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Ulnatanatl, Covington ani Hswport, and any.' . t
raas dim clues ul town, at to ex
ri ! treacly low price of. ,vl
Blagl ooIn lo. 1 month 40a; I montluI 1 raw I.
Ii aabllshea daily, t0vmai mftoij by
TB0PB1K0BB. ...
V f I B - 0 . 14 W k'Jl" JUtT i I T.
TBI PBTHIY PBXS8 1 delivered to subacrlbwt la
' comix kits UDTin-RinN. . '
joaa A. Buun. Jm.i.-jBoU Imw sad maw.
farewell engagement or ' ' '
Miss Kilza IiOan.
Miss LOOAKbegsto inform her friends ui tb
public generally that she has concluded to retire
from her professional labora t and oaring been fa
vored, for a number of yean, with the smile and
noouragament of the Cincinnati public, aba faela it
a duty to mak thii formal announcement of har
farewell engagement . -
THIS EVEHINfsi January IS, vll be presented
the thrilling old live-act play of
Him Ellsa Logan
Ludovieo.......-.-....... ...M r. Bain
Colono. Mr, Langdon
Vloentlo -.,...-.-.........Mr. Bead
King of Maplea.H.
Mr. Hall
.Mils Irvine
Unnce lumuaie ronnoyar.
To conclude with the laughanl. faroa called
Jonathan Bmlth....-..M...w......M.M......Mr. Ellalar
Dir. Timothy Brown. M..............nlr. Adam
Wr.Bomarton......M.-.....-.....Bv.........Mr. Eead
Mm. merton..-...........-......Min Annie Walt
MT Deo re open at t); Curtain rlaes at 7H o'clock.
Paioavor Admiio Dree Circle and Farq,netU,
tuoenjtsi Gallery Mconta.
...Proprietor and Manager
THIS EVKNINO, January 16, will be presented
lh new and gorgeous long-promised Pantomime,
embracing the entire Dramatio Company and a Ant
ral Pantomime troupe. Hew Scenery, new Ma
chinery, new Proportiea, new Dancea, new Ores see.
To oommence each evening with a beautiful drama,
and conclude witb the glorious pantomime of
Oa, Taa Good Iitrt TanjMFBANT Ovia hi De
ar om or DlBGOtB.
NOTICE. Tradesman and othera are cautioned
against furnishing any artlolee for the theater with
out a written order, signed by I be Manager.
TEH BtW NATIONAL HOTEL, adjoining the
Theater, ia now open for the receptiou of guests.
Booms can be obtained by the day or week, and
neale furnished at all hours
8. N, Pike.,. fie I letSM tie So I ( s tl Proprietor,
JT. B. Uooway .Stage Director.
J IT Hwbwt ! tie (tTroMiirflrt
GREAT ATTBACTION for the Benefit of the -FIREMEN'S
1 THIS EVENING, January 16, will be preeenUd,
With new scenery, Ac, 8hakspeare's grand play of
Oaliban ..................... ttr. Conway
Prospcro.... .......... Mr. Sheridan
FrdiBand.ni.........n Mr. Chaplin
i.,m.....,..mm.m. ..m... .nr. tsaviogo
jnr. uau
Mr. Addison
Mr. Lanasan
Mr. Templeton
.......Mr. Arnold
...Mrs. Conway
...Miss Crocker
............ .,.,..,..,....... Miss Kingsbury
Jo conolude with
Mr. Timothy Toodlea slass et i esse t see Mr. Davldgo
Mrs. Tooillos.... . Mrs Place
Psion or AoauaiOM. Parquette Cirole, Parquette
and Balcony, 50 cents; Amphitheater, li cents
Private Boies for eight persona, $8.
Pt'ors open at (H o'clock ; commence at T4-
as &jinN'j?&
mr THIS BAT, January 1, and EVICBT
KVKNINO during the week. ja!6
and Miss GETKB respectfully Inform theelt
iaens of Oluclnnatl that they now receive pu
pils for instruction in all fashionable Danoee.
Tihvm of Hchool. Saturdara and. Wednesdavs for
Lailiea, Misses and Masters, from i to P.M. Genta'
Class, from 8 to 10 in the evening. All Quadrille
taught without calling. ja6bw
kuhlma, or no. 44 Bixtntreet, px
htfnllv inform the nnbllo that aha
hu. In fuinnection with Mrs Toledo'e (late of m
Kavol Troupe) tasteful wardrobe, remored tofli
her new office, at No. 70 Fifth-etreet, between
Walnut and Vine-street, where she will be happy to
see her former patrons, to whom ahe oan offer the
moat splendid aasortnvent ecoakunes. , delT-am
Natlona.1 Hall) Vine-Ttreet, a
The lessons are to arranged that
eommenoe at anytime."
Brothers, of the celebrated and far-famed
West-end Serenading and Quadrille Hand
are now prepared to atUad all oalla left at 18
Hannibal-street. Musis for Balls. Parties
and Soirees at the lowest rates. I
jallaw GEO. W. PB088, Musical Director.
Arranged for Piano, by PBOT. SQTJIB1. With a
beautitul Lithograph of the New Masonlo Bnilding.
Just published by JOHN OH U BOH. JR.,
de31 M West Joartn-street.
J.1M. that ever. Great sacrifice of
ftanos, newdeona. violoncellos,;
Violins, Guitars, Banjo Strings. Trim-1
mlnsa. Ao.. dnrlnn the Holldava.
Hellfria at lonneraent. leas than any
other Honse in this city, and ant-class instruments
at that. Do not buy an Instrument until you have
called at No. 227 Fifth-street, second door east of
Plum, south side. BBITTINO A BBC,
Piano Maker, and Sealer In - first-class Instru
ments, deaitf
1W Itlalnatreet, thr doora abow Third,
DEB all k nds of Horse TrappingSi in the beat
and nest substantial manner. Abo, a large assort
ment of Horse Ma l ets, Whit., Carpet and Leather
JlAgs. llrldle JJlt. unnaio uooea, vaiise cine real
aole-leather), Hall Trnnks. Sponge, and a large a;
aortment belonglngto thbj One. I will tell at low
as the lowest.
XJdW Horocoo-heelad BooU; -,
17f) cartoon of Children.' rancy-heeled Bootat ' ;
,000 pairs of Women' Pegged Goat Boots, custom.
. made, at TSomt pair. ' . ' . ;
' t. IatorandforaJeby; , .-t I
1 - rr- JOBS OAHILL, . :
' ' J-f 'HPearl-ttr
Ham andBeefat. . . OOLTEB'S i
jalS No. Ill ani sn Main-street
i. JalS ' no. i aaq ni cam-street.
