 'I
f. ' taofcml
HoUday Presents,
JL'Blune and .China Figaiee, Fancy Inkstan '
Vaee, Jewel and Match-boxes, Fancy Shaving at i
Work-boxes, and other Fancy Goods too numerbi
so mention, sniiaon ivr u uuuuaye, wnicn X will
sell cheaper than any other establishment in the
Oitr. - HBNBT DAVID, 1
No. 278 Main-Street, between Sixth and Seventh."
. N. B. Also a new lot of FanoylSoaps, Perfumery,
Rtsvaeta, Ae- ri.it'
TKtthe SALOON ta Ihe Jon-julrer "'i
Building, are now prepared to furnish,
their friends' with the beet Imported! (V
Wlnea, Lianors and Cigars, f
aw Baltimore BhellOrateri served la mf
Very style.
J) 9 (ABOUT,
Linu tftAan Night Kxpress, 1:00 A.
m.t Aooom-
mooMiicv, i:ea p. .; my arxpreaa, e:30 f. m. .
iMDunaroua amo, Cmomaiti. 11:14 a. at.t g;40 r.
.; 1:40 A. M. ........ i ... ', ; ,,
Olio AND MilHim.-:U A. H. 11:45 At M.: UhU
OuciSKATt, Hi aiiuroi ans Datki.-7H It a. 11:08
A. a.y itios r. d:m p. ., e;ou r. ai ! I
HaairrrA ano Cikcimbati. 11:M a. M.t t:M p. u.
Bioihomo aid iRDiAjraroLU. 150 a.; AM . .
Lima Miami. Ty Xxpreta, 10:00 a. a.) A coo ra
in ixtation, 4:4 p. M.; Night Bi:press, .11:30 r. u. .. , '
iNDliNiPOUS Ago Gimouiiiati. -;S0 A. M.t 13:i .
M.i TxUp.m. . . ',
Ohio and Mimissippi. 7:20 A. vi.i 3:00 r. M.t 7:80 P. M.
a.m.; 10:00 a.m.; S:40p. .; 5Mp. m 1 11:30 p. m. , ,
M4BIKTT Am ClNOINNATI.-iCtOA. M.i &40 P. M.-
,1SBArebbiehop Hughes has a near orsan
oauea tne juetropocuan decora,
ff"Five men are in jail at Colombia. Q'.
ior aiiempuDg; to auouci, tnree negroes.
fTThe loiBoa by fire in the United ftt.t..
aariDg ioav am esvimateu. .at ntWjOOO.
JTBenator DotJelas wan renoted aiv
Thursday. Ho may yet bs oblige4 to (to Bouth-
jaS-Cnyahoga County ent'l.ttat vear at.t...
tlirea Aonvinta ta thA flrilA PaniLnll. v
. " -uWJ.
aSTOn Saturday last mow fall in ;r..t
tacuons oi aotm uarouna iiom V uree to aeren
monee aeep.
Tho Viokiburg papew, announoo
death of General William Vlok, ion of
founder of that city.
jslta little iDoy named, Harris wag burnt
to aeatn oy niB ototnes w.king fire, a day or
-The Sisters of. Mercy have oonlraoted
for the ereotion of a new convent building; in
i"si upense oi JUjOUU.
Five thOUSS d Of tha Lnnrlnn IrniM...
still hold out In their strike, and are rednoed
to tne eztremeit prjveiiy and distress.
. The sale of Helper's Impending Orin,
iuu up vu ivu,UUU 0OpiO9, attO 23,1)00
vufie. . u u,riiiuiea gratuitously.
PThoinas. Morgan, a youngster from
jvaooemana, is under arrest in Richmond
vs., ioruuA-dig- Abolitionism to a negro,
JSefA jei ro child, beloneinsr to'., Vn. Tf
Lucadoe, was burnt to death in Prince George
vuumj, a., lest .r rmar.
: sTA warehonse in Coffee Cnunlv. Al.
with lUliundred bales of cotton, was deetroyed
lome people use one-half their insa,
nuity to get into debt, and the other half to
avom paying u. i
' 'Tho Montreal KiBe Company were out
the other day drilling, with the mercury 14
usg.ooii uoiuw aoroi i courageous soiaiers.
: "The' number of "banks in' lllinni.
