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U labUshed dally, (Bundr Moeated,) fey
TBI riMT FBKBBIi delivered to snbaorUwrs la
" Cincinnati, Oovlnson and Bawport, andsur. -rounding
ol tic and towni, at th ex.
tromely low price of
raicu or iiiu.ua:
BlaiU oo1m o. 1 mon th Mo.; 1 month! fl 1 1 .
Jon A. Sixsua, J H-eXetMOMd Manager.
Tbe teat aix night of
r. - Mlsa Eliza Logan's
THIS KVKNINO, January !3. will be presented
Shakepear' grat flve-act pity culled
.Toilet...............,.. ...... Miss Eliza Logan
Borneo.....,............ .....................Ur. Langaoa
Moictitlo.MM..,.M.. ....M.M.....t....Hr. Bead
TrbHltM.MMM..M.M....MM.MIMM..t..MM..MN.....&lr. LOn)
Nnrse.... Hrt. Gilbert
To conclude with tba grout and magnificent Ori
ental Spectacle called
On, Tub Wonmmuii Lamp.
Aladdin .........Miss Effle Ellsler
Kaarao (the dumb lve).. .............. Mr. Ktleler
Alanagar (a magician). ....... ...Mr. Langdon
"vinci'is. ........ ........... m. Mine Annie Walte
Zobedie ...........................Bltse Fanny Denhem
Amron.. .............lttii Amelia Kverett
Cuing Muetapba............ Mra. Uilbert
In consequence of the daily applications for the
historical play of " Toussaint L'Overture ; Or, The
Jusurreutlon of Hay ti," the manager will forthwith
make the necessary effort for it early and brilliant
Mrioort open at Hi Curtain rises at 7H o'clock.
Pbicesof Admission Dreaa Uiroleand Farquette,
M centa; duller , 25 cent.
8. . Pike, a s a e te ........Proprietor.
If. B, Oonttny,...,....,..,,........ .Stage Director,
J. F, Herbert ........... .............Treuiurer.
' Bocond week of thoso established favorites,
Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Florence.
THIS IVKNINQ, January 23, will be presented
John Brougham a lamoua drama called
On. Txmptation.
Tim 0' Brian (tho Irish k,mlgrant).....Mr Florence
iloDllin ... air. vnapuu
Polly liobaliuk.. Hiss A. Proctor
Mary Travera Miss Helen Won roe
To conclude wun the moat laugame iarce Dy, "von
sticks," entitled
' On. Tb linear Fri Lovin.
In which Mrs Florence will appear la fire different
charactera. with Hongs, Dances, Ao.
Lunnvan JMaffuire (a Froe Loverl... Mr. Florence
SB In active rehearsal, an original burlesque,
written expressly lor nr. ana airs, w. J. jnoreuce,
and played by them with the most unbounded sue
cess ut Wallace;' Theator for upward of fifty three
uccoselve nignts, entitled JjALiIjA. jiuuku.
N. it Wanted Ta-entv vounff ladle for the hal
let. Apply at the Box-oilKo, between the hours of
lu A. M. anu - r. si.
' Special tio. All persona are respectfully re
quested to refrain from loud or lmpreper language,
yelling, whistling, or any other couduct calculated to
disturb the audience or violate the rules of decorum.
raicea or Admission. Paruuette Circle, Parquotte
and Balcony, CO cente; Amphitheater, 24 cents ;
rnvate uoxes ior eigm pursuits, ex.
Doors open at 6 o'clock j commence at 7M.
John Batca Proprietor and Manager
W. a. Irwin ........... .............Troasurer
Altzbation or Pair ia. Ticket for Ladles and
Children, Ureia Circle, i!9 cl.J blngle Tickets for
ueniirmen, uresa circle anu i'iirn.iiette,niicis.; ram
ily Circle, 2jcta ; Colored Uoxelcta.; Uallery, Wets.
Inconsequence of the GIOANTIO PATHOMAGE
conferred on trie niugntncetii and truly wouderrul
It will lie renoatod. iu couiuuctiou with the interest'
ing domestic drama called "Gwynuetu Vaughn; or,
wouiaus tican.
THIS EVENING, January 23, to commence with
me arama, iu two acts, euiiueu
To conclude with the comic pantomime,
0, Tits Good Fairt TaivHPiiAm Ovua tui De
In which the entire coninauv will annear.
Barlenuiu Mr. Manuel
Columbine Misa Jenny Bight
Pantaloon. .....1... Barrett
UIowd ....Sir. 0. lionri
Altibation or Timk. Oooia open at 7; Curtain
uses at ft past , precisely.
1S0TI0K. Tradesman and others are cautioned
against furnishing any article tor the theater with
out a written order, algned by the Manager.
THE MKW NATIONAL J1UTEL, adjoining the
i ueattT, is now open lor tne racopl ion oi guests,
Booms can be obtained by the day or week, and
uuhui im uiniittu ai nil uoura
bPEUTFULLl announces, tint In compliance
with the Invitation of a large number of cltiisens, he
, will repent bis Course of Blx Illustrated Lectures on
aeologyuudtheNaturalHlatoryorC'reatIoi.i thellrst
Lecture being illustrated by Experiments in Natural
Philosophy, Ht SMITH A NIXON'S HALL, com
uienclng THVBSDAY KVSN1NG, January 2ii.
D.conu iiectore, juiuai r.vaninu, January
xt. ana continue as per iiirure nonce.
The whole Course will be given in the above Ball
T.-n-tiRB Ova Kvirlenrna of TlAiilirn Itv h. riMn.
tor, in the btructure of the Solar and Torres trial
LxoTuaa Two. Igneous Condition of the Interior
ot tne Harm, vauses oi volcanoes, aartninakei
and the Elevation of Continents and Islands. Com
position and Position of llocks. Uold Deposits,
Quartx Veins aud Formations of California.
Lxctubk Titaix. First Created Animal life.
Classification of Bock by Fossil Remains found ia
t if . . n i ii. j. . . . i. n ,
' dnced, with proofs that all Coals, Graphite and the
Diamond, are of Vesetablo origin.
Lsrvuaa Fiva The Period of Reetllea. Or-nnfa
remains of myriads of Animals that existed cn the
ear;u ana in in seas minions oi rears iwiore the
creation oi man. ine warm-uioouea Animals,
Alastarton and Mammoth Period.
LeotvrfSix - The Prt sent Order of Animals, with
Man aud Woman. Age of the Earth. Agreement
iff ilie lliblfcal and Ueoloalcal Chronolotrv. ThA
Harmony of Geology with the Mosaic Account of
ureal ion.
