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'tO0ND,".,tlU0hliuiHMsWtof A" lines
or lees, two lasrttoiuMvre-ity-s,vootB.
'ANtKD-l-6(JVa'ftESS-of paWieu
lr from what oantry one who understands
the English and Oeran WWli preferred to go
Hliout eighty vilM in the countrrtb tftjte charge of
tfat education or tftmoriourcnuaren,, um wbo li
tmnalAnt Cltl tlfMr Of
situation: bv ennlvlnir
lnimVdl.lr t M US. SI
thlru door from Pinm
PaON'fl, J-OIfth-.treot,
H jai3t-
b1 Protestant girt as house mild or sowing
girl In prints family, AddresaG. H.., Penny, Press
Office, - y . - ... , ... w ,.t ,jal3b .,
WANTED 8 ITTJ ATION A youngder-i
nao girt wishes te obtain situation in
prlvatefamily to do chamber work and aewlDg. In
quire at lag Sixth-street, upstairs. jalib
hone and walen and make himself gener
ally useful in a lisht baalneai. which he will
ight business, which he will have
an opportunity of learning,
Address J. O., renor
"..competent energetic man pah hear of a per-
raiment situation oy applying lromeatateiy at no. is
lug Immediately at fl
West Fourth-street,
inn-airem. room ud iwin, uu ca
no capital
required. JOHNSTON, FBY 00., PabUahera.
WANTED G1R1S Two of three good
girl to do general home work.' Good refer
ence required. Gall at MBS, WABbUB'd Intelli
gence OfHoe, 808 Fifth-street, batween Western-row
and John. 1 , -. . . . . , , . jalSb
a took of dry gooda tollable for a country ate re
to the amount of 810,000, for which one-third cash
and the balance In dealrable Improved, productive
real ejtato will be given In payment. SAM (JUL A.
BARQaNT, No. 8 Apollo Building, eor, of Fifth and
Walnut BtroetS. . . , - jalSo
ANTED GIRL---T9 do general houae-
worky. Apply at 127 Broadway. .. Jalibt "
WANTED QIRI To wish, ' iron and
scrub. Good wagee to iteady, auitable per
toe. Mo flirt or tippler will be kept. Apply to
KENSKDYfPrs Office. , . , Jal8bi
WAN TED B0? To' make himself geni
-orally useful In a dental offloe. Must be well
recommended. Apply to Dr. . Osmond, Dentist,
171 Vine-street, opposite the Oaa Office. jaI2b
onslilr understands: bar business
Apply at
(ha Auettallan Hotel,
I7 Walnut-street,
. jnaLXn( rropneron
ANTED A good Carpenter and Joiner,
( v i front the East, want a. Job lb tome good
hop, or would like to go Into some architect's bmee,
Address W. C. J., Penny Press Office, or Fostoffloe
Box No, J.307.
WANTED A ttook of DRY GOODS, to
the araonnt of lir.000 or 910,000, for which
, caaa aoa pronucuTO reaieawie will De giren. Ap,
tthle offlca.,
WAsiTED A yodng lady.wfah! Ven
gngein teachlni In Or near Olnclnnatl. - A
eitnatlon an Goterne.a In a private family, or aesiat
: ant In a achool, wonld be 'Preferred. Hho baa bad
considerable expeilance as a teacher, and will give
the beet of references. Address L. K. J., at this
office. Jallaw
WANTED AGKNT8 Active, energetic
bnsloess men as agenta, to engage in a re
neotame, prodtable and eaatr bnslneea. Call at Mo.
$ and 30 East Fourth-street, room 7, np ataira,
nHTANTED iteliafiie help for lituationa
-' w w of any kind can always be bad at a moment's
notice, bv aoelvinff at No. 00 aat Thlrd-atreet. base
ment story, next to Adams' Ixpreas office. No
charge toaetvants. do21am'
' VtANTDOlerta, book-kCBpew
mAn.,itarllMvKAnii,nftitAra. CAonAiii. rumen,
, rmonainica, laborers and others can nna si
t'.oos at the Merchants Ulerks Begletry Office,
ic ii 7 vuivv, uia
wainnt-street. .. .Ija'.Uw'l
M-, brick houses of eight noma, wall furnished
throughout, and lota on south side of Hathaway, near
Jane-street, will be sold low.
Two entirely new two-story brick houses of atx
rooms, each on Mound, near Olark-Street.
A thre-story brick house of twelve rooms, on Mil
, ton-street, near Broadway, will be sold for 13,000.
Two entirely new throe-story brick housea of seven
rooms, ench oa York, near Baymiller-atreet, will be
' sold as to pay 10 per cent. Income ou the investment.
A frame cottaea house of four rooms on Johu- street,
between Court and Elizabeth-streets, for, $1,100;
terms made easy.
A two-story brick bouse of six roomaand basement,
on the nortb side of Eighth-street, between Lino
and Hayinlllnr. Lot 38 feet 8 Inches, by 101 feet deep;
will be .old low.
A three-story brick house of nine rooms, hall, gas,
bath-ropm, Ao., on the nortb side of Blchmond
strcot, near Mound. Lot 70 by 100 feet.
A tbreo-story brick house of eight rooms, and lot
22 Uet front by '67 lest deep, on Hughes-street, for
S,20tl; rents fur 3J0 per year.
Two entirely new two-story brick bona.a of alx
rooms and Basement, each on the south aide of
Wade-street, near Freeman, for I3.7M) each.
' A three-atory brick house of nine rooms, well fin
ished throughout, on I lie south side of Longworth
street, near Race, for f 1,600; rente for (450 per year,
A two aiory frame honee on nortb side of Eighth
street, dear John, for (2,800,
A two atory brick bouse of Seven rooms, on south
aide ol 8eventb-street,near Linn; lot 25 by 84 feet deep,
will be sold for $3,300. ,
, A two-stoiy frame houae of five rooms, on nortb
aide of Betta street, near Linn; lot 29 feet front by ti
feet deep to an alley, will be sold at a bargain.
A two-story brick house of nine rooms, on north
side of Gourt-atreet. near Linn; lot 20 feet front by
ISO feet deep, will be sold for 84,000.
A two-itjry brick houeeof nve rooms and kitchen,
on Bighth-etreet near Linn; lot 26 feet front by ,109
feet deep to Van Horn -street.
A two and a-halt-story brick house of five rooms
and kitchen, north side of George-street, near Bay
miller; lot 20 feet front by to feet deep, will be sold
low. .
. A three-story brick honse of nine rooms, well fln
lalied throughout, en the north aide of Ninth -street,
near Bay miller, for $4,000.
A three-atory brick house of nine rooms and base
, ment. well finished throughout, on Touith-atrest,
near Mill; lot 23 feet front by 87 feet deep.
A two-atory brick house of eight rooms, well fin
: hhe d throughout, on north side of Richmond-street,
' ' near Cutter; lot S feet front by 188 feet, deep to an
. alley, with a brick stable.
A three-atory brick boaie of tea rooms, well fin-
, laueu mruuguuiii. uu uuria aiue ui vvuxh-atioai,
. near Mound; let 21 feet front by 100 feet 4ep, will be
j sola low.
ALSO A variety ofparcels of vacant city property,
torn excellent bargains. . ,.
Ho. 2 Apollo Buildings, oerner of lilth and Walnut-streets.
