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' ITfatllifcH uaiSj.Barjdaya eaeeptod.,) b; ,
rBOPtilTOBfi.- "
rrioa bo. it wnt rov tra-tvaBBT.
l'BJ IJUIMI PBBbVSIs deltv.redtoeuberiber, Isr
Ma.oiun.ti, Covington and Newport, and nr.
roendlng ettiee and towns, at tat a
" tremely low prloe of
raicae oi maiuisi '
lnsltoopteeto.l l month too.) I monthfI l year It
ooaaia hxvh abb vibb-stbbsts. "
Joan A. Hmtsa, Ja.. .. .Bole Lease ynd Manager.
Benefit of Mlaa Eliza Igan,
On which occasion ahe will appear In two of bar
. : now favorite onareoters.
THIS IVINISO, January M.WU1 be presented
mo larome piar ui
Mr. Haller...,.
Tbe Stranger,
MM.M.MMAiai ansa liOaftn
Mr Langaon
eteintorc ,
-..Mr. Hann
Ola Solomon
nr. Klliler
...nr. Head
Miss Fanny Den ham
To oonclude with
Juliana .....................M1m Illia Loaan
Dnke Ara,DEa,,.(..,M.,.,,,,M,,..,.,.M,,,,..tM,..H.Mrl Lengdon
Hock Bake,. .Mr. Adam.
Rolando....... iwwHwiwwwtwwitwwn ..,h...mmm M r. B.ad
Violent. . . Mill Fannv Dnh.m
In ooneeouenc. of the dally applications for the
historical play of " TousmIui L'Overtnrej Or, The
Inaurreotlon of Hajll," the manager will forthwith
make Mm necessary efforts for lta early and brilliant
nrnrinotlnn. '- J f' ' ' 1
awDoon opaa at X; Ourtala rliea at 1H o'clook.
Paints or Asmibsiob Draaa Circle and Farqoette,
Moenis; OalloiTi McentB.
fl- V. Flfce...,.....w...u in.MMnnMnm..w Proprietor,
r. B. Oonway ..8tae Director.
J. Tt. Herbert .... .....,.HH..Trea.urer.
Benefit of Mrs.. W. J. Florence.
THIS EVINING, January 20, wilt be presented
the beautiful drama of
Rory O'More Mr. Florence
To concludo with tbe protean farce called
Maria, Paul Bnrtln, Bfflo Hcatherbloseom,
(Jorney Oray, Jerusba Joyful Makebeace
Loi. ....Mrs. Florenoe
The Tragedian.. ...... .........Mr. Tloreno
aw- a Grand Spectacular Crania la In aetlve prep
aration, with new aoonery. dreaaes, effecta, Ao , and
sustained by the entire atrength of the company.
Paicasor Aobission. Farquette Circle, Parquette
and Balcony, 60 cents ; Amphitheater, it cents;
Private Boxes for eight peraons, lit.
Poors open at 64 o'clock ; commence at 7M.
John Bates........i.....t.,
Proprietor and Manager
w.B. Irwin..
THIS EVENING, January 20,
JIEKXITIT or Mr. 0. UEHBI, tbe Clown.
Continued succeaa of the new ' ' '
Oa, ta popoj Faiat1; TaiuiaTHAai.OTia tail D-
In which tbe entire company will appear.
Barley uiD..M.,m.m..HMM.HIMH ,w..Mr. flannel
Oolumblne..,...,..............................,Hias Jenny Might
Pantaloon.MM.......,HM......MH.. ......MM...olr, Barrett
01owB........,................,..Mr. 0. Henri
Commencing with tbe enire new fturee. second time
in this olty. entiled J v , .,
Sir CbarlM...,... ............ Mr. Blnart.
tsbarpe.............. .........,....,..,..,..Mr. Bernard,
La flroche...... .........,...,.,.....,.,..,...Mr. Slevin.
Trap Forbet u....u...u....,M..u.J...John Bbarpr.
Lady Uonrtly.... .Itiei A. Oraham.
Oraoe................. Hlu 0. Henri.
ALTasATion or Tins. Doore open M before 7;
Curtain rites at H past 7, precisely.
NOTICE. Tradesman and others are cautioned
against furnishing any articles for the theater with
oat a written order, signed by the Manager.
Theater, ia now open for the reception ofgneeta.
Booms can be obtained by tha day or week, and
msala furnished at all honrs i, .
J JiANDA respeetfnlly Inform the In
babltanta of Cincinnati, that they will glrej
Vocal and Instrumental
I ' , . .. ' AT THK
orcivycri nuuoc,
The proprietors of the a bore establishment having
kindly volunteered the nee of their ipaeloua hall for
the occasion. Tickets of admission 60 cents. To ba
had at I he principal M ualo btores, and at the Spencer
House. - . - jalao
8W THIS DAY. Jannary 16, and JVBBY
IVBN1NO during the week. J16
Dooraopeu at 7 o'clock. The Professor appears at
a H to 8, preoiaeiy.
and Mias GEYKB respeotfully Inform tbe olt-
nils for Inetructlon In all fashionable Dances. Iku,
Lwlls, Misses and Masters, from II to P. M. Gents'
Ulaes, from 8 to 10 in the evening. All Quadrilles
tangbt without calling. jafibw
Wk ' 8K0OND IBM.
