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$ WAHT8,H "JrO AL1," "TO UT," "LOUT,"
VlWBB,1ft4.,totMiOOlinil, occupying 8 vs HDW
or le,twotasTtloTi,twent7-nveoeBt.: ......
WANTKD-A OIRL-To. do homework
Bo. 1H WMt Sixth-street, Cincinnati.
woman, a Nnre. Ba had consid
erable experUue. Oooa reference given. Apply
t Mo. IS George-street, between Plum and Western
"w. j JMb
. two-year-old Grape Plant, at ton oents wusli
for orders of nfty alants ud upward. Orders should
MHntlo Immediately. Letter containing money
ahould b mliltnd. AddrMt MENDAL BHOf EB,
Box 1,137, Clpolaattl, Ohio. ja21b
WANTED A BOY Eighteen or twenty
rem old, to watt on table end do other work
boot a boarding-house. Apply t Hoi. U ud 17
Lodge-street, betweeo fifth ud With end Walnut
andVln. Ja2tb
the work of small family hoaiehold one
that can oom well reoommnded preferred. Apply,
between 10 end I o'elook, at Mo. 78 WMt Thtrd-itreet,
vp Mire, or t No. 11 Observatory .roed, lit. Adam.
Akforf.BlEDER. feln
small family, to work on a farm a short
dUtanoe la the country ; alo a imart boy to attend
grocery, who speak Qerman, and a good oook,
washer and Ironer. Thla the place to get reliable
help, male or female, for city or oountry, at a mo.
ment' notice. Term easy at my offloe. Ko. 107,
Elm and Nlnth-itreet. THOMAS BUCHANAN.
WAA IB D Immediately, at Greenup
Hall, a young lady to perform a fancy danoe :
one who ran ling ballads preferred. Tor partlonlar
addree THOMAS BBOWM, CoTtngtenT Ky., or
apply to the manager at Greenup Hall. jb
WANTED A GIRL One who la a good
cook, aiid need to homework generally. Ap
ply at Dr. Z. freeman' offloe, Jlo.278 Weet Slxth
atreet. References required. Ja20b'
w w no. iw Hopkins-street. None bnt oomp.
tent hands need apply. j20b
WANTED Clerk, bock-keeper, sales
men, bar-keeper, porter, ooopen, carpen
ters, mechanics, U borer and other, can And situa
tion at the Kerohant' Clerk Registry Offloe, ua
Walnnt-etreet. IjaOaw) HALE ACQ,
more Agent, well qualified to eell, In the
eiry of Cincinnati and vicinity, a useful arilole,
wbloh le wealed, more or lee, In every family.
Preference given to tbeesthat bare been In the
habit of canvassing and Tending tmtll article.
Fifty per cent will be given for allseles. A pnna
nent and tedy bnalnee will be given to the mot
aoooHfnl. The buineu will alwaji lncreaw In de
mand and Internet never wear out. Diligent yonng
men bar told to the amount of from it to tiO
per day. Applicant may call at the Qlbeon Home
on Friday and Saturday, between tbe bour of a
A. it. and 4 P. M. J. B. TILLINQHABT.
Containing two room and kitchen, situated on
George-street, east of Baymlller. Front and baok
ard. Apply to W. TAN HAMM, attorney-at-law,
M.WWetThlrdtret. ' j21b
E10R RENT Two unfurnished Room on
A. the leoond loor, mitable for a amall family.
.Apply at Bo. It Bao-stret, below Front, west tide.
FOR RENT Three Rooma, aeoond atory,
to a small tamlly. Apply at No. 628 Elm-street,
i between Filteenlh and Liberty. J2lb
modern-built, with ten rooms, on Laurel street,
near John) also two new stone-front tbrse-story
House!, finely finished, on Bichmond near Free
man. Apply to A. 0. TTLOB, corner of Walnut and
Front-treeis. laanb
FOR REN T A HOUS E W 1th eight
rooms, on the east side of Jackson-atraet, be
tween Twelfth and Iblrteontb street Bent, (20
per month. Inquire at 19 Bast Pearl-t. jaanb
FOR RENT A Terr convenient three
atory Brick Dwelling, having all modern lm
provwoots gas and water throughout on Long
worth.street, west of Park. Price, 140. Apply to
treat. Jaith
FOR SALE A email lot of FURNITURE,
in good order. Will be sold reasonable. Apply
at No. 13 East Ninth-street, between Main and Bye
amore, up italrs. jaal b
FOR SALB-eOO aorea Prairie Land, well
located; or will exohange It for dry good; If
J,??'?'?!' y some cash. Apply to JOHN B. BID
PALL, Heal Estate Agent, 7 West Ihlrd-st. Jailb
FOR SALE A full-blooded NEWFOUND
, . LAHD POP, between eight and nine months
old. He will be sold cheap, a the owner basnet
r7nl Dlm- Apply at No. 100 John-street,
above Third. Jaib
FOR SALE 80 acre or more of first-rate
Timber Lnd, four miles west from Cellna,
Mercer County, Ohio. Only $6 per acre, cash. If sold
". W. L. DAVIS,
7 West Thlrd.treet, Oinoinnatl.
BOARDINa-Two alngla gentlemen can
. .be ecoomraodatfd with a pleasant room and
board In a private family at 73 Qeorge-n. j a20b
-ilng Kin bills and soma change, coal receipts,
Ac-eupposed U have been lost in ladle.' depart
ment of Postofflce. The finder will receive a poor
widow thank by leaving it at Penny Press office.
031 b
"E10UND-A SILK SCARF waa found last
M. week, wbloh the owner can have by calling at
Wo 818 Longwortb-stieet, and paying for this ad
vertisement. JaSlbe
FOR I860!
' sIiT'-OTuaj OP
Wood-Working Machinery,
Carey John aid Water CIelaiM.
II yoq want a servant, advertise In
I you want a hooa, advertise in
If yon want to Mil anything, advertise In
If yon want to boy anything, advertise la
I hot, every want supplied by advertising in
Don't .forget that the Penny
Preaa fa the medium through which to
make known your wantat Adrertlae-
menta of fire Unee and leas, lnaerted
twice for twenty-five cental
NoTioi. J. H. Davie ia our only carrier on
the ronta aonth of RivtV,..t ... a
Weatern-row, and therefore the only verioa
luinuni w mum moneyi uue irom pttront
in that dlatrlot. -
Adahs' Bzpbbu On.T1iU n...