. jal' ' 'I No. 10and SJ1 Bain-street
1 Rot. II and til Main street
ATLAW,CkaM BnlldiagKlo, tlast Third-
A100EO...M M -
I. 1.
UUUUl.U HI ..n.M....M...M........M......
He has tian....M..............M.......M .......
Antonio.... m.
JA lr8inla...M......mn..i. .w ..............
Ariel . .......
. , lnnerscan
' i . , i. ..; ;
VOL. 2. NO. 127.
Advertised Letters.
JVAll letter adrertited ara subject to art extra
uiara 01 oneoent. rersons eaiiing tor uem win please
wuDurowrai uic neoMssrr ooanae.
W Person oalllng for these letters please say they
araadrertiaei; and give nuoibet and date of list
ET-The offlce will be open at IX A. M., and cloae at
6 P. M. gnndayt-Omc open from II. M. to 10X
A. M
No. 2—January 14, 1860.
Anderson Hit LA Achle Mis EmilyAtley Mist Ada
Athouse Mias M . Anderson Mrs J Allison Miss K J
Averill Mis N ' Avey Mn Julia Athford Mis E Z
Anderson Mitt Lavinla
. ' - " B ' - .
Barrett Mis t fleeter Mis Grace Beary Miss B
BroadwellMrtM Baldwin Mrs H W Burke Mrs Bridget
BrlokerMlssH Barlow Mrs HB BeeoherMUsO
Bliss Mrs MB Bowman Mist J Boman MrsSeUU
Bailey Misa MB Bradbury Mrs J Bird Mrs B
Bender Miss 8 0 BritoherMlsiKateBlaekburn Mrs 8
BarthMissR Berry Mr Kate Baird Sarah P
Benare Mias Lisa Bale Mr 8 P Blount Mrs B
c -
Crawford Mis t Cotter Mies f V Cammell Mn B
8uny Julia A Ohamkerlln Mist Coleman Mn E
ollinsMtsaJA HBP Cooper Mrs BL
Gage Miss Llule OanBeld Mist J Campbell Mrs MA
tenner mis a 0 yoiiinmrsij uoieman nrs jti
Collier Mia A
uaroleen H&dameuarpenter miss B
Cost Mrs Mollie Carlisle Mist 8 J
Oralg Mrs Mary Crawford Mitt M
goffln Mr A
allaban Mr A
Clarks and Cooks. '
Clark Mist 0 A i Clark MutN V M Oook Marv Jane
D " '
Dolleham Mitt A DrlsoollMrtO Pobyns Mrs Mary
Doyle MssO Darnells Mrs L Douglass Amelia
Dudley Mn Ellen
. i ... ji E .- ' ,t 1
Edwards Mist A EulebatMist10ilEdwardiMrtM "
Eaton Mitt A B
Potter Mist I Paulton Miss K
Farran Miss M For Mun Agnts
Vurnald Mrs Mary
Goodwin Mrs Griffith Miss J
Gesnaean Madam Griffin Miss M
Vtihtr Mrs Heater
Gilbert Mist Katie
Oleason Mrs Mary
Widow,, . Gibtsnatlis Sarah
aydenMltsAJ Hiker Mrs EH Heritage Miss J
nnyAnn Huffman Miss E Hooker Miss L A
Haloes Mis A E Harris UtuP Hamilton Lncina
HendereonMrsCV Hlnidals Miss H Hallitton MIssM
Hunter Mrs 0 Hobbs Mrs H K Henlings Mrs M
Houch Miss B M Howard Mis U nerves Miss Sallle
Henderson Mrs B Hamilton Miss J Haddix Mrs Wm 0
Hooker MissL A Hubbell Mil 8 A , . . ,
I and J
Johnson Mist J
Jenchan Mist M
Joseph Mrs M 8
Justlo Mrs 8
Ksough Mist K
Irwin Mrs CM
Jone Mrs E
Knight MIsSE
Knight Mr J "
Lay ton Hiss B
Layman Mitt S
Kepler Mr P
KytoMrsM ,
Lewellen Mitt M Lamb Mist 8 E
Little Miss L - L&mpsonMiiaSB
McHoland Mitt MMcManut Milt I
MnPTeehaji Mrs
McMurcby Mr J
Medkerk Mr AD Morgan E J 1 . Mitchell M In J
Mann Mrs C A Aloore Miss t Morse Miss K , .
Morris Miss B 0 Merrill MIssP P Murry Miss K '
Martin Mrs K Monroe Mrs K A Manning E
Murehand Mr M Mordaunt Miss L Murry Margaret
Marsh Mrs 8 f - Millsr Miss B, E Marsh BlsiL M
N ' '
Mrs M A Nuxoll Miss Dlna Newman Caroline
NobleMUsSJ . Mlxon Elizabaih Neel Mrs Caspar
Owen Caroline . O'Brien Mrs Rate 0'Neil Margaret
- - ' .. p- . ... ' .. -
Paul Mn Jennie Paul Mn Mary Porter Mn M J
Parish Miss Molly
Ross Mr A M Balntlng JennlcA Simpler Miss M M
Kosencrans MlisC Kodefer Jennie Riley Mn Nancy
Reese Miss Eliza Ryan Miss Kate Rollins Mrs P D
RaymondMlssFMRIchardsonMissM Rankin Mia B J
RoMasenMlssH Blckard Mist T,
...v....;- ,v. v j., 8 ::,n i.