National Hall, Vlne-ntreet, a e VMth.
The leaaons are so arranged that Inneraean
btmmnnnt at any time. dewf
pupils of the Western Female Seminary, t
ford, Ohio, br Mus Mary B.Adams, and illnatrated
with a Use view of the Seminary Bnllalngs. Price,
"30couts. . , JOHN OBUBOH, jr.,
j16 ' ' . Mo. M West Fourth-street.
Amnwwl tnr Ptnn. hV PTtOF. HQ t7f ttlL ' With a
beantilul Lithograph of the New Mseoolo Building.
Just published ty JOHN CHURCH. JB.,
aeai w treat jouriaiinwu
thai ever. Great sacrifice of j i
Pianos, Melodeona. Violoncellos i 1
Violins, Guitars, Baud BtrinjTrim-lnniOrrl
mlngs, Ac. dnrlng the Holidays. B 1 0 D
Pelllog-at lOOper cent. leser -than any
r,tiAv haiim In thl. eltv. .nd flnt-claaa InitranMnti
nt that. Tin nnt htiv an Initrnment nntil woo have
called at No. 227 Fifth-street, second door east of
Plum, south side. - BKintiiu ttuu.,
Piano Makers, aad Dealers la J'irst.olasa. Inatnr
ments. - s., , , de21tf
Holiday, Presents.
I a avb" jusopeneI) a idT'b
Bisaue and China'' Ilgures. Fancy Inkstaan
Vases, Jewel and Match-boxes, Tanoy Shaving an I
.Wark-bozoa, and other Fancy Goods too numerotu
to mention, snitable for the Holidays, whioh I win
sell cheaper tbaa amy other establishment in M
city. . ' . HENBV DAVIO. J
' No. 271 Main-Street, between Sixth and Seventh. !
' N. B. Alaoanewlrtof Fancy Boepa, Pertumerf,
I. & D. BRUCE,
Street jcallreaeJ Car aad Oauibaa SUan4
fktetarera. ,
' fT keep on hand a snpply of BTBKIT RAIL
HOAD UABU anu umniDuaea. wnion we win war
rant oqualin style, finish and durability, and at aa
. low prices, ae any maue-iu . ., . t
, orfce Corner of Third and Vine-streets. - jalitf I
jLiv (toroooo-aeeiea iwvwi
IWWIHIVWll,VNlH.".BHB'. -' I ' '
.ooopftin of Womd'i Pt Oot Booto, eutonif
atstMktaiftM(. . .... ... i
I. .tore ufy, f. -' .oav 0AHlil
iaMsl .. J t ;.'.-. Mi'tert-etre
Kl.'.-e' ' I
5'r1 " - Sl& .-;:?:': . LX. " "
VOL. 2. NO. 131.
Ijittli Miai.-Rlght Ixpreas, 8:00 a. n.t Aooom.
mcdatlta, 2:p. .; DaylJxprea.. :5 r M.
uouiiAroi.ii and Cisouiiuri.-ll:16 A. a.; 8:40 p.
1:40 a. a.
OaioAao Miasueim.-:2S A. n. 11:44 a. m.: lfcl
CmcmwATi, Hiaiiroa aid Dattob.-7:46 a. ai.i 11:0
A..i lkhr.it.; M T.U.; 8-.S0 p.m.
HaalnTA akd Oimowbati. 11:20 a. h. f . nr.
BioaaoBB akd iMoiAaaroLis.
Limi Miami. Day Kxpreas, 10:00 A. k.i Aooom.
, modatlon, 4:0 r. m.; Might Express, 11:30 p. at.
iBDitmroLia and Cimoinati.-6:oO a. m.: U:i9 p.
m.; 7:1p. m.
Ohio abb Mimissipm.-7:20 a. m. 2:00 p. m.; 7:30 p. at.
Oiboibnati, UiMiLioa AMD Datton. :00 A. u.i 7:30
A. M.j 14:00 A, M. 8:40 P. M. : P. a j 11:80 p. at.
Mabibtta and Ciboibhati. 9:40 a. u.i 1:40 p. a.
Biohmohd and Ibdubapolis. :00 a. a.t 8:40 p. a.
Coneeited men are liable to eommlt
more mistake than even absolute dunces.
WIf we would merit eonfldence, we should
eombtne integrity with ability.
The theimometer, at St. Paul, Minn.,
reoently Indicated fifty degrees below zero.
-Benjamin Levy, a well-known ita
tlooer, who had resided fifty yeari in New On
leans, died in that olty on the 11th inst. '
9It it the solemn thought eonneoted with
middle age, that life's last business Is begun
in earnest, -
9It would be absurd among any people
to regard as just everything that the laws
jWIn Tama County, Iowa, two hone
thisvoi, brotheri.named Banker, were recently
hanged by a mob.