103. ; Their present oiroulatlon is $8,851,129.
.wvu.vu vj ojrtffjvvu oi pUDUO BC0CKB "
j "The month of Deoember, 1858, is rei
garded as, ens o tha eoldest 0)ecembets on
' Seventy divorces were decreed in the
Court ofOomraoB Pleas, Philadelphia, ln!185,
vi up i(uuhods were ten," u j t
1 tfRohrjlna wapa an nlantv tn ,1. T-r .ii-
Va., market last week that they were sold at
411 per: nusuei. -. . -
BB-JjieuteBant Edward H. Day, of the
United States Army, died at Richmond, Vir-
gium, n unjr or inu since.
the bublio schools of Boston Lha
average attendance , Is. 28,000 pupils. ' The
whole number of teachers employed in the
sorvioe 1B4M4. ,.
"ihe old house In which Benjamin
West, the painter, was born, attracts more
visitors than any other relio in Delaware
uoumy, jrenn. ;
! 0Geonre Mundav. tha wail.knnwn k.t
less prophet and eooentrio phlloeopher, gave a
feast to, the eld women of the Philadelphia
Almshouse, on New Year's Day. 1 ' '
The hoc cholera Is again beomino
tij pio.cu.ui, m uameon ana ooon VOUntluS,
Ky., ote man alone having lost about six
Hundred head. :
!a"Governor Wise has declined the Invl.
tation of the Old Dominion Club, of New York;
to lesture in that oitv on the 21d of Febrnarv
' A Swiafl nanar aawa ilnut T.Anla 1tr.nnl.An
refused his permission for Marshal MoMahon
to accept the sword whioh was being got up
we uiui iu ireiand.
ffiaTThe Italians dance better than an v na
Hon in the world: even the French admit thin.
The poetry of motion is in every move they
uiaa.0. , .
srrSome of the savage tribes wear bells
on their noses. We have sometimes, at
crowded soirees, had bells on our toes and
didn't like the fashion. ,;,,,.,
"Col. Colt, of Hartford, Conn., gave a
aieign-riae to tne cntiaren recently, over I
hundred in number, of the Colt Armory Sun.
day-sohool. , .
ftsT-The clothes of a little eir . Fannv
Carr, having caught Are the other day while
putting tome coal on a Are at rYheelinir. Va..
buo was ouxnt to aeain in a lew minutes. , ,
fi-The American ladles in Paris are aidin
the fundi for chspel there by holding a fair
n tne oi marquii oi nertiora l nouse. on toe
Boulevard. ,, ,. : , .
The apple oron of Niaeara Countv. N.
Y., for the last year Is uiimated at $500,000.
uver two nunarea tnousand barrel! were
shipped from that county. ' ... . ! ;,.
little girl named Neelan was horriblv
and fatally burnt a day or two ago, In Balti
more, by her clothes taking fire from the lira.
-It is said in Paris that the Marnuia da
uallifet and M. de Laurliton will, in spite of
me proamnion oi tne jsmperor, renew their
duel, whioh arose respecting a late quarrel at
theopeJ.;,-.VV,; v. j.
Ihe dlstiniulihed'eoraedUni'Wm: Y.
Burton, ii lying very ill at ail house In New
Yorkdtv. His disease is of the' heart, ant)
has reached a point where the worst' lean are
entertained of the mult. ui ;
aOrflnn.MA.1. mmm A.L.m.'mI. T J
is desigaed to seat three thousand and thlrtv-
seven persons, and furnish standing room for
two thousand eight hundred and sixty., The
estimated oost U $75,000. .t i --t.is -
- . ... i', .1 . ,ht.i :j; " " i ."ii " "
' flIt is aald that the Congressmen 'of tha
Alexandria Diitriot, and several others from
Virginia, South Carolina and peruana other iV
rioatoern Duties, wiu appear in the House in a
aore time m aome-made suits, i t Tl . i
. : , ; j . t-a n .
:. QgJIAt FlBI AT HlCWAlt. KT. From a rirl-
Uraie sonioe w learaed, yeaUrday, that a tre-
menaoua ore ooourrea in xUokman, Ky., last
week, destroying nearly one-half of the town.
