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. IrseMlahed daily, ( Bndar eaeeilad,) by .".
. fbopbijptobb. , ,
sties no. u wast vssata-ltisis.
TAB PIHST FUBSta delivered torcbeorlbtr la
(Jlnolanatl. porlngto and Nswport, end ur
roandlng elMtf and towns, it the ei
k relrlowfrtoof ? a
raicasor suruse:
Btr,gl0"pl to.J I month too.; I monthatU I yea .
eoaaiea sixti UDVisia-rrasM. ,.
ioni A. Clulu, J a. -Bo Is hft ud Manager,
Second nigh of Cincinnati'! favorite,
Miss Eliza Logan.
Remember, this U tb lut engagement ih no
i plsy In tbi city. .
THIS IVEMNQ, Janoary 17, will be presented
th celebrated live-act pjay of
J Blltninnmniww MiMMaMlsi Eliae Itogan
Helen ..... Mr. Illiler
Master Wltan........a....ImM...M.Mma.tfr. Lansdon
Mir Tnomaa Clifford ... ..Mr. Bead
Master Modal ..........h...,.,,..,,......,.,.,, .,.Mr. Hall
Master Wilford..,. mm.w.llr. Lord
Fathom ..-. -...Mr. Illilar
Dance.-.... ......Mlee Kate Penaeyer.
To conclude with the laughable oomadietta of
Mr. Chill Obntnea.....nMM.Mr. John Kllsler
Dolly................, .........,.......MUa Kveritt
In consequence of the daily apelioatinn for tba
historical play of 'Tousalnt "Overture: Or, Th
Insurrection of Hey II." the manager will forthwith
make the necessary effort for It early and brilliant
V Doors open at 6H; Curtain riaaa at 7H 6'olook,
PaioMor AnaiiMioir-Dre Olrcleand Parquetta,
(floeotiH flellery, 26 oenta. -.
John Bls.'........,.,..,.Proprletorand Manager
vv 0a X X W 1 B aeeetst hm sees us emt,i t TT6MUr6f
THIS KVBNINO, January 17, will be praaanted
tba new and gorgeous long-promlssd Pantomime,
embracing the entire Dramatio Company and a first
rata Pantomime Tronpa. New Bcenerr, new Hv
cbinery, new Properties, new Dances, new Dressea.
To aommence eaob evening with a beautiful drama,
and oonclude with the glorious pantomime of
Ob, Tbi Good Fairy Tbiumpbabt Ovib thi Da
mom or Disoobd.
NOTICE. Tradesman and others are cautioned
against furnishing any article for the theater with
out a written order, signed by ibe Manager.
TBB S1W NATIONAL HOTEL, adjoining tba
Theater, la now open for tha reception of guests.
Booma oan be obtained by tba day or week, and
meals furnished at all hours
8. V. Pike , Proprietor.
V , B, Conway,,.,.,..,..,,,..,.,.. ,..,Stego Director,
J. Jr. Herbert ...,.......-...... ...,...........Treaurer.
jLsst Night of the Tempest.
THIS EVENING, January 17, will be presented,
With new scenery, Ac, ehakspeare'a grand play of
Caliban Mr. Conway
xruaperu, ...,.,. .,...,. ,.. sir. enenaan
......Mr. Chaplin
.nr. uavldge
Mr. Hal
..Mr. Addlaon
Mr. Lanaxran
Mr. Templeton
...... rar. Arnoia
...Mrs. Uonwfty
,.Miss Crocker
Arte ,
.Miss Kingsbury
To oonclnde witb
Tohn bmall.... ,.......... Mr. Davtdge
Mlaa Luoretla Buiard.. Mr. Place
To-morrow, Mr. and Mr. FLOBENOE.
Paiox or Admission. Parquetta Circle, Pamuette
and Balcony, fiO oenta; Amphitheater, V oenta;
Private Bozea for eight persona, &.
Doors open ateX o'olook ; commence at 7M.
ar THIS DAY, January 16, and EVERY
EVENING during the week. jalt
Doors open at 7 o'clock. The Prufesior appear at
a M to 8, precisely.
and Miss GEYEB respectfully Inform the cit
izens of Cincinnati that they now receive pa
rils for Instruction In all fashionable Danoea.
l)AVfl of School. Baturdavs and WiMlnAadava fnr
Ladle, Mlases and Masters, from to t P. M. Gents'
Class, from 8 to 10 in tha evening. All Quadrille
taught without calling. - ja6bw
jftBiNtni. rnmim
Wad SECOND TBBM. . . baa
Nntloonl Hall, Vlnoatreet, a FUtb.
Tbe leaaons are so arranged that . loners can
tommenoo at any tlrae de9tf
Brothers, of tbe celebrated and far-famed
West-end Serenading and Quadrille Hand
are now prepared to atleid all calls left at 18
Hannlbal-etreet. Music for Ball, Partie
ana soiree i me lowest rata. -jallaw
GEO. W. PB088, Musical Director.
Arranged for Piano, by PBOISHQUIRE. With a
beautitnl Lithograph of tha New Masonto Building.
Just publiihed by . JOHN CHURCH, JR.,
de31 ee West fourth-atreet.
