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Is HMIshea dauvA IBoaearjoertad.) br
mos aei 14 wilt t ggiti-iTiiif,
TBI mil PHJCSBii dtllnred to mbecribers la
Cincinnati, Covington and H.WBOrt, Bed Bar ,.
rounding oIUm ud town, at the ex
moss or auuiaa: .
Blngle cosies fc. l month iOo.; I months tl; mi te.
ooibir lutq abb TUHnini,
Iobb A. LiAii.wJtotoIwm end Iwmt,
.) -. . ; t v ,
First night of the great American Tragedy!
Fint sight of the popular voung Tragedian, ...
MR E. M. POWERS. -.H. '.
9 ...
ipub wm ue BToaacen et original uve-act Tragedy,
b? E. M. Power., Eiq., with new scenerr, wardrobe,
On,' Visions or tbi Fittdbe. ' y 1 1
Mr. Powera
Don Miguel..,. ....tlr. Laogdoo
Don Oarloe ........( - Mr. Bead
. Valverde Mr Ball
Leonora,..., .,.M.MMM...,......Mt.Mra Ellaler
Theresa Uiie Annie Walte
To be followed with i , .
. PCT-ii-HON-TAS. f ! j , ,
Oast. Jhn Smith.-... .. ...................Mr. Hall
Pow-ha-tan;-.l Mr. Ellaler
II. H. H, ro-ea-noa-uta Mis. fanny Denham
Doors open at tX; Ourtaln rlaea at 7)t o'clooR,
Paioaa or Aoi
isbiob isreae 'ircie ana rarqueite.
BOcente; uellei
Moenta. "
8. V. Pike
W. B. Conwav.
..Stage Director,
J. F. Herbert ....
THIS EVENING, and every evenlna nnttl farther
notice, will be presented, with new scenery, Ac.,
Bbakapeare's grand
and play of
, J'
Ferdinand -.
8 tuphano....... ...................
Alonzo.............. , h.
Gontalo ...............
M iranda..................,
,...Mf. Conway
Mr. Bhertdan
..Mr, O'haphn
...Mr. Davidge
Mr. Hall
........... Mr. Addison
M r. ljAniuran
...Mr. Templeton
Mr. Arnold
Mrs. Conway
Miss Crocker
, Miss Kingsbury
Pbiou or AoiiuaiOM. Parqnette Circle, Pamnette
ana Dtticony, ou cenia, Ampuuueater, 20 cents ,
PriTate Boxes for eight penoni, $4.
Doors open at 6M o'clock ; commenoe at 7M.
John Bates
W. a. Irwin..-..
Proprietor and Manager
THIS EVENINO, January 11, will be presented
the admired musical drama entitled
1.01. jnannenng ,
..Mr. Swift
..Mr. Allen
Dominie Bampson
Dirk Hatteraiclu.,
Mr. Tanderen
Gilbert Wloesln,
Mr. Bernard
Meg Merrtllee
Julia Mannering,
Lncy Bertram....,
Gipsy Oirl.......,..
La 01 tana
Mrs. Tanderen
....Mrs. 0. Henri
Miss A Graham
Miss Jennie Biiht
To commence with (for the first time in this city)
miss jenni mgnt.
a new and laughable farce called
Sir William Banner Mr. Swift
Bodkin........... m.,.mhh,m.,..m..m Mr. Allen
Launoelot 8rlggs, Mr. Bernard
Dot M.f,H,.M,..Mrs. 0. Henri
Wanted Immediately Twelve young ladles for the
Ballet. Apply at Box Office between 13 and 1.
Tihk Altbbeb. Doors open at M O'clock i the
curtain will rise at IX precisely. ,"
NOT ICJf. Tradesman and others are cautioned
against furnishing any articles for the theater with,
out a written order, signed by the Manager, :
Theater, is now open for the reception of guests.
Booms can be obtained by the day or week, and
meals furnished at all hours
-BTTHl- -
Benefit of the Poor!
"Charily C'overetb a mnUittide of Sins."
. HONS OF MALTA in Cincinnati wiU give a
Public Entertainment at . , ,
On Friday Evening, Jans 13, I860,
The proeeeda to be devoted to charitable purposes.
Tickets, admitting lady and gentleman, 3 ; each
additional lady, SI.
Captain Jas, T. Fisher, Miles Greenwood, Esq.,
0, W. West.
V.i,1 nlhann. Jna. V. TnrmnM.
Henry Banna, , . T, A. O'Connor,
UH.CouTnSf' "uff jJndge,A.. vT.'Oarter,
Dr. t. P. Oahill, t f X ' John L. Btettlnua, ,
Thos. J. Oallagber, Esq., J. O. Iaham,
A. A. marso, ueorge n. wu.
MllnAt Oreenwood.
B. M.CorwIn., Esa
'JadffJas. T. Fisher,
0. W. West,
T. j. Bberloek, '
W. P. Hurtbert, '
Alfred Wood, ' '
M.Swasey, i
tliarles Loomls, Rse.,
A. UcCormlck, Sq.,
Theo, Cook,
T. McBarnle,
C. P. Cassilly,
JobnKilgour.jr., ..
J. Dan. Junes, ,
John Jones,
M. W.Lodwiok,
Judge 8. Mattbsas,
Charles 0. Brown,
J. L. Keck,
Oapt. Henry Kennett,
Wm. Benderson,
Thomas Fraaier, ....