Ailniiona will be made, and some interoetin- farts
elated, with regard to the Geological formation of
tue uoiiper negionsoi iase superior, witu remarks
on California, Its Geology, Mineral worth. Gold and
Mercury Minos, from one year's Geological observe
lion in mat country.
Each of the Lectures will bo illustrated bv the it,
liluition of as.: lesot larse andsnlendid Paintinm.
which cover over three thousand feet of canvas, aud
r were exeouted at a coat of over (4,1100. They repre.
ens voicano-a, van luroia scenes, uorui lsianas,uoal
Vegetation, Beptiloa and Monsters of the deep. Ani
mals of the nre-adamlte world, warm-blooded Ani
mals, and the Human Itace, being representative cf
me entire anitnai creation.
It la universally admitted that a view of these
, raintinga aione ia worm more man tue price of the
' ' whole coarse.
Br. Boynton ha concluded, that during but Course
of Lecture, he will devote the latter part of one
evening to an exhibition of hia great Iron Galvanic
Battery, and give a aeries of startling and brilliant
experiments, Illustrating it power. The season
, Tickets to hia Course on Geology will also admit to
. thia entertainment.
Tlcko's for the Course (six lectures), 78 cents: Pa-
pi Is of School to the Course, 39 cents; single admis-
lOD, 2.) ceuis.
Tnk. t.ir nil ,IW fl A Snnl. u...
Smith A Nixon's Plane Ware-rooms, and at tbs Hall
un th. flVAnln-r nf the Tnlnma.
Doors open at 7 o'clock; Lecture to commence at
; , imSk SECOND IBBSf. - 7WOk
National Hall, Vine-itreet- a ' Fifth.
a The lessona are ao arranged that tuners can
commence at any time. uelitf
pupils of tho Western Female Seminary, t x
ford, Ohio, br Mim Mary C. Adams, and illustrated
with a One view of the Seminary Buildings. Price,
30 cents. JOHN CHUHOH. jr.,
jale Wo. 66 Weat Fourth-street.
ann'iKCH ii'i iinnuivj ,,.uuina, nulla
beautiful Lithograph of th New llaaonlc Bnlldini.
Jnat publithod iy JOHN CHUKUil, JR., ;
' de3l ' W Went Funrlri street,
. a t- nt t,nnris annmm
thai ever. Great aacrtnee or
Planoa. Melndrona. Violoncellos,
Viollus, Guitars, Banjo Striugs, Trim
mines. Ao.. during the Holidays.
Selllna at 1110 uer cent, lesa than anr
other Tloiiso in this city, and tint-class Instruments
at that. Do not buy an Instrument nntil yon have
called at No. 327 Fifth-street, second door Mat ef
riam, sonth side. ' BBtTTINO A BBC,
-Piano Maker, and Peeler is First-clw Instrn-
' I I
5 VOL. 2. NO. 133.
Advertised Letters.
,HrAll letar adveitUed are tuhjeet to an extra
charge of one cent. Persons calling for them will please
eoine prepared with the necessary change.
Pr" Persons calling for these letters please say they
are advertised, and give number and date of list.
Ce7The office wllfhe open at IX A. M., and close at
P.M. Buiidays-Offlce open from A. M. to 10i
A. SI. ,
No. 3—January 21, 1880.
AlthouseMiunlt. Armstrong?
Adams Mrs S Avery SI Us M I
Beatty Misa A Bryant Miss B
Black MrsAB Burton Mrs B
Aman Mlt K
Ashe II 1S I J
Brace Mini L
uecrurt Misi .
BlanchardMlHA Blackburn Ella i Buen Mrs Mary
BastleMlssA Bishop Mrs B Baker Mrs M 0 0
Birmingham B Bushnell Miss H Brewing Miss M
Barnham Mrs 0 Bromwell H J , Belt Mm Susan
Beecher MissC Berke Hannah Brlgham Mrs ST
Boyd Mrs 0 Beardslee H llarnels Miss R C
Bowlsby D Bernard II 0 Barnes Rachael
BurleyMlsiBJ Ben net Mis J Bell Virginia 8
Bigger Mr BosleyMrsJ Blackburn MIssV
BansleyMraJ Brown Mrs r Brown Miss II
Brown Mrs Mary
Donnelly Mr A Campbell Mlsa
Curven Mlsa Ann Florence
Augusta Cainey Prances
CeinaamMlssAb- Cox MrsGiacy 9
Igall Cole Mrs H ti
Carty Ann Carney Honora
Crane Miss Alice Crane Mrs J B
Craig Sirs Mary
Cooper Miss M J
Cain Miss Maria
Coleman Mils Ma
rv June
Corcoran Hiss '
Caldwell Mrs Adatlummlnira tiraJA Marv
J Collingsllra Jo- Carottiers Miss
Cllne Catherine nana Martha M
Calhert Mr Cor- Canfleld Miss Cole Mrs Nancy
della Mary Comba Mrs Sarah
Chambers Hiss CoateaMl sEate Creager Sarah
Kinellne M B Corbin Mrs Susan
Caswell Mrs Ezra Craig Mlsa Lids Tj Co:e Miss Sarah
Chadwick Mrs Cones Mra Louisa C lurk Mrs M
Blltahcth M Clark Mrs Sarah
Churchill MrsFAColenun Martlut B
Dean Angellne Dnnlavey Bridg
Bunnohene Mrs
Davis Ann Dawson ansaxJi
Dii le Misa Amanda len '1
Davie Miss Mary
E DeRay Mra Etta
Doty Mist Irene
Emmltt Mrs AnnaE vans Mrs C S
K KlliaMraCS
Estep Mrs Marga
ret tt
Dennis Anna or Emerson Miss Y 3 Ehrliurt Miss Su-
Blarirarce jsa ten mrs Bessie sail
Emmett Mrs Mar- 11 Evans Mrs Susan
Frost Misa Alia Fitzgerald Miss E Ford JlissE W
FullilovcMrsB Fulweiler MrsFAFinley Miss Jane
Folecr Miss Llztle Fits Miss Marion Fields Miss M
Feely Miss Ann Flachs Mrs Marie I'artroce Mra M J
Follett Mra S B Fagan Mra luos
Oamhel Mrs Anna OolTBIrs Bella Germann JHsi BG
Ooforlh Miss B H Golden Miss II (iretrg Mrs U A
Gates Mrs Jane Green Miss JullanGardner Miss M
Goodrich Mrs M Galbraith MrsM JOriggs Miss Mary
Gerard Miss M W Guaaway Mrs K Goshen Miss R
Olllllllan Rachel Graham Bliss 8 Gilbert Miss Sitllle
GIliDun Mies S J Gallagher Sarah AUreen Miss S
Gross Mrs Tabby
IlewcUMiss Annallolllngsworth E Hodges Mrs
Hart Miss Anna Handjinry Haines Mies A
liinson MrsElUa Healion MrsMaryHefTne.' Mi's B
Howard Mil's G P Uaitwell Mrs M J Harrald MissG
Ilaitt Miss Helen henry Miss Mary Handy Miss 0 A
iiunter juiss ii jiayues pacay nan miss u
Henry Misa J Jiotorraran
Holliday Misa J Huuu Rosilla
Handy Mrs S Hatch Miss L II
Harris Mits Flavia '
I and J
Howard Miss B
Howard Miss Kate
Holmes Mra Win
Jewett Mrs A
Irwin Mrs Geo
Irwin Miss Sophia Jones Miss Sarah
jounson urs M ii
KellvMissF Kicer Mlsa Jane
Kyle i!S Bell
Kellogg M its 0
Kinney Miss G Kan Is Miss Laura
Kerdoltf Mrs J A Kloene Mra Mary
Klllounh MissECKizerMisaJR J
sveiiu mra
n.eesMru ....