XTJL tba aver. Great sacrifice of
Pianoa, Melodeon. Vlolonoello ,
v louns, uuitars, uanjo Btnngs.xnm
minsi. Aa durlns the Holldava.
Kelliua at 160 ner cent, lea than anv
other tBonse in this city, and first-elate Instruments
at that. Do not buy an Instrument until yon have
called at No. 227 Fifth-street, second door east of
Plum, south tide. . BBITTING A BBO.,
riano Maker, and Dealers la Tlrit-claai Instru
ments. ..... delltf
Feathers and Winter Millinery,
Of every deacrlptlon, whloh lam telling at asmsl
advance on New York price, wholesale and rotaJli
J. WEBB, Jr.,
no4 - 184 fifth-etreet, bat. Baea and Kim.
103 Maln-arrrwet, three daor attora Third,
DER all k nds of Horse Trapping, In tb bast
and most substantial manner. AUo, a large assort
ment of Hon Blankets, Whips, Carpet and Leather
naga. unois jiu. uunaio uooe, V allies line real
aolo-leether). Mall Trinka, Sponge, and a large aa-
jortmeot oewnginfto tnu Una. I wiU aeU a
. a in rowan.
D. 8. CA&BICX!
M-: V Horoooo-haeled BooU;
' IK cartoon of Chlldrea's fancy-healed Boota; .
,000 pair of Woman' Fagged float Boat, onatom
nadat7oaataabr - , ii
Instordlbrlaby: : ,Jr..
..... J0HH OAHILL,
'eltam HPaarl-Mra
Hams and Beef at . : OOLTBB'g
. jalt No. Ill n aai Maln-a treat.
9lBUlat . OOLTBB'B
Jalt Noa.81raad all Baln-atreat.
V , . . r OOLTlBf
, Jal ' Wo. land m Maln-atraet.
Bo. " Md Ul Uala-atmU
Y()LM NO. 128
,v : i
MSI h . I ,
tlTT,',,.!ft4",I,lht ?r". 8:00 A. H.l Acoom
modatltm, 1:15 r. a.; Day Bxpreaa, ft:34 r. M.
IlinuMArou ano UiS0inATi.-ll:16 a. at.; 5:10 t,
.i 1)40 A. si. ... , .
Ohio and MiMiMirr'.-fcK A. H.j 11:4S a. m.i 10:18
r. a.
Oimoimmati, HaaiLToa ams Dattob. T:t6 a. a.: 11:08
A. a.f 12:M r.u.i 6:52 r. a.; 8:50 r. a.
Habiitta and UixcmaiTi.-ir.20 a. m. 6:oJ p. a.
Bioaaoao asd Indubapolis. 13:50 a.; 6:56 r. a,
LittlI Miami.-Day Kxpreaa, lfhOO A. a.i Accom.
modatlon, :0p. h.; Night Ixpreaa, ll:SOr. a.
iHOIAaArOLI AND UlM0INliATl.-:N) a. u.i 12:44 p,
a.; 7:l r. a.
Ohio anb Misaisairrt. 7:20 A. a.; 1:00 r. a.; 7:90 r. a.
Oinoibjnati, Hamiltoh ajid Dattom. :00 a. a.i 7:30
A. a.; 1 0:00 a.m.! 1:40 r. a-i 4:30 r. a ( 11:10 r. a.
Mabiitta and Oinoinmati. :40 a. u.', 3:40 r. a.
Sioaaoan and 1bdiaoms. :UO a. a.) 1:40 r. a.
' filf" There war 323 Interment a Mont-
omy, Alt,, In 1850.
pt Tha TrpographioU Union of Peterg
burg, Vs., hat been reorganlied.
9SFk Hebrew orphan uylnm was formally
openea ia oana&y at unarieaion, a, v.--
child in Bsston, named Murry, died
an monaay iiom awaiiowing a pin.
George Tyler, a well-known and pop'
mar novel Keeper at uaiena, 111., aiea on
Saturday last ,
TThe approaohlng marriage of Mlei
Dolby with M. Sainton, the eminent violinist,
is announced in tiogiaoa.
Sf-The Salem (N. J.) Standard speak of a
1Aa 1 .1. . 1 L : -1 . a i
iuoh uug iu turn, iiuiuii., vaioa iur nvu wockb
lived without eating or drinking.
2&"There are four hundred and forty-two
convicts In the Maryland Penitentiary, of
wnom fourteen are natives ot Virginia. .
35S-"Vanity fair" sayi : The eritlos who
oorreot, might be as useful, but are as rare u
the dootors who cure.
Xt'ln nomlDatlna; the Missouri statesman
for President, the Republioani are merely
Hanging out Dates to caton ooutnern votes.
fif Tbe Mayor of Trenton, N. J., was
lined last week for fast driving. He is said
to be a very "fast" official in many respeots.
; Isaae Adklnson, a banker, and one cf
tne oldest ana, wealthiest oitizens of iiastor,
Md., died in that city Jaat week.
9"Letteri from Egypt announoe tbe ar
rival at Alexandria, of the Count de Pari and
the Duke de Chartres. ''-
p&A new bank, to hi called the Seaboard
Bank, with a oapital of $200,000, is about to
be established at Portsmouth, Va.
&Hon. Henry W. Miller, of North Car
olina, ha added 1,000 to the Mount Vernon
fund by his leotures.
