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It ptbllshsd daily, ( Sondayl excepted,) by '
inh-it, H rovBTi-itiiir.
TBI PBHHY PBitSSIs delivered to lubecribers U
Ulnolnaatl, Oonngton ud Newport, tod tax. ,
, rounding oUle ud to wcj, at the ex- :
j iremelrlowprlcof y.
biz nam vine, patabli to oabbikb,
BIbiU eoples te.j l moot Mo.; I saoaths tl 1 rear It
" ocbbbb inn ABDTMi-tTBirri.
Jobs A. Jlulib, jB....Bole Losses and IUbmwt.
The last six nights of "
Mill Eliza Logan's
THIS KVINIHQ. January 24, will be presented
the celebrated tragedy of
" Oil Tbi Dbath or Boi.r.i.
Elvira....................... ....... Hiss Kllaa Logan
Mr. Langdon
J'lzarro.. .................. SS t S , t etts M Mr, flann
A10U0eetteMtttWll(essteMItlBttMesaesttStMSataltf KflU
Cora. . M rg. Kllsler
To oocclude with the great and magnlticent Ori
ental Spectacle called
Ob, Tnc WoNsitt ui, I, a up. '
Aladdin Jliis Effle Ellsler
Kasrao (the dumb laTe)...-.-....,......Mr. Kllsler
Alensgar (a magiclin)-..........Mr. fjaugdon
IMocrtA.. ...... .. Miss Annie Waite
Zoboilie....................,....MIB fanny Denham
Amron. ...... Mill Amelia Everett
Uhlug iluitaptia......... Mn. Qllbert
In conseiinence of the daily applications for the
lilstorlcal play of "TouMnlot L'Overture; Or, The
Insurrection of Hsyll," the manager will forthwith
make the Decenary efforts for ita early and brilliant
Pabticulab Noticb. The doora will open at t
o'clock, and the performance eommenoe pieciaely at
7 o'clock, during this groat attraction.
Paiou or Adkiuioh Drees Olrole and PargBettt,
BQcentsi Gallery, 26 cents.
John Batea.
W. U. Irwin,
Proprietor and Manager
Areas urer
Altbbatioh or Pbkm. Tickets for Ladies and
Children, Drew Olrole, 25 eta.; family Circle, jli ct.;
Colored Boxes, 23 cts.i Uallery, loots.
THIS EVENING, January U, eighth night of the
glorious new
Mghtly bailed by saouts of applauae, bursts of
laughter, and crowed bouses. Oyer
Have already witnessed this gnat and wonderful
production, the Pantomime of
Ob, Tni Good Vaiby Tbiumphant Ovib tub Db
on or Dibcobo.
IIar!e(iuln......,....,....... ..Mr. Manuel
Columbine................... .........llies Jenny Bight
Pantaloon. ................. Sir. Barrett
Clown.. MM.f..M,.MMiiMMMiir & Honrl
To conclude with the
Ozrand ......... .......................Mr. W darter
Alvbuatios or Tiue. Boon open at 7; Curtain
rlsee at it paat 7, preciiely.
NOTICE. Tradesman and others are cautioned
Bgninat furnishing any artiolee for the theater with,
out a written order, signed by the Manager.
THE NiCW NATIONAL HOTEL, adjoining the
Theater, la now open for the reception of guests.
Booms can be obtained by the day or week, and
meals furnished at all boun
B N. Pike ..,........ Proprietor.
'w ' mmmii 141 .eieet.ee tttsteset Stage Director,
J, . Herbert..,,....,.. n..,,.MMMMTreaurer.
Second week of th oao established favorites,
Mr. aud Mrs. W. J. Florence.
THIS EVENING. January 24. will be presented
a niilitaty drama, abounding In thrilling Incidents
and effects, euttiied
Ob, The Eimq ars inr Dzsebtii,
0 Nell .... H.. ..Mr. Florence
King rrederick the Great ............. Mr. Hall
Boalie.,.M nmh. w 11 Us Crocker
Martha. airs. Wllklos
To conclude with the most laugable farce by, "Doe.
ticks," entitled
' Ob, Tub Isiih Fbbb Lovbb.
In which Mn Florence will appear in fiv4 different
chaiaotera. with SoDgi, O.nces, o.
lunnyuu MaKtilre (a Free Lover).........Mr. Floreaoe
Mln activo rehearsal, an original burlesque,
wrillen expressly for Mr. aud Mrs. W. J. Florence,
and played by them with the most nnbonnded suc
cess at Wallace's Theater for upward of nfty three
successive nlithte, entitled LALLA KuOKD.
N. B Wanted-Twenty young ladis for the bal
let. Apply at the Box-otlko, between the hours of
10 A.M. and i P.M.
Special Notice. All persons are respectfully re
quested to refrain from loud or Improper language,
yelling, whistling, or any other conduct calculated to
disturb the audience or violate the rules of decorum.-
Pbices or Admission. l'arquette Circle, Paruuette
nd Balcony, AO cents ; Amphitheater, 2A cents;
Private Boxes for eight persons, $j.
Doors open at 6M o'clock ; commence at 7X.
