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'VkWt8,n-W0 BALI," "TO LB,M)HT,,
"FOUND," Ac, In tblioolnmn, oceitpylni live 11dm
or lees, two insertions, twenty-Ove oents.
ANTED GIRL To do homework Is
astmillftMhlly. She mast ha a food waaher
anil lroner, and competent to do plain cooking
Apply at bona; west (Ida of Honmonth-street, fifth
door loiUh of Maro-atrent, Newport. Ky. ja23b
gllahman and kiswil'e without encumbrance;
woman to do cooking or cbamber-work; man u
coachman. He wall understand, the care of horses;
handy at almost anything: uo objection to country:
good reference. Address X.U. X., Praia Office,
, aalaundreia and chamberrnaM In a private
family. Tho verybeat of reference can be had. Call
at airs. Warner's Employment Office, SOSiFlfth-strAet,
between Weatern-row and John. fjayab"
WANTED A GIRL To do homework
, ...A,tt0r distance In the country. Apply at
Ho, 2H West HUth-atreet, Oinciuiijytl. jailb'
WANTED A 8ITUATI0N-By amid-die-aged
woman, at Norse. Baa bad consul
arable experience. Good reference given. Apply
at Mo. 85 Qeorge-atreet, batwees Flam and Western
row. Jaiib
. two-yetir-old Grape Plants, at ten centa eaob
fr orders of fllty ulanls and upward. Ordrrs ahoiild
be aunt In Immediately. Letters captaining money
?!0,l!.u.S? 5VUfW!Hl AWreaa MBNDAL BfiOIEB,
Hoi 2,137, Cincinnati, Ohio, ja2lb
WANTED A BOY-Eightoon or twenty
yaara old, to watt on (able and do other work
abont a boarding-house. Apply at Noa. in ami 17
Lodge-street, beta-eon fifth and Hlxth and Walnut
and vine, ja2ib
the work of a email family bonaehold one
that can come well recommended preterrd. Apply,
Iwtween 10 and S o'clock, at Mo. 73 West Third-street,
up stairs, or at No. 81 Observatory-road, ilt, Adams.
Aakfor V. K1KDEB. Ja2lb
WANTED Clerks, book-keepers, sales
men, bar-keepers, porters, coopers, carpen
ter!, mechanic!, laborers aud others, can find situa
tions at the Merchants' Olerka JteRiatry Office, 128
Wnlnut-street. ja9awi HALE & CO.
FOB LEASE With privilege of purchase,
11 to lots of ground on be north aide of Oliver
alreet, commoiielngthlrty-nve feet cost of Daymillor
atreet. A perpetual leaao will be given lor the whole
or any part of I he ground, with the privilege of pur
chasing at any time on payments ut a low price.
HAMI.'liL A. BAKttENT, Ho. 2 Apollo lluiloinga,
oorner of Fifth and Walnut-aired. jnKin
Containing two rooms and kitchen, situated on
Ueorge-slreet, east of Haymilltr. front and back
ard. Apply to W. VAN HAUM, attorne-at-law,
No. 19 West Thlrd-etroct. ja21b'
FOR RENT Two unfurnished Rooms on
the seoond floor, sultablo for a small family.
Apply at No. It Bace-etreet, below i'ront, weal side,
FOR RENT Throe Rooms, second story,
to a small family. Apply at Mo. o28 Klm-itreet,
Iwtween Filteenth and liberty. lag lb
FOR RENT A very eonvenient three
tory Brick Dwelling, having all modern Im
provements gas and water throughout on Long
worth street, west of Park. Price, f 160. Apply to
CAMPBELL, KLLIoON A CO., Mo. Ill East Third
street. jaMh
I7IOU SALE A small lot of FURNITURE,
- in good order. Will be fold reasonable. Apply
at No i:i Eut Ninth-street, between Main and ac
amore, up ataira. jaaib
OR 8ALE-400 acres Frairle Land, well
located; or will exchange it for dry goods: if
necessary, pay ome caan. appiy to JUttM a. 1U
lALIi, Kfal Katate Agent, 67 WeatThlrd-at. Ja31b
171 OR SALE 80 acres or more of first-rate
a.' Timber Land, four uilloa west from Ctllnn.
Mercer (Jonnly, Ohio. Only $5 per acre, cash, If sold
oon. W. L. DAVIS,
jal9f 72 Weit Thlrd-atroet, Cincinnati.
BOARDING Two single gentlemen can
ottaln a room with flrnt-c'am board. Alto, a
fow day boarder, cun lie accommodated In a private
fauiily, by applying at residence Ho, 1H Uroauwar.
BO ARDING Families accommodated with
board aud pleasant rooms on second floor,
limited with gas, mrniahed or unfurnished. Bevcral
single rooms lor gentlemen can nlao be had. Gen
tlemen lodging olse-hrp boarded on reasonable
terms, ai no, mz nroaiwe,y. jaMtw
T OST DOG On Friday evening a large
M-4 black and white New Fouadlabd Cog; black
epnta around Ills noae. Ho had on a leather collar,
with a ring. Auy person returning him to No. 'ii
. vteai ocrcmu-airoei win ue iiourauy lo warden.
Ing $1 in bill and some chango.coal receipts,
Ac auenoaed to have been lost in ladle,' deuart.
tiieut of Poatoltice. The under will receive n poor
tuaovl luauks uy tearing it at fenny frees Offlco,
FOUND A SILK SCARF was found last
week, which theowecrcan bare by call log at
no 313 Longwortn-itieer, ami paying lor tnia ad'
terUaement. j2lb
Jnk. HBKABS i, CO.-Salca-rooma Nog. 67 and 59
nuu-Birutf proceriL-n, otu.i aft auiiiuu. n win
Hcliat Auction, on MONDAY MOltNI.NO, January
23, at 0 o'clock, a guneral aasortment of Groceries,
.to . cfttiHifltinft- of Mi hbda. tluffar: 7. brls. MolasHen:
JjU nana uot ee: I7.ri nxa. lb. anab xonacoo: lou oxs,
isoup; oo ua. vuiiuiea.
