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'rOU,"Ao.,inthliooInmii, cecaprliig ate line
er less, two Insertions, twentr-nre sea ta. .
WANTED Xo nil tome Mining Stocki
for euab. Call at the Walnnt-etreet House,
between J and 8 P, ; A good Inducement will be
offered for cash. usb N. I. GLOVKB.
to do general homework, in private fsm
lly. Apply at Mo. 239 rJixlh-.treet, betVee" Plum
and Wee tern-row. JaMb
16 years of age, to work in a store and make
? wen,Jilf 21u1' .BeBt tlt tnce given.
Apply at Mo. 239 Sixth-street, between Plum and
Western-row. laaih
VKTANTED Two Girli to baste on laditi'
. . " ,or "menine. at Ho. W Clin-ton-atrset.
WANIED-To rent a mU Howe or
Cottage, containing three to hve room, by a
IM)JPro.mtion"nt "Itbont children. Address
HOWE, this offlee. . ja34b
loan who wlihes to. atudy for the ministry,
?"eexton In Ibis city. Infoitnation can be had at
thlg offlce. ja34b
WANTED-Clerti, Agents, Meohaniee,
Farm Hands, Porters, Waiters, men nied to
uoraei; also, Female Servants, for city and country.
Applr at tha General Intelligence Agency, Mo. 882
Western-row. A. D. CAK80N A 00,
1ANTED-A 8ITUATI0N-In a whole
. , f1' dT-goods house, by a young man of
strictly temperate habits, thorough business quail,
flcations, and has had eight years experience in the
business. .First-class references gtren, If required.
Addrces "Young Man," at this office. jaMb
7 , man, by a person who has a thorough knowl
edge r horses and gardening. Has hever aerred in
any other capacity, and canlirlng the best of refer
tncos. Address J. J., at this offlce. j24l
WANTED 8IRL To do house-work in
a small family. Bhemiist be a good washer
and Ironer, and competent V do plain cooking.
Apply at home west side of Monmonth-street, ilftn
door south of Mayo-street, Meweort.Ky. liaab
glishman and hiswife without encambrance;
woman to do cooking or chamber-work; man aa
coachman, lie well understands the care of horses;
bandy at almoshnny thins; no objection to country;
good reference. Address X. O. X., Prsaa Offlce,
as laundress and chambermaid in a private
family. Tho very beat of reference can be bad. Call
at Mrs. Warner's Employment 01Bce,8US!Fitlb-street,
between Western-row and John. rja?3b
WANTED A SITUATION-By amid-die-aged
woman, aa monthly Nurse. Has
bad considerable experience. Good reference given.
Apply at Mo, 86 Oeorge-atreet, between Plum and
western-row. lasiae
WANTED-qierks, book-keepers, talee-
mon. bar-keepers, porters, coopers, parpen,
tors, mechanics, laborers and others, can nndsltna.
tlous at the Merchants1 Olerka BegUtrr Office! 1M
Walnnt-atreet. fjaHaw'l H1aL36.
FOR LEASE With privilege or purcbwe,
Ave Iota of groatnd ou the north side of Oliver
atroei, commencing thirty-five feet oaetqf Baymiller
street. A perpetual lease will be given for the whole
nr any part ofthe ground, With the privilege of pur
chasing" at any time on payments at a low price.
SAMUEL A. SARGENT, No. 2 Apollo Buildings,
corner of Fifth and Walnnt-atreet. jaZkt
EftOR RENT A very convenient three
m. story Brick Swelling, having all modern Im
provements gas and water throughont-on Long-worth-sti-eet,
west of Pork. Price, 0. Apply to
Street. ja!4h
FOR SALE. A second-hand Portable En
gins, of elaht-horse power. Baa been used
four months, and can be seen in operation at the
Palmer Pump Works, at the intersection of Miami
Canal and Third-street. jaatf
FOR SALE-80 acres or ttoro of first-rate
Timber Land, four miles west from Cellna.
Mercer County, Ohio. Only $i per acre, cash, if sold
won. W. L. DAVIS,
jal9f 72 Weit Third-street, Cincinnati.
BOARDING Two single gentlemen can
obtain a room with first-class board, Also, a
few day boarders can be accommodated In a private
family, by applying at residence Mo. 164 Broadway.
BOARDING Families accommodated with
board and pleasant rooms on second floor,
lighted with gas, furnished or unfurnished. Several
single rooms lor gentlemen can alio be had. Gen
tlemen lodging elsevhre boarded on reasonable
terms', at No. If2 Broadway. )a28aw"
LOST DOG On Friday evening a large
black and white Mew Fonadland Dog; black
epota around his nose. He bad on a leather collar,
with a ring. Any person returning him to Mo, 22
West Seventh-street will be liberally rewarded.
FOUflD A bunoh of Keys throe in num
ber. Thev Were fonnri Inst MnnH.v mnraln.
on Fourth-street, The owner can have ths same
upon application to toil omce, and paying for this
ooMcc mmmm assaiSiiiL
Old sores cured by Dr. Barber's Belief From All
rain. Aiiueaiersseuii,
J. D. PARK, Agent.
-av B. Bloat A Co 'a. Family Sewing Machines has
fwp nwuTw io ffo. jo wesc sourn-street, over
Le Boiitolllors, (ja6ani)
a. n. w utv, Agent,
10!l ninin-atreet, thrae doora nbove Third,
DKB all k nda of Horse Trappings, In the best
and most substantial inannrr. Also, a large assort
ment of Horse Blankets, Whips, Carpet and Leather
Hat's. Bridle Bits, Ilnnalo ltobea, Valises (the real
solo-leather). Mall Trqnks, Bjponge.and a largo as
lortment belonging tOtbJa fine. IwU sell as low
ai tbs lowest.
Wood-Working Machinery,
Corner John and Water .Cialnall.O.
Feathers and Winter Millinery,
very description, which I am selling at asm
nce on New Tork prices, wholesale and retail,
J. WEBB, frn
titf 134 net, fcet. Bwi and mm.
Gifts! Gifts! Gifts!
, next to Smith Nixon's Hall, Cincinnati,
Ohio. A splendid Gift, worth from 60 coots to 1100,
will be given with every book for which we receive
one dollar and upward at tbe time of sale.
OUW oouoiat of Ctold and Blver Watches, ladies'
Solid Gold Chains, splendid sot of Jewelry, fine Gold
Bracelets, Oenls' Gold Veat-ohaius, and a large va
riety of other articles of rich Jewelry, worth from
) cents to 100.