-John Burgher was burnt to death in
his own home, at Bowling Green, Ky., a few
SBEliia Selbert, a ohild two yean old,
was burnt to death on Saturday in Roohester,
N. Y. '
jfjes wwp ja. iuarae, a soiaier oi ine
lately, In bis oightw-foarth year. ; f J
S An unknown printer drowned himself
on Sunday last by leaping into the Hudson
River, from tbe Sing Sing (N. Y ) dock.
Tn I, onniii, w uiuuue, Ata,, nai written
and published a play, in five aots. called "Va-
it- .
rw avj a"
is about to be revived, for the farewell per-
TT . tm
lonnance oi nr, vanaenon...
y 1 w.av, J Bt
Hemana. la about to He nrodiiniul at m. thtcn.
ine vesperf or raiermo." by Mrs.
in London with great splendor. . ir
JAnew EnsliahiViuirakv AUraA MAiinn '
entitlad '.'VtoLwlna." hiu IS Aon npifttj1 B4k
great,saoeesi At Covent Garden, London.
lEVA new theater ia In nutria nf arjinilnn (
Knlshtsbtidge. Which, when fininharl. I. tn
aooommodate 6,000 spectators. :
At a plaee called Povertv Bar. near
an Andreas, in California, two miners took
oat in a fortnight ninety pounds of gold.
ffitT The doctrine of Free Love has found
a champion in the person of Dr. Channing,
son of the late distinguished Unitarian Divine.
Christian Bmerann loat an arm a
few days sinoe by a railway train, near Alll
n?5iJ".8nd,afljirwarH hied tn,(iaath. ,. .
fflST An EogUsbman named Isaac Daltonl,
out his tbroat, near Condersport, Penn , last
week, and died in two hoars.
Among the distinguished vieltors in
Paris it the Rev. Mr. Bourgeon. The preach
er's object is professional.
Tbe use of the deoimal system, ai re
gards measures of length, is to be obligatory
in Portugal from the first of January next.
The first shad caught in the Cape
Fear River, N. 0., this season, was taken on
the 11th inst., and sold for $1.
The well-known Methodist minister,
Rev. A. R. Erwin, died recently, at Hunts-
vUle, Ala.
9Connt d'Ea, eldest son of the Duke de
Nemours, now seventeen years of age, has en
tered the Spanish army as sub-lieutenant.
, Three hundred and thirty-five ooolie
emigrants lately arrived' at Demarara front
Calcutta. Fifty others died on the passage. "
T-The editor of the Wilmington (N. 0.)
Stroll boasts of feasting on green peas ana
new potatoes, raised in the open air in Florida,
3Tha Wheeling (Va.) Union says the
sabs of iron manufactured in that oity, the
put year, will probably reach $2,000,000.
The propeller Elan E. Terry, from Del
aware, was cut through by the ice, in tbe New
York harbor, last week, and , annk. Loss,
$13,000', : :
Edwin Booth baa accepted a new five
ast tragedy, by a literary gentleman of New
York, whioh he is about to produce in New
The Rev. A. H. Burlingbam, pastor of
of the south Baptist unuron, new lorn, was
recently presented with a $600 mortgage on
his honse and a valuable silver tea set.' .i
. . .' i. i, a
p&k two-year old child of an Irishman
named Hlggins.was fatally burnt by its clothes
taking lire, a day or two since, in Madison,
Wis. J'- .' '"- r 'i a !"
"Tho man Ella, who rode so successfully
in London at Drarr Lane and ether theaten
as a woman, has-left England for a i tarring
engagement in this ooumry.
9" Mads me Celeste has accepted, with a
view of immediate representation, a beantl-lully-written
elsasio play in five aote, by the
antnor or "Pyramus."
pfyf. H. Senter, husband of AnneSenter,
the aetresi, died in New Orleans on the same
day that the iady'i mother breathed her last
in uatteio.
fSf In Dewitt, Iowa, there are twenty-
two religions and benevolent organisations,
among 1,800 Inhabitants. ' ' Among tbem is an
Inititutlpn known u the "Strychnine" Soolety.
J An introdustion of the Spanish ous-
tom of silver anklets for those who eheose to
walk oat in short pettiooats, is thought of by
the ladies in New York.
Sf Samuel Krelor killed a catamount
near Lsxlntrton. Richland Conntv. last week
measuring four feet In length and two feet in
The last number of Puth, presenting
tree of liberty as a Christmas-tree to the
Prince Imperial, was seized at the Paris Post'
jt Three married sisters, residing in
different places one of them a resident of
Lynn, Massaonnsetts nave each, within tne
past year, presented their husbands with twins.
sV A hundred sail of aflshlng vessels are
now ready tor ueorges, at uiauoester, mass.,
waiting the wrlval of bait from Newfound-
Uid,,.., , , ; : j-.t
' a The submission of Mohammed Arnlm
and of the Caaoasslan tribes who acknowledge
hit rule, pats en end to the war earried en by
Aosua since me Beginning ox wu oennry.