We obtained no particulars, but sucnoaa tha
Ion muit be In the vicinity of $3,000,000,
,. Dl"f "a Vashinoto:-A country editor
6.vea ois news of 4wtnl dances which
aa tatety wunassed it a ball In WaihlnEton:'
danein t! Trioty Ib thli Metropolitan
.ttE! ,11' J' P by the
Th.L 8 ' T . . - and pelka.
E!?.,W;,.t!' morality of which even
rit;C:"' T.MU0?. . ignored
r:" " : r "0la ftni olnant.- The lady
lays he head an tk. .. l
nna . . - Bu..mu a uosom, puts
poofcet, and reijieus hersnif in hi. .mi.
;K?0fl0l,8l,?P'alJ bnt hw which whTn
around ' W".
twinarf si." i genueman tnus en
twined, thows Hi head baok and hi. ev.. ,m
arannj6 ! "'.ru, oaoi up, IWlDgl
arour,a, swoous. to all ann..n jV..
A, and leaves the ring to the delight of all
1 i , ,
: a
uaiQiSAL Wat or BEisatgo a Fatmkb to
TasMS. About a year since a young gtrl.
teelding in Boiton, had the misfortune to love
"not wisely but too well;"an4 theoonssquer.ee
Vtl . lll.li. t.V. I. 1. . '
- wuicu me latoer retuaed to
knowledge or provide for. Since tho birth
or tne child the mother has turned her atten
tion to oheap potations; every time ihe gets
Alavaf.4 mVm - il. . 1 -, l . . .
......vn .U van. on iuo ouua io it latttet s
boarding-houieandpitohee it into the entry
an1 l..v.. t uru . ..-i
- - iiueu papa returns to ths
houte he is requested to ohango his quarters
.uataaBtne oaoy'witnbjm. It ii thought
wm irmmpnii tne oonitatu.
uuu ui me oatia only nolds out.
DioKisa'g Last- Opmiow or Aiisbicaks.-
Slii , , "'.0Bn' letter to a cltisen o;
Philadelphia, alludes to the eulogy of Mr. 0,
W. Curtis upon hie books and himself, and re
marks: "That gentleman's eulogy and Its re
ception by his andienen wnnM h. v,.. '.. .
dogger in my heart if I had ever entortained the
least animosity toward the American people:
but as I have never had anv save frienHi.
faalinif. lnn..J iUA t i , . '
e- """" i. j. nave reaa tne news.
paper accounts with a glow of heartfelt nleai
ure I shall never foruet." 1
Aa VDIHCBT S , itamilt, Two of M. De
Muiucey a aaugntars, his youngest and eldest.
wore wun mm at the time of his death. The
DTOuua, me wiie or colonol Baird Smith; is in
India, with her husband: one of his sana in
also in India, a oaptain in the army: the
other, a phyiloian, is in Brazil. The eldest
"ugnwr in iae wire or Mr. Bobert Craig
formerly of Edinburg, now a farmer in Ireland,
w j in was cAJieoi to ber father's death
uuu. xao youngest is unmarrisd.
, A Adboit Koooi-At Rochester, N. Y.
Jiing, indicted for grand larceny, was being
..nvn. . jbh iu uus, aooompanied by
two constables. He knooked down one of hli
custodians, Uipped the other from his feet,
jumped into a sleigh which happened to be
v-m.u6, uu loaue on. ju.e flas no( been re
.nix Vila
Boaboht or Amkrioak VisssLs.The
JNaples correspondent of the London Times
eays in a laU letter: I have scarcely ever
nuunu iu- luouiwrraneanso destitute of shipj
oi war netonging to the United States. The
oniy vessel tney Have at present in thole
waters is the Macedonian, a sailing frigate, at
wvugiicae ,
oompany haa been organized, with a capital
Blnnbr nf hair . ntllllMn j-i . ,. r
. n uiuuuu ui uonars, ior tne pur
pose of bringing water from tha PlaH tji,,..
ItihIIu.Km,. 1. I. I ,.. i '
u..vo .uvri Auraria, oy a oiton aorons the
piama, mvo Denver, Aurana and Hitrhlknd.
in order to suddIv the p.ltv.
, , x I w ----- - J r a-wauawaw OU U
uiiuws niong tne une oi the ditch with water,
A HusBiND Cuts Hir Wiva n n,...
