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''"OUND,"o,ln thiscolttmn, occupying Ave line
or lMs.twOtnsertlons.ta'eiity-nvsoenta. .,
T v requiring th assistance of sn active man;
Baying a Urn inoome. f .1011 oanb will purchase ou.
heir Interest. Apply to HALE 4 U()., 128 Walnut
itreet. i j!9b
In a itore, to take car of horses, or In any
other eapaolty, by a young man. Ii willing to make
h Imself generally useful. Uaa no objections to go to
the country. Address B. P., tble oMce. jamb
flood reference! given. Inquire at lira.
'Warner's Employment Office, 308 Fifth-street, be
tween Western-row and John. j18l
WANTED A Cook to go to the eonnry,
a abort dlatanee from the oily. Call at 826
Third-street, a few doori below Bsaith. jal8b
WANTED A oompetant man to loltoit
ordera for a new illustrated work In oonrae
of publication. A suitable applicant can make from
13 to $5 per day. Call at Io. 13 West Fourth-street,
Biom Mo. 7, up stairs. . . jal7d
WANTED Reliable holp for situation!
of any kind can always be nad at a moment'!
notice, by applying at Mo. 60 East Third-street, base
ment itory, next to Adams' Kxpress office. No
oharge to servants. de21am
WANTED Clerk!, book-keeper!, sales
men, bar-keepers, pur ten, coopers, carpen
ters, mechanic, laborers and others, can find situa
tions at the Merchants' (Jlerks Registry Office, 128
Walnut-street. fja9awl II A LB 4 00.
FOR RENT A new and elegant Brlok
Eouae, containing six rooma, papered, Wator
and Gal. Complete for 20 per month, in ad ranee.
Situated on Lougworth-street, a few doors west of
Htoue, sooth side. For particulars call at north-went
corner Third and Main-street,
jaub K. N. BLOODM, Agent.
FOR RENT Two Room! ana Kitoken,
lower part of the home. Apply at 258 Clark
street, between Baymlller and Freeman. Oars run
wit bin half a square of the house. ja!8b
FOR RENT Store No. 58 West Sixth
street. Suitable for any genteel business.
Also, three or four Booms, well adapted for offices,
and might be used for families. Apply to JOHN
WAQUONKB, No. 86 West Bixth-itreet. jal8b
BALE Dress-makers' Establishment, Mo. 136
West Blxth-atreet, bi tween Bscs and Kim. ja!6d ,
1J10R RENT A vert oonvenient three
. story Brick Dwelling, having all modern im
provements gas and water throughout on Long-worth-street,
west of Park. Price, 3460. Apply to
.CAMPBELL, ELLISON A CO., No. 19 East Third
street, jalsh
FOR SALE. The owner of a Ladies' and
Gentlemen's Furnishing Store, established
for the last six years, and located In one of the
best thoroughfares in this citywith a good run of
customers, wishes to retire from the same, and offers
a first-rate chance for a man, with a cash carltal of
from $600 to $800, to bay part of tbe stock. For par
ticulars direct a few lines to box 1,841, Poa to fries.
State where an Interview can be had. jamb
OR SALE A gray riding and
drivlna Horse, suitable for a ladT.
Will exohance for good Buffgr. Inaulre
of u. u. uuuwfl.tio. us west jsignt
FOR SALE 80aores or more of first-rate
Timber Land, four miles west from C'tllna,
Mercer Oounty, Ohio. Only $6 per sere, cash, if sold
soon. W. Ii. DAVIS,
jal9f 72 West Third-street, Oinolnnati.
BOARDING WANTED In exohange for
Wall Papering. Address M. B.. care Box 2,012,
Oiaslnnatl Postoffloe. Jalsb
BOARDING; A few gontlemen can obtain
first-class boarding at 161 Plum-street, near
Fourth. Railroad cars pass every five minutes. Two
or three day-boarders wanted, jalCd
BOARDING Furnished and unfurnished
rooms with board, for familes, at 177 Sycamore
street, west side, between Fifth and Sixth. Board
and lodging for single gentlemen, T. A. HOWE.
T OST A brown Victorine, on Tuesday
M-A night last, on Fourth-street, between Smith
and John. The Under will be liberally rewarded by
leaving It at No. 383 fourth-street, jal9b
T OST Breastpin A hand with a large
JLi Pearl in tbe fingers lost in Newportor Oiucln.
nati. The Under will be liberally rewarded by leav
Ing it with Capt. Mead, Nowport Ferry. Jal9o
T OST OR STOLEN On Tuesday, the 17th,
a lerrier rap, boouc seven mourns
old; black body, yellow breast and legs,,
crooned ears and lonir tall: bad on brans'
chain collar and lock. A liberal rewBrd will be given
by leaving biin at Oulou 4 Izer's Iron and Hard
ware Store, north-east corner of Court and Western
row. Jamb
M-M tan-colored Terrier Slut ; has a spot
over each eye; answers to the name of.
"Fannie." Return to north-eaat corner of
Third and Vine, opposite tbe Burnet House. jaIBb
FOUND A Silver Watoh (Laptne), with
broad ribbon gnard cut. Tbe owner can have
the same by calling at this offlee, and paying for ad
vertisement. Jal9b
ar tj ju 3. -"ST!
"West Eourth-st.
Have tbls day reduced their Tall and Winter Goods,
and will offer great bargains throughout tbe month.
- Beduoed to SO, 62X and 76 cents.
Fine Quality French Merino,
"'. . ...... At6W,7audl. :. .
Printed All-wool Delaine
- At SO and 47X cents.
Auction Lot All-wool Plaids
At 16 and S7X cents.
French Chintzes, &c,
.At )8,20and3oont.
English and American Prints,
1 . . ; (Tut colors.) at M, 8, 10 and 1W cents.
Wears also
1 prepared to offer housekeei
in Furnishing and Dora.st
sr-garmenta, floods for Boys'
rs great
Hosiery, Under
Wear, AC.