Busy BioeiirBt Or VsioiA Paris paper
gives the following tketoh of Verdi's eareer:
Golseppa Verdi was the sen of an inn-keeper
of the village of Boneoll, in the Duehy of
Parma, where he was bom in 1814. He re
ceived his first lessons in musio from an ob
scure organist, who was, however, an enthus
iast for hie art. Thanks to the patronsge of
Antonio Berets!, he was able to go to Milan,
where he studied from 1838 to 1838, under the
direction of Lavlgna, who was then at the
head of the theater of La Boala. 1 At last, in
1840, he brenght oat hit first opera, "Oberto
di Ban Bonifazlo." ' Encouraged by its success
he brought ont, soon afterward, a comic opera,
"TJn Giorno di Regnc," which was a complete
failure; From 1843 to 1847 be wrote and had
Krformed the following opersit "Nabuco," "I
imbardi," "Ernanl," "I Due Fosoari," "Glo
vanna d'Aroo," "Alzlra," Attila,"Maebeth''
and "I Masnadleri." From 1848 to 1368 he
wrote tbe "Coriara," La Battaglia di Leg
nano," "Luisa Miller," : ''Stlfellio," "Riga
lotto," "II Trovatore" and "La Travlata."
In June, 1855, he gave to the world the grand
opera "Les Vepres 81lioeanes,"a work written
espeeiallr for tht principal French stage.
Signor Verdi, in seventeen years, has written
not less than twenty operas, without eonntlng
"Aroldo," "Simone Becanegra,' "TJna Ven
detta in Domino" and "King Lear," whioh be
has just finished.
MaoaoxatasaTaimr. The London Newt,
In an obituary notloe of Maoaulsy, makes
these remarks: "As a talker his powers were
perhaps unrivalled. It was there that he showed
what he could do without the preparation
whioh might, if It did not, insure the splendor
of his essays and his oratory. At the dinner
table he poured ont his mavellout eloquence
with a rapidity equalled only by that of his
friend Hallam's atteranoe. He talked muoh,
if at til, and thus it was found that It did not
answer very well to invite him with Jeffrey
and Sidney Smith. Jeffrey could sit silent
for a moderate time with serenity. Sydney
Smith conld not without annoyance. Both
had had three years of full liberty (for they
did not interfere with eaoh other) during
Macaulay's absence; but he eclipsed both on
his return. After some years, when his health
and spirits were declining, and his expecta
tions began to merge in consciousness of fail
ure, he sometimes sat quiet on suoh occasions,
listening or lost In thought, as might happen."
Stsingimot op Mom at thi Fidhil Cap
ital. A correspondent; writing from Wash
ington, says : "Washington Oity is at dead
look pecuniarily. I am told thatno merchant
can get $500 from bank here, for the very
simple reason that the banks haven't got any
money. The banks have invested all their
money in pos (office drafts, and there Is no ap
propriation until there is a Speaker. But that
money is scarce here Is undeniably trne
Everybody who wants It has more than the
Usual difficulty in getting It. i! It is said that
Glosbraner, the Sergeant-at-Arras, has ad
vances members tne sum or u,uuu, expect
ing to be repaid when the Speaker eaa sign
warrants. But the $80,000 have broken him,
and he shows a blank face and an empty purse
to all applicants. But this it one fact about
the tightness of money, -which may be re
marked as a sign of the times."- t ,
Tbi Fiinob A Birr in Italy. A letter
fromHome aays: "The Frenoh army presents
at this moment a noble spectacle. Touched
by the misery which exists there, it hat re
solved on materially aiding the poor of the
Eternal City. Each officer gives five franca a
month for the needy, and in every kitchen eaoh
fifth ration ia it An.i-t-fciHu.jji-. f
to surpass all his army, and without having
previously consulted his Government, he has
bad pointed out to him by the presidents of
the fourteen parishes at Rome Uie principal
poor of their districts who are too retiring to
ask for help. He hat had a list of tbem
made, and distributes to them every day meat,
soup, and two pounds of bread apiece,
Fallibo or a Mimphis Slavs Hart Two
Oa Friday last a portion of the slave mart of
Messrs. Forrest, Jones k Co., in Memphis,
Tenn., fell with terrible oreth, and tlx ne-
froes, who were in the building, were bnritd
eneath the huge pile of rubbish. Two of
them were taken out dead and horribly man
tried, and the other four badly wounded. One
or two of the latter, have received injuries
woton will prove fatal.
Diath or thi EitoLtSH "Talkiro Fish."
The London Timet of the 27th sit. says: This
curious performer has died. Soon alter the
hard weather set in it began to give indica
tions of being "ont of sorts," and was very ill
for three days previous to Its death, being un
able to perform. The lots will be a heavy one
to the proprietor, as he was deriving a good
income from Its exhibition, and not long since
was offered by a speculator the sum of 1,500
for it. , "
Pirbons Faoztu to Diath Framoi. In
the South of France the weather ha.s been so
severe that a sentinel was found dead of cold
in his sentry-box at Lyons. Several persons
have perished in the snow In the mountains
of Dauphine, where they imprudently ventured
in pursuit of game. Two boys, ot eight and
ten yean of age, died from cold while return
ing from school. "; 1
Fatal Aooidimt pbok a Falling Tan. An
accident whioh happened in the Champs
Elysees has produced a consternation in
Paris. A tree fell aceosa the road, It is sup
posed loosened by the thaw, Just as the Paisy
omnibus waa passing, killing the eondnetor
and a passenger, and. mortally wounding M.