' , jalSo
- 7(0R SALE HOUSE A two-atory frame
.sl houee with six rooms, front and baox yara, en
Longwortn-street. oetween nam ana weaiern-row
Lot 10 bv 80 to a 10 foot alter, and In a good neigh-
borhocd.' For terms Inquire at 172 Plum-street,
between Film ana Longwortn. jaizaw
"ElOR SAIiB APPLES A lot f ehoioe,
M sound, good sited apples, not frosted, at No.
; aior ariena-sireei. iswa-
JL Bualncja for sale, by which a. fortune baa bei
Inanlre of A.
SMITH, at the
Henrie Home, on Third-street,
-, lallo
IilOR SALE A LEASE On the store and
. dwelllntf attached. In a central nart of the citv.
The lenae ha. ten veara to run from the let of Jan
uary, 1800. This is an excellent business stand for
an entemrlalnff nsrson. For nartlcnlara. address
M Oinclnuatf Poatofnoe. Poasesalon given Imme
diately. jaiuaw
1 i "OOARDING Farnijhed and unfurnished
jLM rooms with board, for famlles, at 177 Sycamore-i-etreet,
west aide, between Fifth and Sixth. Board
and lodging lor tingle gentlemen. T.A- BO WD.
; , Ual3aw
' 'TJOARDINfl Two single gentleman can
JJ be supplied with a furnished room and board
on modrate terms at Mo. .107 Longworth-atreet, be-
tween Blmand Plum, i . . JalSb,
BOARDING A few gentlemen oan obtain
fl rat-class boarding at 161 Plum-street, near
"J' BIOARDING A gentleman and ladr,
v. ' ' MJt two slngts gentleman oan be accommodated
witn a pleasant room ana noara a iraa.w est jiliu
FOR RENT HOUSE A genteel 1
houae of eight rooms In Covington. An
O. B.DliDLII.on Tbi.rd-atreet, near Bussell.
I 7!0R RENT ROOMS Rent free to
elderly womap who woald keep some others
order.. This wonld snit a mother and daughter,
partial employment could be given to the latter. Bend
name and address to B. B. B , Penny Press Office.
, Ijaiao-i - -
eecond floor la a genteel lealdence. Bent,
Incinoea.eii per menu.- uejaira as o. iixDg
' ." T OST A 1 CHECK Oa' the- Ohio Valley
, ,.M-m Bans, oaua janaary n, lew, tor eigns nun
AmA Lallan. navabla to bearer and drawn bvmv
self. ' Payment having ben stopped, persona
V,JH4. aad very superior wI5,&$gJ$,g!
llJ to:' fJonMlnthaudVlne-etreVts.
i i-ni.'jf .-.n it,.-.-a
i !! o td!- I T 'ai:
WOUND WATCH Or Mtb- lnsfcy a
- uotatcnea larerwstce. : apply to CKllUArl a
JONK8, Thirteenth Ward Police.
T OBI GOLD, L0OKET-0n Wednesday
-BL1 laat, between (he Drovers' Inn and postofflcs.
It contained the liken-st of a lady and child. Any
Krson finding the umi will be suitably rewarded
leaving it with KS41CI&K HBBOOK, oorner of
Madison and Fifth-street, , V . , . jaUb
JAN17ARY. 13
n't . forget that-.the Penny
Pres Is the medium throngh whlcb to
make known your wants 1 ' AdtSrtlse
ments of fire lines and less. Inserted
twice for twenty-flTe eentsl '-.
MlmoibtocHOAL Obshtitioks For' the
Imng Prtm, y Henry 'Ware, Optidan, No. T
W est onria-street, January lis .... .;, .,,, ,,
O'clock. '' Barometer. ' i Thermometer. .
7 A. M..,...........J9.7J jw- A50veero-j
18 M....m.....m ., , , , Above aero 31
1". 8L, .... ,J.7 I Aoove aero w
AaMMHT to i Bot. Albert DaBb,1' a lad
twelve yetn old, fall from, the roof of an
ontbonse, la an alley between Dixtn ana uen
ter and Vine and Bace-itreets, yesterday af
ternoon, and broke hU left leg In twoplaoes,
and fractured one of his ribi.
pgssoiril.. Mr.- Obarlei SI. Steele, late
ntws igent of the Clnolnnatl, Hamilton and
Daytni Railroad,' will, hereafter, oompy the
same poaition. on the Marietta and CiuPinnatl
Road. Mr. S. la elever and enterprising and
we wish him along eontinnanoe of the eaocesi
with which be has already met. , .
4 'v.';
' PlOOIfDIgeS OF TBI OoCKIT.Coill lflSIO"X8.
At ibelt regular leaeion, yesterday morning,
the only businesa transacted by the County
OommiesloBera worthy of note waa the dis
charge of Herman Manaiog from the Comity
Jail, beoauae of lnabilty to pay the costs and
fines charged against him, ;, , '
i i
Pociit ticiei). A countryman named Bai
ler had bis pooket picked laat evening In an arie-tion-hnuse,
on Main-street, between Fifth and
Sixth, of a wallet oontainini $30 and several
notes of hand. The- ruralist went to sleep
near the store, and while in that condition
the aooundrel relieved him of his purse.
Pkisc k Co. it the popular nevra depot of
Pease & Co., Sixtb-atreoi, east ot walnut, win
be found all the late papers and periodicals,
among them WiZtae's Spirit, Farttr't Spirit and
the Welcome Gutil, for January 14; Gltaton'i
I.iteraru Comvamon. for the 21st, and the
Phumv Phtltow and Comic Hlmxthly for-Feb
ruarv. - Thev have everything that is new
and readable. ' ' ' ' "'
- .. . - '-if T , .'
r.Knrirtl Tn-NIOHT AT WaLNOT HlLLS. Thi
first lecture of tho regular winter oourse, held
attherirat.,Pteibjterian,Chur.oli, at Walnut
Hllla, Will bs delivered, this evening oy uen
8. F. Carv. He will be followed by the fol
lowing well-known speakers in the order in
whloh they are named:,, jlufua King, Esq.,
Rev. Kingston Godd&rd, Rev. N. West, and
Rev. H; fimith, P.D., of l-ane Seminary. , j
r i i ' I
Wbst Emd. W are in
firmed that arrangementa are being made for
r IkIkmi in )u ilellvnred bv anum-
Ka nf ah, .rtAaf anockbera. in the Prmltlf''StT6et
Presbyterian Church. This will ho doObt be
nolle cratlfvint to msrtv citltens of the norm-
western nart of the oitv. who are generally
unable to attend lectures, in conaequenoe of
the distance from their homes. "
Hosai NaiBLT Dbownbo in tbe Mud.
before yeeterdav morning, a horse at-
taohed to a dray, fell in the street, near the
Miami Canal, and very narrowly escaped
drowning in tbs deep mud ot that quarter. : It
was neoessary to pull the poor animal out
with topes, and after he was retoued from his
perilous condition, he looked like a large dlrt-
1 . . c , , . f ... 1 :
pile, none 01 pia equine leaiurw oaiug vinmio.