,t3' Ji,Ulin, IflUllltH t,nu U UM.UMIIU f,,lB,
Bop., Starch, Bedcords, Uigara, llice, Tea, Ulaiaware,
JaE3 O. alUASIIKABa & CO., Anctioneeri.
WILLIAMa-SalM-rnomi Toa. M and 24 (Cant
'I'Mid-atreetrurnltnre, Cut cry, Iron fcifo, anu a
variety ut Auction, ou TORQUAY MUKNINtJ, Jaa-
,;ry ,aivi o clock, a biock oj ;nncy uoous, urv
floods, Clothing, lablo Cutlery, Waltou, I'lutod;
ALDO A 6n atnek of new and second-hand
Chairs, Cje scat Cotiace, Cockli
ot ko'i
halra, Ca je seat Cottace, Socking and Sewing do.;
BedatiMJl. Bureuns, Tuhles, Wl(t
AT II O'CLOCK-One II rat rate Iron Bufe of Hsll
is. Tuoies. liat-ti
mi, so
k Dodd's make, good as now; a large Counting. house
jjwk uuu ufciier houu.,
.23 A. KBL10QO, Auctioneer.
Jr. JOJIJISTODr.luSules-roonisSo. MBIaln-streot,
next to Trust Co. Bank. TDKSDA1 MORNIMU,
January U, commencing at OX o'clock, will be sold a
large and desirable stock o' Pry (foods, Tailor's
tlooda, Fine Shawls, Hosiery, Gloves, c.
ALSO-Wltbout nor teuorve, to close consign
mantu 5" cases, comprising Uen and Boy's Boots,
410. JfrujEus, iae uniier oumi, iwieijoes, so,
j23 TUOMA8 JOHNSTON, AncftoMer,
Mil ' '
, Durable Machine extent.
Call and see thorn.
. jaOtf 80 Weat Fourth-street.
.i-i-810001 'mlly Bowing Machines has
109 Malu-strtet, thrae doara abore Third,
OKB all k nds of Horse Trappings, lo tbe beat
and moat anbatantlal manner. Also, a large aaaort
pent or Horse Blankots, Vktps, Carpet and Leather
sole-leather), Mall Trnnks, Bponge.and a Urge
iorttnent boloaginfto th's line. I will sell aa low
' MAinrroOTDBui op
Wood-Working Machinery,
(nar Jakaaad Watar iHCiaelaiaailtOa
-...JANUAH.Y i!3
If roo want a servant, advertise In
If yon want a bona, advertise In '
If yon want to mil anything advertise in
If yon want to boy anything, advertise In
la faot, every want supplied by advertising in
IIthinial. Dnrina the waek endinff on
Saturday avening tha Clerk of the Probata
Court Issued fifty-two marriage licenses,
against forty-two during tha week previous.
Tbb Ntw CoioaiB OaPHia ASTtoa. The
contract for building tha new Colored Orphan
Aiylntn, on Mount Auburn, was yesterday
warded to Messrs. Handy A Brothers. a
Fiei YtSTKRDAY MoBirmo. Abont one
i'o1ock. vesterdav mnrnino. flm HtanftAiAil
in Bohriver's epioe mills, on Home-street, sear
t: uvu, out ww eziingnianea Deioro any ma
terial damage bad been done. The lots will
not reach $50.
MlN BADLT BsiTIlfRnWlT.tn.lnmtno
and Henry Gardener assaulted an unknown
man at tha Tlvnli Wnii. u.i- t.,ai. ..j
beat him eo badly that it is feared ha cannot
ml . ....
muuver. iu rnmans were arresteu, ana will
have a hearing this morning before Judge
Gamrlbbb Lieutenant Watson, in company
with a party of the police, made a desoent,
yesterday afternoon, upon a hoarding and
drlnking-house, on the corner of Seventh and
Mfttn 11 -I . I
if.lu.iu, uu oiivoivta vioven lucu ongagea in
ffBrailllno. ThAV tvva AnmTnitfAl a tk. Minlk.
O O J VWM.u-.vlrV, .V UUV 41 !Uil4-
etreat Station-house to await a hearing.
7. M. M. T,. AsannriTroir T.cnrtTBva Tli.
next leoture in the winter course before the
Young Men's Meroantilo Library Association,
will be delivered to-morrow evening, by C. P.
Baldwin, of Riohuiond, Virginia, at Smith ic
Kixon'a Hall, Subjeol: "The Good lime
Comlnir." Mr. R. bna hATi har.lrlArl nnitA
eloquent, and will doubtless draw a large
MiTioaoLoaiOAt, Obssrvatii irj For the
Jknny IVcsi, by Henry Ware, Optioian, No. 7
woai f onrin-street, January 21
n'clneb. TtarAttiAtAV
7 A. Al a a seat ( iu 29.41
Above zero 58
Above iero S6
Jautiary22, 1S60.
Above Aro at
Above zero A
11 M
O'clock. Barometer.
7 A. U...........,..........,.i9M
12 M................,....... W.f,2
S 1. Si.......,................2K.0
Mam Found DBowaan Coronib'b Ikqusst.
Coroner Carey was called noon Saturday
morning to hold an inquest upon the body of
an un-nown man, louna in me river ac me
foot of AVeatsrn-row. lie was apparently
thirty-two years old, five and a half feec high,
had on a light brown ooal, woolen vett,
corduroy pants, and heavy kip boots, and had
evidently been in tha water several days.