A?L. Smith, 5
(Japt. George Hatch,
David Qlbson,
Henry alanna, '
James F. Torrence, , ,
James A. Frailer,
T. 0. Ware, Esq.,
Isaac Parker, ,
j J.a.Isbam, ,
i P. B. Oloon,
L. A. Pratt,
Bam. P. Hibberd,
Ammi Baldwin,
Jos, J, MoDowell, ,
Thos. Powell, Esq.,.
0. W. Thomas, ,,
F, Baldwin,
Jos. Woodruff,
Wm. Wiswsll,jr., i.
. Judge Bobert Moore, .
. George Shlllito, Jr., ,
, , T. A. Truaz, 1
' W.M. F. HewsOB,.-,.'
B.W. Hartshorn,
Meior E. 8. Hubbard,
Charisa Fox, Esq., :
E. McElevy,
" t. L.Thomas,
Wm. Smith,
. John 0. Wight,
wm. aauia,
. Georte Lv Johnson,
Dr. John 8. McOiew,
JC.D. Dodd, Kso., '
n. tt . J
1 Ool. F. A. Llnck,
U Aiex Knyart,
'- 1m. leakirt. , ,
O. W
f. Bnl ard.
Dr. H. B. Malone,
l( i Wm.O. Vaaderbllt,
Omar F. Glenn, I )
n. 0. msseiH i .
Wm. H Pierce, , ...
Wm.T. Forrest, Esq.,
Jtobert Belley, ...
.Xlhariee A. Slssler, 1 ,
Henry P. Ellas, 4
Wm. J. Torrence, v
JC. A. Buck,
Capt. W.O.Mann,
A. Colter,
0. J. W. Smith, , .,
B. Kills, jr', v
J. H. Beard, -
r r I. tm
uaines uienn.
B.G.Onrler, ' '
Thomas Chenowetb,
Dr. J. L. Tattler,
Bichard K.Coz, ,.
,.' W. W. Johnson,
1 Simon Wolf,
D. Wolf, i
E. M, Johnson,
George Selves,
L .Chas.B. Smith,
W. W. Fosdlck,
I . Joshua Torke, .
' J. F. Herbert. jaiaw
. 'Japt. John Bnghsr,
and Mies QSYKB respectfully inform the oit. 9
iaens of Cincinnati that they new receive pn- l
nils for Instractlon in all fashionable Dances. CjL
Days of School. Saturdays and Wednesdara for"
Ladles. Misses and Masters, from 1 to a P.M. turn J
laa, from 8 to 10 in the evening. All Uaadrlliei
taught without calling. . 1 ' ; JabwT
KUHLMAJT, of No. 44 Blxtb-street, -T
Walnut and Vine-street, where shs will be happy lo
see her former patrons, to whom she carl offer trie
inot splendid assortment of eoetnnwa, dei7-am'
national Halli Tlne-wtreot, abavt FttstaJ
The lessona are to arranged that ifFinners cln
eimmeTreeataay time.
Just received 30 cans Bent A Co.'s Water.
Crackers. For sale by
A. MoDONALD A 00.,
jat Mnd Branch Store t West Fourth -it.
, , ,yOL. 2. NO. 125.
' .'I .A A -. - .... " !
Commencing MONDAY EVENING, January 9, the
, , J 1 celebrated and original , ,
BuekleT'fl 'RorftTiarlArH.
And Ethiopian Burlesque Opera Troupe. tritntVier
with the distinguished Prima Donna. Misa JULIA
GOCLD, theonFy complete Band of Minstrels In the
world, and the only company in eiletence t hat pe r
forms Burlesque Operas. The Buckley's have bee n
eoanowieagea oy tne entire sontnern tress ana pni
lie to be the only true delinoators of the
The best Singers, the' best Dauoers and the moat
finished Musicians. Each evening will be performed
Negro Minstrelsy in all its various forms, together
with one of i.,,
Buckley's Burlesque Operas!
Doors 'open at M o'clock ; performance to com
mence at 7t o'clock
jaeh . . . JOS. JOHNSON, Agent.
, .a , . , i ....
This Evening and Every Evening
During the Week.
Prof esr Jacobs!
Improvisatore, will present his unrivaled En
tertainment. He will apear in his Temple of En
chantment, surrounded by his costly and magnifi
cent apparatus. The Cabalistic wonders heperforms
have gained for him the name of the Ne Plus Ultra
of the Modern Magi. Ue has had the distinguished
honor of appearing beforo Her Majesty Queen Vic
toria, Prince Albert and the Boyal Family, their
Imperial Majesties, the Emperor of France and the
Empress Eugenia, his late Imperial Majesty, the
Kmperor of Kaesia, their Majettlee the King and
Queen of the Belgians, and the principal nobility of
hurope. In California and Australia bis success has
been of the most brilliant description, and through
out the cities in the United States, wherever be has
appeared, he hae been alike success! ul. ,
There is but one opinion formed of his entertain
ment, ana mat is, it is pleasing, moral ana wonder
ful. Doors open at 7; the Professor commences at 7K
o'clock. '
Admission 60 cents; Gallery 2S cents; children to
ma ntayoi ine nan, a cents; uauary, 10 cents. .
liuOaafl '
i j :--l' ' -
Hnol nnr.l4T.n0r PJfnvAf
wwa wvwiiiii n w v w s
Has been pronounced by competent Judges to be the
' v" Patented Dec 7, '1858..';, .. ;
For sale by the Inventors and Manufacturers,
No. 333 Fourth-street, Cincinnati.
