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uwiwil I I j7 I II III I
1HH f I53JWY jPpSS
IB tabllshea dally, ( Sawders eaospted,) by
"!-. M WBSf tot ITI-lTlHT.
XBBIBBBI rBBBSUredtouborilrla
. uionanHi,wna(toBMdHtWfort, aadrar.
rounding due and towns, at th
"'' 'trlMMlrlMrrfNr , ,'. , .
aix oun a irm, patablb to oabbuu.
.... miobi j haiiuq: v
htHooHtte.il montkssn i aoathitll 1 rta ti.
' coinei iiiti aid vtHS-rrairrs..
Jon A. Itmn, Jb.....J8qI hn and Manager.
. And lift, appear! bnt en of ' toe young Trag
dlen, - . '.. . .. - .
r, MR. E. M. POWERS.
..&'"; , I',...
, Mr THOMAS CRAWFORD, the Scottish Vocal.
lat.and Mr. CH AS. KVSKKL, the celebrated Fianiat.
Will appear. . .!.,;.:
IVBNIRG, January It, will In
- y rntrv w A m t v rant .
iuj xaaaa,aoa
Oa. Vuiom or Fiitii...
Dl. MWllllMllMl(lMnHfHIIIWWHIIiMIHlNlillHI.( FfflWOfl
Dan Url(.,..nM ,,.Hr. Read
Valvtrde..... . Ht. h.ii
Iimoar ....Hr KlUler
iuuiwm , bum Anal Wait
Arcor which, Hoottl.b Ballad, Mr. Crawford.
- Mr. KilwlrwtUi!erformafntMl.(rom "11 Tro
Tatora." "TeiD,"8cotUjh Ballad, br Mr. Orawfoi d.
To conclude with, for toe amend time, th cl
brated and wonderful pantomime called
fkftrionoh...w... MMra M,.t..tit..ttt..Mi . H. Gilbert
,iwnjijau M.M i..m....ini
Don Juan
Im Oeoham
yaruoora open ait; uortinriMa7M o'otocK.
k o ojoca.
rarora or aoaiaaioH urea uirae anxi ri
anoena; uanery, aooenia.
I. V. Plke..;.
II. B. Con war.,
J. F. Herbert .
A Director.
-AHP- '
.7 k
-roa T .
Dcncfit of the Poor.
"Charitf 'CoWe'th i multituo! of Sins t "
rHlamida;) EVENING, January 13, will la
WAT bllTbTTtf' ia
With th following unapproachable diatrlbutlon
Maatttr Wlldrake . ....Mr. Conwar
- 8tr William Fondloe.-. Mr. Daridge
Maatar Waller.... .... .M . jyir. fih.ridan
, Maatar Truworth.........w...... li-Vt, Chaplin
i latr NeTile....-..,., .(..... J. Jlf. 'Arnold
Maater Humpbreyi ..........;....A.....llr.Pop
Constance u Mrs. Oonway
Widow Qrn....iM....,.n,.rt.MM.. alra. Place
IjTdia..ft rt.l.N,...M4...,i,.4.,.w...,...MIas. Crocker
Alk. Mrs. Wllktna
A favorite Ballad (in character) by the celebrated
Bcown vooaiui
aHTTIcket. admitting a Lady and Gentleman, ti
; each additional Lady.fi. , k
ayWBaturday, th great rwiral of thoTBMPBOT.
AT 1 0 1VA1VT HE AT E Rs
John Bates... .,.,, ...Proprietor and Manager
W.S.Irwin .. HeeSf s as nihihhiihiiihihh Treaaurer
Encaaenient for two nlaht only of tha celehrated
JaT.ulle Oommedian Maater ALfBED 8TKWABB.
TUI8 (5rld.r)BVBNINa, January 13, the local
. arama, enrisiea
Cinclnnatus Blablar Maater Alfred Steward
Frederick Jerome, the Fireman Mr. Carter
Mr. Wealthy., M.,.M,ii,M.Mrt...M Mr. Allen
Alice Hawthorne.,... Mrs. Tanderen
... souowea cy. lor ine second time.
Lanncelot Qrigge. set a seat Mr. Bernard
Bodkin. ..H........M m ,.M...M..M, M.Mr. Allan
' Mrs. Orlgu............. . m Miaa A. Graham
"" """""""""" eeslsHeeessss Mrs..O. Henri
Pat Roonuf ...............alaster Alfred Steward
nir. i.eagsr .,..,.,..... ........nr. Allen
id aer..
Jitlia Ijedeer..,......-....... r,....v.eJlss L,. Graham
Wanted Immediately Twelve young-ladies for th
. Jiaiiei. A
Aonlr at Box Office between 12 and 1
K, rraaeaman ana otners are cautioned
: agaiaat fnrniahlng any articles for the theater with
ont written order, signed by tbe Manaser.
.;i Theater, Is now open for the reception ofgneste.
- - Booma Can be obtained by the day or week, and
A meal lurniepea at u noora '
ll .IID. I
1. k
-fOB THE-'
Benefit of' tie 'Poor!
"tharlir t'evereth Maliltade of Slos.
.. '- . J ! ., .
L HONS OP MALTA in Cincinnati will aive a
rooiio auieriainneni s .1 ,,.,.
On Friday ETeniof. Jan. 1J, I860,
The proceeds to be devoted to charitable purposes.
Tickets, admitting a lady and gentleman, $3 ; each
additional lady.ll.ii'J,.-. d i ,ii:-i.i...
I .... 1 . eanxaAj, conmtrgfc r aaaANoaaiNia. .
, Captain Jaa.T.rlshef.' Mile Greenwood, Esq., -
' ' ' O. W. West.. ,( k
cciiifiTm oa iivivatioiis. , -
Darld dlbaoa, , . . ti ; Joe, F. Torrence,
ii Henry Banna, ., ., , 1. A. O'Connor,
O. H. Oollins, ' Judg A. O, W. Carter,
Dr. F. P. Cahlll, 1 ' ' " John L. StetUnut,
Tbos. J. Oallagbar, laqi J. O. Isham,
A. A. Marhi , . George U, Hill,
1. -i 11.. .... .... . MAsjAeaaa.
miles Greenwood, K. M. Corwlne, Xc v
Capt. Jas,
Cxf). W. We
s. T. guntr, v , jama A. Frailer,
eat, 1 . .. ' .1 T. O. Ware, Eao
i.T.J. Sherlock.