BPEUTFUIjbY announces, that in compliance
with the invitation of a la'ge number of citizens, he
will repeat bis Course of Six illustrated Leeiures on
Geology and the Natural History of Creation; the first
Lecture being illiutiatod by Experiments In Natural
Philosophy, at SM1TU & DIXON'S HALL, oom
mencing THURSDAY SVBN1NG, January 26.
Second Lecture, FBIDAY EVENING, January
27. and continue as per future notice.
The whole Course will bo given in the above Hall
IiECTCBl Oni. Evidences of Design by the Crea
tor, in the btrticture of the Solar and Terrestrial
Lecture Two. Igneous Condition ef the Interior
01 the Earth. Caueei of Volcanoes, Karthiiuakes
and the Elovatloe of Continents and Islands. Com
position and Position of Bocks. Uold Deposits,
Quartz Veins and Formations of California.
. Lectube Tiibik. First Created Animal Life,
Classification of Bocks by Fossil Bemains found In
Licttjbb Tovb. Coal Beds: how the Coal was pro
duced, with proofs that all Coals, Graphite and the
Diamond, are of Vegetable origin.
Lii Yuas Fin The Period of Reptiles. Orranlo
remains of myriads of Animals that existed on the
earth and in the seas millions of years before the
creation of man. The warm-blooded Animals.
Mastadon and Mammoth Period. .
Lecture Sis - The Pn sent Order of Animals, with
Man and Woman. Age of the Earth. Agreement
of the Biblical and Geological Chronology. The
Harmony of Geology with the Mosaio Account of
Allusions will be made, and some Interesting facts
stated, with regard to the Geological formation of
the Copper Regions of Lake Superior, with remarks
on Calitoriiia. Its Geology, Mineral worth. Gold and
Mercury Mines, from one year's Geological observa
tion In tbat country.
Each of the Lectures will be Illustrated by the ex
hibition of a set ic sot lnre and splendid Palutings,
which cover over three thousand feet ol canvas, and
were executed at a cost of over (4,000. They repre
sent Volcanoes, California soenra, Coral Inlands, Coal
Vegotatlon, Reptiles and Monsters of the deep, Ant
mala of the pre-adanilto world, warm-blooded Ani
mals, and tho Human Bace, being representatives of
the entire animal creation.
It is universally admitted that a view of these
Paintings alone is worth more than the price of the
whole Course.
Dr. Boynton has oonclnded, that during his Course
of Lecture., be will devote the latter part of one
evening to an exhibition or his great Iron Galvanlo
Battery, and give a series of startling and brilliant
experiments, illustrating Ita power. The season
Tickets to his Course on Geology will also admit to
this entertainment.
Tlcke's for the Course (tlx lectures), 7B cents; Pu
pils of Schools to .the Course, 3) cents; single admis
sion, 25 cents. -
Tickets for sale at W. C. Peters A Son's Musio Store,
Smith A Nixon's Piano Ware-rooms, and at the Hail
on the evening of the Lectures. -
Doori oten at T o'clock; Lecture to commence at
1H, JeiKkl
Natloaal Hall, Vlne-itreet, a . e FMtb. ;
The lessons are so arranged thai lnners can
commence at any time. dettf
pupils. of the Western Female Seminary, til-
fowl. Ohio, br Ml.. MarV C AiUma ana HhialMlnfl
with a line view of the Seminary Buildings. Price.
Weenie..., ; JOHN OHUBOH, jr.,
jail LNo. 66 West Fourth-street.
-am - -
Arranged for risno, ny ruur. Btioisa. with
kall..l l.lihiiaNnli nftt.- Kmm M nnln BnlMl..
Just published ly JOHN CHURCH, JR.,
dell 66 West Fourth-street,
A.VJB. thai ever. Great sacrifice f iisIBjs i
Pianos, Melodeone. Violoncellos ,""
Violins, Guitar., Banjo Btrings.Trltn lsi aOf 'afTI
mines, Ac, during the Holldays.O If if U "
Bellfna at 100 per cent, leas than any "
other House In this oily, and nrst-clsei InslnimenU
' at tbat. Do not boy an Instrument nntll yoa have
called at No. 227 Fifth-street, second door , east of
i'lnm, south side.
britino a ana..
Piano Makers, sad Dealers in First-class Instrn-
men to.
' Mr i . t
V0L 2. NO. 134.
modati, 2:46 r. .; Day Express, : r. .
"r-lft011 lOIBltATI.T-U: a. m.; 8t40 r.
Ohio Am Miiiislim,-8:2S A. .; 11,46 A. M.t 10:14
OmcinriTT, Hakiltow AHnDATT0.-7:A.il.t 11:06
A. .; 12-.M f. a.; 6:62 p. at.; 8:S0 . at.
Mabibtta abb Oinoihrati. 11:20 A. .: 6:S2 . .
BiOHMOMD Aao Ihdiabafoub. 12;S0 at.; 6:66 r. II. .
LittTjB Muni. Day Express. 10:00 A. .t Accom.
modatlon, 4:40 . M.; Night Express, 11:30 r. H.
Ihduhapous aho Ciiioinmati.-6:J0 a. a.-, 12:15 p.