V) respectfully refer to the following certificates
for evldenoe of the above t
For some months I hi
p been using the Alligator
rSntyjrlor cooking aualitlea.
uoai cooking stove,
combined with Its el
Ofl&M musteventnanvaaenra
w ue vwuvia m nil. ouwte w g uuuu pitviuuiwo.
I have been nilng one Cl ?!. . Adams A Peck-
over's Alligator Cook Strfl
gives entire eatiafactian Q
cheerfully recommend It Co
inis tTie months, whlc
rcVetyJCresnect. and I can
thoseM'ho are In want of
a superior cook stove.' jluu 11. LJEAV1TT. '
For the last yea." I have been using the Alligator
Goal Cooking Stovo, manufactured byMeesrs. Adams
ft Peckover, which I consider a superior stove, and
gives the utmost satisfaction. It is the only stove I
nave touna mat coosa penecuy witn coai.
For some time past V have been using oneof Mesara.
Adams A Peokover's Alligator Coal Cooking Stoves,
and can recommend them as being a superior stove.
giving entire satisiactio.n in every respeoi.
i JOS. BDMHKKLL, Coal Merchant,
l cneenwiy inaorse ui auove.
Manufactory, Covington, Ky.
I '. ' ' , 1
No. 00 East Colantbla-Btreet.
( -'i
iV J. trade at the most reasonable prices and an the
aioat accommodating term, wita
1 LAM'FS;; ,
For OlVFluid oi Coal Oil,
B. Jones's Improved Lamps and Burners fit
sal by onr agent. J. SELLEBS, Covington, Ky,
Idel4arli . ,-
Coal Coolviug Stove,
HeMial Zanaavllle, October, 1889 j
IVos. 81 and 53 Viiie-st.,
KSeooad door Below Colnmbl,) '
t i ; noPcml ' 1 ' 1
Holiday Presents.
JL Bisoue
vases, Jewi
ine and China rignres, ranoy Inkstan ,
ewel and Match-boxes, Fanoy. Shaving a 1
Work.bozet, and other Fancy Goods too nuani
to peeauon, snitaoie lor tue noiioay., wnicn
anv other establishment in tha
dtvi.,' T HENBY DAVID, ,
k No. 7 Maln-f treat, between Sixth and Seventh.
" N. B. Also a new lot of Fancy. .Soaps, Perfumery,
H .tract. Ao. .
en oaeapsr than,
TED the SALOON In the Enquirer '.
Bulldinff. are now Brenr4 in fnrnl.h
their friends with the best Imported
Wines, Llanora and Cigars. f
aasr Baltimore Bbell uysters served in
very style.
O 0ABaW7s
MjMtl.-lflgM Kipraas, 8:00 k. u.; Accom
modatidb, r. M.j Day Ezpreee, t-M r. m.
B?"l'401'" AI,D 0l,,0,,",AT,'-,l:,B !
P"""" Misainim.-8:2 A. H.; 11:40 1. .; 10:1ft
CiKoiNNATg, HamLToii'aifD DarTOM.-7:45 A.at.t WM
a, .; lh p. h.: : p. a.; 8:M v. a. '
MiBlBTTA ADD OlkoiBMBTI. 11:W A. M.i :6a P. a, '- '
KlOHBOBD ABB iHDIAMArOllS.-11:60 a,; 6.M r. a.
"".Muat.-Daf 'Kxpreas, 1l):0ff a. g.i Aooobi.
modatioa, 4:40 p. M.; Night Express, 11:30 r. a.
a.: 7:15 p. a, , , ., , , ., . ,
Onto AMD Misaissirpi. t.M A. a.; S:0O r. a.; 7:80 ; a.
OlMOIHHATI, Hahilton aro Dattoh.-:00 A. M.I 7:30
A. a.; 10.00 a, a.; J:40 r. a.; :30 p. a ; 11:80 r, u.
Mabietta and Cincinnati. :4o a. a.j 3:40 p. a.
BlOBMOND AND INSIABAPOL1.-:00 A. a.; 1:40 f . ,
. ;3"Th total nnmber of deaths in St. Louli
1Mb week was eighty-five.
J&T It is said that there are not Ism thtvn
8,064 languages jpoken In the world, i
arThe report of the marriage of Qen.Gari
baldi is pronounoed unfounded.
v ;BrDuring last year eevsnty-two persons
died in Proyidenoe, R. I., over stvsntv veers
of ege. .,' V . v ..
j-0n Sunday night last the store of Mr.
Abraham Miller, in Petersburg, Va., was en
tered and robbed of $1,000 worth of jewelry,
EbTQov. 'Wise wai made the recipient of
an enthusiastic ovation in the town of Hamp
ton, Va., while on bit recent trip to Aooomao.
.SnTCoLBeDjamia Loring's fortune of $500,
000 was made out of the book-binding and
ntutionery business.
arln Birmingham, Conn., last week, about
one thousand persons bad a "skating carni
val," and employed a brass band..