4Tho City Council of Augusta, 6a., last
week, raised the tax on free persons of oolor
to $25 per head.
0fTiro elk oalve have been introdueed
Into Bell County, Texas, from Russian Amer
ica, a an experiment has been made of do
mcBtioating them.
resident of Nebraska informs the
Chicago Timi$ that there is hardly a negro to
be found in the entire Teivl'iry, and that he
doe snot know or a single resident slave.
, . "The Duke of Cambridge was at Wool
wich, England, recently, to inspsot tbe troop
and batteries of Armstrong guns now in
a90ne of Queen Christina's ions has just
entered the Military CoMege of St. Cyr. Four
young Tprks, sent from Constantinople by the
Sultan, are also among the latest enrollments
JSVAt Boaford, Mass., a, few days ago, a
man shot a grey eagle whloh measured seven
feet six inches from tip to tip, and weighed
nine and one-half pounds.
esT A Mrs. Jaokson accomplished the feat
of walking eighty miles in eighty eonaeoutive
hours, at Union Hall, in Suuton, Va., last
f0" Cathatine MoGlven, an Irish girl, he l
nwnaauin tA a war aai I In Am frliwa!1nM tf Dmhb.
iyn, N. Y., Stephen B. Doty, for seduotion
uu avur uvu .
3T-There is said to be "many a slip be
tween the cup and tha lip," but it would be
well for some of our young men, and old ones
too, if there were a good many more.
J&T-k Berlin letter states that Lisat, the
celebrated pianist, was latsly in that city, hav
ing been summoned there by the death of nil
ion, a young men of twenty.
BtTMiB Balfe, who, with Mr. and Mr.
Balfe, bin gone to the Russian capital for th
purpose 'of giving oonoerta, i biinging th
subject of the Czar to her feat by her oharm
lug voice.
' jtavTbe Duke of Malakoff haa arrived in
London. Tbe Duke, who traveled incog., wore
on the : voyage across the channel what is
oalled a "wide-awake hat," and was attended
by only one servant. .
! Gshics ahd Stihulirts. In ' announcing
the death of S Quinoey, and referring to the
habits of literary men, tbe New York Jruh
New says: "Opium has a eertain power of
exoiting the imagination J but the fancies so
produced ar too wild and evanescent ever to
be available in literature, . and, instead, of
brightening the Intellect, it only weakens and
oonfuses it, ' The mental powers glow from
the blood, Mad the purer and healthier the
blood, the dearer and stronger is the brain, as
a general thing. What a set of drinkers and
muddler our great geniuses have been -the
bright squadron of the bards especially I ' Hut
liquor was never so debilitating as opium.
Still, it is debilitating enough. It killed
Burns and Byron, and a crowd of others like
them. It was his life-long habit of drinking
that broke down the brain of Sir Walter Scott.
People aid his writings did it. . But double
the amount of suoh work would never injure
a temperate brain. '
Thi Sausiii-makm and thi CouiniAis.
The performances of the Uarriagt Extravagant,
at the Theater at Ronen was interrupted a
short time ago by a succession of dull heavy
blows echoing through tha house. ' As the
cries of "huihl hush!" did not put an end to
the annoyance, the manager was called for.
and it was announced that the noiseproeeeded
from the chopping-maohine of a sausage
maker next door to the theater. ' This expla
nation was received with a general burst of
laughter, and afterward tha play proceeded as
usual, the worthy tradesman having at once
ceased his operation on being informed of
the annoyance whloh they had caused. , .
New Yox Postal AnEAGiKiT-The
average number of letters delivered per quarter
during 1859, at the New York office i 2,400,
000. The average number delivered quarterly ,
by earners is 1,136,000; the number of letter
carriers employed is 00; 'tha umber of letter
eolleotor, 28; the number of United State
mall boxee for the deposit of letters, scattered
throughout the eity, about 600; the number of
sub-poetoffioM, 0: the number of daily deliv
eries between the Battery end Fifth-street
(about tve mils,) ; the number of collections,!,
A PoroLAi Obsakkatiov New Yoix
A number of gentUmen met the other evening
at the Stuben House, in the Bowery, New
York, for the purpose of organizing a Society
of "Fools." The members composing this
foolish society belonged to a German Glee
Club, called the "Oalonla," and It teems all
the members are determined to turn tha "Ca
laoia't into a colony of "Fools" for the ensuing
carnival season. There never ha been a So
eiety of "Fools" In New York before; but there
has been at Cologne for some ' time. The
"Fools" were attired in peeuliar costume,
wearing trl-oolored Fool's'1 caps with bells.
In the rear of the saloon was a tribune erected,
wherf the German tri-oolor, the banner if tha
"Colon la," and the American flag was dis
played. In front of the tribune was a red
pulpit, made out of an empty wine oask, turned
usonjits end, and placed on a block of wood.
Out nf this aaik soma "Ynnl" Ar nthav ail
k$retsd the rest. If every fool is entitled to
membership, tha society would embrace nearly
tbe whole world.