Ladles and gentlemen are respectfully invited to
call and examine our stock.
Publisher and Gift Bookseller,
ao2l-tf Kb. 28 West rocrth-stnwt.
ir You TATeaixt
,,n, Tkt'Jl 0m,M.jfey
Magnum Bonnma, at bis v bolesale and Bstail Oys
ter House,
253 253 208 253 253
Fifth doo- 'hove Bixt, wsst side.
TliiW.OhaM Balldlngsilo. I last Third-
Ir yon want servant, advertise In
Ir yon want house, advertise In
Ir yon want to seU anything, adverUae In
I yon want to Iny anything, advertise In
Ufact, every want supplied by advertising In
FsigOfflL. Hon. Ansnn Antviti Bt.(n
mistioner of Common Bohools, was present
iiub se.siva oi me Dcnooi ispard last
Or.iwunn'a Tpr.'i .TnAs. t.j.. i
r . V . . . : - --a i uuvu .uu
Jtldfa Johnston adiln..l tha .Thm ' .v.
prisoner yesterday. Mr. Gains has to olose
Dllllgfl. A seleot anaorimant on k fnrl-A
at Moore, VTilstaoh, Keys & Co.'s, Fourth-
swees. rnysieians wui and tome prepared
expressly for their use.
DoOB-SPRIKnS. Onft nf tba rliA.n.li ..J
" . -i-.J.UI ...
best door-springs for offioe doors is the one
U T i- n n v
5u.uuujruu.epa jv. ureene. iieava joor or
ers at his office, No. 24 Pearl-street, second
floor. We have tried them.
At the regular session of the County Com-
mI..Iah- t-U i 1 -
uuuuivii, nam josieraay morning, orders
were Dassed amnnntln tr in iV n
H3. No other bnsiness of importance was
FlBI YlBTIBDlT Mnaamn 1
o'clock yesterday morning, afire broke out
in a dwelling-house on Bremen-street, near
Liberty. It was caused by a defective fine,
and extinguished before any material damejre
nra a r1insk "
WiaTERs-How to bi Calld CkNim-AVi-.UEvrThe
Ciir Couhcil at its session last
Bight passed orditianoe ebanging the
nama or WAstjim.Mw r, rn4..i
This ohang it, wa thiaki for the better; And
tu' uw Bftino Bounae tgetropomatt; at least.
MCftOftAIflmir. nnaiDTiwrAvii VAwi tla
w y 21 b Uon7 Ww, OplM No. 1
i a ourm-siroei, January xn
(Vi'i5- Baromater. thermometer.
7 A. Mu..M..,M.i.i t,..t.t.29.3 Above soro yo
i g"Ji"""'""""i"-29-J? Above serosq
o rt M.M.wM........t..wM.9.M Above aero -00
Burnous Acoidkbt ro iH Aod Woks.
Quite an old women, whose name we were,
unable to learn, fell on Sunday afternoon at
the corner of Park and Third, and broka her
leg, beside otherwise injuring herself quite
severely. Her extreme age and feebleness
render her recovery somewhat doubtful.
An Escort Sjcht to LoIiistilli ros rBi
The com mi tin frnm thaflhin r,l.i.t,iu
visited the city for the purpose of examining
" J1UUSV ui nsiugo ana Doutn-western Liu
natio Asylum, left for Louisville last evening
on the Ohio and Mississippi Railroad, for the
purpose of meeting the legislature of Ken
tucky and Tennessee, and escorting thorn to
this oity.
Whit a Bush Mix Saw ii Eubom. Rev.
William N. Milburn, the well-known blind
preacher of New York, and formerly Chaplain
to Congress, Will deliver a leoture on Friday
evening next, at Wesley Chapel, for the benefit
of the Ladies' llome Mission Society. Sub
ject "What a Blind Man Saw In Europe."
The feme of the lecturer and the quaint sub
ject with which he offers to entertain his
audience, will doubtless draw an immense
" '
DAttiBia roa Blandib. In an notion
brought by Miss K. Ireton against P. F.
Christman, (triod before Judge Storer) to re
cover damages for slanderous words, to wit:
"That the plaintiff had gone into the premises
of Mr. Timberman and taken $400 in money
whioh she threw out of his window ovor a
fence, and that if she did not give it np she
should end her days in the penitentiary."
The 3 ury last evening brought in a verdict
for the plaintiff, and assessed her damages at
Gen. T. Powell appeared for plaintiff; and
Messrs. Thorp and Conklin for defense.
Tai Burnet Houss. The following notice
of this exoellent hotel we find in the Rising
Sun Piii'rorv ;
"The Burnet House, Cincinnati, under Its
present management, is certainly one of the
best appointed and managed hotels In this or
any other country. Messrs. Johnson, Sanders
& Co. are constantly on the look out for all
the attentions necessary to the comforts of
their numerous guests. The arrangements of
their meal hours are admirable for the con
venience of business men and the departure
and arrival of trains."
Uhpaid Lsttibb. The following is a list of
lottvrs detained for non-payment of postage at
the Postoffice, in this oity, January 23i
Monsieur Banlge, Collego des Jesuits, New Orleans,
W. a. Hogg, Went, of Ordnance, Pittsburg, Ponn.
rrancis H. Bacon, Boston, Mars.
Buso Gfoll, Monroevllle, Ohio.
A. I). Baker, Chicago, III.
Messrs. Morris. Tarker A Co., Philadelphia, Penn.
,er,ivn yo,t.4 Hayden, Mew York City.
W. T. Peck, New York City.
Edward Vogle, Zanesville, Ohio.
Wm. W. Tolch, Tentosolis, 111.
Messrs O. B. Padding A Co., Windfleld, Va.
Miss Martha Flemmfng, Vewrort, Ky.
JohnO. White. Belleville, N.J.
Messrs. tilasier A Bros,, Indianopolia, Ind.
few days ago,, a man named John Moran,
deck-hand on the steamer Frtd. Iron, mat
with an accident, by which his foot waa so
badly crushed that amputation waa deemed
neeessary to eave bis life. The operation was,
therefore, performed at the Commercial Hos
pital, and for several days the man seemed to
be improving so rapidly that a speedy recov
ery was anticipated, both by his nurse and the
pbysioian. Yesterday, however, a sudden
change took place, from some cause that no
one appears fully to understand, and tha man
died. At a late hour yesterday evening, a
posf-morfm examination was contemplated,
but whether It took place or not we are un
informed. Pomci Couit. Judge Lowe disposed of an
Immense amount of bnsiness yesterday morn
log at the Police Court, but It was generally
uninteresting. There were elghty-fonr cases
called for examination, most of which were for
drunkenness and and disorderly conduct.