Bus dat Sobool Exhibitiok. The anniver
sary exhibitioo of the Sunday School attached
to' the Eighth Presbyterian Churob, I on
Seventh-street, between Linn and Baymiller,
took plaos yesterday evening. The attend
ance waa quite large, and the- exeroiaea, which
consisted Of dialogues and singing by the pu
pils, with addresses by Revs,' Maxwell and
Kosslter, were nigmy interesting. ,
Boy's Foot Badly Cbubhid. A boy about
ten years of age, named Peter Patohin, bad
his right foot badly orushed yesterday after
noon by the fall of a pile of lumber about
which he was playing, on iiinn-street, near
Richmond. ' He was carried to the reaidenoe
his parents, and medical treatment called, but
It la quite probable, from the nature of the
wound, that amputation will be necessary to
complete the sure. r- .... .t
Mai Frozsk to Dah. Stephen Chard,
resident of Colerain Township, and a dissipated
man. after being; out night before last at
grocery, drinking freely, started for bis home,
two or three miles distant,, across some open
Selds. -The following: morning Chard was
found In a fence corner, frozen stiff and dead
It is auDTjoeed that in attempting to climb the
fense he bad fallen into the anow, and being
toe much Intoxioated to rise, bad frozen
death. ; - -..i-vs i.'.--.- . , .
Tim Yistsbiat Mobiixo. About threo
o'clook yesterday morning a fire broke out
a stable belonging to Mr. Lippman Weiler,
situated near Thirteenth-street, between Wal
ant and Vine. The fire is aupposed to jiave
been the work of an inoendiary, as it can
accounted for upon no other hypothesis.
A horse valued at $80 was so badly injured
the flames that It was humanely killed to end
its misery. The entire loss, we believe, will
not reaoh 1200.
Cottiro Arms 'on Sixtb-itesst. Daniel
Murkit and Peters became involved in
qnarrel, on Sixth-street,. near Elm, about nine
o'eleok last evening, and the former having
been knocked down, his antagonist jumped
upon and beat him severely tn tne face. One
or two .persons inUrferred, and M., having
been released, soddenly hurried away. rA
minute after, P. discovered that he had been
cat several times In the tide and back, proba
bly with a email pooket-knite,' ,lhe wounds
are not dangerous.
Shsuufi's Sals or Rial Estaib. The at
tendanoe at the Sheriff's sales of real estate
weeterdar morning war quite large, and
bidding crisk and spirited. Twelve pieces
Sroperty were ' ouereo, seven oi wnico were
isposed of., The following is a list of
sales: j V I e . i
. , LoU Nob. 9, 10, 11 and 12 In Price's subdi
vision ef lots on Prospect Hill, north of Cin
cinnati, but now within tho corporate limits,
fronting on Price-street, in all 100 feet, valued
at T, and sold to Joseph Sohlerberg at $4
per foot. ' "
All the interest of William S. Harwood
being one-half in lot No. 14. in Solomon Har
vey's subdivision on Walnut Hills, fronting
25 feet on Chatham-street, and extending baok
132 feet, valued at (4, and sold to James
Harwood at $3 per front foot ' , ,JI'".
Lot No. 108, known as No. 3 in sub-division
of lot called Bu Bernard, made by Kleime
and Sehroder of part of aeotion 10, Mllloreek
Township, fronting it ieet on the west tide
Cincinnati and Carthage Turnpike, by
deep. Valued at $7, and sold to '-Joseph
Metre at $5 per front foot: - ; r
Hatt half of lot No. 1 In sab-division made
by the Sheriff of Hamilton County in sub-let
No. 3, as laid of by the heirs of Jane Ladlowv
deceased, on the north side of Eighth-street,
2& feet front and 139 feet deep, parallel with
Carr-street Valued at $2,700 for ground
Improvements, and told to Robert Relly
,i,87o. -
. ,r. ,;..l
Polios Coost. Thirty eases were examined
Jesterday morning at the Police Court, by
udge Lowe, the greater portion of which were
wnuouc spectal interest. T'" -Ksf-i; j
i Baraew McHugh. arrested oa Snndav last.
in company with Bsrtfy Kern for robbing a
man on sycamore-street, or too, was held to
ball in the sum of S1.000 to answer a charge
of highway robbery at the next term of the
Conrt of Common Pleas, bat being unable to
and surety to that amount, was eommltted to
jail. ' The evidence against Kern was not auf-
oient to implicate him In the attair, and he
was therefore dascharged. ' 4 ,
T ' 1. . r I t , , ,, Ml 1
o aooo oieyoTe, a uungry-iooauig jieuwn,
was before , the Curk yesterday morning, not
that, lie loved honor less, bat that he loved
pork' more; and being -con vloted of stealing a
nam, of tbe value of $1, waa fined the coats
of the 'prosecution and tent to jail to bs fed
at the expense of the county for a term of two
months, f.i Miir'tyu" v--fv
Three boys, David Crannon, Barney MeOabe
and John MoCabe, were day before yesterday
arrested for disorderly eonduoti and as no one
could be found to take charge of them, they
were sent to the House of Refuge. They were
all quite young, and; will doubtless find the
life to which they have gone much better than
that from which they were taken.
A fellow named James JU.agb.es, day before
yesterday was arrested for some petty misde
meanor and placed Jn the. Ninth-street Station-house,
in a cell next to a one-armed indi
vidual who was arrested for a similar fault
During the night ho 'managed to pick the
pooket of his neighbor '.of thirty-five cents,
and wheal he eame before the Police Court he
discovered that he had been, charged with
petty larceny. : The Judge deemed him guilty
and sentenced him to six months' hard labor
in the County Jail. -1 '' ' ,
Julia , Burns, the' wife of the man now in
the County Jail, under aentenoe.of death for
the murder Of Thomas' Burke, waa lined $10
and costs for selling liquor on Sunday.
James outer, waa nrougnt in turner tne
double enafge of drnnkensesa and carrying
concealed weapons, having in bla poaaetaion
a revolver, a Bingle-beneledr" pbtot ,aad' a
large Bowie-knife. He was fined $3 and eosts
upon tne former Charge and $10 and ooste
upon the Uftffrr;; " "' iKi;
Mbotiho'of' iHi' MKOHiiiios ir Msatr-
aotobibb' jsxohapqs. Tne memoera oi ids
Mechanics' and - Manufacturers' Exohange
held quite a large and enthusiastic meeting
yesterday morning, at their room,; No. ,78
West Third-street, xne rresiaent, ueorge
W. ' Rsnysn, bad furnished an eioelleot
lunch, whioh was discnased ' by the mstnbers
with quite as much interest as the buainess
brought bofore them after they had finished It
-. The following persons were appointed aa a
committee to canvass the -city for new mem
burs, in accordance with a resolution adopted
day before yesterdays Messrs. Foote, Hiakle,
eienu, Miuhell, Malone, LongK Schwartz,
De Csmp, rarry ami Uilpin. ..
'I tjpon.motion, the editoraof the press of the
city were unanimously eleoted honorary mem
bers of the association. ;
Mr. H inkle then offered the ' name of Ed
ward Whitehead, who desired to become a
member of the Exchange, and was thereupon
oleoted; ;
Tbe Chairman of the committee appointed
to prepare t ciroular for publication, Mr. Foot,
presented a report which, after being read,
waa referred baok with Instructions to publish
it without any unnecessary delay. I
A resolution waa then offered by Mr. Whit
son allowing all journeymen mechanics the
privileges of the Exchange, with the excep
tion of voting and holding office, but after a
long discussion was laid upon tho table. The
Association then adjourned.
1 " t
J' Fatal Aooidikt AMaIkstntlt Killed
. CI . .M C iv A man
1 Bt TH' If ALL Or a DALaV ur dw.y w
t- . l Fill - Til.lv eaaiVtrt riar) VlffAil gnn 01 17(9(1
Knt .rU lioUra befort the accident as a
Haltotl Redd, on the corner '01, uiv
and Sycamore-street, was almost instantly
killed yesterday morning by the fall of a sack
of'salV v'i ' " ' "
Some persons were: using the- hoisting ap
paratus for ths pnrposs of raising the article
to the upper story, while he waa stooping over
and' looking down the hatchway, when the
rope slipped from the groove in the wheel,
thus oausing the saek to fall, striking the un
fortilnata man upon the baok of the neck and
precipitating him Into the cellar.. His back
was broken by tbe blow and his head severely
Injured by the fall, while bla body was con
siderably orushed by tbe weight 01 tne sack.