Hubel, the private secretary, of Prince Na
poleon. ..'
. Rotal Appointmikt. A Munioh letter an
nounces that the King of Bavaria bat just
appointed Baron Liebig President of the
Academy of Sciences, in place of the venera
ble M. Tloreoh, who resigned the office on ac
count of his great age.. The learned Baron
has just Addressed a long letter to Mr. Mechi
on tbe snbjeot of sewerage.
Arrest in Italy, The Milan Ocuutt of the
SOth announces that two dragoons In the Duke
of Modena't service have just been arretted
at Mirandola. They had 2,000 twenty-frtno
pieces in their possession, and several letters
proving that they were to organize a reaction
ary movement. . . .
A Faro Bark tbi Basi or a Niwipapib.
The Albany (N. Y.) Staltman says that
Geo. Wilklnt Kendall established the New
Orleans Pieayme with $700, which he won at
a iaro bank in a aw, x or, ine .tteayuiw
people will doubtless deny this story at soon
at they toe it In print. 1 " : ,
TbiOmlt Rsmidt. That was a wag who
tald: "When my wife was very sick, I ealled
in an Allopathis phyiiciant but she goiao
better. I then called in t Homeopathic, and
the mended little; ope day he broke his leg,
and could not come at all, then the got well?'
A PROBiiLiIairosTSR. "The brother of the
celebrated John Brown, of Harpers Ferry
oelebrlty , has arrived in Parle. The object
of hit pretence there it to advocate the cause
which hit gallant brother so nobly defended."
He Is doubtless an impostor. '
J . i n i a i ,'k
jBfAn ox, weighing' 1,453 pounds, said to
oe tne largest ever rattea in uit country, wee
exhibited en Teesday In New York. -
w ,1 fMaaY i; a
Five Days Later from Europe.
PoBTLlBO. Mil.. .T.nn.n 10 Ttia
ship Anglo-Saooon, from Liverpool at two P.
Jt A. .k. A .1 I 1 f . ... ...
v. wo vu iu.v., m aeenatown we ota
inst.) arrived at this port at 10:45 A. M. to
dev. Her mail. laav. fnr Rn.tAn IKI. ...!.
and will be due at New York at fire P. M. on
The steamship Minbmg sailed for New
York in company with the Anglo-Saxon.
' The steamship Ptriia reaohed Liverpool at
three P. M. on the 81st.
The steamship Nova Stotian, from Portland,
arrived at Oneenstown on tha mnraltia nftha
4th: "
Stormy weather had again visited the Eng
lish toast, causing much damage to the ship
The thip Britania, of Bath, Maine, from Sa
vannah for Liverpool, whioh was telegraphed
oo Qaeenstown per Europa, wu driven ashore
and had become a wreck.
Barmonth, the Captain, and a portion of the
crew ware taved. The cargo was being taved.
The bark Bklard Taunton whioh oleared
from New York, September 28, for Liverpool,
had not been heard from. -
The ship Fenice from Liverpool, which put
into Fayal leaky, had reloaded half her oargo
when the caught fire and was out adrift.
Some tugs made ineffectual efforts to beach,
but the vessel was carried out by the tide and
was not afterwards seen. The supposition is
that she was totally destroyed.
A large ship, supposed to be the American,
waa riding at anohor January 2, near Fleet
wood, with all her masts cut away.
The thin Sicitur land trom Liverpool for New
York, had put back. .
, The Latum, from Leghorn for Boston, pnt
into Gibraltar, December 22, leaking, and
would discharge.
The Luf Atwcd, for Boston, wae ttruok by
tea, December 8, whioh washed the Captain
overboard, swept deoka, to. She was aband
oned In a sinking condition. Fourteen of the
crew were reicned and landed at Deal.
i The London 2Vatt says the present sppear
ances Indioa' j that the contemplated European
Congress will not take place. Other authori
ties say nearly the same thing, but Ibe state
ment lacks confirmation. . "
Lord Macaulay was to be buried West
minster Abbey, i
Napoleon made a brief address at tho di
plomatic reception on New Year's day. i
Later news from India says that 2,000
rebels and their leader had been made prison
ers in Oude.
Sales of Cotton on Tnesdsy and Wednesday,
Monday being a holiday,in the Liverpool mar
ket, were 15,000 bales, of which speculators
and exnortera took 9. fine. , M.rb.t
steady, and with rather better tone.
New York Items.
Nbw Yori, January 19. Christopher P.
Hewell, Teller in the Market Bank, commit
ted suioide yesterday by taking strychnine.
He was twenty-five yeart old and had been
married about a year.
A collision occurred on tbe Hudson River
Railroad. Express train from Albany and the
Sing Sing train, both going one way. The
near ear of the express train ,wae smashed.