M.l 7:16 f. u. '
Onto Ann Mississim.-7:20 A. w. 2:00 f. .t 7:S0 p. u.
Cincinnati, Uauiltosi axd Dattom. 6:00 A. .; 7:30
A.M.; 10:00 a.m.; nor..; 6:80 p.m.; 11:30 r. it.
Mabibtta and Cincinnati, tAO a. h. 8:40 r. a.
Biohmobd aho Indianapolis. 6:00 a. a.; 8:40 p, if,
-North'i National Ciroui ha broken up,
ud to-morrow is to bo lold at Columbus, Qa.
arWork haa bees oommmoed on the
Griffin and North Alabama Railroad.
-Important disooveriei- of gold, platina
nd tin have beet mad in Missouri.
9-Mr. Mnrdoob. and Mrs. Oladitane are
playing at Norfolk, Va.
S-The lata John W. Houghton, of Au
gusta, Ga., bequeathed $39,100 to be applied
to the support of a icbool for the poor.
JETbe oitlzani of Galveiten, Texas, have
Invited the Hon. Edward Everett to deliver
his oration on Washington, in that oitj.
C. Knight, a printer, wae shot re.
oently in Beaufort, 8. C, br O. T. Canady,
but not dangorously wounded.
tt-The College at Loulburg, N. C, has
been re-opened, under the Presidency of C. C.
Andrews, of Georgia.
fCaptain W. H. Harrison hai been re
elected Mayor of Raleigh, N. C., by a major
ity of 298 over Jordan Womblo.
&"Charies I. Boag, charged with the
murder of Roddy, in Charleston, 8. C. has
been acquitted.
monument to the memory of Dr.
Henry V. Toomer ii to be erected in Charles
ton, B.C.
J&'Mrg. Glass, wife of the editor of the
lynohburg (Va.) Republican, died a day or
two sinoe. :; .
"Martha Brown, a free negro girl, wal
burnt to death in Petersburg, Va., on Sunday
JDuring the past week, nearly ten tuna
of eels have been lent to New York by parties
in Orleans, Man.
S9The biggest man in the Maine Legis
lature is the Hon. Samuel Whitney, of Fresque
Isle, and he it the only Democrat in the Senate.
fiBA female child woe recently bom at a
place oalled Gawthorpe, Eogland, having two
heads and three arms. .
3&It ii stated that Ex-President Fillmore
will go to Mobile this winter, specially to viiit
Madame Le Vert.
.n old gun used bv General Pnmnrnv
at the battle of Bunker Hill Is now In the
possession of Daniel Kinaslev. of Nnrthamn.
ton, Mass.
showman named Howard has irotten
himself into diffloultv at Louisburv. N. C. bv
giving slight of hand performances for the
especial edification of the negroes.
9"A son of Mr. B. Q. Fortion, of Henry
Countv. Ala., was rnnentlv killer! hv tha
dental discharge of a gun In the hands of
oitiion of Peteraburcr. Va.. beine- nn-
aoie io maie nn gas ourn, went to asoertain
the cause, and found that a servant man had
sucked all the whisky out of the meter.
-0n Thursday night last the clothei of
a servant girl of Dr. S. B. Eello, of South
ampton County, Va., took Are, and in hii fu
tile efibrti to save her life the doctor was very
severely burnt.
, Fbio. Douglass's Silf-Exculpatiob Cor
ocmiro tbi Habpib'b First Am aib. In a
late letter to hii paper, from England, Fred.
Douglass sayi:
Let dear old Capt. Brown (who now is beyond
the wrath and fury of the alarmed tyrants who
have done their worst upon him) have all the
glory of the origin, progress and result of that
enterprise. . He needed no prompting no urg
ing. He was himself the prompter, and to him
the whole enterprise owed its existence. While
I deeply sympathize with the great purpose of
his heart, and the main features of his plan, I
have the satisfaction of knowing that I opposed
the very measure whieh brought the enterprise
to a premature and disastrous conclusion . .,
the taking of Harper! Ferry. Of course, after
the failure at that point, and the little band
wai killed, scattered and imprisoned, none
but a fool or a knave would say it was any
man's duty to offer himself up as a sacrifice to
laveholding vengeanee. But I am done with
defending my course. Until it can be shown
that I have in any wise deceived, disappointed
or falsified a single promise to auy one of those
with whom it is sought to identify me, the
man that brands me with any form or shadow
ef inch a charge will be guilty of downright
! Obsievatiom or Litp Ybii is Giosau.
Recently the young ladles of Forsyth, Ga ,
gave a leap-year party to the young gentle
men. : The ladies engaged the company of the
gentlemen, went after tbeni, and gallanted
them to the Chapel, took core of their hats,
over-coats and walking-canes, gave them a
a seat, and entertained them with sweet ohat.
When a lady wished to promenade, the sought
her own partner, engaged his company, gave
him her arm, and paced the floor by his tide
at nimbly at a danoing nymph. After prom
enading with one a while, they would seat
him and take another. The young ladiei ad
ministered a very iharp rebuke to the gen
tlemen in showing them that all ought to be
noticed without distinction.