Nino TO SI ill Last or tbi Pnr-ia
Apropos of the Pope, there is, and has been
for years, a ourloua tradition in Italy that
Plus the Ninth would be the last Pope, and,
in illustration of this, I will reseat an anee
dote related to me by a friend of mine. - Sev
eral years ago, in the Pontificate of Gregory
XVI, this gentleman was in the Cathedral
of Siena, looking at the . busts of tbe Popes,
whloh are placed after deaths, in a niche de
voted to that purpose. Two empty nlohes
tben alone remained. ''Why," said my friend,
"there is only room for two more busts,- yon
will have to make some niohes for those of the
futore Pope." "Ob, no, eignore," replied
thecioerone, i'fthey say after these two we
shall never have any more Popes." Gregory's
bust now stands in one of these niches; the
other is, I believe, still empty.
Niw aid InoMion RisoiLitv. An Eng
lishman named Samuel Smith, in New York,
being thrown out of employment as a coaoh
mae, resorted to the following plan to raise
the wind: Glanoing his eyes over tbe papers
he would carefully note the applicants for
positions as housekeepers, chambermaids, and
the like, drop, in at the assigned plaoe for
calling, engage the applioant forthwith, get
her to pack up her effects, accompany him to
a ear depot or steamboat landing, and prepare
to enter upon her duties at onoe as a house
keeper or chambermaid at his residence in a
suburb town. Arrived at the depot or steam
brat landing, as the oaae may be, he would
send the engaged party with a note to some
person doing business, near by, and in the
meantime dodge off with tbe absentee's trunk
and other baggage.
J - saaa " i .' .
Italia Opiba Abtists. The1 oomposition
of the Italian. Opera lOompanie, all Europe
over, is now bcooming ourlously polyglot no
whore more so. than in Berlin. The prim
dofine were Madames Loilni and De Wilnorst,
American ladies; the meszo soprano is M'lle
Artot (Belgian); the tenor, M. Carrlan, is
Spanish; the basso, M. Bremond. is French.
A Freaoh tenor, who, we think, might do good
arvlRA at tha Oranil Anen nf Puli fM
Naudin), bai appeared with great success atJ
uia luaunu vpere. jn. uaiza maraeonai,
whose birthplace is Rio Janerio.is about to
appear, under the auspice of Slgnor Meroa
danta, at the Teatro San CarlorNaples. - Miss
Balfe has gone to Russia, to sing in oonoerts. .
AitasL Wohsh. Angel is one of the most
extravagant words whloh love applies to
woman; and the mad kind of love whioh nses
suoh strong epithet, generally la the soonest
to cool down into a chilling indifference.
Erasmus almost inhumanly says, "The angel
that we have loved with the most amorous
folly, becomes in time an old devil that we
detest." But still the Idea is not to be ridi
culed that tbe fondest, intensest love sees in
its dear object ail the graoes and charms of
angels; and it depends upon the purity and
truth of the one that loves, as muoh as the
one that is loved, to say how long the sweet
religion of the passion shall last.
' Lcckrow Diamonds. A recent letter from
Pari says: By the arrival of the Bombay mail
oame hither a Mr. Amunn, having for sale a
considerable parool of diamonds, some of them
quite extraordinary for size and importance.
He has disposed of a few, the price ranging
from 1,000 to 15,000. An uncut brilliant
or unusual magnitude he hai, refused to cart
with for seven million francs, and stands out
tor ozu,ouo, which ir be can't get in Pari he
carries the gem to Amsterdam or St. Peters
burg. The "diggings" in Lucknow and soma
other favorite .hidden looalitios during tha
mutiny were not unprouuotive."
Thi Orioir or Pianos. The piano-forte,
that favorite parlor instrument, now consid
ered an almost Indispensable artiole in every
family that can purchase it,, was invented by
J. 0. Sohroder, of Dresden, In 1717. The
square piano was made first by Frederloa, an
organ builder of Saxony, about 1758. ' Piano
fortes were made in London by M. Zempio, a
German, in 1780. The manufacture of this
instrument was commenced in this country
sinoe the opening of the present century. .
Slavs La bob im tbi Sosth. It is a com
mon practice for tbe planters at the South, by
way of rewarding the industry of their slaves,
to parcel off to them small portions of land on
their plantations, and give them (the slaves)
the privilege of cultivating these grounds,
after they have performed a reasonable day's
work for their masters, who, in many eases,
purchase from, them their little crops at the
market prises.
Piioociocs Giribs. Charles , the Twelfth
translated Qulntius .Curtis at eight years of
age. Montaigne was taught Latin In his
nurse's arms; it was the first language which
he spoke. Barretier was master of live lan
guages at the age of nine years. When Cato
was but fourteen years of age, he was in
Scylla's house a witness of his tyrannies.
"Give me a sword," said he, "and I will kill
him. I am not afraid of him." r
DirrsMios Bitwsih Shall ahd Will.
Paragraphia! should remember that there is
a difference between shall and will. For ex
ample: A Frenchman tumbled overboard, and
sung out, i'l will drown, and nobody ihall help
me." The sailors told him. "Drown and be
d d." Had he said, "I shall drown, and
nobody will balp me," they would have taved
' Chsaf Wash Bath. Our Dan says that
whenever he wants a hot bath, and hasn't the
money to pay for it, he has. only to tell his
girl that he has made up his mind to select
another sweetheart, and he is in hot water
directly. . -.i .- w : . .. .-.- -.
