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' I rsblif Mi daily, ( Baadart "!,) br
' , PB0PB1MOB.
If IOI 10. 14 Wilt Ittll IT1I1T.
TBI PKDKI PBIflSIs deUveredtosirorlbers la
UUMiwMtl.OotDttonMidHnrfort, udrar- -rotmdlnf
dtta and towns, at tta x
.: tremely low price of ,
raiessor suimm: 1 .
Blut la copies k.t 1 month Me.; I months! 1; 1 year H.
' " . i
Joai A. Hum, J a.,,. .Bole Lama ana Imhw,
Lastnlfhtsof . .l i
MIu Ellia Logan,
The graateet AotreM of the present day, who. after
thin engagement, bldi farewell to ttae Oinolnnell
THI8 SVKNINO, Jaonarr 18, will be presented
the beautiful five-act p lay called
Pauline... .., Mi Loean.
Claude Meluotte. ..,,,.,, .,,,, Jlr, Langdon.
Mona. B0aoaeanl...M...M.MMM.HM..MM.. Mr. Hall.
Colonel DumM..MM.M..MMMMH..MiMMmM....Hr. Bllsler.
Mona Gl tTilHHiMM.H... .ih.hw h... Mr, Brad,
Had. Dccbapellei.,..................Mr. Gilbert.
Widow Melnotte ........................ .....11 in Irving.
To conclude with the celebrated and nisat beautiful
UlauiB uflkueu - ,
Michael irle...........,................,...ilr. Langdon.
Philip D'Artlll...............- Mr. Lord
Julia Sprlrjg.. .,......... ....., .Mini Senbam.
In consequence of the dailp applicative for the
hiitorlcal play of "Tousialut L'Overture i Or, The
Insurrection of Hajtl," the manager will forthwith
make the necessary efforts for IU early and brilliant
aMTDoora open at eX; Ourtaln Tliea at 7H o'clock,
Pbicrs or AoHuaioM Dress 01 role and Pamnette,
H) cents; Gallery, Moenta.
8. M. Pike...
, Proprietor.
.Stage Director.
V. B.Conway..
, jr. cterDert .mm...,, ..M....
Pint night of thoae celebrated favorite, j t 1
Mr. and Mrs. VV. i, Florence.
THIS KTBNING, January 18, will be presented
the comlo drama, written by the lata Tyrone Power,
called i
Faudeen Q'Ba(Terty......... Mr. Florence.
To eonoliide with tha celebrated Protean drama, in
one act, called
fanny Tattle, Madame Klllota, Mad-
ame Julie, Hezekiab Blocum, Molly
Leaf, Torn Taflrall Mr. Florence.
Fred O'llleary , ... Mr. Florence.
ave A Grand Spectacular Drama la in active prep
aration, witb new acenery, draaaeu, effects, Ac, and
sustained by the entire strength of the oempaoy.
Pbich ot Admission. Farquette Circle, Parunetta
and Balcony, DOeenta; Amphitheater, 29 cent;
Private Bozos for eight persons, is.
Door open at dH o'clock ; commence at 7M.
John Bte.M
..Proprietor and Manager
-..m...... treasurer
ALTiaATioa or TiM.-Door open ! before 7;
Ourtaln riae at paat 7, preciiely.
Come One I Come ALL I and ee the Grand
THIS EVENING, January II, and every evening
during tbe week, to commence with a new farce, in
which tbe whole Company will appear, and conclude
with the glorlou Pantomime of .'.
Ob, Tbi Goon Faiby TunaPHisT Ovn tbi'Di
xoh or Diaoocu).
NOTICE. Tradesman and other are cautioned
againat furnlahing any article for the theater with
out a written order, signed by the Manager.
Theater, 1 now open for the reception of guests.
Boom can be obtained by the day or week, and
meal i furnished at all hours
!'sW THIS DAY, January , li, and' IVEBY
VNnmuaunng meweeK.
Door ooen at 7 o'clock.
The Profeaior appear at
a H to 8, precisely.
and Miaa GEYEB reapectfally inform the cit
izens of Cincinnati that they now receive pu
Bila for instruction In all fashionable Dance.
l)&va of School, fiaturdara and Wedneaflara for
Ladies. Mlseea and MasKim, from 2toSF. M. Genta'
Claaa, from 8 to 10 in the evening. All Quadrille
tanght without calling. ja6bw
R. AND. M It 8, SHANK9'S
1DH1 miWVA
mm. second tsbm. 'm
National Hall( Vlne-ntreet, .
The lesson are so arranged that
eoinmenm a.t any time.
Inner can
Arranged for' Pli)no, by PROF. SQUIRE. With a
beaiitilul Lithograph of the New Masonic Bnlldlng.
Just publiihed by JOHN OHD BOH. JR.,
. de31 fia West Fonrlh-stroet.