. 9Two men named Turner and Vestal
have been arrested at Greensboro', N. C,
charged with circulating the Helper book.
&Tbey have a hone railroad in San
Franoisoo. The rails have been laid from the
foot of Market and Montgomery-streets. '
JST An Irishman, in writing a biography,
informs bis readers that hi hero was very
young at the time of hit birth. 1
9It is stated that there were from fifty
to sixty people froien to death within the State
of Texas during the late cold weather.
Dr. Manning, a dentist, hung himself
in the stable, of the American House, at Co
Bhocton, Ohio, a night or two since; ' -'
VMoies Tltns, sged nineteen years, was
frozen to death some days since, in the Penob
scot, Maine, woods, while moose-hunting.
FThe Legislature of Arkansas have sent
a petition to Congress asking for the construc
tion of a Paoifio Railroad. I ,
SMrs. Maria L.Jones, wife ol Mr. Jo
seph H. Jones, a worthy meohanls of Dan
ville, Va., committed euloide on Saturday last.
9-A man named Byurters waa dreadfully
laoerated and fairly eat to pleoes in a saw-mill
at Amerious, Wis., reoently. .
.at-The total number of fires in Chicago
last year wag 124. Amount of loss, 1908,492,
and insurance $530,770.
BBA parly of hunters a few days since
shot two wild cats in Sullivan County, N. Y.
One weighed 45 and the other 38 pounds.
BfcThe female college at Hernando, Miss.,
was totally destroyed by fire recently, and
several persons injured. $Lots $20,000. ,
E9An tmploy in a Xenia Foundry, named
Atohinson, was instantly killed, on Monday,
by the explosion of a grind-stone. .
v. Dr. MoClintook. of Naw.York
City, has been invited, it is said, to take ehare-a
of the American Chapel In Paris, and that hej
nas maioaterj nis acceptance of the invitation.
EVThere were eight hondred and ninety
nine deaths in Providence, R. I., last year,
whioh is one hundred and eighteen less than
1858, ...... . , , ' ...i. ., - i
"! !"..! .iv.i.. i :ti .iMii ,
J&fA. negro porter was terribly burnt in
the store of Daniel 6i Tavlor. in fit. Louis, a
day or two ince, by a. gas ezploajion, oauied
by a leak In the pipe.'' '
JSf Men however joor, should not be
slaves, f Few ,matt can.i afford to "have their
own carriage!, every man can afford 'to have
bis own opinion,
,&At Jefferson, Wis., on Friday; a smalt
nouse was uestroyea oy nre, ana two men
named Hooking and Noble were auffoeated to
aeatn';i !.: a,;; v;i v-vr.:
JBt'The shipments of coal from the rious
coal ; regions of Pennsylvania, last year
amouniea to nearly iz,uuv,uuo tuns, valued at
aoout Wtwmjmn, i : : .. t ;. v; ,
JThe English oruisers eaught six slavers
id one month last fall, and carried them into
St. Helena. They were all American built
vessels. ,; k-t
Wby are yoone ladles at the breaking
up of a party like arrows? Beoauae they can't
go on without a Dean, ana are in a quiver till
meygeione. , ,
',' J'The London Court Journal says that a
separation between a Duke and Duchess Is
about to take - place, owing to a painful dig'
covery. . "': 1 : 'V ; ,
JHenrv Farren.' lessee of the St. Lonla
Theater, and an actor, died on' Sunday, of a
pulmonary complaint, from , whioh he had
aT"0ne thousand people were killed on the
railroads in this country last year. In all
Europe, game time, tne wnoie number of
deaths does not ezoeed one hundred.
J-Reoeotly John McQowan, a resident of
valley Forge, Fenn., went, when in toxics ted,
to a spring for a drink, but fell head foremost
into tne spring, ana was loona mere aeaa.
sThe apple irbi of Niasara County, N,
Y., for the last year, is estimated at $500,000.
Over two hundred thousand barrels were
shipped from that county. .. j
A mine of tin Is (aid to have been dis
covered a few miles from Begla,. in Cuba,
whioh will prove a source of great wealth to
the discoverers. ,
Sherman, of Chicago, III,, la about to
replaoe the old Sherman House with a marble
edifies two hundred feet by one hundred, and
fire stories high. (
Merritt and Cook, confined In the Win
chester (Va.) ja'I at sunplolous personages
during the Harper's l'eny exoltement, have
been released. 'i--,r- ' ' 1 j
- , i i " . i
3BsTThev have an Institution In London
where calves are regularly inoculated with
small-pox, and from them, the pustules are
obtained for vaccination; - 1 1 i
' Th pnblie debt of the United States it
si'xly million two hundred and two thoutand
AunoW and mmty-iivm dollar and lixlg-tii
JeeTThe most aereeable ltterarr noveltv in
PariB this season Is the eomenondenee of De-
ranger, of which two stout volumes have ap
peared uunng tne past weex, and two more ot
which are promised.
: Tat Lokdo Parse o" Ahkbica Fbssdom.
The London Ifewt, received by the Bohemian,
obearvei: "One of the leading provisions of
the Constitution is that all territory within the
republic shall always be equally open to the
eitisena of all the States, but the constitutional
liberty has long been virtually lost; . g. Dr.