- mvwhii wut-
Sany will please aeoept oar thanks for tbe
ally prompt delivery of Baetern and other
journali, which are a great aesommodatlon to
.iiuj ymvut irregoiHiiy oi ine mails,
Baioaiks. Thoae of our lady friends Je
airoua of bargalna in fine velvet and oloth
eloaka, thawU, Ae., are referred to the adver
tlaement of 8. WiUon, on the aeoond page of
thla Issue, . . .
To FiMlLiaa. Leave your orders early in
the day with P. Cavagna, Fifth-atreet, east
of Waluat, if yon desire a oan of those double
extra oysters, put up expressly for family use.
He received a fresh tupply thia morning,
Lioroai To-xoaaow Eviwo. Rev. Mr.
R. Oilmonr, Paator of Bt. Patriok'a Church, in
thia city, will deliver a leoture to-morrow
(Sunday) evening, before the member of th
Catholic Institute, in Metropolitan Hall, cor
ner of Ninth and Walnut stieets.
MiraoBOLoeiOAi, OsaaarAtiova For the
Jeiwy iTets, by Henry Ware, Optioiat. No. 1
West Fourth-street, January 20:
O'clock. Barometer. Thermometer.
T A. al.M.MM.MMM,.VMMM, jo. ti Above sero- 8ft
I S,t,""""""""""":i'' Above leroM
a r. iil..,.MMM.,.MH-..M.MM3V.iii Above sero M
IuraoTi Totrs Tina Thoae fond of oy iters
hould not forget that the time for them ia
growing abort, and that the warm weather will
in a few weeka drive them from our market.
Robert Orr, at No. II West Fifth-atreet, will
continue to receive every day by the express
the rame excellent ones that have ao much
contributed to build up his extensive trade.
DiaCHiiaao. James Walden, who, gome
time aince, waa oommitted to Jiil for pocket
piokiog, waa, yeaterday, discharged from out
tody, having bean pardoned by tbe Governor.
HIb wife ia la an extremoly delieate situation,
and tbia fact, together with a promise to leave
the State, forthwith induced the Governor to
cause him to be get at liberty.
Niw Books Rickey, Mallory t Co.,Maln
atreet, below Fourth, have received "Mlarep.
reientation," a novel by Anna H. Drury, au
thor of "Frtenda and Fortune," "East.urg,"
Ao., one of Harper k Brother'e publications;
also "Seven Yearn and other Tales," by Julia
Kavanaugh, autbor of "Nathalie," "Adele,"
"Grace Lee'Ae., and "The Tribune Almanac,"
for 1860, with ita usual valuable compilation.
Thi Bar Franoiioo Stbikt Fbiaohir. It
will be seen in our apesial notices that the
Rev. William Taylor, the first Methodist Mia
aionary who went to California after gold was
discovered, and who preached the Goapel for
aeven yeara in the streets of San Francisco,
will deliver a diaoourse in Wealey Chapel to
morrow morning. We doubt not that large
church will be filled with people to hear him,
as he never fails to draw large crowds and alao
to interest them.
Hos Btialino iv Miami Towwbhip. A man
named John Glotiona waa oommitted to tbe
flonntv Jail vaeUritav In i)hntif,'k.ii ik.
amount of $50, by Juattoe James Herron, of
Miami Township, to await a trial before tbe
u. mi" ui me uuun or vommon rieaa, lor
stealing a hog from Augusta Sennondey.
George Lanoe, charged with concealing the
ahova nnaHrnnnil Aft it hmA 1iaa -
1 .vun ,wio, rr mo
alao aent to jail to await a trial, in default of
Baaiooa Aooidimt. A man named John
Moran, engaged as a deck hand on the
steamer Fred. Tnn, had hia left foot ao se
verely crushed yeaterday afternoon that am
putation became necessary. The capstan ia
worked by ateam, and in passing aome of the
wheela the leg of hia pantaloona waa caught
in the cogs, and before they could be stopped
his ankle waa croaked In a horrible manner.
He wm taken to tbe Commercial Hospital,
where his foot waa taken off, and he ia now in
fair way for a rapid recovery.
ExiorriOAL. In apeaklng of the late atab
bing affray on Water-street in yesterday's
iaaue, we stated that the wound waa not neces
sarily fatal, and that the man wonld have re
covered if he had received proper medical
treatment. The statement did aome Injuatice
to the phyalolan who waa in attendance, and
we now feel conflent that if his directions had
been strictly complied with the result would
have been different. The man waa negleoted
by thoae around him, who, Instead of paying
attention to the commands of hia medio! at
tendant, gave him stimulants that only tended
to inerease the inflammation, even after they
had been cautioned agalnat them.
Comiirras or Visitois rsox thi Gihsbai.
Assbmblt or Ohio. We have had the pleasure
to meet In onr nitv aTra1 imhiW, nf t,a
joint committee appointed by the General
. 1, . I" M . ... . ...
Awamoiy oi umo to visit mote public Insti
tutions, in this county, In which the Slate la
Interested. Of the Senate T. B. Fisher,
Chairman, Marlon; Benjamin Eaton, Wooiter,
Wayna; and SamuM Glasa, of Hayaavllla,
Asbland County. Of the House Dr. J, Scott,
of Lebanon; J. B. Myers, of Goshen, Cler
mont; Rev. Mr. MoCune, of Huron; and
Andrew J. Squire, of Portage County..
Five of them are pbviioians. Messrs. Ouppy
and Terrell, of tbe Senate, we believe, (have
not arrived. The committee are stopping at
the Burnet House; and, in oonneotion with
certain county officials, they will to-day visit
the Llek Ran and South-western Lnnatie Asy
lums, and the Houae of Refnga.
Bavaas Acciobm to a Citisbs or Maiibtta.
A eltisen of Marietta, in tbla State, named
John Bohen, met with an accident at Rising
Snn, Indiana, a few daya ago, by which it it
fearad he will lose hia life. It appear that
he had gone to the latter place for the purpoae
of selling a ferry-boat, of which he was the
owaer, and while the Jatoh Stradtr was pass
ing, ahe raised ao heavy a swell that il was
thrown violently against the wharf-boat.
While arranging the fenders ao aa to protect
hia property from damage, be slipped and fell
between the boats, which, oomipg together,
crashed his thigh In a horrible manner. He
was brought to this city day before yeaterday,
on the Prior., and taken to Bk Jobn'a Hotel
ds Invalldea, in quite a oritioal condition.
Yeaterday he was much better, and a reaction
aeemed to have taken place, which gave his
physician some hope for recovery, but the ease
la extremely doubtful, and may yet remit In
death. Mr. B. ia a yonog man, hardly twenty
years of age, and ia said to be mash respected
by all who know him.