Alfred Wood.
sa a u
' J. O Isham,
P. B. Oloon. 1
sa r . 1 a p . .
" a, awvormiys, f-i-j
ammi osiuwin,
' Jos, J. MoDowell,
Tho. Powell, Bat.
ii, P. aasiU, '
C. W: TI
F. Baldi
Jo. C. 1
j. van. jonea,
John Jones,
JM. W. Lodwlrk, t
JtidgeS. Matthews,
tlbarla U. Brown, '
1. L. Keck. . .:'
" )at, Usnry Ksnnstt,
. Wra, Henderaon, ,; , 1
nm. vrisweu, jr.,
Judge Bohert Moors,
George ShllUto, jr.,
D. A.Trnax,
W. M. F. Heweon,
H. W. Hartahorn, -Major
E, 8, Hubbard,
B. TH. Stone. .
4 a. ii. smith, 1, ;i
,, Oapt. Oeorg Hatch,
PaTldGlhaon, -,,
Henry Manna, '
Jams F. Torranoa,
; Clharlea Fox, Esq.,
M. MoBlan.
B. L. Thoma.
John 0. Wright,
) : ".
'Br. J
- B. D. Dodi
Oapt. Alex.
a. Bnrart; 1 R. 0 R.Lvwi. -
ol W Ballard, '
F. Amy, . M. Wilson,
Omar F, Glenn.
Wntrrl. Plc, 1 1 ll Jamdlna,
vvnj, 1 . Br sji rvwkaj jtwWV'i
B. Q. Onrl.r.
;obrt Rell.v.
L ' Thomaa tThimAMlh
:. Cbiria A.Olaatsr,
Hrary, P.X1IM,
: Wm. J. Torreuo, .
1, B. A. Back,
Isaac B. Oonnelly,
B. HiklU.
Cap, Wd Mann,
J. 8. G. Bart,
Dr. J. L. Vattler,
. . Btohaid K. Cox,
a VI W.W.Jobnaon, ..
S Simon Wolf,
X. M. Johnson,
.OVGwrg Salve, "
C,J. W. Smith, ,
' Wm.EIrt, '
, ,J1-S .
J. H. Beard,
James L. Bonn,
.. , 11, soman, " ' ' 1
.' Una. B. Mtk
J. F.Uarbart. jaeaw
'" r t
mT . . r L il 1 I A n i . 1 . " -i i . II.... tfn. .
VOL. 2. NO. 125, CINCINNATI. FRIDAY . MOBNINO. JANUARY 13. lRfiO. vwm finv rvrrr
wQ.mu BjjijJiJUJfTS.
OWE WEEK OKLYt -Oommenolng
MOKDAT BVSNINO, Janaary ,the
celebrated and original ' '
Buckley's Serenadera,
Snnr 'JJunpihlMd Prhna Donna, SluAflll
22SJ,Dl 1 complete Hand of Minstrels in the
world, and tha only company In existence that per.
forme. Bnrleaane Opera. The Bncklej'i hare been
acknowledged by tie entire Bonthera rreaa and fob
lio to be the only trne delineator of the
a&vSf M8Wri "S Dancers and th moat
M ualcian. Each erenlng will be performed
wSSi on of Trlon fonnaVtogetb.r
Backlev's Burlesque ODeras!
mtSTiffifr&S? o'clock; performance to com-
-Jn ' JOB. JOHNSON, Agent. !
Professor Jacobs's
, w;oiiTiiariei. : i
Friday and Saturday, Jan. 13 & 14.
dation of. Ladles and Schools. ,
. iuis ivJBLi)-ttENOWNED
Imnr0Viintkrk will mmk,..- k.. t. j
tertelnmen . H iiT V""i,'i:'"""V,''!V S?"
, - " ..... ruHS u aaii lam L7ia Ui llli
chantmant, aarroundad by his costly and magnifl.
cent apparaln. The Caballstio wonder he performa
ln?1' to him the nam of tha Ne Pins Ultra
of th Modern Magi. II has bad tbe distinguished
honor or appearing before Her Majesty Qneen Tic
torla, Prince Albert and the Royal Family, tbelr
Imperial Majesties, the Emperor of Franoe and th
Empreas Eugenia, his lata imperial Majesty, the
Kmneror of Riu ,. th.ir H.i.r,i.. iv..,'' .J
Queen of the.Belglans, and the principal noblfltr of
aurope. in Jautornia and Australia his ancoaaa haa
ontthecitloa tn the United Htatea, whererer be has
appeared, ne baa been alike success! ul. ,
There U but on opinion formed of his entertain.
jueui, ana mai ia, is pieaung, moral and wonder
. DoOra onen at 7i tlm Prnfu,. nM,m.nMU i
o'clock. 1 ' ' r " f
Price of admlMlnn nuliti .H nnm . .
A h. H.II "
.. HI.. ,vn -L-r.
!"" yj i. reepeciniiiy miorm tnecil-
IS? J", '"raaaaiiuai iney now recerre pu
pil for ipstrnction In all fashionable Danoea.
Uavs or Hrllnnl. K n.nril ... HJ ...I ... -
Ladles, Misses and Maatera. from itanv m Aa,.i
ty,?hiPttooa3i.!gg:b' reai,i-
13M KH1MAN, of Ho. 44 Sixth -Street, Ja :
annul nspectruiij lurorm tbe publlo that she
ha, in connection -with Mrs Toledo' (lat of
Havel Tronpe) tasteful wardrobe, remorscl to
Walnut and Vino-street, where she will be buppr to
se her former patrons, to. whom ah can offer the
" .pitmuia aaaoriinent Qi costume. del7-am
' Ffatlaiml fiall, Vldoatreet, a.' a
Th leawon av. art mmf Um, . ,
eommenow at any time.
niiers can
tlnfrtl 1
if K 'l
'mwyr a.pwvi
Coal Cooking Stove!