Volvitsiis ir ERQLAMn. The volunteer
movement in England continue with unabated
energy, and it is estimated that the total num
ber of riflemen has reached 100,000. of whom
a large proportion have attained great skill.
Th Stamp Dorr. Sinoe the alteration la tbe
newspaper ttamn duty, no let than 411 penny
fiublioationt have been brought into existenoe
n the United Kingdom, of whioh 872 have
aireeay oeooma extinot. ; . , . . ..
Paiiriu in Bai Fbarohoo. There are
said to be now in San Franelsoo 180 praotioal
Srinters, of whom 76 are regular hands on the
ally papers. Most f the balanee are In book
and job offices. . . . j ,,.; -..
. A 8 boo ii n Dubl Bttwiir tbi Fiirob Nobli
bir. The Marquis de Gallifet, who fought
tha duel 'with the Count Laurlston, because
the latter looked too much at his newly-married
wife at tha opora, thinking that the blow
in the face whioh the Count gave him had not
been sufficiently atoned for by the sword thrust
Whioh he received through his own shoulder,
has just had another fight with bis adversary.
Th weather being too cold to permit the gen
tlemen to remain in the open air with Their
breasts unoovered, the duel took place in a
oarpenter's shop, hired and expressly eleaned
ost for the oocasion. M. de Laurlston was
slightly wonnded in the hand, and Marquis
Gallifet more severely in the hip. Theseoonds
declared that "honor was satisfied," and the
principals thereupon shook hands, and mu
tually expressed regrets at the eausee whloh
lod to the difficulty, Lauriston leading off in
tbe acknowledgements. :
' A Giil Uroorsoiocslt Wsds thi Rival or
HisLovib A German girl in Ottowa County,
Ohio, was to be married on a certain evening;
her aoeepted lover had a rival who, early on
the appointed evening, accompanied by some
friends, went to the girl's residence, told her
that her affianoed awaited her at Port Clinton
to be married. She went with them, wine
was prooured and drugged whioh she drank
and became intoxioated, when a license and a
magistrate oame in and the kidnapping lover
was married to the girl, asd took her home.
The unwilling bride oame fully to her senses
in the morning, fled from her foroed husband
to the house of a friend, where her' aoeepted
lover found her. Application baa been made
for a divorce, and meanwhile the two real
lovers must postpone matrimony.
' A Clbvbb Political Hit. Th follow iog
story Is told at Washington of the Bon. Thad
deus Stevens, of Pennsylvania) At the time
when several of tbe Anti-Leoompton men
voted for Mr. Gilmer, of North Carolina, one of
tbe prominent Southern Democrats approached
Mr.. Stephens, saying he was vary much as
tonished that these men should vote for Mr.
Gilmer, who owned nearly a "hundred head
of niggers" "Does he?" said Mr. S., "then
I think I shall vote for him myself, for It is
ynur little one-headed nigger men who make
all the trouble.'? .
Stbaroi Irbqoalitt or Ponibbhikt.
There is a person in the Massachusetts State
Piison under a sentence of fourteen years'
imprisonment for petty larceny, and at other
for tan years, for the same offense. These
fearful sentences were inflioted by oourts to
appease local excitements! In the eame prison
is a man sentenced for eighteen montns for
bigamy, in suooessively marrying and desert
ing four respectable young women, under no
extenuating olroumstances. Tbey seem ex
perimenting in Massachusetts in estrange way.
A MoRiricxN? Dbdrkabd. Recontly a
drover, Influenced by liquor, astonished the
Sassengera about the Ohio and Mississippi
.ailroad Depot, St. Louis, by scattering $1,600
in bank bills about the platform, as freely as
if they had been handbills or. advertising
cards. The . money was gathered, and he was
prevailed upon to receive it back.
Dbith of A Vibqiru Patbiot The Rich
mond nqirr mentions the death, while on a
visit to the South, of Gen. John H. Cooke, of
.c iuvanna uouniy a gentleman of great be
nevolenoe and public spirit, always foremost
in wnatever seemed nenenoial to tbe State.
Uen. uooKa was an tmoient officer in the war
of 1812. . .
A Rival IIobss-Tamsb. Mr. Barnett, a
very eminent riding master in Sc. John's
Wood, London, has entered the lists with Mr.
Rarey, and undertakes to prove that tbe
American system of horse-taming is neither
new nor true, nut naa been tried and had
failed long before Mr. Rarey thought of adopt
ing it.
i Valfabli Naw Ysab Pbksihts. A wealthy
cuizen oi uunaio, a. x., pertormea tne cere
mony of giving New Year presents in a peoul
larly handsome manner. Each of his four
ehildren received $5,000, and several other
friends began the new year with significant
pieces oi nans paper in weir respective
Thbib Owh Fault. Men write and talk
about tbe selfishness of women in ears: women
complain of the rudeness and impoliteness of
tne men, ana ootn nave reason; yet tne oom
plaints are only areflex of themselves. Reallv
polite, unselfish men and women rarely meet
I Evarssoirt Cbidit. A boy at'a crossing
naving oeggea sometning oi a gentleman, tne
laiier toia mm cnat ne would give mm some
thing as he oame back. The boy replied:
"Your honor would be surprised if you knew
how muoh money I have lost by giving credit
that way."
