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is KbibtatTdd, '(a&il mti,) b.
rBOFHiiroBS. ,x. :'ni;' ;
r r i oi-rn iifTom it.
TBI PIHSf PBlfl8!i deHWedtotubeoribert la
Cincinnati, OoTlntoo and Howaort, and for
roondini elites and townt, at the ex
trenielr tow price of . '
eim it ooalee lo.i l month Me.; I months li 1 root fti.
Jona A. BiiW, J .Bole fan wd Mimw.
Last nlfbt but two of the potato young Trie'
MR. K. M POWERS, t , '
TBI8(Tbnri(U'rxTIMINa,iiDiitrr 12, will be
PrMented THJJ FATALIST; : ' ."Jl!.
0, VlBlOXS or TBI Fotui.
St. L60D.imiiiniiHiiininiHMwm'twi mwiM tt 1. P0W6lB
Don Miguel..,. ......,.......flir. L noted on
Dod Carlafl.Hf?MeM...M.fe.Hiti.t..Mtt..Hr. K$d
l;Mnora....i.wY....H.,.,,....,.........Mrt Ellsler
Thereat i..w.....w..i..............HlM Annie Waite
To conclude with, for tbt flrat time, the celebrated
and wonderful pantomime called .. , , ,,
Scaramouch- .J. H. Gilbert'
Don Juan .......,...,...... ......Mtu Denhant
Jion Ouynien............................ -....Lord
Dame Anna T .... Miaa Walte
I n conenueca of tie dell explication for the hit
torical play of "Toossitnt L'Orertnre; or, The In
eurractfon of Hejtl," the Manager will forthwith
make tbe neceuary effort! for Its early and brilliant
WDoore open at 6X; Ourtaln riaee at 7K o'olook.
Priou or Admission Dreee Oirole and Farqnette,
Mcentt) Qallery,i)ftop.tB. , ,
John Bale
W. B. Irwin..-.
...Proprietor and Manager
THIS BVEN1MO. Jantwrr w will be presented
Bill IIinoer or Nothi Dhb.
Quasimodo Carter
Maude FrolU'...- . Vanc'eren
t'aptain Phxhua ..Stuart
Captain Ernst - ..,..-Hwlft
Pierre Gringolre Bernard
Olopln ......, Blevin
Esnierall..,.,......i......,.....4.. Mrs. Vanderen
Bister Gudule....,...!...... ... ....lira Laws
Mabltte Hiss L. Graham
Madame Gondelaurier.................. n.-..MiM Kndreee
Fleur de Lyi. ....... Mia) A.Graham
Madame Coucoa Mra. Henri
fancy I)anoe............ Mlae Jenny fllftht.
To conclude with the langable farce, entitled
Squire Aldwlnkle ...... - - Allen
Miaa Aldwlnkle....- Miaa A. Graham
Wanted Immediately Twelve jouDg ladiea for the
Ballet. Apply at Box Office between 12 and 1.
Time Ai.tkrko. Doora open at H o'clock; tbe
curtain will riae at VA preofaely.
NOTICE. Tradesman and othera are oantloned
against furnishing any articles for the theater with
out a written order, signed by the Manager.
Theater, ir now open for 'the reception of guests.
Booms can be obtained by the day or week, and
meals furnished at all hours
B. N. Plke'.-.IM..i..Mi..H..HH.MM..
V B. Oonway... i.m.imi. I...
J. JT. Herbert ...,....
............ ...Jroerletiir.
.....te-ULage Director,
THIS EVENING, and every evening until further
notice, will be presented, witb new scenery, Ac,
Sbakspeare's grand play of ;. . . a
Caliban.............. Mr. Conway
Prospero....t..,.H ...............MM..ntr. Bheridan
Ferdinand ..- Mr. Obaplln
Timanio ; Mr. Davidae
8tepbano............M......M. .mm.....m... Mr. Hall
Alunzo - Mr, Addison
Gonr.alo....- Mr. Lanagan
Bebaatian '. ,..Mr, Templeton
Antonio.,,,,-.,..,...,, ...Mr. Arnold
Miranda , .-.Mrs. Conway
A liol , ,.M,.,.,..v.f.Ml8fl Crocker
Iris ..Miss Kingsbnry
Pkicu or ADMiaeiON. Parijuette Circle, Parguette
and Balcony, 50 cent ; Amphitheater, 28 centa;
Private Boxes for eight persons, is.
Doors open at 64 o'olock ; eommeaw at ?M. . .
-BY THE- yc , ,',
Benefit of the Poor!
Hlharlty orBtlr i,MnUltBdeof,8lBa,?
M. BUNS OF MALTA in Cincinnati will give a
Publio Enterlalument at ,
On Friday Pvenipgj'Jan. 13, i-1800
The proceeds to be devoted to charitable purposes.
Tickets, admitting a lady and gentleman, S3 ; each
additional lady, II. - m i :
Captain Jas. T, Fisher, Miles Greenwood, Esq.,
fr, 0.'w,West.
David Gibson, - Jos. F. Torrence, " "
Henry Hanna, ' . T. A. O'Connor, '
O. H. Collins, y Judge A. G. Vf. Carter,
Dr. F. P. Cahili; ' John h Stettlnne,
Tlios. J. Gallatilier, EL, J. G. leham,
A. A. Marsh, George H. Hill. t. '! .
M lies Oreenwood, . r , K. M. Corwine, Esq.,
(lant. Jas. T. Fisher, ' James A. Fruier,
O. W. West, . . T. 0. Wan Saa
T.J.Sherlock, ..." Iaaac Parker, , ,
W. P. lliirtbert, . J.G.Iaham,
Alfred Wood,- , P, B. Cloon, . , . .