Has been prononnced by compet.ntjtKlgeJ to be the
E V E 1 R ' fNVENTE D.
; ; Pateutetl Dec.1, .888. .
Formal br the Inrentora and Manofacturere,
No. 333 Fourth-street, Cincinnati.
n rcapeotraUy refer to tb following certlDoatee
for Tldonoe of the, above;.,. . .'
weoMSBeathf.1 hare begn n'sin's the Alligator
Ooal Cooking Stove. J A ierior cooking aualltles,
ooablned withlU oleaflTJdeaa, attjatarentnally eoure
to tb owner a large shaft ar public patronage.
1; " '" . - '.'SJIBN MoLKAN.
n lave, been' using oaeol BTi, Adama A Peck,
over'a Alligator OocS BltrtM.ffjSM "Be months, which
gives entire aatiafactlolrmufStespe, and I can
cbearrolly recommend U f&ClwlBKho are in want of
a snperior cook stove. lj 11 Jl. H. LKAVITT.
itn tae hut year I hare beea iising the Alligator
Ooal Cooking Stove, mannfaotured byMeaara. Adams
s Peckover, which I consider a anperior atove, and
Elve tbe ntmoat satlaraotlon. It la th only stove I
ave found that cooka Derfoctlv with Anal. 1 T
. ForsenetlniepaaU karoboennsingoueef Massra.
Adams at Peokover'a Alligatur Ooal OOoklne Stove.
lllgalur Cool .Oooklng Stoves,
and can recommend thein a being aupanor (ton.
giving entire aatisfactlon in even reaiect.
, - , , . sue. 0UDnnaitJij
I oheerfully indorse th above,
dels - ' -. v.... ..; -i , . kU ,
yuB. euounaiijAi, tjoal aeronaut.
' " Minufictory, Uoriuirtdit; Ky. ;
N. ao Bast Colambla-atreet. i: ic
i.vJs. trade at tha pa oat reasonable prices and en the
most accommodating terms wltk e. j.ti, - ,
fl'i k;fjoo-t Rift'.' i ''.''
' Mi ' i'.i", f, ' .n- I
1 - u..-. ii'jUl;,, .
I . - Mf ' S. J l
For !Oil; Fliild or 'Coai dii,
H. H. Jnnna'l I m Droved Lamna anil RiiniM aak
rsi oy situ; ageus, 4. oaiuuauo, vovingfon, ay.
n.lari )' -
A -rVTsf-f TiTar V- :
tlfy-:it(''g4a L1 t : at 1
A:l:'... hih j i'u i'1'l.i
Heldit Zaaeevlllei October, 1859. '
"ill '.!' ! i.1
li'ih BAMPMAHD SALI-R00M8, v ! ,
Wo, 51 and S3 Vinc-st.,
7 1.
(Seooid door Below Columbia,) , '
O IlN C I M if A T I . O H I O ,
(afiwxn "'
i !'C.a i, "i
0f"lhty u ulklng aboofc Mtablithiag A
nuiuHnr; oi inoa pegi in ueorji.
; woolen factor; it to be started at Snow.
will, am T.ttl Tl. bHi k: in. v.
The RatmahannoflV RWar fn Tirol U
ti cjoied with feegeYerel ioohM In thleknew.
A jtrap II iometlmeiaTerj joodthini
to iharpea razors and dull boyi. r .1
. xm-Jhi nimber of deaths In Baltimore
awing the put week wu 8. " ' " ' '
JHT-What ti tbr mott intorMtlng" point in
r wius j-sajr ing f p WPpug 1 1 . , y
rTh6as Molaughlln. late ; hall agent
telween Baltimore and Curdberland. Md.i
disd reoently.
,i i i . ,. . f
John H. Bodges, a eompositor . in the
arjirnoffie, died In Petersburg, Va., lately.
w vwaaiaasiHwii. ..:,. ,. ..,, . i 1 .
Anne "Harrington, a falian. W W,.
tlfal girl, committed suicide In Philadelphia
recently. - . ""
The total number of eonvicts in the
Tennssaee Btate. Penitentiary at present . It
tnree nunarea and seventy-eight., i , , ,
, The young Woman who was MH.n
to distraction," now fears that she will have
10 Ml DaOKf, -
' ' -fl 1. .'I ....!. ..IT
' pm It Is said that the Yankee who was At
th point of death, whittled it off with, bis
jacg-gniie ana reeoTerea. ,r ;.!,, .,.,.,t
convention of merchants of Missis
sippi has been called to consider the best
means or obtaining their goods direct from
aa"Pv,,:,. ... ., .... ,.. ..' ' "I (
' Ther is on person. in the Masaanhn,
setts -State Prison whose term does not expire
an. ii toe year ibbv. iner are 39 inearaera
tea tor me. x I . ( .., .-.
-Robert Baxter, eharged with killing1 a
man by the name of Dunbar, In Warren
County, Miss., during last winter, haa been
uuog in TiogBDurg, mug, f .
Je9Reuben Long,' the African giant, died
ahnnt tn w..v. t. a ii.-i..?r:'
Penn. U.iVrLi
, 1 . T . . o -
t. 1 C.
u4 oviuusjvB.iaau iu ronnByivania. -iu- ui
JSfrTne Maryland presg are considering
iiufuiuuu iu,.Bue.aye yv,uuv tree niaoxs.
The Baltimore oAoia says no suoh law can
net wlll via an '
. ' '...4 Jl- Z. i f.?,v,.-t
' Buoklc, the. author of the History! of
uivinauun, na eeen saea lor libel, in Eng
land, for; publishing " blasphemous ", teuti.
moniB.li , n.,i).-3ti). rii,sia rJT
tiHjfi'toMtoo'tilitfqu dAilies
r...... ," , iu way 01 irans-
greasar; is hafd, else the people of that matron,
oils would not be so afflicted. ' n 1 1 1 ,
-. - ,.ji , .. -- I ,
JflTThe news of the death of Washington
Irving has been received in England, and is
aimaed to in the papers with oppressions of
uOTfi avrruw auu, regrev. ; , .i .