- Ysn; cheap, to close ont, '
74 Went Fourth-street. J
UalstfJ.v, . , . 1. I
a it y new 8.
Don't forgot that the Fenny
Press Is the medium through which to
make known your wants I Advertise
merits of five lines and less, Inserted
twice for twenty-five cental
Adahb' Expbkbs Co. This excellent 00m
any will please accept our thanks for the
lolls mmi -i -s? ut. i ii
journals, which are great acoommodatioa to
vuiu5 iu. yrcBoiiij lrregamniy ox iqq mans.
fnllewinff la e. Hal Af
lettvri detained for non-payment of postage at
uv 1 uoiuujcc, ia uiis on j, janaary is:
11 110 u. Williams, Urbana, 0.
A.J. Csvendor, Oonuersville, Ind.
Coohty Fmnci8. During the month of
Deceuibo', from the 6th to the 31st inoluslve.
the receipts at the cilice of tbe County Treas
urer amounted to 4,291 11, and the disburse
ments for the tame period were $61,942 31.
Pib3onii A. D. Richardson, Esq., for
merly of the eity press, and now the traveling
correspondent of the Boston ournal, has been,
tor some time past, and is still, leoturing on
"Pike's Peak, the "Far West," and kindred
themes, in the New England States, with
much ability and suooeai.
MiTioBOLoaioii, Obsmtatiohs For the
Jenny iVewt, by Henry Ware, Optioian, So. t
west fourm-street, January IB:
O'clock, Barometer.
Above aero 84
Above sero SS
Above aero 34
7 A. m. ............................ .W.M
12 11 .2
P. M 39.41
Nsw Poetic Cldbs. A Tom Moore Club la
now being formed in the city by a number of
cultivated young gentlemen,who aro enthusi
astic admirers of the Hibernla Anaoreon; and
we understand that a Byron Club is also talked
of in certain literary eirolea. It Is the inten
tion of the members of these olubs to celebrate
the anniversary of the birth of these distin
guished barda in an appropriate manner.
Man's Lio Bboikn bt a Pali,. A laborer
named Joseph Bartmeyer, while engaged in
unloading a oanal-boat in the Miami Canal,
above Twelfth-Btreet, fell from the deck Into
the hold, and broke his left leg, benldes other
wise bruising himself. He resides, we believe,
on Green-street, near Elm, to which place he
was immediately taken, and where his wounds
were properly attended to.
Procibdihob of thi Covnty Coumisbiomsbs.
At the regular session of tbe Connty Commis
sioners, held yesterday morning, orders were
passed amounting, in the aggregate, to $6,222,
of which 6,000 were paid to Wesley M. Cam
eron, for work done upon the South-western
Lunatic Asylum. John Sullivan, Omar
Obeok, Eliza Eadley, Francis Wageoheim and
Martha Francis were discharged from jail bo
oause of Inability to pay the fines and costs
charged against them.
Scddkn Death. A young man named Wm.
D. Jonos, who resided with his mother on
Greorge-ntreet, between Elm and Plum, went
to bed night before last in quite as good health
as nsual, but was found dead in his bed yes
terday morning. The deoeneed was about
twenty-two years of age, and had a large
olrcle of acquaintances, who much regret his
untimely death, whioh, we believe, was
ouuted by congestion of the heart.
Thb Lati Pirboral Collision at tbs Citt
Prison. The personal diffioulty between Sr.
Webb, the physician of the City Prison, and
Theodore Marsh, the Chairman of the City
Council Prison Committee, an aooount of whioh
we published in our issue of Monday morning,
has taken a muoh more serious form than was
at first antioipated. Day before vesterday,
Dr. Webb caused a warrant to be issued for
Mr. Marsh, oharsini him with maim in?, based
on the fact that the thumb of the plaintiff
was severely bitten by nis antagonist during
the rensountar. Mr. Marsh was before tbe
Police Court yesterday morning, and atated
that he regretted the difficulty exceedingly,
and would waive an examination. He was
held to bail in the sum of $500, to answer the
oharge before the next term of the Court of
Common fleas.
Aooidimt on tbi Ohio and Mibsibbifpi
Railroad A Slirpinq Cab Fillid with
Passrnokrs Thbowm Ovbr a Baku.. The
train on the Ohio and Mississippi Railroad,
which left this oity on Monday evening last,
met with an aooldent a few miles this side of
Oisood Station. The sleeping oar attached to
the train, by some means tbe particulars of
watch we are- unable to learnwas thrown
from the track, over a bank about ten feet
high, and very badly orushed,
It contained at the time about fifty passen
gersseveral of them women who were
thrown from their berths, and tossed abont the
oar, to an, extent whioh was anything but
agreeable. All the passengers were more or
less injured, but none of them were severely
injured. The aooldent detained the train for
some time) but, with the exception of the loss
ofe car, no serious damage was sustained.
Polkis Count. At the Police Court yester
day morning Judge Lowe examined thirty
oases. The session was somewhat less unin
teresting than usual, and one or two of the
cases were quite novel, The more important
of these will be (bund related elsewhere.
William Immal, who keeps a drloking
house tome place on Fifth-street, was charged
with the double offense of selling liquor to
minors and permitting gaming to take place
In his establishment. For the first he Vas
lined ten, and for the eeoond fifty dollars and
Day before yesterday the polioe visited
house of undoubted reputation, on Fifth
street, near Western-row, and arrested John
Lent and Belle, his wife, together with two
Joungwomen named Mary Lawler and Mary
ane Williams. The establishment has long
been regarded as one of the worst of its kind,
and appears now, much to the satisfaction of
the residents of the neighborhood, to be en
tirely broken up. Lant and his wife were
each fined $50 and oosts, and sentenoed to
thirty days' imprisonment In the City Prison.