Saner Amy M Stepping MnE Steele Mn Maria
Simpson MIssA M Shlppain Mn t Stillwell MAE
Slaick Miss O f ole Mrs Harry K Sewell Mrs M A
Staff WIm Eliza BllcerMlssH BoottMlasM
Steere Mn B V 8edam Mrs J P ' Sweney Mary
Hingleton Sarah Smallwood Mn J. Btookton Mn M S
Steurens Mn M J Steele Rebecca Stokes Sallle
Sparks Mr 8 A
ToughlgMita Thompson Mn E Todd MraMargarst
Turner Mis TbiselMrsM . TolburtMriM
' ' 1 w
Walthall Mn A CWrlghi Mn Ed Wlchmann Mn B
Walth Ellen WhitcombMrtJ WrlghlMissL
Wood Mia Maria Wells Miss MariaAWilson Permelial
Weldon Rebecca T Wait Miss Susan Watten Mias 8 L
Walker Mis Butan
Tate Miss Mary V
Zugg Mn Busannab. . Zelgler Hits Louts 0
A '
Allen Ambroae Atwood Alonio P Allen 1 A It Co
ArdenAlonio Alls Alonio Auihnan 0 k Co
Atkinson Edward Abbott Joseph B Antour Henry
Asmus Louis Andrews B U J AUaoat Wesley
Bratton Allck , i BaleyPrJ
Blair ChasT Bennett Jail
Berkmeler A Boucher Rev J
ByrntMlohael Burt A 8
Bolson Martin Burr Aaron1
Blakeman T P Burr AO '
Burke Wm V Ballen A
Baasett 8 M B lock Edward
BowenWm BowenOW -,
Bratton 8 8 Bins David
Becker J H
Boynton Dr Jit
Bentley M H
Breen James 2 '
Baker Jos J
Berry John
Book Jos :
Burnt Capt J
Barrett Jo H
Bates Jos
BorrmannWm BreedloveDrDKBardsIey Ja
Bernstein Bami uairemra jiiaokJai "
Baldwin E J & Co Bagley Edwin H Boleander Ja " '
Brown Robert Baker Eugene Boleman Henry
Brown Trollus , Barr D M BucknerHB&Go
Brown A Barrett ED BraokenbuthJ
gotsen A A
allawels B
Coleman D B
CordanoO B 1
Carroll Thomsj
Cronnln John
Conn John A
Cady Hollliter
riAnwav In P
Connor Michael Clark Wt
Uullen Patrick Clark EC
Gunninffham R V Clark J
Calahan Patrick Collins Ja ' '
Carroll ThosW
Campbell A
Combs M u
Cain If rancti
Coatees' J
uraig vrm
Case 8 L
Ohedetter Wm O
Cone 8 Wells
Clark sc Wilson
Cock Jas 8 .
Clark Wm
Clark Jas ;
Clark AM
Cook W T
ConnenJohn '
Gary HdUaUO y rocket Jonn il
Cain J M . . Coon J A
OolganJa ' CansdyJatV
Clark John Cooling John
Clark WmO OorbinJB
Oammyre Henry Coleman John B
Clark Geo A
Dowlan Wm
Dray Samel
Dillon Thomat
Dillon 8 P
Doell George
D'fflln Denni :
SransfleldH - "
ittsnbnnner J
Dun lan Junu
Dawson A J
Daunreuther A
Debuttt A B J
David Mr
niinmfok fl A
Divine Wm H
Davis Harvey M Dunlap Joseph
vims bib) I , . vempsey ni
rmrkee St Bnllosk Davis I B
vonim rniup.
. Darlington Wml
Dory EP Davison WB
' E
Eaton Dr 0 0 ' ' EeliDP
Edward Alfonso Evanijast
' '':''
. Fitter Thoa Wm
EltrtllBenJ Jr
Farmer Cnaa '
Frailer Abram
Foster DA
Predg Geo
Ford J B
Prosy J
Fowler JaredB
Folryson Dr
. - G
Garrison Abram
Gudgeon V B
Gerhart E
Gaines Major 0
Gunn Dr J"0 1 .
Gassaway H 0
freeman Jas
Pinkie Jamet
Plnnegan John
FreglUrusJohn ,
Fisk Hiram
V re man L
Ferbek Peter '
lflsher Robert A
Green J E
Ooddard H 8
Gaeser John fl
Grier Henry
(i ran ret John
Forman W A 8 , P
rem mills v
, Furnds Allan
Fsrrlngton A 8
Fairohlld A
Predin A
Gorman Patrick
Olllett W R
GotT W H
Green w m
Oljbert Joseph
Oaskin Dr John
Ooodall JohnB
urogau ijawrence
Qeisainger Dr J 8 Green J
Grove 1
at a
Go Isc b Obaa Gregg Dr A
Goodwin A Goldstein A
uarvin teet
Qoens June Grosahel Charley Garrett A Landerf
Harman John
Harbin John B
Howels Joshua
Herts Henry
Hart Leopold
Hasenbush I
Hennaa Martin
Hlokey Nlcholat HolllnbackWH
Hill Hufui A Himebrelch Btmoa
Hatta Philip
Howard RH
111 Wade H
nail Hdward H ,
Hall Daniel L
Hall Willie '
Hall JohnB '
Huten OH '
owland Dr M Hill Charles W 1
Hopkins B J
oward Fred B Holmes Daniel J
Huntington A M Hubbard B L Hafer Qtorge - !
Hathewav B H
nam a or tatnar nuDoara u t .
Harry unarm ' uoimanJM
Herrlll A 1 Hord EL '
Hughes James !
Hendrickson 0 W Hughes 1 L
Hand Jamet
onklns H I ' fiorraan J '
Heheken James Hubbell Jam G
n w
Hobart John
vsiicb oaa . noci iioHpn
, ' ' a ' 'i
, ; Inlllala ' , ; . , 1
Cincinnati Reporter , .
J - -
Jlnkint Ben
Jennings John
Johnson Ben f
Johnsoa A
Jone John J
one Philip '
Jones Dr Robert
Jons Robert
Joass Thomat B
Jonet WUtop
- i
Johnson G M 8
OMnhi R ntflo Jones Gabs A I
SWeAtLI' ' Jons (Ho A
- :: K
Klngsley Prof .
flineKdwaid ,
Knight N Nl
Kennedy Wm N
Kerr. Wm
' -.' L "
King James B !
Keller A 8 i; .
Kent James
Kinshman John
fipp P ,
Kost Johnt .
Knox M A
Kellly Wm
Key sor H L -Keith
aranta (Stephen
Long Conrad
Leen A
Law PeterS
Lumberg Geo W
Leary f i
Laylon Thomat
Long John P
Long Christian
LohdeA ...
Landon Edwin -
Larand k Bros
Loies Y
Loomles B W
Lonergan Joseph Lowden Hopkins
inomaar ijong jonn
Ladd Joseph B Llgrant John '
Lewis H Lee John 8 .