The eleven men whom we noticed yesterday
as having been arrested for gambling on Sun
day, at a boarding and drinking house on the
corner of Seventh and Main, were discharged,
there being no evidence which tended to their
David Boyd, who about a week ago stabbed
John Gibbons, at .No. 64 Walnut-street, so se
verely that he died shortly after, was commit
ted to jail yesterday to await a trial at the
next term of the Court of Common Pleas, upon
a charge of murder In the first degree.
- The bail of Joseph Cordeman, for running
over and killing a child on Western-row, near
the Brighton House, about a week or ten days
ago, was fixed at $2,000, and the ease contin
ued for final examination on the 27th inet.
Robert Llnsinmeyer and Hemy Gardner,
for a malicious assault upon Manrad Oshner,
committed day before yesterday, were sent to
prison in default of bail in the gam of $5,000
each to await an examination on the 20th
inst. We saw the wounded man yesterday
evening, and although be was badly hurt, and
is still suffering severely from the injuries he
received, his recovery seems to ns almost cer
tain. .
Soaoob Boabd Last Nionr'g Paocssnwas.
The Board met at the nsnal hour last night,
President King in the Chair. The minuUa of
tbe previous evening were read and approved.
The resignation of Myron H. Tilder, mem
ber from the Ninth Ward, was weired and
Miss Martha Williamson Was appointed as
sistant teaober of writing in the first subdi
vision. A communication was received from the
City Solicitor, stating that the deed from the
Society of Friends, lor the school lot recently
purchased from them, was slightly defective
la the description of boundaries. Reforred to
committee on property.
The President stated to the Board that a
elear title to the sohool lot on Eighth-street,
purchased from Mis.. Hans, could not bow be
obtained, as sbe herself had no right to pos
sess until 1882, Referred to the Trustees of
the Eighth District, in connection with the
President of the Board.
Reports from the night schools in the First,
Third, and Seventh Districts, for the month
ending January 13, were received, and show
the following results:
Soholars entered First Dlitriot, males 443,
females 60. Withdrawn Males 248, females
30. Remaining Males 195, fethales 20.
Third District, males 178, females 23. With
drawnMales 29, fsmales 3. Remaining
Males 76, females 10. Seventh District,
males 84, females 62. Withdrawn Males
206, females 29. . Remaining Males 188, fe
males 23.
The standing order for the evening, being
the report of the Committee on Salaries, was
then taken np. On motion of Mr. Powers the
report was adopted, and the committee dis
charged. From this action it la evident the
sslarlos of the teaohers will not be increased
during the present year.
Mr. FrenBtlorf, member from the Fourteenth
Ward, who had been absent sit oohsscnttve
weeks, appeared In his teat, and was excused
for his absense.
Dr. O. A. Dougherty was eleoted to fill the
vacancy In tbe Board from the Thirteenth
The plans and specifications for the erec
tion of a building on the Ruffner property
were received and adopted. The cost of the
hoitse will be a little more than $29,000. The
Clerk of the Board was then instructed to ad
vertise for proposals to erect tbe building ac
cording to' the plans and specifications above
named the Advertisement to oontlhue twenty
days. The contractor will be required to take
one-half of his pay in City Bonds. Ad
journed. '
Tbs CoRTiitFLATin Visit or ths Kixtockt
The committee of arrangements for the recep
tion of the Kentucky and Tennessee (legis
latures met yesterday, at the Chamber of
Commeroe, and prepared a programme for the
exercises of tbe day. The visitors will reach
the city on lib steamer Jaiot trader, at lire
o'olock on Thursday morning, when carriages
will be in readiness, Under the direction of
Thomas Gallagher, Joseph Torrence and
Benjamin Kggleston, to convey them to the
hotel. At eleven o'olook there will be 4
Sublio reception at the Opera-house, at which
iayor Bishop will preside, tbe address of
wMcbme to be delivered by Judge Bellamy
At three o'olook there will be a grand ban
quet at the Burnet House, under the superin
tendences of Miles Greenwood, S. L. Harrison
and R. B. Bowler, after whioh the guests will
be Invited to witness the working of our itoam
fire en lines.
The military omoers c'f the oity met last
evening at the Burnet House, and made the
necessary arrangements to have a grand pa
rade. The Committee of Reception nave me-
pared themselves to receive the Ohio Legisla
ture, and condact them to tbe hotel) where
they will meet the Legislatures of the other
To the Edilori of lit etmy Fecu:
TbiTalmid Yilosiu Institcti. I am
sorrv to perceive that von and other srantle-
men of. the press were misinformed In regard
to the Telmld Yelodlm Institute. This school
is under the superintendenoy of Rev. Dr. Wise.
Dr. Dessar is the teacher of languages in the
upper daises, and Mr. Mayersteln has the
same function in the lower classes. Mr. Bry
ant and Miss Slckel are the teaohers of the
English branches, and Mr. Hnopp is the
leacner oi eaiiograpny ana drawing. Henry
Mnok, Esq., presides ovor the society and the
school. The Institute", next Thursday even
ing, celebrates its tenth anniversary. Next
woanesciay the pupils givj an exhibition, and
the distribution of prises will take plaee in
the hall of tne Allemanla, to both of which
Suit Aoaimbt ills CotjKTt rok $00,000
Some ten years since Wm. Burnett gave to
this county, on a conditional mortgage, ten
acres on Vine-street Hill, for the purpose of
erecting a House of Refuge. Aa the land was
not used tor tne purpose Intended, the grantor
considered it his own, and sold it to Wm.
luiy, formerly a crookeiy merchant on Fifth
Tbe county would not yield the right, and
therefore Lily, now a resident of New York
State, has brought suit for the property, valued
at ov,uuv, in tne United states Circuit Court,
employing otanity maunews, vi m. o, tiroes
beck and P. J. Gallaghan as his counsel.