Thboats ard Blows Otrt His Own Beaihs. A
day or two ago in Sandonville, Ky., a village
near Lexington, a man named Hart murdered
his wife and ohild by cutting their throats,
and then committed tuioide by blowing his
.n.u. vm, , .u aiiair it enveloped in mystery
DlATB FBOM CAlfPIIKHB Tha niin.1...
w u.m uu,
deatbS Which have occurred from. th n.n r
Aa r 1. ! . . . . . .
.uiuwf,non juiy, iHoo, according to au
acoount kept by E. ilerlam. la
and twenty-four; injured, tlx hundred and
.wou.y-aureo. me ion By nre, resulting from
the uie of cam phone, durine tha iftso t..
.i.i..i.i..a.j. '. " "
unvmn ns VDfrtufVfV.
T , . -
X gliALI TBIilOBAPHISTfl Tha iU,.rv;
work of the London Telegraph Company is to
bo carried on by female employee. Among the
i . , -a, n unii sun
aamb girl, whoie progress is so satisfactory
that there is every probability of her making
a most effeotnal telegraphist
Biohikioaxi Fact A Turin l.lt.i. Af
11th, in the Paris Debate, says: "Faoti are
uow paeaing in tne Duchy of Modena, whioh
are tow without slmiifleanca. Nearly .11 t,.
ger.t families attached to the Grand Duke
ar, leaving me country and selling their 01
tates." ' .
PLUgA MlTBOD OF Obtainiho Tnnapi.n.
inci. In Hanover. N. Y.. .m..
murdered her brother by cutting his throat
"" " " WM arena, one gave at a reason
that he was dependent upon her, and she was
t.rou 01 supporting mm. .
TBI FaXOCS Boitox Will Sum Tl I. ...
derstood that the oontestanta fT.ianMi.nf
Marin and wife) in the matter nf nllAwtnn k.
will of Augustus Thorndyke, withdrew further
utigauun, wun tne understanding that thev
.h.ll nl tun nna a , P.
mbm. vuufvuv iruui iae estatOa
a man rosiamg in lettering, named John
Plummer, laboring as a faetory operative, was
a few days since presented with MO from the
Queen's Bounty Fund to iitornr- man. rv. ,h.
several productioni from his pen. m ,
c . 1 .. awn ; ; 1
Aa Old Solitabt Froiih to Duvn An
old man named John Nevitt, residing near
Middletown, Butler County, was froien to
death In his bed one dav last week. - IT.
upward of eighty years of .age, and had lived
alone for the last twenty years.
COKPOITTB ChaSAOThu' op Wipnr.anw A
Paris eorrespeadebt syl of Louis Napoleon,
that he Is by race an Italian, bwhirth a twm,-
man, by lohool education a German, by mlli-
Mrv suuoauun a owies, Dy poiltioai studies an
ungiisamaBjana ,y mi orown a Frenchman.
A A.'4lCAir TBD0. Bob forhe,. wha Ji.il
recently In New Orleans, from tha AtfAnt.1 Af A
pistol shot, which he redelved while" making a
deadlj- assault upon Joba Henry1, a oab driver,
jMK(aauJ 1 lL.1 f A . . ..
uouuuuvdu m uuu, oity a a notorious thug
andaiiaajln. ' 1 ;
HrOBOPHOBIA AID Dbatb xnov A Haa nm
James Murphy bitten a day et two .since
by a hog, in. Louisville, Ky.,and In less thai
week he was attacked with svmntnm. r
hydrophobia, and soon died In horrible agony.
,,irv'-vra iT i.-i 1. nJA.
He Oldest Mraoh in Boa ton. a asm .,..
named Catherine Boston, died in that oity on
Thursday, at the eg of one hundred and eleven
Two Days Later from Europe.
New Yobb, January 8. The" steamships'
Kangaroo and Arabia have arrived.. The lat
ter left Liverpool at 9:30 A. M. on the 24th
', Th Vi9 'eft Liverpool for Philadelphia on
the 23d nit. , ,,-.,,
The Circassian arrived at Gal way on the af
ternoon of tho 22d. She had on board the
crew of the ship Mnffau, from. St. Johns for
Liverpool, which was abandonod at sea. ,
Tho report that the Pope had claimed the
Presidency of the Congress for his plenipoten
tiary is unfounded. , ,
Prince GortschakoiT bad expressed a desire
that the opening of the Congress should take
place after the commencement of the new year.
r.. ,i , . , . ..... ... '
.iituuiaiy i,, ua na win De uetainea till that
flay at his Court by the duties of hla office, -n
Count Avlgdor, the representative of the Re-
puuuc 01 can Man no at Faris, had presented
it memorandum to Count Walewski: addroaaad
0 the future Congress, protesting against the
uuuruuouuicnis 01 irioamonc. ,,lt
The nouiinatinn nf Afa.f.iiia Inn.....