! Railroads ir Ohio. The total length of
rauroaas in unto is lour inousand and eighty
four miles, of which three thousand and eight
miles are completed at a cost for roada and
equipments of one hundred and twenty-eight
ouiuuns oi aoiurs.
i Stsak as a Fibs Akhirilator. Steam has
been used to extinguish fires in workshops in
several lnstanoes lately, In France. A flexible
steampipe is suggested as a cheap and effica
oious precaution in workshops where steam is
used, it ..... j- .
t ,
j Extbaoboirabt Fiat. A Connecticut chap
announoe that next spring he intends to eroS
the Sbetucket on a rope with two men hang
ing to his hairone on each side. He is now
busy, day and night, letting his hair grow for
that purpose. 1
Show ir thi Sooth. Our Mississippi ex
changes ohronicle the fall of a considerable
amount of now. The whole State seem to
have been ecvered with it to the depth of
seven Inches, as far South as the latitude of
A Fbozbh Flist The Norfolk, (Va.) Argm
learn from a gent'enian who passed along tbe
Dismal Swamp Canal a day or two ago, that
there were fifteen schooners, bound to North
Carolina, about half way up and in olose
proximity, and all frozen in fast.
Shall Statpbi asd Farb. Famous people
are not . always large. The bight of Queen
Victoria is about five feet one Inohv .Napoleon
is about five feet seven inches. Tbe Duke of
Wellington, at Waterloo, waa about five feet
eight and a half inohes in hlght. '
SOIOIOS rlOK PlRAROIAL Ehbabusshiht.
Capt Petrie, who had been engaged in the
alt business In Syracuse, N. Y., met with re
verses and committed suicide recently at
Canastota, by hanging himself. Pecuniary
difficulties was the cause of the rash act. . ,
"' FiSs-SoiiJBM ii Viioiria. The Richmond
papers say that Alfred Caldwell, the Free
Boilerwho represent th Wheeling Diitriot
In th Virginia Senate, is not a native of
Virginia, and that he has been a commercial
agent or spy for Northern merchants.
Dim or ah Exobllsrt Aitiit. Thome
Officer, said to be one of the best portrait
painter, and tha beat painter on ivory in th
united States, died recently in tbe Hospital
of the Sister et Maroy, San Franolsco.
Two Days Later from Europe.
Sackvilli; January IS. Tha steamer Eu
ropa, with dates from Liverpool to the Slst,
via ljueenstown, arrived at Halifax yesterday
morning. The line not being in working
order, the news had to be expressed to this
place, but owing to the express rider waiting
tome hours at Halifax, im the hope that the
wires mignt resume operation, he did not ar
rive till foar o'clock this morning. The news
is of considerable interest.
The steamer Jura for New York, direet.
was to leave Liverpool at about the same honr
as tne uropa.
The steamer Edinbwg from New York ar
rived at Liverpool on the morning of the 20th.
The steamer Fulton from New York arrived
at Southampton on the morning of the 80th.
The royal mail steamer Penia from New
York arrived at Liverpool on the Slst.
The date for the meeting of tha European
Congress seems as vet doubtful.
It was vaguely reported that Austria, Spain
aou n spies win not send plenipotentiaries un
its the Pope is represented, regarding whioh
aou nis nave Deen started, i
Russia reieots the programme advocated in
tue recent Jfrenon pamphlet, "rope and don
It was rumored that there were serious diffi
culties in the French Cabinet. The rumored
threatened withdrawal of the Pope's Nuncio is
omaiany denied.
Lord Hacauley died in London on the 28th,
of a disease of tbe heart, after a fortnights
A row-boat had oapsised in the Mersey at
Liverpool, and twenty-two lives were lost.
The Paris Bourse had fallen 1 per cent., but
the decline was partially reoovered and tbe
rents closed on tbe sotn, our. 20o.
! Commercial Intelligence.
Livbbpool. Jan. 80. The Brokers' circulars
report tbe sales of the week (five business days) 46,030
oaies, oi wuicn speculator loot 0,000, aoa exporters
4,000 bales. Tbe market waa irregular, and prices
closed easier, though Quotations were without
initurlal change, and holders offered freely, but did
not press sales. The sales of Friday ware 8,000 bales,
Including 3,0 bales on speculation and for export.
Ibe market closed firm but ouiet. .
Breadsluffs Bit burdsou, e pence A Co. report Flour
uuu, uui sieauy as zda.(apys. per Dri.ior American.
Wheat steady and firms red 9a.sd 10.ld.: white
5.9d. f&lls. Sd. ner cental, (lorn dull: vnllow Sla.i2A.12a.
Provisions BUIand A Co., BIchardBon, tjpanca A
Co., and James McHenry report beef sinady, holder
ofloring their stocks freely, but not pressing sales.
Pork dull for old; sales new Eastern mess at 80s.
uacon quiet, uara uuu out sieauy. u allow untel
Butcher1 46.
Brokers' circulars report ashea qnlet at 27c. for
Ki'tt. and 28o forroarl. Husar buoyant at 618d.
hlKber. Oollee buoyant iu extreme nrlcea. Kice
steady. Linseed ndvul' . (2t; i'ifh Oil slow of
Hiie, Dnt mem unaltered Jiesln nrm lor common
at in M.mu.ta. oilier aorta dull, Mrll Tarpon
tine steady at 84s. Tea unchanged.