Assault with Imtint to Kill A man
named William Whitton, aliat "notorious
Bill," was arrested yesterday afternoon and
lodged in the Pearl-street Station-house, for
committing an anuault with intent io kill upon
the person of a man named Kelly. Both par
ties are Inhabitants of that deleo table mansion
known as "Crowley's Ranch," on Front
street, between Western-row and John. Be
ing intoxicated, they quarreled about some
thing, and in the heat of the dispute, Whitton
seized a brick, with whioh he knocked bis
antagonist down, fracturing his skull and
otherwise injuring mm.
A Fatthfol Doo. Yesterday afternoon, a
gentleman named Lewis Holier, accompanied
Ey a large Newfoundland dor, was nsssins
along the banks of the canal, between Vine
and Race, when he saw a child fall in the
water. Ihe dog immediately leaped after it,
and in the space of a few seconds, brought it
safely to the shore. The same dog saved the
life of a child, who fell from a ferry-boat on
the North River, at New York City, a short
time since, for which service a told medal has
been presented to his owner by the friends of
Us rescued parry.
Th Lati Craroi Against a Will-knows
Cmsieir ob Passing CociTiBrsrr Cois. In
our issue of yesterday we had. a paragraph
stating that Siglsmund Apfelbiua, well-known
in the musloal circles of the oity, had been ar
rested upon a charge of passing counterfeit
half-dollars. The ease was examined yester
day before United States Commissioner New
hall, and resulted, as we supposed it would,
in an nonoraoio acquittal.
Oikoihrati Mdsioiaxs Ihvitsd Sovth. Tho
Osceola Fire Company of New Orleans wrote
to Capt. Menter some time slnee, asking upon
what terms he and his cornet band oould be
engaged to play for their celebration on the
4th of next Maroh. Capt M. replied, stating
the terms, and yesterday he was informed by
letter that his terms had been accepted. Men
ter and his band will leave in due season for
the Crescent City. ....... .... ,
" AiasaT or Swisdlirs. Two men, John
Ames and Staubler Moere, were arrested last
night and taken to ths Ninth-street Station
house on A charge of having swindled a ooun
tryman out of about $60, at the born-market,
few dava slnoa.
' flFor the best oysters in the oity, or beau
tiful canned peaohes, strawberries, tomatoes,
pine-apples, noney, Ac, go to Waggoner, 203
Wtstera-roWi above Fifth. -
MlITIKO n fffl Cirr CWur-fi
IK8S Last NinirT.A .nni.i.1 ,u.ia .i n.
City Council was held last evening for the pur-
fv ui luuiiij me necessary arrangements
for the reception of the Kentucky and Tennes
see Legislature..
Mr. Runyan moved that a committee of
-rr vi MMju tun iqiiuvui uj
one, to draft suitable resolutions, which was
8 ubsequently, Mr. Davia moved that tbe City
Eolioitor, Mayor and Chief Engineer be
added. Adopted.
Mr. Weasner offsred a resolution that the
Chief Engineer be instructed to make an ex
hibition of the Fire Department on the occa
sion of the Legislative vieiU Referred to a
committee of five.
The Chair named Messrs. Runyan, Tor
renoe, Major and S. S. Davis, who, together
With the Committer alraailw
nil m nnnninuin nt svhtnh d,.;j.. a v.
- - " wfifusHevtsj VVUStl-
tuted the Committee on Resolutions.
After a recess nf iwentv vnlnufo 4im
mittee on Resolutions returned and submitted
tbs following report!
Whibias, The members of the Leg'etattlrss
of the Statea of Tn
Ohio, and tbe City Council of the City of
juoumviiio) sna oinar aistmguished citizens of
our sistor States are about to TiBlt osr city,
thtrefofe be it
RetoWtd, By the City Counoil of the City of
Cincinnati, that we Cordially indorse the sen
timents expressed in the reaolntions passed by
Si meeting! Of Oitizam. VlAl.l f fha M.rAh.nta
Exchange, on the i lit Inet.; and that wo will
cuwiuiiy enter into tne arrangements made
by the citiseh's meeting to give the distin
guished ffnaata m ranAntflnn w.4t. Mr An.
and tha Importance of the occasion.
I, ! , ml .
nemima, xuat a committee of seven, of
which the President of the Oity Council shall
be Chairman, be appointed to act as a Com
mittee of Arrangements In eoojunotion with
the committee appointed by the eiUzens.
The report was road and resolutions adopted.
The resolution concerning the Fire Depart-
"" uioiojr waa reierrea oacx to uounou,
with recommendations that it should be
adonted. whinh
motion making the committee named in the
nraoiuuona sniriy iour, tne entire uoard, was
offered by Mr. Ross, and adopted.
mr. xoony onerea tne following i
, www uwro irap auu uvjr
are hereby, authorised to make proper arrange
ments for the reception of the honorable
truants nf tha n!tv. hnt af ia.i. n
exoeed five thousand dollars on account of
tne uity council of Uinomnatl. Referred to
oommttee of thirty-four.
Mr. niarsn ottered tne following:
Rni. That tha Oil. flnlUitn. k. ..J I.
hereby Instructed to defend the Judges of the
Fifteenth Ward in the fall election, in the suit
brought against them by Mr. deo. S. Bre-
ovum, iur uaiuagos.
The damaffai AlalmA avn Sva tTiAnaanJ 1a1-
la.rM. ftind rafllllt fpnm tha InMI Mfnaln. th
plaintiff the right of sunrsae.
1 r. u 11. j.L-.rii. 1 , .. .
Aiiar uuuDiucrauio uuu&io toe resolution WHS
passed by a vote of twenty-fire to four, and
ths Council adjourned.
Watsb Woeks. Daring the last year the
subjeot of supplying' the Oity with a proper
quality of water was occasionally dlsotisied
among the people, but no aotion was taken
by the Counoil in regard to the matter until
about the first of October, when on motion, a
seloot committee was appointed to report upon
the best method, of constructing water works
adequate to meet iue rieliiands ft the. people.
On tbe 20th of October, Mr. btereXson,
Chairman of the Select Committee, reported to
the Counoil a plan for their construction by
private enterprise, with the reserration on the
pert of the oity, of the right to purchase the
same after the expiration of twenty-five years.
The report was concurred in by the Counoil
without debate, end the Committee on Inter
nal Improvements directed to advertise for
proposals for their construction, but for some
cause, however, no advertisement has been
circulated, and the matter remains In italu ko.
we understand tuat tnere are men ready to
take tne matter in nana as soon as an oppor
tunity is presented, who will hasten the work
forward to completion. We hope there will be
no more delay, as an adequate socnlv of water
is indispensable to tbe material prosperity of
ine city.