PT'Th Lord-Lieutenant aF Ireland : Bag
oi.ui.u lur uio omuo 01 Aiiga i;onsiaoio for
tvorry, uaniei v vonneu, son or Maurice, and
granoaou 01 ine liiDerator..
1 .aatPasengrs from Augusta, Ua., report
that an Abolitionist was tarred and feathered
in that city on Friday.., His name isrepre-
v uouius uraagaio, xecentiy , irom
vuiuuioia .
flEsT-Only four deaths have Ooourred from
small-pox, out of thirty odd cases, in the town
01 nexingtoo, va., ana ine ra Star is sat
isfied that the progress of the disease has been
A Dxscmdan? or Racisi to bb am Actriss.
A . Paris correspondent of the Indepmianct
Bth states that a young girl, a descendant
01 nacms, nas been Drought un at tha arnanaa
of the Dramatio Authors' Society of that city:
uuv kus coat 01 providing a nmng career for
her being too great for the funds of the
Society, they have determined to open a na
tional subscription in her behalf. The Em
peror has subscribed 10,000 francs, the Em
press o,w, anotne frinoe Imperial 1,000.
Th. i:l'a ..rn. 1. Ttf , m V. '
Hwgui.u.iu.i,iiu,iui xruuiia.
New ABU DAgOSEOtrs ConTr?T A
and very dangerous $20 altered note, purport-
wa w w uo wm una of ine aang or Haiti
more, has made ita annamnm . T4 t. it,-.
dosoribed: Tignette, a. female seated upon a
rook, with an eagle and shield, vessel in the
distane; tha flonra nf lihA.f w ' ,t,A v.,
bust of Washington, with figure twenty above
and below on the, fight end. Altered from
genuine nves. i r
"iw ua ducoibb. m nil lnctiira ' nn
"Suocees," Ralph Waldo Emerson says: Re
rpect the excellenoy. of your work, not its
avai'sblenesi. Then, is too . much job work
in some lives. - Do vonr work: it is olowniah t
Insist on doing even thing: do what von ran
- ,
do best: It may be aoceDted aa a maxim that
society oaa never prosper, and must become
bankrupt unless sach does what he wag made
o, ana says wnat he was oroatad to say'
ADDLTUATIOMB or Toainrin n. T.a rnml.
of Philadelphia, states that nearly ail tobaoee
of Inferior quality ia tinctured with Honoris
and molasssi, to modify the taste.and rhubarb.
sun flower, cabbage and burdock. , leaves are
prepared wun a soluUon or refuse tobaero and
win, or more frequently a less expensive but
more nasty preparation, to give them a tobacco
nBvor,,i.s.t y. ,, ,.,. ,.j
iv-i"..-,,; .. .', .. . ' . '
Aueiionaon correspondent of the New York
Htrald statea that one million of dollars had
been set apart by the .British Government to
influence the next Presidential election In
favor of an anti-slavery candidate We have
no qouos tne vonaon" letter was written in
Cbubbbd to Dbatd While a inn nf Mr.
John Morrligey,- of Chelsea, Mass., was en-
gaipo snoveuog coai, tUB board whioh inolosed I
kv nay, anu me wuoio mass, woigning i
tra me dorn ;npon him,
orushlngWm horribly and instantly killing I
him. .' '" ,J'".' I
Waitb op WaTM. It i stated that the
waste of Croton water in New .Tork city
ro.ouoo ininaea million gallon UAliy.1 xne
total uany supply rs Duttnirty million gallons.
The Water Board informs "the inhabitant
SntjSJa!' MWtfS" "PP1'
... ...v......
,,nl' ,.i..,. II, i-J
Sodtibbx Ofibiob or Naioal Mbb. Mr.
Ivsrson; of teonrra. in his sneech in the Sen
ate yesterday, spoke of Edward Everett, Robt
rt Winthrop, and others, as "old and inert
fogies,' who never controlled a vote er g,ve
form or shkpe to a political meeting." '
Cms aio TBSsria . PABia.-.In oonse-
queacs of the enlargement of the area of
Parte, en the 1st of January, th Government
Vas ordered theopenliig of three hundred and
nineteen nw bakers' shops. Eight aew the,
ten are alee to be constructed. , i :. i,
.'i ii'.i - , , -aa
A Biautifol CooBigas. A letter from
Havana Bays: The Coadesa Serrano la one of
the moit beautiful women eyes ever beheld,
Our Havanese belles, beautiful aa many ef
them are, are completely thrown Into the
ihado by the magnificent beauty of the Cob-
dm San Antoaie.'-"1! ,i.'3n, : . . r ' .v a
tne twenty-two men who joined In the Hat
lZto. ers's Ferry invasion, etoven were kUied at
Harper's Ferrv. five hava alnaa dlail avi 4h.
Til TbIIICI IatrglllL 8lur.u.Th.
ipal portion of the Frenoh Emiumr', .inA t,..
mat been instelled In th buildings of the new
Louyre, where, on the toward the wnaj,
Henri III, ever aeoommodaHon ha tw
vuu uu inui uourrB ana ue vonr
provided for ninety horses, with nnaAli-tKWM.Aa I
I ndlng-iotaool, and erery ntoeeaarr dansmrf.!
ao, T.h "tab, rrnge4 on the moit
-r r " ' v"".!) n. aw tu uxiurva ana HI
ingi are both ornamental and rmfeotly adapted
to their purport. Th partitions of the stalls
s-re carved oak, the racks bronze, the mangers
marble and tbe ' chains steel.' The eolumnS
are covered with a new kind of stucoo, equal
to marble for imoothneH and polish. In th
Conr Henri-III there is an iron atalrease, of a
77 2n" loP' ?y ,wh,?h, th honM UP
? th. ri-l8-iooI, situated on a level with
ne piotnre gallery.