Hobiibls Death or a Lovilt Girl. On
Thursday last, Emily Bigelow, daughter of
Hiram Bigelow, a hotel proprietor, t New
Lebanon Flats, N. Y., wai burnt to death in
a most shocking manner. " She was sitting by
the stove, when her elothet csught fire, and
losing til pretence of mind, she rushed into
an adjoining chamber, shut the door, fastened
it, and sprang into the bed. ' The bed clothes
oaught fire, and she was literally burnt to a
crisp. She wesabeautlfulgirljinner twentieth
year, and' beloved by all who knew her.
r SSB-
AiroTH Clbiioal LtoHta. The Rev. J
P. Jonti. ef MoKeeiport, Penn., has placed
himself in terious trouble by attempting to
seduce the wife of ene of hit congregation.
His ohuroh refuse to reoognize him, and the
father of the lady has notified him to leave or
take the eoniequenots. . .
The Columbia South Carolinian, in a late issue,
layet "We have been reliably informed that
an incendiary was discovered in Clarendon
District, taken in hand by a Vigilance Com
mittee aid hang. We have not beard any of
the particulars."' -
The Ohio Editorial Convention.
It Ii recorded by all the attendant edit i at
the recent Convention, that Tiffin it tht groit
city of Beneea County, and the people of laid
city tay in response satisfied editors of 6hio
are great persons. ' "" t
A pithy, practical address wai made by W.
H. P. Denny, of Dayton ffase, and a potm
was read by W. D. Howells, of the Ohio Slate
Journal. Mr. W. W. Armstrong, of Tiffin,
was teleoted at orator, and Mr. G. A. Stewart,
of Kenton, at poet for next meeting, which
will be at Sandusky City, on the 25th o( July.
The officers elected were President, Jamet S.
Robinson, of Kenton; Vice-Presidents, Jtmet
Dumas, Of Mahoning StgiiUr, W. D. Hills,
of fipringtteld JVess, and Lorenzo D. Myers,
of Mansfield; Treasurer, B. D. Harris, Ohio
Cultivator. ' '
The following resolutions were adopted '
1. Boohed, That we recommend to our
member! of Congress, at a proper measure of
justice to the people and proteotion to the
eonntry press and tht Postofiioe Department,
such an amendment to the law in regard to
postage on newspapers at will tubjtot them
to postage according to weight and distance.
2. Raolvtd, That we protest against the re
commendations of the Postmaster General to
Congress for a ohange of the law allowing
papers to oiroulate free within thirty miles of
the office where published, as well as the re
commendation to tax postage on txohasge
3. Retolvtd, That on the 4th day of July
next we recommend the country prest through
out the State to abandon the credit system for
newspapers, and, hereafter, inflexibly demand
payment in advance.
4. Boohed, That for the purpose of uni
formity of rates for advertising and subio.ip
tlon among the country newspapers published
in Ohio, that this convention recommend the
adoption of a uniform rate of prices for adver
tising, the same adopted by tht convention
last vetr.-
5. Raohtd, That the attempt now being
made in the Legislature to abridge the pub
lication of the lawt in the local papers of the
State, Is tt unwise at it it unjust to the citi
zens, as the press it the only vehicle which
eonveyt to them the aotion of the law-making
power of our State for nearly one year after its
termination. ,
Mr. Demars, of Youngstown, offered the
following resolution, which was adopted:
Ruolved, That the Secretary of the assocl-
tton be direoted to notify, by circular, one
month prior to the next annual meeting of
the association, the editors of the State at large
of the time and place of holding the next
meeting, ana urge upon tnem a general at
tendance at the sessions of tb e association.
A Most Usobatifdl Villaih. About a
year ago a fellow named Webb left hit family
at Corning, N. Y., and went to Ohio, without
contributing to their support in any wty.
Last tuntmer a Mr. Newton wrote to Webb.
ottering him work, and urging him that he
should return and support hit wife and child
ren. He aceeptod the offer, and for some
weeki applied nimseir to work; but in No
vember he ran away with Newton'i wife, and
went to Coopentown, N. Y., where they set
up housekeeping, and lived quite contendedly
until the woman's husband went there last
week and broke up the adulterous nest Per
haps, Webb thought the best return he eould
make for Newton's kindness Was to deprive
him of his wife.
Gbntliuan Killbd bt a Rbpeesihtativi.
Charles N. Hanis and. Dr. W. H. Peok, a
member of the Legislature, having had a
serious altercation, met in the Rotunda of tht
Bt. Cbarles Hotel, on the 13th instant, when
both drew revolvers, and, firing several timet,
the latter was severely wounded and fled.
The Doctor followed and, drawing hie Bowie
knife, Inflicted several additional wounds noon
hit antagonist. Harris died in a few minutes,
and the Doctor wai arrested: but at it was an
equal hand to hand encounter, he will, of
course, escape punishment.
A "Cblistial" J ocbkal. The Boston Fran
eller ijt: "We have received a eopy of the
Pekin Gazette, the organ of tho Government,
issued daily, and the only paper in the Chinese
language now published in that country of
tour nunarea ana tourteen minions or people.