Leek Catherine Long Elisabeth Leavltt Mrs J B
Lnven Elizabeth Little Mrs E Larel MrsLotty
Little Ellzaoelh lwle Mies Frank Lange Mary
Lawrence Mrs II Lawrence M Lowry Ellen
Lumley Jane B Longley Miss Larkin Eliza
Llbby Kate F Lucas Miss R E
McElroy Annie McCnbe Eliza McJfelsMary
McCormackM McDonal Mra A McConnellJ2
McGott'Mary McDermontB MoCalie Lizzie
McBrlde Mnrla Mcllenry Ellen McUregor Mollle
McCormackO McLuinLarina
Murray Mrs Kate Madison Miss L Minor Mrs Mary
Moore Miss Mary Mad, son Miss M AMoore Mrs M J
Moore Mrs Sarah MurryMissT Marsh Mra W A
Myre Mra Rachel Mctcalf Mrs SarahMarley Mrs IJ
Murray Miss K Morris Mrs EM Myers Mrs B
MontacneMrsJ Morton Mrs S 1 Morris Mrs r! B
MaierMissCP Morris Mrs 0 Marshal MissC J
Milligan Mlsa 0 AMills Silas Hosier Merriwsather Mrs
3 Aimer aiiss nr.
Nixon Miss LauraNalln Miss M Newburgh Mrs N
nayior juiss i
Orange Miss A J O'Rtely Miss M J O'oUllivan Mrs M
Plnnoy Mrs MariaPenrloyer Kate Parker Belle 9
meters Airs nitlrv rotter Mrs Ij A PonarrtKlv rfl
Patterson MrsN
i'ennell Mary Ann Pickett Georgetta
Poling Sally
reiuiD mary a irage itouiaa
Pryse Leah
Rnssell Marv Rockwood JanelMRvan Ann
RejmondMag'eB2Riohards Janette tl Richardson Clara
neeumary nonmona inarg a nnwsey r;mma
Roys Mary Roll Abigail Kobbinga Mrs II J
itomnson rouy neynoies Annieniiuxirigo u,
Ryan Sarah J Rusaell Catharine Ryan Sarah
RomlneSarah AnnReese Sarah Richard Miss T
RtonelMIs B W Feaman Miss B G Singleton Mrs A
sergeant missriJl Burners miss n snarpe Bliss V
Swun Afrfl E
Smucker Mrs F Ktarr Miss E V
Seeser Miss 0
Stewart Mrs I
Stewart Mra J
8t Clair Mrs R
Steel miss u BtettMrs -Stewart
Mis N Swain Misa A
Spiker Madam L BchlffMiss Kate
SnurlingHarthaFrlulllvan Mrs J
Shrieve Miss J Sutton Mary A
Bharplesa Mlsa J Searles Mra S 0
tsnowden Miss M
Btratton Mrs V
Birauomrs oi rneam miss s
Stockton Mrs T Bhlnquln Mrs A
Bnead Virginia
Thnmuwm Miss A Thaver Mrs 11
Straurer Mrs W R
Todd MrsM
Titus Mrs A Trouttrlne MIssJJ ThompsonMlssNA
TuxworlhMrsBCTIceMlssJ Tanner Mrs P
ThompsonMisaMLTaftMrs II Thompson Miss 8
Vanhnrt Grace Valentine Ann B Vance Isabella
VanBergenMrsJB VlnveardMr W 0
Werrlck MIssE B Wilson Miss P R Weat Miss Ann B
Welsh Airs If m wiuiamaMIs A WooleiyAS
Wade Mrs a T Washtiurn Miss 0 Woodbridge A 3
Win ton Misa Jane Witherhead K H Warrnn Amerlia
Wesley Misa J M Worrick Miss B H Webb Mrs Joseph
Washburn MiseJO Weatwood MissM Walker Miss Kate
vninoer Mary tv imams nary A vv right Lizzie
H A wooster UKs r Watson Sarah
Williams Sarah
Ward Mrs U W Woods Mrs Wm
Aley Charles Albertatatt F M Aldrldge John
Andrews &tArnoldArmatronff Htl Atfonl A (I
Apnleby Franola Ashwln Edward Alpeaugh John E
Alblnaon Michael AillerF,
Anslev II
Allen Nath Arnold Fred N
Apph'gate Reece Atbrlght John
Avery 8 Aug Andreone L
Avery William U - . ,
Aflilder Henry
Athey R B
Avey Jonas
Beck Charlea H Bell James
Broadbridge Wm
Hlahee John Bercrer Wm a
jsooasiern pir
Browner Henrv livers W Edward Keck Ohrint
Ballev Joaeiih B BhikevDrTCa BowdleKenlamln
-, , II. - . , , " , r , , rt .