Charles Loomla, Ks
A. MvCormlck, Esq,,
Theo. Cook,
T. McBurnie,' " ' -" J ,
C. P. Cassllly,
John Kilgouijr .
J. Dan. Jvnet, j j .: r
.fnhn .Inna.
Sam. P. Hibberd,
Ammi oaiuwiu.
Jot. J. McDowell, ''
Trios. Powell, Esq.,
0. W. Thomat,
V. Baldwin.
Joe.O. Woodrnff, ; r ,
W. W. Lwlwlck, ; ' Judge Robert Moore, '
iiiage s.nattne at, ; ueorgeBnuuw, jr.,, . i
;barlesO. Brown, 'T. A, Truaa, , . ,
J. L. Keck, W. M. F. Hswaon, .
Capt. Henry Kennett, 8. W. Hartshorn, . ,
Wm. Henderson, Major K. 8. Hubbard,
Thomaa Fraaler, ,?t B. fl. Stone, i; tj
A. L. Smith, , . Charles Fox, Esq., . , ,
Cant. George Hatch, E. McHlevy, ' -.
David Gibson, ' ' H. L. Thomaa, ,!; .
Henry Hanna, , Wm.Smith. i,
James F, Torrence, Jobn O.Wright, :
Wm. Addis, (Jeorie u. Johnson,
Dr. John 8. McOiew, "' H. W. Brown, , '
jC. D. Dodd, Esq Col. F. A. Llnck,
Oapt. Alex. Enyart, B. C Hazleaood, .
E. Loring, (. i -p .' i Joe. Beakirt. ' tt .
V. W. Ballatd, A 4. CJ, . Dr. H. B. Malone, : ;
II . B. Blasell, Wm. 0. Vanderbllt,
F. Avery, T;'if'' J. M. Wilson,- y . ...
George Marsh, , ' Ouiar F. Glenn, s '
Wm. H. Pierce,' 1 ' v 1 James Glenn,
Wm.T.KorreeUEsq., . 8. G. Cnyler, ,
Kobert Beiley, ' " Thomas Obenowetb,
!harlea A. ulaalsr, , J. 8. G. Burt,
Henry P.Eliaa, . J J - JF- ' r
Win. J. Torrence, Blchard K.Cox,.
E. A. Buck. . W. W. Johnaen,
laaao K. Connellr, Blmon Wolf, - '
B. Unkm; D.Wolf, i -Oapt.
W. 0. Mann, 1 ' ' E. M. Johnson, i
A. Cutter, ' ! ' George Belvet, v' ., t
C. J. W, Boltb, L.Boman, -Wm.
Kirk, .. . Chat. B, Smltli, ;. ...
H. Ellis, 5 .Jf.Marobant, . , ".
J. H. Beard,"1 v W. W. Foedlck1;
James L. RuftlD, Josbna-Torke,
Oapt. JuhnBuilier. . J.F.Herbert. jajaw.
and Miss OKIE reepeetfnlly Inform the oit ml
lwns or umcinnan inai jnay now receive pit-
Days of School, Saturdays and Wedneeetaya for
l- orf iHoionaaut Aaaaoet. m
i j .. ul I Mut.M frnm Iin,P U n. ,.1
Class, from BtolO In the tvettUg,x41l Uuadrllltf
taught witnoui calling. . .. ji
KCHXMAJI..f Hp. BlztBMtt, - -l
would respectfully Inform the publio that the
Inooanectlea with MraToJedo't (late pr
Ravel Troupe) taatefut wardrobe, remoted oL
t,m. nAmrA ., tin in IMfth.atiat. betweeaw
Walnut and vWttreet, where ah will be happy to
aea her former Mitrona. to whom aha can offer tne
wont splendid assortment of ooaWraet. "' del7-ai
BEOOND TEBtti ' J'. ' thwJa
NiUal Hall. Viat-treet. abave FHttw'
Tbe Mssonl an to arranged that innep ran
ft. MUM
oommente at any uuw.
m lil 1
VOL. 2. HO, 124
.tC.M v I rtt.- - ! hi...,,,
BBfMeBk. .j '.'.-; i i !.'.- :
",ijrV i -hh-ilfj) s'-v r;
baa, ,
Commencing MON'OAT EVENING, January 9, the
oelekrated and original. 1 , "
Bucklej's Serenaders, ,
And Ethiopian Barlesqne Opera Troupe, together
with the distinguished Prima Donna, Miss JULIA
GOULD, the only complete Band of Minstrels in the
world, and the only company In existence that per
forate Burlesque Operas. The Buckley'a have been
acknowledged by the entire Southern press and pub
llo to be the only true delineators of the
The beat Singers, the best Dancer and the moat
finished Muslctana. Each evening will be performed
Negro Minstrelsy in all lit various forms, together
with one of f. ?,
Buckley '8' Borlegcme Operas I '
ADMISSION. ................-...-..THIBTY CENTS.
Doors open at H o'clock ; performance to oom
mence at 7t o'clock I
.jath JOS. JOHNSON, Agent.
! Si-Ty.3
This EvenlBtj and Every Evening
During the Week.
Professor Jacobs!
Improvisatore. will present hit unrivaled En
tertainment, He will apenr in his Temple of En
chantment, anrroundeil by hia coatly and magnifl
sent apparatus. Tbe Cabalistic wonders he performs
have gained for him the name or the Me Plus Ultra
of the .Modern Magi, lie has had the distinguished
honor of appearing before Her Majesty Qneen Vic
toria, Plinco Albert and the Boyal Family, their
Imperial Majesties, tbe Emperor of France and the
Emprea Eugenia, hla late Imperial Majesty, the
Krone ror of Bassia, their Majesties tbe King and
Uueen of the Belgian, and the principal nobility of
hairopo. In California and Australia nit mccess has
been of the most brillianit description, and through
out the cities in llio TJni ted States, wherever he hat
appeared, he bat been al ike suoceesiul.
