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sVhi.'VT W.FKAH0T800. JOHB" D. 0ALDW1LL.
Ia order te . meet the eftea expreaardj
w1sb.ee of oer friend la the cenntry, who
deetre ta ka furnished with a Cheap Dolly
Paert wa have redaeed the arise ef onr
abaerlatlea froaa Ian ta three dollar per
rear payable la all casts la advance. For'
aar laaa verla4 thaa aaa year aar terms
will he at the eld rate ef four dollars.;
Three dollar barely lafflee te tar for the
blank peaar we aae la arlatlaa- tt yet we,
are determined te aire the country mer
ehaats, aa well aa ear nltr patrena, the
eheaaeat aad beat faper eyer aabllabed ta'
the Qaeea City. The Preae farnlahea the
aaaie Market aad Teleerraafc report air a
by aar larger eetemeorarlea, with a creator;
variety ef general aad tnlaceUaneea read-
Inc. "r
The News.
Loek at the dispatohe for roar days Uteri
new from Europe. "Explain yourself, Mr.;
Napoleon," say the Pope, "or I will m
send 1 representative totheFuii Congress.',
The United Statu will be called npon aa a
friendly mediator between John Chinaman
and the two enraged blusterers, John Boll
and JeasHOrapeaa, who ere papering to
break thing in the China ihop. The Noya
Scotia Telegraph Company promise hereafter
to transmit diapatohti without dlay in the
or dor of reception.
Ia Cowoawe. The House had no ballot, but
adjourned to Monday, their discussions hav.
log been on a resolution offered by Mr. Pen
nington, of N. J., to select on Monday a
8penker from the two haying the higbeit
yotet. '
Democratic Nominee for Governor of
Thomas A. Hendriolu, the Democratic nom
ioee for Governor of Indiana, ia of a family
of earl; settlers of that State. They crime
from the Central Yalley of Pennsylvania
William Hendricks, the eldest, was a school'
teaoher in Cincinnati in pioneer times. H
wai Secretary of the Convention of 181ft,
which formed the Constitution of Indiana.
Jonathan Jennings was elected first Governor,
and 'William Hendricks was elected Congress
man, then Governor, and finally United Stales
Senator. John Hendricks, a younger brother,
resided near Shelbyville. He is described to
have been one of the finest looking men of
the State sir feet high, as straight as a rifle
barrel. He was a man of a high sens of
honor, and of high-toned, moral and religious
integrity. His son, Thomas A. Hendricks,
formerly Commissioner of the United Stales
General Land Office, ia the Demooratio nom
inee for Governor of Indiana.
He was born in Muskingum County, Ohio,
September 7, 1819; was educated at South
Hanover College, Ind.; completed his law
studies at Chambersburg, Penn., in 1843. He
was elected to the Indiana Legislature in
1848. Ha declined a re-election. He took
an aetive part in the Constitutional Conven
tion of 1850, and was in Congress from In
diana from 1851 to 1855. He was appointed,
Commissioner of the Land Offloe by President
Pieroa, and was retained by President Bu
chanan until his recent resignation. His
Uncle William was born in Westmoreland
County, Penn., in 1783, and after leaving Cin
cinnati made bis home in Madison, Ind., in
1814. He died in that city on the ISth if
May, 1850.
The Populous Penitentiary.
By the combined attention of negleotful
parents, unkind employers, and Indifferent
ohurch-people, many of our young men, in
oitiea and out of eities, are fast losing the r
hope, courage and manhood, and very natu
rally lapse into crime. Forthwith, on con
viction, they become involuntary inmates of
the institutions provided by the State. Near
eight hundred persons dwell under the Ohio
Penitentiary roof, and room ia demanded for
more. Scouts are out about the State, au
thorized to find anew location, at the cheapest
rata, for an additional Penitentiary. They
are to report to the Legislature, and they, of
course, will erect another structure, and make
adequate provisions for the trespasser. That
will be the duty of the people's representa
tives, but the people have a duty toward the
erring, to guide them aright, before they aie
led away from the paths of rectitude. Think
of it, tax-payers; think of it, men of influence;
what shall be done to stem the rushing torrent
of crime, and lessen the streams at tbe
fountain head. The Commissioners meet
again at the Burnet House, in this city, tl it
afternoon. Any of our cititens interested
should call on the Chairman, Mr. Kent Jarvis,
of Masaillon.
Franklin's Birthday.
The printers of this city and elsewhere cele
brate the anniversary of Franklin's Birthday.
That right. Franklin, as a poineer printer,
was aa exemplar for the youth of America.
He had a mind hloh could be developed
better, and more to its affinity, about a printing-office,
than in boiling soap and moulding
eandles. He received honor from his new
employment and conferred honor upon it.