-i.vJL thai ever. Great sacrifice of
riano, Melodeona, violoncellos,
Violins, Guitars, Banjo Htrloga.Trlm
minas. Ac. during the Holidays.
tielllna at 100 ner cent, leaa than anv
other Bouse intbiscity, and flrst-claa instruments
at that. Do not bur an Instrument until von have
called at No. 227 Flftb-atreet, second door east of
riuni, omn nae. uumiKH bbo.,
Piano Maker, and Dealer in. Firat-claas Instrn
. ment. . deiltf
I. & B. BRUCE.
Street ttnllroad Car and Omnlbu lIaou
WW keen on hand a sunnlr of HTBEET BA1L-
BOAD UABS and Omniboaea, which we will war
rant equal In style, flnisti and durability, and at a
low price, aa any made in the country.
' ; OMoa Corner of Third and Vine-atreet. jaMtf
Feathere and Winter Millinery,!; j
very description, which I am selling at a m'i
. aao on Mew York prlcea, wholesale and retail. ',
i WEBB, Jr
'' o4 ' ' 134 Flfth-atraet, bet Base and Elm. :
109 Malnnitreet, three ieari akwre Third,
DKB all k nds gf Bora Trapping, in the beat
and most substantial manner. Alio, a large assort,
ment of Horse Blank eta. Whips, Carpet ana Leather
Bag. Bridle Bit. Buffalo Uobel, Valise (the real
sole-leather), Mail Trmk, Uponge, and a large aa-
tornnem ooiongingto- tan line, i wiu mihiow
I lb I
id lowest.
' DOlt-ay
M.JmW Morocoo-heoled Boots;
lMutrtWnof Children Fancy. htelad Boot; '
, JMnpaln of Women' Fagged Goat Boot, enatoffl.
. made, et7oentepair. .. , ,. ,'
1nstorandforalby; ; ,' . "" -:
. - - K Puarl-stre
t. . . . . , tviT mum.
i, oani SDSDIWSI ' . w'uia.o
No. 81 ant S21 Maln-atreet.
3 IBCr at V ' "' ' '' ' OOLTEB'8
)' si i n Nit.laiayi,Maln-treat.
wu a in o
Kra Mismafkf iitainlraet.
. Mmi-l '0, i o;V 2M.n Maisustrtat.
tl'ta t
: -34- -f . ,.t 1. -,-t- . - ,
VOL. 2. NO. 129.
Littli Nkasil. Bight Xxpresa, 81OO 4. .; Aceom
modatioth, 1:46 r. u.; Day Bxpreaa, :3ft r. si.
UDiAHAroui AXD OiaoiKHATi. 11:16 A. .; B-.40 r.
M.; 1:40 A. if.
Ohio ajid MisBiMim. 8:24 a. u.t UM A. a.t 10:11
CmoiaaiTi, Hamixtoh and Datto. 7:48 A. .; 11:08
a. .; 12:23 r. m.j (,-ja r. a.; 8:80 r. a.
MsBicrrA and Cincinnati. 11:20 A. M.j :S1 r. a.
Biohmoid aad Inuiamapoli. 12:60 a.; 6:46 r. a.
TjITtlr Mum. Day Express, 10:00 a. a.; Aooom
modatlon, 4:40 r. ft.; N Ight Express, 11:10 r. a. -
Indianapoli and Cincinnati. :60 a. a.; 12:40 r.
a.; 7;IA p. a.
Ohio and Mississippi. 7:20 a.m.; 2:00 p.m.; 7:80 r. a.
Cincinnati, HaaiLTOi and Dayton. e:00 a. a.; 7:30
a. m.; 10:00 a.m.; 11:40 r. a.; 6:30 r. m ; 11:30 r. a.
MiniKTTA and Oinoinnati.-0:40 a. a.; 8:4ci p. M.
Richmond and IkdianaFolu. :00 a. a.; 3:40 p. a.
p9"Tma laborer wore killed on the Cleve
land and Pittsburg RaUroad, Dear Manchester,
a day or two sinoe.
- arThe purest metal Is produced from the
hottest fnrnaoe, and tbe brightest thunderbolt
from the darkest storm.
BA sale of fourteen slaves was made In
Petersburg, Va., tbe other day, including
men, women and children, for $16,675. .
Sa"The Qoeen has been pleased to grant a
pension on the civil list, of 125 a year, to the
sisters of the late Dr. Lardner, whose contri
bution to soienoe are so well known. '
gfMr. William Howitt has undertaken
to write a 'continuation Of CantlVt Illmtrated
Eutory of England, from the accession of
George III to the present time.
"Mr. Nswby, of London, has decided
that it Is better, "under existing circum
stances," not to publish Adam Bede, Junior, a
Sequel. ,.