Uttte Thomas ' ;.,.,..
i.evy jamet '
Harris John B Morgan Addison May hew Joseph
Moore Edward T Meeker OB MereuithJ
Moore, Hall k OoMorsa B L ' MormanJesse
Miller Albion J, MallbackBP , Murney Joseph ,
Miller B W Mays Franklin ' Moreyjohnt '
Miller Edward I1 Monger David ' Meroer Joseph ' -Miller
Charles H Maddieon George Mitchell John
Miller Richard . MaofGreen , MendenhallJD
Martin Caper " MygattGeo MeohanHugh
Martin HK ' Mitchell Geo I Maley Michael -
oianinnicnoison irniis isawara jnuuenneison
Matterson rrancuMalsenill Mlchasl
Martins 8D '' MassHenr
Murphy AN. Mercer John L
Morgan B P Miner Henry L
Myen Abraham Morgan Jacob
Messenger Obaa Mean John 1
- - .-' Maes. ' '
McOlung Janes McCarthy J M
McManaghanWm Mclntin Wm 1
Munts Miner 1 ,
Moloney Thomas
MoCann JP
Mc&.one Jai
McLaugolln W o McHalestsr
McGee Geo
McPhenon R R
McNeai Harrison MoGilllgan the
McDonnell M
McQovern Thot
6l I :
r .... If
Nicholson AndrewNarces Oeperon
N'channJkCo NiohnesJohaH
Nelll 8 ami B Nalden Jamet
, ., o
Ottiterway JosH OttJno .
Nixon James
Nicholatt John
Osmond Jno
uwens X x
.. p . , ,.
Phlppe Allen T Perkins Chat
Pstrie Charley A Potter D D
Proctor Jas PaxtonJB
Penton Thot Poulk Sardine
Pritchet Saml Plerson Jos
Phillips Rev T A SPatenon Geo
Panel I Ben 8 8
Prlchard Allen
PresslerJno ,
Pillegrino M
Pincua 8aml '
Patsnon Adam J Paterson Jno.
tiaina noDt vr
Bosbrow Jo
Ryan Jno
Reynolds Jas A
Rldenour Jacob
Rudolph Jas
Roliert Jai .
Row Jas
Roy ae Thos B
Richard W
Rlchison Jos
Rojeri Jno
Rhinson Henry
Hm lev Obaa
Reindeer Dr
Rankin Amos
Repete A
Riguey Michael
Roosevelt N J
Russell & J .
Ryon R t
Held P 8
l .
Bheehan 0
Stafford kOo -Snyder
belby A
SeelyObas -
Regean Peter
Radsohkarno W B
Bobbins 8
Rand llWmH
Randall Wm
Reynolds 8 8
Robards Geo
Russell B H
Beilly Eugent J Biter Isaac
Rice Jas
Sedam H P
Bhrayer J 1
Blift H
Sandford H B
Ssymcnd R W
Sebin W A
Scelly Wm
Btone w J
Bands WmP
Wives WD
Bhare Thos
fhame Wm
heett Wm ,
Scott H
Scott Thos
Shaw Edward
Btewart J M
Stewart Prosper
Stevens Wm J
Stevens Isaac
caxion xen
suty r
Savage. ReithfcCoStarllng Jacob
Sefton k Bitten- StandartH
house . Saoford J B ,
BturdifantBW SwarU Jos
Sheen BO " " Simon Jacob ;
Btnaiiew jsawsrtt Bouiiyjas
Rcvrtrjela F
- Bchwarta Jos
Shi rm an Lyman
BesbiU Lewis
Bbackels Neah
Bands Nathan ,
Sesmon Lewi '
Bchickal Peter .:
Sairmy D W
Sugg E J
Stone P W
Sedam J P
Slaughter J B
Bhaffer J U
Spencer BP, i
1 Smiths
Smith, BmallkOo Bmlth Jai W
Smith BB BmlttaJobn
Smith Wm
Turpln B K
TIngley Prof J
Tlce Myron 0
Truman Tho
Taylor Jas
Thompson H P
Trerner Edwin
Tall Jas R
Tylor Henry '
Truer Thot
Tavlor Gen
Thome A M
Tankestly J H 1
Thringer John
Tholom Luo
Terry B G
Thorp Thos
Tavlor Wm H
Taylor Jas 8
Thomas fc Ander- Thomat Darli
i son ,
, r v
Teatch Thot W
Vaughan T W
Wymer Adam
Woodruff John
Tanoe A F
Vanemon Bami
Wells Chat
Warring Jas ,
Woolly R L
Warren J A
Warren 8 B 2
Wilson 8 M -Wilson
. watkins Neuon
WoodyearWmB Weaver Ja
none r x , , wan Thot
White Wm WilionWmHH
Wright J B -" WadeO
WrigbtkHomaa Waters OhasO
Wlntl-r HI, t Wellnon njmrv
Wood worth A
Webb k LeverlngWooley John ' . Wayne J 8
Wey ton J M Watrihouse J L Winn W G
Woodruff J 8
Wood lock Wm
naiiace w rsuowinchel II
Ward J w Williams Nathan
Williams 0 B Williams W k Co
WesQott A D . W.I tan 0
Williamson J T
Wood Alexander Wells Alexander Walhover D
WalcottDP -. WvattGeo Weeks Edward
Webster D B
Witherby W R
West Samuel
William QB
Yate JA
n loner siiiasr
Wentworth 8 M
Wiley Aaron
Williams Prof
Y . '
Young John
Welsted Tho H
Webber GM
Warner John
Yakle N B
Zach03 Answorth ZlegelJohn
7.ller Umitum
Post office, January 14, 1860:
AgalrJnp . Baxter Wm . " Brown 111 Mn.
Britton Mary Hill Bay leff Eli Hiss Bell Jno
BollierPWm BeuetMr Belleville 8 Rev
Beaver Elmira .. , BanUley Sidney Brown WmO
BurknetAnd Buchanan A BucheP
Bedel Leonard ' Brey Enoch ' Carney Mary "
CauldQeld Jennli Oarroll 8 J Mn Osdy J H ' ' '
ChalfantPP Cuppentatx Cray A -Cole
Geo P Collins B8 , Carter B O Cpt.
DickenD DorthyAnn DeckmanT
DuckweelerKate DaylsWrn , , DavU Caroline ,,
DetaJnoM.,, DameyerWm Dwyer Annie !
Dixon Sarah Jam Euppent Johni EwingiBaiali '1
Mr Ellis B J Edwards Joel 8 Blflert jno
Gey Nathaniel GlasChat GrundhoferW
Gerhard John vOaprnJ W. .-- GalesWMMn
Green Mesllssaf Gill Bell . ... . Geoghagaa Ihos
Gale CBtharins Mrs .