Aa no marks of violence were found upon Lis
body, tbe jury concluded that he had been
accidentally drowned, and rendered a verdict
A Vei,i, Ksowk Cmm Cbabobd with Pas
biro Cocsterfcit Coin. Slglmund Apfel
baum, well known to our oitliena as a musician
and vocalist, was arrested dav before Tester
day by United States Deputy Marshal Han
son, t.pon a obarge of passing counterfeit half
dollars upon a huokiter in the Fifth-street
maruet. Air. a. does sot deny ha? leg passed
the coin, but it will be hard indeed to convince
any who know him well that it was done know.
logly. Ho was discharged npon his own re
vOgntaauoe, te appear this afternoon at two
o'clock before t'niied States CommUsloner
009. A fire broke out on Wednesday last in
the midflupe of Mr. F. Melino, located at Lick
Run, a few miles from this city, which in a
brief space of time destroyed the entire build
ing end ts contents, together with a large
green-house, containing a number pf valuable
plants. The flames spread so rapidly and
burnt with such fierceness that it was with
considerable difficulty the family escsped their
re a etnarace. xne iosb win noi do icbs men
$16,006) jnolutjing tha rlowers, shrubbery and
plants in and about tiio grooa-boupe upon
wniun, we ubiuvb, uero was a partial insur
p at
Abbsst epos a Cbabqi or Muudib. Several
dayi ago a child about three years of age was
run over and killed op Western-rov. npar the
Brighton House. An inriueat was held onon
the body when it was found that the vehicle
wu driven at the rate of eight miles an hov.r,
oontrary (o the ordinance noon that subieot.
and. tl)e driver waa charged, in consequence of
careieaanssa, ua i&e oaaiu fit top ooua. A
warrant was thereupon issued for hit arrest,
dui ne remainca uaaiscoverea until day be
fore yesterday, when he was arrested, lie
was released upon giving bail for his appear-
aspe at wo ronce uouri wis morning.
. . .L. .. .
Tab T.lmid Yii.odiu Inbtitdtb. The
pupils of the Talmld Velodlm Institute, ander
the direction of Prof. Gustavo Knopp, day
before yesterday gave an exhibition at the
Lodge-streot Synagogue, -whioh was largely
attended. Tho eeroises were quite intetest
log, and the children acquitted themselves
very j'reijitably; ' ' '
The Institute intends giving a grand ban
quet and ball on Thursday next, at the Hall
of the Allemanin Society, on the oorner of
Blzta and Main, in honor of the first anni
versary of Jts establishment. Tbe festivities
begin at seven and a half o'clock and continue
ad libitum. It will doubtless be an excellent
affair, and the friends of the Institute will find
it a pleasant piaee to spend thj evening.
Mschanics' ard MancpaoturbbV Eich.xob.
At the regular msetiog of the Mechanics' and
Manufacturers' iixohaoge, day before yester
day, a committee of six was appointed to ool
bff suoh statistics as would be of interest to
the members, and (o report the same to the
Exebange. The question of jnterest and
usury will be dlicawd to-day, and a large at
tendance is expected. A circular is beiog
prepared to be distributed in this State, and
those adjoining, whioh must be ready by Feb
ruary 1; and all trho desire to uie this as a
medium of advertising, must spad jo t!)ir
names by the 25th instant. The Kxohange is
in qui to a donriehtng condition, and is already
zeroising considerable ipfln?DM upon the
manufaoturing business of the sit.
Folici Court. Badness at the Police Court
on Saturday morning was not remarkably
brisk. A number of cases ware examined, butU
t&ey wore or sueu a nature as seemed to be of
general interest. "
Sarah Baker, arretted on Friday night for
harboring women of undoubted reputation, on
Sixth-street, between Walnut and Vine, was
convicted, and sentenced lo pay a fine of f SO
and coats and undergo an imprisonment of
twenty days in tbe City I'rison. The females
who were arrested in her establishment were
Imprisoned for a term of ten days end Hoed
1 0 and costs.
Charles Clawson, George Marshall, Maioca
Ryan and John O'Leary, charged with the
late aieaul t at the County Jail, were discharged.
Judge Lowe remarked that no penalty within
tbe power of bis Court wotud add to the pun
ishment they were already undergoing. He
therefore ordered a nottt to be entered in the
ease, and the prisoners were nmanded to j all.
Visit of the Kentucky and Tennessee
Legislature—Meeting at the Merchant's
also Invited.
The meetlnsr on Satnrdav afternoon at tha
Merchants' Exohaoge, to make the neeesaary
arrangements for the reception of the Legisla
tors of Kentucky and Tennestee, who design
visiting the city during the present week, waa
very larsoly attended. It was organized by
oalllng Mayor Bishop to tho Cbalr, and the
appointment of the following oOicers:
y K4-x renaenu bars Anaerson, vr .seeper,
Peter NefT, J. U. Groesbcck and W. W. Boar
SecrttarimE. L. Winants, Richard Smith,
E. B. Reed, J. A. Gano and A. YV. Franoisco.
The Chair then elated the object of the
meeting, and that it waa ready for the transac
tion of business, when Judge James Hall,
President of tbe Commercial Bank, Introduced
tha following resolutions, whioh, after some
discussion, were unanimously adopted:
Whbrbas, It is understood that the Legis
latures of Kentucky and Tennessee, or the
members tnereor, are abont to visit tbe elty of
Louisville, to unite in oommcmoratlnR' tbe
completion of a groat commercial avenue,
connecting the trade and Intercourse of those
States, and promising greatly to Increase and
promote the same;
And Whbrbas, Tha eity of Cincinnati, by
her intimate commercial relations with the
eitizens of those States, elands connected
with them by the. bonds of common prosper
ity, and the rooolleotions of a lons-eontinued
interchange of reolprocal benefits and mutual
courtesies; therefore,
Rnolvtd, That we most eordially unite with
our friends in Kentucky and Tennessoe in
hailing tbe completion of the Louisville and
Nashville Railroad aa aa event conducive of a
larger prosperity to the Ohio Valley and a
more active intercourse amonsr our neoole. but
especially, as an event, whioh adds another
una to taotiHiaui which binds us together as a
Kewlved, That among our social and politi
cal advantages, there is none that we value
higher or hold more aaored than tha Union of
tbe States, whioh, by making us one people,
makes it our right, as it is a duty and a pleas
ure, to rejoice in the prosperity of each other.
jicioicea, xnat tne states aepsratea by the
Ohio River, bound together by geographical
oontiguity and commercial dependence, as
well as by a common politioal creed and line
age, should always be united, and their peo
ple should regard with execration the dema
gogue, tho fanatic and tbe traitor who would
disturb their Union.