"Bryantgaysthat "the groves were God's
first temples." A good many romantia young
lovers unquestionably find them delightful
meeting-houses, ; , . , - . . ,
fit S. H. Glass, editor of the Lynohburg
(Va.) Republican, was recently held to bail la
tbe sum of $500 for assaulting C. W. Button,
oneot the editors of the Ftrtman. ,
fS9A Southern exchange is under the Im
pression that if a genuine Tankee were to
meet Death on a pale horse' he would banter
bim to swap nogs.
Alexander Grimes, for upward of half
a century a citizen of Dayton, died there re
cently, in his sixty -ninth year, of an attack of
paralysis. . t a
&fAt Ex-Governor Wise, of Virginia, has
returned to the p ractioo of the law, rhetorical
sky-rockets may be exptcted in a very short
time from he great "Wbat-an-ass-a'm I."
The New York Timet very justly re
marks that most conversions npw-a-days are
not to holiness, but to a refined worldliness.
Hence the millions so uselessly squandered on
ohurch architecture, "
pSk maTiied couple named De Graff, liv
ing at Albany, N. Y., separated recently, on
account of jealousy, by mutual oonsest, tbe
mother taking one child and the father the
FThe quantity of cotton in presses and
warehouses In New Orleans, at last accounts,
was four hundred thousand Dales. Tbeextent
of sugar yield appears to be settling down on
two hundred thousand hogsheads.
p8 MIbs Louisa Pjne was suddenly at
tacked with a violent fit of hysteria, brought
on by over exertion, on the night of the loth
ult., and was prevented from appearing at the
Royal English Opera.
In Crookett, Texas, about a week ago,
a merchant, Dr. Stell, of Leon County, shot
Mr. R. Herndon, and Dr. Stell was in turn
shot by Mr. Dickson, a olerk In the employ of
Mr. Herndon.
Sst- Mr. Martin Shiva Dowber, a Roman
Catholic in Ireland, has followed the example
set by several of 18 co-religionists, and re
fuses to sign a requisition for a meeting to
express sympathy with the Fops.
Tbi IoaMi, Biautt op Ahibioam Artists
and thi Old Mastibj. A writer in the New
York Independent has the following:
Our American artists oonoeive a different
ideal beauty from the ancients, or even the
Continental artists, comparatively modern
such as Raphael,. Titian, Tintoretto and others
ootemporaneous.' It ha more of the spirit
uelle, though I will not say less of physioal
beauty. More of the Intellectual, but not at
the expense of the' emotional. I do not say
that they express their ideal as well, or em
body it in a form as perfect. But I think I
basard little in saying it is a higher ideal of
woman than Tintoretto or Titian or even Ra
phael seemed to possess, judging from their
works a higher ideal even than is expressed
in the physical perfeoticn of the Venus de
Medici. It was a natural consequence that
artists, living at a time when the intellectual
oharaoter of women was depreciated, should
bo influenced by the prevailing sentiment,
and so conceive of highest beauty as consist
ing in external form. The American artist,
while he does by no means contemn physical
perfection, . yet sympathising with a nobler
publio sentiment, which I trust pervades our
entire people, oonoeives an ideal of female
beauty where perfection of form is united with,
and secondary to, purity of heart and nobility
of soul. Such ideals, while they are just
toward woman, at the same time do ber honor.
And such, conceptions, embodied in artistic
forms, make painting and sculpture strong
auxiliaries to virtue. -
Chaross or Litbbabt Immortality. The
tables of literary mortality show the follow
ing appalling facts InTegard to the ohances of
an author to secure lastingfame. - Out of 1,000
published books, 800 never pay the oost of
printing, Ac, 200 just pay expenses; 100 re
turn a slight profit, and only 100 show a sub-1
stantial gain. Of these 1,000 books, (50 ar
forgotten by the end of the year, and 150 more
at tbe end of three years: only 60 survive
seven year's publicity. Of the 60,000 publi
cations put forth in the seventeenth oentury,'
hardly more than 60 have a great reputa
tion and are reprinted. Of the 80,000 works
published in the eighteenth century, posterity
ha hardly preserved more than wen rescued
from oblivion in the seventeenth eenturyj
Men have been writing books these 8,000
years, and there are hardly more than 600
writers throughout the globe who have sur4
vlved the outrages of time and the forgetful,
nessof man. I
, , ,
OAkDiBAL Wisimas. Intelligence has just
reached London that His Eminence Cardinal
Wlsaman has just arrived in safety at Rome,
and has been favored with an Interview with
the Pope. The illness of the Cardinal, al
though of a serious oharaoter, Is not, in the
opinion of his physicians, confirmed; still it is
not at all unlikely that he will make the Eter
nal City Ms residence for the future. ;
Tn Statb Editorial Covmtio. John
Hudson, Esq., the Superintendent of the
Sanduky, Dayton and Cincinnati Railroad,
will give orders to conductor to pass frn on
that road all editors desiring to attend the
Editorial Convention at Tiffin, on tbe 18th
and lth lost. Papers are desired Moopy. I
into.., i .irf. .ii at J
Mobmor Advioi to Comflaiiuho Wives.