Charming, one of the most honored divines in
the whole nation, could not, so long as five-and-twenty
years ago, set his foot in half the
States without imperilling his life; but the
Constitution eould never be expressly set
aside; and there Ii now less reAson than ever
lor such a violation of Republican principles.
It would be a marvel that any oitizen oould
dream of it, if if were not notorious that the
inhabitants of the slave States have by degrees
parted with all tbelr highest liberties, io as to
have lost the sentiment of freedom. By their
censorship of the press they have forfeited the
privileges of gettoral literature; and the igno
rance and narrowness of the oommunity concur
with political passion to reduce the ohances of
any accommodation with the majority who de
mand the emancipation of labor. -'
A Rich Historic Yiab, This year promises
to be rich io histories. There are now forth
coming two new volumes of Fronde's History
of England, treating of the reigns of Edward
VI and Queen Mary; Mr. Buckle's second
volume of the History of Civilisation, at last
announced to be in press; a new volume of
Mr. Crowe's History of France, and a similar
sample of Mr. Maesey's History of England,
during the reign of George III; Mr. Banoroft's
new volume of the American Revolution; be
side which there is a chance of a fresh portion
of Lord Maoaulay's History, completing the
career of his hero, William III. Mr. Carlyle
has sent one of the volumes of his Life of
Frederiok the 6reat to press; another will
shortly follow, and both will be published
early in the coming spring, bringing the his
tory of his hero down to the end of the Seven
Years' War. To these the forthcoming third
volume of Baron Bunson's Egypt's Place In
the World's History, may be added.
Tbb Ewot of Public Scandal ir Fraci.
A letter from Tours Bays that Binoe her ac
quittal M'lle Angelina Lemolne, whose trial
with that of her mother for destroying the for
mer's infant, we have mentioned, has received
several offers of marriage; she will, however,
be delivered over to the oustody of her father,
who Intends to place her in a convent during
her minority. Fetis, the coachman, received
a doucew of 100f., while the trial waa going on,
for going to a photographer's to sit for his
portrait. The house ot Chinon, whioh Mdme.
and M'lle. Lemolne inhabited, is advertised
for sale, and orowds of people go every day to
look at it. On the chimney-piece In the draw
ing room, there are two porcelain vases, In the
ityle ,of ,the empire, representing subjects
which have a atrange bearing on the doings
that went on in the autumn of 1858, and led
to suoh a tragical conclusion.
Minis. The London papers contain accounts
of the annual meetings of the shareholders of
a large nnmber of copper companies. Six of
them made dividends, but as the amount only
of the dividend Is given and not the rate per
cent, and the paid up capital is not reported,
we cannot judge how profitable has been the
working. Eleven companies show a profit,
but make no dividend, and several of them
have made new assessments. Seven others
are reported, with the balance on the wrong
side of the profit and loss aooount.
RiMOiotra Ihtolxbaitci iwSwidik. A reso
lution has been submitted to the Swedish Diet
by a olergyman named Jansen, enacting that
the entire Swedish clergy shall henoefortb
have complete control over all printed papers
or pamphlets circulated by the hawkers, end
that, moreover, severe punishments shall be
inJicted on all laymen who Bhall diaouss reli
gious subjects without first having been ex
amined and authorised by a Protestant olergy
man, 1 The proposition was unanimously
adopted, and some members proposed even
more stringent measures.
An Absconding Swindlib. A person named
Hinka has absconded from Birmingham, Eng
land, leaving it to be discovered that he has,
to an enormous extent, robbed various socie
ties with whioh he was conneoted. The
amount la not yet clearly ascertained, but it Is
certainly not less than 10,000, and the moat
distressing feature in the matter ia the fact
that -the greater part of this money was. the
oara carnea savings or tne working classea.
It ia supposed tt-at Hinka hag made for
America. .
' Rimrdt roB Hydrophobia, A freeze up
like the present is always dangerous on so
count of dogs. They can get no drink, and
become mad. Every person owning a dog
should be careful to supply the : animal
mal with water, daily, as the best preventive
against hydrophobia. Frequent oases of this
terrible disease occur in sevore winter weather,
simply because the poor dogs find it Impossi
ble to supply themsolves with water. Ice and
snow only aggravate the thirst they must
have water. ,
An lev TtJRiiFiBR. The Mlsainaippi la now
the greatjhighway of travel. , Teams from the
Minnesota valley come down on the ice, and
vehicles going below travel on the hard orya
talixed floor of the Mississippi. Every day
we notice parties on the river trying the rela
St. Paul Minnesotan.
Thos, Staeb Kino. The Boston AtUu says
It ia now announced positively that the Rev.
Thomas 8terr King haa accepted the invita
tion of the Unitarian Socloty of San Franciaco,
California) to become their pastor. His letter
of resignation to the Hollis-gtreet Church and
eociety was submitted to his people on Mon
day, at a meeting called for that purpose.
Libbral Donation. The BoBton Berald
aays: "Mr. Stewart, the well-known manufac
turer of steam refined oandy bearing? big
name, in Mew York, contributed $10,000
toward purchasing the 1 churoh edifice in this
city, at the corner of Beaoh-atreot and Harrison-avenue,
for the First Presbyterian Bo
olety. ' , .s ,
Tbb Latvst Fashion. The last number of
the QaitUt Roie, which devotee itself to the
Paris Fashion, says "long and full baaqaines
are atill worn. They are generally braided;
some are made with rounded oapea reaching
half-way down the back. , These are also
braided to match the basquine. The shape of
the sleeve has not changed." ' ' . -s
Valcablb Christmas Pbbsbnt. The Rev.