Mary Jane Williams was deemed guilty of
vagrancy ana also sent to tne uity rrlion ror
thirty days, while Mary Lawler was dis
charged. Board or Citt IiiyaovsitiNTs. At a special
meeting of the Board of City Improvements,
held yesterday morning, the Clerk was In
structed to prepare and transmit to the City
Counoil the following ordinanceit
To pave with bowldors Grandis-alley from
film-street to Perry-alley 1 to pave thennDaved
sidewalks on the north tide of Ninth-street
from Mound to Linn; to establish the grade ol
Cross-street from Hamburg to Elm; to estab
lish tbe grade of Elm-street from Cross to
north Jilm. .,
The sealed proposals offered were opened,
and the Clerk was direotsd to prepare and
transmitto the City Counoil resolutions author
ising the City Auditor to oonlaot si follows:
With Thomas Higdon, at 64Jio. per square
yard, to pave with bowlder atone College-street
from Hixtii to eeventn.
With John Ryan, at 080. per square yard,
to pave with howlder stone Webster-street,
from Main to Sycamore. '-!
With 0. and B. Barton, at to. per cublo
yard for kradlng; and 88 ke. per square yard
for paving, to grade and pave with bowlder
stone Findley-street from Western-row to the
Miami Canal. - t
' With Q. and B. Barton, at 00. per oublo yard
for grading, and 83o. per square yard for
paving with Wider stone Findley-itreet from
uampbell-street to tbe Miami Canal.
The kids for paying Look street from Fifth
to Blxth were laid on the table. .
Pikb's Opiba-hoobs Mr. and Mrs. W. J.
Florence drew quite a food audience to the Oiera
bouae last night, and by their performances appa
rent v del hrh ted it. Rnth ih.,r... k...
for tlieraselfee extended reputations, and hare msde
themselves popular wherever tbey have appeared.
m rf torence has quit a clear contralto voice,
which at times la remarkably aweet, and her execu
tion seldom fails to elicit an encore. To-night Mr.
S,.,wilL,,p?ar "Conner the Bash," lu a play to
taled THS KNIOHT flff ArVA. n,.A nf ftha . Kl.h
dramas we ever saw. The performance will conclude
wuu.tuo isugiiuoie iarce 01 mijjOHiaroua anhii.
Wood's Thiatib. A larire and fashionable
audience greeted Bliza Logan last night to witness
her impersonation of "Pauline." Llvoly as this
character was when it sprang to life from Imagina
tion of Bulwer, like "Minerva." full-armed, from
.u uimu ui own, ii uaa louaa new neauttes in ner
bands, and teems as mnnh a nukiltv u. tr i. .arA n..
an ideal, from the opening scene nntll the cloae,
tbe impersonation waa like "one entire and perfect
chrysolite." The beautiful lineaof the author, laden
mruuKuoai mo poetry, were set to music by her
yolce, which ii exceedingly aweet and almost fault
lofs, and lei. upon the ear llko afdeliclous song. The
bill for to-night ia Lovs's BAoairicc, in which Miss
Logan will appear aa "Margaret Kltnore," one of
her best ports.
National Thiatir. The new pantomime
drew a full house to the National last night, and
passed off very agreeably. It ia full of incident and
sparkling with lite. It has boen put upon the stage
with great oare, and the scenery, machinery, tricks
and illusions are In many respect worthy the
Bavela. It will bepreiented again thia evening. In
connection with an entirely new farce called Thi
Mabsiio Bacbilob, and advise all eur readers
uot to fail to wltueas it.
Thi Escott-Miranda Complimintabt.
To-morrow evening the complimentary concert to
Mlsa Lucy Escott and Mr. Miranda, will take place
at the Spoacer Bouse. The programme is well
chosen, aud the entertainment will doubtless prove
very agreeable.
Smith A Nixons' Hall. Prof. Jacobs, with
the magnetic power of Magic, and his wonderful
legerdemain, is still attracting large andlenoee to
Bnilth 4 Nixon's Hall. By deeire.and for the purpose
of accommodating a large class who can not c onven
lently visit the hall at night, he will give an after
noon performance on Saturday at three o'clock.
Descent of the Police upon Notorious
Gambling-houses—A Number of "the
Fancy" Arrested.
f . 1 u viblMUB Ul ODD,
entered the famous Burnet-stnet gambling-
uouse, one oi tne most "anatooratlo" hells in
th Alfv l&af Mii.1.1. - .1 -I. 1
mv w. , .-uv uiguu, uu aiigr uuflorviua; lue
game awhile, stationed themselves at the lower
uuvi, auu wiuiuuuiDsiiDg sanies to otner om
cers, waited there, refusing to allow any one
to pass until warrants arrived.
H. L. Wyatt, Truman Jones and Jaeob gol
den, the alleged proprietors, and Jaoob Hurst,
George Magee, Charles Wolf and James Sa
crist, were arrested and committed to the
Ninth-street Station-house. Afterward, a
second warrant was issned to discover, if pos
sible, the Implements of "the trade."
Anotbib. The polioe, about the same hour,
entered Riohard Brockman'a gambling estab
lishment on Sixth-street, near Vine, and took
into oustody the proprietor, Daniel and James
O'Brien, and Robert Jones, who were also sent
to the lock-up. The cases of these persons
will probably be disposed oi at the Police
Court this morning.
SinotjLAB Dicisios. A oertain Magistrate
of this city, who has attained considerable
notoriety for hii polylingual proclivities, and
is only spoken nf as the judex pacit, or as Gio
vanni, the yudict di pace, a few days ago had
a somewhat singular ease before him for exam
ination, and delivered a most remarkable de
cision, both of whioh we purpose herein to
briefly reoord,
A man whose name we have forgotten had
a hat somewhat worn whioh he thought might
be materially improved by the aid of the iron
of a hatter. He therefore took the capntal
protection of his altitudinal extremity to a
member of this oraft with the order to have it
properly repaired. After the work bad been
finished the man took his hat, for wh&b he
waa oharged a dollar; but be soon became dis
satisfied with the work, and brought suit for
the recovery of the money, stating that it had
been spoiled instead of made better.