The following advloe to wives who are In
clined to complain of their husband is given
by Brlgham Young, in a sermon lately deliv
ered at Salt Lake City: '
I will here make a few remarks wbloh I
think will check some of the complaints from
women about their husbands. I acknowledge
that many women know much more than their
husbands, and for this reason the faith and
confidence in them droop; they do not seek to
uphold them In the dignity of their position
and calling. And again, may be the husband
does not magnify his priesthood, follow dili
gently the duties of his calling, and inorease
in the faith of the gospel, as it is bis privilege
to do. He should be the head ot the wife, all
the day long. I will venture to say a little
more upon tbl point. I like to see people
consistent with the wisdom they profess to
have. Were I a woman possessed of great
powers of mind, filled with wisdom, and, upon
the whole, a magnanimous woman, and been
privileged with my choice, and bad married a
man and found myself deceived, he not an
swering my expectations, and I being sorry
that I had made suoh a choice, let me show
my wisdom by not complaining about it. A
woman's wisdom and judgment has failed her
once in the choloe of a Husband, and it may
again, if she is not very careful. By seeking
to cast off her husband, by withdrawing her
confidence and good will from him, she oasts a
dark shade upon his path, when, by pursuing
a proper course of love, obedience, and en
ciurasement, he might attain to that perfec
tion she had anticipated in him. When the
enemy once gets advantage over you, he is
very apt to improve upon it, and to gain a
greater when he has another opportunity.
A Gssdini Mibiiaid in Japam, A corre
spondent in Japan says he has seen a verita
ble mermaid, at least it is so ingeniously put
together that no eye can see the joint. Ho
gives this description of the invention, Id
which it does not appear dangerously seduc
tive by reason of Its beauty: , ,
This animal, it is said, consists of a head,
in shape, size, formation of the eyes and nose,
number, form and position of the teeth, like a
monkey's; of a long, slender neck; of a chest,
having a sternum and several distinct pairs of
ribs. It has long, ape-like arms, terminating
in five fingers, of which the middle one is the
longest and largest On the: head and body,
above the fishy portion, are here and there
spots of fur remaining, like the fur of a mon
key in length and texture, of a browb oolor.
The closest scrutiny that can be given fail to
reveal any traces of the union of tbe animal
and fishy part. Physiologists say that suoh
a union Is impossible; and of the medical and
Other experts, who have examined this mon
ster, some, baffled to discover by eyesight, any
deception, simply rest on this dictum, and
others 1 admit that nothing but a dis
section ean really settle whether this be a most
ingenious fraud or limn nature. For my own
part, I must confess that I oan see no trick,
though it may be one.
' Fbcqdsmot or Mbbdib ih Nbw Oblians.
The New Orleans Piapm, commenting on the
frequency of murder in that city, says:. We
have of late, in this city, been almost daily
palled upon to record the death of some per
son by the hand of violence. It seems that
difficulties the most trivial are settled only by
the pistol or the knife. A slight quarrel In a
gambling hell, or a coffee-saloon, between
sporting .men a rude encounter between
laborers on the levee, or near the crowded
rooms which they call homes, is followed by a
death-struggle soon afterward in some publio
placej and so frequently have suoh tragedies
become, that they soaroely awake ordinary In
terest. Even the polloemen, in the discharge
of their duties, are now in constant danger of
their lives. Within one week, past, two or
three of the corps have either been killed or
dangerously wounded.
Thi Widow and thb Win Good Cause
tor - a Fight. A newiy made widower of
Wayne Township, Ind., and a buxom widow,
having been said to be more lovingly inclined
to each other than the gossiping neighbors
liked, one of them joked him in rough styl
about squeez'ng the widow, which made the
widower angry, and he thus replied: " I
squeeted your wife before yon vr did, and the
' only differenoe I could see between the widow
and her was, that while your wife leaned up
to me like a sick kitten to a hot brick, as
though she loved it, the widow squirmed a
little and tquealed." This was the signal for
fight, which continued for some time,and nntil
some passers-by separated them. The parties
Aa AsBiSTiss Cbihcuii. At a recent
soientifio meeting in Edlnburg, a crinoline
dress was exhibited, one-half of whioh had
been immersed in a solution of sulphate of
ammonia, in order to test its non-combustibility.
On a light having been applied to the
crinoline, the part which had not been
steeped in the solution was at once enveloped
In flames, but the only effect which the light
had on the other part was to char it,
Viboisia Ihdiqxaot at Vieqiniass. A re
cent article in the Richmond Enquirtr ex
presses just indignation toward the business
men in Riohmond who docked the wages of
their olerks while they were off "sojerlng" at
Cbarlestown during the late panic. It thinks
the Virginians may' as well patronize North
ern Abolitionists as suoh unpatriotic Virgin
ians. Laboi Cost fob a Little Pliasubi. A cue
was ttled in the Jollet (III.) Circuit Court last
week which excited considerable interest.