There is but one opinli in formed of his entertain,
meat, and that it, It is pleating, moral and wonder
ful. Doora open at 7; the Professor commencea at 7N
' Admission on centa; Gallery 36 centa; children to
me Doayoi me nau.x.t cents; uaiiery, to centa
- i .1 ja9awl ; : . i f;;;;
, . -'- -' -1 Ci u.iL V.
Coal Cooking Stove!
Baa been pronounced by competent Jndgee to be the
mix. sxzrajs,!
, . Patented Dec. 1, .858.
'' For tale by the Inventors and Manufacturers,
..No. 333 Fourtli-stieet,CiBclnnati.v
' Wa retittfolly'reler to tbe following otrtlloatet
forervidentof the above I ; , ;' ''';.'"
For tome anontht I have, been using the Alligator
Coal Cookln f Stove. Iti tnperior cooking eualitiee,
cembined wl to ita oleemliieea, mnat eventually secure
to the ownen a urge anare at puiuic patronage.
MoIiEAN. ,
1 have been nslns pne oj W's. Adams A Peck-
over's Alligator' aioob omrnjm.i ne montna, wnica
give entire eat br faction uniVveapect, and I can
cheerfully recomxiend it fo thoaVwho are in want of
a superior oook a U've. . a1U H. LEAV1TT.
For the last yenr I have been using the Alligator
Goal Cooking 8tov. manufactured by Meters. Adams
tc Peckover, which I consider a superior stove, and
givea the utmost ait tisfaction. It la the only ttove I
have found that coos perfectly with coal.
For tome time past I have been using one of Meaara.
Ail.ma A PAttknver'a . Alllffatur Goal flooklna Slavea.
and can recommend t hem aa being a superior stove,
giving entire tatisfadtt'on in every respect.
I cheerfully indorse the above.
dels . : . JOHN K.EB1EB.
ilf UfiraHMV&BRO'li
, : ; Manufactory, Covlnjrton, Ky. "
I V ', , Ne). 30 Baat CoUmbia-Btreet.
trade at tbe aiaat reasonable prlcea and en the
most accommodating terms with
For Oil, Fluid or Coal Oil,
1 M. B. Jonee'S Improved Lamps and Burnert lr
tale by our agent, J. BELLEB8, Oovington, Ky.
. j ANOHOK y.
oal Cooking Stoye,
Beldlat Zanetvllle, Ootaber, 185l.
IVos. 51 and 33 Viiic-st,, :
KStoond door Below OvhraMa,)! ' - "
. " 'i ' noOcsBl
Holiday Presents.
litane and China Fignrea, Fancy Inkstan
Vaset, Jewel and Matoh-noxet, Fancy Shaving at
Wodk-boiea, and other Fancy Goods too numeron
to rnfcntlon. suitable for the Holidays, which I IU
aell feheaper than any other establishment Id the
oltyf . . ' J PAT?Pa
. lie main irwi, oetweea oua ana oevenin. ..
B. Also a new lot of Faucy,.BoM. Perfumerr.
FlvtVaeta. Aa. 1
I I .i-MI- . MtaMM a
MJ TKU the SALOON In the Enquirer '
uniiuing, are now prepare. 10 ruruisuiiy-v, i
thekr frianda with the best lm ported
Little Mtami. Right Expreat, 8:00 A. at.; Aooom-
uiuu,iui, nee p. at. i imr aiapss tttfaeis au-.
M.l 1:4(1 A. M. . , r
Ohio and Miasistim.-ftJ A. .J11; A. tes lfcB
CiNOianATi, Hamhto akd IJatton. 7:48 A. M .; 11:09
a. u.om r. q;oi r. o:ou r. ' . . ..
BJOMONO ABD lB0iABANlul.-rU:H) at. 6:M p. M.
Littli Miami. Day Ixprott, 10:00 A. V; Acoom
modatlon. 4:40 p. si.: Miaht Eznraiia. ll:Xop. m
Ikdunapolia and Oinoiniiah. &SO a. m.; U:t p.
Ohio a'nb Mistitsirn. 7:20 A. H.i 2:00 v. nr.: T-sri w
Oinoinmati, HamiltoM anb DAYTOa.-e:00 a. M.l 7:10
A. M.; I0:0Oa,ii.; I:t0. M 8:80r. M.; 11:80 r. .
oiaaivrra sin tiNuiHRATi. v:wa. at.; a:wp. at.
BtCBMOMD AMD iHDIAMAPOLre. 4:00 A. M.j 1:40 p. at.
The oity debt of Boi ton it about $9.750,.
000. ' . ' . '
? Thore are not 219 veuel laid np at
Jsmt-NavigaUOft' ba the Hodaon Rirer has
Deen retamed. , at ; .i y i, i
Ihereal35?siipi; 9 bafkl.brlgtand
"There are eight thousand paupari in the
almshousea of New York City.
BIdleneBt is a publio mint, where various
Kinas oi mnoniei are eoinea.
' ff-The world 1 a eeaj and life and death
are its ebbing and flowing.
9A little son of Harvey Paddleford, re-'
lidiog near Canandaigua, N. Y., was killed by
a ram on Friday last.
Qen. John B. Plauohe, a gallant Vete
ran and muoh esteemed citizen of .New Or
leans, died last week in that oity.
S9"0n Saturday erenine an and woman
In Philadelphia, named Curry; met with a
feariul ana agonizing deatn lrom camphene.
- "Mary Alden, a deaf woman, seventy
years of age, was killed by a railroad train
near Hartiord, Conn., last Monday.