Polios ConT. T.ti.s ua
aminad yesterday morning by Judge Lowe, a
majority of whiah vera vhnllv with Alii Intaw.
eat. We give below the result of a few eases.
part.on.ars or wnictt nave already ap
peared In our oolumne.
Phllin- Mu T.l. Tt..t.' ..J tt.
-- r , - auu juvurj
Goldsmith, arrested aome daya ago npon the
vuargs hi anping a tonery eataDiianment on
Sycamore-street, oppoaite the National Thea
ter, were disnharffAd. th-m, rwiln ma -U..u
tending to their oonviotlon.
micoaei uenianan and John Hanley,
Charted With hls-hwavrnhhan. hln ihl..
$100 from George Fetalog on the night of the
16th, were oommitted in default of $500 each
ior insir appearance at us next term or the
Court of Common Pleas.
A boy, about ten ysars of age, named John
Duncan, wm brought into Conrtnpon a charge
of drunkenness. He residea with bis mother.
who is a widow, nn Rr.nvt.afnai r.u..
- -. - ....-, MVM VUWI)
and it appeara Is an habitual drinker. He
mqueu.i; go nome utoxicatea ana abnset
hia mother with curses, and sometimes blows.
Hs was sent to the House of Refuge.
. anomer ooy, namea Moran, was arrested
dsv before veaterdav in a haitial mimU nt in
toxication. He said he waa drunk for the firat
tirna.nnont1.anAAaalAfl.vAf-.vMrl in .-.j . -
represented aa an honeat, Industrious lad by
.tjTS!L )nnvni wuo anew aim. lie was OlB-
miaaad upon the payment of a amall fine, and
reanaated to noint ont the, Mrun. nM
him the liquor that they might be arrested
uu uneu. Aiaouuai arunxennesa in boys of
inch ages, certainly to a greater or less de
gree, is the fault of dealers and ooffee-house
keepers, and aueh persona, when found, should
be punished to the full extent of the law.
A colored man named Abraham Svmonds,
who a short time ainoe waa released irom the
penitentiary, to wbloh plaoe he had been con-
signed for stabbing with intent to kill, waa
before tha PnliA pAtivk. AriAvwA-l a.Ul. ....Hit
and battery. He arrived in the city on Sunday
-aw, ana nigm (veiore last tuaauitea a woman
named Kate Hedge. He afterward knocked
down an nnlrnnan tntm with -l. 1 -,.,; n
him to seriously that he ia not expected to
reoover. for me former onenae fie waa nned
$10 and costs, and for the other committed to
await the result of the injuries he had Inflicted.
A man named Bernard Bautnekamp was
oharged with selling liquor en Sunday. He
pleaded guilty, and waa fined $10 and costs.
Thi Latb Odtbaoi at tbb Co'cittt Jau.
Theoateof assault and battery against tbe
prisoners at the County Jail waa before tho
Police Court yesterday morning, bnt waa not
Inally disposed of. The principals in the
affair, Charlea Clawaon, George Marshall,
Malaca Ryan and John O'Leary, were con
fined in the cell at the Ninth-street Station
house alter their oase had been continued; but
when the offloera went to handcuff them, for
the purpose of conveying them to jail, they
rebelled, and It was with great difficulty in
deed that they were at length aubduad.
Clawson and O'Leary began the assault, and
the offloera -were compelled to beat them
severely with their maces before they were
quieted auffioiently to be removed. After they
had been knocked down two or three times
each tbey succumbed and submitted to their
fate with at good a graoe aa neoeatlty ever
finds. The matter will be again before Judge
Lowe, but it ia liked that they will be punished
by the jail diesipline rather than by law.
In regard to thia matter, Jailor Bhoekley
requests us to state that the affair aa recorded
in the different papers of the city yesterday
morning waa not only greatly exaggerated
but ocourred wholly without hia knowledge.
The affair waa of such a nature, aeoordiog to
the statement of the jailor, that although he
might have atopped the abuse tbe priaonera re
ceived, had he been aware of it at the time, it
waa wholly beyond his power to prevent it.
The blame attached to Mr. Bhoekley, by the
press -of the city ourselvea included be
avera waa unjust; and although we atill think
batter regulations might be instituted in regard
to the prisoners at the County Jail, we wil
lingly give him the benefit of hia statement
and defense.
Thi Wiatheb amd thi Wbbi. The weather
haa been rather moderate thia week, with
rather cloudy akiea and several raw daya; bnt
yesterday was beautiful and entirely spring
like. Fourth-street waa crowded with lovely
and elegantly-dreated women from morning
until night-fall, and the entire metropolis felt
an influence of thegenial and glorious weather.
Business during the week has been quite
active, especially on the landing, where every
thing haa been buttle and animation, tbe
wharf being ao crowded with freight that it
waa difficult to pass through the countlesa
boxes, balea and barrels. The pork aeaaon
being at an end we are to be deprived of thla
Seat trade, but tbia will make little difference
our buainess. The wholesale trade in
Pearl, Walnut, Front and other heavy thor
oughfares has improved, and the retail stores
on Fourth and Fifth have been liberally pat
ronised. The hotels are well filled with strangers,
and the Opera-houte, the theaters and the
concert, balls and leoture-rooma have all been
well attended. The week has been decidedly
animated and very pleasant withal.
Boaid or Crrr iHFBOTBUim. At the
regular aeml-weekly session of the Board of
City Improvements, held yesterday morning,
the Clerk was instructed to prepare and trans
mit to the Oity Counoil an ordinance to aaaest
a speoial tax on the real estate bounding and
abutting on certain streets therein named, for
the pnrpose of defraying the expensea of light
ing the same with gas, from the 20th day of
September, 1859, to the 20th day of September,
1800. Alao, an ordinance to pave with bowl
ders Look-street from Fifth to Bixth.
Permission was granted to the City Water
Works to use a portion of the City Lot for the
purpose of placing iron pipes thereon.
The following is the estimate of expenses
necessary for the department for the month of
leanlnf streets,,.,,!,.,,......,..,...,,...,,,-,.,.., h.,m. bi,soo
5 ',ves...M,.......M..M...... ,h,,hh ., 31 9
Bulletins and repairing culverts and bridge.... 1,000
UsrAiD LsTTsas. The following Is a list of
letter) detained for non-payment of poatage at
th Postoffloe, in this dry, January 10:
Henry P. Selvere, Colnmboa, Ind.
Recorder of Humboldt County. Iowa.