The suit was brought against a young man
named Peter Spangler, by George Heinselman,
for the aeduotlon of his daughter, a young girl
under seventeen years of age, of very prepos
sessing appearance and manners. - The jury,
after a short absence, returned! a verdiot
awardiog tbe plaintiff $5,000 damages.
Dsidt ov Yoono Maobbadt. At the The
ater Royal, Ballaarat, on Monday night, Mr.
Edward Maoready, a son of tbe eminent tra
gedian, made his debut as Claude Melnotte in
the "Lady of Lyons." The manner In whioh
the character was sustained evinoed consider
able attention and study, but failed to con
vince anyone that the ofeinfaat Is jet qualified
to rank among the "stars."
Sbookiho Cabilisshbss. W. P. Dulln, of
Eas'on, Md., playfully presented a loaded re
volver at his wife, last week, when by some
means It exploded, driving the ball into her
eheek and neck. Her recovery is considered
' 1 ' ;
A New Kiid or Stbsbt Looomotivb. It is
stated that for somt days past a nbw style of
looomotive for drawing city railroad cars
through the streets, ha been in successful
operation In one of the ship yards in New
York. It consists of a small Erlosson calorio
engine, and it is said to do its work in a satis
factorj and economical manner. . ,
Nov Siimpoliv A statement that Leigh
Hunt was the original of "Harold Skimpole"
in Bleak Bout, which originated in this ooun
try, and ha sinoe been copied quite exten
sively into the English press, is denied by Mr.
Dickens In AM tie Year Round. ,', . .V
A young lady remarked to a male friend
that she feared she would make a poor sailor.
The gentleman promptly answered: "But I'm
sure you would make an excellent ''
.'tl .. ,JjV -i'l-. i ' '.M..., '
Washington News.
New Yoix, January ft. Washington cor
respondence of the Iribune: Mr. Slidell ad
vised the President, recently, to invite several
Eastern Republican Senators to a private con
ference upon the Mexloan treaty, with a view
to presenting considerations whioh might in
fluence their votes. - It is now admitted that
if the treaty fails, Juarsi must fail.
The Senate, yesterday, had an Executive
Session on Mr. Faulkner's nomination. When
called up, Mr. Wilson produoed the extract
from Mr. Faulkner's speeob, in which he re
commended resistance to the inauguration of a
Republican President. ' Mr. Wilson urged
that the nomination should lie over until in
quiry could be made Into these sentiments,
saying that ha could never vote for a man who
entertained them.
Mr. Doolittle regarded Mr. Faulkner's sen
timents as treasonable, and would have the
Senate treat them with their condemnation,
Mr. Mason said they reflected the opinions
of Virginia, and also, he believed, of the
whole South.
Mr. Wigfall made his debut in a fierce
speech, promising that Texas would unite
with the South in extremes! measures. He
justified Mr. Faulkner's declarations in every
sense, .
Mossrs. Clay and Toombs followed in the
same temper. Finally the division stood
thirty for confirmation and twenty-one igalnst.
Three Republioans were absent unpaired.
No developments have been made before the
Senate's Harper's Ferry Committee, with
which the publio are not already familiar
through the trial.
Tbe correspondent of the Timet 'states: Ru
mor says that a Cabinet officer will probably
resign to-morrow. The alleged reasons are ill
health and pressing of private business, but
the real reason is a difference with the Presi
dent as to tbe prescriptive policy to be pur
sued by the Administration toward Mr. Doug
las. The ex-member has not, for some weeks,
been on good terms with Mr. Buchanan. The
President to-day reoeived a letter from Mr.
Hughes, of Indiana, accepting his appoint
ment as Judge of the Court of Claims, when
his nomination was immediately sent In and
! The protest of the Mlramon Government la
considered offensive in terms by our Govern
ment, and it will probably be returned. It is
said to have been written by the Trenoh Min
ister in Mexico. It is not true that Miramon
has agents here operating against the suooess
of the treaty now pending.
The Herald' t correspondent says: The Ex
ecutive session In the Senate to-day was proba
bly the most violent that ever disgraced that
' Mr. Olingman made a severe speech against
the eleotion of Seward. - :
' Mr. Doolittle replied to Clingman, and
charged upon the South with severity, when
Toombs gave the lie to Doolittle, and tho
latter flung it back. '
, Consternation followed, and then a hurried
Old Senators say there has not been so
stormy an Executive session since tbe rejec
tion of Mr. Van Buren and the attempted re
jection of Edward Everett. The difficulty
grew out of the charge brought by Mr. Wilson,
that Faulkner, the nominee to the Freneb
mission, was a disunlonist
; Information was received here to-day that
8,600 men are now in New Orleans, ready to
embark for Vera CniB.