Ten or twelve passengers were more or less
fTO-w' Mr- ThomMH-
Mrs. Field, late Miss Anna Tuttle, law n .
einal of one of the publio sohools in Brooklyn",
house in Kingston, Ulster County, "and"'Ha'd
just started on her bridal tour to the South.
Mr. James W. Horton, who was convening
with Mrs. Field at the moment of the accident,
was thrown over the bank into the river, fall
ing on the the ice. He was bat slightly in
jured.' The accident happened In the same way as
that on the Harlem Road yesterday morning.
The express train having been oompelled to
stop on the road for some purpose while the
Sing Sing can were too close behind to be
stopped in season. Bishop McClsky, of Al
bany, is among the seriously Injured. Eight
of tht injured were left at Tarrytown, and
the remainder brought to this eitv. Of the
latter Mrs. Thompson, wife of the publisher of
me nans note List, bad both legs broken.
Mrs. Sohermer, of Willets, head badly hurt
Mr. B. L. Irwin, ot Fulton, N. Y., badly in
jured, Mn. Irwin, wife of the above, slightly
The Convention of Manufacturers, held et
Meriden. Conn., yesterday, resulted In a sol it
and the organisation of two conventions of
aoout equal size, one having a Republican
and tbe other a Democratic complexion. Each
party adopted a series of resolutions of a Union
and conservative oharaoter, Mr. Calhoun, of
Bridgeport, presided over the bolters' conven
tion. The Washington correspondent of the Her
ald aays: Mr. Amy, of Kansas, was examined
yesterday by the Harper's Ferry Investiga
tion Committee. The greater part of the tes
timony related to Kansas affairs daring the
Border troubles.' 1
With regard to Brown's movement in 1858,
Mr. A. testified that Brown proposed to locate
somewhere, and ran off slaves from the South,
so as to make that kind of nronertv insecure.
Arny testified that he opposed their mode of
inwnerence wim slavery. .Brown said ne ais
liked the do-nothing polloy of the Abo ition
ists East, and said they would never effeot
anything by their milk and water course.
Republicans, B. thought, were of no 'account,
as they were opposed to oarrying the war into
They were opposed to meddling with slavsry
in the States where it exiated. Brown said his
doetrines were to free the slaves by the sword.
Arny wanted to know how he reconciled to
his Quaker peace principles, whioh he held
when he first knew him, more' than twenty
years ago. Brown said that the aggressions
of slavery, that the murders and robberies
perpetrated upon himself and members of his
family, and the violation of law by Atchison
and others in Kansas, from 1853 to that time,
had convinced him that peace was but an
empty word, and he repeated his dislike to the
Republican party and the Abolitionists saying
that. They were cravens, that they had refused
to assist mm. Arny testined that ne deolined
to have anything further to do with his opera
tions. Mr. Arny declined giving the names
of persons from Massachusetts who were sup
posed to have had control of the rifles, as he
could ' not state definitely who purchased
them without referring to hit books in Kansas,
whioh the Committee would not give him time
to prove.
From New Orleans.
New Oilrahs, January 19. Judge McCaleb
granted an injunction in favor of Horaee H.
Day, of New York, against thirty-seven firms,
reetrainlng their telling Corrugated Elastic
India-rubber goods without license from Day.
The Governor of Louisiana, In his Menage,
recommends the State to be prepared to meet
her sister States of the South fa Convention, In
ease of oertain contingencies.
He favors retallaUng the hostility of tbe
North by licensing and Infiicting discrimina
tions against Northern goods, amounting to
absolute prohibition.
The Honse passed the joint resolution, de
claring the Harper's Ferry affair an attaek
npen the rights and privileges of the South,
showine- in the election of a Blaek-Rennblioan
President lofSoisnt cause for a dissolution of
tbe union.
, I . 1. .! :l . .... I . ,- :
The Lawrence Disaster.
Lawirboi, January IS The Inquest was
resumed at seven o'clook. Elbrldge Joslyn
testified that he had been a founder for thirty
eight yean; had examined the plllan of the
Pemberton Mills; the iron appeared good, but
the casting was very bad; eonld have discov
ered the Imperfection in such as the one ex
hibited, and would have broken it np. Wit
ness east the pillars for the AUantio Mill; they
were tested by pounding with a sledge. It
took two men naif an hour to test six or
eight pillsrs. The AUantio pillan were seven
inches in diameter in the lower story, and
tbioker than in the Pembertor. Each pillar
in the Atlantic weighed 900 pounds. We
struck them bard enough to break a defective
one, but not to injure a strong one. We made
tht pillan for the Bay State Mills; pintles
were stronger than these, and the flange twice
as thick; consider this pintle no reliable sup
port;! always avoid rquare shoulders at tbe
hetd of a pintle like this; some think the cor
ner sot properly secured there; knew Albert
Fuller, of the Eagle Iron Works, where these
were cast; he was always under-bidding oth
ers; told him they were making pillara too
cheap; they used to fall every year, but Ful
ler was always foreman. A movement of the
maohlnery would not oause a blind crack; it
would be noticed immediately. Have heard
that the Pemberton Mill was weak, bat heard
no allusion to the iron work.