Knos Qllek. Oed-r Hill, Ohio.
Mrs H. T. Derol, Waterford, Ohio.
Bernhard Helnrlob, 8t. Louis, Mo.
Rev. J. T. Jones, Cleveland, Ohio.
Obas. A. Penger, St. Joseph, Mo.
Messra. Olauson, Jetter Blsobowiky, Terre
Heme, Ind.
Mrs. Sarah Tinner, St. Marvs, Ohio.
Aston Blnlerle. Philadtlpbla, Fenn.
Joerph Orlfflu, Ofdeo, Ind.
Misers. S. Fontee A Co., Qnlncy, 111.
W, P. Iiocan, Fort Dodge, Iowa.
Mesirs. H. tt Kins A Co , Memphis, Teas.
Hiss Jennie Winters, Fellcltr, onto.
Dbsobkt oa a Hodsb or Bad Rtrcri. Last
night, about ten o'ol&ck, the Second Ward
police made a deaoentupon Waggoner's Build
log, on Sixth-street, east of Lodge, whioh,
for some time past, has bean eceupled aa a
bagnio, and arrested a man named Smith Rus
sell, together with tlx females, M of whom
were lodged in the Nlnth-etrsetStatlon-houee.
There are several dens of this oharaoter in
that neighborhood, and it ia the intention of
the police to break them all op. Tbe parties
will have a haarlng this morning before the
Polios Court.
PaociremBas or th Cobstt CoMMrssiosiBs.
At the regular dally session of the County
Commissioners, held yeaterday morning, they
were'notifiiJ it the fact that a Committee from
the Legislature would arrive In the elty at two
o'clock for the purpose of Tiaitiog onr public
Institution, The County Auditor was there
fore requested to notify the Trustees of the
Bouth-western Lunatic Asylum of their arrival,
and Gen. Mo M akin was authorised to make
the necessary arrangements to eenduot them
to the Carthage Asylum and the other public
buildings of the County.
' 4TAt half-past nins o'elook this morn Ira1
J. Graff k Co., tell at No. 38S Longworth-
aireet, some exoeueni furniture. Bee adver
tisement ,-i .,
Anna ao iw li.iui. a.iM. nr..
to $8,000. A man named James P. Fannler
was arrested yesterday afternoon, at the Globe
drinking-houae, en Vlne-ttreet, by Officer
.nariuioo, npon a cnarge or swindling aeveral
Of our marohants. ta tha aiturt nf ADA
$8,000. It appear that, for aome time past, he
has been in the habit of parobaaing goods of
overai arm in me eity, ana in eaoa case na
failed to fulfill hia contract. .
auapioiont, the merchants, with whom he had
V - J .1 i , i . ... ,
iron uuiug uukdiii, oeg.n io waico nia opera
tion quite narrowly, and they at length die-
OOVerad that althnnvh ha nmwhaaaJ at: tk.
market prioe, he Invariably sold at a aacrl-
ftaA As? was flletn.aa.A AS-. V W.AT '
aw. v wrw uiuoavaiw uruirxgaag, morrii
& Co., tod Bltok tk Co. ha hadpurobuad
inataooa tha operation waa attaodad with tho
Yesterday be bought 180 bushels of barley
from Mavor Blahon. nrnmlalna, n n. t
on delivery at a certain houae, at the rate
A ..... 1 1 , . ,
iv uuuw par ousnei: dui upon aeiivenng,
waa discovered that he had aold the grain for
cash at 08 cents. Although hs hsd been paid
for the barley, he had not himself paid for It,
and waa not to be found.
A warrant was thereupon lssnsd for his ar
rest, with the result we have given above.
HOW thia lncnil&r mathnd nf llntm. kn.inaaa
will appear before the Polios Court, we can
not tell) but from what we hav heard of the
affair, we are inclined to think it will go far
toward furnishing Mr. F. with an entirely new
olasa of peraont for future transactions.
Diath or A Qdohdak Citt Jodbrambt.
We are deeply pained to learn of the death,
at Waterford, N. Y., of Mr. Charlea K. King,
formerly editorially oonneoted with the Albany
Stat Segiittr, and alao with our neighbor, the
Qauitt. Mr. King, though very young, pos
sessed talent of a high order, with a very lib
eral culture, but was oompellsd to abandon
ths sedentary life of an editor on account
hia delicate health.
We enjoyed ths pleasure of Mr. King's in
timate acquaintance, and found his nature one
of the noblest and most generous we ever
knew. Singularly gentle and honorable
the last degree, he was, in ths true sense
the much-abused term, a gentleman. Such
natures aa hia are ao rare and excellent that
the world can 111 afford to loae even one of tbe
precious few, and hia many friends here will
learn with much sorrow of bis earlv demise.
He was a brother of John Fuller King, de
ceased, also a Cincinnati Journalist for aeveral
Stiahsoat Sbsbbtso bt Hib Caiw. Tbe
steamboat Grand Turk dropped down to tha
foot of Fifth-street yesterday afternoon
me purpoae oi taxing on Doard one sundred
hogsheads of pork. The crew had beon
work for forty-eight hours, and being almost
exhausted deserted the boat and refused longer
to work. The affair created aome exoitement
at the time, but the hantla steadily refused
resume their labors.
Laat night, about twelvs o'olook, they want
to the house of Justice MoFall, and, having
aroused him, sued eut an attachment upon tbe
dom, woton waa served at mianlgnt. It ap
peara that the officers of the steamer refused
to pay the hands until they arrived at Pittsburg
but aa a similar promise had been made
when they arrived at this oity, the hands
thought proper to pursue this ooune.
Assist or am Alliobd Mobmbbr. A young
man, named Jerry Houston, waa arrested",
yesterday afternoon, and oommitted to the
Hammond-street Station-house upon charge
of murder. We were unable to learn the par
ticulars of the affair, but it appears that
quarreled with a man named Fox Fiadlej,
about a month ago, at New Richmond, a few
miles from thia city, and during the affray
stabbed his opponent, from the effects of whioh
he died soon after. Houston waa diaoovered
by Officers Colby and Matthewa, at the river,
and committed to await an examination
the Polioe Court
Sbbiocs Acoissrt to a Citizbn. Mr James
McLean, father of Washington MoLsan,one
of tbe proprietors of the Enquxrtr, fell in
epileptlo fit, yesterday afternoon, on Court
street, bstween Race and Elm, and Injured
himself quite seriously. His head was badly
out, and he received aome internal wounds
which render hia ultimate recovery somewhat
doubtful. Mr. McLean la over seventy years
of age, and haa been a resident of the oity
nearly half a oentury, and thla extreme age,
although hia health haa alwayabeen remarka
bly good, renders the acoident atill more serious
and painful.