They go out as immigrants, and. will be re
ceived into citisenship by the Juarez govern
ment, when they will be mustered into service
under American officers, such as Generals Ring
and Wheat, and will sustain the Liberal Gov
ernment until the Senate ratifies the MoLane
Treaty. The leaders of this expedition ex
pert, as a reward for their services, the re
newal of the grant for a railroad from Aransas
Bay to Maiatlan the original charter for
wbioh was granted under Santa Anna.
The immigrants are to remain as laborers
in constructing this railroad, keeping up,
meanwhile, their military organization.
The Senate Harper's Ferry Investigating
Committee oommenoed, to-day, the examina
tion of Mr. Ami, a member of the Kansas
National Committee. He informed the com
mittee that he was acquainted with matters
appertaining to Brown's business in Kansas
whioh may throw some light upon hi subse
quent movements at Harper's Ferry; but that
before testifying he would be obliged to return
to Kansas to prooure oertain books and ps pers,
so that be could give a more full and accurate
statement of money placed in his hands by
individuals and committees, and how it was
appropriated, thereby showing definitely how
much was paid to Brown, by whose order and
for what '
From Washington.
. Washington, January 17. The following is
a synopsis of Mr. Bigler's bill:
Seotioh 1. Provides that whenever any
State or Territory is invaded, or in imminent
danger of invasion from external or Internal
foes, it shall be lawful for the President to oall
ont the military of the State or States nearest
the point of danger; also, to employ the land
or naval forces of the United States.
Sao. 2. Provides that any person actually
engaged or .participating in carrying on a hos
tile expedition from one State or Territory
against another shall be adjugsd guilty el
treason and suffer death.
Bsc. 8. Provides that any person having
knowledge of suoh treason, and who shall
neglect to disclose the same at the earliest
moment, shall be adjudged guilty of misprision
of treason, and shall be fined not exceeding
$1,000 and Imprisoned not over seven years.
Sio. 4. Gives power to the President to seise
and detain any vessels fitted out by one State
against another for hostile purposes.
Sio. 6. Any materials, arms, valuables,
Ac, found in suoh vessels shall be foifeited,
one-half going to the government, the other
half to the informer.
Sec. 0. Any person furnishing or providing
means or money for suoh hostile expedition,
shall be deemed guilty of felony, and fined
not over $3,000, and imprisoned not over ten
Bso. 7. Any person enlisting himself, or
procuring others to enlist, shall be deemed
guilty of felony, and fined $3,000, or Impri
ened ten years.
8 so. 8. Any person fitting out, or procuring
to be fitted out, any ship or vessel for suoh
hostile expedition, shall be fined $10,000, or
imprisoned ten years.
80. 0. Any person accepting or exerclslig
a commission for such hostile service, shall be
fined $3,000 and imprisoned three years.
Seo. 10. Nothing is to be construed as
operating upon any piraoy as now defined by
existing laws. . (. .
From New York.
New Yobk, January 17. The Ashland As
sociation celebrated their 13th anniversary at
the Waverly House last evening. Toasts in
honor of thi' memory of Henry Clay were read
and responded to by Messrs. Hiram Ketchum,
Erastus Brooks, D. Ogden and others. Let
ters were also read from Edward Bates, of
Missouri, and Edward Everett. . '
In the Court of Common Pleas Wm. Wal
lace, a machinist by trade, received a verdiot
against the city of $6,000 damages, for injuries
reoeived by falling through a hole in the side
walk at the oorner of Thirty-second street and
Eleventh avenue. , ,
Attempts were made in the citv. yesterday.
to pas counterfeit $20s on the State Bank of
Troy. s o arrest was maae. ,
I l i)'.': 1 j
The Lawrence Disaster.
Lawbivoi, January 16, P. M. John Craw
ford's testimony showed flat the' file was
caused by the breaking of a lantern with'
which he was hunting for bis daughter, whn'
was in the ruins; also testified that there bad
been a large crack In one of the walls ever
sinoe the building was erected. This crack
ran the whole length f the building; also, to
tbe settling of the third story of the building,
and to the various expedients resorted to for
strengthening It generally on Sundays. Ho
considered the building unsafe, especially
when the mill was in motion.
Benjamin Harding, a carpentor employed
by the oompsny, testified to the faot of the
rafter used in the bnlldlng having been origin
ally cut too short, so that many rested only
three inch in the wall. He considered the
building altogether too weak for the weight of
machinery put into it He examined tbe
ruins, but saw no sign of settling of the foun
dation. Adjourned till Wednesday.
Senatorial Election.