John O. Hoadley, captain of the Lawrence
machine shop for several years, testified that
the defect in the pillan was the eocentrteity
of the core; all hollow columns are liable to
this, but they should not be so eooentric as
. When pillars are oast thioker on one side,
the thin side cools quickest, acd tbe unequal
tension renders them liable to break; we test
them by inspection; a difference of half an
inch could be detected. Have seen three pil
lars at the ruins whioh, if properly inspected,
should have been . rejected. . Witness was
(track with the lack of stability on the lines
of support at the Pemberton Mill; if one pil
lar broke, it seemed that the whole must go
down. The jar of machinery would act like
repeated blows. Adjourned till nine o'clock
From Washington.
Washiroton, January 19. Tbo President
yesterday returned to the Senate, at its re
quest, the name of Mr. Ryan, who was re
cently confirmed as Postmaster of Decatur,
A Doosls Elopriirit in Niw York. A
well-to-do farmer from Columbia County went
to New York, a short time since, ti reclaim a
daughter who had run away from his domicile,
with a young husband, -,-.!iose throat tbe affec
tionate old gciitlcwau had threa'cned to cut
from c.r to ear.' It seems that fie mother
the widowed mother of this f gaolous son-in-law,
was a youthful sweetheart of the said
old gentleman, and jilted blm In a peculiarly
oruel manner. Hence his hatred of her ton,
and his wrath when he found that his only
daughter, whose dying mother had confided
her to his tenderest care, had merried that son,
and his threat to cut that son's I'aroat. '
The ireful father-in-law bad but little diffi
culty in finding the boarding-house of the
youthful pair, but was deterred from visiting
them by learning that tbey were 'uaidcd by
the widow herself his old and laithless be
trothed. After muoh skirmishing, however,
he one day ventured to ring at the door, when
he supposed tbe widow had gone ont, and was
UBhered into the parlor where the widow her
self was sitting. With a deep frown heturned
LjjTiKfj Dat waa detained by a small hand
i v--Uj-m b widow's
Explanation was s&tisfaciui,. gDB always
loved him. Why was be so rash as u, arry
another before she had time to explain?
It tea rash, he admitted; nay, more it
was wrong; and he was not the man to let a
wrong bo unrighted If he could right it; so
there he was, old to be sure, but tough and
rich, and having much life and service in him
yet. Would sbe help him set matters right f
Of oourse she would. She wae not the one to
baulk the intentions of a repentant sinner.
But what would the young folks say ? "No
matter," said the tou;'h old fellow, "we'll
elope; we have as good a right to as they
had." Capital idea. Should be carried out
They paoked the widow's trunk, called a
hack, caught an evening train, reached Co
lumbia County in safety, were married and
sent their cards to tbe astonished young
couple, in New York, who had become greatly
alarmed at the widow's long and unaooounta
ble abtienoo. The old gentlemen was so well
pleased with bis ooup of matrimony that he
pardoned bis daughter and son-in-law. Cal-
ctu examiner.
View or thi Citt or Jsddo. An American
officer writes as follows concerning Jeddo.
"Before leaving the ship, let us look around.
The Bay of Jeddo is about twenty miles wide
by twenty-four long, and is entered by a
Strait five miles wide and ten long, oalled the
Straits of Uraga, from a large town situated
at the entrance. The shores are low, with
few exceptions, and no mountains line the
ocast or near it. The form of the olty, 'as It
tonohes and stretches along the Bay, is that of
a crescent, tne aistanoe oetween tne points ot
whose horns is said to be above twenty miles
all one continuous street a line of' unbroken
bloeks of houses and shops, crowded with the
teeming population.
A mile before the town was a line of five
forts, built upon a sand bar, on which a sixth,
as I observed, was in process of construction
They are large and well constructed, as gen"
tlemen of the military profession assure me,
the walls being of brown granite, without
octnent, and twelve or fifteen feet high.' Some
pieces of cannou iV' " roen without covering,
and others were protected and soreeoed by
small houses, undor whioh they are placed,
while not a soldier was to be seen, and the
green grass lnxuriating from side to side over
the entire platform, which contained aores in
eaoh fort, reminds me of Pan rather than of
the god of war. - - ' "
They were beautiful rather than terrible;
like little islands of this inland sea thrown
up by the Creator for the happiness of life
and the adornment of this fair portion of our
earth; not for the work of misery and destruc
tion. . ' -
Fall or a Prirtiro EsTABirsHMSKT. The
new printing establishment of the Memphis
Appeal offioe, in that city, yielded to the
effects of the wet weather in that vicinity,
the ether day, and the walls fell in, oausing a
loss to the proprietor of about $6,000. '
Jonathan E. Walker, for forty years
past a eitisen of Newark, Lloking County,
died a day or two ago. The disease with
which he died was contracted while a soldier
in the war of 1812. ;
pf Mr. Murray announces at forthcom
ing a translation of Frederiok Battiast'i
" Harmonies of Political Economy," by Pat
tick James Stirling, author of " The Philoso
phy of Trade.'! 1
fkW The Crescent Iron Works, at Wheel
ing, Va., have contracted to manufacture
4,500 tons of tabular T rails for the Memphis
branoh ef the Louisville and Nashville
Railroad. , !..-.;
kr The Jubilee of the four hundred and
fifty yean' existence of the Leiptie University
was celebrated there, oa the 2d of December,
with all the solemnities usual en sack
oocasions. - .