Dr. Bethune, on Christmas Day; wai made the
recipient' of a princely donation from hia
friends in Brooklyn, N..Y. Beside a letter
breathlns the warmest mb-b.n1 a.nt aflAAttnn
for their late pastor, a gift was made in money
reaching nearly or quite to the sum of $1,800.
Drat prom Impalbmskt. A drunken Ital
ian in New York, while under the influence of
dtKrium (remans, jumped from a second story
window the other evening, and in falling, ao
impaled himself on the pickets of an Iron rail
log that he died in a few minutes. h
A First-class Cut-Throat. A brlimnd haa
been captured in Sardinia who Is known to
have perpetrated aixty murders. He waa fol
lowed at all times by three enormous mastiffs,
fed, according to the tradition of the peas
antry, upon human flesh.
Joan Brown Srrn Throooh London Spro
rAOLRS. The London Morning 'Star of the
20th nit., in the oourae of a very lengthy ar
ticle on John Brown's execution, says:
There was no "bunkum" in Brown. North
And Sooth in the United Statea admit that
there was, to use a favorite and expressive
parasB ui tueirs, me true "grit in Drown.
There was no fine sand in his composition,
cleeky and ignomlnioasly sliding through the
hour-glass ot life. Ho was an angular bit of
granite that kept its place on the shore of
events though all the surges of the sea beat
ugalnat it. Ue was a gnarled oak, unbending
bofore the tempest. : In this place, nor at this
time, we neither discuss bis aims nor his con
flict; neither its wisdom nnr its consequences;
we have to do to-day with a stern, single
minded, God-fearing Puritan, who baa died
fi r an idea, and that a disinterested and gen
erous one. We will not allow any opinion
upon his prinoiulen to jar with the rightful
estimate of his personal qualities, i We do not
treat him as a martyr, but aa a man; The
world ia full enough of those who, in supine
case, shrink from the discharge of tame duties,
ana u unseinsn neroism gleams on the world
from a eoaffbld it should not want acknowl
edgment. , ll . ; ,
Tbb Latr Child-Burnino in Feanor.
"Malakoff" writes to the New York Timet.-
The condemnation of Mme. Lemoine to
twenty years hard labor in the Penitentiary,
und the acquittal of the daughter, la a judg
ment which, if not generally approved, is cer
tainly not far from justioe. ' The punishment
is two removes below that demanded by the
indictment-that , is to say, the guillotine.
The duughter was acquitted on account of her
oxtreme youth, and the loose manner in which
her religious education was eondnotrd. Her
lavorito reading waa the Coufurioiu of Marion
Dtlorme, or those of Jean Jacqua Routtcau.
She evidently acted without discernment.
She has been brought to Paris by her rela
tives, aud placed under the charge of the
SiBtera of Charity.
A aingul ar incident conneoted with the crime
of Mme, Lemoino shows how it is possible td
mingle poetry with crime a sentiment of re
ligious piety with an act of cruel barbarity.
The magistrate charged with the examination
of the house of Mme, Lemoine, found in the
ashes of the chimney mingled with the re
mains of the burnt child, aomo flowers a
jasmin and a rose placed there as upon a
grave. ,
Tng Widow op Balzac a "Modri" Wipb.
I'be New York Borne Journal of last week, In
giving the story of the widow of Balzao, who
recently bestowed her hand and fortune upon
an artist, on the condition that she should re
tain the name of her dead husband, said that
she had married "dlgnoux the pointer." Aa
thoro happens to bo but one artist cf that
name, the friends of our landscape painter
may be rather atart'ed at the announcement.
The right man ia Qigoux, the historical painter,
and the announcement of hia marriage to
Madame Balzac, "who gave to crt what gold
could never buy," conveya to uh for the first
time the knowledge of the death of Gigonx'a
flirt wife, who was the celebnted model,
Marietta, renowned for her beamy, and whose
lovely presence is known to the" world, from
her having served aa the model for Delaroohe's
figure of Fame In the famons picture of the
"Hemicyle des Beaux Arte," ooples of whioh
decorate innumerable parlors in this New
World. Glgoux married her partly for love,
and partly that he might monopolize her for
hia own piotures.
Railroad and Straiiboat Acoidbnts in thr
Unitbd Statrs. The number of railroad aoci
ilenta in the United States, for the last year,
ij stated to have been 79, by which 129 per
sona wore killed and 411 wounded. The num
ber of acoidenta, exclusive of those caused by
the carelessness of travelers themaelves, ia less
than for any year in the last aeven, and the
number of persons killed and wounded is also
smaller than In any year except 1858, when
only 119 persona were injured. 1853 shows
the greatest number of fatal injuries, 234 be
ing killed upon our railroads in that year, and
1854 shows the greatest number of accidents,
193; since which there hae been a regular
diminution. In seven years there have been
903 acoidonts, 1,109 persons killed, and 3.011
wounded. The number of steamboat accidents
in the United States in 1859 was 21242 per
sona being killed end 146 wounded.