Chicago, January 17. The Iowa Legisla
ture yesterday re-elected James Harlan United
States Senator. ' The vote stood, Harlan, 78,
A. 0. Dodge, 62.
A Matrimonial Maiiac A Mai Mabet
ia Fodbteen Women. A good story is told
of a chap in North Carolina who went the
entire figure in tbe way of oourtiog all tbe
girls who would have him, without asking for
any of them to die off, as the law direots. After
having married his thirteedth some of his
first loves osme down upon bim, and bad him
lodged in jail. But a person so fond of liberty,
and who oould get into Hymen's noose witb
saeh ease, found little difficulty in getting oui
of tbe "jug;" and the next news of him be
was running at large, with a heavy reward for
his apprehension. He was shortly recognized
by a gentlemen, who, anxious to get tbe
reward, invited him to his house, desired bim
to sit down called his wife to chat with bim,
as an inducement to detain him there while
he made some excuse fur leaving him a few
moments, and started for a oon stable to arrest
the runaway. What was the poor man's as
tonishment, on returning with the constable,
to find the gay Lothario taking advantage of
his short absenoe had absconded with hie
wife. This made the fellow's stock of wives
on hand fourteen.
: Business witb tbb South. The New York
7ruN remarks: "The Central Railroad of
Georgia, running from Savannah to Macon,
connecting at Savannah with a tri-weekly
line of steamhips to New York, is the grand
freight-oarrying road of the South, and would
be tbe first to feel a falling off of trade witb
New York. The year ending December 1,
1859, showed an unparalleled success the net
earnings being nearly 25 per cent, on the
capital. The month of December, I860, shows
an inorease of receipts over the corresponding
month of the preoeding year cf $25,000; and
the business of the month of January, thus
far, maintains the same advance.. We believe
the Southern steamers never did a better win
ter business than they are now doing. A new
additional steamer is nearly ready to take her
place in the Savannah line." '
Awkwabd Contbetimpt in a Tbeatsb. At
a recent performanre of the Octoroon, at the
Metropolitan Theater in Buffalo, N. Y., Harry
Jordan, who was engaged in the pieoe, and
who was on the stage, suddenly advanced to
the foot-lights, and pointing U Miss Hattie
Arnold, who was sitting quietly in front,
among , the audienoe, said: "If that actress
don't show some respect to the aotors, and turn
her face to the stage, I shan't go on with tbe
piece. Yes, it's you, I mean; you, Hattie
Arnold!" Great excitement ensued, and severs)
gentlemen determined to hiss the actor off the
stage, but were only prevented by the mana
ger assuring them that the offender should be
discharged, which promise he faithfully kept.
Obeying Obdbbb to tbi Death. A young
lady from New Albany died one day lasi
week at the Asylum for the Insane. On Fridaj
evening a dispatch was received by the Agent
of Adams's Express to forward the bod.y to
New Albany in charge of a messenger. The
Company's wagon was sent with an order to
the Asylum for the corpse, but when the mes
senger arrived there it had been buried. It
was then night and dark, but the Express
Company's employee, prompt as they alwayr
are, proposed, with the consent of the Super
intendent, to dig it up and forward it ..The
oonsent was given, and, provided with spade
and lanterns, tbe party went to the cemetery,
disinterred the remains and forwarded them
as directed.
A Vigilance Committee in Lodisiana Sivm
Men Killed in a Fight. A bloody affray oo
ourred in Winn Parish, Louisiana, reoently,
in whioh seven men are reported to have beer
killed. Among them were three brotnert
named Peevy, notorious dosperadoes, who have
set the law and its officers at defiance for somt
time. The Peevy 's are from Mississippi, and
they had been charged with stealing and cpm
initting a number of depredations, and a Vig
ilance Committee waited on them with an in
vitation to leave the parish. Eaoh party had
their friends, and there were about twenty
men ou eaoh side engaged in the fight.
' A New Yobk Babt-bavsb. At a late fire in
a tenement building in New York, Henry
Bartell saved the lives of five children and ont
woman, who but for bim would have perished
in the burning house. Tbe same person had
already acquired such a reputation he is s
fireman for saving ohildren from burning
buildings, that his companions universal!)
call him "Baby Saver."
Mosio in St. Petkrsbbbo. We learn from
St. Petersburg that Madame Cbarton-Demeur
is a great favorite at Court as well as at the
Italian Opera of that city, having been com
manded to. sing before tbe Imperial family.
Tauiberlik and Madame Nantier-Didiee are as
popular as ever. A musical society has been
formed at St. Petersburg by royal command. .
" 1
Laeoi Fdnebal or a Slavs. The funeral
nf Armiitead Walker, negro preacher ol
Frederioksburg, Va., on Sunday last, was at
tended by over 1.000 negroes and 400 whites,
including many ladies. Tbe deceased was a
slave, and by his respectful behavior had won
the esteem of all.