lloeka J P
jiauaer oamuri a, jjova, uouglelon
lluckuer Joa A
Brown ObasM
at Co a
Bruen Isaac
Baker B
Bailey OeoW
Baccua Frank
Boden Edward
llieler Elbert L '
Black Dav'd 9
Burdsal Elijah
Beaxel Jasper
Brown W il
Brown Michael
Black JosIau
Britton John
Braeher L L
Burwell VT
Broderick Mich
Blanchard Oeo R
Boomlller Mr
Barrett Wm '1
Burt Samuel T
Benjamin T P
Barker Itufus
ueekman a Far-
Blannt Reuben ney
Bezoley Patrick Batchelor Clark i
Barrett Oliver II liuckell Dr C F
Oozlno A V
Conely A F
Coffin Barnabus
Carroll Edward
Corner Lafarree
ChamberlinBB Cunningham It
Conner Ed Gould
Cohen It Mendel Chadwick RevD W
Cheever Mosea Carntliera M
Cntton L S Culbertson Robert
Church William Craig Wm 0
Clermont Geo W Cullum George
Cullum Eherly C lay ton llerliert
Coleman Joseph Croker James
Calfrey James Cusr.ua Wllny -Cleary
Timothy Coats Thomas
Clark Jsmr Olark A L
Cllne Peter
Campbell G
Soker George
orwin H It
Centre 8 T
Clark JameaG
Clirk GeorreS
Uampneiijohn Crosby John A
CnlloDV John J
Cr n John 0
uary Hubert
C'iqull Joseph
Collins Wm E i
Campbell Mr
Cottermunn JnnS CnrtisJons
Uhambors HarrytiUiarey J r
Clark Joshua Clark TB
CollinaMlchael Collins Joslah
CampueU T t H & Co
Dettmnn 0 II Demont & LcukcrDalton A R 3
Dennis at uazte-Donaldson u
Donnallv A
DiedrickMr . Sarkee B II t f!n
pounherty 0 F
Donnelly Chas DlnsneyT H
Dunn John Dulhanly John
D;irlin J t DuganJasD .
Dixon Humphrey Dodge J II '
Dransfleld M .DalbeyJoel 1
Desmond Michael Dewey N W
Doogan Nholas Demcker Robert
DowliDgWm Davis HD
Davis r W Davis Heniy '
rBariiPrAV . .. DYUnAM
vanielB E A
DoddaB 0
Deirbora J V .
Dehner John '
Demmer J B
Deedi Wm 9
Dllle Salathlel
Paris John ,
Edwards A 0 Eraary C S Co Engle 0 W
Elder B F Etter Chaa II Knyart J 0
EdwardaJob Evans Richard Xdwards The
Eversfleld At Edwards R E Earley W A
Elder Wm Bppley B
Falls & Milter Ferris Raiser Ford Alanto
Fadley&Bro Fallace Edward Ferns F J
Foster Joseph Fowler Joslah Fitch John
Faye James Flanagan John French H
Foster John Foster Harry J Freeman James
French Joseph Frank John Freeman HC
FreaonMike FitahueLM Fitzgerald Michael
Felix Peter Fish William FUherWJ
FlaggWmli French TlldanR
Gray It Crawford Garbutt Ben Ganther Casper
Gale Charles R Grant Charlea Gardiner A Co
Greene Columbus Green Charles S Gardner Albert
GentleGeorge W Gllkor Francis U Gibson F N
GerhartEmil Garrltt Edwin Garland FR
Given John W Gates John B Golf John
Gastin J 0 George Henry 1 Grace John
Grass Henry Graff H A . Greeuholoe Henry
Gilbert Joseph Grote H Gudgeon Hiram
Good Louis Gregory L R&HWGlenn Ichael
Granger Philip Gillespie Phil'der Gould Peter
Gilraofe Thomas Grace WmO'D George Thomas
Gilbert Ihomas Granger Wm W3
H - - -
Hunt 0 B
Herold (! B
nowellJ nilULW
Hopkins 11 r
liowden R
Heron C II How J
Hale P W
Hagenbush R ' '
Hickman G W
Harvey 8
Herbstrfet W '
Hewitt 8
lluntemlllar W H
Hayea W
llaie W 0
Holland 8 K
Hinsou ot Manaarllucking J J
Hewson C B Hane 11
Hoover,HyelcCoIlalsey n P
Huston A Hartman J
Ilolscher B Hendry J
Uolley 0 ' Harmon J
Howell Q M Harbin J B
llervey A Huston J
Hubbard D llolcomb TI
Howell D Hasaebrook J
HnntF ' Hopkins J N
Harris GW
Hotroer G Hatcher Cant J R H . 11 W A
HendrlcksonB UeerbenJ B Hall, Brorrn & Co
Hoover G Hubert J G Hamilton W K
Hughey George WHavney J Harrison 0
Halsey B HamflingJ Hildreth G 0
HoglnJ Hanson J 8 Hayes J
Huguey M
Publisher of the Buffalo.. ..Manager for the Btpones
setRcdOil Co....Pruaslate Potash Manufacturoig Co.
.Editor People's Press.
I and J
Iusmll Jrcoh Jones Chas P Johnson O J
James Chas J Jones Albert S Johnson Ja
Jargensen Geo Jones Edw A Johnson Leland
Judge John K Jones John Johnson Andrew
Judge John Jones Rufus Johnson W II
Jackson Louis Jones RW Johnson William
Jackson Wm Jones Thomas Johnson Wm H
Jackson Solomon Joilyn W II Jenclu Wm (1
Kelly John Jos Klapfer Henry Kittles M
Kelly W J K Irtley J II a Kid Robert
Kelly Patrick KlmberJobV KyleWmG
Kelly Albert Klmleylly Kinney Wm
Kelly Alliert Klnsey Jacob Kinney Slterman
Kenkel Daniel Knowlton II & Co2Kissam W A
Kuissell France Keen Michael
Lick-man Chas Lyon 3 A Lynch Wm
LeviB&Bro Levy Joseph LowrcyWash
LunriyChasH Llnrfssy Jaa V LaughlinWmWl
Lee David Lens IV Langdon W m F
LambGlanville LaneNn Labcy Wm
Lee John Luiney Mlishacl LongWmA
Liston Cant Jos Llpnian Moses Lathman Wm
Lincoln J P Luetue Richard Lloyd 1'hoa
Levi Sigmond Lidley Lestil W Laugtry Wm
Litta Itcv ti A
Moore J R Martin b Co ' MoelandJM
Moore Albert Meyers Charles Moore Daniel W
MyersWhol kCoMansfield J T Moore Robert
Morion Charles Mlokley Henry Moore O C
Myers Masser Nicholas Moore K It
Manser Ed 2 MuidockHR Morrison Jacob
MellenFA Mentz Henry Miller M
MortlmoroL Mitchell Joseph Miller W II
Moyers Henry i Miliar Nicholas Man-hall Kilgir
May Isaac Miller George May Daniol
Magoverny John Miller David 8 Mooyer Domlniclc