Drath op a DiBTiNorraHBij Cbntrnarian.
A person named Roger Largoa has recently
died at Paris, at the age of one hundred years
precisely, day for day, and evon hottr for hoar.
It waa at one O'clock in the afternoon of the
luth ot December. 1759. that he was born, and
at ono o'clock in the afternoon of the 10th of
J 'scomber, 1859, that he died: He was
remaraaoie personage, . naving excelled as
paintei, engraver, poet and musician; and
yet he was totally unknown to the public, be
cause he would never consent to exhibit or
publish any of his production!. "'
A Pkkpbtual Motion The Norwioh ( Bne'.
laud) Mereurj says that "after yews of nie
chanioal labor and many mathematical tests,
Mr. James White, of Wickham Market, has
uompieiee, ana nas now in constant operation,
a sell-winding clock, which determines the
time with unfailing accuracy, continuing a
constant motion, by itself, never requiring to
be wound up, and whioh will perpetuate Its
movements so long as Its component parts
exist. .
Thb Slavrrt Stxdoolr in trib Covhtrt.
The London Ifewi aays of the recent event in
thia country: "No one can road the aooount
of Brown s execution, and see how true a repre
aentatlve he was of tuo urimitive and funda
mental New England character, and hear of
ine aoiemn emotion ot me northern men, and
the maddened : terror of the southern, and
bellove that auch exoitement can aubaide with
out result."
...Wiu-hakinq. Notwithstanding the fact
that, in the city of New York, nearly twentv
thousand people are annually added to the
great muster roll of the dead, the number
who take the precaution of making their will
is incredibly small. During the put year the
number of wills contested before Mr. Surrogate
West waa only one hundred and twenty-two,
and every ease presented for his action ne haa
decided. '
Pbroival's Library. Tho New Haven
(Conn.) RtgitUtr aays : "We understand that
the valuable library of the lata Dr. Percival, of
this oity, was yesterday shipped to Mesara.
Leonard A Co., of Boston, by whom it will be
disposed cf for aooount of lie mortgagees, at
public auction. . It contains upward of ten
thousand volumes, and is variously appraised
at from $10,000 to $30,000.", , , ., "r
I' Drflorarlb Epprctb op SriBiTUALiaxU-A 1
correspondent of the Petersburg Espren writes
from Chapel Hill, North Carolina, as follows:
"A worthy oitiien of this county, residing in
this immediate vloimty, a .husband, and father
of a large and Interesting family, has been
recently bereft of reason by a belief la apiritu-
aliem.". ' rr t. .. ,.
.1; . .,. i . '
Rbwabo or Bravb HoMARirT, Messrs'. Otia
W. Newhall and Murray Lnsoomb, of Lynn.,
Mas., received donations from the Masaachuj
aetts Humane Society, for oourageons and
humane conduct on the occasion of the strand
ing of the bark Vernon upon Long Beach, on
the morning of too 34 of February laiU
1 "V f- kasir -a
Advertisements not exoeedlng Bve Unaa (Agate.-
'rnelnarOB... I One fc. f OS
... 1 ou I Una ,, , I M
MvertiKmentainaartettt the following .
rttee for square often llneaorlaaat
Una luaeion...M... J M I Two weeks.. - .Jtt vt
Kaea adill'aal tna J6 1 Three weeks. t OS
On wea,,.,.,..., 1 75 1 One mpBth
Tob Printing
Io all Its
ptaaehee, done with noatnrai and dlsrafcb
From Washington.
i rotor,. January 9. Republican
caucus was spoken of for to-night, but on re
flection none was thought necessary. It is
oacertu ned that there can be wo- further on
oentrat on of the 8outherH"OppoattioB on Mr.
llamilt in, whose i vote to-morrow will, ,ao
cordiof to the present Indications, be dimin
ished. Some of the Republicans have boon '
canvas ing to ascertain whether mote votes
than 6 lerman has received can be secured for
IlioKin in, but of this they oan not be satisfied..
At thi National Union Exeeative Committee
nieetii g to-night, Mr Crittenden in the Chair,
a num er of encouraging letters were read.
Wai wmoton, January 10. Tbo American
niembi rs of Congress, in caucus last night,
decide 1 that tbey oould not support the Lo
iinmpt in Democrat, without atultifying them
solved ,'; .' ;. . ,n ;.., ., .
! The City Counoil, apprehending that legis
lation in the slave States against free negroes
would have the effect of increasing the num
ber of that clasa in Washington, took initia
tory i leaaurea to prevent auoh immigration;
but i recent authoritative exposition of the
City ( harter ehowa that it gives no power of
prohi litlon, and that legislation on that sub
ject u uat be confined to prescribe, in advance,
such eaaonable terms and conditions of resi
dent aa may tend, to repel the idle and dis
order y. '
New York and Washington Items.
' Nbw York, January 10. The Timet Wash
ington correspondent, says : Senator Seward
yeatej-day urged upon the Republicans the :
poliot of uniting on Mr. Gilmer or Mr. Cor
win, for Speaker. i -; . .. :, ,, i , . .
ThW suspension of . Raf us H. Story, whole
sale grocer, was announced yesterday. Hia
liabilities are said to be nearly 500,000.