JCetolved, That a committee of five be ap
pointed by this meeting to proceed to Louis
ville to express to the members of the said
Legislatures, and the eitizens of those States
so assembled, our earnest and cordial congrat
ulations upon the completion of a work so im
portant to the commerce of tbe West, and to
our intercourse, prosperity and union as a
people; and also moat respeotfully to invite
tho members of the said Legislature, tbe
Mayor and Council of the oity of Louisville,
and tho directors and oflicers of tho Louisville
and Nashville Railroad, to visit our oity and
partake of its hospitality.
Ratohed, That a Committee of Arrange
ments and Reception, to consist of fifteen
persons, inoludlni; the Mavor of this oitv. who
is hereby requested to act as Chairman of
the same, be appointed, who shall make
preparations to entertain our said guests in a
manner worthy of our eity and of the occasion
an indication of the cordial friendshin and
profound regard cherished by the citizens of
Cincinnati toward our teiiow-oittzens or len-
nessse and Kentuoky, and who shall reoelve
said visitors and extend to them the weloome
and the hospitality due the moat ohsrished
The following resolution, presented by
Thou. J. Gallagher. Kaq., waa also adopted)
Raohid, That the City Council of this city
are hereby respeotfully requested to take suoh
liberal action bb will in its Judgment carry
out to the fullest the object and intention of
tuts meeting as expressed in the foregoing
Judge Hall then offered the following reao
lutlon which was passed unanimous'y;
Kmohtd, That the Governor and Legisla
ture of Ohio bo, and they are, hereby, resoect
fully invited to visit this oity, to meet tbe
Legislatures of Kenlucky and Tenuecee, and
to partake of the hospitality of Cincinnati;
and that the ohairman and secretaries of this
meotlng communicate the invitation to them.
The Chairman read a dispatoh from Frank
fort, staling the Legislature of Kentuoky
would reach the city on Thursday, the 2Cth
inst , and also one from Captain bherloy to
n til. i l- - - . . - i l . i ... r ,
vHjjtiu oucriuua, HuuguoDiug m. uie uegia
Iature of Tennessee would accompany the
Kentucky Legislature, arrivieg bore on the
etennior Joeot stmter, and returning on the
same boat.
A dispatch from Mr. Rogers, member of (he
Ohio Legislature, to P. W. Strader. was thon
read, stating that tho Legislatures of our two
jister (tatea would be invite i to Columbu-i
nuu u Bipruprwoa ue maus tor me neces
sary expenses.
After brief remarks by Messrs. Dggleston,
Hall, Bonier, Torrenco, Gallagher and others,
all of which were well received, the Ohairman
announced the followipgoommiltesarindor the
Commtitet of Arranntrnmitt. Mllea ft men.
wood, John D. Jonea, Edward Pendleton,
llutus King, a. Btorer, O. G. Fearce, r. W.
Strader, Jaa. Wilson, W. J, Whltoman, J. 0,
Butler, benjamin igaleston. 8, ii. Harris
Thompson Dean, Pollock Wilson. ' "
Committee on Invitation. Judge Jas. Hall,
Lars Anaerson, j. . unenoweu), Henry stan
bery, Washington McLean.
Committee on Finance. 3. F. Brannon, J.
W. Uartwoll, R. B. Bowler, C. W. West, .1.11.
A note was read to the meetlnr. 118110? that
Wm. H. Clement, iiaq itrbeideutof the Little
Miami Railroad Company, bad tendered the
Legislature or Uhio the uje or tbe road to con
vey them to Cincinnati, for the purpose of re
ceiving the Legislatures of Tennessee and
L'entucky en thel; arrive,!, and a ho to convey
their guests to Qoiumbutl and baok to the oity.
l at ineoung men sojourned.
CiNciasATi Horticultural Sogiitv. The
Cincinnati Horticultural Society hold its recu
lar hebdompdal meeting on Saturday last, in
Bacon's Building. The minutes of the last
meeting were read and approved.
The followiog resolution", pfrre4 by flen
M.S. Wade. wero then iiassed unanimously;
ItfMlvid, That the Sooiety bold next fall
their usual exhibition, and that the reoeipts
taken at tbe door be aurropriated to meet rp,
r(ot expenses. '
Keiohed, That a committee be appointed to
devise an effective plan of arrangement of ao
oounta between the Treasurer and Recording
In accordance with the latter resolution tbe
following committee waa appointed by the
Chair: Gen. M. S. Wade, John U. Gerard and
Dr. John A. Wardor.
Dr. John A. Warder presented to the Society
a grafting machine, Invented by S. O. Minck
ler, of Kendall, Illinois, whioh was referred to
Dr. Jos. Taylor for report; also, some year-old
apple trees, grafted by splice on a similar
machine, and tied with wax thread.
Mr. James O'Shaughnesev showed, as a late
Invention, an iron sash suited far hot-beds,
green-houses and box-lights, whioh elicited
praise from their convenience, durability and
Tbe following gentlemen were unanimously
electod to membership, vizi Dr. Poster, intro
duced by E. J. Hooper; Robert Brown by
Robert Clarke, and D. Thew Wright, by Dr.
The trsptastiooi of the Ohio Pomologies)
Society, ninth session, were laid on the table.
A Vrtkba Votrr. Mr. Mills, who olainu
te be ninety-four jeert of age, and votod for
Washington, and successively at each Preai
dentlal election, was called upon on Saturday
by a number of the members of the Ohio Leg
islature, who were passing Boyd's Toll-gate,
on tbe Carthage Road, e-u routt to the Lnnatio
Asylum. He is quite deaf, but .seemed de
lighted wllh be visit. . .
TiXOIRT.Avrval nAUUTf... To., Vi.m
- i iBir iu
Thb Nbw Los-aTic AsTi.tm The County Com-
uiiiaiuaere, wun otner omoiais and oitiaens,
on Saturday, attended tha joint Committee of
tbe General Assembly of Ohio, to examine the
new Lunatic Asylum erected by this County,
ou. iv ne accepted uy tne state as tne Bomb
western Lunatic Asylum of Ohio, aceordlog to
the provisions of a special law.