Potici Uattibs. On Sunday evening last,
several young men from Covington passed up
Front-street, near Columbia, and teeing a
woman, tne wile or Air. (juinlan, grossly in
suited her. Aa soon as Mr. O. received In
formation of the sifair, ho pursued them, and
finding some young- men. whom bo supposed
were the guilty ones, in connection with a
man named Drew, fell upon one of them and
beat him severely. Yesterday, Frew and
yutnlan were arretted, and Quad, tbe former
$5 and the latter f 1, by the Mayor.
Aictio Pahobau a. Yesterday afternoon.
at three o'clock, by speoial arrangement, the
Arotio Panorama was eihlbited to the Sunday
bohool soholars of this city and Newport, tbe
fee for admittance being five cents. A large
crown was in atwnaauco.
School Exhibition. The semi-annual ex
hibition of the J udsonian Female Seminary
will take place at Odd Fellows' Hall, on
Friday evening next, commencing at half
past seven o'clock. The proceeds are to be
devoted to the purchase of books for a library
iur mo msiivuuon.
Aiisnni Horosabls. In notioing alight
wnica oocurrea in our streets, on euaday last,
we spoke of Mr. Charles Strieker as beintr one
of the participants. By so doing we did some
injustice, unintentionally, of coarse,) to an ex
cellent citizen, whioh we regret exceedingly,
Mr. S. Is one of the most peaceable and well-
aiaposea persons la JNewport. The name
should have been George instead of Charles.
The Ohio is still deolining rapidly, having,
during the twenly-four honra ending last evening,
receded nearlv three feet. Htlll thsra It ahnnri
of water for navigation, as much as eighteen feet re
maining between here and Louisville, and below
in&i ciry orer iweniy-rour xeec.
The weather continues warm and doliehtful. with
nonresent nroseect of a chano-e. ThadavaarAliicn
thoso of spring, and the atmosphere la more like the
niimui oi may man oi January.
The Landing was very animatod yesterday, and
nearlv covered with fraifflit for all nnlnta. haf fn.
ths upper ports being materially Increased. The
Whart looks like old times, before railways were
made, and the bustle of business is oheeriog to tha
uuiaui ntvr men.
Bates at this port remain unchanged from these
Pittsburg-Cotton, TSe.s Molasses. 79c.; Whisky,
Wto.i Flour, 30c.: Pork and Lard, 42c; found
Freights, 15c. per 100 lbs.
Nashville Whisky, per lirl., Wc.; Ale, 40c.; Pound
Freights, 23aoe. per 100 lbs.
8t. Louis-Ueavy Pound Freights, 2oo. per 100 lbs.;
Whisky and Oil, 73c. per brl.; ti tores, 25o.; Ale, 50c.
per brl.
Kvansvllle-Whisky and Oil , 7Sc. per brl.
Vairo-Whlsky and Oil, 75o. per brl.; Pound
Freights, 2So. per 100 lbs.
Mew Orleans Whisky and Oil $1; Flonr, 60c.; Pork
80c.; Bacon, Butter, Cheese, Ac, JSo. per 100 lbs.;
Keg Lard, 20c.; Horses, Sio per head.
Yesterday's Loo 1st I lie Courier observe:
Tbe river has continued to fnll with unusnal rn-
fildity, leaving a deposit of about 4 feet mud on th
over wharf. In the Uauai last evening there wore
fully 11 feet water by the mark, with a feet steam
beat water oa ths Falls, bince our last report, 48
hours, the river, at the head of the Falls, had fallen
6 feet, equal to at least 10 feet at Portland, a very
rapid decline, with no abatement, and we fear the
Falls will be barely navigable for ascending boats
after to-day. Tbe weather has continued mild and
pleasant lor tbe sesson, bnt a change is expected, as
the indications favor rain, though It waa clear and
frosty laat night.
The Cumberland and Tennessee have been high
oftener this winter than usual, and both are now at
a vary high tide.
The St. Louis papers of yesterday furnish no news
respecting the rivers la that
AaatVii,s.-8nnday-Rellance, Wheeling; Argyle,
New Orleans; tjllver Moon, Memphis; J. W. Chess
man, Hew Crleana: Jacob Btrader, Louisville; Blag.
nolia, Mayeville. Monday Melnotte, Mew Orleans;
Booth America. Pittsburg; Telegraph, Louisville,
W, I. Haclay, Memphis; Forest Qnoen, Madison; A.
W. Qnarrier, Kanawha; Dunlelth, Neville.
DaeASTcnas.-Sunday Jacob tHrader, Louisville;
Reliance, do. Monday lorest Queen, Had (son;
Magnolia, Mayeville; Telegraph. Louisville; Don
lelth, Neville; Booth America, flew Orleans; Clara
Pean, Pittsburg.
Piss's OriaA-Hooai. The Florenoes last
night had an excellent audience at the Opora-honse,
and the prformance paased off with eclat. In bat
peculiar liue, Mrs. 1". has considerable merit, and
!l!l,l"?'.';fw",",me "Uu wtnfss and effect. Sbe
seldom rails to please those who v. it now har perform
ances, and this is quite aa much aa should he ex
Pwlf1!! ."S'Kll M. 'loreuee wm .ppr as
in '? '"S Ibisb ByssB,ancl Mrs. Iflorenee
in the laughable Hue of How To Utr Our or It.
Wood's Thbstrb. Tbe performance of
Bomio Ann Juliet drew a large and brilliant audi
ence to this pleasant and popular place of anme
T"i "f "'Kbt.and the play, which waa cut too
i lS,?'"." agreeable, waa generally well per
formed. Kliia Logan's "Juliet" was abeautiiul lm
peraonatloD, and characterised by all those Qualities
for which i she has become tamous. True to the in
trnlion of the anthor, it was chaste and elegant, yet
forcible, Impaesloteu, classic and gracsfal, yot natu
ral and f ty in eryry part, and m a whol, a arotrai
ture ot character lour tola remtmUrtd. To-night
Miss Logan will appear aa "Klrira," in tba well
known traeedr of ritiaxo, ths performance con
cluding with Alasois. . "wu
NiTiONiL THrATBR. Tha new pantomimes
JJ.tanQcis Abokomqok, Is still being-performed to
large and Hnces nt the National. Fall of incident
and life, it is recsired nightly wilb shouts of lannli.
ter and Immense appUuso. It will be perforniri
iNMKiiraa or Absbvillb.