. V- .U.MH.a , ... iviui..,
tnrmorly Einbatsador of France at Turin, as
mo bcouuu r rencn plenipotentiary at the Con
gress, gave groat satisfaction to the frionda of
Italy. -'
A Par's dispatch of the 23d, says the Ftench
uovernmeiit naa telegraphed the powers oou
corned that the opening of the Congress would
not take plaoe before January .19. .,..
Marquis Autoniode and Chevalier Canafrit
wero appointed brat, and second plenipoten'
tiaries from Naples. ' ,
Crsal Britain The London Herald had an.
uuuocea mat a complete reform bill, is to
appear in the Comlitutional Press Matjaeine,
and in the event of the postponement of the
ministerial roiorm bill, or its proving unao
coptable to the constitutional party, the bill
to be published will be brought immediately
before the House of Common.. . Lord Palmer-
utoQ nad been making epeecb.es highly eulo
cistio of the volunteer movement. .
The tf recti Britain, was ppoken Dooeiiibor, 14,
all well, which strengthened the oonviclion
that the report of her having foundered wag a
base hoax. - ..,.. ., 1.
Lord John Russell tells tho memorialist
relative to Mexico,' that England is osdeavor-
m g 10 come to an understanding v. it a the other
po wers in respeot to the oourse to pursue. He
points out the ditticalty of the United States
roccgoiting one President, and England and
franco anotaer. ... . , ,
The wife of J.'H. (It i;ov. member of Pav.
liament, had doped with one (,f the family
uuiui.di.ics. iui iauv lan-posses.ea oi bait a
lumion pounas in nor own right. ,
The Belgian GovernoLent hag bgreed to for,
ward the mails for Canada ana tha ITniUil
mates Dy tne Canadian steamers, as woll as the
Cunard boats, and It was supposed that the
German Postal League would adopt similar
arrangements., ,
France. A pamplet entitled " Ihe Pope and
the Congress,'1 signed by M. de Laquerronier,
has beon published, pnd, attracts great atten.
tiofl, both in France and 1 England, as it wag
belioved to express the sentimtnks m tha Kui-
pror. The pamphlet is written iu a spirit of
ouucuiiuiun anu ooinproiuue, and altbougU it
doos pot propose to take away the temporal
powers of, the Pope, advocates a curtailment
of them, and urges that the Romagna should
HW , .VDlU.BU IU bUt, r UpniUOlUlQlOnSa ,
The Comtitutionel, In an article bv a Driinni.
pal editor, approves in general the contents,
declaring, however, that it intends to combat
some ot tne propositions mado by the author, '
The English press generally eulogize the
liuuipu.ot. 4.110 -i.Meesays: .
"We leave others to cavil on forma and car,
etnonies; enough for ns if there is a reasonable
hope that the two great European powers will
be fOund side by side in defense of the rich la
of the Italian peoolo. and that Protestant
England, will and a hearty and efficient sup
port in the Emperor of Catholic Franoe." .
The French war steamer Dugeulin, while
tryitir her engines, off Brest, ran on a reef, and
rapidly sunk.
The Bourse olosed Bra on the 23d. Rentes
701- 50c. ' .,.,. . ,
.Spain and ATorocco. A Madrid teletrram. of
T- " n, . r o ' "
um. ti, says: ' , ... , , ,
Yesterday eight thousand Moors attacked
the Spanish, but were renulsed enermtinallv.
and compelled to retreat in great disorder,
caused by. grape-shot and grenades. The
Spanish had fifty-one wounded. . . ., ,' ,
len men-ot.-wnr lormsrly .stationed at Ha
vanna, have Just arrived, to reinforce the
squadron at Algesrias.
A great auantitv of nrovlalons had tuun
dispatched to the army in Africa. , ,.