Miles A D It Co Miller A Jt A & OoMays Franklin
Meyer John Mosesjnseph Maitland John
Marsh K S Menton L Mnssay Hiram
Madison R A MygottPV Maherjolm
Moonev Thomas Maguire Patrick Massey Joseph
Moss W H Madox Robert Mar-ball H 0
Myers T Margi Peter MariarityM
Morten Wm Mitchell UB Manny Michael
Morington Wm
VcCartuyWm McLean TW McQuaidJohnF
McCann John K MtQuado Hugh AMcOullough A B
McKinny Henry McBrldeLyman McCulloughD
KcKllllgt Norry McDonnell John McCabeOwea
McKenna ThomasSlcHall Martin MeCov T J
McMechan John Moliale Michael Mckinstry James
McOullough I1 1 Mctlencry A McKinister J
McNultyJohn McEllhauy John Mclleorge Goorre
McDonald John eg
Nettler Nichols Evan NlsbetWmllCo
Newmnnn AdolphNeff J M W Nellson Wm. 0 2,
NeedhamDwlght4NastJoeW NestW
Newsom Rev M T Nauer Wm
Oesterle J 0 Owen J O'Malle v P F
O'llara Hugh O'Farrell Patrick O'BeirueTerrance
Osborn B
PomeroyCW PecWBV , Peters Josezh
Peters Geo T Packatd Frazle PughHA
Perry Edwin 0 Peuttund G B It, pUgh Hem y
PurkeyD Porter James PerineJohn
S"1, flatter Petex- Parmer C II
Perkins N H Parks W m S Parmer 8 D 3
Pumprey Roches- Power Thomaa peaire Samuel
t,, t , PlgBatt Win Phil llpa Alfred
Price Richard PartelloWm Patterson Wm
Rogers JAB Rodgers J 0 - Rodger Wm V
godgers 0 8 Robinson Benjla- Robinson Lew
BeeyOhasJ min F Bust A M
Ransom A ll RoneyEdwarvl Roach Edward
HepnettoG Davis Roe Frank Ringel F
RosserOeo Randle Edwin Koby Franklin H
RuasellJW HyJiI, Klter Isaac F
Relder John Reynolds John Reeves John B
Rone James 0 Reichert 11 B Biter Isaac F
Russell James Rutterjokn KalstonJohn
Rochnt Julius 0 Read James Rankin Hugh
Rolf Henry Ryan John Kosenpale L
Rianhard Louis A Rnbie OP Itlckey Robt W
Reynolds S Rais Thomas Rays Sidney 8
RyValt William Rice Levi Rois TuTnar
Richard Dr Q Richards Wna BichardsProf J
Bturdivant B W Savacool John Sayr 1 K
Hay lor A II Sellman John A Sanlrr W A
Sampson Chas Bidwell Henry Hholui Wm
Sturdevant A 00 Symonds James Stoat T H
Spears, Cose It CeSnyder John Sabln W A
Sue StratmondJF fhaffer Thos 0
Bterns & Marvin Fmither Joseph Snyder Wm
BwayneStGood'ch Singleton John J Scott EH
Strobs Edward Shldler John Scott Cant Josei
Swilling Fredrick Swart John Scott Wm : 1 1
Shannon Edward Stockum John Scott Frederick
Scudder Edward . Bcanlan J H Shaw Thomas
St John Geo K Stanley James Shaw Wm S
Sanders Judge DASanimann Joseph Stewart Wm B
Bwem OB Jiidwell N II Stewart Joseph
Spnrlock G B lynon P Spencer Rev B T
Sykes Daniel gwanOP UfevensJL
Simeton Richard Strnyne Peter
Tavence A Thamoald J Thorn Wm
Tucker Joshua TwiforeThos ThroopBS
TeetorHB Tibbltt Solon TlbbettaBN
Turner 0 TanleyWm Thurford Robert
TuaseyWmH TlceJL Tambale Peter
ThomnsonB TankerslvJH TurnvRP
Thompson R H Tarah John Tabar Stephen L
ThempsonWm Treacher Henry Tllghman Thos
Taylor JohnS Turner Henry Trout 3 At
Thomas B H
VandsnburghO VonNeidaJA VersepugT
VanAndenJM Vitter Theodore Vincent Daniel
VtnderwoodJ B VeHe W 0 Versbolt Henry
Vlgen Robt
West Byron D 4 WIemanF Woodward J M
WenlsttCo Wylie Decatnr 3 WelllerJJ
Winder Dr Winchester V Wediram Julius
Woolmer Chas WorstGO WllklnsJohn
WattsHt Coblurn 3 Wernicke F WbltehlllJ
Washington A W Whaley Henry Winter II
Weacot A D Wells Henry Wagoner Lewis
WamsleyO WestHF WatJtinsM
Webster Andrs WeutHnrnr WhilmSnM O
WlnanaAK Weeks John' Waters RR
WolfAdolph Wells J D WoodlockWnal
nooa Andrew wooaruir jonn B women w s
Webb David 0 Ward Michael Wee I W W
Wetmore Geo Wheeler R U White Cha
Wakefield WM Wheeler J W Whits Ur.lh.
Wolff Wm Walke- G W . Warren A Hen nil.
Weeks Rev 8 Watson ltoht ton 3
Wander 8aml Weaver Wm IT Wiirren TTonw
Will WO Williams CH Williamson Dtt
Ward Edward Williams Sainl Wilson A
WrifhtAM Wilson Milium Wlla.in A .T
Williams SamlR Wilson A H A Wilson John D
Wilson DUN
Young Charln Yall Linns towcll
Zllklngtnn John
J. L. VATTIER, Postmaster.
Post office, January 21. 1860:
Bailey Marv Bennett Josio Brown WO
Brown MreBllza Baxter Wm Bell James
n iJolJP Bellviienev SS llaeloy K M
BallicrWm BcdoLconnrd - Bmndybeiry N
CadyJH Oemy Anthony Collier Cspt
Carney Mrs U Chambers Robt Conler Cant E 3
Davis John Dorothy Ann Deckman T
S?r?,?'iuC godrick 0 SI . KcDpenlatsJohnJ
ElllOlt J P . Vv.n.alUaTT PJ-.-I, T la
Evans L A . Fowler Wm FrerichsJED
Fn-nrhGtoJ Fsrrar Samuel Foulkea Thus 1
Gerhar JohnK Ooehle Herman GlasCbas
GillBelle GaleCatharlne Garrison John
Garrison MlasM Ilarcourt Jos HartU
IlawcsAF IUnkelMrsM Hagariy Daniel
II arrlson J ohn F Hyney Richard Holden Oeo H
HirbutLIle- Hoyte Frank Hall Mrs Marva
Harover Kate 1
W Hmni-ll k.-l l . , t i- -
Jackson Eliza Jackson Wm T Juaea David. &
u. .wan. uuu.iitu 1
xvcuiioj iuim iv
aenn.v Air
Buster L a
Leonard W m
Llndiey Ira -
Lynch Jna
Morris C J Morris Wm Moore fism'l
Murray Airs , Martin (ml Miles PC
Malfihus .Tseoh Mnnlfnmerv I. Neple T.nltl.