Tbe wounded man waa taken np and carried
to the Commercial Hob pita!, at which place he
died in leas than an Hour alter nts arrival.
The deceaaed was about thirty years of age,
and. resided with his mother and sisters on
Elizabeth-street, near Cutter. After hearing
of the elroumetanoea they went to the hospital
and took charge ot tne body, wmcn win oe
interred to-day. :
FssTrvAL or thi Soxa or Mlta. The en
tertainment at the Opera-house this evening
by the Song of Malta, for the benefit of the
poor of this eity. promises to be quite as bril
liant as the combined charms of Thalia and
Terpsiohore oan make It
The Muse of Comic Poetry will reign for
two hours, being represented by Mr. Pike's
dramatic, dompany, who perform that will
known oomedy, 3A Zone Chat: Thomas
Crawford, the admirable Scottish Tooalist, will
sing "Columbia, the Uem of tbe uoean" and
"Mrs. (Iregor's Gathering." The stage will
be set, tbe parquotte floored, and tbe graceful
gooaess 01 aanoine. loucniDg uer votaries witu
the maglo band of beautiful music, will asoeud
the throne and reign supreme quring too re
mninder of the night. , i . ,. ',, '
' If we may Judge from tne preparations mat
have been made, and the smiling rases of the
representatives of the btau umd, the affair
will be long remembered as one ef the most
magnificent of its kind. ' Why should it not
be joyous, when, in the pleasure every psraoq
will experience in the entertainment, they will
find the thanks of hearts made glad, and the
gratitude of the hundreds of persons saved
probably from starvation by the aid they will
receive from this excellent association of "Good
SamaritanB."' ; "?""" ,
" Hbavt R8al Bstati TBAitsrik. One of
heaviest real estate transfers ever made
this county, was entered upon the books
the offloe of the Recorder, dav before vester
ilar. hv Mr. Frank Averv. who oonveved
entire real ' estate the greater portion
which Is located la the north-western part
this city to Mr. David Gibton for the sum
$200,uuv. 'ins payments sra co De maxie
follows tons note of' tl60.00vaaietjn
years after date, and twenty notes, each,
$5,00, the first payable Jnly 1, 1800, and
others tn suoeessive order at intervals of
months until the whole are paid, none of
above notes bearing. Interest, as that Js
cludsd in the notes. ' The sggregate amount
of the notes is $260,000. tbowiut the intorest
allowed during- the tints of payments to
$00,000, which of Itself is quite as large
for'nueg ordinarily' become.' . .
:' Urpiid Lcrnu. The followiBg Is a list
lott-vrs detained for non-payment of postage
the Postoffloe, in this city, January 12:
Messrs. J. A. Clark & Co.. Portland, Main.
' Messrs. J. Giekerson no., Sew Xork City.
' A. Gamble. Ki, Sew Tjrk City. ,,. , . , ''
Sastl. Perry, Esa., Mew Tork City., . 1 : '.'
' F. 0. Sharp, St. Louis, Mo. , ',. ,
A. Bnraner, Kay , Sl. Louis, Mo, . ... ,
' B. Coburn, Esq .Dew Orleans La, ,
Mr. James V. JiUel, Kdlnburg, Iud,, ,
1 Mrs. Melleu,8i, Louis, Mo. - .
"Miss Amelia Bruit h, Twenty-mil. 8tand( O.
1 mr. v. vonnega. iouiauaiwiie, itij,
Phillip Toeiasa, Ieavenworth.K. T. i
, Mrs. Aun Thomson. Morris, Ripley Co., lnd,
Mrs. Mary t. Trombly, Pomsroy, O. e t
' , 1 i .,
,. ."Patterson, tfo. Hi Maih-si rest,
just received per steamer St. Cloud, 4 2,000
vaaa oigars, all ehoioe brandn,' , including,
Concha's, 1 Sol, Leviathan, TslsQiaoa)
Saba, de la , Reine, , inteiiigeQBia, xroaarea,
vmiju v.';!.?v i If. i -2t-
Baboaibb. For bergaint ia real estate,
see adverusement 01 a. 0. eargent, m
at, l,u
,j. r
f I ' 1
Plan's OrKRA-BODgs. The fourth prenscnta
tk of Taa Tshpist was greeted lift nlklt by a
large aa-l fashionable audience, and we still notice
an improvement in the .performance. The cli-irao
tera have beea admirably cast, and eat 8 peraoo se.ina
to feel tbat a portion, at least, of the aucce-ui of tbe
put? uepouu upon mm orner, inaivinuaiiy.
Oallban.1' iu the banri.of Mr. 1 i-iiuuv. ia .in ex.
celk'iit imporsnaation. Tae,-ha '. Ialeiinttilv
made np, and be looks the very thing to Which the
foul witcn Sicoiai might have given l lrtli-"Alave
whose striie. may move, not kindne.." It Is enac
ted witn a iuu appreolatun of the character aa drawn
by HhakapeHre, aud the actor eeema to know full
well tbe profit tbat the monster gamed by learning
the language of Proapn. - . . ' :
Tbe ''Ariel" of Viola rocker we do not altogether
admire. She doea not eeem to be fully aware that
"Ariel," although tometlmra a watur-nyiuph, Is at
others a spirit, and the draaa,whiok might be quickly
changed, throughout the play, yet holda Ita atranga
cernian one. oiin we nnu mncn in ner imperaona
tiou whloh please, na. aa we have already said, and.
It Is nrobablv because our fcVnl I. . hfi?h thutwe
expect so much; nevertheleea, we tblnk, that I u the
matter to which we -liave referrod,
Ariel, ' mignt
oe imnrovea. ,-..
All tbe remaining characters are performed, the
beautlee of tbe anthem, the scenery, Illusions and
effects are represented In a manner rarely equaled In
tbe history of dramatic representations. It will be
withdrawn to-nigbl and the Love .Uhask produced
in its stead for the benefit of tbe Hons of Malta.
Wooa'a Thiitsb. Thi Fatalist continues
to attract good audiences to this establishment, and
thesuccesnof the play continues. We have nothing
to add to tlie opinion already expressed in 'regard to
It, but urgeall who feel an Interest tn the drama to
witness it before it is finally withdrawn. It will be
repeated thia evening, anil as tbe attraction has been
Increased by the perforraarace; of a pantomime, and
tbe appearance of the favorite ttcottiih vocalist, Mr.
Crawford,, we have no doubt the houae will bo
crowded. '
National' Thiatbs. Since the Eaoott and
Miranda English Opera Company rilsoanded the
management has been compelled to tru.t foi audi
ences to tbe magnetic power of the company. He
has now, however, secured the juvenile comedian,
Matter Alfred Stewart, who willappmtr this evening
In a local drama, entitled Tea (Jinoinnati Kibjian.
and the laughable farce of Xua UHMiDts. Tho new
farce of TicausH Times will also be produced lor the
second time, thus forming a bill that will doubtless
prove attractive to tne naoitues or tne eataDiisamout.
MiLODioit Hall. The Buckleys still con
tinne to attract immense audiences to the Melodeon
Hall. Thev are food sintters. excellent dancer, and
finished musicians, and the representations of negro
me ana ouriesque opera can not lan to piease.