The Magistrate carefully examined the ease,
and heard the argument with the placidity and
patience for which he has become so famous.
He then reviewed the affair at some length,
and, at last, delivered the opinion that justice
oould be done both partieaonly by causing the
hatter to refund the money and keep the hat,
and the deoision was thus recorded upon the
docket. The plaintiff loft the office batless,
and the hatter somehow thought he had been
deprived of payment for his labor; but both
were puisled by this new and highly original
method of dispensing justice.
Wsiklv Rxpobt or thi Citt Auditor. The
City Auditor last night made the following
roport of the oity finances for the past week
to tne uuy uouncu:
General Fund
Fire Department Fund.
Light Fond...................
Sinking Fund
Oommon Scbool Fund..
i..n i.,m $799 20
1M 29
626 60
1,637 68
80,003 00
tee ass s sees m
433,720 73
General Fund..
, $2,607 60
6J 70
. 7W
. 2,943 83
. 343 32
. 14,686 02
Watch Fund..
Superior Court Fond. ,
Fire Department Fund
Police Court and Oity Prison Fund....
Oommon School ruud.................,.
Colored Scbool Fund
. 1,611 82
.$22,341 29
There are now remaining in the
sury the following sums:
General Fund ...... ..............
Watch Fund
City Tree
... S37,64 SO
... 6,196 16
281 64
Interest fund
Bunerior Oenrt Fund
.... 9,624 34
Fire Department Fund.............
Llshi land
.... 2.549 18
2,374 36
4,140 97
100 00
199,820 17
36 644
767 09
Work-house Fund...
Hcnicken Fnna. ........
Sinking Fund ,
Common School Fund,
Colored School Fund...
...8313,313 66
Thb Licturi at WeblbtCbapbl. The leo
lure laat night at Wesley Cnapel by Bishop
Simpson, on "Jerusalem and the Holy Land,"
was largely attended, the house being filled in
every part to repletion. The address was
ohastily written, and delivered in an impres
sive and eloquent manner. The narrative of
the journey from Vienna to Jernialem, the
allusions to Mahommedanlsm, the history of
the speaker's sioknesi while traversing the
valley of the Nile, were each excellent in their
way, and doubtless made a lasting impression
on the minds of his audience, for they were
listened to with the prolbundeat interest until
the olose.
Annivbrrabt op thi Talmid Tblodih Ih
BTiTtrri. The Talmid Yelodlm Institute cel
ebrate their next anniversary of the establish
ment of their excellent Society on Thursday
next, at the Hall of the Allemania, on the
corner of Sixth and Main. Ai 8 soholastio
Institute, the Talmid Yelodlm has been emi
nently sucosssfal, and tbe children of both the
rioh.and poor in It receive an equal and
thorough education, calculated to prepare
them for the differenet vooations In life, and
to render them useful members of society.
The banquet will commence at VA o'olook,
and the festivities will close with a ball.
Tbs Firi This Morning. A fl.-e was dis
covered at two o'clock this morning in one of
the small frame tenements on the south-west
corner of Fifth and Sycamore-streets. There
were several one and two-story houses, occu
pied as a pawn-broker's office, a seoond-hand
furniture store, a scouring and clothing eitab
lisnment, a lager beer saloon and a barber
shop. Though the buildings were mostly des
troyed, the loss will not be oyer $800 or $1,000.
The caose of the fire, whioh was benefit to
that quarter of the city, was not ascertained.
Bubolabt oat Broadwat. The residence of
a man named Jordan, located on Broadway,
above Hunt-stree", was feloniously entered
night before last and robbed of money and
jewelry to the amount of nearly $40. Tbe
burglars found at ready entrance, as It appears
the inmates had unfortunately retired for the
night without fasteniog the doors. They
ransacked several rooms and departed without
disturbing the family. jvC
Pibsonai.. Mr. and Mrs.' W. J. Florence,
tie Irish Conjediaoi, are stopping at the
Spe.r House, J'" '"
The Board met. and a aunrii'L not being
present, a motion was made to adjourn, whidiwas
lost. ,. ..-
Of the seeded legislation, ah aw ll -nminitta
waa directed to secure the patnagx of an act, that
auy person unlawfully striking anutlii-rwith a sluug
shotor colt, or brass-knuckles, or eny other hard
metalio substance, upon conviction tierout in any
Court of competent jurisdiction, shnlt beroufined at
hard labor In the Penitentiary for not more than five
years nor lew than oue year.
That If ana- V...- rf . I V. 1 - I
cipal or otherwise, ahall receive a bribe, or be paid
07 tutu ui vaiue as a consweration lor nis vote or
innuence for the passage of any act, ordinance or
resolution, or with the expectation of a fee or re
ward, after the passage thereof, shall be cou fined in
the Penitentiary at bard labor not more than five
years nor leas than oue year. Any person offering a
bribe, directly or indirectly, to any member of any
legislative bodv. shall, uoon conviction tiierar i,a
confined iu the Penitentiary not more than five years
uui in iuui uue.
Mr. It nn van aroDOMil that tin mmmiiiu tu. i
atructed to hare authority to levy not exceeding a
mill annually for three years-say S225,0OU to con
struct a Oity Hull. Lost. Three quarters of a mill
wm uiou piviwHu. tvarrieu, 11 toy.
The committee waa authorized to seek action of the
fjeKislature to have vols of the nMmiAa.mAnriin ti..n.
stitutlon ao as to remove restriction from city Ii-
vwmw iv. ivtiuii0 spirituuini utiuurSt .
Thla subject was referred back to Committee on
Fire Department.
A badxe ia to beauDiUlAil tliA Marirat araua-a
worn in service. 1
a claim for damages rendered by Dunlap& Co. was
re por led adverse.
A claim of Lewis Wentae!! fn riamasa t l.la
?.n High-street was referred to Trustees of
Third Wards.
aimvu waa appropriated B. Kotlnian 3c Co. to pay
damages caused In construction of sewer on Deer
Creek, near Domlnlck's slaughter-bouse.