The edifice Is on an elevated traok of thirty
nlno acres. The briok struoture, four stories
hlph. hal an ImnA.Inn fvnnf rt lv k,iM.I--J
0l ....rvv...D ..vuv v. Bl UUUUriU
and twelve feet; its depth is one hundred and
tvfAniW-flttA f AAV T k ,1.. - ! I 1L). 1 I
oonBtructed asylum we can not, at this time,
find room for. but can an.nlnllv inii,iJ tk.
successful working of the venlilatiog and
u-ttiiug arruDgviucuu, 07 wuion every room in
the building has a ourreot of fresh air, heated
toanronar temnaratura. drawn n(T bv
over the floor and oonveyed by ducts into a
groat eiaott, one nunsrea ana eigbty lost, In
the rear of tbe mala building, an l by rare-
tuting the great healthful feature of the build
ing. The struoture was thoroughly examined by
tha flommllrna. and nn mrm!-;,. .v.-
, ivmug .w ,u, i a-
eepllon room the attending members of tbe
u.uvn.i A-semuiy organized ty choosing Ur.
T. B. Fisher, of tha- flanata. i!l
Rukenbrod, of the House, Secretary. '
.mo viommissioners ana xruatees,Bx-Sena-tors
Langdon and Thomas, Dr. Quinn, who
was one of those, whn initiator (Ha t..n.i.
of bnilding an Asylum, Mr. Wesley Cameron,
vuo ouuuor, uu oiners, maae suitable expla
nations and replies to interrogatories, and
after rjartakinir of viands and wins. th..
great exhillratlon to the party, and after the
MpreBsiun 01 senuiuenis nigniy approbatory
of the design and execution of tbe edifice, and
of the hospitality of the Superintendent, Dr.
Langdon, and of the matron, Mrs. Sharp, the
jinny roiuruea 10 ino oity, auer tarrying by
the way a short while among the monuments
of Spring Orove Cemetery.
To-day the committee will visit Lick Run
Asylum and the House of Refugo.
Priboh. Jirr. vn TTnaviTir T iv. on
Prison, at the olose of the week, there were 145
prisoners, 1,00 01 inem teniaies,) against 103
the previous week. Daring the week 54 pris
oners were discharged.
In the County Jail there were 7 lunatics;
28 females; 5 on bread and water; 28 on ohain
gang; 77 in main jail 143 in all, against 143
the week previous.
At tho Commercial Hospital 39 porsons wore
admitted during the week; ID discharged; 0
born, and 3 died Ann Lvnnh. Wltr.f .,.!,
and a man, name unknown.
In tbe Hospital last evening 105 patients
were under treatment, against 147 the previ-
vious wee.
At the olose of the week there were three
eases of small-pox at the Pest-house.
Tab Wkatheb Sbntimkntallt Considbred.
Tbe weather for tho past two days has been
delicious. With a sky soft and beautifully blue
as ever poet found above tbe Valley of tbe
Amu, and with a oircumamblont air as fresh and
sweet as if it from Arabia blew, it seemed that
June, usurping January's scepter, trod the
earth with rosy feet, and laughed to scorn, like
Oeneril or Regan, the Lear she had abused.
The lazy sunbeams, streaming to and making
glad the crasy planet, kissed it wild with joy,
and holding it within their wnrm embrace,
tore! with tbe form they seemed to love like
some fond wooer with his mistress's curls. A
sky and atmosphere like that of yesterday
might make the violets half insane, induoing
them to raise tbelr purple b.ads above the
semi-frozen soil, 'neath whioh they slept, to
smile npon tbe overhanging canopy of blue.
No Winter ever brought us such a day no
Spring, however lavish of her sunshine and
ber flowers, could brini us one so sweet. It
thrilled the soul with beauty, and fell upon
our weary life like a lored one's voice upon a
Dreauing noarc, causing emotions words oan
never paint.
Sooth Wbstkbn Lokatic Astlum. Mr.
Strauss, Landscape Oardsner of Spring Grove
Cemetery, h.s volunteered to prepare plans
and superintend the ornamentation of the
ground plat, in front of the new Lunatic Asy
lum of Hamilton County, now called the
South-western Lunatic Asylum.
Ewiko Houbb is Xmia. We take pleasure
iu reoommenumg tne above nouee as a lirst
olass institution. It launder the supervision
of "mine host" Jerry Parkhill, assisted by H.
A. Wing, quite a clever young man, by-the-by.
Those favoring the "Kwlng" with a
"stay," will Had everything cosy and homo
like. '
KtNTOit CiaorjiT CoosT Pbopobid Chinos
in lis ObOaNIZaTios For along period there
has been a law requiring the Circuit Qotjrt to
bfl halll twiA a At ' Tvi1 .h.iiil..fl. 4 Via
-t J w , vV tH.DTVUU,llU. iu,
actual county Beat of Kenton County, and
alio four times a year in Covington, in con
sideration of the faot that by far the greater
portion of the population and wealth are
ivvbmsu iii uib 410) enti 01 lag county.
Bv tha nrn.vl.tnn. nf tlil. Inn, Ka -JaIhIM
In any notion oould bring suit at either place
aa aut Dunou uig cuuvenience. A( IS BOW pro
posed to change this very materially; and to
that tffeot, a bill has passed the House of
Representatives, which Is in subVnce as fol
lows: That in all civil suits brought in the Ken
ton Circuit Court at Covington, tljo defend
ants may, If they reside in said eounty, but
outside af Iht torporate limit of taid city, re
quire the Sheriff or ether officer, at the time
the summons or other original proesss is exe
cuted, to note in his return that tach defend
ants, or any one of tbeu, eieck to have the
cause at Independence; and upon such return
boing made by the officer, it shall be the duty
of the Clerk of said Court to docket the cause
for trial at the next term to be held c,( that
place; Provided. That no defendant shall have
the rjgbt to uia'ko'a'ltbh election after the oause
has been tried as to any of his oo-defemlants
in the Court at Covington.
Tbat in all cases whore an ?'.viion is made,
as provided in tte preding section, it shall
ha the duty of the Sheriff, or other officer, to
return the summons, or other original process,
to the office of the Clerk within tpn days from
the time the same s faliy executed.