; Smith 3c' Nixon's Hall. The audienoe
laat night to witness Prof. Jacobs' wonderful feats of
legeraemain was autre goea, ana appeared signiy do
lighted with his performance. The Professor has
had a long experience and a continued suooeee, and
nis entertainments navo seldom tuned to grattry
those who have witnessed them. For tbeaocommo.
dation of schools, be will give an atternoon perform-
anoe on aiaturoay, reuuoing tae price oi, admission
McCuno tn. Stewart Action on two pro in is -sarr
notes. Defense' wantjof conslderalion, Judge
Htwnoer rendered ajnogmeut tor piamtin.
Evans vs- Marchant. Motion for new trial
rnlMrf - I ...v.
. A. Mi Wllleri v. 8. W.' Johns and B. Olark.-B ifore
Judge Hoadly. ' Toe verdict ot the Jury fonnd tliat a
certain In deed In controversy was executed to tie
fraud oredltors. 1 ' -
DunlaD St Co. t. Dunlap k Jennings. Be
fore Judge Mellon and a jury, u recover amount of
inmDer uiu. -uuoiaps jtiuuuifts rnieeu a miu. rip.
tion for a neighbor who bail
stable burnt. They
ordered the lumbar from
elalntlfl'a to build the
stable. It was not paid for, aud the balance due la
sued for. - - , . 1 1 3 . - --
Defendants say th'aMt Is tne debt of tbe ueigh bora,
ana mat tneyar not responsive,: , venue 1.117 P""u
tin", for 971 si.
C Mnrdock for plaintiff', Scott and Heron for de-
Martin K. Owens vs. 8t Patrick's Church. Thia
mu. ul.n trlntl hAfore .Imlffn Mullon. eiuue ho on en
seal from the Probate Court, in which the latter
court, under, tbe statute authorizing them to take
testimony to prove tho contents of a lost or spoliated
will, two bequests one to tit. Paul's Church and the
other to St. Holer's Orphan Asyluui-weroestablished
am ttt. will nf Theresa tlwen.
li is now contended, tlret, that Thomas Owens
never did execute a vaiHl will: Bi-conttly, tuat no
did, it was revoked by iiim previous to his death;
and. thirdly, tnat Oven If. at the time of bis death.
he left a will unrevoked, wnicu was suoecqueutiy
lost or destroyed, tho proof of two or the beqneats,
forming only a small portion of the entire will, waa
nnt such an establishment of the contents, nn-ler
the statute, as would authorize this action of the
Probate Court. The jury found a verdict reversing
tbndecission or tne rrooatouourt.
Kutnn for nlaintiff : lleadinaton fer defendant.
Boeth and others vs. Hewald and others. Decided
hv .ludeetlolllna. A retilloB In partition of ahouao
and lot in the city, plaiutifi owning each oneundi
vided third, but, as disclosed by the petition, subject
to the life estate of the widow of Geo. Boeth by the
terms of bis will. ,
: Meld on demurrer: that a snlt In partition could
not be mam.... - --l m there-was a Ufa estate
'iueu. uuiohh Diaintiue wtru enmieu iu
lmmeuiaio posieaaiuu, -miiflt DO ,Uil
iH.n,.nlnB In thi. raw,, tha netinu 1 r
-' - - -' . .
for plaintiff; Snyder aBa
Ugly ana uonmeyer
Brown tor aeienaant,
vorco granted on tho ground of babltual Intoxica
tion, aumony oiw. .- ,
Acom-M-AL. Oeoree Ulelmaa. tried before Judge
Carter ou a oharge of grand larceny, was acquitted.
John vehoever was placed on trim, cnargea wun a
rape on Emma Zimmerman, aged 11 yeare. Tbe de
fense claims the charge to be tbe result of a con
spiracy. ... , . ,
Wist End' Sskmadbbs. Quite an excellent
company of muBloians have formed themselves
Into a olub nnder the title of the West End
Serenaders. We feel Indebted to them for
tome moat eloquent music, and heartily wish
them the greatest success in their new enter
prise. j
The Ohio is now in a fine navigable condi
tion, and looks majestically with Its broad bosom, on
which the largest steamers proudly glide. . There are
at present about nineteen feet channel-depth irom
here to Louisville, and the river was still slowly
rising last oveniug opposite inis port.
Considerable ice was floating by last evening, pro
ceeding, probably, from broken gorges above, ft Is
tnouguttueice win oe neuvier lu-uay, muiiiru uvt
auiucivu. w ,iivim,,,w,i. "vo,
Tlie weather was cold yesterday, and last evening
moderately cold, without indioatiunsof auy immedi
ate chauge in temperature.
ssuainevs on ine uevee m nu.i.ti, w.uuiu.
being lined with steamers, all of whlcb where receiv
ing or discharging cargoes. Freight was abundant,
peclauy ior tne ooucn, at annexed raien:
Pittsburg-Cotton, 7BO.S Molasses, 750. j Whisky,
Mo.; Flour, 30o.: Fork and Lard, 41o. ; round
Freights. 16o. pertOO lb. , , - ' .
Nashville Wlilsky, per brl., 600.; Ale,' 400.; Pound
at. Aiouis oeavy ruuuu nuaiiu,, m, yvi iw un.,
Whlskv and Oil. 60c. ner brl.; Stoves, 26c.; Ale, 40c,
Uivansvilie vf niiaj anu ui, , iw, por un. ' :
airo Whlskv and Oil. 74c. per brl.; Pound
Freights, 25c. per 100 lbs.
NewOrleans-WbiskyandOilSl; Flour, 60c.; Pork
efle.; Baoon, Butter, Uheeeo, Ac, 84c. pur 100 lbs,
B.eg Aiara, 2UU., Xiurses, etu per uenu. .,
a MMlrnaA. Mav.villAt Teleeranh. Lonil-
wIHa PpIamh. Mi.ili.on: Dnnletth and Virsin
Home, Neville; Baatona boulsvUlei sun. new ur
Jains; Marengo, do . . ' j .
IbvIIIa- Print-mis. Madi.nn: Dunleith and Virninla
Home, Neville; Bottona, Portsmouth: Tecumseb,
New Orleans; Silver Moon, Memphis: wenena,
Nashvills; Bay City, Pittsburg; Mariner1, do.; S. g,
Bibbard, do. " ' - ,
Monetary and Commercial.
, ,
Ha ?
want i n
,.. Jooh
.'.(.' -ii , i .-
Business' la the bahkibg quarter was more
quiet yesterday than ion. any, previous day of tbe
week, and the Monetary market, though undimin
ished in oloseneaa, was rather dull. Bankers spoke
of the atrlngsnoy in Currency as interfering with
their operations, and said they saw no immediate
wroanwet of esse. , ...........