Two old wharf boats were ordered to be broken. up
and hauled to city lot, or sold as may be agreed Son
by a Committee, consisting of Mr. K tented, Cun
ningham and 14. B. Davis.
City Auditor's report read, and appropriations made.
44 79 appropriated for daguerreotypes taken of
thieves and pickpockets, and for telegraphing of
Police Department.
Part nf Verrv-atmAt In DnltA . . .1 -.1
. 1 : " .-M.wi. iron imiiaj, IUU RU
equal piece ofground on the other side added.
For the second evening Council baa voted for Wood
Measurer of Blver District. After eight ballotings
thA atihiAAt mattap waa l.u .1. . .. 1 1
The candidates ware Hamuel Lee, 18 votes,
ThA nlnnaAA.lMia nf an ..-.! I .. fi i
- ..-. wva, w. .uviiuiiuij wuveruiui uuar
street, between old and new corporation line, was
amended, to secure the full width equal to that of
A committee of three, with City Solicitor, waa ap
pointed to arrange for legal contest of the sale made
or the Covington and Lexington Railroad Com
pany, to recover city's interest of (100,000 stock sub
scription. Benjamin Igxlestoa, George W. Buuyan
and J, m. Noble, committee. ,
The special order to strike ont the name of Western
row and call it Central-avenue. Mr. Toohey pro-
?oaed Prescott-avenue: Mr. Whitcomb proposed
vashlngton-avenue, which did net prevail. Pres-cott-avonne
wai carried in Committee of Whole;
but when the committee arose, the name of Central
avenue .was retained, but was lost on engrossment.
1 he ordinance was reconsidered and laid on table.
To Musicians. One genuine Cremona Vio
lin (1680) for sale cheap. Call at M. Man
gold's, 233 Sixth-street.
Habeas Corpus Casb. Justices Howard and
Eggleaton, yesterday, released Mr. O. R. Pow
ell, of this city, oonfioed in jail since tho last
term of the Circuit Court, for disobeying a
mandate of that tribunal, for the payment of
$250, being allimony due his divorced wife,
under a deoree of the Court.
Alarm or Fibi. Yesterday ovening about
half-past six o'clook, the ohiinney of
Miohael Moore's houto, on the oorner of
Seventh and Main, oaugnt fire, but was ex
tinguished before it oommunioated to the
Exiqbtioal. We have been requested to
state that tbe T. B. Crosby, fined for drunk
enness and disorderly oonduot, a day or two
since, Is not the T. B. Crosby who does busi
ness on Columbia-street, Cincinnati, and re
sides in CoviDgton. Ths well-known charac
ter of the latter gentleman, however, would
alone be sufficient to refute any impression
that might be entertained concerning the
identity of the two persons.
School Board. At a called session of the
School Board, held night before laat, Profes
sor Drury was appointed Principal of the
High 8ohool,oice Professor Matthows resigned.
Mr. Leuba, chairman of the board, was also
authorised to procure him an assistant, at a
salary of $800 per year.
Policb Court. The following named per
sons were yesterday fined for drunkenness and
disorderly conduct by Judge Mediera: Martin
Sawyer, $7 60; Owen Kelly, $7 60: James
Moore, $2 75; Baobelflays,$2 75.
Evibbtt Lyobom. At a meeting for the
cleotion of officers of this society, on Monday
evening ' last, the following gentlemen were
chosen: President, A. L, Jamison; Vice Presi
dent, J. P.. Mookler; Secretary, P. E. Earle;
Treasurer, B. C. Ernst; Editor, B. W. Mar
shall; Sargesnt-at-Arms, T. Colville. The in
stitution is in a flourishing condition, having
just entered the fifth year of its existence, and
meets on Monday night.
School Board:' At the regular meeting of
the Sobool Board, night before last, the salary
of Mr. J. W. Godtlard, one of the teachers In
the High School, wag raised to $40 per month;
and that of Mrs. Burgess, to $36. No other
business was transacted.
Lunch. An elegant lunch will be set at
Major Caldwell's Saloon to-day, at eleven
o'clook, and, among other things, a veritable
swan will be served up. .
Monetary and Commercial.
The oomplexlon of financial affairs In Third-
street has altered very little for the past week; the
condition of one day responding very closely to an
other. Money is still stringent, of course: that is
now the rule; the quantity of Currensy not appear
ing to Increase from day to day, but going out about
as rapidly as it comes in.- The selecttng-houses are
bnsy In returning Bank Paper for Exchange, but
tbey do no more than keep up their regular supply.
, Eastern Ixobange was la good demand yesterday
at XW baying and H premium wiling rate. '
Mo new feature was developed in the banking
quarter, and business was (airly active, more so than
either of the two preceding days of the week.
Our city Produce market was more animated yes
terday. In Flour very little was doue.and the Whisky
trade was moderate. Wheat advanced 3c. and Oats
lc. oer bushel.
Tne buoyancy In Provisions Increased, and holders
of Bacon, Bulk Meat and Mess Pork withdrew from
the market at Its close. Uoga wore firmer, with Ugh
The Imports and exports of various articles doling
the twenty-four hours ending yesterday noon were:
iHrOBTS. rionr, 1,886 brls.j Whisky, 1,491 barrels:
(lorn, 8,138 bushels: Wheat, 7,148 bushels; Oats, U
bushels Barley, 1M bushels; Hogs, 314 head; Pork
and Bacon, WV tteroeei im oris., 8,300 lbs.: Lard, 7l
brls ,411 kegs; Sugar, 801 bhds.; Holassee, B,048 brls.;
Coffee, H2 bags; Apples, 819 brls.; Butter, 34 kegs;
Cheese, 101 boxes; Potatoes, 1,427 brls.; Bait, 960 brfs,;
Bay, 371 bales.