But Franklin was a Jack, or master of many
trade. As a practical Instructor, as a
patriot, the merits of the man should be held in
remembrance by all Americans. Let the
mothers and fathers in all families, on the
evening proceeding the 17th of January,
remind their boy of the example and worth
of Franklin. The editor of Ohio will duly
observe the d,y u sooial and business Con
vention, at Tiffin, Scneoa County. A banquet
will be partaken or at the Shawhan House, in
that place, on the evening of the 18th lost.
The apprentles of every trade in this elty
should be entertained by their employers on
the evening of the 17th, and should be en
couraged with some memorial, if it be only a
oopy ef the Lift JVaeWit. jTen tf eln.
ployen do not take an mmai int..t t
their apprentices, the most Important matter
t, tUt apprentices should determine to imi
tate the hopefulness, integrity and industry of
Benjamin Franklin. )r-
Wranora m Tuosdu Robbed,. Mr.
Jaom 1. Murdoch, the distinguished trage
Un wa rebbed by hit negro valet, at Baltl-
Wednesday, of the greater portioa of
fyataahle wardrobe. , ,
Judge Huntington, of Indiana.
Judge Slisha M. Huntington, once a Whig,
while Commissioner of the General Laiid Office,
was nominated by President Tyler to fill the
vacancy on the bench of. the District Court of
the United States for Indiana, occasioned by
the decease of Judge Holman. His mind is
represented to be of a high order, his judgment
good, and his courtesy to the bar suoh as to
make bim highly esteemed' by alt. He hns
been chosen bead of the Demooratio delegates
at large to the Charleston Convention.
At the foot is the name of Hon. John B
Foley, a son of Kentucky, who, at the Capital
of South Carolina, will be a celebrity, he hav
log been "let 1os.se' In his Meestrik.' " Foley
is extending hit range overcoming all ob
stacles. '
WASHINGTON, January 13.
The Senate is not in session,
having yesterday adjourned over till Mon
day. HOUSE. Mr. Smith,, of Ya., said there
were two propositions in the resolution oi Mr.
Clark, of Mo. The first was that the doctrines
of Helper's book are insurrectionary and ho
tile te the peace of the country; and was not
this true to the very letter? He asked the
question. The next waa that no member of
this House who indorsed and recommended
the doctrines and sentiments therein affirmed,
Is fit to be Speaker of this House. Was not
this also true? He wanted an answer.
Mr. Bingham, of Ohio, wished only to say
to the gentlemen of the House and the country,
that when the gentleman denounces that book
without limitation, as an inoendiary produo
tion, he denounces the last will and testa'
ment of Washington, a copy of whioh is con.
tained in that book.
The resolution denounoes the declaration of
the convention of Virginia of 1774, instructing
ine congress at rnuaaeipnia in tnat year.
The resolution denounces all the truthful
words of that distinguished Governor of Vir
ginia, (McDowell) namely: "You make the
yoke of your slave to labor like an ox : yon
may compel bim to live to work, and work to
live, and yet the idea that he was created free
will abide witn him, because he bas the right
to tne nope oi immortality."
The resolution denounces the livinit sentl
ments of Jefferson, copied from his notes of
Virginia, namely : "I tremble for my country
when 1 reflect mat ttoo ia just, ana has no at
tribute to take aides against slaves for their
rights and liberty."
The gentleman from Virginia should alto
remember that the denunciation in the resolu
tion ia a denunciation nf the word of the
Continental Congress when about entering
on tne seven year' war, wnerein it was said
in the articles of association by the members
thereof, that they held every man or commu
nity of men a enemies of American liberty
who were not opposed to the traffic in slaves.
The resolution alio denounoes that part of
tne Declaration or independence wnion bolus
these truth self-evident that all men are
created equal, endowed by their Creator with
certain rights, among which are life, liberty
and the pursuit of happiness, Ac, and that
when any form of government becomes des
tructive of these ends, the right of the people
to alter or abolish it. The word "abolish" is
embodied in this memorial declaration, which
your (to Mr. Smith) father and mine fought
through the storm and darkness of a seven
years' war.
Mr. Smith replied that he hoped the Houae
understood that the member from Ohio in
dorsed the Helper book.
Mr. Bingham I ask the gentleman whether
he repudiate those sentiment.
Mr. Smith That ia not the question.
Mr. Bingham It is not, eh f
Mr. Smith I wish the House and country
to understand that he indorses the book, and
for this he deserves the detestation and soorn
of every man who forms a part of the American
union. Appiauso.j
Mr. Smith pointed to various olauses to show
the slavery compromise therein, and said why
does not the gentleman respond.