' Eastern Exchange continued so very firm thai
dealers generally refused to draw for outsiders at
roaraet mce, ana ware winiue, w pr -" 's
nrtoe-M-fos alt geot checks, , One. or two huuses
pdt up thS figure to , aud sold at. that all day.,
tha ui nrauM had arrived, the remittances for Ex
et thai all day
change wonld bare been so large that It la thought
by Som an aaveuce Ol n woum uve ocvurreu aa wo
strset- Ih market closed so firm the opinion was
that Sichange might be generally put up to-day
,03 ...?.? flfllM..'
iOoln was Boldai w)t prens., mi m.jinie request,
lidw Orleans Kxchnnge was not te bobad lu
monat; bnt good sight necks would have sold at
fyl prm. readily
KvBorra ot varlonw artloles dur
ing tn twenty-lour noura enaisg yesMrua, uwu
IstroBTS. Flour, rz oris.; n-nway, ""'"i
Cora, ll.wiS bushels! Wheat, 4,208 bnsbels; OaU, 4,4u3
and Baoou, t buds.; 1H1 barrels, 70,891 pounds; Sugar,
480hhds.;niola4aeB, ,jh oris.i you, 1,10a u, ap
ples, esft brle.i Butter, IH keg; Cheese, 2,0111 boxes;
- KxroaV-Flour.'soi lris'.;; Whtsky, 1,934 brls.,
Pork and iaoon nous., m tierces, gw una.,
110 b xea, Sugar, Je blida.; Molasses, S43 brls.; Ootfee,
117 bags; Apples, 166 brls.: Butter, 150 kegs; Cheese,
515 boxes; Potatoes, 550 brls.: Salt, W brls.
Th. ,iam.nd for glour confined limited veslerday,
with a auiet market, and Whisky was dull. Gralna.
were unchanged, except Corn, which advanced
per Daaueu , rrovisious w iu uvu uhiwh,h
800 barrels sold 8 16 211. Nothing dons 1 Bulk
Meat, and Baoon was drill. Uogs wsre Inactive
receipts moderate; prices dect mug iu per cent. ,
' OIHCni HATl MABB.BX-J aboabt la. ' .
. TL0OB The demand continues limited, and
market ulet. The sales wero eonuoed to 600 barrels
extra, at 85 405 50. ' . ' ' ,
; VraiSKTr-va dull market, and prices Ke. lower:
sales of 1,400 barrel at Hc, including that
wagon. . -
HOt. 8 The receipts aro (till moderate, and
mark ruled dull, and prices must be Quoted 100,
cental lower. Th sales were: yW : ' "
1 87 head gveraglug 250 lbs. at;,....,'. .M'......,t6
ll bead averaging-160: lu. at.. -... 6
135 bead averaging 200 lbs. at.,., s ! a if Ms V
atal head averaging 240 lb, at,, t
u hul arRSlnl 200 lbs. at S
2ii0 bead averaging ut lb, country dressed at. 1
head vm received the Uet twsntr-fotu hours,
.- .t ,
PROVISIONS There was a good demand for mess
J'ork to-day. nud eOO barrels sold at $10 25. Nothing
dono in bulk AJp-'ila. Lard could have heon eold to
a fair extent at'jVi)("lic.: but la generally held at
inc.: 2V1 barrels wild at tfVn., part lu old cooperage.
ISacon dulMmeU aal at VA anu
u tttiuriitiit-i Sftcnange m tne meraev,"--
W H MAT The mnrkul ivintlnnea linn, with a good
dematid.at ll-Kl tf tor ipvituaf whltnraiid fl 80
(01 'J3 tot prime redt aalea nf Sm bu-hejs prime red
ultl -it. aeiiverto; zwiii.vuixfnyaesjw.v' - i-, i- r
(JUltN Tim demnnd continues oimi. asd prices
have aavauutni p-r lu:h?l ( uowuuoleltat
S7(iMo in bulk: sales of 1,200 bushels, in bulk, at
65c., and sofl do. at 470. .-,. ... i
OATH The market Is firm, with a stood demand
at in(5tsic., in bulk. f. , -.-
KVK-The demand m active, with liaht recetots.
and prices firm at fl OS porbnshel .
uaki.1,1 mere is a rair demand, nnn pTices
steady at last ifuotatioiis: sale, of 300 buhela prime
till at 70o.: 300 du., delivered at 70c.: but these prices
are below the market. 1 " - ,-
UAY-The demand, continue active, and price
linn at 824 per tun for prime Timothy, on arrival.
uuii&on, memaraetia nrra, witn an active ae
mend at last uuotat ion.: sal,4 of 2110 bovni .nmmnr.
ettred Western Reserve at Xe. - -
tttirsiUr-Tneiiemand Is latr, and price nrm at
; ISO. for Central Ohio, aud 17c. for Western Re-
miito: sales or e ooxea choice western ueaarva at
Ik. sad 4 barrels do. at 17c- .
. A Pfl.Kri The market 1. Arm. and the 'AemanA
goon it expie to per uarrei. irom ore, -
ruia lue-axnere is a gooa aemana, anu pnoes
linn at at toper uarrei ior prime nesnanoou, irons
store. -.. ...
tiLOVKit BttKU-xne aemana is gooa, sua prices
II rm at 84 WCM ten sales of Son bashehk la sacks, at
!V0; OHO sacks at t 60; 8 do. at 84 t2H, and 120
l-nrrels at 't 64. 1 . - .
KW Yobs Mabiw. Jannarv 19P. M.-Cotton
.lull and unchanged: aalua of 700 balea at II '40. for
middling uplands, jionr nrmer wiin ratner more
tniiniry both for export an home consumption.
t'ransactioDB, however, are materially restricted by
I'je advanced prices insistea upon oy tne noiuers.
The home trade buv SnArlnelv; .ulea of 9 800 barrels.
nt 85 2i9i 25 lor s-i, erline State-, . 3n0i 411 for extra
Htate; ti lok 20 for supi-rUue Western; (4 ,VK)5 44
lot common u medium extra Western; $." 6u55 80
i ir lnl, rior to ttood shipping brands extra round-
uoup uiiiomsTKet closing smet, aua arm. i-aiia-i
iuu Flour a ahade bettr, witbioderat demand:
lies of 400 barrels at $4-fl04 00 for common to
.. olee extra. Bre Flour lu iiood reonett at Sl 40.
lluckffticat Flour plenty and dull at 81 74!J per
vil. Corn Sl oal quiet and uucuanged. whisky
ilrinor and the demand active: sales of Sllfl brla. at
Vic: hum evening 900 barrels sold at 25ft2no.-r
chiefly the latter nrhm. Wheat exhibits little more
t',ne, but trananctions ore rtidtrlcted by the firmseas
nf holders. Shippers are disposed to bny to a fair
extent at Sl.lKCOl for No. 1 i.fikngo Hprlng, aud
Jil 2tfbl 23. delivered: for stood Mllwaukle Ulub.
Holders generally insist upon l(32c, above these
ciim-s: salt-a oi I2,0(hi biisbnls mtlwaukle Ulub, pa
it si- 23, and tha remainder oa privute terms. U:
-eiliek. wlkh .malL solus of Jcrftev lit 8'Jlo.: Nort
f i u flrni I y htTd al 9c. Birlry quiet at 76itlio. -Oorn
In belter demhnd at aSiadsaiicti it l2o, per bushel:
Wilis of 10,0041 bushels at mttt.W:. for inferior to prime
new white and vo'trfW ' Oata in moderate rMuest. at
iWWieSC fer btati, Western, and 4,'anudiau: sales vf
lu,uw tiushels 1'ilnoe Adward'a Islaud at 47ie.. to go
tn New Orleans. Haval stores uncnangea, . jLiuseea
Oil is selling at flTSOiOc., and Lard Oil isbeldat7i
K'jZo. xallow quiet alia nominal at nia(inc.
t'ork quiet and witbont special change: selea ol 2D0
brls.,Ht VII U(316 2.' foruiHss, and S1K52M for prime.