It is printed on rioe paper, of a dingy drab
color, with a yellow paper cover. Eaoh page
contains twenty-six fines, of tevtn character!
eaoh. In all there are teven pagei of four
Inches eaoh in width and ten in breadth. Its
entire contents would not fill a half column of
the Traveller."
LrriBAtv Ibtbluqbmcb. The concluding
volume of Mr. Mulr't learned and original
"Life of Mohammed" it in the press; and tht
fifth and eoncluding volume of Mr. Ruskln'i
."Modern Painten" is in preparation. Sir
James Prior, the biographer of Burke and
Goldsmith, has in the preit a life, with lelec-
tloni from the manuscript anecdotes, of Ed
ward M alone, the Sbakipeare commentator.
The forthcoming noveli inolnde a new romance
or lNatnaniei Hawthorne.
As Akixal-Vioitabli Plakt. A gentle
man residing at Livingston Parish, La., has
a very lingular plant in bit garden, whioh
appears to be a sort of connecting link be
tween the animal end vegetable worlds. The
plant is about three feet high, and Its stems
reaou tnegrouna. At tne ena it is armed
with a small and sharp substance, with whioh
it pierces inteets, and then lifts them into the
calyx, where they are grasped by the plant
ana appropriated to its support.
1 Miaks or Iscbbasiro ths PorDXAnon is
CALiroBaTA. The San Franoiseo Bulletin of
late date observes: "It appears by the passe
ger list of the Qoldtn Jje.that the brought on
her last trip 103 women in the cabin, besides
the number of the same tex that might hava
been among the children and servants. Among
the 600 steerage passengers there were, no
doubt, as many more women, making a proba
ble increase of 250 or 300 females to cur pop
ulation ny inn tingte arrival.
, Mibacolods Escafi or Scholars. Re
cently while a school was in tession in Eldrsd
Township, Penn., and fiom thirty to forty
scholars were present, a person, engaged in
outting down timber, felled a large pine acrost
the lohool-huttset The tree eat through the
roor, ana througa tne nuiidiog to tht Boor,
making the whole a complete wreck. One
boy was severely injured, and is not expected
to recover but none of the others were much
hurt. -
Damaqs bv ths Maumss Ftoou The late
break un ef the Auelaize and Manmee Riven
damaged the Miami and Erie Canal to the
amount of $16,000, and the flood from let
gorges swept off large quantities of corn,
oattle and hogt.
' Fast Slbighihq. A western correspondent
of the Journal of Cbmmsrce reports that the
fattest sleighing, probably, that wai ever
heard of, was done ea Lake Erie. A party
traveled one hundred and fifty milts in thir
teen houn and a half.
Additional Foreign News.
Niw York, January 23. The steamer Af
rica arrived at midnight. ITer advioet are
anticipated by tho arrival at St. John's of the
tVcasnon. We send, however, further details.
Cheat Britiin.ldT. Davie who absconded
with liabilities to hit olienti to the amount of
130.000, had been tried and sentenced to ten
years penol service.
An address to Lord Palmerston, praying
the Government to nse its influence in main
taining the Integrity and independence of the
Pope's dominions, was in course of signature
by the Roman Catholioi in Ireland.
The London linos regards the dismissal of
Walewski as a declaration that Napoleon it
disposed to commit himself to the more lib-'
eral and generous lint of policy, to oast him
self into the Italian cause, and to maintain it
against all the powers of .despotism, and all
the hostility of the Church. The Time warm
the Emperor tbat, although he may count on
the sympathy of England in his stand for the
Italians, he must not expeot that she will join
him in an offensive alliance against the other
Other English journals regard the ohange
at hopeful for the Italian cause.
The London Herald' Paris correspondent
says that Walewski was positively dismissed.
His luccesfor wai regarded at antagonistic to
A report had been drawn up by the most
eminent jurists of the French bar, which es
tablishes the right of Frenchmen to petition
the Senate en ohanges of the existing laws.
The Journal of Rom had published an ar
tiole, supposed under official auspices, of so
bitter a nature as regards the late pamphlet,
that French papers did not dare to reproduce
it. The Corutitutiontl publishes an artiole re
gretting the appearance of the offensive man
ifesto, but says that although France may be
grieved by it, she Will not hold the Pope re
sponsible. The friends of free-trade in Paris have pe
titioned the Empiror for leave to re-establish
the Association for obtaining a reform of the
Custom Tariff.
They had also adopted measures for estab
lishing a Journal to defend their principles.
The Bombay Mall of December 12 had
resohed England. The expedition of troops
from India to China ii not expected to tail
befyrt next March.
A telegram, from Bombay, of the 15th of
December confirms the capture of two thou
sand rebels in Oude. The names of the lead
ers who were taken prisoners are Halo -K arm
Kabn Bachadoor and Kahn-Bene-Mad Hoo
and his two sonl.
The Artea arrived at 2 A. M.Monday. Her
, mails were forwarded by the morning train.
Jas. Hewatt A Co.'s Cirmlar report, in some
cases, prices slightly against buyers, especially
for good staple, but the improvement is not
sufficient to warrant any change in quotations.