London, December SC. Baring's Circular report
BreadntulTs quiet buteteady; Corn Son; Iron A 19
for botb rail and bar; Sugar Ad hlghi', tending up
ward; Coffee firm at lsls 5d higher on some descrip-
biuiiB, leaa, common liongou ledaQttvi; spirit xur
PontlneutrMs; Tallow steady at 67s, fish Oils quiet!
Linseed Oil 37s 3d376d.
London, December 30. Honey market (lightly
more stringent, under an active demand Bullion In
tbe Bsuk baa decreased 181,000. Consols oloaed on
vriu&y atwnigw, ex-uiv.
Baring Bros, quote liar silver 5 2s.; Mexican dol
lars As M.: Amerlcua eagles As 3Xjd.
Liviifool, January 1. Cottou yesterday elosed
Arm; sale were 8,01)0 bales, of whloh t,- pci',1 V.or and
exporters took 1,600 bales.
Other market unchanged. 1 ' '
The Lawrence Disaster.
LiWBgHCB, January IS P. M. The bodv
of L. F. Brades was found to-day, and the
four other bodies previously reoovered were
identified as those of Margaret and Catharine
Harringer, Ellen A, Hern and J. Thomas.
Services appropriate to the oceocaiion were
held in all the ob.urch.es of this city this morn
ing. Tha work on the ruins is suspended to
night. The Mayor of Lawrence has Issued
tne roiiowmg:
"In view of the great calamity which has
fallen from a cloudless sky like a thunderbolt,
crushing it with a weight of misery which no
earthly power oan raise, shrouding with a oloud
oi angaisn wmou no numan nana oan aispei,
binding it in chains of woe whioh despair oan
not break, I recommend, and earnestly be
seeoh, that on Tuesday next, all the residents
of Lawrenoe abstain from their avocations and
labors; that they set apart that day as one of
prayer; tost they then get In their respective
plaoes of worship, to Join in those religious
ceremonies whioh the oooaslon demands, and
there pnblioly ask of God that He would tem
per our aflliotion with mercy; that He would
restore to health those now languishing in
pain and suffering; that He would provide
with a Father's care for the orphan and widow;
that He would uomfort and support those he
ron oi nusoana and wile, parents and chil
dren; that He would fo order this signal de
struction of life and property as that good may
come out of our great evil, and that our ex
perience may teach wisdom throughout the
iana. (Bigneaj
B. SAUNDERS, Mayor."
The Duok Mills, located near the ruins of
the remberton, has stopped work; the opera
tives refusing to continue labor till the build
ing has been thoroughly examined as to its
Boston, January 16. The Lawrenoe trag
edy was alluded to in many of our churohee
At the meeting of the Printers' Union last
evening $100 was subsoribed for the sufferers.
Woiosstsr, January 15. A large number
of our citizens met at the City Hall this even
ing tor tne purpose ot aUordmg substantial
relief for the sufferers in the Lawrence calam
ity. The meeting was presided ever by Mayor
nice. Appropriate remains were made by
several gentlemen, and a committee to receive
such sums as may be offered, was appointed.
consisting cf the following gentlemen: Mayor
nice, siepuen r-aii imrv, xaaao Davis, A. it.
Balmerell and Ira h. karton.
From New York.
Yohk, January 10. Rumor respect
ing tbe Insecurity of the new State Arsenal,
in Seventh-avenue, have gained suoh force
that many of the soldiers refuse to attend the
State drill there. It is said some of the Life
insurance Companies threaten to cancel tbe
policies th-y hold on the' lives of those who
may attend these drills. Tbe building fell
from its own weight, several months ago,
while In process of erection.
From Buffalo.
BnryiLO. January 10. Joseph Boeardei
lately arrested at Paris, C. W., for passing
counterfeit bill on the Philadelphia Bank, of
Philadelphia, and on a St. Louis banker, was
tried at Brentford, before Judge Mathews.
and ordered to be delivered to the United
States authorities, ' under the Ashburton
Treaty. .
LflOH-OOLTCRg. M'lle de Huffienx baa
made an experiment in the artificial proroga
tion of leeohes on twenty acres of marsh, in
the department of l'Aln, whloh has been re
markably successful. Tbe orop of 1858 num
bers millions. But In order to succeed, the
oung leeohc have to be fed on live horses,
'he horse is hardly driven in before the water
all about him is blaok with leeches. . They
cover his legs in an Instant, and nothing oan
shake him off until they are gorged.
Lataa Sum Libsaet. Th Library of the
State of Pennsylvania contains twenty-two
thousand volumes. This is next in number
to the library of New York, which has the
largest number of volumes of any State library
lathe eonntry. ' ' - '
1 . TERM8-CA$H. .' , ; : 3
AiiVata4lBAwa.aw.es. . I - - alaa t(.U a j. aM
line lusrUen. Jt
'"vuivm HWI VAUVSMIUBJ UT tlUW mssew
I One week.
eji AO
Two n . 1
I One montkw..
Larger advertisements Inserted at the following ratea
. for square of ten line or leas :
On Insertion.,
tach additional..
lTaree week.,,
Una wsex.,..