What the opinions of our citizens are with
referenoe to this proposed amendment, we oan
not tell, but that it will frequently be used as
a means of procuring dolay, On the part of de
fendants, we have no doubt,
Joist Stock Hotil. We understand that a
company is in process of formation for the
erection of a joint stock hotel, of a first-class
character, in this oity.
Chubch Bbllb. Not a Protestant Ohuroh in
(his oity oan boast of having a bell el any
Local Legislation. Wo learn from the
Frankfort ObMimonteeaflA that Mr. fist;, Sena
tor from the counties of Kenton and Campbell,
has introduced into the Senate the following
bills, In wbieh citizens of Covington are di
rectly interested: For the benefit of Emma J.
Cleveland; to charter the Covington Ooal Oil
Company; to amend the oharter of the oity of
Covington; to amend the charter of Trinity
Churoh of Covington; to charter the First Ger
man Protestant Association of Covington.
Of the nature of these bills we are uninformed.
Downs in tub Coohtt Com Last Wbsk,
There were eighteen deeds, seven mortgages,
and two releases teoordod, and four marriage
licenses granted, last week, by tbo Clerk of
the County Court.
Policb Coit&t. Two yaurg men, named
Thomas. Edwards and John Miller, were each
lined $10 and costs, by .ltidgo Madeira, yes
terday, for disorderly oonduot at Odd Fellows'
Hall on Thursday bight last.
Abrbst or aw Ai.r.xaso Ii.r.iau, Votir.
A man named John Weldon was arrested on
Saturday last, by Marshal McLaughlin, on a
oharge of having voted illegally at the last
oity eleotloa. lie will have a hearing to
morrow. ;
B.XTBB'S Ibob PnnanraT Vt sill ha
resumed at this establishment in few days,
na continue anting the remainder ef tbe
Aw AnscjRDma Dibtor A butcher named
A. Bartlett ihinnniiail f. - .( .(..
from this oltv. lnavlnv liAbtn Kt i j. k.
,edne js of about $1,000. 11 is creditors, amon g
whom are some of his moji, havo boen
endeavoring to discover hie whereabouts, but
iKhnnf ana... '
STBBtT FinRT-a-aJtiafl QwlaalrA.. ax.l fT.
Sohf man. whilst in .
ofttaraav. altunlrAr. aAuu. ,i.av
near the foot ef York-street, and beat him
". w uiasing bis escape, be called
Constable Snodoraaa. whn.. nni.i, .
the men, and they escaped to their homes. A
narrauv lor lueir arrest WlU bo Isaued In.
The nroarrammej at all nf tha ii,aaIa a.
i,!nIf.?'.Wce",ltv ,.",tt lowl petfo'rn
Ja!1 .Bt.iWo?,.!l nd "" os'lalulf the greateat
fel'r"-t'iotthlaereHilonor the Immortal bard
iu. ... rr r. ana rare. Ilotrnco app ar lo
ho Juish EHtoiANTana Bow to Gi Oct or It at
the ODAr.hotlMA. whlU Iia . : . . '
?il'JJ A,0,,L"'DB toother wiih tha irama of
. i , wnnersa lor tne ainn.ement or
tho lialj It no. of thn K.iinn.t Thi. i. .ii ..;.'
t'.Jpe to rt but the magnetic power of these bills
houses ur" arge crowd loeacttor theae
Ohm AnnKnn. i. i1a1,aa 1.
- .v.i.u.j K ween
'yjecfldlnB slnee onr lut report, though less
rapidly than for tho twenty-four boura (indini frhiav
V An 1 1 1 IT Tha mBMnln A.f II.. .1
j j . "i.riYor rrmaina in a very
hSIt 1c9ndltl0,1i b' freight la put on board
a- j Manias luvuufrilirnca. Ill 0nie
margin of the stream.
ina unin, jinoo the river began to decline, mnat
have ralleeTut least ten or twelvo fft; but eufflcleut
no auvu ao vuu op aeaireo. xne
stream la rroeilloB all tho way from Pittsburg to the
niAillt.ll. Hlirl axil II unnllniiA Aa ... I " a
ioor ntla WM"UW w uu umm we oato
I1s1.Ibia.usb a il.aa T !
Katunlttf, tUongh lw bo than on Friday. 8ome
HtPAIIltliai onnliDrail a.,.liA.l..ln 1 -i
anxious to roceive their cargoes and lie otf bofura
Huuday. The wiarfwaa lined with boati, ami the
the dose of the week. Yesterday, m mar be mp.
YVWrti 1 . liaitlilney f Ami.LAnAi.nA ...- -i i . -
revee vh.v4iivui.v n. uuiug on tuo
I.L. ..i ...
mil. i7- .""'v- " niiuou. cnuuito, mougn a
tlo haavler lor the upper poru. Weannen the
Plttsbnrg-Cotton, 751.: Holasses. TSc.l Whisky,
0o. J lour, o.; Pork and Lard, 2o ; Pounu
Frulghts, l.5o. nor 100 lbs.
iiyiuiv-.w nisKr, pr nn., mo.; Ale, 40c.; Found
Freights, SiWOo. pnr loo Iha. '
hlnky and Oil, 75o. per brl.j Stoves, Ale, Ms.
Evanavlllo-Whikr and 011 , 7i0. per brl.
an ii .a ""n wiiuvii 91, i lour. WKj.I jrorK
vw., waooa, tj.v yv. UVAU,
?IVA .n?; Thornaa,New0.rIeausi BosUma,
.v.i...Uuiu,vii.. m.noiia; anon uray. Ka
nawha: Gray hg e. Pomeroy; Bwallow, Mitrlena;
J. II. Ifprd.Wlieollnsi Prioress, Jladlsoni Melrose,
MaVAvll A! TlllAarnnh T.nnL.1 1 1-. 1, l-i.l! -i.;i. 1
vi ' i V li ai -fviii-TMij., vuuieiiu, AvVllie;
Virginia Home do.; tobauon, Kahvllle.
liKPAaTOBEs.- Boston, Port.mouth j Mclroae,
alaysvllle; Telegraph, Looisrllle; Duolelth and Virl
alula Home, ISbvUiei k.llenOru, Kanawha: ttwal
low, Marietta! Oray Eagle, Pooneroy; Alma and )la
niond, Pilialnrg: Aurora and Alouarch, Kew Or
leans; J, B. Ford, Louisville; Cantwao, Sasbriile
Monetary and Commercial.