Child Rdm Ovib ard Almost Killid.
little girl about nine years of age, daughter
Mrs. Williamson, residing on Webb-street,
near Park, waa run over yeaterday afternoon
and injured ao badly that her recovery ia ex
tremely doubtful. Her right leg and left arm
were both broken, and ahe was also Injured
quite seriously Internally.
Clawsor's Trial. The evidence has
yst closed in the ease of John Clawson,
trial for murder. The argument will probably
oommcnoe to-day.
Notiob. Our patrons in Wast Covington
will please pay to Mr. Barker, the present
carrier, all moneys dus on tbe route subse
quent to January 14. Any assistance given
him by our Covington frienda, In hia efforts
to extend the subscription to the Paass, will
be duly appreciated.
Abotio Paiobaka. The panorama of Dr.
Kane's Arctic expedition was exhibited to
large audienoe, at Odd Fellows' Hall, laat
night. During the day, the band of music
attached to it waa drawn through the city
an omnibus, on the top of which ware two
the doga brought home by the great explorer.
Gbsat Octbaob Ths Eti or a Citisbs
Kioksd Oct T A Vaobart. On Sunday night
laat, the notorious Marshall Griffin was ar
rested for vagrancy, and on the next day ar
raigned before tbe Polios Court. The princi
pal witness against him was a German, resid
ing on Main-street, near Fifth, whose testi
mony fully auatalned the charge, if any were
needed, to oonvlot a professional vagrant.
Griffin, however, waa released on promising re
formation; but, Instead of reforming,
prowled around the houte of the German, and
watched an opportunity for revenge. Night
before laat, he entered a ooffee-house, where
hit victim was sitting. Withontany warning,
hs kicked him so violently in the eje that
waa knooked out. Griffin, has, as yst, eluded
the vigilance of the officers.
Citt Cockoil. The City Council held
regular meeting night betore last, Ths only
buainaas transacted worthy of note waa the
.dlaposal of ths two children of Mrs. Wlltasy,
wuo nave neon saying lu jail ior some time
past without frienda or a home. The elder,
girl of ten yeara, was bound to John Stone,
and the younger, a boy of seven, seat to the
Poor-house nntil a suitable pises could
provided for him.
DiSTiHomsBBD Visitors Exrixrrso. 8honld
the members of the Legislatures oi Kentuoky
and Tennessee Tielt Cincinnati on the 15th
inat, it is the intention to tender them a din
ner, to be given by onr oltlaens, at Odd Fel
lows HaU.
OoAb Fifty-four loadtd coal-boats passed
by this city yesterday. -
ChilbRcr Ovib. While a little hoy,
twelve years of age, the son of John Postel
walte, was playing la Mayo-street, yesterday
afternoon, he was run over by a milk-wagon,
driven by a man named Keafe, and severely
wounded. Keefs Immediately offered to sup
ply a Burgeon at hia own expense, -and make
full reparation for all damages Incurred.
. .a' - a OOLTIBS
. JeU . sTos. aalUlatala-street.
ease va.
tee of the Vint Congregational Oourch, the nature
of the euil being stated In onr lait lew report-the
eiridenoe proceeded retterd before Judge Culiine.
Judge lioadley wm r-elled, and in the course of
bis examination said that he did not eonalder the
difference etello( between tbe Beceders (the Church
or the Bedeemer i,and thoeewho continued to attend
uu tuurcn, as groat on matter of doctrine a ou
other subjects. Mr. Oonw.y preached aaerleaof ser
mons on tbe miracles, which gave oftenes to a large
number: his view also on iataliem, and the iiumor
ii J ' the soul, were objectionable to man v. A bove
ft.; S ?? ugl5i ' r'te, pique was st tba bottom of
i?..mi" i1' 7". f10 .bJected to him that hie cob
parties" unclerlcal in golug to theater and dancing
John O. Anthony examined. -During many year
this iwltnees paid no pew rent, yet voted all the time
'".'J""1 ; There was a time when the ownership
of the pews lapsed ntirelr; it was when the church
was put under repair: the pew-ownere resigned their
title, belugeredlted for the amount ther paid, and
alter the church waa Axed the pews were put ud at
auction and sold to the highest bidders; heard eom.
sal they never would give a dollar to th ohuroh so
long aa Mr. Oonwav was pastor.
vr.Wer., ,omTerrnphatioin their expressions
en this subject?
Aee.-Y.ee: some of them swore to It. fLaug hter.l
Mr. w. Goodman stated that about two-thirds
or tbe original number continued to worship at be
f'rei he value of the pew wa about $20,000; about
SU000 was tbe amount sold; there were 107 names
on the list of members; Mot whom were In favor of
Mr. Oonwav, 43 opposed to him, and 7 badchauged
settlement or died.
Ho tbe Oourt.-Bntlmated the whole value of the
property at about 130 000.
" V.n1iP- ptotaon. a lawyer, and W. W. Wlswell were
called also on thie side of the case, a considerable
portlou pf the testimony being what waa elated by
other witnesses.
Mr Ilosea wa called on the other side.
Most of the witnesses examined for tbe plaintiff
wereofoplnlon that the ealeof the property would
not be beneficial to the interests of the church.
Mr. Tart eald that the Trustees would not intro
duce any witneeaes. The evidence already adduced
established the allegations In the answer.
Mr. Uerron (for the Churoti of the Bedeemer)
Mr1HS"6 wno was examined at considerable
length ThawltntMproceeded to state the arrange
moot made in relation to the sale of she pew atter
the repairs. Mr. Stetson waa paid what wa dus
Mr. Stetson stated he was paid 11,001) out of l,KO
the principal without the ioiereei-the latter being
for twenty years, and he allowed SMO ont of the
27,?uo,i for ,ht "pair, and was willing to allow
gl.UoU if a new church was built.
Mr. Hosea Examination proceeded The objeo
t ons to Mr. Conway's preaching began to manifest
tbomtelvea In the fall of 1838. Hl oplnlonsexpreesed
iu and out or the pulpit were objected to. Under
stood Dim to say (this wa not In the pulpit) that he
did no. believe Christ dlrd on the oross that It was
not a death or metn of puni-hment tha' usually
produced death that a woman was crucified seventy
times lu France without thi producing death, and
tbat he did not be'leve In the resurrection of Christ.