Neele Lottie F3 Mrs! Porter P Mrs
PlntelJohn , . Power OL Raymond WmH
Rose Francea Riley Dennis Renner Loulra
Riyse Ernestine Bchram Lewis Bchroll Mai tin
Simmons DO SpragueC StrohOA
Troscber Anton Thomas M A MlssTownsend Thos E
Thompson JasV White Geo W ,WolfelJno
White Caroline White Jeremiah Wilson Mary R
Wenton M A Mrs Wade J B Wesson Frances
Wade Mary A McDanlelBB McCloeJno
McQrne WO Smith il A Smith 3 M Mrs
Schmidt J W
Registered Letttrs-Kelley Margaret Mrs, Thomas
omce open from half-past nine to naif-pa st ten A. M.
J. Q. A. FOSTER, P. M.
iSf"The Itallani tay "the earth covers the
mU takes of the phyiiclatB."
xs9Tha ttoam fire-engines of New; York
City ara sow quite in favor.
' &"Tha Itallani say very often "A lean
agreement Is better than a fat lawsuit."
fSflt is now stated that the cost to Vir
ginia of the Harper's Ferry affair, will not
exceed $100,000.
Mr. H. Steers, of Fairfax County. Va..
lately found thirty rata in hit corn bin with
their throats eat. The asiassin wai a weasel.
There have been heavy falls of mow
in several parti of Algeria, a thing whloh haa
not happened for more than fifteen years.
An exchange tells of a laborer whose
employer raised his wages so high that he hal
never been able to reach them.
The total exports of Mobile. Ala..
mostly cotton, for three months past, have
amounted to over iz,uuu,uuu.
"Rumor has it that a fair niece of Mayor
Wood, of New York, is soon to be led to the
hymeneal altar by a Cuban millionaire.
&We can sometimes love what we do not
understand, but It Is impossible completely to
understand what we do not love.
T. Hyatt bis deposited lwmhi-tn
Aundreo! dollart In the Savings' Bank for Mrs.
Jonn mown ana lamuy.
"Governor Newell, of New Jersey, con
demned the John Brown raid in hi message.
Why should he not?
- SSrOuT sweet illusions aro half of them
conscious illusions like effects of oolor that
we know to be made up of tineel, broken glass
ana rags.
3TWe learn words by rote, but not their
meaning; that must be paid for with our life
blood, and printed in the subtle fabrics of our
TA correspondent says that woman is
twio as good as man, and proves it thus by
the vary orthography W-o-ifr-a-n oMfo
you Oman.
-Oliver Howe, of Lyme, N. II., ieft for
California, it is supposed, by the last steamer,
leaving behind him, it is said, some $10,000 in
forged paper.
E9Thit present annual olrauilation of the
American Tract Sooiety is one million of
books, nine millions of traits, and. six millions
rThe Providence (R. I. Journal an
no'jaoe the death of Mr. Thomas A. TetTt, a
distinguished archileot of that oity, in Flor
ence, Italy, at tne age of tnirtj'-two years.
3TThe Now York correspondent of the
Mobile Jitguttr says that Gen. George P. Mor
ris looks twenty years older since the loss of
his Wife.
aBsrnum is making money with the
Dray tons and their parlor opents in New York.
The parties have just divided $28,400 profits
en the New York season.
J2TX new order, oalled "Daughters of tho
Forest," has just been organized ia Baltimore.
The objests of the new organization are similar
to those of the "Daughters of Temperance."
S?Some day it will be found that to bring
up a man with a genial nature, a good temper
and a happy frame of mind, is a greater effort
than to perfect him in many aosompllshmetiU.
J&X" "Shun dootors and doctor's drugs, if
you wisn to no wan," was tne sevenin, last,
and best rule of health laid down by tin
famous physician Hoffman.
)&3 The ioe in the harbor and rivers near
Baltimore has had the effect to curtail the
dally supply of oysters, and the prices have
risen there considerably in oonsequeace.
fST The total value of coal shipments
from the mines of Pennsylvania daring the
past year, at $3 SO per tun, amounted to about
aThe New Yerk importations from Porto
Itioo, a small Spanish Island of about 4,000
square miles, are about $5,000,000 per annum,
while the exports thither amount to only
about $2,000,000.
SB-Porney's "Occasional" thinks there
will be two Looofooco nominees, one by the
bolters of the Charleston Convention, and one
by the Convention, and that Douglas will be
one of them.
A Catholic ObqjI Iioioiart at thi South'.
The Roman Catholio organ of New York, Th
tablet, thus concludes an exoited article upon
the outrageous wrong done in Georgia to the
Irishman, f ames Crangie :
If the safety of the Union is only to he
accomplished by the proscription of the freedom
of speech, the freedom of the press, the freedom
of circulation for every free citizen, by the
destruction of the habtat corpus, by the sub
stitution oRmob and Lynoh law for that of the
Courtri of Justice, by the oonUmnlng of eon
atitvtional rights, and the disragatdof con
stitutional guarantees, then we lay again the
t'nloa f.i not worth saving, aud we, for one,
would not lend a hand to save it,
?ANTavio Fashiohih Africa. Dr. Living
stone in a xeoent letter from Africa says : The
women wear the lip ornament, round one of
whloh I put my pen. The slit is made in the
ripper lip, at first, by a ring In childhood. The
ends are gradually pressed closer together,
and cause absorption till a hole is made. Th s
is enlarged by bits of reeds, till in a lady of
fashion a r'ngs either hollow or cup-shaped,
is inserted, and the edge of the lip protrudes
beyond the p vpendloular of the nose, at least
an inch.
Fostaqi or M'.isio. The proper mode of
rating musio with postage is by the piece,
without regard to th e number of sheets in a
pteoe, one cent for eai'h piece, not exeeeding
three ounces in weight. When a pieo exceeds
three ounces in weight, one cent should be
oharged for the first three ounces, and on eent
additional for each additional ounce or fraction
of an ounce. x
Eholtsh Ofiia im CALiroaaii. The New
Oileaas English Opera Troupe, of which
3Usali Duraud i tb prima denna, recently
concluded a season of one hundred and twenty
nights ia San Francisco and the interior cities.
Oia Mai Diowhid whili Vaiilv Bruno
T oSavi Ancthik. Brloe Adams, in attempt
I) tg to cross one of tba lake above Columbus,
K a few days since, on the iee, fell through,
si td Mr. Picket, running to assist him, also
fs. Ilia and both were drowned.