Third-street was anile brisk dav baron van.
terday, and the demand for Money active at the
Dunaina ana unconnt.hoiuoo. i,nt ih.. a.
the Saturday previous.
Rnm. Af nnA..lt.1l.- .I.,..,, i, . . ... .
r . i, wiiiiowiuiwhiub marKes n-iii ne
material r easier this week, and e eo no reason
whs tbo iinuxolCnrrennpnliimlrl n,,t i,
tbau it has been for the paac three weeks, fllunny
ought lo lie i rei iirnluj ti tho city Kr.dually from this
time henceforth in lucreaaed doeree. tlur wholes.lo
Diorchants on Poarl-street still complain of slow pay.
merits, but report thorn Improving ami think thty
will eimtinue to Improve All we want lo Insure
Monetary ease Is suitiau advance In Provlslooa in
Kuropo as will enable our packers to reallte upou
the r stock, aow held for hlaher prtcee, at a fair proflt,
II this advauce does not take placa. we shall ho kept
In llnanclal clownesa throuehout (lie coming spring.
J-asterq Kxchaugeon niurdy waaa eady at Jtiff H
huyiug, and h premium spiling rate, with Via
demand than on Friday, ind aii anwmeolpa aonply
from tbo banks to which paiw bail b-v aoiit. '
hew Orleans Exchango la .tin lu ueniort.l at 1
Snbeann.'d!'nl,1''ltl1' nup,1il' ttu '""dint
'fho rat of Vnmiront funds at tha close or
banking hours, ou Baturdny, wor na olluwa-
Indiana Stock M; Vlrdlnla (x-o(,c Wheeling Oity)
Hi Ponnaylyauia llnirior)4i; Ali.s..url(8t. Lo iiiai
fc; Hissouri ( uterior) 2.'T; Iowa 3; Illinois 3;V 3
conain 3; Maryland flnleilor) ; Michigan V Vnnh
Oarplin.1 ucoitlh Carolina :V; aeorshiS? To'nnXa
Mm; lcnnea.ee iTree eimki fiTlabaiiJ I; l""
I he rates of f ichaunc and Coin on Saturday vera:
New York Slrht HtP.-k prcui,'
PhilaiU'lpbia" .HO:', pn-rn.
Boston " prem.
Baltimore a, ftval,
NewOrltans" Kt&H prem.
American Gold M uram
IB a. :
S prem.
n prom.
?4 pre in,
I prem.
Tii. i ...-
tffn pram.
..iiiu wiim cAyui m u, vnriuua ariicies UUilug
tue twenty-lour hour ouding Saturilay were'
lMroBTB.-KI.nr, 1.001 oris.: Vhiky, ftjs barrels;
Curu, 12,11(19 bushels; Wbi-at, V23 bushels; Oata, SIS
btwle s; Bur ej, l.lsj biishds; Hors, 31 1 head; Pork
and Uacoa, lur brls., 7s,;uu lbs.; lard, M br'siw
kega; Sugar, !l hhda.; Molas.ea, 2H77 brls.; Oott.-e.
4WbagBi Apples, 7S3 brls: Bnltfr. (.3 Ug; Ohwse!
(69 bale?1 ,'u,a",!B' Wi "rl,-i Ss" !w tubs.; Uayl
nB.x7.'TF,?nr' W brl,M Whisky, J,tR brU .
Oats, 1 at buabela; I'ork and Bacon if, hhda q
brla., 160 boxes; Lard, 2 brls.; 37ft keW Sugar", lis
huds.; Molasses, S7!ibrls.l 0oUee,3 SZgi; Anploa
laatvfhoH, X l,m brl ""dthS
q.K.,Aa8ArT'10-'l",rk,,tu unchanged and firm.
we!u ' 31X2W--" la"" rale lor
Pltlll'IKTriNU'Ak... . i i
- - uui. n u, uu iiunvrinnt cnange in
the market today; the demaud Ii good at a eh ale
1 " " j t mo uvuinuu is huuh BE ft til flu A
!m,I,.i,.raU8.,",k6a P !" The sal's "wo
2.000 flams, partly eqred, at 9c. 210 hhds. Bacou at
HI, Mlf.
Ji '.lil'ii."-!.60 8to-. thciniils it oan be bought
An T h A aiArS AA-T.-.i a.. 1..... 1 .11 . .
ovor !)?4o -ivivi-nw iu a. snucn
.Jilir''l,.E!,.Tne.,",Ill''M,0l lebutilmtttd.
Kni'e "a?"' "TJ1" "uefcenaTMl and dill, dnrnf
w ut AT Ihe market cctKllanea firm, with a en.-iil
demand at 1 mi jkife, fuZ Twh It?,' Ji S
for prim.. Had. Bales M biuhsls prime Whito
aifflii'au!'''?.!?, demand, and prices steady at
BlaleeSOObiiehela, iu hulk, at Sle.
joti. p i l!'.0!!0? demand, and prices Hon at
itoo ' buiihe1'' in bulki W - o do.
BY aV-Ihe market Is dull, TVs have no change to
notice in price, sluce our last o.uotallona.
UARLLir- Tlieie la a talr demand, and prices
steady at 707io. for prime fall, and MtOo lor fair
J,e l'Jn bualinla prime fall at w.
,i,7.T'le ,?ark.? dull; and priraa have declined
to IM2I per tua tor prime Timothy, on arrival,
Sales li ba ea pi Ime Timothy at $W.
OHEKSav The market la firm, with an active de
mand at la,t quotations. Hales too boxes W. R. at
. Bi,Tu'?'eilTTDero fu,r demand. We Quote Oen
tral Oblii at bio., and W. tt. at 17o.