8ffThe Mississippi and Missoori Railroad
will be oompleted to Marengo by the middle
oi ueoruary. 1 . - ' . i,
j 'TLord Palmerston has conferred a pen
sion of 100 ($2,000) a year upon Mist Pardoe,
the well known authoress. ..,,,! ,
J-The editor of one of the weekly ' reli
gious papers offers to give bis likeness to all
his patrons when they pay their bills. ;,, ,,,,,,
William Colling, an ettemed oitizen of
Temneranoevme, fenn., oommittext sniolde
few days since by hanging himself. '
l&Tk boy, a native of the Sandwioh Is
lands, jumped overboard from a vessel recently
and swam ashore, a distance of twenty miles.
TThe transportation of convlots costs the
State of New York, annually, about twenty
five thousand dollars.' ''' '
' pey-xh number of deaths in New York,
last week, was four hundred and fifty-seven
an inorease of seventy-one over the previous
wk", ':'X;, ',,,.:,,, j- ,",;;;,.,; ';;;
' ?A bark,' painted yellow, from ihe coast
of Africa, with the greater part of her crew
dead, is reported to have , been taken into
Einsale by a revenue cutter. ,;
The Glasgow memorial to Lord Jobn
Russell, relative to the approaohing Congress
on the affairs of Italy, has received five thou
sand signatures.
' The number of distinct operations re
quired in the construction of an Enfield rifle,
are said to amount to seven hundred and sixty
nine. I '.'.,' ';'
T0nly two Irish emigrants landed at
Baltimore, Md., last year, a significant evi
dence of the appreciation of the intolerance of
that oity by the sons of the Emerald Isle. ;
Joel T. Hart, the distinguished Ameri
can soulptor, has just returned to this county
from Florenoe, where he baa spent some few
years, -,
fHt Ann McAllister, a milliner, aged
fifty years, was burned to death at Amis svi lie,
Rappahannock County, Va., on the 3d. inst,
in oonsequenoe of her dress taking fire. ' i u
Wm, Russell, the London Timtt cor
respondent, is said to have received $7,(00 for
his Indian Diary, from Messrs. Rontledge,
the publishers.
i '
The Maine law is a nullity and a farce
in Michigan. The papers of that State say
there has been a great inorease of drinking in
the pVsttwo years. " , ;. ''' ,,',,',
Col. J. C, Fremont has obtained pos
session. of all tbe mines in California, adjudged
to him by decisions of tbe Courts without any
violent collision with adverse olaimants. r
&A bill passed both branches of the Le
gislatureof gottth Carolina ,lnbscribrng $310,
000 for the purpose f completing the Blue
Ridge Railroad to Walhalla.
' "Dennis MoAvenny, the young man who
absoended from Boston, a few days since,
with $900 that he had. been entrusted wito
has been arrested in Prbyldene, R.X
- jfVLitt Annette Inoe, the aetress, has re
turned to New York, after two yean absenoe
of professional success in California, Australia
ana the Sandwioh Islands.
aT'Thurtday, the 17th day of November,
was observed as a publio day of Thanksgiving
in Liberia, agreeably to a proclamation by
President Benson. ( , j ( , i:. .
' EBfThe English papers report that Alfred
Tennyson received ten pounds a line for his
poem "Sea-Dreams,", in the January number
of Aftem7Jon'e Maqtuint. ,
fff-Mrs. Maria L. Jones, wife of Mr. Jos.
H. Jones,' a worthy, meohanio of Danville,
Va.j committed suicide in that place on Satur
day last, by taking laudanum. ' - '
. 0 Mr. Winslow M. Trlbble, of Plymouth,
Mast., committed suicide reoently by hanging.
Be was fifty years old, and, had .occasionally
been insane. ti .' w '?iii
itSr The Morse telegranh uatent eznires in
1861, and will then be free to the publio. It
willjoause eonslderable extension of telegraph
linel, and will give rise to a good deal of com
petition. '-,,! . ini.V "lit '!) -ii-'iirt
' JEsT Anthony Troliope, the popular novelist,
has I been appointed Post-offioe Surveyor in
Essex, England.11 He ls a son of tbe famous
Mrs. Troliope. who, yean age. wrote the ab
surd work on America. i'-I ', j A J aH. j
) - .-. t ,. -, ..... i ., i..!,. : .,, y r,r:.,'ri,.! t .
T-Small-Box was raging epidemically at
last aeoounts in Paris, i A levely oountess
recently died of the disease. If she had sur
vived the attack she would nave sought death
by huoAjtl.
jjiw ibb urea tniri niiiva iruiu jjiteuiaa,
Ky,, on the Northern Mississippi Railroad,
have been' graded, and ' the track Jaying has
been already oommenoed and extended about
Entile, m . , iu. h,., ,,. '":!-!. i
I " p9 X Lord says that the Duke of Modena
is about actually starting a , newspaper in the
Italian language to be printed at Vienna, and
to advocate his claims.
GbbaU flnmnir. ib ns Fni.Tn rnn.n
A case is at preient before one of the English
Criminal Courts that exoites great attention
throughout the country;- The London JVmet
vi uum Btie una statee me nroumstances: Mr.
Bonwell. formnrW nf UriuMnniA rfAliaw (
ford, is inoumben of St. Phillip's Stepney,
5wuoioi,r iBiiuWj ruuuis anacnea to
the tflhoAl.vrWim' hAlni. HmA nm ft,. 1.1. ...