Monetary and Commercial.
Monetary affairs were rather quiet yester
day, as they generally are at tbe opening of the
week; bnt the desosnd for Currency continued large
and the supply limited.
Kastsrn Exchange was in less request than at tha
closo of last week; dealers paying only H to ontsl
slders and H to customers aa the two leading points,
and selling at premium.
In (Join very little was doing, and for1 New Orleana
Eichange there was a good demand, with none of
sonsdiuence to be had at tbe nominal Bgure l
Vlfinr was dull .Mf.nla. wlllinnf a .
Wbiskny continued active at full prices. Sugar and
molasses were dull and unsettled on account of tha
nnfi.vnrahl. haw. frnm Nmm. ii.i..h. 11. k. a. IV..
and Oats were Arm, bnt Kro was d'all, and Parley
decllued2o.per uushnl. frariatons were unlet, and
uu, erp Huneu torBiigm conceuioDS, aitnougn Bolders
aflreflrm. Nothing waa done in Hogs.
The imports and exports of various articles dni ing
the fort -eight hours ending yesterday noon were:
luroan.-iTlour, 034 brU.; Whisky, 1,136 barrels;
Corn, 7,360 bushels; Wheat, 8&1 bushels; Data, 2,278
bushels; Barley, 1,417 bushels; Hogs, 4s2 bowl; l'ork
and Bacon, 12 hhds., 65 brls., 100 boxes, 116.321 lbs.;
Lard, 806 brls: 13 kegs; Sugar, sa hhds.; Moliw.ej,
3,0li brls.l L'oflec, 131 bags; Apples, 3711 brls.; Hotter,
1.17 kogs; Ohoeeo, :w boxes; potatoes, 870 brls.; Halt,
1,291 brie.; Hay, lot bales.
oi. iw.es,, uaiu, V.-I urin., inu &elt, OIIKar, I'll nilUS.
wuiMqv., u...., wmn, vii wmkb, Applet, 111! Ul l ,
Butter, 460 kegs: Cheese, 300 boxes; Potatoes, 2-XI
brls.; Halt, 182 brls.
Ths following Is a comparative statement of the
Imports of Foreign Dry Qoods at New York for tho
past week and since January 1:
For the Week. m.1. IN.Yfl. isitrt.
Kntered at the port... S."'.',,2a (.1,'.i3,iiU $i,S42,S19
Thrown on Uarket l,0il,96i 4,13J,)il4 2,iW,ail
Since January 1:
Kntered at the port... 3,1I4,M 7,M4l8f.2 $7,461 ,534
ThrownonHurket.... 2,.M6,t02 7,75,070 7,447,903
Saturday's New York Times, tinder date of Friday
evening, observes :
Thdhrltatelendera and some nf ilia Inrirn RatiVa
voluntarily reduced their terms for Money on torn.
porary iou io-uay toe per cent., at wmcn more waa
a fair business done with tbe Mock Brokers. A good
many of the negotlattous of last week, however, at 7
per cent., remain undisturbed. In the disccunt rates
ihers IS no further concea.ion of moment: mora
doing perhaps In verypritne Paper at 7 percent, on
no days' acceptances, and 7Mrs per cent, on lougor
dales, outside of Banks the llanks themselves being
wen enipioyeu vy tuoir regular ueaiers ui l per cent.
The market altogether baa a steady look, tho lie-
inana ueiiig lor tiie most partoi a ruguiar trade
character, withont much annearance of either arcs-
sure to carry old engazoments orspccnlatlon in new.
Ihe foreign Exchanges are held with some steadi
ness hv staudard drawers, in the absence of several
overdue malls from the ISonth, good transiont bills
being mads scarce for tho moment thereby. The
standard terms ars low on London, f..V16'4 on Parle,
(and transient bills lox-'i and I'.j20,) wilb only a
moderate builnej for ths mull of Halnrdjy, which
goes io Koutbampton and Bremen by the screw
steamer New 7ork.
In Baltimore JUonet nmong bnsiness classes Is
mora nlentv. aud the Banka are dirieimniitifl nulto
liberally, but on ths streot stringency Still e.Tsts,es-
P"Ciuy tor icaus on lancy securities, me rule cob
tiuues at 1(kSSI3 per cent, for short calls
f.ait week's statement of the St. T.nnls Banks
shows a falling prT in every Hue, $18,130 of circula
tion, 41 14.'. '14 of maturing excutngi-, and ffil,7lH of
coiu. ine amount oi meirciromeiion anacoin, com
pared with their capital, Is beeomingqulte small.
Ths supply of Esatern Exchange is quite small In
St. Louii, anal brokers themselves have to pay 2 per
cent, premium k banking funds for it. Local offer
lags of p iper at the Hauls and to tbe brokers are
large In that city. The latter hoy the very best "gilt
e'iged" nt Uj discount per month, and from this to
Z.'f, or l?(230per cent, per annum.
FLOTJB-Tbe market Is dull, without change.
The demand is quite limited: salsa of tun brls. at
8s 3fta,5 40, for superfine, and 5 i03 65 for extra.
Kecoipts light.
WHISKY The demand continues active at full
prices: sales of 1,700 brls. at 2121s6c. the latter
rato for wagon.
rKOVISlOKS-There was not much done to-day,
lu any article. Holders were am, tint tire demand Is
moderate, and buyers generally contend fur slight
concessions. MotBrorkls held at SI7, and upward;
but the onlysales we heard ot wore 120 barrels. In two
Ion, at SI7. About 1WI hhdd. Uucon sold at 7,'ic ,
and 9HWHo. (or Shoulders. Sides and clear Bides.
NothiDK transpired in bnlk Meat, except 800 pieces
H;iras at fie Lard unchanged. Ho sales.
OKOOK1HE8 Tbe market for Sugar and Molasses
is very dull, under tbe advlcoa from dew Orleans,
and the market is unsettled.
WUISAT There is a good demand, principally
local, hut is fully equal to tho receipts, which con
tinues light. Prices are firm at 8l 1c'A So for prime
wlilie, and t iilcttX 25 for prime red: sales of 700
bmlicls prime While at SI 30, and .'00do. rod at 81 25.
COBN The market Is firm, with a good demand
at 530. per bushel, in balk: sales ef a bushels white
at 53o.
OATS Tli era is a good demand, and prices firm at
49'Oc. in bulk. .