Ten Puiohasi P a Drct. Thon. The
Florenoe correspondent of the Froyidense (R.
I.) Journal says that the Story is still current
? rl?wnJ". - --ofe and more credited.
f?" f , v hvr, ?8 in V
2mP to toy fto way back to tbe TuBoan
au,u. luoy are ooining at rarlt
a million of dollars in gold, vsith the head of
yonng gerainano vi, as Duke. After the
Congress, whioh is to deoide in his favor, this
money is to be scattered among the Tuioans,
and with It oblivion of all past sini is to be
' ' A Pool Rich Mis. o of tha -,.( ;nj
most highly cultivated blantationa Rn tha Ml..
slsslppl belongs to. Col. Morgan, near Good
rich a Landing, Louisiana. The Colonel has
Sixteen hundred acres in a body, all improved,
and is the owner of five hundred negroes. H
is a miserable paralytic, and can not enjoy his
Immense wealth, but thinks if he was a little
younger, and had the use of his limbs, that
uuuis vi time ne "coma mage a tor-
TBI CtSTOM Or BtJRViNa rw C.ow.V a , -. '
lee practice or burying in cross-roads lias in
modern times been revaM.d a mart n-t in
dignity: but snoh was not 1U original inten
tion.' In ancient times ft was usual to erect
drones at the junelion of fou cross-roads, as
la Place aalf. .1.. 7.Z
of the age, and it wm' "no7 w th" . noUoX
, :.j ..I.- , . ... - .
indignity, but In a spirit of nharit. thai thn..
t-. .. . .:
oauiuuto irom uoiy nies were buried at the
crossingi roads as plaocs next in sanotity to
vuuiui.ni Kruuuuv. -
'' A Mioao Mwsyaaii Shot- Diao. Thomas
Raleigh Mahan. a Phlladelnlila mln..i .r.
erally known as "Thome Raleigh," was shot
dead recently, in San Pranoisco, by Frank
uueaey, urotnsr minstrel 'and friend. ! A
urunxen leilow, named Frederick Elmore,
caught hold of Hossey and jerked him about,
and then pulled out a dagger, and the latter
" rwivr irom nis (rung .near by. and
as he raised It it went off. killing Mahan. who
was trying to pacify Elmore.
BImore. ,. u-.t . .
LAST 1 TgAB S FAILDaifl ' rar 1 ni 11.n
BM.--Ths failures In the United States In
1650, which ware onnaidorably lean In nvubh..
and liabilities than those of the two preceding
!, ' 1 ' '.' Number.
Failures In lgST,. ....4.937
, 95,74,A61
. A.2!M,O0O
1838 .J2&
1MIW Ol.
1859.. .2,707
Washinotob Art lTvin.'Tti aii.
of tbe building for the Art UnioD, ereoting in
Washington by Mr. Corcoran, haa been naarlv
completed, and as far as done is a substantial
and elegant piece of work. Tha riim.n.inn.
oi tne ouuaiog are 105 feet on the South, and
no ieet un oevemeentn-street. The building
m vi urvnu iieug aoove tne foundation,
un wo uoura wut.rest on iron neams.
UTAH Rsvbrssd A Pabadisb rnn Wnurw.
In some of the islands of the Indian Ocean,
women are permitted to have as many hus
bands aa they choose. A young lady becomes
vuamoreu ui a gentleman, ana ne it bound to
unite in the bonds of holy matrimony, even
though half a dozen men have preoeded his
advent to the family. He loves if he can, but
marry ner ne must, ,
Awrui M0HDBR BT SllnOQLlRS. Th Tlraa.
iau Uaseife states that a caitom-honse officer,
stationed on the frontier of Upper Silesia, was
lately surmised bv abend of smuo-olAr..wlin (toil
him to a tree in a ihiok foreat, aud abandoned
him to his fate. The unfortunate man waa
found some days after in that position; all the
flert torn off his shoulders, arid it Is sup.
Paa that, being rendered desperato byjhun-
ger, he had, before he died, gnawed them.
ThbB(8TbttBBTHB ALPBABBT .-."Janal
what letter In the alphabet do you like best?!'
" wen, 1 aon t like to say, Mr. Snooks.V .
.. .''Pooh, nonsense! tell rio-tit nut. Tana. l.;.i.
,.,i w " - - vh w wwaawa rw a VU
do Vou like best?" ,.
If she had been a true woman, and dism.
gardad grammar, she would have said she
iiKeai neat,
A FAB OgBATBB CiTABinv tbiw TTum'.. .
The Calcutta eorresDondent of th T
JVaw says: "It is ourlouB thata fall al lima.
the depth of Niagara, (should remain almost
ciwiu mo, vuiag 01 uairioppa,
reaohedbya river of tha same name, the
writer was carried for twelve miles up the
Malimuneb Pass, and reached the Fall. Ron.
galow about three and a half hours after leav.
ing ue top 01 ine rass.
VALBODHS OrittlOB'OP THB Taoaaaaaat.i
CoruOT.Mr. Calhoun said ton years ago in
the Senate of the United States: "The war will
last bstwesn the-sections aa lrmo. a. thara .
slave in the South. -The confliet will . never
terminate The South. I fear. Wfll not .aa it
untilitl. toe late. They will Dwom. mo;.
Fukl. ..A ... VH. It.. XT .1- . .., I
slronger and atronmr "
,.jjwt, uu. vas iieria will grow
-1 ' " "
tbb HAirak's Fsebt 0bbibatobb. Of
soaffold. two. Rtank.n. t tT..ln .w i I
u oa.rouy 01 sn Virginia auioonu, ana I
sane, i am am. naa ana Jonn jsrawn' ann.
wswvo, sasaaiea ana are now in van acta.
fhaatai. Iff! .yj.ntA. ,1., .J .. .
h0 ! Vr rr-?Ailtog7 .truck Sim
Hoa aniuaainirsnt tariAr luina h. j..
soended, and finally landed ia vacant seat In
the pit, to the great astonishment of a nntla.
man who Was enjoy IrJg the play from that part
of the houie. The bov was fonnd to be nnin.
jureai"" "-'. v-.n-iU ,v (
'"' ii i. .naaai i i
drawbridge hu been, eomnletad . airsn ' tha
uumewiana Hiver.near Nashville, Tennessee,
for the Edgefield and Kentucky Railroad, the
measurements, and the draw and annnoita
ovaima; aovaa siv,uvu. xne araw weighs
.L.. 1 A I. ... ML . 1 - .