KxroBTS.-Klour, 621 brls.; Whisky. 2,117 brls.,
Wheat 63 bnsbels; Oats 3,434 bushels; Pork and Bacon
119; hbds.,S24 tierces, 799 brls., 384 boxes; Lard, 803
brls.; 104 kegs; Sugar; 183 hods ; Molasses, 203 brls.;
Coffee, 388 bags; Apples, 361 brls ; Butter, 483 kegs;
Cheese, 1,387 boxes: Potatoes, 461 brls.
Tuesday's Hew York Tribune thug rfrs to last
week's bank statement In that city: . -'
The weekly statement of bank averages is quite as
unfavorable as waa anticipated, showiDg a fair gain
in the specie reserve, aud a couservatlve aotlonon
the part of bank managers In a reduction of the lino
of loans. The specie rcsoive will probably be in
creased half a million by the sub-treasury disburse
ments of to day audi to-morroonaaaayon1ce cer
tificates. .
With aceisatlon of the Foreign drala forGolJ, the
Banks may be considered strong, and should show
an accumulating line of specie for a month or two,
mora especially If the Postoffloe Appropriation bill
should be pushed through Congress. Ihe Deposit
line shows an Increase of over a million, which does
aot harmonise with tbe other Igures of the report.!
"A.: ... A M t.
Ths following is a comparative statement of the
condition of the Banks of Ihe City of New York:
. Jan. 7. Jan. 14.
Loans....A....tl24,87.M3 $!23,&o;,4I4 Dec. $I,0lj,J49
Specie.. ... 1763,714 , 18,740,866 Inc. 877,06
S'PO'lt" 74,808,8.19 73,8M,763 Ino. 1,074,918
Circulation., 8,33!).065 8,090,448 Dec. 448.41S
The changes in last week's Philadelphia Bank
Btutemeut compare with those of the previous weeks
as follows:
Capital tock.............. rno I tIS
'.'0,n Inc. J7.IM
f pecia.
Due fro. n other flans,
Doe to other Banks.,..
..Ino. 8,746
.inc. 2,676
. Dec. 82,763
.....Dec. 91.309
.Dec. 2,893
ElMSTAff HllVf. .... IT T1. i .
- . . -. .sua wraianu,-lilt) UUUUOU
Times says that during the lat Ave years silver to
he amount of 3 J99,4W sterling has been exported
to the hast by the Indlaan.i China mall packots from
i?-?!"0Woa' vJl' &6,68to India, and 5.KI3..
iJ2 to lhinaand to places between, lnillaand China.
FLOya-Tbe market is dnll, and tho business
doing Inilgnincaut. The sales were conllned to 600
I. inels at (4 30 for super Hue, and 14 40(34 70 for
. WIIISKY-No change In the market: the demand
it moderate: sales of 1,1011 barrels at 2trV20o., tbe
latter rate for wagon.
IIOGS-Kecelpta light, and prices higher. 108 bead
derating m pounds sold at $0 75, aud a small lot
i-xtra heavy brought (7.
PKOVIBIONS-Tbe market was quite buoyant to--!
iy, and at the close mess Pork, bulk Meats and
II. icun were genorally held out of the market. The
4 iles here (flo.noo pounds bulk moat, at 6 aad sc., oa
i liu spot, 6)t6Xc, for Hhouldere, and J4c for Sides,
i.ir next month delivery ax) barrels mess Pork at
l It, and I no barrels Lard at loo. At the cloie mens
Cork could not have been bought below $17. Bulk
Meats less than 6! and t Jsc. on tbe spot, aud Bacon,
.it 7J and 9Mc.
STEARINE-A sale of0 barrels at lOXc.
QUOUEKIKH-ThA m.rb.1 l. aiaV.iJ i,h . r.i.
"Iiniand In the regular way: sales of 79 hhds. Sugar
. . . w jiuuujues at too., ana so Dags
I offen at 12&o.
WHEAT There ia abrlab demand, an, I nri. aa h...
advanced 2c. per bushel, closing firm at $1 28l 30
r i r "uu " Ior prime reu: aaiea
of 3m bushels prime Kentucky white at tl 30, and
.,5rido. ut $! 31, delivered.
OOKN-The market is Ann, with a good demand at
;'ilJ6c ; tales of 2,00 bushels, in bulk, at 94c; 30O
""t atrietU Depot, at f2c ; 1,200 do. white Cora,
helled, at 6c.
OATIi-Tbere Is a good demand, and prices have
iiilvnnce i lc. per bushel: sales of 600 bushels. In bulk,
ut 49Cj and 600 do at 60o.
BY B The market is dnll, but prices are un
changed: sales of 400 bushels, In sacks, at II, and
M.) do. choice white, part from store, at II 03.
1UKLKY-There is a fair demand, and prices
steady at last quotations: sales of 129 bnshels prime
f til at 7.4c, and 2(io do. at 7to.
HAY-The domand continue active, and prices
r";,?!,'iSi,K,J,Jl,n for rlln Timothy, on arrival.
CHUK8K Tbe market la firm, with an active de
mand, at 9Hc for Western Keservo, and 11c. for Eug
lisli Dairy: sales of 2ou boxes Western lteserve at
'',tfaKS9.L00 do- Putnam Farm Kngliab Dairy at He.
BDTTEB-The market is dull, hut price are un
changed. APPLBS-There Is a good demand, at $2 2f 3 24
per barrel, for fair to choice, from store.
POTATOES -The demand continues good, aud
prices firm at last quotations: sales of 600 bushels
mixed at 63c. delivered; 2011 do prime Nnshanocks at
1,'ic , aud 100 baa-els mixed at St 74 per barrel, deliv
ered. CLOVER 8EBD The demand Is good, and prices
have further advanced 6o, per bushel: aales of 92
barrels at 4 80, aud 100 bushels, iu sacks, at $4 78.