Mr. Sins-ham I want the gentleman to
know I am not his slave.
Mr. Smith No. if rou were vou would An
better than you do now; you would get what
you need. Laughter.
air. jjingnam wui you let me answer in
my own way or will you direct me what to
Mr. Smith I direct you to take your seat.
Mr. Bingham I regret the eentleman is so
The subject then dropped.
Mr. Stevens rose to a personal explanation.
and sent up a paper to have an abstract read.
The Clerk glanced his eye over it and put it
uown. it turned out to do a uerman news
paper. Mr. Stevens retired amidst hearty
laughter to a distant part of the Hall.
Explanations were made from which it an-
pearea mat tne note passed rrom Mr. uonklin
to Mr. Barksdale at the session of Wednesday
was merely an envelope contalninar a bit of
j t Further debate followed on the Speakership.
Mr. Pennington offored a plurality resolu
tion that the House now proceed to avoW, and
if there be no eleotlon, then on Monday next
an election should be made from the two can.
didate highest on the vote.
Messrs. Uarxidale. Clarke, of Mo.. Leak
and others objected.
Mr. Washburne, of Maine, suggested that
Mr. Pennington should move the previous
Mr. Leak contended that the resolution was
only read for information.
Mr. Stanton suggested that Mr. Leak oould
not make his point of order until Mr. Pen
nington yielded the floor.
Several gentlemen rapidly discussed the
point of order made for and against Mr. Pen
nington' right to move a vote en the resolu
tion. Mr. Washburn suggested that there should
be time for reflection, and moved to adjourn.
Mr. Pennington wanted to know whether
he had not the right te call for the previous
The Clerk replied that the point of order
raised by Mr. Leak must first be settled.
Mr. Leak contended that Mr. Pennington's
resolution wa only read for information, and
could not be acted npon until three other
propositions pending were disposed of. One
of these of a similar purport having been of
fered by Messrs. Bean and Hickman.
Mr. Hickman at a subsequent period sug
gested that this discussion could do no good,
and said it waa evident there could be no vote
on Mr. Pennington's resolution, or any other,
for gentlemen oould raise point of order and
discuss them Indefinitely. Regarding the sub
ject in thi light, and having the declaration
from the Democratic side that no vote shall
be taken on the plurality rule, be moved to
adjourn. It was no use to stay here till a late
Mr. Leak said he had no personal unkind
aess toward Mr. Hickman, and withdrew the
term in connection with that gentleman's
name. He did not mean to compare that gsn
tlemaa with Beau Hickman, who was a Vir-
finian and a Whig, while the gentleman it a
ennsylvanian and a Democrat.
There wa much excitement during the con
fasion Incidental to the points of ore'er.
Mr. Gooch wanted to read a resolution, to
whioh there oould be no objection: it was that
the Clerk be requested to came the several
motion now pending to be printed and dis
tributed among the members. No question.
. The House then adjourned till Monday.
Arrival of the Europa.
' Saokvilli, January 1313:30 P. M. The
steamer Europa ba just been signaled below
Halifax, and will reach her wharf by 2:30 P.
M. The news, It 1 hoped, will be transmit
ted to' Mew Tork in season for to-morrow
morning's papers, .
The Lawrence Disaster.
LiWMiioi, January 13. The Boston Btr
aid's correspondent to-night, from Lawrer.ce,
says that but one dead body was taken from
the ruins, apparently about twenty-five years
old, but so shockingly mutilated that even the
eyes of th nearest relative could not possibly
recognize any familiar lineament. - Her face
was charred and burned to the depth of about
half an inch, and the baok part of her head,
and all the way behind her ears, were also
burnt to the bone. Otherwito the flame did
not appear to reach her, Her bosom and
lower part of her body i uninjured. She had
probably lain in a place where her head alone
was exposed to the flames, and had burnt her
hands in striving to protect it.
The wood and timber work has pretty much
all been removed from the spot, and nothing
now remain but a onuhed and mingled mas
of briokt and mortar, and broken 'machinery.
The Pemberlon Corporation has the rains
in charge, and employed about fifty men in
clearing away the rubbish. Their progress.
however, owing to the storm aad difficulties of
the lob, were slight. ' 1
The volunteers, who had worked there with
almost superhuman effort for twenty-four
hour were worn out with fatigue, and It wa
Impossible, this morning, to hire laborers to
prosecute the task of exhuming those who yet
lie hurried in the rubbish.
The smoke is still ascending from the black
heaps, and a stream from the fire-engine from
Manchester was kept on the heated mass.