KYB The market c6nl)n&es dull, and prices un
changed. We quote It at SI,
1IAULEY Tbo market Is dull, and prices have
doollned 2c. per bushel. We now quote prime fall at
es-.$7t)c and fair to good at 6868e.i sales of soo bush,
prime fsll at 69c.
HAT There Is a good demand at J20'321 per tun,
for prime Timothy, on arrival.
OHKESE The market is Arm, with an active de
mand: sales of 350 boxes Western Beserve at 9)io.
BUTTER The market is dull, and prices un
changed .
ArTLKS-There Is a good demand, principly 4or
export, and pricos are tlrm at 9- 2S3 24 per barrel,
for fair to choice.
POTATOKS Tbe demand continues good, and
prices Arm at our Inst quotations: sales of 20J barrels
prime Pinkeyes at (1 73.
fiKKD Tbe dsineu f; r Clover continues good, and
prices have further advanced Sc. per buehel closing
at 8l 9: sales of 20 barrels at St 95. and 40 do. at
(4 m. Timothy Is scarce, and In good demand at (3;
sales of 60 bnshels at S3.
BlW Ibag llABarr, January 23 P. M. Cotton
nncbangsd, and demand moderate: sales of 1.SO0
bales at II Ho. for middling Uplands. Flonr dull
and heavy; only limited Inquiry for export and home
trade; holders, however, are unwilling to submit to
any meterial decline: sales of 4,300 barrels, at
5 is for S'luerflne MUte; $9 234 80 for extra State;
55 16 for superfine Western; 15 2"((W U for com
mon to medium extra Western: 8'. 65is 7 for in
ferior to mod ship ing brands extra round-hoop
Ohio-closing aulet. Demand for Canadian Flonr lim
ited wlihont special change: sale at f5 60a 75 for
common tooliotce xtra. Bye Flonr quiet, at X3 76
604 40 for common to choice. Buckwheat Flonr In
large supply) and dull at II lt per cwt. Uorn
Meal dull: sales at 3 SO for Jersey, and f 1 V for
Brandywlne Whisky dull and lower: sales of 100
barrels at 34Xo and a trilling lot at 24o. Wheat dnll
and drooping; to sell freely, holders would be com
pelled to submit to a decline of 36o per bushel:
sales of 300 bushels esiolco white Kentucky at 81 M,
and 4,000 do. good white U nada at 1 1 40, in store.
Bye quiet: small aales at 90391o. Barley active:
Sales of ft.cfln buahGla. two to lbtir-rowMl RtntA at 7Sn.
and 7,000 buihel prims Mllwaukie at Mo. Corn Is
quoted a littlo hotter: aalea of 23.U00 bushels, at 78
810. for inferior to prims new white and yellow
Honlhern. Oats In moderate request, at 4S654I.0. for
Bints, western ana viinauian. rora active ana
firmer: sales of 3,(100 brls., at f 16 6M(ii)l6 63 for old
mew; f 17 (0 for new mess; fit iivrtl I '5 lor old prime;
$13 for new Albany prime; $1.1 it ffiiI3 60 for city do ;
6oo. 'per barrel was paid for the privilege of culling
for 1,000 barrels new mess, In April, at $17 60. Bcol
a little more active, hut prices are unchanged: Biles
of 00 barrels, at (44 25 for ceuutry prime; $5
6 2.'i for country mess; V'.9 75 for re-packed mesa,
and 110 MKiall for extra mess. Beer Hams steady:
sales of 100 barrels at 912 for Htato, and Sl4()l.5 for
Western. Prime mess Beef Quiet at flfi(cjl7 60.
Dressed Hogs firmer: sales at 77i(c. for Wostern,
and for oity. Cut Meats more iactlve:
sales et 3611 packages, at 6.0. for Hhonlders. and 0'i
&vHo. for Hams Inoluding 1,0611 packages Uams at
$ie. Bacon quiet: sale of 24 boxes Western Cum
berland Middles at M)10o., as they rnn. Lard firmer
and active: sales ofT,2uo barrels at 10M10Hc In
cluding 700 barrels, for February and March deliv
ery, at IWc, and HKI kegs sold at I2c. Butter A good
business doing at U6b'16o. for Ohio, and 1M&230. for
Btate, Cbeess in fair request at PfpHlo. Bnvar firm :
sales of 1,200 hhds. Cuba at 7a7)o. including 4U0
hhds., a straight lot, on private terms; but within
that range. Bio Coffee quiet, bnt very Arm at lOiU
120, Molasses quiet: sales ai 30 hhds and 11) tierces
uscovado at 31c.
PiiiLAniirniA Mabkbi, January 23-M. Floor
dull, and pricos easier, but not quotably lower.
Wheat steady: aales of good red at II 32, Corn Arm:
sales oflfl.OOObnahels at 76o. for yellow, and 72o. for
white. Oata unchanged. Coffee firm: salea of 1,600
bags Bto at U',isii2Ho. Frovldions tending upward
Mesa Pork at tJI8. Bacon at eil!ke. Lardatll(fo
120. in barrels and kegs. Whlaay steady at 262S40.
The co-partnership heretofore existing between
the nnderslgned, in the Keal Estate and Brokerage
Business, Is this day dissolved by mutual consent.
J. B. Siddall will aettlo the outstanding bnsineas oi
the Arm, and also continue the hnalm as.
January 17, 1M. J0H B, BIDDALL.
BBEARSACO.-8ala.roumNo.67and5 Main-MlTfo1li"i.Hr"i"",-We
1 w., m. v u viuca, acuwaii u -
eurtmrot oftiroceries, cnniittiug o' 60 hbda. Sugar; l
25 hhds. Sugar; 7j hrl. Molasses: 1 so bass Coffee; rou '
keg4 ails; 60 boxes 11. and 5's Tobacco.
ALSO-Soap, Candles, Boda, Hmoking Tobacco,
Ground Spices, Glassware, Teas. Ac.
ALliO-Wilhont reserve-sw kegs Mo. 1 Six-twist
Tobacco, in good order, and must be sold,
jail 3. BBA8MBAB8 00.. Auctioneers.
6UEAB8 k I'O.-Sales-roome, 67 and 59 Main
street -Uegn'ar Bale of Groceries, Ac Ws will soli. '
on WEOKCoOAT MOBN1HO, January , at 4
o'clock, a general assortment of Groceries, Ac, con
sist lug of 76 brls. Molasses; 160 bags Bio Coffee; 60 .
bhds Uuaar: 26 brla. tauaar: 200 kssa Mails: Hilli.
aud 6'a Tobacco.