He is a married man, with one ohild; and his
wife, at the time of the commission of the
alleged offense, kept a school in another part
w wrnaua, wuere mr. Bonweu occasionally
visited her. The lady implicated in tbe oase
was the daughter of a. clergyman named
Yorath. livlnc at Newnnrt. in Mnnmniitfokini
Last. year Miss Yorath, then on a visit to
Margate, became acquainted with Mr. Bonwell,
who, it is aiserted, gave himself out as a
widower, and soon became the accepted suitor
of Mis Yorath. Jn Deoember the lady left
inargaw, in oraer, as Her Mends thought, to
return to Newnnrt. hnt iniluJ r,r .
she remained, it is said, a fortnight in London,
luugmga .nina ior ner oy mr, Bonwell.
Then is no necessity for following the steps
of the historv! hat in M lut at, .
second visit to Margate, and Miss Ames, the
friend with whom she had been staying, per
ceived that ihe was pregnant. Indeed, if the
evidence is to be believed, there can be no
doubt that Mr. Bonwell seduced the lady
uuuibj a promise oi( marriage.. ,
DiATHOr' a MiBTiAhHaae. James Lsnnon
AtA lK m XT 17' J . i. ...
' j.ro, xv, i,, agea apwara 01 eignty
vears. ; He was a native of Armagh, in the
North of Ireland. n.nrl raairlnil fVi- ,,r,il1Qn'r
when he enlisted in the British Army, then
luoruuing ior opsin. . tie went to Upam at the
VOrV CommfinAaanAnt ftf th A war an1 nAnfin.,1
- - .....
to pwtioipfct iD the toils, the miafortun-1, nad
sj.w.jwf ws Uv a it tidal vmuiymigtif UUbll iUB
laBt Frtnoh loldiAr wtu drivan
renj, and finally witnessed the aurremder of
,U V 1 . It, i n ... . .
BUBjjrsuca ai xouiouie. tie retreated with
Sir John Moore upon Corunna, and was pres
ent at the midnight burial of that gallant
ohief. . When WeTlin
. ,, vhbuv trv ajtwiaw tja
command, he participated In all those sue-
nuiuu . wmwreu. Buon unaying ijiory
Upon the British name. Ha was at. T.Iivaf.
Badejoi, Salamsnoa, and at the stormiog of
d. oouaauan. nnen tne isritun Army was
released by the, surrender of Toulouse, Len
non's reslment was ordnreil (jif.n.J. h
thus escaped the honors and dangen of the
nam ui nawnoo. jae leu tne army not long
after his arrival in Canada, and snn.fi afler Ka.
came a resideat in Troy.
. Pbomurit iis or I Sinsation Clsbovmah.
A iRev. Mr. Guinness has been oreating a sen
sation in Philadelphia, and last week's New
York Pr-bylerian sayi of the clerglcal gen
tleman: . ,!
. We by no means regard Mr. Guinness its a
great preacher, or as. a brilliant one, but he is
certainly a most earnest laborer in his Mas
ter's cause. For weeks past he has vrcached
every night, often, alto, in the afternoon, as
well as three times on the Sabbath. In many
things he reminds us of Dr. Nettleton. He
does not desire singing after the sermop, and
frequently requests that the congregation will
disburse without (speaking a word. In some
oases, wheie the music but not suited him, he
has ventured to take things somewhat into his
own hands, by reading out two linea of the
hymn at a time and requesting the congrega
tion to sing. , . ,
WoiiAW. A young woman was reoently per
suaded to get into a cutter at Suspension
Bridge, under the promise that she would bs
carried to her home, some five miles distant.
The two villains who had oharge of the team
drove to a nvine, when she was violated by
the wretches, and the next morning was found
in the depot at the bridge a maniac. Being
taken to the County House as a lunatio, she
was kept there until her reason was restored,
when she was taken to the bridge to be sent
home; Arrivinc too late for the train she was
compelled to wait. While tarrying for the
next train she was spirited away and has not
since neen neara oi.
A wHOgv-FawnnBanflipr A car
who bar! bean fniAlnn rim with a t,tmkl
respeotable family in St. Louis, left the house
of her mistress, noently, stating that for sev
eral wgnia sue oaa oeen visited oy a . tall,
fearfqi-lookin. spectre, dressed in a long white
robe.! She spot nn nna n ifflifc nrl tlil ty. afvilr
him, but he vanished out of sight. Onoe or
twice me goost was impudent enougb to come
and sit on the side of the poor girl's bed.. Her
mistress tried to persuade her that her fears
wen groundless, but she went away, declar
ing that she would not live in a house with
PlO Noun Htnnumn Rmm ThA Vnna at
Rome, is tightening the strings. The inhab
itants of tbe Sternal City an ordered not to
make the ahnrehaa nlanna nf mtifavwAita ami
warned against profaning them either by word
or deed. The ladies are told not to appear at
churoh with uncovered heads, and in evening
dresses. His eminence is so shooked at the
unbecoming toilet of the Roman ladies that
hi directs their confessors not to give them
absolution if they persist in appearing in the
House of Prayer with uncovered necks and
HUUU1UCTB ., ... , . . . . ,.
A I Tlansir.-untrtiBit Dm '14 VAeJflA.u.a
' wy-aiwv"aw IWt O.W VI UVUOlAJLOs
Mess., recently was a young pig, which had
two perfectly formed mouths upon the same
hearf, with two tongnes and two pair of jaws.,
Tbe animal did not long survive its birth,
though death was probably occasioned by the
severity of the weather. It might have lived
and, thrived notwithstanding its malforma
tion! as the two mouths onened into one throat.
and it could readily have swallowed food.
AtT EcOMOBIST ill TanitM r: A
in Western New York the other day woelved
1A - e tea. s . m
b id. oi greauj duu in payment; lor produce.
- w w-woen wvut axw uo luij BB OU1U"
lion of potash, which extracted the signatures.