Besides the soma of money already men
tioned as having been forwarded, the Mayor of
Lawrence nas received a number or donations
from various parties, many of whom did not
send thsir name. Among th present waa a
box containing one hundred and twenty-five
linen sheets, the gift of the owner of the
steamer Menunion Sanford. A kind lady,
from Charleston, also forwarded a large lot of
carefully prepared bandages.
The Coroner's Jury reassembled this morn
ing at 9 o'oloek. The testimony during the
forenoon was mainly relative to the construc
tion of the building, but nothing new was
Three more bodies were takes from the
ruins to-day. They were all badly mutilated;
two of tbem so badly that they could not bs
recognised. Th third was disooved by frag
ments of clothing, to be that of Mrs. Augusta
Ann Ashworth. She was eighteen years of age,
and was married in March last. Her husband
I a shoemaker, and works at North Salem.
Her body waa nearly consumed. The body
taken out last night has been identified a that
of Mrs. Margaret Turner.
Stephen Wallace, a mason who worked on
the mill, confirmed the story about water
running through the foundation of the mill;
thought it true that the foundation might be
undermined by water; thought the wails too
thin; never worked on a large wall so thin;
the; mortar ised was good, the brioks were
hard, but rough.
Maurice Knoles, a oarjpenter who worked on
the Pemberton Mill, did not know that he had
ever' worked on a mill with wall so thick (?)
as these; thought at the time the shoring of
the floors was Insufficient, the cups on tbo
plUstters were too email; he had never seen a
mill so muoh out up with windows, this would
" IB.UU W. ffWIi U1UU fcUlU iUO UniUM UJT
the chimney weakened the building materially;
oouia not give a decided opinion as to tne
eons of the fall, but thought from present
appearances that the pillars gave way first.
.Benjamin uooiidge, Assistant .Engineer,
Essex County, at the time of the building of
the Pemberton Mills, testified that the soil
was remarkably solid : sand loam, tinder that
was the bowlder foundation, extending three
or four feet, composed of stones from five
nunored pounds weight down to the sue of a
man's bead, and saiad; under this lies what is
called in Lawrence, puddling, something so
solid that it break out in lump when dry,
and whsn wet, as in Pemberton mills, a little
mud leaks out of It: under that ia a rjeeuliar
quicksand, useless to excavate it as it comes
up; we only touched this in the excavation of
the wheel building, whioh is not the main
building; there never was a foundation wall
laid in Lawrence equal to that in solidity and
strength; it was made with stonss long enough
to go way across; I think the foundation will
be found to be solid now.
The Nova Scotia Telegraph Company.
Nw Tom, January 13. At the annual
meeting of the Nova Scotia Telegraph Com
pany, at Halifax, on Thursday last, and after
a labored attempt on the part of Messrs. Cogs
well, Morton, Moore, and their partisan Di
rectors, to sustain the Board in its partiality
m private speculators, in tne matter or the
European news, the shareholders disapproved
the conduct of the Board by a decided maioritv.
and placed new men in their places. The lat
ter promptly evinced there sens of justice, and
their appreciation of the general telegraph
rulea of the country, by ordering the immediate
abrogation of the contract between the Com
pany and the news speculator, and also in
structing the operators at the Halifax and
etner stations to transmit all messages in the
exact order of their delivery, thus re-estab-
nsning tnenrst rule upon tne Nova Scotia
line, of "the first oome first served," which
tne press and otners are or should
be perfectly satisfied. The first steamer's
report, under the new arrangement, earns
through this evening from Halifax direct, and
we presume all further Europoan new re
ports will oome through without unnecessary
From Mexico.
Nkw OaiEtHi, January 13. We are in re
ceipt of the following Mexican intelligence :
The Juarez Government has directed Pei-
quiera to revoke the order for the expulsion of
Capt. Stone. It was expected that Pesquiera
would refuse, as he was raising troops for some
mysterious purpose. The combined French
and Spanish fleet was expected at Vera Cruz
to enforce the pecuniary demands of Spain
against Mexico. The Liberals had obtained
several viotorlos over the Church party. At
Tehuantepeo Alvarez was acting against Cobos.
The Liberal had taken Zacatecas. There
port that the French and Spanish fleet were
expeoted at Vera Cruz was derived from the
Frenoh and English legations at Mexico.
From Buenos Ayres.
Bauiiiohs, January 13. The bark John C.
Sonne has arrived here with Montevideo dates
to November 24. The British merchants and
residents of Bueno Ayres had addressed a
congratulatory letter to th President of the
Republic, and also to Urqueza. General Lo
pez was also the recipient of public congratu-.
lations at Buenos Ayres for the better regula
tion of the country districts. . The Govern
ment has abolished the Prefectures and Com
missioners, returning to the old system of
Paes. It was understood that most of the
appointments by Urqulza would berecosnited
and confirmed. The Government had warn
ing of a threatened invasion by the Indians.