A MoioiBii Lionized. Jumperts, the bar;
ber of Chicago, recently acquitted on the
obarge of murdering bis mistress, is made
quite a lion of. 1 The Democrat says he is
"immensely and wonderfully popular among
the ladies" ws suppose he means females, j
. 1 i
Rotal Maebiaqb. The Paris' Ifonittur an
nounces that at Rome recently was celebrated
tbe marriage of Prince Napuleon Oregoirk
Bonaparte, son of their Hlgnnesses. Prinoe
Charles Bonaparte and Princess Zenalde Bona-.
parte, With the Princess Christiana Ruspoli,
daughter of His Exoellenoy Prince Ruspoli,
Prince of Cervitrl. )
Well Abmid Yoono Men. A late number
of the Owensboro' (Ky.) Democrat says thslt
"the common trappings of a young man in
Owensboro', are one of Colt's revolvers, a
pocket Dehrimer, a self-cocker, a bowie-knifi.
a sluni-shot. a pair of brass- knuokles. a briok-
111 ii.1,iH I
- TERMS-CASH. j 1" jI '
Advertlaeaisnta not exceeding flv line (Agate) I
One laeartten.
I On wee
I One month il
Two 1 j
Larger advertisement inserted at the following rate
t orasaareof ten line or lew : ,,;f,(n,
On Insertion 4 fit) Two weeks 4 OU
Each additional. u .) Three week-7i tM . .
Una week,,.,, 1 7M Cue mouth..... $ ,,,.
I Job XMutiiiK, , ;';
In all it branch done with neat and dispatch.. . ,
Wheeler & Wilson's
AT Prtaelval Offloe, No. TT West Fourth-
t PlK.EeJ OPEBA-UOC8K, Cincinnati.
Wheelor A Wilson 8ewin Machine, with im
portant improvement, and to meet the demand for
a good, low-prked Farallr Machine, have intro
duced a NHW STY LB, working upon the same prin
ciple, and making the name stitch, though not so
highly flnished, at PI FTY-KIVB UOM.AR.
The elegance, speed, uolsoleaenesaand simplicity of
the Machine, ths beauty and atrength or atitbh, being
ALIKE ON BOTH bl DKS, impossible to ravel, anil
leaving no chalo or ridge . n the under aide, th
economy of thread and adaptability to the thickest
or thinnest fabrics, baa rendered thla the moat uc
ceaaful and popular .Family Bewing Machine now
At onr varlon office w well at New York prices,
and give Instructions free of charge, to enable pur
chasers to eevi ordinary seams, hem, fell. Quilt,
gather, bind and tnck, all on the same machine, ana
warrant it for three year.
Bend or oall for a circular containing full particu
lars, prices, testimonials, Ac.
17ay VVM. SO tlNBll 4V CO.
Coal Cooking Stove!
Oils been pronounced by competent Judges to be tbe ,
j Patented Dec, t, .858. .
Kor sale by the Inventors and Manufacturers, '
No. 333 Fourth-street, Cincinnati.
I flell '
! Manufactory, Covliifrtou, Ky. '
No. !IO Burnt CoUmbla-atreet.
1TJL trade at the most reasonable price and en the
moat accommodating terms with
For Oil, Fluid or Coal Oil,
N. B. Jonna' Improved Lamp and Burner l'r
s,i!e by oar agent, 1. HKLLERS, Covington, Ky.
Coal Cooking Stove,
Hldat Zanearllln, October, IN.ID.
o. Si ami 53 Vine-si.,
KSeoond.door Below Columbia, )
o i;nci;n N ATI.
O Hl .
J TH1RD-BTUBKT, Cincinnati, Ohio, are menu
f;ictnrlng largely. Palmer' celebrate!! Hydraulic
Force and Lift Pump. Also, his Portable Steam
Kncinea. All those whn are abont to purchase
I'UiHPrJ for Tanaerh-a, Breweries). Iltil
lerlea, Dry Dock, Pnper Itlilla Kallraad
tailon, tflloeo, Wrecklnc Purpose, or, in
fnot, for any purpose where a pump la noeded, will
rind it to their advantage to oall and see the work
ing of these valuable inventions, or address thn
PALMEK JTJMP OOMPAHY for a circular, which
will furnish the names of many who have need those
Pump with perfect atlfaciton. deildm
. TALLIO BOOJINQ" I offered to the publio
li tho best and oheapeet Metal it oof now used, Its
merits tested by an experience of year In thla oity
and vicinity. Applied to flat or steep, old or new
bnlldlng. No solder osl fastened securely wtth
out exposure to the action of the element.
Prepared sheets, boxed for shipment to any parto
tbe United state, can be applied by any one with
ordinary meobanical (kill. Orders promptly filled.
uanu w aiiiij a uu,
IU West Seoond street.
Si II. Bloat A Oo'. Family Sewing Machine has
been removed to Do. SO eat Fourth-street, ovur
Le Boutelllcra. (j6a) U. U. COOK, Agi-nt,
Herchart Tailor1
No. 48 POL rl rH-STRKET, ' " '
delStf " LOPtOS nOILDllQ.
Boots & Shoes !
and superior stock of Bouts, Bttoe and Slippers,
whioh for extent and variety I not surpassed weatnf
new fork. My prion are reasonable; aire sae oall.
ja , .,, JOHif B. OBIao,H W fourths
11 '
. s j;
llTT UllM IsaHMMfT

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