To make them as good as new he re-wrote the
names, and in an attempt to pass them was
arrested for counterfeiting. After considera
ble explanation of the circumstances, to his
groat relief, he was set at liberty.
I ' . ' "
Tibbibli Domsstio TiiGiDT. On Thurs
day; evening A man by the name of James
IT . I J I - i iL .,1 . . r. 1 ...
jian, iwiuing at uie viuage 01 Danaersvuie,
Ky cut bis wife's throat with a Bowie-knife,
killing her instantly, and then turned upon
his little son who had ran to bis mother's res
cue, and alto very severely out one of his arms.
tiart nes oeen arrested and oommltted to jail.
I il " I '..n tii i,:
Mr. P. MsD. Collins writes to a friend in New
Orleans that he ha arrived in St. Petersburg
and that he expeoted soon to bring before the
itossias uovernment nts project tor uniting
America and Europe by telegraph, by the
way of Behring's Straits.
1 Child Iillsd st a Dsao Boa. A child.
Charles Dyer, was killed in singular man
ner on Saturday last, in Philadelphia. '' A man
named Lewis Williams was carrying a dead
hog, which slipped from his shonldera and fell
upon the ohild, killing him instantly.
Sootbsis Qiscoiifii. A Georzia naner
declares that if Douglas is elected President,
or erybody else but a Southern disnnionlst,
Ihelfaien wUl he dissolved if It should be
neoesssry to slay tftew millions of Yankees,
Great Disaster at Pemberton.
Horrible Sufferings of the Victims.
Horrible Sufferings of the Victims. FIRE AMONG THE RUINS.
. Lawbihcs, Mibb., January 10. One of the
most terrible oataatrophies on reoord occurred
la this city this afternoon, The Pemberton
Mills fell with a sudden crash at about five
o'clock, while seme six or seven hundred
operatives were at work the mills are a com
plete wreck. . Some two or three hundred per
sons are supposed to be still in the ruins. At
present it is impossible to give anything like
a correot statement of the loss of life, but from
the best authority it is believed that at ieatt
two hundred are dead in the ruins. Eighteen
dead bodies have already been taken out, to
gether with some twenty-five persons mor
tally wounded, besides some fifty in different
stages of mutilation. Mr. Chase, the agent of
the mill, and Mr. Howe, the treasurer, escaped
by running from, the falling building, t It ie
impossible as yet to tell the cause of the dis
aster. ; ;., ....
Our reporter has just oonie from the ruins,
and the scenes there beggar all description.
Some two or more aores of ground are piled up
with every description of machinery of tie
falling buildings. . Huge bonfires are burning
to light two or three thousand persons who are
at work, as if for their own lives, to rescue the
unfortunate persons, many of whom are still
crying and begging to be released from their
tortures. Every lew . minutes some poor
wretoh is dragged from his prison, and it is
heartrending to hear their cries as they are
drawn out with legs and arms crushed and
torn. One man shockingly mangled cut his
own throat to end his agony.. The whole oity
seems to be in mourning. Many are running
through the streets, and with frantle cries are
searching the ruins. Temporary . hospitals
have been arranged for those resoued. ., Many
stand by the wreck frigid with despair, after
a terrible crash caused oy the clearing away,
threatened death to all who mav still be
alive in the ruins. Gon. 11. K. Oliver is con
spicuous and aotive in (lirectine those nersons
who are endeavoring to roaoue the viotims of
me disaster. . . ,
Gangs of men with xones below are con
hUutly dragging out huge pieces of the wreck
waion imprison so many. Home of tbe res
cuers 'were killed iu tuoir humane efforts.
Since we left Uo soene of disaster, reports of
moreoi me aeaa ana ay ing art constantly
coming to us. Surgeons are coming in from
all directions, and everything ,) hat oan be
done at such a painful moment n doing for
the suffering victims of the fatal calamity,
the mystery of whioh will have to be oleared
up by an inquest. .
Skcokd Dispatch. 11:30 P. 11, At about
ten minutes after five o'clock thi l afternoon
our oltizens were warned by tho cry of fire,
which proceeded from the Teml erton Mill,
about four-fifths of which had fa,!; a, ?hape-
jest mass, witnoui tne siigntest. warning to tne
nearly eight hundred human beings who were
then at work. The building was never con
sidered to be at staunch as it ought to be. It
was built about seven years ago, and was then
thought a sham; indeed, before the machinery
was put in, the walls spread to suoh an extent
that some twenty-two tuns of iron slats were
put in to save it from falling by its own
8'ght. .'.."'
from tbe best information that can be gath
ered, the building appeared to crumble and
fall from the eastern corner or end. It fell
The fire department at once renaired to the
spot, : but there being no fire, they at once set
to work with a will to remove the rubbish.
They very soon reached some rooms, so that
the dead and wounded were taken out as fast
as they oould be reached. . Mr. Charles Bach
elor helped to remove some twenty-six in va
rious conditions, some still living..., Mr.
Branch, overseer, has not been fonnd. The
City Hall has been converted into a temporary
hospital for the dead and wounded till reoog
nized. Mr. Palmer was deenlv buried In the
ruins all the time, and thinking there was no
prospeot of being extrioated. cut his throat to
end his sufferings, Still he, was taken out. and
lived some time. ., One woman, in the part of
the mill still standing, became frightened and
threw herself , out .of the fifth-story .door,
breaking an arm and . injuring herself so that
she can not recover. The laboring force of
the mill is about nine hundred and sixty, and
it is supposed that about seven hundred hu
man beings were actually buried in the ruins.
A woman just rescued says then an some
twenty -five mon in the vicinity of heryet alive.
About half-past nine fin was discovered.