Pennsylvania Indorses her Congressmen.
HiBaiSBEHo, January 13 Resolution ap
proving the firm and dignified course pursued
by the Pennsylvania Representative in Con
gress, who hav opposed the faithless and cor
rupt administration in th pretended contest
for Speaker, and declaring that Pennsylvania
remain true to the Constitution and the
Union; treating the threats of disunion with
contempt and scorn, passed the Senate finally
by a vote of 19 to 11. They alto passed at
a second reading In the House by 06 to 31, and
were read a third time pending the diseussion
of the third reading; the House adjourned. '
Aid for the Lawrence Sufferers.
PatLiniLrHU, January IS. Geo. G. Bvani,
bock publisher of this city, has contributed
$1,000 to the Lawrence relief fund. Mr.Evans
began life as a Lawrence factory boy. Other
eonirioutioss are coming in. -
River News.
St. Louis. January 13. The river Is rising
slowly, with a good deal of Ice coming down.
Nothing new from the upper streams, weather
lomewhatmilder, but Is oloudy. Snew and loe
'suu remain oa ue ground. 1 "
Five Days Later from Europe.
- Halitii, January 13-The steamtr
York arrived at this port this evening for one
hundred tuns of ooal, with which to continue
her voyage to New York. She has had heavy
weather, but sustained no damage, bhe Is
from Bremen eta Southampton, and her dates
are to the 29th ult. She brings only the London
Timtt of the 29th nit., and her news is con
sequently meagre. The steamer ( of ilm
cAwfor, from New York, arrived at Queens
town on th 26th ulu Th Suropa, from Bos
ton, arrived at Queenstown on (he 20th ult
The AngUfScuxm arrived at Qetnstown on the
27thnlt. ' "
ffrenl Britain. The oocurrence of the
Christmas holidays had caused a quietness
Is th market. Consols closed on the 28th at
9i. Th demand for discount wa active,
In view of tax payment to be made at the
end of the year, but there wa no pressure,
and the ruling rate was i)i per cent.
JFVonoa, There had been a decline on the
Pari Bourse. The rentes were quoted at
iSfxwi.There Is nothing of Interest as to
the war between Spain and Morocco.
The Queen of Spain had been safely de
livered of a Princess.
Oonjreu. The Pope refuses to be repre
sented ia the Paris Congress unless th pam
phlet entitled, "Le Pope et de Congress" be
denied by Napoleon.
CAum. Advice from China state that ths
government of that Empire had applied for
Amertoan mediation to avert the threatened
hostilities with England and Franoe. Ths
ship Fhrm TempU, with eight hundred coolies
for Havana, had been wrecked in the Chin
Commercial InteHlsence. '
LrvsarooL, December 28. Cotton SsIm
during the put two daft have bean only 8,000 bales,
including l.oui to ipeculaton and export. Hondar
wa obnerred as a holiday. The market wu very dull
at the oloie and euier, and o.uoUbljr unchanged.
BrMdatuffe The market it Quiet but Heady at
Friday's rate. Wheat has u adTancinf ten
dency. Prorlilons dull. Sgr srm at Sd. higher. Thi
holiday' produced qnletneea In all article,
TneadTicea nam sunoneater uoioreti. iis
market dull.
From Washington.
WisaiireTOH, January IS. Th Virginia
Legislature has appointed a Joint Committee
to receive Mr. Memminger, the Commissioner
of South Carolina, who was expected to arrive
at Riohmond last night.
The New Orleans Iteaywu of the 9th Inst,
saya that Assistant Postmaster King has writ
ten a letter to the Postmaster of New Orleans,
Instructing him that as the distance from New
Orleans to San Franoisco, overland, via San
Antonio, is less than 8,000 miles, to charge
only single postage (three cents) on letters by
that route.
The receipt is the Treasury last week for
Customs and Treasury notes are about $20,000,
000, which added to the amount on hand in
the previous week makes upward of $0,600,
000 subject to draft
Reliable letter from Sonora aay that Capt
Porter' mission there is a failure, he having
been overreached by Gov. Pesqulerra and hi
Secretary of State, and. that nothing better
need be expected nnless our government shall
enforce reparation for the outrages oommitted
on Capt. Swell.
Influential Mexicans were so anxious to
learn the view of President Buohanan with
regard to th establishment of military posts
in Chehankan, that they made arrangements
to express hi message from El Paso to Che
hankan City in thirty-six hours.
The leading Mexioans are in favor of suoh
The people of Arizona, at latest accounts,
were discussing the question of a provisional
government, or a distiuot organization from
New Mexico, In case Congress fall to establish
a Territorial Government for Arizona.