Hef quiet anil iiuchangeit: snles of 186 brls., at (hue
4 40 for cunntiy pisme; S404S oil f -r couutry inew;
anil 810 40&II tor extra mow. Beef Hnmu In mod
ernte reoueet at unohanged prices: tale of l.Mibtls.
at12 lor Htate,andSl4 40 fjr WeHteru. Prime niees
Kc-if dull aud generally held above' views of burers,
Drexjert llogn ia moderato re-iuwt, at iHQMJto. for
Western, aud i'i). fur city. Bacon quiet: Miles of 100
lirixet Western Cumberland Middk-a at 8Mc, and Mi
boxes city short clear at VHo. lxi d steady: sales of
M barrels at KiMliSlOHo. llutter t here lsa fair bnti
tieas done at 1217c for Ohio, and 162lo, for State.
Oheene contiuues atoady at 91 IHo. Coffee In mod-
ok to request:; sales of 400 bags Bio at ll,ilic.-
ti not active out nrm.
To Orjs CiTisnire Gbsirallt. )ur carrier,
Mr. Jones, will leave copies of ths, Pesss with
persons who are not aubacribera, and during
tho day will visit, theu, for the purpooe of
soliciting fJioir pRtfonage. . " . y ' r.
Thes jndividuala, iajjirrd day .before yenler
dty at Klnsoy Ac Coi,i u,'d aatv-niill, are Still
i-.i quite a criliiftl CAntiition. Wciverhas'not
Hken ainoe the catastrophe, an ' his cars is
tojjarded as' entirely bopelesai j'itaoimnions
is flVdCh worso than was at tot f i.ppoied, and
his wounds are considered very rigorous..
'iltHB. A. Are "occurred in lhoiotise of Mrs.
'liavIsV'',en FronOistreet, between, -3Tork- and
Monmouth, about ten ro'plockrilgbt, .before
last,- but by the exertions- ol-a;.unA.7eaiding
in tli,o yioluity, it was extinguithicd without
materially BamaglDg aftj part hui th roof.
'-.vtff attending the ball given by the Ken
jeyer J- if0i f ftt Odcl Fellows' Hall,
Newnert. J Z'-
A. P. A The different Orders'oK this .'asso
ciation paraded on atreetsVesterday, prepara-
Newport. -.- , ,"?.. -
Rklioiocs. Elder BeDjarain Pranklin and
others are holding a protraotei meeting al the
Third-atreet Church. It will continue daring
the present, probably throughout the coming,
Week. """
The London Court Journal notioes the death of
a Mrs, Anne Wallingford. The lady was
formerly the beautiful and celebrated Anne
Rochforth, with whom George iVr,' when
Prince of Wales, was madly in love. II is due
to her memory that she successfully resisted
all attempts mado hy his Royal Highness to
compromise her honor. Bbme aingulaf anec
tlotea of Miss Rochforth art extant. " She was
asked in marriage by the Doke of B , for'
his son, the Marquis of-C-1 s; while the
Prinoeof wales aolibltetf -ner to Bestow ner
hand upon himself, backing his suit by an
offer of private marriage, princely settlement,
&0. lne young laoy, wavering iwu, sums
what perplexed between these two noble
offers whioh courted her acceptance, requested
Lady Joraoy to give her atvice now aneauouia
ant The uoantees reoommonuea ner uui, "
oonsulther heart-.upon the occasion,' but St,
Nicholas, who waa the patron saint oi,virgina.
The aaint acoordingly appeared to her, but
whether when ' sleeping or waking, history is
ailent, but be decided against both.' Soon
after, Miss Roohforth met Mr. Henry Wal-
lingfoid, then tne nanaaomeatmanoi luoasy...
A mutual passion, r sprung up between them,,
and lit dne course tbey were united. Mr. W,.
died in 1810, to that bis wife hag survived
bim for tbo long term of forty-nine yean. v
,.Tn. .i,i-rKT.Pii Bobhrts. The Pans
oorreBpondenf hi the 'Btewterk Journal
Commerce writes mn tae eiuwc uv
all much larger than those worn during the
past year; tne form is open ai xu; siuo,
com. over Uusforeheadj the eartain iBmoder
erately wide.' A mixture of two oolored vul
val, or of velvet and latin. It the predomi-
aant style; mere are no pan wi . p"msi ' vmv
pair very wide, of the color of the velvet,
and tne seoona are 01 narrow .uwom,
isms hua of the satin. Blaok velvet bonnets
are often edged witb.;. white silk, whioh is eov-.
ered-wtjt a, do-yie rowuionaeL
nuHita i tu u st nt il l I'ttcJOT Diaesi maa wane
rlnwAM. tilaced on the leftiiae ef tWe bonnet,
and with a plait of black velvet tatide above
theforehead,and attiU.,bIonde eap. ,
,:. 1 11 1 '; 1 : ' '-l
" AgCTHBB Brilliabt SklliLl WBlTSB.-'iMigt
Hdrrlatt Prrtootr. Of Newburypiijtt.i Mass.,
the author of the story begun in the laat tunv
ber of the Aario Monthly, under, the queer
title of,"The Amber Gods." . She also wrote
the capital, story published in the same peri
odical some time-back, called :"In a CeTTar,M
and is the author of a novel oalled "Sir Bo-'
han't Ghoat," whieh is: selling tapidly.
style is new, and, .there are few Wore effective
tale writers.- -1 t. t t.'! -:"'
'..SiWaiiio Vb 5bw YbBti. In JTew Tork
It is Stated that there are aoout uu,uuv. smoa
ers supposing they each use two cigars dally,
averaging four eenls apiese, it Will make
sum of $16,000 daily, or $440,000 a
wasted in smoking in that oity alone,' There
are about 900,000,000 oigars manufactured
the oity annually, amounting,' at tb.0j
price, to $36,000,000. , i .. . ,. , ,' '
.tuat received 20 woo Beat .Oo.'s Water
Crackers. , For sale br '':". . .
a. Mcdonald a oo.,
(at " "at and Bntncb Store 34 West Fonrth-st.
AM received B brls. extra Baltlmert iBoy Herrioge.
For sale bv a. mow aiiiw,ii
ftrtand Branch Store 49 est Fonrtli-st.
-mrv.w HAMS.' DRIED i BEEP
Ji TONGUES--flardnerPhlpre'eand 8.
extra SugaMurans. .r -m ,
" iat '" M and Braneb Stove newest Fonrth-ei;
-. -i COLTtB'S;
. jat - ; ., ':Soe.tlendt3laUU-ttrvt,
:- l-a - ',
I ,
1 I')
COLUMBUS, O., January 21.