Imports still hoavy, and are generally put
upon market immediately on arrival, import
ers being apparently disposed to hold in
faoe of accumulating stocks and continued
favorable advices for a large y leld in the United
Slates, considerable quantities ordinary and
good ordinary descriptions recently received.
Imports of week 142,000 bales; known at sea
from America 209,000, againtt 128,000 last
7 ear. Stalterfhot & Co. say there is generally
a good fooling about business now that politi
cal affairs appear to assume a . more satisfac
tory oharacter; good staple cotton much
sought after, but other lorts rather neglected;
we repeat former quotations.
Wakefield, Nash ic Co. tay price! are irreg
ular and occasionally lower. Clare A Son lay
prioes are well maintained. Marriott & Co:
say prices are firmly maintained, and rather
more demand for low qualities.
Rlohardson A Co. report the demand for
Cotton pretty good, but the apparent sales
have been inorossed by a large amount for
warded from the ship's side. The market has
been freely supplied, and although some occa
sional irregularity in prloe has occurred, it has
generally been steady, and last week's quo
tations are oontinued.
Latist. London. Saturdav. A. Af. The
Paris correspondent of the London Advertiser
tayi that it is rumored that Lord Crowlev had
gone to London with the Emperor's proposal
that France and England ehall immediately
oeoiare mat tney will neither interfere them
selves, nor tolerate the Interference of others,
in the affairs of Italy.
James Hewitt A Co.'s circular reports the
slights advance In Breadstuff! at the olose of
last week had heen lost durlne this week
The demand oontinued limited, but there was
no general disposition to preBi business, con
sequently there was no material variation in
prioes. The deliveries by farmer! oontinued,
apparently indicating a more abundant supply
in their hands than has generally been tup
posed. Stooks In Liverpool on the Slit of
Dtotmber Wheat 287,000 quarters; Indian
Corn 185,000 do.; Flour 108,000 sacks and
118,000 brls.
Provisions No change of importance has
oocurred in American Provision!, but there is
an Improved demand for most desoriptioni.
. Beef Demand pretty good for new. Old It
neglected, even at relatively lower prices; for
mer quotations are reported, tty 8095s. for
prime mess, and India do. 100U5s. per
, Pork in good demand; several lots of old,
repacked, hare been sold at about 60s. We
quote repaoked 5053i.; regular old, 60 to
05s., and new, 75 to 80s. per brl.
Baoon is in very limited supply; not much
hat been done, but prioes are without change,
lay Cumberland 4647s., long-ribbed 4749s,,
short do. 48(5,508., and Pork, dear, 4951s.
rsrewt. Lard remain! extremely inaotive,
ut prioes are little better than nominal.
Stick of Amerioan Provisions in Liverpool
31st December Beef, 8,400 tierces ; Pork,
12,500 brls.; Bacon, 900 owt.; Lard, 3,900
Heroes. -
From Leavenworth.
Lsavinwoktb, January 23. The Terri
torial Legislature re-assembled at Lecompton
on Friday last, in conformity with the speoial
proclamatjon of Gov. Medary, and immedi
ately passed a joint resolution to adjourn to
Lawrence. The Governor having returned
their resolution with hit veto, it was im
mediately taken up and passed over the veto
by a vote of nine to three in Council, and
twenty-nine to eight in the Houie.
Later from Texas.
Nsw Oblbars, January 23. The steamer
ArUonia hat arrived, with $142,000 in apecle,
and Braros dates of the 18th. The authori
tiet and people ef Metamorat protest against
the introduction of American volunteer!, and
refute a passage of Amerioani through their
district in pursuit of Cortinai, or in aid of
either government. Cortinas has 'gathered
three hundred men to renew hostilities.
From Wheeling.
WatitiKO, January 23. A lady by the
name of Mrs. Balger jumped off the suspen
sion bridge yesterday afternoon, and was
drowned. Temporary Insanity, in eonse
quenoe of the recent death of a tlster and child,
is tht caust atiigned for the deed.
From Washington.
WiSHtvoroR, January 23. The New
Orleans Piooym of Tuesday last learnt from
the Galveston A'.us that Oortints basrecrossed
(he Rio Grande, 30 miles above Brownsville,
with 300 men.
Nsvr York, January 23. The Eerald'
Washington correspondence tayi: By tpecial
orderi from the headquarters of the army at
St. Louii, a detachment of 60 recruits has
been ordered to leave Jefferson Barraoki for
Texas. The detachment of mounted rifles at
Fort Alberquerqut has been ordered to Fort
Staunkn. A detachment of 3d infantry, at
the same port, will prooted to Fort Maury.
By apeoial orderi from the headquarters of
the army tt Santa Fe, in eonsequenoe of the
great icarcity of corn, and tht high price of
forage of every kind, rations of horses and
mules have been reduced, temporarily, to ten
pounds per day for horses, and nine for mules,
and, for the same reason, company M., of
mounted rifles, has been ordered from Fort
Union to Fort Bliss.