Harris Wm giffrtyD, HyneyB
Herman G Hail Mn M A - Holtshauer Oath
HoeslelnL Harris G Hodgraa T
Ingram Wm ; KuesterL ,; , KirtleyA ,
KineelaJ Kinney A '' Lynch J '
Leonard W Lowe L LyeoBJ
Lirlngitpn Ann Martin 8 . Moore HatUt
Marsh Llzile Moon J 8 Mobley N
MullveyMrt MorrinJM MlttermillerN
Neale Lottie PS OsterhonisA O'Belrne Kate
Parson! B . Palmer Sarah N Pye Hannah
Porter Mr Popena Mary J Puff A
PfennelJ,. ' Phelps P Parsons Alice '
Renta MarU Ryan M B Richards Ja
Riley Denni Belly Thos Royse B Mis
Ramsey M Mrs fiosePHli. RongerH
Bitten V M Miss Robertson Wm Ryan Richard
Randolnh V ' Renner L Mn Steelv Wm O
Rlaliardnon T Stannan Fred Seddent M Mn
Bkstton Jas . Spllman 8 E Mn Slbert A
Bhortal J Mis- Sobe Mr . Beming 8 0 Mrl
Blmmoni DG Sawtlll HA, Trlndle 3 Miss
Bohooll Martin Thrush 0 L Thompson J I
Turner A Mn Thomas MA Mist Ware Thos
TateWm Thompson B Mn Wade J B
Wlnlna M A Mn Wabert Jas Wagner N Mn
White G A Wachtler John ,, White 0 Mn
WrlshtWm Wilcox Jas Wilson Geo
Yelton Jesse Yocone Peter Walker Mis OA
ZeifangJobannet Clark mn v A ' McuratnMrsu
McCowan Miss M MoKown J B MoGrue W 0
McGlnnls Mn M McDonald Mn A McOormack 8 A
Bmlth Mis Lettle Smith Miss P Smith Miss MA
Smith Julius Smith Sarah M Smith Elisabeth
gcbmlttPrauk Bchmltt Nioklan '
' J.Q. A.F0BTEB.P.M.
OFFICE January 14,1860 1 . ' I
Allen Mn Ann Adklnson Georg Atkinson J B I
Batch George . Becker Mr Boylson sMwird
Berry James B ' BaumanJ : Beall A ,
Burns T Berry Mist M BellW
Prawn Mrs fl Cavanaiuh B CummA I
QummisE CallogbanMnl Qoohrao (IW
Callinan M ' VustienJ
ChalfaunFP . CrofordH .,
r.rlan M Conwad M
Crooke Bt
Crittenden LO
Donobui Mary
Oarblnry L . Downward Mist
Dowllng B Davidson Mn V
THnkwin n a Evans Mias
ward r .
Edmonds J 8 Trankleberry MnFltspatriak M
rarreiini seagier 4 u
Gower Mitt K ' Gray W B -Green
J D Gore J
ArinhAhxrO Guntvw
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Griene Ml K A
GloreMiaiO ,
Guttaridge Q
' oundslnnrsrj
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Hunt R 8
-..'.Bart J
Hanbery BrlJgeli
Haynes MnGS
Hathaway H
tiawaes Bus sa
Harris Mn M
- Johnson A '
kiln Wm
Kiroher John
Kelly Martin
Lewi Wm
K nlsht John
Kelly Mist Ana
Knight Patrick
i.vnn miM
l.nvnn TMvid
Lohr Edward
innmnM r . MtiLanshltn flea MorrUMa Mn a
Mockeny MAUua nurpnay sin a siumner a i ttuo
V1U11IUBJDIS ' wwiuifiii jivuni.iDurrier uwaav
maioney Micnasi snoyson Kcoen . sinner mn
Norton Mn Nixon Miss MA Q'Knis Mloha.1
Parker Jno 8 " PaysonJB BeldMn Sarah
Robinson Wm f Rayland J amst A Bhsrridan John
Bteveni Mrs
Biuerat w a :
. Stewart David W
Smalley Miss t
Swift John
Thorn am Htnry
Tillman I ,
Verly Michael
Wilson D ,
Woods Mr H
Dcnroeder Jo
Bhoy Mrs Mary
Thomas Mils
Thompson aiss
Smalley MlajT Thomas
Tillman Jas -
Weaver Frank ' Wranolls AlberV
Wilson Ohu Wilson Charles
Wsssoiworta 8 . Warren Mailt
Walker Wm triplet Mrs Inala
... i .
, . , . . , W. V. ctULXtg. Mi
': 1..K. !. i: .
Lirni Nbaai. Night Kxprsat, giuO A. a.; Aooonv
' mOdatioVi. 1:4& P. at.! Dav EiorM. a.SA . M
IaDUNAroiiis aim Oinoissaii. 11:16 a. a.: t:M r.
is.j 1:40a. a.
Ohio aicd Mtaiiaiim. 8:28 a. a. Hits a. a.: KhlJ
paowain, H&aiLTOK arro Dattc.-7:15 a. a.t 1IKK
IJL a.; U-.M r. a.; t: t. a. 8:50 r. a.
maaiwTT awn uisoikhati. ii:au a. n.t : p. a,
BicsMosn Asn IwpiASArotn. ltao a tM r. a.
Lirna MiAat. Day Exprees. 10:00 A. a.t Aeeom.
modation, 4:40 r. n,; Night Express, 11:30 r. a.
UrouHAroLii amd Ouiohiwati.-:60 a. a.; lM t.
Ohio and Missitsim.-7:a9 A.a.; I:00r.ali T:S0.a.
OisoiiWATi, Hahiltow akb Dattow. :00 a. a.t 1-M
A,a.j 10:00a.m.; 8:40. a.; o:S0.a.i ll:80r.a.
Maiiktta amd CiMoiMNAii. 40a. a.: 8:40 r. a.
BioaaoxD amd Iksiamanu. 6:00 a. a. 1:40 r. a.
"Charleston, S. 0., papen notlet ths tp
pearanse of fresh shad at that plaoe.
There were 19.043 : birth In Smith
Carolina during the wear 1858, . , '
HBTh population of Canada East and
Wsst fa now estimated to be Aactly 3,000,000.
J 'atT-The tax on negroea In "Wilmington, N.
0u it $8 7 per head. 11
JBtIt It reported that extentlve forgeriei
have been perpetrated on one or two of the
Albany, N. X., bank. , ,
f ipervnt 01 runcn t moral maxima it never
Sttt on till to-morrow the man whom 70a oan
e to-day.' :
1 -'.' , ;.
STTiere are In Pennsylvania 11,485 pub
lie eoboolt, 14,071 teachers and 834,051 pu
pil, the cost of tuition being $2,047,661 92.