040,000 pounds, but a man can turn it with
ene hand, so nice is tbe poise and 10 perfect
sua wwa. , .
i aa- ,
Diatb or a Distixqoisbbd Obatob M. Ha
Bourdonnaye-Montluo, a deputy under the
Restoration, hag just died at his chateau In
Franoe, at the age of ninetv-thra. R.
one of the most Impassioned orator of tha
'froyaiiitglIht.V,.,:,; , , .
Statu Railway Caiiiaoi roa ths Vicaiov
or Bowt. The Springfield (Mass.) AspwoK.
ean give a detailed deaoriptlon of an elegant
royal carriage, just built in that city, for the
Viceroy of Egypt. It is Intended for his
Highness' traveling exonnions. . It is eom
pleted at a cost rising of $10,00, Is alike Id
site perfection of its mechanical features and
and gorgeousneas of ita deeoratioDe, th finest
ttnolmen of ' railway carriage ever built in
the world. Tbe whole length of the state
carriage is sixty-seven feet, er about one-i
third longer than the longest railway care Id
nte in this country. The body ia just elxty
foot loug, and rests on two double-truoks, each
one of which is two distinct trucks connected
together, thus pretenting sixteen wheels, upon
which the whole weight Is equally divided.
It is divided into three oonrpartmenta, each
twenty feet long and ten wide. At the ends
are two saloons of like character, and between
them an open pavilion. Tbe pavilion is the
leading feature of the car, and Is a nisgalfl
oent affair. ' , e . ... ., ... , ,
1 Pabisuic STATiBTic8.In 1858 there 'were
37,41.1 births in Paris: 2,32 deaths, and
13,016 marriages. ' Of the children bora,
11,757 were illegitimate., During the .year
1858 Paris consumed 2,300,000 gallons of wine
in barrels, 37,000 gallons of wine in, bottles,
177,000 gallons of alcohol, 44,000 gallons of
aider, 03,000,009 of pounds of neat of all
binds beef, veal, mutton and pork $1,700,
000 worth of salt-water fish, fresh) $400,000
worth of oysters, $300,000 Worth of fresh-water
Ash, $3,500,000 worth of poultry and game,
$3,750,000 worth of butter, $1,750,000 worth
of eggs, and 450,000 tuns of coal. During
he same period New Tork oonsumed 150,000,
00 pounds of beef alone. ' 1 -i.it , , t .
m. . , ! ,
EiTHAOPBiHiay OiBi or Irbatt.-.A l.d
of tbe rural distriots of Dauphin County,
Penn., whose mind had' been deranged by a
heavy pecuniary loss whioh she had sustained.
by some means got the impression that the
little tumors which appeared on the top of her
neaa were nued wita witobes, and insisted
upon their being opened. Her. physician at
nrst endsavored to remove her erroneous im
praislon, but finding it impossible to, change
aw opinion, ne permtttea himself to b per
" ' I"" 5" W "-
buu iamonr..iifiriiiiitina. 1
the tumors, permitting the wilohes to esoape
as mo laayaupposeo r whereupon ebe soon re.
covered her wonted health and spirits,,
J!. .-.'J- . '
' Rapid AoobBoWTrorf: op WgAtTn.-Danie,
nan, xiai., a ranger at urand Kaptds, o
has bought the controlling interest in the Pen
Insula Bank ($157,000) at Detroit! It la eatl.
lusted by his neighbors that be ia worth from
three to five hundred thomand dollars, and it
is said that about f.jiu.oen yeerj cinoe, his
mock iu irauo gmouuteo to a isck-knire, a
clay pipe and a plug of tobaono, at the . time
he entered the Grand Rirar Vk'ls In Mir-hl.
an' where he euperiUnded a gong of hande
" 0IlB up'the plaster beiis at ,. Grand
Rapids, leading off with the spado himself.
:.i ' . aaa , j ,
St. Hsliba St.1 Helens, accrdlnt-'te ran
let statistical Information, flai.talns an kraa
of 30,244 aores, of which 23,lil are unculti
vated, 7,053 devoted to gracing purposes, and
483 to crops. Thara are on thd island 1,625
head of oattla, 4,330 .sheep, 3:1 boraes, and
870 goals. The Inhabitants, in 18bf, numbered
5,490. The revenues in the same year were
19,837, and the expenditures 19,079;
..-"- .aaM-d , it.
Geakb Paibiotio Cobobht. An ItnrannHa
concert, the greatest ever given- in Florence,
was Deld for the benefit of Garibaldi' million
of muskets. Piceolomini sanganraver to tha
riadmontese Cross, composed for bar. 1 A.
she sang it with her hand on the Italian tri.
color with the Piedmontese Cross,: it it said
that the enthusiasm produced was oomparabla
to nothing slnoe Rachel chanted the Marieil
fiitf in Paris, in 1848. t She sang it three
times. - - : .. . .. . ,.,
Fatal ArraAT ik Kbntitoiv. P. S. Ham.
llnwas fatally shot by Captain' Wesson in a
reneontsr whioh occurred between them
lately at New Concord. Kentucky. Both were
armed, bnt Hamlin's shots failed to take ef-
feot, while two of Captain Wesson's struok
Hamlin, one in the right side and one in tha
groin. ' .!...! ,.. ..
OklAT ' PSDISTBIAK FllT. Cantaln ' Jaok
Wilton, of the steamer LadyEUiin, arrived in
unioago. ah.. late w. bavins lff rnnu. u.-
bor, where the Lady Elgin is frosen in, and
waiaea tne Whole distance to Warsaw. WI..
about three hundred and twenty miles, m,
pyiug twenty-one uajs in acoomDlishiog the
" - - aa-i . - ....