The reports from the mining country, for
the last month, show an Increased yield of
Congress will be presented with evidence
that Arizona now oontalnt a population of ten
From Havana.
Charlibtor, 6. 0., January 18. The steam,
r Jtabtl has arrived, from Havana and Key
West on the 10th.
The new crop of sugar is arriving freely at
Havana, but no sales of it had been made.
The arrival of molasses were light; olayed
41 reals, Musoovado 65 reals per keg.
The New York steamer had not arrived
when the Iialtl left The habel brings the
mails and government dispatches.
Auction Sale of Teas.
Naw Ton. Janitor 13. .Th tinhlin m
Teas this morning was well attended and quite
pmieu. urreen orougat lull price and the
blaoks an advance for the quality aold. The
bulk of them, however, were withdrawn. Hy
mn mi(7MZt YnnnaTTvmn llfAT. r...
rial S67; Oolong 174; Souchong 24
aii, arm jruuouuug nyM, Jjy auction,
117 hhds. New Orleana sugar at 1i.
From New York.
You, January 13. A meeting of the
delegates to the Charleston Convention, rep
resenting the Mozart wing of the Democracy,
was held at the Astor House last evening. A
free interchange of sentiments took place, and
it i understood that perfect unanimity of
opinion exist aa to the oourte to be pursued
vj tne ueiegaiei irom mis cute.
A. A. Enter, Clocks, Watches and
Jewi try, Noe. Ml aud 271 Western-row,
J 60,000 Ambrotypes and Melainotvoes
can be had at the Broadway Gallery for Holiday
pit- Daguerrean Gallery, south-west cor
ner of Sixth and Western-row. over Bannaford'i
drug- tor. Pictures taken and at In good cesei
for twenty oatit. Warranted to please;
lor a good and cheap Brest Hat or
C, go to Hibhart Brother', No. 210 Wet Fifth
treat. They are elegant in (trie and of auperb
finish. Qlre them a call and yon will be sure to get
a bargain.
Dewey A Co.. No. 112 West Fifth-
street, up stain, continue to take superior Photo -
irapns, inrnlaaed in gilt frame, for on dollar.
They are really excellent and of artintlc finish.
Drop In and see ipecimena.
Spraeue Co.. south-east corner of
fourth and Tine, ara known for their superior
Clothins and excellence of their rooda nnanll
Their aasortment of Cloth and Vesting embrace
erery variety and style. Call and e.
PIBIN-BUCHANAN.-ln St. Paul' Church,
Newport, Ky., tu Kev. Mr. Jeflrlo officiating, on
Tharadar. January 12. Mr. Ltman Varln. of (Himtn.
nati, to fflla M.Blinbath Bncbanan, daughter of
neury Ducnanan, oi me former place, mey look
paaaage on the Telegraph No. 3, for Louisville, at 13
o'clock M. - a
:' TULIiKTB-BOHATJH. Jannary 10, at the resi
dence ol B. Hoker, Kao.,Ooviugton, by the Her. (J.
N. Htamen.Dr. John Tulleya, of Bainbridge, Ohio,
to Mia M. X. B. Bonanm, of thia city.
CONNILL-GKQNIB.-Br the Ber. Vm. Wilson
D. D., at his realdenoe, No. J68 Blnth-atreet, air
Daniel Oonnell to Mlaa Amelia Gegner, of Gleudale'
aUMPHBIYS-MOBOAH.-On Thuradayevenlnyl
Jan. 12, law, by Bav. Joaeph Imery, Mr. John Hutu
phnre and Mr Barak Morgan, both of thia city.
nOLTEBHOFT GUT 81. On Thursday Tnins,
Janury VI, I860, by the Bt, O. T. Handera. Mr. Ood
fray iiolterhoff to Mlaa HelaaaO. Gtyai, of thi city.
OI LIES. At S o'clock yeetarday morning, Jan, 13,
Funeral thi morning at I0X o'clock, at the red
denoe of Bav. Chauncey ttllee, 361 Lonaworth-et.
HALL. At Clifton, at the reeldenee of hi father,
of malignant fever. Allen Deroraux Ball, younger t
auu ui m ibiuvu Bun aivauu oau, aiea aix year,
funeral at I o'clock P. M. Saturday, Jan. 14.