I uu nouin.
Job Printing
In all It braache don with naatneaa aal disyatoh.
ii' i!f vf-af i
Coal CdokiiigiStove!
Has been pronounced by competent Jndgea to be tha v
j Patented Dee. I, . 858. '
-, tot sale by the Inventor and Maaataeturara,
No. 333 Fourtli-streeCincInnoVtiJ
We reapeotfully refer to th following oertlBoatea '
for evldenoe of th above I
for ote month I have been oalog tbe Alligator
Uoal Cooking Stove, itg, superior oooklng aualities,
combined with It eleabuneaa. moat eventually eeoure
to the owner a lara-e share af nubile natronue,
l have been using one Q
"l.Adame Peck-
over's AlliaatorGoi
months, which '
inect. and I can
gives entire satisfaction A
cheerfully recommend it' to,
a annerlor nook stove. :
ho are in want of
For the last rear I have been using the Alligator
Goal Oooklng Stove, manufactured by Heawa. Adania
Jt 1'eckover, which 1 consider a superior stove, and
give the utmost satisfaction. It la tba only saova 1
nave found that oooka perfectly with coal,
For aome time past I have been naingoneof llsasr.
Adams A Peckovor's Alligator Goal Oooklng Stove,
and can recommend them aa beluga superior stove,
giving entire satisfaction in every respect.
JOS. BUBHHEIiL, Uoal Merchant,
I cheerfully indorse the above.
. a. iiKAvriT.
Manufactory, Covington, Ky. "
Ne. 90 East CoUmblacret.. . , ,,, . , . , ;
IvJL trade at the most reasonable prioe and es th .
most aooommodating terms with ,
For Oil, Fluid or Coal Oil,
H. BWonee's Improved Lam pa and Burner fr . .
sale by our agent, J. 8ELLKKS, Oovington, Ky.
. . ' . . t ....
Heldlat Zaneavllle, Oeteber, 1839.
' ' (-, ' :l, " .
No. 51 and 53 Vinc-sl.v
(Second door Below Columbia,)! '
: (noOcml . -
pump company;
J TH1BD-8TBEKT, Cincinnati, Ohio, are manu
factoring largely, Palmer's colebrawti Hydraulin v
Koroe and lift Pump. Also, his Portable Steam ,
Kngines. All those who are abont to pnrchaae
PUIPS for Tanaerimi, Brewerlea, Illatll
lerlna, Dry Uocka. Fnper ffllll Itallread
itatlous, rflinef VVreoklna; furpeae, or, in
fact, for any purpose where a pump is needed, will
Audit to their advantage to call' and aeo the work
ing of these valuable inventions, or address the
PALMES PtJMPOOHPART fore drenlar, which
will furnish the names of many who hare used these
rumps with perfect satlfaotlon. do3ldm
' '('
TALLIO BOOriMO" I offered to the pobllo
as the beet and oh aa peat Metal Hoof now used, Ha
mrlt tested by an eiperlenoe of year In tbi city ;
and vlolnlty. A pplied to flat or steep, old or new '
bnildlng. No solder used faatened securely with-' '
eutexpoaureto the action of the element. .
' Pre Bared aheeta. boxed for shiftmen- in anv aart nff
the United State, can be applied by any one with.,
Ordinary meohanloal (kill. Orders promptly filled.
I ris-tf
IU West Seoond street.
Holiday Presents.
Blaune and China Figaros, Fancy Inkataao
Vases, Jewel and Match-boxes, Fancy Shaving aal '
Work-boxes, and other Fanoy Ooods too numerous. 1
to mention, suitable for the Holidays, which I wilt
sell cheaper than any other establishment In the
city. - . HKNRy DAVID,
No. 378 Main-street, between Sixth and Seventh.
N. B. Also anew lot of fncruBoap, Perfumery, ,
B-trapta. Ac. ia
Plaintiff, v O. W. Adam. 1 Before O. F. Ran
aelmann, a Joaticaof th Peace of Cincinnati Town
ship, Hamilton County, Ohio. Un the 30th day of
December, 1859, aald Justice issued an eider of at
tachment In the above action, for the sum of It I SC.
and garnishee proceea served on the Cincinnati,
Wilmington and Zaneavllle Railroad Company, ana
said caase I let for hearing, before said Justice, oa
tbe inh day of February, lSeO, at s o'clock , A M.
. - EM7.a mivnsa
Dated, December 19, 184. ' ' ' ia4-eow :
B. Bloat A Co'. Family Sewing Machine ha
been removed to No. 80 west Fonrth-MrMtt ev
La Boutelller. (jaeam) B. B.OOQg, Agent,
J !' BHTLEBS:.''-'i-fro,r..
Excelsior Fluid Inks.
IMannfactory. Vine 8y M
No. 48 POtirU-STJUET,.w
d"tf tODSOg BDJIiWItfli
Boots Sfte !
-SL and sqperlor stock of Boota.tlb.oe and Sllroan.
which for extent and variety Wflot surpaned wwjto I
Aew Fork. My Prioea are raaabnablt; fvM a belli
ai ,, ioOjT H, SIJIHJVaAFawrU,
.. ' "i 1 hna la'.-erf tn9 e sir i-v
n.V 'MJ

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