' There were seven hundred and eighty -six
arrival) and departure ol veiielt at the
port of Calais, Me., laet year. ,
1 9 Two free negroes were told in Center,
vlile, Md., a few d ys tine for laroeny. One
brought $205, and tlie other $156.
' jw J. W. Boyd, Eia., a former editor of
the Hagerstown (Md.) jVw, died a few dayi
line in Philadelphia.
1 A petition has been pretentid to the
Legialalure of New York, reqaetting them to
paei a law eompelliog oitlient to vote.
few weeks zo. that a theological Drofessor fall
dead in the streets.
i JSP There lg a surplus fund of ten thousand
dollars in the treasury of the Pennsylvania
8Ute Agrlcnltnral Society.
I BsTThe Virginia House of Delegates has
paieed a bill appropriating $100,000 to erest a
Lunatic Asylum west of the Alleghanios. ,
i sTMotes ' Leonard, an old hunter in St.
Lawrence County, SJ. Y., ha killed seven
panthers the present winter.
i 9"8t. John (N. B.) papers of the 5th inat.
state that the small-pox is raging there to
tome extent ,
i J-The Sharp's Rifle Company of Hart
ford, Conn., are now turning out an average
of two hundred and fifty of these effective in
struments of death per week.
' ,. Joe Barker, the famous ttreet-preaohor,
now. In jail In Pittsburg, has been attaoked
with-nppoploxy, end will, It ia hoped, soon
die. (.,...
: It is reported in Kansas that Governor
Sam Medary has purchased the Lawrence
Herald of Fntdotn, and that henceforth It Will
be a Demooratlo paper.
The first quarter of the month of Jan
uary of I860 was the coldest, it is said, that
has been oxperienoed in Boston for thirty-six
years. , , .
BsTJohn A. Corey, of Burlington, Vt..
having lighted a oharooal fire in his room and
retired to bed, was found dead the next morn
ing, y '
ffirk stream of salt water has been found
at the Montezuma Salt Works, whioh yields
tixty-two per cant. The yield at the Syra
cuse Spring la Vat fifty-three per cent. .
3&"Vonty Fair contains the address of a
Sing-Sing eonriot to his fellow-sufferers, ad
vialng them not to enooursge Northern pritons,
but "go home to the South."
E9Raoing on the froien St. Lawrence, near
Montreal, is the rage there. Purses are striven
for, and rank and beauty throng in cutters to
see the strife. . .,
Jln the East one Hannah Robinson inei
her husband for a divorce, became he had
been shown op as participating in a frail lady's
amatory favors.
"Magnetising locomotives are about to
be made in Conneotiout. A cotemporary
thinki they ought to be attached to sleeping
cars. ;
- jjt" There are in the United States fifty
five different religions orders belonging to the
Catholio Church twenty-four of men, and
thirty-one of women. j
The Biohmond Exnmintr advises the
merchants and manufacturers of the southern
cities to tend out agents to solicit orders and
oustom from the farmers, planters andcountry'
meronanu. .
EBr-The Vestry of Christ Church, of Tarry
town, N. Y., Is having; a tablet to the memory
of Irving prepared, to be placed in some
proper part of the ediflo in the course of the
ourrtnt montn.
A Dboidv Hit oa th Stags. The other
J . . . . , . u n . m i .
nay, at one or. ine new uriaans xoesters, a
young dtbviantt, in making her first appear
anoe on the stage, caught her font in the
carpet and tumbled at full length. The erltics
say she made a decided hit for she struck
first on her head and then we leave the rest
to tho imagination. A punster thought the
close up of tna performance was highly
exoiting. ' ' " . 1
swindle is being practiced in Willimantid,
Conn., by a couple of ohaps who bars no dis
position to try get .an honest living. Onl
of them peddles dry goods, and his) partner
follows after and claims to be the owner of tht
goods, whioh were stolen from him. .
Sdioidi ar A Woma. Margaret Haley
committed suloide by hanging in Cleveland
recently. She had been snojeot to occasional
fits of mental abberration, and throughout ths
day of her lelf-deatruetion had exhibited un
wonted d (composure. j
. SiKGCLAA Fact. It is a lingular and im
portant faot, that while the harbors of Bal
timore, Biohmond and Petersburg are effect
ually elosed with lea for the time being, tb
harbor of Norfolk, Vs., is unobstructed, and
holds free communication with the tea. . i
Ballook Atoiifioa oa am Ailioatob.
Morat, the aeronaut, made a successful a went
with hit balloon from Havana on the back of
a caiman (a species of alligator), and was in
the air thirteen minutes. -. . :.i i
' A Wma Bong to Dbatb. The house bt
widow John Buckley, new Ohiqoppee Falls,
Matt., was burnt the other morning, and the,
Its only ooenpant at the time, perished la the
flam, VI : : : . ., :
lyii. i'k i,
One Day Later from Europe.
Foitlaid, January 14. The steamship
Bingaritn anirsd at this port, bringing Liv
erpool data to the 29th alt, one day later
tnan tnose received Dy the lYev Tort at tial
I Latest by Telegraph frem London to Quaenstown.J
Loanog, TaoasDAT. Colonel Cadegan, at
tache British Legation, Piedmont, has betn
ordered to proceed to the head-quarters of
uenerai jraute, at xioiogna. it is considered
a new proof or the Interest taken by the Brtt
lib. Government In Central Italy. .
It is reported in Paris that M. Gutiut is en
gaged on a pamphlet on the temporal power oi
tht Pope.'
The Danubian Principalities are about con
tracting a loan of 60,000,000f. with France,
iiatiia ana Prussia, pitdgiog landed property
of the Convents.
The Minister of France at Rome ha been
obliged to sell 2,000,000 francs consolidated
funds. r .. ,
Advices from Calcutta are to November 22,
and of Hong-Kong to the 15th. Nothing
done In Caloutta; prieea of the leading artloles
too nigh to admit oi speculation, in Chi.
nse Government was arming for defense.
.Advioes from Japaa confirm previous re
ports, that the Erabativ for the United States
would leave in February with a large retinue
oi suDordinatea. confidence was Increasing
between the Japanese and foreigners.
Advioes from China Indicate that trade
would would not be interrupted by the anti
cipated war,
i Ins Timet'i oity article says: "Tho funds
oponsd with full demand, and subsequently
improved Y, Accounts from the Paris Bourse
unfavorable, ' Discount very active."