Aa Aiuaio Win Awimptino to Shoot Ilia
Husbahd Kills Ilia Sol. The wife of
Samuel Joy, residing in Paris, Ky., having
been often unmercifully beaten bv her hus
band, and fearing another attaok, seised a
double-barreled gun on tba evening of the
18fb, as he wai approaohinp; bia boui and
fired one ebarge, which missed him and lodged
In the brain of her boy, ten years old, sitting
on the floor, killlne him Instantly. She then
attempted to discharge the other barrel, but
the gun mining fire, Joy seized the weapon
and beat hia wife on the head until she was
insensible. Mrs. Joy was arrested and is now
in jail. '
Eiqht Pibsoks DaowRin Whim Caossmo
thi HuDsoa, Eight persons ware drowned
near Khtnebeolc, N. Y,, a few days ago. A
party of twenty or twenty-fire persons, from
the opposite tide of the river, were crossing on
the ice in a large eorered sleigh, drawn by
four horses, when the ice gave way and the
sleigh went down, carrying with it eight of
the passengers, who were drowned. All but
eight succeeded in getting out of the sleigh
before it went down.
Thi Uindsrakci to thi Sali or i Russia
Railvat. It is said that the Interest of Mr.
Winans, of Baltimore, in the railroad from
St. Petersburg to Mossow ii the principal ob
stacle to its purchase by the Bothschllds from
the Russian Government. The road eost
$100,000,000, beside the permanent lien which
Mr. Winans has on it, and the Government
has offered to sell it for $00,000,000.
Sikoulai Result or a Di voice Several
years ago, the Superior Court of Massachunl
setts granted a Mrs. Eaton, of Boston, In
divorce from her husband, on the ground of
alleged cruelty. Tne same Court has now
given leave to Eaton to wed again his former
wife, having married the identical man who
was the cause of the whole difficulty between
Fain. DouoLiBa is Bbitahi. Fred. Doug
lass appeared at an anti-slavery meeting held
in Leeds, England, recently. The meeting
was presided over by a member of Parliament,
and was addressed by Fred and Miss Remond,
also colored, of Boston. Old Brown was pro
nounced "a departed saint," and slaveholders
threatened with evil in its worst forma.
Da. Livingstone Aided in his Explorations.
It is said that the Biltteh Government has de
cided on providing Dr. Livlogstono with a now
steamer, for the purpose of enabling; him to
carry out bis exploration of the Z&mbeaia. It
is aUo said tbat Mr. Gladstone has appro
priated a sum of 2,500 to the further explo
ration of the great Nianza chain of lakes.
Air Aictio Iivawd. The Boston Herald
states tbat every morning at 5 o'clnok and
evening at the same hour, an invalid visile
Lewis's wharf armed with an sxe, with which
be breaks the Ice and then undresses and
E lunges in. Strange as It may appear, the
ather thinks that he is rapidly regaining
his health.
Adaptabilitv or thi Frinob Soldubs
The Frenoh soldiers remaining in Italy show
the same faoility for adapting themselves to
oiroumtanoes a they did in the Crimea. At
Casal-Msggiore the 1st brigade of the 6th
division lately organized a dramatio perform
ance for the benefit of the poor, which was at
tended with immense success.
Tai Foboiriib il Aliusy. The rumored
forgeries in Albany, N. Y., to which we have
alluded, turn out to b indorsements to the
extent of several thousands of dollars, of tbe
name of an old farmer, John Molvnown, pro
prietor of the Commercial Hotel, by John II.
Z eh, lessee.
Th Tii Plant ir Louisiana. The Tea
Plant is cultivated in Louisiana without any
difficulty. It has shown its power to with
stand the hottest days of Louisiana, and also
the late freezing cold weather. Labor is too
dear in Louisiana to permit the tea plant to be
cultivated for commercial purposes.
Chokid to Diath bv a Stick of Woon.
Rye Coulter, who resided in Botetourt County,
Va,. went out to get a stiok of wood recently,
with which he started to return, when, as he
was ascending a hill, he stumbled, and the
wood on his shoulder becoming tangled in his
oravat, ohoked him to death.
RlSUlfPTIOK of a Suspindrd Bark. The
Lawrence County fPenn.) Bank has resumed
business, under the Presidency of John Fer
guson, the well-known private banker of New
Castle. New stook subscriptions have been
made, sufficient in amount to put the bank en
a safe foundation.
Ax Editorial Hit. The editor of the Dav
enport (Iowa) Qazetii says of somebody: Our
neighbor says we are quaking in our boots.
Wei), that is certainly a great deal better than
to be quaking at the and of other men's boots,
1 . . ? . , . . 1 1 . , ,.
as uxp u.uipriwaie seiguoor is generally
doing, "
A Housi a in Thbii Pirsokb Distbovid it
Fibi. The house of John Newson, a free
negro, residing near Pulaski, Ga , was re
oently consumed by fire, and an Indian girl,
sixteen years old, ana a onild or iMewson, perished
in the flames.
Baqqaoi Tiaviliis Would Lm to Loss.
The following notiee is posted at a Northern
railroad station: "Travelers should be careful
to deliver their baggage to proper persons, as
a gentleman a few days since entrusted his
wife to a stranger, and has not heard of her
Socthibr School Gibls Liaviro thi Nobth.
The Allentown (Penn.) .Democrat says that
within a woek, the greater portion of the South
ern pupils of the Bethlehem Female Institute,
nas Deen withdrawn from tnescnooi; nveyoung
ladies irom Mississippi neviog gone noine in
ono day.
Gbowth of MisNiaoTA. The present popu
lation of Minnesota is estimated at 180,000, and
the assessed value of tbe property in 1858 at
over forty million dollars. The population
haa, on an average, doubled one in two years,
aud the wealth has increased even more rapidly.
An Avkiicah Waikii ir Irilard. Miss
Howard, an American, undertook the task of
walking 1,250 miles In 1,000 consecutive hours,
choosing Ballarat for th scene of her labor,
and suooeesfully oomploted the journey, win
ning a oonsiderable sum of money,
Mon FoaoiRiia Adjustid. Within a
month or two tbe forgeries of a Boston business
man upon his brother, at the Eastward, have
been brought to light, but the matter has been
"adjusted" by the payment of th forged paper
at maturity.
Two Bovs Drowkio wbili Pi.idiko. Two
hoys, one named Morse ten years old, the olhrr
Dunbar, igednino, were drowned last week at
Terry's Mill-pond, Plymouth Hollow, Conn.
They were sliding on the Ice, which gave way
under their feet-
Diath noil DuiKtio Eoq-koq. A man
named Bradahaw, at Mount Pleasant, Teen.,
eon Id not allay his thirst for egg-nog recently,
and alter drinking a Ttry large quantity died
from its effects.
''. rTERMS"CAH.TT; ':'
Max .