" y t, r "
1 AdVertisetaenta not exoeedlng five lines (Agate) I
Una insertion. 33 One week jt H
Two weeks 1 H Oa. aaonth . i 60
Larger advertisements Ineerttd at the following rates
for square of ten Unas or lets ) .
One Insertion...
I Two weeka
acb additional.!
One week. .
a I lame
u 4 o3
i I Uw
1 73 1 One month,
Job Printing
In all Its branchM done with neatness and dispatch.'
Wheeler & Wilson's
aw Principal Office, Ne. TT West Fenrth- "
at., PIKE'S OPERA-HOUSE, Cincinnati.
Wheeler A Wilson Sewing Machine, with im
portant improvement, and to meet the demand for
a good, low-priced Family Machine, have Intro
duced a saw oTi LB, working upon tne same pna
clple, and making tbe earn, stitch, thoaati not fro
highly finished, at triPTY-PIVB VOLLARH.
Tne elegance, eped, nolseleasnea. and simplicity of
the Machine, the beauty and strength of stitoh, being
ALIKE ON BOTH SlliB. Impoealbl to ravel, and
leaving no chain or rldg n tha under aide, the
economy of thread and adaptability to tbe thickest
or thinnest fabrics, has rendered this the moat suc
cessful and popular Family Bowing Machine now
At our varlons offloea we tell at New York prices,
and give instruction, free of charge, to enable pur
chase re to aew ordinary aeame, nem, ten, quilt,
(ether, bind and tuck, all on the same machine, and
warrant It for three year..
Read or call for a circular containing fnll particu
lars, prices, testimonials, Ac
jal7ay WU, 8t JINEU & CO.
Goal Cooking Stove !
niw ufyesu prauuuuucru vj cunpvwuv juugtsBj mi oo ibj
. Patented Dec. 1, .858. , .,
" 'for sale' by tbe Inventors end. Manufacturers, , ,
An. 333 Fmirth-strefit. rinfiinmiti.
! ''' " ' dcloj ' :" ' "
J Manufactory, Covington, Ky.
No. SiO East Colambla-atreet.
iistuv euo auvae ivBawiiauin yi ivuw atAitA via tuv
mott accommodating terms with '
-r a -tn.-r ran nsni nrv tat rN .
I l 111 'I' U' 1 ii v
For Oil, Fluid or Coal Oil,
N. B. Jonee'. Improved Lamps and Burners fr
i'.c by our agent, J. BKLLKllS. Uovington, Ky.
Coal (JOOKing Stove,
at TIB
HeMt Zanesvllle, October, 1839.
.... ; .... lg"
08. 51 ffiid 93 Vine-st,, i
KSewnt)looi Below Columbia,)) .
oi;ci:miwati. oiiiio. '
j fnotcml y
J TH1BD-ST REET, Oinoinnatl, Ohio, are maun
factoring largely, Falmer't celebrated Hydraulic
force and Lin Pomp. Alio, bis Portable Steam
Knglnea. All those who are about to purchase
I'lLtlPd for Tnnaeriea, Hrewftrle. Illatll
lerlea, Dry Ooekw. Paper nulla Itallrwad
xtntlona, nine., Wrecking Pnrpo.ea, or, in
fact, for any purpose- where a pump la needed, will
find it to tbefr advantage to call and see tbe work
ing of these valuable Inventions, or addreas tbe
I'ALMEU PD1LP UOMPAHV for a circular, which
will furnish th. name, of many who have need theae
Pumps with perfect eattfaotioa. : - deaidip
. r il l-i 'tf'mmmmm '' (.. r..
TALLIC BOOriNQ" Is offered to the public
as the beet and oheapeet Metal Boot now need, its
merits tee ted by an experience of years In this dry
and vfeinlty. Applied to flat or sleep, old or new
building.. No aolder need fattened securely with
out eipoaure to the action of the elements.
Prepared aheeta, boxed for shipment to ear part o
the united States, can be applied by any one with
ordinary mechanical skill. Ontora"protnptly filled.
113 Weat Seoond tract.
B. Bloat A Go's. Family Sewing Machines has
been removed to No. et"WMt VouHh-etreet, over
Le Bontelllers. (jafiam) K. H1 C' OK, Ant,.
Llerchart Tailoi1
;"' Wo. 48 FOlt tt r H-8TKEET, 7
- ..''UlVliti v - '
I ' ' . 1:.: r
-tsoots qd onoes i
aail.op.rlor atock of Boots, Shoes and UUppera.
which ror extent and variety is not surpassed weetor
New lark. My prioes are reaaosabhs UTP BMaaatl.
jae JUiOi H. DKIXBo, tt Weat JWU-at.
IJ iiit 1M ten! :

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