A i spa to h from Washington says the Presi
dent has appointed Ex-Senator Sidney Breeae
Unitid States Marshal for the Northern Dis
trict jof Illinois.
The Tammany Society celebrated the anni
tersjiry of the battle of New Orleans last
everting, with a oustomary ball, supper and
speeches. Among those who made addresses
were) Hon. John A. Dix, Mesara. James T.
Brady and Isaac, V. Fowler.
Last night a fire broke out in the flour ware
house of Sherman k Weeks, No. 4 Coentiea
Slip, and before it could bo extinguished, the
stoak was damaged to the amount of $10,000.
Insjired for $5,000. . . ,
y Nrw York, January 10. The Herald't oor
reoneent says: The Americans have held a
coutoua to-nigbt, and, reviewing their course,
decided that they could never embrace the
Ledompton polioy without being demoralized '
and stultifying the party. "' i
51 ia stated that Mr. Davis, of Ind., who
linated Mr. Hamilton, aays he ia disgusted
at the manner in which they troated his can
didate, and declares that he will vote for
Adrain to-morrow. '
Horace F. Clark is making an effort to
unite the Administration and South American
votes ou Mr. Ethridge, of Tenn,, but his suc
cess ia doubtful.
Tho Democrats have given up all hopes of
concentrating the three parties upon a candi
date in opposition to Mr. Sherman. They
will, in a day or two, present a new man.
They will continne the changes nntil they
have exhausted all their available candidates.
From Boston.
Boston, January 9. The Jaokaon Demo
oratio Club of this oity celebrated the anni
versary of the Battle of New Orleans by a
banquet at tho Revere House. ' The responses
to the toaats wore G. H. Wright, President of
the Club, B. Halleok.. S. L. Woodburv. N.
Carter, U. W. Bishop, Ex-Governor Wells,
and the Hou.S. W. Johnston, of Maine, Col.
John H. George, of N. H., W. B. Sayloa, of
1!. I., ;Dr, Bartnotte, of N. Y., and others.
Letters were received from'Gov, Seymour and
others. The affair was highly successful.
Arrival of the Quaker City.
Nkw Yobr, January 10. The steamshiD
tinnier City arrived from Havana, with datoa
of the 5th inst. News unimportant.
' 'PI L 1 A T . ,.
wbmom tn, uavBuawas rainy, retarding
the receipts of produce. . The sews of a Span-
ma victory over tne juoors created muoh en
thusiasm at Havana.
Only small lots of new sugar had arrived.
Old waa firm at reala for No. 2.
Stuclr in port amounted.to 16,000 boxes. Mo
lassesArrivals at porta limited ; oflora for
dolivery at 4&4J reals, while dealers ask 4
(iij!. Sterling exchange 1& prem. Exchange
ou New York 34, . , .,...;.
Convention of Old Soldiers.
Coi.riiBca, January 10. Over one hundred
old 'aoldiera, of the War of 1812, are in con
vention here, and much attention ia shown
thorn. They attended the Senate and House,
to-day, by special invitation. ' ,
Resolutions wore passed to' vote for no can
didate for Presldont but a known friend of the
Pension Bill. '
Col. James Collier, of Steubenville, and G.
F. Lewis, of Cleveland, were appointed dele
gates to the Chloago Convention.
Destructive Fire.
Donga nor, Prhb., January 10 The ex
tensive nail factory, owned and conducted by
Fiaher, Morgan A Co., Philadelphia, at this
plaoe .(fifteen' miles above Harrisburg), was
destroyed by fire last night. The main build
ing, containing sixty machines, is a total
wreck, and three hundred persons are thrown
out of employment ' The loss is about $25,
000, and is fully insured in Philadelphia. Tbe
water wheels, dam, and the Pennaylvania Rail
road bridge are all safe. i
From New York.
Nrw York, January JO In our City Coun-
oils Jaat evening the Controller aent in an
abstrrot of the expenditures of laat year, show
ing a total of upward 6f $19,000,000.
. The Washington correspondent of the"1 JVt
oune states that when Mr. Seward made bis
appearance In the Senate, vesterdav. ha wm
studiously avoided by the Democratic aide,
Mossrs. Douglas and Fugh only greeting him.
John D. Burchard, law partner of Jamea T.
Brady, died suddenly laat night.
Alrxabdria, Va., January 10. Mr. Wm.
Powlo. one of the oldest and moat reanaetahia
niarohanta of this oity, died on Sunday last
River News.
rrnflBURCl. January 1 6 M RW truii
inches by the pier mark and falling wwi...
cloudy and damp, Indicating rain.
..Fbrbbbts at thb Sooth.! recent dis
patoh, dated Augusta, Ga., aays; There are
unprecedented, heavy, floods 'in alt the rivers
In this State, oaueed by the late rains. The
railroad bridge at Ringgold has been washed
away, and the, ,bridgo at Altona it muoh
damaged. , There waa a heavy fall of gnow at
Atlanta and above, on Saturday. The tops of
the oars of the train, whioh reached here to
night, were covered with snow. , . r ' '
jsTVLt Watertown. N. Y., a manufactory
ohewing gum within the laat alx month.
manufactured and sold over. twentv-Jve thou-
mrtenA rAWa A A i I .
snnd boxes of the gum, each ' box; iMBtaining
we hundred itfckg.

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