His views aeemed Identical with those of Utrane, the
German Batlunalist. that Christ was pot into Ibe
tomb In a swoon, aad when the women came there
instead or seeing angels they saw the grave clothes
from which, when he awoke, he came out. and
ureased himself probably In the gardener clothes.
Witness did not hear the sermon Mr. t). preached
on tbe subject, but hese were his recollections of
a private conversation. Ills conduct out of the pul
pit was not such aa he should I'ke to hold up iu all
respects as an example to his children.
To air. Corwtne Had so personal object Ions to
him; esteemed alwaya as a gentleman. Thonghthls
conduct too worldly to have the right influence iu
tba position be oo uplea.
Q - You bve not pointed out any Instances yet you
have not indorsed. Old you not, on his drat coming
to the ity, when he was a gueet at your house, Invito
him toaccompaiiy you to toe theater?
Alt -I certainly went there with him, and think
them wa no improp.lety; but it wan etated Mr. (J.
went there at improper time aud ituproporocca
siou, and my opioion was that when public rumor
Inflict tuatsttgtna on h m he ought to refrain alto
gether. 1 have heard from resuiable eourcea that
he as there ou Saturday nights atfr the sabbath
d arrived, and attended th'a Dorforruancea uf Lola.
iu uourt adjonrned at six o clock.
Tbe Florences had a fine audienoe at tho
Opera-bouse last eenlnr. ,u,d Ellna Logan an lm
mense c.owd - Just ., .o di.urvfl at Wood's
Tlieafer, where ahe played Bts. Bailor beautifully,
rue luuions panioralma drew a good xudienoe at the
National, anil Prof. Jacob' necronii.'iry at Smith &
Nixon's. Tbe Profeeior gives an , xhlbltlua thi
afiernoon, and a' I wouder-HRora shi, ild see him ero
he goes. We refer our readere to 'lie amusement
column for particulars of the varitut performances
this eteniugj
The Ohio waa declining more rapidly yes
terday than on Wednesday or Thursday; but still
abuuilanoeof water ie tft for any kind or size of
steamer, and navigation is in a line condition.
The weather was very mild and Be1 ial yeaterday
more like May than January. The u 11 1 r.m unite
muddy where the river had fallen, rendering the
shipping of freivht Inconvenient.
ou thelanding all waa bustle and bnainess, tho
whaVf being crowded with produce, mauiifactured
articles and mercbandtae. So groat wae the qnantity
of freight that hardly room waa left for t oe passage
of dray. Boats were numerous and receiving loads
for various ports, chiefly the lower. Rates were
without alteration.
. Abbivals. -Jacob Strader, Louisville; Magnolia,
Maysvlllej forest Queen, Madison; Virginia Home,
Neville; Boston, Big Handy; liraod Turk. Nashville;
Prairie Boss, St. Lenls; Or. Kane, Pittaburg; Fred.
Iron, Now Orleans; Commodore Perry, Pittsburg.
Dkpabtur.es, Jacob Htrader, Louisville; Forest
Queen, Madieon; Magnolia, Maysville: Virginia
Home, Neville; Boston, Big Handy; Commodore
Perry, St. Louie; Or. Kane, do.; Clipper, Nashville.
Monetary and Commercial.
Yesterday was principally notable for ita
quietness; the bankers reporting fewer transactions
than had taken place on Friday for several weeks
The Money market was reported a llttleeasler than
at tha beginning of the week, but still decidedly
close, and loans remained difficult of obtaining ex
cept to a few favored customer in the regular quar
ters. Capitalists ear a better order of financial af.
fairs will be inaugurated very soon, and they era
probably veracious, as the demand for Money seems
dally diminishing.
In Gold, Unourrent Money and Time bills there is
no change.
Missouri Paor waa purchased yesterday at 2H(S-1
discount, and Iowa, Illinois and Wisconsin at S dis
ooiint, as before.
floor was dull and unchanged yesterday, and the
sales were unimportant. Whisky was in good do
niand, and Mo. per gallon higher. Wheat and Oate
were firm; while Ue was dull, and Corn and Barley
deolined. Though Provisions were quiet, and the
demand moderate, holder were stiff and made no
couce-aions upon the last quotations. But oue sale
of Hogs was reported yeaterday-SSO bead averaging
i;olbs.,at SS 45 Auanimatedtradeis being carried
on in Hay, Cheese, Potatoes, Butler and clover Seed.
The Imports and exports of various article duiing
the twenty-four boura ending yesterday noon were:
lHPoars.-f lour, 1.241 brls.; Whisky, 1,227 barrels;
Corn, 5,M bushels: Wheat, 1,038 bushels: Oats, 1,24"
bushels; Barley, 1,913 bushels; Hogs, Si3 head; Pork
and Baoon, 1 hhd.j 87 brls., 100 bxa., eo.coJ lbs.:
Lard, Mo brls: 48 kegs; Sugar, to hhda.; Molasses!
1,240 brls.; Coffee, 490 bags; Apple, 74.0 brls.: Butter
il kegs; Cheese, AM boxes; Potatoes, 6t brls.; Hay,
14 bale.
IxpoaTS.-rionr, SIS brls.! Whisky, 1,880 brls.
Corn, 1,200 bushels; Wheat, 30 bushels; Barley, llsi
baibels; Pork and Bacon 236 hhds., 2tt tierooe, Hu
bris , 50 boxes; Lard. 960 brlsj 274 kegs; Sugar, 14.1
hiids.: Molasses, loabrls.; Oonee, B0 bags; Apples,
393 brls ; Buiter, 211 kegs; Cheese, 1,098 boxes: Pol
toee,S9brl.; Salt, lMlbrl.
Thursday's New York Tork Tribune thna refers
Wednesday last:
The Money market continues to show sign of
ameilora Ion, and some demand loan bave been
made to day at 0 iwrwnt., on lavorable collaterals
Paper has freer cutu : t about previous rates 7tfi,
1 per cent ; the lowest rate only in exceptional ones
But few transactions are made below 8 per cent.
Ihetransaollouslu the foreign Bill market for
the present paoSt have been quite large, and in
ratee about a full M percent, advanoe be been estab
lished. Sterling is lftf&lOeM. francs, a 22)5.1e,
Land Warrant were thus quoted In New York ou
40 Acre Warrants..,., ,, n.,,1 l in
80 Acre WarranU.........m.......,. 84 Mi
130 Acre Warrao t ,............,,....... 6 7u
160 Aore Warrants........... a Has a e t ee e see
A comparison of the footing of last week's state
ment of tbe Boston Banks, with those of tbe state
ment of tbe previous week, exhibits an Increaa of
127,983 In the Item of loans and discounts, and a de
crease of J37,73 in spools, at 5ie,077 in deposits, and
$310,071 in circulation. w
iiaw ioaa O.Tri, Mabsxt Thursday, Jannary
19 Tbe Live Stick markets hav been well (applied
thi week with an unusually good quality ul ani
mala.eaoeclallynf Cattle and Sheep. The receipt of
live animal at tbe regular yarns, for the weekendlne
veste-day, number: 8,4 Beevos, 93 Milch Cow, IH
veal Calve. 9,000 Shwp, and 8 878 Hog total 17,30k.