I ii moderate demand: sales or 60 barrels, at i" 29 for
I'ota, and 19 37 for Pearls. (Jotton buoyant He.
higher, and pretty fair demaud: sales of 2,900 balos
nt UMll Sc. for middling Uplands, including 4U
bales In transit. Kluur iu better export demand,
aud a shade firmer: sales of 13,000 barrels, at ." Am
35 fur s i ertlne State: $9 39)4 40 for extra State;
J5 309 39 for superflue Westeru; (4 399 90 for oom
mon to medium extra Western; 9 794 84 for In
terior to iood shinning brands extra round-hoop
Ohio. Canadian i lour scarce, aud commands full
prices: sales of 3S0 barrel at 8 5 7036 60 lor common
1 1 -.hole 'Urn. Rye Flour In moderate request, at
S3 794 40 for common to choice. Corn Meal quiet
mid unchanged. Whisky firmer: sale nf 1 ,000 brls.
st 29M2914o., chiefly the latter price. Wheat l2c.
bolter, with better export Inquiry; transactions,
however, much retarded by firmness of holders: tales
of 11,010 bushels Milwaukie Club at II 29, deliv
ered; other sales were made but the particulars were
kept private. Bye steady at W&vta. Barley a little
more inquired for: aales of b,W) iraahela good winter
SUtaatSOXo. Corn a shade firmer, but lees active:
ealos ol 14,000 bushels at SSWHXc for new white and
yellow, and 78c. for damaged. Oat in limited re
quest, at 49046c. for State, Western and Canadian.
Pork more active, and may be quoted a shade firmer:
les of 1,660 brls., at 916 29 for old mess; 17 1217 26
tor new mess; (16 31 for new thin mess, and 111 40
ior old prime. Beef unchanged in price, and in little
better demanu: aales of 429 barrels, at (4014 84 for
country prime; v&4 V f..r country mess; 78
I I ;r re-packed mess, and (10 4011 for extra mesu.
lleef Hams continue dull, at 812 for State; 114 29
1(14 80 for Western. Prime mess Beef dull and nom
iual Dressed Hogs plenty and dull, at MmHo.
lot Western, aud 7c. for city. Bacon dull aud un
changed: -ales of 40,00(1 pounds pickled Belliesat8!lto.
'ut Meats more active: sales f 813 packages, at Xc.
Tur Shoulders, and 996o for Hams. Lard in mod
erate request: sales of 360 barrels at lOSaffflioHo.
Mutter selling at 12l7o. for Ohio, and 16(3)240. for
State. Cheese In fair demand at mUXo. Molasses
remain steady; sales of lull rarrels New Orleans at 91
fio62o., and 170 hhds. clayed Cuba, on private terms,
Sugar rather easier: sales of 900 hhds. Cuba, mostly,
at 7 ti(a)7,1ic. for lair refinery, and 48 hhds. Muscovado
nt 6jc. Coffee quiet mid firm. Tallow iu better
demand: sales of 79,IKJ0 pounds at luk10c.
BALriMoaii Market, Jnuunry 18. Flour quiet
and unchanged. Wheat buoyant: aales of white at
81 vai 49, and red at $1 So. Cam dull: sale of white
,lt7(W79c., tmd yellow at 73076c. Provisions steady.
Whisky quiet.
A CO. Sales-room No. 18 East Fourth -street.
Itetail Stock or Staple Dry Goods On PBIDAY
MORNING, January 21, at 9,', o'clock, we will sell a
retail stock of Staple Dry Goods, among which are a
great variety of Prints, Delaines, Cashmere, Ging
hams, flannels, Canton Flannel, Muslin, colored
Uambrick, Hosiery, Shirts, Drawer, Paper Muslin,
Oottou.and a general assortment of Staph) Goods.
To be sold to cluse up a retail business.
ALSO-S0 doieu Paper Store Boxes and Show
Casrs, Ac.
ALSO By order of Assignee, a stock of Milllnary
Js. O. Gibbous, Assignee. '
ja!9 JACOB OBAFy, Auctioneer.
A CO.-Iurnlture. On SATURDAY MORN-
inu. uectmuer si, at s .o'clock, at ino. 289 Long-worth-jtreet,
west of Mound, we will sell the Furni
ture of a family, consisting of two II. O. Solas, H. 0.
Purler Chairs, Xtegere, Elizabeth Rocker, marble
lop Center Table, Dining Table, Dining-room Furn
iture, good Stove, Chinaware, Wardrobe, Bnreans,
Bedsteads, Wash Stands, Toiletware, Carpets, Chairs,
Tables. Booking Chair, Uattrasses, first-rate Feather
Beds, Stove, and a general assortment of Kitchen
. ALSO-A Melodlan and Sewing Machine,
JACOB GRAFF, Auctioneer,
iaio 1 t Mo. East Fourth-street.
SHEARS A OO.-Salea-rooms Nos. 97 and 8V
Main-street. Checks, Farmers' Satin aud Plaids.
We will sell THIS MORNING, January 19, at 9
o'clock, lor account of Railroad: 16 pieces Checks;
18 nieces Ftrmera' rjaliu: IS siecea Plaids: 1 earn-
ALSO-W kegs H. u. soda: 1 cask Nutmegs.
ja!9 a. BBABUBAItS A CO., Auctioneers,
f m. SHEARS A CO. Sales-room No. Maud M Main
street. -Groceries, Ao -Wo will sell on HATCBDAY
MORN INO, January 21, at o'olock, a general assort
ment of Groceries, An., consisting of 38 brls. Sngar;
90 brls. Molasses; 176 bags Coffee; 74 half ohests Green
nod Black Tea; 124 boxes Soap; 78 boxes lbs. aud S.
ALSO-firoiind Spices, Hemp and Manilla Hope,
Glassware, Woodware, Queensware, ludlgo, Bed
oords, Twine, Ao.
ja!9 Q. BBA8HEAB8 A CO., Auctioneers.
SHEAS A CO. Sales-rooms Mo. 7and 89 Main
street. -Boots and Shoe. -We will sell, THIS
MORNING, January, at (o'clock, 160 cases Boots.