London. Saturday. A Madrid dlsnatoh nf
tho 23d says: The , Moors have attacked the
Spaniards on the road to Letuan, In order to
obstruot the works. They were victoriously
repulsed.- Gen. Prim distinguished himself.
The Spanish had four killed and forty
wounded. All the works have been com
pleted. ''.'"
Commercial Intelligence.
Livsbpool. Deoember 24. Cotton The
brokers circular says the advices from America of
the large seeeinta at Ibenorta. and lh b oa.nr in
couaeiiuence to increase tho estimates of the crop,
caused the market to open heavy. During the week,,
the oourse of prices had been downward. The wtnii
ugcnaugea,a coualderauie Import baa been ra
id, while very large supplies mint ha close at
The tradA haa. th.riitDrA. hti nnl. llmii.j
uujnraana noiaere meet tne maraet so In
realv that
iur joe waea tup guoianoua are (c
-16d. ThaarAut.r
ueciine Deingon tne newomp.
foot up 41,Hni bales, inclndina; 18,000 on speculation
and 4,100 tor export. The market on Friday was
nuiet. with salea of about li.mui balaa. Th. offli.i
1 n nl IliA n-.Ab
ituotatlona am aa followa. FAirO.lA.ti. ?U MM.lil,.
i'h; Mobile 7Hi Middling HH; TlnUnds 7; Middling
oi"va uu ,inn,i 11..MIOHWU a. du,i.w Daiee, m
chiding 2U5,'j:W niurK,. Private circulars quoU
tue ueuuue ac niMu.
At Mancheatur tradn la dull, and hnk fAr mft.nh..
turers running out ot orders, buyers could operate at
nuciine. vn an aruciea mere is. nowevar. no nraaa.
ureal present.
B., 8. A Oo. report Corn aniet and nnstaariv In
1. a uo. repori uorn qniec and untwany is
Flour unchanged: quotatione 22s. Id.gffs,
Otliet forconsuinptfun, but in some request tc
ier; priaea Arm at 9s. 3a.($9a. lid. for red, and
nricun. g luui
Wheat (111
hold over
white. Indian Corn slightly
Babi A further itnclliiA tin h.An .nlimltf.rf .nrf
sales reach l.ettu tierooe. Pork-Old continues ne
glected; a small parcel of new haa arrived, but has
not been sold. Ilacaii Hmnll Int. nf n.n lAna mlri.
dies hae sold in retail) 46..for Curub-. cut. There
. mi. wi., Main uun. ni.il nuu. wifiwm, initow
rather dearer, but only In moderate request; sales of
mm. i.na.u. mong, .
Ashes quiet; Pot7(8.7s. 3d.: Pearls x7s. MMIHe.
Ruaara vervaulat but firm. (JolTeAnnnhAncrAH HI...
dull but Srm. Linseed Oil in good requoat at 98a. 6d.
Turpentine Betail salea at 34e. Tea Id. dearer for
Congou and Scented; Greeaa not much changed.
Loanoir. TlAcambAF U Th. fliiAtn.tlAna In .v..
funds bad been sliarht. The rnarkat wu nul.t ..i..
the holidays. ' Oonsols oloeed, en 29d, dull at 9S)J
for account ex-dividend. The demand for Uls.
uiuni continues activo, and at the Bank or England
he annlicationa were above tha avaraaA. flatin. m.
porta a tair demand at per cent, on flrst-class se-'
curitlea. . . , .
Thev oudte bar Silver 5s. skit. Amarlcan iwiaa
Did. Bullion la the bank had Itacreaaed 1,908.
Barring A Oo. report aa follows: Oornqnletand
rices without change. Iron. (Welch) dull at i loe
mt.A Mil.. U.V HJMH.n. -. . . . .1 yn,,. 1
.w. n .... IWI.) UW.VU . I III Ml m VM.IMK-f.. SU.
ugar n lass aemand. out supplies iimiiea, and flrm
rices maintained. Tea very nrm, and prtcea rather
urpentiae dnll at S4 6M4S. d. Biee anlet bnt flrm.
Coffee firmer and dearer. . '
Messrs. Hell, Son Uo. report aa follows: The
market for American Securities remains withont an
elietigo of lmporUnce. There continues to be a
steaiy demand for State Btookand more inquiry for
jiauroau iwnus oi nrai oiaaa. ine oueineae auring
past week has not been large.