Acyeeterdsv' geoeralinarket Beeves aold even below
laat week's low ratee, the best bullocks scarcely real
izing loo. per lb. on the estimated dressed weight.
Milch Cows were little Inquired for; very good milk
ers, with Calve at their aides, ranged S3 to 4J.
Veals were in fair demand at a little firmer rates.
The Sheep offered were of unusual good quality, and
old a trine better than previously. Live Hog were
not abundant, lb receipt for tj week beiug only
3,87b, or less than during any week for five months
past. Bit the lam influx ordreMed Bog from the
Weet precluded muck di-nnd for live animal, and
firloe remain about aa last week co.iMo. per lb.,
Ire weighl,foroorn-fcd.
fLOTJU Tbe market is dull and unchanged: sale
tralm portent. We continue to quote superfine at
Bo 3o8$o 40, and extra at So 003 70.
WUlSKY-A good demand, and prices Mo. higher
sale of 1,100 barrel at 21M21Ho the latter rate
for wacon.
HOOS-Abont BOO head cam In the laat twenty,
fonr hour. The only sales we heard of waa 240 hoai
averaging 170 lbs. at fa 44.
M PBOVfSJONS-The marketer generally quiet to.
day, and the demand moderate only; bnt holder re
mained firm, and did not seem willing to make try
concessions. There wae nothing done In mee Fork.
so far as w heard, though the best brand could
ava preouxeu, to torn eawnti as '.
Perk th sale ware lon.SSS poind Sides, last own
ing, at SMc, to be delivered the 1st february: auO
S ooaa olear Bide, to-day, at Hc, and loo hhda.
Ida, to be delivered at Chllllcotbe, at 8X0. packod,
,?leee Bhooldere, sold yesterday, to be delivered
at Chicago, at H4c packet. In Lard, 3M barrel
sold at Viaioc.; the demand at these rates I limited,
out) Green Heme aold at So.
OBOCKHIfcS - The market ia oachanged, and
steady: sale of 100 hhds. Sugar at tit&ihc.i SM brut.
Molawee at toy., and 1(a) bass Coffee at laXc.
W U1CAT The market Uttnii, with a good demand
at fl 2ftl SO lor prime white, and i 2331 V for
prime wl: sale of 150 bushels prim white) at II Ur,
I .'ill do. red atfl 23.
COUN-Th market II dell, and price have de
clined to 63o. per bushel; la'esof 300 bushel, la bulk,
at 3o.
OATS There la a good demand, and price firm at
4!'soc. In bulk. r
BYK The market I doll, bnt price are un
changed: alos of too bushels at fl
BAULKY Th market 1 dull, and prices have
deolined 3o. per bushel. We now quote prime fall at
71X3780., and fair to good at 6oSc.; sales of 123 bush,
prime fall at 72o.; 400 do. at 70c.. and lot) do. cpiing at
HAY The demand continues active, and arte
Arm at our laat quotations.
UHXKHB The market 1 Arm, with an ee'lve de
mand at 9Ho. for Western Beeerve, and llo. for Eng
lish Dairy: ale of 330 boxes Western Beserv at
B OTTER There I a fair demand, but mice are
unchanged: sale of 128 firkins oommon at llo.
APPLES There is a good demand, and price firm
at last quotation. Dried Apples are dull. We quota
them at 8)t7c. per pound: sale of 220 bushel
Brim at tiic. ; 200 do. good to choice at 7ae. per lb.,
ut thi laat Is below the market.
POTATOKS 1 hero la e ood demand, and prioe
firm at 11 73 f r prime Neshanocka, from store.
CLOYBR BEED There is a good demand, and
price have further advanced 3c per bushel. We
now quote It at 4 8604 90 for sack aad barrels:
sales of 14 barrel at ft to. Z .
Mabbbv. January SftP. M. Ashe
steady: sales of 30 barrels, at 3 26 for Pots, and
i MX for Pearl. Cotton decidedly acttve.lwlth an
advance of tc: sale of 8,000 bales at ll)o. for mid
dling Dplands Including 4,300 bales In transit,
f tear: sale only to a limited extent, and holder
are compelled to accept lower price in order to rea
lise; demand chiefly to supply the vreeslug want of
tbe home trade; 3.4UO barrels, at S3 IWSW 20 lor s
i erfine state; to 26f6 37X for extra Mate; f3 13(fa
a 20 for anpernne Western; f 3 40fi3 43 for oommon
to medium extra Western; $3 HI for interior
to mod ship ing brands extra round-hoop Ohio
closing dull. Canadian flour quiet and unchanged:
sales of SSO barrels at S3 708 73 for oommon toouoio
oxtra. Bye flour quiet, at S3 73424 40 for common
to choice. Buckwheat flour dull at f I VtXm per
cwt. Corn Meal dull and nnohansed. Whisky
lower: sale of 300 barrel at t3M29lo. Wheat dull,
and price without ma'erlM change: sales of 2,800
buihels No. 1 Chicago Spring at 1 1 21X, delivered;
1,'sai do. white Southern at tl 33, and 2,(0do. while
California at $1 30. Rye quiet aud firm at 9(i92o,
Barley little more acttve, and without material
change in prices: sales of 10,(00 bnshels, two to four
rowed State at 7880o. Oom heavy aud lower; sale
oi 28,000 bushels, at 60Mc. for new white and yol.
low. Oat In moderate request, at4.Y(44Wo. for State,
Western and Canadian, fork firmer, and more ao
tlve: tales of ,400:brle.,et fit 43013 SO for Old mesa:
"17 28 for new mesa; f It 7 for new thin mess; $11 37
for old prime, and about fin 23 for new prime niese.
Beef unchanged: sales of 130 barrels, at titfi 23 for
country prime; ls S3 fir country meas; l'JS9 73
for re-packed mess, and flO NKa.ll for extra ms.