This additional horror struok terror to the
hearts that had before been hopeful of saving
more lives. " r'
Still the work of removal went on: the force
pump and engines on the grounds were at
once got to work, and have been pouring tor
rents on, so that at 11: JO the fire does not seem
to gain, and hopes an entertained that it will
be stayed. ' t. ; ,.. .
Those near the breaking out of the fire wen
almost on the point of extracting a woman,
not much hurt, but the flames drove them back,
and the woman, it is supposed, perished. 'The
Mayor has telegraphed for the Lowell tinmen,
who will arrive here about one o'ciook. ' '" '
12, Midnieht. Calamity succeeds calamitv.
In ten minutes the whole moss of ruins hat be
come one sheet of flames. " The soreams And
moanlngs of the poor creatures can be dis
tinctly heard, but no mwer oan save them. '
1:80, A. M. The Peuiborton mills are now
a blaok, smoking mass nf briok, mortar fend
human beings, promiscuously mingled. Prob
ably not Iobs than two hundred beings in the
names. ine watnugcon Mill was in great
jeopard vj the wind blowing toward the Dnok
Mill, whose counting-room touches the Pem
berton. ' i
2 A. M. Through the almost sunerhuman
exertions of the firemen, the Washington
Mills are now considered out of danger. Of
tbe Dnck Mill the prospect is not so good.
, Between forty and fifty physloians an in
attendance at the City Hall end other places,
wherever the iojund need their services. ' '
Th. hint.. k..Ml 11 .HI .---
l.UM U.'.W vuiu, uff. I. TT 1 1 1 Ug 1UAUJT
days before a true knowledge of the killed
and wounded tan be arrived at.
The fin. which finally sacrificed the buried
human beings, canght without doubt from a
lantern of burning fluid, whioh was accident
ally dropped.' " ' ' - .:," A
une nnman dropped down dead In the street
from overexertion. 1; '
The streets an filled with a mass of human
beings, every one eager to do and see and hear.
Friends who, befon the fin,1 wen alternat-'
ing between hope and fear, are now settling
down into hopeless despair. '
River News.
11, M. The river, con
tinues to rise, with a good deal of ice supposed
to come from the Missouri, as the Osage aad.
Gasconade, tributaries of that stream, an re
ported at flood bight, and the lower end of the
river open. The tributaries of the Missouri,
above Grand Tower, an also high and rising.
it is presnmeaitnat tne gorge, at uat place,
has broken; or will break away very soon. -
.ine weatner nas turned very sold attain.
the uMreuryi i beinrrf sixteen dacraea below
snuia iwuit.
RATES jm; adj ertirinq
AdvertltemenU net exctedlnc Hbet(Atjar) :
One insertion. T$ g? 1 One weak 1)1 0O
Two W6tt....i 1 M One month i fta) H
Larger advertisements inserted at the following rates
IllrUlllllBf tM.HBMA.UM. ...
Una I.u,Hm
f, 80 ITwoweeka
U.1 Thr
sar.b additional
one wefk.. ........
1 7 5 lOue month.
., vvsv v.tiniiam, ... , p
In all Its brancbea done with neatnetaand diavatcb.
WASHINGTON, January 11.
8BNATE--rMr Elce presented the ereden-
tials of Mr. Morton S. Wilkinson, Senator
from Minnesota from the 4th of March, 1851,:
and he'was dury1 sworn.' ' i'..v i.. u. ; i u,!
,, Mr. I ver ton introduced a. bill to amend the, .
act ettablishing the Court of Claims.- , .
Mr. lane introduced a bill to Increase the "
salaries of the Judges of the eastern and
wos ter districts of Texas. v Beferred. t '"'..
Mr. Green continued bis .remarks onM'. . ,,
Pugh resolution, contending that the Terri
tories have no power to prohibit slavery, and
expressing confidence in the perpetuity ef the ' :;
Unions t o.-.it an i.-.-tvi- m ,
Mr. jPugh followed, in reply to Messrs.
Ivorson and Green, and argued to show that
his views were consistent with the Cincinnati
Pialformfand the Kansas and Nebraska act."
Without concluding, the Senate went into ,
Executive session, and afterwards adjourned. ; v
. fl,0lJSE. Mr. Scranton said his eonstitu- . '
eats had demanded of hinf ho pledges1, And"'
that he enjoyed an 'independent position.' ' He
bad twice voted for Mr. GUmer, not that.he .
loved Mr. Sherman leas, but .order more, and J
desired to rescue the House from itsdifnoul-
ties. Mr. Sherman had explained SAtisfad-IJ "
tartly to him that he'npadiated all tympath)
with the obnoxious tentimentaof Helpet'e
book, I Mr. Soranton .then oalled attention to, ..
tlie proceedings . of a recent meeting in La- '
zorns .County, to declare attachment to the
Union I and Constitution. .' 'The resolutions
adopted doubtless express the sentiments of ,.,
the entire people of Pennsylvania; and con
demned in strong terms the aggressions oh the '
institutions of the South, and approve the
conduct of Governor Wise in connection with
tbe Brbwn invasion. .1 .
Mr. Campbell indorsed, the patriotic senti-
mouts of the resolutions. The time had ar
rived when he could say for Pennsylvania, '
witboajt fear of contradiction, that she has
been truo, and always will be true to the Con-
tiitution snd the laws. His State was too
great to be injured. She had a population of
throe millions an empire in nerseii. ' one sits '
on her mountains with an .iron.erown on her
head. She is for the Unien now. and will ba
io thedast syllable of recorded time. She will
not enjDara in any crusade against her neigh
bort. She believes in the -equality of the1 '''''
State. He repudiatad the ideaithat any pat-, :. ,
ticular man can not be law fully, peaceably and.t
quietljr carried into the Presidential oh air. '
Whara wnllM traiulnn ahnW fta fnntV Whn '
would commit the aol? 'He believed the peo-
pie wduld rise in their, might to tupport.,tbe ..