Shoes, Gaiters, etc Those goods are fresh and nausi
be sold jam Q. B&aBHKABB A CO., Anct'ra.
a TTfTf rvj aaw v? uv tr a itttis
t t. ft CO., No. 91 Maln-street.-PainU, Window
Glass. Dye Stuffs, Ac We will sell, on TBI DAY
. HORNING, January to, at o'clock, a large assort
i ment of Paints, Dye Stuffs, Brushes, Ao., to close
ALSO-H0 boxes German Soap; 75 boxes bast Pearl
Starch; 40 brls. Smoking Tobacco: 60 boxes Ken
tucky and Virginia do.; Twine Oordags, Cotton
Yarns, Wrapping Paper. Ao.
ja!9 H. g. MILES. Auctioneer.
BARD, at Trade Sale-room No. 21 West Fifth
street, upstairs. Books, Stereoscopes, Prints, Ao.
On FRIDAY KVBNING, January 2n, at 7 o'clock,
will b sold, by catalogue, a valuable collection oi
Medical and Miscellaneous Book, Stereoscope anil
Vlsws, Printa, flcture Frames, Ao.
N. 8. Catalogues will be published on Frlda)
morning, and the Books, Ac , will be open for exam
ination until 9 o'clock, Friday P. M.
jal9b S. G. HUBBARD. Auctioneer.
JsV Durable Machine extant,
. Call and see then, '
ja9tf : 60 West Fourth.itreet.
Bams and Beefat OOLTBB'8
jslS Noa, 11 and 121 Main-street.
IBDI at - . , .OOLTBB'8
. jail - Nos. 3t and Ml Haiti-street.
Mil No. 319 and 821 .Main-street.
jaU Nos.., and All Main-street
" ii -
Wheeler & Wilson's
wr rrlneliml rtflloe, No7 Wet Fastrtk.
t., riKE'M OPERA.HOV8B, Clnelaaatl.
Wheeler A Wilson Sowing Machine, with im
portant improvements, and to meet the demand fur
a good, low-priced Family Machiue. have intro
duced a NBW STYLE, working upon the same prin
ciple, and making tbe same stitch, though not u
highly finished, at FIKTY-PIVH DOLL ARM-
The slegauce, speed, noiselessness and simplicity of ,
iheMni'hiue, the beauty and strength of stitch, bslnu
A LI K U ON BOTH SIDES, Impossible to ravel, aud
leaviug no chain or ridge on ths under side, the
iconomy of thread and adaptability to the thiokeet
or tli I n in st fabrics, has rendered this the most suc
cessful aud popular Family Sewing Machiue now
At our various offices we sell at New York prices,
and give instruction free of charge, to enable pur
cliaaer to sew ordinary seams, hem, fell, quilt,
nattier, bind and tuck, all on the same machiue, aud
warrant It for three years.
Send or call for a circular containing full partlcu
lurs, prices, testimonials, Ac.
jal7ay Witt. SUMNER Ac CO.
Coal Cooking Stove !
lias been pronounced by oompetant Judges to be the
Patented Dec. 1, tS53.
For sale by the Inventors and Mstnnfactareis,
No. 333 Fourth-Sims., Cincinnati.
del a)
ill 11' lOIMili.Uliltlrt
Manufactory, C'ciliigtuu, Ky.
WAREHOUSE, - -iimNAH. (,
Nsi. 'JO Kaat Colambln-stroet. .
L-'M. trade at the most reasonable prices and ou the
tnoit accommodating terms with
ffor Oil, Fluid or Coal Oil,
N. B. Jones's Improved Lamps and Burners fr
a le by our agent, J. SELLERS, Covington, Ky.
Coal Cooking Stove,
"'- At TRI-
Ueldit Zanesville, Ooteber, 1830.
(i . .
ios. 51 and 53 Vinos t
KSeoond.dooi Below Columbia,)
'"' fnogcinl
O B l O .
J THIRD-STUKKT, Uluclnnatl, OWu, are mann
i'untnrlns larselv. Palmer's celebratAU Bvilranllti .
t Korce and Lift Pump. Also, his Portable 8t-ani
Kneines. All these who are abont to purchase
I'U tlPH for Tanaeries, Browerle. Olmil-,
Inrlea, Dry Uocka Pnpr ill ilia ttnilromr
tatlotia, Inlnea, Wrerklnt Parveaon, or, in
fact, for any purpose where a pump is needed, will
find it to their advantage to call and see the work
ing of these valuable Inventions, or address tbn
lALMEht PCMP COMPANY for a circular, which
ill furnish the name of many who have used these
I' 11 mps with perfect aatifactlon. deatdm
SL TALLIO BOOriNO" Is offered to the public
it the beat and oheapest Metal Hoof now used, lis
iierita tested by an experience of years In this city
mid vicinity. Applied to flat or steep, old or new
buildings.' No solder need fastened seonrely with
'ttoxposure to the action of ths elcineuts.
Prepared sheets, boxed for shipment to an; put o
'.he United States, can be applied by any one with
oidlnary mechanical skill. Orders promptly HI led,
vtil-lf 112 West riecond strait.
-L B. Bloat A Go's. Family Sewing Machine baa
tuten removed to No. 30 West Fourth-street, over
i,e Bontelllers. (jafiam) B. H. OOOK, Agent,
Merchant Tailor1
' Mo. 48 VOh st rH-STHEET,
Boots & Shoes !
and sn parlor stock of Boots, Uhves and Slippers,
which fvrexteut aud variety is uot surpassed westof
New York. My price are reasonable; give me a call.
Ja JOHN II DKTBlttt.M West four th-t.
J, J. B0TLER'8
l.ieelvior fluid Inks.
' Manufactory, Vlu mt M '
kiic'-t"'tiBir'i)r . .,.
Wood-Workmg MaohiiierF,
Tarnar Jolia aa4 Wat-V, .V'"'""-'
r-ly j . , . . i , ,'
AT LArV.Obase Brdldlngs.No. tat Third-
'II mini l;'i.
' i iti'nb In
l tiiJiiJ r!i;ut

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