' A telegraph from Prince Metternich to
Count Beichberg says Count Waloweki de
clares to the diplomatic corps of Paris that,
while he remained at the head of the Ministry
of Foreign Affairs, the pamphlet entitled Tht
bps and Congrett should not be considered
the programme ol the French Ministry,
1 London, Thursday Night. The English
funds slightly relapsed; the Paris Bourse alio.
The Pay contains an article signed M. de
Caaitquie, which says that the pamphlet enti
tled Tht Pope and Chnnrett has tren wrongly
interpreted by the newspapers. He says the
pamphlet does not propose to deprive the Pope
of the Legation!, but only advises him to
admit of the present state of things, and pro
claim the ntoessity ot mstataimng the tempo
ral nower of the Pone. , .
M. De C. adds that the pami hiet confines
itself to announcing an opinion, a (rile Congress
none win decide, ana ever auer that the
Church will remain full and entire. -
! Ari, Thuriday P. M. After tlBolal hours,
an official notice was potted at 'h Bourse,
denying that the rapal Nuncio intended to
visit Paria. '
The rentes, after touching 08f. 55c, rose to
'Ihe Hungarian arrived at seven o'clock this
morning. Her mails will be dispatched by
ths A. M. train due in New YorK U Light.
Prlnoe Gortaohakoff leaves St. Petersburg for
the Paris Conference to-night. . The , chief
Spaniah representative will be Caldron Co
lantes, Senor Marlines Rossi having declined. '
A telegram from Rome oonflrms the previous
report that the Pope refuse to be represented
in ths Congress, Cardinal Antonelli having
notified Count de Gra turnout to that effect.
England. The affairs of the steamer ffreaf
Bosfent remain in statu quo, pending an arbitra
tion between the Company and Scott Russell.
Ths ship Blmoy CatlU, from Liverpool for
Australia, was wrecked in the English Chan
nel, and all on board, twenty-two passengers'
and thirty-four crew, are supposed to .have
perished. i
Ths ship Lady Frimklin, from Liverpool for
Maranbam, had collided at sea with an un
. known ahip. The latter sunk immediately,
only one man being eaved.
The Government has determined to issue to
riflj volunteers an additional supply of long
Infield rifles.
The Duke of Malakoff hat arrived at Lon
don. Measures have been taken to place the Chat
ham dook-yard in a thorough state of repair.
London, Wednesday. Lord Hastings is dead.
There was a great riot on Sunday night
stnong the military at Camp Alderadat
Three militiamen were shot dead. Soldiers
were arrested with rifles loaded with ball cart
ridges. ' ,i
The London Times' correspondenoe from
British Columbia complains that the Ameri
can authorities at San Juan, both civil and
military, have bsen guilty of many acts calcu
lated to annoy the British. ' '
Vance. The Paris' CbnitUutionnel sayt that
the London Times is correct in considering the
pamphlet, entitled ThtPbpe and Otmgreu, at a
political expression of good understanding and
oonoiliation between England and France,
and congratulates itself on the result " 'It says
further that France, far from intending the
destruction of the temporal power of the Fope,
will, on the contrary, consolidate It ' The
Government hu abandoned the prosecution of
Montalembert for hit recent pamphlet on the
Pope. . -
The Paris flour market was heavy and par
tially lower. Wheat firm.
Spain. There have been no new battles in
Morocco. . The Spanish army occupies a line
three leagues in extent, with three redoubts
ana ouer lntrenonments.
Italy. Advioes from Turin say that tho
Frenob pamphlet on the Pope and Congreas
caused an immense . sensation throughout
itaiy. 1 :':;,!
Bwtia. Advioea fium St Petersburg state
that the Rusaian Government is negotiating
for the purchase from Japan of the southern
half of the Island of Saghalien, the other half
of whioh they already hold. .. . -(
Advices from Constantinople state that tht
Porte had called on Europe to settle the Suet
ejaestion, in its political bearings, by guaran
teeing the integrity of the Turkish Empire.
The French Minister and four other Emba.
sadors had agreed to the arrangement . j
London, Thuriday, JOtemhtr 29. The Kiog
of Naples has sent decorations and presents to
the Director of Police, whose assassination had
been lately attempted at Palermo. . ." I
QiMttutoiM, Ihunday, Dteembtr 29. The
steamer Edinburg arrived here at half past two
o'clook this afternoon, and proceeded to Llvi
erpool one hour afterward. "!
The London Times, in a leader on slavery ia
the United States, and the revulsion In favor
of the Southern States, eaused by the vagaries
of the Abolitionists, says t
"The union of the American people is lot
only of importance to themselves, bat the
world at large. It has been fally proved, not
only on the American Continent, but ia ear
own Colonies, that the enforced equality of
the European and African tends not only to
the elevation of the black, but to the degrada
tion of the white menr- We cannot find any
sympathy for those who would try, ia the
United States, the plan of a half-easte Repub
lic, and we trust that the Federal Government,
and the right-thinking part of the oommunlty,
will protect the South from a repetition of
such outrages as that of Harper! Ferry." ' j
Outward Bound.
Poitud, Ma., Saturday, January 14.
The steamer JfoAewiiaa sailed from this port
for Liverpool at half-past three o'eloek P. M,
. :TfPnyit-CAfHj..'. :;?, T
AdTwtuwmsnt not needing alUUgte)i 1
On InMrtlon.
,$) 38 I On week at,
i wo wi
X PW I Jwiuin . I i in m
Urra4vvrtbent.lnMr1el at tti. following rata
, (or scaaraof teallaeaofleja: .
n..hrftii a !-... u aw sut.i'i'.
a Thrwvmsl
Onainnsitt. ,.,,,, J
j Job Printing .3t.m.
In all It btaaohte Son, with ntstam a4 dltaasah. ,j
From Washington.
AtaiiOTOf. January 14rr-Upon, the rote
in the Senate yesterday rejecting the nomina
tioi of Mr. Grand aa Consul to Havre,' the '
yeas and navt were" taken; i" etrettBistaaee
wh ch preolades the idea of any raooneidara- ,
'he contractors for, eoaatrueUng the pubiio
wofks, for whioh Congress failed to make ap-"'
prqpriatlon last session, are hm ta'ftsrae, tuH
urge upon Congress the necessity of immediate
organlsstion, that paymsnts may be made or,
material dsUvered under their .various eon
tracts. They eresaidlp be lufferingr even'""
more than the mall wntraetora. ' ' ",kS'
in effort U making tonight to eoneantrata .
Democratic vote upoa Botoler. of-, Vir-,,
glnia. It is aaid assurance have been given
that it inety-one Democratic votes can be thrown " '
for Uta. -- ...