Prime mesa Beef quiet at f ISI6 30: a sale of 300
tlercwl was made within the range Beef Kama
hotter: sales of 190 barrels at f I4(o)l0 for Western,
find f 12 for State. Dressed Hogs firm: sales of m ost
cm at fl?t(&7Mo. ( ut Meats steady: sak-a f 0
p.rkages, at o(a,9!4c for Hams, and 04c. f -r ahonld
ers; alao, 35,001) pounds dry -raited Shoulders, to ar
rive, at 6Ho, Bacon quiet ami unchangtd. Lard:
aloa of 2 we barrels at W:A(fbuHc. rlutier In good
supply and moderate demand, at 1216o. for Ohio,
and 15(8)230. for State. Cneese steady at wailHc.
t'.'flee Arm: sales of 1,601) bags Bio at UH&Uc.
Sugar steady: sales of 23 hhds. New Orleans at 74c.
Tobacco ia wltbont change. Molasses quiet: sale of
Mhbds. Cuba: 23 do. Miicovado, and by auction, 103
barrel new Texas at 4ftfij4tio oil continuta quiet, at
3738c for Liuseed, and 90(393 fur Lard. Tallnw in
moderate request, sales of 4,000 pound at 111)4(3) (iMc.
Wrol transactions are only to a limited exten t: aud
prices generally unchanged.
Haw Yens. Stock Mabkit, January 20. Stocks
lower and dull, closing heavy. Chicago and Bock
Island, 33t. Cleveland aud Toledo, mft. Gaieoa
and Chicago, 83' Reading, 37X. Illinois Central,
38. Panama, MM. 8. 1. Michigan Central, 37M.
n. 60. New York Central, 73o. Harlem, preferred,
S?M. Bu'1enn,4IX. Pacioc Mall, 78. Delaware and
Hudson, 2H. Tennessee Sixes, 86K. Virginia Sixes ,
BAirtHOBK Markit, January 20. flour firm,
at (! wo for Howard-Htri'et. Wheat buoyant: sales at
II 3.1(g) I 48 for while, and $1 i7ai 30 for red. Corn
dull: sale of white at 740., and yellow at 7l73c,
Provisions firm: Mess Pork at f 18 73, and prime $12.
Bacon at 90. Ohio Whlaky at 23c.
WILLIAMS-Sale-rooms 22 and 24 Kant Third
street Variety and fancy Goods, furniture, Ao at
Auction -THIS (Saturday) MORNINQ, Jan. 21, will
be sold at 9 o'olock, a stock of fancy Dry Uoods,
lioslery, Ao.
A Hue stock of Ladles' Silk Drosses, 01oaks,,Man
tillag, Shawln, Ribbons, &o.
ALSO-Clothing, Boots, Shoes, Watches, Jewelry,
Cutlxry, Blanketa, Ac.
ALSO At I0X o'clock -A general assortment of
now and second-band furniture, Oarpota, Bedding,
Looking-claase, Stoves, Ao.
Ja2l A. KKLLO0Q, Auctioneer.
i. SHEARS A CO.-Sales-rooms, 87 and 39 Main
street. Drasalats' Ware, Italian Cloth and Mohair
at Auction We will sell, TU1S (Saturday) MORN
INQ, January 21, at S o'olock, at No 37 and 89 Main
street, fur account of aslguee, 1 case Italian Cloth
and Mohair, 40 boxes Druggists' Ware, consisting of
rials, prescriptions and packers.
ja21 . 0 DBAStlBARS A CO.. Auctioneer.
A CO.-furnitnre.-On SATURDAY MORN
I NO), Deotmber 21, at t!i o'clock, at No. 283 Long-worth-street,
west of Mound, wo will sell the furni
ture of a family, consisting of twoH.C. Sofas, H.O.
Parlor Chaira, Ktegere, Elisabeth Kocker, marble
lop Center Table, Dining Table, Dining-room furn
iture, good Stove, 'Jhinawire, Wiirdrobe, Bureau,
Bedsteads, Wash Stands, Toiletware, Carpets, Chairs,
Tables. Rocking Chair, Mattrasees, tl rat-rate feather
Beds, Stove, aud a general assortment of Kitchen
ALSO-A Molodlan and Sewing Machine.
JAUOB GRAFT, Auctioneer,
ia!9 No. 18 East Fourth-street.
iTfc. SHEARS A CO. Sales-room No. 87 and 39 Main
street. Groceries, Ao.-Wo will sell on BATCRDAY
MORNING, January 21, at 9 o'clock, a general assol t
ment of Groceries, Ac., consisting of 23 brls. Sngar;
so brls. Molasses; 173 bagsCoflee; 73 half chests Green
atd Black Teas; 123 boxes Soap; 73 boxe lbs. aud 3
ALSO-Oround Spices, Hemp and Manilla Hope,
Glassware, Woodware, Queensware, Indigo, Bed
cords, Twine, Ac.
jal9 G. BRASaiABS.A CO., Auctioneers.
Durable Maoalne extant.
Call and see them.
jaDlf . . 80 West Fourth-street.
Holiday Presents.
Bisque and China figure, fancy Inkstano .
Vases, Jewel and Match-boxes, fancy Shaviugaal
Work-boxes, and other fancy Goods too numerout
to mention, suitable for the Holidays, which 1 wltt
sell cheaper than any other establishment iu tbe
oity. 11KNHY DAVID,
No. 278 Main-street, between Sixth and Seventh.
N. B. Also a new lot of fancy So pa, Porhitaerr,
Kitfacta. to. ii-siy
Street llallread Car and Omalbn Bfanaa
keep on hand a supply of STREET RAIL
ROAD CARS and Omnibuses, which we will war
rant equal in style. Solan and durability, and at as
low price, as any made in the country.
Ofllcd Corner of Third and Vine-treets. Jalttf
109 ItiBlnastreet, three deer aber Thlrti
DER all k nds of Bon Trappings, In tbe best
and most substantial manner. Also, a large ueort
ment of Hon Blast ete, Wbips, Carpet and Leather
Bags. Bridle Bits, Buffalo Robes, Valise (th real
soie-ieatoerh man Iran eeong. ano a large
wrtment belobgingto this line. I will sell a 1
a tha lowest.
noH-ay .jk. ' -
Feathers and Winter Millinery,
very detoriptlon, wbloh I aa eelllng at a sma
ano ob New Totk srlcea, waalaaal aad retail,
" 1. WEBB, Jrn
tint ' ; ' 1M flflh-tret. bat, Vecw and Kim.
HamaandBeefat J '' i ' OOLTIR'S
jalS No. 11 and Sfl Main-street
No. II and n Maln-tret

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