' WHT.TB -On Wednesday morning, llth Inst., at
II o'clock, of draper, Jamaa Mullen White, eldeM
eon of Barton and Mary A, Whit, is th nineteenth
oi aw a
In the city, go v '
Oimf " v Western row
U&f HEN BY, will preach on L'iTtn'8 DAT
SuhNINO at 11 o'clock aud In the KTSNIMOat
To'olook. In Ohriatlan Chapel, on Bixth-atreet, near
Smith. The pnblio are earneatlyand oordial'y In
vited toettend and hear thi earnest and falthlul
minister. . . , , , J'a
Vllf Tbe Stockholders of the Ohio Life Inanr.
aoce Uompeny are notified that the Annual Meeting
for the choice of Uireotoie will ,be held at the offloe
of ih company, No. 68 Weat Third-etreeton MON
DAY, the Bth day of February. I860, beVeen the
hours of II o'clock A. M. and 1 P. M.
jalM HENBY BOUKBr.Becretory. ,
WCV ED FEET. Palmer' Vegetable Cosmetic
Lotion I tbe never-failing remedy for thee great
annoranoes. It not only effeote a complete cure,
often by one thorough application, but it decreaaee
the liability to a return of the aame difficulty, lor
tale by druggists generally.
de29 No. to Weat Fourth-etreet. L
IWa CiRCTKNiTi, Deo. 17, 1869.-Mr. 8. Palmer
Eeudir: ronie Ave year eino I received a severe
Injury on my left arm, near the elbow, elnoe whlcn
I hare been greatly annoyed by a outanaou diaeaoo
on the aame. After uaing various remedies without
uoceae, 1 waa induced to try jour Vegetable Cos
metic Lotion, and am happy in Informing yon that
the nse of half a bottle ba left my arm aa imooth
and free from dlaeaae aa It mate,
flrateMlyyo y, DANINQOWEB.
No. 146 Weet Third-street.
For sale by druegiita everywhere. Be ure to get
Palmer's Vegetable Coemetio Lotion .and acoeotot
nothing else. SOLON PALMEK, Agent.
de29 No. S Weat Fonrth-atreet, Cincinnati, O.
iijtvtfitv ia Arlctiawtadffed bv the most em-
neut physicians, aud by the moat careful drucgiete
throughout tbe United Status, to be tbe moat erTeotnal
blood-pnrilier ever known, and to have relieved more
Buffering, and effected more permanent cores, than
any preparation known to the profeeeion. Scrofula,
Baft Btaeum, Erysipelas, Scald-head, ;caly eruptions
of whataoever nature, are oured by a few bottles, and
the ayatom reatored to full strength and vigor. Full
and explicit diroctioue for theonreof ulcerated aore
leira, and other corrupt and running ulcer, la giren in
the pamphlet with each bottle. For eale by JOHN D.
M.DIXON. Price L epl-ay
and Bace-atreeU,,October.SSKas3Si
15, 1&9. Thi road ia now open. Car will start,
at Interval of ten minutes, from 6:30 A. M. un
til midnight, runnlug eastward on Third-atreet
from Wood to Lawrence-atreet, and westward on
Fourth-etreet to Smith, and on Flfth-atroet to
Wood. Cltisena will please bear in mind that the
cars will invariably oroat intersecting street before
stopping for paaeengers.
ocl.l-tf JAMES J. BOBBINS, President.
Peach Orchard, Youghlogheny Hartford
City and Hyracuae Coals.
Qualities of Ooal rom the boat in excellent
order and prompt deli ty.
Dealers in Ooal and Coke,
deSOam 179 East e'rout-at., near Butler.
"West Fourth-st.
Will be offered during this month In
Bobe Delaines,
.Figured ana rutin
French Merinooi.
DelaineDress Goods,
Frenoh and English Chintzes;
wotns, uassimeres ana vesiingi.
Damask Tableing and Napkins;
ocotcn ana jiuck xoweiing.
Ladies' Shawls and Cloaks;
"Opera Hoods and
' Gauntlet Gloves;
Hosiery and Undervests;
Shirtings and Sheetings.
Bed Blankets and Quilts.
74 West Fourth-street.
. " OI" THE .
Cincinnati Typographical Union
. , . -AT THB ' : ', . "
Tuesday Evening, January 17.
George W. Colby, . M.O.Henry. ' ,
O. II. Waababaugh, Wilson Rowel!,
O. Frank Sheldon. p. jr. Peobiney, -
, (. W. H. Harrison. . , ;, ...
W. F. Oilleeple, Ben. Johnson, ......
A. K. Carry, . - , Charles Demmon.
Tom. Coughlln, B. Farrell,
- Ai K. dotting. ... .. . ,1
i v . O. H. F08TBB, Chief.
. James Bammm, Assistant. . , ,
syay Music by Menter'e Oornet and String Band.
aerinolnded,) admitting a sentleman and aooompa
Dyina; ladles, to be had of the Committee and at
th Burnet Houae. Vo tickets Bold at the door.