The President haa ordered at the National
Armory at Springfield, Mast.. 15,000 muskets
for Southern use, to be stationed at Charles
ton, S. C, Augusta, Ga., Baton Rouge, La.,
and ,000 rifles from the Watertown and
Waterville Arsenals.
A dinner wat given to Mr. Seward, at the
National Hotel, Saturday evening, and wat
partieipated in by Ex Governon Pennington,
Corwio, Brigham, Crittenden and Anthony,
and Senator Doolitlle, and Representative!
Colfax, Conklln and eight othen.
The Times', correspondence says :
The difficulties in the Cabinet are two-fold,
the first with Postmaster General Holt, who
refuses to hold office unless liberty it given
him to remove Isaac Cook from the Chicago
i ostoince.
The seoond is with the Secretarv of War.
who insists on ordering off to Florida, Capt.
Montgomery 0. Meigs, now engaged on the
aqueduct here. Jeff. Davis and Senator
Toombs resist this, and the President takes
pari with them. Mr. Floyd teems retolved,
however, to have hit own way.
Virginia Legislature.
RiCHUONn, Va., January 23. A bill appro
prlating $500,000 for a State Armory, passed
the Legislature on Saturday. .
Tas Pabkhts or Madaiib si Stari. Prs
SBBVin ir Wist. It is not generally known
that at Coppet, on the Lake of Geneva, tbe
residence of the late Madame do Stael, and
her father and mother, tbe celebrated Mon
sieur and Madame Necker. the latter are not
burled there, but are presorved in a huge vat
of spirits ol wine. The curious and they are
not few rush there to see this most painful
as well as disagreeable of tights. It was so
much the desire of Monsieur Neoker tbat he
and bis wife should be pickled In this strange
manner, that, fearing hii own family might
not carry out hit wishes, he left a certain turn
to be paid yearly to tbe town for the supply of
a oertain quantity of spirits of wine for that
purpose. :
Mobs or tbi Fa mop Gdbniy Elopihint.
In alluding to Mri. Gurney's elopement with
her footman, the London Observer states that
the lady left her husband a note, in which she
comigns to his oare her two children, and re
grets that her passion for her paramour com
pels her to follow the bent of hor inclination.
The husband has already adopted measures to
obtain a divorce. Under the new aot a por
tion of this lady's property can be settled by
the Court on her children.
Railways in Eholahd. The longest rail
way line in England is the London and
North-western, nine hundred and ten miles,
tne iNortn-eastern is seven Hundred and lorty
six. Eight railroads have their termini in
London, and their gross reoelpts are close upon
a million dollars per week. The total railway
receipts in Great Britain are two and a half
million dollars per week. The total in
vestment in these roads it about $1,963,413,
775. .
Iron Works in thi TJrior. In the United
States there aro 1,555 Iron works 882 fur
naces, 488 forges and rolling mills, which pro
duce annually about 850,000 tuni of iton, the
value of which in an ordinary year is $50,000,-
000. The States of Mississippi, Louisiana,
Florida, Texas, Iowa, Minnesota, California
and Oregon only nave no iron worka.
Visoinia Railro ao Extbrsior. The Orange
and Alexandria Railroad is now open to a
point within a mi'e and a half of Lynohburg,
Va. The first passenger train passed over it
from Alexandria on Saturday, and on Sunday
the first train from Lynohburg arrived at
Nsw Bbisd op Chickens. It is said that
chlokens of a new breed, called "Eolinten-
deau," are being .introduced Into this country.
Instead of feathers, they are oovered with fine
hair, like that of lap-dogs, very . white, toft
ana neautitui, ana nave curious red ornaments
on their beads.
A Doo in Habsrss. A Newfoundland dog,
trained to harness, took hit owner, Master
Nichols, from Adams to Williamston, Mast.,
on a sleigh last week inside of two hours,
rested one hour, and atarting homt, accom
plishing tht five miles in one hour and a quar-
Bbsiods Chabqb.-Aia Barker, formerly a
conduotor on the Mahoning Railroad, and
Edwin Fuller, ton of a wealthy citizen of
west ctoveiana, umo, nave been both held
to bail in the turn of $5,000 each, for passing
. e ' - I - . i , . . . .
counwrieit uaus oma, wniou vney said tney
nau Douguc.
Sirqulab Death. Robert C. Miller, aged
elffhtv Tears, died nn Hunilav avAninn it hi.
lesidenoe, near Millesburg, Ky., after an ill
ness of six weekt. Tbe case of Mr. M. pre
sented a ourious phenomenon for medical spec
ulation, he having taken no nourishment of
any kind for thirty days preceding his death
Death or a Reverend Rrvoluiorabv Sol
pier. Rev. John Strait, a soldier of the Rev
olntion,,died near Gallipolis, reoently, In his
102J year. The decease wai among tbe
oldest Revolutonary pensioners, and a minis
ter of tbe Gospel for seventy-five yean.
Savoyards Qoittiro their Country. The
London Court Journal states that an opinion
prevails among tbe people of Savoy tbat tbeir
eonntry It to be handed over to the French,
Many families are, therefore, going out of the
country altogether.