Constitution and . the laws of the land. , He
soUd j for Mr. Gilmer with great pleasure, be
cause Mr. Gilmer was for tbe Union, the Con-1'
stitution and the laws,' and Ian nbfllnchlng
frindj of protection., , v,. . , .,- . . i0
In rojily to Mr. Gartrell's remark made yes
terday, that the single cotton' crop of Georgia
would purchase all the ammunition Pennsyl
vania could make, Mr. Campbell proceeded to .
show Ithat the productions of .Pennsylvania, ,
mineral and agricultural, fer one year, were) ' '
$1011,000,000; while the aotual value of the
cotuini orop of the South, was worth more than
t)2ti6,4lM,0O.r.$28i,a00,i)0i).7 ...,i: ., , ,.
i Afttr further .debate, a call of tbe House
was made with a view of voting for Speaker. '
The first ballot "resulted as follows: Whole" '
number of votes, 321 1 necessary to choice,,, j
111, Sherman,. 108;. Hamilton, 69; Gilmer, 19;
Davis of Indiana, 4; Florenoe, 3; scattering,,6., '
M After considerable discnision of rather a1 ''
rambling character, ano'ther vote was taken
with the following result:. . Whole number of t.
vcienj221. Nepessary to a choioe,lll. Sher- .
man, II 06; Hamilton, 70; Gilmer, .20; Davis, '
of Indiana, 8; scattering, 7. Adjourned. - ' '
Indiana Democratic Convention.
ImlutJAPOLis, January' ll--A. M. The
Demicratio State Convention met at 10 o'olock 1
this morning, at i the Metropolitan Theater.
Delegates and reporters only were admitted,
upon tickets issued by the Central Committee. '
Seven counties have double delegations,
with b total vote of thirty thonsand., r. . . j
,.A fierce struggle is looked for, on organlsa- , j
tiou ef the Convention, between, the Pouglas
and Administration members. The decision j
of the contests will perhaps determine fhev"'''
question of superiority. ;.. i ,ii .:'-r.-
. Ikounapous, January 1112 M The -Convention
was called to order by Hon. Jas.
W. Chapman, of the Central Committee. J.
J.Bibgnamand J. DG. Nelson wen selected
temporary Secretaries, i .Upon a vote for tent- ivi
porary Chairman, Hon. Robert Lowrey Doug- ,
las) received 18i) votes, and Samuel E. Per- A
kins (Administration) 174 votes. - Jndge
Lowrey was decland eleeted.' ' uii t. t i
Onj motion of John L. Robinson, seconded ;
by Governor Willard, Lowry was decland
jiomanont President by a unanimous vote. 1
A committee to report oh' contested cases, to '
be appointed by the chair, waS Taised'by a
vote iof ayes, 25S; nays, 104. Adjourned till ,,
Ihree o'ciook. ... , .
The convention met at three P. M. ' ' '
:' Mr. Wallace, from' the' Committee on "Ore-' k'
dentlals, reported on the eontetted eases of"
Bpoaoer, Laporte and Jennings, counties upon j
whioh much discussion ensued, and explana-
tions were given to the parties on either side.'
The Speneer County oese was settled by
agreement that the double delegation oast two
votes each, and set in their seats . . .
The Laporte County case was decidedanani
motley for the Douglas delegation. ' ' ' 1
11 ThA jAnnintra Dnnnh, m.a wa. AtuAAmA Cs.m
the iDougias delegation by a large, majority vi
rtajqurnea until , nine a. m. to-morrow, when,
the Committee on Credentials will be ready to '
report on the remaining oontests, after whioh"1
reguuar Dusmess will be proceeded with. ' ' 1 ' ''
'i . . IL-tm'
. As Old Man Voluvtikut Paiszss Hm
6,'r.it to BiTB-0n Monday night, in Phila- -.-.
delphia, a poor fellow named fly nn, aged
about seventy, was found in an apparently ,
dying condition. Some carters roused him'
from his lethergy and got him upon his feet,
advising him to go home. He said he wanted
to freese to death, that he had no home, but ,
was afraid to kill himself. The parties left
him, and in the morning the poor wretch was
found on a cellar-doof, a frozen oorpte.
Ios o thi Soso.tjbbi.niu. The Havre-do
Grace (Md.) limti stotes that the ice in the . ,,,,
Susquehanna River is at least ten inches
thick, and sleighs have been ' crossing the '
River, and passing up and dewn it between ' '
Kavre-de-Grace and Port Deposit1 on the ice T
during the present week-urr .;f .,. mu
, Oss or DsQdihosy's Mosdbbsbs. In Lon- '
don an insane 'shoemaker eat oft his wife's
bead, stood is np iv basin, and was found by
a policeman admiring' the ghastly features. '
lie had evidently admired murder as one of
tho ine arts. '
,;, --aatBB--
,!'ThsRobiit Tiaii' is wT&cosBriT-lTlia .
cent fire at Sheboygan;' "Wieeonsln, burnt the
couutw orncee, a great part of the,itblio :
records, nd several of the largest bosiatss
houses in the city. The lots is estimated at
$0,0M. 1 ' '
; Axmbk.t Scotch FoKsaiut. A recent hit- .
torian remarks that funerals in Scotland, like
"wakes" in Inland, nsed at one time to fur- ''
nish oooation for hilarieas rhasting, nprearious
watBoil, ad much unseemliness Md profanity. ; n
Pus's Psak Gold. It is stated that ovtr
$3,000,000 In gold havs been obtained front
the Pike's' Peak mines ilnoethe lst tf last n
tVy. ji-untl

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