: Advertisements aot exceeding Bv 11 (Agale) :
Jin Insertion. $ 25 I One week.-. ...81 M
Two weeka , 1 AO I One month....... il Ml
Larger advertisements inserted at the following rates
ft r square of ten llnea or lesa :
On insert Ion.
lach additional..
On weelu.....
i SO I Two week..,
U I Three week,
1 13Unemouta.
Job Printing:
In all tta branch don with aeatoeaa and dispatch.
From Washington.
Wabhiigtoi, January 20. A report has
prevailed for several days that Postnisster
Qeneral Holt contemplated resigning his posi
tion. This originated in an understood differ
ence between bimseif and the members of tbe
Cabinet respecting aa interpretation of the law
relative to th ourtailmont of the mail service;
but it is understood to-night that the conflict
ing views have been reconciled.
The IleraU't Washington correspondent
says Realf, old Brown's Secretary of Stale, has
eta-rived, and wUl testify before the Senate's In
vestigating Committee to-morrow. . It Is stated
that he declares that the act of Drown was sep
arate from all political organisations and poli
ticians, and that he did nothing to implicate
any member of the Republican party. Ho
will testify to a correspondence between John
Brown and Senator Wilson, but he asserts that
Mr. Wilson denounced the proposition of
Brown to run slaves out of slave States as as
aot of madness. This will probably induce tbe
oommittee to oall Wilson as a witness. Joshua
K. Qiddings and John Brown, jr., Amos A.
Lawrence and Mr. Sanborn, of Massachusetts,
will be aubpened, as well is Realf, who ia
looked upon as a moat important witness, as
he has indicated that be will make a clean
breast of the affair, and It is understood that
be will Implicate prominent persons in Now
York and Mew England. .
The Postoutce Department has been notified
by Mr. Morgan, contractor for carrying the
mails between New Orleans and Vara Cruz,
that be has withdrawn the steamer Ttmmee,
and can not rv the mails anv longer for the
postage. The services, therefore, have to
nerformed bv sailing vessels.
The Treasury balance is under $8,000,000,
Including amounts subject to draft and re
served for mint services, upon which advances
are made by deposits of gold dust for coin
age. Half this sum Is intended to meet the
PoBtcffiee deficiency due last July, whenever
Congress shall pais an appropriation bill, and
tho rest is required for six months, ending
31st Deoember.
Washikotoh, January 21. Richard Realf,
who reached Washington on Thursday night,
with Doorkeeper Jones, of th Senate, wsa
this morning examined by the Uarpcr'n
Ferry Committee. Ho is roportci as highly
Atrangements have been riado for execut
ing tbe Senate and Executive printing at
Rivea's Globo office.
Overland Mail.
Mklloy'b Station, January 21. Tb Orer
land Mail, wiih San Francisco dates to toon
of the 30 tb ultimo, passed hore thia afternoon.
Politicians bad began to gather at Sacra
mento ia large numbers, preparatory to tbe
meeting of the Legislature on tbe 2d of Jan
uary. .
Governor Weller's last message will be de
livered on the 3d.
Mr. Lathan, Governor elect, will not be in
augurated till the 8th or 9th.
Governor Weller and General Denver aro
undoubtedly tbe leading candidates for the
United States Senatorship.
A tiro at Poker's Flat, in Sierra County, on
the 21st ultln.o, destroyed $20,000 worth of
Accounts from Carson Valley represented
the snow from three to five feet deep. Min
ing operations were snspended.
Two young men who wont from Sacramento
to hunt in the vicinity of Humboldt Bay had
been murdered by the Indians. A party of
Humboldt people attacked the Indians, kill
ing fourteen.
The acoounts from the SimilUmeen Mines
continued encouraging.
A bill bad been presented in.tbe Washing
ton Territorial Legislature to organize the
islands between tbe Canal Debaro and tho
Strait of Rasssroo as Harney County. This
is the disputed territory claimed by England
and the United States.
The British Government has ordered its
men-of-war from San Juan Island, and aban
doned the disputed territory until the two gov
ernments settle the title.
Virginia Legislature.
Richmond, January 21. The resolutions
Introduced into the Lgta'ature, recommend
ing that a Convention of the Southern States
be held at Atlanta, Ga., were ordered to be
Mr. Chatline, Commissioner from Connecti
cut to represent the sentiments of the conser
vative people of that State, is now here, but
his message has not yet been delivered.
Outward Bound.
A'eto York sailed to-day for Southampton ana
Bremen, with one hundred and four passen-
Sers and $75,000 in specie. She took the New
rleans mails of the 14th.
The Hungarian, from Portland, this after
noon, takes New Orleans mails of the 11th and
telegrams of tie 21st.
From St. Louis.
St. Louis, January 21. Joseph Hyman, cf
the firm of Hyman k Gusn, commission mer
chants of this city, was arrested yesterday
on the obarge of obtaining, under false pre
tenses, money and goods to the extent of
River News.
ten inches by the pier mark, and falling.
Weather elear and pleasant.
Locibvilli, January 21 P. M. River
falling very rapidly, with eight feet six inches
on the Falls. Weather elear; meroury 59.
Bobtor, January 21. In the Supetior Court
this morning, Charles H. Goodhue, for man
slaughter, in killing Harriet Freeborn, waa
sentenced to fifteen months' imprisonment.
From Lockport.
Locrcobt, January 21. Hon. Samuel B.
Ruggleshas been, and still continues, seriously
ill, with an attack of ths Inngs, at the resi
dence of Governor Hunt, of Lockpcrt.
Orb Mar Eillio aro Two Otbibs
Mortally Wouidiobt AStBicf-ExrLcstoN.
John McClendon, a morohant at Hickory
Grove, Ga., a few days ago, ordered a negro
to bore a hole In a stump and ram and plug
it with powder. The negro did ao, but a
lighted candle fell on some scattered powder
which communicated with that in tho stump,
which exploded and mortally wounded tbreo
parsons, including McClendon himself, who
died tbe same night.
Ab)bioCa(, Prksibtatior to Louis Na
roLBow. The Secretary of the Interior haa
applied to the Sao and Fox Indians for a full
Indian war drees, to be presented. throorh the
French Minister, to Louis Napoleon. The
Cribe has most cenerouslv responded with a
splendid equipment; scalping knife, tomahawk,
peace pipe, and various otner articles of sav
age warfare. No expense has been spared
by way of ornament and decoration. ,
MtrriRBiM Paioorko it thi Quiir. The
mutineers of the rrsNcets Jlcyal, who have
been in prison for vniou terms for mutiny
under aggravated circumstances, were all
reloaded on the Tuesday after Christmas, after
one month's imprisonment, by pardon bom -the
Queen, :

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