QalOoTnBJ --
I. & B. BRUCE,
Street liallraad Car and Osaaibaa Maoa-
i,..--1 faotnrera.' o " .-..j
keep aa band a eupplyof STBEKT EAll
BO AD CAES and Omnlhoaea, which we will war
rant equal in style, finlah and durability, and at a
low prices, aa any made la the country.
Office-Corner of Third and Vlne-etreets. jaUtf
COMPANY" AGBNOy, Newport. iy.-For
pollolee against Are nt marina ilaks. Capital,
iltOUOjtwO-Bnrplae, 8400,000. Apply ta '
' "llI3Sl BOOeARAM.aear jwoffloe,. ;.
Jalaam Tork-i treat, Newport, 19.
Yotuig; Ladies'
SESSION on MOHDAY, Februarys, with
a f u 11 oomplement of able and efficient Teachers. -
The BIDINO SOHOOl, heretofore announoed, will
be in fall operation at that time, wltb suoh a number
of Ponies aa will accommodate all who wish to
practice th healthful and elegant exeroiie of Bon,
maneblp. .' " . '. ' . " .
Omultmeee will, hereafter, take the pnpils from
their rasldenoea Id any part of th elty each saernlnf ,
and return them after school-hours. Allwhowlah
to arall themeelTes of this privilege will please make
early application to I. Q, WHITE, Wait fourth
atreet. ' JaUasa
of Goal Oil at M cents per gallon, retail. Wa
will warrant It the best In the market. Call and try
jalsaw , ; 162 Maln-atreet.
NISH dealers and consumers with a splendid
article of Carbon Oil. Thia Oil ia free from smoke,
and considered superior to Ooal Oil for Illuminating
Surpoeee. It burns In any of the Coal Oil Lamps,
'or sale wholesale and retail by
Jal2aw ' ' Ilia Maln-atreet.
of Hanging, Stand and Side lamps for burn
ing Ooal and Carbon Oils, whioh w are selling yery
H. B AH onr Lamps are fitted with the celebrated
Paragon Burner, acknowledged to be the beat in
tbe market. McBENBY A OABSON,
jaUaw 1U Main-Street.
t58 :v:"
West ITourth-st.
Tvew Mode of Ventila Joni
fall aad Hi Onoaf
Heitlng and Ventilating Furnaces,
In operation at
Store Ware-rooms, No. 61 and it Vins-st,
( . .4 (Below Columbia.) , . . , (
Sawyei & Co.
arWarranted to glrs aatWactlon.jajsj
No. 19 and 21 East Second-street)
. Excelsior
Free from Ofleuslve Odor, at
Walnut-street, Cincinnati, O
AL with any manufacturing establishment
n America.
exer We warrant onr Oils to be ea.ua, if not an pa.
rior. to any in the market.
mr We invite tboae in the dty and yloinity to
Call and examine for themaelvee.
aaar Jto peraons ordering Irom a distance, satis
faction guaranteed in all canes. Addreas
U. K. UAhHIN, Agent, or
:;KS. Treuaurer.
Kanawha 0. 0. M. Oil Man. Co.,
97 Walnut-street, Oinolnnatl.
GOODS by express, and our asaortment of
: ' Oonsistingof J 1
Hadaon'a Bay ftaale)
, Htone Marten I
Canada and Mink Sable I
Klteh, Siberian, Oajnlrrels ke..
Is complete and unusually inviting. We hare a great
variety of nloe and handsome sets of
ALSO-Fur Gloves, Collars, Robes, For Ooat, Ao.
' i . We Invite all purohaaers of
To oall and make selections from onr stock of nsefnl
and aeaaonabls presents, which we effer at vew low
rioee. ,
C. B. CAMP & CO.,
de!6tf No. 93 Weat Third-street.
Magnum Bonums, at his Wholesale and Be tall Oj.
ter House,
253 25a - 253 . 253 253
noW' Fifth door above BL-tth, west side.
Solution Citrate of Magnesia
length of time. ' For sale In any Quantity by
, ..f ALBKBT BOBS, Druggist,
n. TT.oor. aigntn-at. ana Western-row.
Brown's Bronchial Troches,
OBITI8. Boaraeneas, Oonshs, Asthma, Oolds,
Catarrh, and all dlaordera of the Breath and Lungs,
For sale by, ALBBBT BOtW. DraggiaK
Ja8 8. W. eor. Klahth t. and Weetern-rnw.
i . Havana Cigars. - : ,
stock of th moat farorite brands, Juat recelred
and for sale by - ALBBBT BOB, Vrnnlet,.
ja B. W.oor. Elgbth st. and Weatern-roV.
unk'ffniM op '" ,J,l5
Wood-Working Maohinery,

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