.A? i',S7.The m''.k, I" ftm' T"" ' demand
POTAl i Ed There is a good demand, and prices
store par brl. lor prime MeahauocAe, front
JPl XBWa.9-T,i, ""fe4 " nrm- h ''
demand and Hint receipts. Wequote itatX im fnt
sacks and brls. Halo. brls. at it UO; vj i o. at Jl 17.
20 bnsbola, In saoka, at St 00.
$30. $30. $30. $30.
Thirty-Dollar Doublet Look-Stiloh
noUNOKD by all eomnetent Jndstea, wbe
have seen It, to lie tbe beat and most doelrmble Fain
llySowlug Machlue ever Introduced, rraardleais
f price. It will eew all klnda of family goods,
from the verr thickest to tho very finest fabrics giade,
and uaes all kinds of thread, from No. . to M.
Neiyll I uaed on top of the) Manblae.
Band for a clronlar, or call and see it In operation.
Cpon early application, Utateaod Oounty Blghte may
bo socured.
An eucraetio person can make a fortune In a abort
tine. Agents wanted in all onaold territory.
. , . , , H. 0. UUKl'lllAN,
Be le and exclusive agent for the United States.
BepKfQit MM Weat Konrlh-atrct, (Jlnclnnatl.
Aisilf Uoroooo-booled Boota;
130carlooni of Children's Fancy-healed Boota;
.OOOpairsof Women's Fagged Qoat Boots, cutton.
made, at 74 cents a pair,
la store and forf leby!
& Peari-atrret.
Wheeler & Wilson's
Frtnoipal Office, No. 77 West Fewrth-etVt
Wheeler A Wilson Sewing Machine, with Im
portant Improvements, and to meet tbe demand for
a good, tow.prlrrd Family Macelne, have Intro
duced a SSW etYLK, morklng upon the aamo prin
ciple, and making tbe same a'ltcb, though not so
highly finished, at flFTY-FlVK tHkLl.ARal.
Tho elogance, aptetl, noiaeleMneesand simplicity of
the Machine, lh beauty and strength of stitch, being
ALIKE ON 110TU S1HKS. ImpoMible to ravel, and
leaving no uhaln or ridge ,.n the und.r .Ida. Hie
economy of thread and adaptability to the thickest
or iniunrar laoncs, naa renuerea mis inn maer enc
cessfal and popular Family Sewing Machine novr
a t onr vorlona offices we sell at New Tork prieea,
and give Inatrnotiona free of charge, to enable pur
chasers to sew ordinary aoama, hem, fell, quilt,
gather, bind and tuck, all on tbe same machine, and
warrant It f r three rears.
Bend or call for a circular containing full particu
lar, prices, testimonials, to.
jal.ay Will. BUHNER ds CO.
Coal Cooking Stove !
Una boon prononnced by oompotent Jmlgca to be the
Fateuted Dec. 1, .858.
For sale by the Inventors and Mannfacttuetit,
No. 333 Fourth-street, Cincinnati.
. del.',!
Manufactory, toTington, Ky.
Me. 90 Bast Colutubla.atreeu
trade at the aioat reasonable prices and on the
mod accommodating terms with
lamp s:
For Oil, Fluid or Coal Oil,
N. B. Jonea'e Improved L imps and Burners ft
sale by oar auent, i. OKLLEKS, Oovlngton, Ky.
oal Cooking Stove,
At T
Held at Znnesvllle, Ootobar.USS .
Nos. 51 .and 53 Vinc-st., ;
(Seoond door Below Columbia,)
J TH1BD-BTBKST, Ulnclunatl, uluu, are manm
fnctnrina; larcely, faliuer'a celolirutoJ Uydrnllllo.
Korce aud Lift Pomp. Also, bia Portable UteAin
Engines. All those who are abont to purchase
1'lTinPt) for Tiinaei'ira, Breweries. Distil
leries, Dry DocUa. Pnprr Itlllla ttallrand
tntloue, nllnea, WreokiusT Purposea, or, in
face, for any pnrpoao where a pomp ie noeded, will
find It to their advantage to call aud aeethawork
lo? of these valuable Inventions, or address the
HA L11E it P DM P OOMP A V fora oircular, wl.lcti
will lurniah tbe name, ot many who have used these
Pumps with porfect satlfaoiion. deHdm
TALLIC BOOriNO" Is offered to the ptibllo
aa the beet and cbeapeat Metal it oof now need, it
merits tested bv an experience of years In this city
and vicinity. A polled to flat or aieep, old or new.
bnildlnga. No solder nsed fastened seonrely with
out eipusare to the action of the elements.
Prepared sheets, boxed for shipment to any part o
tbe United States, can be apvlied by any one with
ordinary mechanical skill. Orders promptly filled.
ylfi-tf IM Wae8nond.trt.
Holiday Presents.
Bison and China Vigores, Fancy tnkataao
Taar., Jewel and Match-boxes, Fancy Shaving til
Work-boxes, aud othor Fancy floods too nutneror.t
to mention, suitable for the Holidays, which 1 !U
Bell cheaper than any other eatabll.hmaiit In the
dir. liKNBV UAV1D,
So. 278 raaln-attwt, between Sixth and boveuth.
K. B. Also a new lot of Fancy Soaps, Perfumer..
KaivwiB. ii. iiAiter
' I. & B. BRUCE,
Street ltallroad far nnd Omalbna Manu
keep on band a snpply of 8TBXET It AIL
ROAD (JAK3 and Umnlbiuea, which we will war
rant final In slrje. finish and durability, aud at aa
low prices, as aiajade In the conntrr.
Ifllco Cornet ol Third and Vine-streets. JaMtf
Merchart Tailor
Boots & Shoes !
and superior stock of Boots, Shoes and Slippers,
which for exront ami variety la nut Bur passed cto t
Mew Tork. Mr privet are reasonable; tivo ne a call.
ia JOHN H DKTKHS. m w Cnnrli
SS:-. ...
ijn liilfXi ml. .'-"V;is
aJ ; Foe. - ndLVIt-in-stiKt.

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