' " " ' ' " "
Failure of the Southern Mails.
Philadslpiiia, January 8. The merchants
muoh annoyed by the failure of the South
malls. Mails of the 6th from New Orleans
sow due.
u it
. mini wnnni
I ."tin! .. I -j. , ..I.I.TOT
AdTerthwimntinotnniiiii.. SnHnurtMbi.
fJnelnertlon.....4 One -u, , V M
Larger adrerUMiaeaU Inaorted at aha follow
ratal loraqnara of tea llneatv laaa:
One lnaertloB..4 S ITwoweeii 'JJJtftl
Kach addl'nal ina.
xnrw w.ta- .,,- 4 on
On wmIi,,
i "U i t
i Ony month-
ml, ;
I , .n ,.. . , , . - , .,1, .
In all Its breaches, done with n'ainent aua dnraatrjh
Arrival of the Atlantic.
Yobst, January 9. The steamer A
lantiei arrived to-dsy. 'She left Aspin wall on
lha 2d. She brings two hundred passengers,
ud nearly $1,800,000 in specie. , Ihe news is
nearly all anticipated. ,
' The first legislature of Nevada Territory
met on the 15th at Genoa, and took measures
for procuring aa immediate recognition of the
Territory by CongTeis. . , , ........
' Three schooners had arrived from Japan
luring the week, bringing full cargoes of rich
Japanese Wares. The advioes they bring are
to the 15th of November; and are important.
The difficulty ret peeling American ; purrenoy
continued. , a .,
Lacquerred goods scarce and advanced 200
per cent. Government was throwing obstacles
in the way of. trade, and had issued orders
that no merohant should sell over fifteen
piculs per day oh any artlole. '
The AwAottom was to sail from Hanagawa
m the iU A February, Uking the Japanese
Embassey, which was to oonsist of two chief
Embassadors, eighteen ofiiolals and two sub
ordinates. " i ' ' l"
. Ihe Embassy would proceed to Panama,
via the Saedwioh , Islands. At the Isthmus
they would take paisage in a, frigate and
proceed direct to Washiogton.'
There was a rumor at Hakodadi that the
English Consul had ordered the English eiti
ions to go armed, in eoasequeaoe of threat
ijmde sgaiust them by the Japanese. ,
Parties of Americans from the Ivwnatian
ad visited Yeildn. There was a large Are in
that city on the 11th of November. ;
The San Franoisoo. papers are urging tha
projeot of a line of steamers between that city
and Japan. 1 The San Franoiaoo markets were
quiet and unchanged. Anthracite Coal sold
at $26, by quantities from yards. The over
land mail of the 28th of November reached
San Franoisoo on the 19th ult
Ihe stores of Meisrs. Alexander A Co., on
Saoramento-street, and M. Nathanaon, on
Dupont-street, were burnt on the night of tha
18th ult. ' Nathanson was under arrest, on
.usploioa of firing hli premises. ' ' ' "
The American settlers on San Juan Island
had held a meeting and adopted resolutions
approving of the course of Gen. Harney, and
expressing the Opinion that tho island was
iAmerioaa soil and ought to be preserved to
,iae united (States. -. .
i Advices from tha Iithmus are unimportant.
ThefrigaUi Saranao left' on December 22 for
iltealajo.iThe Lanoaeter and Savant remained.
; The advloss from Valparaiso are id the 1st
and Celiac to the 12th of December. The
(news is unimportant. mij( -..i .
j Advicos from CarthagenA stale 'that the
.Liberals had taken Barrasgevilla. The Con
stitutional Assembly had met and annulled
all the so-oalled unconstitutional laws of tho
Federal Congress. 1
From Washington.
Hughes, of Indiana, will be, If not already,
tendered by the President the appointment to
the Judgeship of ' the Court of Claims, and
tjhore is every reason ' to believe he will ac-
eept it. .. -'I,,. ' ,.! iU. ii,
iA bill recently introduced by Senator Lane
rovules for, the settlement of the Oregon and
Washington war debt of 1855-6, according to
the. Military Convention, who spent -twain
months in the examination of claims to guard
agninBt speculations. The moaey is proposed
to be paid only te the original claimants, or 1
their legal o attorney! or .asiigness. The
ftinount involved is about $3,000,000. Tha
bill is altogether independent of the measure
now in progress at the Treasury Department
for coaling th various items to tha armv
It is known that Senator Toombs, durinv
the Congressional races, has carefully orenarad
a general bankruptcy bill, bat its presentation
is prevented by the unsettled political condi
tion of the country.