Tna United States Agricultural Society has .
elected Henry Wagoner, of Western New York,
President, and re-eloted B. B. Frenob, Treas
urer, and Ben Perley Poor, Sesretary. j f
Last night the members partook of a tump.
tuoua entertainment at the retidenoe of n .
w.fjorooraa. ,, ,
Railroad Matters.
FhilaoblphiAi JaBtlary 14. Hon. J. Edgar
Thompson has accepted the Presidency of the ,
Southern Pacific Railroad, the terms and con
ditions required or him having been fully add '
aaiiafaotorily met by Dr. Fowlkes, the late
President' ' '.., i..: r -.:,
The policy of tit Company for the future
was agreed upon Ly Tbompapn and Fowlkes,
and oordially aissiiled to byJHon. V. B. Ste
venson, of Nashville, General Agent, and Hot.
Samuel Tate, of feiemphis, Commissioner of
the Land Bepartnuat This arrangement
sires beyond reasonable doubt the construc
tion of the Southern Peoiflo Road. "
I Messrs. Stevenson and Fowlkes left this
evening for New York, ani intend to proceed .
ia a few days to Austin, Texas.
i The subaeription to the stook now exceeds '
$700,000 for the construction of the road, and
satisfactory offers have been made for all the ,v
stook now unsold. The stook books have been ,
olosed. A transfer office will be opened in
Philadelphia under the management of Presl- "
dent Thompson.', ' ' " '
Arrival of the Overland Mail.
Mollov'bIStaTio,' January 14. The over
land mail, with dates to December S3, passed
here at eight o'oloek to-night. The reported .
sale of ths Pasifio steamship; to Commodore
Vanderbilt was generally credited. The
weather In Canon Valley was extremely sold. "
At Walker's River mines the mow was three -i
feet deep. ..Previsions were aoarce, and the
miners were leaving., The smount of, gold .
shipped by the Sonora on the 20th nit was '
$1,812,638. ' ''" '" l'U txcT ic -.-
i There was no Improvement in business at j
San Francisco. The city was making great
preparations for the holidays. '
" ' " '; ' '
Later from Mexico.
' Ntw OsLstits, January 14 .Advices from
Mexico by the Tennessee state that the Juarea
Government proposed to organise a regular
army, and disband the volunteers and militia,,
Sow employed, and also to invite volunteers''
ndtroopt from abroad. !: " ' ' '
The people along the National Road had '
organised a vigilaaoe oommittee, and hong
one hundred of the highwaymen who Infest ',.
the road. Travel is how safe from Vera Cms ,r
totheoapilaL V. ? ". r.n. -;
i The steamer Tennet has been withdrawn
from the route between this , city and Vers,
Pros. ;, i ..........'
1 MrcDLiTows, Coss., January ' 14 The
Pamocha Mills, occupied by several different
Companies for the purpose of manufacturing
sewing machines, britannia-ware, Ac, were
totally destroyed by fire this morning.1 Loss0
about $15,000; partially insured, i i
. Naw Yoai, January 14. The building No.
15 Bowery, known as Ring's building, was
burnt early this mornipg. The principal
losers are: C. Schneider, sofa manufacturer,
$8,000; W.F. Wllklns,' dealer in curled hair
and ophostery, $800; owner of itb building,
$10,000; totol loss, $40,00.0. ,,;.,;,;
From Philadelphia.
Pbiladilfhia, January 14. The dinner to
Hon. Bailey Peyton takes place to-morrow at
the Aoademy'of Muale. ' It will be at
tended: by quite a number of members of
Senator CritUndon was serenaded at mid
night at hoGirard House, and, tnadea abort
speeoh ia response.,,,,, t ...
Mr. Conrad, of Georgia, alio responded to
the call by the crowd. Both will attend the
dinner to Bailey Peyton..'!" - .,w ir. c .
From Boston.
Boston, January 14! Wm. Hi Forbes, the
student at Harvard College, was to-day held
to bail in $500 for his assault on officer Hilton.
He gave the required bail, and left for bit
home in Milton., .'
Chsa. Q. Green, editor of the FM, remitted
$2,000 to the Mayor of Lawrence to-day, to
be expended in aid of the sufferers there. The
money was contributed by the Suffolk Club. .
River News.
PrrrSBCio, Saturday, January 14 M.
River twelve feet eight' niche i by the pier
mark, and falling. Weather wet ,;(
Lodibviu-i, Saturday, January 14 P. M.
River rising rapidly, with ten feet six inches
in the Canal. Weathsr cloudy. Mercury 84.
'" Tn, ' m i i' ' '. .',7
Destruction of the Western Female
Seminary at Oxford.
Oxroao, Cr-Januaryi-li Th Western Fe
male Seminary at this . place hsrnt to the
ground this morning. .- The teachers and pupils
all esoaped. , ; . ' ,". , '
Sporting Intelligence.
Satammah, January 14. "Fanny Washlng
ington" won the three-mile race to-day. In
the second race "Exohequer" beat "Taylor"
In two straight heats. i v-" '
. Bostos, January 14. The TratwlZer an
nuonoet the failure of Messrs. Phillips k
Morely, hardware dealest on Broad-street,
with large liabilities. ...n' ij ; j,..,,
Alabama Democratic Convention.
Mostoohsrt, Ala., Friday1, JaBuary t
The Democratic State Convention It 1 warkiig
smooth. The Forsyth delegation fcosa Mabiie
have ebtohied seats.. ,.,,,.,. p
Non-Arrival of the Europa.
Halifax, Saturday, January 1I-XP. M
There are ao signs of tha sftryja.o ,A . tnow
" prevailing. ,, ,.,.,t Jlw,, i(j
rr'. i 'is,,?, .-,(,
OaArTtiHa ia Miua CATasoasL. Mrs. H.
B.Stowe writes thus to the New York 7t-
psadmt: "Ibis obanOng 'In Milan Cathedral.
as it rue aaa noata along these magalnoeot
allies tad arch, it ene el those things whleh
affecta us through, the imiginitioa, to power
fully as to prevent oritttuiam. ' We would not
give a fig for a pertea who eeaU think at tha
moment whethsr it wtsa gwetl saasie or not.
The whole eharchisesms at timet to pulsate
and throb with it at yon are walking oa the
outside, and. if th orgaa were a vast heart
stnditg Jettet sound wto every little spires,
and making all i like a. living thin, ,Bat
enough of this hrAt-daj,",j..ui-.ari,.; w,
d-vtavt i' ..:! ,s icji

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