Mais DxsTRtTio. A fire occurred at
Steubenvllle, reoently, by whioh the large
distillery and grist and taw mills adjoining,
the property of Mr. E. D. Collier, were totally
destroyed. An instrance of $14,000 fully
covered the lost.
Milakcboly DtATB. It is reported tial
on Christmas Eve a laborer, at Balllnaaloe,
Ireland, when In a state of intoxioation,
aotually got into the oven of a bakehouse, it
is supposed to warm himself, and was burnt
to death.
CoitTRADifTED. The Dublin Nation contra
dicts a statement taid to have been made by a
"Swiss paper," that the Emperor had refuied
Marshal MoMahon permission to accept ths
word from Ireland. . , . ...
AdvertiaecasbtsnotexosedlaiBveUMasale): 5v"
Una Insertion, . aj f One wk.j.r8l 00 . ;
Two weekt... 1 3(1 1 One month..! i $Q f
larger advertisements Inserted1 at the following rates.: -
One Insertion... J 001 Two weeks.-,.
Kaon additional. is.t Three weeks..,
..J3 OO
vue wea.., . aid uus monut.
Job Printinpr "
la all Its branches done with neatness and dispatch.
Wheeler & Wilson's
Prlnoipnl Office, No. 17 West Fnrth-st.
Wheeler A Wilson Sewinl Machine, with Im-
nortant lmDrovemenra. and to meet the demand for
a good, low-priced Family Machine, have intro
duced a NBW 8TTLE, working upon the same prin
ciple and making the same stitch, though not so
hlchlv fiuished, at FIFTY-FIVE UOLLAKM.
The elegance, speed, noiseleeeness and simplicity of
the Machine, the lieautr ami strength of slitcli, bo ins;
ALIKB ON DOTH 81IKS, Impossible to ravel, aud
leaving no chain or ridio cn the under side, tbe
economy of thread and adaptability to tbe thickest
or thinnest fabrics, bee rendered this the most suc
cessful and popular 1'amilr Sewing Machine now
At our various offices we sell st New York srlees.
and give Instructions free of charge, to enable pur
chasers to sew ordinary seams, hem, foil, quilt.
gatner, Ulna ana tucx, en on me same macuine, ana
warrant it for three years.
Send or call for a circular containing full particu
lars, prices, testimonials. Ao.
jaiiay wm. aumnnai. oc i.
Coal Cooking Stoyeji
Has been pronvranced by competent judges to be the
Patented Dec. t, -858.
for sale by the Inventors and Manufacturers,
No. 333 Fourth-street, Cincinnati.
; doli
Manufactory, Covliifrton, Ky.
No. 30 Enat Colnmbla-ttreet.
trade at tbe most reasonable prices and on tbe
moat accommodating terms with
For Oil, Fluid or Coal Oil,
N. B. Jones's Improved Lamps and Burners fr
sale by our agont, J. bK LLEH8, (Jovlngtou, Ky.
Coal Cooking Stove,
, ' Held at Zanetvllle, Oetabef,!!!! 1.
illEMAIN & CO,,
IVos. SI and 53 Vinc-stl
(Seoond door Below Columbia,)
J THIBD-BTttEKT, Cincinnati, Ohio, are mann.
factoring largely. Palmer's oelebrateil Hvdraulio,
Force and Lift Pump. Also, his Portable Steam
Knglnee. All those who are abont to purchase
PluvlPe) for Tnnaerlee, Breweries. IHsul.
lerlea, Dry Dock. Paper Mill Railroad
Ptailona, Mines), VVreekinsj Purpose, or, In
fact, for any purpose where a pump Is needed, will
find it to their advantage to call aud see the work
ing of these valnsble Inventions, or address the -PALMEK
PDMP OOMPAHY for a cironlar, whioh
will fnrninh tbe names of many who havenseVt these
Pomps with perfect satlfaeiion. delldm
. TALLIO BOOI-mO" It offered to She public
as the best and oheapeet Metal Boof now need, ita
merits tested by an experience of years In this city
and vicinity. Applied to flat or steep, old or new
buildings. No Bolder asd fastened securely with
out exposure to the aotion of the elements.
Prepared sheets, boxed for shipment to any part o
the United Stales, oan be apvlied by any one with
ordinary meenanioai i
1 Skill. Orders promptly tUled
... CALDWKlt, St OO,
ih wm.1 Mom screes.
Holiday Presents.
Bison and China figures, faacr Inkstand .
Vasea, Jewel and Match-boxes, ranoy Sheringaai'
Work-boxes, and other fancy Qoods too numerous
to mention, suitable fox tb Holidays, whioh 1 will
sell cheaper than any other esUblfnhment In the
No. 178 Main-street, between Sixth and Seventh. -M.
B.-Also a new lot ol ranoy Soaps, Perfumer.
Ksiraete. o. '
I. & B. DRUCE,
Street- Kallrsmal Car m OnaUba Bfa
ftesaurenrst ...
keep en fcanda supply ofSIBEIT-tVAIL-BOAD
OAKS and Omnibuses, which w will war
rant equal in style, flulsn and durability, aaa at a
low prices, as any snad la ths eonntry. .... , ,
O nice-Corner of Third and Vine-itreets,, alif ;

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