Nsw Yobk, January 9. The Washington
correspondent of the IW6ua says: "A eon
forenoe was held yesterday of the delegates of
tho South Americans, An ti-Lecomptonitet and
Democrats, at whioh it was agreed to vote
down Hickman's plurality proposition, on the
bolief that this would exclude Sherman. No
agreement was reached on the: election of
Speaker or other .officers, 'but the opinions ex
pressed made it apparent that a perfect fusion
of the three elements on. Hamilton was not'
praoticable.i The conference was composed of
Messrs., Window and MoRoe, Hill and Mai- '
lory, South Americans, and Clark and Riggs,
Anti-Leoomptonites. :i . .. i . . i., v i
New York Items.
.January 9.-Lawranoe Tan '
Eyoke, a sea-faring man, voluntarily delivered
himself into custody for the murder of Jamea
Quinn, on board a ship in North River oa the
2th of November last. . h, u . , -j
A man named Downing is . now in tha .-l
Toombs awaiting trial' for theamotetfense,'
having been Hocused of It by Quinn before his
death. , .: , 1 , . . ,
On Saturday morning the Perenaaion Can
Fuotory on CarraU, near First-street, owned
by Dr. Isaac Goedworth, exploded, killing In.
punUy a young man named Hallenbrock,
tho only person on the premises at the time.
Mr. Win. B. Burton, tha distinguished mm.
edian, who has for some time been ill of
disease of the heart, was so low vesterdav that
some of his friends feared he might not live 111
throughout last night. , Very slight hopes
are now, it is said, entertained of his ultimate '
recovery, ii,, ,:, ., ;..., .i s-..g. bnii .
The JSmet says that Rev.. Dr. . MnCllnbuilr. ;
of this city, haa been invited to take charge
oi mm American vospei in fans, and tbat he "
has indioated his acceptance of the invitation. ' "
Mr. Seeley, recently tha officiating clergyman '
thore, returned to this country several weeks
since..-,, ,. i, . ;; , .., .. ., ....
From Leavenworth.
, Jansary 9. Two fires yes- -terday
destroyed property valued at $55,000.
Insured for $40,000, ..,;,u n - , .
The Territorial Legislature, Saturday,
pasted a resolution adjourning from Lecomp
ton to Lawrence, which was vetoed by the
Governor. n ,, i,.., .
Found Dead.
. Mr. William Sawyer
and wife were found dead in their bed, ye,
terdaj- morning, at their reaideoee at' Haver
hill, Mass. Their death was oau aed by the
coal-gas escaping from the flue, i Mr. Sawyer
was of the fitm. of Messrs, Cheney, Averill A
Co., expressmen of thiseity. -. cH ( i-vn .....
River News.
bt. jupnis, January v. Ihe riVei) ii risieg
slowly. with Somelaeifloaatiaa, dan ,h. k
gorge above. ,, the, i weather aentiames solid, .'-.
but the gorges above Alton, and in the
of Grand Tower, sUllTmain firm.
. PlTTSaUBO. Januar 0 Tkn at. .n ,
by the pler-mark, and rUton slowly.' Weathw .
plear and pleasant. :i, ifq
n " l i i it ' -V.
Cisco ifaroW of late data saygn, On board the " '
Steamer AfviuauJria Lham ia aa Anatrmllaa an. '
roalty-othing less than an Australian laugh. 1 '
'"Sjwaaas, iae animal eeioags so we feath--ered
tribe, has toathert, wing' and a long 'l'-r
beak, and is about the sise of an eagle hawk, "
and is found nowhere eliabul oa the Auitra- '
lian conUnsnL , It laug bj aUi()o bid womae, 1 '
in th Aujiralia dareeta at nWrht it has
led many a wayfarer In leareh of an old lady
a suvu tj tvHoii uuuuiuvo xaiiAQiiiiAi mul
iba fljlng Mairrtl hart BAn; oonlioU to
gthr, In whioh th JmImm It gtatnllj yi

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