A Crowdid PsgmtiniABT. The . nanitan.
tlary at Jeffsraonville, Ind., is full. 1 iThere are
nearly 000 prisoners there,, more than ever
oerore, ana tne accommodations are' actualls
exhausted. It is thought that not an flllcrihl.
cell or comfortable hand-ouff can be found
unappropriated in tne whole institution.
" A Fatal' OrncB.--.The Proyldence Jburi'
announcing the death of Albert Pabodie, the
says to at aurlng the last sixty
years but three persons have held the offioe,
all ef whom died while holding it. : Previous
to i7vv tne uvea of the clerks were equally
rauavivu auv romarKB Die. 11 J i -, . ,
-' ' " ' aaaaii nm s .- ti
A MruTABV DrgngrtTTow The Ranrtarnv nf
tne Frenoh asked one of his vnrals, the other
ay,wneinerTjoouid land troops atwoolwioh
with safety.' "Yss,8ire," was the reply, "I
OOUld land them Safelv. but whathar I annM
emoarx tneu again is another quesuon."
A rnri.a'a Tna. a. II. '!i A ai m.
?ae night Wda.unrter the Llairy Hky, Intentlv
meditating upon Uii glories o? the heavens,
At laQt ii,in.' u '.t,.. -v-, . v. . ..u.
."Father, I have been' thinking lY the wrong
.Ida of Ii,um la .a k.tifi m ,v"
ht idehe "'7 "rn
' 1 , . '. ' I ,
A FlATSiKAl Rg-Cgrok Th Chlnaa-a 1W.
ua aayr--jjignt PTotners of Jobn Van B,
Hlgging dined with' hrffl ChilltmaB Dev. tha
first time they had met since tkev were hova
uuaw ane paiernar yooi. ' vtie er tnsm name
ll the way from' California to' be present at
this hspor meatinc
j , .
I I'll'.' -f.nvl
Wao Evib Doostso It? The mat Brah
min writer. Mans, whe . ineuloat i rjaraanal
bleanllness, fend says a man abonld bathe twice
day and wash the ' mouth seven times, de
clares, as a solemn truth of Nature, that a
WBrrtmtklt'si MAlltta" iaa at 1 War waa aalaaawa - - . ,, ..
vrssHwaa mivush bb, aaa W mj m JjsgjlA . : 'i i ' , . i "3
UUt " " " ' ,'-' V'f (Tin
y. itfnt.it
jr. i.il. ..vt.: . ..,
engngea -in removm
from a flume, one of them wail carried down
whole length of the flume In the midst of
and water, and out thronth "a1 tran .door
into the river, without serious injury or letting
gohlBshovell 'l iri1 i'.itm-
. a, . . ,
New Railway Psxwscr. The Boston peopl
coiteuplating the project ef widening the
uageof the Eastern Railway to "that of the
rand Trunk Road, so that freight brought
down from Canada, can be more, easily takes
Boston, i..,i ... ... . ..
Sfaimooio Bbolmb. Carl vali dscrlb th
young soul of Frederick of Prussia, during
some youthful aberrations at "a rhinoceros
wallowing in it mud-bath, with nothing but
snout visible, and a dlrtv rsrtlt all tha
sound it makes!" Very like the "Professor of
Weiiniohter." ''' , -t 4 ; -rwi mn
i 'n TERM8-
Aduartlaamenta not exoeedrn t tlD ( Agatol :
n inserur...4 as On wi
Two wekl....;. J 8oa.
Larger adnrttaements inaerled at tb folrowtnf rates
forHur.f ualtaeaurloaai ,
On tnsartioB...
1 " Pi If wskatnMM.f a
'Ji Three week., i
1 3 OaMaik..MM.. 1
, WO
One week........
t Job yiiitiiji ;b" "; ;'
la all Ita branches don with luatnes and dispatch.
Latest from the Great Disaster.
-i"i'(riX .h1: i.t. i, "i ''a. I ,.ii --,.fn ..
. Lawbbbob, M abb., Jan. 11 P. M. If we
oould but forget the occasion of our crowded
streets, we should kt ones conelide that tome
great occasion or gala, day , had arrived, but
the air ef sadnesaaod almost -despair so visi
bly depleted on the countenaheeg of our oltl
atas, keeps the dark reality constantly before
earminda. "i'-"'"'' .' : awufM,
Every train from every idireotion comes In
laden to ita utmost capacity, with living
friends.. When we consider that not lees than
150 long passenger oars have been hereto
day, some realising idea may be arrived at In
regard to the number of our .visitors. . . . -,
The morning and forenoon were nsed in re
moving the rubbish after being sufflclently
oooled, in order, If possible, to get th bodies
known to be still -under the ruins. . Quite a
number were -got- out. . Two . persons were
taken out al$ve early in th morning. '
A squad of canvassers was organised, and
the whole city laid out into , email distriots,
and B' pretty-thorough oanvasa was entered
into the men going irom house to house,
thereby ascertaining in every1 family Where
persons were either wounded, missing or safe.
The summing np shows that 1 1(3 are missing.
.4 This embraces all thoie known to have been
killed, and those of whioh no tidings have
been obtained. '' ''-
It is admitted by those who have gone into
the investigation, that fifty-two persons are
y etimmolated in th brick and morUr. One
hundred and thirty dead bodies have been re
moved to the City Ball, or delivered to reoog-
Dised Dirads.'""'' - ''"'
The following la a list of the dead and miss
ing: .1, -. .,;r, - 4, . , ,
John MoDonnell, Mary McDonnell, John
Dearboru, Bridget Ryan, Margaret SulHven,
Morris Palmer, overseer, Ellen Colbert, Elian
Roaoh, Hannah 'Shay, Bridget Loughley,
Margaret Foley, Bernard' Hallilletd, Bridget
ftullivan, Catharine' CalJaghn, Anne Shay,
EHsaOrr, Miobael O'Brien, Peter Callagban,
Mrs. Job Jewett, Dennis Leonard, Margaret
Hamilton, Hannah Mullinax,' Josnna Crenan,
Martha Hughes, Ann1 Manaingy-Wm.-Ke(tli,
Patrick' Oalleghanji Mary,McCann, Margarot
Foaloy, Richard Mcldgeloy, Hannah McKee,
Michael Sweeny, Margarof Falling, Julia
Robotts, "Owen Nash,' Matthew' Ryan,
Bridget Rooller,.;Drldgot r Kyley, Kitty
Cluk, ( Alloe-t- Murphy, , Tm,f . Motoalf,
Thomas :,iNieel, ( Samuol . Rojff, Jeremiah
O'Lsavin, John McNab, Martin Hughes, Jno.