- - -
hitherto taken more of oar jpaqe than Is allovj,-
:.fl for a 'complete variety. We shall here-i
iter furnish) iialy the most important pfj"
tiedings. --.: '. ' ..
lUODSJ! 17uwie 'Prmtmt Yaltxia Morn-
i'U. The paesage of ' Taw requiring the ap
iji intmant ot-township BchuoLxaiuiBere-(bad
arrangement) prohibition of intermarrying of -
f bites ana dibdbs tae tcuuouou or salaries
t)l' State and County emoers, and of pegqjiem
Ol' members of Qeneral A3nblj amendment
to the law, so as to bring an. aetioa far tha re
covery of mopey in the eonnty .where the con-
tiact was made or: tne aeot uiotAireu, wttuuuv
regard to the residence of the party, provided
the parly reside ia this Subs to require, at
olectionof State and eonnty offioers, that the
pollabe opened between six nq rune o ciook
' ., -l J -1 1 a'aU.It In
in tne murmug, vww..m v "v -.
the evening. ' '" ' ' ! "" '
To remove to adjoiningeounties, causes from
Courts of Common Pleas In ease the Judge
thereof is interested in tbe result of the suit or
matter pending to regelate tbe sale of nos
trums to perpetuate evidence of title by de
scent to authorize county treasurers to collect
taxes on chattel property previous to the time
now fixed by law-Mo define and punish the
orime .of arson to classify among the whites
all persona having more whlteTilood 'than
black to sell the canal stock-water, improve
ments belonging. to the,8tate,, ,, ,
BUlt iliss(i.r-,Tbat when a transcript of
ny judgment rendered by any Justice of the
Poaoeof this State, heretofore has been, or
liereafter may befiled'in the offloe of the Cleik
of the Court of Common Pleas ef ay county
in this State; in pureaanee of the provljiona of
chapter fifth,-tttla fourteenth,,, pf the act .to
which thta hi supplementary, aqd the several
acts amendatory;theeto. such Judgment hav
iug beoome dormant by lapse; bf'tlme, tbe same
may be revived abd neW'partlee made thereto,
ty proceedings in tbe Court of Common Pleas
i-i the eonnty where suoh traaaeiipthaa been,
or may be filed, at, the aosta of the adverse
fifty, tor the . like cause, and; In the same
manner aa if suoh judgment had been rendered
I v suoh Court of Common Pleas: and all the
tights of tbo original party' whose representa
tives may revive such judgment, eb.sU accrue
t j end veat in the reviver thereof. :
' A Legitlalitt Awd. Tha Houae hat ap
pointed a Committee of three to .examine and
t-'l-ort upon the expediency of publishing the
Lcyi.lative Record, and oost of same, afttf the
uiauner of the ConorressioBaf Blob'. -'Reeees.
SENATE.' The bill to prevent siateboldtag
fid kidnapping i&' Ohio, wad read a eecopd
lime and referred to Mr. Monroe, w i , , . .
Notioa..was given of bill to regulate and
limit the compensation , of ,Cprtnty ;. Auditors
and.Treasurera. i .', , V'
liill Introduced. Ur. Schleloh Introdueed
long bill to let tho superintendence and repairs
of lie public works by oontraet.- -It oonuine
niit71'points in tbe eld law, but isistore strin-gefit-in
the i mode of giving pat and .ailminis
tering .contfnoUi,: It sublividoa- tho public
wprks int-j,, eight sections, ru4 prohibits the
Board frqiu r-n.ljrtainirig'ariy,"1bids exceeding
in the aggregate a certain sum upocified in the
bill. 'Contracts to be giveu to the rawest re
sponsible bidders Tbe discretion end' disorim
Irtatlnr of. the Board in this reapeot It rimited
tn $20tOQ9. - TbebiH it, very voiumnious and
0valllv.guarded-,, ,,, .... (' : '.'
... : Mr,, .HoImoB, of Hamilton, presented report
othe.'Trhsteet of the Ohio Medical College.
7' ..H0LJ3E Bil) iNQ. "7. restores :,the5'ten ' per
cent.' interest 'law; was" referred' t6 Mr.
lirownc. .'-itjl-:
It was resolved RFTtecttwo additional Clerks
on Tuesday-next, VAdjournedit i-i ,- r
.fSBNAXK rHose bil L9, to, amend .tho
iode,wat read the third time.
...Mr. Ferguson 'obtained' leave.Of absence un
.tit Monday ntj-jft; """A"' ' "I-
'. Mr. rSchleioh,' 6h' leave, introduced 'a bill to
amend section 49 of the School Law. of 1853.
The amendment authorises the Commissioner
of, Common Schools .to employ , a clerk , at a
g'4i- not exoeedini tOO per annum., '.
The Coiiw1'"eB oa Penitentiary had
joave of abaence 2$ r'ern otfn' 1'! ''. " ' tlll
Mr. Glass obtalnea of abeenee tlll
Monday.' AdjpurMtJ.'"'"- !;-.'" 7':fo-'?-
, ,
usrci-PROFEanoRS geokge
AVJ. W. PBOUSrM D, poUGHKBTr end ,
llrotbers, ot tue ceieoraieu anu
est end Serenading and Quadrlllef Hand
ofo now prepared to attend all calls left at 18
UaniiibaT-atreet, Mu.lc for Balls, Parties
nod Soirees at the lowest ratesu--, -,; uJx i
" jallaw: 1 t QKO. W. PK033,,MBslcalPIrtctor.
'Arranged tor Piano, by PBOFi'SQTJ.IBI! With a
beantittil Lithograph of thNew Masoutc Bnllding.
beantittil Lithograph
Just puoiisneu or
, , i . West Fourth-street.
uesi ''-'i-i
Ivjl. tha a ever. Grout sacrtnee 01
I'ianos, Melodeons; violoncellos,
Violins, anltars, Banjo Stiiugs.Trira
n. anrlim the Holidays.'
u..ii:..l imIm.hi 1m than anr
other House iuthiscity, and Urst-class lastrument
at that. Do not buy an mstrumeui nuui v
?5lled it No. W Jiftn-street, second door t of
(0 Makers, d Dealer, la Flr.tlat lustre..
menu -.
i'Ml)iiir:'i (,1 Jt'-im, "-"!,? rl
lttitahiA MavsVhinei exttlt. ,
Osjiaod see them. ".',';" :.'l.'-''""l'.l
ja9tf,i. 80 vVgt Fonrth street.
',HAVif 'iuST-PKNEiy'1 A-'X0T 0 '
R Blsohe and China iflgeMw raav. laksUa'
Vases, Jewel and MaMfc-box. Fancy bhavlog au '
Work-boxes, and other Fancy Goods M niiroeroa;
'tomeinion,iiltablaliBr the Holidays, which it will
seUolieapsr than any,, ether "'"JJft.'i tn
rity '"' 14 Ka til Mtn- lla
So. CT MalB-strset, between SUth and Seventh.
- N. B.-Alo a new lot of Fanny .Soaps, Perlumerv,
Kin.rt. e. ; it, ., -
... J. MtELEVEY,
Her chart Tailor
.!" FOb'kr-STRs2ET,
U. Ill,' . ii r. J',, I., II .MA.rmTntn
de!3tf ' lAivcnja suihhiiivi
---- a aarr si n-nnnkl ntTaD
Boots f&y Sho es !
and superior stock of Booto,Bhoe and Slippers,
whlOh for extent ana variety is noisarp.u wooioi
New York. My Pies are reajouable; give ma a call.
jap. ,. juun u. yB,tftiwi'
JL, Bv Bloat Co 's. Fm'lf ewiug Machines has
been removed to Wo, 30 west Bonvtn-sireei, over
La Bontelliers. (ja6am B. U. COOK, Agent.
M.MJ Moroooa-kaeied Beots; ,,
120rtobns of UbUdreu'a Fancy-heeled Boots;
sdHOpau-aof Women's, Md Vt Boots, custom-
f. rtfn-.lr.' ' tn A-':
Tu.r. ;:t Ul JOHNlOAHILL,
lit ii
?.ni iii niiiliu.
at PssrlJ-tre
HAVASA-OIOARS-Of ths choicest
branurlae nt ulitli of Ohswlng To-
. .. rsauuBun et.
Oorner Ninth and Vln-streM.
iv:ul' -.'(
f' t'lHiqutaeioi-, 1
li fllSgtfr'iU 1,7 t..-,rW...0 I -l.tl
I ti fli hK-ljii l,r,i,l07limJ ,.;
t-iu, !.: I fa', in
Dill li'Jf-?1lX-, -(),

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