A LBO -tloap, Oandlss, Bona, Ground 8pfces, Glass
ware, Queensware, Teas, Paper, Soda, Bed Cords,
Woodenwars, Ac.
ja24 G. BKAoHSiAbUi a (X)., AtKtlOB4SerS.
BARD, at Trade Sale-rooms No. 21 West Fifth,
street, up stairs Valentines. Htereoscoplo Views,
Bioke, Stationery, Ac On WEDNESDAY VIN.
ING, January , at 7 o'clock, will be sold, by eata
loans, a splendid collection or Valentines, stereo
scopio Views, Hooks, Stationery, Gold Pens and Pen
cils, PorlteiuonuAles, Cutlery, to.
N. B. Uataloguca will be published on Wednesday
morning, and the goods w 111 be open for examination
on Wednesday during tbe day
ja24t 8. O. UCDBABD, Auctioneer.
(Times and Enquirer copy.)
TION of the sale of the personal tfficta ot tbe
late Edward KlnnlSo will be sold at tbe Central
Hotsl, south east corner of Main and Elghtb-streeis,
on TUESDAY, January 29, 1860, at two o'clock P.M.,
consisting ot an extensive Library of choice works,
together with ore Secretary and two large Book
Terms of Bale All sums over S3, three months'
credit. Motes to be secured ly two approved In-
dorse rs.
A: CO. For account of whom It may concern.
Sheeting, Morocco Bkins, Ac On THUBBDAY
MORNING,, January 26, at VH o'clock, a our store.
No. IS Kaat Fourth-street, wilt be sold 15800 yards of
fine (sheet ings; iOdoz. XX Tamp'co Morocco Skins;
lOdox. XX Curraco Morocco Skins; 10 doz. XXX
fine French finish Morocco Skins; 20dox. fine Oak,
SO. 70 and an lbs., Kip Skins; 60 doa. donbleand single
Traveling Bags; 12 ladies' ttns Traveling Trunks,
N. B.-To be aold in lots to suit the trade.
JaM JACOB GBAFF, Auctioneer.
O0.-Forniture.-On WEDNESDAY MORN
ING. January is, will he sold, at o'clock, at No.
270.Goorge-atreet, between Mound and Cutter, the
entire rnrnitnre of a family, ronsisting of two Bear
wood, Blits Satin covered Sofas; two do. do. Arm
Chairs; four do Parlor Chilis, all to match; Bose
wood Ktagure, Mantle Clock, lloiewood Marble-top
Conter Table, Lace Curtains, Gilt Stands, Fire Set,
Pictures, sncerSiie Biusnels Carpet, double Bug,
Door Mat, Hair Cloth Lounge, Extension Table,
Dining and Tia Ware, Glassware, Velvet Carpets,
Prngget. Window Shades, Schooley's Belrigerator,
Hall and Dining-room ull Cloth, Brussels Stair Car-'
pet, Hods, Ao.; Kosewoc'i, Cottage Bedsteada, Koae
wool Marble-top and plain Dressing Bureaus, do.
Waslis'ands, Malr and Nlmik Mattresses, Feather
BolttnrsandlFillows, Toilet Glass, Oano Chaira, Bros
sells Ca.-pet, Ac; twoCookine ctoves, and an assort
ment of Kitchen Furniture.
JACOB GU.UT, Auctioneer,
in24 No. IS East Fourth-street.
WILLIAMS-Sales-roonis Nos. 22 and 24 East
Third-street. Furniture. Cutlery, Iron Sale, and a
variety at Auction, on TUESDAY MOliNING, Jan
uary 24, at M o'clock, a stock of Fsncy Goods, Dry
Goods, Clothing, Table Cutlery, Walters, Plated- -ware,
AI.SO-A line stock of new and second-hand
Furniture, ot Sofas, Sociuldto, Parlor anil Elizalie! h
Chiilra, Cane seat Coltai.o, nocking aud Sewing do,;
BrdnteiKls, Bnreaes, Tables, What-nots, Ac.
AT II O'CLUCK-ihie lirst rnta Irou Safe of Hall
k Dodd's make, good as pen; a large Counting-bouse
Desk and other goods.
iiij A. KELLOGG, Auctioneer.
JOHNSTON, in Sales-rooms No. 93Msin-strpet,
next to Trust Co. Bank. TUESDAY MOBN1NG,
January 24, commencing at o'clock, will be sold a
large and desirable stock or Dry Gocdt, Tailor's
Goods. Fine Shawls, Hosiery, Gloves, Ao.
ALSO Without any reserve, to dose consign
ments 50 cases, comprising Men and Boy's Boots,
an. urogens, ine uatier Boots, uversnoee, sc.
Durable Machine extaut.
Call and see tbem.
jaBtf 80 West Fouvth street.
New Mode of 7entila2ion!
Call aud Sri One ef
Eetting and Ventilating Fninaces,
In operation at
Ston Ware-roons, No.' 61 and ti Vine-t,s
(Below Colombia.)
Sawyer & Co.
srWarrantcd to give latlsfactlan.aj
ninnnniT niiifinv c. ha
Noa. 19 ana 31 Enat Hecond-atreet,
$30. $30.
$30. $30.
Thirty-Dollar Doable Lock-Stitch.
-I. NOUNCKD by all eomiietent Judge, whe
have aeon It, to be tne host and most desirable Fam
ily Sewing tlaohine ever Id trod need, regnrdleaa
of price. It will sew all kinds of family goods,
from the very thickest to the very nnestfabrlcemade,
and uses all kinds of thread, from No. 8 to 300.
No all la aaeel oa toper the Machine.
Bend for a circular, or call and see it In operation.
Upon early application, Btate and County Bightsmay
Anenergetlo person can makes fortune In a short
time. Agents wanted in all unsold territory.
Be le and exclusive agent for tha United Slates.
acofmt flS West Fonrth-strytj Cjooinnatl.
Free from OffeniiTe Odor, at
NO. 0"7
Walnut-street, Cincinnati, O
AL with any manufacturing establishment
a America.
r Wa warrant our Oils to be eons!, If not sua,
rior-to any In the market. .
sr Wa Invite those la ths elty and violnlty to ,
call and examine for themselves.
ewev Uo persons ordering Irom a dlslancs, satis
faction gviarsntsed I u all cajes. Address
dtM ' 7 Walnat-strrst, ClntatV

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