Hughes, G At ret Sroeney; Catherine Connor,
Ellen Hickett;-Dora .Ryan)::iA.:.P.. Martin,
Maryf Jewett, , Mt' emy, ,,,Mary Smith,
Bridget Dohertyy Aoguetus Agnwortb, Samp
son and 'Abby Pottle Hatvey liork, Margaret
Fearless,' William Jurdan, Margarot Coleman,
Mary Ryan, Hr?y Orirfin, ' Bridget Rubin,
Katy Hickey,' Ellen V. Hall, LTsay Town,
Alice Cutting, L. F. Brough, EUxabelh Kim
ball, Pail. Connor, Ellen. Connor, William
Urain, Ira iiitn, Jonn II. Allen, Bridget
Kelly, Lorinda Gimion, Mr. Packard, John
lluz, Martin Hu2,' Catherine' Conner and
Cira Hiokey " ' ' x ..inr, r
rrevtouB to uoore two sisters were together
and comparatively. unhurt. '. They would have
boen rescued, .Hearing the, roar of the flames,
they exclaimed, "Oh, God, we have got to die."
On woman shrieked out piteeugly that the
fire waa buuing.her hair, but the flames soon
afters UeDoedier.ery. jh' .O ! w
It has already .been Slated that one man cut
his throat lest he should be burnt alive.
Mr. Branch told his friends who were dig
ging for him, that he should resort to the
samd means to escape the tortures' of tbe fire.
He was persuaded to desist, and was fortu
nately saved." ' v" ' ! ' ' '
'' The awful deaths that some died of bv the
Bre, was fearfully attested by tbeir baked and
blackened forms when taken out, not in any
thing like those of human beings.
River News.
PiTTsauBoy. January 1J M.-rRiver 12 feet
R inches " by then pier . mark, . and rising.
Weather clear and coin. Two inches snow
fell last' night.. Considerable damage has
been done to ooal boats above by the rising of
the Youghloghany River. . .j ) ,
' LoihsViM-B, Janukry 12 M.-River rising
rapidly,' with 8 feet 2 Inches in the oanal. An
inch and at half ot snow fell last n'ght now
inawing mercury azi oi'i j.i
Sn Lodis,. January liiM.'-VTh fiver is at
a stand, with a great deal of Ice coming down.
The Missouri is notppen, as stated yesterday,
the gorge above. Stt Charles being still nn
brokea.. There is a report that the gorge above
Graud Tower has broken away and the river
open to Cairo, but . we dov hot' Vouch for its
truth. , Weathar very cold, with' nO prospeots
of immediate moderation-,, Mercury 24,
Alabama Democratic Convention.
1 Mortoombbt,'! January ill, Evening Ses
sion. -The committee on ergaplzation made
Mr. Lyon President) . Henry B. Smith and '
others, Vice-Presidents, and Mr. Van Horn
and othsre, Secretaries. The Chairman (Mr.
Lyon) mode a strong Southern Righto speech.
Mr. Yancey made a tremendous speech be
fore th Convention, ri Heeaid be believed tbe
6onihem Rights wing would control the Con
vention. J.'-. J .IM-.ViVt UK ,t,i,Vf .ll,
' Meeers. 1 1 Yanoey ,si Hlbbaid and Soottmade
speeohes.t : The Corrvention is stUl ia session.
(10 P.. II.) dl l.i bus .r!j ,.,.,
ijiiM ituit.i. i aaai i i i. ,
From New York.
. 12.- : city was
flooded 'last night with cennterfeit $3's on the
Bank of Xent-It le sop posed Urat $50,000 of
the 'raeheV wbF got rid ef before the police
were notified. - Four arrests were mad.
"An Address to the Union-loving people of
thr United States S-ppears ' In the morning
papers, annronelng--General Seott as their
oandidate 'foT the Presidency '-and General
Houston 'for (he Vic' Pridenev-. n The ad.
drew is signed by H.Wi Savage, Chairman of
the Scott Committee. nJ - -
' ' '
From South America.
NBW r'VoBi!'''jAtiiarv ll.wAJvioaa from
..uHrarmv . ... 1UU1, VUUOTIH Ul HIS
graphhj advices ' prflvlotiaj j ' received, ef a
treaty of peace between' Buenos Ayres and the
Argentine confederAtion. - The"-treaty had
boea ratified, by the Buenos Avrean govern
ment and a .steamer' dispatched from Buenos
Ayres to notify the contending armies of the
egtoofBotittsjjr. ,,,,,..' 'i !
Remains of Judge Blackford.
llHPIAJtArOLM, January 11 Tha ramaln. nf
Judge BlaoMordvediathii eityjast night,
k,a to SurateiJhambsr, where
thsywUl lle,,in tajteo,tlLtwAo,clook to-morrow
Pennsylvania Politics.
PHlYkDBLrHiA.-'jarjasirT 1.-Th Hunting.
Ocniiity CcnvcAtioa bae selected delegates
the State ConvMtkn and Instructed them
support Mom John' 0 . Breckinridge for
PrselaeBtv. i1'!"' 1 iwiv-a u- i.e.
Sporting Intelligence.
SAVmirA. January 12. Tbe races
yesterday wen) bf an uninteresting description.
f.'Fanns WMhlatoa!?, thatwo-mil purs
nitbBtOPpOtkB.ia JioU d .i
,v,b 1 ertd b,ij, ,,

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